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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 15, 2010 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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>> cheryl: you're not off. all right, that's it for the cost of freedom. thank you for being here. have a great weekend. pulling out all the stops. crews are trying everything to plug the leak gushing oil in the gulf of mexico. the latest next in a live report. funding fight is heating up over how much america spends to fight terrorism and it's pitting the white house against the bipartisan group of lawmakers and we have the story. the little boy who was the only survivor of that devastating plane crash in libya is back home in the netherlands. we'll bring you new pictures. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. right now, b.p. is trying to stop what is called a gushing soda bottle. the company has been given green light by feds to spray the chemicals under water to disburse the oil, something never tried before. david lee miller is live in
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venice, louisiana, with the latest. hi, david. >> reporter: hi, shannon. at this hour, the oil continues to gush into the gulf. b.p. estimates as many as 210,000 gallons a day is leaking into the gulf. some scientists say that rate is considerably higher, as much as 12 times higher. the bottom line is no one really knows for sure. b.p. is trying to contain the leak and the chief executive says he hopes the leak can be halted in ten days but he points in out a worst case scenario it could take longer. how much longer he says is impossible to predict. and b.p. has not commented now on the latest effort to stop the leak that is inserting a six-inch tube in 21-inch pipe leaking and siphon the oil to surface and awaiting tanker. to the clean-up operation in the gulf, the government has given the green light for
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b.p. to use the chemicals under the water. disbursements have been used on the surface, but this is unprecedent and a number of people here are very concerned that the chemicals could cause further damage to the voorment. and lastly, the interior secretary california californ -- interior secretary ken salazar is in the area at wildlife rehabilitation center. at least 13 birds coated with oil have died. many here are fearful that that number is going to increase and rapidly as the oil continues to gush. back to you. >> shannon: all right. a grave situation, david. thank you. well, the sole survivor of a plane crash in libya just arrived home to the netherlands. this is new video of the 9-year-old dutch boy arriving at a military airport. the boy named reuben flown home after he was checked by doctors and yesterday his up at and uncle told him his parents and older brother were killed in wednesday's crash. the plane hit the crash short of the runway landing and
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killing 103 people. investigators are trying to determine the cause of the crash. the u.s. embassy in bangkok is warning that the country is not safe for tourists because of political unrest. 17 people have been kill and 160 more wounded since thursday. the u.s. embassy is offering to evacuate family members to staff who want to leave the country. thai army designated area in central bangkok as live firing zone. new evidence in the pakistani taliban likely role in the times square attempted bombing. officials say faisal shahzad came up with the idea himself and persuaded the taliban to help him out. senior official tells fox there has been multiple arrest in pakistan as a result of the times square investigation and one was a friend of faisal shahzad and pakistani intelligence source tells fox the man "confessed to having ties with the taliban." they hope they will find more answers by following the money trail from shahzad to
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the financiers, but the money that is lauded for the operations at home that is roughing the feathers. molly henneberg has more. >> reporter: the new york lawmakers say the obama administration has "shortchanged" the state and new york city for cutting funds for the anti-terror efforts there. not so says homeland security secretary janet napolitano who says federal funding plus what was set aside in the stimulus legislation for port and transit security grants is up from what was given to new york in the bush administration. in a letter to republican congressman peter king, napolitano writes, "we recognize the unique security challenges that new york city faces, which is why overall port and transit security grant funding in new york city has increased by 24% under this administration." the $245 million in funding allotted to new york for the purposes represents a net increase of more than $47 million from the previous administration's last
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budget." but in the wake of the failed car bombing plot in times square, congressman king says the administration shouldn't be cutting anti-terror money to the state at all. he says separate from the stimulus bill the obama administration cut 27% of funding for mass transit security, compared to the previous year. and 25% in port security dollars. the democratic party said king shouldn't have voted against the stimulus bill if he is so keen on getting security money for new york. and congressman king likens that to political blackmail. >> if you are not being partisan at all, i felt president bush was wrong and i criticized him. president obama is wrong on this and they're trying to cover it up. >> reporter: new york republican senator chuck schumer also wants more money restored to funding for new york. congressman king argues the stimulus money is money from last year rolled over to this year and he wants yearly funding for new york to increase or at least stay the same as the previous year. secretary napolitano counters that more than $275 million
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in federal funding for new york city security efforts set aside going back to 2006 has not been used yet. shannon? >> shannon: all right. thank you for the update. well, president obama is honoring police officers who have died in the line of duty. mr. obama just finished speaking at the national peace officers memorial in washington. malini wilkes is stabb standing with more on that. >> reporter: it's a familiar sight in washington every spring. thousands of law enforcement officers from all over the country gathering here to honor colleagues who died in the line of duty. national police week is wrapping up now with a peace officer's memorial at the capit capitol. president obama finished speaking and he told survivors and families how grateful the nation is for the service and thanked them for risking their lives every single day. >> you don't know what the next dispatch will bring. all you know is your duty. to keep us safe, to keep our community safe, to keep
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america safe. is it a duty you full -- it is a duty you fill every day. >> reporter: who attended told us they had to do more with less in the recession. yesterday, president obama tried to assure police they would have the resources they need to do their jobs, he said $3.5 billion in stimulus funds have gone toward supporting local law enforcement, helping to preserve 4700 jobs and making progress toward a goal of putting another 50,000 new police on the street. officers say they can always use more manpower and equipment. >> we can always do more. crime doesn't stop, terrorism doesn't stop, and as everybody right now is in a budget crisis and any funding that we can get, allows us to hire more officers and protect the citizens. >> reporter: for the most part, the officers say they came to pay tribute and their respects. the national law enforcement officer memorial fund says 116 officers died in the line of duty in 2009, they say that's the lowest number in
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50 years. >> shannon: an important event in the springtime in washington and great to see officers from all over the country in the different uniforms and know they represent folks across the country. >> reporter: absolutely snoof. >> shannon: thank you. in america's election headquarters we begin in pennsylvania where the democrats have a huge choice to make on tuesday. do they support a former republican who is running for senate under their flag for the first time or go with a democratic congressman looking to switch jobs? chief political congressman carl cameron has a preview. >> reporter: joe sestak has come from behind to lead the last-minute polls by sowing the distrust of the 80-year-old republican turned democrat senator arlen specter. >> no way we will trust a career politician that got us in this mess after 30 years down there and then said i'll switch the party after advancing the republican agenda. >> reporter: specter once thought running as a democrat would be easier this year.
