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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 23, 2010 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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of dollars in that sucker there. when it comes back to mother earth, we'll ask our questions, won't we? martha: it's taking pictures of bill hemmer's house! bill: stay away! martha: have a great weekend. jon: hello and happy friday to you, i'm jon scott. jane: i'm jane skinner, "happening now", trying to contain a catastrophe in the gulf of mexico, an oil slick is now spreading for miles around the area where the rig exploded and sank. plus we have new details this hour on the search for the 11 workers who are still missing. jon: in the middle box, from the high seas, pirates attacking our navy off the coast of africa. jane: and students beating each other to a pulp, and why do they do this? here are live pictures from
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our newsroom, a lot is happening on this friday morning, we're working on it all and will bring it state to you. jon: president obama is now making immigration reform a priority on top of an already full agenda. but after health care is he ready for another bruising battle over a controversial issue in an election year? minutes to go -- minutes ago he spoke at a citizenship ceremony for members of the military. maloni will o'clocks joins us. how high a priority is this for the administration. >> reporter: president obama is talking up reform mindful of the hispanic vote in the mid-term election year but as they get to immigration reform, they're pushing him for do more. a short i'm ago the president said he wants a common sense approach to those with citizen thank you. here's what he sas to -- has to say. >> surely we can agree with
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11 million living her illegally outside the system, that's unacceptable, the american people demand a solution and they deserve common sense immigration reform grounded in the principles of responsibility and accountability. >> reporter: the president's secretary robert gibbs said the president had been calling republican senators, reaching across the aisle, including senator scott brown but dodged the question of whether immigration or energy should be the next major priority for congress. representative lurrist gutierrez on the senate council says he would like to see something moving early june. jon: what about the senate, are they inclined to go along with immigration reform? >> reporter: key democratic leaders are also hard to pin down when it comes to should energy or immigration come first. here's what senate majority leader harry reid has to say. >> immigration is something we really have to do, it's something in disrepair, the system is broken, but i'm
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not going to be saying one has more importance than the other. everything is important and to further complicate my life we have the supreme court nomination that's going to take up a lot of time. >> reporter: from the other side, republican senator jeff sessions said, quote, there is little enthusiasm in congress to pass legislation that would legalize millions of unlawfully residents to compete with out of work americans for needed jobs, further driving down pay and draining government resources. not a lot of priority of when this goes forward. jon: always something to wrestle about in washington. jane: and what was going on at the securities and exchange commission while the economy was collapsing. turns out a lot of them were busy watching something else, something on the government computer. jon: unbelievable. jane: rick leventhal is here to explain the details. >> reporter: yeah jane!
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a lot of people shaking their heads over this one, there were two cases in 20 07 and 16 in 2008, just as cracks in the financial system were turned into near panic on wall street, these are attorneys tasked with protecting investors and maintaining fair and orderly and efficient markets, they were in some cases spending their entire working days on x rated material, the sec found 31 employees looking at explicit images on the government computer over the past 2 1/2 years, some of the porn loving lawyers were making as much as $220,000 a year, jane. jane: how extensive was the x-rated surfing? >> one senior attorney at the sec's washington headquarters sent up -- spent up to eight hours a day looking at and downloading pornography and when he ran out of hard space, he burned files to cds and kept them in boxes around the office. jane: oh stop. >> reporter: he has now resigned. jon: we're not paying him anymore. error reporter there was another sec worker, an account ant blocked from sex
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and porn sites more than 16,000 times in a month but still managed to collect graphic material and he was suspended 14 days. jane: all this comes amid what we're looking at potentially on monday, the sweeping financial reform legislation, how does it all tie in? >> reporter: and also a week after the sec find a lawsuit against wall street powerhouse goldman sachs, prompting republicans on capitol hill to suggest the sec is doing major damage control right now. congressman darrell issa on the government reform committee issued a statement about this widespread violation of government ethics rules, saying, quote, this stunning report should make everyone question the wisdom of moving forward with plans to give regulators like the sec more authority, rather than exercising its regulatory authority, sec officials were preoccupied with other distractions, of course, some, allegedly. now the sec just released a statement saying it will not tolerate the transgressions of a very few and that every offending employee has been
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or is being disciplined, and also, we should mention that the sec inspector general david katz will join neil cavuto on fox at 4:00. that's a can't miss interview. jane: and neil does it better than anybody else. he'll get the details. thanks. jon: that's going to be a good one. in a push to crack down on wall streetit hithing a road block on capitol hill, senate majority leader harry reid plans to call a key vote on the financial reform bill this coming monday. reid says he does not want to waste any more time on bipartisan negotiations. but he needs at least one republican vote to block a potential filibuster. and without signs of a compromise, republicans seem solidly against the bill. let's talk about it with tucker karlson, editor of the daily caller, joe trippe was howard dean's presidential manager, both are fox news contributors. joe, is majority leader reid, is he rolling the dice
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here? >> yeah, to some extent, john, he might be. the other thing, this could be just a ploy, it could be giving chris dodd leverage to continue the negotiations and tone to -- and hope to get somewhere. in the end i think we are going to have a bipartisan passage of this thing. whether it happens monday or not is still the question. but i think it could be a ploy or he could just be rolling the dice, and let's get this over with fast, let's get to the supreme court and other things, and let's move. i think he has learned from the health care thing, it's better to move ahead, try to get this thing passed soon, as soon as of having another protracted fight. jon: tucker, voters want bipartisanship, that's what they say in survey after survey, but what kinds of carrots would senator reid be willing to offer republicans to get a vote or two? >> well, apparently, the white house has instructed congressional democrats to not negotiate with republicans, at least in the past cup of -- couple of days in the belief that the
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public can paint republicans as antireform and that will prove to their benefit politically. it's going to be a couple of weeks before there's a real vote on this. i think there probably will be bipartisan support for it. take three steps back, though, the real story is nobody knows what is in this legislation. we sent out a reporter to talk to a bunch of people working on this and he concluded there were probably fewer than a dozen people in the world who really understand what this legislation is. we had a debate -- we debated health care a year, this is a more complex bill than the health care bill and again, nobody knows what's in it. jon: what about that, joe, if we're going to pass reform we ought to know what it's about, shouldn't we? >> we should. i agree with tucker it may take several weeks before this is completed. but i do think, look, by the time this is done, we'll know what's in the bill and there will be bipartisan support for it, i have no doubt about that. what reid is doing is putting the republicans in a tough position. either they cave and get
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some republicans to vote for this thing that is bipartisan or they unwittingly take the side of what appears to be the public side and fight against reform and that's a very tough position politically to be in. i think that is exactly what the white house is trying to do, if they are instructing them to do this. that's the entire reasoning for it and we'll see where it goes from here. but in the end, it will be bipartisan, there will be support from the republicans, i'm positive of that. they can't possibly take the hit of voting down finance reform. jon: tucker, so often with this white house, it seems like it's my way or the highway, and yet, there's a gallup poll just out that says that the advantage that the democratic party built up over republicans late in the bush administration has all but evaporated under president obama, that the independents are leaning very republican now. >> well, certainly on this question, that advantage should have evaporated. obama is president because
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wall street supported him, he took more money, of course, from these banks than his opponent than the last election did. he is in many ways a creature of the support of this industry that they're seeking now to regulate. somehow that gets lost in all of this. second, this bill does not even address fannie and freddie, which of course that was the epicenter of the original earthquake that started this current recession, and that's not even dealt with in this? look, these are the very same people who have totally mismanaged this economy in such a profound way that we're broke and to look the american public in the face and say we know what we're doing, we understand economics, we can do this, trust us, are you serious? jon: tucker, joe, thank you both. jane: there is a search for a man who investigators say savagely beat his in laws. states are struggling to pay for school, pay for
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education, and now the government is ready to hand a -- to lend a hand -- to lend a hand, but there's a catch. we'll explain.
