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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 15, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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this is? this is digital ipacac. f you want a glenn beck sex tape, not good, not good. welcome to "red eye." if by steel magnolia you mean bondage masks and neck collar. hi, andy, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, greg. coming up, a new ad claims mcdonalds is to blame for heart disease. we'll have an interview with old mcdonald himself live from his rm fa. and the new york jets find themselves in hot water over the alleged treatment of a female reporter. the story making you glad you are wearing a cup. and you saw his speech to become ohio county treasurer, and now meet the man himself. phil davidson joins us live. greg? >> thank you, andy. >> some rise by sin and some virtual fault. >> and some like me will stab nut face with a salad fork. >> you are a thug and i
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apologize for nothing. >> i am and i am proud of it. go away. >> let's welcome our guest. i am here with the delightful and the delicious diane pho falzone. she hos "the diana falzone show." and put a ring on it on we -- is that we? she is so hot tauuilla takes shots of her. and mr. van horn. he knows comic i'm tooing like i know basement lining. and my repulsive sidekick, bill shultz. fun fact, the centers for disease control has him on speed dial. and why shouldn't that? and that mown means it is monica crowly. and fox news contributor, she is so hot she received an honorary degree from the sun. and he is a dirty skink who publishes bunk. good to see you, pinch.
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>> a very happy upcoming birthday to one miss monica crowellly. and i present to you a lifetime subscription to the paper of record as well as every book maureen dowd has written or will write. >> thank you for the birthday wishes. >>s who that? >> however, that is the worst birthday present ever. >> how dare you? >> have you had enough? well, they want to take down the clown. the target of their attack, big mac. i speak of a so-called positionses group in dc, a location which is planning to air a provocative ad that links the greatest fast-food on the planet -- or fast-food planet on the chain with death. roll clip, clip rollers.
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>> high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks. tonight, make it vegetarian. >> the message of course is that he died happy. that woman was a shrew. and in other stupid food news, michelle obama continues her hysterical war against joy. either one will work. to the national restaurant association, she says she would like to see more healthy choices for americans dining out. even if it means a restaurant dumping stuff that's popular. no wonder our economy sucks. the first lady says it is programed by advertising and they need to be, quote again, reprogramed. well, that doesn't sound scary at all. but you want to know my secret for keeping off the weight?
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this guy. >> energy! >> one, two. success. >> he gave me new life and paid with his own. >> that guy will be seeking asylum soon. it is not all righty. >> if his parent don't kill him, the government will. >> absolutely. >> tom, welcome to the show. first, did anything about the first lady's language frighten you? >> yeah, the whole reprogram thing. i never liked people talking about programming orie programming. -- or reprogramming. it doesn't go over well. >> it is very kim jong-il, a
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leader being reprogramed by the government. i want the obama administration the hell out of my lunch, by the way. by the way, the clip attacking mcdonalds, it looks awesome. >> are you a lawyer, right? >> no. >> never mind then. you could could have lied to me. i wouldn't have known. >> i play one on tv. >> okay. can mcdonalds sue over that? >> i was going to raise that very issue. >> it doesn't help raising it, only answering it. >> it is direct slander against mcdonalds. >> really? you think so? >> you will die and bewaring a toe tag! get the lawyers on the phone jie. it is always mcdonalds. where is the burger king guy? why isn't he laying out there? >> white castle is easily far more dangerous, but because they are not as big. >> they have four holes so it is less fat. >> believe me, they have four holes in it. i love white castle. >> bill, you can't afford to eat out or in.
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so you basically don't eat. >> no. i insist on green room stale bagels and you know it. i i was personally offended. of course, it is the first lady trying to turn our nation of pot pelllyed kid pigs into something they are not. and she is a monster. she also called them french fries and not freedom fries. socialist. as far as the commercial is concerned, i don't have anything against. it i will take that over any type of pacts on fast-food. we are assuming here. >> this is prop paw began daw leading to the tax. >> it will be based on what food it is. >> big picture though, if this commercial gets someone to have four extra value meals a week rather than six, it might make -- >> what has happened to you, bill? >> this is a man who doesn't sleep for 72 hours who would
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snort turtle poop off the back of a dead stripper. >> 28 inch waist right here. thank you heroin. that would be a great ad campaign, thank you heroin. >> why is it mcdonald's responsibility to make sure americans are healthy? and why is it the government's responsibility. mcdonalds is in business to make money. they have been bullied by the food police to offer salads and apple wedges. i don't know anybody who goes to a mcdonalds and orderses that stuff. >> it is like anytime you open a menu there is the salads on the left hand side. pick a salad. >> you know what i love, people will eat salads, and then they will just smother it with thousand island dressing because that's what we want. we want the fat. michelle was talking -- the first lady was talking about replacing french fries with apple supplieses. >> please. i want my french frieses and i will not replace them no
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matter what anybody says. i don't want her intentions. i will be a good parent and pass it along to her kids. >> we actually have real enemies that are seeking to attack the united states, iran and al-qaeda. >> caw -- caw wey and canada. >> the hamburgler. >> they are waging war on salt, well how about waging war on al-qaeda? >> they can tell you what to do -- >> well, that is the language of programming and reprogramming. basically we are sheep. they have to just get us into the right spot. and they also, bill, they care more about for tau lean knee -- tortalini. >> what did he do to anyone. layoff him. he hasn't got a raise in three years. >> the worst offender of this is the new york mayor michael bloomberg.
