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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 5, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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we will be back on the set in the bureau tomorrow. we'll see you then. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: health care. the public option, plus the justice process. for the sports reporter secretly videoed naked. i'm shepard smith. this is fox news. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] shepard: he is accused of recording her through a hotel peephole and put the video on the internet for all to see. now the suspect in the aaron andrews espn case faces the judge. and fixing health care. two separate senate bills. but only one can survive. tonight, what could be in, what could be out, and what about the whole idea of a government-run public option?
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plus, the president gets some second opinions. captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: president obama can say doctors in all 50 states support his health care overhaul. not all of them, but the majority, he believes. the white house gathering physicians from across the country for a photo on in the rose garden today. they even wore their white lab coats. that was no accident. more on that in a moment. the president says doctors have seen firsthand how broken our healthcare system is. >> thank you. these men and women here would not be supporting health insurance reform if they really believed that it would lead to government bureaucrats making decisions that are best left to doctors. shepard: but the opposition says lots of doctors do not support the president's plan. and they were not invited to the white house today. >> having 50 doctors at the white house again is a good photo on. those doctors are not going to be in a situation where they are actually going to challenge the president's thinking or reasoning on the health care design that's wants.
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shepard: a recent poll showed 63% do support the public option, a government-run insurance plan to compete with the private companies and, therefore, according to supporters, lower costs. but republicans point out medical groups representing more than 40,000 doctors sent a letter to congress this summer in opposition of the government option. we have team fox coverage tonight. carl cameron on the hill where democrats face a big decision about that public option. first to major garrett at the white house. some of the doctors in the rose garden today actually campaigned for president obama. >> they most certainly did u shepard. let's go to the video. white lab coats arraigned on every one of the doctors there. president said those are spiffy coats. they were provided by a group called doctors for america. an offshoot of doctors for obama. four of the doctors there today were part of the organizing for obama in the campaign and are now part of doctors for america now which is not only generally
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advocating for health care reform as defined by the president but working grass roots to do that the doctors not only supporting what they are doing but providing the costumes. shepard: what about the fact that the president is working behind the scenes for public option or government run program even as he says in public it's part of the plan? >> the white house fell back on a familiar phrase today, shepard. the president is for anything that provides choice in competition. the reality is. this the president needs to get this bill out of the senate finance committee and needs to get 60 votes on the senate floor. whatever the magic legislative combination is to get the votes out of committee and on the floor. it's worth pointing out when they first introduced the legislation and didn't have the public option, the president praised it. shepard: we expect the senate finance committee to approve its version of the white house bill at some point this week. before the full senate can vote, senate majority leader harry reid has to figure out a way to
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reconcile the bill with the one from the other committee. those two bills have a lot of differences. for starters, one of them has no public option. team fox coverage continues now. carl cameron in our newsroom across from the capitol. democrats actually go to the floor to the bill that does contain a public option. which ones of them. >> the senate health education labor intention committee formerly chaired by the late ted kennedy has that insurance program the so-called public option. the so-called senate finance bill does not. it's quite possible that they would go to the floor without the public option. between 3 and 7 centrist democrats though ho say they don't like the idea of the government getting involved in the private insurance business. that's enough to keep it out of the senate llings. the senate finance committee was actually supposed to vote tomorrow on its reform plan with that nonprofit co-opt instead. once again, another deadline is going to get missed, shep. they have postponed it at least a couple more days. shepard: because the thing is really not ready yet, right? >> couple of things. the legislative language is not going to get published at all.
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the senate finance committee is different than any other committee in the senate. they do not publish the exact legislative language. they do not post a comprehensive cost analysis by the non-congressional budget office. nor not before this vote. they have quote conceptual language. so the price tag is going to be based not on detailed specifics. they say the devil is in the details? they are not going to actually have those details. they were going to try to vote on it tomorrow. now it could be early wednesday, early thursday. they will not do it with the actual specifics. shepard: carl cameron in our washington newsroom. karl, thank you. another decision facing the president is what to do about afghanistan. it's a decision that comes more critical really by the day as the taliban continues to step up its resistance. nato forces report a roadside bomb killed two of our troops in the northern part of the country today. that comes after a couple of deadly attacks over the weekend. in which hundreds of militants are said to have attacked a pair of isolated military outposts near the pakistan border and killed eight u.s. soldiers and
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two interpreters. our national correspondent steve centanni at the pentagon tonight. what do we know regarding specifics of this attack now, steve? >> yeah, shep, this was saturday in far northwestern afghanistan. a upof -- of 140. when they came under fire from taliban and foreign fighters and they were greatly outnumbered at the end of a day long fire fight. eight americans were killed and two afghan soldiers were killed. worst incident of its kind in over a year. so, those are the details. they were scheduled to be out -- this group was scheduled to have been withdrawn but they weren't because according to one report there weren't enough transport helicopters to get them out in time. shepard: you mentioned this is the deadliest one in a year in year. take a look how incidents in afghanistan spiked over the summer to just over 50 in august. here we are only five days into october. and already 16 brave americans have been killed.
