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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  May 3, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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they are doing it right now. they are still involved and working through the this is a fox news alert. a video of a possible suspect in saturday's attempted car bombing has just been released. police are looking for this man. take a look. he can be seen putting down a bag, then changing a shirt in an alley near an suv. the unidentified white man in his 40s had another shirt on underneath. police say he's looking in the direction of the suv that was smoking. the smoke seen by a vendor. the area was evacuated and the bomb squad called in. police say the crude bomb could have sprayed shrapnel to kill many people and cause damage to buildings. this is newly-released video of a possible suspect in the failed car bombing in times
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square. the man can be seen putting down his bags before then changing his shirt in an alley near the suv where the bomb-making materials inside. the man had another shirt on underneath and police say he is also looking back in the direction of the suv smoking. police also heading to pennsylvania to check video from a tourist that might also show a person near that vehicle. we'll of course be bringing you late-breaking developments. this has been a fox news alert. now, back to "geraldo at large" already in progress. gulf, how bad is this spill? >> it's worse than exxon rale disease. there are scenarios where it could be worse than the exxon val disease. >> the president prepares us for catastrophe. >> the american people are aware the folks in the gulf are aware we are dealing with a massive potentially unprecedented
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environmental disaster. the oil that is still laking from the well could seriously damage the economy and environment of our gulf states and could extend for a long time. oo it could jeopardize the lively hoods of thousands of americans who call this place home. the latest from the gulf. and from the war along the border. >> you have an all out drug war happening in mexico and it is spilling over into american cities and the federal government has failed to secure that border. >> there is reasonable suspicion an offense has been committed they can acquire about the immigration status of someone. that is a tool quite frankly that they need. >> the arizona law is draconian in it's devices. this is about singling people out because of their background and ethnicity.
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>> will texas be the next to adopt arizona's harsh state law. >> beware the revenge of the wanabi. >> when you build this in the communities in the bend will be wiped out. >> tonight the avatar activists continue their fight on earth. and... he played last night. >> i saw michael steele backstage when we were taking pictures aka notorious go peek. >> do you think john edwards was watching? >> we all hunger what john edwards first thought when he saw her without any pants on his first thought was probably put your pants on. that's what she said. you know something? that was when she first thought the night they met could have involved the president. >> tonight andrew young the edwards aid blew the whistle on
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baby gate. live and at large and around the world. >> edwards lover speaks the great arizona immigration debate and latest at the attempt of mass murter in times square are coming up front in two of our special sunday reports the slow-motion katrina that's what they are calling the inexerbly creeping oil slick at the shorelines of louisiana and mississippi about 20 sea turtles have been found dead in the offshore waters although authorities are not yet attributing those deaths to the oil spill which seems a long way away from being stopped. here's the president who is on location today was warning of a massive environmental disaster. it is being used to try to stop a lake that is more than
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5,000 feet under the surface. this is unique and unprecedented it could take many days to stop. as well as any resource available to stop the oil from coming ashore and mitigating the damage it could cause. bp is responsible for this lake. bp will be pay the bill. as president of the united states i am going to spare no effort to respond to this crisis for as long as it continues. we will spare no resources to clean up whatever damage is caused. >> aside from meeting and greeting the first responders the president also had a closeup look from a helicopter of the now 30 mile long oil slick caused by the more than 200 thousand gallons of crude oil being spewed from the well every day. in alabama i assume the slick is feared heading next, you tell us what's going on? >> indeed geraldo.
