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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  May 2, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applause]. >> hi, everybody. welcome. welcome from the fox news studios in new york city. his blockbuster movies include the godfather, part 3, oceans 11, 12 and 13, and, andy garcia's new project is a small budget, but an award-winning film that promises to be another big box office hit. he's going to be joining us tonight. also, he's one of the preeminent evangelical leaders of the nation and muslims have said his comments were intolerant to them. franklin graham is here to
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respond. she says the mainstream media in america are openly hostile toward christianity. but she's not even a christian. in fact she's an atheist and we'll ask s.e. cupp why she even cares and he's a small business owner and took on organized crime in cleveland, and i wonder, can he take on congress? you'll meet tom gantly tonight, we have a great show and thanks for joining us here, from new york. [applause]. >> this week we have had a lot of discussion about the arizona immigration bill. it's really maybe bringing up the most unpleasant part of politics. the absolute pollization where one side believes it is completely right and the other side believes it is right they think the other side is completely wrong, the all or nothing mind set that makes it difficult to ever bring out solutions. this particular debate is certainly driven by a lot of
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emotion and extraordinary amount of passion and sometimes, the passion is more to win the political battle. rather than to provide a legitimate and honest solution. now reality is this: the federal government failed. it is their job to secure and protect the borders. and they've not don't. arizona is frantically trying to survive and protect itself, half a million people come across the border, now they have a crime wave where people are shot and kidnapped and are scared to death. arizona has taken action whether you agree or not, largely because the feds did not. let's be honest here. there's no perfect solution. none. nobody has all of the answers. here's people in congress saying, what we need is comprehensive reform. and when i hear that i realize they don't know what they are talking about. when you talk about comprehensive reform, putting everything in one package it is a recipe for gridlock.
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i think congress to learn a lesson from the character curly played by jack palance in the movie with billy crystal called "city slickers." i think you'll love it. >> you know what the secret of life is? >> no, what? >> this. >> your finger? >> one finger. just one thing. >> what's the one thing. >> that's what you have to figure out. >> that's it. one thing. not the finger. no, the one thing. you know what that is, secure borders. why can't congress figure out their credibility with the american people doesn't even exist, we're talking single digit credibility. as far as the people of the country, left, right, middle, doesn't matter, as it relates to them doing something significant to deal with the immigration issue. i have a view that america was really designed to be like
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disney world. disney world, it's one of those places where when you get to the front entrance you have to have a ticket. and they check it carefully, but once you're in the kingdom you don't have to keep having your ticket checked to get on every ride. part of what makes it magics. you are free and roam the park and ride and move from one end to the other and shop and go to shows and ride stuff and pray your kids get tired because you are worn out... all those things but that's the magic of the magic kingdom. america's to be like that, where we check you coming in and make sure you belong here, and once here you are free to move and don't have to run hiding. and a good immigration program means people can live in the open, enjoy the best of what the country is about. freedom. liberty. what we're about. i guess i could say, this ain't kansas, toto, congress, you are killing the magic kingdom. because you are not taking care
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of your business, at the gate. do your business. let's the states do what they do. quit messing it up. take care of one thing. one thing. forget comprehensive, secure the borders and let the people inside these borders live in the magic kingdom we love and call america. that's my view and i welcome yours. i'd love to hear what it is. e-mail me, go to and click on "the fox news feedback section." there is a place, fox news feedback, click on that and i'll read those, i promise i will. he was nominated for an academy award as a hotheaded mobster in godfather part 3. andfected a ruthless casino owner in the oceans 11 trilogy and now is in "city island". >> i thought it being saturday
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night and all, why don't we have a home cooked dinner tonight, nice dinner. >> sure. like i do every saturday night. >> like something special. like real occasion, special, nice? >> plants or something. >> no, i don't want balloons, something nice. >> when don't i make it nice. >> make something nicer. >> make it yourself! >> the big communicator. >> he's a great communicator and joining us from los angeles, actor andy garcia. welcome, what a pleasure, and, honor to have you with us today. >> thanks, very much. thanks for having me. >> i wanted to talk about your hit movie and before that, one of the things i think that has made you endeared to so many em, your personal story and your family came to the country from havana. you were five years old when you escaped, for you immigration is a personal thing and, the country has been good for you. and i know you know the meaning
