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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 15, 2010 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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bill: on the radio with brian. martha: we are brian's friends. come and listen to us there. "happening now" starts right now. jon: a tpaobgs news alert, we are waiting for a major announcement by thad allen regarding the bp spill in the gulf of mexico. we know they are close to completing one of the relief wells in the gulf. we are monitoring a news conference that is about toeubg place. as soon as there are any remarks we will bring you the break news as we get it. jenna: we are expecting the white house to react any moment to the latest and last round of major primaries before the november midterms. i'm jenna lee. some of our guests include senator jim demint, the senator
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of alaska, and of course karl rove. jon: robert gibbs expected to take the podium soon. the stunning strength of the tea party the talk of washington. christine o'donnell beats out michael castle, the long-term congressman and former governor. today she is saying she will win in november with or without the help of the republican establishment. molly line is live in boston for us, big surprise in delaware, huh, molly? >> reporter: you said it this was definite low a shocker. she was kind of a fringe candidate and she pulled off an upset victory against mike castle. he's been referred to as the establishment candidate. a nine term governor. they slammed o'donnell throughout the course of this campaign, the party chair
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calling her unelectable. she proves them wrong by a 6 point margin. the national senatorial committee congratulated o'donnell, there is word they won't be helping or financing her campaign either. that will be a test of the tea party backing and strength and money as this moves toward towards november. jon: and still counting ballots in new hampshire too close to call there. >> reporter: exactly. the numbers are still coming in. they are working hard to figure out who won the case. kelly ayotte kind of perceived as the establishment candidate in the state of new hampshire as well because she is so well-known by the voters, a conservative herself. another conservative ovide lamontagne has seen a big surge in the we cans. 887% of the votes are continued.
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ayotte is leading with 39%, ovide lamontagne has 37%. jon: charlie rangel's constituents don't seem to care too much about the ethics issues that have been surrounding him. >> reporter: that's right. charlie rangel won his race. four decades down there in washington and he's headed back. there are over a dozen ethics violations that he is facing, and is expected that -- that should come to a head later in the year. he had 51 herz of the vote, his closeclosest challenger was adam clayton powell the iv. jon: gym demint will be here live in the next hour of "happening now." we'll also be speaking live with sarah palin and get her take on all of this. and later this hour karl rove, stick around.
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jenna: molly was talking a little bit about the situation in new york and char rerangel going ahead to the elections this fall. a major upset in new york's republican primary for governor, another tea party favorite, real estate developer carl paladino bull dozing rick lazio with a decisive victory. eric, what can you tell us about paladino, who is he? >> reporter: he came out of nowhere when he stunned the establishment last night. he is a tea party favorite. he is a wealthy new york developer. he crushed lazio62 to 3 #-%. he says he'll go to albany with quote a baseball ba t-rbs to take out the trash. >> republicans, democrats,
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indianas all new yorkers who are fed up, all of you here, all of you watching and listening across this great state, together we will win in november, we'll take back our government, and rebuilt and re-- rebuild and restart our economy. >> reporter: he did come under fire for once forwarding racist and pornographic materials. it was an outspoken, blunt talk that won the day last night. jenna: we can ask this question now, eric. what are his chances of actually winning and becoming governor of new york. >> reporter: it will be an uphill battle. andrew cuomo, polls have been showing andrew cuomo leading by about 30 points. paladino overcame almost that against lazio. he says the tea party philosophy
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reflects the average voter. >> they've had enough of the party labels, they don't want to listen to the ruling class any more. they want justice, they want a government of the people, by the people and for the people and that's what we're going to give them. >> reporter: he also told me during that interview that he an angel, his son 29-year-old patrick paladino was killed in a car crash last year and he says that prapblg degave him the impetus to run for office, he said his son had already urged him to do that. jenna: eric shawn for us today in new york. thank you so much. jon: the imam at the tenther of the ground zero mosque controversy in new york is due in court today. they are accusing him of being a slum lord. what do officials have to say about feisal abdul rauf? >> reporter: union officials say he is not just a slum lord, jon they say he is among the worst
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slum lords in union city, new jersey. they cite a failure to put in working fire alarms in his building. no hot water, repeated problems with vermin including bedbugs. thinks the same imam who wants to build bridges and reach out to people. some of his tenants say he should be reaching out to them, forget their spiritual needs, he should start with such things as making sure that their utilities are work. we talked to a longtime ten at named cindy and she questioned how soupb who cannot manage a small apartment house is going to have a role in developing a mosque in lower manhattan. >> if he can't take care of something small like this, how can he take care of something obviously bigger than this place? are they going to have mice for weeks? is he going to put a band-aid on the leak and let it go?
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>> reporter: we reached out to feisal abdul rauf and his wife repeatedly sending emails and make telephone calls, so far no comment. it is possible he will be here at 2:30 this afternoon when this hearing gets underway, but it is also possible there may simply be a representative who is going to be here representing him in this matter. jon. jon: isn't it true there have been allegations of neglect on his properties for years. why is the city going off him now? >> reporter: that's right, john. they say he has neglected his buildings for many, many years, but it was recently a single event that seemed to bring this matter to court. city officials here say that one building that he still has in operation that has tenants does not have a workable fire alarm system. a city now has had to place a police car outside of that building, 24-7 in order to protect residents in the event
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of a fire. one of the things, jon that the city would like to accomplish is they would like a receiver appointed by the court to be in charge of that building, to not only collect the rent, but to make sure that the necessary repairs are done and done as soon as possible. jon. jon: keep an eye on that one for us thanks. jenna: seven people killed in a counterterrorism raid in iraq. u.s. and iraqi forces raiding houses in fallujah. it comes after a roadside bomb killed nine iraqi soldiers. attacks on iraqi soldiers are increasing since president obama declared an end to u.s. combat operations on september 1st. jon: protesters, shots fired into a crowd outside kabul. they were burning tires and throwing rocks at police. the officers fired back with machine guns. some protesters killed, others
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wounded, all in response to that koran burning planned at a small florida church which was called off last week. coming up in the next hour we will go live to cab he will and get a report from connor powell on the very latest of what's happening there. jenna: hurricane igor churning out in the atlantic followed by julia as well. both category 4 storms. and karl threatening out there as well. what does her tea party-backed victory really mean for the gop. a closer look up next. helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm! wow! i can't believe it, i love it! mmm, this is really good!
