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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 16, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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there is no online show this evening. bret will be back here tomorrow. i'm chris wallace and good night from all of us here in washington. freedom. hope you have a great night. here is bill. >> >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> we're not in this to come close. we're in this to win. we're in this to win big. >> this is not a race we're going to be able to win. >> bill: controversy breaks out between tea party candidate christine o'donnell and stallworth karl rove. this is fascinating. sarah palin will provide analysis. >> illegals are sneaking across our border. what does harry reid do? he comes out opposed to arizona's tough new immigration law. harry reid, the best friend an illegal alien ever had. >> i'm sharon angle and i approve this message. the woman challenging harry reid in nevada pulls ahead in the latest poll.
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>> racism is the new -- bring it at me. >> bill: dennis miller is upset about islamophobia and lady gaga. [mooing] >> bill: uh-oh. >> silly clip notes. >> bill: the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the tea party vs. the republican establishment. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo once again. last night the tea party flexed its muscles as christine o'donnell in delaware and karl paladino in new york came from far behind to win their respective races. immediately after those victories, left-wing media began viciously attacking both people, pulling up old tape of ms. o'donnell talking about sex and defining mr. paladino as a
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nut. liberal press put forth that neither could win in the general election. that is what is passing for reporting these days. there is no question that some tea party supported candidates are causing angst against some establishment republicans. karl rove, for example, is not a big fan of ms. o'donnell's. >> there is just a lot of nutty things that she has been saying that doesn't add up to. >> sean: sounds like you don't support her. >> i'm for the republican, but i have got to tell you, we were looking at 8 to 9 seats in the senate. we're now looking at 7 to in my opinion. this is not a race we are able to win. >> he is one of the so-called experts whose credibility was hurt last night. he was here in delaware meeting with the tea party folks asking them not to get behind me. their response was you are asking us to put party power over principle. you obviously don't understand what's going on in the country this year. >> bill: talking points is not going to get in the middle of the rove o'donnell brawl that
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would not be prudent. ms. o'donnell is correct in saying that many republicans voters are fed up with the establishment. they want new people to represent them. mr. rove is also right when he says it is likely christine o'donnell will not win in delaware. independents will play a very big role this year. one of the problems with being a newcomer in national politics is you have to learn fast. we asked ms. o'donnell to appear with us this evening. her campaign was afraid to put her on here. that's unfortunate but understandable. this is a tough forum and ms. o'donnell's handlers don't want her to make any mistakes. there are less than two months before the general election. so the tea party candidates are going to have to get schooled and fast. the truth is, there are not enough tea party people to put any candidate into office. as we said, independents will make the call. karl rove as his usual astuteself who warns just because you are outsider doesn't mean you will get a seat at the table. this year the republicans have a chance to take the menu away from democrats but they have to
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win almost everywhere to do that that's the memo. joining us from tulsa, oklahoma, fox news analyst sarah palin who endorsed ms. o'donnell. what do you think about mr. rove's comments? >> well, it wouldn't be prudent of me either to get into a tussle with karl rove as you say but what the heck. let's go ahead and do it. some of these good old boys and i have nothing against karl rove personally, you know, he is the expert. but, bill, some of these folks, they are saying that people like christine o'donnell and others, tea party americans can't win because they don't want them to win because they know that if christine o'donnell, a joe miller from alaska and gubernatorial races like susanna martinez and nikki haley, these folks are going to shake it up. they are going to do what's right for america. not necessarily what is right for a political party machine. >> bill: but i have to get a little more specificity from you. karl rove is a very conservative guy. i mean, across the board, he is
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a conservative republican. he has engineered a lot of victories for the g.o.p. it doesn't seem to me that his value system is all that much different than christine o'donnell's value system or yours, for example. i think you and karl rove and ms. o'donnell pretty much in the same sphere. what rove is afraid of is that ms. o'donnell is so inexperienced and not able to make her points in a way that persuade the independents in delaware which absolutely have to vote for her where she can't win whereas a more moderate candidate that rove perhaps wanted in delaware could win. don't you see any validity in that? >> i don't buy that at all. i think that some of those in the hierarchy of the political machine and both sides of the aisle, they are very much into control and titles and egos and everything else. i'm not saying that, again, about personally karl rove. but i think that's just inherently in the nature of the
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hierarchy of a political machine. now, what christine o'donnell is representing, it's not an extreme position when she just wants a smaller, smarter government and states rights respected and all those things that tea party americans are representing. >> bill: as i said, you and she and rove are simpatico in your positions. rove is worried about just the hard knocks of campaigning. look, ms. o'donnell could be on here tonight, could be presenting herself in front of the nation. her people don't want her to be because this is. >> i grant you that. i grant you that. she is going to have to learn very quickly to dismiss what some of her handlers want. remember what happened to me in the v.p. >> absolutely. >> remember, i used to have to sneak in my phone call to us guys and say hey, i'm here. >> bill: i remember getting a phone call at 11:30 on a sunday night. i thought it was a prank call but it was you. i know exactly what you are talking about. >> she is going to have to learn that very quickly. go with her gut, get out there and speak to the american people.
