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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 8, 2009 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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now. something very wrong with that. that's it for dause. we'll continue on check it out. we'll see you premium members coming up shortly. remember, the spin stops here because we are looking out for you. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] sean: tonight -- >> teachers who act appropriately, we have laws. sean: kevin jennings' radical agenda is exposed. >> welcome to this week's abc's george stephanopoulos responds to the safe schools czar controversy. >> they wasn't the water turned back on. sean: democrats turn the valley hope for god into the valley of revenge. >> ♪ health care reform make it work today ♪ sean: cnn sings obama's praises. >> chris lahiji at this. one set of -- chris cystie --
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christie. one set of rules for him and one set for everybody else. sean: kimberly, leanne tweeden -- a busy "hannity" starts right now. we've been following the controversy about safe schools czar kevin jennings who was on record having praised harry hay an outspoken supporter of the north american man boy love association. and of sexual relationships between younger boys and older men. now, tonight, we bring you more information on the story. new video has been unearthed that shows jennings arguing that all teachers must undergo gay-lesbian-bisexual and transgender bias training because if they don't, they will pose a threat, a threat, to children. take a look. >> there's some really noise -- nice liberal extradite people
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on bias at schools that we offer. but it should be required for every single student have to take before they're allowed to be in the classroom as a teacher near children. and if they are told of their biases and how it influences how they will interact with kids, if -- a threat to children. sean: we will have more shocking video coming up later but first two people who know a lot about in subject and get their reaction. lori roman, a senior advisor on education during the bush education and founder of regular folks unite and sandy rios, president of the culture campaign and a radio talk show host. welcome aboard and thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you, sean. sean: lori, let me begin with you. this is our safe schools czar. the mainstream media has ignored it and we brought in an f.b.i. expert who had infiltrated the group nambla last night and we brought in congressman king from iowa and he wants the white house to
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fire jennings as i have been calling for here. as you look at his record, what do you think is the worst part of it from your standpoint? >> well, it's absurd, isn't it? that we even have to talk about this. you couldn't make these things up that our safe and drug free schools person is a person who has praised a promoter of adult child sex. i mean, this is preposterous. but what parents need to understand is although this is prepost russ and kevin jennings was the founder of glisten, the gay lesbian straight education network which is permeated throughout our schools. and there's an agenda there that is an adult agenda. it's a political agenda. but parents need to know that this is already through the schools. in fact, most parents probably don't know that october is gay-lesbian bisexual transgender history month. and i bet most parents don't know that the curriculum that was developed for that month through the sponsorship of
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glisten, which kevin jennings founded, promotes harry hay as an icon and i bet they don't know that their children may have learned about harry hay today at school because he's the icon of the day for october 8. sean: are you kidding me? >> i'm not kidding you. harry heyday. sean: because the white house -- the left wing talking points, they're circling the wagons and trying to save this guy and their talking points says when he gave advice to the sophomore that was having sex with an older man, he was actually 16, even though jennings said he was 15. on the issue of harry hay, oh, he didn't know anything about this nambla stuff. do you believe any of that? >> no, i don't. i first became familiar with glisn when i ran a school board association and i was on their mailing list and i received all of their information, teaching me how to propagandaize young children as young as 5 years old in the schools because they thought i was an educator that
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would take forth their agenda for them. and so none of this really surprises me. but i was surprised today to find out that it's harry hay day and many high school students throughout the school were probably studying harry hay today. sean: the book he wrote the forward to "the queering of elementary education." and his comments about religion. and his advice that he gave this kid, 15 or 16, doesn't really matter to me. i think it was inappropriate of him to do that. why do you think the mainstream media? george stephanopoulos will join us. mainstream media is making excuses and giving us the white house talking points. that well, he's really a good guy. we have to look at his whole career. the kid was 16, not 15. why do you think everybody's ignoring this? >> i think they're ignoring it because they're afraid of the white house. sean, i can't think of any other explanation. because kevin jennings' actions, his words, the things that he's done are appalling and disgusting. we're talking about erasing the innocence of our children. he's doing it purposely.
