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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  May 15, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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educating the next generation. for fox news reporting i'm captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> live and at large. a houston teacher caught on cell phone viciously beating a 13-year-old student apologizes. >> this has been a painful situation in an incident that i truly regret. >> saying her actions were without excuse. tonight, she's without a job and her victim is here to tell us what happened in his own words. and oh, how times have changed. miss usa trades in her sash for sexy lingeriie. >> just a week since the sudden death of one of golf's rising stars. could a text message sent hours before her death be the smoking
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gun investigators have been looking for? we'll investigate. >> we are live and at large and starting right now with the latest on the times square terror money trade. >> commissioner kelly wants another $20 million to put radio active -- radiation detectors around manhattan to protect new york from radio active dirty bombs. the president of the united states took every penny of that away. there is not one penny in the budget for that this year. this is the height of hypocrisy and is dang obvious. for them to take this cheap shot is disgraceful. they should treat this as the life and death issue as it is and forget the politics. >> the hits keep on coming. i'm kimberly in for geraldo rivera. moments ago, january ruer and alaska's former governor and fox news colleague sarah palin joined force the at a campaign event in phoenix where they
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also had tough talk for the president. >> our nation's government is broken. our border is being erased. and the president apparently considers it a wonderful opportunity to divide people along raisial lines for his personal political convenience. >> it is fair to ask whether he intends to be the commander in chief or the comic in chief. this is not an immigration crisis. this is a border security crisis. >> a final word to the bu boyct crowd and the majority of americans who support governor brewer's stand. if you really want border security. if you want to halt the human rights abuses that have resulted from our failed border security policy come visit arizona. you can say that here they are doing the job that our federal government will not do. >> it is time for americans to cross this great country to stand up and say we are all
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arizonans now and in clear unity we say mr. president, do your job, secure our border. >> well, border security, terror arrests and tracking the funding behind the failed times square bombing up front tonight. beginning with molly henneberg in washington. >> peter king contends if there is that kind of money out there, $275 million for port and transit security for new york city, then he says the department of homeland security must be slowing down the process because new york hasn't had access to the funds. >> any money that has not been used is because it is being held up in the bureaucracy and for them to take this cheap shot is disgraceful. do you think mayor bloomberg would be holding $275 million in the bank with all the terrible crisis that faced new york and the terrible security crisis it faces? >> he says he met with homeland security secretary janet napolitano on thursday to talk about antiterror funding for new york and she didn't
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mentioned $275 million but did in a letter to king on friday saying she was "concerned that new york had not used this money available since 2006". she wrote "given the sense of urgency we all feel we are focused in on working closely with congress and our state and local partners to ensure these funds are put to work quickly to address important security needs in new york city and throughout the state." meanwhile, new york's democratic governor david paterson is dressing for a "mutual resolution" between new york lawmakers and the obama administration engaged in what he calls a "public scabble." the lawmakers argue the administration is cutting overall antiterror funds for new york. they counter is not a cut when you add in stimulus money. patterson says they need sustained funding for a secure operation. >> now, to a great panel.
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i'm joined by former arizona congressman now running for the gop senate nod in his own state. j.d. hayworth and johnathan chanzer and susan, welcome to the panel. >> the governor underscore hass i have been saying for a long, long time. border security is national security. we have to understand just last week the fbi announced it would start to heighten its scrutiny of what was transpiring on the borders given the fact that we are seeing drugs and all sorts of smuggling and there is talk and evidence that those who may be affiliated with terror have crossed our borders. we saw that in a report issued by congress last year and, indeed, last month, kimberly, you will recall that mexico released 23 somalis believed to have terror connections apparently now they remain at
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large. governor brewer struck eight appropriate note when she asked the commander in chief to really serve as the commander in chief. while we talk about first responders in places like, new york. the fact is if we had first defenders on the nation's border he we might not have the need for first responders in the wake of a horrible incident like 9/11. i would challenge the commander in chief to in fact put our standing military on our border because i believe the situation has deteriorated that much. >> the rhetoric is getting a little inflammatory. i imagine you think that. she did call him to arms and call him the come nick chief. come mix iic in chief, what did you think of those remarks. >> i find it troubling. i have enormous respect for the president even if the president is not of my own party. i was one of those and i think
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you were, too, who did not like it when mr. bush was ridiculed and i'm a little coon fused here. confused. i believe we need to secure our border but that doesn't have anything to do with what happened in times square and i don't think ridiculing the the debateoves teeth bait forward. >> we will have more with jonathan after the short break. and we will show you how cops mapped out the money trail left by the men behind the terrorist act. >> if i'm in pakistan and i want to get $100 to my friend dan in new york. i would first make a connection with alec in pakistan and give himmed and he would call matthew and hell tim t tell hit $100 to mat in new york. it is difficult to prosecute any one if that money is going
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terrorism. we didn't see it coming.
