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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 8, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> megyn: a sliply stage and towering platform shoes, dangerous for models in paris. the strut went amok. models falling down, right in front of the fashion photographers, blaming the combination of shoes and freshly shined stage. >> shepard: knew knew. >> investigates call it an al qaeda blot. investigators tracked down the suspects and the latest. >> box 2, lindsay lohan headed to jail. today her family reacts. her father is live in our are green room now. he'll be live with us in "studit a moment and i have a list of questions. which city will lebron join? who wins the lebron lottery? a huge day, the odds, the money, how it could affect things. i'll give you my opinion.
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just in, i just spoke with governor crist's off, calling for a special session of the state legislator to ban offshore oil drilling through the state constitution. governor crist with a bold move making his first live appearance on "studio b" moments from now. i'll ask about the new polls showing him leading in florida and down the road, if he wins as a democrat or if he wins as an independent. what would happen with him within the democratic party? lots of questions for governor crist on a busy news day unless breaking news changes everything. a fox news alert. a development in the case of the ten suspected spies from russia arrested in the united states. all ten have an arraignment scheduled to start 15 minutes ago. they typically enter a plea, but anything a guilty plea could be
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a ticket to russia. many signs point to a spy swap a cold war style thing. one of the signs is coming from the lawyer for the hot one. the accused spy who goes by the name anna chapman. her attorney says chapman will be in moscow by tomorrow. first the hearing today, david lee miller following it from the courthouse. >> a few moments ago all ten defendants were brought to the courtroom, including the hot one, anna chapman. she and others were wearing orange prison clothing. she had a smile on her face. the defendants were handed a packet by their attorneys, they're now reviewing that and underscoring the point. two other attorneys said their defendants are in fact going to plead guilty. one attorney told me
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specifically her client would plead guilty if that paved the way for a spy swap. >> shepard: what are the russians doing at their end? do we know? >> well, there is information coming out of russian media that a man convicted in 2004 of spying for the u.s., convicted in a russian courtroom, central to the spy swap case, has now been flown to vienna, igor sutyagin. we have not confirmed this with russian officials but his attorney has reason to believe he's in vienna as part of the swap deal, expected to move to london. nine other defendants are expected to be released. who they are and when that will happen is not clear. >> shepard: david lee, thank you. >> the fallout from a plot to bomb the new york city subway is getting bigger. the arrest of three more people planning terror attacks in
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europe, which has been brewing for some time. it came to light last year when nazir najibullah zazi was arrested. last week counterterrorism officials found out zazi met with a top operative in pakistan. yesterday the news broke that prosecutors were accusing other al qaeda members of being directly involved with the new york city plot and similar one in great britain. today investigators say they're linked to other al qaeda plans. laura, what can you tell us? >> police in norway told us these were carefully coordinated arrests so none of the suspects would tip each other off. one arrest in germany, two in norway. investigates were tailing them for a year and believe they were planning to build and use peroxide bombs but wouldn't say
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what country was targeted. they had to pull the trigger because the details of the case was about to be reported. >> shepard: any charge of charging or changing the terror alert level because of this in norway with all this going on? >> not at this time. that certainly could change. police say that the risk level going on in norway is rising like it is in other countries were terror threats have been made or carried out. 9 prime minister there saying today it's important to emphasize norway is not excepted from the risk and security police continue to monitor the elements. >> shepard: laura, thank you. you can tell us what you think about these or other top stories day. governor governor crist will be on with thoughts on the constitutional amendment. also lindsay lohan's father is about to be here live with us. jonathan hunt chatting live with
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you right now at click on the "on the hunt" link. it's on the right-hand side of the screen. on the hunt at now the disaster in the gulf of mexico day 80 of our national tragedy. in one hour a three-judgmental is scheduled to hold a hearing on the ban on deep sea oil drilling. they have the camera in another spot. that looks like a cap thing. it's still gushing. as you recall, the white house issued a moratorium on drilling after the spill last month the judge ruled in favor of the drillers. the administration is trying to get the ban reinstated on appeal. if that doesn't work a plan is in the pipeline. phil keating is live with the latest on this. >> reporter: the u.s. district
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judge that ruled in favor of the oil companies found the sweeping moratorium too sweeping. capricious. the hearing won't be ruled on for a day or a week but many find it to be a red herring, saying the federal government has proven it can delay drilling in the gulf of mexico by slowing down the permanent -- permitting process. we went to an offshore oil rig and the moratorium deals specifically with deep water exploration and development. that's below deep he were than 500 feet. there are new safety regulations imposed by the department of industry that affect all oil operations out in the gulf. most of that involves shallow operations. according to those in the oil industry, much of this deals with the blowout preventers and liability but it was vaguely written and led to an industry wide tailspin.
