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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 2, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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any moment right now. working their way with the department of homeland security and f.b.i., gathering evidence trying to figure out who planted the car bomb and why. hello, i'm gregg jarrett. >> juliet: investigators now focusing on a truck that was loaded with explosives right in the heart of manhattan in times square. a teacher spotted the truck on fire last night around 6:30. he alerted police who then found among other things, three propane tanks, fireworks, 2:00 o'clock west side batteries inside the car among other things. the incident shut down one of the most popular tourist did he say if i nations in the world. it could have been a deadly explosion. they are expecting fingerprints found at the scene. david lee miller live at the scene. >> reporter: it's amazing how resilient new yorkers are as well as the tourists. this is the crossroads of the
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world. some are saying times square was in the crosshairs of terrorists but you wouldn't know it from taking a look what is happening this afternoon. thousands and thousands of people going to the shows and taking a look at the sights. last night it was very different scene here at about 6:30 last night. that is when you mentioned this very alert t-shirt vendor spotted smoke billowing out of a back of a nissan pathfinder. the new york city police were called. one officer came to the scene and brought with him two rookies. the fire department was called. initially they thought this was a car fire. what would normally happen, they would way to to extinguish the fire by breaking in the vehicle but they knew something was wrong. fire was coming from the back of the vehicle, not the engine. entire area was evacuated for nearing ten hours. massive investigation is underway and authorities are looking at the evidence, the evidence that was not destroyed.
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pathfinder as well as the propane, the gasoline containers the clock and batteries and everything found inside that vehicle. a potential wealth of information for investigators. that combined with the fact that there is also surveillance video that shows the car arriving at the scene. how much information the authorities are going to glean from that, tough to say. one officer said the windows of the vehicle were tinted. you cannot see inside. the surveillance tape should also be seized. there are other leads being followed up including fingerprints. at this hour, new york city police commissioner kelly is providing new information. lastly, i'll tell you an islamist website has posted a statement from the taliban saying they were behind this. they were responsible. the top bomb maker making this claim. if you look at the device itself and the fact that this claim is coming from the top bomb maker from the taliban, it raises
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questions. we are told by the secretary of homeland security and others this is very crude, amateurish device, nevertheless it could have been lethal. >> juliet: that claim has not been authenticated. it is important to point out, as you stand there, if you haven't been to times square, it's a mecca for tourism and there are cameras everywhere, but on all the buildings. they are all over the place. it's going to be interesting to see what they find. we'll be waiting for that press conference. thanks very much. we'll check back a little later. >> gregg: the hunt is on to find out who planted that car bomb, who is behind this act of terrorism. investigators calling it amateurish, but very powerful saying it could have caused a lot of damage in times square on a saturday night when it is filled with people. so where does the investigating
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from here? joining me now is former f.b.i. agent and member of the new york city joint terrorism task force, christopher and managing director of insight security. christopher, a wealth of information as david pointed out in the vehicle itself, not just the vehicle but ownership and leasing thereof but the contents and the surveillance cameras, as well. how quickly do you think they can find out who did this? >> greg, there are a lot of things that people don't realize that is great evidence. in bomb making, bomb making is an intense sort of thing. it's so infence for someone to put together a bomb. they actually leave so much evidence as to who they are to become a bomb maker signature. besides the fingerprints, how many times wires were wrapped, what if i can direction they were wrapped. people who make bombs tend to do the same way every time. maybe they wrap a prior so many
