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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  May 2, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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we will see you soon. have a great weekend, whatever is left of it. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. hello. i'm jamie colby. welcome to "michael waltrip racing: a new era." >> -- welcome to america's news headquarters. >> investigators now recovering evidence from the failed car bombing in new york city's times square. homeland security secretary janet napolitano calls the explosive laden suv a potential terrorist attack. it seems to be the latest one on our nation. >> also keeping a close eye on the major flooding being blamed now for the texts o deaths of t people in tennessee. the state is now asking the tennessee army national guard to help other folks trapped by the flood. in boston, working to mend the major water main wreck there. take a look at that.
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around 2 million people do not have fresh drinking water at this hour. supermarkets stocking up on bottled water. we will have more on the developing story straight ahead. at this hour, president obama landing in new orleans. this happened about a half hour ago. he wants to get a first-hand look at the efforts to contain the massive gulf oil spill. while there he will meet with members of his administration already on the ground including homeland security secretary janet napolitano who is defending this morning the government's response to the crisis, calling it a "all hands on deck approach since the day it happened." the slick is growing fast and moving closer to shore by the minute. the sheen from the spill already making its way into breeding grounds for crab, oyster, shrimp and other seafood and that has a lot of folks worried. julie kirtz is joining us live to tell us about the president's trip. what can we expect, julie? >> we know the president is on his way to the coast guard
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station in venice, louisiana as we speak and that he got a briefing on air force one as he flew from washington to louisiana this morning. the weather there has been extremely windy today. so his helicopter tour that was planned is questionable at this point. regardless, he will get a briefing as you said there and talk to first responders on the gulf and then give a statement to reporters about what he has learned first hand from looking around and talking to officials there. at stake the economy, of course, of the region, the wet lands and environment and how much this entire effort, jamie, should be federalized. jamie? >> the question is a lot of people in the region want an immediate response and there has been criticism of what the federal government has done so far. they have responded to that. can we expect any news today out of the administration about what they will do beyond what they have done so far? >> well, it is unclear whether they will make any announcement when the president is there but he did have his secretaries of interior and homeland security
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as well as the head of the coast guard on all of the sunday talk shows today as he traveled, defending the federal response so far to the oil spill saying the federal government was on the case from the start from day one and reacted appropriately as bp learned the extent and the federal government learned the extent of this massive spill. here is the secretary of homeland security earlier today. >> i think we will be happy when all is said and done to be very transparent with all of the activity that has happened really from the first hours of the explosion and those questions will be asked and they will be answered but the key fact of the matter is that this has been on all hands on deck across the federal government with the states, with bp from the day of this incident. >> and jamie, interior secretary ken salazar also on "fox news sunday" said it could take three months, 90 days before work hes stop the leak by drilling the relief well. iit will take some time and the federal government is going
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continue to be involved in this, no matter what. >> is there a call right now, julie, for it to be federalized? in other words, that they would take over the whole operation or do we need all happens on deck at the state level as well? >> you know, that is the word from the federal government today as far as federalization goes, that question whether the federal government should just take over. under the law, bp has to pay for the cleanup so federal officials continue to say throughout today that bp is the responsible party here but again, the federal government needs to work with bp and the state and local officials to clean this up and deal with it. the bp in charge of capping that spill, stopping it from coming out. >> julie kirtz live in washington following the president's trip for us. thank you very much, julie. >> jamie, rough weather conditions are now complicating efforts to try and clean up that oil slick as it makes its way toward the gulf coast shore. crews frantically working from
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land, the air and the sea all trying to contain the slick as it continues to grow and continue leak. but at 5,000 feet down at the bottom of the gulf a 7-inch wide hole with as you heard some fearing it could take up to three months before the uncontrolled george w gusher i. the damage could be devastating. flacketting with the latest from -- phil keating with the latest from louisiana. >> this is the third consecutive day of the high winds down here and that is the exact reason why president obama is currently up north of me right now driving his way down south from the new orleans airport instead of flying via chopper. coast guarde ghost card choppers flew earlier and judged it is too windy out there. also bad for the boats in the open water and the gulf of mexico 48 miles offshore and for the third straight day this is hampering any type of effort
