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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 3, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> bravo! >> chris: in hialeah, florida, phil keating, fox news. >> i like that story, and nice job, considering, you know... >> i'm sorry, i hope you guys didn't mind... my apologies, that's it for us, stay tuned for the fox report with jewel bandaras, coming up. >> julie: new information on the terror probe and nationwide effort to get more eyes on the street, ready to cast -- catch potential attack plots while they're in the works and a wildfire tears through parts of the southwest forcing dozens to flee homes and a flaming inferno set on purpose, i'm julie bandaras, we are live at the -- on the "fox report" tonight. ♪ >> julie: war at a crosses roads, president owe barack obama carefully considering his next step in afghanistan. as some of the top advisors, weigh in. and tonight, more on the president's meeting with his tom
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commander and a look at his options and why some say, calls for up to 40,000 more troops may be misleading. is it a second stimulus? or just a quick shot in the arm? the white house, considering new proposals to help millions of struggling americans. from the unemployed, to the under insured. we're going to break down the key elements of the economic triage. plus... there's a last line of defense, for thousands of americans who get sick. how do firefighters, ambulance workers and doctors protect themselves, against the potentially deadly h1n1 virus? >> you're not protected you are to the able to take care of the patient joots not a war he started but one whose future we'll have to decide. president obama at a pivotal crossroads over further u.s. involvement in afghanistan and on the campaign trail, candidate obama repeatedly called the war in afghanistan, quote, necessary, but as
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commander-in-chief, the president says, he is weighing with a skeptical mind sending more forces into the country. and as you probably know, the president already approving the deployment of 21,000 additional troops, earlier in the year. and now, his top commander for the war, wants tens of thousands more. yesterday, the most powerful man in the world, meeting face-to-face with the most powerful american in afghanistan. and it happened in copenhagen, denmark and the president spent 25 minutes on board air force one with general stanley mcchrystal and it was the first time they met in person since the president tasked -- tasked him in june to lead u.s. forces in afghanistan. and, mcchrystal says this mission risks failure within a year unless he gets 40,000 more troops. that, has some crickets alarmed about the vietnam-style escalation. and some counter the number implies more than it really should. >> the reality is when we talk of 40,000 troops, most americans
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think that is 40,000 guys on the ground fighting and it's not. it includes the substantial amount of support, support people and the backup and logistics and communications and the supply and the medical... >> arguments like these dividing the president's closest advisors about the best strategic option. and, coming up today brings another deadly ambush for u.s. troops, we have fox team coverage in washington and kabul. first up, to molly henneberg live in our d.c. bureau tonight, hi. >> reporter: the white house held two of five meetings of the president's national security team, to determine a new strategy in afghanistan. two more sessions are scheduled, for the coming weeks. the commander-in-chief and his advisors are wrangling with these questions among others. how powerful and dangerous is the resurgent taliban and how should the u.s. and its allies counter the reemerging threat and perhaps, most critically, should the u.s. send in more troops? vice president biden, the former chairman of the senate armed services committee, who opposed
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the surge of the troops into iraq, is reportedly arguing against more troops, along with chief of staff rahm emanuel and they favor targeting taliban strongholds with military raids and surgical strikes by unmanned aerial drones. but, general mcchrystal has made it clear that he does the not think that will work and has been sounding the alarm recently to the president, the military and the public, saying, the situation in afghanistan is serious. deteriorating, and the military effort over there, quote, will not remain winnable, indefinitely. he wants 40,000 more troops on the ground to counter the taliban, and train afghan forces. it is not clear yet if the general's request for additional troops has the support of the defense secretary robert gates, and gates has not committed publicly to the idea. although he did say this week he is, quote, very open to general mcchrystal's recommendations. there are about 100,000 foreign troops in afghanistan, right now. and about 60,000 of those, are
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u.s. servicemen and women. the white house has said no decision about troop levels is imminent. julie. >> molly henneberg in washington, thank you very much, mollism and as the president and white house advisors discuss a shift in strategy for afghanistan, we are learning of a shocking new attack on u.s. troops, it happened yesterday, in the city of wardak and we're told an afghan police officer there opening fire on american soldiers, killing two of them, and, then running away. the attack is raising new fears, militants are infiltrating the ranks of afghan forces, this, amid a warning from the top u.s. commander there saying the insurgency is growing. connor powell is following the story from kabul, afghanistan. >> reporter: julie, it has been a violent and deadly 24 hours for u.s. troops here in afghanistan, five u.s. service members, have been killed in the last day, and two of them, by an afghan police officer, who was out on patrol with u.s. soldiers. incidents like this, which are happening more and more than have -- that have military
