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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  April 24, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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we begin this hour. i'm in for julie banderas. a powerful tornado touching down in western mississippi. we're getting word that at least six people have been killed. >> i'm in a tornado right now. it's coming down everywhere. >> that dramatic video shot by a storm chaser caught in the tornado in yazoo city, mississippi. emergency officials saying the tornado hit three counties in that state, damaged or destroyed buildings, up rooting trees. rescuers have been setting up centers in a mall parking lot. mississippi governor giving this
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assessment after touring the area by chopper. >> it's gigantic tornado. several miles wide in places. it came down in louisiana and stayed on the ground all the way through. by the way, that was the governor's hometown that was it. yazoo city. we have team coverage. domenica davis is live in our extreme weather center. first, joining me by phone is reporter, live in yazoo city? >> i am standing next to the tree. ambulances and now taking to the people to the hospitals, treating them for the injuries, but i have to tell you. there are tons of people still trapped in houses and vehicles. people are getting on four-wheelers and trying to get to them. they are hoping to get those people out before it gets dark. there are a lot of people taking equipment, trying to cut down
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trees. the governor has declared a state of emergency. it is a big mess out here. as we speak, those are guard helicopters over my head. it's sad and terrible, it talked to a man that lost his daughter-in-law. when the tornado hit, she was hit in the back of the head and killed. fortunately her kids are alive but it's awful out here. we are hoping that the survivors are got to as soon as possible. you said one of the first things how long it stayed on the ground and how much notice they had. what you have learned? >> that is one of the first things i asked. they tell me they did have notice, they heard tornado sirens. they were logging on to facebook and twitter and getting constant updates. i'm sure everywhere agrees they wish they had more time. they were in coolers inside a
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restaurant in front. some were underneath the communion table at a church. they were able to get out. everybody wishes they had more morning. >> haley, tell me about the effort to get to the people that are trapped. the sun is getting ready to set there. that means looking for injured extremely dangerous, you have gas lines and electrical lines that you can't sigh. what is going on? >> absolutely. they have power lines and i'm looking at two on the trucks. they are going to assess the power lines ahead of me. it's a dangerous situation when the sun sets. everyone is trying to be as careful as possible, trying to get the people out. >> haley with our affiliate in mississippi. thank you so much. let's bring in now domenica davis in the weather center. i understand this storm system is not done yet?
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>> no. we have several more hours. you can see the tornado watch boxes fill up. the threat has moved into the ohio valley, tennessee, kentucky up to illinois and missouri, that is what we're looking at. new lines of storms out to the east and you have associated tornado warnings with them. there are three areas of concern right now. the three lines, one you can see one from missouri into illinois and down to the south in the alabama area we are looking at some warnings that are going to be up for at least the next half-hour. here is what we have now. the yellow or thunderstorms, you can't rule out the severe thunderstorms because the hail has been so big with this system. there have been reports of golf ball-sized hail but egg-on sized hail. that is going to cause serious damage. the storms have a history of not only causing a lot of damage but big rain makers. so flooding is also a concern.
