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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 17, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> all right. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. ne is beautiful now. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> u.s.a.! u.s.a.! u.s.a.! >> the tea party continues to rise celebrating big victories in delaware and new york. but some republicans remain very uneasy. laura ingraham, charles krauthammer and i will analyze. a cartoonist in seattle is in hiding after she promoted an everybody draw muhammad contest. seems al-qaida might want to kill her. geraldo rivera has been investigating.
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>> a new advocacy advertisement says that mcdonald's causes heart attacks and death. we'll weigh in. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the delaware canudrum, the subject of this evening's talking points memo. with christine o'donnell becoming the republican nominee to take joe biden's senate seat, the race in delaware becomes a national story with two very interesting candidates. first, miss o'donnell. what karl rove and others are concerned about is that the 41-year-old activist has never really had a job in the private sector. in the past year or so, she has made less than $6,000 in income. it also took miss o'donnell about 20 years to get her bachelor's degree from fairly dickinson university.
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she says it was because she couldn't pay the tuition. for most of her life, christine o'donnell has been involved with conservative politics but along the way, she has had major trouble with the i.r.s. and her home was foreclosed. to be fair for miss o'donnell, she ran against vice president biden in 2008. her public service must be commended. by the way, she lost that race. talking points is not criticizing miss o'donnell. her record is her record and the voters must decide for themselves. she will be running purely, purely on conservative ideology, not accomplishment. on the other side, we have 47-year-old chris koonz, the democratic nominee. he's a lawyer who graduated from yale. currently a county executive in delaware, the father of three children. he is also about as far left as they come. he gets a perfect 100% rating, for example. and in his youth, he described himself as a marxist. somebody tell glenn beck. so the voters of delaware have a clear ideological choice to
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make. a far right woman vs. a far left guy. whether personal achievement enters into the vote is unknown. america is not in the mood for any far left politicians so miss o'donnell's campaign cannot be counted out. even the folks in delaware have to know a guy like that will burn tax money as fast as he can and with the country approaching bankruptcy, that's a frightening proposition. >> the other side, miss o'donnell can be counted on to vote conservative down the line and to uphold tea party values, small government and lower taxes. in most years, neither candidate might have been nominated but this year is very different, as you know, this year, the voters are throwing the bums out all over the place and new people even with dubious backgrounds have a chance. right now, a poll in delaware says coons leads o'donnell but that is not insurmountable for the republican. if she hammers away at the left, far left posture of mr. coons, she will make inroads. unless there's more stuff in her background, that diverts attention. and that is the memo. top story tonight, ideology vs.
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real life. what are the voters to do? joining us from washington, radio star and fox news analyst laura ingraham, author of the big bestseller, "the obama diaries." what do you think about christine o'donnell? would you be comfortable voting for her? >> yeah, absolutely. i underestimated her, bill. i actually had her on my show, my radio show i think it was about 10 months ago. i didn't think that performance was the best performance on the radio i had ever heard. i was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and see how things proceeded. i didn't get involved in this primary. i watched it and i watched mike castle represent very well the establishment. i mean, he's a go long, get along type. pretty liberal on a lot of social issues and the kind of guy that the tea party can't stand and a lot of folks in the country now are kind of sick of. when christine o'donnell emerges and, you know, "the weekly standard" writes this article about how she sued the intercollegiate studies institute for gender discrimination in 2005, property liens and all that stuff, that gets thrown into the mix and
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what i think happened is people saw this and said ok, will she cut the kind of back room deals that kind of mike castle would do? because we don't really care about her property lien. we care about how she's going to vote with federal dollars. that's how i think it played out. i think a lot of the pig piling on her, you know, some of it, you know, might have been justified. some of it not. i think it kind of had a boomerang effect and i think a lot of people saw her and say wait, i'm kind of like that. i'm having financial trouble, you know, i'm not a perfect person. gosh, none of us are and these bums are capitol hill aren't. and so let's see what she has to say and she certainly is a lot better than that slippery kind of middle of the roader rhino, mike castle. that's how i saw it play out. >> i think that's a pretty good, accurate description of why she won the primary. now she goes forward in a liberal state against a guy who is very, very vulnerable. that's why i think rove was so upset because we can really beat this guy. because he is bordering on -- >> with what? this guy is that far left.
