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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  May 2, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> iranian president ahmadne d ahmadnejad, and a close call in new york city could have killed hundreds. i'm juliet huddy in for julie banderas. and tonight, a bomb scare creates fear in new york city. cops found an explosive device inside an suv in the middle of times square. >> we're very lucky thanks to alert new yorkers and professional police officers we avoided what could have been a deadly event. >> who is responsible for this? we have the latest on the investigation. plus, a growing nightmare along the gulf coast. the oil spill is only getting bigger and moving faster than expected and many fear it could have a very grave impact on the
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environment. >> this is a lively, how we make our living. >> what's being done on the ground and underwater to protect property, wild life and the region's economy? and violent weather, fast and furious waters create massive flooding in the southeast. is more bad weather on the horizon? but we start in new york and the attempted car bombing in the middle of times square, an suv loaded with explosives smack dab in one of middle of one of the clouded parts of manhattan. investigators say it could have been a deadly day, and luckily the bomb failed to detonate. now the investigation who is hyped the attack. here is what we know from police, 6:30 yesterday evening, someone parks a green nissan pathfinder in times square, smoke coming from the vehicle, quickly realizing it wasn't the average car fire. >> here is commissioner ray
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kelly talking about the potential lethal combination of material found inside the s.u.v. >> the n.y.p.d. use add explosive charge to breach the gun locker found in back of the vehicle. it was 55 inches tall, 32 inches wide and contained eight bags of an unknown substance. as well as inverted metal pipe containing a bird's nest of wires and m-88 firecrackers. we're working with the city's department of environmental protection to further identify the bag of material. next to the locker, in the rear cargo area of the pathfinder were three propane tanks weighing between 15 and 17 pounds, one of them had m-88 fireworks attached to its side. some of which detonated inside the vehicle. on the back seat of the vehicle were two full five-gallon red
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plastic gasoline containers. between them was a 16 ounce can filled with between 20 and 30 m-88 devices. >> commissioner kelly says clocks were connected to the cans and possibly to the gun locker as well. times square of course a tourist mecca, one of the world's famous landmarks. police evacuated thousands of people many tourists from the area. shut down stores and empty hotels and then blocked off the area as the bomb squad came to investigate and we're told that detectives following multiple leads and reviewing hundreds of hours of tape. and we have david lee miller on the scene in times square and catherine herridge in washington who will be responsible. first to david lee miller. police say they have a possible suspect on tape, is that right? >> that's right, juliet. let's talk a little about the tape that the police have. the police say they have as many as 30 different surveillance cameras that have been under review and just a short time ago
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within the hour they've released now, still frames made from surveillance cameras. what you're about to see is a still frame of the nissan pathfinder s.u.v. containing the intersend area i devices entering times square and a second still frame shows the s.u.v. parked in times square and also obtained, but have not released video of a possible suspect that was reportedly made minutes after the incident. showing a man acting suspiciously as if he's trying to change his appearance and commissioner ray kelly describes the video. >> we're currently examining video that shows a white male in his 40's, in schubert alley looking back in the direction of west 45th street. he also was seen shedding a dark colored shirt, revealing a red one underneath. he put the darker one into a bag that he was carrying. this happened about a half block from where the vehicle was
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parked. >> also tonight we're getting our very fuhrs first look at the device and released a still frame and looks like a child or a travel alarm clock that was apparently used for detonation and a source close to the investigation tells fox news tonight, that this device technically consisted we're told of four different bombs, in other words, we're told there would have been four separate explosions. this source tells us a sugar nitrate compound was in the back of the pathfinder that was supposed to act like fertilizer. the m-88 fireworks were supposed to initiate triggering devices connected to the gasoline, that would have triggered the sugar nigh freight and sugar nitrate would have caused an explosion of the propane tanks. the police commissioner says it would have been a significant fire ball. tonight, juliet it's likely that many new yorkers owe their lives to a man they've never met or