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in fact slow moving katrina is a very good way to describe it because so many residents and business owners on the island whethered katrina and rebuilt their businesses but they say the horrible thing about an oil spill is unlike a hurricane where you can rebuild in a matter of months with an oil spill you don't know what is going to happen next you don't know what to plan for. what they are doing is planning for a worse case scenario trying to protect the community as well as they can. earlier in the weekend they were setting up booms these inflatable boo buoys lining th beaches that it would stop the oil before land fall. the weather was so choppy and waves were so rough many of the areas were preached. they came in and removed them. today the national guard came in
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and installed the barriers with the chemical you be stance. when the substance comes in contact with oil it turns the oil into a solid. the idea is when the oil seeps into these barriers it becomes a solid easily removed and then you can rebuild the barriers with chemicals and hopefully absorb even more oil. >> jonathan thanks. i appreciate that. >> now to the mayor of golf shores alabama who's crowd is attempting to feel the full force of the oil spill tomorrow. mayor you have a situation where this is pouring out almost a quarter of a billion gallons of crude oil every single day. that's an awful lot of gunk every day. don't you have an atom bomb heading your way? >> yes, sir, without a doubt we are concerned about it and involved in the placement of
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boom achd prying to p -- and tr prevent it from getting on shore. >> how are your residents coping with what will be a disaster in their lives. >> we have had our share of hurricanes with ivan and katrina. we are fairly well prepared to deal with problems and with a positive attitude and are fairly confident working together we have been able to over come some things. we don't know what to expect and don't know for sure don't have any experience nor does anybody else how to deal with it. the concern is the unknown. >> do you want your fellow alabamans and others to come down with whatever they can to help clean up your beaches? >> i would say we don't know the
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exact extent of the damage. we are ready to mobilize. we have contractors on contract already with the city to be prepared in case of a hurricane that ha are very capable in cleaning up our beaches already. this is a different problem. i think we have people that can handle it. we are mobilizing local volunteers to clean up the beaches and to get trained on how to deal with wildlife and marsh lands where this will cause a problem and will create the need ffor>> mayor craft, thank you and good luck to your residents. >> i appreciate you coming on tonight. >> where do we go from combat what looks like to be a grim historic footnote much like the 1989 exxon val disease disaster. we report from washington. what is ahead? what does the president have
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planned? oo the president hoped to get a first-hand look at the massive spill of bad weather prevented the helicopter from flying out that far. he got a view of the coastline miles from the source of the gushing crude oil when he went down there. he got a real sense at what's at stake. the president stopped at the coast guard station in venice, louisiana, the visit was a chance to show the country and state official levels in response to the bill the president got a detailed briefing from the coast guard about bp's plan to place a comb and suction device over the well in a week or so. in the end the cost of the massive cleanup will be paid for by bp and not taxpayers, not
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washington. >> they kept saying using the word every single sound bite they are extremely sensitive to criticism. they didn't move fast enough. >> they are sensitive to that, very much aware of katrina and president bush at the time and the criticism you w he was too o respond. obama officials are saying that was not the case the administration was on this from day one that the coast guard is down there 2,000 personnel are down there. some 70 vessels and the president going down there today to show he is on the case. r , that the federal government is responding to this. >> moving now ladies and gentlemen to that impassioned debate on the anti illegal immigration law which was characterized by the state's largest newspaper arizona r
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republic today that is a state law that intimidating at latinos while doing nothing to cush illegal immigration. while criticizing every wrun from janet napolitano the newspaper reserves spoegs scorn for john mccain recalling how he was once champion of comprehensive immigration reform but has since abandoned his principles from former congressman and talk show host j.d. haworth. for the latest from arizona and across the nation casey seigel has been on the case from the beginning. what's going on? >> it is guy et tonight. a very different scene from 24-hours ago when i talked to you about this yesterday on your program when you could really
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barely move where i was standing in this spot because 7,000 protestors converconverged. can you believe the issue in phoenix isn't what brought the largest crowds. take a look at what went down in los angeles. that is where the people really showed up about 15,000 folks taking to the streets many calling for californians to boycott arizona businesses over this. let's take you to dallas, texas saw 30,000 people marching through downtown yesterday. doesn't matter which great state you were in the ms message remaining the same. >> in an effort to calm some of the fear abouts this bill possibly racial profiling it would prevent law enforcement to use race as the seoul reason to ask for someone's papers.