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to try to contain or collect any of the oily water throughout. in fact, only a very small percentage of the orange containment boom lines that they really wanted to be deploying today and yesterday have been because simply it is too rough for the boats and too dangerous for the crews and so in the meantime the oil slick has continued to grow unchecked, unstopped, and, of course, with the northbound flow of the currents and waves right now, heading toward the coastline of several states. >> and there is predictions it could go around florida and start eating the east coast of the united states at some point -- and start hitting the east coast of the united states at some point. with it now being capped and not able to pump cement in another pipeline to cement that hole over, what can they do at least to try to minimize the damage? >> bp conducted a second test of using the chemical
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disbursements typically dropped on an oil slick over the session but because it is so windy they can't do this right now. they poured them directly down a 5,000-foot tube down to the actual source of the three weeks in the existing deep water horizon pipeline which collapsed two days after exploding and burning. the first test seemed to signify this might be a good way to keep the oil from reaching the surface, breaking it apart, 5,000 feet below the surface. they are doing another test today. the feds, noaa in particular, analyzing water data from down there to make sure that this is perhaps environmentally okay to perhaps then take this concept and disburse the oil down there at the source on a much larger scale by pouring very, very high volumes of this chemical disbursement down the pipelines in the days and weeks ahead. but that is simply one way to mitigate what is happening here because that is certainly not
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going stop all of the oil flow from reaching the surface and until they actually cap this well which have totally evaded everyone, all of the experts in the field now for ten straight days, there is just going to be more oil flowing. >> they are designed with a blowout preventer that tips off and cuts off the oil. any indication from investigators on why this didn't work and why tragically the deep water horizon exploded in the first place? >> as you touched on, specifically the blowout prevention mechanism down at the floor, 5,000 feet down in the well, that according to salanterior secretary ken darsalazar, to him that is whee the technical failure is. while there have been other blowout failures of this type in the past, never have we seen one of this magnitude. say cording to everyone analyzing this at all levels from bp in the private sector
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to other oil exploration companies to the state and federal governments here it is pretty obvious that bp had a faulty problem. halliburton confirmed they finished 20 hours before the explosion happened. however, the house energy and committee compelled haliburton to submit all documents on the cementing job. >> phil keating live in venice, louisiana. thank you, phil. the president heading your way and we here at fox news channel will bring you the president's remarks as soon as he arrives in venice, louisiana. thank you, phil. a storm in mississippi killing three people today and we are getting reports of possible tornadoes there, too.
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chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking it all, not to mention the situation in tennessee is still very tragic. tell us, rick. >> the situation in tennessee is going go down as a historic situation. the rain that they received this weekend will cause flooding that they have probably never seen before across this area and unfortunately across a very populated area and that is nashville. really this entire stretch between memphis and nashville has seen anywhere in the amounts of 13 to maybe 18 inches of rain in the last day. think about that. that is about that much rain falling across quite a large area and that has caused very intense flooding. so we have all kinds of flash flood warnings in effect in the burgundy colors. flash flood warnings in with the green areas. this is interesting. this is the hydrograph and shows the flow of water moving through any rivers or creeks where this they monitor. this is just pot west of nashville. typical -- just to the west of
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nashville. running at 3 feet is the average level for this river. win two to three hours is spiked up to 40 feet. 41 to 42 feet. an increase of almost 40 feet in a couple of hours. that is why the pictures that we are seeing coming out of tennessee are so devastating. unfortunately with this we have more moisture on the way. dealing with more rain today across that central area of tennessee and some of that rain is going be quite extreme. moving closer at this, it has been moving across this very same area, a slow moving system unfortunately, budging off towards the east. i want to point in right at nashville where we have been seeing the pictures come from. all of the rain continuing to train through the area. we could see another three to four inches. talking about a dangerous situation. civil emergency officials are saying do not leave your house if you do not have to and do not cross any road that has any indication of there being water standing on it either, jamie? >> that is good information. thanks so much, rick.
