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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  April 25, 2010 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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u for wa captioned by closed captioning services, inc dozens more injured. widespread damage suffered in more than 15 counties. chris gutierrez is at ground zero of the disaster in mississippi, 40 miles north of the state capital in jackson. chris is, the danger still current or has it passed? >> the danger has passed, geraldo but the rescue and recovery continues that the hour. you mentioned ten people tragically were killed when the storm issues tell moved through around noon today but authorities are telling us off camera they fear that death toll will rise. i want to bring in hayley
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douglas. this is her mother's bar behind me. she was working across the street at noon. what it you see and what did you hear? >> we just saw a big black cloud with white parts in it and it sounded like a train on train tracks. >> just a roaring loud noise. you can see behind me what is left of her mother's business literally reduced to rubble. it opens around 3:00 local time so thankfully no one was here around noon. i want to make my way over here because one of the stories we are hearing late this evening are the stories of how people sprung into action to help one another. these three weren't directly affected by the storm, their neighborhood was. he was making his way into town and you can hear the sirens still blairing because the search and rescue continues at this hour. wes was making his way into town. his pants are just covered in
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mud because when saw the twister from the road he sprung into action. he and his buddies grabbed the atv and chainsaw and went to work. what did you do? >> we were going to try to make it to his house and the cops wouldn't let us get through because they had a gas leak and we went to another friend's house and had to walk through the woods a mile, mile and a half and we went to his house and started working on his house and tried to get things cleans up and all that. >> b.j., one are the things i'm hearing from people like you and your neighbors is that when you grabbed these chainsaws you got into an area that literally first responders couldn't get through. you were cutting through the debris to hey lou first responders to get in place to do their jobs. what does your neighborhood look like at this hour? >> no limbs on any trees. all the leaves are gone. they are all pretty much just broken in half. devastation all over. >> i'm guessing no pound for
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the candier in your neighborhood. >> no power. >> ashley was home at noon hour. what did you see? what did you hear? >> it got real dark and real still and no noise really and then all of a sudden i heard strong, strong wind and then the trees falling everywhere like throughout the whole woods and everything and i looked outside and there is like nothing left. >> total devastation. at this late hour, authorities are still looking for people who may be trapped inside their homes. back to you. >> geraldo: keep us informed if the death toll does rise as many authorities expect or suspect. let us know and we will keep viewers informed. stay tuned to fox news for the latest on the wrath of today's twisters. now, to a storm of a different sort. the immigration hurricane blowing in arizona. tempers flare as the antiimmigration dye is cast in
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arizona where in defiance of the white house the republican governor january brewer on friday signed into law a bill that requires cops to question people they merely suspect are in this country illegally. and if those suspects can't produce documents proveing that they are allowed to be in the united states those cops have to arrest them on a charge that carries up to six months in jail and a fine of $2,500. can you say papers, please? hi, everybody, i'm geraldo rivera. if the polls are correct, most americans, certainly most arizonans agree with governor brewer who is up for election this year. arizona is a state that in fairness has suffered enormously from cross border violence. according to a friday rasmussen survey, fully 70% approve the new antiget tough immigration legislation and only 23% oppose it. if you need any further indication of the current mood
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of the state where i graduated from college the legislation there passed a birther bill that requires any candidate for president including barack obama if he runs for reelection in 2012 to prove that he, too, was actually born in the united states. take a closer look at the antiimmigration bill and the emotional response it is generating. >> if any one is from arizona, i need to see your papers. apparently police now in that state can stop any one at any time who looks mexican. it is basically breathing while brown down there. >> the new law is no joke. and the arizona governor blames it on the federal government's unwillingness or inability to act on immigration reform. >> we cannot sacrifice our safety to the murderous greed of drug cartels and we cannot stop by as kidnapping and violence compromise our quality of life. we cannot delie while the
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destruction happening south of our international border creeps its way north. we in arizona have been more than patient waiting for washington to act. but decades of federal inaction and misguided policies have created a dangerous and unacceptable situation. >> geraldo: the president friday does agree that the failure to act at federal level forced arizona's hand. >> indeed, our failure to act responsibly at the federal level will only open the door to irresponsibility by others. and that includes, for example, the recent efforts in arizona which threat ton undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as americans as well as the trust between police and citizens that is so crucial to keeping them safe. >> i instructed my staff to
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examine the civil rights and other indications of this legislation. if we continue to act at a federal level we will continue to see misguided efforts opening up around the country. former governor sarah palin sees arizona's action as standing up for states rights. >> more power to january brewer for decideing that she would take on an issue and it as state's right and she would decide with their lawmakers what they could do to tackle the huge issue of immigration problems. jan brewer i think in doing the right thing for her constituents and standing up for her state and now it is a matter of work with the feds to kind of mesh the mission that they are on to mi make sure tht the immigration reform that she wants to work on and due respect is given in this case. >> arizona democratic congressman raul rigrijalva.
