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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 14, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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us in your home. that's it for this special report. report. fair, balanced and unafrai captioned by closed captioning services, inc you do. you do know this guy. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> i have been involved in the 9/11 truth movement since september 129, 2001. >> breaking news an associate of the imam who is behind the ground zero mosque says that the 9/11 attack was an inside job. not an al qaeda operation. >> there is compelling evidence to suggest not only is it false but it was some form of inside job. >> does this mean the mosque is not being run by moderate muslims? we'll have a factor investigation. >> actually disingenuous that that block is hallowed ground. >> in the mean time imam rauf says he is going ahead with the ground zero project and is doing so in the name of peace. but the imam might be tied in are the radicals.
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we will tell you about that ♪ you're a patriot, jan brewer and you too joe arpaio. >> sattist stevens has a new song about the arizona illegal alien controversy ♪ god save arizona. >> bill: caution, you where to enter not spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. evidence that the ground zero imam is associated with a radical muslim. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. now, some who oppose the ground zero mosque fear that the muslims behind the proposed community center have radical ties. and evidence shows that fear may now be valid. the point man in the controversy is imam fiesel abdul rauf who
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continues to put forth that is he a man of peace, a moderate muslim who wants only the best for his own country, america, and the muslim world. but imam rauf has a troubling association. this man, assistant imam con believes the 9/11 attack was not generated by al qaeda but was an inside job orchestrated by the united states itself. documents uncovered by the investigative project on terrorism show that in a blog posting khan said, quote: >> bill: now, khan is part of a crew called truthers who deny muslim extremists started the war on terror. he was a close associate of the
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imam rauf. in 1997 khan, rauf and rauf's wife founded the american society for the advancement of muslims. the three are on the board of directors. so there is no question, no question that the truther khan has a relationship with rauf. and that was not made public by rauf, a major mistake for a man under so much scrutiny. so what's going on here? well, we asked rauf and khan for comments. they declined. that is simply unacceptable and should be enough to table the entire project until clarification is forth coming. if imam rauf wants to explain his relationship with khan, we are willing to listen. but let's stop this nonsense about the community center being simply a monument to peace. the truth is we don't know what the project is a monument to. again, imam rauf has some explaining to do. finally, let's listen to mr. khan. >> i have been involved in the 9/11 tru movement since september 12th, 2001. we are all saying that this
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means extremely false and compelling evidence to suggest not only false but some form of inside job. we can all agree with that. >> bill: that guy shouldn't be allowed within 10 miles of ground zero and that's the memo. now top story reaction. joining for reaction roy locker the managing editor of the investigating project on war on terrorism. did i leave anything out about the rauf khan relationship, mr. locker? >> it goes even further up until 2006. we have evidence that faiz khan was a member of the azma board. he attended a conference in copenhagen denmark in july of 2006 in which he led a panel there. not only that, he was leading prayers up until december of 2009 at the burlington coat factory mosque. the makeshift mosque that's at the ground zero location. >> bill: so he has been involved with this but imam rauf has not mentioned him or any of his
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associates in the context of this controversy. am i correct? >> absolutely right. i mean, the imam hasn't talked about really anybody that he does business with. >> bill: all right. so the imam, not only knew this guy but sat on the board of directors with him, founded an organization with him. so, why would the imam ignore this guy? he had to know that your project or the factor and the "new york post" did some reporting on this. the only media outlet that we could find that reported this story was "the new york post." he had to know that we were going to find out about this guy, did he not? >> well, you would think so. i mean, it's possible, i guess, that he doesn't know what faiz khan has been doing for the past nine years. >> bill: how would that be possible? he spoke in 2006, as you pointed out, as part of this organization he started. he had to know. he had it it to know.