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but he's sha changed his party and position position. >> it's been a record where i evaluate what is good for the people of the state and nation and vote accordingaccord. >> he will fight for you, regardless of what the politics are. i love you and i love arlen specter. >> reporter: specter got the president's support on the air and gets no last-minute visit. sestak uses history like a knife to undercut specter's presidential support. >> arlen specter is the right man for the united states senate. i can count on this man. see, that's important. he's a firm ally. >> arlen specter switched party to save one job: his. not yours. >> reporter: specter attacked sestak's military service. >> joe sestak, relieved of duty in the navy for creating a poor command climate. >> reporter: retired admiral sestak has not released the military papers and says he
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asked to step down because his daughter developed brain cancer. the latest poll shows sestak leading 41 to 44%. sestak is also hitting specter saying he would support elena kagan though he was the only democrat to pose her for solicitor general last year. >> he takes his decision on the supreme court justices how they affect the electoral process. >> reporter: facing questions about the flip-flopping character and principle, specter says he needs skin thicker than a rhinoceros. >> it does not irk me. i'm in a tough line of work and used to being challenged. >> reporter: when specter kwit the g. quit to g.o.p. to be a democrat, he shot to the top of the polls and democrats said the seat was thois lose but it looks like he may lose it. last year he cut the g.o.p. and this year, the democrats may quit him. in philadelphia, carl cameron, fox news. >> shannon: we're joined by terry medana from politics
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a and public affairs from franklin and harris college. thank you for your time today. >> hi, shannon. >> shannon: talk about the latest poll and give people a chance to look at the numbers and see how close the race is. democratic primary on tuesday. joe sestak and arlen specter. they're split, 38% says they'll go with sestak and 36% of specter and 25% say they're undecided. what does it come down to on tuesday? >> it will come down, shannon, i think to turn-out and that democratic organization is absolutely frenetic this weekend. governor rendell, a big supporter of arlen specter is out campaigning, even as you and i speak. senator casey is out in western pennsylvania, the other democratic senator. i mean literally, major democratic politicians are all over this state today and tomorrow. trying to ratchet up support
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for arlen specter. the polls have shown four or five polls this week, two points up, specter. two points up, sestak. they have vacillated back and forth like proverbial ping-pong ball. it will come down to who votes where and each candidate has some base of support. >> shannon: let me ask you this. there is such an anti-incumbent feeling in many of the races all across the country. senator specter is the one now holding that seat. he's got a lot of endorsement from establishment insider type democrats. do you think it will help or hurt him in the race? >> look, first of all, it's huge. there are two things that played a role. a month ago, arlen specter had a 20-point lead, shannon. that has evaporated in one month to a virtually dead even contest. and key things have been important. the party switch that carl talked about has been huge with a lot of democrat us
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looking at this race and saying you know he was not one of us. he voted for the bush and reagan tax cuts and he did the clarence thomas confirmation vote. he voted for alito and roberts. a lot of core democrats look at this and don't like what they see. but you are exactly right, there is a political virus in the environment right now. it's anti-incumbency and arlen specter has served five terms, the longest held senator in pennsylvania histo history, the longest serving senator in the entire state's history. anti-incumbency is a huge factor in this race. >> shannon: doctor, thank you for taking the time to break it down for us. it will be very interesting on tuesday. >> yep. thank you. >> shannon: thank you. this is a fox news alert. florida woman has been taken into custody for attempting to board a flight with a handgun. christie grove, fort myers
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beach, about to fly to chattanooga, tennessee, when airport security screeners found the weapon in her carry-on bag. the investigators say grove told police she simply forgot the gun was in her bag and she is charged with carrying a concealed firearm. hour's long standoff in washington state ended with the death of a sheriff deputy suspected of killing his in-laws. police say alan myron shot his wife's parents last night and barricaded himself with the children. the children escaped early on in the siege. it's unclear what sparked the violence. parts of british air space they have to close again tomorrow because of the ash from the volcano. the flights have been disrupted since it first erupted in mid-april. the closures could remain in effect tuesday. germany will send up a test flight tomorrow and consider detours of its own. heavy rain is hitting texas right now and the
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midwest may get more rain. meteorologist domenica davis is at the fox weather center. hi, domenica davis. >> we have low pressure working its way up from the gulf. and a lot of moisture is behind that, so once again, flood willing be a major risk for the south. this is the rain coming down. we can see heavy rain that is pushing through the houston area and further up north. batch of rain that is pushing in the tennessee valley. texas, louisiana, all the way up, really to tennessee. that's where we are going to be looking at the flooding concern through this weekend. and also a slight risk for severe weather. here is the low pressure system. moisture is coming up from the gulf. it has plenty of moisture to keep feeding the flash flooding. these are the flood zone areas we have been talking about for the past couple of weeks so in some places we could look at an additional five inches of rain by the time the weekend is over. also, large hail, strong winds, isolated tornadoes all possible as this system continues to push through for
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today. shannon? >> shannon: all right, thank you for the update. how big of an impact with the so-called anti-incumbent senate have in the mid-term elections? we look at that and surprising polls on the arizona immigration law. but first, the final mission for space shuttle atlantis. we talk to a former atlantis astronaut about the final voyage and why he is unhappy about the president's space plan.
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. suspected missile strike just killed five people in knot west pakistan, near the afghan border. intelligence officials say two missiles in the khyber trial region. right now, space shuttle atlantis is heading toward the rendezvous. controllers have been monitoring an unidentified piece of debris for a day. move by the station if required would happen tonight. when atlantis retires in 12 days it will be the first to be retired. tom jones is former astronaut who did fly aboard atlantis and joins us with the future of manned space flight.
12:21 pm
good to have you. >> good to be with you. >> shannon: we hear about space junk and people don't understand what is going on up there. how do you smoo move the space station? >> if it is big enough and they can maneuver it with the clusters on board. the rocket feel in the russian part of the space station, nudge the whole complex, bigger than a football field out of the way. >> shannon: the plan is for atlantis to rendezvous there tomorrow. how do you feel about it the last launch for atlantis, something you were part of? >> it was one of my spaceships and i was overjoyed to see it launch safely yesterday and the crew on the final mission. when it comes back to earth i would feel better about the final mission if there was a plan in place to have a successor on line. the original plan was to have it two years after retirement of the shuttle, the orion spacecraft launched by nasa. the president's proposal has put it on hold and canceled nasa efforts.