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commanders worried that taliban's militants may be infiltrating the ranks of the afghan police and military as violence hit record levels building the afghan security forces is part of a two pronged approach to winning the war in afghanistan, and the top american military commander, general stanley mcchrystal is also requesting about 40,000 additional u.s. troops, to better protect the civilian population from insurgents, and military commanders here in afghanistan, say there simply are not enough troops to battle the insurgency and as violent increases, regular afternoons are rapidly losing faith in the international community, and, the afghan governments, and military officials say more troops will make it easier to protect civilians, who will then in turn cooperate with u.s. forces, to defeat the taliban. president obama is currently reviewing general mcchrystal's troop request and should make a decision, sometime in the next two months. julie? >> julie: connor, thank you. now to the latest in the case against alleged terrorist
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naijbullah zazi. he's the afghan immigrant accused of planning to use a weapon of mass destruction in an attack, on new york city's transit system, investigators say he was working on homemade hydrogen peroxide bombs. they tell us this is surveillance video of zazi, buying large quantities of chemicals in a different area beauty supply store. we're told he also did the same thing as several other -- at several stores and telling the clerk, yeah i have a lot of girlfriends and he said at least one clerk suspected something was strange about this purchase and laura ingle is live with details on that plus more on the case against naijbullah zazi. and his father. the father and son duo, both in big trouble. hi. >> julie, indeed, today, we have the police chief from around the country, meeting for the major cities, chief association in denver, colorado. and, they used the zazi case, really as an example of how the eye watch program could go into a nationwide community watch program, that could have helped
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in his investigators of zazi's movements sooner and a store clerk at a beauty supply shore where zazi purchased large quantities of nail polish right mover and hair dye later told police she thought it was strange the 24-year-old was buying so much of each product and he laughed it off and said he had a lot of girlfriends according to the clerk and the police chiefs are recommending the eye watch program be used in los angeles be adopted for a nationwide model and includes tips to the public to call police if you smell chemicals, or other fumes, and if you see someone wearing clothes that are too big and heavy for the season, strangers asking about building security, see someone purchasing supplies or equipment that could be used to make bombs, and, yesterday, mohammed zazi's lawyer filed a legal challenge, in denver court suggesting federal agents didn't have the authority to listen in on and take phone conversations -- tape conversations of the 53-year-old and court documents reveal mohammed zazi received a call from a person in new york who warned him police were asking questions about his son
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and something that he denied ever happened and naijbullah zazi has denied all allegations against him, and remains in custody and will be back in court december 3rd, in the meantime, investigators here in new york continue to look for other alleged coconspirators in the case and tomorrow, we will bring you live reports of an inside look on the latest technology being used inside the new york police department's lower manhattan command center to show you what is done to secure the city, we'll have the reports all day long. >> julie: and will set an example for other cities over the country. interesting, looking forward to that. laura ingle, thanks, we were not hiding a thing, iran's latest claim, avenue getting caught building a secret nuke clear complex in the side of a mountain. and today, president mahmoud ahmadinejad saying his country told the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog about the plan to operate the facility, just before western powers called them out, and mahmoud ahmadinejad specifically singling out president obama for making a, quote, historic mistake by suggesting iran violated international rules by not disclosing the site.
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and today, the head of the international atomic energy agency arrived in tehran to discuss the so-called secret site, and is not yet clear if he will visit it. fully operational, the facility can produce enough enriched uranium to build a nuclear weapon with in a year. and a curious twist in the ongoing drama involving iranest's president, a knew interesting report out today claiming the man who has openly called for israel's destruction has jewish roots hidden self. britain's daily telegraph claiming a photo taken during the 2008 elections, showing mahmoud ahmadinejad's passport, clearly shows his last name was at one time, soborjian and the paper says that is a jewish name meaning "cloth we'ver" and the story swirling through this internet and no official word from iran and one web site says the mahmoud ahmadinejad is not jewish. and he says many iranian muslims and jews share the same surname
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and he was a few days old when police say a woman barged into his home and stole him from his mother and the latest developments in that disturbing story, plus, someone secretly recorded espn's reporter aaron andrews undressing in her hotel room, the guy accused of doing it and police now know who took the naked pictures and how he did it. coming up. so many arthritis pain relievers -- i just want fewer pills and relief that lasts all day. take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills.