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heard of. he was the t-shirred vendor spotted the vehicle with the smoke out of the back and he was pursued by reporters today and wanted to keep a low profile. one question he answered. what would your advice be to other new yorkers. he said simply if you see something, say something. essentially echoing the public relations here, campaign here in new york city. if you see something, say something. good advice for a city that is still very much op edge a little more than 24 hours after this attack failed to go off. back to you. >> david lee miller live in times square, thank you, david. a taliban group in pakistan poed a video online saying it was hine the attempted times square bombing, but officials tell us so far there's no proof to back up the claim. catherine herridge, what does it indicate who might have been behind this? >> well, juliet, earlier today i spoke with a senior u.s. official who said to me, there was a wealth of forensic
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evidence because in part the bomb did not detonate. and i'm told that the ert's, evidence response teams have been going through the vehicle and got some dna including some hair samples though the fbi would not comment tonight. a key thing from the source familiar with the investigation is that the big picture of things, the bomb or the series of bombs were quite crude or amateurish and one of the debates among counterterrorism officials tonight is whether this type of device is really consistent with an overseas group or whether it's more consistent with home grown extremists, but i would emphasize that we're still less than 24 hours out and so it's all very preliminary. juliet. >> and catholic, investigators are looking at a possible link to the cartoon south park which is on calmdy central. explain what that's about? >> well, within the last couple of weeks there was a threat that was made against the creators of south park, a recent episode depicted the profit muhammad wearing a bear costume and this
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online group threatened the creators because they felt that it was maligning the prophet. i was told tonight by first of all law enforcement this is one of many option that is they're considering. what's interesting here is that really, until recently when we've seen threats against artists who have drawn pictures of muhammad it's almost always been in europe. within the last six months here in the united states, two american women were implicated in a plot to attack a swedish car soonist overseas who had shown muhammad's head on the body of a dog. so while it's largely been a european problem there's now a nexxis or a connection to the united states which is one of many options that's being explored. >> and comedy central, owned by parent company viacom has a building in the times square area. one other quick question, are they comparing this to plots overseas. >> when i was on the phone one
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of the first plots, two plots in 2007, very close proximity to each other, a car bomb which also used propane tanks and gas tanks, did not diffuse that southern london nightclub and an attack, similar type of device and you see the results of that there, it was just a car bombing, vehicle born explosive device at the glasgow airport in 2007. what's interesting, which suggests some sort of consistencies is that in both cases, you had these gas tanks, propane tanks and some sort of device that would act as schrapnel. in the u.k. bomb it was nails, small screws and in this case, it was fireworks, but it's preliminary and they look at the cases and comparisons with the data base at quantico in virginia and something they'll be purge in the next 24 hours.
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>> thank you, katherine. >> you're welcome, juliet. >> now to the oil spill in the golf. president obama getting a first and look at the disaster and the president's visit in the gulf coming as the obama administration admits the situation is quote, grave and insisting everything possible is being done to address the possible threat. the president just a few hours ago, listen. >> let me be clear, bp is responsible for this leak. bp will be paying the bill. but as president of the united states, i'm going to spare no effort to respond to this crisis as long as it continues and we will spare no resource to clean up whatever damages cost meanwhile, bp or british petroleum's chairman claims that the negligence is due to the spill, is to blame for the spill. >> investigations are going to show the cause of this accident and we want those investigations to be ton, on my belief is that that does not have anything to do with it. i believe we've got a failed piece of equipment.
