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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 4, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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buy my book. see you on monday. paul week on the journal editorial report. talking to iran. what the u.s. got and gave away at this week's negotiations. >> health care double-talk. democrats wants pay a penalty if you don't buy insurance. whatever else you do, please don't call it a tax. >> plus, preview of the big elections this november. why they may signal trouble ahead for the president's agenda. >> we're committed to serious and meaningingful engagement but not interested in talking to are the sake of talk you go. if iran does not take steps in
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the near fought live up to its obligations then the united states will not continue to negotiate indefinitely. we are prepared to move towards increased pressure. >> welcome to the journal editor report i'm paul gig go. that was president obama thursday warning iran that the u.s. won't talk forever. representatives from the united states, u.k., france, germany, russia, china met in have knee have with iran's chief nuclear negotiator. iran reported lay greed to grant access to its newly disclosed uranium enrichment facility will patience payoff. amir great to have you back. the "new york times" said that the iranians have made key concessions. do you agree? >> not at all in fact the negotiations were about three united nations resolutions
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that demanded that iran should stop uranium enrichment. now the negotiations are no longer about that, but about iaea, international atomic energy agency inspectors being allowed to inspect one of the sites that iran has declared. so, from disarmament, it became inspection. >> paul: what about the ability to at least inspect this new site only disclosed last week? iran had not previously disclosed it. i guess the u.s. intelligence had known about it, but didn't tell anybody else. isn't it good we could get access to that? >> well, yes, you know iran is 0 ed to allow access -- obliged to allow access under the nonproliferation treaty and other iranian sites are under inspection. there are cameras installed in all of the iranian sites and this one would have happened in the same way.
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no concession there. i don't see why the iaea inspectors, who are in tehran now don't drive to this new site an hour's drive and have a look now. iran has promised to allow them to go within the next few weeks. why shouldn't they go there now? why should we wait so that everything is sanitized there? >> paul: what about the willingness of iran they said they might be willing to do this, to take some of the uranium which they've enriched this is the fuel that could be used to make the nuclear weapon take that and move about 75% outside of iran, to russia or france? isn't that a concession? >> not at all. that was also an idea put in by mr. putin of russia three years ago. the issue is that the u.n. asked iran not to enrich uranium. it is like haggling in a carpet bizarre. as long as you buy the main
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carpet they give you some caviar, tea, i little rug, they will kiss you on both cheeks but the rug that mr. obama has bought is iran's right to continue to enrich uranium. >> paul: your conclusion would be that iranian leaders have no intention of giving up nuclear weapons program? >> absolutely not. to be honest they say themselves openly again and again, only you don't want to hear it in united states. they say categoricalally that iran will not stop its nuclear project, period. now, let's talk about other things. about palestinian, about global warming, about trade, about [ inaudible ] they are given a package in which everything is mentioned, [ inaudible ] >> paul: put your self in the head of the iranian leaders.
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if that's their intention what do they hope to achieve from these talks? president obama says the ultimate goal is to get them to sees and desist with the military -- to cease and desist with the military program. >> three things, first of all some legitimacy at the time that ahmadinejad has lost quite of his legitimacy because of the recent elections and continued unrest in the country. his 0 opponents say his policies are leading to sanctions and war. now he's able to in fact, today tehran said see i won without sanctions and without war. that's the first gain he makes. the second gain to save the right to continue enriching uranium. you could did it at a slower pace. the fact that you can continue doing it and now everybody is accepting that right is a major coup for ahmadinejad. thirdly, to buy time'máñ untilu know the mechanisms are
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american electoral system and so on paralyze the obama administration or other elections, other people come and so on by that time iran is already a nuclear power and it is too late for anything to do anything about i in the meantime, while the tkpwoerpb shuns continue, of course there -- negotiations continue, of course there is no possibility of anybody attack iranian nuclear center. president obama has asked congress not to pass a bill banning the sale of gasoline to iran. so iran is protecting against military action against it and sanctions with these talks. these talks of course president obama says cannot go on indefinitely. but iran doesn't want them indefinitely, iran wants them for the next 18 months to two years. not indefinitely, that would be enough. at this pace the talks will last that long.