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>> you got it. a potential terrorist attack against america in the heart of new york city averted. a car bomb in times square. who put it there? why did it thankfully not blow up? will those responsible be caught? >> police right now combing through the suv filled with three propane tanks, fireworks, gasoline container and detonator components. last night at 6:30, the vehicle began to smoke but never exploded thankfully. police believe the bomber's intent was to cause a large fireball in a heavily crowded area of times square. david lee miller is back reporting on the latest. seems like it is almost getting back to normal. what is going on with the investigation? >> first let's start with what is taking place in times square. you're right, for the most part things are back to normal. as they say, the show must go on and broadway show matinees are taking place as scheduled. if you didn't know it you wouldn't believe last night at
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6:30 this entire area had been evacuated. tourists not even allowed in their hotels. as for the investigation itself, i can tell you that at this hour the authorities are combing through the nissan path finder in which the explosive device was located looking for clues. this really a gift left behind by the bombers in that the authorities have the explosive device essentially intact as well as the vehicle itself. there are reports now they are trying to match fingerprints and they are also combing through surveillance tape that was taken in the area, eric. some of that tape reportedly showed the vehicle actually arriving here in times square. let's go back live right now. there is something i want to show you. take a look over my shoulder. we will zoom in and you will be able to see it for yourselves. here in the middle of times square is one of the many, many hundreds of security cameras that are here and it was a camera presumably like this that reportedly captured this car bomber arriving on 45th
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street between 7th and 8th avenue. to what extent this recording is going to be helpful is still unclear, eric. there are reports that the windows to the vehicle were tinted so you don't actually get to see the occupants inside. but authorities now combing through videotapes, the car and in less than one hour's time a news conference will be held here in new york. we expect to learn a great deal more. >> david lee, may learn more at the news conference. any indication of where the investigation is going? 37 years ago,ed is 73, three car bombed placed on the streets of new york, one on fifth avenue just blocks away where you are now. a palestinian was convicted of that. he was freed last year after serving time in federal prison. any indication yet of where authorities are going with this investigation? >> right now there is a wire service report that says an islamist website says that the taliban in pakistan is taking credit for the explosive device
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that was placed here in new york. now, let's take this with a grain of salt. we have been unable to verify this. the claim comes from a man who is reportedly the top bombmaker for the taliban in pakistan and if in fact this is the man responsible it seems to contradict the fact that this was a very crude device, one that the mayor of the city of new york even called amateurish. the white house spokesman robert gibbs says at this time no assumptions are being made about who might have been behind this. the investigation continues but again as i said a moment ago, it would seem that the authorities have a great deal of information now to work with because the explosive device and the car itself are intact and they may have a considerable amount of surveillance recordings as well. >> and they apparently have placed the license plate back to an abandoned car at a junk yard in connecticut so that has given them some leads. david lee miller live at the
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scene. >> i was going to say quickly you are right. they traced the license plate back to a car apparently, the pathfinder had a license plate on it that previously belonged to a ford pickup truck. the owner disposed of the car and the plates at a junkyard and somehow those plates were either stolen or someone found them in that junkyard and placed them on vehicle that was here. it may be a dead end, there could be a connection, it is one of the things followed up. >> david lee miller, we will get back to you with the latest developments when the news conference comes. thanks, david lee. getting back to the other top story, containment operations are going on. a big part of louisiana's economy is hanging in the balance. congressman charlie melonfund represents southern new orleans and he is joining us live on the phone. congressman, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, jamie, good to be with you. >> i know you have multiple concerns. you worry about the environmental concerns but the economic one cannot be
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overstated. are you already seeing an impact from this as it approaches your shores? >> well, we still haven't fully recovered and particularly the people that make their living from the coastal wet lands and fisheries, et cetera in south of new orleans. the fear of another catastrophic event and then as long as the source of oil is open in the gulf depends on how many days or weeks or months that this is going to go on is going bring major hardship. and then the concern with this could be a decade of recovery in a marsh land that is very fragile, an ecosystem that is fragile and produced about 30% of the seafood that is consumed in this country has its origins or comes from these delicate wettelands in south, louisiana. >> as president obama makes his way to start his tour to see
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the damage firsthand, there is federal relief available, not all of it has come your way yet but there is an oil spill liability trust fund that has over a billion dollars available for losses to those fisheries and other wildlife habitats plus the president can authorize up to $50 million a year for oil spills without congress' approval. do you want to hear from the president about that today, about what plans he already has in the works for the people of your state? >> well, i would assume and i spent yesterday with lisa jackson and the day before with lisa jackson, secretary salazar and secretary napolitano. i would assume that their agencies and their staffers have briefed the president on where it is and i would hope to hear what he has to stay. one of the things that i intend to do when i get back is take a look at the oil spill fund and make sure that it is adequate.
