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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 9, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> five marines. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is "special report" for this time. fair, balanced, and unafraid. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning in continue. o'reilly is next. bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> madam speaker, the one thing that i think was interesting is that bill: is there trouble between nancy pelosi and senator harry reid? they didn't look too comfortable together this week, did they? karl rove will analyze. [chanting] bill: schools across the country are cracking down on risque student dance routines but is this much ado about nothing? the culture warriors are on the case. >> this is garbage. it's worthless.
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bill: and glenn beck throwing money away. kind of. he will be here to explain the dollar's dilemma. >> this is about our children having some sort of future left. bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. is there trouble inside the democratic party? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you know, speaker of the house nancy pelosi and senate majority leader harry reid are the two most powerful in the country next to president obama. after meeting with president obama about afghanistan, there was this display. >> madam speaker, the one thing that i think was interesting is that everyone, democrats and republicans, said whatever decision you make, we'll support it, basically. so we will see.
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bill: wow, am i reading that wrong? did ms. pelosi look uncomfortable? was there a little eye roll going on there? let's take another look. certainly republicans think there is tension between pelosi and reid but, again, you are going to have to make the call. it could be an awkward moment, not anything more. but there is no question the democratic congress is having big problems. according to gallup poll released this week 21% of americans believe congress controlled by the democrats is doing a good job. that's down 10 points in one month. also the imagination miewfn daily tracking poll gives the president 48% approval down three points in three days. what's going on? i believe many independent americans see weak leadership coming from the president and from the congress. health care is a mess, afghanistan unsettled. unemployment about 10%. and climbing. and it seems the democratic leadership has few solutions. speaker pelosi, for example, apparently opposes more troops to afghanistan. >> i don't think there is a great deal of support for sending more troops to
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afghanistan in the country or in the congress. bill: what mrs. pelosi didn't understand failure in afghanistan means a huge below to american prestige it, would be a big victory for the terrorists. it's not enough to oppose. you have to have a better idea. does pelosi have solutions? does reid? does the president? hope is one thing solving complicated and vitally important problems is quite something else. democrats have had 8 and a half months not a long time but it's not short either to improve the nation. so far, they haven't. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, analysis of the democratic leadership as it now stands. joining from us washington, fox news analyst karl rove. you have an article in the "wall street journal" today basically saying that if it continues that the democrats will lose everything in the midterm elections and the republicans will control both houses. speculation. >> that's not exactly what i said. not exactly what i said. bill: go ahead. >> not exactly what i said. i said the democrats were likely
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to lose ground because of the health care bill. they have lost support among seniors, independence, and the college-educated. i don't think i would go so far to say they would lose control of congress. they could suffer serious losses in the that they could lose effective control. bill: i'm more pointed than you if afghanistan doesn't improve, and the unemployment rate doesn't come down, i think it's going to be a catastrophe. now, when you saw the harry reid, nancy pelosi little -- what did you think about that? >> i thought that was really weird. i mean, first of all, you know, we have all been on a date like that, harry puts his arm out there, i'm delighted to be here with nancy and nancy edges away. that was -- and then when he said something that was patently false, that everybody in the meeting said democrat and republican alike said they would support the president on his decision, she rolled her eyes. every news report we have out of those meetings and meetings -- members of congress, democrat and republican go together down to meet with a president of either party, you can count on that meeting being largely
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splashed across the newspapers. and what we had heard was republicans said we will support you, mr. president, if you want more troops in afghanistan. and the democrats were badly split over it with people like eick skelton and others saying they would be more supportive of more troops. a lot of democrats in that meeting were uncomfortable with sending troops to afghanistan. bill: is he crazy or what? he is running behind in nevada, may lose the next election. what's going on with him? >> look, he does this all the time. he believe united states. he comes out of a meeting and says things that he thinks are either helpful to his cause or in this instance helpful to his president. and but they are not true. and he would say these things when president bush was in office, not supportive of bush but antagonistic to bush that were not representative of the spirit of the meeting that he came from. yesterday did he it to nancy pelosi by suggesting that the house democrats who were in that meeting were supportive of afghanistan, which they clearly weren't and aren't.