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the queering of elementary education book, i don't know if you looked at that, but it's all about having sex with adults, children and adults. there's one story in there, and i would ask parents not to let their kids listen to this, about an 8-year-old girl whose mother is a lesbian and they are talking about sex education in public schools and the more says what's wrong with it? and the mother says because it doesn't talk about the clitriss. -- clitoris. and they're talking about which of the girls they're attracted to and it so happens they're attracted certificationually to the same girl. that is the nature of that book that he wrote a forward to. there are no excuses. i don't care if it's mainstream media. i don't care what they put on it. there are no excuses. this is appalling. sean: how do you deal with the white house spin about the advice that he gave a kid, a sophomore comes in, seeks his counseling, and his advice, he didn't report it to the police, he said the kid is 15, now they're saying no, the kid is saying he was 16. i still think it was inappropriate. and his advice was, did you use a condom? what do you think of that
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controversy? >> that wasn't -- that wasn't even all of it, sean. because the rest of the writing talks about how happy the boy was after he had -- sean: the next two years. >> this relationship with this older man. that's what he thinks is important. it's appalling. there are no excuses for that. i used to be a public school teacher. you go into public school and a minor comes and tells you they're having sex with an adult, let's say a young girl, 15 or 16, i don't care, she's having an fair with an older man. did you use a condom? and i'm glad you're happy? that's irresponsible. sean: what does it say, and i'll go back to you, lori, about this, what does it say, and will george -- george stephanopoulos doesn't think this is a big story. he doesn't think that this is an important story. what does that say about the mainstream media that they were a year behind reverend wright, so far behind on bill ayres, didn't follow the town halls or the tea parties, van jones, all these controversial appointments, what does that say about them that they want access to the white house? do you think that's what it's about?
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>> well, i'm going to go on a limb here and i'm going to say that if parents really start finding out what's going on, and if the media would start digging as you are, that this will be a bigger controversy and that -- a bigger story than acorn ever looks to be. because this is about abusing the innocence of children and it's about subvrting parental rights. parents do not know. they subvert the state laws and the local policies that allow parents to look at materials that their children are going to learn about. sean: let me tell you and i'm not going to give it away, we are getting new information in every day. and if this pans out, there is no doubt he will not survive. but thank you both for being with us. >> sean, thank you for doing this, sean. sean: well, it's a no brainer to me but we'll find out how -- why george stephanopoulos and some of the mainstream media are ignoring this story. we'll check in with him and
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he'll join me coming up next. right after the break we'll debate the jennings controversy. that and much more straight ahead.
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sean: new york congressman charles rangel has been accused among other things failing to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars of assets but representative maxine waters says that his actions aren't so bad because hey, everybody does it. "there are many members who if you go back over all of their
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joining me to talk about this and much more is the anchor of "this week" and abc news, chief white house correspondent george stephanopoulos. welcome to "hannity." >> how is it going? good to be here. sean: you come on the radio with me and you come on tv. not everybody in your position in the mainstream media wants to do that. why is there this reluctance? >> i don't really know. i love the engagement and want to talk to as many people as i talk to and love talking with issues and love sparring when we do and even learn things sometimes. sean: that's my goal. trying to drag you over to the right side. i appreciate you being here. we just did a segment, we've been doing this for quite a while. this guy, kevin jennings, he's our safe schools czar and a guy, he writes the forward for a book "queering of elementary education." he himself tells the story, how he gives advice to a 15-year-old boy who's having sex with an older man. his only advice was did you wear a condom? he praises harry hay. this guy, you know, associated
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with the group nambla. how does a person like that get in the white house and how does the mainstream media not cover it? >> you know, i don't think you have the goods on this one, sean. and listen, last year, we talked about this. i thought it was absolutely appropriate to ask president obama during the campaign about bill ayres. no question about that. of all the sunday show hosts. i was the only one to ask him about the acorn controversy. a couple of weeks ago. i think even on van jones, the guy's had a good career but no question after some of the things that came out the white house had to cut him loose. but on this one, and i don't know kevin jennings. i've never met him. but looking at the record, it does seem to me that you got a guy here who's committed his life to teaching and to education. who's been praised by more national organizations that you can count. and i'm not going to sit here and defend everything he said at any moment in his life. i don't think anybody can stand up to that kind of scrutiny. but on one thing you brought up there, it's my understanding that in that incident when
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etches at -- at concord academy, the student was 16, and it didn't raise the kind of complications that you talked about. but as you said, i don't know him. and i've never met him. but he's had a very strong career. sean: first of all, it was jennings, it's not sean hannity that said the kid was 15. he was 16. >> i looked at it. sean: you're looking at media matters, this left wing website. but here's what we know. >> i just saw the license. sean: you don't know the exact date when they had the conversation. do you? >> we know that -- we know that -- at the time that jennings -- it only could have happened -- i'm mixing up the years. 1987 or 1988, the kid had to have been 16 because he wouldn't have been 15 when jennings was actually teaching at the school. sean: where do you think i got the age 15 from? i got that from kevin jennings himself. kevin jennings said he was 15.