2:19 pm
$1.6 billion may sound like a lot of money but with a gusher that continues to put out oil and with the entire coastal gulf region right now moving towards the east in potential jeopardy we need to talk and i'm going to talk with leadership with this fund and maybe emergency assessments and how and what we need to do to make sure that we get this right. you know, as i have told people, there seems as always a fight over whether we should or we shouldn't for the sake of the industry, for energy independence, for being a solid country, being able to defend ourself we need to be energy independent. but we need to balance it some way as between the drill, baby, drill, and the spill, baby, spill and get it right and provide that the safety out there, that we are environmentally sound and we do it in such a way that we are not hurtth the people we are
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trying to help. >> congressman charlie melancon, good points all. thank you for joining us. stay with us. we'll be back after a very quick break.
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the death toll is rision as heavy rains cause dangerous flooding in tennessee and right now at least five people are dead and that is blamed on the storm. the state is looking for some help. they are asking the national guard to help them in this region to save any other people that may be trapped. this is the scene. elizabeth is live in atlanta and following all the detail there's. how are the rescue efforts
2:24 pm
going? >> they are continuing. one person died as a result of a reported tornado in mississippi. five people have died as a result of all of the flooding that has taken place in tennessee. the rain is not letting up and also the rescue efforts are being hampered by the flood waters. the roads are turning into pools and these bridges are collapsing. judging by the photographs we have been seeing it is easy to see why the national guard has been called in. they are working with helicopters who were on standby to rescue any one in the flood waters, people in low-lying areas or people still at home. yesterday, the rain caught up to drivers on interstate 24. people were jumping out of their scars t cars to safety. leaving their vehicles behind to wash them away. it is not every day you see a portable building float down a highway. parts of interstate 40, a big
2:25 pm
connector between nashville and memphis, closed. keep in mind this is a very dangerous situation. it only takes about 6 inches of water for a person to drown. the nashville mayor at a press conference saying this is the worst rain event nashville has seen. it came down hard, it came down quickly and the majority of the rain continues to fall. national guard has been dispatched for rescue efforts. any other fatalities, we will keep you updated. julie? >> it's jamie. thank you, elizabeth. have a great day. thank you so much. >> can you believe it? it is election time again. in just two days, primaries in indiana, ohio and north carolina kick off an intense eight weeks of contested election there's. both parties keeping a close eye especially on indiana. that is where you may recall senator evan bayh unexpectedly
2:26 pm
stepped down. joining us is the political editor for the washington examiner. chris, what should we look forward to, two days from now? >> the battle of party establishments versus outsiders, people pushing in. indigo is one of the most closely watched races because of evan bayh depart you dure cn opportunity for republicans. you saw dan coates who used to be the senator from the state po who retired jump back in the race. there was a wide assumption this was coates' nomination and the the republicans are favored in the fall. the winds are blowing very much in the republican flavor after a surprise democratic takeover in 2008. indiana is a place where people think dan coates can get the job done. he has two more conservative challengers coming after him,
2:27 pm
criticizing his record as a lobby wrist and other things and they have gotten the backing of people like ron paul, the congressman from texas, former presidential candidate, jim demint from south carolina. they are mixing it up. republicans are optimistic because whoever wins they are likely to take over the seat. then you go to ohio and switch roles and it is the democrats who have the problem. lee fisher the state's lieutenant governor who is the favorite of the establishment. he has gotten the money, a lot of campaign contributions from moneyed interest within the democratic party and he is facing jennifer bruner who is the secretary of state of ohio. she is more liberal and running a more insurgent campaign. despite fisher's figure financial advantage he hasn't been able to really put her away. the democratic establishment, presumably the white house is hoping that fisher can get the deal done on tuesday and then go on to face rob portman, the former head of the office of management and budget who is well financed and running neck
2:28 pm
and neck with democrats in polls. this is one of the battles that will tell us how things going to be for 2010. if portman is pulling ahead, things look good for republicans to pick up five or maybe seven seats in the senate. north carolina, a, thought to be an opportunity for democrats. richard burr has never been as popular as some of the other republicans down there. democrats did well in the 2008 election but unfortunately for democrats, as even potent candidates have come forward in the democratic primary, you have a congressman cal cunningham, elaine marshall, the state school superintendent, these are well known individuals, neither has been able to get track against burr and it has been a great frustration amongst democrats and a lot of that is probably due to the very strong republican climate this year. there you will have to think that democrats are hoping that