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these are the final days. hurry, now's the time, and this event won't last. call... before this limited-time offer ends. jenna: crazy video from around the country we want to show you. take a look at the top box, a murder and carjacking suspect leads police on a child chase in texas. news helicopters traveling at more than 115 miles per hour
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could barely keep up with that car. you can see that the chase finally ended when the driver crashed into a pickup truck. he fled on foot, there he goes. cops ended up catching him and also arresting him. in the middle box we have a holy bat invasion. hundreds of the furry fliers taking over an apartment complex in louisiana. they plan to clear the critters out. they are a leading carrier of rabies. they are hard to get rid of. a texas man says he was ready to die after getting stung by bees more than 1200 hives. he disturbed a-in an old water that was home to 70,000bees. he says he only survived because his son got medical help very quickly. lucky for him. jon. jon: three very powerful storms are churning in the atlantic and gulf, igor and julia very
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powerful category 4 hurricanes. this is the baby of the bunch karl made landfall this morning in the yucatan. when you have this much weather you can only cover it with a weather machine. janice dean is in the weather center. >> reporter: julia the strongest hurricane on record so far east ever. category 4, 134-mile per hour winds. second time in history two category 4 storms that occurred in the atlantic how about that. karl made landfall expected to go across the bay of campeche, mexico again. igor is going to hit this weekend. julia not expected to make landfall anywhere. it will be mainly a shipping
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concern, jon scott back to you. jon: janice dean thank you. >> reporter: you bet. kwrao conservative underdogs showing the power of the tea party at the polls. christine o'donnell winning in delaware. carl paladino in new york. could the tea party's strong showing in the primary spell trouble for republicans in november. that's the question we are asking today. politics editor chris direwaltz is here. you know, one -- i guess the jenna tphal louisiana sus we are going to get throughout the day today is that republicans are tearing each other apart. the party is ripping apart at the seems. what do you think about this? is that valid, first of all, and if that is what we are really concentrating on are we missing anything in the meantime. >> when i got up at o-dark 30
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this morning to put together the power player for the america election hg ad i'm reading through and there are headlines, like catastrophe, disaster, and i said are we sure we're talking about a senate primary in the smallest state in the nation? the conventional whic wisdom ist the republican party is tearing itself apart, tea party versus establishment and it means trouble in november. i think there are a couple of things that you have to bear in mind here. first of all in almost every situation where you have a tea party candidate who has run the republican party has been able to accommodate pretty well. if we look down in florida, marco rubio. rand paul, sharon angle in nevada, and joe miller up in alaska, everybody is getting along fine. everybody seems to be perfectly happy with each other. i don't know how this is going to play out in delaware.
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certainly we know that the national republican senatorial committee is not interested in putting a lot of money into delaware. i would suspect if christine o'donnell is going to make a go of this she'll have to rely on sarah palin. jim demint from south carolina and the tea party express that made her prim primary possible. they have a fight on their hands. jenna: now we really turn to the general elections. what are the chances of say christina o'donnell actually coming into office and taking power in some of these races, or like a carl paladino in new york? >> reporter: it's interesting, palandino is a more interesting case. he is a colorful campaigner. he prices his bluntness, he prices his ability to say in-politics things. he was running against rick
11:19 am
lazio, a former congressman, the guy the republican party tee was going to put up as the sacrificial lamb against andrew cuomo in new york. i'm suggesting that palandino is the likely winner. if i was a republican running for the house in new york right now i would be happy he was the winner because he is -- winner, because he is going to spend a lot of money and be very aggressive in attacking the albany establish -pt, very aggressive in attacking cuomo and his connections to albany. even sometimes the energy they bring into the moment -- jenna: i think we need to pull out of this here. these are races in individual states. why should we care about some of these movements that are being made just on a broader political
11:20 am
spectrum? >> look, you hit on it right there. you look at turn out in these primaries. you look at what is going on across the country, republican turn out is at historic levels as compared to democrats. there's never been a gap as high as this where you have perhaps a 30% higher republican turn out in primaries across the country nationally. what is happening right now is the republican party was doa after the 2008 election, they were out of power completely, they lost the white house, they were in a shambles. and what is happening noise they are being reenergized and it's not always going to be a smooth process. jenna: all right, we appreciate it. i'm actually getting the power play up and ready to show our viewers. he actually writes the power play on our new iphone app. you can stay on top of all the latest political developments heading into november's midterm elections with the brand-new fox news iphone app. you can find it in the spotlight
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section of the home page. you can find all the details and be in the know. chris really is up in the middle of the night getting the news for us for the entire day. jon: do i have to buy my own iphone or just load it on my sons. jenna: you can load it on your sons. jon: georgia saying they took their land and now they want it back. >> reporter: jon, getting the land back isn't so simple. the harrisneck community is a wildlife refuge new. we'll have that story when we come back
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jon: now to a new fight over an old government land grab, the site harris neck, georgia, it's
11:25 am
a community founded by former slaves. families working on the land until the feds took it away in 1942 to build an airfield. the family says the government promised to give the land back, but guess what that never happened. jonathan serrie live at the harris neck wildlife refuge in georgia. they say they were driven out seven decades ago because of their race. >> reporter: that's right, back in 1942, these residents the descend dents of former slaves have had a thriving community based on shellfish. they say the federal government targeted their community for the location of the airfield because of their race. they say plenty of land was available outside of the community. they say they received less compensation for their land than white property owners in the area a savannah college of art and design business professor who studied the issue says
11:26 am
differences in compensation were based on property improvements and not race. listen. >> to turn this land back over to the original owners is not only legally incorrect, but economically it borders on a disaster for this very poor county, macintosh county. >> reporter: you see the land is currently in use as a national wildlife refuge, which attracts 90,000 visitors a year to this sparsely populated, rural georgia county. jon: what about the environmental impact of letting them go back in, would that be a factor? >> reporter: yeah that is certainly a big concern from the federal government. the federal government says this spot where i am right now is home to more than 300 bird species, including some endangered wood stork populations. refuge managers say allowing even moderate residential
11:27 am
development in this area would place that wildlife in jeopardy. however, former harris neck residents say their culture and history are equally deserving of protection, listen to this. >> this our home, we going to die here. this is for the rest of our life. and you take it away from me and give it to the birds? you call that fair? >> reporter: now these former residents are pressing congress to give them their land back, jon. jon: jonathan serrie in harris neck, thank you. fox news is tracking your stories about the government's seizures of private property for public projects. we do want to hear there you -- from you. go to for more reporting from jonathan serrie on that case in harris neck, and a whole lot more. jenna: fishermen in the gulf are getting ready to face the men in charge of paying out claims. what will happen at the town hall meeting. live with that story.
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he gave his life for his country and was buried in the wrong grave. serious outrage over mix-up at arlington national cemetery. it's a story you won't believe, next. in charge of cutting costs. calm down. i know that it is not your job. what i'm saying... excuse me? alright, fine. no, you don't have to do it. ok? [ male announcer ] notre dame knows it's better for xerox to control its printing costs. so they can focus on winning on and off the field. [ manager ] are you sure i can't talk -- ok, no, i get it. [ male announcer ] with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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jenna: serious questions over whether a marine who was killed in iraq was buried in the wrong gave at arlington cemetery. private heath warner's father asked cemetery official toss actually dig up his son's plot to make sure he's laid to rest
11:32 am
in the right place, the sroegs coming after a report found more than 200 graves were unmarked or mismarked at the cemetery. steve centanni is live in washington with more on this. steve, how did the family first come to suspect that there might be something wrong? >> reporter: the records showed their son's body came to arlington from a funeral home in illinois when in fact it came from canton, ohio, they started asking questions. president 19-year-old was killed by a roadside bombing in iraq in 2006. today his remains were disinterred where they were able to positively identify the remains. they were able to positively identify it because of a tattoo on his arm. he said the cement crip had already been opened and lifted suggesting he can't be sure now that heath's remains were buried
11:33 am
in the right police and he says a trust has been broken with arlington cemetery. >> i'm happy and i feel at peace ha that i know it's my son, that as far as the administration of the cemetery, no, i believe there are serious flaws that exist here, and i believe that they need to be addressed. >> reporter: the family decided to leave heath's remains here in arlington instead of moving them back to ohio as they earlier intended to do. jenna: we've heard about arlington being plagued with a variety of different problems. what is the status of what is going on at the cemetery. >> reporter: we had the first di sinternments last month and at that time arlington officials confirmed that two people were buried in the wrong plots. in june the army inspector general determined there were 211 graves that were unmarked or
11:34 am
mismarked and promised to strengthen everything out. the process continues but some families say they can't really trust the cemetery to get things right after deck aeu of mismanagement. jenna: a disturbing story. steve centanni in d.c. today. jon: a the man in charge of paying out claims is going to face an angry crowd. many gulf residents want to know why they are not getting the money they so desperately neat. phil keating is live in orange beach, alabama for us. i guess things got heated during fineberg's last meeting. are they expecting more fireworks today. >> reporter: likely you will see more fireworks here in orange beach. on monday people were screaming, upset very angry. the case here in orange beach this morning, these are people who live on the fishing industry, they own restaurants and boats, they were affected by the bp oil spill all summer.