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supporters say it is necessary to curtail the immigration population in arizona. meantime three official lawsuits have been filed in an effort to keep the law from going into effect at the end of july. more lawsuits are expected but the good news to report no real acts of violence breaking out at any of the protests around the country. >> great thank you. be right back. (female announcer) stressless is designed to be
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and where better to find it than from stressless, the innovators of comfort. call now for a free catalog and dvd featuring our entire stressless line. >> casey seigel is reporting now. thankfully the demonstrations have been peaceful. there is an exception regret to report that close to 20 businesses were damaged after what started as a peaceful immigration rights march in downtown santa cruz. among they are looking for the perps there 50,000 to $100,000 damage. that was la but you also had a
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huge one in dal at thats, a huge rally in dallas saturday protesting against the new arizona statute and texas will soon follow suit. my next guest announced she is introducing a bill in texas. she is from houston tonight. the organizer of the big pro immigration rally. state rep domingo garcia on the right. debbie if i may call you that why are you proposing a bill that governor rick perry opposes. >> he has not said he opposes it. there are issues in it that we might need to look at and question. i would like to clarify something. i am not opposed and most folks were not opposed to immigration. this is the illegal immigration that we have a problem with. because we have got so many problems on the border with the
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drug cartels and the crime, the gangs it's like a war zone down there. i got to tell you it's something that absolutely has to be a drift. and this has nothing to do with race, it has everything to do with the safety and security for the folks of texas. that's what it's about. >> domingo pretty good racial profiling the 800 pound gorilla in the room. the violence in mexico i was in juarez not so long ago they have multiple murders every day phoenix the kidnapping capitol of the world because of the problems with the mexican drug cartels. there is a security issue is there not? >> there's a problem with the border that needs to be addressed. >> i apologize for being rude but let me ask you to hold your answer to the other side of one of these pesky commercial breaks. ladies and gentlemen, we will
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continue this debate after the short break also we will give you the latest on th
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>> we have a debate going on with the arizona statute now. debbie riddle the state rep is introducing the same law in texas as if texas needs that domingo garcia is the organizer of the big pro immigration rally she may be use ago machete where a skal pull -- scalpel is nece. isn't representative riddle right about all of the problems at the border and the critical need for border security? >> what happened in arizona will stay in arizona. they say we are going to have the bill in the committee last time she followed it.
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it's dead on arrival in texas. let me tell you, the comprehensive immigration reform at a national level. we can't have cities or states trying to pass their immigration laws. that's a federal responsible. the federal government has to step up stais time to fix this issue. the border is a state issue it's not a city of el pa el paso iss any other on the border. the federal government needs to deal with it. >> domingo. >> geraldo, it is a federal issue but the feds have not done anything about it. it's a little bit like geraldo if you were in the neighborhood pool with lots of kids and you see a child that is drowning, and the lifeguard is over maybe playing basketball with a movie star are you going to let the kid drown because the lifeguard
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is too busy. by the way the bill that i am introducing is not exactly like that. the one in arizona, it's only about a page and a half. racial profiling is illegal. there's information about that. i would love it if the feds would come in and do somethisom> debbie riddle is right federal government should be ashamed of itself. i know obama didn't expect to have the great recession on the 21st century when he started but he did say he would lo address s issue. i don't know if the mood in the country now -- if they defeated comprehensive immigration reform in 2007 when we had fewer than 5 percent unemployed do you really believe that the congress of the
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united states even as presently constituted will deal with comprehensive immigration reform as critically necessary as it may be? >> the probable we have right now, i think senator reed is ready to move on it, senator pelosi is ready to move on it. there's not one republican with the courage to stand up and do what's right. ronald reagan had t passed the immigration bill in 1986 a hero among republicans. where are the ronald reagans of 2010. even john mccain who supported comprehensive immigration reform the mccain kennedy bill switched to the position in arizona. it flip flopped. >> my hero. broke my heart. >> geraldo, what he has been -- what he is talking about all he is talking about a amnesty. >> you are an attorney takes 8 years it makes you pay a fine makes you go through every kind
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of hoop in the world it's hardly immigration. i am out of time. we will have you back. we will have you both back. got to take a break. >> be glad to come back. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i work a lot, and so i wasn't sure that i should actually come tonight. biden talked me into it. he leaned over and he said, mr. president, this is no ordinary dinner. when you have diabetes like me, you have questions.