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it's impossible he wouldn't know. >> that's our thinking too, he had to have known. >> bill: where is the next dot? rauf has gone on all these shows. he won't come on fox news. flat out won't because he knows we are not going to give him a soft ride. rauf will go on all these shows telling the american people, look, i'm a man of peace. all i want is peace. all i want is a good relationship. and it's an associate of his, close associate of his, is a truther and a guy who says hey, al qaeda didn't have anything to do with this. it's a patsy. how do you connect the next dot? is rauf dishonest? is he delusional? what is he? >> you know, i would probably tend to lean toward delusional. i mean, this guy has been talking about major grandiose projects for at least a dozen years with asma. weave did a story a week and a half ago that's on our investigative that shows that he claimed to have been holding religious services for up to 500 people in what is
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an upper west side apartment building. we have looked at his money that goes to his other group the cordova initiative, found that they didn't report about $100,000 in contributions on their fax -- tax forms. there is a lot there that bears scrutiny. whether he is a moderate, who knows. there plenty of evidence when it comes to reporting what he does, where his money comes from, there is not much there. >> bill: to be fair to imam rauf, he says he would put forth where the money from this cordova project comes from. let's get back to khan. khan is a doctor, an m.d. he works at a prestigious hospital in long island. is he well-accepted in the muslim community, i guess. is it unfair of us to question rauf for his association with this khan even though khan's opinion about 9/11 is insane? >> i don't think it's unfair to question the association. i mean, look, a lot of people have disagreements about whether
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the mosque is a good idea. that's fine. but, i mean, to not believe the 9/11 -- the facts around 9/11, that's really out there on the fringe. you know, he should be asked to explain it. >> bill: okay. now, many americans believe that this mosque is going to be a front for, you know, muslims who don't like the u.s.a. it's going to be used for nefarious purposes. do you have any evidence to show that might be the case? >> no, not really. we just have a lot of questions. we have looked at, you know, the funding sources to rauf's two organizations. have found some with the group called asma from other countries. not particularly dangerous countries but other countries none the less. but who knows. i mean, once the thing gets going, he forms another nonprofit where he doesn't have to disclose his contributors. nobody knows where that money is coming from. >> bill: okay, but, even if the money comes from sources that
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aren't friendly to the united states, does that mean the mosque itself or the community center itself would be used, you know, for purposes to harm this country? it doesn't. see, that's where we can't make that last jump. >> no, we can't. >> bill: all we can say in fairness is rauf hid this association with khan. no question he did. we asked him today to explain it and he won't. he hid it. he didn't want people to know about it now it's out there, all right? khan is a loon. and he is a loon that is making excuses for al qaeda. and, you know, is he involved with this guy rauf. not good, mr. locker. i will give you the last word. >> well, no. it's definitely not good. i think it bears further scrutiny. who else has the imam done business with you know, as usual, follow the money. >> bill: all right. mr. locker, next on the run down mary katharine and juan will respond. brit hume on barack obama lined up against the majority of americans who don't think the
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mosque is
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>> bill: continuing with our lead story the man behind ground zero mosque rauf and his association with a man who holds radical views on the 9/11 attack. joining us from washington with rehabilitation mary katharine ham and juan williams. imam rauf says he wants to bring people together, give peace a
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chance. is he a great con sill territory. i don't know. he wants to bring everybody together or something o'reilly. however, we asked him point back, is he running and hiding, juan, that's crazy, is it not? >> it is crazy. you know, your previous guest locker says, you know, it invites questions. i think it goes beyond that i think it invites suspicion. i think it invites wait a second, yeah, the u.s. state department sends the guy overseas supposedly as an agent of peace and reckon reconciliation. this is the same guy then who doesn't understand it's a provocative act, bill, who put the mosque that location. let me just state clearly it's a first amendment issue, i think that's true. i think he still has the right to do it. but this raises the bar. my thing about this is as i'm looking i think this is imam rauf has already said he thinks the u.s. was an accessory to