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>> paul: we'll be following them every step of the way. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> paul: when we come back. president obama thinks you should pay a penalty if you don't have health insurance. whatever you do,xd please don't call it a tax. óyç[[+'/?ow
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sc johnson, a family company. . >> paul: democrats want to require buy health insurance or pay a penalty. but they don't want you to call it a tax. under the bill the so-called individual mandate would require everyone to buy health insurance pore pay as much as a $1900 fee. if you don't pay, the irs could punish with you a
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$25,000 fine or a year in jail. president obama supports the individual mandate but5ñ refuses to call it a tax. when george stephanopoulos called him on it earlier this month, the president engaged in a little rhetorical tax evasion of his own. telling stephanopoulos, you can just make up that language and decide that's call aid tax increase. joining the panel in week, columnist and deputy editorl4 dan heneeger, john font and kim strasel. dan, if it isn't a tax what is it? >> why don't we call it a quack tax because it seems to quack like a tax. one of the things the president said in that interview, look you are now part of a big pool. we've driven down costs so you can't opt-out. his problem is this is
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coercion. remember this came up in the primary between him and hillary clinton. >> president obama opposed it. he said would you force people to a penalty and used it in his advertising. >> she was honest enough to say yes. they have to have people into the pool to make it large enough to work. >> here's the issue dan. why is this different than auto insurance? if you drive you are in most states obligated to buy. if you won't buy it, you sometimes have to pay into a state liability pool. how is this different? >> you don't have to drive, you don't have to own a car. this is going to be literally, all coercion, all in the pool. i think it is not the same as auto. >> i'm from california. you can have a law saying people should have auto insurance one out of five in california don't have auto insurance. you can have the law whether there ought to be enforcement is a separate issue. >> paul: there are a lot of
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republicans would say this would viability the to tax anybody who makes less than a quarter million dollars a year. is this making any difference with democrats? making them have any doubts about in program? >> well, i mean, so far in their votes, no. the republicans actually put forward a couple of specific amendments in this senate saying, let's make sure no one with income un$250,000 pays a tax. those amendments were voted down. they are not changing their mind. don't get hung up on the individual mandate tax. there are a lot of others. new provision put in which is going to limit one's ability to deduct medical expenses from their taxes. taxes on medical device makers. taxes on corporations will be passed down to consumers. all of this is going to be most cost >> paul: what we've seen in
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massachusetts a lot of the young people in particular won't buy insurance they will pay the penalty about $700 sore so in massachusetts and still not buy insurance until they are sick because in would rather the money on something else. the panely is less than the cost of insurance. -- the penalty is less than the cost of insurance. those in washington want to make it steeper to enforce people to buy insurance. >> the chief of staff of the joint tax committee said the penalty could be $25,000 and time in jail that is kind of stiff. >> i don't think they can go that far in massachusetts people who don't pay the penalty they are trying to chase them down but it is difficult. it takes the incentives into the health code worse. >> what about medical device makers, 40 billion over 10 years not that big an industry. >> yeah, well, this gets back to the campaign again. in which barack obama said
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that he would only raise taxes on the rich, nobody making $250,000 was going to get a tax increase under his administration he has this huge medical entitle, somebody has to pay, all of these fines and costs will be passed through to individuals. you can call it whatever you want, tax, fine, smack, but the middle class is going to pay. >> down the road john, coming value added tax center for national progress or american progress, john pedesta's think tank close to the president has come out and said it is something we need. >> only way the european countries have been able to afford national health insurance is by all opposing a hidden tax and that is the next step after we pass this massive entitlement program. >> the momentum in washington is still strong in favor of this bill passing? the rumors are now that the
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administration is going to -- the senate is going to try to work this and if they feed to maneuver through to some procedures get it through, no matter what happens is that hearing? >> they are desperate to get it through. the view clearly if the president were to fail on this, his key point from his campaign run, key center then -- >> paul: i done believe. think that the president is still personally popular. if in failed, when clinton-care failed in 1994 he was able to revive his presidency. >> i think that's right. is the argument they are making. some people believe this. they've invested so much they now must push forward under any circumstances. so what they are talking about is either trying to get 60 votes to get past the
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filibuster which still looks hard maybe attaching this to some other form of legislation to push it through or if they have to still going ahead with this reconciliation process kind of just jamming it through where you only need 50 votes that is still on the table. we will see movement in some way. >> paul: john, i done see they are going to let this not pass. >> if the elections on tphoef 3rd, in virginia, new jersey go against the democrats i think you could see a lot of blue dog democrats in the house rising up and saying we saw what happened in 194. there is something worse than not passing health care is us not being members of congress. >> paul: when we come become, why democrats are sweating the november elections. we'll preview next month's two big governor's races and both big governor's races and both could signal trou
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the world could use a little more space by moving 35,000 truckloads of freight each day csx trains give you more room on the highways because the world could use a little more space csx. how tomorrow moves.