12:22 pm
they went the commercial route. it may be five or six years away and whether it's a safe and economical means to get people there is an open question. it's getting pushback in congress. >> the president and administration is taking heat but says they will pump $6 billion additional money in nasa. you say it's about the money but that we don't know what the next step is. america has been a leader in the field. do you feel like we will lose ground if we don't have concrete plan? >> there is plenty of blame. the last president didn't put it on schedule. it's delayed partially from what happened in the last five years, and the new president is adding money to the nasa budget which is great but not enough to catch up with the gas where we rent seats from russians for five years and he is gambling that the commercial firms come through with cost on schedule and a safe vehicle. that is a plan that should have a backup and nasa should be in the game until
12:23 pm
commercial plan proves itself. >> shannon: we wish you the best. thank you for coming in. on to a trailblazer of a different kind. 16-year-old jessica watson sailed to sydney harbor after spending z ining seven months a and is now the youngest person to sail solo non-stop and unassisted around the world. the journey took her across the pacific, atlantic and indian ocean. today is armed forces day, which is celebrated the third saturday every may. armed services day created in 1949 to honor five branchs of the u.s. military -- army, navy, marines, air force, and the coast guard. earlier in week, afghan president hamid karzai visited arlington national cemetery where many of our american warriors killed in his country are laid to rest. mike emanuel looks at the human toll of the afghan war. >> reporter: at articling top national cemetery, afghan president hamid karzai paid respects to fallen american troops. karzai and other v.i.p.s
12:24 pm
walked section 60, what is frequently called "the saddest acre in america." where troops killed in afghanistan, and other conflicts are laid to rest. the afghan leaders spent extra time at the graves of two of the almost 1,000 american troops who died in his country. 28-year-old lance corporal timothy pull jr. was killed alongside two other marines january 24 in a bomb blast. his father says his son wanted to be a marine since he was four years old, and told his father if he died, it would be serving his country and doing what he wanted to do. but for his family, the pain endures. >> you don't know what it's like to stand on the dover air force base and wait for your son to fly home and watch them offload your son to the plane, knowing you would never see your son again, know you will never hold him again and never hear the son say, "i love you." >> reporter: 21-year-old jacob emmett was shot in the head last month when he rushed to help two wounded
12:25 pm
marines in afghanistan. he is being treated at the naval medical center in bethesda breathing with the help of tracheotomy tube. >> i love taking care of my marines. it's a good thing to be over there and to be, you know, making a difference. the biggest thing that matters is taking care of my boys. >> reporter: after spending time with karzai at arlington cemetery, the top commander of the war in afghanistan general mcchrystal spoke of the great sacrifices many americans are making there. >> every single casualty affects people, it affects leaders. more importantly, it affects families and children and parents. spouses. each one is sacred and we all know that. >> reporter: mcchrystal said the force is strong but casualties are something he
12:26 pm
hopes the american people keep in mare minds and their hearts -- in their minds and their hearts. at the pentagon, mike emanuel, fox news. >> shannon: we're days away one of the most important senate primaries this year and we tell you how the voter anger is playing out in that race and owe biggies across the country for tuesday. we are getting word just now there has ban set-back in b.p. latest attempt to fix the massive oil spill in the gulf. we'll have all the details on that and the latest up next. [ male announcer ] when you buy a car,
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. we're getting word that the latest attempt to stop the gushing oil spill in the gulf hit a snag. we have that and other top stories. molly henneberg? >> another snag. interior secretary ken salazar visiting a wildlife rehabilitation center in louisiana right now says b.p. has had a problem with the latest attempt to stop the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. they're still trying to stick a mile-long tube in the
12:31 pm
gusher and b.p. is carefully trying to guide the skinny tube in the oil site to siphon the crude up to the surface. it would keep it from leaking in the oil, that's the hope anyway. the justice department is investigating the west virginia mine accident that killed 29 workers last month and they will determine if there was any "willful criminal activity" by the company that operated the mine, performance coal. the 9-year-old dutch boy who was sole survivor of plane crash in libya arrived home to the netherlands. three days ago his parents, brother and 100 others were killed in the crash. today is the preakness stakes. calvin borel rides super saver again today as they take the second step toward triple crown. post time is after 6:00 p.m. tonight. as you know, borel won the kentucky derby this year and last year and in 2007. his nickname -- his name is borel but his nickname is
12:32 pm
"bo-rail" because he rides so close to the rail and that's part of his success. >> shannon: he's such a character. he's so interesting in his interviews. i love it. >> so enthusiastic. i love the interviews after the races. great to watch today. >> fun to see him win. we'll see if he does it today. thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: candidates in upcoming primaries are worried what many call anti- anti-incumbent sentiment. to break this down, the pollsters doug and alex. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> let's start out talking about numbers. voters most interested in the november election. how many back the republicans versus the democrats? when we talk about this, the republicans 56%, those who want to back the democrats, 36%. what do you make of the numbers? >> this is a huge problem for democrats. enthusiasm gap of 20 points so that means the republicans are 20% more likely to vote than democrats, or showing more interest in voting.
12:33 pm
the democrats behind in the generic vote for congress have a doubly difficult chore in stimulating the voters to turn out and vote on election day. so it's a real uphill battle. >> shannon: how does the g.o.p. capitalize, alex? >> they do more of what they're doing now, essentially the democrats are not doing well. they have a very high negative rating with the public. for the four times out of only six times in 20 years of poll i polling, they have a negative rating of 40% or higher and that's happened since december of 2009. voters are not happy. there is the anti-income bent wave and as -- incumbent wave. to give you a sense in 2006 when enthusiasm was on the democrats side and the democrats went to regain control of congress, the
12:34 pm
enuse ne enthusiasm gap was only 10 gaps so this one at 20 shows how much it springs to the republicans. >> shannon: another -- another hot topic. the immigration bill in arizona. we hear of another city or entity not allowing workers to travel to arizona. a lot of backlash. if you look at the numbers and the latest poll we have shows 59% approve of the bill there, while only 32% disapprove. where is the disconnect? >> at the elite level there is opposition to the bill. but mass level there is support for the bill, especially in the swing district where the swing voters are anti-immigration and want control of the borders. those are the elections that are going to swing congress one way or another. if the democrats are going to capitalize, they have to do something about it. >> shannon: alex, i'll give you the last word. >> sure. doug is absolutely right. there really are only two subgroup osposed to the bill.
12:35 pm
they are the la tinos and liberal. majority of independents and republicans and every other major subgroup in electorate supports the arizona immigration law. >> shannon: great to see you both. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> shannon: well, the rate of foreclosures dropped 9% in april, but a federal report warns many borrowers modifying the terms of their mortgages end up defaulting again anyway. laura ingle is live with more on the road to recovery. >> reporter: the figures come from realty track, that collects foreclosure data nationwide and acts as an online marketplace for prop in foreclosure. the new report shows a 9% drop in foreclosures in april compared to previous month. while it's good to see the numbers go down but this one-month figure doesn't speak of the rough day still to come. evidence shows that the banks are working through a large backlog of foreclosures.
12:36 pm
with the analogy of the pig and the python. the banks are trying to get what they swallowed a year ago processed and back in the marketplace. but there is a bigger pig yet to be swallowed, the 5 million homeowners that are delinquent. >> reporter: experts predict record numbers of foreclosures to be sent out this year. more than half of the homeowners will default within a year they say. rate of default last year on the modified loan was whopping 51.5%. >> so all the people that are here and maybe they had a loan modification, maybe it took a little pressure off. but there is still downward pressure on salaries and wages so it's not like there was big bag of money on the doorstep to make everything okay. it's a struggle to meet modified loan.
12:37 pm
>> bottom line, many homeowners are forced to sell under duress. that's good news for buyers looking for a deal. >> shannon: laura ingle, thank you very much. well, the number of female veterans is on the rise and it's expected to double over the next couple of years. casey stegall is standing by with more on what the v.a. is going to better accommodate female veterans. hi, casey. >> reporter: good morning. good to see you. more than 23 million veterans living in the united states roughly 15% of them are women. a number that has grown by 100,000 in the last five years. while the females are still not allowed to serve in combat ro roles, more and more join the u.s. military each year and the growing population forced the u.s. department of veterans affairs to develop programs, outreach and clinics, unique to women. a population that has special needs.