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>> he misspoke. sean: he misspoke. i'm -- have you ever interviewed him? >> i just told you i've never met the man. but i've seen the license. sean: you see the license. he praises a guy from the north american man boy love association. as somebody who inspired him. he forwards a book, writes a forward for "queering elementary education." you really don't see anything wrong or any questions as a top mainstream media anchor that needs to be asked of this white house on this? >> i think -- we've looked into this. and the -- the thing you mentioned about harry hay. sean: he praised him. >> he gave a speech in 1997, one line of praise for a man who was a pioneer in the gay civil rights movement. and the difference is of opinion -- sean: he was associated with nambla, george. >> from my research, he wasn't a member. in 1993 he might have said something. i'm not going to vouch for him in that respect. i'm not going to say that everything that jennings said in his life can stand up to
9:17 pm
scrutiny. even jennings himself has said that he wishes he would have said things differently at different times. but you have to put -- let me finish this one point. you have to put a person's career in context. you have to look at his whole career and i think if you look at his whole career, you see a man who's dedicated his life to teaching and to educate. and i don't believe -- i think when people have done wrong, in the government service, they should be held accountable. there is no question about that. i think i've shown that in my career as a journalist. but i also don't believe that people should be hounded. especially out of government service, in public service because of some comments -- sean: george, hang on a second. i don't care whether he was 15 or 16. if a kid in -- a sophomore in high school -- >> you acknowledge he was probably 16? sean: jennings said 15. this kid brew center said 16. -- bruster said 16. i saw the report. i don't have a time line. you don't have a time line. nobody's questioned jennings himself. but regardless, the kid's a
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sophomore in high school. says he's having sex with an older man. and the only advice that you said look at his whole career that he gave this boy by his own admission was did you use a condom? in the case of -- you say we can't look at one aspect of your life. but if you ever give any voice of praise -- any words of praise for a guy associated with the north american man boy love association, you're not qualified in my opinion, george, to be the safe schools czar. >> i wouldn't do it, as far as i know, jennings didn't know about that association. and as far as i know, hay said he was never a member. sean: he was associated with him. >> well, i don't know exactly what that means. and i think we always have to be careful about that word. association. but i do think if you -- again -- sean: let me put on the cover of nambla's own bulletin. the nambla bulletin. harry hay is on the cover. right there. on our screen right now. >> i can't see it right now.
9:19 pm
sean: harry hay is on the cover of nambla's own bulletin. >> when was that? sean: this was when harry pay -- harry hay passed away in 2002. he was well-known for his advocacy of nambla. >> five years after jennings gave this speech where he might have mentioned hay. sean: but he was associated with him for a long time, george. >> again, i don't -- i don't know anything about that. i know that jennings gave a speech once in 1997 where he said -- where he praised hay as leader in the gay civil rights movement. sean: instead of making excuses, you should be asking -- in my opinion, i think the mainstream media ought to be saying to the obama administration, sit down with us. what did he know about harry hay? what -- when he made those comments -- >> i think our responsibility is to look into the issue. i looked into the issue. and i think that when you look at it, there are a lot of answers to questions you're raising. sean: well stay on the czars issue for one thing. the van jones controversy, virtually ignored by the mainstream media.