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>> paul: new jersey age virginia the only two states with governors' races this november both may signal trouble for democrats and the president's agenda. the polls have tightened in both states in recent weeks. latest clear politics have republican leading democratic incumbent corzine in new jersey by four points in
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virginia republican mcdonald has a seven point lead over the democrat. the last time republicans won both new jersey and virginia governors' race was 1993. democrats remember what happened in the midterm elections the following year. john why are these races of particular significant this year? >> barack obama carried both states easily only a year ago. now his approval ratings are around the 50% mark in both states and this is trouble in 1993, as you referenced when the democrats lost virginia, new jersey the democratic never passed significant legislation and the republican landslide came. the blue dog democrats 49 house democrats stheu districts mccain won. about a dozen democratic senators they are worried if a signal is sent about dissatisfaction about obama's policy, other than the
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president remains personally popular that could mean their seats are in jeopardy duringxú a landslide year. >> paul: there's an obama versus bush dynamic in both races describe that? >> in new jersey corzine's argument has been if you want to elect my opponent >> paul: electing for bush and cheney again. >> he says the same bush policies that got us into trouble. to pick up john's point especially in virginia. obama carried virginia by six points the first time a democrat had won there in 44 years this is now one of these kind of swing states that the democrats think they have begun to pull over to their side. virginia however is not new jersey. new jersey is a democratic state. virginia is more of an anti-government state if that goes back against them as john suggests the blue dogs are going to say whoa, i vñ can't
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attach to this ideology. >> paul: kim, you followed the virginia race and have written about it. how much traction is the republican candidate getting with linking the democrat to president obama's agenda? >> a lot. i'd argue this is one of the reasons why -- he was up in august 15 points in the poll. the republican(who was ahead mcdonald. he has had trouble a thesis he wrote 20 years ago has popped up that suggest he some sort of social views that haven't sat well. >> paul: conservative views about women. >> women in the workforce, exactly. what he had done up until this issue came up is day after day, connect the democrat with the obama agenda in washington. on spending on health care and on union support and everything else. virginia have elected
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democrats the past two elections they tend to be centric governors. he has tried to suggest he's in that mold. he's had a hard time may going that point. he really has been seen as connected with this obama administration and he suffered as a result and struggling to get his message that some sort of different democrat. >> paul: what about the tax issue? democratic governors raced taxes twice at least in the last eight years, democrats multiple times this decade, new jersey has some of the highest tax burdens in the country, is that making ail comeback, taxes? >> it should in new jersey 41% of voters say taxes are the not popular. republican candidate kristi has done a miserable job he. >> paul: put away a lot of bad guys running on that anti-corruption record. you are saying he's not running on substance?