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>> a woman is behind bars and newborn baby is... safe. after police say that he was stolen from his mother during a brutal attack. the little baby was four days old, when he was kidnapped from
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his home, and his mother, maria, told police a woman came to her home freending to be an immigration agent and the woman stabbed her several times with a kitchen knife and took off with her baby and it happened tuesday in nashville and officials found the child inside the suspect's home in ardmore alabama on friday, 80 miles south of nashville. >> authorities currently have 39-year-old tammy renee syles of ardmore alabama in custody for the attack of maria carilho and the abduction of the baby. >> we don't have a photo of the suspect but this is the sketch, police gave out during their search for the child. see they are handing out this sketch and officials charged her, today, with kidnapping. he was on the reality tv show, "real housewives of atlanta" and today police say that he was beaten to death during a deadly brawl at an atlanta strip club
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and ashley jewel, we are told, he was better known as aj, died from severe head trauma. this is jewel with his former fiancee, condi burress, a housewife cast member, also a grammy award winning songwriter and appeared in several ep hoedz of the housewives series, seen here and he and burress ended their engagement this past august and burress posted a message on twitter saying, quote, i could never in a million years imagine this happening, and please pray for aj's children. and we're told the fight went down in the parking lot apparently of the body tap club, and officials say they have charged a man with voluntary manslaughter. family and friends claiming she feared one day a police officer would kill her, and even expressed that concern in a letter, to the illinois assistant state attorney and two years later in 2004, kathleen savio was found dead in her tub and the person who reported it was the same officer and her own
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husband, drew peterson and as you know, peterson is a person of interest in the disappearance of his fourth wife, stacy, but he's already charged in the drowning of savio, his third wife and she drowned in a dry bathtub, and as that murder trial and trail draws near, new developments making peterson's lawyer feel they are facing an uphill battle and more from byron harlet of wfld in chicago. >> reporters got only a quick glimpse of drew pistons as he left court and it went as poorly as possible for him and his defense team who tried and failed to get the trial moved from wilkes county based on the monster coverage the case received in the media. and the -- they argued it would be difficult if not impossible to find an impartial jury. the judge decided that they can if they try. >> that is an issue that will be brought up when we pick the jury if we have too many people who appear to be prejudiced when we pick the jury and we'll revisit
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it. >> reporter: the murdered victim's words were the focus of the other major top thick judge considered, prosecutors will likely introduce statements from kathleen savio, who apparently said she believed drew peterson wanted her dead. her statements involved the new illinois hearsay law and the judge's ruling was consistent with what prosecutors wand. >> that is very rewarding to finally have a judge declare the statute constitutional on all ground, because, as you guys know, it has been much maligned in the news media and is hard for a county judge, to declare an act unconstitutional. and normally it is something for the supreme court or appellate court to do and i understand his reluctance. >> the defense lawyers may appeal both decisions and are also preparing for the trial. >> we believe a jury will be able to differentiate between gossip and real evidence and, when they do they'll see there is no real evidence and find drew not guilty which he is. >> julie: thanks to byron harland of wfld in chicago for
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bringing us that update and new developments in the disturbing case of a sports reporter secretly recorded while she was undressing in her hotel room. through the peep hole in her door. and the fbi arresting the man they say stalked and exposed espn's erin andrews and several clips of her in the nude, surfaced on the internet back in july, and investigators saying, michael barrett of illinois, altered a hotel room door's peep hole to capture the video on his cell phone and earlier today, an illinois judge ordering the 47-year-old to return to california where he faces charges of stalking and trying to sell and post the videos on-line and another hearing will determine if barrett will be freed on bond, or kept in custody. details in the case of oscar winning director turned fudge fif, roman polanski and we're told court filings show that he agreed to pay half a million dollars, to the woman he is convicted of raping, a 13-year-old back then, but the documents make it unclear
7:19 pm
whether he actually paid up -- the woman reportedly spent years trying to get the money, as part of a civil settlement with polanski. but in 1997, she stopped. and, she even wrote a letter to a los angeles judge, saying, polanski should not serve more time behind bars. and the plan was meant to protect people in surrounding towns, from future wildfires and now it is forcing them to evacuate your home, the fire deliberately set, to burn the forest under growth, that fueled wildfires, blowing out of control, and now, people in the path of danger, are told to get out, wait until you hear how. and, they are on the front lines, fighting against a potentially deadly enemy, that spreads with just a sneeze or cough. what is being done to protect all of the health care workers from h1n1? next.