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steve, how does all of this figure into the debate over possible troop -- well, raise in number of troops? >> raising the number or lowering the number. it figures in because both sides can claim that this is evidence that we need more resources there. we need more troops on the ground on the one side or on the other hand. we need to get out all together and get our men out of harm's way so both sides are pointing to. this general james jones the national security advisor said over the weekend we have a strategy in place and here is more of what he had to say about that. >> it would be, i think, unfortunate if we left the discussion just be about troop strength there is a minimal level that you have to have. there is, unfortunately, no ceiling to it. >> more discussions scheduled for this week at the white house on the way forward for afghanistan. shep? shepard: we saw general jones there. he and senator john mccain are in, well, stark difference. they have a stark difference of opinion on a matter that's before everyone. >> well, that's right. general mccain -- i mean, i'm sorry, senator mccain seems to
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be questioning general jones' actual credible. they have been in war of words over the past couple of days about different things. including whether the white house is politicizing this decision. well, just yesterday, the senator had this to say about general jones. >> general jones believed that we need >> that was just this morning on fox business network with don imus. shepard: imus in the morning on fox business. steve centanni, thank you. as the debate heats up over whether to send more forces to afghanistan or draw back, fox news getting inside look. the tools being used on the ground and in the air. "special report" coming up inside in newscast. militants launched a major
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attack on the other side of the border with pakistan. this one aimed at the united nations. and they caught it on tape. take a look at what happened in islamabad where a man dressed up as a security guard was able to bring a bomb into the world food program compound setting off a blast that killed at least five people, including the attacker. the u.n. secretary general bon i moan calling it a heinous crime. the humanitarian issue will in fact continue. frantic activity today and a college campus on lockdown. just ahead, the reports that sent students into hiding and how it happened. plus, welcome to the court justice sotomayor. the newest supreme court justice wasting no time getting down to business. and, tonight, the second amendment case before the court. that's coming up. nkicyi -lepufeou katn se
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accu-chek® aviva. born in the u.s.a. shepard: maybe your first real day on the job. supreme court justice sonia sotomayor apparently not too shy about speaking up this morning. the court heard the first arguments of the 2009 term today. folks inside report justice sotomayor had quite a lot to say. shannon bream covers the court for us and was there for opening arguments this morning. shannon, fill us in. >> well, shep, you know, she is not shy at all on the bench. she has been a judge for a very, very long time. she stepped into this role as a justice now very comfortably. she has asked a lot of questions in these opening cases. there are always times in the
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court where the justices are talking over each other. deferential to the more senior justices. shepard: gun control in the hot topic during confirmation hearings the supreme court is set to hear a big case on it? >> absolutely will. she will be the one we will be watching she took a lot of heat from both republicans and democrats on gun control as they tried to flush out what her position is. this case will tee it up for everyone out there cares about owning a gun. second amendment how far does it go. can they take away your gun? can they stop from you having gahanna? we'll be watching that case closely and eggs specially her vote. shepard: others on the way. what else are you watching. >> couple big ones this week. tomorrow dogfighting videos man was selling. weigh was sentenced to three years in jail on federal law. it was struck down because there are issues about free speech. but, listen, i have got to tell you these videos are so bad we can't even show them on the air is that what the first amendment was really created to protect against in we will have to see
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what the court feels about that also wednesday a course involve ago war memorial, it is in the shape of a cross out in the who he mohave desert. they think it amounts to the government endorse ago religious display. that will be on the justice's plate on wednesday. shep. shepard: shannon, thank you. a security incident at the university of south florida in tampa today. the school locked down the campus after they got reports of a man with a gun and a bomb it started at the main library there on campus at about half past 1:00 local time. somebody called police and moments later a loud siren across campus. then an announce thement, text message and otherwise informing students to stay inside and lock doors. shortly after police arrested the man you whom you will see here here. there he is on a campus bus. we are told he admitted he was the person for whom the cops were looking. campus police reportedly asked the tampa bomb squad to search his belongings. investigators have not said whether that search turned up any evidence. reports of a second person taken