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bill: pelosi now finds herself in a position where she must think that reid is crazy or doesn't really grasp what's going on and this is a problem when you have the two leaders not really compatible. >> right look, there is always tension between the senate leader and the house leader regardless of what party they're on. they grate against each other constitutionally. the senate has its own set of rules. the house has its own set of rules. they each have a different tempo. they grate on each other. take this and add to it it's a big important issue about which the speaker clearly has opinions. you have showed that clip earlier this year, she also represents a democrat caucus. remember, two years ago, 216 democrats in the house of representatives voted against funds iraq and afghanistan in the middle of a fight war. if you have got 216 who say we are against the surge in iraq and we are willing to cut funding out for the troops in afghanistan and iraq, you can imagine how many of them feel less than supportive of
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additional troops to afghanistan, regardless of if it's a democrat president asking for them. bill: now, to play devil's advocate here, we painted a pretty bleak picture of the democratic congress, 21% approval rating and president obama's leadership on the three big issues, health care, afghanistan, and employment, things are going poorly. things are going poorly. but you are an old hand. you have been in the white house. i'm looking for some kind of turn around possibility for the president. do you see one? >> well, there could be. but it's got to be a dramatic and sustained improvement around a variety of fronts. you are right. let's not be too gloomy. let's take a look at the news, for example. this is the decline between september and october in the job approval for congress. and as you can see it happened most among democrats where the support dropped from 54% approval in september to 36% in october. republicans went from 13% to 9%. independence went from 23% to 16%. over the long hall that bottom
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number for the independence is the most important. but democrats, what happened is between september and october, they got a little grouchy and said you know what? you are in charge, get something done. with the economy not particularly well, and with nothing happening on health care or at least moving much slower than the average democrat expects, that's basically i'm upset with the pace of things not that i'm upset with what you are doing. bill: democrats believe they are frustrated that they are health care thing hasn't passed the president seems to be waffling on the public aspect of it the government run its own insurance agency. that public option a few weeks ago, i don't think we made a bet. i said it's done. i said it's not going to happen. and you said you are not so sure. have you revised your thinking on that? >> remember, we had this little dance where the senate finance passes a bill without a public option and senator schumer who is on the finance committee and senator rited on passing of that
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bill out of the finance committee expect a bill that ultimately gets passedto have a robust public option. they ain't going to stop trying. they got the votes conceivably to get it done. bill: who is the decider there? president obama? is he going to make the final call? get out of that get damaged and get something decent. is he going to be the guy who makes the call on that. >> three deciders, one is president obama how much he wants to fight for or against the public option. the second one will be harry reid and whether he is able to put together a strategy that gets it done. the final one will be nancy pelosi. does she say, look, i have got too many democrats in the house will never vote for health care bill without a public option? you have got to have it, mr. president, and put some spine in the president and gives a senate a bill that includes public option that it has to pass. bill: all right. mr. rove, thanks very much. next on the rundown, remember congressman wilson calling president obama a liar on the house floor? the issue is illegal aliens receiving health care. some say wilson was right.