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i don't know about you guys, but it is such a buzz kill to walk into a fast-food restaurant and see these humongous calorie counts on the wall. >> i don't like that because that affects the economy. starbucks is making less money because they don't want to find out it is 900 calories a sip. >> but you talk about hurting the economy, michelle says restaurants should sacrifice popular menu items. that's great advice for a restaurant in a recession, right? just agree with me. >> i can't agree with you. this is horrible. you cannot get rid of my buffalo chucken strips, dam it. >> let's move on. from cheese burgers to cheesecake. she caused a scene in her super tight jeans, and sionza -- who cares how i say it. she is the reporter for azteca, my third favorite. on saturday she went to the jet's practice facility as part of a story she was doing on something that i don't care about, and that's where the trouble started.
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they said a jets' coach was purposely overthrowing passes that landed near her on the sidelines. players made suggestive comments in the locker room post practice. i could just stair. the association for women and sports media -- you know what that acro anymore is, asm. they spoke to ines that they expect all members of the organization to conduct themselves professionally. and now ines thinks it has been blown out of proportion. here she is on john scott. >> i don't believe nothing is going to happen because i don't even say a word. when i go out of the locker room, i never believe it is going to be as huge as today. >> i have no idea what she said. i just love her. i have no idea how hot i am. meanwhile -- seriously she is like, i don't know i am causing all these problems. you walk into a locker room
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with 40 guy u.s. and look like that? my god it is a compliment. should i continue with this story? meanwhile on the mike weis show, washington redskins' running back clinton portis has his own take, and it is unusual. >> you give a woman a choice of 53 acro anymores, some has to be >> basically he said that all standing still. that's why i am not allowed in the locker room. it is all of the packages. he actually had to apologize. >> he should have. >> do you think so? that was his opinion. >> pretty much what this clinton character is saying is
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it is okay because she wanted it as much as they did. that's an old school mentality. go back and be an extra on madden. >> leave it up to a guy named clinton to not understand sexual harassment in the workplace. >> i don't think he was linking it to the things they were saying, but the fact they were staring. that's what i thought. wasn't it more about not feeling threatened, but feeling uncomfortable? >> her boobs are hanging out for the world. you are on the job, so button it up. another time and place for that. >> she came to the locker room dressed in that bikini. unprofessional. >> bill, you don't have proof of that. >> can we pretend? >> monica, you claim to be a woman at times. where is the line here? do you think guys are being good natured when they hoot? they are in there, and they don't see this often in the locker room. maybe they said" you're hot" i don't know. but did they go too far? >> ines is super hat and she
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is the latest entry on my lesbian list. every time i come on the show i talk about my lesbian list. >> let's talk about the last one. >> she is a robo babe. you have to have a clue about the kind of job you do. if you are a super hot woman and you are walking into a locker room post game with 57 sweaty, huge professional football players, you ought to know you are going to provoke a reaction. i know this is politically incorrect to say, but she loved this. she's got now her 15 minutes of fame. everybody knows who she is. >> but she loved it after the fact, but not at the time. >> a dirty secret about women, they profess to be offended, but when the guys stop doing the cat calls, you have a problem. >> she walked right out of a said of "mad men world trade ilable for role play. >> that's an opinion from 1965 right there. we just traveled back in time. this is a tough one.