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jane we want to get to breaking news in the newsroom, a man is being hunted, police say he beat his in laws near to death in their home. >> reporter: time roberts, 26 years old, went to the phone, i just got off the phone with the police in clarksville, tennessee, went to their home, they had a domestic disturbance there, and the father in law, they is in such bad shape they had to life-flight him, he's in critical condition, the wife is in serious condition and they have found his car abandoned not too far from here. they are searching in robertson county, tennessee, looking for him. he was recently arrested and gotten out of jail for that. they had to taser him to take him down in that situation and he urinated on
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the ground. police said they consider him very dangerous and very unpredictal. there's the tipline: >> i just called it to talk with the person manning the phones, they say they are getting tips and are hopeful that's going to continue. jane: let us know, harris, thanks. jon? jon: fox news alert for you, a white powder of some sort has been found at lovefield, one of the smaller airports in the dallas area. you can see the hazmat team is on the scene just outside the terminal building. no word on exactly what this is, whether it's dangerous or not, but it's of concern enough that they brought in a hazmat crew. some kind of white powder spilled there at lovefield in dallas. when we get more information about what exactly the hazmat team is dealing with there, we'll bring it to you live. and some other stories we're watching in the top box, greece is asking for a rescue package put together
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but the eurozone and international mandatory fund to help pull it out of its crisis but engineer channel chancellor angela merkel says they must finish talks with the international monetary fund before a decision is made on how much money greece gets. a man charged in a plot to attack the new york city sub sway system is planning to plead not guilty, czar een ahmed zai is intrect dollars -- ahmad zai is expected to enter that -- to enter that plea today. >> sales of brand new homes, they surged to 27 percent in the month of way -- in the month of march, far beyond the increase that analysts were expecting. congress is getting ready to spend 6 1/2 billion dollars a year and it's all your money. the house passing a bill to spend all of that dough to
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help schools go green. william la jeunesse is live in our newsroom on the west coast. he has a look at this one for you. william. >> reporter: well, jon, you know, we already pay state income taxes to construct and operate schools. you also pay local property taxes to help build schools. well now, you're about to pay a third time for the same thing. the federal government, jumping into the school construction business. $56 billion coming from the stimulus fund, that money has already been appropriated for school construction but now house democrats say that's not enough. they want a second bill. they passed it. it's called the 21st century green high performing public schools facility act to create a greener teaching environment. >> by employing smart technologies like lighting sensors that don't use electric bulbs, for instance, while the sunlight is lighting a classroom,
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you're able to save tremendously on energy costs as well. >> although it was promised they would save 30 percent in energy, in virtually every case, green schools use more energy per square foot than recently built schools that don't use the green building standards. >> reporter: studies from washington state which is a leader in green schools say these schools are notoriously over budget and consistently fail to save energy. so how much will this $32 billion bill cost you? go to the taxpayer calculator, on, and here is what you will find. basically, you can put in your income, and in this particular case, if you earn basically under $15,000, you'll pay about 1.41. those making 30-$50,000 will pay $53. up your tax bracket to 100- 200k, $400, top wage
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earners over 250 will pay $4000. now, this bill again has passed the house, it awaits action in the senate. so you go to the website and you can vote and tell congress what you want, what you think about this $32 billion bill. you'll find it at the end of the page on bottom line, jon, if you add the 56 billion that we already are paying through the stimulus bill on construction and add this to that as well, you're looking at -- well, you can basically more than double the figures that you find on the web. minimum wage worker would have to pay about 70 hours worth of wages to pay in taxes what the median income american will pay for just this bill, not including their local and state income taxes. jon: always interesting to see how these numbers break down. william la jeunesse, thanks. jane: today police are warning parents about a new fight game called ten
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seconds. what is it, what are they so worried about and why do kids keep videotaping this stuff and putting it on the web? >> and you've got to stick around for this story, it reads like a hollywood script, the hero, which you -- who you can see in the middle of the road, is that german shepherd who ran to get help for his owner. he's got nothing on buddy -- lastie's got -- lassie's got nothing on buddy!
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jon: "happening now" in the top box, iraq and a string of deadly explosions rocking baghdad, at least 58 people have been killed, the blast, mostly targeting shiite warshipper. in the middle box, swiss diplomats save three hikers
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jailed in iran for nearly nine months, they're now considering a hunger strike. they also say two of the young people are in poor health. in the bottom box, the vatican says it's getting into stem cell research, officials say the vatican will donate $2.7 million to study adult stem cells and whether they can be used to treat diseases. the vatican remains opposed to embryonic stem cell research. >> come on, he hit me in the ear! >> it was on the tip of everyone's tongue. >> can i be next? >> they just gave it a name. >> welcome to fight club. >> this is who the fight club is. >> wow, nice. >> we do not talk about fight club. jane: you may remember that movie, fight club. police are warning parents about a new fight game that's going on, it's called ten seconds, and that's how long the opponents have to beat each other as viciously as possible, usually they
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beat up in a bathroom or some place at school. there have been reports of pretty serious injuries and you know some other kid is there to videotape it on his or her cell phone and it's posted online. a psychiatrist, part of our medical a team, doctor, good to see you, is this morning boys being boys? it sounds familiar to me when i was in middle school, somebody was always beating the you know what out of each other for a few seconds. >> it is so much more. listen, first of all this is being taped, and broadcast. so there is a de personalized aspect to it. it's becoming entertainment and these kids are really hurting each other. i think there's this leeching into our daily life of entertainment, the internet and everybody considers him or herself to be a celebrity and star of fight club now or ten seconds, but really, the suffering is real, and it's discounted. so people aren't feeling each other's real pain anymore because actually, they're all considering themselves actors in a
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screenplay. it's only ten seconds. jane: the police are pretty clear. and this is happening particularly in a school in troy, michigan but the police are clear in saying it's happening in other places around the country and that the injuries can be significant, that you can get con suggestions -- concussions, i mean, they went so far as to say you could even die in ten seconds if you hit somebody in the right place. >> absolutely. look, this is incredibly dangerous, it's also psychologically very dangerous because it suggests that you need not be sensitive about hurting somebody else very badly because it's all a game, and it's all on tv or over the internet. listen, here's the extension of this. just wait until there are romantic or sexual interactions for ten seconds, that girls and boys decide to implement as the next phase of the ten seconds entertainment world. jane: you know, that was actually my next question, doc. for parents out there, i particularly think i might be more worried about the game we used to play of two minutes in the closet with somebody of the opposite sex