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we'll continue to monitor the situation and check in at the bottom of the hour. one positive, from a couple of hours, the watch boxes have gotten a little smaller. >> yes. thank you so much. arizona's controversial immigration law one day old. >> it took billions and bailouts from taxpayers at the worst of the at the height of the worst recession in decades. new e-mails from goldman sachs boasting making about tons of money as the nation's housing market tanked. tonight, more on those damaging e-mails and why goldman says it did nothing wrong. plus... outrage and vows to challenge the arizona's new law targeting immigration. >> we can't stand idly by add
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kidnappings and violence compromises our life. >> the law is unconstitutional. it makes all hispanics second class citizens and we will not stand for that. >> ahead, why the state's governor says critics are overreacting and what effect it could have on our relationship with mexico. >> from parts of your car to parts of your body. how a major turnaround for a factory created new jobs. >> now to arizona, the immigration law there one day old but it's triggered massive protests. opponents say legal challenges are on the way. the governor signed the lay. its sweeping measure and now the touchest legislation against illegal immigration. among other things, the law makes eight state crime to be in the country illegally. something usually left up to the feds. it requires police to demand
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proof of citizenship on the spot from anyone they suspect is undocumented. opponents said it could lead to racial profiling but arizona, home to 460,000 illegal immigrants, those that support it say it's necessary because the federal government has failed to secure the border. casey siegle has the story from phoenix. >> reporter: the fight could just be the beginning. this the toughest immigration reform law on the books in u.s. history. though it's hard telling how long it could last considering the court battles are already brewing. let's go to the video of arizona governor jan brewer signing bill 1070 yesterday. things got pretty heated between several hundred protestors outside the state house. opponents are concerned that it could lead to widespread racial profiling since it allows the
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police to question the person's immigration status if they have reasonable or probable cause that they are in arizona illegally. >> it kind of opens the door for racial profiling. this isn't an issue that just affects the immigrant population but anyone -- like, how do you define what reasonable suspicion is. >> reporter: the governor says to prevent racial profiling, she is ordering the arizona police training agency to develop new guidelines for teaching officers how to properly enforce this law. brewer also believes she was forced to do something drastic because she doesn't feel the feds have done enough in terms of securing the southern border in her state where a wealth of drugs and humans are smuggled into the united states everyday. >> we cannot sacrifice our safety to the murderous greed of drug cartels. we can't stand by at kidnappings
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and violence compromise our quality of life. >> reporter: the mexican senate is outraged over this, voting unanimously for brewer to veto the law. to be continued out here in arizona. interesting because that is what people have talked about, what will it do to our relationship with mexico. >> you heard casey talking about the white house wging. president obama calling the new law misguided ander irresponsible and they are taking a close look at the law to see if it violates civil rights. but also saying they must do more to address the situation at the national level. traveling with the president, wendall, this new crackdown can survive some momentum in congress. >> reporter: that momentum could
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come at a price. republicans believe that the harry reid is pushing immigration reform to the top of the agenda to win hispanic votes for himself and other democrats this november. south carolina senator lindsay graham says he will grop his bill if it's moved ahead of it. he agrees that states are acting because the federal government failed to do so. >> our failure to act responsibly at the federal level will only open the door to irresponsible built by others. that includes for example the recent efforts in arizona that threatens on undermine freedoms that we cherish as americans, and also the trust between police and communities that is crucial to keeping up that faith. >> they are afraid they will be reluctant to report crimes as a
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witness. i know that the president is set to be at a memorial service at some time so for the people that died in virginia from the mine explosion. what are we learning about that? >> he is going to west virginia to celebrate the 29 lives that were lost. here he'll meet privately with family members and deliver the eulogy. he will not dwell on the poor state of mine safety in the country. he believes the disaster was a failure of management. he said also it was a failure, quote, of oversight and laws written with loopholes they allowed unsafe conditions to continue. president ordered inspectors to check out other mines with poor safety records and review how the health and safety administration operates. thank you so much. >> a whole lot of attention on
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e-mails by a senate committee investigating the financial meltdown. top executives at goldman sacks claim their firnlt made money from the housing collapse. that they profit, at least for a time, from betting those packaged bundles would lose value. the ceo saying in one e-mail dated from november, 2007. of course we lost money, but then we made more than we lost because of shorts. shorts just to ex explaining, are a bet that a security will lose value. goldman is responding to the e-mails saying the senate panel cherry picked the e-mails from 20 million pages of documents that giold man provided. on tuesday other goldman executives are scheduled to testify at the senate on the heels of charging goldman with defrauding investigators. charges that goldman denies.
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with us is gary and he is a fox news business contributer. hello, gary, good to see you. first of all, why do the e-mails so important. do they point to a crime? >> potentially. one 9 big things on wall street you never want to bet against your client. goldman was betting on mortgages doing well and now shorting the same products. it's a totaled ethical violation and could rise to some criminal activity that is for the frogs decide. >> while americans were losing their houses, goldman sachs made money and that makes them a prime target for the current administration? >> look, this is political and also public relations now. they are in a public relations war for their supposed good name. big issue is you have people losing tons of money.
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destroyed their accounts, one thing the housing market and mortgage market. here is goldman sachs selling products they gave to their hedge fund that knew they would go down, shorted those products and i have to kel you what goldman says, that is not going play well on wall street. i don't think it's going to play well on capitol hill on tuesday. >> we'll see as they begin to testify. gary, thank you very much. four days after a massive explosion on an oil rig off the coast of louisiana, giving up their search for survivors. and coastguard called up the cleanup effort even though thousands of barrels are leaking into the gulf of mexico. what we are learning on this and a killer caught on tape. a killer caught on tape, but police say he did and why they say the video could help bring him to justice. that is just ahead.