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now, to craig with a special report on the men behind the money used to bank roll the failed bombing. what did you discover? >> federal agents conducted a series of raids in connection with the attempted car bombing right here in new york city's times square. the spreading investigation is to see if the times square terrorist shahzad was in fact a lone wolf or was he working with a terrorist organization. whalid is a fox news terrorist analyst and has been investigating the case. tell me about the ring. >> this is what we are looking at here. the agents could have been the ground zero of urban jihaddism in america. >> on thursday, nearly two dozen gun toting agents busted two pakistani men on immigration charges in suburban massachusetts. a third man arrested in maine and another in pakistan with admitted ties to the may 1st
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bomb plot. cops are investigating a transfer of thousands of dollars to shahzad that they believed was for the purchase of the suv and explosive devices. >> investigators are saying that this is all about the money being transferred. tell me about that. >> the system is what the jihaddists use because it goes without being detected by any bank. you just ask somebody to give you money cash in one city and give it to the brother or cousin or other individuals in the other city. that has been used by many jihaddists not just in the united states but also in europe. >> ferris is seeing a dramatic increase in the recruitment of home grown terrorists like shahzad. >> to u.s. citizens born in it country if possible or have been naturalized if that is available that can travel freely and buy a car and rent a place. >> since the 9/11 attacks more stringent guidelines on foreigners hasn't stopped
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individual attempts like omar farouk abdulmutallab last december. this is footage of him training at a terror camp. and najibullah zad. >> where do the american taliban get their training from and how do they make contact with these people in pakistan and other countries? >> there are so many candidates to become american taliban or jihaddists they could begin online which we have seen some of the cases before. they start blogging. they are spotted bio by an ope. shahzad told police he was trained by the pakistan taliban to carry out the attack. there are others just like him that need to be s stop.
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>> he is not a lone wolf, more like a lonely wolf. >> that is part of a club of other wolfs. >> it is unclear where he got the money from but authorities suspect that the three pakistani guys that were picked up on immigration charges at least funneled the money to him as well as the cell phone that he used in the operation. the question is whether or not they knew what that money was going to. >> that is the key. and bringing in jonathan, this was his job, follow the money. u.s. treasury department former terrorist analyst. it is very -- as a former prosecutor i know you can follow the money trail and that can lead you to a whole host of suspects and people that are involved in this terror ring. >> well, certainly that is always the case and that is one of the keys to this case. it is very important to point out here that there are an estimated 200,000 operating in the country right now. only about 40,000 are
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registered and are legal so that means there are really millions of people relying on these systems every day and it will be extremely difficult to nail down facts right now, you know, if these are only three people that we have been able to determine that are part of this network there may be many more. >> do you think that we have been able to proceed forward with the case because shahzad is giving the information about where the money came from and who helped him and assisted him in getting the things that he needed to commit this act? >> and i think we will be able to go after the three individuals who we think are at least tied to the network. i think that walid was correct in the package before this that he probably got assistance from overseas. i think that we ever really looking for the people helping him pull off this from pakistan. they will be the key to the investigation in my view. >> craig, do you get the sense that the investigation is actually moving forward pretty quickly in terms of getting the information that we need back
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in order to kind of uncover where this came from to begin with, where is originated? >> i think it is clear that the suspect in this case shahzad is cooperating with authorities and that is what it going to take to bring this too fruition. what is also interesting is the gentleman who was arrested in pakistan admits that he was part of the pakistan taliban and says that he was part of linking up the suspect to the pakistan taliban. >> j.d., get your thoughts on this as well. do you think enough is being done that we are moving quickly in all of this in terms of utilizing the funding and sources necessary to put a stop to this? >> we heard at the beginning of the broadcast my old colleague peter king concerned about what is happening in new york and a failure to get funds there. >> right. >> i think you see two key areas where the obama administration has come up short. number one, the real concerns there in new york city which reason proves to be a very critical target to the
10:17 pm