9:20 pm
>> i asked about it on my show. we definitely reported it. sean: i did give you credit on my radio show when you asked the bill ayres question. but the mainstream media was six to eight months behind fox and talk radio. and holdren, one of these czars, who talked about sterilization for women and cass sonstein wants to ban hunting and give lawyers to animals in the court of law. don't you think that there are too many people around the president that seem to have these rather extreme points of view? >> i can't say that i do. cass sunstein went through an entire hearing and a well respected university of law professor at the university of chicago and has looked at a lot of different issues. but i think that in that case, there's a man who's well qualified for his job. sean: all right. george stephanopoulos, it's always fun. thank you for being here. >> it sure is. thank you, sean. sean: coming up, democratic
9:21 pm
congressman ike skelton is caught with a hot mic. we'll show you video of the outrageous comments he made on the house floor. that's coming up straight ahead and much, much more. ♪ anyone can prove they're strong once. the real question is can they prove it again and again. ♪ at northwestern mutual, we've answered that question compellingly... for over 150 years. northwestern mutual. consistency counts. put our strength to work for you. learn how at
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sean: in "hannity's america" the people of the san joaquin valley continue to suffer because of the government's decision to protect that two inch minnow known as the delta smelt. but that is not stopping democrats from playing politics with this matter. last week, congressman george miller had the opportunity to add an amendment to a bill that would have turned the water back on. the amendment was proposed by congressman devin nunez but miller declined to add it to his piece of legislation. as a result, republicans rallied and voted down miller's bill to build a $38 million water recycling plant but the story doesn't end there. now, fast forward to this week
9:26 pm
when congressman john campbell offered up a resolution to honor the u.c. irvine men's volleyball team for winning the national championship. unfortunately for campbell, he happened to vote against george miller's bill last week and as a result, it was time for congressman miller to exact his revenge. he had the u.c. irvine resolution removed from the calendar and according to campbell's office, when he confronted miller, he was told the price needed to be paid for voting against his bill. pretty unbelievable. and we contacted congressman miller's office. and they confirmed a conversation did in fact take place. but they wouldn't tell us what was said. they also added that it was congressman campbell who chose to politicize the issue and that's "the way it goes." one democrat used some foul language earlier today on the house floor to express his thoughts ironically on hate crimes legislation. congressman ike skelton, the chairman. house armed services committee, took the floor to share his thoughts on the subject and
9:27 pm
here's what he had to say. >> i yield three minutes to my friend, the chairman of the subcommittee on strategic forces, mr. lunsman. >> so stick it up your ass. sean: that's pretty lovely, isn't it? and how ironic that democrats so often accuse republicans of spoiling the civil discourse. they say a picture is worth a thousand words and yesterday, after meeting with president obama, several awkward moments between nancy pelosi and harry reid were all caught on camera. first, take a look at speaker pelosi's reaction as senator reid tries to put his arm around her. >> madam speaker, the one thing that i think was interesting is that everyone, democrats -- ♪ sean: ouch. if i were senator reid i don't think i would try that again. watch what happens when the two
9:28 pm
democratic leaders try to decide that -- who is going to answer what question. >> basically, we were grateful to the president for having the meeting. >> well, i think that -- i think the point i was trying to make -- sean: maybe next time they should hold a conference call with reporters. and tonight's media mash segment is brought to you by cnn. the network is doing its part to push the president's health care bill and they're using school grade kids to do their bidding. the network recently featured this group of school children and their pro health care song. let's take a look.
9:29 pm
anybody else think there's something disturbing about a major they work featuring a bunch of schoolkids singing a song of praise for their beloved anointed leader? barack obama? think that's indoctrination? now, hannity's america continues in two short minutes with a disturbing report on one of roman polanski's biggest defenders. you won't believe what he's accused of. that and more coming up straight ahead.
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sean: hollywood stars are not the only ones coming to the defense of accused child rapist roman polanski. france's cultural minister, frederick mitterrand, has slammed the government for trying to bring polanski to justice. mitterrand has problems of his own. in his 2005 autobiography, he admits paying "young boys for sex in thailand." unbelievable. actually it sounds like he and polanski have a lot in common.
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sean: some democrats market themselves as the party of
9:34 pm
sensitivity but a new ad is exposing them for who they are. new jersey governor jon corzine is down in the polls and is resorting to desperate measures like making funch his opponent's weight. i'm not kidding. take look. >> if you drove the wrong way down a one way street, causing an accident and putting the victim in a trauma center, would you get away without a ticket? chris christie did. if you were caught speeding in an unregistered star, would you get away without points? chris christie did. in both points he threw his weight around as u.s. attorney and got off easy. sean: pretty classy. joining me with reaction to this, columnist -- kimberly guilfoyle, the images, the pictures. >> not very subtle. it's insensitive and mean-spirited. sean: what john stewart did to me. >> isn't it unnecessary? how is he moving the ball forward with this? i don't get the point of it. i don't think it makes him look very good. >> and how old are we? >> 5.