12:38 pm
>> women in our c culture still have the primary roles of care-giving, with the small children. so when they go in the military service, particularly if they're deployed overseas, they're separated from their families. this can be an issue for women when they return. >> reporter: other trends experts are seeing among female vets, more are homeless than men. 11% compared to 7%. and newer data also suggesting that women are more frequently diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder or p.t.s.d., than the male colleagues. >> i was mechanic and i troubleshoot the radio and navigation equipment. i have to be better than the counterpart so they can take me serious. >> reporter: officials say women are not the only ones receiving unique care. first of all, the v.a. is set up to cater to veterans' special needs like amputee or perhaps someone dealing with substance abuse or psychological issues, so now
12:39 pm
women are just folded into that outreach, the v.a. is doing as well, shannon. >> shannon: all right. very, very sad numbers there. casey, thank you. up next, supreme court justice anthony kennedy speaking out about what a fresh face will mean to the direction of the supreme court. the emotional scene of a convicted killer facing the parents of his victim. hear their intense message to him when we return. ♪
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at bass pro shops. get great deals on great gear including the new ascend a10 kayak for under $300. your adventure starts here. >> shannon: dramatic scene in san diego courtroom when parents of chelsea ching and andrew dubois addressed the man who killed their daughters. they told stories about their daughters and made gardner look them in the eyes. chelsea king's father called him a coward. >> you are not a man. you're a weak coward preying on unsuspecting young girls half your size. you are evil, not because of
12:44 pm
a sickness or disease, so don't blame anything or anyone for your crimes. you intentionally chose evil and now it's inside you and eats you up as you rot in prison cell. >> shannon: he was sentenced to three life terms without the possibility of parole and entered a plea deal to avoid the death penalty. supreme court justice anthony kennedy does not like how some senators question candidates for high court and yesterday he said lawmakers should not try to determine how supreme court nominee elena kagan would rule on a big issue. but should focus broadly on whether she has the right qualities to be a good judge. he said if she is confirmed the arrival will have lasting impact on the nation's highest court. >> you replaced one on the court and the push would be
12:45 pm
for 11 years. are you thinking to discuss mediating -- [ inaudible ] then suddensuddenly, a new tabla new court. >> shannon: meanwhile reviews from the senators both democrats and republicans have been mostly positive this week after their meetings with kagan. we'll find out what the former first lady laura bush thinks about the president's quick when she joins chris wallace on "fox news sunday." here is a preview. >> how do you feel about president obama naming elena kagan to be the, if she is concerned, the third woman justice serving on the supreme court at the same time? >> i think it's great. i'm really glad that there will be three if she is confirmed. i like to have women on the supreme court. >> do you think it makes a difference? >> i think it does make a difference and i like women to be represented in all parts of american, political
12:46 pm
and civic life. >> shannon: laura bush and chris wall tomorr wallace tomor. check your local listing for the time and channel for "fox news sunday." arguably ever, the most tech savvy president ever bemoans the evils of technology. we explore the mixed message on tech nnologtechnology. we just heard there is a snag in the effort to stop the oil spill in the gulf. we'll keep you updated next. urea says somhing. yet, the award we value most is the fact that lexus has had more repeat, loyal drivers, in more of the last 10 years, than any other luxury automotive brand. to express our thanks, we're featuring our best values of the year. giving you unprecedented access to lexus. at your lexus dealer. giving you unprecedented access to lexus. host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insurance? host: does charlie daniels play a mean fiddle?
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. interior secretary ken salazar says b.p. hit a snag with the oil spill in the gulf. he's visiting a wildlife rehabilitation center and says b.p. is trying to stick a mile-long tube in gusher but they haven't been able to get it down there yet. the oil company is hoping that they will be able to siphon crude to the surface. stopper surrounding the tube would keep oil leaking in the ocean. they'll still work on it. the miracle boy who survived a deadly plane crash in libya is back home in his town in the netherlands. the 9-year-old was the only survivor. the crash killed 100 people, including his parents and younger brother. he underwent surgery in libya and is recovering in dutch hospital. investigators are still looking into the cause of the crash. . the space shuttle atlantis' last flight is right on schedule and expected to hook
12:51 pm
up with the international space station tomorrow. nasa says docking will not be delayed even if the space station needs to dodge a piece of space junk. they are keeping an eye on. the astronauts aboard atlanta will spend a week installing new batteries and a russian compartment. those are some of the top stories for now. well, tech-savvy president obama is griping about technology, warning college grads it can be a major distraction. wait. wasn't it the internet and new media that helped get candidate obama elected? author, journalist and fox news contributor liz trotta is here with her thoughts. this is the only president to have his own blackberry and it was sophisticated. what gives with the mixed messages? s>> we can push that aside. he's being a little ingeneralous when he says he has -- ingeneral youous when he says he has nothing to do with technology.
12:52 pm
when he was at hampton university he went on the attack against the new media. >> ipods and ipads and x-boxes and play stations, none of which i know how to work. information becomes a distraction. a diversion. a form of entertain rather than tool of empowerment. >> well, there we are. the tiger that he rode in the campaign so-called "new media" is now coming back to bite obama. it's mostly opinion. face it. we've gone from the dictations of three networks and the "new york times" to an explosion of information. and most of it is opinion. and they're after obama as they would be after any public figure. except there is this irony that he, these are the people he mobilize and propelled them to office, almost 13 million people on the internet alone. now he takes the position of
12:53 pm
being an ludite, not understanding or approving of the information. >> shannon: an area i have a problem with this, this week we have a new supreme court nominee elena kagan and instead of us interviewing her, i know at this point of the process is never normally part of the process, they do their own internal interview and put it on the internet so we have to go to the internet to get the only information we get straight from her mouth. >> exactly. it's interesting because now they have their own website -- well, they've had their own website but they are using it more and more to dispense whatever information they want. it read one account this morning which is really quite hillaarious they won't even let the videographer, whatever they're calling them these days, be interviewed by the press. this is the man that assembles the information and tapes and the rest of the things that the white house, the propaganda that the white house wants the public to see. but you can't even interview
12:54 pm
the guy in charge of this. this is getting to be a more closely-held kind of information policy than i think we've seen in a long time in the white house. >> shannon: liz, do you think this is one of the situations where you have do as we say and not as we do? >> probably, yes. but when he mentions talk radio as he does later in the speech, you know he is on the same craft again, that is that cable networks, the internet, i mean he says he doesn't know how to work ipad or x-box or playstation or these things, all of these things have been associated with obama. there are pictures of him in any number of shots, one particularly on an airplane travelling to some stop or another and he's got a blackberry in his hand, which he says he is never without. this is again, i say, disingenuous and like the academic who wants to control all the students in his class and they better pay attention
12:55 pm
or there will be consequences. >> shannon: all right, liz trotta. great to see you and hear your insights. have a wonderful saturday. >> thank you. you, too. >> shannon: well, a florida car crash involving a young toddler has an amazing stunning ending. we tell you how the boy survived the crash up next.
12:56 pm
can you believe how fast kids grow these days? that's why there's new danonino. new danonino has twice the calcium of milk, ounce per ounce, with vitamin d. so it's power packed for healthy growth. yummy! new danonino from dannon. power packed to help kids grow.
