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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  December 23, 2009 2:00am-3:00am EST

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last the "last call." we are closing down shop. thanks for being with us don't. good night from washington, d.c. we'll see you tomorrow night live from right here. . [captioning made possible by fox news channel] glenn: hello, america. we're going to spend an interesting hour today. one of the things that is philosophy of mind on this show is be who you are, say it like it is, let it rip. i think people are starving for people who are genuine. a few years ago, i listened to a c.d. and i was at a family picnic. one of my aunts said oh oh, you've got to listen to this c.d.!" and it was michael buble. i loved it. my wife and i bought the c.d. and then we saw him in concert. if you haven't heard him sing,
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you haven't heard anybody sing. if you haven't seen him in concert, you haven't seen a real performer. michael buble for the full hour. >> hi, glenn. glenn: i wanted to have a conversation with you on a little bit of everything. it was two years ago, i think we sat down and talked. >> yeah. glenn: and you were just starting to really take off. >> yeah, in america, it was just starting to happen. glenn: you're from canada, it's not that hard. >> i love my canada, yes. glenn: but it's not really hard to be a success in canada. >> oh, my god, you know the truth is that all of canada has my back. this is the truth. i think that it's hard to break in in canada, because to break canada, as an artist, you have to break the u.s.a. first.
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once you make it out, here's what happens. you're big in canada, you're getting big and people say, well, he's from canada, he's only from can d.a. you get big in the united states and they say he's from canada. it's the truth. glenn: i grew up right on the border in bellingham, washington. >> the aroma of tacoma. glenn: and i would hear 50% canadian music. there's not a lot of canadian artists. away to go, glenn. glenn: and ann murray. >> my manager manages her. glenn: she's one of my favorite canadians. >> it is a great country to be from, but really difficult to
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make it from there, and yet so many do. glenn: is it still where you call home? >> absolutely. i love canada. it's a special country, and people don't hate us. glenn: i know. will you take some of us across the border if some things starto melt down, can we cross the border? >> we have saved up a bunch of stuff in case things go bad. we have saved up a ton of rocks and slingshots and we have hockey sticks and curling stones. glenn: the last time i saw you was two months ago, and i walk in and you're there, and you said -- i had just talked about your new c.d. and it had just come out and i said by the way, you can saab absolutely claim you have never met me before, and you said no, man, i just got into a fight at a hockey game. what happened? >> a guy who is a host, a presenter in canada, basically i
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really liked his show, and he said, oh, i really -- he said you came up to me a couple of years ago, three years ago and told me you really liked my show. i remembered the instance and i said, yeah, yeah, and then i saw you on glenn beck and you were kissing his butt so i guess you were just kissing my butt. i got angry, i didn't really say what i felt, but i wasn't really -- i didn't understand why he said it. the truth is i love you, glenn, but i don't -- i'm not trying to kiss your butt and i don't need to kiss your butt. i think you're a nice guy and we line each other. you know, there's people like him or others who probably think, or, buble, be careful, glenn beck, there is 50 that are 50/50. i'm canadian, glenn. i don't vote here. glenn: he doesn't actually know who i am, he really doesn't.
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i love your music show! it's fantastic, isn't it? the last time we saw each other, two years ago, when we sat down and did this, you were just starting to really pop here in america. >> yes. glenn: i saw your show maybe a year later, and i noticed the crowd had changed, not changed, but had gotten much more intense. i noticed the security around you. i said to my wife, i said, it's really sad that all of this security is needed, because he's a product to somebody, and everybody thinks they know you because you're so personal onstage and personable. >> yeah. glenn: has it changed? has it become harder for you -- what's changed? >> honestly, it's become easier. it's strange to say it, but with getting, you know, a little more successful or selling more records or becoming a little
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more famous or all the things that happen in this business, i have my life -- my life has become far more normal. i talk to my parents about it always time and say don't you find it strange that, i think, you know, that i'm getting more experienced. i'm used to t you get tougher skinned. when someone writes something about you or something happens you say well, i know it's going to be ok. glenn: does it bother you some of this stuff? >> of course it bothers me. i'm a canadian kid and half the time i want to -- of course, i'm human. i want to knock people out for saying that stuff. glenn: i have read in the past, you know, oh, he's just trying to be frank sinatra, which i don't think you are at all. >> clearly i'm trying to be sammy davis, jr. it's crazy. glenn: i think going for the fake eye was a bit much. >> thank you, glenn. do you still get that?