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twists each time. so there is a tremendous amount of evidence. how soon it is going to be they find these people, the investigation is so broad at this point. they are going to proceed with deliberate haste. they are not going to be in a hurry to jump to conclusions. when they put this case together they obviously want to have a mistake free investigation as much as possible. they should have a lot to go on fairly quick but they won't do it in a rush sort of fashion. >> gregg: it's being described as amateurish. fortunately it did not activate properly. home made bombs can be extremely lethal, one only needs to recall timothy mcveigh homemade bomb parked outside the murrow building in oklahoma city devastating this country with a
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home-grown act of terrorism. a.m. if you areish is misleading, isn't it? >> i agree. it doesn't necessarily reduce the he that willness should it have gone off. it's the first effort in bomb making, not trying something in the past. it don't know if it's an indicator where the person may have been from. anybody could have been amateurish whether home-grown or international. they don't rule out a possibility such as revenge on a specific individual, as well. i know that there is nothing that is being ruled out at this point in time. they are going to make sure they don't miss anything. >> gregg: what do you make a claim an islamic organization on a website this is a group connected to the pakistan taliban? >> i already know that they are going to fully investigate it. they are not ruling it out. based on what we're seeing here, it tends to lean against that
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for a variety of reasons such as the lack of sophistication, such as the lack of chatter leading up to this. no indicator for a heightened alert. it would have been difficult for the taliban to have pulled something like this off without having left some sort of an echo of communication in the different networks in the community. it tends to lean against that, although you can't rule that out at this time. >> gregg: look, we did have a guest on that said earlier, one possibility this was simply a prank. look at the facts. contained within the vehicle, the suv, a propane tank. if ignited, of course, it's unbelievable the explosion. then you've got gasoline, so you have accelerant and clocks and wires that are connected to them. this doesn't look like a prank, does it? >> no. the lack of sophistication tends
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to rule out possibly prank first. that would be the least likely thing. at the same time you can't rule out it was an individual who was after another specific individual and maybe wanted to disguise what they were doing. things like that have happened in the past. >> gregg: on a busy saturday night, in the crossroads of the world, times square, my goodness. the amount of loss of life is really stunning. thank you. >> juliet: growing concerns over the devastating oil spill in the gulf of mexico. we're now hearing that the spill may be much bigger than previously thought. efforts now underway to prevent an environmental disaster along the coastline and other coast lines. federal officials say they are not sugar coating the situation and the spill could be worse than the exxon valdez. president obama is in louisiana right now to get a firsthand
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look what is going on around the coast. phil is live in venice, louisiana. what is going on there? >> reporter: the president should be actually in just a few minutes. one of the great indicators, the coastguard is not only on the water but flying around above me. to make sure canal is saved from any threat from the president. he was heading south through port sulfur. it's about 20-25 minute drive from here. president is going to come down here. he did not fly down here because the weather is so bad. we've been reporting about the hampering effort of the wind involved in getting the oil contained, collected, burned off none of that happening today. the planes are not flying overhead using the chemical dispersants because of the high wind. how the there where the oil spill is, the waves are about six to eight feet high.
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winds of 30 knots gusting to 40, that is roughly 30 miles an hour gusting to had a miles an hour. it's been a rough day to make any dent out there in the gulf of mexico. it's heading south to northbound this wind, pushing it closer towards louisiana's coastline. the islands have already been impacted. closer to mississippi coastline and alabama coastline. federal authorities involved in this heading the effort are anticipating oil impacting mississippi and alabama this weekend or tomorrow. >> juliet: i suspect the president will get a clear view on the ground. what is his plan in that area? >> reporter: he will be briefed by the coastguard as well as driving down with governor jindall. he will be briefed by the respondents on the scene. bp is going to have representatives.