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the nation was stunned when congressman joe wilson interrupted president obama's speech last month. >> there are those that would claim that health care would insure illegal imgrant. this too, is false: the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> you lie. >> not true. now, there is new information that says illegal aliens may well indeed receive obama care if the bill passes. joining us now from atlanta, constitutional attorney sharon sharon -- shannon guess ling. and here in the feudio judge andrew napolitano. napolitano. author of the book "dred scott's revenge." you say illegals will have to
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get health care if it passes, government-mandated health care under equal protection. >> absolutely, the last time the supreme court looked at this was when the state of texas tried to keep the municipalities in texas from educating the children of illegals. and the case made its way to the supreme court and the supreme court said the government can't do that. because the constitution protects persons, it doesn't distinguish between legal and illegal. bill: so if you are here, no matter how you got here, then you can partake in what america has with. >> respect to social benefit like education and health care. and the president, as a former professor of constitutional law and a graduate of harvard law school ought to have known that. bill: he is going to put it in the bill or somebody will that it doesn't cover illegals and they are going to put it through the courts. that's what they will do. >> the court will invalidate. if it stays with what the present case law is. the court will invalidate any kind of provision that punishes people. bill: if i were the president, i would do the same thing. i would say look, i will
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challenge that ruling. i'm going pout in that doesn't extend to illegal aliens and let the supreme court. >> he gets credit for what he said he was going to do. the court looks like the boogie man. he knows where this is going to end up. joe wilson not to comment on the time place and manner of what he said may have known the constitution better than what the president did. bill: if he indeed was referencing that how do you see it shannon? >> i hate to just chime in. the judge is right there. is actually prop 187 which is the california proposition which was related to social services. there was actually a case that was brought. congress reacted to the attempt by california to exclude illegal aliens from social services, not dissimilar to the texas case that the judge is talking about. congress enacted legislation that made it impossible to exclude illegal aliens. and, in fact, put it in a real world context, you have the president of the united states, the highest law enforcement officer, graduate of harvard, editor of the law review who is suggesting that he doesn't know the consequences of the public
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option. and the public option carries with it all the baggage that the government takes with it as well as the case law. the judge is absolutely right. bill: this passes, the government mandated part of it has to extend to everybody in the united states whether they're here illegally or not? no doubt about it. >> absolutely. you cannot avoid constitutional precedent. and you can't avoid it in the way that there is a suggestion that that the president is going to make an exception. they are not. bill: was obama grandstanding here? >> i don't necessarily have an issue about the grand grandstanding wharks would rather say this is a political comment rather than a legal commentary. he was playing politics. bill: in shaky ground here constitutionally? >> i have no doubt he is on shaky ground constitutionally. bill: no. do you think he knew he was. do you think he intentionally mislead us? if he knew what knap just said
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that, look, no matter what i write in there is not going to matter because it's already been decided and then he said it anyway because when he said it i said oh, that sounds good. is he a tough guy. ok. i didn't know the other stuff was in there. >> the public caveat elm everywhere tore is buyer beware. the public should be forewarned and forearmed. bill: i should have been smarter. you should have called me napolitano. i didn't know that this legal precedent had happened. >> a couple of points. the government will spend billions to pay illegal aliens before the case even makes its way to the supreme court to pay for their health care. do you know who agrees with shannon and me? the congressional budget office whose report came out last night and it included the expenditures for illegal aliens. bill: all right. so now we know. i want to apologize to the audience. i wish i had known on the spot but did i not. now, in the mohave desert there is a cemetery and there is a cross. it's been there for decades.
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now they want to take it down. so why do they want to take it down, judge? >> the aclu wants to take it down because they think it's an endorsement of the principles of christianity. in the supreme court's opinion yesterday, i read the transcript. i wasn't there in the courtroom. in my opinion the court will not order it taken down but it will not rule on a religious issue. it will say the aclu doesn't have standing to challenge it this court does not want to get into the weeds of whether that cross. bill: a technicality. >> what you would call a technique cattle. what they would call a constitution obstacle to hearing the case. bill: what do you think, shannon? >> well, i feel like i'm riding the coat tails of the judge. bill: which is a dangerous, dangerous place to be. i will tell you. very dangerous. >> i have to tell you if you are going to avoid an issue. you definitely want to avoid their. the ground has already been laid. we are talking about a cross that represents the service of our military. and the suggestion that it's t. implicates separation of church
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and state in the first amendment is an extraordinary leap from extraordinary standpoint. it has secular organization that placed there 70 years ago. it sat undisturbed for 60 years until the aclu wants to jump in and convince somebody. bill: they are a bunch of good guys. put a shroud over the cross until a decision comes down. you both think the supreme court is going to find a way to let the cross stay there. >> without the shroud. >> without the shroud and without reaching the issue. bill: thanks for you both very much. high schools across the country cracking down on questionable student dance routines but are they overdoing it? culture warriors will weigh in. and then glenn beck has money to throw around, everybody. beck will be here. so hide the children. coming up. ddddddddddd