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we don't know why it failed yet in this contracted rig and b p's system. we'll figure that out. >> this is a projection of where the slick will be by tomorrow. right now the urgency is figuring out how to stop the gushing well leaking oil that created the spill roughly the size of puerto rico, and it's growing. and prompted the government to ban recreational and commercial fishing off the water of four gulf states from louisiana to florida. phil keating in venice, louisiana with the latest, phil. >> juliet, president obama now back on air force one on his way to the capital after the afternoon visit here to what he describes as an unprecedented environmental disaster. now, after he was briefed up the canal here at the u.s. coast guard station by his point man on the government's response, admiral thad allen, the president got on board a helicopter and flew east over some of the fragile bayou wetlands full of 400 species of
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wild life with the body of sweet crude nine miles from the shoreline and president obama met with a group of louisianaens, impacted by the oil spill. fishermen out of work and fearing their plight will be long-term, that's because 5,000 feet below the surface where the deepwater horizon burst and sank and killing 11 workers, the aisle continu aisle-- oil continues into the gulf. if the mile deep wellhead will not be capped, oil will be polluting and spreading for possibly two or three months. >> every american affected by this spill should know this, your government will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to stop this crisis. this is one of the richest and most beautiful eco systems on the planet. >> what plan now, just about six
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or eight days from being implemented is what bp calls its dome correction, they drop a box, 40 feet tall, 20 feet deep, capped by a dome which is be connects to hose 5,000 feet up to the surface where at that oil coming directly into the dome will be pumped on board the ship and another method explored is a long-term method which will involve actually establishing a new well line into the same oil reservoir, but that plan is still 60 to 90 days away. juliet. >> phil keating live in louisiana, thanks, phil. a water crisis in massachusetts and millions of people are being affected. why officials say the water is not safe to drink and what they're planning on doing about it next. and plus, tens of thousands gathering to protest all around the country this weekend. and a tough new i am fwrags law taking center stage. hear from both people on both sides of the issue coming up.
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. >> welcome back, hundreds of thousands of people around boston not able to drink the water after a massive water main break yesterday in the suburb of westin. a state of emergency there, 8 million gallons pouring into the charles river every hour and 38 different communities in and around boston are impacted. people being told to boil their water before using. water for bathing, and fire protection is said to be safe. crews are stalling a replacement metal collar on the burst pipes and leaders hope repairs will be completed overnight. immigration debate heating up this weekend, tens of thousands of protesters taking to the streets in dozens of cities around the country. a tough new immigration law in arizona has been the driving force as you know. opponents say it amounts to racial pro feeling and they're pushing for national immigration reform. >> you cannot discriminate against poem and pull them over
7:18 pm
because they look illegal. how do we know they're illegal. >> they say it's necessary to deal with the pop huge population of immigrants. >> i'm tired, i'm tired of having to support with my tax dollars for the people who came over here who didn't come here the way they should have. >> if you have your papers, welcome to the united states. >> arizona's controversial crackdown effectively putting the immigration into the national spotlight. case i stegall is live in phoenix, good to see you. how big was the turnout this weekend there? >> good it see you as well. quite a big turnout. in fact, a very different story from when we last saw you last night on the fox report, 24 hours ago, i can barely move where i'm standing right now, as some 7,000 protesters converged on the arizona state capital back here behind me. it wasn't even phoenix where this heated issue brought out the largest crowds. take a look at what went down in los angeles, about 50,000 people
7:19 pm
taking to the streets, many calling for californians to boycott arizona businesses. let's take you now to dallas, texas the beg d saw roughly 20,000 people marching downtown. it doesn't matter which great state you were in, the messages remain the same. >> and solely being harassed and i mean, i pay taxes, i go to work every day, i do community service, i help people and for them to just all of a sudden, i helped the veterans and at the va hospital, but the point is for them to just say, oh, there's a mexican, let me pull him over and see if he's legal, that's harassing me. >> now, in an effort to calm some of the fears about this bill leading to racial profiling, arizona governor jan brewer signing an amendment that would prevent law enforcement to use race as a sole reason to ask for papers. if police suspect they're in the state and in this country illegally. they say the law is necessary to
7:20 pm
curtail problems in arizona and three official lawsuits have been filled in an effort to keep the law from going into effect at the end of july and more lawsuits are expected, still, despite all of the outrage over this contentious issue, no major reports of violence to report at any of the may day rallies in this country yesterday, juliet. >> good news. >> casey stegal live in phoenix, thanks. >> you got it. >> thousands in tennessee needing real help. some of the state's worst flooding causing several deaths. the big question, is more rain on the way? talk about it coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] let's kick our excuses to the curb. cover 'em up with an extra bag of mulch let's get our hands a little busier. our dollars a little stronger. and our thinking aittle greener. let's grab all the bags, all the plants, and all the latest tools out there so we can turn all these savings
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>> this just in, the wall street journal reporting united and continental airlines merging. the announcement expected tomorrow morning if the deal doesn't hit a snag.