11:35 am
the major issue complained about is over the past weeks since the gulf coast claim facility took over dealing with claims only 22% have been paid. since august 23rd the claims facility has paid $102.6 million for nearly 13,000 claims. that's out of a total of 55,300 and 64 claims. the way it all breaks down per state, louisiana got the bulk of that $43.7 million. florida came in second with 25.7 million. alabama where we are $19.6 million. the big issue in florida, in orlando where he met with business leaders is a lot of people by proximity, very far from the oil spill, maybe inland or on the east coast of florida they saw the eupl pack of fewer tourists, loss of revenue but yet fineberg has been skeptical about paying those claims, but he says he is getting a little more open-minded about paying
11:36 am
them. jon: all the claims go through him, how are residents comparing that new system that involve a layer of government versus when it was just bp? >> reporter: watching fineberg on television the administrator of claims saying don't file a lawsuit i will be more generous than any court or jury will be. surprisingly the residents are finding it was easier to get money when bp was writing checks back in may and june. we met one man, jim beal. he shows a sports and marina service. he's got a mouth full for ken forecast ineberg, he says he has not seen a check since july. >> like he always said the proof is in the checks. there are no checks coming into us. i haven't seen one, and so -- >> reporter: how much have you lost? >> in the neighborhood probably 70 to $90,000. >> reporter: he's married, three kids, one is in high school, he
11:37 am
says all of their savings are now gone, jon. jon: there is a new report about a blanket of oil across the floor of the gulf now? >> reporter: yeah, really calling into question those government reports a month or more ago about all of the oil apparently dissipating and gone. a university of florida researcher has been dropping a pipeline a mile down into the murky muddy bottom of the gulf of mexico bringing up oil samples and they are finding a 2-inch think layer of oil, 80 miles away from the deep horizon site itself. it's like a snowstorm comes in, drops a blanket of snow over a wide area, they are seeing that in ten out of 14 samples they've taken. jon: that sounds awful. phil keating reporting live for us, tp*eu, thank you. jenna: now to another story that has garnered international attention. american hiker sarah shourd reuniting with her mom after spending more than a year in
11:38 am
iranian custody. ahmadinejad stepped in to secure shore's release and apparently ignited a major power struggle inside iran. was ahmadinejad just using shourd as a political pon ahead of his visit to new york next week. you're one of the few americans who have spent some time with ahmadinejad. what do you make of this current release of the hiker and what it mighty limb nature for us about what is going on for iran as a country. >> it's a good question. i think it will eliminate something that will be surprising to most americans. we have sort of a fixed idea in our mind about the iranian president and for good reason, for all the things he's said over the years. as it actually turns out, in iranian politics right now he's the main rerpb in iran that wants to push for talking with the u.s. trying to get some sort of relationship going with the u.s. but he is fighting a pitched
11:39 am
battle against others in the conservative camp, not the green movement, there is a split between the conservative camp between pro ahmadinejad and anti-ahmadinejad forces. every time ahmadinejad tries to do something positive the other side tries to undercut him. if ahmadinejad had the opposite point of view they would take the opposite point of view and undercut him and we've seen this now, i would say at least on three different occasions going back all the way to october of last year. so a very fractured internal politics in iran and we are seeing it play out in these events. jenna: jim are we actually safer as americans with ahmadinejad in power? >> boy, that is a tough question. you know, it's hard to imagine that the answer is question, but here is what i would answer differently. we are safer when there's a unified government in iran. when there is in-fighting and division and no con can tell what is going on and there are nasty incentives to act in bad ways because the different
11:40 am
factions are competing against haoefp other that is not good, it makes foreign policy difficult, it makes it hard to solve the nuclear problem. i think it would be good to have a set leadership in iran without all the back biting, that would make it a lot easier for us but that is not what we have right now. jenna: ahmadinejad is heading to the united states next week for u.n. meetings. we talked a little bit at the beginning about the hike erie leased being used as a political pawn. what do you think happens to the other two mikers -- hikers? will they be released soon. >> the prosecutor announced today that that charges were announced on sunday and they hope to move to a trial soon. they've been sitting in that jail for over a year. they were in jail when ahmadinejad came to new york last year, and when i saw him with a group of scholars last year he said then a year ago that he was hoping they would get released. they have been in limbo all this time. it's good news, actually ironically good news that they've announced that they are going to bring charges.
11:41 am
hopefully that will mark the beginning of legal charges, get a result and they will be rehraoets -- released. jenna: are you going to be meeting with the scholars and ahmadinejad again this time around. >> i am, i deserve combat pay but i'm going to do it. jenna: we look forward to hearing how that goes. good to see you, jim walsh. jon: that controversy over the new york skwretsz treatment of a female report eris not going away. now an nfl has new and pretty dicey comments about women in the locker room. we will play those for you. and karl rove on christine o'donnell's upset victory in delaware's senate primary. >> i'm for the republican, i've got to tell you, we were looking at eight to nine seats in the senate, we are now looking at seven to eight in my opinion. this is not a race we'll be able to win. jon: o'donnell its firing back against karl rove. we'll tell you what she said about him and get karl's
11:42 am
reaction. he's live to give it to us next. [ male announcer ] it's ram truck season.