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bill: culture warrior segment tonight, two hot topics, rio americana high school in sacramento, california. a song team displayed their talent for the student body. ♪ bill: after that display students complaint and even parents. with us now the culture warriors "fox & friends" gal gretchen carlson and margaret hoover, what say you? >> there has been a complete blurring of the line what is age-appropriate in our culture. at first i saw that corography
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and i thought this is pretty good dancing. then i realized this is 15 to 18-year-old girls. bill: the knicks city dancers and laker girls in los angeles they do this. this is what they do. >> guess. what they are women. these girls 15 to 18 they are girls. you know what girls need to know. girls need to know bill that the most important thing about them is their character and their intelligence and not their sexuality. at this age this is the most important thing for them to take away from that. bill: you saw the dance moves as overtly sexual. >> they were absolutely overtly sexual. what do you call spreading your legs and spreading your booty. they look like mtv music video not performance. >> don't forget bending over which was most offensive to me. what's the definition of racey anymore. when i went to high school this certainly would have been over the line. now it's not. kids see this stuff on tv every single night. they emulate those laker girls or whatever they are. the most disturbing thing to me, bill is this that the coach in
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response to this said this: they came up with that kind of a dance to keep up with the competition of the other dance team. huh? i mean to me there was not a difficult move really in this dance. so what were they keeping up with as far as the competition? to be racey? then that is sending entirely the wrong message to young women. now, you guys, we talked about last week the colleges and how out of control some of the displays were and up in boston they had to put in the college handbook at tufts you can't have sex in front of your college roommate. i said shouldn't you guys understand it that? and you guys said oh no, this is a very casual thing. i accepted that explanation, hoover, as you remember. as you remember i accepted your explanation that it's a different world now, different mind set. if that's true, these kids are just a year away from college, two years away from college. they have the same mind set. isn't the same kind of thing value -- valid. >> our culture in high school needs to tell communicate to
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women what's valuable about them there is a right of passage. it's a totally different world when you are in college and different rules that apply. girls in this formative age need to understand what's important about them and that it's not their sexuality. bill: do you agree with that. >> i will say one positive thing was the dress they had on. i was stunned to see they had pants on and not shorts on doing that bendover routine. i will give them the benefit of the doubt. can you see that move right there. can you imagine the young teenage boys in that school audience? how were they concentrating on school algebra after that? bill: what happened was they fainted. >> girls are getting so many mixed messages these days. bill: i got it. in australia, there is a racial controversy. there is some dopey show there and harry connick jr., he is an american, of course, was a judge on the show. it is kind of a mocking of satire, that kind of deal. roll the tape.
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♪ [cheers] ♪ look around ♪ the whole world is coming to get me now ♪ everybody, sing with me. >> i just wanted to say on behalf of my country, i know it was done in humorous guest, we have spent so much time trying to not make black people look like buffoons that when we see something like that we take it really to heart. bill: so good for him. that was obviously jackson five. michael jackson. and the people behind the michael jackson imterritory were black face. white people in black face. of the old al joelson routine. you say what? >> i say hats off to harry connick jr. what the heck are you thinking of doing this show? this show looks like elementary show production. but way back into the 60's or
5:26 am
70's. i have no idea what the culture in australia says about putting black face on. i know in america this thing would have never made it through the first producer gate. who the heck was the producer of bill: even on cable you couldn't do this. bill: i don't know why if you wanted to mock, hoover, the jackson five and michael jackson, just hire black actors to do it. then you could do it. why do you have to have white guys in black face. i don't get that. >> the thing disturbing about this it actually is a principal strel show which is where white people paint their faces black for the entertainment of white people. bill: that's pretty much extinct now it doesn't happen anymore. >> except in australia. australia is a little bit behind the u.s. as civil rights movement. it started a little behind ours. they have this thing called the white australia laws which were immigration policies that didn't end until 1973. there is some issues with their
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an original cultures. they are a little bit behind us in so far as our civil rights movement. this didn't -- there is nothing acceptable about this. bill: what do you say about australia. >> not like it's was 1993 that they passed the civil rights law law. 1973 is long time ago. bill: i have been to australia. let's be fair about it australia and america are very similar. they have the same television programming, basically. the mind set of the people are the same. hard-working people. this is not representative of australia. this is just a bad decision by stupid producers. that's what it is. gretchen: it took a lot of tact for harry connick jr. to step forward during what kind coo have been a live tv show. bill: he had to do it. >> he gives them a zero. >> he should have been stronger. he said it's not about making black people look like boo fines. this is about treating people
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respectfully across the world not just in the united states. bill: i don't have any beef with connick. i think he did the right thing. he gave them a zero. he spoke his mind. you don't have to get hysterical. i would have been angrier. >> you have got to get hysterical. bill: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. wanda sycks at it again. this time promoting obama care. we will hear what she has to say. glenn beck on the swine flu vaccine. will the beckster take it?