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11 people missing now presumed dead after tuesday's massive explosion in the gulf of mexico. now, the coastguard says as much as a thousand barrels of oil leaking into the waters of the gulf of mexico every day. as of yesterday an oil sheen covered and area about two miles wide and eight miles long. its threat the gulf's fragile ecosystem but nasty weather, officials have put offer the cleanup attempt. 150 crew members made it off the burning platform alive. 11 that are missing may have been working near the explosion. no word on what caused it to blow up. new developments in the effort to bring sweeping changes to the u.s. financial system since the 1930s. they are scheduling a test vote for the financial overhaul bill.
7:19 pm
this vote coming as top lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are involved in intense negotiations this weekend. julie is live in d.c. with more. because the republicans are standing firm, the deal making goes on. president obama used his internet address to make what could be his final public push for the bill to reform a wall street rules. the test vote is set for monday. the reform they want that firms are accountable and consumers are protected. >> folks will get clear and more concise information when they make financial decisions. instead of having to worried about deceptive fine print, pension holders will have a stronger voice in the board rooms of companies in which the investors invest. >> they tried to work out a compromise on the biggest change in financial oversight. two of the toughest issues are to be resolved are oversight of
7:20 pm
derivatives and new government power to liquidate sales in financial firms. gop's response, day billy hutchison said the bill has serious flaws. >> it's time for the democrats to put away the political play book and simply say publicly what they are suggesting privately, that this bill still needs work. that both parties should come together to do that work on behalf of the american people. senate majority leader harry reid needs to win over one gop vote before debate begins next week. aides from both parties are talking as if a bill is now inevitable but the talks could continue past monday's procedural or test vote. she may look like a grown woman but that is no reason to hire an underaged girl and how much money she made. the skies are clear and some
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european planes, passengers are stranded by the volcano want you to do to help them get home.
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you won't believe this. a robbery turns deadly in palmdale, california. now investigators say they have the killer caught on tape. check out the surveillance video. store owner was shot in the robbery. two other men are wanted for questioning about what happened. the family of the victims say that he was confronted by two men that beat him up and threatened to kill him. she made hundreds of dollars each night working as a dancer at a topless bar. here the thing though, she was
7:25 pm
14! now the manager of the detroit strip club is charged with a felony for employing the some-year-old girl. the girl danced several nights a week and made up to $350 a shift. the mother that spoke off camera, she wants the club closed for good. one of the club's employees saving criticism for the mom. >> i'm very upset that somebody would allow a 14-year-old girl to be in a place like this. her mother should be more accountable. you need to know where your 14-year-old daughter is at 1:00 in the morning. >> they arrested the manager after being notified by the girl's mother. he faces 20 years in prison if convicted. >> got a ticket going to europe, give it to somebody in need. they want to put the volcano mess behind them. the eruption in iceland and
7:26 pm
resulting ash cloud forcing more than hundred thousand flights cancelled. now british airways and virgin are asking people booked to consider giving up their seats to somebody who has been stranded and need to get home. they are expected to lose more than $2 billion due to that ash. >> people planning a vacation who are trying to save a little cash, headed to a state park, to do camping or exploring has already been an affordable option. some states hit harder by economy are cutting back at the state parks. some states are threatening to close their state park. hike up interest fees. new york is one of them. laura ingle is live in new york at river bank state park and so gorgeous outside, only state park in manhattan. >> reporter: you got it. that's right. the state park closings and cutbacks means more than giagt
7:27 pm
off the areas. in many indicates, it can involve the shutdown of athletic fields, ice skating rinks and community centers which means no summer camps or senior citizen activities which park advocates say will deny them of re-creating. in new york 41 state parks and 14 historical sites are in danger of shutting down. in california they are looking to close more than 200 parks. many states are hiking fees for camping and parking and eliminating fireworks for the 4th of july. here at rich banks they are looking to cut down the hours. this park serves two million a year. >> we're hearing that it's possible that the swimming pool could close here. what is that going to mean for you this summer? >> that is going to be bed. that is one thing the children live for. it's local. they don't have money to spend. the beach is too far for a lot
7:28 pm
of parents to travel to but children love the pool. >> the quality is compared is really nice. it would be a big detriment to the kids and families that want to come out. >> reporter: park advocates say the parks could be more self-sustaining by bringing in food vendors and renting out space. park officials say that, too, costs money. >> nobody is going believe i'm turning 25, i remember you could go to a state park for a donation. laura ingle, thanks so much. >> it's a breaking story tonight tornados touching down and the word that the death toll is regulation. mississippi's governor saying it brought obliteration to the state. 9 latest straight ahead. and fox is your election headquarters and ahead of the midterm elections. one senator facing a tough primary fight. blanche lincoln squaring off two
