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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX News  May 3, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. intoxicating me your love ♪ >> it was made up of consumer grade fireworks you can buy in pennsylvania and driy into new york and the wiring was nothing that looked amateurish i think was a nice way to phrase it. when three propane tanks and two containers of gasoline and it certainly could have exploded and made a big fire and a decent amount of explosive impact. >> the back seat of the vehicle were twofold five gallon red plastic gasoline containers. between them was a 16 ounce cans filled with between 20 and 30 m 88 devices. two clocks on the back eat floor of the vehicles were connected
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with wires to that can and possibly the gun locker as well. the nypd bomb squad used an explosive charge to reach the gun locker to contain 8 bags of an unknown substance as well as an inverted metal pot with a birds nest of wires and m 88 fire washinger -- crackers. we are working with the environmental of protection to further identify the bags bags. >> this is a city of 4.8 million people and people should go about their business. if you see something strange you should call 191 and turn it over to the professionals. that's what happened here. >> we are examining a video that shows a white male in his 40s in schubert alley looking back in the direction of west 45th street. he was seen with a dark colored shirt with a red one underneath.
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he put the darker one into a bag that he was carrying. this happened about a half block from where the vehicle was pulled. >> it's too soon to tell who was responsible, who and what groups were responsible. so every possible examination is being done of the device but also forensics. >> act of terrorism? >> certainly looks that way. certainly looks as if it was intended to be that way. >> although we have not yet determined whether the times square car bomb is linked to any specific terrorist organization we worked closely with the fbi through the joint terrorist task force in this case. the bomb maker claimed on the internet that the car bomb was placed in times square to avenge the deaths of mudadeen fighters we have no evidence to support the claim. >> i got off the phone with
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mayor bloomberg to make sure they and federal officials are coordinating. we took eerie step necessary to assure our state and local partners have the full support and cooperation with the federal government. >> it is a reminder new york is a target of people who want to come here and do us harm. >> you are looking live at the actual surveillance photographs taken at exactly 6:28 saturday evening of the nissan path finder fitted with tinted windows and jam packed withlet that will tar go of gasoline and all of it wired to a cluster of fireworks and intended to detonate a gigantic and huge explosion. we are live and at large in times square, new york and as we speak a nationwide manhunt of
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unprecedented d dimensions of a man who would commit mass murder. the driver of the path finder carrying connecticut plates borrowed or stolen from another vehicle who brought his rolling bomb here to the krotz rose of the world with wicked intention of slaughtering as many innocent people as possible. the streets at that hour were packed as they are now. nearby restaurants and businesses crowded as theater goers gathering around in butchersville had the device ignited would have been horrific in this what i think is the worst terror attack in new york city since the 9-11 bombings that changed the world. over the corpses of the next two hours we will bring i team coverage and potential terror in times square. david lee miller has been on the scene since early this morning. david, new yorkers are used to
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almost everything, but i think even this has caused a gasp. you were here this early morning describe what you saw? >> i was here this morning and one of the things we got soon after dawn was new york city police came in here almost 10 hours after this attempted spoiled terror attack and removed the nissan path finder suv took it away on a flatbed truck covered on a yellow truck i was here at sunset when that area began to once again return to normal. thousands of tourists here in the streets. as you mentioned the thing that struck me perhaps more than anything else is the resiliency of new yorkers how much this area changed in just 24-hours. the bottom line is what a difference a day can make. >> at the corner of 45th street and 7th avenue it is business as usual tonight. the streets clouded with tourists and new yorkers but a little more than 24-hours ago a different scene. this specific spot, this is where the suv nissan path finder
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was parked. the vehicle loaded with an incendiary device. this time last night this entire area sealed off a ghost town under orders of the new york city police department, the marriott hotel across the street was not permitted to allow visitors to stay in some of the rooms, many of the guests had to sleep here on the streets. to tonight new york city police are here they are monitoring the situation but also keeping a low profile. there are cameras in place. dozen of cameras closely monitoring what is unfolding in times square and often on the center island here a lock from 42nd street a sign telling people there are nypd security cameras in place. most people don't seem to mind. but it is those cameras that could very well make all of the difference in this ongoing investigation. authorities have showed us still frames from the surveillance video. one thing we have not yet seen
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is a videotape obtained by the new york city police department. a videotape authorities say showed the individual soon after the attempted attack took place in a nearby alley trying to change his clothes to change his appearance. not clear if that was the suspect. another videotape at this hour ray kelly said his detectives were on their way to pennsylvania wanted to talk to a man who was a tourist this individual claiming at least while here at night he may have captured on his home video camera pictures of the suspect. forensics kiev den sha ks -- ke evidentiary evidence. >> there are tens of thousands of people in the cross hairs of the world every other person has a flip camera. you can image what a wealth of data and information must be in all of these home videos and