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jon: fox news alert, if you are a longtime watcher of television news you'll be sad to know in a edwin newman has passed away. he was a longtime correspondent at nbc news, in fact spent his entire career there. also a very ardant advocate of the english language. wrote strictly speaking and a civil tongue. edwin newman, a man with a very tart sense of humor has passed away. well, in delaware the tea party's big upset, some in the gop like karl rove the well-known strategist say it actually could hurt the republican party in the upcoming midterm elections, but winner christine o'donnell says that is just not the case, she had some fighting words for rove on
11:46 am
"fox & friends" just this morning. take a listen. >> i think he's saying he's one of the so-called experts whose credibility was hurt last night. he was here in delaware meeting with a lot of the tea party folks asking them not to get behind me. and their response was you're asking us to put party power over principles, you obviously don't understand what is going on in the country this year. it's a shame because i would say that's the lazy way out. jon: karl rove is a former senior adviser to president george w. bush, also a fox news contributor, he is with us now to answer some of the charges. do you feel, karl like your credibility is diminished? >> look, she believes what she is going to win. that is what a candidate ought to believe. i believe the questions why she had a problem for five years with paying her federal income taxes, why her house was foreclosed on and put up for sale, why it took 16 years to settle her college debt and get
11:47 am
her diploma while she went around for years claiming she is a college background, she thinks she's explained them. i think a lot of voters in delaware are going to want more than she is offering to them right now, and we'll see, 59 days from now we'll see if the issues matter or not. if she wins more power to her, she is right on the issues. i think the voters of delaware don't just want to know are you right on the issue, but do you have the character, background that makes you the right person for the job. jon: do you think she is not electable. >> that has to be proven. she has to answer these troubling questions. she said, look i'm puzzled as to why the irs put a lien on me. you don't have the irs put a lien on you that you failed to pay in 2005 when you when you've paid your taxes. she says her house was put up for sale as a sheriff's sale and just before the sheriff's sale she sold the house on which she
11:48 am
owed 90 some order thousand dollars. she sold it to her boyfriend who is also her campaign adviser. people are going to want to know more about this. why did she only have $5,800 in living expenses. why did she claim to be a graduate since the mid 90s when it turned out she just got her degree because she had unpaid college bills that they had to sue her over. i accept it, she says the fact that i've had financial difficulties like this makes me a sympathetic figure. we'll knee 59 days if that's the verdict of the people of delaware. there is something even bigger here. she won against a very experienced and qualified long-time republican office holder in a huge turn out. 30,000 people were expected to vote, more than twice that many people voted. this is a huge upset and mike castle lost because he had voted in ways that were not in keeping with the mainstream of the
11:49 am
republican party in delaware. as a result this team candidate -- tea party candidate comes in and snaps a stunning victory, and more power to her for doing it. now she's got a tough road ahead to deal with these character questions and issues. when you have a headline in the state's leading newspaper o'donnell faces campaign debt, back tax issues, that's something you have to deal with and you can't get away with saying, go to my website i have the answers there. jon: sarah palin endorsed her. jim demint endorsed her are you saying they are wrong. >> reporter: sarah palin also endorsed the guy who lost the primary in maryland to bob erlich the former governor of the state. people are entitled to make a decision as to who they want to back, this sarah palin is for christine o'donnell i hope she will bring her magnetic terpblt to the state to back her choice in the general election. jon: karl rove fox news
11:50 am
contributor, good to talk to you. jenna: let's hear if robert gibbs has anything to say about it. we are joining the briefing in progress at the white house. >> before we start let me just do a couple of -- let me wait for bill before i do that. just one quick scheduling announcement for tomorrow. thursday the president will host two events focusing on the administration's work to increase america's competitiveness and insure long term economic growth. the export council will meet to discuss the administration's on going commitment to export promotion in the morning. in the afternoon he will make an announcement on is educate to innovate initiative to improve science, technology, engineering and matted indication in order to prepare students to lead in the 21st century economy.
11:51 am
it lace groundwork to prepare the workforce to lead the waorld workforce in this global economy. the second events i know there are remarks. and the second one i think a spray. >> reporter: there seems to be a lot of devisive necessary among democrats on the hill. they are going to ask democrats to bring a vote to the floor [unintelligible. >> i'm not going to get into what congress may or may not decide to do on how they want to bring certain things to the floor, what have you. i will reiterate what the president has said, that we should, as you heard him say on a number of occasions last week, make middle class tax cuts permanent, and not hold the middle class hostage in that to
11:52 am
borrowing $700 billion for tax cuts for the wealthy. if you listened to part of what congressman boehner said over the weekend there appeared to be a willingness to go along with that. we certainly hope there will be a willingness to go along with that. it has largely been walked back to the middle position holding the middle class hostage and the ransom price for that is $700 billion that we can't afford. >> now the president has put this issue out there at the forefront doesn't he have to reach out to some of the conservative democrats that have questions as to whether this is an issue they want to take on? >> i think the president has been clear about where his position is. look, we are a big party, and i don't doubt that there will be differing viewpoints, just as -- well, the republican party
11:53 am
appears to have some differing viewpoints as well on a whole host of issues. look, i think the president has laid out where he is. whether or not this gets solved in the next couple of weeks during this session, whether it gets kicked over to the lame duck i don't know the answer to that. but i will say this, i think there is enough overlap in -- as the president said, if there is a willingness to provide the very type of certainty that we hear many republicans would like to provide, we can move forward on the middle class tax cuts and i think that's what the president believes we should do. >> the consumer protection agency, there's been talk about the possibility of appointing elizabeth warren as interim head of the injury. there are sendses -- senators on the hill, including senator dollywood saying that would de
11:54 am
legit myself the post. >> i think the president spoke clearly and has over the past several weeks about how he views elizabeth warren. obviously this was the concept of a consumer office is something that she created. i think obviously she is among the people that the president is looking at to eupl plea meant the provisions of the legislation that congress pass passed. i don't have any personal -- personnel announcements. the president doesn't have any personnel announcements today, they could come later this week. >> that is still an option on the table? >> i am not going to get ahead of any announcements that the president may or may not make until he doesment yes, ma'am. >> with these reports that she might be made an interim head or a counselor to the treasury secretary, are you worried that
11:55 am
that may be seen by a half measure especially since she was endorsed by the national organization of women. >> i'm not going to play hypothetical until there is a personnel announcement. i think -- as i said a minute ago, as the president has said over the course of many weeks, i think she is -- based on the work that she has done over the course of her career, the fact that she -- again this was an idea that was born largely by her, i think it's the president's right to consider her for a role -- jon: robert gibbs, president obama's official spokesman says we should make the middle class tax cuts permanent but the president has maintained letting those tax cuts expire for the wealthist americans is good politics and policy. let's get a quick look at this from karl rove. >> why is the president
11:56 am
injecting this issue in the fall campaign? he has no bill before congress, he hasn't spelled out how he would pay for the $3 trillion of tax cuts for the middle class over the next decade and a party that is badly split on this issue with a lot of democrat candidates and office holders saying continue all the bush tax cuts. if nothing happens here in the next couple of weeks it will simply make president obama look weaker and smaller. why he is doing this without close coordination with democrats on the hill and at this time is a little miss ta tpaoeug to me. jon: karl rove thank huh. jenna: we have some interesting guests coming up next hour, including sarah palin and senator jim demint. really be right back with more.