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if i remember right, didn't people come after you, and, for instance, "my way," you have never done "my way," have you? >> no. glenn: why? >> well, i'm 24 years old. glenn: you're really 24? >> i'm 34 years old. glenn: i was going to say you look really crappy for 24! >> it's one of those things, too, where there are certain signature songs that i just thing that no way. i can write my own songs. one thing i have really tried to do through my life and my career here is to fight the categorization. none of us want to be categorized. no human being likes it when people say you are there, but it's very human for people to need to put you into a certain category r. glenn: it is the most frustrating, because this happens to me all the time. they will say oh, he's this or he's that. now he's glenn beck, where you're fit into your own category, but while you're
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coming up, and then people are pressuring you, don't do that, no, no, you don't want to do that because it takes you out of the category. you want to be more like. this you want to be yourself. >> i did it to myself, too. i happened to sincerely love the american song book. i happen to genuinely love being an interpreter of these songs, and so naturally, i mean, there's going to be, you know, people who see that it's obvious that i follow in the footsteps with my idol, tony bennett and sinatra, but at the same time i work really hard to sort of move forward from that, too, to make my own thing, and that came with me writing songs. i really like to keep things simple. i'm like the benjamin button of music. it's the truth. everybody else is funk and rap and r&b and they end up
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recording a standards record when they get older. i started off with the standards record and now i have moved slowly and gotten more into pop. glenn: can you bring this picture up? this doesn't look like benjamin button. do we have this picture? that doesn't look like -- >> that looks like dorky dorky 1975 baby boy. that is bad. glenn: no, no, if you want dorky, dorky, i think we have to go for this one. this one is good. can you bring that one up, too. >> oh, my god! glenn: did you get that haircut -- forget about the haircut. how old are you there? >> i'm 15, 16. when i was working the nightclubs looking like that, which is even scarier. look at that haircut! glenn: it's surprising that your career didn't take off at this point. >> they just cut my, what do you call it? glenn: your hair?
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>> you know, the hockey hair. i had just cut my mullet. glenn: you had a mullet? >> if you look, you can see the two rings. glenn: i would give my car to someone who delivers a picture of his mullet. >> my mom and dad have one. we can send one to you. look at this, who is that cute little girl? look it is the cross-dressing -- glenn: is there any truth to the fact now that you are a hem maff fro dite? is there there really is. >> look at my mom. she is a rock of the ages. glenn: that's your mom? >> she's beautiful, huh? glenn: tell me about your parents. >> young, fun, i couldn't get away with anything. glenn: did you tell your mom when you were two that you with going to be a star? >> exactly, yeah. isn't that creepy? that creeped her out. it really creeps her out. i think it was the intensity of
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the statement, too. i think i was three or four years old, and i was really intense about saying, you know, listen, ma, really, i'm going to do this. i'm going to do this. glenn: what did you think you were going to do? >> i knew. glenn: i was going to do exactly what i'm doing. i knew with a strange gut, i just knew it. glenn: i was 7 when i knew. i can't relate to people -- i feel bad, because most people are not like that. they don't know. they spend their life i'm not really sure. it is really a blessing. for me for a while it was a curse. >> my curse was my insecurity. still, i'm an insecure person, but i was really insecure, and i think it drove me to always want to prove for whatever reason, why should i be insecure, i have a beautiful mom and dad. i have a good life, i have good friends but i dealt with my false insecurity and i always had this thing of i'm going to
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prove to people and i'm going to show you and i'm going do show them that i'm going to do this. glenn: are you still there? >> no, and i'm really glad i'm not there. even though it was painful and an ugly attribute, if i wasn't that guy, i wouldn't be here f i was really well adjusted, i would be working at subway going would you like more turkey for your sandwich? glenn: would you agree that if you weren't now able to just let it be you wouldn't be where you are, too? >> yeah. i mean, i didn't know any different then, and now i'm getting to that age where, you know, i'm not saying i'm an old man. i'm a young guy, but i think at some point you look at your life and you become aware of your mortality and your age, and i've gone, ok, no more blaming the
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stupid things you have done on youth. glenn: right. >> saying come on, i'm a kid, and i'm going to make mistakes and blah blah blah. now it's come to a point where i'm trying -- i guess trying to take a little more responsibility for what i do. glenn: did it ever freak you out that you are a brand? >> no. glenn: you have never had that feeling? that you are a brand, that you are responsible for a lot of people's livelihoods, that you screw it up, and a lot of people lose? i'm freaking him out. you never thought that before? it will keep you up at night. >> glenn, i'm totally screwed. glenn: that hasn't crossed your mind that a lot of people are depending on you? >> i do think about that. i love it. i love it, because i'm up to the challenge, and the truth is when we talk about these people, i love these people. i know these people.
