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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 5, 2009 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: good of you to be with us today, "happening now" starts now." jane: more than 1000 firefighters are taking on the blaze in southern california. residents are told to get out. jon: snatch from his mother, he is now safe. the judge says that the child should not go back to his mother. why the baby and siblings are in protective custody. jane: rollout those sleeves, the
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first swine flu vaccination. who is getting these shots and where? jon: we are minutes away from president obama welcoming doctors from all across the country to the white house. hand-picked physicians that the white house hopes will make -- will offer a unique perspective given the troubles of the current health-care system. the president hopes that it will help to push the case for a massive health care system. that action is exactly what they're hoping to see from congress on the key health care legislation. major garrett is live at the white house for us. who are these doctors? what is their perspective on the president's health care program? >> bashar not from the american medical association. some of them are members -- >>
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they are not from the american medical association. some of them are members of the doctors for america association. you will see many of the same talking points as the president's on there website. i am fairly certain that many of these people in the rose garden were obama supporters. clearly they are on board. consistent with the white house, clearly they need more photo ops and a sense that there is a broader health care community out there trying to accomplish, as you indicated, there is a pretty important vote on the next step in health care legislation. jon: it seems that things are a bit unsettled when it comes to health care. is the white house actively pushing? >> the president of the group
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tells me, after talking to the senate leadership, right now you have publicly members of the finance committee who have yet to publicly commit to voting for the bill. the white house has got to get them on board, probably doing something along the lines of a public option. negotiations are continuing. jon: the white house is optimistic that something will get passed? >> yes, indeed. they say they still feel very good at the prospects of getting this bill through committee. carlisle relying very much on max baucus to deliver a bill by the end of the week -- they are relying very much on max baucus to deliver a bill by the end of the week. the house is going to wait and
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see what the senate does. everything happening today is a crucial stage leading to the next stage of the bill, where they will be closer to the president's desk. jon: major, thank you. jane: the debate on whether to send more troops to afghanistan is heating up. two roadside bombs, taliban fighters, let's get to steve at the pentagon. he has more overt -- more on what was happening over the weekend. >> it was a bad week for afghanistan, especially this outpost. a military outpost of u.s. afghan forces, overrun by the taliban, they were firing from a mosque on the hillside. there was a daylong standoff.
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at the end eight american soldiers were dead, two afghan fighters were killed. a similar attack took place that left nine americans dead back in july of last year. jane: obviously the timing in these deaths is a sensitive given the debate of whether to send more troops or not. >> a big debate that you can see both sides of. more troops is what the general is recommending. by the same token there are those that look at this event and say that this is more of a reason we do not need to get further involved. it will be very difficult. general james jones said there was a strategy in place. here is what he had to say. >> it would be unfortunate to lead the discussion and there,
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but there is no assailing to it. jane: i know that senator mccain has been critical of general jones. what did he say? >> he also spoke to fox business network's over the weekend. he took direct aim at general jones. he said that he believes that jones needed we believe to send troops to the borders of iraq, killing al qaeda from outside. general jones was wrong about iraq, the fact that we need to get this decision made means that we need to get help to those over there. there are going to be two high level strategy meetings on this very thing today.
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jane: thank you, steve. >> you bet. jon: a deadly terror attack next door, the u.n. secretary-general called the bombing of the headquarters in islamabad and justifiable and happiness. five people were killed when a suicide bomber storm of the lobby. the u.n. says that they are temporarily closing their pakistan office. they say that they will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the people. staff jane: unemployment is getting closer to double digits -- people. jane: unemployment is getting close to the double digits. pain is easing in the areas that have been hardest hit. >> the big take away here is that the stress is coming down a little bit. let's look at the areas that are the most stressed and the least stressed. areas with the biggest boom and bust.
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the first ones we are looking at our nevada, michigan, california. unemployment, foreclosure, and bankruptcy rates far the biggest on the left-hand side of your screen. least stressed, the dakotas and nebraska, not as exposed to the housing market. here is a list of areas in virginia. we are seeing more and more people saying they? even tried to look for a job. once you are not you are not considered part of the labor force considering these statistics. more people are not even looking for jobs right now and are on extended benefits. something that we are continuing
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to look at. these counties, looking a bit less stressed. jane: we will check back in a bit. thank you. jon: crews in california are benefiting from cooler weather. the so-called cheap fire has -- sheep fire has kept the town there under mandatory evacuation orders. jane: the very first batch of the swine flu h1n1 vaccine is out, but it is not for everyone. who is at the head of the line today? t want value for their dollar? been true since the day i made my first dollar. where is that dollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly? yeah, you saw it?
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jane: health care workers are getting their first shots to fight off the swine flu virus. the idea is to keep themselves healthy so that they do not
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infect the rest of us. when will it be available to the general public? >> health officials are looking for a steady flow of vaccine from here on out once this gets under way. a total of 250 million doses, it will not all of arrive this week, but over the course of the fall it should be enough for everyone to be vaccinated. >> -- jane: who is getting the first doses? >> we have some weather moving through here -- sorry about that -- the lights are going out. it is exciting here on the fox news channel. first responders, health-care workers in indianapolis and memphis. those two locations are a model
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for a total of 47 states or municipalities that have already placed orders. jane: this is not people rolling up their sleeves, it is a needle, -- nasal spray, right? >> that is right. moving into the month, as we get closer you will have the injectable form of the vaccine coming out. it is not for everyone. it is recommended for people at least two years of age. they do not want you to get it if you are pregnant. they also say that people with chronic medical conditions, this
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could potentially weaken their condition and they should avoid the spray, these people should wait for the injectable form. the difference is that the injectable form contains a portion that can kill the virus. the nasal spray contains a live virus. jane: i see. i guess rolling up the sleeves sounds better than prepare your nostrils. [laughter] >> if they could vote -- just protect me from the lights here. [laughter] jane: we will get them on the case. make sure that your not in the dark. thank you. [laughter] jon: first monday of october, the first day of business for the new supreme court. we are live in three minutes.