jihaddists and the terror network. number works the border. it is interesting with all the massive increases in discretionary spending under contribution and in fact in the new budget from the obama administration, there is one glaring discrepancy and that is actually taking away money from border security. so you got the problems in new york that pete king talked about and you continue to have problems on the border. i'll say again, border security is national security. it is not enshrouded in mystery. we heard reports including in the last year on the fox news channel about the alliance involving hugo chavez of venezuela and mahmoud ahmadinejad of iran. the notion that they come to venezuela and get trained and try tone territories the united states coming from central america and our boarder with mexico. and let's not forget the fact that we have to understand that our borders north and south can be utilized by would-be terror networks and imagine this
10:18 pm
sobering thought. if the narco terrorists of mexico teamed up with the islamh families sift fascists e world, it is a threat and one we should take notice. >> do you think he is tighe the plan together, the phoenix us of what jd is laying together and needs to be done. >> sounds like one of those scary novels that i read when i go home at night. i hope he is wrong. i think you probably hope you are wrong and i think we ought to keep focused on the threats that are real and, you know, try to keep a little calm here before we go across the line. >> craig? >> but susan, i'm not trying to in flame any one here. i'm talking about legitimate reported threats. fact, a month ago, 23 somalis with terror ties released by the mexican government now at large. fact the report issued by the congress of the united states
10:19 pm
over the last year that points out that hezbollah is using our country.der to enter the >> i understand their facts but there is no connection right now between hugo chavez and arizona and times square. >> a lot of the terrorists that these terror networks are focusing on are already here, it is not a bothered issue. >> you bring up a fair point and we have to have all the opinions. is what we do here at fox news. thank the panel for being with us tonight. coming up, a student viciously beaten by his own teacher and it was all caught on tape. we will meet the boy who got the beating and we will hear what happened in his own words. >> she started kicking me and punching me and banging my head to the end of the wall. thing as taking a chance?
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and earlier this week the world was stunned by this video captured on a cell phone of a 13-year-old boy being severely beaten by one of his teachers, that teacher sherry lin davis was fired foreher actions. in a press conference yesterday the teacher and her attorney attempted to shift blame on to the school. well, joining me now from houston is the young man ha is seen in the horrible video at just 13 years old. the very brave isaiah riggins joins me exclusively at fox news with his attorneys who are filing a lawsuit o his behalf against his teacher and the school. also here is defense attorney julia moreau. i'm going to begin with you and show you a message from your teacher that is meant for you
10:24 pm
in your school. listen to this. >> to the students and to staff at jamie powell's charter school i appreciate you for all the support that you have given me as well. i would also like to apologize to each and every one of you. i apologize for the pain that the result of this situation has brought us to. i apologize for this particular incident. and i am very regretful and soar sorry that this incident has ever occur. >> there is a lot more to the story. >> you heard your teacher saying that. what do you think? how did you feel after this happened to you to listen to her words there?
10:25 pm
>> i just feel like she shouldn't have did it. what was going through your mind when this was happening to you? >> why was she beating me. >> and isaiah, what happened right before this? we see the video where she starts attacking you. what happened right before the beating? >> we was in -- it was me and i was this the classroom and i just got through testing and we were dancing and everything and i was making fun of these girls and that is when she came in the room and she just started attacking me. >> what do you think should happen to your teacher, isaiah? >> i think she should go to jail. >> all right. and you're going to -- i'm going to bring you in here. what kind of defense does the teacher have? the behavior is deplorable. >> it looks bad at first blush but let's take a step back
10:26 pm
here. first of all, right before the incident happened there was a fight going on in the hallway that no one seemed to care about and she had to leave her classroom to break that up. kyle she is in the hallroom breaking up a fight the kids in her classroom decide to lock the teacher out and proceed to taunt this mentally handicapped girl. he is a saying that he was teasing her. there are reports that he hit her because when the teacher was able to get in the room she said do you want to fight a girl? fight me. it is not right but it is understandable. >> we will continue the discussion in the next block. we have to go to break here. stand by. we will be back to you in a moment. coming up, dr. baden takes on the case of the mysterious death of one of golf's rising stars. will he be able to uncover how and why this young player in the prime of her life was found dead in her home. [ female ad of drinking old office coffee,
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from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. a security scare in the skies over canada. fighter jets escorting an airliner to vancouverer. the jets scrambled after air defenses received reports of a bomb threat on board. the flight originated in hong kong and was bound for vancouverer. it landed safely and was brought to a secure area and searched by bomb sniffing dogs. no explosive device was found. nasa deciding there is no need to move the international space station from a path of space junk. it is projected to pass within six miles of the station tomorrow morning. atlantis bringing batteries and a new russian compartment to the space station.