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>> there is no evidence that this is tied in with al qaeda or any other big terrorist organization, but rest assured we will do everything we can.
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we all of the resources thanks to the president and secretary nepal tano and the fbi. we will use those and the abilities of the world's greatest police departments. >> i want to give you a heads up. they are saying they will be releasing that surveillance video of the guy they estimate to be a white male in his 40s seen hurrying away from the area down schubert area ray kelly we get it before the top of the hour obviously we are going to run it. even if we don't they will run it on fox news sometime this evening. let's go to david lee miller. what else is new since i left you an hour ago. >> it's almost like that there' party atmosphere they are teaming with thousands of people. most oblivious to the fact that the investigation is underway. they are making progress on
1:32 am
several fronts. they are releasing video of a man presumed to be the suspect. authorities have their hands on a great deal of forensic evidence wells incendiary device as well. they are talking to witnesses so there is an air of optimism whoever is responsible for this will be held accountable. that said authorities have pointed out that new york city got very lucky. yes to a great extent you do make your own lot there are no better police and fire departments than those in new york city. but the police commissioner and others have under scored geraldo that if things had gone the other way there would have been a significant fireball a disaster and the consequences could have been severe. they continue this massive manhunt for the individual or individuals responsible. >> david lee miller.
1:33 am
>> dr. harvey cushner author of holy war on the home front is here to explain who they are and what they are doing. doesn't it sound like that to you, doctor? >> it measures the times we live in geraldo. when i got into that 45 years ago there were future wrists out there few groups you can identify them. today with the internet and with messages circling 24/7 everybody has a gripe to create large groups, small groups. it's a difficult process. it's a matter of odds you will have someone with a card carrying number of an organization. or one to step up and name blame in al qaeda. >> they have the aborted conspiracy to do something awful to the you be ways. plenty of buzz from the cia about him because he has been in
1:34 am
pakistan, afghanistan, they had tracked him all of the way home and followed him and put the rest together. it seems to me almost more dangerous when you have someone who seemed a spontaneous generator sitting there disgruntled about something maybe al qaeda, maybe a radical muslim who knows. he has the internet as his guide and he wires all of this stuff. or more of mahmoud ahmadinejad coming here tomorrow talking about nuclear safety and nonproliferation it's instead of a fertilizer bomb a nuke in one of these cars one of the other days. >> you sound like professor geraldo. you gave us a continuum people we had a case against. we had intelligence and we followed him. blue the whistle earlier in the case but we had to. on the other end of the continuum somebody picks up
1:35 am
information some place on the internet puts the bomb has a gripe goes out there for any number of reasons. you heard a congressman say it's possible because the car was outside the truck was outside -- >> viacom. >> or could be a jihadist, could be a jihadist or could be somebody outside of the united states taking credit>> troubled times we live in. >> i would like to add to the discussion about the way you got lucky. is it luck or skill, ann? >> i was remarking in the green room i am glad it didn't happen in boulder, colorado or greenich connecticut. i am confident the new york city police will solve this. >> i am, too. >> the new york city police did a great job. we have to give credit to the ven tors that were alert and that alerted the police and the police kicked into that case with great expectations. >> the guy is an immigrant by the way. >> legal is my guess. >> i would hope.
1:36 am
>> you make your own luck and the thing didn't go off. there was a vendor instead of seeing it smoking with ducking shrapnel. >> he's a vietnam vet. he's been here a long time. there are not vietnam vets. >> i am not against immigrants i am for enforcing the law as we discussed last night and are about to begin discussing. >> i think anybody who serves honorbly in the united states should be granted citizenship upon their honorable discharge. thank you very much. how did the president do at last night's white house correspondence dinner. let's take a quick look. >> i saw michael steele backstage when we were talki -- taking pictures. aka notorious gop. michael who knows what truly plagues america today taxation without representing.