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7:33 pm
in part of yazoo county. his hometown is there. tornadoes reported in arkansas, alabama. domenica davis is live for us with the latest. >> the storm is moving off to the east, but it's not done. we have had significant lines, and you can see the biggest line here is now starting to push in the nashville area, so tennessee, kentucky, you're under the gun for the next several hours. back behind this front we are looking at some severe weather now that pushing on missouri and into illinois. so the severe weather stays active. not only through the early part of the evening, but it looks through the better part of the evening with the tornado watches and the threat not really starting to decreas decrease until 10:00. right now the active warnings are to the forth through illinois. we had a warning around the nashville area that expired but we are still looking at fasty cells that are moving through carrying a lot of
7:34 pm
rain and large hail. look at the tornado watch boxes. they extend east as the line continues to push off to the east as well. so 10:00, 11:00, the system will start to wind down. unfortunately, the severe threat tomorrow will push further down the coast from maryland to car carolinas. it doesn't look like it's as severe as today but continues to sunday. >> that can't come soon enough for those people. they had a heck of a day. thank yoyou. fox news is america's election quarterbac headquarter. one of the most vulnerable senators up for re-election is arkansas senator blanche lincoln fac face faces challen from halter and also morrison. last night, the three squared off in a televised debate at
7:35 pm
the university of arkansas. our own james rosen has the story from little rock. hey, james! >> reporter: no knock-out punches scored or even attempted between n the debate. they kept the discourse civil and substantive. halter said it was unseemly for blanche lincoln to accept campaign contribution from goldman sachs while serving as oversight role of derivative industry. and lincoln suggested that halter former security chief under president clinton might seek to privatize social security. at the end of the debate, the candidates spoke with the greatest emotion about the harsh tone of the campaign thus far and many negative tv ads they runned and something they both say they lamented. >> put a craft line at the bottom that is a crafty name they made up by they won't tell you who they are in terms of trying to tell you who we should be in arkansas and what you should think about me. >> i've taken down a website that is called "bail-out
7:36 pm
blanche." and senator, i would ask can you as we go forward if you would stop referring to me as "dollar bill." [ laughter ] if you would cease negative mailers. >> reporter: the third candidate on the stage is d.c. morrison who could play a spoiler role here if no candidate approves 50% of the primary vote on may 18. the top two vote-getters would be forced in a runoff on june 8. >> all right. funny stuff there. a new challenge for one candidate hoping to fill president obama's old senate seat. federal regulators shut down a bank owned by the family of illinois treasurer alexi giannoulias. the federal deposit insurance corporation saying broadway bank was one of seven illinois banks that failed. and giannoulias worked at the bank as a senior loan officer until he was elected state treasurer four years ago. hours after they shuttered the family bank, giannoulias
7:37 pm
says the campaign goes forward with a renewed determination. iraq experiences its deadliest attack this year. while south korea raises a sunken naval ship out of the sea, just two stops as we go around the world in 80 seconds. iraq, a scene all too familiar. as baghdad mourns 69 people killed in the country's deadliest attacks this year. officials, quick to blame sunni-led insurgent groups. after the coordinated bombing targeted many shiite areas. this comes as iraq awaits the formation of a new government. south carolina, crews lifting the second -- south korea, crews lifting second half of sunken warship after an explosion split apard the vessel, killing 46 people near disputed sea border with north korea. while they denied involvement, suspicions run high that the north is to blame. thailand, the country's prime minister has rejected scaled
7:38 pm
back demands by anti-government protesters known as the red shirts. the compromise, that parliament be dissolved in 30 days instead of immediately. since rejected, the red shirt leader says there is to point in continuing ta talks. taiwan, parade unites pet owners in the country capital as they call on the public to stop abusing animals and dumping them on the street. the poor economy led many to abandon their pets increasing the number of strays. so the animal lovers are calling on others to give them a home anhome. >> i love a dog in sun glasses. here is one for the stupid criminal file. crook breaks in a store but it wasn't the store he thought it was. wait until you see what happens. when the going gets tough, tough change their business and rake in big bucks. we have a great success story
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you know, in this economy york often need to get creative or go broke. a company switched from making car parts to parts for the body. they said they have done a complete company makeover and they're looking to expand, which means more jobs. elizabeth pran is live with plant with more on -- atlanta with more on this. i love this story. >> turner medical used to be turner machine. since the late 1970s, they made auto parts but the jobs became increasingly available overseas they knew they had to reinvent themselves. turns out, they made a great move. take a look.