10:31 pm
i'm mav marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large." you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. welcome back, everybody, to "geraldo at large." i'm kim kirchen in for geraldo this evening. we are continuing our conversation with the 13-year-old boy who was beaten bruteally by his teacher. his lawyers join us as well, tonight. we will let julia finish her thought. you were making a point before the break. >> the last thing i wanted to make is the point about how although it was wrong what the teacher did it certainly might be understandable and number two, i think it will come out at the trial it that there was a culture of violence going on at this alternative school that was for kids with behavioral problems that almost became accepted by discussion the teachers and administrators and maybe even by the parents. you notice all the people sitting around watching in the video don't seem the least bit
10:32 pm
disturbed. took the mom ten days to call the cops. the kid comes home with a black eye. >> i will bring in grant to get a response about this. i worked in special education and as a teacher and in tough gang schools. teachers are there to educate, not beat kids, brant. >> absolutely. first of all, i want to respond to that. there has been zero reports of isaiah striking any one that day. we heard things from he did nothing wrong to he was dancing at the other students at worst mimicking a child. but it does not explain, excuse or justify what this teacher did. it just simply doesn't. >> the teacher should never be allowed to teach again or be around students or p. kids. she said sorry to you. do you even believe her or feel that she is sorry for what she
10:33 pm
did to you? >> let me respond to one other thing that has not been shown. the charter school had a videotape in this particular classroom. his mother went up there to see the videotape and not surprisingly it was blank, it was destroyed, it was gone. they say it was erased at the end of the month. there is a way to tell the full torrey and if that school wanted the full story out they would show you the full video. they told his mother it doesn't show anything. there is a way to tell the full story and don't be attacking young isaiah who was attacked ones. our firm has take then case on with the dedication to him and any fees we get out of the case will go an at risk child program in houston. i like to hear that. >> we are not letting him be attacked here and certainly we are sympathetic to what has happened to you, i wanted to revisit that again. do you think your teacher is sorry for what she did? >> well, i think she is, but i
10:34 pm
just -- i guess she is sorry. >> how does it make you feel, though, about being with another teacher after this has happened to you? >> what do you mean? >> does at any tim doesn't it make you a little bit nervous about being with another teacher like something bad like this can happen again? >> yes, ma'am. >> i hope you continue to go to school and hold your head up and be a good student and be a good boy for your mom. gentlemen, thank you for joining me this evening. we have to leave the discussion right here, julia. thank you as well for joining us. almost one week ago, rising lpga golf star erica glassberg was found dead in her home. bags packed for a tournament and dinner plans made with
10:35 pm
friends. everything seemed normal up until the point when police received a 911 call from a still unidentified man and later found her dead. now, with police tight lipped on the circumstances of the case everyone is left wondering what really caused her sudden death. it is a true mystery. joining me is chris baldwin who last saw erica in 2007 when said she was in tears on the golf course and we are joined by bob massy who has been doing investigation for fox on the case and has news on a mysterious vehicle that may have been seen outside erica's home. thanks for being with us today. >> thanks kimberly. >> i know you have been hard at work in vegas on this story. >> it has been a quiet investigation. very little in the newspaper and on the local news from perspective. talked to friends of mine in the police department and even coroner's office.