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we can really beat him with even a weak candidate like castle. castle could beat him. now you have christine o'donnell in the mix and the problem is that the race is going to get very, very personal. it's not going to be about issues. it's going to be about -- >> i don't think it's going to work. i really don't. i don't think the personal attacks against her and i'm not thinking to the merits of them. >> is that what msnbc have been doing to her? >> 14 people in delaware. >> nobody watches them. that's going to get out there. it's personal attacks after personal attack after personal attack. >> it is going to get out there. this is a very different election. i know you're going to talk to krauthammer about this. i think this is different. i think the establishment folks and i think karl rove is one of them. establishment they're used to having certain types of candidates come forward. >> let me stop you there. you know rove and i know rove. rove, he supported brown in massachusetts. >> sure. >> he supported up in alaska.
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he's not a doctrinary guy. >> i got thousands of people calling into my radio show jamming me about rove over the last 48 hours. i think he's a brilliant campaign strategist and really smart guy and i think he does represent to a lot of people the past, you know. >> the establishment, sure. >> let me say, the establishment is used to people with a certain type of resume, right? so when you're going to have these tea party types go up against the establishment, you're either going to have one of two types of people. a self-funded multimillionaire carl paladino type, right who can put his own money in and a little unconventional or someone who has a different type of biography, unorthodox, some say it's checkered past and some say it's a the llot of questions in background like christine o'donnell. it won't be the kind of resume that these folks are used to and maybe i'm used to. that's what's going on. i think she can win. >> there's no doubt this year is different than any year i have seen since i've been working in political analysis. that people and i think you hit
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it. people will say look, may not be the perfect candidate but this other guy is going to spend this money. >> it's going to be a disaster. obama care, stimulus spending and bill, bill, i am going to say and predictions are always tough to make and i thought new hampshire was going to come out a different way but i actually think in this mood, in this country, i think she can even pull it out in a place like delaware if folks on the right actually kind of unite behind her and say look, she's going to vote the right way on these critical issues. >> depends on how she campaigns, laura. >> she's got to campaign well, absolutely. >> she's got to step it up. she wouldn't come on "the factor." >> a lot of people don't do well the first time they come on. we'll see. she has to acquit herself well, you're absolutely right. she has to bring substance and specificity to the passion. >> i think people in delaware, independents in delaware will give her a hearing. but she's really got to step up and say look, all of this other stuff, forget about it. here's what i'm going to do for you. this is exactly what i'm going to do for you. >> a million dollars she's
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raised in 36 hours. >> here's what i'm going to do for you, here's what the other guy is going to do to you. >> i think she's going to offer hope. that's what she's going to do. hope that america can get through this. no, this is hope that america is not going to be just scraping by. that we're going to be number one and she's going to favor policies that are actually going to help us get to that position and stay there. and i think that's what she's going to do. i think it's going to be a pretty positive campaign, believe it or not. >> laura, thank you. next on the rundown, charles krauthammer and different point of view about all this. we'll hear from him. and later, megan kelly on a parking meter guy gone berserk. >> take that and shove it up your -- >> just -- [beep]. i have it on video! i could give a damn less you woodchuck. >> wow, write that.