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12:58 pm
>> you've got to see this to believe it, a florida toddler was sent soaring over a 18
12:59 pm
foot wall into the back yard of a home during a car crash yesterday. amazingly he survived with nothing, but scratches. his mother was driving and lost control of the car. >> i saw something out of the corner of this eye and i turned and lo and behold here comes a child in for a landing. >> unbelievable. well, authorities say the toddler was in a seat belt, but not in a car seat at the time of the accident, and adding that the outcome a nothing short of a miracle. >> tea partiers are getting out their reading glasses in cincinnati for a read the bill marathon. >> the planned sponsor of a group health plan-- >> several claimed the congressmen read that bill in three days and they want to put it to the test. they plan to read the bill for 72 hours straight. that's it for washington and america's news headquarters continues on with kelly wright
1:00 pm
and jamie colby. chris wallace's exclusive interview with former first lady laura bush and ask her to weigh in on elena kagan. i'm shannon bream from washington. >> this is a fox news alert, you're looking at it, the thailand army turning part of central bank-- bangkok into a firing zone. i'm kelly wright. >> a lot of news to cover, i'm jamie colby. the army saying they're not shooting to kell, but several accuse them of shooting three in the head. the prime minister's resignation, but he is refusing to back down. raging violence in the heart of the thai capital. 20 more people killed, 180 hurt. the pictures are stunning. the u.s. embassy is working
1:01 pm
there feverishly to assure the safety of employees and their families and now telling americans, considering a trip there. stay away. >> joining me now on the phone from bangkok, global news radio reporter, simon, what is the latest there on the ground? >> the very latest, jamie, there is continuous fighting sporadically at a number of different locations in the city. and if you recall, the original protest site was that the democracy monument and then they moved to the main shopping and commercial heartland of the city and they've been there for four weeks now and the army said on thursday it's going to try to move in, cordon off the area and a leading general, a renegade general was shot in the head on thursday night, he's a red shirt supporter and assumed that the army tried to take him out. since then continuous fighting in the city. as you said. 22 people killed since thursday night. right now i'm on the highway
1:02 pm
which leads about two miles away from the main red shirt protest area, there's been gunfire all day and as you said, as the army is using light rounds, the canadian journalist was shot yesterday three times and there have been a number of protesters killed today. i saw one taken away in the ambulance after being shot in the head maybe five hours ago. >> let me ask you this, the thai prime minister is defending the army crackdown, as long as the clashes go on. this will be the response. how extensive do you expect this to grow, given the fact that the violence is already so severe? >> it's serious potential for this to spread out and the red shirt strong hold is in the north and northeast of thailand where the former prime minister who is a telecounsel and now in exile after corruption charges a couple of years back. the government has extended the state of emergency to those regions and there is serious things that the army
1:03 pm
tries to do any crackdown there. >> simon. >> except to move in and for the protests to react. >> and these protests want the prime minister to step down, he says that's not going to happen. what else do they hope to accomplish? >> yeah, the prime minister came back with a five point peace plan about ten days ago. the protesters agreed with the spirit of it, but then they began to balk at a number of the finer points. the prime minister pledged to have an election on november 14th this year. the protesters wanted to step down immediately and then they changed that to 30 days and said that the november 14th, that was too far, too far in the future and they say they want the government to step down, they record it as illegitimate and a government was in office until 2008 and yellow shirt opposed to red shirt closed down the streets of bangkok on the international airport and the upshot, the constitutional accord closed down the red shirt party and the yellow and
1:04 pm
red shirt came into power now and a woman-- >> one note in the research, supplies of food, water and fuel are already running low, some delivery trucks have been blocked. hopefully there'll be enough and hopefully the violence can wind down, but it certainly isn't showing signs of that. simon, thank you very much. joining us live from bangkok, we'll continue to monitor this here on fox. >> an erupting volcano in iceland threatening to shut down airports across europe again. this is the same volcano that disrupted air travel last month. european transportation officials say they'll know more in the next few days. the closures will depend on where the wind carries the growing ash clouds, germany is sending a test flight in to measure conditions tomorrow and britain's transportation secretary says the situation remains very fluid. >> well, he's finally at least in his home country, the dutch
1:05 pm
boy who is the sole survivor of the libyan plane crash now back home in the netherlands. here is the latest video of him arriving via medivac. he was treated by libyan doctors and there are reports now that he's been told that his parents and his brother enzo on that plane have died. the plane going down just short of the runway in libya on wednesday. 103 people were killed. >> oil disaster in the gulf. the feds giving bp the go ahead to attempt the controversial technique to fight the gulf oil spill. you're looking at it right there. the plan to spray chemical disper dispersesnts underwater and some fear the chemicals may do harm to the sea floor, more harm than good that is. david lee miller is live in venice, venice, louisiana and
1:06 pm
what's the latest on stopping that leak? >> let's first start with the weather. i don't know if you can see over my shoulder or perhaps hear it, heavy, heavy rain here throughout much of the day. the command center that is trying to clean up the gulf says they hope some of this rain is going to make a difference in dispersing the oil, but right now, there's no indication of that. now, let's talk specifically about the efforts that are underway. we've just learned from the interior secretary, ken salazar, who is here at a wild life rehabilitation center that bp has now hit what is being described as a snag. bp has been trying to take a six-inch tube and insert it in the 21 inch pipeline and essentially siphon the oil into the face into the tanker, there's a stopper around the smaller tube to prevent it from leaking into the ocean. the interior secretary says there's a problem and they're back at it. bp is not commenting on
1:07 pm
remarks, but earlier today, the chief officer for bp did say that he hopes to halt the leak in about ten days time adding that in the worst case scenario, it could be much longer, he says it's impossible to predict kelly. >> and such a difficult situation for everyone concerned here, david. what about the chemical dispersing that we've heard so much about, how safe are they? >> well, the chemicals that they have been using on the surface of the water are rated what they described as having a moderate human health hazard. specifically, they say, the chemicals could cause eye and respiratory irritation if in fact there is prolonged exposure, but a great deal of uncertainty now is while half a million gallons of these have been put on the surface, they've never been used underwater. and it is not clear what the environmental i am tactful-- impact could be. the head of the epa says if
1:08 pm
there is data suggests it's causing more of a problem than anticipated, she can halt the use of these chemicals underwater. you can sort of liken it to a cancer patient. if the oil spill is a cancer patient, the chemical dispersing are a form of chemotherapy. they can be damaging to the patient, but in the right quantity and under the right conditions, they can also lead to a cure. kelly. >> and one final question here, how much oil has actually reached the shore right now? what trouble is that causing? >> only a relatively small amount of oil has in fact reached the shore. authorities yesterday said largely, most of the oil is still now in the ocean, it is moving in the direction of the shore, we have seen an increased number of balls of tar on beaches and these tar balls, as they are called are essentially a byproduct of the oil that's weathered the tar balls that we have seen range
1:09 pm
in size from the size of a nickel in circumference to that of say an 8-inch pancakes and oil washing up on beaches at lastly kelly, at least 13 birds covered in oil died suggesting that this problem is going to get worse before it does get better. kelly. >> david lee miller reporting for us from venice, louisiana, thank you. >> today marks two weeks since an suv packed with explosives was spotted smoldering in the heart of times square here in new york. there's a very public battle going on now over tax money allocate today protect new york city. molly henneberg is live in washington. molly, this got fierce this week. the question is, how much money is the city getting, is it getting enough and are they facing cuts? tell us. >> well, according to new york democratic senator chuck schumer for one, he says new york city is. he says that new york's share of the overall federal anti-terror dollars has
1:10 pm
dropped from 25% to 18% over the past five years. senator schumer says new york is quote, the prime target for terrorism in the u.s. and that quote, federal anti-terror funding needs to reflect that reality. also, new york republican congressman pete king says the obama administration has quote, short changed new york by cutting money for terror protection by 53 million dollars. jamie. two things were raised. one, that there's money sitting on the table in new york city that was supposed to be for terror protection that wasn't used and the other is that there's more money coming than ever. 20% more, that comes in the form of stimulus cash. is that the administration's position today? >> yes, homeland security secretary janet napolitano says federal funding, plus, what was set aside in the stimulus legislation for transit security grants in new york city, actually is up from what was given to new york during the bush administration. in a letter to congressman king, secretary napolitano writes, quote, we recognize
1:11 pm