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they will make an assessment what is going to be done, what are the attempts that we have in place. what is happening that you've got ten days straight of oil spewing from 35,000 feet below the surface where the pipeline that bp had in the deep water horizon cracked in three different places. by all accounts, bp on the sunday morning talk shows, all the top brass saying, you know, we don't know how much has spilled, we don't know how much is spilling and we don't know how much it will spill. all the underwater attempts by robot gear to stop the flow of oil have failed. that has led to what is being considered the near term solutions until the wednesday hell is actually capped. that is using a dome method. this is basically, you've got a rectangular structure, domes on top that is connected at the top with a very long hose which goes to a collection ship on the
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surface. that goes down about 35,000 feet right above the spewing oil. the idea is it collects the oil and sea water all at once and brings it all the way up the pipeline, hose line, up to the surface ships keeping some percentage of that oil, perhaps a large percentage, out of the waters and not going to the surface. that is one of the method that has is going to be in place. according to bp that should be happening within eight to ten days. they were trying to get that going. think are also working on establishing a relief pipeline that will be from the ship or a platform is now being anxious kerd out there where the oil is leaking. that will come down and tap into the same oil reserve that the current pipeline is tapping in. instead of the oil going out of three cracks in the existing line, it will go into a relief pipeline. sad news for anybody concerned
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about the oil in the environment that will not be in place for at least two, if not three months. >> juliet: you sound like you are becoming an expert on this. we do have an expert joining us and to talk about some of the technology that is being used. thank you for that report. we'll be going more as the hour goes on. >> gregg: deadly stretch of severe storms racing through southern states, heavy flooding and possible tornados being blamed for six deaths. in tennessee the water rising so quickly it stranded cars on the interstate. three deaths being reported today in mississippi. let's go to chief meteorologist rick riechmuth standing by live in the extreme weather center. rick, give us an update on the situation. >> it's a breaking situation. around nashville, 24 hours of extremely heavy rain, that has
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totaled up to some 20 inches of rain causing devastating flooding from an area around nashville back towards memphis. we'll see a little bit of severe weather from this, but in general, it will be a flooding story as we move through the next 24 hours. in is a radar estimate picture i just pulled out. where you see the white areas, that right there is nashville. that is jackson, tennessee. that is about 160-mile stretch. when you see the white, that is 15-20 inches of rain that has fallen. this is ten inches, that is a large area seeing ten inches of rain. take a look at some of the pictures that is coming out mostly out of nashville area. i was looking at one report from a river gauge station, the water rose by up to 40 feet in around 6-hour period. that water causes pictures like
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this. people completely caught unaware on freeways, i believe that interstate 24. you have a house that was floating along the interstate, ran into a big rig and then begins to break apart. you have people still trying to get into the water to the other side. civil emergency officials are saying do not get into any water along the roadway. their resources are completely tapped thin. i have to tell you the heaviest of the rain, we had a big heavy band that went through 20 minutes ago. that has moved through, but we probably have another four to six hours of very significant rain moving across in area. that is going to continue to keep the flooding situation going. all these yellows and reds, continuing into kentucky. it's going to take a while for this to move out. not a good situation. stay home and stay off the
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roadways. >> gregg: any hook echoes? >> today not much a tornado story. that was the story yesterday. we had two reports, but i think now it's going to be strong winds with some of these storms. mostly we're talking about the flooding. >> juliet: they are racing to fix a bus fed pipe in the boston area that provides clean water. install a metal collar that could hopefully provide a fix to the pipe. if that is successful, the pipe could be back in working order by monday instead of weeks from now as the previously thought. in the meantime, officials say untreated water has entered the system so the governor is ordering residents you must boil your water prior to drinking, but it remains. president obama is now on the ground in louisiana getting set to speak about the growing crisis in the gulf. mr. obama getting a firsthand
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update on the oil slick as it creeps closer and closer to the shoreline. full coverage of this developing story coming up in just three minutes. ooo
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>> gregg: let's take a quick
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look at the stories making headlines president obama now in louisiana arrived just an hour ago to get a firsthand look at the oil spill. >> juliet: times square returning to normal after police discovered an amateurish bomb inside a parked car. it begin to detonate but failed to explode. m ayou a now heading to the united states on his way to new york city to take part -- mahmoud ahmadinejad taking part on a conference tomorrow. >> juliet: as they are assessing the damage from this massive oil slick, the spill could have major consequences for towns near the shore lines. communities all along the gulf coast are bracing for the economic fallout from the oil that is coming their way. joining me now on the phone is the mayor of hope. >> it's great to be here and i hope i can shed a little light
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on the concerns we have. >> juliet: bobby vind al says he is starting to see the sheen hitting his coast. what are seeing right now when you look out on the water. any effects on the environment or coastline? >> we don't have any landfall in alabama, but the problem we see is simple thunderstorm came up. all the protection devices washed occupy the shoreline. that is our mainline of defense. i can only imagine when we get the sheen comes aboard. >> juliet: what kinds of ru talking about? >> all the booms around the coastline. we had a thunderstorm coming through and you saw the flooding coming through tennessee. that storm came through and we lost a good bit of the protective barriers along our coastline. >> juliet: i remember covering a hurricane. i was in your town.