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>> and wildfire alert, images from california from kttv, look at all of the smoke, a massive brush fire, scorching hundreds of acres and prompting mandatory evacuations and -- san
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bernardino county and we're told it broke out 2:30 this afternoon and authorities are battling the blaze and they say it could grow up to 4,000 acres. and, it was a fire set on purpose. then got out of control and now, it is threatening people's homes. fire officials set the blaze to set rid of underbrush, and actually prevent future wildfires, but what was supposed to be a controlled burn, grew wild, as gusty winds fanned the flames and pushed them toward area homes. and, air tankers now have been helping firefighters fight those flames on the ground and we're also told officials evacuated 64 homes, using reverse 911. and that is when firefighters called people at home, to let them know that they need to leave. the fire is burning in williams, arizona, about midway between phoenix and las vegas. and the red cross says volunteers are working to provide food, and emergency shelters for all of those people, forced out of their homes and from arizona and across the country, we are seeing pretty nasty weather
7:24 pm
moving in. even snow. all get to that and buckets of rain, though, freezing cold front and, get this we could get pounded by an early winter storm and talking several feet of snow, here, and if you live in the northwest or rocky mountains, get ready to bundle up. and the very latest let's check in with domenica davis then weather center, snow already, goodness! >> the front door, it is cold out there and snow is coming down and over a foot of snow and will be coming through the cascades and northern rockies and on the beginning edge of the storm, the leading in of the storm, where the winds are picking up and will threaten those fires, we have down to the south in arizona and here's a look at the snow that is coming down, and, it is going to pile up. through the cascades and rockies and this is our 48 hour snowfall forecast and gets well over the foot mark by the in of sunday, now, as the system slowly moves off to the east, the winds will be ahead of it, and only a little bit of moisture is going to sneak in there and
7:25 pm
unfortunately, right now, what we are looking at for the state of arizona is storms, mainly to the east, of where that fire is, and no real moisture is sneaking in, to that area like they need it and now, here's the significant rain we're dealing with, down through texas and off through this northeast and we did have a tornado spotted, and victoria, texas, this afternoon, and, some rough weather, coming through new england and fairfield, connecticut, they had a tornado warning, earlier this evening, and, those storms are still rolling through, the hartford area, and for this evening, take out the umbrella because you will certainly need it. >> oh, boy, all right, domenica, thank you very much. fox news is tracking h1n1, of course and the weekend marks the traditional start of flu season and already, nearly 30 states reporting widespread cases of the virus. that is according to the centers for disease control and we're told between the ends of understanding and september, more than 16,000 people went to the hospital, and more than a
7:26 pm
thousand people died, after contracting h1n1. and the cdc says millions of doses of the h1n1 vaccine will begin arriving on tuesday, most of them, in the form of nasal sprays, and it says later this month it will send about 20 million doses a week and for those on the front lines, in the fight against h1n1, protecting themselves, from the virus is a major priority. and health care workers and first responders, they are set to receive some of the very first doses of the h1n1 vaccine, and of course this is an important step, because, when they get sick, they can't help all of us, get better. n.o.w. natalie solas of kbfw in dallas with the story. >> reporter: a big part of responding to an emergency, preparing for it. and preparation is exactly what is going on, behind the scenes as health care workers and first responders get word they'll be among the first to get the swine flu vaccine. >> what we actually have is a
7:27 pm
kit, so that we have, the setup for them to do the vaccine into for dallas fire rescue, an upcoming drive for the seasonal flu shot a dress rehearsals and when the h1n1 vaccine arrives they'll time how fast they can administer, good practice in the event of bioterrorism. >> for us drilling like that we can get it down to a fine art we can actually make sure we get our people their stuff they need, so that in the field they can take care of our folk out there, in the community. >> at park land's health center, sick patients come with the territory. and so do sick staff, just not usually like this. >> right now, we have increased employee absences and the fevers and flu-like symptoms. >> double the absences compared to previous years though it's unclear how many are due specifically to swine flu with so many people needing care, it is a tough time, to call in sick. >> the worst time, because, like