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>> there's no details yet the independent candidate, 12% in the polls has a plan which on the surface looks like it is going to cut taxes. cristy doesn't have a response it to yet. in virginia i think there's a problem he has said i will raise tacks to pay for transportation projects. mcdonald's response is sell the state's liquor stores inside that is popular. >> paul: i guess maybe in virginia -- >> they drink a lot. the white house involved deeply in the corzine campaign signing off on tv ads, watching polling, this is a big deal for barack obama's white house. >> paul: what think means for the obama agenda if the republicans imagine to win in both states cap and trade dead for this congress? >> that was already on life support, i think you finish that off with this. it goes back to what john said
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this is key for health care why you see this desperate push by the white house to get legislation done at the health care legislation done and pushed through as quickly as they can. they don't want it hanging around past this november election. as john say the blue dogs are going to use this as a barometer and the country's feeling for the obama administration's an -- agenda. if they feel the public is turning against it they are less likely to put themselves up for this vote. >> paul: thank you. one more break. when we come back our hits and minds of the week.
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>> paul: time for our hits and misses of the week. dan? >> a wall street journal columnist this week asked a group of experts which city they thought college graduates would be likely to my great to. tied with seattle for number
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one, washington, d.c.. why? washington is growing. lot of lobbyists are going down there. they have 4,000 non-profit institutions as the head of the d.c. chamber of commerce said peoplek> paul: okay john. >> the agriculture bill has all the farm subsidies in it. this week the house voted to have a 72 hour waiting period so members of congress could put up the bill on the internet everyone could read and make sureo) farm subsidies are all right. that founds -- that sounds fine. when it comes to the health care bill nancy pelosi is holding back and refusing to have a vote and a 72 hour waiting period for the health care bill. such desperation to ram this through american people are not going to be able to read. >> paul: kim?
6:29 am
>> someone needs to give a u.s. authorities to extradite roman polanski back to the united states we've heard outrageous defenses from hollywood of this film director who 30 years ago sexually assaulted a 13-year-old admitted he did it and fled the country to avoid going to jail. the bottom line is, it doesn't matter he's getting on in years. it doesn't matter this happened a long tile ago. what matters that we are a nation of laws he should have his time in court like everybody else. >> paul: remember cash for clunkers the federal program that paid you thousands to buy a new car. it worked for a few weeks. automakers reported sales, what do you know gm sales fell 45%, chrysler 40% and ford, critics were right, all it did
6:30 am
was steal sales from the future rather than lead to a new production. as always real clunkers are the folks in congress who dreamed this up. thanks, we hope to see you closed captioning services, inc. health care reform stumbled in washington. the economy on the rocks across the nation. the success of our military in afghanistan in question. our president's focus is on copenhagen, oprah and his olympic-sized sales pitch. are thew3 media paying attention? >> fugitive filmmaker gets nabbed for since of his past. some in the spotlight try to dismiss his bad deeds. >> we came to honor him as a great artist. >> michael moore is back. what more can we say? >> a new battle begins on late night.
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>> mayor of that city has banned me from flying into newark airport. >> on the panel this week, programming editor at broadcasting and cable magazine. syndicated columnist cal thomas. jim pink kuerten, and -- jim pinkerton and juan williams. i'm john scott,-fmox foxnews watch on right now. this week the debate over health care heated up on capitol hill with no clear end in sight. democratic congressman made headlines with his show-and-tell on the topic. burning question over u.s. troops deployment in afghanistan and whether or not we can succeed there. and the possible nuclear threat posed by iran, dominated the world stage. this as the president and mrs. obama jetted to have denmark for a sales pitch to win the olympics for their hometown of chicago.