the unique security challenges that new york city faces. which is why overall port and transit security grant funding in new york city has increased by 24% under this administration. the 245 million dollars in funding allotted to new york for these purposes represents a net increase of more than $47 million from the previous administration's last budget. congressman king though responded saying that this is quote, a cheap political attempt by the administration to hide that it was cutting funds. and he did say more than that. in this hour we'll have a chance to ask him. he'll be joining us, congressman pete king about this, that this money isn't readily available. matching money that comes up on its own and maybe the administration's position is a bit of retribution for his stimulus vote? >> well, the democratic party has said that. if congressman king is so concerned about anti-terror dollars for new york, then he shouldn't have voted against
1:12 pm
the strus bill. king called that line of thinking, quote, disgraceful. here is more. >> treat this as the life and death issue it is and forget the politics. >> king says the stimulus dollars, stimulus money, by the way, is rolled over from last year and does not renew each year. >> and i want to point out to our viewers, molly, that we're going to ask congressman king not only about terror funding for new york, but any major city in this country that's considered a terror target. if i lived there i'd want to know if my state was getting enough to keep me safe. we'll talk to him about that. thanks so much for the report. molly henneberg, live from d.c. >> and later this hour, congressman king will be here. everybody's talking about it and it's a national security issue that we'll delve into more. >> aim actually looking forward to that. there's so much there that has to be discussed and still being discussed on a national level right now. remember when a newly sworn in president barack obama was
1:13 pm
actually sworn into office during inauguration and he said that he wanted to move forward with a bipartisan washington. well, those days seem long gone now, after months of unified approach, trying to get the republicans on board. after months of unified republic opposition, it seems the president has mostly given up the talk on bipartisan talk, let's listen. >> you would have thought at a time of historic crises, that republican leaders would have been more willing to help us find a way out of this mess. particularly, since they created the mess. [laughter] (applause) >> we all have a stake in cleaning it up. >> how bitter of a battle are we looking at in november? joining us now for a fair and balanced debate. g.o.p. polster david winston. and democratic consultant richard good stein. thank you for joining us. david, begin with you. how bitter will the debate get
1:14 pm
we've ben the president sharpen his blows against the republican party and the g.o.p. is not just standing idly by. >> part of what you're seeing, look, this president realizes over the course of his presidency his job approval dropped significantly and less than a majority of the country approves of the job he's doing so he's responding. again, you look at the stimulus, he said if you pass the stimulus, unemployment won't go above 8% and now above 10 and he doesn't have any accomplishments. and he's going to switch and bait-- bait and switch, rather, look, the republicans, it's their fault and his policies hasn't work and he's trying to make an excuse why things aren't working out the way he said it would. >> all right. let's hear from the other side. >> sure. first of all, i think president obama really does believe in bipartisanship. i think a lot of his supporters think it's foolish, but he does. the evident of that his cabinet is bipartisan. he included tax cuts in the
1:15 pm
stimulus at the behest of republicans he didn't think were actually going to do the job. there was a national service bill with kennedy. and even the delay on health care, tried to hash things out. obama is clearly committed to bipartisanship. what you heard in that clip. he's been saying that at fundraisers for over a year. it's not really a change. here is what's changed though. what's changed is that we now see what has happened as a result of the splus. mark zandi, obama's-- excuse me, mccain's economic advisor said without the stimulus, unemployment would be worse, and we've seen more job creation in 2010 than the entire eight years of the george bush presidenciment so i think what president obama is not pointing to obstructionism because frankly the republicans weren't able to obstruct what he did. what he was able to say, look, we inherited a mess. we're not going to be cowed by
1:16 pm
the suggestion we shouldn't talk about the mess, we did. and we're trying to get the country out of it and the indications are, we are. >> look. >> but we can't have people get in our way. >> richard, i'm sorry, unemployment is almost at 10%. again, he promised it wouldn't go above 8%, if you take a look at the health care bill. >> no. >> he promised there would be deficit reduction. the congressional budget office just came out and said well, that isn't look like it's going to be in place. the fundamental problem the guy has, the policies aren't working. the republicans, the reason there hasn't been bipartisanship because this guy would talk to talk, but when as you came to it he wouldn't allow republicans in the room. nancy pelosi did not allow republicans in the room. let me get a question here, gentlemen. david and richard, hold on a minute. let's not forget about the fact that the republicans is basically unified in their opposition against the president from day one, if you will, trying to hold him, hold his feet to the fire to be more centrist in some of his policies. if the republicans jump in and become bipartisan with the democrats, then as one article
1:17 pm
points out it makes them look awkward. if they're actually working with democrats, it would prove the democrats are not as crazy as they've alleged. >> well, no, i mean, look in terms of the financial services bill, you've seen some cooperation here. the problem here isn't, aren't the two sides willing to work together. it's basically barack obama would layout a policy and if rblt didn't go along with it, look, they're not being partisan. it was his way or the highway and bipartisanship-- >> i think there's another perspective. the stock market has virtually doubled since barack obama got the stimulus through. gross domestic product has gone from minus 6% to plus 6% in the last quarter when david said that he has nothing to show for his efforts. i would say, look at every single economic statistic, look at the forecasts from every independent economist, i grant you this 8% forecast was before they knew how bad things were going to be, but look at mark zandi again.
1:18 pm
we said we were going to be in a double dip recession by this point in 2010, we were still going to be in a recession, we came out of it a year ago. so. >> all right. >> and that's the-- >> we're going to leave it there, gentlemen. richard and david, we're going to have to leave it there. i mean, we could talk about this, we're seeing how this debate is shaping up for the mid term elections coming in november and of course we're going to be watching this now very closely with our election coverage. and also, you were talking about unemployment. later on we're going to talk about the jobless rate and the fact it's increasing, is it good news for the american people? that's coming up this hour. back to you guys when we-- we hope to talk to you next week, really good stuff you just talked about there. meantime, the number of female veterans is on the rise. expect today double over the next few years. what the veterans administration is doing today to be ready. thanks to the new venture card from capital one, we get dole miles on every purchase. so we earned a ski trip twice as fast. we get double miles every time we use our card. ( thuds ) i'll take this. ( crashing )
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>> well, as so many of us do every day. today president obama is paying tribute to police officers who gave their lives to protect others. the president is speaking on the peace officer's memorial, that's today. telling a crowd in washington we are a grateful nation. 324 names of men and women who died in the line of duty were
1:23 pm
added to the police memorial in d.c. and malini wilks who is joining me now live from the washington news room to tell us more. hi. >> hi, jamie, a tradition going back almost 50 years. law enforcement gathering in washington for police week in may, to remember those who lost their lives in the line of duty. this morning, president obama spoke at a memorial service at the capitol thanking officers and their families for their sacrifices. >> such a sacrifice, such an honor roll is what makes it possible for us to go on about our lives. to pursue our dreams. >> many officers told us they've had to do more with less during the recession, yesterday, president obama tried to assure police they will have the resources they need to do their jobs. he said 3.5 billion dollars in stimulus funds have gone toward supporting local law enforcement and 4700 jobs and progress toward a goal of making new police on the street.
1:24 pm
automotives say when it comes to fighting crime, they can always use more manpower and equipment. >> always, we think that on a local level. we're always willing to step any kind of assistance that we can. especially in this tough economic times. hiring freezes are coming down. there are-- academies are being cut back and equipment is being used longer, so everything that can help. >> what these officers did and how they lived that brings us here and just, it just reminds me that freeman requires a sacrifice that the protector will never know. >> the national law enforcement officers memorial fund says 116 officers died in the line of duty in 2009. they say that's the lowest number in 50 years. jamie, back to you. >> jamie: thank you so much, malini. >> kelly: on this armed services day, we're seeing more women serving in all branches of our military, and over the next few years, that
1:25 pm
number is expected to double, increasing the number of female met advance in this country and after calls by vets and members of congress, well, the veterans administration is doing more to help women with their health care needs. casey stegall joins us live now from our l.a. bureau with more on what they can expect, the women that is. what have the va noticed when it comes to female veterans, specifically, casey. >> reporter: good to see you. as you've talked about, they've noticed there's been an explosion when it comes to the female veteran population, nearly 15% of all veterans are female, more than 1.5 million across all branches of the military and the u.s. department of veterans affairs has started studying this issue and quite frankly, they've uncovered some disturbing trends. listen to this. more women veterans are homeless than their male counterparts. 11% compared to 7%. women, three times more likely to get a divorce.