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>> this is obviously a wild political season. they are on the ropes all over the country because the economy is not getting any better despite the massive spending of the obama administration. but the republican party is split between the traditional g.o.p. people and the tea party activist as we know it. watching all this from his perch in washington, d.c. is fox news political analyst charles kra krauthammer so you heard laura
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ingraham and your talking points, how do you see this? who would you vote for if you were in delaware? >> i'd vote republican but, you see, i think what laura is missing the point that what's at stake here is control of the senate. this is not an ordinary year. this is not an ordinary democratic administration. this is a democratic administration with a very ambitious social democratic agenda. they want to change america. they've had 18 months. they have passed obama care that will change america structurally and in a way that will not be reversible. now, they have ambitions to do the same with energy, with education, with taxation, they're going to appoint supreme court justices. the paramount objective of any republican and conservative today is to gain control of one or other of the house and stop it. that's why what's important is winning seats. it's a huge mistake to
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jeopardize a seat in delaware that was absolutely in the pocket without almost any contention and to jeopardize it with a much weaker candidate who may or may not win and i think is overwhelmingly likely to lose. you know, in ordinary years, sure, you can go by ideology. but bill buckley had a rule which was always support the candidate, the most conservative candidate who was electable. and in this year, that's particularly important. >> ok. but castle was a guy and he was one that christine o'donnell defeated who really alienated a lot of conservatives, particularly the tea party people because he was so socially liberal and kind of wishy washy on a lot of the tea party issues and then sarah palin came in so palin on the program last night, the governor said hey, we would rather have people who are sincere, people who are going to promote what we think the country needs. guys like castle who really
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aren't and, you know, he -- they don't trust castle. they think that he even might go with obama on a vote or two. that's why it happened. >> look, if he goes with obama on a vote or two, that's one thing. you aren't going to have anybody if you support o'donnell and she loses. it's completely an illogical argument. >> they don't think she's going to lose. >> the odds are castle has run 12 times in delaware and he's won. she has run twice and lost each time. the bidens who own that state had to groom the son of a vice president to inherit the president's seat and he flinched. he didn't run. you know why? because mike castle was the guy that was going to win and he didn't want to be tainted. if the bidens fought and they know that state much more than you or i or sarah palin with all due respect, that castle was unbeatable, i think that's pretty good evidence. the fact is this -- the only
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importance to vote in the senate now is the first one who gains control. do the republicans get 51 and mitch mcconnell is in charge? do you award the democrats are chuck schumer in charge. that's what's at stake here, bill. it's not a vote or two on the side issue. of course, castle is a moderate or liberal. what do you expect in the northeast? that's what you're gonna get. you're not going to get -- >> o'donnell is a die hard conservative and people think she can win. >> let's see it. i'd like to see demint, palin now go down to delaware and spend a couple of weeks and elect her. now, you tell her she's electable, ok. you got her elected as the nominee. get her elected as the senator. i hope i'm wrong on this. i'd like to see delaware have republican senator and the republicans have a majority in the senate. so i hope i'm wrong. now show me.
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>> all right. odds that she wins? >> 1 in 10. >> wow. >> all right, charles. thanks very much. we appreciate it. directly ahead, a new ad accuses mcdonald's of causing heart attacks. unfair? culture warriors will weigh in. cartoonists in seattle on the run because al-qaida is threatening to kill her. geraldo has been investigating those reports after these messages. robin ] my name is robin. and i was a pack-a-day smoker for 25 years. i do remember sitting down with my boys, and i'm like, "oh, promise mommy you'll never ever pick up a cigarette." and brian looked at me at eight years old and said, "promise me you'll quit." i had to quit. ♪ my doctor gave me a prescription for chantix, a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill. that stays with you all day to help you quit.
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>> culture warriors segment tonight. for some reason, the giant fast food outlet of mcdonald's is becoming a big target for a variety of activists. heres the latest assault.