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into custody, that man was just sort of crying wolf on a bus and he has apologized. the jordanian teenager accused of trying to blow up a sky scraper in dallas headed to court today. the judge ruled there is, indeed, enough evidence to continue the case against this man, 19-year-old has sam. police say he drove what he thought was a truck bomb into the garage of a 60-story building last month and he tried to set it off with a cell phone. the fbi says the devices were fake. it was all part of an undercover operation. he is charged with trying to use a weapon of mass destruction. if convicted, he could get life in prison. rescue workers in indonesia calling off the search for survivors in the rubble left behind by that massive earthquake there. it was a 7.6 quake that killed more than 600 people at most recent official count. but with many more missing, the authorities there say death toll is likely to reach thousands. the earthquake struck last week
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off indo-nearby shaps coast in sumatra island. devastating padang, a city of nearly a million people. dropping instant noodles and other splice being cut off for many days. we are told that some villages are wiped out. according to the united nations estimate. the quake flattened more than 8,000 houses and 285 schools. wow. she was just trying to get red red -- ready for work. she could not have known somebody was watching her through the door peephole. individual taping her the whole time. stalking. the espn reporter faces the justice process next.
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shepard: he's accused of stalking a tv sports reporter, secretly videotaping her while she was naked and trying to sell that video to the celebrity web sight tmz. an illinois judge today released on bond 47-year-old michael barrett but also put him under a strict curfew and electronic monitoring. the judge barred him from using the internet. the suspect is an insurance salesman who prosecutors say was obsessed with the espn reporter aaron andrews. they say he followed her across the country. arranging to stay in the same hotels as she. even in rooms next to hers. then rigged the peepholes so he could video her. the chief fox rorpt -- report correspondent jonathan hunt is here. in this particular incident he asked the hotel for a room next to hers. no red flags there? >> you would certainly think it would have raised several red flags, shep. marriott and ramada the two hotels in question here say they take their guest safety very seriously indeed. they are investigating the exact circumstances of michael barrett getting the room next to andrew
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andrews and they are cooperating with authorities. certainly a very creepy thought for anyone in the public eye no less that anybody could walk into a hotel get a room right next to them, cut a peephole and secretly videotape them. aaron andrews may have a legal case against those hotel chabs, shep. shepard: now indications there may in fact be more victims. >> aaron andrews was simply the highest profile of michael barrett's victims. they say they seized two computers and a cell phone used by michael barrett and on those they found videos of other women. they say it all adds up to a very, very strong case against michael barrett. shepard: is the defense talking at all, jonathan? >> yeah. michael barrett's lawyer spoke briefly today. he said essentially michael barrett is a good guy and everyone who knows him is shocked, shocked by this. listen. >> it is certainly not the michael barrett that any of us know. these allegations are totally contrary to the young man that
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we have been friends with. >> t, michael barrett's employer insurance company is, quote, very supportive of mr. barrett. well, tonight, shep, not so much. combined insurance called us here at fox news just a short time ago. they said as of today, mr. barrett is suspended from the company. shep? shepard: jonathan hunt, livelivn our new york newsroom tonight. jonathan, thanks. david letterman taped his program, his late night show in the afternoon. he has now taped this even's program. first new program since the dramatic on-air confession since having sex with staff members. tonight he is talking about the scandal yet again. according to audience members and production company david letterman apologizes to his wife and his staff saying i'm terribly sorry that i put the staff in that position. inadvertently i just wasn't thinking ahead. and now the other thing is my wife. regina. she has been horribly hurt by my behavior. and when something happens like
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that, if you hurt a person and it's your responsibility, you try to fix it. letterman added, i have got my work cut out for me. >> new details in reality show contestant who was charged with killing his wife in california, then killed himself after fleeing the country. as it turns out the man, ryan jenkins, left behind a suicide note. here he is. investigators say they found the note on the hard drive of his laptop. a note titled will and testament. in it he claimed jasmine for ray was the love of his life but she thought he was cheating on him. he strangled the formal model and cut off her finger tips, pulled out her teeth. stuffed her remains in a suit indicate and threw in t. into a dumpster. weye only able to intify herod by the serialumber on her breas implants. we're ting h1n1 vaccine. the first shipments are here int everodoy gets have a o th
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in cer ss, they are getting it now. that's coming up on fox rt. air baides?taken one of those opin itener than this one. that'sext. wblll tar orvefse em tigin some people ke to pretend... homeowners insurance... thr protects them. it doesn't. stop pretending. it can happen to you. protect your home with flood insurance. call the number on your screen... for your free brochure.