1:26 pm
they're diagnosed with ptsd, post traumatic stress disorder more frequently than men and 40% of women are seeking services from the va as opposed to 22% of male veterans. so, there is certainly a niche here and the big question is why and kelly, quite frankly, there are several denver schools of thoughts on this. one woman that we spoke to at the va campus here in the los angeles area says typically in our society, women are more nurturing and typically more of the care givers when it comes to small children so women serving in the military, particularly if they are deployed, they may have a difficult time with that separation anxiety, more than their male counterparts, but the va is still looking at this very closely, trying to figure out why women are more adversely affected, it seems, than their male counterparts. >> casey, i mean, that's definitely shocking news, how is the va addressing those concerns? >> well, the whole idea, as you know, of the va system is
1:27 pm
to cater to a veteran-specific individual needs so across the whole country, more special clinics are being opened up, catering specifically to women. a lot of outreach programs are being developed and a lot of studies are being done because as you said, the number of female veterans is only expected to grow over the next several years, the next several decades so that's why it's important for the va to do this specific outreach to women. it's really all in the works as we speak, kelly. >> casey, i want to thank you for bringing that to light. casey stegall from the l.a. bureau talking about the women veterans and the fact that the numbers are increasing and so are their concerns. >> jamie: a bitter battle over federal funding to protect new york city. how is your state doing in protecting you from terror, keeping you safe? this is happening weeks after a failed plot to bomb times square. joining us next, congressman peter king, ranking member homeland security, forget the
1:28 pm
politics, this is all about staying safe. some lunch.
1:29 pm
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>> the obama administration is pushing back against new yorkers who say the white house is short changing homeland security funding. and the white house is insisting the big apple is sitting on 275 million dollars it says it has in unspent cash. that's not sitting very well with our next guest. two weeks to the day, an suv that was packed with explosives meant to detonate in the heart of times square, new york congressman pete are king is joining me, a ranking member of the homeland security committee. congressman, good afternoon. >> good afternoon to you, jamie. >> jamie: i have to clear something up, first of all, the obama administration and homeland security janet napolitano says there's plenty of money in new york. you have money you didn't spend. is that money truly available and money that renews each
1:33 pm
year that we would have to keep new yorkers and all the millions of tourists that come every year safe? >> jamie, there are several issues here, no, the 275 million dollars is not there for new york to take. in fact, last night was the first time that the obama administration or anyone has even made this argument. i met with secretary napolitano on thursday morning and she never mentioned this to me. what they're talking about, all they can be talking about is money that's going through the funding process. money which is being delayed by the department of homeland security itself. one quick example, there's a 38 million dollar grant to harden the tunnel from new jersey to new york and that was supposedly made available in 2008. we can't get a penny of that, because the department is not yet completed its environmental i am fact statement because that's a historic tunnel so any money that's not used is held up and for them to take this cheap shot is really disgraceful. do you think that mayor bloomberg would be holding 270 million dollars in the bank with the terrible crisis in new york and terrible security
1:34 pm
crisis is faces? >> you're troubled by the timing of this even, the administration making this argument now two weeks after so many people could have been killed in times square if that bomb had gone off. you know, i'm troubled by the fact that we're even having the discussion and letting the terrorists know there's a bit of a shortage of cash that we don't have radioactive monitors or sensors in new york city that i know you want additional funding for and senator schumer agrees with you. >> absolutely. this should be a nonpartisan or bipartisan issue. it should ab american issue. yes, commissioner kelly wants another 20 million dollars to put radioactive-- radiation detectors around manhattan to protect new york for radioactive dirty bombs and the president of the united states took every penny away out of the budget and we know, that the next attack in manhattan, the suburbs, new jersey, connecticut, next time with a dirty bomb, it will be
1:35 pm
catastrophic and yet the program is there and the president has eliminated all funding for it and he comes to new york on thursday, tells the mayor what a great job he's doing, gets a police jacket from the police department so he can get a good photo op with the cops and next day his homeland security secretary at quarter to five in the afternoon sends out a phony letter saying that new york is actually holding on to some money and not spending it, that's height the hipocracy and really dangerous. >> jamie: congressman king, before you go i have to ask you about other states. people watch us not only around this country, but people overseas and terrorists that want to come to the united states watch the fox news channel, too. are other states known as potential terror targets in the same boat? are they getting the money they need? >> no, it's interesting, safe and need it, not only, but other states which will never need it in a million years are getting homeland security funding, getting grants, they are getting funds to use, even though they are not target, terror targets at all.
1:36 pm
so, this whole system has to be changed. the new york is clearly the number one target, but obviously, you have other targets i'm not going to go through the names, but the others which are targets, none of the real targeted cities and areas are getting the money they need. we've not made the real commitment to that instead we spread the money around the country as it was just political payoffs to give out. >> jamie: congressman king, i know you are in washington looking out for a safety. i would call the american people to call their representatives, too, and ask how much funding they're getting and whether it's sufficient so they know what they need to do to keep themselves safe. thank you so much, congressman pete king. >> jamie, thank you. >> kelly: some housing market analysts are bracing for turbulence as federal home buyer tax credits expire, but the end of the credit could be good news for buyers who waited. some analysts predicting prices may fall, meaning buyers could save even more than they did with the credit. elizabeth pratt is live in atlanta with more details. elizabeth, tell us about this,
1:37 pm
please. >> well, we know that that deadline expired about three weeks ago, but a lot of potential home buyers are already seeing these home prices fall. now, experts stay that tax credit which offered first time home buyers about $8,000 in tax credit relief, it did work. in march we saw an up tick in home sales nearly 27%, but for people who have time to wait. people who don't need that buying boost, they're seeing home prices drop 10, $20,000 in just three short weeks. we met a couple who's been home shopping in metro atlanta for about six months and the property there they're interested in started at 260. today after the tax incentive deadline expired it's listed at 230. so realtors are telling us, listen go bargain hunting. these listing agents have to drop the prices in order to move these homes. now, in the end these tax credits are not coming cheap for the federal governmentment we know the congressional budget office, estimates the next eight years, 4.6 billion
1:38 pm
dollars. we also know the national association of realtors estimate nearly 2 million people cashed in on incentives. kelly. >> all right, elizabeth, thank you very much. >> cadillac, i remember growing up, they were big, they were long, they were roomie. they're downsizing and to a more fuel efficient time. the cadillac srs is smaller than its predecessor. does that make it any less of a ride though? we went to's automotive editor gary gastelu, he took it out for a spin. >> the cadillac srx is another victim of america's current fascination with downsizing. while the old srx was a rear-drive based three road crossover, available with an 8 cylinder engine, in an effort to compete more directly with best sellers like the lexus rs, in the one seating for five and front wheel drive platform and makes due with v-6.