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speak through fox news and let the independents who are tuning in to you, let them know what it is that she stands for. the principles behind her positions. >> bill: okay. now, when you see the landscape in the primaries, primaries are different than the elections. the tea party has an enormous amount of power and so do you. you guys are able -- in new hampshire your guy won, too. i can't say his name. his name in new hampshire? tell me in my ear. some guy up there won the primary and you endorsed him, governor? all right. nobody knows. got a long name. he won, tea party guy won in new hampshire. okay? and he won in new york. paladino and won in delaware. the tea party is exerting a lot of power. you know, governor, come the general election, tea party is not going to have that much power. it will have a say but it won't have as much as it has in the primary. so how much difference is that going to make? >> i think you're forgetting though that tea party americans this grass roots movement is all about an independent mind set. it's not hard core, right wing
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wackos like the liberal media wants to you believe. these are reagan democrats, people not registered in any party. and, yeah, some hard core republicans, too. those who just believe that america is not on the right track right now and they have some common sense solutions in how they want to see us get back on the right track. so, the positions that the tea party movement has been embracing is -- it's mainstream, real living. will y bill. it's common sense. that's going to hurt in a general election. >> bill: i say in my book the tea party patriots are coming out and loving their country and trying to persuade people that they see it the right way. i have no beef with the tea party at all. i'm just worried -- not worried but it will be interesting to see the numbers in the general election. i have to take to you task for something. glenn beck in alaska with you? when i heard about it too late but i should have been there as a chaperone. beck can get out of control. putting beck in a forest with a
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gun? is that what you are telling me he is doing out there. >> he is up there bragging about this trout that he caught in idaho. i have to one up and say i got a caribou a couple nights before. >> bill: you should have left him in the forest. he would have never found his way out. you are up there and know all this stuff. beck doesn't know how to cast. is he like this, all right? >> he caught a trout somehow but he didn't catch it in alaska, come to think of it you need to get up there, too, bill. >> bill: did you do anything out doorsy? did you take a walk? get a coffee? did you go outside? >> he needs to come up to alaska and do more of that and spend more time and then we will see what he is made of. >> bill: i can tell you right now what he is made of, governor. [ laughter ] pudding. all right, governor. >> pudding? twinkies. >> bill: i'm giving him a hard time. you know that. next on the run down, the tea party is supporting sharon angle against senator harry reid in nevada. ms. angle will be here. and, later, dennis miller on its islam phobia and lady gaga.
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are the two related?