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m er s wh t.
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bitnlriim t. ece fostvele shepard: an entire town evacuated after a chemical leak. top story on a trip across america. iowa. the leak happened last night in a tank on the south side of olin. a town of about 700 just east of cedar rapids. everyone evacuated as the chemical cloud drifted across town. emergency crews couldn't stop the leak. so they had to wait for the tank to run out. no report of any injuries, and everybody allowed to return home about 2:30 this morning. michigan. >> stop the violence. shepard: hundreds rallying against violence in sag that. the city has seen 12 shootings in the past three weeks. three of them involving young children. >> totally unacceptable.
7:28 pm
i don't want to live from a society where kids get shot. >> texas, a dallas artist trying to revamp the image of a man associated with the darkest day in the city's history. isaac brown. painting a mural of jack ruby. the man who shot lee harvey ozwald two days after oswald's arrest in the 1963 assassination of john f. ruby. he was a dallas club owner. he hears ruby was a good friend to some people. iowa, the small central town of ackley experiencing a surge in population. new folks in town not likely to cause too much trouble. a local business woman making dozens of mannequins and placing them on various benches. she said she wanted to give the economy a boost. >> are you glad you did this? >> i am. i have been having the best time of my life. [ laughter ] shepard: that's a fox watch across america. it's a phone call that changes your life. you pick it up and somebody on the other end says congratulations, you have just won the nobel prize.
7:29 pm
that happened to three americans today when they answered their phones and found themselves talking to the secretary of the nobel committee. >> i was lucky to reach all of them. they were a bit sleepy when they got the call but they were very happy. >> i thought i was dreaming. and i groped for the phone and the person explained why he was calling and slowly dawned on me that this might be real. shepard: real it was. the try owe won the prize for discovering a mechanism that keeps everything, well, running smoothly when human cells divide. we're told that discovery could help scientists figure out more about cancer and how we age. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and the h1n1 vaccine is here. hospital workers in indiana and west tennessee among the first americans to get vaccinated. we're told the shipments are pretty small right now. so they are going to health care workers first. jonathan serrie is in atlanta,
7:30 pm
home of the centers for disease control and prevention. jonathan, why indiana and west tennessee? >> well, they were among the first 47 states and local governments to order the vaccine, so a combination, shep, of first come-first serve. and, luck. >> when will the rest of the country get this thing. do we know yet? >> yeah. in fact, nebraska has already received a limited number of its shipment. we're expecting to see other local governments and states receiving shipments as early as tomorrow. certainly as we go further into the week and month, it will become an adaily if not hourly occurrence of hearing of more shipments and more vaccines being administered. shepard: the vaccine that arrived today is one of those naval -- nasal sprays and not a shot. the experts don't recommend this for everybody. >> that's right. because the nasal spray is made using a weakened by live virus. if you have a compromised immune
7:31 pm
system, they are recommend thawing wait for the shot, which is expected to come out later this month. its manufactured using a portion of a killed virus. pregnant women they are urging to wait in addition to people with compromised immune systems. people over the age of 2 or over the age of 49. shepard: don't believe the negative hype on vaccine. vaccination conspiracy theories about killed the vaccine. we have more on our web site. that sen doorsed by the news part of this television station. we have all the latest coverage plus q and a saction with a flu vaccine expert. scroll down to the h1n1 section. economy now and the man charged with overseeing the 787 billion-dollar bank bailout saying the government misled you la financial forms.e ari he's told usk this. >> these are healthy
7:32 pm
institutions and they is taken this step for the good of the u.s. economy. shepard: of course, we later learned that many of the banks were anything but healthy as paulison claimed. banks such as citigroup and bank of america which took billions of our tax dollars. peter varnes live at the business desk. what have we learned about the man overseeing the bailout. >> shepard, in this new report, the inspect general of the bailout neil barow ski charged with making misleading statements. he accuses paulison of saying the banks were healthy as you heard there when, in fact, some were in deep trouble, even on the verge of failure. brof ski says contemporary reports and staples to him indicate there were concerns about the health of several institutions at that time. >> what's the treasury department saying tonight? >> well, the treasury spokesperson said in a statement today, quote: we believe the actions taken last fall by the previous administration and a by
7:33 pm
part son congressional effort prevented a catastrophic meltdown of the financial system. we do not want to seconds-guess their wordicho then. one analyst agrees. >> and it's monday morning quarterback. that was an extremely tense time. was treasurely honest? probably not. but is that news at this point a year later? you know, no. now, it's on official government letterhead but, you know, the point is without making those investments in the banks, who knows where we would be at this point. >> and shepard, this report is likely to give congressional critics of bailouts more ammunition. shepard: how much money left from those bailout funds, peter. >> shep, the treasury says it has $135 billion in tarp funds currently available for its programs. shepard: how much? >> 135 billion still left. shepard: all right. peter barnes on capitol hill. thank you. we got a major sign that the economy may be bouncing back.