9:35 pm
>> and i remember it from middle school. the school yard taunts. is he really that desperate that he's going to go after the guy's weight? frankly, this kind of stuff was preceded by all of the sarah palin stuff. so it's not surprising. this was set up and we're now allowed to go after the way people look. and someone on the democratic side, someone within the democratic party, needs to come out and say enough. we don't want to be known for that. sean: what would be the reaction if -- and i'll pick any -- nancy pelosi. >> your favorite. sean: what if i start talking about how hillary clinton looks? i don't do that but what if i did? what would be the reaction? >> that's multiple levels of bad behavior, sean. and you would have to punish you. severely. sean: this would be sean hannity, blah, blah, blah -- >> someone like me or kimberly would say, on the right, enough is enough. don't do that. it's not attractive. it's not seemly or moving the ball forward. sean: sometimes you can be --
9:36 pm
>> it's not. sean: i don't think that's funny. democrats are losing badly in new jersey in the polls and losing in virginia. the white house doesn't even want to associate with the democratic candidate in the state of virginia. so this is what, what does that tell us about obama? because i think it's all connected to the national scene. >> and he does tend to get involved in the local politics. and he makes his opinion known. like he did here with respect to governor paterson. they need to really reshape their platform, how they approach their campaigns and their politics. because it's a turnoff to the american people. sean: look at their approval rating. every poll shows that the american people don't want health care and they will use reconciliation and the nuclear option. congress' approval rating is 21%. >> i would be embarrassed. i would be embarrassed. and there's such indig nance there. you think they would be a little humble now. and have some humility and say ok, let's listen to the american people. but they're not.
9:37 pm
they're indignant that there's any pushback. >> a willful disregard. sean: that's a great way to put it. >> it's so unsettling. you think they would take a moment and listen and say we're here to serve the public, to serve the people. and actually do something that makes sense. listen to them. go back and maybe redraw what they're doing in terms of their platform. sean: hock how they're treating the american people. they're calling them names at town halls and the polls show they're out of touch. 21%. they will use reconciliation to ram this thing through. >> what kind of message does this send? sean: they won't let the american public read the bill of there was an opportunity for democrats to put the bill online for 72 hours. they say no. >> that's the problem. who read it? sean: well, robert gibbs was asked the other day, has barack obama read it? he's read significant portions of the bill. there is no bill to read. >> i don't know how you defend it. the rhetoric on the left has gotten so ugly whether we're talking about jon corzine or even the obama administration itself. sort of insulting the american
9:38 pm
people. that's why i'm saying, someone on the left, it can't be us. no one's going to listen to us. someone on the left needs to be sort a moral arbiter and say enough. this is ugly. sean: i'm not going to let go of the story because i'm outraged over kevin jennings. this state school czar. you saw george stephanopoulos and doesn't want to ask a question. regurgitating the entire talking points of the left. >> that's the problem. and we saw this also with van jones. sean: at the town hallless. and the march on washington. ahe did ask the air corn question and in fairness to him, i had him on my radio show the day before the debate and he did ask a bill ayres question and got beaten up badly by left. >> that's the mainstream media. whether charles gibson saying he didn't know anything about the acorn story, they're either purposely turning a blind eye or they're all in cahoots. and they're trying to bury this kind of stuff to protect their guy. they have a vested interest in
9:39 pm
making sure his life -- >> that's something that they need to really take a serious look at. i am shocked that he still holds his position. and i'm outraged by it. i don't get it. sean: i'm not going to give it away. there's more coming. stay tuned to this program. >> good. sean: there's more coming. the only thing i can say is it seems -- i used a phrase, journalism is dead. it almost seems as if mainstream media which ignores these stories, they have contempt for the american people. and they seem to be the extension of the white house press room. and they're -- almost like their press representatives to the white house with thrills running up and down their leg. >> look at the ratings. people want the information. that's why they tune in to this channel and watch your program because they want the facts and don't want the pool pulled over their eyes and feel they can't trust congress or the white house and they have a right to be represented and to be listened to. so if you go and you watch the other networks, you're going to have a problem because you won't get the information you need. >> the mainstream media made an
9:40 pm
investment during the 2008 presidential election. they invested in their candidate. and so now they want to make sure that investment turns out well. so of course they're going to protect him. they have like a business stake in this guy. sean: pretty amazing. good to see you as always. s.e., kimberly. time to check in with the one and only -- it's right here. oh, it's on the cards. greta: i have notes to remember. you'll love this, sean. everyone is talking about the congressional budget office and how much the senate bill costs. well, there's also the fine print, the proverbial fine print. and it's rather stunning about who might get hit with an extra tax. plus a slip, a very famous politician in power now may have made a little bit of a slip warning us about a new tax that may be coming soon to every single one of us. and the best of all, there is news tonight about rush lem baugh, not about nfl -- rush limbaugh, not about nfl, but brand new informing -- well, i won't tell anymore.
