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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 14, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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[ talking over each other ] >> sean: we to run. by the way, you belong in congress, i'm very impressed. >> so do you monica. >> sean: greta is next. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, get ready it is happening right here at this federal courthouse. showdown over president obama's national health care. we are live in pensacola, florida. in eight hours the courtroom doors open and 20 state attorneys generals take on the federal government this is big, this case will decide whether president obama's signature health care law gets shot down or survives. florida attorney general mccollum is leading the charge he joins us live. are you ready? >> we are ready. we are going in on a motion to dismiss the federal government's file. we expect to win. the judge isn't going to rule tomorrow more likely in a few days. but we are going to have our oral arguments for a couple of hours. >> greta: what are the main issues? >> the individual mandate is
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first. standing on that is important for states as well as individuals. we have s, the 20 states that are involved, we also have the national federation of independent business and two individuals. one of the great debates tomorrow will be over whether or not the states have the standing right to be here in a cause of action to represent their people or their interests in the question of whether or not the federal government can mandate an individual who is just sitting in front of their television set having to buy a health insurance policy or pay a penalty? >> greta: in the state of virginia they have a different statute which says that you can require people of virginia to buy health care insurance. they got past that standing. that of any value to you here? any advisory value or it is different? >> it's a little different here. advisory value because one of the key issues is whether we have a statute or not, does the state have a right to have such a statute pre-- preemed
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by the federal government? i will contend that in fact the state's sovereignty is at question. we have the trite pass a similar law to what they did in virginia. the government has said we are going to preempt this whole area. the other thing that is important the interconnectivity is the law. -- of this whole law. >> greta: usually one section gets knocked out the rest of the statute stands. mr. cuccinelli told me in virginia he has found no severability clause. >> even the government concedes this requirement that you have to buy a policy is at the heart of the law if it goes the entire process, the law doesn't work. we find harm to the state in many aspects of this law. and its connection to the individual mandate is there. plus we have the other argument, state sovereignty with respect to the
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requirement that we have to pay for more cost under medicaid because of more people being eligible. the states feel assets are commandeered. we are being forced to do something we can't do. that's the second argument made and in the lawsuit. >> greta: so i understand tomorrow motion to dismiss everyone government saying you got nothing. that your suit should be thrown out you are defending it. an suing at some point the judge will make a decision. if you survive the motion to dismiss give the idea of where in is going? >> we'll have a motion to dismiss heard, the first thing. once she has decided that then a motion for summary judgment we will file. we don't think there needs to be an evidentiary hearing. we think it is all a matter of law. but he will decide partial or full on summary judgment. we would like to believe in judge in florida will be done with this by the end of the year or early next year there. will be an appeal. i hope a straight line appeal
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to the u.s. supreme court it could go to the 11th circuit. it will take a couple years. it won't be in next session of the supreme court that here -- that hears it. it will be the most significant case on the question of federal government and individual liberty and the question of federal government and states rights and sovereignty and the federalist system we have. it is a very important case. it will go to the supreme court. >> greta: lawyers like to know where their opponents are. do you know where the justice department lawyers are? >> i don't know. i know what their arguments are i expect that's -- i think it is going to be a vigorous debate tomorrow. >> greta: in terms of the way this is proceeding virginia is ahead of you a bit. their summary judgment last week of october. >> they are a little ahead of us in time track. at the end of the day i suspect both cases will make it to supreme court the same time probably hearding to.
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>> greta: i would imagine they would put them together. >> i would think so. they have the peculiar law you mentioned. they can move just on that law. remember they don't have the other feature which we do the question of the state sovereignty 10th amendment argument about medicaid and preemption of states and so forth. less complex than others. >> greta: we will be here so we are going to go to it. thank you. as you know 20 states taking on the feds. there could be a slight wrinkle for florida. attorney general mccollum, is leaving office. who is going to be elected to replace him come november 2nd? will the new florida attorney general will he or she hold the lawsuit or go forward? someone has to make a decision on that. first we talk to republican candidate for attorney general, pam bondi. if you are elected november 2nd, are you going forward with the case that has brought by attorney general mccollum or pull it?