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>> 63 packages including the ball boys? >> they should do a count. bill, you are constantly getting cat calls and wolf whistles every day. >> thank you. >> how do you deal with it? >> i look at the ground and pretend it is something else. when i look up inevitably it is it is. they are right next to me. if it was horribly offensive, maybe that's bad. the other thing on the field they were throwing the ball closer to her so they would come over and get it just to be near her. i'm sorry, that's adorable. that is adorable. >> that's not adorable? >> that's how i got a concussion in high school when the qb threw a ball at my head. >> so the quarterback wanted to meet you so he knocked you out. >> the back of the head. >> you know what, diana, it worked he met you. >> he did. >> you were in the hospital for 13 years. >> where are we now? >> i have no yaud. -- i have no idea. come back to me.
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we have already seen that. we can agree it is not good to say stuff to women while they are working. but you have to admit, if you are going in with 42 guys you have to figure out they will stair and they are going to be attracted to you. i want to show one last clip of her though. don't anybody stop me. we tried to get her on the show, but she had to fly back to mexico, but she talked to "american nightly scoreboard" check her out. >> the owner of the jets call me and say, inez i know what happened and i want to apologize in the name of all the team. the behavior of my entire team, they are very prudent and like gentlemens all the time. to it is huge. >> it is like a robot where everything malfunctions. >> it is like, i don't know where i am going with this.
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>> by the way, i did the show tonight, and i was sitting there while they rolled this tape and he was like this [panting]. by the end of the interview he leaned in and kissed her. >> i never once have gotten a kiss from him on" scoreboard." >> he never a once fondled me. i have worn incredibly revealing outfits on his show, and he doesn't even look at me. >> i can totally see him being like, well it is a european thing to do. >> she is from mexico, david. we don't buy that. come on. quickly, i want to go to something you are not aware of. from inez to gaga. here are some fun pics of lady gaga. she is arriving for a flight last night at l.a.x. i think this is important. this is how you fly, people. you can't hide a bomb in that awesome outfit. tom, is she doing her part?
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>> yeah, she is a patriot right there. she doesn't even have to go through the scaner. >> exactly. isn't this the way all of us should fly? >> i'm flying this weekend and i will be bringing my handcuffs because that is approved. it is okay to fly with handcuffs, just not explosives. >> and i approve with the fact that's approved. >> would you feel comfortable? >> i would prefer flying in the outfit cher wore at the vma's. >> covered in encrusted vomit. >> you can't hide a bomb there either. >> i look at the photos and i don't like to presume anything, but sometimes i feel like she does it for attention. >> you think so? >> i think she wanted to cause a ruckus by doing that. i don't think she was trying to blend. >> some people don't want to blend and that is called a transition. here is another picture. it is an embattled actor in disguise. >> oh, who could that be? i am absolving myself from
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this because i know. >> i have no idea. >> looks like mel gibson. >> very good, mel gibson. >> he is packing the poundage. >> the fuzzy muss stash. >> when you are in a disguise, you don't want to draw attention. >> when you are wearing a gigantic nose and a huge brimly, people will look at you. >> a pencil thrin muss stash -- thin mustache would have been good. we have to take a break. coming up, is it possible to be banned from the klan for being too racist? diana falzone explains how it happened to her. first, what will the guy behind the greatest political speech of have to say to me? i don't know, but i hope it comes in the form of a yell, a glorious yell.
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well, a comme flop is a comme flop. yes, as you may have heard in an interview, fidel castro said -- that's him there, that's him over there. the cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore. that's him standing up. translation, all that stuff about revolucion, my bad, and castro said he was miss interpreted. this week cuba made an announcement that seems to give credence to the old coot's comments signaling a major economic shift. he said it would layoff a million state employees and loosen controls on the private enterprise. is this the end of socialism? cuba? we go to the foreign uh fairs -- to the foreign affairs correspondent. what do you say?
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>> solid reporting as always, andy. you don't even pay attention to the tape anymore. >> i was listening. >> that guy practiced for hours for that tape. you come on and you are talking about some show you did with ron reagan? no one cares. >> we should preface ron reagan, junior. monica, redeem yourself. is castro finally admitting the dog known as socialism and we should take it out in the woods and shoot it in its head? >> here is the deal. fidel castro has inflicted poverty and misery on his country for over six decades. he has survived 10 american presidents, some of whom tried
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to take him out, all in the name of la revolucion. and he is like, yeah, maybe it doesn't work. now he tells us? anybody with half a brain knows socialism doesn't work. it is an equal share in poverty. i hope fidel picks up the phone and calls obama and tells him that. >> they don't have phones in cuba. he can pick up the can with the string on it and talk to the dude in the next room. >> it is amazing how those strings work. it is incredible. they have graduated from oral legend and i congratulate them. why now? why? he is going to die soon. is he having second thoughts orie venge against somebody in his family. or my theory is he will come out of the closet and move to the castro district. >> i don't know what is behind it. it is like an alice in wonderland now when they go to capitalism and we are slowly going to socialism. it is like a weird reverse. i can't comprehend it.