6:32 am
>> we can make it, if we try, that's not just the american dream that is the olympic spirit the essence of the olympic spirit. that's why we see so much of ourselves in these games. that's why we want them in chicago. >> that presidential plea went nowhere. the international olympic committee those rio. we know the result was the press playing along? >> i think katie couric said it was oprah and the president were the dreamteam going on there i think they were drinking their own kool-aid and they've discovered that the rest of the world doesn't idol eyes president obama has much as the -- idolize president obama as much as the mainstream media. >> remember the king of spain, prime minister of spain, prime minister of japan, president of brazil they are
6:33 am
all there. don't forget that tony blair played a key role for lone -- london and getting the olympics. >> and spain was a super power. >> what i'm saying is now that's what was required. there were questions raised about president obama going but the idea it was distracting, i thought was a little much. >> does this become something like pardoning the thanksgiving turkey and receiving the bowl of shamrocks from the irish prime minister? something that every president has to do? >> real story is not the diminished credibility of the president, it is the diminished credibility of olympic ! i think this proves that the president is over exposed. when you take the office and the prestige of the presidency of the united states down to lobbying for a city like chicago, especially, and you lose, the iranians are going to be looking at this, the
6:34 am
republicans are going to be looking at this.ç >> a little over -- >> would have been criticized if he hadn't gone. >> i don't know he would have been criticized if he hadn't gone what press did point out there's a lot of cronyism in chicago and a lot of obama's buddies were going to make out the
6:35 am
an >> i think unemployment is a variable here. i worked in the reagan administration when unemployment went to almost 11% his approval rating went into the low 30s. obama is at 50, one reason is according to the media research center coverage of president reagan's unemployment 1982 versus obama's unemployment in 2009 is 13-1 more negative for reagan back then. mrc, dan gainer even cheeky enough to track down charlie gibson's coverage of unemployment going so high back 27 years ago and comparing it to what gibson did then he was at the white house now obviously
6:36 am
anchor at abc news in 1982 it was all bad news for reagan. in 2009 it was all good news for obama, mostly good news. >> here's the problem he who lives by the media dies by the media. advance policy or persuade the public of something the president doesn't have a plan for afghanistan he has to think about it for the next however long. he doesn't have a health care plan in a congressional plan or several versions of it. he didn't have a plan to bring olympics to chicago other than the force of his personality, which work. we are seeing a diminished power before our eyes, because he doesn't have anything other than his personality! >> one other burning issue through week, iran, take a look at new numbers from our poll out this week: 69% of americans do not think the president is being tough enough on iran. only 16% say they think he's handling the situation right.
6:37 am
6% say he's being too tough. the same question, is the press coverage he's receiving on iran reflective of what the american people think? >> i thinkt( this is poll numbers that reflect the american i'm piece i am passion with iran in the -- impatience with iran in the sense that iran continues to lie. the question is how does that get played? the international press at the end of the week was saying iran is taking a step back and coming into the international community. newspapers in the united states were much more cautious in their coverage. we'll see where this goes. when you look at those these numbers going back to our previous story, so interesting to me a plurality of americans, i think high 40s say they profit of the -- they days prove of the president going to copenhagen. i didn't see it as a big deal, apparently i was out of step. >> during our breaks we keep the cameras rolling you might catch cal thomas breaking out
6:38 am
in song or some spirited discussion. check it out after the show. up next, police bust a cbs news producer trying to extort money from david letterman. the light night comic makes a shocking conviction. >> also roman polanski back in the news. >> famous director and wanted criminal, roman polanski, nabbed for raining a 13-year-old. celebrities and -- for raping a 13-year-old. celebrities and media crowd foul ignoring the crime. >> congress cuts funding and big business cuts ties some in the press painting acorn as the victim. really?