7:28 pm
-- you have to protect the care giver, and also, so they can provide the care bus if you are not protected you are not able to take care of the victims, coming down with flu. >> reporter: dallas fire rescue and staff can decline to be vaccinated but you they hope it will not happen. >> we need to get the vaccine for the patients we take care of, and for the families as well. >> that was natalie solas at kdfw in dallas and the fire rescue and parkland hospital they sail give the vaccine to -- say they'll give the vaccine to staff, which should be toward the end of the month and the first one was controversial enough not to mention a record setter and $787 billion later, there is talk of a second stimulus. why the push to spend more of your tax dollars, may be gaining steam and who it is meant to benefit this time. ♪ take me home
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erouca y s te ona tuhachup -b. moav mooi 's p of hde
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tuhachup -b. coet msas nsio moav mooi >> time for a look at the other stories we're following for you here on the fox report, a joyous reunion planned after a newborn snatched from his mother, found safe in alabama and the baby taken earlier this week in a vicious attack when he was just four days old and his alleged kidnapper posed as an immigration agent before stabbing the boy's mother, in tennessee, and fleeing with this infant and a funeral held today for a chicago student beaten to death on his way home from school, civil rights leaders attended including the reverend jesse jackson and four teens are chargeded in the murder of darian albert. he was 16 years old. ♪ >> julie: to the economy now, and the latest unemployment
7:32 pm
numbers, and they are looking grim, showing last month over 260,000 people lost their jobs, for some context here, compare that to january, and when more than 740,000 workers became jobless, clearly, things have improved, but, bottom line here, folks, people are still losing jobs. at an alarming rate. and, now president obama may actually be considering new ways to try to spark economic growth, that would be in addition to his massive stimulus bill of earlier this year, and steve centanni in washington with details. steve? >> reporter: julie, the white house is not calling it a stimulus package, they say it is more like an economic triage, and it would be aimed at getting americans back to work and boosting the economy. just after president obama arrived back from copenhagen yesterday, he addressed the new jobless figures, which placed the unemployment rate at 9.8%. and he called it a sobering reminder that progress comes in fits and starts, and he says
7:33 pm
we're going to need to grind out the recovery, step-by-step. and, he hinted that more economic action could be cupping. >> president barack obama: i'm working closely with my economic advisors to explore any and all additional options and measures that we might take. to promote job creation. >> sources tell fox news the white house has begun talks with congressional democratic leaders on taking three steps, to ease the financial burden on unemployed workers, and stimulate the housing market. they include extending subsidies that help nip lloyd workers buy health -- unemployed workers and extending the package now available and the homebuyers credit and the jobless figures are pointed to and republicans say the president is take the wrong approach. >> hundreds of thousands of americans were laid off, the federal government reported, during the month of september and all told, our economy has lost roughly 3 million private sector jobs since president obama and speaker nancy pelosi's
7:34 pm
trillion dollar stimulus plan became law. >> the republicans say lower taxes are the key to a stronger economy. congressional democrats say they have had only preliminary talks with the white house, on that so-called economic triage. julie. >> julie: steve, thank you. speaking of stimulating the economy, it was one year ago today, congress approved allocating 700 billion taxpayer dollars to help troubled banks, and in a program known as t.a.r.p., amid fears many major banks would collapse, billions poured into wall street an resulted in american taxpayers, owning large slices of aig, and merrill lynch. and supporters say t.a.r.p. worked, and kept the nation from h brink of economic collapse. critics say it only rewarded reckless behavior. with the unemployment rate climbing, president obama is looking for new ways to sell his health care plan. in his weakly web address, the president talks about how a new health care system could have ended up creating more jobs. >> we know that reforming our health insurance system will be