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>> that's an interesting point. we are watching them -- we are like the two groups of the poseidon adventure. one lives and one dies. >> of course they are getting rid of a million government jobs. that will be a lot of boat people. >> i'm looking forward to that. i love my cubans. diana, do you think it was miss interpreted? >> no, i think he knew what he was saying and people can lean the consciousness to the fact he is an old man and he will die recently soon and he can say what he wants. >> i am not so sure. i think fidel castro is on his nineth life, like a cat. >> he looks like a cat when you think about it. he looks like mr. mastopolis. >> you know, castro has nine lives, and you don't have any. >> don't i, greg? don't i? the amount of shared needles i have consumed?
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>> that is true. >> if they are embracing capitalism, let's end this silly, silly embargo and start shoving all of our american clap down their throat. more -- american crap down their throat, more money for us. >> and mcdone eld thats. >> get them all fat. >> it will make it harder to get in the boat and come over. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox news .com. or call 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. i can't stand him. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by baby death robot. don't let his name fool you. once you get past the ability to shoot 25-foot flames from his mouth, you can see he is a nice guy. thanks baby death robot.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. so what do you have besides overwelming sense of joy over tuesday's premiere of "parent hood"? >> there is no room for anything else except the pint of dublin mudslide i bought to eat while i'm watching it. >> are you going to keep your feet warm? >> no, i am not going to keep my feet warm of the -- warm. >> that was silly. >> i learned it was a ben and jerry's flavor and an urban dictionary entry. the more you know.
3:31 am
in this case, the less you know the better. >> bring a tarp. >> yeah. ben and jerry's may want to rethink that whole thing. new nonprofit position organization claims mickey d's causes heart disease. you said it is a, quote, so-called physician's group. it actually is a nonprofit organization that conducts clinical research and higher standards for ethics and effectiveness in research. >> can i respond to that? >> sure. >> in 2002 i can't remember if it was the american freedom couple sill -- i made that up. 2002 they did a study and found at most 20% of the staff in that organization were actually physicians and it is basically an off shoot of peta. it is a fake, a phone fee group of doctors. -- a phony group of doctors. it is an opposite of peta. >> to me, how annoying are
3:32 am
nonprofit groups? >> so annoying. >> i should have said that in the -- you should have said that in the beginning and i wouldn't have gone off like this. >> how do you make a profit making fun of people who make a profit? you can't. >> monica, i am not sure mcdonalds could sue for the ad since high fat is linked to heart disease. >> don't you think this is pure slander, andy? the visual of the corpse and still waiting to get them to play on "law and order" but the visual with the corpse and the toe tag, they were using the slogan against them. i think it is lawsuit worthy. >> if only you were a lawyer. >> i am not a lawyer. i just play one on tv, andy. >> michelle obama wants us to be reprogramed. you say the use of the word reprogramming frightens you. i think she thinks everybody is married to a robot. >> terrible. >> we can't even joke about
3:33 am
it. >> not on my watch. >> to be fair and balanced, she never actually used the word reprogramming in her speech. >> really? where did it come from? >> andrew malcom. she put it in his article. >> sorry, michelle. >> that's okay. >> inez, science, greg. >> i guess she blinded me by her science. >> i guess she did. >> and pepper spray. >> you said she was there as part of a story that had something to do you don't care about. she was there for mark sanchez, the only latino quarterback in the nfl you racist gringo. >> i am not a racist -- no, i just don't care about that guy. all i care about is her. is that so wrong? >> yes. >> diana, you said it is good clinton portis apologized.
3:34 am
here is the apology he wrote from the heart. he said, quote, i was wrong to make the comments i did and i apologize. i respect the job all reporters do. it is a tough job and we all have to work in a professional manner. i support the team with its issues. >> his mommy wrote that, but it is better to -- >> they said thanks for undoing her life's work. >> you are welcome. i speak the truth only. >> diana, you told the charming story about when you were in high school and the quarterback purposefully threw the ball near you because he wanted to meet you and you got a con constitution. to be fair, there was nothing -- there was no roofies. >> it was inappropriate. i couldn't agree more. >> cuba laying off a million state employees. >> you say it is weird when key go to social limb. cuba does the opposite of what we do.