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its beautiful town, it's right there on the cliff on the mobile bay, absolutely beautiful. fell us how much your town relies on these waters? >> that is what we're all about. we take our environment very seriously. we wouldn't have a beauty in fairhope if it wasn't for protecting the environment. anything that brings an effect to the environment will stop and hamper people from moving here. the impact in balanced win county, it's $2 billion to the state. when you talk to the unemployment, its can chain reaction. our schools rely on this during the summer. everything will slow down. this issue, everybody looks like it as a hurricane. once it starts it's going to keep it coming from the months. >> juliet: what are folks saying? you have tuan to town's folk. i imagine they are angry, are they pointing the finger to bp
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or the government. what are people saying there? >> most people i talk to, including myself, feel like the president has dropped the ball. he needs to get down here and go to work. we don't knee any more flyovers. oil is coming into the gulf at record levels. we need to do whatever we can to stop it. then we need to get the federal agencies involved to protect the public. once this oil gets to our land, i mean i think the federal government has some say and not just say it's a bp problem. this is too much for a bp or any company to handle. >> juliet: i was going to ask you, what kind of help right now is coming in in terms of the short term and long term. what do you want to come in. what specifically would you want the president and the white house to do? >> right now, i think the coastguard and we're trying to go through the coastguard. when you have a bp company involved, we have to get permission from this company to spend money. sometimes the government needs
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to take over that and say bp we're going to send you the bill but we have to protect our citizens. if we don't get that part done and let us do our protective measures that we know work best for us, one size doesn't fit all on the coast. we have the monthly bay, they decided they don't want to stop because they said the ship channel and so forth -- everybody knows the ships has to go through this oil and we are eight miles from the coast. so it will be here shortly. >> juliet: it is such a beautiful down and we wish you the best. it will be rough ride for you and probably down the road. all the best to you. >> thank you so much and i hope we can get our federal agencies go to work. >> juliet: they are hearing your voice right now. >> gregg: we just had the president of the is united states reached his destination. he is going to receive a briefing from local, state and federal officials inside the
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coastguard building. once that is concluded. he'll be making some remarks, television cameras are there. we'll be covering that live when it happens. in the meantime, critics out there blasting not just bp america but the government for not acting quickly enough. some even calling this disaster president obama's hurricane katrina. a fair and balanced debate, next.
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eight bags of an unknown substance, as well as inverted metal pot containing a birds nest of wires and n-88 firecrackers. we're working with the city's department of environmental protection to further identify the bagged material. next to the locker in the rear cargo area of the pathfinder with three propane tanks weighing between 15 and 17 pounds. they are kind used in backyard
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barbecues. one of them had n-88 fireworks attached to its side. some which detonated inside the vehicle. an of the 88 is legal in some states including pennsylvania. on the back seat of the vehicle were two full five-gallon plastic containers. including a 16 ounce can filled with n-88 devices. 2:00 o'clocks on the back is a seat of floor were connected by wires to that can. and possibly the gun locker, as well. in light of the lethal potential of this combination, the department evacuated thousands of people from the times square area last night including guests at the marriott in rooms facing 45th street. they were committed to return to their rooms at approximately 3:00 a.m. this morning, after
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the gun locker and other components of the car were transported to the bomb squad facility. this morning we removed the vehicle to the forensic garage in queens where it is undergoing extensive examination for fingerprints, for hair, for fibers and other evidence that may help us to identify the individual or individuals responsible. investigators are in the process of combing through hundreds of hours of surveillance videos from the times square area which may provide additional information. we ask members of the public to come forward if they think they have any information about the incident, including any video or other images of the vehicle. easiest way is to call our tips hot line, 1-800-577-tips. some of the foot ak we have shows what we believe the
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suspect's vehicle entering between broadway and eighth avenue at approximately 6:28 p.m. two minutes later, a t-shirt vendor notified a police officer that there was a car filling with smoke parked on the southwest corner of broadway. the officer radioed for additional assistance. he and four additional police officers kept civilians away from the vehicle as the fire department and the bomb squad spoond today the scene. at the times square incident unfolded we looked for secondary devices in the area as a precaution. hundreds of new york city police officers checked sensitive locations including land marks in other areas of the city for evidence or other car bombs or devices. none were found. members of the bomb squad rendered the vehicle safe, we