1:37 am
(laughter) >> my brother. >> he is gone now. we are going to change some rules up in here. it's going to be change. >> (indiscernible) >> i am telling you right now this is a cash bar only. >> that's the first family as seen by my next guest we are going to ask the pro to look at the comedy performance. actor comedian carlos men mencio joins us from los angeles. nice to see you? >> great to see you, man. it's for a comedian it's great time to be alive. everything is just -- i mean who would have thought that iceland would have brought the world to
1:38 am
a stop? it's crazy. it's crazy. >> here is the president last night on immigration. listen. >> fo unfortunately john mccai couldn't make it. he recently claimed he never identified himself as a maverick. we all know what happens in arizona when you don't have id. adios om mei amigos. >> pretty funny, carlos. >> you know what? he was really great. to hear the president who has had that kind of power who knows these people telling jokes like that edgy i don't think any professional couldn't have done as good a job at making the audience laugh as he did because he's the commander-in-chief. it was brilliant.
1:39 am
his writers are amazing. >> i love jay leno but the pres was knocking on all -- >> i was there. at one point i was sitting at a table where miracle steele was right across the table. i think the surprise of everyone in the room was that edgy. his timing was good. it was very ea good evening. >> you d he is a better comedia he is a president. >> oh. (laughter) >> carlos, that may be the best line of the night. >> you know what -- >> i love ann coulter. i really mean that. she is so great at what she does. you are truly the best. i am saying that with all of the compliments in the world. you know how to rile people up. you know how to get people to say, i can't believe she said that. >> thank you. >> but that's a great opinion. i don't agree with it but it's a great opinion. >> it's a gift.
1:40 am
>> also in l.a. carlos diaz joins us. are you there, carlos? what's going on? >> yes, i am. >> i never asked you what you think of the latest immigration flap. >> i have a buddy from calgary who had an expired visa for two years. he lives in arizona right now. he's not going to get picked up because he's a white guy. this is not immigration reform it's mexican reform. that is the bottom line. are you worried about the immigration reform? why i don't have dark hair and a mustache and dark skin. >> what's his name? >> you want to turn him in. >> no i am not going to turn him in. he's watching and he's sweating right now. don't worry about it, steve. >> let ann coulter find him.
1:41 am
>> that is the point the only pe people sweating are my dad who want to go to the all star game but if he forgets his id he will be he want back to mexico. >> this wednesday is going to be a prayer vigil in march there. i hope that and all due respect the all star game is not there. >> boycott in arizona. >> boycotts being called in arizona. why should people go into a state that does this. >> are you coming back? >> respect the federal holiday of martin luther king. >> i want carlos to tell us -- >> say something true about the law. >> youzer. >> coming up john edwards and maybe few fewer miss industries hits oprah's couch. how did she do and what she is been saying about being lover
1:42 am
boy edwards. andrew young joins the party after this. >> home wrecker. absolutely not. i do not -- it is not my experience a third party can wreck the home. i believe the problems exist before a third party comes into the picture. >> you don't think you wrecked his home? his home? >> ii[ male announcer ] bobby sincir. [ bobby ] trugreen did it again!
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>> the world can see me as a beautiful woman as opposed to all of the photos that are out there of me. >> vanity, whatever. >> john edwards mistress rielle hunter last week on oprah. kimberly's case has everything to do with it. he's all over it. >> good to see you back avenue and sound. >> it was crowded. i love it. >> thanks geraldo. edward and reel hunter made headlines on oprah claiming these racy photos from gq were a big mistake. she destroyed the graphic sex tape we have all heard about that reportedly shows the one time presidential candidate with a very pregnant reille. the reaction has been mixed and someone who has much to say on the topic joins geraldo now.