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jon: live pictures from the white house rose garden. the president is hosting doctors at a health care reform of men. these doctors were hand selected by the white house, they generally agree with the president that the system needs to change and that an auction -- inaction is no longer an option. his remarks are live for you on fox news -- if you would like to view the whole thing. jane: first day on the job for sonia sotomayor. already this morning the court has made key decisions involving the pledge of allegiance, and insider trading.
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>> there are a couple of big cases on the docket that everyone is going to be watching in this coming term. one of them deals with gun rights. one year ago after the supreme court entered an opinion by justice scalia, individual american citizens were declared to be allowed to own guns. the next question was did the amendment applied to the states? were they able to ban guns to the average american? both sides of the gun-control debate are very interested. another issue involving dogfighting comes down to a first amendment question. the appellate court found that
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one man's first amendment speech rights were infringed. there was more on the docket, but those were the ones they were picking up. jane: the aclu want a war memorial corn down? >> it has been there for more than 70 years, and increasingly as a war memorial it was respected, but others found it needed to be brought down because it was offensive to them. some said that as someone who was not a question veteran, it should not be included in the process. jane: last question for you, opening day, what has it been
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like? >> many days at the supreme court, almost any day there is something on the docket there are a lot of protesters. they are silent protesters the stand here with tape on their mouths, obviously concerned with the ongoing president of roe vs. wade. this morning was a different story, there were dozens of protesters in orange jumpsuits, black hoods over their heads, protesting guantanamo bay, speaking out for the president to close it down. they often have top officials with papier-mache heads, you would recognize them, the vice president for dick cheney, they are always here, keeping things
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colorful and making a lot of noise. lots of folks with cameras here for them. jane: thank you, shannon. jon: a woman that had her brand new baby boy snatched from her home. she was desperate to get him back. guess what? he was found. now the rest of our kids have been taken. not by a doctor, but by the state. we will tell you why. jane: ou-of the big bank bailout is one-year-old. more the story, did the former treasury secretary mislead us? next. call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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the hojon: president obama is pg for government run health insurance. how critical is this for democrats when it comes for health care reform for democrats? jane: thousands of people out of their homes in california. how are the crews doing? how is the weather helping or hurting? jon: we have been telling you about this story from last week. a woman with a mint -- newborn had her baby snatched. good news, her baby has been found but the reunion did not last long. her other children taken away by child services. why?
11:28 am
jane: it has been years since -- it has been one year since the bank -- since the government kicked off the t.a.r.p. program. one report out today says that we as taxpayers may not have been getting the whole story. >> the special inspector general of t.a.r.p. says that he wants the treasury to be more transparent given the programs that put in place to stabilize the financial system in order to set the expectations appropriately. if we want to work through that he might argue with the word choices. going back to october of last year, hank paulson had this to say about the nine big firms that received that first installment. he said that these are healthy institutions that have taken this step for the good of the u.s. economy. we know that of those institutions, they were not all healthy. some of them had serious
11:29 am
problems with their balance sheet. thinking about the acronym, what we were presented with was something that would help to cover up the problem, insulate the financial system, when really what it did was prop up the banks' that were close to failure. at the same time, if the federal reserve chairman said that some of these banks were near failure after a run on the banks, it could have caused big problems for the financial system. jane: one year later what do we have to show for this plan and that money? >> about $365 billion has been given to large banks and smaller banks, community banks that could be in your neighborhood. of that money given out, much of
11:30 am
it has been paid back by a larger institutions. of the things that the program was supposed to do, increasing lending, that has not happened. jane: are they still handing out money? >> they have to get it out as of december 31 and the government can decide whether or not to extend the program. timothy geithner says that he does not feel that we need to do that. that money could be used for a lot of different things, including small business lending. over the next couple of weeks it will be interesting to see how the market goes from here. if the economy continues to show signs of life we might not see the rest of that t.a.r.p. money. at the same time, still available for the government. jane: thank you, generally.
11:31 am
see you in the next hour. jon: industry experts on nursing homes are warning that many of those nursing homes could have to lay off workers, maybe even close in some cases. they are respected to reduce nursing home funding by an estimated $65 million. jane: an autistic boy from the state of oregon boarded an airplane without his family knowing. he used his mother's credit card to purchase the ticket on the internet, got a shuttle to the airport, using self-check and to board a united flight. his family used gps to track him. they were able to figure out exactly where he was.
11:32 am
police say that he had been texting a girl in chicago and that was the reason he decided to make the trip on his own. jon: president obama is stepping up the pressure on changing the way that we get our health care paid for and delivered in this country. he is still pushing and insurance option run by the government. democrats remain deeply divided. how critical is this plan to the final health care bill? let's talk about it with richard, adviser to the clinton- gore campaign, and pete, a worker for the reason bush administration. welcome to both of you. we know that the chairman of the finance committee has said that the public option is not going to pass.