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>> that's why i'm here tonight i plan on being in court and sitting with general mccollum watching the lawsuit and i plan on wholeheartedly going forward with this lawsuit. take on murderers and i would be honored to take on the federal government on this health care takeover. >> greta: four million people don't have health insurance, why? >> this is the largest most expansive entitlement program produced in our country ignores decades of legal precedent. if passed it would cost florida up to a billion dollars to enact. and of course we need tremendous health care reform but this isn't the way. it would affect our medicaid florida and florida wouldn't be able to sustain the cost. as well as the federal government attempting to regulate inactivity. unprecedented it has never been done. they are trying to tell our state by being alive and breathing we have to purchase a good and if we don't
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purchase that good, we are going to be fined or penalized. >> greta: i don't know how much you and attorney general mccollum have talked. you are both republicans. have you been working together in the event you win in november so there will be a smooth transition? how close have you been working? >> if i'm blessed to win, i'm not taking anything for granted. i want to hit ground running that is what is so important to me and i know the lawsuit is important to so many floridians and our country. that's why i'm here. general mccollum has been wonderful. i plan on wholeheartedly continuing with this lawsuit. >> greta: going around campaigning, you are at a primary, did you get a sense -- what were floridians saying? i imagine some people like this health care law. >> not many, believe it or not. they realize how much it is going to cost the state of florida. of course, the actuaries didn't come out until after this health care law was passed by the federal government.
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their own actuaries show that it could cost in excess of a trillion dollars to enact this federal health care program. i don't think people like that. people want to have the choice to purchase their own insurance. they don't want to be forced to do it. nor, do they want to be fined or penalized if they choose not to. >> greta: one of the most interesting aspects is the statute doesn't have a severability clause. if you do win on the mandate or if virginia wins on the mandate or missouri wins on the mandate issue, determined unconstitutional that throws the entire case out. you have a problem if the federal judge interprets the commerce clause broadly you got problems. >> all the case law says activity. what they are trying to regulate is inactivity by being alive. i've been in contact with ken cuccinelli in virginia he's doing a great job on his
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lawsuit as well. >> greta: we are going to be watching. you are going to be in the courtroom? >> i will be in the courtroom learning as much as i can tomorrow. >> greta: pam, thank you. next pam bondi's opponent goes on the record. if he wins what is he going to do form ahead or pull out? it does make a difference in florida. state senator joins us, next. if you think things are contentious in pensacola, try pennsylvania. meet the mayor of a pennsylvania town locked in his own battle with the federal government. what is his fight about? stay tuned. governor palin is at it again. hear what she did? you will. stay right here
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>> greta: we are live from florida several political wars are raging at the same time. you just heard from pam bondi republican candidate for florida attorney general. what does her opponent say? democratic state senator dan gelber joins us live. good evening. as you know pam has been a friend of on the record for many years. try to give you the same interviews. first question, if you were elected in november, state attorney general, are you going to continue the health care lawsuit on behalf of florida? >> no. look, there are four million people without health care in our state. i think everybody agrees we need health care reform.
1:13 am
everyone agrees this was not the most perfect bill that has passed. i'm not going to take the resources of this office that are so desperately needed to solve some of the pressing issues of our state and dedicate them to what i think ultimately was a politically motivated lawsuit spawned out of a primary battle and ultimately, i i don't think has merit when it gets to the supreme court, which i think it will. >> greta: how would you grade this bill for floridians? how good is it for them? >> we have four million people without health care. we have 800,000 children without health care. pam talked about the costs of the bill to the state. the truth of the matter is, every one of these four million people they are getting care. they are getting them in emergency rooms that care is already being paid for by floridians in the form of property taxes that support our safety net hospitals. i think the bill helps florida
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deal with a true health care crisis. we have the second highest percentage of uninsured in the country. to me, i think it is something that has to be addressed. >> greta: what grade do you give it? >> i would give it a about, izeájt the criticisms they like their health insurance. not that they don't want to help the four million in your state. one does it make sense to change everybody's health insurance for the benefit of the four million that there might be something better if you only give a b maybe we should go for the a legislation that agreeses the -- that addresses the problem for efficiently and helps people who don't like it. >> my problem has to do with the fact that it doesn't deal with cost cutters like pharmaceutical prices. the end of the day you keep the insurance you have under this bill. it provides for a huge group in florida affordable health
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insurance. the folks who aren't insured aren't the poor or older they get that through medicaid and medicare. florida has a small base economy they are the ones who have no insurance. in florida it would provide a great benefit. i any if you don't like the bill miss bondi should run as congress where she can as legislator fix it in the next session. you shouldn't go after it in what i think is going to be a frivolous lawsuit. >> greta: if you sworn in as attorney general would this be one of the first things do you is file a motion to dismiss on behalf of florida? that will leave it standing as to other states, but as to your state? >> look, i'm going to repeat, florida has pill mills on every corner. gang problem. we are doing less criminal cases than we did 10 years ago in our prosecutor's office. we should be
1:16 am
i'm going to take the attorney general's office from these political lawsuits and put it back into the business of protecting floridians that is what i think it should be doing. >> greta: what do you make of the severability clause? everyone says there is no severability clause in this, if any aspect of the statute is declared unconstitutional the whole bill falls? >> in florida sometimes there are, sometimes there are not, by and large they are not enforced so that doesn't matter. i think at the end of the day, 70 years of supreme court precedence that the commerce clause sufficient to allow for the federal jurisdiction in this matter. however the court rules on these preliminary matters won't matter it will end up before the high court for them to determine this and virginia's. whether or not florida is in the suit or not of course the suit will continue and all of america will deal with the findings of the court. >> greta: state senator, thank you, good luck sir.