7:43 pm
looks like the average factory, workers busy drilling, and bussing but now they're making body parts. >> before we got in medical, the product was tools for the automotive industry. now the product is surgical instruments and implants for the body. >> charlie tucker remembers when turner made parts of carburetors and fenders. but the auto industry started importing more from other countries, forcing turner to cut hours, lay a off staff and possibly close for good. >> we realized we had to make a change. >> change found them. medical company asked turner to make a surgical tool. they decided to take a chance. >> we started out with similar pm surgical instruments and we moved up from there to more complicated instruments. >> today, they make implants to repair injured spines and broken bones. >> we take pride in what we build because it may be used on us one day. >> they were named the small
7:44 pm
manufacturer of the year. the company continues to grow one body part at a time. >> the 30 jobs we add will add $30 million in the economy and put a lot of kids through college and help buy people a lot of houses. >> in addition to the 30 extra jobs they're looking to add, they are looking to expand facility to meet the demand from all the medical suppliers. harris? >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. new developments in the case of a san diego man who has been missing for days. police found his abandoned car under an interstate overpass not far from the city downtown area. eric whales who works as an information technology specialist at san diego 6 news and recently at various other companies has not been heard from since he left his home early monday morning. family and friends are spreading the word on facebook, twitter and flyers. they set up a website for
7:45 pm
public help. police in gainesville, florida, say a 36-year-old man caused $36,000 damage when he broke in the wrong store. the just released surveillance video catching his antics. he told police he meant to break in a liquor store but instead found himself in the bahco show -- tobacco store next door. he fell through the ceiling and crashed in a wall. when he tried to get out he fell again. he climbed out using a chair finally. cops say the face looks familiar. it was from the surveillance video of a man stealing cigarettes from gas station last week. he was arrested on burglary and property damage charges. you think? gosh. a police officer crashes his car in a home. and miami doctors help haiti patients walk again. a couple of stops as we go across americamerica.
7:46 pm
>> texas, a car crashes in the fort worth house hitting a couple's bed. while they're still in it. the car demolishes this wall causing all kind of damage. off-duty police officer is to blame and now he is accused of drunk driving. >> next thing i know i open my eyes and there is a truck right here. >> the officer's car crash in a bedroom and knocked the man and woman out of bed. the man is okay but the woman was taken to hospital with minor injuries. the accused officer on restricted duty while a formal investigation is conducted. massachusetts, group of fishermen catching more than they bargained for in new bedford. forget about plans of fish. they netted about 200 grenades! you can see the smoke here from when the navy experts detonated the catch. they're still looking into where the bombs came from. south carolina, fort jackson is the army's largest basic
7:47 pm
training base but now it's the home of a huge archaeological find dating back thousands of years. history hunters working at the dig site since november finding pottery, spear-throwers and arrowheads! >> we'll spend the five or six months doing analysis to figure out what we have. >> florida, some doctors with the university of miami doing their part to help people in haiti who have lost limbs. the international project medishare program donating thousands of specially made prosthetics. the artificial limbs customized for the people of haiti. >> the skin tone matches folks of haiti and there is a cleft between the toe so they can wear sandals. it's designed for people of haiti by other amputees around the world. >> in a short amount of time, patients in haiti are able to walk around again, giving them new hope for a better
7:48 pm
future. that's a fox watch across america. decades ago hundreds of people died in a bloody battle over a group of islands in the south atlantic, but the fight is not over. we tell you why and what the u.s. has to do with it ahead. plus, tiger woods says he is not perfect. say what? hey, they say confession is good for the soul. but he's not talking about admitting infidelity. what is it this time, sfwhoodz dwoods? details coming up.'re staying at this resort for free? how? welcomerewards from see when i accumulate 10 nights, i get one free. and...they let me choose where to use them. the loyalty program he signed us up for has all these restrictions, blackout dates, a crazy point system... and we couldn't stay here. so what am i getting for free? my undying love? [ yelps ]
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a decade's old dispute with new life and access to oil may be the reason why.