11:33 am
why is the president working so hard to try to make sure that something like that winds up in the final bill? >> a great question. i wish we could get an answer. if president obama wants to pass health care reform legislation this year he needs to drop the public option. i guess he is just not getting that memo. he is only meeting with democrats, he cannot even court his own party. others are saying they will not vote for it unless the public option is included. their best bet is to let it go and get other things, things on which we can get a truly bipartisan legislation through, moving on to other important pressing matters, like the unemployment rate and the jobs. jon: the white house points to republican opposition as the big
11:34 am
roadblock. in fact his own party is not even by an agreement on whether this should be part of the ballot? >> if you look at the public and the question is if you want reform or not, massive members of the public say they do and they believe the republicans do not. our democrats lined up with the public or are the republicans? not a close call right now. the last poll, which many people dismiss, by "the new york times" shows that 65% wanted a public option. i think that at the end of the day what kent conrad and max baucus said, they oppose it not on principle but because they cannot get 60 votes. if they can, you will see support in the house and senate
11:35 am
for something. a trigger mechanism, something that gives it the ability to have a check on these private insurance companies. jon: speaking of prices, i guess the question is -- when you take these polls, it is easy to say if you would want free beer, but the question is how you would pay for it. right? >> let me just touch on the issue of the poll. it depends on how you ask a question. many poles that richard can point to that show overwhelming support for the public option, i can point to just as many that show overwhelming disapproval. going by the polls is not the way to go on this issue. cost is a major sticking point, especially for the moderate democrats out there in the senate and house. they are worried about spending and how much the obama
11:36 am
administration has spent already, how much they want to spend in the future -- not only on health care, but on cap and trade. we had this stimulus bill that gave us what? 9.8% unemployment. spending is not the answer. people have a right to be concerned. jon: "the wall street journal" is not a fan of the public option. "it will result in long lines, substandard care, and an end to medical discovery." >> that is nonsense. denmark, switzerland, not as big as the u.s., but not nothing. we have entire countries dedicated on the system that the democrats are trying to do, a public option with a vibrant private sector health insurance system. it works, they coexist.
11:37 am
we are going to hang tight. we will hear much worse than what the wall street journal has thrown out. no doubt people are going to be throwing in the kitchen sink. democrats take comfort from the fact that the public wants health care reform drastically and the issue will be that the republicans want to see themselves behind medicare. the public likes medicare, will they be a voice -- opposed to reform when the public wants to see washington do something that addresses real concerns? jon: a final thought from pete. quickly. >> i would agree that the public wants reform, but they do not want the public option, and reform has many different definitions. if we can get a bipartisan consensus we will be in a better place. jon: or maybe we all moved to switzerland? >> perhaps. [laughter]
11:38 am
jane: we have pictures from that house fire in california. >> a beautiful home right next to an area -- remember the big station fire from last year? well, this house sits just adjacent to that. it is near a golf course as well. a beautiful home on fire right now, firefighters are trying to protect the home next door -- and has a tile roof. it is rather cool and moist out there, temperatures right now, giving them cover as well. there is a lot of damage to this beautiful home, right now the concentration is obviously on getting the people out and getting the fire out so that the fire does not spread.
11:39 am
they certainly do not want this one to get out of hand. firefighters, trying to get a handle on a beautiful two-story home, the part of the house in front of us as black smoke behind it, where they are working on flames that are shooting out from different angles. back to you. jane: thank you. speaking of fires in northern california -- jon: we want to take you to the scene gave rick -- san gabriel mountains. a fire burning, forcing people out of their homes, they are calling this one the sheep fire. the nearby town is being evacuated. live updates from the fire line in three minutes.
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jon: in the next hour, a teenager from jordan is accused of trying to blow up a dallas landmark.
11:43 am
he is back in federal court. a judge will decide if there is enough evidence to proceed. the fight with al qaeda and the cut -- taliban heats up we will get a look at the high-tech hardware. something old in china, why is the communist nation looking backwards to for inspiration? jane: we are hearing that almost 1300 firefighters are working to get a handle on the massive fire raging across the san gabriel mountains. thousands of residents have been told that they need to leave their homes, but not everyone is heeding the advice. >> [unintelligible] >> [inaudible]
11:44 am
>> i want to see that the firemen are going to make a stand. jane: carol, talk to me about what the environment is like out there. >> the wind really picked up on saturday and sunday. right now things have died down on the fire line. that is going to help firefighters as they tried to get more containment. jane: 1300, as i mentioned. how much of this is contained? >> 20% contained, we expect that to grow as firefighters make progress. jane: we just heard that sound bite from that woman, saying that she will go when she sees
11:45 am
the flames dawn from her backyard. have these residents been responding well? >> for the most part they did he the warning and leave. -- heed the warning and leave. at this point the mandatory evacuations are still in place. jane: i know that a couple of these have actually burned. >> 3 scrap -- three structures burned to the southeast of the canyon. right now some structures are still threatened in the redwood area. firefighters are cautious, they have been able to stop the progress. jane: if you had a top concern, what would you say it is? >> as the fire activity decreases we need to make sure that we continue to protect the
11:46 am
public safety. jane: how did it start? >> it is under investigation. jane: the cost for this one is over $1 million? >> the estimated cost is $1.2 million. this is a fire that we have had to do a lot of work on because it was threatening communities. as we get better figures because might go up or down a little bit -- the cost might go up or down a little bit. jane: thank you. jon: how long could it hold? we will talk to someone who knows firefighting and the weather, janice dean. janice: good news, jon scott. we have cooler temperatures. in some cases 53 degrees. cooler weather, a light wind, excellent for firefighters aside
11:47 am
from getting some rain. this is the best news they could hope for. looks like those conditions will prevail. as we get into the weekend things are going to break down, making it so that they can take advantage of the moisture and a lighter winds in the atmosphere for firefighting. in proximity to los angeles, there is your satellite radar. not much in the way of rain, but talking about the rest of the country we have another storm moving in from the rockies, bringing more mountain snow. they could come in from across the dakotas across the northern rockies into montana, and to western portions of the dakotas.