2:29 pm
cunningham who had lacklack luster fund raising will win that primary. >> ohio. >> tossup. >> north carolina? >> looks like you got to like burr's chances to hold on. out of the three seats i think the republicans will take two. >> two against one. and your prediction? see what happens in the primary and, of course, thanks for joining us this afternoon. >> you bet, any time. >> eric, the investigation is on for the person or persons responsible for trying to set off a car bomb in times square. homeland security considering it a potential terrorist threat, how that affects the investigation, next. and imagine being in the position of having beachfront property, you would love that, right? how about having it suddenly stripped away? an eminent domain battle that will make your blood boil. it's here only on fox, straight ahead. when you have diabetes like me, you have questions.
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2:33 pm
that would be really good news because the coast guard estimates that that well is leaking at least 200,000-gallons of oil each day since that platform exploded and sank on april 20th. >> and pope benedict 16 traveling to northern italy to pray before the shroud of turin. the upon stiff did say the clothe "wrap the the remains of a man in full correspondence of what the gospel tells us of jesus. >> president obama praising the new york city police department for its quick response to the attempted car bombing attack that happened last night in times square. the feds offering to lend any support that the authorities in new york city need to try and solve this. homeland security secretary janet napolitano saying that it is being investigated as a potential terrorist attack. nicole collins live in washington with the very
2:34 pm
latest. nicole, are authorities closing in on any potential suspects? it seems to be that they had some leads and they have some fingerprints. what is the latest we know? >> they are trying. a senior u.s. official tells fox the investigation is still wide open in terms of who might be responsible, homeland security secretary janet napolitano was on "fox news sunday" this morning and said it is tucson to tell if it, too too soon to tell if it is home grown terrorism. >> all the for run sicks are being done, all denver forensics are being done and all the leads are being pursued. the city of new york and fbi and department of homeland security. looking at the vehicle and tracing finger patriotics. a lot of activity today --
2:35 pm
fingerprints. a lot of investigation today. >> the white house press secretary wouldn't discuss who might be involved and what the motives might be. >> the president was briefed. anything on the latest on that? >> gibbs says the president was briefed again today by the homeland security and counter terrorism advisor, john brennan. this happened on marine one while the president was headed to andrews air force base. now, the press has tasked john brennan with communicating with the nypd about federal support the white house says will be provided. the nypd and fbi are leading the investigation with help from other federal agencies. the fbi this morning said all of the resources in their office in new york are available to assist with the ongoing investigation, eric. >> in 1993 they put a bomb in a van and drove it in the world trade center garage and exploded it and they were right across the river in new jersey and got a break. hopefully that will happen this team. >> take a closer look at this. i'm joined by former nypd
2:36 pm
detective pat bronnen. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> it has happened before. the nypd taking a close look and maybe even taking the lead. there are a lot of agencies involved on this. how seriously are they taking it and when do you think we will know exactly who is responsible and what the motive was? >> two-part question, jamie, certainly when they will uncover who is involved is difficult to speculate with any presix but you can be certain that they are taking it extremely seriously and in fact we received a big gift this morning, believe it or not to the extent that that van did not blow up and we now have an intact almost a petri dish, really a treasure trove of potential forensic data because the theory would be and it would stand to reason that these guys believe, whoever was behind this that the van would have exploded and therefore they probably weren't as diligent in trying to hide the
2:37 pm
forensic identity and may have left anything from clothing with dna on it, sweat from dna on it, an eyelash, a number of scrapings. i heard there is propane tanks which as you know are very heavy and fairly difficult to nan najibullah. to manage. there could be cellular scrapings from their hands on something of that nature or the fireworks which are kind of gummy by design. so good stuff. >> not to mention the steering wheel which if they did believe it would explode could have more fingerprints. this is an area this is highly populated. materials that are easy to get your hands on. they are saying that it is amateurish according to the police. but does that matter, could sophisticated terrorists, people who want to cause harm to the united states choose these simpler components and still have as much of an impact in terms of fatalities?