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3.2 billion dollar merger will create the world's largest airline. reports that the combined company would use the united name and be nearly 8% larger than delta. delta has held the top spot since acquiring northwest airlines in 2008. a fox weather alert now, extreme weather causing more deaths in tennessee. more than a half dozen people now reported dead in that state from tornados and massive flooding. thousands forced to leave their homes, entire roads and highways underwater and the rain continues to fall. elizabeth is live in atlanta with more on the story, elizabeth? >> that's right, record breaking rainfall, flooded highways, rising river levels, the people in tennessee just can't seem to get a break. this band of severe thunderstorms drenching and hovering over the volunteer state over the weekend and at least 20 inches of rain falling so far, turning streets into bushing streams and people could be seen all day today wading through waste high waters.
7:25 pm
emergency responders as well as volunteers helping to have people driving in their cars and low lying areas and road closures are hammering the rescue efforts while the residents are dealing with water that's starting to seep into their homes and some structures are swept away by the rising flood levels. on your screen, you can see a building, that was once on the back of a tractor-trailer. it was later seen floating down what was once an interstate. these rains came very quickly, they caught many people by surprise, drivers on interstate 24 outside of nashville yesterday had to get out of the cars, the water was coming up so quickly, they got to higher grounds and simply watched the water come up over their cars and police and state officials trying to drive the message home to tennesseans to stay off the roadway, even as rescue workers are running into problems, there was one fire truck flipped over on its side. a fire engine, they had to actually get rescued themselves. all in all, emergency workers
7:26 pm
helped more than 50 people in the nashville area, but it's not quite over yet, juliet. the rain is expected through the overnight hours and even as this water starts to recede we're going to see rising river levels so it could be the middle of the week until we get an accurate gauge just how much damage the state suffered as well as an accurate death toll. >> juliet: thank you, elizabeth. the heart of new york city nearly stops beating after a potentially deadly attack, times square evacuated after a car bomb begins to detonate. now, there are claims of responsibility, but just how legit are they? that and the clues left behind by the terrorist. disaster avert today one unfolding. president obama heads to the crisis in the gulf of mexico. his administration answering critic's claims the government did not react quickly enough. all that coming up next. ♪ i am stuck on band-aid® brand ♪
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7:31 pm
deaths in mississippi. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is live in the fox weather center with the latest, rick. >> this has been one of the dangerous and deadly weekends across areas of the south. this is the loop of the last 36 hours, when you see reds in the radar, it's a case of extremely heavy rain and continuing to pummel across the western half of tennessee and that's been the case all weekend long. a little more ahead and let me tell you the numbers are staggering, so far in two days, 13.46 inches of rain in nashville. areas just to west have seen radar kennedy in 20 inches of rain. proper record 6.8 inches so we've doubled that and we're already at the 6th wettest month you've ever seen in nashville and only on the second day of the month. put that into perspective here. this plume of moisture continues to be pulled up across the area and that's going to continue tonight. more showers, they think, and a few thunderstorms for nashville, but this will slowly pull off
7:32 pm
towards the east. but it's going to take a little bit of time. tomorrow, we'll start to dry out and tell you it's going to take days for this water to recede and then they'll be able to assess the damage. >> juliet: rick reichmuth from the weather center. thank, rick. bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. iran's president is headed to the u.s. mammoud ahmadnejad will be attending a nonproliferation conference in new york city, he's expect today make an address tomorrow. a report that united and continental earl has reached a deal to merge. and if the deal does go through the combined companies will create the world's largest airlines. now, more on that attempted car bombing in times square, the secretary of homeland security treating the incident as a potential terrorist attack. and tonight, president obama commending law enforcement for preventing what they say could have been a deadly explosion in unwith of the busiest areas of new york city.