11:48 am
bringing more moisture to the area, there could be more potential for flooding concerns. current temperature is behind this system? much cooler than moving in, looking at chicago, 38, right below the freezing mark across the midwest. jon: get out those blankets. janice: snuggle up. jane: looks like big brother is getting bigger in the big apple. new york city is planning to extend high-tech surveillance to keep an eye on who? we will show you. .
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute jon: a judge in tennessee set to rule whether a woman who had her
11:52 am
new born baby snatched could be reunited with him and her other children. her nightmare began just days after she gave birth to her fourth child. police say that a woman posing as an immigration officer stabbed her and took off with the newborn. the newborn was found and his mother got to see him over the weekend. she did not get to keep him. the baby in the three other siblings were placed into state care for safety reasons. state officials have not yet given any explanation why they were placed in protective custody. the judge is expected to hear the case early this week. jane: we want to get back to paris. what is going on? >> people got really freaked out into the california when they saw scenes like this, especially because of all the vegetation that is just downhill from this
11:53 am
beautiful home in california. firefighters have been going at it more than an hour trying to get the flames out. you would see the burned out mountainside from the station fire, that humongous wildfire from last year. all lot of sensitivity in the area around this. a lot of people have gone in and replaced the roofs with tiles. the family has not occupied the house at this point. all lot of damage. it looks like it started possibly in the attic. it is adjacent to a golf course. there is a wider shot of it. jane: thank you. jon: new york city's high-tech surveillance network is about to get bigger. expanding to cover all lot more ground beyond the financial district, basically the wall
11:54 am
street area. it will cover some high-profile targets, including grand central terminal, and times square. laura ingle is live near the brooklyn bridge. i guess this is going to be a big upgrade. >> that is right. we are talking about the best types of security cameras that money can buy. $24 million is going into the lower manhattan security command center. we had a check to -- we had a chance to check this out. it is a 40 foot long screen that is 10 feet high. it has maps of lower manhattan, all sorts of sensors. the cameras are directly hooked up to where there is direct video feed from different cameras around lower manhattan. that grid is about to expand. we heard from the police commissioner saying, not only
11:55 am
are they going to improve the license plate readers, they are going to extend the grid from 30 s to 68th. there are also reaching out to the private sector to have a different kind of buildings so that everybody can keep an eye on what is happening in new york. jon: new york is on edge after the arrest of the guy accused of bombing -- of trying to bomb targets in new york. >> we asked the commissioner about that. they definitely have their eyes on him, but he says that it highlights the reason why these cameras are so important. i will take you on a quick tour of what is happening here. i will show you the types of things that we have seen and we know are all around. there are some cameras that are purchased by the subway
11:56 am
stations. it is important. it has the brooklyn bridge line. see these people coming out? we're all being watched. right up there. that is the camera that fits in with that light pole. these kinds of cameras are all around lower manhattan. as you mentioned, those high- profile targets of the buildings that we all know could be in jeopardy. we have a huge system that is being put into place. the things that law enforcement are telling us. we do know that there are a lot of high-tech improvements. they made a lot of upgrades over the weekend. today, they're being put into place. it jon: laura ingle, thank you. jane: the future of our strategy in afghanistan -- it has been playing out in the public. the commander has a plan. there is pushed back from within the white house.
11:57 am
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that's 1-866-491-4327 call now! jon: it has been a deadly weekend for u.s. forces in afghanistan. an american soldier has died. his death follows a fierce weekend assault on two remote basis. that assault killed eight american troops guarded the deadliest assault against u.s. forces in more than a year there. this as friction between america's commander, general mcchrystal, and the obama administration has been spilling into the open. general mcchrystal was publicly pushing for more troops. not really popular among some of his bosses. they suggest that he was bucking the chain of command. the president has yet to make a decision on his request.