11:57 am
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jon: straight up noon on the east coast, i'm jon scott, welcome -- welcome to the second hour of "happening now". jenna: i'm jenna lee, hello everybody. the battle over the bush tax cuts heating up on capitol hill, with democrats divided over the president's plan as to when some of the tax cuts expire. molly henneberg is live in the russell rotunda with we just heard from the secretary of state and karl rove about this issue. when is the president expected to talk more about these tax cuts? >> we're set to hear more from the president later today. as you were saying, white house press secretary robert gibbs said the president was clear on his position, he wants to extend the bush tax cuts for families that make $250,000 or less. gibbs said, quote, we should make the middle class tax cuts permanent, we should not hold the middle class hostage, although he said he did not know if the tax cuts will be extended by congress in this session or maybe in the session after the midterm elections. democrats have not put forward a bill yet to extend the tax cuts and haven't
12:01 pm
really indicated how close they are to the president's position. republicans want to extend the tax cuts for everybody, including the wealthy. they say it doesn't make sense to raise taxes on anybody in tough economic times. today, on fox, the chair of the democratic party, tim kaine, said the democrats should stick with the president's plan. here's more: >> the vast majority of democrats and the public strongly believe that these cuts should be targeted -- >> >> reporter: cain said it's the right thing to do to help the economy grow, jenna. jenna: molly, the democrats are in the majority, though. what can republicans really do about these expirations of these tax cuts? >> we don't have the numbers to do something on their own, they need democrats' support, but the message they're trying to get across is raising taxes on anybody in a tough economy would be bad and republicans argue it would hit small business owners who file at the individual rate corner the -- rather than the corporate tax rate. that would hit them hard. also from house minority
12:02 pm
leader john boehner, he made remarks about what he said this weekend that he would make some tax cuts, and he would agree to a democratic bill that would allow tax cuts for those making less than $250,000, boehner said of course i'm going to vote for that but he intends to fight for across the board tax cuts. take a listen: >> i want to extend all of the current tax rates, i want the speaker to allow a fair and open debate on our 2-point plan. because if we extend the current tax rates and we're able to cut extending -- spending, we'll reduce some of the uncertainty coming out of washington, d.c. and employers will then have the ability to continue to create jobs in america. >> reporter: if congress does not act and the reason it's so important right now, if congress doesn't act, taxes will go up for virtually every taxpayer come january 1st. jenna: molly henneberg on one of our top stories today, thanks molly. jon: well, the tea party
12:03 pm
shakes up the gop in delaware. christine o'donnell soundly defeating a veteran republican congressman and former governor in the senate primary. o'donnell, one of several tea party candidates, claiming victory across the u.s., changing the political landscape as we head into november. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live from dover, delaware. after beating the established candidate, the establishment candidate, you might say, mike castle last night, the gop is now deciding to get behind o'donnell? how did that happen carl? >> reporter: jon, you put your finger on the pulse of something that's unfolding. a staff aide suggested there was going to be no money for christine o'donnell because there wasn't enough bang for the buck in republicans in spending money on her when in fact they've got at least ten other republican candidates knocking on the door of democratic pickups and they're in a better shape and more competitive
12:04 pm
in the polls than o'donnell is against democrat chris coons. today the chairman of that committee, john cornyn of texas, and his aides, having spent the last one # hours getting peppered with phone calls, they will give the maximum donation to o'donnell's campaign of $42,000. that is a big development in o'donnell's favor. this morning when i spoke to her, she hadn't yet from cornyn and was at that time expecting no help at all. here's what she said, despite the lack of help: >> i'm very convinced that we can win, because before all this republican cannibalism, i was ahead in the polls, and you know, if we can put this behind us and do some damage repair, you know, then we can turn that two-point lead into a ten-point lead. >> reporter: now, here's the thing to understand. the $42,000 donation to christine o'donnell's campaign is the maximum the committee can actually give her in cash but it's not
12:05 pm
mere the maximum of what they can do. the nrc can made independent expenditures and will do across the country for other candidates, hundreds of thousands, even perhaps millions of dollars. that's not going to happen. they're not ruling it out this morning, they took quite a beating overnight when word came out they weren't planning to help other at all, thus the 42 grand, but as far as flexing their muscles it has to be decided by the gop establishment kpwhrao helping christine o'donnell is the best place to put their money. in delaware the o'donnell supporters say the gop and washington clearly doesn't get it, that there is a major groundswell in the republican party that needs to be addressed. they haven't done it quite yet, jon. jon: so now we're less than two months away from the november election, o'donnell faces democrat crist coons. how do those two match up? >> reporter: well, listen, chris coons is the executive in delaware, the northern part of the state. as a democrat he might be
12:06 pm
vulnerable for having raised taxes in order to balance the county budget. there's a problem with christine o'donnell in personal finances and one of the things you can envision is democrats saying how can you criticize chris coons forbaing the budget when you can't balance your checkbook? that sort of stuff. the polls suggest o'donnell is going to start at a decifit, that she'll be behind coons, but with all of this new enthusiasm, with all the attention, she's not only going to have wall to wall news in delaware, christine o'donnell has just become a national figure for the tea party movement and the republican nomination process into the general election. she'll get plenty of attention without the nrfc and frankly, she said as much, ready to charge on with her own rally. jon: this may be a first, i think i have political news ahead of you, but it's only because we've been having you talking for us, but it's my understanding that mitt romney has just announced he is endorseing o'donnell. also, as you say, the national republican senatorial campaign committee is also saying it will show its support behind
12:07 pm
her. things may be looking up for her now? >> reporter: listen, whenever an outsider candidate storms the castle and gets inside the walls, suddenly the folks who have been trying to keep her out are all nothing but hugs and kisses. the degree to which they give it, however, that remains to be scene. the nrfc, as i said, $22,000 is -- $42,000 is the dollar amount they can contribute but there's more they could do and have not and may not do at all. jon: it will be interesting to watch and we know you will be there to cover it. carl cameron, thank you. and you can stay on top of the latest political developments heading into november's important midterm elections with the new fox news american election headquarters iphone app. if you've got your cell phone, iphone, go to, get all the app download details. it is your shortcut to american politics and it is really great. also moments from now, i should say moments ago here on "happening now", karl rove weighed in on sarah
12:08 pm
palin's role in the tea party's big night. listen: >> people are entitled to make a decision as to who they want to back. if sarah palin is for christine o'donnell i hope she will bring her formidable fundraising prowess and magnetic personality to back her choice in the election. jon: you want to know what saia palin thinks about that? we're going to be speaking with her live this hour. also south carolina senator jim demint. we'll get his take as well. jenna: well, a troubling prediction from one of the top economists in the entire world, basically saying that the rising unemployment or joblessness overall really could cause a lot of violence in the streets worldwide. ashley webster is here from the fox business network with this story. who is this and why this connection between unemployment and violence? >> jenna, all this doom and gloom is coming from dominic strauss-kahn, head honcho of the imf and he says labor markets around the world are in dire straits, and he says long term unemployment could well indeed lead to social
12:09 pm
unrest, much like what we saw in greece four-months ago, and the numbers, no doubt about it with unemployment, are disturbing, 210 million around the world do not have a job, 30 million jobs lost since the financial crisis began, and of course, that means that if you look at the big picture, jenna, unemployment, very, very difficult problem to solve right now. jenna: we'd all like to solve it instantly, right, with a snap of the fingers, but you can't do it. is that the only solution, though, to prevent some of this violence or unrest he's talking about, is just to make unemployment go away? >> easier said than done. the imf says the more economic stimulus -- can you believe more economic stimulus or keeping it at a certain level will help create new jobs andoff set those costs but many countries are finding they cannot afford to pump money into the economy when it's not creating jobs. so it's a difficult situation. jenna: that stimulus or the idea of it is causing unrest among the populous as well. it's a tough situation, ashley. thank you very much, nice to
12:10 pm
see you. jon. jon: she is not running, not yet, anyway, but sarah palin proved her considerable power at the polls in some key races last night. alaska's former governor is joining us live, straight ahead, with her thoughts on what happens now. plus, a gambling mecca loses out some new competition. we'll tell you which state is considering a big casino takeover, and why.
12:11 pm
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12:13 pm
jon: one week it's candidate joe miller knocking off a political dynasty, the murkowskis in alaska, this week, delaware's christine o'donnell, one more upstart, a favorite of the tea party, rocking the top in the republican primary. so what else might they have in common?