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i know their kids. i know their wives. i know their middle names and where they come from, and what they put on their hotdogs, so i feel this wonderful sense of responsibility, but not a crushing sense of responsibility. i love it, you know, like it is a beautiful thing for me. glenn: here you are, 21 years old, and is there something that -- i mean, are you just in the moment or are there things that you say, you know, i don't know when, maybe five years, ten years, maybe 20 years, i want to do this? is there more to you than this that you're just not exploring right now? >> oh, i hope so, glenn, because if this is it -- glenn: a lot of people would say that's very sweet. it would get redundant, but that's pretty sweet. >> a couple of my best friends,
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my buddy carston, he has a beautiful wife casey and we talk a lot about these things, you know, we have grown up since we were five years old and we're best friends and we keep talking about the kids and saying to ourselves, keep saying, geez, man -- glenn: hang on just a second. america, they might be able to pull this -- canadian presenters might let him get away with this. are you going for another chick trick where you're like, and i love children and i just want to have beautiful children together are you taking all of the women? >> this is what i'm going to say, glenn. glenn: this is obscene! >> glenn, i don't know. i don't know, glenn. i'm serious. i sit there with him and both of us, i mean, i don't -- it's like religion, ok. glenn: if he starts to cry i'm going to bust out and we're
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going to start talking. i'm going to get the chalkboard out and show his connections to communism. there may not be any but i'm going to find some! you want children, i know! the new c.d. will be he loves me, he's mine. >> i want kids but i'm scared. ski myself the question -- i can hardly -- >> i have several. you want to try one out? >> you say do you do this now or live the good life and be free and have your life? i look at my friends who have the kids and they're happy but -- glenn: you have the ability to do both, to bring them with you and experience it. i mean, there's nothing more frightening than raising kids. because you're bluffing the whole time. >> i would love to lie and say to you that i want two children now and bha blah blah and i would love to lie and say i
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don't, but the truth is i know i want kids. i'm just scared as hell. glenn: you should be. that will make. >> good parent. the parents are bad if they think, oh, that will be a piece of cake! >> i said mom, i don't know if i'm ready. she said honey, no one is ready. there is a part of it that i'm sure is hugely fulfilling and there is a part that is cool about i can do whatever i want, if i want to watch a hockey game or go fly somewhere, i can go. glenn: when we come back, there is a part missing in that whole "i love children so much." making them, you know what i'm saying? we're going to talk about making children with michael buble!  
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♪ another summer day has come and gone away i want to go home ♪ glenn: this is shameless. look at this. he's like, i'm lonely. if you were just here by my side. >> ♪ i'm lonely glenn: it's criminal what you do to women. >> i don't do anything.