9:41 pm
about rush limbaugh, nobody else has it. sean: i love rush. and you're probably going to do it at 10:59 eastern which means i'll never get home tonight. that's no fair. >> this is satellite radio. you can listen on satellite radio. you have that in your car. sean: greta coming up in 19 minutes from right now. let not your heart be troubled. the great, great american panel straight ahead.
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sean: and tonight on our great american panel he is a former white house communications director for president george w. bush, kevin sullivan is here. he was the campaign manager for dick gephardt's presidential run and was part of the obama campaign media team, steve murphy is here. a former reporter host on fox sports and currently the host of mark levine's greatest most favorite show in the entire world, poker after dark, model tv personality, big supporter of the troops, leeann tweeden,
9:46 pm
who is engaged to get married to anary force -- >> navy. sean: you got mad at me on that. >> that's all right. sean: we got this story of kevin jennings. we got all these details. we have more details coming. in the days to come. his advice to the kids, his praise of harry hay, the nambla guy, and everything else. should he be fired or am i out of line? >> i definitely think he should step down. i think when it comes to educating our youth, i think parents need to step in. maybe if he was talking to just high school students that are a little bit older, maybe i wouldn't have such a problem with it but youngmentry school children when he's using -- but young elementary school children when he's using deceptive words, pulling the wool over our eyes, something's sketchy. when if comes to our youth we should be outraged about it and i'm outraged he's taken it to a level -- sean: i don't care how liberals raise their kids. you want to teach your kids about condoms and cucumbers,
9:47 pm
you do what you want. but i don't want to have my kids' values contradicted by a teacher or counselor. if a kid says he's having sex with an older man, did you use a condom? >> he has his right to those opinions but in his position being the czar of safe schools, he should be saying that, no. sean: do you have any questions about this? that concern you? steve, a resident lib. >> based on what we heard so far, i see no reason for him to step down. you say there's more coming out, we'll see whether there's more coming out. sean: you don't think praising a guy associated with nambla on the front cover of nambla's bulletin, saying he inspired me, that doesn't outrage you as a parent? >> he does not appear to have known about that association at that time. i want to make -- let me make one other point. there is nothing wrong with teaching about homosexuality. sean: queering of elementary school -- >> i think the title of the book is regrettable.