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>> you could be fifth generation american that happens to be of mexican descent in the state of arizona and you fall under the same discriminatory profiling. >> i underand it that. >> unbelievable. >> bill richardson the governor of neighboring new mexico worries also about the racial profile. >> is this racist? >> it is is a terrible piece of legislation and against the democratic ideals of this country. it is a step backwards. it is improve. if i were the administration i would look at the legality of this bill. this is going mean i believe potentially racial profiling. it going to mean massive i think problems with our neighbor in mexico. they going to react to this. but it is also not going protect border safety. what we need is comprehensive immigration reform.
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>> geraldo: despite everything from the threat of massive civil rights lawsuits to convention boycotts, state senator russell pierce, the bill's sponsor speaks for the majority of arizona voters. >> illegal is not a race, it as crime. >> illegal is not a race, it is a crime. >> geraldo: the new legislation is obviously a triumph for maricopa sheriff joe arpaio. he will be joining us in a moment along with lincoln diaz for a fair and balanced debate. in the meantime in the midst of impassioned demonstrations for and against the bill, casey stegall reports on the emotional bill and what ke we n expect next. >> it is hard telling how long it may last considering the court battles are already brewing to fight it. arizona governor jan brewer signing senate bill 1070 yesterday and things got pretty
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heated outside between several hundred profesters on the lawn of the statehouse. police even donning riot gear. opponents are concerned this could lead to widespread racial profiling since the law law allows police to question immigration status if they have reasonable or probable cause that they are in arizona illegally. >> kind of opens the doors for racial profiling and this isn't an issue that just affects what you would call the immigrant population. but any one how do you define what reasonable suspicion is? >> the governor is ordering the arizona police training agency to develop new guidelines for teaching officers how to properly enforce the law. brewer also believes she was forced to do something drastic because she doesn't feel the feds have done enough in terms of securing the southern boarder in her state where a wealth of drugs and humans are smuggled into the united states every single day.
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>> we could not sacrifice our safety to the murderous greed of drug cartels. we cannot stand idly by as drop houses, kidnappings and violence compromise our quality of life. >> meantime the mexican senate is outraged over the news, voting unanimously for brewer to veto the bill. geraldo? >> geraldo: thanks. obviously she is not going do that. sheriff joe arpaio on your left joins us as does congressman lincoln diaz bellarte on the right, republican in miami. sheriff, how do you define reasonable suspicion? is it like obscenity that you don't know how to define it but you know it when you see it. >> if someone doesn't have a license, doesn't speak english, ten guys smashed in the back of a van, i think that is cause to
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take action. the obama administration the first 60 days in office sent the civil rights office after me. it has been a year and a half they have been investigating me and nothing has happened. i feel comfortable that this law will pass muster. just gives me another tool to get the job done and law enforcement. >> geraldo: be that as it may in your press release you claimed 38,000 illegal immigrants were arrested investigated and detained but you but i can't find anything in your literature that tells me how many people you stopped who were citizens and said i am fifth generation mexican american for scam. >> we stop everybody that we feel is violating the law. doesn't matter who they are. when they are booked into the jail we investigate everybody. 200,000. 30,000 we prove are here illegally. we do the crime suppression
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operations and for all those critics throughout i'm coming back next week in the city of phoenix with my posse and deputy sheriff's to do another crime suppression operation. all this heat and all the stuff coming from the president, i don't even know why he is interfering with the people of arizona. by the way, the president should underand it this law mirrors the federal law. if he has a problem with the state law he has got to have a problem with his own federal law to you out to be looking at the federal law. >> i believe that we should be looking at the federal law. congressman, let me warn you maybe if you were walking around the streets of phoenix sheriff joe might stop you. you look sort of latino, even though you have a storied family background. i will let you respond to sheriff joe. but we were shortened in the first block, in the next seth, the congressman responds to sheriff joe arpaio along with
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the fair and balanced debate on the new immigration law. we will also be talking about the death threats hurled at the createors of south par
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>> geraldo: back live. that is sheriff joe arpaio on your left from phoenix. representative lincoln diaz bellard on your right. as an arizona wildcat i'm dismayed by the law and i think it is a recipe for racial profiling. isn't sheriff joe right that legislative inaction is what led to this? >> yes. geraldo, it is good to see you and you are focus only a very important issue and i thank you for that. president bush tried to deal with the issue and i remember he assigned full time two members of his cabinet who were continuously working with us and when i say us i mean congress on both sides of the aisle to try to get this done.