12:01 pm
here's a look at one of the technically advanced fighter jets in the u.s. arsenal. you cannot do it all with troops on the ground he is live in far western afghanistan. >> good to see you. we are embedded with the 615 contingency response wing in california. we have been on the ground here in afghanistan for the past five days or so. we have gotten an up close and personal look to some of the tools that the u.s. air force is using to fight this war on terror. this is the a10-c. it is one of the most technologically advanced planes in the whole world. to the men and women to fly them, it is just another day in the office. i am going to see what it takes to get in the cockpit. >> and this is the survival vest. if you have to reject -- and
12:02 pm
there is the harness that goes on after that if you have to inject, this is what connects you to the ejection seat. >> if this job was not difficult enough, working in the extreme heat in afghanistan, try putting on 70 pounds of gear and sitting in this cockpit and flying for eight or nine our missions. it is is part of the job of the men and women of the u.s. air force. that airplane is so fast that it can go at speeds of 420 miles per hour absolutely incredible. throughout the rest of the weak year, we are going to be showing you more tools that the u.s. air force is using. it is pretty impressive. the only bad thing, they would
12:03 pm
not let me fly it. they were afraid that i might show what it could do. i am not really sure. it has been fun here with the air force. jon: thank you. jane: we want to get to the latest happenings in indonesia, ravaged by this earthquake. rescue workers have called off the search for any life underneath the rubble. they are focusing on trying to get aid to those who have survived. david piper is streaming live for us on the ground. what is it like out there? >> there are thousands who are still homeless. perhaps one in every three homes or buildings have been damaged by the earthquake. it is very difficult to
12:04 pm
coordinate the operation. jane: why are they giving up the search for any life at this point? >> it has been five days since the earthquake struck. they say that it is not possible that anyone could have survived. i stood outside the hotel for two days. they did not find anybody. there were just body parts being found. they're now focusing on the living. jane: is anybody giving any estimation about what it is going to take, how long it is going to take to get this area back to normal? >> the local government is lobbying the central government for perhaps $600 million.
12:05 pm
i'm not sure they are going to get that amount. it is really the lives of the people who -- it will take much longer for them to recover jane: david, thank you. jon: powerful storms are battering the philippines. we are getting word of a taiwanese freighter going down off of that country's northern coast. 16 people have been killed in flooding and mudslides. this is after an earlier storm brought some of the worst flooding to the philippines in four decades. jane: we know when the united nations' nuclear watchdog group will visit his iranian uranium enrichment site. inspectors will be visiting on the fist -- on the 25th of this month. let's get to our chief
12:06 pm
washington correspondent. there is this report out that has some pretty sobering conclusions. tell us about it. >> the international body has concluded that iran has sufficient information to design and produce a workable atom bomb. the head of the international atomic energy agency says that there is no concrete proof, but says that tehran's actions have raised grave doubts about its intentions that include concealing a major nuclear facility, and tests of medium- range missiles. western intelligence agencies things that iran has done extensive research and testing is aimed at producing a nuclear weapon. republican senator lindsey graham said that it is just some evidence in a long line of
12:07 pm
evidence that shows that iran is trying to produce a nuclear weapon. >> clearly, they are not developing a nuclear program for peaceful purposes this report is more evidence in the long line of evidence that the iranians are trying to develop a nuclear weapon and half measures will not work. >> if we are going to avoid the very painful dilemma of having to live with that are taking military action to prevent that, we have to act now on the financial or economic side. >> for lawmakers, the burden of proof is here. jane: where is everybody standing in terms of sanctions? >> the lawmakers of both parties pretty much had it with iran and its dithering on this. centers made clear that they do not believe a word iran says about its nuclear program and want to move ahead with some deadlines and sanctions attached
12:08 pm
to them. listen to this. i do not think you have senator casey. center casey said they would want to make sure it is the appropriate time, that sanctions can be imposed swiftly without consequences. so, that is the current view of many senators of both parties. they are looking at all sorts of steps that they could take. senators of both parties want to move ahead on sanctions. more or less assuming that it is only a matter of time before iran lies again about its nuclear program. jon: the man accused of plotting a terror attack in dallas is back in federal court. he is a citizen of jordan. according to the fbi, he was in the u.s. for one mission, to
12:09 pm
kill. new and disturbing details about what he had planned. the fbi said that he had targeted a landmark skyscraper building in downtown dallas. you see it there. the fbi said that he was determined to carry out this attack. he drove a truck with what he believed contained a live bomb and sat in a far away from the tower. he even chose not to wear earplugs so that he could hear the resulting explosion he dialed a cell phone that he thought was going to trigger the blast. it turned out, there was no bomb. he had been under fbi surveillance. the bomb was actually a decoy. he is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. he could face life in prison for did jane: to college towns are on edge.