10:36 pm
this is a very beautiful area in the southwest part of town. and as a result, what is called anthem, actually the southeast part of town and the golf course is southern highlands allowed toas aplowed to practice. there was an issue as to the mysterious car. what bothers me is the fact that very, very little has been released that the point in time. now, in talking with some of the people in las vegas, they are basically saying look, there is not necessarily any evidence of a break-in. i asked questions like well, was this person in any way, there was any markings on her body, any forensics, whatsoever, again, it is very hush. there is objective evidence that there was an emotional issue. these young kids by the way, i have been involved in the golf area for many years, an enormous amount of pressure. god forbid that this was because she wasn't doing as well as she wanted or greater
10:37 pm
expectations or maybe on information all which is speculative for any kind of injuries that would go to her demise. difficult to analyze it legally ex-suspicion of either suicide or foul play. >> you just don't know exactly what happened there and we are trying to get the information. i will bring in chris. you interviewed erica on a number of occasions. what does your gut tell you about what happened here? >> i mean it just seems if you look at it all, i mean erica had some what of a reputation of being a very emotional player on the course. she would, you know, she would throw clubs sometimes. and good emotion, too. she was just very emotio emoti. she was exuberant and if her game wouldn't go well, react like tiger woods at times, sometimes throwing clubs. this is an emotional young
10:38 pm
woman and it is either -- whatever happens, it is obviously a tragedy, her dad initially said to the first newspaper that he talked to that it looked like a suicide and that is just the first, you know, impression if you look at. >> troubling. >> it is very much so. >> that is -- whether it is foul play or suicide, we have anentr entry from erica's diary dated march 9, 2005. i'm having so much fun the way you are treated is like a queen. what is better than a life where everyone around you seems to want to make you happy. her change in her outlook two years later when she wrote this. there were moments in the middle of the season where i was feeling slightly depressed because i was missing cuts or not qualifying for events by one or two strokes. you see the difference. when she got involved the
10:39 pm
attitude kind of changed, maybe the pressure, the stress level. >> she was expected to be a star. at the university of arizona she won 6 out of 20 tournaments which is almost unheard of winning percentage, player of the year as a freshman. and people just expected her to sort of take the tour, you know, by its feet and when it didn't happen it definitely weighed on her. whether that was the end result here but there is no question she felt that pressure. >> and kimberly, i will tell you that again that these young kids that play college golf and reach this level, they come out and there is this huge expectation to be successful on the tour. a very small percentage make it. as a matter of fact, many kids end up in counseling and many kids quit the game of golf and lpga as well as the pga tour because it is too much stress. this young lady was in an environment that was envied. she was at a great golf course where she had full reign.
10:40 pm
everybody loved this girl and as a result when you look at it and you read those emotions god forbid that her life ended in any way but to think that she may have been that depressed to hurt herself is depressing for all of us to hear. >> let's bring in reknowned forensic pathologist dr. michael wade season here with us as well. >> i think the comments in the media from the father and police point towards suicide. however, 24 will be resolve when the coroner in las vegas finishes their investigation and the toxicology because if it is suicide it would be from probably a prescription overdose of drugs and she had sent a text message to her caddie the night before that she was going to go to the next tournament that she wasn't going to be there. so i think it sort of fits together that this may be an intentional prescription drug overdose and we should remember
10:41 pm
that most prescription drug overdoses are intentional and not due to taking it for recreational purposes. >> i think they will be able to determine as soon as we get those toxicology results back. real quick, go ahead. >> there is a lot of young golfers and it as well kept secret in the game of golf that is on a lot of medication. you think it is because of a contact sport that there is not injuries. many unfortunately get involved in pain medication and pain management and nobody knows about it. >> i got to bring in somebody real quick. joining us via skype is erica's former coach, greg allen. what can you add? >> i can add that in my two years coaching erica she was a coach's dream. you saw the smile there when she was interviewed back this college. the kid loved life. she loved to play golf. she -- that smile could light
10:42 pm
up a room when she would walk in. she i think one of the gentleman said was player of the year, a two-time all american. you know, she was a family member to us for two years and we are really sad that she is gone and just really going miss her but she was -- she was so high on life at arizona and just had so many things going for her and just very unfortunate that she is no longer with us. >> such a shame. such a tragic case. and bob, thanks for giving us that analysis, the insight that you did in the investigation there in vegas. chris as well for joining us and dr. baden is going stay with us. >> this isn't your momma's miss usa. pictures of the contestants caught in racy lingerie, they are causing quite a stir. we've got that for you.