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and when i say this, the immigration issue. the immigration issue has always been and it must be a federal responsibility. and so yes, there is a point of truth with what -- with what you say. i disagree with this law because i think it inevitably is going to first put a burden on law enforcement that i think is not necessary and i think is not appropriate. and it is going to lead to profiling in an inappropriate way. now, i will say this -- president obama promised that he would deal with this issue in the first year of his presidency. he did not. there are a number of us on aisle thatof the ail that stand ready, willing and able, as a matter of fact, a lot of work has been done in the last year, extra, officially not with press conferences and not with press releases to be ready to deal with this issue and
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much work is ready to go. and so i would ask the president not to simply seek to get the hispanic vote, not to simply seek to keep the hispanics happy but to deal with an issue of national importance. >> geraldo: how do you deal with the fact that 70% of the people in arizona are in favor of this bill? >> 70% this have antiimmigration fear bordering on crazy anger. i even strike the word angry because many of their fears are justified. seven people killed in a massacre in the border towns the last couple of days. it goes on and on. 70%. how do you defeat that kind of opposition? >> whey focus on and we need to focus on is a solution to this problem at the national level. and so arizona, i disagreion i would have voted against the bill if i were an arizona legislator but this issue of comprehensived a come
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violate u.s. citizens civil rights and 53% of arizonans believe it will violate u.s. citizens civil rights. what did you say to the mom whose 16-year-old is terrorized because a local cop stops him and cards him for citizenship?
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>> well, if they don't have anything to worry about, police stop many, many people every day in the course of their duties on reasonable suspicion for any type of crime. they are not going to go around the street corners and do that. we don't do that. just doing the course of our duties, geraldo. the feds are not doing anything about the problem so now it is up to the states to take action and do something about the problem we have in the united states. >> geraldo: i have to say, congressman, diaz-balart that john mccain was one of my heros but he helped draft a comprehensive immigration reform bill that was sadly defeated. >> , it was when the united states had less than 5% unemployment. we had base ucitelly full employment in 2007.full
4:25 am
there is not a chance is there of congress passing a bill? >> yes, there is. it is difficult. it is much more difficult in the senate because ultimately major issues need 60 votes in the senate and so i think especially with the kind of work that has gone on behind the scenes in a serious responsible manner the last year in the house, that the house should go first and if the house passes an issue -- a matter, a center right piece of legislation, that requires employers to verify the legal status of workers, that -- puts people here, yes, gives them a process which which they have inventive to come oust shadows because it is important to the nation to -- >> geraldo: they have to -- otherwise --
4:26 am
>> citizenship should not be mentioned. first we to verify who has violated laws here and who is violated laws. >> violated laws other than -- >> no, now in arizona it as violation of state law. >> geraldo: just to be there. >> to be undocumented. but the key is if you have roots here, if you have children or you are employed here you should be given a process, if you have roots here that you can demonstrate that you can earn legal status. >> geraldo: i agree. pay a fine, earn legal status. >> but it has to be a comprehensive matter to generally control the borders. >> geraldo: i agree, control is very important. is it constitutional, kimberly? >> there will be constitutional challenges and civil rights implications. you need to have a uniform process by which people can become citizens and not disparity among the states. thank you, gentlemen and lady. you stay. we will probe the controversy
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about one show's depiction of muhammad. current target, south park. current target, south park. can you believe it.