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÷÷pp >> bill: personal story segment tonight, as you know former state assembly woman sharon angle will thatting harry reid in nevada. polls say she is slightly ahead 45% to 44%. that is statistical dead heat. the fact that she is challenging
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him so closely is shocking to many. she joins us now. the last thing i heard about in nevada is this guy john ralston a big political reporter i guess out of vegas, right? >> right. >> he wanted to put you and reid on in a debate situation and he is mad that you won't do it. why don't you want to be on with reid and ralston. >> that's not the point. we said always that we didn't want to debate after early voting started. we want an informed electorate. the way to inform them is to do all your debating before they start voting. >> bill: when did early nevada voting start? >> we start voting october the 16th. so our debate that we have scheduled is october the 14th. >> bill: ralston wants to do that now. >> he wanted to do it on october the 21st, five days after early voting starts. if would do it then, 25% of our electorate has already voted. >> bill: i heard he wanted to move it up to september.
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anyway, you are going to do a debate with reid. >> yeah. >> bill: when is that going to be? >> october the 14th. >> bill: just you and him. manoemano. man to man. [ laughter ] >> bill: where is reid's biggest weakest? >> the economy. is a big spender. obama train. spend, spend, spend. the economy hasn't turned around despite all the massive spending. is that where you are going to hit him? >> what has happened? nevada is we have 14.3% unemployment. we have the highest foreclosure rate in the nation. highest rate of bankruptcy. they used to call that the misery index. now they are calling it the stress test. we are definitely at the top of the charts there. >> bill: that's because the service industry in vegas and reno. people aren't coming there as much as they did. they don't have the money and they laid them off. >> it's also because of the holies that harry reid has
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promoted in the last 18 months, obama care, stimulus, bailout. >> bill: is he big government. he is right in line with pelosi and the president. you also took out an ad that i want to show everybody about reid's immigration stance. let's roll that tape. >> nevada families struggling with the nationist highest unemployment. harry reid votes to give special tax breaks to illegal aliens and to give illegal also social security benefits each for the time they were here ill healey. harry reid the best friend illegal alien ever had. >> bill: are you trafficking on the illegal alien issue here. >> the november residents believe the jobs are being given to illegal aliens in our state. >> bill: is that true? >> yes. in many cases it is true. what is really true is that harry reid in 2006 voted for all of those things. he doesn't believe that there is a problem with illegal aliens. he has said that.
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>> bill: what's a special tax breaks he wants to give the illegal aliens that you have mentioned in that ad? >> the special tax breaks are things like they get their social security. they get to have the same things as american citizen does but they don't pay into the taxes like we do. >> bill: okay. so they get back but they don't pay it because it's a cash business? >> that's right. >> bill: all right. now you are a small government tea party person, right? >> i'm a small government, lower taxes, conservative republican. >> bill: tea party person. >> i'm a mainstreamer. i think when we start talking about the tea party, people want to marginalize that into some kind of organization or party but it is mainstream america. >> bill: absolutely. i want to run the sound bite. this was krnv, you said this on. roll the tape. >> you can make more money on unemployment than you can going down and getting one of those jobs that is an honest job, but
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it doesn't pay as much. and so that is what's happened to us is that we have put in so much entitlement into our government that we really have spoiled our citizenry and said you don't want the jobs that are available. >> bill: now, do you think a portion of the 14% of those unemployed in nevada are jaking it because they get government funds? >> well, i did talk to a lady that talks to people on unemployment. they have told her that they can make $11 an hour on unemployment. $9 an hour at the jobs that she has. >> bill: you believe that is impacting some people. >> there is an impact there. but, more importantly, no one in nevada wants to be on unemployment. we want full-time jobs with a future. that's what we want. >> bill: if i'm getting 11 bucks and getting 9. i'm going to take the 11. i'm not a lazy guy. i'm looking at it if i have kids who-to-feed. do you believe there should be a safety net for people who can't
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find work. >> certainly. extending unemployment as harry reid has done is merely a band-aid. what we want is full time jobs with a future. we want something experiment. we want something that we can. >> bill: yeah, but you don't want to guarantee people jobs. that's big government again. >> certainly not. we do want to make policies that promote those who do create those jobs, which are businesses. right now you know they are holding back about $2 trillion in money that they like to put into jobs but because of obama care, cap and trade, the holding back of making these tax cuts permanent, all of that says to our private sector we don't know. we're uncertain. it isn't a lack of capital. it's a lack of confidence in government. and harry reid can give us no confidence. >> bill: all right, ms. angle we appreciate you coming on. in harry reid is invited to come on this program tomorrow to reply. we would love to have him. good luck in the race. democrats are worried about november obviously. how worried are they?