1:47 am
>> andrew young author of -- what's it again? >> "politician" the book? >> "the politician." reille's interview. >> you stop i'll talk. so what did you think of rielle's interview? >> i think oprah did a good job giving her enough rope to hang herself. in a word i think it was biz glar. she talked kind of like edwards. that's why we call the book "the politician." rielle and edwards use these big weeping words like seeking truth, seeking enlightenment then their actions completely be tray what they really are. >> she said you were the one who came up with the idea that you would take the responsibility for impregnating her that you were the baby daddy? >> she said a lot of bizarre things. she went to his hotel the first night to help him pir ritually
1:48 am
becom -- spiritually become awakened. the whole interview was very bizarre. it's not true. >> ann coulter loves this story more than any other. you really love this. >> i do. i was bitterly disappointed hee did not tell oprah what she apparently believes her love child is a reincarnated buddhist monk who has come back to save the world. >> knotted wornot -- not the wo inner verse. >> i am sorry i am under selling her love child. >> i am hoping my kids finish college or high school. >> you doing all right andrew despite the bashing? >> we are going up against some people with 50 or $60 million. the thing about the interview is rielle and john to this day have not expressed any regret. in that whole interview an hour long interview the whoenl thi t she expressed regret for from the fed issues.
1:49 am
not hurting the voters or the kids. >> we have taken your side on this and that's where we are staying. >> andrew young "the politician." coming up they beat the bad guys on pandora now the stars of avatar bringing that down to
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1:52 am
>> avatar and sigourney weaver fans because we had so many great guests i wanted to give you a chance to bat and cleanup now to attend tonight. comedian carlos man s mancia an
1:53 am
carlos diaz radio host and former syndicated tv reporter there on the right. i want to say the rest as we get there. carlos mancia, have you seriously found a change in tone in the country? does it effect your humor? do you feel more in away a minority? let me say it flat out than you used to? >> here's what's changed. people are very afraid, we are afraid of terrorists, we are afraid they are taking our jobs. we are afraid they are not going to get a job. we hear rhetoric like the country is broken. like it's gone down and so everybody is afraid. en on the other hand, we live in a great country. we have water parks other countries don't have water. we don't even drink our tap water. we drink bottled water because tap water is too disgusting for us while other countries don't have that. we have a food network while other countries don't have food.
1:54 am
sometimes you have to put this in perspective. we live in a country where the bill grims didn't have a visa. we took this land from the indians and we demonize illegal immigrants as if they are doing anything different than what we did when we started this country even though i understand the argument. it is just interesting to me that we just don't have perspective. everything is are you right or are you left. for me it's really basic. >> we try to be purple on this. >> carlos, i am a republican. >> every one else has gotten 17 rounds and you won't go to the one republican. >> can you let ann speak first? >> that's your purple? >> ann, you have the floor. >> thank you very much. >> address my point that i asked carlos about? >> i want to address carlos' point that means we can shoot at the illegals with bows and arrows i guess.
1:55 am
that's how they fought us off. every single one of you on this panel is out of your mind. your friend from calgary cannot be stopped or not stopped. first he has to be stopped for probable cause. if the cop doesn't have probable cause he can't be stopped. >> reasonable suspicion not probable cause. >> incorrect. you don't know the laws. we have geraldo here lying about the law again. >> that's what the law says. >> no, no, no. the original -- i'll tell you what the law is. first stop is probable cause. then in order to ask for the papers there has to be reasonable suspicion. >> would you withdrawal the pejorative i was lying? >> no. you are incorrect. as all of you are. >> who defines -- >> i am so glad you asked that. (talking over one another) >> i just find it hilarious that the only person who blonde hair and blue eyes on this panel is the one talking about probable cause when she is probably never
1:56 am
experienced probable cause in the ugliness that can be experienced. >> only her hairdresser knows for sure. >> i mean of all people on the panel to be accusing me of that, you have got to be kidding. >> i am a first generation american and what i am saying to you is -- >> hold on. >> my father is from cuba he immigrated here from the 60s. to this day if he goes to arizona with his thick accent and dark skin -- >> i got 30 seconds. reverend al? >> probable cause when you are dealing with a state where you have a sheriff that has rates there is no probable cause there. it's insane to even talk about it. >> it has been defined the court for 20-years. >> i want someone to pull me over and strip searched. something exciting. i don't get pulled over for anything. >> the phones are going to line up with volunteers.
1:57 am
>> i am half puerto rican. someone detain me. >> everybody has reasonable susususususu
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