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than i would about ten seconds of getting beat up in a bathroom but you're saying the two of them may merge. >> listen n. a technological world in which everyone is feeling de personalized, people resort to the body, they resort to the physical to remind themselves that they're alive but it can be inurous because it can be extreme. this is extreme and believe me, two minutes in the closet when we were kids, it ain't what happens two minutes in the closet now. trust me, i talk to kids. >> and in case my mom is watching, i didn't play! those other kids did! >> you you can tell her! that's all right, i'll do the counsel's lin afterwards, we'll do the work with the family. jane: thank you dr. ablow. it is -- a ablow, thank you, we appreciate your time. >> my pleasure, thank you. jon: one navy seal acquitted, the fate of two others hang in the balance. the latest developments from the court marshal underway for a seal accused in a
11:28 am
beating case involving a suspected terrorist. and more war games in the persian gulf. iran is showing off a new weapon. we'll tell you what that's all about, straight ahead. and three dreaded words for you: bathing suit season! are you ready? some tips to get you toned up before you hit the beach. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> reporter: welcome back, i'm harris faulkner, sarah palin, former governor of alaska, on the stand right now testifying in trial in knoxville, tennessee, this is the trial of 22-year-old david kernell, the young university of tennessee student charged with hacking into her e-mail account when she was on the campaign trail in 20 08 as the republican vice presidential nominee. now, here's what we're told of paleo that palin is telling jurors, that during that campaign she used the blackberry and a certain e-mail account and that was her only way of getting in touch with her family while she was complaining so it was important to her. she actually learned that it had been hacked into from a news report when she was campaigning in michigan. she's on the stand right now. by the way, david kernell is also the son of a democratic tennessee lawmaker, he faces up to 50 years behind bars for charges like mail fraud, identity theft, that come
11:33 am
along with this trial. i'll keep you posted on sarah palin on the stand as news happens from knoxville, tennessee. now back to you guys. jane: harris, thanks. >> sure. jane: opening statements in the court marshal case. petty officer jonathan keefe is accused of failing to stop the mistreatment of an iraqi prisoner, that prisoner is suspected to be the mastermind of the grizzly murders of four american contractors in fallujah. another navy seal was cleared of similar charges just yesterday. steve centanni has been covering this for us, he's in d.c. tell us what happened today >> reporter: we've had at least three witnesses and the trial continues. the prisoner himself who claims he was beaten, he testified, a navy petty officer who says he saw the beating, and julio hoursas -- huertas, who was found not guilty in the case yesterday. this is the trial of petty officer second class jonathan keefe of new yorktown, virginia.
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they don't want his picture shown because it's in special operation. use accused of dereliction of duty. he's chose to go have the case heard by the judge and there won't be a jury as in the case of julio huertas. jane: and huertas was found not guilty. does that mean the possibility of acquittal is pretty high for the others? >> reporter: it's possible. the biggest concern would be for matthew mccabe, he's the navy seal actually accused of punching the prisoner in the stomach. mccabe's attorney says the case has been laid out in the trial of huertas and in the trial of keefe and the jury didn't believe the allegations in the last trial. mc-- i'm sorry, huertas was found not guilty so he's sure keefe and mccain will also be found not guilty and he talked with me this morning about mccabe's reaction to the acquittal of huertas. let's listen. >> i woke up yesterday to an effusive e-mail from my
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client, he was shouting and overjoyed, and he anticipates keefe will meet the same result as will he, he's very confident of victory. >> reporter: mccabe's trial is set for may third in norfolk, virginia. jane: steve is in d.c., he'll let us know if anything breaks. thanks. >> you bet. jon: iran is conducting more war games today, testing a new speed boat that state-run media there claims can sink an enemy vessel, the three-day exercise in the strait of hor muse is a show of defiance by iran as the world closely watches its nuclear buildup. mike emanuel is live at the pentagon for us now. the war games, what are the iranians saying about them and what are we seeing so far, mike? >> reporter: they're called great prophet five and this is an annual thing the ran -- iranians do, showing off their military might, typically it's in the summertime, this year it's earlier, it's not clear why they moved up the date but essentially showing off some of their naval assets, that strait of hormuz is a
11:36 am
significant place because a great deal of the world's oil travels through the strait of hormuz is the iranians apparently showing off, that they think they can protect that area or perhaps close off that area if they were attacked by the west, jon. jon: so at the pentagon there, what are they saying about this military exercise? >> reporter: well, it seems to be that they're kind of downplaying the whole thing saying the iranians have a right to do military exercises, they were careful to announce ahead of time that they were going to do the exercises. i spoke with one u.s. official who told me a short time ago, quote, there seems to be a lot of pomp under the circumstances. we take this kind of thing seriously, of course, but this seems to be more show than anything else. i'm unaware of anything significant that they've got on display in connection with this exercise, but we are watching how it all unfolds, jon. jon: it seems like they're kind of poo-pooing it all. are they going to be studying the films, watching the videotape to see what the iranians are up to, what kind of progress they're making? >> well, there is no
11:37 am
question about that. the iranians make a lot of claims about what their military technology can do. u.s. officials say sometimes it just doesn't measure up to what they claimed it can do so there will be careful analysis of what they've got on display to see precisely what they can do because they are a very secretive regime, jon. jon: mike er manual at the -- memanual, thanks. jane: memorial day is about a month away. what's the bad news in that? after a month of hiding under our bulky sweaters, we have to get into bathing suits. jon, did you write this for me, my abs, my metabolism needs a makeover? my abs look fine there, jim! jim, we're going to go the three scenes for memorial day and the first one, interestingly enough, is that senility is important, not necessarily how long you work out.
11:38 am
so if i'm going to go for an hour walk or 20-minute quick jog on the treadmill, i'm better off with 20 minutes? >> absolutely, jane. i'm a huge believer that intensity is the key to optimizing calorie burn, getting the optimal burn afterwards and a huge fan of the interval strength training. i really want to butch your metabolism as much as possible and if you bump up your muscle through strength training you optimize calorie burn and your body's composition. when you say strength training, you mean pick up weights. >> weights, exercise, tubing, your own body weight, machines, whatever it may be, lungs, swawts, pushups, pullups, if you hit it hard you'll instantly notice a difference in your body and memorial day is four, five weeks away, so we're getting close. jane: first is intensity, and number two, eating is almost everything. >> it really is. jane: 75 percent is your eating. nearly 25 percent of your
11:39 am
weight loss would be affected by your exercise. >> that's correct. and the big problem is most people think you can outtrain a bad diet, which you cannot do. the calorie is -- the calorie is king. oprah is doing this initiative on no cell phones and texting in the car? i challenge americans, no eating in the car! if we just stop eating, that mindless eating in the car, it's amazing how many calories. we're eating too many calories and drinking too many, this is a tirade i've been into for a long time. >> two things you're into, green tea and spicey stuff. >> the green tea boosts metabolism, it repairs mutual off you exercise faster and it's an antiinflammatory on your whole body. you can really improve your health statistics and clearly your energy levels which will allow you to make better food and exercise choices with green tea, and like spies, remember george with the kung pao chicken? it actually boosts your metabolism, hit the cayan
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pepper, tabasco sauce, chill i powder and get a bump. jane: and soak up the sun, it's actually good for us? >> right, very good. it helps the sarcadium rhythm. we're very sleep deprived as american and this is correlated to the obesity epidemic. the more you're in the sun, the more you tell your body to be awake, at night you go to sleep and you'll lose weight because your hormones will be positively affected. jane: jim is a personal trainer, lifestyle expert, joining us from it looks like chicago today, a beautiful town, high home town. i'll try to follow that and get my abs in shape. >> i'll see you on memorial day! >> okay, thanks. jon: how close would you get to that thing? storm chasers go after a dangerous twister. we'll show you how close they got to this monster.