3:35 am
>> we should have moved toward socialism decades ago. >> you can read more in my new book," grow up, cuba." >> i think somebody wrote that years ago, but it is about cuba gooding, junior. >> he was going through an immature period in his life. >> and lastly, you claimed castro makes a statement that the motto no longer works. he was referring to yvette pietro and it worked when she started dating michael jordan. that's all she was saying and then this reporter says, oh, you said communism doesn't work. >> it didn't work out because you didn't work out. i'm done. >> go away. when whoopi makes whoopi, what does she use? that is the question nobody ever wanted answer answered so
3:36 am
you know what time it is. it is time for another edition of our view on "the view." today's episode centered around the nest of squealing see cows drowning each other out on a new sex lubricant for females. the head crone sets the tone. >> the oil, reportedly if you rub it on your private parts or whatever you call them. -- makes you feel aroused jie. there is angelica extract in it. >> it gets worse. let's watch whoopi get icky with a tale on or gas mick oils. >> one place you should not put oil is probably where they are suggesting you put this. let me tell you. i thought a nine alarm fire had broken out.
3:37 am
>> i'm not sure that's fair. >> i'm talking about oil. >> you are talking about oil in the bathtub. >> i am talking directly. but then i tried to wipe it off with water because i figured water will do it. no one explained to me when i was a small child that water will spread. so now i'm on fire everywhere. >> of course, leave it to joy bejar to make sense out of the madness. >> i will put it on. right now -- you know, i'm feeling tingly, but i was feeling tingly when i walked out here jie. remember cleopatra? remember her? she used to use olive oil as a birth control as like a birth control. >> how do you know that? that's how the ceaser salad was -- seizer salad was born. >> i have only been doing "red eye" now for a little off four
3:38 am
years. i don't understand the meeting well. i love the fact that they are doing a story on sex lube. the producer is saying, we well keep the hot blobd out of the topic -- the hot blonde out. i want the old one in there and whoopi, you hot blonde, shut up. i could have had more sheri with them. no hasselbeck. no hasselbeck. it is tv-101. >> do they have a point? men can have viagra commercials, but women can't have any about their own sexual gratification? >> no, i think men just need them more. and from post menopausal women, lubricants are needed. grandmotherss have told me. >> lieu bra cants are fun. by the way, i just want --
3:39 am
>> i didn't expect it to go this way, people. >> i did it to make fun of them, so now you lower -- lowered the bar. >> we are better than "the view." >> who among us has not tried a weird cream or oil down there. it is totally relatable, sister, i'm right there with you, whoopi. why don't we get like george clooney talking about using oils on his general tale yaw? i would love that. >> for him it is to get rid of stuff probably. it is a different type. >> quickly last word before i run screaming from the segment. >> i had to watch the video at home because i didn't see it. i was still in shock. i wouldn't want to be the fireman called on that nine-alarm fire. i would have to sit out on that one. i'm staying in the engine room. >> exactly. you have kp duty. is dismembering hobos as tire
3:40 am
so many as it sounds. monica crowellly discusses her hobby. and how excited am i to have this guy as a guest? about as excited as he was to become stark county treasurer. fyi, that's extremely excited.
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i have been a republican since i was young, and i have been a republican in times bad. albert einstein issued one of my most favorite quotes in the history of the spoken word and it is as follows -- in the middle of opportunity -- excuse me. in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. i am going to repeat that so i have clarity tonight.
3:44 am
>> that was just part of what many are calling the citizen cane meets the godfather meets wrestle mania of political speeches. it was delivered by a fellow seeking the nomination for stark county treasurer in ohio. thanks to the internet he has become an inconstant legend. it was seen by a gazillion people. sadly though he didn't win the nomination. but we wanted to see more of him anyways. we are thrilled to welcome phil davidson. how are you? >> doing great. how are you doing? >> great to have you here. when you did the speech, how was it received? did anybody talk to you afterward or was it just a strange silence? >> there was a little bit of both. there was a silence at first, and then a couple people trickled up to say hello. it was a parting gift. there was a strange silence there. >> did you think maybe some of
3:45 am
the people were scared? >> yes, absolutely. i was looking at people's faces saying, there is an astonishment here. it is like a nuclear explosion. all hell broke loose. >> i love -- my favorite part was when you posed a question to the audience and the person in the audience answered it and you said thank you. i love that. >> yes, thank you. >> was that spontaneous? >> absolutely. that wasn't planned. i didn't have anyone in the audience. i didn't think anyone was gonna say anything. when i heard in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity and then to the next one -- desperate times require what? desperate measures. i was so excited because i was getting feedback. i had used phrases and i sometimes wonder if the audience is paying attention. when i heard that, yes, desperate measures. >> you were 13-year city councilmember from a town of 4,000, and now millions of
3:46 am
people know you. what is that like? >> it is wild. when i go -- i was in the laguardia airport and there was people looking at me like this. tonight i went and got a sandwich and people came up to me and said go get em phil, give em hell. give em both barrels. give em all you got. they say the american people are struggling and starving. we need somebody to get out there and fight and get the message out. like what you said, the gazillion messages are on youtube. show the people you have a message. >> isn't from true you didn't know what youtube was until this happened? >> erk that. if somebody said, can you give me a definition of youtube? i would say, i can give you some vague definition. but i i couldn't tell him how to use youtube. >> do you own a computer?