2:22 am
i'm as smooth as crunchy peanut butter. glenn: please! >> you know it! glenn: play it going into the last commercial break, do you have this? the new single that's out? do you have it? ok. all right. all right. this is your girlfriend? the blond? >> yep. gosh, she's beautiful. wow. glenn: you got to watch. this watch when he's singing right to her, right here. you're a damn hypnotist! >> she's so beautiful. glenn: women, don't look directly into his eyes, don't do it! >> oh, my god. glenn: how did you meet? >> great story. i was in argentina. i finished a show. i went -- my security took me through the basement, crowded room. i looked across and saw this woman who was the most beautiful
2:23 am
girl i ever seen and i said oh, my god, grandpa, i'm never going to see this girl again. they took me to the hotel -- glenn: stop, stop, stop. see what he said? this man will be studied forever. don't forget when you are telling a story and you want to be super cuddly, throw in i looked at my grandpa and asked -- it's shameless. i don't think he has a grandfather. i don't think so! >> so i got to this v.i.p. room at this hotel lounge and the president of the label said would you mind meeting one of our most famous actors, and i said fine, and in she walked with her co-star. i thought it was her boyfriend. her english wasn't great and he could speak, so i didn't want to be a jerk and hit on her in front of him, because i assumed they were together so i just talked with him and talked and had my first scotch, my second, and by the third scotch, i was
2:24 am
was looking at him and thinking his muscles were so big, but i didn't realize she was on the phone now saying oh, my god, mom, he is so gay. she thought i was hitting on him. glenn: really? >> yes. glenn: do you know speak the same language? >> (speaking spanish) glenn: i could do that. >> you can do this? (speaking spanish) glenn: did you see how he did it? the guy is a magician! >> oh, my god. what about you? can i ask you, do you have, like lady fans that say, if i was a popcicle, what would you do to me, glenn? glenn: every day women turn on the fox news channel just for a slice of this every day, are you kidding me! they are -- ok.
2:25 am
here are the fans, there they are. there is your fans and there is my fans. >> look how young they are, glenn! glenn: i get them young, glenn. i hypnotize them. >> your hair is better than mine in that film. there i look like fido dido or something. that guy in the cartoon from the big hair. glenn: you have seen the guy from barnum & bailey who just has the orange hair? >> no. that was my problem, because i would fight my stylist and say no, it's like, this and now i just let her do it. she is correct and i'm not. i just say do whatever because i'm stupid. glenn: would somebody before the end of the show get the picture of barnum & bailey so we can compare those? i think it's the same guy. i think we have found another
2:26 am
michael buble revelation. >> i have been watching the television here in new york and your ad is on -- glenn: my ad? >> the ad for your show, "the christmas sweater." you are passionate, to say the least, like i don't know -- i'm not lying. when you're talking, i don't know what the story is that you're actually say, but i want to cry, really, because you say it -- you're so -- i don't know if i want to cry or i want to buy it or whatever. glenn: i get a lot of heat because i'm passionate and i don't care. i mean, look at me. you can't get any worse than this, you really can't. >> no! glenn: people are like, men don't cry. >> bull, bull, they can cry. real men cry a lot. glenn: back in a second.
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ignores the u.s. ♪ you're nobody until somebody comes along and they love you ♪ glenn: my five-year-old sees you or hears you playing at the house, my five-year-old son, he calls you michael deboob-la. you are an amazing performer. michael buble is with us for the full hour. really, michael, honestly, i have never seen anybody onstage as good as you, ever. >> thank you. glenn: i mean, i have seen all
2:33 am
the big groups that you're supposed to see, the individual performers. there is no one like you. >> thank you. glenn: have you always been that comfortable? >> i think i faked it for a long time, but i think, you know, i struggled for ten years in bars and nightclubs, and i played -- glenn: what was it like? i think the reason why -- and the reason why i'm having michael on is, a, i'm huge fan, and b, if you don't know his music, you should know his music. if you haven't seen a show, you want to get somebody a great christmas present, buy a ticket to the michael buble show. >> i love you. thank you. glenn: he's paying me 10%. i don't mean a word of it. the thing that i like about you, and the first time we met was, i think at radio city. >> yep. glenn: and i had seen you first at radio city, and i paid more for a ticket than i paid for anything, and my wife was mad,
2:34 am
and the tickets were gone in 2 minutes an i had to go to a scalper and i think i paid $600 a seat and i was in the back. i thought i was in the back and the whole time i was hearing it from my wife, and i like your music, but i thought my wife will get excited and i will watch a guy sing and she's going to be staring at him all night. when i sat down, there was somebody who had come from ireland who had paid more than i had, somebody on the other side that had just seen you, like, six times and i thought wow, this is a zombie factory. i was zombie-fied within ten minutes, and what i told you when i went backstage was if you are although you are in real life, if that's really you onstage, you have got an amazing career ahead of you forever. >> thank you. glenn: how did you fake it? is that why you weren't big when
2:35 am
you were this, because you're real. >> i don't think i was faking it. i mean like actually, i get up and the only time you will see me bummed is when they say the audience isn't coming in and i will go, come on, and it was like, i really enjoy it, and as i have gotten older and as i have gotten more conscience and become more aware, i have started to really really appreciate even more the opportunity to con next with that many people on a conscience level. it's unbelievable. i say it like a joke of it but it's not a joke. i go out three or four days a week and i throw a party. glenn: i'm sure it's an awful lot.