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>> high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks, tonight, make it vegetarian. >> all right. with us now, the culture warriors, "fox & friends" gretchen carlson and fox news analyst margaret hoover. all right, hoover. who put out that ad, first of all? who are these physicians for whatever? >> physicians committee for responsible medicine put out the ad. it's an advocacy group in washington, d.c. they've been around since 1985 and what they're doing is advocating, supposedly, for healthy restaurants. what they're saying is that in washington, d.c., 1500 people die a year because of heart disease. and they're saying the coincidence is that -- >> they all have big macs on them. >> it has the highest density of fast food restaurants per square mile of any --
5:22 am
>> mcdonald's represents the quintessential fast food restaurant. >> using it as a symbol. it looked like a vegetarian plate. >> there was some record that the guy who runs this outfit used to be on the borard of pet, surprise, surprise. >> is that true? >> according to "the wall street journal" today. >> it is true? >> yes. at one time. at one time. >> that's ok. >> but if the guy is on peta. >> here's my point. why is it recently that mcdonald's is like the george bush of fast food joints? let's blame mcdonald's for everything. first it was the happy meal. now it's because some guy is sitting there after he's had a heart attack and he's on a gurney. that is totally -- >> don't you think they would have removed the burger, though? >> hoover, you're doing it again, bill. look, mcdonald's is a perennial punching bag for any sort of center left or left. it's true. >> i think it's absolutely effective ad. let's be clear. what they're trying to do with this ad is not just advocacy. they're trying to create a moratorium of all openings of new fast food restaurants in
5:23 am
washington, d.c. >> is that what they want? >> they want to -- >> that's unamerican! >> it is -- unamerican. we want the fast food. don't overeat it, though. ok, got to move ahead. >> individual responsibility. >> still on the restaurant thing here, carlson. there's a restaurant in north carolina that has a big sign out that says if your kids start screaming, we're going to ask you to remove the kid. we don't want screaming kids in here. screening children. ok. >> guess what? business has boomed since they put up that sign. >> i mean, i can understand that. but i see the other side in the sense that some kids love to just go off, will not be tolerated if somebody comes over and hits you. >> i have two small children myself. everybody knows that your children act up, no matter what kind of parent you are. >> mine don't. >> oh, well. this is a little overreaction. the restaurant won't kick you out in the middle of the meal and never let you back in. they will ask you to leave with your unruly child and come back when the child has settled down,
5:24 am
maybe five minutes later. >> is that reasonable? >> a private business is entitled to do what a private business is entitled to do. they may be violating the american with disabilities act. >> because of the autism act, right? >> i think it's pathetic that you have to put up a sign that says take care of your children and make them behave properly. why are people's manners? i think they disappeared in 19 td century, did they not? >> maybe the 1950's when you were growing up. yeah. >> i like that. all right. now, this story we covered a few months ago with the warriors, montana. you don't think of montana as being san francisco. but the dopey board of education or education at the state level says you know what? we're going to have first graders, second, third, fourth, we're going to make them have to say what sexual organs are, identify them and then we're going to teach them that people, adults, can have sex with both sexes if they want.
5:25 am
montanans hear that and they go, correct? what happened? >> 7,000 people complained and i say hooray for the power of the people. >> power of the people, right on. >> if you don't think you can speak up anymore and make a difference, you can. >> many of them went to helena. >> 7,000 people. >> have you been to helena, montana? >> i have not. >> i have. >> it's two streets. so if there's 7,000 people, i mean, it's crowded! >> you're belittling helena a little bit. >> very small town. not belittling. >> university town, too. >> if it could happen there, it could happen anywhere. that's what makes me nervous. >> the people of montana say this is outrageous so now the dopey school people in helena, they rescinded all of this crazy stuff. >> they totally, they totally rewrote some of the most objectionable parts. in other words, kindergarteners won't be forced to identify private organs, reproductive organs, they wait for fourth grade about that. they're talking about how