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. there is no question the democratic party is reeling. poll from august 31st showed that republicans favored by 10 points over democrats. biggest gap recorded by gallup. it has since narrowed a bit. joining us from boston marianne marsh. you heard the karl rove o'donnell thing and sarah palin and share ron angle. it seems to me that rove is cautious about the tea party impact. county democrats use that in any way? how do they see that? >> there is no question, bill. karl rove has a lot of company on his side as well.
5:23 am
democrats are in better shape today than they have all year because they have owe opponents from the tea party that they will face in november and best chance ever of winning back independent voters. you mentioned it at the top of the show. sarah palin mentioned it as well. >> bill: you believe that because ms. o'donnell, rand paul in kentucky? because these people are now on the ballot, why would that help the democrats? >> two points. independent voters are going to determine this election. not democrats, not republicans. independents. we have two shots there because one, i think many independents are going to see tea party candidates is too extreme in some cases and, in the other point, independents have been losing to democrats because they have been upset about deficits and spending. what's going to trump that over the next 48 days is the debate over taxes. democrats will say we're for middle class families and businesses. republicans are for wealthy americans and wall street and in the polling, hold on, in the polling, bill, independents win -- will go with the democratic argue. 58% -- 53%, 48% each time.
5:24 am
>> bill: it worked when the economy was okay but now people are going -- okay, look, it's suspect. let's put it that way. you just heard sharon angle. is sharon angle extremist? does she come across as extremist? >> i think she certainly said things in your interview that will come back to hurt her in the next few days. >> bill: like what? give me an example. >> i think when she talks about the fact of unemployment. what democrats are going to say is the same people who oppose extending unemployment benefits rft same people who support extending tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. independents aren't going to buy that and if you are in las vegas right now, and other parts of nevada with 14% unemployment, you feel like a church because you did everything you were asked to do for the good of this country and you can't get a job. >> bill: listen, this is where i think you are going wrong. it's not a partisan debate between me and marianne right now. look, harry reid is the most powerful democratic senator, knock he has been in office
5:25 am
since 1986. nevada has a 14% unemployment rate. who are they going to blame? they're going to blame partially harry reid. hey, you pinhead. you are the big shot. you are voting for every spending bill coming down the pike. and, you know what? it ain't working in our state. that's why sharon ingle is ahead of him. how is he going to counter that? that's real life, marianne, that's not theory, tax breaks for the rich. that's real life. >> real life is having bailed out banks who will no longer lend to small businesses. real life is bailing out wall street and having them now set on trillions of dollars that all of us paid for. >> bill: you think they are worried about bailing out wall street? where are they going to work tomorrow? they're looking at harry reid going where what did this guy do for us? they are not worried about that theory. >> the same people they bailed out are now not hiring sitting on trillions of dollars. and they feel like chumps for that they bailed out the banks who won't loan to small businesses, and they can't get jobs because of that that's why this tax debate over the next 48 days could be the catalyst that
5:26 am
changes the dynamics of the november 2nd for democrats. >> bill: very powerful democrats turning against the president on the debate. people like evan bayh in indiana. i'm not so sure. >> is he not running anymore. >> bill: it doesn't matter. >> he is not running. >> bill: the perception that nelson and bayh and others think this is a big crazy warfare gamut. maybe i'm wrong. i have got to see you. >> okay, bill. >> bill: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. body language maven tonya reiman says i have may have been con temp shus of some of my guests is that possible? dennis miller wants to talk about islamophobia and lady gaga tonight. i tried to talk him out of it but i couldn't. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: body language segment tonight, when we last left tonya reiman, this is what was said. >> bill: would you tell me if i ever get contemptuous in any
5:30 am
way? >> you do. >> bill: when? >> let me get my list of papers out. [ laughter ] >> bill: but i think next week when you come back, people would like to know that, who i have been contemptuous of. >> bill: and here she is ms. reiman. so had you to sift through how many -- we have three to show people. how many did you have to go through. >> there are tons of them out there. >> bill: tons of them. i have been contemptuous. >> slightly. >> bill: some more than others. >> yes. we have a few clips that will demonstrate. >> bill: my contemptuousness? >> yes. >> bill: this is richard dawkins, the atheist author. go. >> you must see that it's quite remarkable piece of ill logic to say that because science can't fill a particular gap therefore we have to turn to christianity. >> bill: you don't have to turn anywhere. you just have to present it you don't turn to it you present it. >> would you listen to me and stop shouting at me. >> bill: turn your ear piece down. i'm not shouting. that's the way i usually talk. >> i know it is. i have been warned about it.