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what happened on 9/11. you recall he said that to 60 minutes. now we learned this about his associate. i don't want to be guilty of guilt by association. i don't think he is responsible for what this guy does or says. >> bill: no, no, no. i didn't say he is responsible. but he is hiding it look, this is a guy under tremendous scrutiny, juan. tremendous, everybody is looking at him saying who are you? who is paying for it? what are your beliefs? he goes "hey, i'm the friendliest guy in town. i want everybody to get together." the u.s. is giving him money to go overseas to tell everybody that, ostensibly. and who is his buddy who found this organization, which guy khan? did we ever hear this name juan? did he ever say anything about it? come on. >> nobody in journalistic circles knew about this guy until tonight on your show. >> bill: the "new york post" broke it today, the investigative project had it. >> give credit where credit is due. >> bill: right. >> what we knew about this imam
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is he is a guy who refuses to say hamas is a bunch of terrorists. he says the u.s. had some obligation or role in what happened on 9/11. you touched on this a minute ago. where is the money? where is the money coming from? and is the money linked to radical organizations? because he says he is a mod. the state department says is he a moderate. >> bill: if he forms an organization with a guy who runs around saying al qaeda had nothing to boo with 9/11, mary katharine. how you can be a moderate and hang with a guy like that? >> yeah. i think when it comes to these situations you look how closely the two are involved. you find out that this guy, the truther, has preached at the proposed location for the mosque which is problematic and founded an organization together. if you didn't know this guy was a truther, which i can't imagine he didn't, this is really problematic. he needs to come out and talk about it. what is going on here is a sensitive project in a sensitive place and he should have been
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waging a p.r. campaign since the beginning. is he waging the worst p.r. campaign in the history of p.r. campaign. now you have got his friend who basically, you know, he wants to build bridges, he says. but now we have got this guy who is his buddy and has been for a long time basically making the greatest most blatant excuse for terrorist violence that there is. saying know, that didn't actually happen. you put that guy preaching at the proposed area and, yes, people are going to have questions. they are going to want to know if this guy is serious. >> bill: what it does, juan, is that all the people who said, hey, look, we don't want this mosque there because we don't trust these muslims. that's what it comes down to. we don't trust them. we don't trust them. we don't trust this rauf. we don't trust him. and, of course, the left turns it into oh, you are bigoted. if you don't trust him you are bigoted. now we have a headline. now the headline comes out hey, rauf's pal is a truther. and all the people that say we don't trust him go told you. told you. that's exactly what this is.
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>> right. remember what i warned you about, guilt by association. we don't want to be guilty of that look, it's not that he is the only truther out there. there are a bunch of nuts. >> bill: it doesn't matter. explain khan and he won't. he won't explain it. >> right. and he has been hiding khan. i heard you clearly. >> bill: absolutely. >> not let's not make a mistake and say he is the only truther. there are americans. >> they are all over the place. >> bill: all about rauf. because rauf is the driver behind this community center. it's only about him. and a lot of measures -- americans simply don't trust the man and now we have got this. >> it's not fair to say that he is the guy, you know, that everybody associated with me or mary katharine or you, bill, that we are responsible for everything that they say or believe. >> bill: no, but when you ask the guy, he has got to explain it go ahead, mary katharine. >> here is the thing, the imam now is a public figure. he has been for quite some time. he is employed by the state department going around the world speaking on our behalf. public figures in this nation are required to distance
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themselves from 9/11 truthers because that is a decent and right thing to do. he should come on your show. >> bill: the u.s. government, the state department who sent him around the world on the taxpayer dime. they don't have any idea about him and khan. they are watching him tonight going holy, you know. what the obama administration is going oh my god. they don't know. because they they look into this guy. i guarantee you they have no idea about this rauf. they don't know. and rauf is sitting at home going oh, you know, we will find out imam. and it's better for you to come on and tell us because we will find out. >> i want to know about the money. mayor bloomberg says we shouldn't care about the money. >> bill: mayor bloomberg? >> money for the churches and synagogues. i think this is more reason for us to raise the bar and make more demands of finding information out about rauf. >> bill: well, we will. all right juan and mary katharine. directly ahead brit hume on the political implications from this
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story. will this guy change his tune now on the mosque? bernie goldberg on whether the mainstream media will even report the story, which is obviously very