12:10 pm
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>> i am at the breaking news desk. it is say whale of a story. check this out. the port of tampa, florida has turned into a graveyard. a massive whale weighing an estimated 6,000 pounds turned up not far from there. they are not able to actually pull it out of the beach. they have made the decision to delay a necropsy on this mammal to figure out what happened to it. they are trying to identify more details about the type of whale it is. this is tampa, florida. it was caught on a cargo
12:14 pm
shipping lane. finally, they get it to this beach. they are going to do its necropsy. after cutting it into pieces -- they have already dug a trench that is where they will bury it. interestingly enough, there are quite a few large whales and other fish buried in this area. they seem to gather here. they're really do not know where else to put them. it live pictures. you see the helicopter as he moves into the spot there. the mammal is more than 50 feet long very rare to see anything like this along the coastline. it it was a little bit farther out. they expect to see something like this in deeper water. look at the size of that whale. 6,000 pounds. they will figure out what happens to it. they will figure out more
12:15 pm
details about it and then they will chop it up and put it in that grave that they dug alongside their. federal expenses, a huge whale story. jane: and there is a manhunt for a serial rapist in kansas who might be targeting college students on a couple of different campuses. police say that there have been five different attacks in lawrence, kansas. many of these attacks are taking place during the school's fall break. the suspect is described as a white man with a medium build. police say that he is armed with some type of weapon. students are being warned to be careful and be vigilant. jon: president obama says the nation can pay for health-care reform through savings in medicare. you cut the waste, the abuse, you have money for health care
12:16 pm
reform. in many cases, medicare is being overcharged for some of the most basic items. william is tracking your taxes. he has an update forys. >> our taxes are being wasted. medicare knows that it is being overcharged. last year, it tried to institute competitive bidding the industry intervened and helped congress. basically, they stopped the program in its tracks. >> reducing the waste and inefficiency in medicare and medicaid will pay for most of this plan. >> nobody doubts that medicare is bloated by of waste and fraud. >> you can put me in the skeptical column. >> he oversaw the bush effort to reduce medicare expenses by requiring competitive bidding on medical equipment to eliminate
12:17 pm
overcharging on items like these. over $7,000 to rent a home oxygen tank. over $4,000 for a standard wheelchair. almost $2,000 for a hospital bed. internet price, just over $1,000. $3,300 for a respiratory pump. $82 for diabetics supplies, instead of $47. competitive bidding would have saved medicare more than $7 million. congress killed it after heavy lobbying by industry. >> whenever there is an effort put forward to actually make efficiencies, somebody goes on the offensive and hires lobbyists to constrain congress from doing it. >> basically, many small
12:18 pm
businesses use congress to stop their ox from being gored. they agreed on a cut. they will try again this month to answer to this program. only about 3% of the country and nine products. many doubt that the president will be able to pay for his health-care reform out of savings when somebody are protecting their interests. jon: thank you. jane: harris will continue to watch a the whale. a new study about optimism. what it says about the incredible rise in the number of cases. why? quality and reliability...
12:19 pm
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jane: brand new studies indicating that ought to some is surging in this country. two new government studies suggest that one in 100 children have of thyssen disorders. that is higher than in previous estimate. these researchers say that it is not clear how much the increase is a result of more frequent diagnoses and how much is an actual rise in case numbers. about 673,000 american kids have some form of optimism. jon: president obama making a big push for his health-care overhaul just moments ago. giving a rose garden speech highlighting the struggles ordinary americans face every day when it comes to health care. joining the president, 150 doctors, some from each state in the country that supports a government-run insurance option. one of those doctors that met with the president this morning
12:23 pm
joins us now. he is a professor at the george washington university medical center. you also have a private practice, right? >> correct. jon: you are a supporter of the public health option that the president wants to put forward? >> i am a supporter out right of the administration's position that we need health care reform. it is not to be distracted by the issue of the public option. the important point is to get americans in short. -- insured. jon: in your view, what has done the erosion? >> insurance companies have done the erosion in many respects -- first of all, the rising cost of health care makes it increasingly unaffordable and unavailable. the intrusiveness of insurance companies second-guessing what
12:24 pm
physicians are providing. third, the time that we spend in a bureaucratic haggling with insurance companies. so, it has come down, this issue of healthcare reform, to hand- to-hand combat. i represent part of a surge of physicians. we're going to see that this will happen. the administration has done a phenomenal job to bring to americans and understanding of what the health care issues are. availability, affordability, and appropriate care. i want to care for patients. jon: what about medicare? >> i treat medicare patients. jon: how does that system work for you? >> it works a lot better than private insurance companies. medicare does not have a panel of physicians that patients are for -- are restricted to. medicare actually has less bureaucracy and less telephone
12:25 pm
calls than any of the private insurance companies. jon: if you had to build your entire practice on treating medicare patients, would you be able to survive? >> i do not think anyone is suggesting building in the entire health care reform on medicare. i think medicare should continue. if people are happy with their insurance that they have, they should be able to continue it. john, you do not think that is a realistic possibility if there is a government option out there? >> i am involved with care. all i can tell you is that patients need to be insured. i am also not as a physician. i am a small businessman. i have a staff. we provide health insurance for our staff. they have a range of options to choose from. is increasingly expensive.
12:26 pm
in fact, compared to other rising costs of managing a practice, our health care premiums are the most significant issue that we are confronted with. i wonder where those premium dollars are going. it seems to me that they are going to salaries and profits at private insurance companies. that does not incur in medicare. administrative costs run 3%. jon: good to talk with you. jane: the war in afghanistan is sparking a political battle in washington. are there signs of friction between the obama administration and the top commander in that region? if so, what does that mean for our future going forward? jon: we are going to take you back to these amazing scenes on the beach near tampa, florida. a baleen whale has been towed to shore. what do they do with it now?