12:14 pm
the support of our next guest. with us now on the phone, former alaska governor and fox contributor, sarah palin. governor, welcome. you may have heard karl rove a moment ago suggesting that christine o'donnell is not electable as a statewide candidate. your thoughts. >> well, bless his heart. you know, we love our friends, they're in the machine, the expert politicos, but my message to those who say that the gop nominee is not electable are that -- or that they're not even going to try, i say buck up. buck up. competition is really good and it makes everyone work harder and the contested primaries have been great for voters, great to our party, great for democracy at work, and i have absolutely nothing against karl rove or any of the guys who have much fatter political resumes than i will ever have, but i just want these fellows, they need to realize that the time for primary debate now is obviously over and it's time for unity, because the time for choosing is near. what we need to do is not lose sight of the ability we
12:15 pm
have here now, the opportunity to celebrate and capitalize on a weekend left, a -- a weakened democrat party. we need to go fort and caucus for the american people. jon: and some have suggested that what was happening, at least until last night, was sort of republican can dallism and even democrats who said -- have observed that one -- one observation was they thought they were watching the republican party, instead, it turns to be the dawner party. >> well, yeah, the cannibals, i think there are fewer of those than there are of us, and us would be just we the people, just wanting to get back to some time-tested truths to put our country back on the right track. and so it is time to put aside internal power grabs and greed and egos within the party and to fight united for what's right and beneficial for all americans. jon: karl rove suggested it remains to be seen how much of your considerable fundraising power and prestige you will put on the
12:16 pm
line for christine o'donnell. are you in her corner from now until election day? >> yeah, absolutely, i'll do whatever i can. i want to help, though, and not hurt, and sometimes it's a double-edged sword there, if my name is connected to anybody, and i don't want to hurt the efforts of the gop in delaware. and yeah, you know, hearing that some of these gop experts, politicos, the pundits, saying that, you know, they're going to leave it up to me or the tea party americans or others, and that they won't support their gop nominee because they say, quote, we can't win, well, again, you know, i'm saying buck up, and let's try, and i'm wondering, too, though, jon, what's this we stuff in are these beltway politicos, the expert machines that sometimes gets it wrong? we all sometimes get it wrong. are they registered voters in delaware? because it's the good people of delaware who will decide, and it's the common sense freedom loving constitutionalists everywhere who are saying enough is enough. and it's we the people wanting to get our government back. victory in the hands of the people.
12:17 pm
that's what this is about. not so much the politicos coming out of the beltway. jon: so your feeling is that even though christine o'donnell doesn't have the statewide name recognition that chris coons, her democratic opponent has, he's the county executive from new castle county, i believe it is, in delaware, you think she can knock him off? >> i think she's got the name recognition now. she, because of her efforts and tea party americans in that state, too, saying enough is enough, and we're going to take this government back and put it back on the side of the people, with just some common sense solutions, yeah, i think she's going to have the name recognition. jon: it seems that the kind of thingure talking about in this conversation is already happening. we've just gotten mitt romney endorsing me, we've gotten word that the national republican senate campaign committee is also going to be spending some money, which until, well, as of last night, it had said it would not do on her behalf. >> yeah, because they've
12:18 pm
been reactionary, and they were bummed that their candidate didn't win last night. but again, i maybe, you know -- maybe sleeping on t. some realized that okay, it was the voice of the people, and if we, within the gop machine, are not willing to listen to the voice of the people, and if we're underestimating their wisdom, then we're in for a rude awakening. but some, like rnc michael steele, he came out right away and said this was victory in the hands of the people, i'm going to support christine o'donnell, so more power to michael steele. jon: want to get reaction to what robert gibbs said, he, of course, the president's spokesman, and we're load thank right now. i'll get to that in a second. one of the questions out there, governor, is whether there's a bit of an internal battle underway between you and senator jim demint. now we're going to be talking to him a little bit later, but some political observers said you two seem to be setting up power bases for yourselves in the number and the types of candidates that you are endorsing. can i get your thoughts on
12:19 pm
that? >> jim demint is brilliant, and i have great respect for him, and i am not in this for any kind of personal gain or power grab at all. i don't even know how to play those type of games, and i don't have the people, the machines, the whatever it takes to be in a position like that. i am thankful that jim demint is so bold and courageous that he is getting out there and making these endorsements, too, and no competition there at all. jon: all right, well, now let's talk about somebody who is on the other side of the political spectrum from you, and that's robert gibbs. he commented just now at his white house briefing about the prospects for democrats in the fall election, specifically in the house. i want to play that for you and get your reaction: >> i remain confident, as i've said, that we will retain control of both the house and senate but i don't think anybody would tell you there's not a frustration, particularly based on what has happened economically, and where we are in that recovery. jon: all right, he says he
12:20 pm
expects to retain, democrats to retain, control of the house and senate. a couple of weeks ago, he got lambasted by the democratic establishment for suggesting that they could lose the house. what do you think? >> yeah, right so, he's flipflopping on that issue, even. you know, i think his confidence in being able to retain the left seats there in washington is kind of reflective of a lot of other things that he gets wrong. he's also, you know, they were quite confident that the almost trillion dollars stimulus package would keep unemployment at about 8 percent, and we see where that landed us, they've been confident in so many of obama's polices that have been utterly failing for america. so it doesn't surprise me that he would remain confident and wrong in his assumption that the left is going to continue to control the obama-pelosi-reid agenda, will continue to control our government. jon: sarah palin is the former alaska governor and
12:21 pm
fox news contributor, joining us by phone from oklahoma at the moment. governor, thank you. >> thank you, sir. jenna: the tea party gets a big boost from a leading conservative in the republican party, we were just talking about him. senator jim demint will join us to say why he's backing the antiestablishment newcomers over the favorites by his own party. there he is. we're talking to him next. you wg
12:22 pm
12:23 pm
12:24 pm
12:25 pm
executive before your life as a politician, and it got me thinking a little about message. what is it about the message of these candidates, some of which we just mentioned, that really resonates with you, rather than some of the more established candidates that were in those same districts? >> well, one of the things you learn in marketing is you don't tell a customer they're wrong. and too many people in washington have been trying to tell the voters essentially they're stupid and we know better. fortunately, americans are standing up and throwing these guys out right now.
12:26 pm
but it's not so much about the mess arpblgs jenna, as it is the principles under the message. americans are tired of being told things and then us not following through in washington. i think if republicans are entrusted with the majority, again, this time, we need to do what we're going to -- what we say we're going to do and all the candidates that i'm supporting are ones that i feel like have a strong conviction towards limited government and less debt, less government takeovers, less taxes, the things that i think all americans are looking for right now. jenna: but senator, some of your critics say that your backing of these candidates will cost the republicans the majority in the senate. what do you say to that? >> well, i don't want the majority back in we don't believe anything. i came into the senate, we had 55 senators, large majority in the house, republican in the white house, and frankly, we didn't do what we said we were going to do, so i think if we want the numbers, if we want the majority, then we're going to have to stand on some principles that the american people believe in. not so much political
12:27 pm
principles, but just common sense, economic principles. you know, here in washington, they think balancing the checkbook is a radical idea. i think americans believe that we have to balance the checkbook, just like they do every month. jenna: you know senator, majority or minority, again, some of your critics are also saying that you're backing some of these candidates that have a better shot at a leadership role in the senate. your reaction. >> i don't want a leadership role. i already have one. in fact, i think if i'm leading by standing up for people all over the country, bringing their voice to washington, helping to support candidates that americans support, what i'm doing is helping move the power out of washington, back into the hands of the people. and i think in that way, i like my leadership role now, i appreciate the leaders we have here now, but frankly, the leadership of our country needs to come from america, not from washington. jenna: there's no doubt that in congress, the faces are going to change in general for both the democrats and
12:28 pm
the republicans. one of the talking points over the last couple of hours, because of christine o'donnell's win, has been whether or not the republican party is united. senator, are you eye knighted? is the republican party a united force going into the general election? >> outside of washington, the republican party has never been more united and they're being joined by democrats, by independents, who will believe that our country is on the edge of a cliff and that we need to stop the spending and the borrowing and the debt. so what we're doing in washington is polarizing the people here, but it's uniting america around a platform of constitutional, limited government, free people, free markets, judeo christian values, simple concepts that i don't consider political. i just consider them the core principles that made our country great. jenna: senator, quickly here, i'll ask you -- i asked you about the leadership role in the senate. what about a shot at the white house, do you want a shot at the oval office? >> no. i'm looking for someone who
12:29 pm
will be a combination of reagan and churchill. someone needs to tell americans the truth that the federal government has to do less rather than more, someone like churchill who will say we're going to have to sacrifice but we're going to come out better than we've ever been before. jenna: do you see anybody with that combination? >> actually, a few out there that have potential but i really think it's a mistake to go past this november and look at 2012. republicans have got to run to the finish line. i've been talking with john cornyn, the senate committee, mitch mcconnell, we're all on the same team, we've got a great group of republican senate candidates and i think we're going to show america what republicans really stand for this time. skwr*ep jen it's going to be an interesting few weeks, senator. we appreciate you joining us, senator demint, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. jon: osama bin laden's number two man reportedly releases a new message, nine years after the attacks of september 11th. this one calls for people to rise up against the government on the other side of the world, though. what's that all about? and den zel washington
12:30 pm
inspired moviegoers in films like the hurricane, and remember the titans, that's one of my favorites. he's going to be here live to tell us what he's doing to inspire young people to stay in school.