1:17 am
>> thank you. thank you for having me greta. >> greta: special programming note do not miss "on the record" tomorrow night inside story on the 20 states battling the federal government in court. we'll be going on the record be back here 10 p.m. eastern tomorrow night many >> next, did president obama send his press secretary out to fight with minority leader boehner? >> did you hear what weapon press secretary robert gibbs is using? it sounds a little bit like junior high. unfortunately, this is really important actual of us that is coming up. >> plus, very grim news out of, no not mexico. their war is now here in the united states. it involves a corrupt double agent one of our own law enforcement. that news is coming up.
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>> greta: is house minority leader boehner ready to comprise or extending the bush tax cuts? >> if the only option i have is to vote for those at 250 and below of course i'm going to do that. but i'm going to do everything i can to make sure we extent the current tax rates for all americans.
1:21 am
>> greta: if that was an olive branch the white house knocked it down. robert gibbs says, we welcome john boehner's change in position in support for the middle class tax cuts time will tell if his acts will be anything but continued support for the failed policies that us into this mess. gibbs started a twitter war. firing off a tweet. disarray equals boehner versus cantor, mcconnell versus mcconnell boehner says the white house is spinning his meant. is this junior high or what? former senator santorum joins us live. good evening this is very important substantive issue as to whether or not tax cuts should be extended. robert gibbs is not the president. to show that much disrespect for an elected member of congress, even referring to him as boehner, we refer to
1:22 am
president obama as president obama, you senator. when is president obama going to slap down his press secretary, it is one thing to have a disagreement but at lost show some respect. >> i think he has taken his cues from his boss. saw the president, we talked about this the last time i was on the show. the president was out on the road talking trash to republicans. being very condescending to personally condescending to leader boehner and others. what i think he's doing is sort of actually following his boss' lead as opposed to doing something that his boss doesn't want him to do, unfortunately. >> greta: interesting, because i know there's been a lot of talk about congressman boehner in terms of whether or not he will vote for the extension i think he has an out-clause saying he will if he has to, but doesn't want to. the whole idea is where is the substantive debate? >> the problem greta is that
1:23 am
every single democrat is running for reelection across this country is running from the president. the substantive debate is one they don't want to have. i saw a poll today. they polled everything that the obama administration has done. with the exception of the financial services regulatory bill which has a slim majority support. everything else majority of americans are opposed. you don't sycuan dates talking about anything that the -- you don't see candidates talking about what the president has done or is going to do. you do this, you make -- >> greta: it is so distasteful. "new york times" this weekend published an article saying boehner is up to his eyeballs with lobbyist money, $39,000. i saw the article, then i find out that gibbs sends the link around to every person he can
1:24 am
find. then one of my colleagues looks it turns out the $39,000 boehner has is chump change there are many more including kendrick meek was getting $154,000. i got a list of people who got far more lobby money that the "new york times" didn't include when they wrote about boehner. gibbs trashes boehner so he's the only one, that's not a substantive discussion. >> it is not. what they are trying to do is go back to the days of 1994 when the democrats were in trouble the last time it looked like a republican wave was coming. they try to demon -- demonize in your case it is newt gingrich and my friend. they tried to make him into this dangerous figure that -- >> greta: except congressman delay was nasty too. your party has a couple. you aren't so pure either, your party on this. and the american people gets hurt on this >> i'm not arguing that either
1:25 am
side should be doing this. i'm saying the last time this happened, that's what they did. you are right tom delay was another guy that was taken up. i can remember in 1992, we tried to do the same to tom foley. foley was speaker of the house back then not necessarily a figure that scared you when the lights went out. they are trying to do that. because they do not have issues to talk about, they are on the wrong side of the american people when it comes to growing the size of government. they are on the wrong side of the american people when it comes to this tax issue. the american public do not want a tax increase on anybody when the nation the problems it is facing right now -- when the economy is facing the issues it is facing right now. >> greta: gibbs makes it more impossible to resolve any of these. thank you. next, huge news on the mexican
1:26 am
drug war about one of the most wanted in mexico accused drug lord named he will grand day. we have the latest, -- el grand day, we have the latest next. >> did you hear about the battle in pennsylvania? nothing to do with health care, stay tuned.