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♪ cause it's the little things that mean a lot ♪ oh, thank you. you're welcome. what a nice young man; my goodness.
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all right, gingers, we have muhammad for you. now, hand over the detonators. >> no, first you got to prove that is still mohammad in there. have him step out of the bear costume. oh. >> dude, we can't do that. >> i'm kimberly guilfoyle. that was the infamous clip of the prophet muhammad protrayed in the hit show "south park." it triggered radical group revolution muslim to offer this veiled threat. >> it is per missable for someone to be killed that insults the grea degrades or es
4:32 am
upon portraying a derogatory prophet mohammad. muhammad. this is a possibility that in the event they were seen in public and muslims saw them they could behave in a similar manner. >> thank god. >> and following that dire decided comedy central the to sensor the follow-up episode, obscuring the character and bleeping out his name. now, despite mainstream muslim groups saying revolution muslim has no credibility, they are beef be up security at comedy central's new york headquarters. >> dino bidalla, coproducer of the arab american comedy festival joins kimberly and me here in the new york studios. >> thanks for having me on.
4:33 am
>> i have the revolution muslim website up here. one of the things they have here, may allah make a mushroom cloud over israel. unbelievable. >> they said they don't really know if they are a real muslim group. >> the congress of muslim americans. >> exactly. >> they are 15 people. to me, my question is how did someone find -- do they have a publicist that sent it out to some did i central and said hey, we are doing this thing. there are millions of websites in america. >> jews are sensitive and catholics are sensitive but nobody threatens to murder someone because of a joke. >> nor do mainstream muslims in america do that either. i'm an advocate of freedom of expression. there are consequences but not life or death. it is like protests and boycott
4:34 am
by sponsorships. bill ma sher maher lost his sht least talking about the terrorists being courageous in his terms. >> what do you say to groups like this and they are not advancing the cause or tolerance when they are making threats like this, it is not a good move for them. >> it is horrible for us. as muslim americans these are people we don't want be defined as. we don't want to be defined by the worst examples who happen to share our religion or background. even if when there was a cartoon of the prophet there was no demonstration in america burning things down. it is a right that i cherish very much. >> what about the threat of radicalism does that make you shy away saying i'm going to put the brakes on this joke, i don't want to go there? >> i never worried about threat of death for a joke yet. >> you haven't told one that
4:35 am
bad yet. >> i have had people like -- >> i have had some tough shows, don't get me wrong, some people wanted to kill me. any joke, someone is going to be offended. i was in new york performing before i came here. i'm sure some people didn't like even a point of view that might be a political joke that they don't agree with. that is life. you can't live your life worrying to please every single person in the audience. somics, some of us have an obligation to challenge the audience. lenny bruce almost went to jail for screaming his expression in the '60s in america. >> the dutch artist that was bruteally murdered, that kind of violence casts a pale and does have a tendency to smear an entire community. >> i agree with you 100% and i think the muslim american
4:36 am
community is doing their best to get media savvy and get on tv. one of the leaders denounced this. it has nothing to do with islam. these guys are out there advocating violence. >> geraldo: can you give aus quick joke. >> don't do a muslim joke. >> i was in saudi arabia doing jokes there. >> jokes about us. they like, i mean jokes about how much they like cigarette smoke. i went to a gym and there was an ashtray on the treadmill. how arabs love to talk to you in the movie. they love to guess the ending and talk to you about what just happened on the screen. >> thank you. good luck with your career. >> as earth week comes to a close with a big rally planned in washington, d.c. tomorrow in favor of new laws protecting the environment, geraldo spoke with a hollywood director whose movie has made him one of the
4:37 am
world's most prominent advocates for the rights of indiginous people whose lands are threatened by irresponsible development. >> james cameron is our greatest living director and the cree, yeah tore of "avatar diagnose is getting involved in literally something here on earth on the rights of the indigenous people when it comes to the development and exploitation of their land and their often urgent fight for survival. was it an accident? did you anticipate this would be the central theme of the movie? >> none of us expected movie to be this successful. where it has been successful and the way it touches me the most is it seems to have really touched people about these issues around the world and so many groups have come to me and said can you help us, get involved in this, help raise
4:38 am
consciousness or give these people a voice. >> were you surprised that everyone is cheering for the nabi in avatar and everybody wants the indigenous people to win even when it comes to rooting against the marines. >> a lot of this stuff is done at gunpoint or with threats of violence and so on. and so, you know, we to acknowledge the fact that, first of all, we a 500 year history of going into, you know, we collectively, you know, civilized world going into the natural world whether it is north america, central, south america and pushing people off their land, killing them, taking what is not ours to take. >> geraldo: can a movie and a film director, however acclaimed, make a difference? >> i think a small difference, sure, and it is important for people in media such as ourselves and other people in hollywood and so on to take that responsibility because we do reach people. that is what we do. we are communicators and there