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6:41 am
i don't believe it was rape-rape. >> okay. comedian whoopi goldberg telling her view of the charges against director roman polanski which got some reaction. but it didn't stop there. other celebrities have come to polanski's defense. >> we came to honor roman polanski as a great artist. under the sudden and arcane circumstances we can only think of him today as a human being. we hope todayw> there's more. hollywood big shots joined in including woody allen, there's a role model and martin scorsese among others, showing their support for the filmmaker. juan, if polanski were a gym teacher or truck driver would he be getting the same
6:42 am
treatment? >> obviously not. i think behind this is an argument that his brilliance somehow excuses the crime. >> which he pled guilty to. >> here's the thing documentaries saying there was improper behavior by prosecutors in the case trying to influence the judge. i think there's a great deal of credit to be given to the american newspaper reporters this week "l.a. times", "new york times" who went out and actually said, here's what happened, roman polanski, under wrong assumption, got this 13-year-old girl away from her parents saying he was going to take photos e the girl wanted a career in acting, gave her champagne, alcohol and quaaludes and persisted in his sexual attempts to engage her, before raping her. what you just heard from whoopi goldberg someone who hasn't gone back and looked at what happened. she said it wasn't rape-rape. there's no way to interpret this once you see the facts as
6:43 am
anything but not only rape, but rape of an adolescent. >> juan, maybe she looked back and just doesn't care because she thinks that people of a certain hollywood pay grade are just -- >> the argument is you are a brilliant argue i have -- artist you are excused. >> the backlash on this since the petition in favor of supporting polanski circulated by harvey weinstein and the backlash against all of that this hollywood circling the wagons has been swift and loud. juan is right, "the new york times", the "l.a. times" everyone has pointed out and recounted the facts of the case. that speaks for itself. >> you wouldn't any of these people as a character witness at your trial. you have woody allen as you pointed out, not a paragon of virtue. he married his adopted daughter that he adopted with miafarrow. whoopi goldberg who i wish would define the different
6:44 am
between rape-rape and just rape, i done get that according to her publicist has had six abortions these are not the people you want to show up and make good statements. >> she did issue clarification on the the next day about it wasn't rape-rape statement. we should point that out >> the fact that these are women saying this is the most disappointing of all. if you are on a national television show and you know is going to be a topic find out the facts before you shoot your mouth off. >> the press, some in the press went the other way jim and pointed out that polanski has had such a tough life his mother died in a concentration camp his wife and unborn child murdered by the manson family. does that excuse any of this behavior? >> it is interesting context for sure. it doesn't excuse the crime at all. he's had a intense life including winning an oscar for a movie about the holocaust.
6:45 am
deborah winger saying the whole art world will suffer if somebody goes to jail for committing a crime that says a lot about the art world. >> then there was this story involving the news and entertainment media. thursday night comedian david letterman admitted to affairs with women on his own staff. here's what he said in a kind of a weird monologue. >> sex with women who work for me on this show. i feel like i need to protect these people. i need to certainly protect my family, i need to protect myself, hope to protect my job and the friends everybody that has been very supportive through this and i don't plan to say much more about this on this particular topic. so thank you for lending -- for letting me bend your ear. >> after that we found out that this producer for the cbs news program 48 hours had been arrested and charged with trying to extort two million dollars from letterman for
6:46 am
having done some of the things that he admitted there. have you ever seen a weirder moment in television than that, jim? >> i'm sure after the audience thought this was some elaborate -- >> they were laughing. >> again it just goes to show the different between the elites and the public on these things this is another -- unbelievable soap opera to come here. obviously, every one of these women is going to get tracked down and interviewed and maybe sell her story to some tabloid. >> if you are on david letterman's staff and the big guy comes and says, hey, how about it? >> i don't think that men having sex with subordinates is unusual we see it all the time in politics. i do think there is a question of the -- he's in a position of power over these women was there some sort of quid pro quo or hostile work environment?
6:47 am
>> story is not a sexual harrassment story so far. you can imagine questions raced by aggressive reporters. what we know so far it was a crime against david letterman. i don't -- i haven't heard any complaints made by the women apparently this producer was going out with a woman who had sex with letterman. >> apparently we will never know because letterman said he has said the last he's going to say on this topic. >> i doubt it. >> it is a weird story. much more ahead on fox news watch. first, if you come across a story thank you think shows media bias, e-mail us at news watch at next acorn scandals and why some think the organization is the victim. >> announcer: with scandals building and allies balling, acorn's future looks dim. wait the liberal media have a plan. and he's back!
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michael moore's love story is the media afraid of this movie menace?
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your business is a performing artist. which you are, okay.