12:31 pm
12:32 pm
12:33 pm
jon: right now there will 104 vacancies for federal judgeships across america. democrats blame republican phos bottleneck necessary the confirmation process to get those judgeships filled, but as supreme court
12:34 pm
correspondent shannon bream found out there may be more to it than just politics. shannon is live in washington with more. so why so many open seats, shannon? >> reporter: jon, it's a bit of a perfect storm now. of course you're going to have attrition, people who retire and leave the bench, they've got to be released but over the past two years, the senate judiciary committee and full senate have had two supreme court openings. that takes up a lot of their time but some say hey, it's actually the president, he's simply not nominating enough people and if you look at similar time lines in the bush and clinton presidencies, they had nominated roughly 40 more potential judges than president obama has by this time. here's kerry savarino of the judicial dry -- crisis network. >> the last numbers i saw, there were 104 federal vacancy and there were 16 people nominated to fill them. even if all of those were confirmed overnight, we'd still have 88 vacancies left, that's 85 percent of the judicial emergency that people are complaining about that is really due to the president not nominating
12:35 pm
people. he has a great team. >> reporter: and his supporters say he has been deliberative about who he picks, he tries to have people with bipartisan support and only those he believes are most qualified. jon: what about the accusations that the republican senators are basically the ones to blame here? >> reporter: in the senate the nominees are proceeding through the senate judiciary committee at a good clip but not getting the votes on the floor, which makes a difference. democrats control the senate but critics say republicans have a lot to do what happens on the floor as well, they say minority leader mitch mcconnell, they're using delay tactics to slow down the nominees. here's doug kendall of the constitutional accountability center. >> in some cases he's demanded hours on nominees that then are voted on 99-nothing in the senate floor, whereas the senate floor debate time is used to debate other issues, where the nominee generally isn't controversial. >> reporter: jon, as you can see, plenty of finger
12:36 pm
pointing here on the hill. jon: i guess the president really isn't backing down from some of the most controversial nominees he's put out there, huh? >> absolutely. and that's the thing. if you nominate someone controversial, which you have every right to do when you're the president, you get to pick who gets to get to those seats or at least has a shot at them, they take a lot longer to get through the process because there's going to be a lot more fighting. some of those folks have been sent back to the white house and now the president has renominated them, chief among them is goodwin lieu, a brilliant man by all accounts but a lot of people in washington and around the country who are conservatives who say they're worried about him, they don't want to see him get to the bench in a federal appeals court seat in the ninth circuit. a book he wrote, keeping the faith with the constitution, he talks about the concept of judicial interpretation, he says that applications of the application and its principles, they've got to be open to adaptation and change, as our society changes. conservatives don't like the sound of that. he did make it through the first time. they are going to continue to fight him as he's headed back to the process again,
12:37 pm
jon. jon: shannon bream live in washington, keep an eye on it, thanks. >> will do. jenna: right now a lawsuit years in the making is about to go to trial. at issue, whether tax dollars should fund a school's controversial educational program. critics say it's based on new age religion, but the demand for it is actually growing. adam housely is live in sacramento with this story. sacramento, california, i should say. adam, what makes this school so different and so controversial? >> well, first of all, jen kwrarbgs let's explain, it's a high school in sacramento, a charter school, which have become rather popular no matter what district you go and they follow the same standards, they use the same texts. the controversy surrounds that it's based on a 19th century -- philosopher, rudolph steiner and it's a holistic approach to education, it involves arts, music, and some people say while his education ideas were okay, some of his religious and science ideas are not and that's where the
12:38 pm
controversy arises. jenna: what is the status of the federal court case? >> well, the federal court case, it's interesting, it's been going on for 12 years and it's basically been going back and forth between a federal court and the ninth circuit. the ninth circuit keeps sending it back to the federal court saying you know what, look at the evidence brought by the parents upset with the teaching methods. the federal court says the parents have brought information that's basically hearsay and keeps throwing it out. for the past 12 years it's been tossed back and forth. the federal court has it again for the third time and a lot of people believe once again the same federal court judge is going to say it's hearsay and throw all the information out. and what their concern is, jenna, is that parents believe that some of these approaches, again, religious wise, makes this school that's publicly funded a lingous school and the court has to decide, one, is rudolph steiner's teaching, are they religious-based and two, if they are, should the school get funding. jenna: this isn't the only public waldorf school in the
12:39 pm
country. is there any sort of reason for the fact that they're booming in popularity now? >> well, first of all, this one here, the test scores have gone up significantly. you look at the numbers, i can list them off but for people in the country, they don't understand testing methods but the numbers have gone up significantly since this school came into being, and a lot of parents like the fact, the way arts are brought into it, and certain teaching methods. so it's become popular, there are 43 schools in the country, this is the only high school in the country. that's where some of the parents are upset, because the two parents that filed lawsuits or leading the lawsuit, i should say, they believe their kid went to public schools in -- and they brought home one idea, the son was told you can basically formulate your own god. so that's where this controversy arises. and there are successes. so it's really a situation in california where education is a difficult -- not doing well in a lot of places and this school is successful and some parents saying you know what, it's working. jenna: you can see the
12:40 pm
controversy with that last comment you just said, ad arpblgs but also, everyone wants a good education. we'll see how this battle plays out. adam housely is live from california. thank you. jon: there's a new push to keep kids from dropping out of high school, and they have a spokesman, a name you know well, actor den zel washington is speaking out for the boys and girls clubs of america, announce ago major new effort to attack that growing crisis. jenna: den zel knows all about the boys and girls club of america, he attended the program in mount vernon, new york and is now a national spokes mourn, let alone an award winning actor. not a bad combination. jon: he is joining us to tell us more about this program. are you feeling like you could have been a dropout had it not been for the boys and girls club? >> i'll say this, you know, many of my friends didn't make it, you know. one spent 28 years in the peenual system, another spent about 25 years, and you know, the boys and girls club meant everything to me then, it does now. we have a shining example of that with us today, ramona
12:41 pm
is the national youth of the year and she can tell awe bit of her story, but she was in the streets and homeless and now she sit here today in washington, d.c. jenna: you know den zel, we actually were showing some of the pictures of you that the boys and girls club uses on their advertisements. it looks like you as a little boy, i don't know what age, six, seven, ten -- >> eight. >> eight years old. tell us a little about what you were like as a little boy going to the boys and girls clubs, were you running around, you know, acting out movie roles and things like that? >> well, you know, my mother, she had me very well dressed at # years old. i think that was my school picture. but the club meant everything to me. in fact, the battle at that time was balancing my time there, because i wanted to spend all my time there. and ramona and i were just talking about some of the differences, the way they help young people even more now, they help -- well, she
12:42 pm
can tell you about it. the college applications and everything. jenna: ramona, how is it sitting next to den vel? you don't have a bad seat there at all. >> i'm very excited, very good, and honored to be sitting next to den zel in washington. jon: what did the club do for you ramona? >> well, it helped me go to college, and i got my own personal mentors and personal tutors and got a family there, and i made a lot of friends, and a big support system. so it's helped me to be successful, very much. jon onand -- >> ramona graduated from high school with a 3.92 grade point average, and she's a freshman now at arizona state university. jenna: that's great news. jon: wow, good for you! >> thank you. jon: den zel, when you were in the boys club in mount vernon, did you sit there and say to yourself, you know, i think someday i'll grow up to be an award winning actor and make tons of movies and lots of money?