2:36 am
bill o'reilly and i are doing areanas and i'm sure it's the same feel. there is, at least for me, there is nothing like the feeling, and i don't know if anybody can understand it, when you walk on stage and you know they're with you. you can feel t it's all of a sudden like you're one. it's like you're just with a friend. >> you really enjoy it. glenn: well, yeah. do you know what i'm saying? it's like you're with whoever that one person is. they're just with you. >> they're an extension of your family or your friends. they are there for you. they don't want to show up to hate you. glenn: i did. i did. $600, i did. >> when i sing, the people didn't show up to see me. they showed up to get drunk and i just happened to be up there, so so i worked hard, i really
2:37 am
hard to win audiences over. now, i guess i don't have to -- it's not work anymore. now it's really a joy. glenn: you walked toward the edge of the stage and everybody goes crazy. everybody goes crazy. is it hard in real life, because you have that connection, is it hard to date? when you didn't have a girlfriend -- peter o'toole was in "my favorite year." have you seen it? >> no. glenn: it is based on a show with errol flynn, and there is this great line and he is errol flynn, and everyone would
2:38 am
immediately beeline to him, and he said, the mel brooks' character, well, that must be tough and he said, oh, wow you would be surprised. they already know who i am, and so i am that person. >> yeah. a great philosopher once said that it is like a diabetic in a candy store. that was john mayer, i think. glenn: i don't think so. >> i don't think so, either. i think it's one of those things where is it hard to date somebody, is it hard to go on dates? glenn: because they are -- they know who you are. they have certain expectations. you are a certain way. they know you from the stage, and they think they know you. >> that ends pretty quickly. that effect wears off quickly.
2:39 am
honestly, i don't think about it because i have a great person in my life and i can concentrate on enjoying my life with her and all the other great things that come along with being michael bubbly. glenn: buble. you are reading the teleprompter it say boo-blay on the teleprompter. ♪ now you say you cry the whole night through well, you can cry me a river cry me a river i cried a river over you ♪
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glenn: michael buble envelope concert. he is coming to a town near you. get a ticket. he has a new c.d. out and i don't know, he is doing some david copperfield magic thing. oh, he's canadian so it's doug henning. it's magical. let me show you the picture. show the picture here of michael with the hair up. see, look at his hairdo. i think he is -- you've seen this man before -- go ahead, side by side, please. >> oh, god. thanks a lot, glenn! glenn: you haven't seen them at a party together, have you? one more thing, play the video
2:44 am
that we played a minute ago, "everything" where he was looking a little -- little -- -- >> look at me there. glenn: look at you there. i mean, michael, i'm not one to talk, but -- >> i was a little chunky. glenn: there is inside of me a fat man screaming to get out, just screaming to get out. it takes everything for me to stay thin. >> yeah. glenn: well, no it doesn't. i just exer don't exercise and i eat. giving those up is too much for me. are you a thin man or a fat man? i'm just asking. >> i get the question. it is a good question, actually. i think i had to work incredibly hard to be that chunky. glenn: i hate you even more.
2:45 am
>> i'm a softie. i got to work out to get to stay. glenn: to just stay to where everyone though throws them themselves at you? >> truth. i went to my doctor and i said i'm a little overweight. he said you are a small-boned guy. i was eating macaroni and cheese, it is a good for three people or four people. glenn: no, it's for one. >> i would make three in a night and put extra velveeta slices in and a can of tuna and crackers. i couldn't eat the whole thing in one. it's beautiful, i'm so hungry now! glenn: let's go after the show, we will have velveeta! >> and by the way, drinking a good amount, too doesn't help. glenn: since we met last time, you have given up smoking? >> yeah. glenn: how long? >> almost thee months. why? do you got some?