10:43 pm
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and at holiday inn express, you always can. holiday inn express. stay you. and stay rewarded with the hit it big promotion-- earn up to $500 dollars at over 300 retailers. well, on the eve of the miss usa pageant the contestants this year aren't really worried about the competition but about the sexy racy some say borderline important graphic -- pornographic photos the pageant took to promote the event. joining me is the former miss nevada 2007 katie reece who had private photos released to the public, making the organization
10:47 pm
strip her of other crown and a former 1996 miss usa judge. katie, i begin with you. what do you think about the photos and when you think about the photos and what happened to you, it has to make you have a few thoughts? >> actually my thoughts are that i always supported the miss usa program. i think the pictures are lovely. what happened to me was unfortunate but times are a changing and i think people should change with the times and the women really do look beautiful and they can use the mow foes not only for modeling and what they choose to do to further their career but for anything else. >> i mean this pretty provocative. i did some modeling in my day but it was not so racy, shall we say. these are very provocative. do you think it is fair what happened to you and see these
10:48 pm
photos. >> you can dwell on the past but i prefer not to. it was a double standard after i lost my crown and tara did not after a drug use charge. the times are changing and rules are changing and i think that these women look beautiful and i don't think there is anything bad about them. >> no one is saying they are not attractive. let's be honest. >> cheryl, i'm going to get your opinion about this? >> there is no doubt about it, these are beautiful girls. they are hot girls. but those pictures are very, very edgy and what bothers me is the fact what is it when young girls look at these pictures? they figure that is what i have got to do in order to be famous. that is what i have to look like in order for people to think, take me seriously as a model. that is not a model's body. that is not the body you are going see in vogue. that is a different kind of body all together. that is a different kind of photograph. but when our daughters start looking at this thinking that
10:49 pm
that is what they have 20 do to become famous we have to stop and think about it. >> a lot of people. >> we don't have much time left. i want to bring in farouk and weigh in on the discussion. >> i think these are beautiful girls. let's look at their pictures but look at their brain. they are beautiful. they are intelligent. this is 2010. this is miss usa and we are very proud really to represent the most beautiful most intelligent girls. i think this is beautiful. this is very exciting. >> i have never seen such beautiful brains before. >> those brains are very large. those are some brains. >> wait a minute. why don't you think about what do these girls do? about charities, about unity
10:50 pm
about helping each other. >> nobody is going see that. >> take it >> take it we'll be right back. onlin anna nicole's ex-up next. for o. upload it to fedex office, then they print, bind, and ship it. th presentation looks good, right? yes, but -- you didn't actually bring carl with you. good morning! but i digress. [ male announcer ] we uerstand. you need presentations done right. and right now save 20% on all online printing purchases. visit you may be missing some of the protection you need for a healthy mouth. with crest pro-health toothpastes, you don't need to make that trade-off. [ sela ] crest pro-health is the first and only leading toothpaste to protect against sensitivity and all these areas dentists check most. and with crest pro-health sensitive shield, you get a smoother formula.
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we are joined in the studio by larry birkhead the father of anna nicole smith's three-year-old father dannielynn and he is unloading some say some of her personal items in a june 26th las vegas item. it includes dresses, paintings and a collection of marilyn monroe memorabilia. all very nice things and the proceeds go to charity and to a trust fund for dannielynn. larry is here with us to discuss the auction along with darren julian of the auctionhouse who is running and conducting the sale. people want to know what was it
10:54 pm
like to come to the decision to say i'm going sell anna's things? >> i kept a healthy collection for dannielynn and it got to be where life was resembling -- there was so many things. i had ten storage bins of things throughout anna's life and her career and things of daniels and i felt like i had to make a practical decision because i spent roughly $100,000 over the last three years storing the things and if you take that times 18 years you to make the decision that tothis stuff she will want to hold on to or maybe offer it to her fans and collectors. said we can let some of it go. do i want dannielynn to wear every dress her mom had or will she even be the same sizion things like that. >> it is not an easy decision. we talked about that probably in one of the last conversations just about going through boxes and things and trying to decide what is going
10:55 pm
to be important to dannielynn that she might want to have a few special things from her mom and thinking about what anna would have wanted as well in terms of what she might want to happen. i'm sure she wouldn't want you to hang on to everything. >> and she never wore the same outfit dice so you can imagine how many things we have. outfits she would have. >> you conduct the sales. is the process like and what are some of the prices you can get for things? >> it includes a lot of fine and decorative art. we also have anna nicole's mercedes. bid online. the live auction in las vegas at planet hollywood resort and casino on june 26th but go online starting next week and place prebids. it is opened up to people around the world to be able to
10:56 pm
participate. >> and we have something here in the studio. tell bus that piece? >> this is a painting anna painted for stress relief and therapy and something she liked to do and one of the paintings that showed her comedic side. a powder puff girl that either looks like she is having a party, a little red eyed there. one of the many things that i'm kind of glad to share with some of her fans and offer to the public. >> do you have some paintings or other pieces of art to leave to dannielynn? >> a ton of it, yeah. there is a lot of things that i kept for dannielynn that are in safe places and jewelry and things like that, some things i can tell stories with. and merit about anna's life. >> how is she doing? >> doing great. getting ready to start preschool. a great kid and healthy and happy and having fun in new york running around and seeing shows and all the cars. >> a fun place to be. >> yeah.
10:57 pm
>> we want to thank you for being here in the studio with us. and thank you, darren as well. >> just one thing. how much of the decision process to have the auction had to do with --
10:58 pm
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