2:38 pm
>> certainly. and certainly a significant impact in terms of their end goal which is terrorization. i mean whether the core leadership and inner circle of al-qaeda have an operational role in this terror plot is real of of no consequence. the end result is the same, potentially massive fatalities. the amateurish quote, unquote, characterization that i'm hearing it is a relates to the endeavor is really of no consequence either. look, they tried to get the brooklyn bridge. they tried to flood the hudson river tunnels. the synagogues up in the bronx. destroying the fuel lines at jfk. long island railroad at christmas. it goes on and on. they are coming at new york city fast and furious and in multiple directions. >> i think any major city, pat is, probably on high alert right now. we all have to be alert and careful. i commend the authorities for quick action here and also for citizens from that point
2:39 pm
forward will keep their eyes open and report anything suspicious. thanks for your insight today. i know you have a ton of experience in this area. nice to see you. >> thank you. back to another threat, that oil slick is getting bigger by the minute with no signs of stopping. and people along the coast from texas to florida bracing for the oil spill's landfall. the sheen on top of the water is already making its way through delicate area for fishing and other outdoor activities. in alabama on dolphin island, it is one of the first places that authorities expect to get hit. that is what are jonathon serrie is reporting live. anything sign that the oil reached where you are and what is the expected reaction and impact going to be? >> it hasn't reached where i am just yet. you can see some recreational fishers there trying to take advantage of what many people on the island believe may be the last weekend of fishing
2:40 pm
before the spill arrives. meanwhile, new information crossing the fire that u.s. officials closed commercial and recreational fishing in federal waters for a minimum of ten days. these are areas affected already -- already affected by the oil spill. so certainly the commercial fishing industry already be a beginning to feel the impact of this oil spill. and you know, it is all interrelated, earlier today we spoke with the woman who owns a -- the lighthouse bakery here on the island and she buys her seafood, of course, from commercial fishermen to make omelets andrabmeat omaha it will take a toll on that and seeing visitors to the island drying up and therefore her customer base. some people already canceling vacations in advance, anticipating the oil spill will arrive in the next couple days or so.
2:41 pm
>> the economy also relies on the offshore platforms. what is the opinion now that this has happened there about those? >> there really is mixed opinion and in fact over my shoulder here you can see one of those drilling platforms. this is a platform where they drill for natural gas. they don't allow oil drilling here on mobile bay but, of course, nearby out in the gulf plenty of oil platforms and both forms of drilling employ literally thousands of gulf coast residents. and so there is a lot of support for the industry. at the same time there is a lot of anger. some folks are saying that bp in particular but oil companies in general should have invested more in technology that might have prevented this spill. at the same time, going back to the owner of the bakery that i talked to this morning, she said that any calls to restrict oil drilling at this point would be a bad idea because you have other countries throughout drilling, you have china, you have russia, you have other
2:42 pm
countries and so if america restricts the oil drilling that it is involved with, it puts this nation at a competitive disadvantage. so, really you are hearing both sides on the island as a result of this spill. >> and all americans' hearts go out to the residents of the gulf facing what they could be facing over the coming weeks. jonathon serrie live at dolphin island. thanks. >> president obama says that bp will ultimately pay for the gulf cleanup but right now it is the u.s. military doing a lot of work. the pentagon stepped in after similar disasters including the exxon valdez back in 1989. lieutenant general of the air force, the former assistant vice of -- chief of staff for the u.s. air force and fox news analyst and old friend and joins us now. he led the defense department's efforts back then. general, welcome. >> thanks. >> you led the valdez efforts in the cleanup 21 years ago. how would you compare what you
2:43 pm
went through with what they face now? >> a lot of the rules in that were determined from the experience we got from exxon valdez. secretary sam skinner was really instrumental in the rules that were laid down and which everybody now understands that british petroleum is responsible for the cleanup. any military support, any coast guard support, any u.s. government or state support will be paid for by british petroleum. that is a very important point. now, some of the things that i think that need to be done is they need a better command and control system, particularly the way the disinfectants are breaking up the oil spill so you don't have huge globs, it is light crude, versus we had a heavy crude in alaska. you will have more different oil spills moving around that you want to have a continuous picture of where they are. i have talked about on the air,