12:43 pm
>> no, i didn't say that. i thought i was going to be like jim brown or gail sayers, that didn't work out, but one of the things that they did, that billy thomas was the program director when i was a kid there and one of the things he did was they would ask all the kids that went away to college to send in banners from their college, so on your way to the gym, there was a hallway and you looked at all these banners from like usc and notre dame and all the schools that people went to, and as a young person, i just remember the impact it had on me, because i had never even imagined some of those places like what do they do in california at usc, how do you even get there, or maybe i can go there, and he would always put up all kinds of things that -- just to stimulate you to imagine, and to dream of what you could do one day. i never dreamed i'd go this far, but the seeds of that dream were started at the boys and girls club. jon: ramona, you're living proof that it works, den vel washington, good to talk to you. thank you for joining us.
12:44 pm
i know in some states, the dropout rate is 50 percent and even above in a couple of places. so it's -- >> at the boys and girls club, it's 10 percent, so the work that we're doing, we want to spread even further, and we recognize the importance of the work the boys and girls clubs are doing and we hope the public understands that, and that they reach out and volunteer as well. jon: it's great to you have supporting then. thank you very much. >> thank you. jenna: now for a different story. it's a good thing, and we say this a lot on the news, that the bleep machine works. take a listen: >> take that and shove it up your -- >> i have it on video. >> i could give a damn less, you pennsylvania stupid woodchuck, i don't give a -- about the job. a guy like you should get the -- out of here. you see what that says? volunteer. you don't even know what the -- that means! take that and shove it up your -- >> i have it on video. >> i could give a damn less, you pennsylvania stupid woodchuck! i don't give a -- about your job.
12:45 pm
a guy like you should figure out how to get the -- out of here. jenna: if there ever was a good use for the bleep machine, that qualifies for it. what made this parking meter monitor insult the people of pennsylvania? we'll be back with more.
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jon: you are just not going to believe this. brand new video just into fox news, not the kind of thing you see every day. hair sis at the breaking news desk with a camel rescue, harris? >> reporter: you know, jon, it's rare you hear the words camet, sing hole and moses, all in one story but here goes, this happened in oregon city, the oregon firefighters called out to rescue a 1500-pound camel who sounded like -- yeah, because when you're a camel in distress, that's the kind of noise you make. he was 6-8 feet down in a sinkhole, buried in dirt.
12:49 pm
they didn't want to just pull him out because they didn't want to break his legs. a children ministry opens the camel and several others on their property in oregon city. they called for help after they couldn't pull moses out of the ground. he's okay, the vets checked him out and they're saying that moses will be fine. it took firefighters several hours. they had to literally shovel to get him out. they don't want to use machinery because they couldn't tell exactly where the flyable -- the pliable legs might be. it is your camel stoefr for -- story for a wednesday. jon: that moses or did you record me when my alarm goes off? >> it better not be you! jon: all right, that's one for the books. harris, thanks. jenna: it's a big medical worry, a superbug that resists all known antibiotic, -- -- antibiotics, dr. manny with where it's popping up and what you can do to keep your
12:50 pm
family safe this winter.
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12:53 pm
megyn: hi everybody i'm megyn kelly, christine o'donnell barely secured the gop nomination in delaware and she is already getting bashed like she's the new sarah palin. why? we investigate. speaking of o'donnell, democrats say her victory is a win for them since they feel she cannot beat the democrat, former clinton adviser richard sacoretes says not so fast. here with a warning for his party. nancy pelosi predicts the house will stay in november. monica crowley on that. all that, plus how likely is it that your pilot is drunk? we'll tell you, and you may not like the answer. see you in seven minutes. jon: a superbug nightmare is unfolding right here in the united states. now that a gene is turning what used to be ordinary
12:54 pm
bacteria into bugs that are resistent to all types of antibiotics. the superbug popping up in three states so far, california, illinois, and massachusetts. plus, several places around the world. how can you protect yourself? how worried should we be? joining us now, dr. manny alvarez, senior managing editor of fox news and member of our medical a team. this is a bug that actually has overseas links? >> this is a bug that looks like it originated in new delhi and india, it looks like americans went there to get medical procedures, they imply it's probably in the hospital. now, these are typical bacteria that we find in urinary tract infections, g.i. infections, but however now they have been embedded with a new gene and this has transformed the bacteria that would be susceptible to antibiotics to be indestructible. these states have been isolated, they isolated the people but i'm going to tell you, if this continues, if
12:55 pm
these superbugs continue to grow we don't have the antibiotics to kill them. jon: you wrote a piece on fox about some of what leads to this kind of thing happening in this country. overprescription of antibotics, first sign on the list? >> that's number one. we have been utilizing antibotics successively -- successfully for the last decade or plus, you can find antibotics all around the world without any prescription so you have to be very careful. medical tourism is out of control, people are going outside the country, getting all these types of procedures. let me tell you, 48,000 people die in the united states from hospital-acquired infections every year, just here in the u.s. can you imagine what it is when you go outside the country? personal hygiene is number one and right now you have be in -- if you get one of these bugs you have to work with your doctors, you probably have to be isolated and the federal government better kind of put big attention to this problem because if this gets out of control, my god, we're going to have problems. jon: the fourth item on the list is also a federal area, you said massive immigration
12:56 pm
is a problem. >> well, we keep saying when you have unchecked immigration, you got a lot of people coming through the borders, we don't know any kind of medical history, if you come illegally to -- legally, you get vaccinations, a medical history, at least we know what you're bring going the country and we can do something about it. jon: dr. manny, thank you. >> you got it. jon: get the facts on this superbug that is afflicting people in three states, it's at the new and improved health section, go to fox news, and we'll be right back. a drive before work. want to come? [ female announcer ] or make his day. yeah. [ female announcer ] maxwell house gives you a rich, full-flavored cup of coffee, so you can be good to the last drop. that's why there's crest pro-health clinical gum protection toothpaste. it helps remove plaque at the gumline, helpinprevent gingivitis. and it's even been clinically proven to help reverse it in just four weeks. new crest pro-health clinical toothpaste.
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jenna: university of delaware graduate students shattering a big record on jeopardy last night. >> roger crane could set a new one day record here if he came up with the bridge on the river qui. he did. jenna: he broke the previous record set by a


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