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home movies. we will talk more about that and about the 40ish year old white male that connects 45th a45th - street. we are in the heart of the theater district. as with the failed underwear bombing of the airliner, you remember last christmas the fact that the device did not ignite is a blessing that keeps on giving in this case that is leaving behind a vast treasure trove of forensic evidence. to whom does it point? joining me is cath ridge heritage in dc. katherine, does it seem to you not similar to that failed nightclub attack a couple of years ago an the glascoe in scotland? >> that's an interesting point to start with. i was speaking to a number of
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investigative sources the key thing is there is such a wealth of forensic evidence i was told they were able to get dna evidence as well as hair samples. some of the things they are looking at early on is whether this attempt mirrors attempts overseas. you are looking at incidents in 2007. one was at a london nightclub in that case the bomb did not detonate. we have gas canisters and propane canisters. the glascoe bombing this was a car bombing. a vehicle born improvisive explosive device. we had propane tanks at that. we had gas tanks. you can see what kind of an impact you can have when there is a detonation. you are looking at if there is any connecticonnection, but it'
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preliminary. >> thank you very much. we are joined right now by one of my favorite congressman pete king of long island. he is out there right now he is the ranking member of the house intelligence committee and bo deedle former hero cop. i am standing on 47th street -- 46th street congressman. they call it little brazil. the next block up is where the car was. beyond that is viacom. we drove to comedy central which runs to south park which runs prophet mohammed and had death threats their way. congressman king do you believe that's a possibility? commissioner kelly could not exclude it from the list. >> yeah, i think this is something the police are looking into. a number of other things they are looking into that is one of them. after the press made after
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several weeks. that's one of a number of possible motives possible threats. it could end up being something entirely different. but that's one of the things they would be looking at. along with a number of others. >> detective bo deedle they called it amateurish initially. doesn't seem amateurish to me wires connecting to gasoline and propane tanks and probably fertilizer. >> it didn't go off. things started popping. you can't call anything amateurish. what was in that truck could have killed a lot of people. we have to realize this is new york city and we are the target. we are always going to be a target. the great treasure chest here is it didn't go off. you have fingerprints and dna they are going to catch this guy. greg kelly gave a news conference and answered every question that was out there. i know they are going to make an arrest soon on this. what was the motive?
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it could be the viacom comedy central thing. we had mayday yesterday with the immigrati immigration. you are going to see this will be a loaner that wanted to kill a lot of people for a statement. >> don't you blame hispanic people, dave. >> no, what i am saying is you have to look at what the motive is. >> i know, beau. i want to bring you into the panel. congressman king thank you for coming out on a sunday night. if you can stand by i appreciate it. ladies and gentlemen, for the next two hours we are probing every wrinkle in this case, every corner of this case. if that's an arrest made before we are off the air we will bring that to you. we will be back in a flash from times square, new york.
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>> the odds are high it could be a loan wolf. could it be a terrorist organization possibly? probably not. could it be a loan wolf who has
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the ideology and is doing it on his own? possibly. could it have been someone else who didn't have terrorist ideology at heart but might have been just as well. but given the nature of the explosion and given the chat there was no chatter on the line it is preliminary this was not part of any terrorist plot in al qaeda or another known terrorist organization. >> all right. that of course the senior senator from new york chuck schumer but congressman pete king do you buy that loan wolf theory. >> they have spoken in washington not taken the claims seriously from the taliban in pakistan. the same thing back in september people thought sgl zazi was jus
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loan wolf he was tied into an al qaeda operation there. this could be a home grown group of terrorists. considering what we have gone through in the last 8 and a half years i wouldn't exclude anything especially bh it comes to al qaeda. >> joining bo deedle and me in times square kt mcfarland former deputy secretary of defense and former fbi investigator next to bill is detective lieutenant sergeant steve rogers of the nutley new jersey cops a 15 year veteran of the anti-terror nypd. it is coming there tomorrow. >> ahmadinejad president of iran is in new york now. they are addressing new york tomorrow about the nuclear
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weapons. maybe it's a coincidence maybe it's not. it is somebody who will talk about the danger of nuclear weapons at the same time they are building nuclear weapons at home. >> that car could easily as soon as they get the technology something more bang than gasoline and fertilizer. >> the fact there there was a metal box, if you wanted a dirty bomb it is easy to make one of those. i teach a course at mit about it it could easily have contained any kind of radiological device. you could have had a dirty bomb. this area for 50 to 100 years would have been uninhabitable. >> if it had been a dirty bomb. what a nightmare scenario that would have been. >> what good coordination at the local state and federal level. president all over it mayor all over it. commissioner kelly very confident. are you satisfied with doing