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of freedom like few people do. >> that is correct. i was blessed to get the opportunity to pursue my dreams freely here in america without any repression or repercussions of what my thoughts might be or contrary to what was going on in cuba at the time and is still going on today. >> you have a heart for much of the oppression still there. people are political prisoners, who don't end up xeting to enjoy the freedom we here in the country do. do you still have family there in -- and do you have communications with them? >> i have a very distant aunt that it is still there on my mother's side. our family was small and we left in the early 1960s and left two-and-a-half years after the revolution and saw the entire transition into a totalitarian, supposedly marxist, len ennist state and -- leninist state and i have communication with people there and follow the situation
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in cuba, follow the current bloggers there, obviously involved in -- concerned about what is going on, with prisoners of conscience there and overall necessity of having absolute pluralism and freedom there. it's something i'm very engaged in. >> and last week i had the daughter of fidel castro on the show and it was fascinating having come through what she did and she lives in the u.s., a lovely human being, loves freedom and the liberties she has and wishes it were so for all of those fellow cubans still there and we talked about the ladies in white. the remarkably courageous group of people willing to show their solidarity with the folks being oppressed there. i know your heart goes out to the people who don't yet enjoy the freedom that you do. and that also, fidel castro's
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daughter does. >> juliet: ladies in white is a group i have been following quite some time and narrated a documentary about them and organized a mouth in florida and gloria estefan organized and we organized one here, to bring attention to the situation and struggles they have to free their loved ones who are prisoners of conscience and they have been repressed and beaten up and it will be an ongoing struggle but i think the internet will change that he country and it is changing the country and finally the world is hip to what is going on there. and they can't control the information anymore. >> we have to talk about a new movie project, "city island" filmed here in new york and you produced the movie. is that something you enjoy doing? do you like producing, being on both ends of the business of the movie. >> i enjoy film making, not only
11:10 pm
on camera but behind the scenes and i've directed and produced half a dozen independent films and you produce out of necessity and find a piece of material you enjoy and want to help it get it pushed uphill and join in on the team. and in this case, the writer/director, came to me about playing the part and asked if i'd produce with him and i was enamored by the material, i signed up, immediately. >> we'll talk about the movie, city island when we come back, state this week. don't go away, he's still with us when we return from the break. we'll be right back. [ bride ] the wedding was just days away. but my smile just wasn't white enough. now what?
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in the movie and how awkward was that, having to play the role of her father when you are her father? >> no, you know, as actors we are trying to make a connection to our personal life. you know, with the characters we play and find parallels in our lives, that can feed into it and in this case, i was not only, you know, not only was she a great colleague and this is the third time we've worked together as -- acting in films, and, the fact that we are father and daughter, only enhanced the process, so, i was honored to work with her, she's a terrific actress and i'm very proud of her. >> one thing about the movie that has gotten a lot of attention, it was done by hollywood standards, anyway with a fairly reasonable budget. hollywood films tend to have extraordinary budgets, almost as if congress decided to fans them with somebody else's money, and in this case it was again for hollywood standards a low budget. but critical acclaim and a lot of people say you don't have to
11:15 pm
spend, you know, half a billion dollars, to make a film. was that intentional on your part, to say, let's... a great film with acting in it and a lot? >> yeah. well, the most difficult thing is to find great material, and once you have the material, if you can afford the cameras, we're using the same cameras, "avatar," not avatar, that is 3d but as any big film and it is about content and it is a human comedy, behavioral piece and you don't need a lot of money to make the film, but you know, the reality is that, it is ultimately about the execution and content, what's on the page and i knew the material would attract great actors, juliana margulies and, actors and my daughter, dominique, and, they are terrific and i knew it would happen because of the quality of the material. from that point of view i knew
11:16 pm
we'd make a terrific film. it was a question of raising enough money to shoot and we shot the move in 27 days, and for $6 million, still a lot of money but by hollywood standards not a lot. >> takes us 27 days to do the show, not because... because i keep messing it up and one of these days we'll get it right and one of the things that intrigued me, it was a very different andy garcia than i saw on camera, your role was vulnerable and you weren't the self-assured confident guy and terry benedict, we have gotten used to in the oceans's 11, 12, 13 or the mobster in godfather, and it was the vulnerable side of andy garcia. who is the real andy garcia? the tough guy or the vulnerable guy that we see in city island? my -- you know, my training as an actor and duty as an actor is to bring all my experiences and every part of me that is appropriate for a part to a