7:35 pm
a critical step in rebuilding our economy, so our entrepreneurs can pursue this american dream again. and our small businesses can grow and expand and create new jobs again. >> in the g.o.p. response, congresswoman candice miller says obama's health care plan will only end up hurting the economy, not helping it. >> our plan is based on the belief that fast acting tax relief is the most effective way to put or economy back on track. it focuses on helping small businesses, create jobs, not spending more taxpayer dollars to expand government. >> julie: the unemployment rate rose to 9.8% in september, the highest since 1983. and to taiwan now, a big scare today, earthquake striking in the ocean off of the island's coast, and taiwan's central weather bureau says it was a 6.3 magnitude quake, 85 miles southeast of the capital taipei. and there were no immediate reports of any damage or anyone being hurt and that's the good news and we're told the weather bureau is warning coastal areas
7:36 pm
to watch for high seas and it did not issue a tsunami warning. and rescuers searching for survivors in the wake of a massive earthquake in indonesia and we're told the 7.6 magnitude quake destroying buildings and burying folks alive, under dirt and rubble. it happened on wednesday, and, yet another earthquake struck the next day, hundreds of people are still missing and feared dead. david piper has the story. >> reporter: there are real concerns now this death toll from these massive earthquakes, that hit indonesia could rise now, dramatically. and there are reports of... outside the -- the town of padang were swept away during the earthquake and 600 or more died including a widthing party, that has not been confirmed yet but the rescue teams are really struggling now, to try and save the people that may be still trapped under the buildings. behind me, is one of the main hotels in padang and we believe
7:37 pm
some people are still trapped in the rubble there. and three days after the earthquake struck, there was actually a message sent by sms by one of the people yesterday to a relative saying they were beneath the rubble here and there was actually perhaps 8 people beneath the debris and they are digging now to try and find these people. one body was pull out today but they have not found the people yet and hundreds of people are now mingling around here in hopes that thesis people can be saved and the overall rescue effort is continuing, a lot of internationals -- sniffer dogs arrived and they are looking through this rubble and when you drive around the city of 900,000, you see what happened here, many of them, the buildings are down and people still seem to be relatively shocked by what has happened. in padang, indonesia, david piper, fox news. >> julie: israel, israel is carrying out brand new
7:38 pm
airstrikes in the gaza strip today, and listen: [explosions ( ) -- [explosions]. >> julie: the israeli army targeted toy weapons workshop and smuggling tunnel and we are told the palestinian health workers did not report anyone hurt, is real says the strikes were responding to a mortar shell and a rocket someone fired across the border from gaza. yesterday. mexico's most dangerous city is actually getting worse. while germany looks to keep its citizens safe. during one of the year's biggest celebrations. as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> mexico, juarez a border city out of control as 11 people are killed with in 24 hours, of each other, among the dead, two cops and ten-year-old girl, who was playing in a city park. just across the border from el paso, texas the city has seen 1700 deaths just this year
7:39 pm
alone. france. protesters and police clash in paris, this as are mania's president begins a worldwide tour of armenian communities and the demonstrators angry with the support of diplomatic ties with turkey. the two countries have long had hostility for each other and germany, security forces across delay on high alert. as the german people prepare to celebrate this weekend marking 19 years since the reunification of east and west. but the national holiday known as oktoberfest has been referred to by terrorists in recent on-line videos. ireland, election officials counting votes, on an irish referendum on the european union lisbon treaty and if it passes, the entire structure of the european union will change. ireland is the only country yet to pass it, it is also the only country requiring its approval
7:40 pm
bipolar vote and that is a wrap on this fox trip around the world. in 80 seconds. >> julie: you heard of the smash-and-grab. check this out, you are look at one determined criminal here. and, we have his crime, it was caught on tape, wait until you see what this guy is going after, and cops say, he's done it before and find out how a man, bloody and barely breathing is able to call 911. rescue crews rushed to the scene but can they save the money in time? find out what happens, next. 