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>> all forward looking permits were stopped. plans were stopped, exploration plans, development plans, new well permits, workover permits, pipeline permits. it was all stopped. >> reporter: that rig we were just on, one of four owned by spartan offshore have been idled. the doi tells me today while the moratorium stopped operations at 33-degree water rigs, production operations continue on 46 rigs in deeper than 1,000 feet water. >> shepard: more tarballs in the region i'm reading. >> unbelievable for the residents of new orleans. we thought they were far enough removed but on the it doorstep, 100 new pounds -- pounds of
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tarballs scooped up. there's a small canal which allows the gulf of mexico water to come in and black sheen has gotten past barriers and boom lines and entered the lake. they spent a decade cleaning it in the 90's, back to healthy and now they fear it could be back downhill. >> shepard: phil keating, thank you. >> the governor of florida just called for a special session of the there are legislator to get a constitutional ban on offshore drilling on the battle. charlie crist, leading in the polls for the u.s. senate seat. a controversial man looking to have a political future and in the meantime, working to keep oil from hitting florida. is it the right decision? his first life interview since this one-on-one on "studio b" after the next commercial. >> michael lohan joins us live as well. what he thinks about his
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daughter, actress lind lindsay lohan's jail sentence. what's with their relationship? why in the world is he making media appearances as she's headed to jail? "studio b" continues on a busy hour in just 90 seconds.
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charlie crist called for a special session of the legislator. offshore drilling is band by the florida statute but could be changed by legislative action. this is a controversial issue. the governor is running for senate as an independent in november and he was running as a republican. then he switched to independent. governor crist joins us now. good of you to do this o short notice. >> good to be with you. i hope you're well. >> i'm doing well. you're reasoning for this call for the legislature to put this on the ballot in november for a constitutional amendment to ban drilling. >> number one, a sense of duty. i love there there florida and o protect the economy. we're contingent on the state.
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economically and environmentally they're linked in florida. number two, a sense of it duty. a sense of duty as governor of this place that i love so much to do everything i can as long as i still am governor, which will be until january, to protect her. and to fight for her. and make sure we're doing everything possible to give the will of the people, the people of florida, that have the opportunity to ban drilling off the florida coast in our constitution. you're right, it's in statute. but any legislature could come on in subsequent years, forgotful about what is happening into year in the gulf of mexico and change their minds. but if you give the people the opportunity to embed it in the constitution they cherish, that can't happen. >> shepard: what about the jobs that would be lost in critics would say we have to have oil, everybody admits it. what about the jobs lost and energy that would be lost? >> i don't think we would lose any jobs in florida. we don't drill in florida
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warrants currently. in addition, the possibility of losing jobs is what we're experiencing. with this washing up in pensacola and the panhandle, that we're cleaning up, it's impacting our tourist industry and we're unique from my other friends in the gulf states, mississippi, alabama, louisiana, we have a lot in common but we're so tourist dependent in florida. 85 million people a year come to florida. and it's important we protect that industry. those restaurants that depend on it. commercial fishermen, oyster men. all are dependent upon our tourist industry. i think it's very important we do this. at least merely give the people of florida the opportunity to voice their will on this issue. >> shepard: mason dixon poll and the senate race, it came out at the end of june, showing you up
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since we've had polls over the republican, way over the democrat. your thoughts on this race? >> i'm pleased about it. i think that the people of florida want somebody who is independently affiliated. that really their only obligation is not to the republicans or democrats but the people of the state. that's exactly where i am. that makes decisions like this that much easier to make. i think it's very important when you see the gridlock that occurs in washington, d.c. -- people are fed up with it. i'm fed up. i think what the people of -- the people of america want people to think about the people first and not the party. do what is right for the people and not a party hack. that's what we're trying to do. >> shepard: a lot of people in the democratic party say if you win, you would be an extremely powerful man no matter what you did. how could you best serve as a
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senator from florida as an independent? >> what i would want is to do everything i can to help my state. >> shepard: i know, but the leadership position. you would be up for chairmanship or two. what suits you best? what would you like? >> number one, i have to worry about making sure i'm protecting my state and current job as governor. number two, i have to rin the race before i worry about chairmanships. then i'll have time to think about it later. >> lebron james to south beach? >> i hope so. that's exciting. i hope he joins other great basketball players. >> shepard: governor crist, good to talk wow. thank you very much. >> great to be with you. >> you can cut the tension with a knife or utter a city's name. lebron james, the governor would love to see him on south beach, hanging out with the heat but he's expected to announce his future tonight, new york
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holding its breath, miami selling out season tickets and fans in cleveland are living on the edge. where will king james go and what does it mean? it's a big deal and it's next.