4:39 am
has to be somebody else besides the science community, besides the government. so, you know, do well by doing good. you know, "avatar" made a lot of money and it is good for the environment and i'm happy with that. >> geraldo: i was fascinated that they were watching it in the bush in bolivia and all the rest of it. before you did avatar the number one grossing movie ever, titanic which was the champion before. i want to say face to face that i forgive you for the geraldo mention in titanic. >> boss, the same thing happened to geraldo and his career never recover. >> thank you. >> you are here and in many ways as spokesperson of the indigenous group. how important is james' involvement? >> jim has been able to do a tremendous amount in a short period of time by bringing in international spot light on issues that have basically been virtually unreported by date. for example you went to brazil
4:40 am
with us and went to meet the tribes affected by the dam and an issue that would have been otherwise unreported was on the front page of the new york times and the international controversy has grown from there and he has made a tremendous difference in ringing the spot light and you here. >> and susie, mrs. cameron, during the press conference he was awarded a scarf from one of the indigenous people. he said this was bigger than the academy award. i don't know if we should take him literally. how dig of a disappointment that was? >> i agree with jim. absolutely it is much bigger than the academy award. he won the people's award. >> i think cree that you deserved the academy award. i have seen it four times. sounds kind of nerdish. really, good luck and thank you for being involved. james cameron, the director of
4:41 am
avatar and titanic. when we come back, she is one of the shining lights on the light. some suggestd that she and sarah palin should be running mates or even that they are twins separated at birth. congressman michelle bachman on her take on the need for financial legislation. lot of wall street executives were shaking in the boots.
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after a recession that stole 8 million jobs, this is going take some time. gm and chrysler went through painful restructurings. ones that required enormous sacrifices on the part of all involved. many believed this was a full -- one year later the outlook is very different. in fact the industry is recovering at a pace few thought possible. new york city this week addressed an audience that included leaders in the financial industry and i call today are reforms to hold wall street accountable and to protect consumers. these would put an end once and for all to taxpayer bailouts and bring greater transparency to complex financial dealings and empower ordinary consumers around share holders in our financial system. >> when governments comes in and decides who the winners and losers are and there is no recourse. that is what happened to 3400
4:46 am
dealerships across the country. the new legislation bill is also gangster government. that is the government decide hog is going win and who is going to lose on wall street. >> geraldo: my next guest is a fierce proponent of small government. and has been defending her characterization of the obama administration as a gangster government. michelle bachman of minnesota joins me from st. paul. delighted to see you, congress woman. do you wish you used a different characterization? is gangster government really appropriate? >> i wish the federal government would not have created the aito task force where they rendered 3400 car dealerships, rendered them virtually worthless overnight. the federal government stole private assets from private
4:47 am
individuals. people owned the car dealerships and their customer lists and service lists were taken away from them and people were stuck with debts, stuck with parts from gm and chrysler, and told tough it out, baby, you're done, you have to put up the out of business sign. and that is what happened. people had their livelihoods taken away. >> geraldo: i thought that was done by the car companies. wasn't it general motors and chrysler and ford that made the decisions? >> remember who owns general motors. it is now government motors and owned by the federal government. the same with chrysler. and now the federal government is calling the shots and the federal government has a large ownership stake and, as a matter of fact, the federal government overturned 150 years of bankruptcy law and took assets held by bond holders, those are the investors in chrysler. their assets were taken away and given over to the uaw, the
4:48 am
unsecured creditor. the people who took less interest and put money into chrysler had their rights taken away from them legally and given to people who were unsecured and they were given rights. these are moves that are not in line with the rule of law or with the sanctity of contract. the united states we believe in the sanctity of contracts and the rule of law. >> gangster government. >> all the rules of business have changed. >> geraldo: what exactly is the -- better question, don't you feel you are going against the tide in the case of financial reform? don't most americans want the federal government to step in and while ending the possibility of bailouts more specifically calling for transparency with these complex derivatives transactions? isn't that something you are in favor of? >> people really hate the bailouts.