12:27 pm
12:28 pm
12:29 pm
12:30 pm
jane: bottom of the hour from the battlefield to the airwaves. the debate over afghanistan. the top u.s. commander -- should he be keeping the strategy for the war to himself? jon: iraqi investors moving from penn paper and white boards to electronic trading. is it making a difference in iraq's economy? jane: all lot of retailers are
12:31 pm
gearing up for an old-fashioned christmas. why? jon: the man accused of plotting a terror attack in dallas is in federal court now. here's an update for you from the breaking news desk. >> we are about 90 minutes away from hearing what exactly will happen with him. some chilling details are coming out. accused of trying to blow up a downtown dallas skyscraper. he is telling people that he wanted to hit the current the weak economy in the state and the american nation. he wanted to cause psychological impact. the face of a young terrorist suspect. normally when these things are foiled, they happen before a suspected criminal would get their hands on the bomb and the trigger mechanism to do it. not this time this guy did not
12:32 pm
know that he had been identified through extremist web sites. he was dealing with a fake bomb situation. there he sat in a truck outside of this dallas skyscraper, called on a cell phone to trigger it, wondering why it did not blow up. that is what prosecutors are going to have to work with. they are going to be able to say, he had no idea that this was not going to blow up. he thought for sure that his plan was going through. if the bomb had not been fey, that 60 story skyscraper would be gone. jon: keep an eye on it. thank you. a growing signs of tension between the white house and its top u.s. commander in afghanistan. general mcchrystal has been pushing for tens of thousands more troops in afghanistan, saying that without them, the war will likely result in failure.
12:33 pm
general mcchrystal has been publicly campaigning for his plan. that seems to be rubbing some in the obama administration the wrong way. national security adviser james jones suggesting that the general needs to keep quiet. >> i think it is better for it military advice to come up through the chain of command. i think general mcchrystal and the others in the chain of command will present the president with not just one option. jon: now to a senior research fellow at the heritage foundation. also joining us is andy johnson, former senate intelligence committee director. he has 26 years of national security experience in congress. andy, what about the remarks that general mcchrystal made? out of line in your view? >> general mcchrystal is definitely the right person for
12:34 pm
the job. when the president announced the strategy, he knew that new leadership was going to be necessary. general mcchrystal did exactly what he was supposed to do. prepare a report, conside. right now, we have a collaborative process to consider that. if i was general mcchrystal, what i have gone before the press last thursday? probably not. the focus should be on the content of the report and how it is being considered and how that changes from the policies of the past. jon: it is a bit of a strange situation. hear, president obama sacked the guy who had been running the afghan war for only a year. general mcchrystal says, the 40,000 more troops. the president at this point is balking. if i am the guy who has just taken the job running the war, i would be a little bit upset at
12:35 pm
that. >> absolutely. i think it raises several questions. i think the american public does deserve to hear from our top military commander for some reason. he should come back here and testify before congress so that we can have a genuine debate on our strategy forward. why is president obama backtracking to six weeks after he said that the war in afghanistan was fundamental to the security of the american people? i think if he continues to be seen as trying to squelch his senior military commander on the ground, he seems to be squelching his views, he will be perceived as sacrificing an important national security issue for purely domestic political reasons jon: the president gave him the job, but apparently does not like the advice? >> i take issue with this notion that he is being squelched. his views were solicited. he was asked to prepare a hard- hitting objective report.
12:36 pm
he has done so are we going to let politics either in congress or from the pundits dictate how this issue should be resolved when this matter of life and death? we have learned valuable lessons from the iraq war. do not get ahead of the military commanders and the views of what is needed on the ground to protect america. the last thing we need now is for politics to rear its ugly head once again. jon: what it seems like is that you have politics trying to dictate military strategy here. the general has said what he needs. the left of the democratic party is telling president obama, no more troops. bring them home. >> again, i think we have to ask what has changed in the last six weeks to so drastically make president obama question the mission in afghanistan. i think we have seen a dip in american support for this war. we see democratic congressional
12:37 pm
members backing down on supporting more troops for the effort. i think there is a political element here. some of the arguments that general jones made yesterday for why there was a reassessment do not stand up to scrutiny. on the one hand, he says that they are questioning a strategy because general mcchrystal has said that the situation is worsening. in the same breath, he says that this situation does not risk the taliban returning to power there. i think it shows some weakness. jon: we will have you both back to talk about it as the process moves along. thank you. jane: you are a retailer in a recession. you have a challenge. what sells? what if i told you what is going to be fashionable is the simple life. would it work for you?
12:38 pm
12:39 pm
12:40 pm
12:41 pm
trace: coming up at the top of the hour, the supreme court is handling a very important case. it is whether or not the people in chicago should be allowed to own a gun. right now, they can't. they say that is a violation of their constitutional rights. they believe the criminals have them and they do not. we're going to investigate this and find out if they are right. jane: it is not even halloween yet. we're already talking about christmas shopping. retailers are going to be turning back the clock, trying to get you into their stores. is it the new trend is the old trend? >> apparently it is. the last holiday shopping season was the weakest we have seen since 1967.
12:42 pm
apparently, we are going to party like the 1960's. tradition is in. not necessarily these trendy items. it is about comfort and affordability. that is what is in. thank christmas trees, angels. this is where we are going for this christmas the home shopping network has a whole -- had a whole trend plan for this year. there were going to do a whole holiday season of peacocks. that is what they told the associated press. they are going from peacocks to plaid. the merchandising chief said that if -- it signals comfort. that is why we are talking about this so early. retailers depend on 40% of their sales come from this time. it is a make or break time for a lot of retailers out there. we have talked about the threat
12:43 pm
that the commercial real-estate market poses to the economy. just one more thing -- i know that you have kids out there. a lot of people do. that is where we look for trends. apparently, according to baron ron's, they have a big cover story on a hot consumer. the hot consumer is the boomer consumer. everyone over 50 who has a second home and has a middle cash. apparently, they are going to be a hot consumers that advertisers should cater to. those are the product. that age group that is going to be the hot products moving forward. something to think about jane: i think i might be sitting next to someone who might be buying some hot products. jon: you have to be over 50.