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>> shepard: some breaking news on fox news channel. a live look outside the courthouse in new york city. the details of a spy swap. ten russians for four americans? jonathan hunt has the details. this has just begun and we just got the information. >> reporter: the plea hearing is just getting under way but our jim angle in washington reports the deal is going to work like this: the ten accused of spying for russia will be sent back to russia. in return, the russians will
3:21 pm
send four people accused of spying for western powers. what jim's sources are not clear on at this stage is whether there are actual american citizens among those four who will be sent back. that plea hearing now under way in manhattan. >> shepard: all right, jonathan hunt, thank you. basketball fans, only six more hours of suspense. lebron james set to reveal where he'll play. miami fans are confident. the team sold out season tickets and website crashed. the heat among the five teams including chicago bulls, the new york knicks, the new jersey, soon to be brooklyn nets and cleveland catch leers. cavs fans, not to mention business owners in cleveland, chewing off their fingernails. the area around the q where the cavs play expected to lose
3:22 pm
$48 million this season in lebron leaves. that's a lot of cash in the cleve. crowds are expected to shrink from 20,000 to the size prelebron, fewer than 14,000. let's take this to our king james panel. sports illustrated columnist chris and frazer sytel. i listened to the local station on the radio and it's all espn has done. from a pr aspect, how could this have gone better? >> lebron james is a public relation genius, he controls the agenda, the timing, the venue, the network, the interviewer, the news cycle and this is a
3:23 pm
press conference with a sports superstar that's not about rape or adultery or gun possession or dogfighting. the nba has to be ecstatic. >> shepard: well, i was just listening to the locals here and this is -- they're talking in cleveland like he said he's going to miami. but it doesn't make sense to me he would let this leak out in the last few hours before the program. what is the real thinking from a basketball perspective? what makes the most sense? >> i think it makes a ton of sense. the process has been a game of miss direction. his camp leaking out new york, chicago, new jersey. all of a sudden everybody has been the frontrunner. now we have sources saying miami is the frontrunner. i'm still not convinced he's willing to leave cleveland. he might go back on a short term contract. if he's holding a prime time press conference that is
3:24 pm
expected to last more or less an hour, he's giving a middle finger to cleveland. telling them not only am i not coming back but i'm listing why. there are indications lebron mayed headed to miami. he's allegedly planned a party there at one of the clubs at south beach. i'm not convinced he's done with cleveland yet. >> shepard: i'm with you. i want to ask you about this. i'm trying to envision the city of cleveland, after all this, the hype, the big show, and when it's over, it's cleveland later. i can't imagine how you spin that. >> cleveland will be depressed. but he might say i want to play with champions and build a championship. that is my opportunity to do it. he'll -- this guy will do the right thing. if he says no to cleveland, i wouldn't be surprised if he says look, i'm going to commit to had cleveland, i'm going to donate a
3:25 pm
substantial amount to a charity in cleveland. he will do something right. i'll tell you, if goes to miami -- >> they will hate his guts as much as anyone. like art modell. he'll be the new art modell. the fans will not forgive him. this is why it doesn't make sense he's putting this production on. if he were leaving cleveland, the best move would be to leak it via a phone call to a reporter. >> shepard: leave the way he left ol' miss in the middle of the night on a lie. >> yeah don't put on a production. >> he's got to be dignified. this guy does the right thing. he knows his integrity is at stake. if he leaves cleveland he'll do it the right way. >> shepard: prediction? >> tomorrow morning lebron
3:26 pm
james will be a los angeles clipper. [ laughter ] >> shepard: okay. >> i'll take your money on that one. >> shepard: chris? >> i'm going to stick with cleveland. i thought for a while chicago was a frontrunner. i think this is a case of misdirection. a few people around me think that as well. at the he end of the day he'll n a short term contract with the cavs. >> shepard: the knicks make the most sense. you're next to lebron -- i mean your buddy jay-z. a possibility of $2 million but you don't do it this way to the city of cleveland. people already calling him the mistake on the lake. lebron james stays in cleveland for what it's worth. thank you both. guess who, the barefoot bandit. the mother of our favorite fine tune active speaking out about the search for her little boy. we spoke to his mom on this program last october and haven't