7:41 pm
7:42 pm
>> julie: bloody and barely breathing a las vegas man uses his cell to call for help after plungeness to a trench. here's the -- plunging into a
7:43 pm
trench. >> are you bleeding anywhere. >> yes, my head. >> do you see anything from above? i see a big tractor. i'm barely conscious. >> wow with the victim barely conscious, as you heard him describe himself, the 9sy operator knows time is running out and pinpoints where the man is trapped, and he is -- has fallen into a trench on a construction site in las vegas. and rescue crews are rushed to the scene, and the victim is found still breathing. and taken to the hospital. what a great end to that story. and florida, wait until you see the crime, caught on tape, check it out. the suspect gets out of his suv, and you can see he's carrying a hammer. not your typical sight. oh, no, he is not going to build anything and wham, smashes the glass door and jumped inside the building and a pain management center and you can guess what he wanted, having something to do with pills and went in for drugs and by watching it it looks like
7:44 pm
he knows exactly what he's searching for and they think the same guy hit a pharmacy last month in both crimes the suspect drove off in that same red suv. and lots of kids his age are still into legos and action figures and one little boy already sporting a gang tattoo and sunken wedding swimming with the fishes, and as we go across america. >> california. a dad in a fresno court for tattooing a gang sign on his 7-year-old son. the man and a friend of his now facing 7 years in prison, the quarter sized paw print is on the boy's hip, and set to represent the bulldogs, street gang and the man says the boy asked for the tattoo. na. an aging gorilla at miami's metro zoo given a new outlook on life, doctors volunteering their time to remove severe cataracts from the 4-year-old animal's
7:45 pm
eyes and a zoo worker says gorillas usually live to about 50. >> we had to weigh the pluses and minuses and she's almost blind and by doing it we can improves her quality of life. >> one of the doctors says the gorilla has a primate equivalent of 20/20 vision and new jersey, folks 60 years and over, getting down and -- in east ruther ford and the seniors auditioning for a dance team that performs at the new jersey nets basketball games. >> fans love them and ask for them and they perform once a month. >> 67-and-a-half years old. >> still going strong! >> absolutely! are you kidding? >> no! >> we're told a dozen women and one lucky man, won spots. colorado. a couple tying the knot, under water. at the downtown aquarium. in denver. tammy parker and lon heaton taking the plunge in front of friends and family, who looked on, from the other side of the big tank. [cheers and applause] we're told
7:46 pm
the two won the wedding in a radio station contest and had to take a crash course in scuba diving and that's the fox watch across america. >> julie: what is scarier, a nuclear armed iran or the h1n1 virus, according to the latest poll it is iran by a long shot. and 77% of those asked, say they worried and are worried about iran developing nuclear weapons. 42s are concerned about the epidemic hitting the u.s. and we asked you about much, much more, though including the economy, and the deficit, and of course, what you think of the job president obama is doing. >> concerns overrun away government spending, a ballooning deficit, and the ongoing debate over health care. they continue to keep america up at night and this according to the latest "fox news/opinion dynamics poll," as the government's fiscal year kicks off, more than 3/4 of americans
7:47 pm
across party lines, worry the government is spending too much. 77% are anxious over an ever increasing deficit. the president and democrats argue deficits are necessary, in times of economic turmoil. but, republicans disagree. >> we are facing deficits of unprecedented proportions and yet, the spending goes on here, like as some people said a drunken sailor. >> reporter: with the deficit running over $1.5 trillion, 78% fear the trend will leave the country worse off for future generations and congress continues to hammer out a health care reform bill, but, 3/4 of americans remain skeptical over whether it will actually improve their coverage. and, 53% of americans, now oppose the legislation, on the table. with just a third agreeing with lawmakers. these numbers split along party lines, 60% of democrats are in
7:48 pm
favor while less than 10% of republicans approve, independents remain weary, 27% support. and, the war in afghanistan, is taking center stage after general mcchrystal's dire warning last week, he said we will lose the war unless more troops are deployed. americans remain evenly split, at 43%, over whether to send in more troops, or bring those overseas home. but, 2/3 of americans would rather see our military commanders decide our strategies in afghanistan, instead of the president. 20%. and the fight over health care, foreign policy, and the economy, is taking its toll on the president's approval ratings. falling to 50%, the lowest approval number yet, three point dip from last month and down from 65%, in january. going green? supposed to be a good thing, right? and it's turning out to be a lucrative business for some as well and when it comes to the business of constructing
7:49 pm
eco-friendly buildings critics say there is a scam afoot. we'll explain, next. %%%%%%