6:51 am
role play on words. you are a performing artist. so stop saying prostitute. >> got. >> just one of the many clips from a couple of freelance journalists who exposed problems at acorn the association of community organization for reform now. since these first aired acorn has lost all kinds of funding, backing and support from government and private sector. now some in the media are defending acorn. take a look at this from a recent u.s.a. today front page story title: acorn controversy now a matter of survival. in the body of the piece acorn received 53 million dollars in federal funds since 1994 has long been a target of conservatives because of ties to democrats: tax increase after voter registration and get out the vote efforts for president obama last year. i might point out that a tax
6:52 am
increased after a couple of acorn employees were seen in what seemed to be promoting prostitution in those undercover videos. >> what u.s.a. today said was right attacks increased once it was thought to be seen they were engaged in fraudulently registering voters to the benefit of democrats. it has escalated in recent days given these videos. not only has u.s. res voted to end their connection, census bureau everybody running in the other direction. >> they got 53 million dollars in federal funds for various of acorn, a little murky. >> a little murky as to where the money goes and comes from. >> there's a double standard in the way the media covers liberal groups in promoting policies they agree with and conservative groups promoting policies they disagree with the in the 80s there was the legal services corporation, that supposedly was filed to
6:53 am
help poor people the conservatives tried to to fun it a lot of money was going out to a lot of places the conservatives thought the government had no business in helping to promote that go anywhere the media was very supportive as they are of the goals and objectives of acorn a conservative group the media approach is different. >> why do some think accord has been a victim of media coverage? >> for the reason cal said they thighize with acorn and they think sympathize acorn does good work. "wall street journal" all over acorn for years wrote a book on voter fraud and told me the other day there's a lot more coming. >> let me say quickly before you go, i think a number of people in terms of journalistic effort if they wanted to focus on fraud should go after blackwater,
6:54 am
wall street bankers. when you look at acorn people think these folks trying to help poor people get a house. are we putting enough resources into scandal that pays off in large magnitude, 53 mill kwroefr -- nil beyond over 14 years is a ma engine ofior. it it is the weekend awe ready for slanted cinema? first we had al gore giving his inconvenient truth and the media couldn't get enough of that comedian turned political observer bill mayer, another film getting high marks from left the same from michael moore's latest. >> we are here to get the money back for the american people. >> i understand but you can't come in here. >> can you just take the bag and fill it up, i got more. 10 million won't fit.
6:55 am
we want our money back! >> michael moore is back his latest film: "capitalism, a will have story" in theaters now. what about the reviews jim? >> according to rotten tomatoes, positive. i got to tell you on this issue while michael moore. bail out was atrocity. scandal that they gave them service more in bonuses than they earned in profits all their profits came from the bailout from us taxpayers, michael moore trying to get money from goldman sachs i'm all for it >> i agree. i do think that it is rather hypocritical for him to say that he really hates capitalism, while pocketing the profits on it and a good number of hamburgers and popcorn from the concession stand. >> i'm with jim, this of all you would think most would be in agreement with. moore's reviews are always mixed. >> we have to take another
6:56 am
break. newark, new jersey gets unwanted national attention. >> announcer: new battle on late night. conan fires a shot! >> health care program would consist of a bus ticket out of newark. >> a big city mayor fires back. >> i'm officially putting you on the newark, new jersey airport no-fly list. ree r thevla wos inge o ats te dee s d foe t , ew cal thly% raeer swes ne llll ju caesac tuav thci usve n suyo rand tuswne swta™
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6:58 am
a new battle begin on late night twegsz. it ail started when conan k >> a new battle and late night newark. >> they want me to set up a citywide program to do citywide help. it would be a bus ticket outside of city. >> i'm also mayor of city with one of the largest airports in the united states. according in the powers invested to me i'm putting you on the
6:59 am
newark new jersey no-fly list. >> i'm banned from flying into the airport. mayor, i apologize. i love newark, new jersey, it's one of america's great cities. a beautiful waterfront. [ laughter ] a thriving art scene. [ laughter ] exciting regional cuisine. [ laughter ] and world class live theater. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> now mayor brooker you think you can keep me out by banning from knew washing airport. nice try. there are other ways for me to get to your city. i can navigation the sewer system because all sewer pipes lead to newark. >


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