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>> greta: on the record has the latest on the mexican drug war. tonight big news. one of the most wanted fugitives in mexico has been captured accused drug lord named el grande was arrested yesterday by mexican marines. tell me who this man is and how the arrest went down? >> yes, he was arrested over the weekend by mexican marines who raided his house in a
1:30 am
central mexican city. it is about two hours from mexico city. they raided his home. they found him and of two his accomplices and took them into custody. there were no shots fired. apparently he just went willingly without putting up a fight. >> greta: what does this mean in terms of the drug war? does this mean that -- is this a huge step forward or will someone step in and fill his position as head of a drug cartel? >> well he was a very high ranking person allegedly, in the cartel that the mexican government has especially hit hard over the last two years. they've brought down most of the highest ranking cartel leaders, including the leader who was killed in december in a battle with marines. that was arturo beltran.
1:31 am
they arrested several high ranking mexican officials who had been protecting that cartel. so, in terms of the fight against drug traffickers it seeps like this cartel is on its way down. it has been very knocked down. they have mostly controlled the drug smuggling corridors in the sort of southwest central mexico. so there are several other cartels that would be poised to move in there. we'll have to see the consequence hasn't been seen yet. several cartels, la familia i'm sure would have their eyes on that. >> greta: he and labarre buy
1:32 am
the head of the american drug cartel arrested? >> they were rivals within that cartel after b tran was killed in december of 2010 "-- 2009. a battle for control of the leadership of that cartel started. barbie was on one side and this man arrested yesterday el grande was on the other side. it is very interesting, the government got two leaders of this very bloody fight back-to-back, they got 'em both. >> greta: good news indeed. alexandra, thank you. >> the "washington post" writer wrote a stunning page article that takes your breath away about mexico and a double agent. a very bad double agent. reporter cc connelly joins us live who is this agent? i guess i buried the lead this
1:33 am
was an american law enforcement person is that right? >> yes, that's right and it goes against conventional wisdom. everybody talks about corruption in mexico which is a serious, severe problem for decades if not centuries. here in the united states it is a growing problem. in this instance a woman who had been a customs and border patrol agent for more nan a decade. before that she had been an el paso cop. essentially, the inspector general's office of the department of homeland security was able to nab her, thanks to a colleague who went and reported suspicions to them. he went undercover. we know him only by the name of angel, for his own security. it was an eight month sting that took her down. and four other of her conspirators who were involved in a pretty significant smuggling ring. >> greta: did it come out how
1:34 am
she was corrupted? american law enforcement border patrol, working on the united states side of the border, one of us. how was she corrupted, what happened? >> we don't know as much about how she got involved with the cartels. in this case, the cartel which is one of the crime syndicates based in juarez on the border across from el paso. we do know much from her efforts to bring in angel. what was really remarkable and what we are seeing in more and more of these cases that the cartels, and their people like martha are using cold war era espionage tactics. they are looking for targets to recruit and bring in to their sort of operations. in this case angel was the one that she thought she was bringing along. she laid this out over many months, greta. very slowly the way in the cold war spice used to be recruited.