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the institute for supply management says the country's service sector grew last month. service sector includes retail stores and banks and the like. this is the first month we have seen it grow in more than a year. the increase, thanks in large part, jump in new orders. one bit of bad news from the same report. the service sector continued to lose jobs in november. but the pace of job losses was slower than in august. wall street was expecting the service sector to be flat last month so stocks rallied after the report came out. major indices all up a quarter of a%. to iran's nuclear program now in the islamic republic promised it would let international inspectors into the newly revealed i sudden say second nuclear site. it said a date. october 25th. the head of the nuclear watchdog group calling this a shift from the confrontation to transparency and cooperation. iran kept the facility secret until last month or at least tried to. it's about 60 miles from tehran,
7:35 pm
i'm told, in the city of qom. that's where iran makes enriched uranium key to building nuclear weapons. iran reports its program is for peaceful purposes but its leaders have often spoken of the destruction of israel which lies less than a thousand miles to the west. meanwhile, there is also word that iran may already have information needed to build a workable nuclear bomb. jim angle is live in washington tonight. jim? >> hello, shep. well u.n. officials are trying to emphasize the positive talking about iranian cooperation. but unreleased report from nuclear inspectors working for the u.n. says iran now has sufficient information to be able to design and produce a workable atom bomb. that and a recent in your face test of medium range missiles have convinced u.s. senators of both parties they need to start working immediately on sanctions. >> half measures won't work. we need to get on with challenging the iranians with some deadlines and ultimatums,
7:36 pm
quite frankly. >> we want to make sure that at the appropriate time if sanctions have to be imposed that they can be imposed swift whether i consequences and not have some indefinite time line here that will allow them to continue to lie to the international community as they have done time and again. >> but the options are limited, shep. iran was once dependent on imports of refined gasoline. with chinese help less vulnerable some say the world would have have to come together on saxes and soon. >> given the circumstances we have right now. only a massive worldwide effort could really cut off iran economically. and i don't think even that would occur soon enough to stop their nuclear program. >> now, senators of both parties are looking for anything that might have an impact. it's not clear what that would be. but senators want to move ahead on sanctions because they are convinced iran is seeking nuclear weapons. and will continue to lie about it. shep?
7:37 pm
shepard: jim angle live in our d.c. newsroom. jim, thank you. that state trooper caught on camera choking a paramedic is in hot water again on a new case. we'll have the details. plus, thousands forced out of their homes by wildfires burning through parts of california. next, how firefighters could be getting the upper hand. quality and reliability...