5:26 am
there's different kinds of family structures rather than saying you can have two mommies and two daddies and explaining homosexuality at a very early age. they're skipping that. one thing they've done that will be controversial on the other side is they've said, abstinence only education is the way to go. >> putting it in there. >> they're doing all abstinence. >> that's the top billing in the fifth grade. as far as i'm concerned, that should be the only billing on the fifth grade. >> all right. i'm not going to get into that. but i doment you, carlson, to answer this question because it's an opinion question. why montana? would they do this in a state like that where it is not a liberal state? i mean it's more liberal than it used to be. ted turner showed up there and frightened the conservatives away. >> that was your argument last time around. tomorrow on "fox & friends" we'll have the superintendent's first exclusive interview and i will ask him that question exactly. why montana? >> why montana? why was it proposed? >> i say to my husband, i think it's too crazy on the east coast. let's move to montana. not anymore. >> the reality is there's pockets of liberalism all throughout the west and helena
5:27 am
is a university town and a mining town. there are unions there for a very long time and there is wacky -- boulder, colorado is one of them as well. >> as demonstrated, the folks in montana didn't want this and they reversed a lot of it. good for you guys. culture warriors, everybody, seattle newspaper cartoonist has gone into hiding because of threats from muslim terrorists that didn't like her contest on muhammad. geraldo investigates. parking meter guy absolutely berserk. >> i don't give a [beep] like a job. a guy like you should get [beep] out of ñ÷@
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>> many americans becoming very uncomfortable with threats from the muslim world. we saw that in the mosque ground zero controversy and in seattle a newspaper cartoonist named molly norris is in hiding because she received threats from al-qaida after she sponsored a cartoon contest in the newspaper featuring muhammad. now, fox news anchor geraldo
5:31 am
rivera has been investigating. this is pretty serious, right? >> she hasn't just gone into hiding. she's changed her name. she's essentially in a witness protection program as she points out, the government is not supporting her. but molly norris is no more. she has disappeared off the face of the earth. why? because she has been put on the hit list by the same guy that inspired the fort hood shooter, the underwear bomber, the yemeni american who we are now targeting with fatal intent but it is a very, very serious. >> how did she find out it was in -- >> it was the muslim web site that had her name on it but she sponsored and everybody draw muhammad and some had the muhammad controversy and they mentioned muhammad and as a result, the creators of "south park" were targeted by the same one. and then she started her contest
5:32 am
on the theory that if everybody drew muhammad then they couldn't -- the jihadists couldn't kill everybody, it would diffuse the threats to any individual who happened to tread on that ground of the cartoon of muhammad or on the other hand, you've seen the emotions generated by this wacky pastor in gainesville, florida or by the other nut job. the city worker who was desecrating the quran at ground zero, protesting the mosque down there. there is a violent response. there is an element of the muslim masses that are easily manipulated and they really react in a very harsh way. when she started this, everybody draw muhammad contest in pakistan, they outlawed facebook and you tube and wilkopedia for the month of may in 2010 when the contest results were supposed to come in because those social networking sites were promoting or at least carrying news of the everybody draw muhammad contest. so they actually took them off
5:33 am
the air in pakistan for the entire month. the ambassador to the united states from pakistan also complained bitterly about this contest. molly norris tried to back out of it when she saw how big it was getting. she had 100,000 people who were going to participate. there were 100,000 in the web site that was opposed to the contest but it was too late for her to back out. by then, she was on the hit list. however wacky we think it is, these people in the muslim extremists backing and -- >> they will kill you. >> tens of millions of you, they will kill you dead the way they killed van gogh, the dutch filmmaker and they beheaded him. >> ok. now, there is a documentary coming out about o.j. simpson, we thought we had heard the end of him but apparently not and some of the stuff in the documentary is a bit troubling. let's roll the tape.