1:35 am
-- cold war spies used to be recruited. >> greta: what was she trying to do so he would be coming from mexico and would give things a pass? what was she doing and what was the plan for angel? >> what you could see happening in her small organization was she herself had moved from working the inspection lanes. there were several incidents where in the past inspectors thought they were gonna catch her in the act, waving someone through and it fell apart for one reason or another. she had recently moved into kind of more of an administrative position. she wanted to have angel out there on the inspection lanes. there was an elaborate code she set up with him in spanish. very simple phrases she used one which means oh, it is cold outside. if he said that into the walkie-talkie on a night that was to alert them he was working lane number 10 at port of entry. that's where they would bring
1:36 am
the vehicle through. sometimes with illegal aliens. sometimes a carload of marijuana. so, these are the most valued assets that the cartels can have as it was explained to me. once you've got a bad inspector waving things through the lane, that is just gold for the cartels. >> greta: is she an anomaly or is there a suspicion there may be others? what is law enforcement saying? obviously, this is a stunning development. is this a freak situation or do they think they have bigger problems? >> well, you get differing opinions and assessments, depending on how political the person you are talking to is. some say these are still bad apples. of course they are, to a certain extent. i want to be absolutely fair and say the corruption problem in the u.s. is nowhere near what it is in mexico, unfortunately. but in her case alone, thanks to a number of these tape recorded conversations, when
1:37 am
angel was wearing a wire, we were able to learn that she was refered to as the original. angel was referred to as the fourth. investigators said to me they are concerned about where might be number two and three, just in her little operation alone. there have been many other cases greta, in recent years. it has been on the rise. >> greta: ceci, thank you. she is starting a big new job, congratulations to ceci. she will be back. >> yeah. >> greta: good luck. next another fight with the feds. this time a mayor of a small pennsylvania town not happy with the federal government. find out why that mayor goes on the record, next. >> governor sarah palin goes rogue again. a certain woman might be thanks her for it. ♪ ♪
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. secretary of state hillary clinton arriving in egypt for a second round of mideast peace talks, set to get underway just hours from now. palestinian leaders have said they will walk out if israel resumes building settlements in the disputed west bank. israel's freeze on new construction is scheduled to end on september 26. word from colorado, a destructive wildfire near
1:42 am
boulder is 100% contained. 2,000 evacuees can return to their houses. the fire ignited on labor day, destroying at least 166 homes. another wildfire, which began sunday in nearby loveland, is 20% contained at this hour. it's burned nearly 1,000 acres, destroying at least two homes there. i'm ainsley earhardt, now back to "on the record." >> greta: on the record is live in pensacola, florida. tomorrow 20 state attorneys general scare off with the feds over health care. far north in pennsylvania hazelton has its own battle with the feds over illegal immigration. did you hear what is going on there? last week a federal court to punish businesses and landlords who hire or rent to illegal immigrants. the mayor says the fight with
1:43 am
the feds is not over. the mayor joins us live. good evening, sir. >> good evening greta. >> greta: mayor, what is this ordinance that has been struck down? what is it and why did you advance it or push it or support it? >> well, the ordinance we passed was the first in the country. an ordinance that pushed businesses that knowingly hired illegal aliens. and punished landlords that knowingly rented to illegal aliens by suspending their business license. >> greta: why did you feel it necessary to do that? what is going on in hazeleton, pennsylvania? >> we were having an illegal immigration problem although 2,000 miles from our nearest southern border. the illegal immigration problem wasn't coming from the southern border. it was coming from those who were entering the country illegally through new york andn new jersey. creating problems in our city. our small budget could not
1:44 am
withstand the drain that illegal immigration was bringing to the taxpayers and legal residents of our city. >> greta: what is the legal drain? what way were the illegal immigrants costing you money? >> well, you know, through crime, hospitals, education. our population grew by 50% since the year 2000. but our taxes remain the same. every time we send a police officer, health officer, fireman, code enforcement officer it continued to drain our small budget to the point it was effecting the quality of life in our city. the federal government clearly was not enforcing immigration laws. i took an oath to defend the people of my city and that's what i did. >> greta: did you go to the federal government and ask for help? >> actually, i did in december of 2005. when we realized that we had an illegal immigration problem over 10% of our entire population there illegally. i talked to the department of justice.
1:45 am
realized that we weren't going to get any help from the federal government. after a 29-year-old city man was shot and killed, a few months after that, i -- by two illegal aliens we spent over half of our yearly budget in over time in the police department on that one homicide. enough was enough. i created the ordinance. we lost in district court. and we appealed to the 3rd circuit court and i'm now prepared to take this to the supreme court. >> greta: mayor, thank you sir. >> thank you. >> greta: our next guest hates the ordinance and loves the court ruling. boston mayor joins us live senior litigation council for latino justice one of the groups that filed the lawsuit against the hazeleton ordinance. good evening your name is mayor but you are not the mayor is that correct? >> not that i know of.