3:27 pm
heard from her since. today, why she thinks cops have been targeting her son for a while. and lindsay lohan's father weighs in on his daughter's pending incarceration. his daughter's trip to court within recent hours, the middle finger and why their relationship is what it is. michael lohan in "studio b." that's ahead. [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes, you struggle to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right, but your blood sugar may still be high, and you need extra help. ask your doctor about onglyza, a once daily medicine used with diet and exercise to control high blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. adding onglyza to your current oral medicine
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i'm mary ellen smith. so i'm really excited to see if this really works. have just started to notice a slight difference in my digestion. take the activia challenge. >> shepard: breaking news, we've had word for the last 10, 15 minutes there may be an
3:30 pm
investigation in mel gibson and some abuse. tim gaughan has been pulling facts together. >> reporter: the ap got this release. they're reporting mel gibson is the subject of a investigation. they're investigating over possible domestic violence incident. the news release opening today. a prim inquiry into an attack. he's named as a potential suspect. his former girlfriend is a russian singer, and she's the possible victim. the alleged talk occurred january 6th. his spokesperson was called and no answer yet. gibson no longer on probation for the 2006 drunken driving case. over my shoulder, has the full story. if i'm speaking to fast, go to
3:31 pm
the website. >> shepard: busy day in the b. thanks. barefoot bandit, the hunt is on. cops in the bahamas calling him armed and dangerous. he's the teenage 19-year-old fugitive wanted for more than 100 thefts and break-ins from washington to the caribbean who has a interest in small planes. his mom says he's living his life and she thinks, quote, it's kind of neat. highshe says cops harassed him n he was a kid during a rough childhood. something she talked about during our interview in october. >> he started having problems right after his stepdad died. he died about seven years ago. oh he's very smart. >> shepard: go on. you compared him to einstein, i believe. >> he's two or three points below einstein.
3:32 pm
i said if he stole the airplanes and can fly, i'm proud of him flying about because he's never had a lesson. >> shepard: he crashed three times, right? >> yeah. >> shepard: she told me her son says he didn't steal any planes. in an interview with aol news she said they made such a big damn deal of everything, he was blamed for everything that happened in the county, the police took some of my jewelry trying to say he stole it an put it in evidence against him. feds think the teen stole a plane and crashed in the bahamas where he's a suspect in another string of crimes. they're offering a $10,000 reward in relation to his arrest. breaking news in new york city. ten men and women in custody accused of spying for russia. new details on the pleas.
3:33 pm
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>> shepard: breaking news on our top story, ten accused russian spies will plead guilty, not to espionage. the u.s. will trade them for four people in custody in russia. here to fill in the blanks judge andrew napolitano. the bell rings for him. [ laughter ] he's the host of the freedom watch on "fox business." >> i don't know where the bell came from. >> my agent, larry cramer, saying you call this right. miami or we're wrong. talking about lebron. let's talk about the spy suspects. this has happened so fast, judge. >> the people with whom we've been speaking in the intelligence community are stunned at the speed with which this is happening. either it was set up a long time
3:37 pm
ago, before they were arrested. >> shepard: i bet that's right. >> or people conducting the swap in the department of justice and intelligence community have no had adequate time to find out what the four the russians are releasing can tell us. theoretically we have not spoken to the four since they were arrested so we don't know what information they can get. stated differently, is it a fair swap? are we getting enough information back to compensate for the ten we're giving them. >> one thing we know, if they wanted to handle this undercover and go yo, russia, we have your folks, they could have done it but they might not have had leverage. instead we have a touchy feely thing, we're getting together and now this happened. >> reporter: couple of aberrations here. so far different from the normal course. they were never indicted so a
3:38 pm