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shepard: wild firefighter alert. they call it the sheep fire. firefighters getting a hages on the flames think the cooler temperatures and milder winds but thousands of people told this leave their homes none the less. schools in the area have canceled class. it's happening near wrightwood which is about 70 miles north and east of los angeles. meteorologist domenica davis in the fox weather center tonight watching over this with hopes that it will stay calm. what say you. >> it does look like it will
7:41 pm
stay calm. upper level low sitting to the north that will keep conditions cool and conditions light. current conditions in the 60's. temperatures are below normal. it will stay this way through about midweek. then we will start to see that change late in the week. but we're only talking about a 5-degree increase in the temperatures. the winds won't stay light though throughout the rest of the week, so it is going to make for very comfortable conditions for the next several days. firefighters should not have problems. shep? shepard: good news. ghen da davis, thanks. not even jacket weather in some parts of the country. folks in south dakota are digging themselves out from the season's first snowfall. we are told it started over the weekend and by this morning some places already had eight inches on the ground. the snow also forcing mount rush more to close down early it should be up and running tomorrow weather permitting. hot air balloon releases steam and sends passengers flying. look at that a balloon got too
7:42 pm
low and grazed the top of the tent there we're told the bump threw the passenger 25 feet to the ground. and that's when the pilot shut off the propane to defleet the balloon to try to control as much as it as possible. the balloon made a hard landing on the field below. the pilot not hurt or not seriously any way, the passenger supposedly in the hospital tonight with a dislocated hip. remember cell phone individual know showing a trooper choking a paramedic that officer said to be in trouble again in another case in which he is accused of using excessive force. the video is here. the bruises christopher douglas said he received that weekend at the hands of trooper daniel martin and another officer. douglas says martin, the officer, told him to move away from the scene of a traffic stop. he says he did move. but that the officer struck him with a nightstick anyway. and that the second officer put a knee in his back. >> use too much force. i was complying with them and
7:43 pm
they didn't have no reason to do this to me. shepard: officer martin made headlines nationwide with this video. it surfaced back in may showing him placing a paramedic with a chokehold. without pay for that incident. he and his fellow officer on paid leave. he and the oklahoma highway patrol will release the dash cam video in this new case. a train derailment killing almost a dozen people not far from a resort town. our top story on a fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. thailand, the passenger train jumped the tracks on its way to the capital of bangkok. the wreck killed at least 10 people. it happened during heavy rain near a popular resort town on the gulf of thailand. germany. dozens of pilots and cabin crew staff demonstrating at frankfort airport. ra could you seeing the european union on dragging its feet against pilot fatigue. you will recall pilot fatigue was cited in commuter crash back
7:44 pm
in february in buffalo, new york in february. china, hundreds of twins, trip plets and more celebrating beijing's twins day. organizers expected up to 600 sets of multiples. the communist country has a strict one child policy so twins are the only way most families can have a second child. united kingdom. the country that takes pride in its cheese rolling and toe wrestling has another unusual competition the bike folding world championships. it's just as it sounds. racers unfold their cycles then go at it. >> i look around. people well trained and toned. wishing i hadn't had that extra piece of pie last night. oh well. this year's winner teammate of lance armstrong. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. the war in afghanistan eight years later is going poorly. but as our men and women in uniform keep giving it all they
7:45 pm
have they're getting some high tech help from the u.s. air force. we are on the front lines with an inside look, that's coming up.
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shepard: president obama today put in new restrictions hoping to help the environment. they targeted one of the biggest energy consumers the government. the president signed executive order to require all federal agencies to keep track of greenhouse gas emissions. that includes the amount of electricity used in federal buildings and in daily commutes by federal workers. under this order, the agencies will have to meet a series of requirements over the next decade, that includes improvements in recycling and water efficiency. it's worth noting here the government report that it occupies 500,000 buildings across the country. and operates more than a million
7:49 pm
cars. wow. it's the war at a crossroads as the administration debates which direction the afghanistan war should go, fox news is getting an inside look at how the troops are fighting insurgents there. our casey stegall reporting on the high tech tools being used in the war zone. >> shep, the u.s. air force has given us unprecedented access to some of the tools in its arsenal as we wage this war both by ground and by air. >> matador reach 195. on departure. >> from the flight deck it looks like your average plane but from the belly of this beast you quickly realize it's anything but. once the largest plane in the world, the c-5 galaxy is still the largest bird in the u.s. air force fleet and can hold supplies equivalent to the weight of about 20 school buses. it's longer and taller than a booing 747 and it's what brought our fox news crew into afghanistan from halfway around the world.