2:46 am
glenn: and drinking, kind of? >> drinking, yes! but drinking, really because -- i lick my lips. isn't that funny? it's been three months. glenn: i'm a recovering alcoholic. i like to talk about drinks. >> i love a nice tall glass of scotch, but the thing is not as much as i love after that first glass of scotch, oh, gosh. glenn: you had a two pack a day cigarette habit. >> that's my thing. my girlfriend kept saying i don't like the smell of your breath. you smell like smoke. glenn: are you having slumber parties with your girlfriends? >> sometimes. glenn: the last time i smoked a cigar, first date with my wife who is now my wife. she said, i really -- yeah. so you didn't give it up for health reasons. >> yeah, no, i gave it up for both. the thing is what happened
2:47 am
basically is that i knew i couldn't stop smoking if i continued to drink. the second i i get a buzz, there is nothing yummier than a cigarette, so i just figured, ok, stop the smoking, stop the drinking. glenn: when i first talked to you, and i watch you, you're a genuine guy, but you are living frank sinatra's life. >> it's a similar lifestyle, i guess. glenn: not to say that, you know, he was whacking people or anything and i don't think you are, but so maybe not the whole life of frank sinatra. >> close, really, pretty close. glenn: now i strangely understand why i'm sitting with a tarpon the floor. we'll be back -- he's going to whack me after this. >> your cement boots are coming. ♪ and if you want a partner,
2:48 am
take my hand and if you want to strike me down in anger here i stand i'm your man÷
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2:51 am
♪ i'm feeling good the fish in the sea you now how i feel river running through it ♪ glenn: michael buble, if he's performing in your area, make sure you go and see him.
2:52 am
you haven't seen a performer like michael buble. i want to talk to you about christmas, and here is the number one question that i think i get around this time of year, because anybody who says, you know, hey, michael bubl sext on your show from time to time, blah blah blah, why hasn't he made a christmas c.d.? >> ok, i made a christmas c.d. a few years ago with six songs on it but it wasn't what i wanted. the truth is i want to have a christmas c.d. for perhaps next christmas or the christmas after, because christmas is, without a doubt, my favorite holiday, my favorite time of the year. glenn: they have it in canada? >> they have it. glenn: i don't even understand like thanks give something like boxer day or something like that. what is boxer day?
2:53 am
>> boxing day. boxing day is after christmas. glenn: i don't know. it's one of those screwed up holidays for people up there. >> we give thanks to the boxes. glenn: to the boxs? you don't have thanksgiving. >> you have yours on the wrong day. glenn: what is your thanksgiving? we have the pilgrims. what are you? >> i'm not telling you, because we don't want you to come. i love christmas. i want a great christmas, and you know what, i want an old-school sentimental -- i don't want it to be modern. glenn: you want it like and an i did williams? can i tell you something? >> yeah. glenn: andy williams, i heard him on the radio the other day. he is still alive. if it wasn't that he was in brandon, i would go. when you think about christmas, you think of andy williams. >> bing crosby. glenn: and the white album. that's what you're doing, that's
2:54 am
what you want to do? >> the bing crosby one, that was beautiful. that was how i found jazz music. glenn: when you release that, you should do a special, a network special on the old set, you remember like the old andy williams set or the old dean martin, where it was like, the '70's apartment? >> i actually did a special this year and it ran before with jennifer hudson and her and i did a couple of christmas songs together. it was very sweet. glenn: i wasn't one of the invited guests. >> it wasn't like a theater show. we just did it. it was one of those things we just sang. glenn: i still love you. >> next time i'll let you know. glenn: it's over. >> the show is over? glenn: back in a minute.
2:55 am
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♪ glenn: so we've got about a minute and a half left. tiffany is our producer. >> we have of 60 seconds on the clock so he has enough time to give us a shot. glenn: this is the only time the crew has laughed the whole show. >> you know what i think, mr. beck? glenn: yes. >> i think cool is as cool does. glenn: no, you're zombie-chick stuff doesn't work on me. i know what that translation is, can't help you. >> i will do one thing. this is the best i can do.
2:59 am
if you can do this, you are cool. take one of these. there you go. take one of those, just one. glenn: just one. no, no, no. >> catch it in your mouth. glenn: i can't do it. >> ok, then, i guess you're not cool. glenn: you're just figuring this out. >> here we go. wait. that's not cool. oh, that's cool. glenn: that i can do. >> now, look at me. i will just go to pieces. glenn: i tell you what, you go do whatever it is that you're doing in your life. we're going to mix up some boxes of macaroni and cheese and vel teat that slices -- velveeta slices. michael, go ahead. ♪ i'll be home for


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