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bill: unresolved problem segment tonight. it seems the health care debate will never end. 10 years ago we will still be talking about public options. driving me crazy. americans will argue about government-run health care. liberals including comedian wanda sycks like it? >> reform in health care, oh my god. that's a huge problem right there. right now, and these town hall meetings are just getting ridiculous. they are getting violent, man. they need to start holding the town hall meetings in emergency rooms. [ laughter ] they so violent i wouldn't go to a town hall meeting unless i had some health insurance. [ laughter ] and people are just nuts. nuts. you know, scaring [bleep] out of old people. talking about death panels. oh, they are going to pull the plug on grandma. [ laughter ] >> just scaring the [bleep] out of old people.
5:32 am
really? now, since when have we been that nation? why do you -- would they even belief that? do you think we can start kill people because they are old? that's not what we do. just walking down the street and go, you are an old man, excuse me, sir, how old are you? [ laughter ] 78? [ laughter ] you should have been dead three years ago. bill: joining us now from washington, fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron. i want to inject levity into this thing because i'm so tired of this. i don't know who the bills are. i don't know who is paying them. i don't know what's going to happen next. so you tell me. what's going to happen with obama care. go. >> i will give you a shot, bill. just interrupt me when you get bored with it and i will see if i can't sort of clarify. basically yesterday the nonpartisan congressional budget office put a price tag on one of five bills, talking about the senate finance committee chaired
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by max baucus. they said it was $829 billion over the course of the next 10 years. and that it would reduce the deficit $81 billion over the decade. that bill does not have the public option. the government insurance program. it's got a nonprofit cooperative that would be there in place. they are going to vote on that, the senate finance committee this coming tuesday. they are way, way, way off schedule here. there is another bill in the senate that is from the health, education labor intentions committee that passed long before the august break when all those town halls happens. it cost over a trillion dollars. next week, after the senate finance bill gets passed, they have got to combine those two senate bills into one. the price has got to change. they will do a whole another analysis of the cost. over in the house, there is three bills. they have all been costed out at over a trillion dollars apiece. and they have all gotcha public option. so we have got a total of five bills. none of them have passed the full house or senate. only four of them have actually even passed committee.
5:34 am
if you did a calendar and everything went perfect for health care obama care reform supporters. just perfect, every star was aligned, this thing could possibly be voted on and headed towards the president's desk sometime maybe a week or two before christmas. bill: that's what i feel. >> we don't know whether it's going to be the government insurance program in it or the nonpartisan co-opt. bill: because that's going to be done back room -- the back rooms are going to do that they are going to take the five bills and try to craft them into some kind of humongous thing. don't you think americans have had enough? say look, you know, why don't we just start again next year. that's what i think. have had enough. >> look, republican critics have been saying that this thing has been going sometimes too fast and sometimes too slow for the better part of the last eight months. some would say for the better part of the last few years. and that the public doesn't know what's going on. here is the real thick to worry about, bill. of all the committees in the u.s. congress, the house and the
5:35 am
senate combined and there are dozens, there is only one committee that doesn't actually publish the legislative language, the actual congressional text for lawmakers to read before they vote. only one. it's the senate finance committee bill, the one that's the most important. we can't read it, and the congressional estimates on cost are based on english, not real numbers. bill: karl, thanks very much. when we come right back, glenn beck, will he take the swine flu vaccine and why is he throwing money around? money around? beck is next. ♪ [ female announcer ] arthritis targets your body where it's weak. where it's vulnerable. ♪
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tylenol arthritis works with your body to block the pain, without interfering with certain high blood pressure medicines like aleve sometimes can. ♪ so you don't just feel better, you feel better knowing doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever. ♪
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the at your beck and call segment tonight, the swine flu vaccine. right now it's being shipped all over the u.s.a. some people want it and some people don't, glenn beck is right in the middle of that discussion. here is mr. beck, the author of the two, not one but two best sellers. common sense and arguing with idiots. again that is not billy joel on
5:38 am
the cover. >> i swear that's billy joel. >> just like billy joel. >> that makes him very happy. bill: you devoted your whole program today at 5:00 on the swine flu vaccine. >> were you watching? bill: i just hang on your every word. you know that. give me what your glenn beck -- why spend an hour on the swine flu vaccine? number one. is it that important? >> yeah. bill: why? >> because w.h.o. says it's a pandemic in 1918 it killed a lot of people. they say that we haven't seen this kind of a virus in a very long time. when you have got janet napolitano, you know sneezing and showing everybody how to sneeze, they are making a big deal out of this. bill: that's right. they're making a big deal out of it but the stats don't back it up yet. >> exactly right. bill: not exactly the black death. >> exactly right.