7:33 pm
nicole collins with the news live in washington. >> president obama commended the quick action of the n.y.p.d., the fbi agents, fire department, and the vendor who called attention to the suspicious s.u.v. and ensuring the state and local official have the full support and cooperation of the federal government. >> we're going to do what's necessary to protect the american people, to determine who's behind this potentially deadly act and see that justice is done. >> homeland security secretary janet napolitano was on fox news sunday this morning and says the federal government is treating the incident as a potential terrorist attack and it's too soon to tell if it's a case of home grown terrorism or if the attack to connected to groups. it highlighted the investigation. >> everything in terms of investigation is being done, all the forensics are being done, all the leads are being pursued,
7:34 pm
it's the city of new york, it's the fbi, department of homeland security, that's looking at the vehicle and it's tracing fingerprints and it's looking at video because there are a lot of cameras in that area and a lot of activity in terms of investigation. >> white house press secretary robert gibbs was asked about this today as well and wouldn't discuss who might be involved and what their motives might be. the president said he will continue to monitor the situation and do what it takes at home and abroad to safeguard the security of americans. juliet? >> nicole collins live in washington. thank you, nicole. the crisis in the gulf prompting a massive off-shore effort in one state that could be severely impacted in the oil spill. alabama deploying hundreds of boats to lay down thousands of feet of boom, that could help.
7:35 pm
alabama's attorney general was just one of four gulf state ag's who gathered to discuss legal strategies to deal with the spill. jonathan serrie is live on dauphin island, how ready is the island to deal with this oil spill? >> well, they face many obstacles. the wind and heavy waves wreak havoc on the inflatable booms that were installed. nevertheless we saw lots of heavy equipment moving in today. moving to various staging areas, some with license tags from as far away as new england. also, the national guard came in today. they've been installing special barriers which they fill with a special chemical at that when it comes in contact with oil, it solidifies the idea is when the oil penetrates the barrier, it becomes a solid which is easily removed and then you can fill the barriers with more of the chemicals to absorb even more oil, juliet. >> jonathan, what about the local business there is? what kind of impact are they
7:36 pm
feeling right now? >> yeah, they already are beginning to feel an impact. real estate agents tell us that many people are canceling their vacation rentals in anticipation of the oil spill and also, earlier today we went out to the lighthouse bakery, this bakery had spent the past five years or so recovering from the double whammy that it got from hurricane ivan and then hurricane katrina in 2005. and they were just now beginning to get their business back up, we spoke with the owner, listen. >> this is probably the best year we've had since ivan and katrina. so i'm hoping that this isn't going to impact us as hard as everybody is saying because it isn't like a hurricane. this will have a much longer impact and-- >> and of course, the oil spill already taking a toll on the commercial fishing industry and
7:37 pm
soon will take a toll on recreational fishing which you see going on behind me. folks taking advantage of what many believe may be the last weekend of fishing on mobile bay for a very long time. juliet. >> jonathan serrie live in alabama, thank you, jonathan. >> juliet: today, president obama visiting the state where oil is just a few miles off shore. the president briefed at the coast guard center in venice, louisiana. back in the nation's capital, some of the top cabinet members responding to tough criticism. julie kirtz is live in washington with that. >> the weather cut short and the president's helicopter tour and spent more than an hour at the coast guard station in venice, not far from the underwater source of the gushing crude oil and he met with first responders there and got a briefing on the fight to cut off the leak by his point man for the disaster. coast guard admiral thad allen and obama used the visit to defend his response to the disaster.