11:41 am
plus a new study on violent video games featuring a blot of blood and guts. you probably don't want your kids watching them but could they have a real medical benefit for some people?
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jane: you know they say everything is bigger in texas. have you seen this videotape? take a look at t a tornado, a bunch of storm chasers following it across the eastern part of the state, three tornadoes spotted in that area. listen. >> i think they just said they have another tornado behind us. jane: janice is watching the area today. j.d., would you be in that truck videotaping this thing? >> no! and i urge people, don't try this at home, especially in areas that are going to see potentially more of this type of scenario across texas. unbelievable video. thank goodness no one was
11:45 am
injured during the making of that video. jon: i think i see toto in there! >> reporter: i urge people, i know it's fascinate to go watch these things but if you live in the zone that we are thinking we're going to see tornadoes, probably the worst outbreak we've seen all year, overnight tonight, into tomorrow, you want to take shelter immediately. keep your -- know what weather, keep your radio on overnight. i cannot stress that enough. we could have life threatening weather tonight and into tomorrow, already, the watch is there until 5:00 p.m., we don't have warnings now but that will change throughout the afternoon. we do have snow, if you can believe it, across portions of the rockies, colorado, wyoming, even towards utah and salt lake city. that's one of the ingredients, the main ingredient that we need for severe weather. just want to switch sores here. we had 32 reports of tornadoes yesterday across texas, kansas and through colorado and we're going to see more of the same today
11:46 am
and tomorrow. there's that red shaded bullseye where we're going to most likely see life threatening weather into this evening and overnight and the threat will shift eastward. again, this could be extremely dangerous weather. i can't urge you enough to really take precautions, overnight, tonight and tomorrow. jane: janice, i know you'll be watching this. thanks. jon: you've heard a lot about violent video games and what they can do to the brain, especially in young people, but there is a new study that claims it can actually make you smarter. the study, conducted in the netherlands, says parents should encourage their kids to enjoy a bit of this virtual blood and guts kind of fighting. it says the games can even help the elderly sharpen their mind. dr. marty mccrary is director of research at johns hopkins university. is this for real, this study? >> it's certainly generating
11:47 am
a lot of controversy, jon, it's basically suggesting it improves your reflections and ability to switch tasks, that is watching video games may actually be a form of exercise for your mind. now, we know that kids already get a lot of stimulation, but the thought is that older people may be understimulated and it may be good for their reflections. jon: but why does it have to be violent, why can't it be pacman or something like that? >> a lot of people have an issue with the way this study was conducted. researchers at indiana university have previously showed that nonviolent games can invoke your emotional center in your brain less, that is, you can get the same stimulation from nonviolent games and games like soccer and football on xbox and nintendo are just as popular. jon: but limited doses is sort of the couple of the key words here? right, you don't want your kid watching this stuff for 12 hours a day. >> if anyone doesn't think
11:48 am
these games are highly addictive, jon, i don't think they've ever played them. i've played them all, halo, ghost recon, they are designed to pull new and you sit down for ten minutes you get up three hours later wondering where the time went. kids need to be studying, out there and being active. jon: every time jane won't answer her phone, i know she's playing halo in her office. thank you. jane: got to get off the stuff! we're going to take you to little rock, arkansas, where blanche lincoln is facing the political fight of her life. a closer look, and a wild card in the race. and this is exactly why people love their dogs. this german shepherd you see there is named buddy, racing to lead rescuers to his house that was burning and his owner who was injured. wait until you hear what this dog did. not trained as a rescue dog, just somebody's adored pet. we're going to be talking with the state trooper driving this car from where
11:49 am
the dash cam video is being shot about how buddy led him [ to the
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jane "happening now", emergency crews are clearing the scene at lovefield in dallas, a what's market team has determined the white powdery substance found there turned out to be bleach. in the middle box, iceland is closing two apes for the first time. although the ash cloud started in that country, they have not closed down until now. on the bottom, the transportation of -- the secretary of transportation has turned down five airlines asking for temporary exemption to a new rule that takes effect next week, the rule says passengers cannot be kept waiting on tarmacs longer than three hours. jon: it is the stuff of hollywood movies, a flash fire starts in a detached
11:53 am
garage, the young man working inside, pretty badly burned, the garage gets engulfed in flames, the house is just about to catch fire as well. so what happens? the family dog runs to get help. it actually happened in alaska. about three weeks ago today. buddy, the hero dog is to be recognized. part of the amazing rescue caught on tape by a state trooper's dash cam. look at buddy, you can see him leading the trooper down the road. the trooper was trying to find where the fire was burning but the gps unit had frozen, suddenly out of nowhere, buddy, the engineer han shepherd appears, the trooper followed him through a couple of turns, through dark country roads, one appropriately named deep woods way, right to the burning house and the injured owner. joining us by phone, alaska state trooper terrence shan began, who was in the car
11:54 am
that followed buddy to the house. this is so amazing, trooper shanigan and you were about to go another way when you saw buddy, right? >> yeah, i was right at a crossroads, of a 4-way intersection and i had to choose one of three ways and i happened to catch something that wasn't in the initial cam because it was far away and it was a shadow of something that i just decided to follow, and it led me to where you see buddy in the video, waiting for me at the intersection of another road. jon: so not only did buddy do a great job of leading you, but you followed your hunch, too. >> yeah, i just haven't -- just having been around dogs a lot, you kind of read things on them, somebody that isn't around them enough might not recognize and i went with that hunch and it led me right to the house. jon: some people are going to say look, this dog isn't leading you, he's just being a dog, but i tell you what, you see him actually look back at you a couple of
11:55 am
times during this footage, don't you? >> yeah, every time i would slow down and think that i was chasing him, he would look back at me and then would be like -- i was getting the read that he was encouraging me to step on t. we've got to go, and then he would try to sprint away, and i'd just keep up with him. if i would slow down, he would look at me and give me that cue to let's go, and he waved for me at that first intersection. when i get to the house, he actually stops at the driveway and stops running. as if letting me know we are here and at the very end, what you don't see on the video, he actually came up to me around the front of the vehicle, jumping and encouraging me, nudging me to the house, and then once i got to the house, i couldn't find him, and the owner said the dog was very shy. so i knew that at that point, that the dog had led me to the house because they said that he just shies away from strangers. jon: ben heinrich, the
11:56 am
23-year-old owner who was working on that garage that you see on fire there, he was pretty badly burned but i guess he's going to be okay, is that right? >> yes. it was just an amazing connection between he and the dog. jon: buddy was actually in the garage when the fire started, ben closed the door to the garage trying to keep the flames down, buddy was still inside, ben rolled in the snow to put the foot afire out and then let buddy out of the garage, that's when buddy went to get help. that's an amazing story. buddy is going to be recognized today by you state troopers. >> yes, he's going to receive a dog bowl with special engravings in it, is nice letter and the family will be recognized. jon: you saved the house, the house was this close to catching fire. the garage is done, but you saved the house. it's great talking to you, trooper, thank you for being with us, trooper shangan. jane: perfect name for that dog, right? buddy. there's no better friend than that. we are getting breaking
11:57 am
news in the bomb plot on the new york city subways. to that, next. ♪ i'm your venus [ female announcer ] there are embraces that make your heart race. embraces that speak volumes. ♪ and embraces you'll never forget. introducing venus embrace disposables, the only disposable razor with five bles completely surrounded by a ribbon of moisture. it's our closest shave for your closest moments.