5:39 am
in fact,devolving. bill: have to look for people with the swine flu. >> which begs the question why are we having mandatory vaccinations? bill: it's not mandatory, is it? >> it is for health workers. i got that. so you get the cdc, the center for disease control in atlanta and they basically say ok, the health workers, because they come into contact with some americans, let's be safe and give them the vaccination. i got no problem with that do you? >> i do if i am a private citizen i guess you can make the argument well you can find another job. bill: you have to have some kind of -- >> -- absolutely. the other question that people are asking is this was awfully fast, we are rushing to this. this is the very first time. remember, bill, first it was i don't know if we can get enough. then there is only one company
5:40 am
who makes it. then there was two companies and five companies and now there is a cocktail. bill: it's a health care motive. if there are money in it people are going to make it. so we have the swine flu vaccine. it comes to your town. are you going to get the swine flu vaccine? >> i decided not to. bill: backed away a little you? are not going to get it? >> i said i have decided not to share if i'm going to get it or not. bill: come on, beck. millions of people take their cue from you. >> i know they are like zombies. bill: tell them yes or no. >> i'm not going to. bill: are you taking the -- i'm taking the swine flu vaccination. i'm standing up. >> i'm not touching you or shaking your hand until you take it i don't want the swine flu from a guy like you. >> put a chip in my arm to make sure i'm taking it. bill: is that what it is you think you they are going to inject a chip in the arm. >> that is one of the big things on the internet is that they are going to track you when have you
5:41 am
taken. bill: inject something into you. >> yes. and we have spent a lot of time. bill: a lot of time. >> debunking that, yes. there is no chip coming. bill: on the factor. >> i know it's a surprise. bill: just wait for me. on the factor we would spend two seconds debunking it. that's nuts! and we're finished with it. you don't have to do segments. >> you have the credibility that i don't have. >> you are working toward that though, right? >> you have 10 years of saying that's nuts! and being right. i have only got like six, eight months. bill: and you haven't been right yet. keep working on it. you are not telling me that you, glenn beck, think there is some sinister. >> hang on a second. bill: perfectly fine off the air. hey, glenn, how are you doing? he gets on, fangs come out. bill: you were right about acorn and the other guy what's his name? >> van jones. bill: you were right about him. you are not going to say no
5:42 am
matter what take the swine flu vaccine? >> i think this is important for everybody to make their own decision. this is injecting something into your body. there is great arguments for and against. if you remember the swine flu of '76, you were 50 back then? bill: yeah. look how i have survived all these years from taking the vaccination. for 112 i'm doing ok, because i followed the doctor. did>> did you see the obama when they put everybody in the white jacket? i thought i was against health care but now that i see people in white coats are for it, oh my god. bill: you have to be. they can find a doctor who thinks it's great. >> not just a doctor. one wearing the white coat. bill: i want to sum up. i am going to take the swine flu vaccine. beck will not tell you. who is the stand up guy, ok? >> me. bill: now, on the program, the other day, there is beck, who makes a lot of money, has his
5:43 am
money, roll the tape. >> well, hello, america. did you wake up this morning and read about what's going on with the dollar? yeah. probably not. if you still get the news from the newspaper, then i mean especially if you get the news from an american newspaper, then you definitely didn't read what was going on with the dollar. you know, if you only get the paper, you probably, well i'm guessing you know the name of all of david letterman's interns and the latest with john and kate plus 8 but the demise of the american dollar? please. gosh, what happens if all of a sudden saudi arabia says, by the way, the oil no longer paid for in dollars. this is garbage. it's worthless. bill: but i will take those dollars and just on the outside chance that we survive. >> outside. outside chance that we survive. bill: come on. you don't believe that the u.s. dollar with all the power of america is going to be worthless in, what, a year or so?