7:52 pm
the fallklands island were a discussion of a dispute in 1982 where two countries claimed ownership of the islands and now they're at it again and there is pressure on the u.s. to take a side in all of this. greg palkot reports. >> here they go again. 28 years ago, u.k. and argentina fought over the falkland islands in the south atlantic. 900 on both sides were kill and britain won the right to continue a claim of sovereignty. now argentina renewed its claim on the islands, while war is not looming yet, both sides say they mean business. it's not a presidential impulse, claimed argentina's president. it's imperative of the national constitution. >> british sovereignty in respect to falklands is clear on international law and international politics. >> there are differences this time. now it's a lot about oil. british firms starting exploration there. >> there are some estimates
7:53 pm
it could be up to 60 billion barrels of oil. that's huge if that is the case. >> we are neutral on the question of sovereignty. we recognize the current administration of the island. >> argentina has been supported by an alliance of latin american countries who railed against the u.k. at a meeting in mexico, including venezuela's hugo chavez. "queen of england, i'm talking to you," he declared. "the empire is over." chav he knocked the u.s., too. saying a populist tide will go against it. >> this is the shape of things to come in terms of a broader challenge to american world leadership by a coalition of anti-american regime in latin america. >> others say the u.s. is right to steer clear of the fight, saying america friendly governments will
7:54 pm
prevail. the u.s. said if asked it could mediate between the u.k. and argentina concerning the falklands but with the u.k. just starting the search for oil and argentina revving up the rhetoric, they don't seem to be at the chatting stage yet. in london, greg palkot, fox news. >> tiger woods making another apology. this time it's not for the cheating ways. instead he is saying he's sorry for the foul language he used at the masters. he placed fourth in the tournament, his first since the sex scandal broke in november. but after hitting a couple of lousy shots, he led loose some words we can't repeat on this broadcast, 'cuz well my parents are watching. on his blog, tiger is apologizing and said the masters support is something he will never forget. 7-foot creature caught in a net rescued. but barely. what happened and where the animal is now next. plus, can you guess the president's favorite snack food? hmm hmm when we come back.
7:55 pm
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we have breaking news so we have to bring you the cool critters and the president favorite snack food tomorrow. want to let you know what is happening in mississippi where they have had a horrible day with twisters hitting the ground. the official number of dead has riz on the nine. we know dozens of injuries as well and we're working to confirm how people are doing at this hour. night has fallen and there are still people reportedly trap aed inside their homes. a mission now to get them as soon as possible. this, across the state of mississippi, worst hit that we know of so far is yazoo city. hometown of governor haley barbour there who spoke at a news conference earlier today calling what happened to his state today utter obliteration. the breaking detail of nine dead, and the twisters that moved across the state.
7:59 pm
according to domenica davis, the meteorologist, they have a couple more hours to go with the watching and warnings -- watches and warnings. in 1990 on this day, greater window for the cosmos headed to outer space. >> discovery with the hubble space telescope, our window on the universe. >> the shuttle discovery taking off from the kennedy space center in florida carrying one of the most important satellites built, hubble telescope. it was designed to be our eyes to the heavens with the ability to see beyond the haze of earth's atmosphere. what a sight. look at the brand new picture from nasa. it looks like something from a fantasy. actually, it is a giant pillar of gas and dust, 7,500 light years from earth thanks to a successful mission 20 years ago today. now you know the news as fox reports. update on the twister that hit missispp


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