11:17 pm
part. i would say everything i've done as an actor has all of me, different volumes of parts of me and ultimately you have to find the personal connection to the character. i would say i'm both terry benedict and vince rizzo. >> you are terrific in the film, called "city island" one last question. did you grow the beard waiting on us to get started today? [laughter]. >> this beard is 27 days old. yes, i did! no, it is for a film i'm doing, period piece, a mexican revolutionary piece. >> andy, thanks for being with us, and garcia, the film is called "city island" i hope you have a chance to enjoy it. coming up next... franklin graham has been very much in the news lately. and i'm not sure all of it he wants to be. we'll find out what is going on, with this wonderful christian leader, by the way the son of
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[applause]. >> thursday, marks the national day of prayer, observed in our country nearly 60 years and this honorary chairman of the national day of prayer task force is not invited to the pentagon to observe the day. organizers and congress where he's scheduled to attend are facing pressure by groups to disinvite him. because of things he said about the muslim faith. joining us now, franklin graham. it is such a pleasure. you are just a magnet for trouble. it seems to follow you. first, the district court in wisconsin, declared the national
11:22 pm
day of prayer unconstitutional. >> that's right. >> and you were disinvited from participating in the pentagon -- before i get into this i'll read the statement. this is from this group that pro tested here's what it says: a congressional prayer observance should reflect the best of our nation's ideals and speakers such as franklin graham reflect a message of religious intolerance rather than a message of differing faiths, united and shared support of our nation's founding principles. i have to ask. what did you say that is outrageous and what you said is what your father and every other christian minister i know has been saying 240 years of america. >> you know, governor i believe that jesus christ this is way, the truth and the life. -- is the way, truth and life and there is no other way to god, except christ, jesus christ shed his blood on the cross and was buried for our sins and god raised him to life, and frank
11:23 pm
r lynn graham, he gave his life for every person in the country and around the world and if we believe on the name of the lord jesus christ, he'd forgive our sins and heal our hearts and our nation today is in trouble. we're far from what our founding fathers gave us, and, it is kind of sad, to see you it. but, yet, god told us in his scrip tours what would happen, my father, i was with him last week and he wanted me to tell you hello, he watches you every day and wanted me to give you his latest book and i'll do a plug for it. billy graham, storm warnings and this is the warnings, god is giving us right now, from heaven, he's taking revelations, and dissected the four horsemen of the apocalypse and i want you to have it. we are getting close to this time. >> i think we may be here. thank you very much. i'm delighted to have anything
11:24 pm
that your dad's name is on. i think he's one of the truly great representatives of faith for a long time. were you personally shocked when you got disinvited to be a part of a day you yourself are chairman of. >> no, because i was invited -- i have a son in afghanistan, this is his fourth tour and i was invite by the chaplains of his division, to come over at easter and spend easter week and it was his general approved it and it got stopped somewhere in the pentagon and the national day of prayer, i've always been invited to the pentagon and to disinvite it because i'm involved, i wasn't surprised and saw what they did in afghanistan in not allowing me to speak to the troops in battle. and you know, they'll take cheerleaders bike the dallas cowboy cheerleaders and talk pow something offensive to muslims,
11:25 pm
it is to have women, scantily dressed, shaking and wiggling everything and this is offensive to them, and the fact that i believe jesus christ this is way, truth and life and i don't believe anybody can get to heaven through mohammed, the muslims are okay with that. they disagree ---ed . >> they don't think you'll make it, either, that is the whole point and faith means everything or doesn't mean everything and people think because i'm a believer i'm supposed, to everybody is equal the same, the point is, religion by its nature tends to be divisive and doesn't have to be angry and bitter and cut people's heads off but by its nature says, i believe this and it is somewhat within a system. >> as a christian i want afternoon to know god's love and god called me to share his love with a world that doesn't know love and islam, there is not hope for salvation unless you die as a martyr and in a holy war conflict and then that is
11:26 pm
your guarantee to get to heaven and i serve a god who, i don't have to die for him. he died for me. and gave his life for my sins. and, all i have to do is accept it by faith and that is the beautiful thing about what jesus christ has done, he paid the debt. i can be free by faith. and everyone who's watching, if they are willing to accept by faith, god will forgive them and heal their hearts, that is what i want to document the national day of prayer. i'll be at washington, and i'll pray, even if they won't let me speak i'll pray for the pentagon and for our commanders, we have wonderful men and women, the u.s. military, and they are in battle, fighting for my freedom, i'll pray for them and they may not let me attend the service. but that will not stop me from going there. and i'll still go and pray. >> people used to say do i believe in prayer in schools and i said, about prayer en schools when i took an algebra test i prayed my heart out and no one could stop me from doing that.