7:38 pm
>> and while we have prepared and reacted aggressively, i'm not going to rest and not-- none of the gentlemen and women who are here are going to rest or be satisfied until the leak is stopped at the source, the on the gulf is contained, and cleaned up, and the people of this region are able to go back to their lives and their livelihoods. >> with commercial fishing in the region shut down for at least ten days, the president met briefly with a group of fishermen and didn't want to sugar coat anything. the ongoing spill he said is potentially unprecedented environmental disaster and the president promised to help the commercial fishermen get their federal aid to deal with the economic impact and today, back in washington shall the president's homeland security chief had this to say to charges the oil spill is president obama's katrina. in other words, that he was too slow to respond. >> i think that's a total mischaracterization. i think we'll be happy when all
7:39 pm
is said and done to be very transparent with all the activity that's happened, really, from the first hours of the explosion. >> the federal response at this point includes nearly 2000 people, two c-130's and staging areas in mississippi, florida, alabama and louisiana, juliet. >> juliet: julie kirtz live in washington. thank you, julie. a high school student in missouri has a very unique prom date. a woman a bit older than him. well, she's a lot older actually, no cougar jokes. the special lady is his great-grandmother. and the special prom date, find out why when we come back. ♪ so is campbell's healthy request soup. low in fat and cholesterol, heart healthy levels of sodium,
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7:43 pm
effort to advance mideast peace talks. not going down the way that the obama administration had hoped. rina ninen has more from jerusalem. palestinian peace talks may be starting after being frozen for 18 months. after pressure placed on both sides by the white house. >> yesterday, the arab league gave approval for palestinianens to begin talks and had the backing of arab nations in march, but support was retracted after israel announced plans to build new jewish settler homes in arab east jerusalem. tensions in the area continued to mount and this was the scene on friday. the palestinians are upset that the israeli government is continuing to build a wall. this is just one of at least four or five different protests that take place on fridays shortly after morning prayer. today, similar protests in the arab town, palestinianens threw rocks at israeli police, in return, the police fired gas into the crowd.
7:44 pm
>> the current peace talk proposal will have the u.s. med yating the talks the next four months and the hope is that after four months, the negotiations would move to direct talks. but around that same time, a construction freeze put in place by the israeli government is set to expire. palestinians have already said they will only continue with peace talks if there is a continued freeze of construction in both east jerusalem and the west bank. juliet. >> juliet: thank you, rina ninen. pope benedict xvi visiting a cathedral home to one of the most holy rellics in the catholic church. praying before the shroud of turin, some believe it was the image of a crucified man on it is christ's burial cloth. others dismiss it as a medieval fake. and the it's on display the first time in decades. a priest sex abuse scandals made this one of the church's most challenging periods in recent
7:45 pm
history. a baby seal wanders into a welding shop and a 90-year-old goes to her first prom. two stops as we go across america. new jersey, a car slams into a charter bus in the northern part of the state killing the car driver and injuring about a dozen people on the bus. police are still investigating, but say the honda civic was going on wrong way on interstate 78 when it hit an suv and then spun into the bus, carrying 40 people. luckily, those hurt suffered only minor injuries. texas, check out this video, what you're looking at is what's left of a giant awning that came crashing down. piles of brick and metal were scattered everywhere, no one was hurt, but damaged several nearby cars and shut down businesses. investigators are looking into what caused the awning to fall and saying it could have been the wind and rain or just an old building. california. >> come on, come on.
7:46 pm
>> juliet: could this little guy be more out of place. in la jolla, a baby seal wanders into a welding shop. they caught it on tape and snapped pictures of the pup. after a tour around the shop the baby sea lion collapsed exhausted, took a short nap and then he was hungry. >> and a squid, he was fine and jumping after it. and dropped it before he got it. the shop workers called sea world to pick the seal up. when the driver got there he recognized the pup. saying the little guy apparently loves to be around people so he told the workers not to be surprised if the seal showed up again for an encore performance. missouri, it's a dream come true for the 90-year-old great grandma in kansas city. finally at a school prom. her first ever. she says her parents were too strict to let her go to a dance and now decades later, she's all dressed up, head to toe and all smiles thanks to her special great grandson. >> i love her, she's my grandma. she's 90 years old and deserves
7:47 pm
to have a good time. >> and that's a fox watch across america. that's pretty cool. racoons on the loose in of all places chicago. these ring-tailed rascals are freaking out locals who have never seen racoons before. it's nothing compared to what the fellows are doing to the homes there coming up. ♪ [ sneezing ]
7:48 pm
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. >> mike: when is comes to home foreclosures, we've talked about a lot of negative ap here is one you haven't heard. in chicago, abandoned homes are getting overrun by racoons.