7:50 pm
7:51 pm
>> going green save mother nature or using the eco-mutual
7:52 pm
as a cover to make more green, the question some are asking when it comes to the growing trend of environmentally friendly buildings and critical, say they are built for all the wrong reasons, and benefit nobody but their owners and other says it is hardly that cut and dried and building them makes a big difference. we report, you decide. a fox reported from rick folbaum. >> reporter: put up a green building and there are tons of perks. stimulus funds, tax breaks, higher rented, and politicians who get to brand themselves as being environmentally friendly. but, critics say the council that declares buildings green is running a scam. >> a lot of attention toward the image of green, and very little towards actually make the it grind. >> reporter: developers across this country are adhering to energy efficiency regulations created by the u.s. green building council. a nonprofit that is becoming a major force in real estate. their standards are called lead,
7:53 pm
leadership in energy and environmental design. and, a plaque indicates the building has been designated energy efficient and henry gifford is a building energy consultant and says there is reason to doubt the council's credibility. he says the 2007 recording in which a lead executive discusses how they would deal with potentially damaging data, about the energy efficiency of certified buildings, proves the council cannot be trusted. >> statistically impenetrable to anybody who could articulate what is going on and it didn't matter. >> reporter: they denied our request for an interview and gifford says there is a lot of money involved in lead certification and little oversight. >> everybody wins except the environment, they have no commitment to making sure it's green and don't reveal the energy bills and keep them a secret an promise owners anonymity with the regard to the energy bills. >> reporter: the council doesn't provide any proof, the buildings it certifies, like this one, are green. and, once a lead consultant
7:54 pm
awards a plaque there is no follow-up. and the plaque is there for good. >> they come here and actually inspect it. >> they haven't been here to inspect it. >> reporter: and the regulations were adopted in 33 states and at least 130 cities including new york where in 2005 a law requires that all new and newly renovated buildings be designed according to the lead standards. >> make a building nonpolluting, in greenhouse gases, no. but it means that the building is better engineered, better designed, than it could possibly be. >> reporter: critics say truly green buildings can be built only if the public and the elected officials demand a ratings system with transparency and accountability. in new york, rick folbaum, fox news. >> julie: six time super bowl champion steelers known for the famous black and gold and this week the football players are going pink! the steelers spending time at a pittsburgh hospital, to help
7:55 pm
promote breast cancer awareness. and the players wanted to do their part in finding a cure for the deadly disease. >> more than we know, you know, the more research that is done, and the more people come forward, the better chance they have of being -- beating cancer. >> julie: and finished the day with weaving pink terrible towels and the show will continue at tomorrow's game, some players will be wearing pink cleats an gloves an wristbands, all to be auctioned off, for charity. and talk about a rough life. wait until you see what happens to this little pooch, he has to do more than just sing for his sup tor get out of the jam, how does it end up for man's best friend? we'll show you, next.
7:56 pm
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7:58 pm
>> imagine wandering the summit of pike's peak in colorado for a month, well, that is just what happened to this guy, a llama and a domesticated animal doesn't have the instincts to live in the wild and between frostbite and mountain lions some fear it would not survive the winter and this is cute at one point he tried unsuccessfully, to become friends with the herd of big horn sheep and after one month, a group, southwest llama rescue saved them from wild and they are now looking to find them a home. and, last look at some of our top stories here on the fox report, president obama meeting with the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. general stanley mcchrystal and
7:59 pm
discussing strategy for the war in afghanistan. and mcchrystal says, 40,000 more troops are needed to win there. and iran's president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, today, saying his key -- nuclear complex was no secret at all and now says he told this u.n. about the facility, weeks before the u.s. and other countries accused him of hiding it and also says president obama is making a, quote, historic mistake by accusing iran of wrongdoing. in 1995, ask just about anyone and they can remember where they were when o.j. simpson was found not guilty. the sensational case, captivated an polarized the nation and began more than a year orioler when o.j. simpson's ex-wife, nicole brown and her friend, ron goldman were found dead outside of her l.a. condo. and what followed from the white bronco to the infamous liter gloves became part of the trial of the century and came


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