3:47 am
>> yes, i do. and i have been on it. but you know what i do, i go on a yahoo website and search something. i don't go to videos or home videos or things like that. >> are you still jobless? >> yes, i am. i have a job as a councilman in minerva, but it only pays $260 a month. so yes i am employed, but also under employed. >> but you have a lot of degrees and seem like a nice guy. has anything lined up or people offer you something? >> no, but they say, phil, take the show on the road. get out there and start preaching and get out to the colleges and you have thees. get people engaged and get moving. use your gift like frederick douglas and let them have hell fire. >> speaking of examples, i want to run one example of a
3:48 am
motivational speaker. can we run that. >> sure, thanks. >> i am here to tell you you will probably find out as you go out there that you are not going to amount to jack squat. >> down by the river. >> did you know you were kind of channeling him at the time? >> i didn't know it. i have also seen there is a qf brave heart "video. i am a cross between mel gibson and chris farly. i don't have much time left, but are you married? do you have a girlfriend? >> no, i have a girlfriend. not married. >> is your girlfriend okay with this? >> yeah. she's fine. she says go get em. go become the radical you have always wanted to be. go and try to get other radicals in the fold, harvey from "tmz," the ragin cajun, let's have a political
3:49 am
revolution. >> have i to tell you, it sounded like you pulled names you just saw on tv. >> those people are radical thinkers. absolutely. >> paris hilton. >> will ford b ry mly. >> i hope you can come back and we can work out a regular segment. i would love to get your motivational insight on certain issues that are affecting us today. >> thank you. just to let you know our country is in shambles and it is worth fighting for. let's take back washington. you are one of those radicals. "red eye" is the number one show in the nation. >> i love this man. >> i believe it, greg. >> i do too. i believe in myself. have to move on. >> let me just say -- let me give a shout out to greg, jesse, bill will, and remy. what you did the other night is great. remy sorry i don't get it done for you. let's take back our country.
3:50 am
only in america can this happen, freedom of speech will live forever. >> it will, my friend. >> keep going, keep going. >> coming up, a dog eating squirted water. you heard me.
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>> that is japanese for who wants it first? >> dogs love seltzer so much. apparently that guy did. it makes me worried how many things did he try on the dogs? then he found out, oh, they
3:55 am
like seltzer. dogs, dogs, dogs. you know what we will do next? we will close things out with andy levy. >> i'm glad we did that. >> yeah, isn't it a nice break from the norm? to see news clips go toveted
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time to go back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thanks, greg. diana, what bothers you most about men? >> a lot of things. you can go to the smoking jacket .com to find out. >> there is a nice picture of you there. >> thank you. >> yes, i saw that picture. it is a very nice picture. why don't you tease it with that instead of making fun of their gender. >> i don't know. >> could have shown a hot picture yourself. >> sorry, guys. >> dom, where can people -- tom, where can people check out your act?
3:59 am
>> the comedy creel neither new york city and the comic strip. come out and check me out. >> any particular days or do they just show up? >> no, any particular day. i will be at the bar. i won't be performing. >> all right. >> see you there. >> that will work out perfectly. >> monica, any big plans for this weekend? >> yes, as pinch mentioned at the beginning of the show, sunday is my birthday. i am turning 25. >> why don't we make the opposite joke? i am 73. >> monica, are you turning it around? >> um, so what i am doing is i am actually going to the jets-patriots game and siting on the 45 yard line. how awesome is that? >> they will run all over you if you are siting on the yard line. sit in the stands. >> you don't know anything about football. >> if it is tom brady, i don't mind. >> is he on your lesbian list? >> totally. >> back to you, greg.


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