5:31 am
>> you start off with a contemptuous sneer. >> bill: let me see. >> watch how you get your mouth going. when he finishes talking and you start talking. you lift your head up so now you're exposing your neck. >> bill: would you say he is condescending in his manner. >> he always comes across the same. >> bill: there i am. my head suspect. >> see the head suspect. watch the mouth. see how one side is higher than the other. and it goes even higher and the eyebrow goes up up as well. contempt and anger go hand in hand. >> bill: he goes don't yell at me. i wasn't yelling at him. that's the way i talk. have you been on this program for years. that's the way i talk. he knows that he wants to define me as some sort of a mad man. >> that's the way you talk. >> bill: was it appropriate. >> it was appropriate from your point of view. >> bill: thank you. >> okay. >> bill: i'm not going to let this guy define me as some sort
5:32 am
of nut. i don't think is he a nut. is he a avery arrogant. i don't respond well to that michael moore hasn't been on for years but ms. reiman selected this one. >> i would sacrifice myself, i'm not talking for any children, to remove the taliban. would you? >> um-huh. >> bill: would you? that's my next question. >> no. >> bill: would you sacrifice yourself to remove the children. >> i wouldn't sacrifice my life to track down the people who killed 3,000 people on our soil. >> bill: given refuge by the taliban. >> we didn't go after them did, we. >> bill: we removed the taliban. >> all of them? that's why the taliban are still killing our soldiers here. >> bill: moore, you can't kill everybody, come on. >> bill: i'm going to dispute this with you. i wasn't contemptuous. >> you were condescending. >> bill: in what way? >> when you first start speaking to him. contempt isn't just body language. it's also with the words you use. you were condescending as you spoke to him.
5:33 am
then if you watch your face. >> bill: give me an example. what words did i use that were con dessending? >> okay. i would be willing to sacrifice my life. would you? >> bill: yeah. would you? >> that's insulting to someone. >> bill: no. it's not. he was saying i was a charlotte ton because i wouldn't send my kids to war. it was a rebut of his species piece shus argue. if you wouldn't send your children to die you shouldn't stick up-bill. >> watch how you lean toward him. >> he can't move. >> bill: you -- i am not superiority. i'm making a point. >> a demonstration of dominance. >> bill: i'm telling you i was not contemptuous of him. i thought his point was not valid that's why i went. in the first one, you are right. i don't like that dawkins guy. that one, no. >> did you not see the lowered brow? >> bill: lowered brow, my but b.
5:34 am
i was just trying to make my point. i don't know where my brow was. >> all right. let's go on to the next one. >> bill: i hope i'm not being contemptuous. scott finster maker is off the wall. he has represented gitmo detainees. roll the tape. you seem like a nice guy i'm saying this guy sitting in front of belief doesn't think these people were murdered on 9/11 when we saw what happened. if he won't say they were murdered or not, is he a weasel. >> you have said that i said that they weren't murdered. what i said is that the jurors -- >> bill: do you want me to ask you a third time? do you think they were murdered or not? >> i'm saying that the jurors decide that in our country. >> bill: that's a weaselly answer and it was. >> that not contemptuous to say he is a weasel? >> bill: it was accurate. i asked him five times if he thinks people were murdered on 9/11 and he wouldn't answer. >> let's skip that because let's move on to the body language portion of that. >> bill: all right. body language. >> after you called him a weasel. you then wept on to lift up your chin and give this little finger underneath your chin.