f.b.i. agent never sat before a grand jury. the government doesn't want grand jurors to know what they learned. the charges are for failing to register as a foreign agent, charges filed against business people and for money laundering, charges failed against drug dealers and mobsters, not unique to spying. here's the interesting thing. are they for the ten russians. >> shepard: the ten russians. are those ten people the keystone cops the media made them out to be or have they co-opted people in the government to provide them with information that the f.b.i. doesn't want to tell us about? if the f.b.i., if the justice department, indicted them for espionage we would have to know what the secrets were that were stolen. if they plead guilty to money laundering and did steal secrets, we will not know that they did or what the secrets
3:39 pm
were. >> shepard: you're saying it's possible they got something so juicy, our government doesn't want anyone to know. >> precisely. that's another explanation. >> shepard: i love we don't have answers and probably won't get them. >> that's the way the government works, no surprise to you or me or the folks watching us. >> shepard: at first i was like these four people must mean something. you're saying it's possible we're like okay, give us thee four people and you can have these back. we don't want too much information getting out. >> reporter: we don't. we don't know if any of the four are americans, what they know or if american diplomats have spoken to them. >> shepard: you can do more damage on line than in person. >> reporter: we now know that. >> shepard: do the russians love their children too? >> where is that song from? >> come on. we've been telling but this
3:40 pm
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the only calcium supplement with genistein found in nature in soy and proven to significantly build bone density. citracal. 43 minutes past the hour. lindsay lohan saying the fu on her nail was air brushed and just a joke. she claims it had nothing to do with court. photographers caught this shop of the nail during her hearing on tuesday. the words written there clash dramatically with the words coming out of her mouth. >> i wasn't missing the classes just to hang out. i was working mostly and in morocco i was working with children at them wasn't a vacation or a joke. it's my career, something i worked for my entire life and i've learned from my experiences, i take
3:44 pm
responsibility for my actions. >> shepard: the judge didn't buy it and sentenced her to 90 days in jail. part of her probation after pleading guilty to drinking and driving and being unked influence of cocaine. she and her father are estranged. he says the judge should have been sent her to rehab. >> i agree the judge did give lindsay 90 days in rehab, i don't believe the jail part was warranted. >> shepard: she looked horrible. >> neil: i was there. >> shepard: you were there? >> i was in court with her. >> shepard: did you speak with her? >> yes. i told her i loved her, gave her a kiss and told her it will be okay. >> shepard: do you think it will be? >> not if it goes this direction. >> shepard: she's going to jail. >> there's measures she can take now to put her in a better
3:45 pm
place. >> shepard: she's going to jail. >> she has two weeks before she goes. her lawyer just quit. >> shepard: another one. now she got one that just took the bar. who would take her? >> exactly. >> shepard: what it is like today's your daughter -- to see your daughter as a walking, talking train wreck. >> it's tough seeing my ex-wife around her and not doing a damn thing to help her. >> shepard: what happened? >> divorce. in one word, divorce. >> shepard: i'm sure you look at gawker, it looks like she's falling apart and a reporter says expect to see a tv and magazine deal up to a million dollars. is part of this about money? >> maybe. rob just cut a deal with dina? with who? >> with dina. this is about saving my
3:46 pm
daughter's life, not about tv deals or shah rass. what dina should be doing and you'll calling her out now, get the names of the doctors off every prescription, every bottle and turn those names over to the authorities. >> shepard: why do you do this? >> i have to stop them. >> shepard: you were partying the night she was sentenced. >> i was not. i went to have dinner across the street. i sat at a table alone and a friend walked by and they took a picture. i was waiting. >> shepard: the word is --yz i fed the homeless as soon as i was done. >> shepard: word is you set yourself up as a preacher style person but you're bar to bar and seen all the time and you're a mess, enabling her mess. >> that's wrong. i'm trying to stop her. i'm doing interventions two or
3:47 pm
three times a month for others and i can't help my daughter. >> shepard: why can't you? why would she put fu on her finger? >> it's so dark. why would you do that? for what reason? and not expect people to see it or word get out. >> shepard: do you think she'll boing before jail? binge? >> absolutely. >> shepard: do you think anyone can stop her? >> absolutely nod not. it hurt me to see the people doing this in court. i went to her lawyer months ago with my attorney and said let's get her into rehab. we set up appointments. lindsay's former lawyers, her drug counselors said you need family therapy and dina wouldn't come to the table.