5:34 am
>> to think the prosecutor, his name was gil garcetti and he lives right here. >> i saw it coming so i went and got rid of all that stuff. so they couldn't get it. asked me what happened to this? and what happened to that? i don't know, i came home one day and it was gone. you don't care where it is? no. and you didn't report it stolen? no. why? >> i figured a friend stole it. it didn't bother you if a friend stole it? i would have a friend stole it before have it that fred goldman would get it. they didn't know what to do with me. >> yeah, we did. put him in jail. >> 15 years? >> he's nine to 15 years in nevada state prison. >> he stayed in vegas. >> i left because he's a double murder and piece of crap. he's also a psychotic narcissit and he is flaunting, what he
5:35 am
said is he gave property away or let people take his property rather than have the property go to fred goldman, the father of one of his victims, ronald goldman, so here, not only -- there he is with his daughter kim, so what simpson is doing essentially is admitting that he is in contempt of the court order that he paid tens of millions of dollars to the goldman family, that he's so arrogant that he can laugh about it. he thought he was bulletproof until the silly armed robbery. it is ironic to me that he goes to jail on that. >> that had to be shot before -- >> yeah, a guy shot it before the whole thing happened in nevada. for some reason, it has not been released. but this clip on tmz has been around. he mocks gil garcetti, the d.a. that prosecutes him and says to the judge essentially screw you, i'm bigger than you and now he's in jail for nine years. >> all right. geraldo, thank you very much. when we come back, the kelly file. tonight, a meter guy goes berserk and a delta airlines pilot tries to fly drunk. ÷÷pp
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5:39 am
>> thanks for staying with us. bill o'reilly with you. i didn't know that they had parking meter people to hand out tickets. why would anybody volunteer to do that? why? in del ray, florida, meter guy larry shore went kind of crazy. >> take that and shove it up your [beep]. >> i have it on video. >> i could give you a damn less. you woodchuck. i don't give a [beep] about the job. a guy like you should be the [beep] out of here. yeah, i lost my temper. see what that says? volunteer, you don't know what [beep] that means. >> here now with the back story, megan kelly. what set barry off? >> barry is not happy. you know what? the video doesn't tell the whole story. barry tried to give this woman a
5:40 am
parking ticket. she ran over saying don't give me a ticket. you know, i just got here. i just haven't decided if i'm staying or going. he doesn't give her a ticket but he does apparently give her a dressing down. she runs home and tells hubby. and hours later, hubby comes back and tracks down barry and like a punk says to the volunteer meter man as his little camera is rolling, i'm going to have your job! way to threaten the meter man. big, powerful guy. >> so then barry responds in a very eloquent way. >> barry does what barry does. he's a new yorker. >> could you figure out what a schuykill woodchuck is? >> barry feels very bad about that. he was on america's newsroom this morning apologizing to the woodchuck. >> now, the husband and wife who were involved with barry say they want charges filed against him, right? >> yeah, they say they're consulting a lawyer and they may sue him and the city.
5:41 am
hello, andrea and bill, get a life. now they're going to go after the volunteer meter man? are you kidding me? do they have nothing better to do with their time? allegedly, according to the husband, when he and barry were having the exchange, barry tried to knock the phone out of his hand and that, he says, was an assault and legally, technically it would be but seriously, you never should have gone back and found that meterman. you escalated that situation. that will count against you that i hope no lawyer will take. >> last question on this. if barry was rude to the woman and the woman told her husband and the husband says, yeah, you know, i don't think that's correct. i'm going to go talk to barry and record it because barry may be a nut. why so hard on him? >> go complain to barry's boss at the volunteer meter man department. >> just escalating it. >> we talked about that guy last week trying to defend himself when those hispanic gang members or suspected came on his lawn. instead of going inside and calling the police, what did he do?
5:42 am
he came out on his lawn with a rifle. things escalated and filed the rifle into the air and into the ground and got arrested much listen, i was going through reagan national airport one time coming up to fox for a big job interview before i even had this job. and the tsa guy literally reduced me to tears. i was standing there, you know, 31-year-old woman crying in the middle of reagan national. did i go back to confront him? did i send my husband to go fight my battle? he got in my face. i had like a little tanktop on with a blazer over it and he wanted me to take the blazer off and the tanktop was not meant to be seen without the blazer so i said no. and he started screaming at me and then he told me if i didn't take it off, i wasn't flying and i was going to miss my big job interview. then he threw my shoes at me which i had gone through the thing. he was dressing me down literally in front of all these people and i got humiliated and cried. yes, i'm human! did i go and try to have a big fight with him? did i send my husband back? no, i didn't do anything. i wrote the tsa a mean letter which i said it's not worth it.
5:43 am
sometimes people are just jerks and you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on. >> drunk pilot, another one. this is happening more and more. this is in again holland. everything happens in holland on the airlines. delta guy, right? pick it up. >> he gets -- there's an anonymous tip that he may be drunk, this pilot so they take him off the flight. give him a breathalyzer. >> he's already sitting in the cockpit. >> do you know who the guy is? >> no, they're not identifying him other than to say he's a 52-year-old new jersey resident. they give him a breathalyzer and he's .023 which is way under the legal limit here for driving. >> if you're a pilot, you're not supposed to drink any alcohol within 48 hours of your flight. >> just eight hours. >> but over there in holland it's much stricter. if you're over a .02, you're guilty of flying while intoxicated. >> in holland. >> in hobblland, it's a little t more. he would not have been guilty in america.