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>> bill: hume zone segment tonight. let's bring in brit hume to talk about the political implications of the new mosque information for president obama. brit, you know, we talked about this last weaker. you said the wouldn't carry over. this deal am i overstating it. >> it's an interesting story and raises questions about who this man rauf really is and what his intentions are and his likely to further public doubts on whether the mosque should be built. no whether there is a right to build it polls show overwhelming number of americans agree he has
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a right to do it. overwhelming majority believes that it might not be a good idea. the president has taken no position on it saying only he has the right. remember, bill, this election this fall is about the members of the house and subset of the senate. and the thing to watch is where these embattled drattle democrats come out on this. the ones that are in trouble. my guess is you won't find many democrats in this fall saying. right to build it most of them. in fact come out against doing so. >> bill: they won't engage. it is a democrat vs. republican election, too. as we see in the gallup poll that there is such a big gap now between americans who say they would vote for the g.o.p. as opposed to the democrats. here is the deal. do you agree with me? i believe the obama administration has no idea about this rauf. they don't have any -- i think tonight when they -- you know, when president obama gets this little dispatch before he goes to bed saying, hey, there is guy named khan who is an an associate of rauf who is a
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truther and doesn't believe al qaeda has anything to do with it obama is going to look at it and say holy, you know what. >> brit: i wouldn't rule that out assuming the story surfaces for him. the "new york post" alone and now you have picked up the story which is available out there from that investigative project. >> bill: it's going to be on every internet web site it will surface. it's over. it will surface. here is the deal. the state department sends this rauf on the taxpayer's dime all over the world to preach about, you know, detente between muslims in america which is a goofed thing that theme. they don't know anything about them. because rauf won't explain. that's all he had to do was go out today. call them up and say bill, i will come on and tell who this guy is and my association with him and whether he has anything to do with the community center or not. no way. he runs and hides khan. you can't be doing that, sending this guy oversea when you say don't know anything about him.
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>> it does not look good for the imam or the project that the guy has apparently been hanging without truther. truthers are in bad odor in america. this is very volatile thing. it's infuriating to people who hear 9/11 -- he said it was obviously an inside job. that is an idea that i think is pretty abhorrent to most americans. >> bill: yeah. now president obama is on record as getting involved with this but not speaking about the wisdom as you pointed out. and now it grows and grows and grows. look, this story, whether you like me or not, whether you believe the investigative project or not, this story has now elevated itself. because the suspicions that many americans had, as i talked about with juan and mary katharine have been confirmed. here is a guy who says al qaeda didn't have anything to do about it deeply involved. he actually spoke twice at the site of this community center. this guy, not rauf, who we are seeing here, this guy khan. there he is. he spoke twice. and is he deeply involved with
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rauf. they founded the organization. and now americans who said, you know, we -- we were against it because we -- something didn't smell right about it. now this is cop -- confirmed what does obama do? continue not to address it? >> it's a good question whether he will now say -- having not said whether it was wise to build it he might decide it was not wise to do it. i thought this story would die because of lack of oxygen. it was kept alive during august by the fact there wasn't any other news and given new lease on life when rauf went on television and then, of course, it was given some sustenance that we had the 9/11 anniversary over the weekend. here comes another story that suggests there may be other stories yet to be written by rauf and his associates that will keep this story alive. sooner or later, of course, every politician including barack obama, president obama to come out and really say whether he thinks this is a good idea or not. my guess is if he comes out now and says anything, is he not
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going to say that is he for it. >> bill: okay. now, fairness much the story. i know we're going to be attacked for making this the lead story and talking about it tonight. no doubt. we will be accused of being anti-muslim. bigots against muslims. that's what always happens. we will talk to bernie goldberg about it coming right up. i don't believe "the washington post," "new york times" is going to have their editions tomorrow. they are going to ignore this story and so will the nightly news, i believe. maybe i'm wrong. i'm on good morning america tomorrow stephanopoulos can't ignore it i'm on good morning america tomorrow. stephanopoulos has to talk about it there i am. if he is smart he will get rauf to sit right across from me. okay? >> the truth as you suggest, bill, it doesn't matter as it once did whether those big organs who are not so big anymore to gloss over a story. now it hit the "new york post," it's on your program. it will be picked up elsewhere.