5:35 am
>> bill: what does that mean. >> see it go on. superiority. you are pretending that you have to hold up your chin in order to deal with what he is saying. it's so boring to you you have to hold up your chin in boredom. do you that to him and then, of course, looking down your nose. >> bill: wouldn't have you been bored and frustrated if you asked that man five times do you think people were murdered on 9/11? wouldn't have you been bored and frustrated? >> here my job was to demonstrate that yes, indeed you do contemptuously at certain points. >> bill: that's a good answer. i'm not contemptuous for the sake of being contemptuous. i'm reacting to the situation. >> it's personality-driven. no it's event driven. >> i'm just teasing, yes. event driven. >> bill: all right. tonya reiman everybody. really rough on me today. when we come back, miller time. when we come back, miller time. big event
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm. >> bill: o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. >> as you know we have been reporting about the ground zero mosque which we say will not, will not be built. dennis miller has been following the controversy as well and joins from us los angeles. okay. so, islamophobia now is injected into this whole deal. what say you? >> well, let me say this, billy. originally i was islamo apathetic as i am with most people's faiths. there has been times in my life i haven't paid attention to my own faith because i'm eepiscopal logical -- then i became islam mow curious because i noticed a lot of most devotees will blow things up when they wouldn't get their way. that piques my interest. you guys have got to tighten it up there a little, all right? that's all we're asking of you.
5:40 am
when imam celine dion husband says is he building this ground zero as outreach thing i want to say if you want to be about outreach, build a synagogue there, pal, when you don't get your way and start vaguely threatening it could hit the fan if you don't get your way that's not moderate to me. that's cutting it both ways. i hear you brother, i get you loud and clear. >> bill: generally speaking, do you feel, as some americans do, are you suspicious? that's a better word. are you suspicious of imam rauf and people like him? >> when he says he is building a mosque to diffuse the situation. [ laughter ] i always think you have got to get another word together than that that's what i'm worried about in the first place. let me say this imam rauf. there is a billion 5 of you. a billion 5 of anything gets my attention. i would pay attention to a billion 5 amish people.
5:41 am
indeed i would be skeptical about a billion 5 dennis millers. if that makes me islam phobic: i'm going assailed being sexist, racist or islamophobic. can i only carve out wednesdays from 2 to 6 for you to think i'm islamophobic. other parts of the day i'm too busy being racist or segment. imam, you. the mosque, here is what you have got to say. we are putting the mosque up to condemn jihad. see, then miller and i are down there with little hard hats and hammers. we are with the imam going pop, pop, pop. we're helping build it you want
5:42 am
your mosque? say it's there to condemn the jihad. murder of innocent people. that's all. miller andry down there, everybody else is down there. the thing is built in three days, right? >> although if jimmy carter shows up next to me i don't trust him with a hammer. if it's you and i down there doing seven brides for seven brothers yeah. >> bill: i'm doing this for you, lady gaga. all right. she shows up, i guess, on the mtv awards or something like that. roll the tape. ♪ love, love, love, i want your love ♪ i want your drama ♪ i never thought i would be asking cher to hold my mink purse. >> why do you care about that, miller? >> well, first off neither did greg allman.