5:44 am
he's guilty in holland. >> what's going to happen to him? >> just to people know what it is, your average 180 pound man to get that blood alcohol content would have to one 12 ounce beer over three hours. it wasn't right. i like the zero tolerance policy that we have here. >> what are the dutch going to do to him? >> he's been fined basically $900. he was arrested but the other penalty is the civil fine and suspended by delta which is good. >> suspended for how long? >> i don't know. >> the problem is that he should have smoked pot because that's legal in -- >> pot they love. >> in holland, you can smoke all the pot you want and come on with a big doobie. >> hope you enjoyed amsterdam. >> how about you? but if you have a beer, it's $900. >> you got to know where you are in the world. all right. megan kelly, everybody. >> in a moment, the great american news quiz. some tricky questions for you this evening and then miss tyra banks stars in the pinheads and patriots segment. right back.
5:45 am
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5:48 am
>> the great american news quiz and here they are, the quiz kids themselves. fox's anchor martha mccallum playing for pam from oklahoma and steve doocy representing mark from conroe, texas. you know mark, right? >> we're cousins. >> simply sign up on billo' and win great prizes. last week, miss martha won. i fudged it in her direction. >> kind of? >> you know, it had been three months, i got to give the woman a break. >> ok. so here we go with the quiz for tonight. number 1. >> oh, no. >> doocy had a little gaffe
5:49 am
earlier this week when he had trouble remembering the starting time of this program. >> thank you, mr. o'reilly. we will be watching tonight at 9:00 eastern. >> 8:00 eastern. >> 8:00. >> no i'm going to be watching at 9:00. >> you're a pinhead, that's why. you should find my book. you want to know what a pinhead is? wait. can i get doocy on the cover? there you go. doocy, obviously confused. we all know that. >> yeah. >> however, i wasn't always on at 8:00 p.m. when "the o'reilly report" debuted in 1996, what time did it air? what time was "the o'reilly report" before "the factor" on? cards up, please. answer is b. 6:00 p.m. you know who was on at 8:00? catherine crier. catherine crier, everybody. hope she's doing well. i sat down this week with george stephanopoulos on "good morning america" to promote my new book "pinheads and patriots." >> what the president selling is saying look, the upper tier
5:50 am
will have to be responsible for the tax revenue primarily and the other people will get a tax cut. he's saying, look, don't really care about these people who are in their allot of money but i want to help you. i think that's a class warfare. >> there's $700 billion in costs there we can't afford. >> yeah, who imposed those costs? >> who did? >> he did. >> back when stephanopoulos worked for bill clinton he was reportedly the inspiration in the character of the 1995 movie "the american president." what actor played stephanopoulos in the film? who played stephanopoulos in "the american president? "cards up please and roll the tape for the answer. >> we're not going to stay at 41. the numbers are going to go back up! but they're going to go back up. all right. congressman, congressman jarrett, george, listen to me. it's crunch time. it's personal. this is one of those moments. it's just you and the president.
5:51 am
now what's it done be? >> all right. michael j. fox. steve doocy got it right. doocy up by one with three questions left. 33 miners have been trapped und underground for more than a month following a collapse in the mine. thanks to an aircraft they' sha been able to receive food. >> they've been able to give the video for the past four months. >> this week after complaints from the miners authorities agreed to send them something they've been repeatedly requesting. what is that? a beer. b, wine, c, cigarettes, d, playboy magazines. cards up, please. and the answer is c, cigarettes. >> in a mine? >> down there? >> you want to smoke and blow the whole thing right up. i don't know why. ok. question number 4, house minority leader john boehner is the man who would take nancy
5:52 am
pelosi's job if the g.o.p. takes back the house. bob schieffer grilled boehner about what unhealthy activity the minority leader does? a, visiting tanning beds. b, drinking, c, smoking, d, bungee jumping. what unhealthy activity does boehner do? cards up, please. and the answer is -- go. >> you still smoke? >> i do. >> you have taken $340,000 from the tobacco industry. they've been the largest contributor to your political campaigns over the year, how do you square that? >> bob, tobacco is a legal product in america. and the american people have a right to decide for themselves whether they want to partake or not. >> bet he gets free cigarettes from those people, too. a group of liberal college students is trying to attract young people to vote democrat so they put out a you tube video telling youngsters that voting in the midterm elections would really help whom? a, lady gaga.