2:44 pm
eric, about using some of the new technology that we didn't have when i was up there, for instance, the global hawk which is an unmanned aerial surveillance aircraft that flies at 60,000 feet but has infrared and electrooptical tv and radar. it can fly upwards of 36 hours. and could give that kind of electronic picture to admirald that allen who is down in houston, i believe, at the command center down there. that is very important. it will also help bp. >> bottom line in the valdez that was a ship and the oil, the h heavy crude gushed out. this thing is not stopping. they got to get down 5,000 feet, maybe get another pipe to push some cement in that 7-inch hole to stop it. it ain't stopping. so how do they get that to stop or at least try and contain it in a better manner than we could have a ecological
2:45 pm
disaster? >> that is not mine and the u.s. military to determine it. the oil people will determine that. what the defense department can do, you don't want them on the beaches cleaning up. we made that determination during exxon valdez. bp should hire the fishermen down there and use their boats to go out and skim the oil and do a whole host of other things, lay boom. on so that can help the economy and also help bp. don't put the military doing that. there is certain aspects that the military can help. you are spot on when you say it as different problem because we knew exactly where the exxon valdez, where the oil was coming from and were able to seal that and stop that pretty quick. here you have a problem that is right now beyond our technology as i see it and so we going to have to get lucky to kind of stop that. what we can could do is help them to determine where that
2:46 pm
oil spill is going and that is very important to minimize the ecological conditions to both the shoreline and to the fisherys. >> bottom line, do you think this will eventually obviously somehow be cleaned up and they will eventually get back to normal? >> yeah, they eventually do that but this one is going take months. unless they can get it turned off. if they can get it turned off in the next three weeks they will be able to clean it up fairly well. as has been pointed out earlier today, the bad weather has in fact been helpful because it is breaking up the oil spill, breaking up the oil and that is helpful. that high energy. so that is helpful, the water is warmer. but it is going to take -- look, they are still cleaning up from exxon valdez. it is still in the environment up there. >> and talk about potentially long range it may be three months on this one. hopefully they will be able to stop it sooner than that. >> big challenge. >> thank you so much. good to see you. and thank you for your insight
2:47 pm
and experience. >> tens of thousands out on saturday protesting arizona's new immigration law. but the rallies in phoenix, considered ground zero, not the only crowds gathering. thousands took to the streets in other cities across the country. a live report, ahead. hey what's going on? doing t shipping. man, it would be a lot easier if we didn't have to weigh 'em all. if thosboxes are under 70 lbs. you don't have to weigh em. with these priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in te country for a low flat rate. no weigh? nope. no way. yeah. no weigh? sure. no way! uh-uh. no way. yes way, no weigh. priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95,
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here is the latest. the search now on for the suspects in that failed car bomb attempt in times square. the feds calling it a potential terrorist attack. the latest attempted strike against our nation. the new york city police department and the fbi scheduled a news conference set to start just ten minutes from now. we will bring that to you live. >> and the head of oil company bp is denying claims his company's safety record played a role in a platform explosion
2:51 pm
and the huge subsequent oil spill in the gulf of mexico. bp blaming the blast on a failed piece of equipment. >> and crews outside boston racing to fix a major water main break there. that affected pipe feeds clean water to about 750,000 homes. local residents being told boil your water. arizona's new immigration law sparking a fresh round of angry protests. there were thousands of demonstrators rallying all across our country on saturday and they made very clear they are opposed to the new state law. it allows police to check immigrant status identification. casey stegall is live in phoenix but you tracked all the protests, all the numbers. how big were the crowds? >> well, jamie, they were pretty big. not as large as some cities were expecting but the largest turnout was in los angeles where about 50,000 people took to the street there's. you can see the pictures coming