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everything you can? >> with the first responders who showed up on the corner one block north of us to what's going on now joint task force looking at leads all over the country and looking at the forensic education. in this case there's a plethora of forensic education. a couple bombings, there was evidence blown apart. it took us weeks and almost years to put some of that together. in this case nothing was damaged from the standpoint i believe this case will be made partially on the forensic quality. >> they have given a lot of credit to the eyewitnesss who alerted the cops but steve if that thing is blown when he lit the fuse or hit the button this would be a tragic aftermath. >> what we learned is how vulnerable our cities are any time any city anywhere on this planet somebody could do what this terrorist did. >> luck helps also, ladies and gentlemen. remember that thing did not go
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off. if it had, we would all be singing a very sad song tonight. stand by, we will be right back live from times s s s s s s
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>> the footage we have shows believes the vehicle entering west 45th street between broadway and 8th avenue at approximately 6:28 p.m. two minutes later a t-shirt notified a mounted police officer there was a car filling with smoke parked on the southwest corner of 45th street and broadway. after circling the vehicle on horse back the officer radioed for additional assistance. he and four additional police officers kept civilians away from the vehicle as the fire department and bomb squad
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responded to the scene. >> back live in times square you were looking south at times square. you are looking to 45th street where the nissan path finder was left with the hazard lights on the engine running, the guy running scurrying it may be -- pan around. it may be the 40ish year old white guy who changed from a white shirt to a red shirt. keep going around. above our guests where it says the sign from one of our rivals over there right under that blue fin restaurant. nobody watches that one anyway. blue fin restaurant where mayor bloomberg took one of the hero tops out to dinner tonight. craig, brother craig has just interviewed an explosives expert on exactly what that device would have wreaked had it detonated. here is craig. >> geraldo, nypd is still interviewing street vendors
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asking them questions about the attempted car bombing which occurred right on this street corner. security experts are talking about the type of device that was used. chris, tell me about the device that was in this car? >> smaller parts it looks as though it was a combination of propane cylinder and gasoline with fireworks. the home depot ingredients with the composition of this device. >> he says while this crude bomb may not have caused catastrophic damage like ied's seen in iraq and afghanistan, it was potentially lethal. >> it had lethal qualities had it caught on fire there's a lot of gasoline and propane. it didn't have the ability to create a dramatic explosion. >> former secret service but you know about these types of investigations. where will the nypd where will the fbi go in looking for the
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perpetrators of this bombing. >> the question is the vehicle id exists in many places on a car. did they remove all of the bins or are there traces of what the background of the vehicle is. >> you have in this area many areas where there are cameras, surveillance am kau sz looking down on this particular spot and you are rounding areas. will that video come into play? >> it is not particularly help in in stopping a crime but helpful in solving it. in this area it's saturated with videos. >> sometimes square is an obvious target you have new year as eve and millions of people lining the street here. why would they pick this spot for this particular cli particu bomb? >> assuming it worked it would be a spectacular event. >> terrorists have been attempting to duplicate spectacular events like the 9-11 attack. in spring, 2008 another attack
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was thwarted when police arrested naji as sglaz zi who tried to dead nate a memo made bomb in the subway system on behalf of the taliban. >> terror is the idea. they want to inflict fear on americans right now. tal began and back stan is trying to take credit for them. what say you? >> i don't know. it's easy to take credit for it once the event occurred but if this is all they can do, if this is the worst we see in the u.s. from a very organized and determined adversary i think it's sort of good news. >> chris, with all of the security cameras, with the fact that the forensic evidence is in tact, the bomb didn't go off, what's the likelihood of catching this bomber? >> i image very high. this is not a very sophisticated group. >> everyone is saying the odds are very high we are going to
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catch him, craig. from their lips to god's ears. >> absolutely. it's just like the vigilance of the street vendors to alert the police to the car is smoking, it's also going to take the vigilance of the public to look at the video when it is eventually released to help the police find this guy. we hope to see the perpetrator in the videos. >> commissioner kelly told me to my face they have the video of the guy. they are sorting through it. i don't know maybe they are seeing if any one knows who is in the crowd before they release it to the public. >> if you listen to commissioner kelly he gave a great interview. he started an initiative with cameras they are locked up. we don't have it here yet. he said one problem, money. this cries out to washington senators and congressmen tomorrow should demand more money to our at this here because we are the target. everyone has to realize


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