7:50 pm
>> once on the ground and our precious cargo unloaded we were quickly thrown into the nerve center of this war. >> the kandahar air field representing the largest base in. some 20,000 troops are here. nowhere is it more apparent than out here on the runways, a real melting pot. over there you have canadian c-130s, next to those you have c. in the back dutch f-16 fighter jets. back in the corner u.s. marine core c-130. another work horse fighter jet capable of flying 420 miles per hour and holding sophisticated weapons. even suiting up to fly this plane is a chore as i quickly found out. >> as if this job wasn't deep enough working in the extreme heat of afghanistan, try putting on 70 pounds worth of gear and then sitting in this cockpit and flying for eight, nine hour missions. again, it's just hart part of
7:51 pm
the job for the men and women of the u.s. air force. >> from kandahar we flew here way out west near the iran border. tomorrow we'll introduce you to the 615th contingency response wing known as the 911 of the u.s. air force. shep? shepard: casey stegall reporting earlier afghanistan. there are some disturbing studies released today that indicate autism in children is more common than anyone previously thought. according to the u.s. government about 1 in 100 children have some type of autistic disorder. that's the higher than previous that suggested 1 in 150 kids has autism. the studies found the odds of getting autistic diagnosis is four times higher boys than girls it may be due to greater awareness of the disease. broader desks of autism and spotting the disorder in younger children. doctors report some major signs of autism include difficulty interacting and communicating with others as well as
7:52 pm
repetitive behaviors. his mother says he -- she dropped him off at a movie theater in oregon last week and she hasn't seen him since. police found the teenager half way across the country after he managed to get on to a plane with no identification how that happened coming up.
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shepard: top stories coming up. first rereported earlier in this hour that some of the details of tonight's david letterman program already recorded leaked out: it's the first one since he admitted having sex with some of cities staff members. i told you he apologized to his wife and staffing during today's taping. we got more information since the quote. david says:
7:56 pm
shepard: letterman being dave there, he made a joke about the whole thing. we just got the clips. look at. this i will be honest with you folks, right now i would give anything to be hiking on the appalachian trail. [ laughter ] shepard: clear lay reference to the south carolina mark sanford. he wasn't through making fun of his own situation. >> i got into the car this morning and the navigation lady wasn't speaking to me. [ laughter ] shepard: of course, it all started when somebody tried to blackmail him or is alleged to have tried to extort him of money. robert halderman trying to get $2 million from big dave to keep quiet about sexual encounters. his lawyer is calling letterman a master at manipulating audiences said last week's dramatic on-air confession was not the entire story. more to come on this one guaranteed. he is the 14-year-old who ran away from home not once but twice in a span of just a few
7:57 pm
days. now that boy named dakota davis is back home. we're told young dakota has a syndrome condition really similar to autism. apparently he booked a flight from his home in oregon to chicago using his mother's name and his mother's credit card. how did you manage that when the ticket was not in the name and did not have an i.d.? well, the transportation security administration spokesman says minors do not have to show i.d. officials say they were able to locate young dakota by tracking his cell phone calls. police say the airline provided a free return ticket to portland and the cops made sure he got on that flight. the teen first disappeared last week but turned up the next day. then he ran away again. there are reports he may have been trying to see a young lady. chicago may not have the gotten the olympics for 2016. it's about the be the first lady to get the 40,000-year-old baby mammoth. take a look here. researchers found this baby woolly mammoth three years ago
7:58 pm
frozen in soil in sigh beer i can't. scientists say she was about a month old when she died way back when. so well preserved that there are traces of her mother's milk in her stomach. imagine. she is scheduled to go on display in chicago. the first stop for an exhibit that will hit 10 cities around the globe. woolly mammoth went extent during the last ice age about 10,000 years ago. the milk is spoiled. top story update now. president obama meeting this morning with dozens of doctors as he continues to push for a health care overhaul. republicans shot back calling the meeting nothing more than a photo on and saying not all doctors support the president's plan and they don't. meanwhile, white house press secretary robert gibbs said today that walking away from the war in afghanistan is not an option. he added it may take the administration weeks to decide whether to send more troops to the front line to take another pass. the man police say shot a secret peephole video of the espn reporter aaron andrews naked in
7:59 pm
a hotel room and posted it online was in a chicago courtroom today. a judge there freed michael david barrett on bail and ordered him to wear ankle bracelet. the judge also barred him from using the internet until his trial. on this day in 1947 then president truman sat in front of a tv camera at the white house and delivered the first presidential speech that was televised. at the time few americans even owned one of those television boxes. the number literally only in the thousands. president truman understood there was potential there and hit the airwaves to ask americans to put back on green consumption. the reason many in war torn europe were on the brink of starvation. from then on all of the president's speeches were televised. in 1949, he became the first to air a political advertisement on the tube. like it or not, politics has never been the same since the first presidential broadcast 62 years ago today


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