9:48 pm
sean: it's regrettable. >> but nothing teaching elementary students -- the kids want to know. sean: excuse me. >> they need to know. sean: what about christian parents that send their kids to school that don't want their kids to be indoctrinated into your belief system? >> you don't think they should be taught any sex education whatsoever. sean: no, i teach them wait until you get married. >> i worked at the department of education before the white house. safe schools is about keeping kids safe from violence and drugs while they're at school. not what the vast majority of the country who consider a radical agenda. promoting home sexuality in elementary school, leeann's right. not the right way to do it and as this becomes more and more of a distraction, he's going to have to step down because it will get the president off what he wants to talk about like -- >> can i make one point about this? at the end of the day, it may turn out you're right about this. but you conservatives have a lot to offer. you're too obsessed about gays and too much gay bashing on your --
9:49 pm
sean: this isn't about the gay issue at all. this is about indoctrination, number one, i don't care what people do in their personal life. i don't care. adults. but i do care if you're counseling kids, and a sophomore is having sex with an adult, i don't care if it's a young girl with a male, i don't care what -- who's involved with who, if you're involved with an adult, and a counselor tells you, did you wear a condom? how appropriate is that? >> you don't want gays serving in high public office. the work that jennings did, was that gay kids should not be bullied. sean: i would agree with you. i don't think there should be any bullying in school. and you do not bully period. >> i agree with that. too much gay bashing on the right. sean: harry hay is on the front cover of nambla's bulletin. he praises harry hay. >> to me, that's -- it's regrettable -- again, a man in the position of teaching our children, our youth, our
9:50 pm
elementary schoolkids -- sean: safe schools czar. >> nambla, north american man boy love association -- having sex with 18 month olds and feel that it's ok? and they say, oh, it's ok, and they can justify it in their own sick minds? that is ok? i'm sorry. that is not ok. >> guilt by association. i don't think this was a breakdown of the vetting system, though. i think his track record was well-known. he was a fundraiser on the campaign. these things were out there. >> and he could get away with it? >> a little different -- sean: you are inspired by the guy associated with nambla. the guy -- you can't deny -- >> i'm inspired by you and i disagree with almost everything you say. >> didn't obama say you are judged by the people you keep around you? sean: like reverend wright and father pfleger and bill ayres -- those attacking me this is more about indoctrination of kids. i don't care what kevin jennings does in his personal liche but if you teach about this kids in school and
9:51 pm
contradict the values of parents that's where i have a problem. >> don't have any problem with teaching about home sexuality in elementary school. sean: you teach your liberal kids your way and on issues of morality, our kids can't read, write, and do math why don't we stick to the basics? >> my kids would be stunned to learn that time a liberal. they have no idea. sean: i'm glad i could educate. more with our great american panel right after the break. straight ahead. .
9:52 pm
this country definitely needs to focus on other ways to get energy. we should be looking closer to home. there are places off the continental shelf. natural gas can be a part of the solution. i think we need to work on wind resources. they ought to be carefully mapping every conceivable alternative. there is an endless opportunity right here.
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sean: and we continue now with our great american panel. all right, how many times have you been over to see our troops? >> 11 times since 9/11. sean: and you are engaged to a marine? just kidding. you are going two more times this year.
9:56 pm
this is a real passion of yours. so now, we have this commander that obama does not speak to two twice in 100 days. he requested back in august 40,000 more troops. the president cannot make a decision. they are mad at him because he spoke out publicly, and they are trying to trash him because he spoke out publicly. what is this? >> mcchrystal, who was appointed, and they took out the old commander and put him in to make a change, and when a general is there and says, "hey, i need more boots on the ground," he is not just throwing out a number, "i would like more people." sean: or risk failure. >> now, they are taking time out. but time is of the essence here. afghanistan is very much, you know, it is a time bomb right now, and i think they need troops right away. you are going to have to make a
9:57 pm
difference somehow. sean: this is where obama said we needed to fight, and he criticized the bush administration. >> that is right. they did a good job of protecting al qaeda in pakistan, in somalia. let me answer your question. there is a dispute over what the mission should be. should it be state building? finding the terrorists? both? i am going to answer your question. sean: when? >> right now. sean: finally. >> right now. it takes more troops. sean: so the bottom line is the request was made back in august. it is october. how much longer do we have to wait until they get an answer? >> the president is waiting to see what is most popular. >> no, that is not it. >> for political reasons.
9:58 pm
>> he has not been doing that. >> there have been a lot of meetings, and there will be another one tomorrow in the situation room. president bush made it clear the whole time he was going to take seriously the advice of his commanders. he went out, and he talked it up, and he not only got what general petraeus thought, but we have not seen other people talking about this, like the ambassador. >> obama decided to take air force one and air force two to try to get the olympics in chicago when we have people dying every day and afghanistan. that pissed me off as an american, because there are more important things than trying to the olympics for your buddies in chicago. suddenly, the next day, mcchrystal is on the plane for 20 minutes? sean: excoriating.
9:59 pm
>> if it works, because it made obama have a meeting with him, it is good. sean: let me ask you this. how do you justify not talking to your commander but once or twice in 100 days? >> once. >> teleconferences. sean: note teleconferences. >> not with the president. -- note teleconferences -- no teleconferences. >> i think he will send more trips to and afghanistan. -- more troops to afghanistan. >> there is the chain of command. >> it is not like he said we are going to be a couple hundred thousand troops. ok? let's just gth


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