5:53 am
b, the characters from twilight. c, justin bieber and d, eminem. who would it help? cards up, please and the answer is roll the tape. >> this isn't your standard election, your video of celebrities asking you to vote. >> it's us asking you to vote for celebrities who can't. >> celebrities like justin bieber. >> whomever we elect in the 2010 midterm elections will impact his future. and ours. >> not withstanding his great head of hair, he is an underaged citizen of canada and thus is ineligible to vote in the united states. >> he's a tea party member, isn't he? saw him out there at the beck rally. no, i'm kidding. but it's a good copy. all right. doocy wins by a large margin. >> i won. >> mark from conroe, texas wins prizes but pam, you get them, too. and she lost again. all right. tyra banks in the spotlight. be right back.
5:54 am
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment tonight starring tyra banks. but first the first bold fresh tours have been announced. everybody in new england can see us at mohican sun october 30th, in connecticut. new orleans friday december 3rd. dallas, texas saturday december 4th. details on these are gonna sell-out everybody so giving a heads
5:56 am
up. now the mail. i don't consider christine o'donnell is inexperienced based on what is in congress now i consider it a plus. helen: karl rove doesn't believe o'donnell can win. i think americans are tired of party politics. john: bill, your segment contrasting karl rove, sarah palin is focusing on values rather than an easy win. for once i agree with you. tonya needs to be reminded it is not contemptuous to get angry or annoyed when the situation calls for that. for once you agree with me mar ? is that possible? susan: i missed the factor tonight because i was reading pinheads and patriots and lost track of time. it is your best book yet and i've read them all. you don't know how good that makes me feel susan. i'll send you a signed copy,
5:57 am
that you very much -- thank you very much. andrew: i'm reading pinheads and patriots and think your analysis of president obama is the most objective i've seen. i'm reading it on kindle. you are a patriot for learning things on kindle. helen: loving pinheads and patriots and the free tote bag i got is great, real canvass. nothing phony here helen. that you for reading my book. we are trying to combat the crazy bullying across the country. many kids are devastated by that. we were happy to see tyra banks pick up the theme. >> you notice something on my shirt? i heard this everyday. one day in high school a girl came up to me and said that i could be a model. i was like what are you talking about lady? then, i turned into that. but i still got that! all jokes aside, this shoot is
5:58 am
very, very important to me. there is so much bullying going around. because you are going to get the writing on your body about that one word that hurts that is so painful. i would love for you to come up with the opposite that. >> bill: for that miss banks is a patriot. on the pinhead front, no surprise rangel won his primary earlier this week. >> democratic congressman rangel easily won his primary. he hasn't been this happy since he saved all the money on not paying taxes. crime does pay. >> bill: are the people who voted for mr. rangel pinheads? you make the call. we would like you to spout off about the factor when writing to the factor do not be dogmatic. does not have anything to do with canines. thanks for watching tonight. i am bill o'reilly, please
5:59 am
remember the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> tgif, everyone. september 17, 2010. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. christine o'donnell proving to be a real game changer for the november midterms. why is her former republican opponent talking to the white house and refusing to congratulate her? is he just a sore loser or is there waiting for him in washington? >> uh-oh. meanwhile, millions of your tax dollars have been used to create jobs. it sounds like a good thing. but at a cost of $2 million per job, are we in the summer of recovery or a summer of waste? mr. kilmeade. >> new york city covered with darkness in a matter of minutes. killer storm that tore up trees, power lines and hit some neighborhoods even the sidewal


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