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12:00 pm
jon: i'm jon scott along with jane skinner. breaking news in a new york city courtroom, a man charged in a foiled plot to attack the busiest subway stations in manhattan now set to plead guilty. he's to be the second of three men to plead guilty in connection with the deadly terror plot to use homemade bombs on the new york city subway system last september. jane: dade lee miller has the details. who is this guy and what exactly is he accused of? >> reporter: we're talking about 25-year-old ahmed hah sane abed, he is am immigrant from afghanistan, and it is expected he's going to plead guilty in one hour and 15 minutes' time to a number of charges not the least of which is planning to
12:01 pm
blow up the new york city subway system. according to authorities, he was working with-and-a-halfy bull zazi, another defendant who has pled guilty. allegedly, the two men were planning to blow up subway trains coming to or from new york's time square as well as grand central station. they were planning to blow themselves up in the center carriage to cause the greatest amount of damage and, jane, it is very likely that we're going to see this guilty plea in just a little more than one hour's time because zazi has decided to plead guilty. jane: he's also said to have other accomplices, what's going on with that? >> reporter: there is a third man who has pled not guilt to all of these same charges, and we have no indication at this time that, in fact, he is going to change his plea. again, we should underscore the
12:02 pm
fact that because he's apparently working with investigators, the prosecution here could have a very strong case against the third man, and he may decide to take a plea if, in fact, his case does move forward. jane? jane: david lee, thanks. we'll get back to you as needed. jon: well, the leader of the free world could be called to testify in the corruption trial of rod blagojevich. the former illinois governor's attorneys are asking a judge to subpoena president obama as a witness in that bombshell trial. but the documents behind it were never supposed to see the light of day. a computer glitch apparently changed all that. steve brown is in chicago where this trial would take place with more. pretty big glitch here, steve. what happened? >> reporter: well, this is the motion as it was supposed to go out with red acted portions of it blacked out. somehow through the pacer system which is the federal court's document system that you can get
12:03 pm
things electronically, magically, all of this stuff appeared which included some pieces of information that both the government and the defense were told not to disclose to the public until the judge decides what's in and out in the blagojevich corruption case. so we haven't got an exact answer from the pacer folks as to how this happened, but it did happen. jon: so what do we know about why blagojevich wants the president to testify? >> reporter: it is believed that the president, in the defense's view, can hold up their version of accounts, that this seat, that the senate seat that the president gave up to become president was never really sold and that there was no account of any of this, and they point to a comment that the president made just a couple of days after blagojevich's arrest in december 2008. have a listen. >> i'm absolutely certain about is that our office had no involvement in any deal making around my senate seat. that i'm absolutely certainover. certain of.
12:04 pm
>> reporter: now, that's not to say that the president wasn't interested because according to the unredacted version of this notion, there is a union official believed to be the head of the seiu local 1 here in chicago who was contacted by then-senator obama the day before election day in 2008 and asked him to supposedly pass along a message to the governor that when we win this thing, i would like valerie jarrett to be considered as, to be appointed in my place in that particular seat. so while no one from the obama team, no one from the obama campaign staff, no one from the transition team may have had contact with the governor, then-governor at that particular point in time, there was an emissary, apparently, sent to pass along a message to governor blagojevich about the soon-to-be president's preference for that seat. jon? jon: steve brown live for us in chicago. keep an eye on that one, steve. thanks. jane: want to take you to little
12:05 pm
rock, arkansas. want to take you to little rock where there is a hotly contested race for the u.s. senate. senator blanche lincoln facing stiff competition. hours to go before this contest's first televised debate. james rosen is on the ground for us there. james? >> reporter: well, good afternoon to you, jane. as you say, we're just hours from this televised debate. polls show senator lincoln maintaining a fairly solid lead over her most serious democratic primary challenger, but this debate is crucial to both camps. the youngest woman ever elected to the u.s. senate, lincoln hopes to secure a third term by playing up her chairmanship of the senate agriculture committee and push for tighter regulation of the derivatives industry. her opponent has criticized her from taking money from goldman sachs. lincoln capped herself as a kind
12:06 pm
of maverick, someone who answers to her state, not to wall street or to the democratic party. >> if you look at the amount of money that outside interest groups are spending coming into the state of arkansas and spending against me from the left and from the right, trying to tell them, the people of arkansas, what they should think and, you know, who should represent them. that's not, that's not coming from, you know, the source of what my record is and what has this meant to arkansas. so i think that's important. >> reporter: now, senator lincoln's chief opponent in the democratic primary is the lieutenant governor of this state, bill halter. he is a former management consultant, an economist, a rhodes scholar, someone who worked on the budget and also ran the social security administration under president clinton. halter has faced some tough questions of his own including allegations about the outsourcing of jobs to india by a company he helped run.
12:07 pm
that has earned him a nickname, dollar bill, he's also accused senator lincoln of lying about her ties to goldman sachs and faulting her for not supporting a government-run health insurance plan as he did. >> senator lincoln was all over the place on the health care bill. at fist she was for public -- first she was for public option, then she was against it, then she went to the floor to filibuster public option. she was for the senate-passed bill but then voted against the reconciliation bill. >> reporter: now, polls over the last three weeks have been fairly constant in showing halter trailing senator lincoln by about 12 percentage points. there's a number of undecided here, there's also a third party candidate. a little-known businessman, if he serves to deny halter or lincoln a full 50% of the vote, the top two listen plunged into a june runoff.
12:08 pm
jane: james, thank you very much. jon: u.s. lawmakers are urging russia not to suspend adoptions by americans. in a letter to president medvedev, a bipartisan group of senators called on him to cancel that provocative move. the firestorm sparked by the story of this 8-year-old russian boy who was adopted by a tennessee woman who put him on a one-way flight back to moscow all alone with a note saying the boy was violent and hard to control. she accused the russian orphanage of misleading her about the boy's mental state. jane: well, are we looking at potentially another huge battle on capitol hill over financial reform? a key democrat on the senate banking committee will be here in just a couple minutes. he says the plan as it stands now doesn't actually go quite far enough, he's going to tell us what he plans to propose as an amendment. jon: and the race to stop an environmental catastrophe along the gulf coast. what is being done to try to
12:09 pm
keep an undersea oil spill from polluting any more? jane: and what do you think, should this princess have been thrown out of a disney park of all places? we'll report, you'll meet her, and you can decide. ♪ so many arthritis pain relievers --
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the next generation of brink's home security. call now. jane: this is what's hot on the hill today, the question of will financial reform pass. this is major legislation that effects all of our money, and majority leader harry reid has called for a key test vote on monday on this package of new regulations for wall street. democrats are still looking at this hour for republican support. one initiative that will be on the table is to limit the size of banks in this country. it comes from oregon senator jeff merkley who joins us now. thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you, jane, it's great to be with you. jane: explain this concept to
12:13 pm
me, if you will, because on the face of it, it sounds like you would be punishing banks for succeeding. if you're trying to keep them smaller than they naturally would grow. >> actually, the provision i'm immersed in sees that we need to keep the high-risk investing out of our lending depository banks. this was a key piece of reform at the end of the depression that said our banks need to be able to keep lending to our families and small businesses during a downturn in the economy, and we've gotten away from that. many of our basic banks, now, are doing a tremendous amount of their revenue from ice high-risk investing taking the funds they raise from the fed window and putting that into the high-risk side or the lending side, so we need to straighten that out and create that wall. jane: this is so complicated and there are so many terms being tossed out, is this something akin to what's known as the volcker rule named after paul
12:14 pm
volcker? >> this is the volcker rule. it's basically a version of glass-steagall in which you say there are functions that aren't compatible. and it's basically like taking fireworks, fireworks are a good thing, but you don't store them in your living room. if they were accidentally set off, they'd burn down your house. high-risk lending doesn't belong in our lending banks because they have access to special taxpayer-insured deposits and windows from the fed where they get inexpensive funds to enable them to power up our economy by supporting our small businesses and families through loans, not for diverting into high-risk investigationing. jane: in some of our research your name came up as a potential sponsor of an amendment that would talk about limiting the size of banks going forward. are you for that? not for that? >> this is a sherrod brown amendment, and i do support it.