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people who care about this are going to know about this. >> bill: all right, brit. thanks very much. we appreciate it? >> you bet. >> bill: our pal ray stevens has a new satire song about the illegal arizona controversy. we will play some of that song for you. and then, as mentioned, bernie goldberg on whether the establishment media will even mention the ties imam rauf had to the 9/11 radical truther. will the media pick up the story? i betcha you guys are placing your bets right now. we hope you stay tuned to those reports as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight as we have been reporting millions of americans are seeing their health care premiums go up big time. sometimes even more than 20%. because some insurance companies are factoring in obama care and charging us for services they may have to provide down the road. it looks like things will get much worse. with us now former new york state lt. governor betsy mccoy
5:32 am
author of the book "obama health law: what it says and how to overturn it." obviously that's miss mccoy's point of view. what i'm interested in i i got a $2,100 hit. >> very common. >> bill: i investigated the hit. i got vague things like we have to pay for kids 26 years old none on their parents rolls. you can't get preexisting conditions. you can't deny them. we have got to charge you, bill and your family more money is that legit? >> yes. let's take a look. this is the obama health law. >> bill: this is the whole law? >> that's right. the first 20 pages of the 2600 pages go into effect right away. that's what is costing you money. i will give you an example. the president is boasting that under this new law preventative care is free. well, that's not true. what the law says is that you are required to pay for all preventative services upfront, colonoscopies, mammograms, smoking cessation programs
5:33 am
whether you want them or not. they are prepaid. so the insurance company can't show you a co-pay if you choose to get them. let's face it, the government can't force to you get a colonoscopy but they are forcing to you pay for one and it kind of feels the same. >> bill: if somebody wants to -- say i want to get a colonoscopy under my health insurance plan, they have to pay for it? >> that's right. >> bill: they have to pay a stern amount of money. they are building in that all the males they have on their rolls are going to get it? >> that's because they were allowed to charge you a co-pay before and they are not now. there is another reason, too. >> bill: that's one big reason why they are going up. >> one big reason. another reason is that the medicaid roles have gone up allot there are 50 million people on medicaid. >> bill: 15? >> 5-0. and medicaid short changes hospital doctors and hospitals. they pay 86 cents on average. the doctors and hospitals try to make it up by charging privately insured patients more. the more the medicate rolls go
5:34 am
up the more your taxes go up but also the more your insurance premium goes up. each before the recession the average household pays -- >> bill: the insurance companies cannot deny the hospitals the money. >> that's right. even before the recession the average household paid $1,800 a year that extra in their premium to make up. bigger rate hikes ahead. >> bill: when i was listening to the president debate the worthiness. i never heard my insurance was going to go up $2,100 a year. and the small business owners i know never heard it either from the president or the opposition. i was caught by surprise. >> well, the congressional budget office warned members of congress. >> bill: but they didn't call me. >> that's right. they warned members of congress. i read the report before they voted on this law that it was going to push up your premiums at least 10 to 15%. >> bill: the first year. >> that's what the congressional budget office said. >> bill: the first year or the whole thing? >> well, each year you are going to see increases. the big increases are coming in 2014 for two reasons. one is that that is the year you
5:35 am
are going to be required to have the one size fits all qualified plan whether you want it appeared can pay for it or not. it's going to include services that you may not want to buy. for example, addiction treatment services for heroin addicts. you are going to have to pay for that. >> bill: i don't want to get too technical here. you say for the next four years everybody's health insurance premium is going to go up every year. >> yes. and another reason you will see the medicaid rolls continue to go. >> bill: this is like a stealth tax on everybody. small business are not going to hire people because they have to pay all this new mope for the health insurance. >> the people who are getting the worst deal of all are babies who are going to be seniors and depending on medicare. medicaid will increase to 82 million people. medicaid and the public program for children. that's 28% of all non-elderly americans to pay for that huge increase in dependents like welfare reform in reverse.