5:44 am
>> no, no, no. i have no idea on the timing. i think in 10 years you are off the dollar. the dollar is gone. bill: when you write these best selling books. you do your program and the radio. >> could be sooner. bill: do you get paid in yen or euros? >> gold bars. >> i will say this that two years ago, when i was saying get out of the stock market, this thing is 'about to collapse like a house of cards. all of the experts said you are fear mongering, you are crazy, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. bill: and you were write. >> -- right. >> i was right. bill: you sold everything. >> made a decision and talked about it on the air. i said i'm actually going to bet the other way because i think that this is going the other way. i actually made money on the way down. and i know a lot of people have a problem with that. bill: buying gold. >> originally bought gold at $300 an ounce. it's now, what?
5:45 am
1050? bill: have you guys that carry it to your garage. i saw them. >> there is no garage. underground. bill: that's right. i keep forgetting. >> that underground system you have connecticut. >> if you tell me, bill. i have met with all of the experts that i can possibly find and they all say the same thing oh no, we are going to be fine. why? well, because we just are. well, why? bill: do you think the dollar is going to collapse? do you really think it's not going to be in existence in 10 years? >> let me ask you. when we have as much debt as we have, and it's coming, even more and more and more, we lose -- we already have everybody, the g-20 said we have got to get out of the dollar of the reserve currency. saudi arabia said they didn't have this meeting and they have no short-term plans of getting out of the dollar. bill: they have got plenty of paper. >> everybody is moving toward the imf, et cetera, et cetera. what do you think is going to
5:46 am
happen? bill: imf is the international monetary fund: i'm not in your mind set over here. i think that we're going to have a rough year, another rough year and then the american -- the industrial that we have in this country always have, is going to turn this economy around. look, this is a safe haven here, nobody is investing in below live i -- bolivia. have you seen the direction our country is moving in? bill: it's not the politicians. it's the workers that i have confidence in. >> the politicians are handcuffing the workers. bill: that's going to stop. >> bill, it will this way. it will if the people stand up. bill: the people will. >> i agree with you on the people. bill: anyway, beck, give me those dollars you were throwing around. >> i'm telling you it's going to be carrots. bill: beck, everybody, there he is reality check up next tonight starring barney frank and jay
5:47 am
leno. also, bull the dog, apparently creates an outrage on air force one. don't miss this one coming right back .
5:48 am
political bill -- bill: barney frank mentioned immigration law and holocaust in the same analysis. >> i don't know how you can be the grandchild of four parents who were lucky to get out of russia and if america had the kind of immigration policy that some people would have like today my whole family obviously would have been wiped out in the holocaust.
5:49 am
bill: that's a little bit skewed. president roosevelt refused to allow many jewish refugees to come to america. the book of fools conkles that america can only do so much. number two. french minister defended roman polanski last month. he is taking heat for doing it he admitted he traveled to thailand and paid boys for sex. he says they were not underage. come on, that's what bangkok is famous more. france should remove that guy he is embarrassment. michael jordan is in trouble playing golf in san francisco, jordan was caught smoking a cigar. a violation of the city's smoking in public places ban. word is the basketball great may have to pay a $100 fine. probably less than what the cigar cost. so let me get this straight. if you come to this country illegally and commit a crime in san francisco, the city will protect you. but if you smoke in public there, you have got to pay 100 bucks.
5:50 am
wow. check four, in slidell, louisiana, there is a naked burglar. surveillance cameras caught this guy, nice if a seek, taking a baath in the driveway of the house. and then he breaks in and cooks himself some food and has a few drinks. take as shower inside. there he is. cops say 50-year-old keith potter under arrest hopefully in prison garb. check five. remember bay watch was once the most watched tv program in the world. actress nicole egg better was one of -- egggert and now she stars in a crazy internet video. >> lifeguard, help. look, look, look. ♪ some people stand in the darkness ♪ afraid to step into the lake ♪ some people need to help somebody ♪ don't you worry ♪ it's going to be ok.