12:15 pm
it establishes caps on size so that any one institution is not so large that when it goes down, it takes our whole economy with it. you think back to long-term capital management, that firm was so sizable that when it went down, it created a major financial crisis. so there should be some reasonable limits on the degree, the size of our gdp that a single financial institution holds. jane: you know. according to reports, there are some banks today that are operating including jpmorgan that fall over this limit already, they would have to scale down their operations if this amendment were to pass. so i go back to my original question, why are you telling somebody, a business that they can get too big? >> i believe that the provision of sherrod brown's bill is that the banks currently exceed is the amount of proprietary investing that they're doing. and that does tie these pieces together because if you have an
12:16 pm
institution involved in very high-risk trading, and if those are tied together with other firms through swaps and other derivatives, then you have a very messy situation. now, and by messy i mean when one firm goes down, it starts a series of dominoes, this web of risk. so while the levels can be, certainly, debated, having either caps or additional capital requirements for those firms so that they take less risky positions as they get larger, one of those is probably very worth having. jane: very quickly, senator, because we're going to run up against one of those computerized breaks, but the question has been raised, are we moving too fast on this? this is by most accounts more complicated than health care, yet it's only been a couple of weeks' time we're watching it being debated. >> well, you know, the banking
12:17 pm
committees have been working on this for well over a year in a steady series of hearings. the issues have been being hashed out, so while it hasn't been on the floor, it definitely has been in process for over, for over a year, but i grant you it is complicated, but it's incredibly important. we have to be in that window where we get this done so that we get out of the risky situation we're in now. if you think about it, there's more risk now because we have more investment firms that were independent like bear stearns and merrill lynch which are now part of our lending banks. so we really have put thefireworks in the living room, if you will, and that in itself is a risky situation. we need to act before we have a second disaster on our hands. jane: as we said, tentative vote set for monday later in the day. senator jeff merkley, thanks for your time. >> you're welcome, jane. thank you very much. jon: well, jane just mentioned it, the new health care law.
12:18 pm
and there's new analysis of the effects of that law just in. well, guess what? it's going to be more expensive than we thought according to one federal agency. what it means to your pocketbook next. when you have diabetes like me, you have questions.
12:19 pm
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12:21 pm
jon: all right, ready for this one? it's a shocker. turns out the new health care law is likely to end up costing more than anybody originally thought. new numbers from the center for medicaid and medicare services indicate it will increase costs by $311 billion over the next decade, nearly $80 billion more than it original projection of $234 billion. let's talk about that with paul, editorial page editor for "the
12:22 pm
wall street journal", also anchor of the journal editorial report. all right. this is a study that came out of the health and human services department, right? branch of the federal government. >> right. of the obama administration. jon: neutral observers, and they're saying we're going to be spending $80 billion more than congress told us. >> now they tell us. this is not a surprise. everybody knows who looked at the bill that there is no cost control in this bill to speak of unless congress is going to cut medicare spending going forward. that is not likely to happen politically, so when you subsidize something to the tune of a trillion dollars, you're naturally going to increase costs. jon: and medicare cuts in the law, according to this report, medicare cuts may be unrealistic and unsustainable. this number may be low, the big number. >> absolutely right. i think it is low. i really do. they're talking about premiums going up 1% to 10%. if you already look at what's happened in massachusetts where
12:23 pm
they had a prototype of this bill passed in the 2006, costs have exploded, and now they're talking about opposing price controls in massachusetts. that's ultimately what congress is going to have to do because the cost of premiums on insurance are going up across the country. jon: now, the white house, again, is saying, hey, this is not an official administration paper. they are saying, we're all being too pessimistic about this, it lowballs the potential effective cost savings. >> look, i know that's what they're saying, and in the long term maybe if some of the experiments in the bill pan out, some of the cost-saving experiments pan out, they might save money in the long term, but we're talking about a decade or two. in the short term, there's no question as this study shows everyone's insurance premiums are going to go up. jon: the white house, the health and human services secretary, they're pointing to the fact that there is a glimmer of good news in this in that they say more people are going to get covered. yeah, but it's going to cost you
12:24 pm
$80 billion more. >> there's no question when you increase subsidies over a decade by a trillion dollars you're going to cover a lot more people. the question is, what's that going to cost, can we afford it? one thing it's not going to do is reduce the cost of anybody's individual insurance. jon: and so much of this bill is built on the idea that you cut $500 billion out of medicare, right? >> sure. that was half of the savings. jon: and one of the fears is that you cut medicare that much, it says 15% of the hospitals could go in the red. >> i've been watching congress for a long time, unfortunately, jon, and one thing they don't do is cut medicare spending easily or often, if ever. and that's the rut. they're promising these medicare cuts to make the math look good. in the end, it doesn't get delivered, so i think the deficits are going to be bigger than anybody anticipates from this bill. jon: paul, "wall street journal," thank you. you want to see more insights? catch him on the journal editorial report. that'll run tomorrow, 2 p.m.
12:25 pm
eastern time right here on fox news channel. and that's followed by fox news watch hosted by a guy you might know. watch 'em both, good shows. jane: well, the coast guard says it's not giving up the search for those 11 missing oil rig workers off the coast of louisiana. a coast guard commander, though, is conceding even if these workers escaped this inferno, with a water temperature of 67 degrees, the odds of finding them today are very slim. in the meantime, we could be looking at an ecological disaster with all that oil. steve hairy began's in miami. what's the latest? >> reporter: jane, this oil spill from the explosion is being treated as a major incident. right now the size of that oil slick on top of the water is 2 miles by 8 miles, and there's really a small armada out there in the gulf of mexico to combat it. thirty vessels, at least seven of those are skimmer vessels. there's also a 90-mile boom containment that's been laid
12:26 pm
down to try and keep it from spreading, and four planes are also dropping chemicals on the oil as well to try and break it up. of course, the battle is to keep this oil offshore. this incident happened, of course, just 40 miles off the coast of louisiana and, of course, thewet will be a -- weather will be a key factor. winds are helping prevent it from reaching shore, but that could change. as far as the search goes, the coast guard is stressing they have set no time limit on that search. they expect to keep going today. as far as the families of the 11 missing, at least two of them have already filed lawsuits for negligence. jane, back to you. jane: as tragic as this is, more than 100 workers did make it out alive. how is that possible when you see those photographs? one of the survivors said it was really like a war zone. the lifeboats they made are custom made for disasters like this. coming up live. plus, check out more photographs from the spill and this potentially threatening fragile
12:27 pm
ecosystem. log on directly to, and it's all there for you. well, the u.s. navy is saying, take a look, these are the thugs who terrorized the high seas off somalia. they are now being tried in the united states, these pirates. the justice they will be facing. and this woman says disneyland acted like cinderella's wicked stepsisters banishing her for dressing like a princess for a day. she'll be here to share her story of woe, and you'll hear disney's response. ♪ ah! silver one. that's not a volkswagen. ♪ [ tires screech ] ♪ [ sighs ] ♪ that's two for doubting.