5:36 am
they are taking the money out of medicare. according to these projections which just came up from the government on thursday, by 2019 an elderly person is going to get $2,000 a year less care. >> bill: they don't have the money. >> than they would have if this law had not passed. seniors bear the real brunt. >> bill: the unintended consequence kicking in big time. i want to apologize to the audience it's technical. we don't expect everybody to read 2600 pages. it's come and it's not great. >> thank you. >> bill: bernie goldberg on the importance of the imam radical truther story and whether the establishment media will report it then, ray stevens has a new song about arizona illegal aliens. ♪ you're a patriot, jan brewer. and you too joe arpaio. and america is with you, much more than you can know. >> bill: those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: thanks tore staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight our intrepid analyst has been following the story we broke tonight about the ground zero mosque imam associating with a 9/11 truther. joining us from north carolina is bernie goldberg. so, i think both you and i agree that this story is going to be down played, perhaps ignored by most in the establishment media, correct? >> you really think that, bill? no. i think that there is probably a better chance that a snow ball would make it through a saudi arabian summer than this story will make it into the mainstream media. that's not just some crazy right wing paranoia. here's why i say that. a few sundays ago the "new york times" ran a page 1 profile of imam rauf, the so-called ground zero imam. it was a valentine from
5:41 am
beginning to end. also 1900 words long, which is a very long piece for a newspaper. they literally did not devote a single word, not one word to the fact that 19 days after 9/11, the imam told ed bradley on 60 minutes that u.s. policies were accessories to the crime. >> bill: let me stop you there. and i want to be fair to imam rauf who i did give the benefit of the doubt to but now because he is running away from this khan story now the imam is on my bad side. let me stop you on that. the prevailing wisdom in the muslim world among moderate muslims and even muslims who like america is that america foreign policy, the way it was handled for 30, 40 years was responsible for radicalizing some people because we have a presence in the gulf. we take their oil. we support death spots in some
5:42 am
countries. saudi arabia and others, that we do all of these things that we intrude on the muslim world. that's not a radical position. you can debate it one way or the other, but it's not a radical. i wasn't resentful when rauf said that to ed bradley. although saying it so close to 9/11 and making an excuse, that's what it came -- you saw ed bradley's expression. ed bradley went up like are you saying that we are responsible? that's how it came off. you are right. >> you left out one thing from your incredibly long list there, bill. that is support for israel. so, if the united states decides that it's in its self-interest to support israel, what, then we should expect these crazy lunatics to fly airplanes into buildings and then our policies are accessories to the crime? second thing you said that i want to take issue with, you said moderate muslims around the world think.