7:51 pm
the furry little masked creatures look so cute and looks can be deceiving, people. they can cause serious damage and add in the fact that chicagoans have not seen a racoon in the fresh and fur before, they're freaking out. it's a hot furry mess, and peter duessy checks it out. >> the people of chicago are on edge. >> they look like an orangutan swinging, swinging around. it was scary, very scary. >> they look like german shepherd, one in this area so high and crossing over on washington here and it was just, it was amazing. i was absolutely freaked out when i walked in the house because it was about the size of, a medium sized dog. >> what is it? a racoon and how big is it really? well, you be the judge. it caused a hole this big when it fell down through the ceiling on to the floor, and caused all this damage. now, believe it or not, because there are so many foreclosed and
7:52 pm
abandoned homes left to hide out in these days, this is a growing problem in urban areas. >> typically found only near forests these racoons are taking advantage of the city's recently foreclosures, over 75,000 in the last year. >> basically they're moving in to homes that have been evacuated, or vacated and it's causing quite a bit of a problem for those that are still, you know, living there on the same block with them. >> no racoon in illinois has ever tested positive for rabies, but that doesn't mean they aren't dangerous, especially to small children who view them as a play thing. >> the most important thing is that it's not a pet. it's a wild animal. >> the raining-tailed rascals can be expensive to clean up after. >> you can see there you're going to have to cut back drywall and if you're replacing sills and window damage and things like that, anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand. >> and that's proving too costly for home owners who can barely
7:53 pm
afford a roof over their head, let alone a roof with a hole in it that needs fixing. >> juliet: thank you. tiger, speaking of-- well, going from racoons to tigers, i guess off his game. why the golfer's personal life isn't the only thing not going well these days. on this day in history, a legend was born and we'll tell you how it came to be next. [ peyton ] gotta make a play here.
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>> welcome back, it's sunday night, time for the fox sports roundup and tonight the win winner at the kentucky derby, peter from fox sports is here and i was watching, holding my breath, it was like sludge and they made it okay. >> yeah, super saver won. there were no injuries and looked to go okay and it was the highest rated kentucky derby of
7:57 pm
all time and means people were watching on tv as well. >> juliet: why do you think it was so highly rated? >> i don't know it was good weather on the east coast. the mudder won, super saver, this guy bet $100,000 on his own horse, he's happy. it's okay. it's a horse that knew the conditions and he will pts and the four horse, the mudder. >> the mudder. tiger woods on the golf course and maybe he had something on his mind. >> i don't know, teague has been quiet and haven't heard much out of him the last year and he did not play well, and missed the cut, only the 6th time of his career, first time in 2005 miss add pga cut. >> juliet: fans are turning on him. >> fans were booing and. >> juliet: and hand gestures. >> a lot. the first public course he's been on. >> juliet: there's one of the hand gestures and there were a few others. and he didn't make it and they had the extra security, the extra cops and all the tv stuff ready for the weekend and didn't make the cut.
7:58 pm
>> do you know what he did when everybody was booing him? >> he kept his head down and played golf. >> juliet: keeping his temper in check. >> come a long way. >> juliet: and denver bronco's first draft pick tim tebow. >> rookie camp and basically nothing. tebow shows up 53 credentialed members of media, absurd, a week since he's drafted the highest selling rookie jersey of aum time. 15 on the broncos already is breaking sales, making mark chan sez, from the jets. and he's in the news dating jamie lynn ziegler. >> juliet: covering everything. >> could only be so lucky. >> juliet: and thanks for the update, see you next week. >> appreciate it. >> juliet: here is a look at top stories today. police have video of a possible photo of a suspect. a group in pakistani taliban is
7:59 pm
claimi claiming responsibility for that. but no evidence for the claim. luckily no one was hurt and meanwhile, president obama calling the growing oil spill in the gulf of mexico, an unprecedented environmental disaster. and president obama spent the day surveying the damage in the region. he vowed to do whatever it takes, as long as it takes to stop the crisis. and on this day in 1933, the modern legend of the loch ness beast makes headlines in a scottish newspaper while accounts date back 1600 years, a couple in scotland claims to have seen an enormous animal on the surface and the story becomes a media phenomenon. the modern loch ness legend began 77 years ago today. now you know the news as fox reports this sunday, may 2nd, 2010, 2010 some people say, i'm


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