4:49 am
that is what the american people hate. i voted against the original bailout and what this particular financial reform bill does, geraldo, is makes the bailouts permanent. the only difference is this bill makes bailouts in the hands of the president. they bypass congress. so on into the future as far as the eye can see, the goldman, sachs of the world can make whatever risky bet they want to take, when can glean all the profits when times are fat and good and happy but when goldman makes a bad bet or any other wall street firm the federal government can go ahead and bail them out and stick the bill with the taxpayer. that is exactly what we don't want. this is bailout 2.0. is is exactly what the federal government don't want the federal government to do. >> can you stand by? we will take a quick commercial break and be back with more from congress woman bachman after this brief intermix. >> we have gangster government when the federal government set
4:50 am
up a new cartel and private 
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
we are on to them! we are on to this gangster government! >> geraldo: gangster government, congress woman, are those views that you would stand behind. that kind of rhetoric? >> i choose a different rhetoric and i choose to address this -- to address the issues a little bit differently, david. but i'm very concerned about -- >> is that over the line because that is important? this is a politician. is that over the line? >> those are words that she chose and statements that she made. >> that is marsha blackburn another friend of the show, tennessee republican, usually an ally of my featured guest right now, michelle bachman of minnesota. rising republican stars. do you fear, congress woman,
4:54 am
that the reaction to the gangster stuff might have dimmed your star a bit? >> you know, i'm not worried about a star dimming or rising. that is not my point. my point of concern is what is going to happen to our ability to be able to start businesses, enjoy businesses and enjoy the fruits of a free market economy. more and more the government is intervening just like this financial regulatory bill will do. we talked about the preexisting bailout that government is making available to businesses. it astinous line of credit that the treasury department would give to the private businesses on wall street. the other sting that the federal government would be guaranteeing their debt. all of this puts the taxpayers on the hook even more than we were on the hook with freddy and fannie which were at the heart of the financial melt down. this puts the american taxpayer in a difficult position going
4:55 am
forward. >> geraldo: you and sarah palin seem to have a very special relationship, you know, no one would have guessed several years ago that the two perhaps strongest voices in the republican party certainly on the right wing of the republican party would be, you know, two attractive women dare i say it, i don't want to sound like a chauvinist. why do you get along so? >> i have great admiration for the governor. she accomplished a great deal in her life and she is also an extremely warm, kind person. she is even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. she is very easy to like. >> and would you ever consider running with her or is that something that is just too improbable? >> well, i have a very difficult race myself this fall. >> geraldo: what are the polls showing? i don't mean to interrupt but what are your polls showing right now?
4:56 am
>> we haven't done a poll in awhile but had one of the largest extremist radical groups name me their main target this year. i know this will be very high profile and very difficult. i'm concentrating on this fall winning reelection. >> geraldo: and so will the senator from across the river, al franken be campaigning against you? >> well, he has come out for my opponent so i presume that he probably will. my real concern with this bill that is coming up in week on financial reform, people just need to realize that this is analogous to you telling you college student when they go off to college, don't worry, i am going to have a preexisting bailout plan for you if you spend too much money, don't worry, if you need more money you have an open line of credit unending and by the way, whatever you buy i will guarantee your debt. that is what the bill would do.
4:57 am
>> geraldo: i think pair rennettically i think the democrats will dumb the $50 billion bailout stuff and the financial reform w
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