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12:31 pm
jon: they're accused of opening fire on u.s. navy ships in some of the most dangerous waters in the world off the coast of africa. now 11 suspected pirates are facing justice in a virginia courtroom. brian wilson is live for us in washington, so why norfolk, virginia, brian? what's going on? >> reporter: well, it's because there are home ports for the ships that are involved. let me explain. the u.s. government has indicted and plans to prosecute 11 pirates they captured off the coast of somalia. they're preparing to be in court today. this is the courtroom in norfolk, virginia, after being held on u.s. ships for a week. charges include piracy, assault
12:32 pm
with dangerous weapons, conspiracy to use firearms and crimes of violence. you know, piracy, it's a tough issue for the u.s. goth. they want -- government. they want to do something about the lawless action of those thugs armed with small boats, ak-47s and rocket-propelled grenades who have a history of holding up merchant ships for millions in ransom. these are crimes, however, in search of a proper tribunal. who has jurisdiction? who has the authority to prosecute? at least 11 of these pirates, it appears, will be tried in norfolk, jon. jon: how is it that the navy came to be in possession of these guys? >> reporter: well, these weren't very bright pirates, quite frankly. five of those are expected to be arraigned were engaged in a skirmish with the uss nicholas. we have a picture of the ship. i don't know why you would go after that ship. the navy promptly sank their boat and then confiscated the mother ship. the other six made the mistake of shooting at the amphibious
12:33 pm
dock-landing ship uss ashland, that was on april 10th. about 380 miles off the coast of ya booty. as i mentioned before, both of these ships call norfolk their home port. there are reportedly another ten pirates still being held at sea. court appearances are scheduled for 1 and 1:30, the u.s. attorney's office will be a press conference after that. jon: brian wilson, keep an eye on it for us. thanks. jane: you ever go to disneyland or disney world and see little girls dressed up as a princess? a woman from england thought it'd be great to dress up like a princess for a day, but when they got there, she was told she could not enter the park. no grown ups in princess dresses. there she is. that's how she tried to enter the park. no grown ups in princess yeses unless they're hired specifically for the job.
12:34 pm
natasha, what exactly are you wearing here? >> it was a wedding dress i picked up in a local specialty shop. jane so kind of a castoff, hand me down dress. you were -- weren't dressed as one of the disney princesses, right? >> no, i wasn't. you know, i had a pair of mickey mouse ears on my head, and i had a great big birthday girl badge fixed on the front of my dress, so everyone knew it was my birthday. jane: and you specifically called disneyland paris to say is it okay if i wear this, and what did they say? >> well, i called the park before i even paid for my holiday. the lady on the phone said it would be fine, we have lots of people in fancy dress, hope you have a good time. jane: and when you got there, what did they say? >> you can't come in because you look too pretty. [laughter] jane: i've never heard that before. >> me neither.
12:35 pm
[laughter] jane: put up on the screen for our viewers, this is the statement we just received from disneyland paris: jane: what have they said to you? >> they've not contacted me at all yet. jane: they said they had, past tense. >> the only time i've been contacted is by the newspapers. sorry, the contacts from the newspapers. they haven't actually contacted me personally, only through the newspaper. the 9-year-old quote they gave, if you go to any disney park or village, all of their costumes are available to the age of 12. jane: that's true.
12:36 pm
but only 9 -- >> so if my daughter was 11 and i spent 40, 50 euros because that's roughly about some of those costume prices in the park, are they saying my daughter wouldn't be allowed to wear it in the park each though they sold it to me there? jane: i know you're getting a lot of attention over this story. is this too much attention over just kind of a silly incident with a dress? >> i would hope disneyland would eventually apologize because it was their staff that gave me permission, but that's the bit they won't apologize over. jane: well, i thought you looked beautiful too. i don't know about too pretty to enter a park. best of luck, i hope you do hear from them. jon: did they send the evil step sr.s out? jane: did they? doesn't sound like it. back to her hotel room to change clothes. >> i did. i had to change. jane: happy birthday. jon: right now new developments on lindsay lohan and her family
12:37 pm
back in the spotlight and, as usual with lindsay, it's not in such a flattering way. jane: oh, what now? >> first of all, if you're wondering why we're even covering the lo hands, it's because their family keeps airing dirty laundry on a public forum, fighting back and forth on twitter, and that's how we learned about this latest incident. dad, michael lohan, went to daughter lindsay's l.a. apartment yesterday with a sheriff's deputy looking for her 16-year-old sister alli. michael said he was concerned about ali's welfare. the deputies determined that ali wasn't in danger, so they left. lindsay then fired off a bunch of tweets about her dad. here are some of them saying that he's a pathological liar, she wants a restraining order against him, he's never paid child support and can barely spoil his own brain because he ruined his brain -- his own name
12:38 pm
because he ruined his brain because of his drug use. today there's more trouble for lindsay. there are reports that the lapd suspects she's still a $-- she stole a $35,000 rolex watch from a friend. lohan's lawyer says this allegation is untrue. we, of course, are continuing to cover it all on fox 41, our new entertainment site. jane: thank you. a growing threat to our national security, it's the drug violence from mexico that has been spilling into this country. lawmakers saying the border fence is not keeping out the carnage. as the bloodshed increases, so does the urgent need to protect our border towns. senator joe lieberman will be here on why he wants the national guard sent there to help.