1:39 pm
maybe makes due is afternoon because the engine in the top of the line all wheel drive model is 2.8 liter turbo charged v-6. first turbo motor cad dy sold in the united states. the mobsters must be spinning in their graves. lid would make loading in easy. either way they'd be much happier in the cabin. plenty of cadillac glitz and glamour and comfy seats adjust every which way plus one. a 40 gig hard drive for music and dual screen entertainment system available to watch movies in the slightly less spacious back row which can be covered by a panoramic sun kraf. six speed transmission and the drivers get the best seat in the house. the all wheel drive system was designed with performance in mind and not only shuffles power front to rear for traction, but also side to side back here, if you go around the turn and spins the outside wheel quicker to get you around it faster, almost
1:40 pm
like somebody was pushing on the brake light for you. did i mention it has 300 horsepower? ironically, and i think that's the right word here, despite all of the go-fast features the srx has one that discourage their use and navigation stem remind you what the sped limit is at all times and forget about downsizing, that's just a downer. >> and the cadillac srx, gary gastelu, fox news. >> jamie: can we go just five miles over the speed limit? just five. if you want to learn more about the cadillac srx or a lot of other cars go to fox car gary, thanks. >> kelly: i like that car, i do. i miss the el dorado though. a seen that the nation's economy is recovering, employers are laying off less americans, but are some jobs that have been lost gone for good? and which ones will come back? some answers when we return.
1:41 pm
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>> welcome back. unemployment numbers dropping for the fourth straight week. a sign the job market is slowly improving. even as they look to start hiring again, well, there's a real possibility that millions of the jobs lost in this recession could be gone forever. joining us now, to talk more about this is rodney anderson. he's executive director of supreme lending. rodney thanks for joining us, and get into the topic. let's show a graphic of some of the sectors that are impacted by this. we're looking right there, at three industries losing jobs permanently. the question mark there, the reason for that is that we can never say never, but as retailers, it's also manufacturing and advertising and pr. so, rodly, let's get to the core of my question, are these jobs permanently lost? we see 1 tony 2 million jobs and 20% may never come back in retailing. manufacturing lost 2.1 million jobs. 1 million jobs will never return according to some of the analysts who r looked at
1:46 pm
that and advertising and pr will be beginning to lose more jobs according to moody's and l and littics. >> they're going to have a long road to recovery. one of the reasons is lack of credit tt consumer. it continues to be a problem in the housing market, which directly correlates with the manufacturing markets and in your previous report with elizabeth a few moments ago, she was talking about the home buyers tax credit coming to an end and all of a sudden, the number of people applying for loans have gone down vastly. i mean, it is tremendously in the last three weeks, how we've seen applications drop. that will mean the housing market in all of these other industries, will have a correlation put together where these jobs won't come back quickly. but you know, you make a very valid point. especially going back to elizabeth's story as well as the housing sector and i think
1:47 pm
you hit on something that's key. consumers, they just aren't getting the loans from some of the banks and then we've had a total of maybe 72 banks that have been closed and shut down, so, when we see this, this job recovery that's going on, how adversely will that impact future jobs that have already been lost? >> well, a lot of companies are turning, kelly, to technology. you know, you see all of these technology stocks taking off, the reason being, is businesses are looking at replacing people through technology, because technology doesn't have health care costs, they don't call in sick, don't have attitude problems and so a lot of companies are taking those, those moneys that they would put into jobs and move it into technology, so, this thing's going to take a long road to recovery. you know, i proposed a bill in the united states congress that has 89 co-sponsors in the house, regarding medical debts and credit reporting that will clear up and really impact a lot of people out there. but we have to find ways
1:48 pm
within congress to open up lending for people. >> kelly: and rodney, before i let you go, you know, what you were saying is really telling about the, the fact that that seems to be a cheaper form of the human person that could be on the job. if i'm sitting at home and watching this right now and i'm without a job and part of that near 10% unemployed, what am i to think about getting back into the workplace? >> well, one thing that you start doing is a lot of these technology companies are hiring right now. so, you have to look at the areas that are hiring. health care, major hiring right now. technology, doing some nice hiring. you have to take yourself, move are position, get out of the fields that you may be in, and try something new and go where the jobs are. >> kelly: rodney anderson, very sound advice, thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> jamie: is the war in afghanistan heading towards a major turning point? we've been keeping a very close eye on kandahar. what the top u.s. commander in
1:49 pm
afghanistan just said and what it means for our troops next. [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry in south americ at t.owe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> welcome back. the top u.s. n.a.t.o. commander in afghanistan, general stanley mcchrystal saying the turning point in the afghan war may not come
1:53 pm
until the end of the year. a stark difference from previous predictions and we're gearing up right now for what may be the biggest conflict yet and the most complicated. it's the battle for kandahar. lt. colonel schaeffer is director of external communications for advanced studies. lt. colonel schaeffer thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> jamie: all along we thought a good progress report by the end of the summer now not until the end of the year. in the meantime, lots and lots of information what we anticipate in kandahar. 101st airborne on their way and how much information have we given the terrorists so they can bolster their efforts and prepare even more? >> well, a great deal and i think we've got two problems with the way we're conducting the war. first off, kandahar is, but a symptom of the larger war. we're talking about a fundamental center of instability in pakistan which we're not really taking on well and now it's reached out and touched us so to speak. the other thing about the battle for kandahar, look, we have great soldiers, i'm told
1:54 pm
a lot of folks involved in the fallujah operation are conducting shaping operations around kandahar, there's know no doubt we can go in there. fundamentally we still don't know if the afghan government can retain stability once we establish it. and this is going to be the key to the president's own policy and frankly shall the president tense to undermine his own policy by saying, this is a long-term effort. we must be cognizant of the fact it's going to take time and yet in the same speech, he talks about the july, 2011 withdrawal date. by doing that, we continue to undermine our own policy and it does not help our allies or the afghan government by saying these things in a contradictory fashion. >> jamie: let me ask you about the program that's underway and there is great hope that taliban members, followers, will turn, they'll leave the taliban and actually accept whatever incentives are offered on the ground in kandahar and elsewhere. but if the taliban has initial success because they've had all of this time to gear up for our arrival and our fight
1:55 pm
in kandahar, how successful could that program be? i'm not a military expert, but you are. what should we be thinking about before we send these troops? >> well, i think the best positions to negotiate a piece from is a position of strength and frankly, by general mcchrystal's own admission we don't have that yet. so we've got to be much better about asserting our ability to control the terrain. the way we've laid out the battle we've told the enemy where we're going and when we're going and it's not going to be difficult for them to get there ahead of us. secondly, the taliban is very good about the fact they're now intimidating people, beheading people in marjah, that sends a signal to the afghan population as soon as the u.s. leaves there's no real confidence in the afghan forces being able to come in behind us and hold it. therefore shall the taliban are telling people, you cooperate now, you're going to die, your family is going to die when the americans leave. >> jamie: the fear factor is huge. >> we have to be much better
1:56 pm
about it, yes. >> jamie: i have to leave it there. and it's interesting, we saw that real here in the united states the last couple of weeks. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> jamie: and lt. colonel schaeffer, please come back, let's follow this and owe it to our troops and to america. >> absolutely, thank you. >> kelly: we certainly owe a lot to our troops. before we go we now salute the men and women in the armed forces. today a harmed services day to honor the americans serving in the five u.s. military branches, army, navy, marines, air force and coast guard we thank all of you for your service, i'm kelly wright. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. god bless our troops. have a great day everybody. an exterminator. ugh... now i go ortho. home defense max. i use it once inside to kill the bugs. stops them dead. guaranteed. and outside to keep new ones from moving in. that's up to 12 months protection against bugs. and 12 months of keeping our use to ourselves. until your mother comes.
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