1:46 am
>> greta: why do you dislike this ordinance? >> we think the appeals court made two critical and important points. one it acknowledged this law will have a discriminatory impact against latinos and other immigrants. latinos whether they are immigrants or not by its nature and employment regulation. as for housing, it would prohibit families who have someone without status from living in hazel ton and the court made the key point that the federal policy is not to drive people without status -- to make them homeless and drive them from one locality to another. the federal policy is to discourage them from getting jobs not to make them destitute and throw them out of their housing. these two key points that the court put are critical. >> greta: the mayor says illegal immigration is a problem for his community. do you have an idea how to help solve this problem for him for his community if you don't like this statute?
1:47 am
>> it is odd. the mayor acknowledged before he brought this lawsuit that the wonderful growth that the latino community had brought to hazleton and helped in its revitalization. the presence of the latino community has been an economic boon to this town. >> greta: so is he lying to me when he said it cost him? i don't know if you could hear the interview. he said it cost his community. is he lying to me? >> i'm not saying there aren't costs but overall benefit is clear. what does he misrepresent? he talks about the impact on crime. he said 1/3 of all drug arrests were of people without immigration status. when we went through the police arrest records, drug records, it made clear that only 10 out of 235 drug arrests were of people without status. so, yes he has played loose with the facts. of course there are some
1:48 am
costs. but the benefits, we believe outweigh the cost. >> greta: mr. mayor, thank you. >> you're welcome >> greta: next the best of the rest. governor sarah palin jumping into the middle of another battle. that full story is next. >> plus, blaming your cat for a crime is lame. but a crime like this, this is [ female announcer ] staynce... stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at can earn you a free night -- investors are demanding more for their money. good. this time, i'm watching fees like a hawk.
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. >> greta: here's the best of the rest. former governor sarah palin does it again! endorsing a tea party favorite over an establishment candidate. this time, in delaware. christine o'donnell taking on republican congressman mike castle for a u.s. senate seat. now o'donnell has governor palin in her corner. >> this is governor sarah palin i'm calling to ask you to vote for christine o'donnell for u.s. senate this tuesday. the wave of positive change can really sweep across our land with the election of constitutional conservatives, like christine, who promise to use common sense and rein in federal government spending. i can relate to the vicious personal attacks on christine and can tell you, sad to see the establishment's desperation in this. christine will support efforts
1:53 am
for america's energy security and patient-centered health care reform and cutting government waste and letting the private sector thrive and prosper. we just can't afford more of the same in washington. and christine will help usher in the real change that we need to get america on the right track. so please, join me in supporting christine and vote for christine o'donnell this tuesday, september 14th. thank you so much. paid for by friends of christine o'donnell. >> greta: the primary is tomorrow. of course we'll see what happens in delaware. >> well, one of the most awkward interviews in tv history recreated. joaquin phoenix is going back on the late show with david letterman. last year he stunned an audience and viewers across the country when he gave a bizarre interview to letterman. some speculate he was/c butting a prank when he spoke to letterman -- speculate he was pulling a prank when he spoke to letterman. now he's promoting a new movie
1:54 am
about his life called, "estimate still here." we'll see what happens. >> finally the award for the worst offense to a crime in history. a man found guilty after blaming his cat for downloading child pornography on his computer in 2009 when keith griffin was busted with more than 1,000 illegal images he told investigators his cat must have stepped on his keyboard and downloaded the pictures. last week he pleaded no contest a judge sentenced him to 12 1/2 years behind bars. account did not have to testify. there you have it -- the best of the rest. >> did you hear it lindsay lohan and the slap heard around the world. do not go away. yellowbook has always been crucial to your business,
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1:59 am
>> no. >> then why is your ankle bracelet going off? >> that just means my table is ready at cheesecake factory. >> you're a menace. >> take it from me. >> okay. okay. you turned your life around. maybe i can, too what. >> go get them. >> thanks freckles. >> have a great show. >> well, embarrass me. >> well, at least lindsay lohan can laugh at herself that, is your last call. don't forget to watch "on the record" tomorrow night. the 20 state battle of feds trying to block president obama's health care law. several state attorneys general will be here z we'll have the latest tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. eastern. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you all again tomorrow, make sure to follow us on