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reopened broadway to pedestrian and vehicular traffic at 5:00 15 a.m. today and 45th street at 7:30 a.m. now special agent in charge will say a few words. thank you commissioner. i just have a couple short statements to make. first i want to thank and commend nypd and for their quick response to times square. a lot of lives were probably saved with that response. also, i want everybody to realize that the relationship the f.b.i. has with nypd is seamless. we were notified immediately of the situation and atf, joint task force was on the scene immediately and offering any assistance they needed. our relationship with new york continues will always continue
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to be seamless. we consider new york city a major target of terrorists and we always continue to work very closely with nypd and other agencies within new york city. task force is made up of over 50 different state and local agencies. so, it's a big pool that comes together to protect new york city and the rest of the country. i also want people to realize the serious nature of terrorism and also, no matter where you are around the country, if you see something suspicious, report it to the local police department within your district. it's the tips that cause these disruptions in these terrorist acts. it's very important that we continue to disrupt terrorist acts throughout the country and
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throughout the world. again, i want to end by thanks go commissioner kelly by working closely with us. we will continue and pledge our cooperation throughout this case. >> thank you very much, george. questions? >> the surveillance video or photos of the male and it appears and been described as amateurish, clearly mass murder was on his mind. your reaction to that this is probably the most serious terrorist act? >> yes, we are will be release that go tape. we have to get it in a proper order to release it. clearly it was the intent of whoever did this to cause mayhem, to create casualties. we're doing in-depth analysis now of the material that was
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used. the material that was in the gun box, we'll determine what that was. i think it's a sober reminder that new yorkers is clearing a target of people who want to come here and do it's harm. >> the 911 call or somebody saying, something to the effect of this is just a warning. the next one -- can you elaborate on that. >> we haven't been able to identify the tape. we checked our colleges division right now. right now we have no record of that sort of call. >> was anything targeted in any way? >> we can't rule anything out at this time. >> had the been properly rigged
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for an explosion, would have gone out if he had gotten it correct? >> perhaps. the bomb experts will have to make that determination. >> can you tell us about the unidentified material that was involved? >> we're trying to determine what it is. it's granular in nature. it does have the look and the feel of fertilizer, but we're trying to make that determination at this time. >> you're not sure whether it was explosive or incendiary, if it was fertilizer it would be explosive? >> it's certainly possible. that was the intention of whoever put this together. we need an in-depth analysis of the material to make that sort of determination. >> is there any steps on how large the explosion could have been? >> difficult to say. we asked experts that question.
3:38 pm
it would have caused a significant fireball. in essence, initial take is incendiary in nature but again, we want to do an examination of the material that is in the glove box. >> do you know how much was taken out? >> it's difficult to say. >> commissioner was there any shrapnel or was the bomb encased in any type of material that would have created projectiles? >> this gun case weighs about 735 pounds. it's all metal gun case. so that obviously if it exploded we would have a lot of shrapnel from that. >> and on examining it further, do you think its crude device or does it look more sophisticated than initially thought? >> it's difficult to say. the system is workable.
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the materials, again, is in doubt. so i don't think we can label it at this time crude or not. yes, sir? >> is there heightened security level around the state, more cops on the street? is there going to be more -- >> we're going to have more police officers on patrol with particular focus to downtown manhattan. people may be somewhat uncomfortable as a result of this event. so we try to increase the comfort level with additional uniformed patrols. commissioner, you said there were two sources claiming responsibility, pakistan taliban. you didn't name the other source. is there evidence --
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>> the other source? >> you said there were two sources claim response? >> there was a call that -- what happens in incidents like this, you get a lot of calls overtime. different organizations claiming responsibility. there is no call before this event. there was a call that may be a poison pen that identified a specific individual saying that the caller saying that he was this individual. he claimed credit for the event. an individual, that's correct. also, the taliban group in pakistan also claimed responsibility. remember the asian man who killed people with a handgun in bingham, new york, he claimed credit for that and claims
3:41 pm
credit for an incident in barcelona that we don't think he had anything to do with. >> we are always in contact with authorities in the u.k. we actually have officers signed assigned there. you are talking about the bomb in the nightclub, the doctors went up to scotland -- yeah, we're very familiar with that event. >>. [ inaudible ] >> no. >> i'm sorry. >> i can't hear you. say it gun. >> you said your developing leads that may lead to the identification to the individual or individuals, what evidence, could you comment?