5:43 am
second off, let me say this, billy. on a week when i have a mexican chic showing up in pants that are spray painted on and immediately a group of 20 to 30-year-old athletes in the how ungodly hot she is and start cat calling her she turns into betty fredan about labeled a piece of meat. i had to laugh about this thing. i will tell you about 15 seconds into lady gaga's speech, i became a strict, strict vegetarian. i don't know what happened. it never appealed to me before. i haven't had a pork shop since. >> bill: to explain to those people who do not follow ms. gaga. she was criticized by peta for posing in a meat bikini in a japanese some kind of magazine over there so she takes her little meat purse and walks up to the stage. is that what was all about? i don't really follow it too closely. >> billy, i was with her up to that point. but then i put my meat blindfold
5:44 am
thing on at home. i missed the end of it. >> bill: are you gaga phobic, miller? >> listen, i like what she said this week about repeal don't ask, don't tell. she is twittering now with harry reid. this is lady gaga chatting up grandpa munster now. i'm all about the don't ask, don't tell thing. if somebody wants to fight for me, are you kidding me? all i know is harry reid, whether it's lee lib ber watch which i or lee marvin in the fox hole. they don't need a cadaver like that showing up the year before and saying the war is lost. whoever is fighting for us, and god bless them for doing it, reid should shut up about their chances of winning or losing. you know something, harry, like you said about the war, this election is lost for you. >> bill: i love the grandpa munster line. i really did. i didn't hear -- after that, i didn't hear anything you said. something about. >> i didn't say much. i didn't say much after that. >> bill: okay. but the grandpa munster line, what was that al lewis? wasn't that grandpa munster?
5:45 am
wasn't that him? okay. >> it was. >> bill: any reference to grandpa munster on a national worldwide news program, you have got to -- i don't even know what you said after that. >> billy, like you said, we're simple men. >> bill: you negotiation god love al lewis and grandpa munster. we need more of them. >> and god love yejy-reggie bush for sending his heisman trophy back. o.j. simpson still has his. i guess the moral is don't sell tickets -- they can overlook that. >> bill: dennis miller, everybody. did you see that on deck tonight starring whoopi goldberg getting involved in the ground zero mosque controversy. then, jon stewart goes after us÷
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:48 am
5:49 am
>> bill: did you see that? there is an interesting piece of tape floating around the net tea party rally and talked with other african-americans and minorities. >> have you seen any people of color around? >> as i look around, no. >> you have seen any people of color around? >> no, i have not. >> have you seen any people of color around? >> yes. >> you? >> one. [bell] >> do you see any people of color around? >> no, not really. >> have you seen any people of color around? >> people of color? no. >> bill: all right. now, who is that guy and what was the point. >> bob parks of the media research council. he does videotaping there. the point was -- i don't know if you got the irony there but bob parks is african-american. and i was talking to african-americans. >> bill: they almost defeated their own purpose though by
5:50 am
looking around saying there is nobody -- what did mr. parsons want to accomplish? does he say that there is a substantial amount of african-americans at the tea party? >> he was there. no look, this guy admits, i talked to him briefly on the phone yesterday. he says look, the bulk of african-americans vote democratic. you are not going to see the tea party, you know african-americans. obvious. but he said, you know, what he wants to do is not so much be out there to protest what he says is the socialist takeover of our government. he wants to be out there because he wants to demonstrate in a satyrical way and you might who v. not it was hysterical but i thought it was very funny. basically go against all these folks like chris matthews who call these mono chromatic. >> they are not. there are a bunch of people there of every persuasion. i think he got his point across. >> we talked last week very briefly about the florida congressman who was saying that these people -- all these tea
5:51 am
party folks people 20 years ago were folks walking around with hoods on their heads. >> bill: that's helping them. fair minded americans know it's not fair. they take a interest. they check it out and a number of them have signed up. >> i think that's true. >> bill: whoopi goldberg one of our pals over at theview, she doesn't like the imam mosque ground zero controversy from both sides. roll the tape. >> the fact that there were protests on 9/11 really also irritated me. i said you know what? j i don't have time to listen about your side or your side. this is about the people who lost their lives. that's why we're coming together. the fact that you are all are fighting in the streets, kiss my butt. get out of here. [ applause ] >> bill: listen, why are they fighting, ms. goldberg? they are fighting over the memory of the people who lost their lives on 9/11. that is what the controversy is
5:52 am
all about. >> but when you saw the two sides fighting back and forth on the news and images. i don't know if you were down there that day. you know, it was, to me, it was disgusting. i -- >> bill: let me stop you there some 9/11 families also said the same things that they thought that that day was not the appropriate day for the demonstrations. and i agree with that. >> i totally agree with that however, people like me, all right, who are against the mosque being there, because there is no reason for it to be there. >> i 100% agree with you. >> >> bill: i'm looking out for the 9/11 families. that's what i'm doing. the more we learn about imam rauf, if you have been following our reportage this week. the more it becomes suspect why this is there. >> yes. i completely agree with you. but getting back to the original point of this, when you have a family member who died in a horrible way watching the -- we are watching your family member in a building that was
5:53 am
collapsed, when you to there to grieve quietly, i don't want to hear people screaming at each other and if i were there. >> where goldberg made her mistake was she doesn't have time to listen to both sides. she should take time. this is a very important discussion. >> maybe we should have her here. >> bill: she is coming in here, i understand. she has a book "why bill o'reilly is terrific." no, it's not? that's not the name of it? i thought it was "why bill o'reilly is terrific by whoopi goldberg. that's not the book? she'll be here anyway to tell us what the book is. >> happy birthday, belated. >> bill: another jon stewart o'reilly exposition. don't you love that picture? oh yeah. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bold. daring. capable of moving your soul. ♪ and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal.