3:48 pm
>> shepard: why does the family allow themself to be slashed before the tabloids and become paris hilton? why not huddle down as a nam and work out this who did mess? >> shep, i've been trying to do this over a year now quietly. quietly. >> shepard: i never seen you do anything quietly. >> i did it quietly. the reason you didn't see it is because i was doing it quietly. when i had no other choice and found out what was going on in my daughter's life. when i tried to approach her and talk to her about it, that's when she -- she cut me off. she distant didn't want to hear. >> shepard: michael plays no role in her life and he's continually given media time to vent. that's what your ex-wife said. >> they all live a lie. everything dina says is a lie. half the time i call her she's
3:49 pm
drunk. i'm going to child protective services for the fact she treats lindsay the way she does and leaves alley around here. >> shepard: what do you see as an end for your daughter? >> it's killing me. >> shepard: is it going to kill her? >> it could. dina has to get her -- we've got to get her into a program. if lindsay appeals this through a new attorney, if you want to call it an attorney. she doesn't is have her feet wet yet. she's going to get more time. the longer she's not getting therapy, the more danger she's in. did you see the list of medications? >> i saw it. listen to this. the judge makes the decision. >> she was driving too fast, there was a collision, major damage, twice the legal limit and in addition, there was cocaine found. between that date, 2007, and
3:50 pm
today's date, there have been a number of instances that would show her not taking things seriously. her noncompliance. >> shepard: then south number three. >> defendant isrd ordered to spend 30 days in jail. on a reckless driving case. 30 days in jail on the first d.u.i. case consecutive and 30 days in jail on the second d.u.i. case. 90 days in jail. >> shepard: looks like reality just set in. >> for all of us. >> shepard: how much of this about getting a reality show? i'll let you talk about that after this commercial. with aarp we can fly out to see family.
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>> shepard: seven minutes before the hour. lindsay lohan's estranged father, michael, says the judge should have his daughter sent to rehab, not jail. i asked how much of this about a reality television deal. >> i believe they're shooting one now and that's why hollywood is filming it. >> how much of this is an act and how much a terribly screwed up woman. >> it's part of reality. this is the truth, it's what's going on and they shouldn't be documenting it. they should fix it. >> shepard: i don't think a lot of parents understand, sir, the way you conduct yourself. you understand why i mention it. >> that's fine. >> shepard: yesterday a ordeal and you rush over to "larry king live" and then the pictures after the sentencing the night before. what did you say you were doing? >> having dinner, waiting at the front table. my friend was on stage. >> shepard: after your daughter
3:55 pm
got sentenced to -- >> ettes right across the street from my hotel, where i eat all the time. >> shepard: how would you describe how you look? you look upset about your daughter? >> someone called my name and i was smiling. big deal. >> shepard: i'm not making anything out of anything. it's so damn weird, i don't know how to process it. >> don't worry about it, i'll worry about it. >> shepard: i don't worry about it but i want to know how screwy it is. >> it's hurtful people take situationings and twist them. did they get me when i left and took the food that was left over and ordered more food to feed the homeless? no. they don't care. they want the negative out there. >> shepard: a lot of them are saying if you had done half this much to help your daughter. >> let me stop you there. half this much to help my daughter? are you kidding me in gimme a break. all of my effort is spent on
3:56 pm
trying to help my daughter, flying all over, calling narcotics agencies, meeting with the d.e.a. i go out for five minutes and get food and spend half as much time helping my daughter as doy that? gimme a break. >> shepard: what it is like to be followed all the time? >> it sucks. whether it's you or anyone else, i call a spade a spade and you have no right saying that. >> shepard: saying what? >> that's my kid. don't tell me how much time i spend helping my daughter or eating dinner or in the [ bleep ] gym zo come on, this is family time. >> i'm sorry. you have no place saying what i should do. >> shepard: i don't have thoughts on what you should do. i can't imagine myself running
3:57 pm
from court to larry king had live. >> i didn't want to do it. i got a call from mr. king saying michael, i need you over here. out of respect i went. a promise was made. i was offered $15,000 to do an interview and i said no. >> shepard: who offered you 15 grand. >> i'm not saying. >> shepard: a tabloid show? >> yes. >> shepard: i hope you figure out a way to save her life. >> i'm sorry for cursing but people want to remark about what i'm doing to help my kids and speaking out, trying to make a difference, but speaking out the way i do i'm trying to help others as well. >> michael lohan, good luck with your life and your daughter and all the rest. "your world" with neil cavuto is next.
3:58 pm
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