2:52 pm
out of there, led by singer gloria estefan. 20,000 people showed up in dallas. 8,000 in chicago. 6500 or so in new york city. and then about 100 miles south of where i'm standing right now, in tucson, about five to six thousand showed up there to have their voices heard, protesting this new law in arizona that doesn't go into effect until july 29th but it sparked a lot of outrage. certain lawsuits have been filed trying to prevent this from starting and at the statehouse in phoenix, ground zero for everything mayday, about 7,000 people took to the lawn here. all in all, about 35 people were arrested at the demonstration in washington, d.c. but even though this is a very contentious, a very heated issue that a number of people feel awfully passionate about, jamie, no major incidents of violence reported in any of those cities, relatively calm
2:53 pm
and that, of course, is the good new. >> there was some violence, though, that has a lot of people in that state concerned and that is the shooting of a sheriff's deputy. what is the latest on that investigation, casey? >> this is unrelated. , this particular incident is unrelated to the mayday pro test that happened. on friday, 50 miles south of phoenix there was a deputy that was shot in the desert conducting normal police work. we understand that the bull let just grazed the deputy so it was a minor injury. and then not long after 17 suspected illegal immigrants were appearance henned in the area. authorities say it is believed three people in the group of 17 have some information about who may have pulled the trigger. police are saying that they are not the gunmen here but they have some information that may lead them to whoever is responsible. so, the manhunt is still underway but the service deputy again very lucky to be alive after being grazed by that bull
2:54 pm
let, 50 miles south of phoenix on friday, jim knee. >> casey stegall -- jamie. >> casey stegall, thanks so much. >> you bet. >> now, to our series it's your land. all about property rights cases across the country. what would you do if you came home and stranges were using your barbecue or if they were camping out in tents right on your front lawn? well, some residents saying that is exactly what is happening in destin, florida, but on the sand. they claim the government is stealing their beach. not so, say officials. it is now a case that is at the united states supreme court. >> this tranquil beach in destin, florida is actually a battlefield over property rights. >> the government is taking our waterfront property and making it public beach front property. linda and her husband jim own this beach front home and their property deed includes the
2:55 pm
whole beach in front of their house. but when the state tries to save the beach from erosion by adding new strand at the water's edge that new strip becomes public. >> is this your beach. >> this is my beach. >> that is your land. >> this is my land. >> and the government wants it? >> they want it and they want it without any cost to them. they just want it take. >> is the city taking private property? >> we don't believe that' we are taking private property. we believe that we are restoring the beaches and creating new beach. >> state and local officials argue they are not grabbing land but adding sand to protect the beach from further erosion. >> without it, then not just their private property but the roads and the sanitary sewer lines and gas lines and stuff would be expose and that is why we believe it as legitimate public purpose. >> john has no problem with the newly created beach being made public. >> that is the lesser of two evils because if we don't do it we feel like we will lose our building and our business
2:56 pm
because we feel like we need the protection from storms. >> but linda fears the consequences. >> everybody in america who owns property needs to understand if we can lose our property here, our waterfront property in destin, they can lose their property. >> that supreme court decision on this case is expected in the coming weeks. do you have a property rights issue? we want to know about it where you live. e-mail us, yourland @ fox and you can log in at fox and look for the your land tab at the top of page on fox the address is yourland@ fox >> and that will do it for us. i know you check all those demails. >> we do. >> i'm jamie colby. thanks for joining us. greg and juliet are up next. keep it here on fox because the nypd will have the news conference less than ten minutes away on the thwarted times square bombing attempt. it is expected to start any minute. >> and president obama will be
2:57 pm
discussing the oil slick crisis on the gulf coast shortly. as soon as he makes his remarks you will see it right here on the fox news channel. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. . a
2:58 pm
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