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♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard of the world.
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. first major thank you to all of those who bought my new book. high on the charts on, just about every other book website. buy it on we'll send you a tote bag free. all the money i get goes to charity. i want you to know what i want to know, i should say what you think about the book. we set up a forum on, check it out. now the mail. chris: alan colmes says imam rauf should not be guilty with the 9/11 -- the whole tea party is
5:56 am
painted as a racist for a few. great point. if most muslims are good people i guess we'll be hearing their opposition to the ground zero mosque. we've already had two on this show. curtis: i admire the fact that you have been fair to president obama that's why i watch the factor. i have to say i think he's a pinhead. you are entitled to your opinion. make sure it is based on facts. jim: bill, the position of obama's photo on your book cover implys he's a pinhead. that's preposterous jim. the cover tells you what the book is about. phil: bill, you're a pinhead for using a segment to promote your book. i always do that the first day my books are released. like curtis earlier, you are entitled to that opinion. ed:
5:57 am
doocy was right the factor is on at 9:00 in south america! don't fire him, bill. the power -- den have the power to do that ed. wouldn't if i did have the power. doocy is a star in the morning. he'll use that clip tomorrow. you may remember a couple weeks ago we had fun with the old andy griffith show. our pal jon stewart seized upon that to do this. >> there are two inches that are tragic here. number one, -- thelma has turned against andy. >> i don't know that is. >> i knew it that was andy's squeeze. >> i remember barney. >> neal lou. >> he a girlfriend? >> i hope so. i hope he just wasn't into barney and floyd. can you imagine aunt bea, a gay wedding. thelma lou was barney's
5:58 am
girlfriend. andy went out with helen, busted o'reilly, who is the pinhead now. check your facts old man, because we are holding your feet to the fire! [ applause ] i expect a full retraction, on air, otherwise i might never trust fox again. >> bill: well the problem is that shortly after i made the thelma lou mistake, i corrected it on the the air! somehow jon didn't mention that. so who is the pinhead now? by the way, stewart will be on the factor next wednesday. that should be interesting. i'm trying to get thelma lou. that is it for us tonight check out the fox news fact for website. different from we would like to you spout off about the factor from anywhere if the world. name a town if you wish to opine. when writing the factor do not
5:59 am
be sniffy. nothing to do with sneezing. great word, look it up. i'm bill o'reilly please remember the spin stops s s s s >> top of the morning to you on a thursday, september 16, 2010. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time today. president obama wants a tax hike and is still blaming republicans for getting in his way. >> they want to hold these middle class tax cuts hostage until they get an additional tax cut for the wealthiest 2% of americans. >> but what about the 31 democrats that also disagree with the president? and wait until you hear who really falls under this group of wealthy americans. >> meanwhile, president obama hits the campaign trail today hoping to give fellow democrat richard blumenthal in connecticut a boost. you know him, he's


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