5:43 am
let me tell you something, bill. a moderate in the muslim world is very different from a moderate by american values. very different. >> bill: i know. i define moderate muslims as people who don't hate america. >> i understand your argument but with all due respect i'm not terribly impressed by it let me just finish my point. and that is that in 1900 words they didn't mention this, which you and i disagree about but they didn't mention it at all. now, we -- i assume we agree that it's important enough to at least mention -- well, and let me just say for the record i wrote a letter to the editor of the "times" and they published it if they fail to mention point that is so important to opponents of the mosque near ground zero, they are not going to have any problem at all not covering a story at all about not the imam but an associate of
5:44 am
the imam. so there is no way this is going to make it into the mainstream media. >> bill: just as your point about the imam diverting attention from the 9/11 attack by saying, you know, america might be partially responsible, this is the same thing. this is where the imam lives. he lives in these precincts. it's almost like the jeremiah wright barack obama association. he feels comfortable with guys like khan who is on the board of directors. look, you are right and i'm right that the media probably largely will ignore this story and tomorrow we will document it, okay? why, why does the left-wing media want this ground zero mosque bill of indictment so -- built so much? >> that's a very good question. i think one of the fundamental delusions of liberalism, whether it's the people in the media or people outside the media, because there is no difference, liberals in the media are the
5:45 am
same as liberals outside the media one of their fundamental luciens is that they have a monday monopoly on compassion. taking this side of the issue enables them to show how compassionate they are because they are sticking up for oppressed. and i am putting that word in gigantic quotation marks american muslims. it makes them feel once again that they're looking out for the underdog and all of, this whether it's this or oaffirmative action or a dozen other issues mostly makes them feel better about themselves. and the icing on the cake is that many prominent conservatives are against the mosque in that location. and now they could say, you see? we're the good ones. we're always the good ones, you know. and they are the haters and the bigots and the ignorant people. >> bill: the story blows rauf's cover unless he addresses it directly, don't you? >> yeah. i think the question that has to be asked, this -- did you know
5:46 am
about this? what did you know? when did you know it? and i don't mean as a gotcha question what did you know and when did you know it. i shouldn't have phrased phraset way. i want to know does imam rauf know that his friend held these positions and how close were they? how close was the association? these are just legitimate questions. >> bill: you are right. they are. >> as the next softball interview he does somebody ought to have ask him that. >> bill: he had to know. just like i know all your positions, bernie. i hang with you, and i know what you are all about. he had to know. bernie goldberg, everybody. relate check on deck tonight starring ray stevens on the new song on the arizona illegal alien controversy. women say they want their guys to dance. right back with check.
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>> bill: back of the book egg isn't tonight, reality check where the truth sets us all free. musical sat irist has a new song on web site called god save arizona. he compares arizona to
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now the mail. john: bill, i can't believe you think it is unfortunate the president can't intervene to block the florida guy who wants to burn the qur'an. do we have a constitution? yeah we do in this case it is putting our troops in danger. which is unfortunate, is it not? >> o'reilly i'm american muslim who believes your talking points are right on. our liberty versus their ignorance. i pray we prevail. roger: it bothers me president obama will not speak about the wisdom of the mosque but does condemn the burning of the qur'an. the military factor heightens the issue for the president. why not build an interfaith community center that will honor the loss of people of all faiths on 9/11? that is the best solution. so far the imam has not embraced it. diane:
5:57 am
by pinheads and patriots now -- buy pinheads and patriots now before it sells out with the crowd. bold fresh was the best, culture war was next. o'reilly you make the folks proud. thank you diane. nice plug. signed copy of pinheads and patriots on the way to you. finally the regular pinheads and patriots tv feature. we wish lindsay lohan god's speed on her recovery from substance abuse. over the weekend on the mtv music awards she addressed the issue. >> hello chelsea. >> hey lindsay. >> have you been drinking? >> no. >> why is your ankle bracelet going off? >> that means my table is ready at the cheesecake factory. >> wake up handler, pull it together. you are a mess. you think anyone wants to work with a drunk? take from it me, they don't. >> okay you turned your life around. maybe i can too. >> that's the spirit kid know
5:58 am
go get 'em. >> thanks bucko. >> have a great show! >> bill: not a laugh riot but for having the savvy to poke fun at herself miss lohan is a patriot. new study says that women like men who can dance. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you should be deniesing yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: researchers determine women are more attracted to men who dance vigorously. something to do with testosterone -- if you look dopey on the floor they might cale you a pinhead that's it for us tonight. spout off anything about the factor. name a town if you wish to opine. when writing to the factor do
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not be a lemming. thanks for watching i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here because we are lo good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, september 14th, 2010. i'm gretchen karlson. thank you for sharing your time. there could be some upset. will all eyes be on the tea party? >> also, you know, he says he's a moderate muslim but it seems that the imam since september 12th, 2001, this explanation is completely false. will supporters of the mosque continue to defend it.


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