11:27 pm
no one can stop us from praying but the court tried to stop the national day of prayer and to his credit, president obama and his administration has intervened and they are battling this in court and a lot of people get upset with him for many things but when he does something we agree with, give him credit. >> i thanked him for it when he came to visit my father, i met him at the front door and the first thing i said was thank you, for appealing judge crabb's ruling, you have done the right thing and it's the right thing and we should commend him for that. >> we'll be right back with franklin graham and we'll be joined by s.e. cupp, the author of a book that talks about the attitudes toward people of faith, you'll want to stay with us as franklin graham is joined by s.e. cupp, next. [ male announcer ] if you think all batteries are the same, consider this -- at iowa lakes community college, students are learning how to keep wind turbines working. and to keep them safe, the only battery they trust in their high-voltage meters
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>> from america's news headquarters i am mary ann rafferty after a failed car bombing in new york times square police are looking for a man seen on videotape changing clothes in a nearby alley. this newly released video shows the suv containing the bomb material entering times square. a vendor later noticed smoke inside the vehicle. the gasoline and propane device was crude but could have killed many people on one of america's busiest streets. president obama says everything humanly possible will be done to combat the massive oil slick. mr. obama saying it could take many days to stop the under water lake an estimated 210,000 gallons of crude leaking into the gulf every day. now back to huckabee. hannel and out or web site,, have a great night.
11:32 pm
[applause]. >> my next guest doesn't believe in god but defends the rights to do, he has written a book, and a political columnist, s.e. cupp joins us now. >> i wrote the forward for your book. >> you did. lovely, thank you. >> thank you, for writing it. i think your perspective, you are not a mreefr, like franklin and me. we openly talk about our faith, one day i hope you will. >> i know. >> i'm working on you and i'll keep working on you. >> okay. >> why did you think it was important to write the peak from the perspective of a person who is not a believer. >> well, first, i'm an atheist but not a militant atheist and defend christianity and freedom of religion a lot in my writing and i have been fascinated by religion and i'm getting a masters in religious studies but i'm sick and tired of the irresponsibility of the press, it is hostile toward 80% of the
11:33 pm
country, on a regular basis, and in your favorite newspaper, magazine, cable news show, radio show and the blogosphere, openly attack christian america, christian values, christian political candidates, as you are well aware... >> i never experienced anything like that. >> weird! [laughter]. >> read the book, i'll point out examples where it it did actually happen to you. >> franklin, her perspective is different than ours. do you find that there is a hostility specifically toward christianity that does not exist toward buddhism or islam? >> absolutely. and if you just go back 40 years of the entertainment industry, look how many times preachers on television are looked at as charletons or run off with somebody's wife or men who don't live the way they preach and that's how they are portrayed, and it is continue tenant in the
11:34 pm
media, entertainment industry. that has been going on a long time. listen, it will get worse, not better. i really believe one day, for myself to believe what i believe, jesus christ is the way, truth and life i will be persecuted, for that speech because it will be framed as hate speech. >> we know the what. tell me the why. why are we in a brake down of respect. even if people disagree? we've lost the respect we once had for people who are christians. >> civility. it has become... really ugly. and i think it is twofold. there is a binary thing going on. one, it is political and i think the liberal media thinks if they can paint christians as crazy feign enacts, it is' quick step to painting conservatives as the same and two, i think it is ideological and liberalism is uncomfortable with a fixed value system like christianity. a list of dos and don't and
11:35 pm
inherent moral judgment. liberalism lives in a world of moral relativism and where they want to remain and i think they think if they can eradicate christianity to the far corners, fringeses of the country they've won. but it is 80% and i'm shocked christian america is not as angry as i am about this. >> why aren't christians angry? and should they be angry or broken heart, franklin? and say maybe we haven't been the salt and light we need to be as believers to show a better way. >> i don't think we should be angry but we should live what the bible teaches us to live. and i think we should speak out and exercise those religious freedoms we enjoy in this country and if we don't we'll lose it. >> okay let's talk about the hostility, we know, and we've seen the specific application in franklin's case. i said he's a magnet for trouble. >> he's a trouble maker.