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>> we have -- oakland, we're going to do an in-depth forensic examination. we have information about the vehicle. in fact, we didn't released the individual's name, but information is starting to come together. yes, ma'am. >> was it reported stolen? >> no. >> commissioner, do you know how the pathfinder arrived? was the license plate caught on any detector over one of the bridges? >> it's all part of the investigation. >> commissioner, from the image the surveillance tape of how many people that were around, do you have any human intelligence did anyone get any eyes on the white male in his 40s? >> we're asking the public to help us. we have no immediate information. we have the video cameras. we'll be checking for other
3:43 pm
cameras. there are some businesses that weren't open over the weekend. we'll go to them and see if their surveillance cameras provided any help to us. commissioner -- >> no. >> is this going to fundamentally alter the way that you make sure about security or are you going to ramp it up or are you not that concerned. >> you know, we have a lot of international visitors. we have u.n. and sometimes as many as 130 heads of state in the city at the same time. so we have practices and patterns of protection that we put in place working with secret service and others, f.b.i., that we think are effective.
3:44 pm
yes, sir. >> is this domestically or internationally? >> no, there is nothing that would allow us to make a determination at this time. [ inaudible ] >> the license plate belongs to a vehicle that was being repaired at the location in connecticut. i'm sorry? >> but not for the pathfinder? >> not for the patted finder. that is correct. >> the owner of the pathfinder, you have cleared this person? >> we have identified the person, but we haven't spoken with him. >> other than the gentleman that you observed with the shirt -- was it --
3:45 pm
>> are you your investigators looking the significance the may day and the device was made. >> sure, that will be something factored in. you can't discount that. we had several demonstrations yesterday. all of that will be put into the equation. >> what you currently talking about? >> you are go south here. you are seeing two suvs basically going across. >> right there in the center? >> yes. >> your response is that everything in car could be purchased at home depo? >> other supply stores. locally available material, absolutely. >> last week i saw number of officers with automatic weapons
3:46 pm
through here. i saw them at the bank and two different locations. was there an unspecified threat for new york in the last week? >> no. this is a tactic we've used for several years. hercules team, we do a variation of that, it's called a torch in the transit system. there was no specific threats last week that heightened our concerns. >> you haven't spoke of the driver's of the car or is he on the lam? >> the investigation is continuing. >> commissioner, from what you are saying, this was the real thing. weren't we lucky? >> well, if this had detonated, in my judgment would have caused casualties, a significant fireball, i'm told that the vehicle itself would have been cut in half. you have large numbers of pedestrians in that area, so,
3:47 pm
yeah, we were lucky it didn't detonate. >> yes. are you characterizing it as a terrorist act. are you calling it that as well? >> it was somebody that brought this to location to send a message to terrorize people in the area. terrorist act doesn't necessarily have to be conducted by an organization. an individual can do it on their own. >> if it was not a suicide bomber, does it tell you about anybody that was involved? >> not particularly. >> there are cars that go into times square? >> screening cars? >> screening cars?
3:48 pm
>> i any it would be very challenging. we have no intention of screening cars at this time. we do examinations of licenses, those sorts of things on a routine basis throughout the city. traffic checks, that sort of thing. >> what if any connection with the vehicle in times square, the van -- >> it has no connection to the best of my knowledge at this time. >>. [ inaudible ] >> we can't make that leap at this time. we whar we can tell you -- >> what would you say to new yorkers after a personally
3:49 pm
deadly bomb, it's now packed and crowded. people are not afraid? >> i think there is a lot of tourists. there are new yorkers and others. people are very resilient. we have and have had a large police presence in the area. hopefully that gives people who travel to times square a certain level of comfort as i said before. new yorkers are pretty tough resilient people. >> i believe you said at the intersection, two minutes later the vendor saw them. does that in your mind something went wrong in two minutes and the device started and ran away? >> we say approximately at two minutes. the officer made his call at 6:00 34.