5:51 am
>> no, no, no. we're good. we're good. >> are you sure? >> why, what's wrong? >> resume your lifeguard duties somewhere else. >> go up to the stand. >> just because i'm fat? >> no, never. >> oh, wow. >> we scared you. we are sorry. >> that's really mean, you guys. i was going to save your life. do you know how shallow that is? i'm a real woman. and you know real women gain weight. bill: the point of that is americans insane weight complex 38, 37, looks fine to me. check six leno's ratings falling fast. he got great numbers the first few nights he last more than 70% of the initial audience. we like jay he is a good guy. as the factor well knows competing in prime time very tough. the entire nbc taking gaffes not just jay. our new bill o' poll question is do you think jay leno will succeed in prime time?
5:52 am
yes or no and there it is, bill o' finally, check seven, i want to thank the folks at virgin atlantic airways for helping me out last weekend. i traveled on a very tight schedules. the airline people were great. both planes landed on time and it was a terrific experience. check complains a lot about the airlines, not this time. virgin atlantic did a good job. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring bo, the presidential dog. right back with the pooch.
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5:55 am
brian: now you have barack obama, extraordinarily, has won it nine months into his
5:56 am
presidency. alisyn: here was the committee's reasoning. >> the committee has decided the nobel peace price for 2009 is to be awarded to president barack obama for his extraordinary efforts in national diplomacy and cooperation between people. steve: so there you've got it. barack obama has just won the nobel prize for peace. what's extraordinary about this particular win is the fact that the nominations closed on february 1. that means essentially barack obama was in office two weeks before he was nominated for the nobel peace prize. what did dough? brian: speech in germany when he was a candidate. steve: does that count? alisyn: they say they were impressed by his outreach to the muslim world and attempts to curve nuclear proliferation. i'm not sure that iran has complied with his attempts to
5:57 am
curve those things. it's really incredible. nobel prize watchers -- and yes, there are those -- thought that this was not going to happen and a complete long shot when they heard these rumblings that president obama would win because his presidency is too new. as you said, the rumblings started two weeks into his presidency so that seemed like something people were doing for hype. but it has actually happened this morning. i'm stunned. i mean i'm stunned. steve: that's a good word to put it. alisyn: he was up against a true, incredible humanitarian. greg morton son, who we have interviewed before, has built 128 schools in remote, dangerous villages in pakistan with virtually his bare hands, with no money. and he has changed the education there for young girls. greg mortonson believes that was the way to prevent future jihad to get girls involved in education.
5:58 am
i can't believe that he didn't win this year. it seemed like that was who was going to win the peace prize. to me. brian: i'm looking at the charter. we're just getting this. alfred nobel, stipulated the peace prize should go to the person who will have done the most or best work of fraternity for the reduction of standing army and formation of spreading peace congresses. does that have anything to do with the delay of the deployment of 40,000 troops in afghanistan? that was his big poft lization over the last few weeks or so, should i put more troops in. if you add forces to a war, you can't win. steve: apparently the nobel peace prize hasn't necessarily gone to people who have been looking for peace. now it goes to people who combat poverty. like ali was just talking about disease and climate change. let's look at the big board. some nobel peace prize winners.
5:59 am
take a look. second from the left, al gore won the nobel prize for peace along with the climate change in 2007. and, of course, former president jimmy carter won. you've got kofi annan. and as brian mentioned, we did have two sitting presidents before, theodore roosevelt one and woodrow wilson one as well. what's interesting about the nobel prize these days is unlike the prize for peace, unlike the other prizes for economics and that other stuff, those are selected by institutions. the nobel prize for peace now is actually selected by politicians. brian: five people. steve: politicians selected by the norwegian parliament. alisyn: i thought it was just that sitting committee in oslo. who is it? brian: five-member committee elected by the norwegian parliament. sweden, norway, united under the same crown at the time of nobel's death. so alfred nobel, that's his prize so


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