11:36 pm
>> but is it because s. e., franklin representatives a specific christian faith that is not apologetic. not saying, oh, jesus just kind of fits in with any and everybody, but the christian faith by its nature calls people to a point of decision. calls people to say you are either here or here. is that what bothers... >> religion especially i would imagine, christianity, requires intolerance, and requires, you guys talked about this, requires you to say i believe in this and not this. this way is better than this way. >> i don't see that as intolerance but a definitive faith. intolerant would be i'll smash you, not allow you to believe what you believe, and i don't care if you believe something different. i'd like for you to believe what i believe, but i find it refreshing... >> it is this right way and that is what i mean by intolerance and the idea we should water down the faith, so we get to the
11:37 pm
common point is a really gross misunderstanding of the way faith actually works. and is almost a kumbaya international secularist push i think is really designed to water down faith entirely. so it no longer looks like the kind of faith we've had for the last 2000, 5000 years. >> franklin you have respect for people of other faiths and you don't agree or embrace the faith but, i've never seen you go out there and wave a stick and say you will go tear down a mosque. >> and i love people of other faiths. i really do, as i said i want them to know what i didn't and have the same peace and know their sins can be forgiven. and only through christ and christ alone because he's the only one in history to pay debt of sin, mohammed didn't take your sins and die for you, only one person made that claim, that is the record jesus christ and if we accept by faith, faith, you don't have to work for it or
11:38 pm
sleep on nails or walk across fiery coals, by faith. and that is what i want people to know. >> thank you very much. s. e., great to be with you. give my kindest regards to your father and i hope, all of you will remember that thursday, is the national day of prayer and you don't need permission from congress to get on your knees and pray. you can do it without their permission. fact is you can do it without their knowledge and i'm pretty sure they won't know. i hope you remember the national day of prayer, chairman franklin graham, thank you, very much. [applause]. >> when we come back... a most interesting conversation with a man who helped bring down the entire mob in cleveland, ohio. now he wants to run for congress, has he taken on something bigger than challenging the mob? we'll talk to him next and find out. [ male announcer ] prilosec otc traveled to fairbanks, alaska.
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11:43 pm
plot against him and he fought back and beat them and now wants to take on big spenders in congress and that may be the biggest challenge of all. please welcome tom gambly, welcome. >> thank you. >> what intrigues me is you are minding your business and a guy comes into your dealership, says, i think there is an oldsmobile dealership that would be for sale and you talk to the people, ultimately the deal comes about and what happens. >> i received and in voice in the mail for a half million dollars. and, frankly, governor i thought it was a joke. and, shortly thereafter, that gentleman called and asked if he could pick up a check. >> what was that for. >> supposedly because he suggested that i call the gentleman to buy the oldsmobile store. >> finders fee, supposed... >> not a broker or an agent or anything, he was in my office on different business, and merely suggested that i call this gentleman. >> half a million dollars, for
11:44 pm
this tip. >> yes. >> and what did you say, forget that. >> i laughed and said, it was available but it was monopoly money because i thought it was... funny and with that he said, i'm not joking. and if i don't pick up a check today, you are going to experience the horror of your life. and i said i don't think so. and shortly thereafter, about a week later, a gentleman walked into my office without knocking, walked in, and had a small piece of paper and said, do you recognize this name and i said yes, i do. and he said well, he's gone to the family, and he's made a request and it is granted and you will be killed in the next 24 hours, have a good day. and he left. and i sat there turned for a short time and realized that the only way to handle this would be call the fbi and i called the fbi and they immediately came
11:45 pm
out. sat and chatted with me and said, don't worry. this is ultimately going to be about money. and i said no, you don't understand. it's not about money. and they said, no, it will be about money and asked permission to put in hidden cameras and microphones and monitor my phones, commonly called bugging phones. both -- all the business homes and home phones and everything and shortly thereafter, the same person that brought forth this there the came back into my office and said, i don't like you. but i'll help you. but it will cost you money. and i said really? and he said yes. it will cost you x amount of dollars and i expect to pick it up tomorrow or i'm not going to help you. and i said i don't have the money now. which is what the fbi asked me to say, always say that. buy time and he said i'll be back tomorrow and he left and i found out later, the fbi followed him also. and they came in and said don't
11:46 pm