3:50 pm
we believe it was the location. farce time, it was 2:00 o'clocks were wired together. we're not certain what time they were going to set it off. >> what device, why do you believe it did not go off? >> we don't know. we need an in-depth examination. >> security. >> with the intel, were you using that at all? >> the migration to midtown manhattan, really just in the planning stage. there were cameras there, but
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they are not tied into the way that cameras are in security issues and will be. we will continue to build that program up. we are in the planning stage for that. >> is that the only image of car at the moment? are there others? >> well, we are attempting to get more pictures of the vehicle. it's not easy to go through these tapes. we have looked at -- i think we have 82 cameras? the area from 34th street to 51 street. from sixth to eighth avenue. we have looked, last report i have, we looked at 30 of those
3:52 pm
cameras. three have them had some value, clearest indication. we will continue to look for video,. as businesses open up, we will be looking for their help, as well. i'm sorry, sir. >> the suv, is that picture taken around 6:28? >> 6:28. >> there seems to be confusion what happened yesterday. the vendor called the cops but the vendor but another vendor, who is credited as far as the vendors? >> i don't know. we appreciate everything they did. we appreciate all the vendors being alert and aware. we'll straighten that out later. >> the planned responsibility, could that have been identified
3:53 pm
in the light of any triost organization, perhaps -- >> it's part of the investigation and it will continue to go forward. there is no connection with the terrorist organization and this individual. >> do you which tells and which spots and how they were connected? >> in the car. everything that we're concerned about was in the rear of the car on the floor. at least there were 2:00 o'clocks, wires running flew the clocks. two 16-ounce cans that has had the explosives in that can. that can was positioned between two five gallon cans of gasoline. behind the seat was three, i
3:54 pm
should say, flee propane tanks, 15 to 17 pounds. the gun box was also in a cardboard box. the box itself was in a cardboard box. running into that box were wires coming from the, we believe, coming from the explosives in the can. some of this was disturbed as a result of that. that is what we believe the three propane tanks were closer to the seat. then the marks were toward the
3:55 pm
back. >> what items a detonator device? something that could ex explode. >> say it again? >> was there a detonation device. >> the detonation device was believed, the timers would ignite the can of explosives. that would cause the five-gallon cans to go on fire. then it would explode the propane tanks and have some effect on that rifle box. at some of it depends on the substance that is in the box that we haven't determined as of yet.
3:56 pm
>>. [ inaudible ] >> it certainly is something that is not excluded as part of the investigation. >> commissioner in materials of the materials that you are referring to and the way it was put together, is it the hallmark of a particular type? >> i think it's too early to say. the bomb experts will have to weigh on that obviously. f.b.i. will be very important in that regard in making those sorts of determinations. >> is there footage of the man in nissan getting out of the car leaving the scene? >> no. >> earlier press conference, it was said the devices malt functioned. have you figured out what went wrong and actually why it didn't detonate? >> no, not as yet. >> you mentioned that somebody
3:57 pm
stifieied --. [ inaudible ] >> if somebody said what? >> this individual had been in new york yesterday afternoon. he stated he was taking pictures video, in fact he took a video of the officer on horseback. he was in the area. that he believes he may have got a picture of someone sort of lunging or leaving the area. we'll take a look at it. we're in the process of looking at it. >> you said you had some video, when will that will be released? >> as soon as we can put it together. we'll try to do that soon. >> something about pennsylvania that is related to this? >> no.
3:58 pm
>> any video shows what, exactly? >> as i mentioned before, the individual of a person who is walking down hubert alley between 45th street the car was parked on the southwest corner of 45th and broadway. the individual walking south from the alley in 45th street he stopped. he took a dark shirt off. he looks around. he takes that shirt and puts it in the bag and he continues to walk south looking couple times. could be perfectly innocent but at this juncture, we want the individual to come forward or anyone with information on that individual. we hope to get that out to you soon. do you have any reason to
3:59 pm
believe that this has an effect between the iranian president? >> no, sir, we have no reason to believe that. >> what you were talking about -- >> yes. >> earlier you said the fireworks, m-88. >> are legal in pennsylvania? >> you said a couple of things. >> it was the closest i believe they are legal. they are less power than an m-80. m-80s are legal, m-88, legal in some states. >> with the nissan security, what is the reason it's not completed or just beginning? >> money. it's expen


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