12:39 pm
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♪ raymond james financial advisers understand there's no one exactly like you. with a culture of independence they have the complete freedom to offer unbiased financial advise that's right for your goals. no matter how often. raymond james. individual solutions from independent advisers. >> i'm shannon bream sitting in today for megyn kelly. iran is having war games and
12:42 pm
whether or not our so-called missile defense shield will protect us if they decide to strike america. a 311 billion dollar cost increase, numbers from within the obama administration. we'll break 'em down. plus, a georgia high school principal invites a convicted felon rapper to speak at the school, and when a parent raises concerns, the principal responds by throwing president bush under the bus. we're going to tell you how they're connected and what he said. those stories and all your breaking news coming up on "america live." jane: 42 minutes past the hour, "happening now" in your top box, the white house envoy to the middle east today is trying to get peace talks going again. former senator george mitchell meeting with israeli and palestinian prime ministers. in the middle, thai protesters are now demanding the prime minister dissolve parliament in 30 days and call new elections. on the bottom, the governor of
12:43 pm
arizona has until tomorrow to act on the nation's toughest illegal immigration bill. it would require police officer to question people about their immigration status if there's reason to suspect they may be illegal. jon: right now a manhunt is on in tennessee for a man cops say is very dangerous. they say he beat his in-laws nearly to death inside their own home. that's his picture. harris faulkner has more from the breaking news desk. harris: yeah, that is timmy lee roberts, 26 years old, and police are now hunting him with a k-t unit because they have reason to believe he may be on foot. they found his vehicle abandoned just a few hours ago, and they've searched the area where the car was, but they feel now that he may be on foot, and they're telling residents, commercial business owners if you see this guy, bypass the tip line, call 911. they consider him very dangerous. he went to the home of his wife's parents, police say, and used a blunt object to beat both
12:44 pm
of them so badly that the father-in-law was life flighted to a hospital that had a special unit for serious injury and is in critical condition still at this hour. the wife is in serious condition at a more local hospital there. this happened just before dawn this morning in clarksville, tennessee, his car found just a few miles away, and police are hoping people can help by just keeping their eyes open. if we can pop that picture on the screen one more time. call 911 if you're in the area of clarksville, tennessee, and you see this man. jon: harris, thank you. jane: take a look at some pretty amazing video. we're going to show you these custom-made lifeboats after that oil platform exploded off the gulf. coast guard at this hour is still working for 11 workers who are missing, but more than 100 meat id out. chris gutierrez is going to show us how these boats were so crucial. these days, money market funds are pang less than 2%.
12:45 pm
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jane: want to get now to the explosion on the oil platform in the gulf of mexico. eleven crew members feared dead at this hour, but the coast guard is still looking. you're looking at this really incredible videotape of the rescues. how is it possible they got out? chris gutierrez found out there's a lifeline custom made for disasters like this. he's streaming live in houston. chris? >> reporter: hi there, jane. yeah, this is a model of an offshore oil rig similar to the deepwater horizon that exploded on tuesday. you can see there are lifeboats. in this particular case the survivors managed to jump inside one of these lifeboats, and they lowered themselves about 120 feet until they hit the water, and they did this while their rig went up in flames.
12:49 pm
they look like bright orange mini submarines. these boats save lives. -- lives. more than 100 crew members working on the deepwater horizon rig escaped these flames by jumping into a lifeboat. under the seats inside there's enough food and water to last ten days. >> water is the most critical thing. people can live without food for quite a while. >> there's plenty of water in here. >> plenty of water. it's all vacuum sealed. >> john ryan's houston-based business is one of the world's largest lifeboat suppliers. this particular lifeboat is similar to that that they would have had on the deepwater horizon. >> very much so. all the manufacturers have to meet a certain set of regulations. >> reporter: which includes a sprinkler system to keep the boat cool. >> there's enough fuel to operate the boat at about 6 knots for 24 hours, there's an air supply which gives a positive pressure inside of the
12:50 pm
boat so it doesn't let any smoke or gas come inside the boat. fortunately, this type of equipment saved those people. >> reporter: he's exactly right, jane. in fact, crews train inside these lifeboats twice a month, and that practice probably saved more than 100 lives. jane, back to you. jane: interesting stuff. chris, thank you. jon? jon: some pretty burning issues in this country right now relating to border security between the u.s. and mexico, and also the investigation into what led to the shootings at fort hood. after the break, connecticut senator joe lieberman joins us. he will talk about those topics and his arguments he's having with the administration. [ female announcer ] it's rollback time at walmart. right now, walmart has rolled back prices on top lawn carerands like poulan pr brute by briggs & stratton, pennington, scotts and spectracide. along with thousands of others all over the store. it's rollback time! save money. live better. walmart.
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12:54 pm
putting national guard troops on the southwestern border to help protect against the increasing violence from drug cartels coming out of mexico. joining us now to explain why he's asking that, senator joe lieberman, he is chair of the homeland security committee, also sits on the senate armed services committee. senator, we put the national guard on the border a couple of years ago, if memory serves. you want to do it again? >> i do. it helped when we did it a couple years ago, it helped particularly with regard to the illegal immigration across the border, but now we've got another problem not unrelated, but the other problem is a drug war in mexico between the government of president calderon really trying to crack down on the drug around tells and the cartels fighting each other. here's a stunning statistic, 22,000 people have been killed in mexico since 2006 as a result
12:55 pm
of these drug cartel wars. that's, obviously, more than three times the number of deaths that we have tragically had of american military personnel in iraq and afghanistan, and that's beginning to flow over the border. so i heard testimony in my committee earlier this week from law enforcement, public officials, from arizona which is the main point of flow into the united states these days, and they all said local law enforcement can't handle it. i think they need temporary deployment of the national guard to return basic security there. they don't have it now. jon: well, i know that you in congress have spent ten if not hundreds of millions of dollars on that border fence, especially the electronic fence component of it. why is that not working? >> well, this was the second focus of our hearing the other day, monday or tuesday, and it
12:56 pm
was this: we have now spent through the department of homeland security about $700 million on a virtual electronic fence called sbi net. by this time, actually a year ago, it was supposed to have covered the entire border between mexico and the united states. right now it's completing 23 miles of that border in the tucson area. it's been a terrible failure and a waste of time. what's really interesting, jon, is that in the areas of the border where we have a good old-fashioned tension with -- fence with sometimes a double layer or triple layer, that actually does right now, i'd say, a better job for less money than what we've invested in this virtual electronic fence. so we told them the other day either fix it or stop it. jon: well, if a governor, say, in arizona wants to call out the national guard, governor brewer
12:57 pm
could do that, couldn't she? >> you are right. governor brewer could do it. we asked that question, and i'm afraid -- two things, really. of course, it costs money if the governor calls out the national guard, and arizona's as strapped as every other state. but i do think arizona has a good argument in saying that just by the accident of geography, the fact that they're on the border with mexico, they're the major place through which illegal imgrants, drug smuggling, human smuggling comes across the border, cash and guns goes south down into mexico that they're really bearing a grossly disproportionate share of a national problem, and, therefore, the nation through the national guard should help them out. jon: i want to turn your attention to one of the things that your homeland security committee is looking into, that's the investigation into what happened at fort hood. i know you have subpoenaed members of the administration
12:58 pm
because you say that you in congress are simply not getting the answers that you want from the justice department or from the department of defense. >> well, jon, that's true. and i'll tell you senator collins, who's the ranking republican on the committee, and i issued these subpoenas on monday. we did this because this investigation of ours of the murder of 13 americans on a great american military base, fort hood, demands investigation by us, particularly on the question of what people in the army knew about hassan's drift toward islamist extremism and also what people in the justice department knew about the communications he was having with a radical cleric in yemen called awlaki. this cries out for an independent investigation so we can make sure this never happens again. the administration has been saying that it can't give us some of the information we want
12:59 pm
because it fears it will compromise the criminal prosecution of hasan. that's not what we're interested in. we want to know what happened well before the day of those murders that should have sent signals loud and clear to people in the justice department and the military that this guy was dangerous and should be taken out of military service. so we're continuing the fight. if we don't get a decent response by next week, we're going to have to act to enforce the subpoenas. this is in the national interest, and i just don't find any excuse for the administration's behavior here. jon: i know a lot of americans have a lot of questions about what happened there, what led up to it. senator joseph lieberman of connecticut, we have to say good-bye. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, jon. have a good weekend. take care. jane: lot of stuff there. jon: for sure. jane: that's going to do it for us. shannon bream is filling in for megynd


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