worry. we'll provide the money. we want to videotape him taking the money. and he came back, and we paid him the money, i paid him the money -- >> actually i did. i'm a taxpayer, took care of that for you! >> there is a great ending and they went to prison and the be fbi sued them civilly an got the money back which was terrific. >> maybe we ought to get those guys to run for congress, too. it had to be the most scary thing in the world. how long did this go on, the process. >> it went on for two years. covertly and i wore wires, microphones, bulletproof vests, and for two years i worked in conjunction with the fbi to continue to videotape them, at a fairly significant risk to my family, i have four children, and they came in to play where they decided that they could threaten my children, and in fact one of the characters actually went to an elementary
11:47 pm
school and observed my son, called me and said if you think we're kidding, he has corduroy pants on and a yellow shirt, and you ask him tonight. and when ken came home, i, how was school and he said, it was fine and i had to prompt him, he said, yes, dad a friend of yours played kick ball, a guy named joe and that was a new mafia member that interjected himself into this. and the threats escalated from there. >> it is unbelievable. we'll bring one of those fbi agents that worked with you, during the process of almost two years, on, if you think the story is just too bizarre to be true, we'll show you, it actually happened. former fbi agent bob freeman, will be joining tom ganle and me, next. ♪ [ male announcer ] there's one reason
11:48 pm
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[applause]. >> we're back with tom and joining us now, former federal agent bob friedman who worked directly with tom during the mob sting. first of all, welcome. i want to ask you, in your 27 year krooefr wicareer with the many people did you deal with like tom. >> one, tom. >> and by that what do you mean. >> you are dealing with people who are actually involved with the crimes and trying to get them to tell you what is going on, normally. and help them help you defeat these people, and then along comes tom and volunteers to help us, and it is like a miracle. that you can deal with somebody like him, who is willing to do that and put himself in danger
11:52 pm
and his family. >> he was really in danger, wasn't he. >> no doubt about it. >> a million dollar contract. >> million dollar contract. >> the mob, somebody gets this guy, a million bucks for that. >> him and his family. not only him but his wife. >> and he knew he was take these kinds of risks. >> from day one. >> and obviously you don't have that happen often. did you think it would take two years to get it done. >> when we started we figured it would take that long because... >> did you tell him that. >> no. >> i didn't think so! would you have done it had you known it would draw out -- >> yes, i would, governor. it was the right thing to do. the only thing to do. >> do you realize you have no business in congress, you will not fit in up there. actually, i think it is what in deared me when i heard your story, i thought, gosh here's a person who put it all on the
11:53 pm
line. your family's very safety and what intrigues me is during this time, fbi agents had to live at tom's house. >> that's correct. and everywhere he went, and everywhere his children went and normally that's the purview of the marshalls service and we had grown to admire him he would not let anybody protect him other than ourselves. >> there's a lot of the story we can't get to and you and your former colleagues at the fbi talk about the experience and what an amazing man of courage tom was during this entire ordeal that happened. tom, i want to ask you about your wife and kids, did they say this is enough? we have done our duty? >> i'm proud of them. they recognized that this was serious. and they were frightened but stood tall with me and saw it to the conclusion. i'm proud of them. they are great children.
11:54 pm
all lived real close to me now, they are married and have -- grandchildren, and they are terrific young people i'm very, very proud of. they have a great deal of courage and conviction. >> how many of the mob did you bring down? >> over 20. >> over 20. >> basically eliminated the mob as it was in cleveland at the time. >> completely eliminated. >> now the question is, why on earth you want to go to congress? >> governor, thank you for the question. i think i can make a difference. if i didn't back down to the mafia, and threatening my family, i'm certainly not going to back down to those special interests and lobbyists and everyone else. i know how to be my own man and will do that, in congress and i think i can help make a difference and take back our country. >> i don't have any doubt about that. if you can take on the mob you can take on the whole bunch of them, tom, thank you. what an amazing story, and bob, thank you for being here to
11:55 pm
validate that it was all absolutely the case. next, we're going to give you a little preview of something you'll be in for, come the memorial day weekend. mega wonderful band called "lonestar." i loved them for years and they'll be with us memorial day and we'll give you a little bit of tip of what will be happening with them, come that weekend and preview one of their brand new hit songs, from their album and we hope you'll stay with us. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] expensive department store creams? why go there when there's olay regenerist? [ male announcer ] micro-sculpting cream hydrates better than the $700 cream. [ female announcer ] and not only that, [ male announcer ] most women found olay as luxurious as department store products. [ female announcer ] effective. affordable. regenerist.
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>> the full version available on our web site.
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fox slash huckabee from. all of us in new york city, good night, and god bless. ♪ [ music ]


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