12:44 pm
jane: i thought you said over 30. thank you. see you later. jon: i will speak to you after the show. you have heard about e-trading. in baghdad, it only started a few months ago. guess what? the iraqi stock exchange has gone computerized. has this modernized system made a difference to the economy of that region? what is the answer? >> i iraq has been struggling in the global recession, but it is not all doom and gloom. we found that traininding is pry lively. iraq's new stock exchange is fast becoming serious business. it started in 2004 with just 15 companies.
12:45 pm
they began trading electronically for the first time. stockbrokers and noticed the difference. >> is more sophisticated. it is easier. people are purchasing more stocks than they used to before. >> iraq is feeling the global recession like any other country. there's a lot of optimism here. market players are talking about a transformation. traders at this stock exchange used to be doing business using pen and paper. just look at how busy it is. the exchange turns over around $1 million a session, even though it is only open three times a week. the computerized system was installed with the help of a u.s. government grant. the aim was to attract more
12:46 pm
investment to the country. >> it is mostly iraqi investors in the stock market. we are expecting more foreign investors. foreign investment companies investing in our stocks. >> there is one thing that investors will be looking for. that is stability. something that iraq cannot yet guaranteed. >> won the security situation settles, the economy will be strong. >> substantial foreign investment in the racket companies is yet to happen. traders watch and wait, hoping that it could see a change. so, investors will be keeping a watchful eye on the security situation here. and they will have a chance to take a closer look at investments in iraq and a special investment conference held in washington, d.c. later this month.
12:47 pm
jon: thank you. jane: look at these pictures. we are watching this scene in tampa, florida. a big dead whale. this baby weighs about 60,000 pounds. we're hoping that chopper is going to zoom out that you can see it. the question is, what happens to it now? we will be talking to a marine biologist who is on the scene there. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert
12:48 pm
your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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jon: here is a picture you do not see every day. a dead whale lying on the tampa beach. what killed it? what happens next? a marine biologist with the national oceanographic and geographic administration joins
12:51 pm
us on the phone. any indication what killed this thing? >> not yet. that is what we're investigating right now. they are starting the full external exam to determine the cause of death. jon: it may have been hit by one of the big seagoing ships that comes into the port there. >> that is a possibility. we will be looking into that it could also have been hit after it was already dead that is definitely something we are looking at. it could have been natural mortality, like a disease. jon: this is a full-sized adult male? >> it is a full grown well. for the species, it is an adult. jon: this thing was towed in in part because it is sort of a hazard to shipping when it was
12:52 pm
out there in the middle of the port. they are taking the measurements. what does learning what killed it -- what does that help you do? >> that will help us to determine what sorts of things are out there affecting these animals. for management, it helps us to take the next step. jon: in a sad way, is this an exciting time for you? i guess you do not get to see this kind of creature up close all that often. >> that is true. at the same time, it is a great opportunity for learning about these animals, what is causing their deaths. it is really interesting. jon: i can imagine the smell is not that great >> it is not too bad yet. it does get worse if you try to
12:53 pm
stand up wind. jon: i know that they are going to bury it eventually and that trench that has been dug alongside the well. thank you for being with us, dr. permit jane: we are learning that a trooper who was suspended for choking an ambulance driver is in trouble with the law again. . looks like we're in for a bumpy ride. go ahead, ignore me. but in this turbulent market, you're going to need help... protecting some of your assets for retirement. an axa equitable annuity could give you...
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guaranteed income for life. i'd call them, but what do i know? i'm just the 800-pound gorilla in the room. don't worry. i'm here. want guaranteed income for life? axa equitable is redefining what you expect from annuities. ooh, peanuts. .
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in jane: and oklahoma highway patrol trooper is in trouble again for excessive force. you may remember this and video which showed him choking a paramedic. his latest scuffle and bonds this man, christopher douglas, who claims he was beaten by the officer. it was helping some friends with renovations when two troopers pulled up to deal with a traffic stop. he was questioned and the
12:57 pm
officer grabbed him and started to hit him. now both officers are under paid leave. jon: china commemorating a momentous event last week, the 60th anniversary of communist rule. they held a parade, highlighting their military and economic strength but an old symbol in that country is making a comeback. mao represents a link to the founding of communism, but also a glimpse at the 21st century china. dana lewis is with us after traveling all over the country. he is with us in new york city. chairman mao, something of a comeback? >> that is right. he is larger than life, when you look around t. new mexico and square.
12:58 pm
-- t and square. in this movie, the message is clear. mao found in a powerful china. he tied the country together, and now suddenly his image is that, because there is a lot of disunity in the country. a lot of the demonstrations have been put down bruni by the government, and he is perhaps being revived as a symbol of unity to keep the country together. there are a lot of contradictions between him and modern china. the jon: it is hard -- jon: it
12:59 pm
is hard to understand the country, being a communist and capitalist. >> a lot of people have been displaced in the past few years because of the economic downturn, and have had to go back into the rural areas. i think this resurgence of his image is an assurance that they will be taken care of. the economy is on fire over there, but the gap between the rich and poor is growing, and that is worrying the government. jon: please tell me you brought home that mao wristwatch we saw? >>


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