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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 17, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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left this evening. that you for being with us. the news continues, have a great night. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. another alaska republican is going rogue this time it is united states senator lisa murkowski. three weeks ago was knocked out of the republican primary in alaska. moments from now we expect her to announce that she is now running for reelection as a write-in candidate. she was beat the primary by joe miller backed by governor palin and the tea party express. in minutes, joe miller is going on the record to respond to the latest political stunner that is rocking the nation. but first, former speaker of the house newt gingrich goes on the record. mr. speaker, nice to see you. >> great to be back with you. >> greta: these are wild times, am i wrong?
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>> unbelievable times. i've been active, i've studied politics since 1958. i became a volunteer in 1960 i don't remember any time where you had seven upsets in u.s. senate primaries. and the establishment candidate lost all seven. it is just amazing. you just watch around the country, who knows what november is going to be like. >> greta: i was thinking the last couple of days, democrats must be licking their chops. in the beginning they got hammered. hit at the town hall meetings. everyone was saying why are you so tone-deaf? the american people are screaming at you. republicans were happy watching democrats get it. now the republicans are getting a little bit as west now the democrats are sitting back watching republicans scramble to try to unify their party. >> that is right. this is good practice for mcconnell and boehner. if they do become a majority they are going to have a strong grass roots activist wing and it is going to cause them headaches every morning.
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>> greta: bigger problem for leader boehner that is like herding cats. >> seven tea party members in the senate, that will be a huge bloc. >> greta: all right. christine o'donnell did you think she was going to win the nomination? >> i was surprised she won. i thought she could win. i was rprised because i've known mike castle for a long time he's a very solid guy. but, i think once palin, governor palin intervened, once the national tea party movement interveneed, the momentum built. the thing that most analysts didn't pay attention to, they had largest turn-out in the republican party in modern history, four times as many voters as they in 2006. >> greta: are those new republicans or regular republicans who decided to vote? >> i think both. had you a substantial number of new people. in you look at the polling day if you were a more traditional republican you probably voted forecast . blue collar worker, somebody who came out of a background
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where you hadn't been active as a republican you almost certainly voted for christine o'donnell. in that sense she has broadened the party's base. in a way that may surprise people come november. >> greta: what happened to congressman castle? was it throw the bum out -- i don't mean he's a bum. i meant because he's an incumbent doesn't matter who he is, you are out or is it a vote for her? >> first she had run twice many she had a real base in the state. there were people who were working her campaign headquarters was in her home and volunteers sleeping in her basement working. people really believed in her. congressman castle had two challenges, on several issues he voted by republican standards very far to the left. the other was, he's a very reasonable, go along, let's work together and be bipartisan. at a time when in the republican primaries people are really angry.
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they want somebody with an edge. there's a big advantage in the republican primary right now to having an edge and looking like somebody who can go to washington and fight the establishment. >> greta: having said that. that wins a prime hear. -- primary. how about general election can she win? >> her opponent raised taxes massively in county government. spent so much that the county had a dramatic reduction in its death rating. if she focuses her campaign on an obama tax increase spending increase democrat, she has a good chance. plus, today harry reid described this candidate as his pet. did you see the quote? >> greta: i saw it. interesting concept. >> can you imagine a campaign poster of harry reid -- >> greta: imagine if he said it about a woman candidate? >> that would have let lead to a different set of allegations. can you imagine the poster
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harry reid, doggy leash and pet candidate. elect harry's pet. get a candidate who is trained to obey. >> greta: she's got some issues. money issues. is there any problem with her mother having received $3500 as consultant for the campaign? >> i done think so. a number of campaigns employed member of the family as long as they did work. >> greta: how about the business of her academic background, when she graduated, when she didn't. i suspect democrats say she is slippery when it comes to facts. >> if she is the issue on election day, she will probably lose. the same is true in nevada. on the other hand, if the economy, jobs, taxes, spending are the issue on election day, the democrats are going to lose. the democrats' job is to make her unelectable. her job is pound away at the
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economy, taxes and joblessness. and the side that wins that debate is going to win. >> greta: any way to measure to what extent sarah palin was a factor? >> no question governor palin is the most dynamic motivator of primary votes in the republican party today that her ability to for 25% of the party, it was a big bloc, to move them bayou tube and facebook and twitter, it is a remarkable achievement. >> greta: how does she do that? we've been to alaska, it is governor palin, her husband and family. there's no huge machine. there's no staff. she might has someone who does work for her in southern california this is not a huge operation. what it is? >> you partly answered your own question. i've watched a number of your interviews in alaska, with the palins. she a national figure. she's on national television. she has an automatic reach. she's a unique character.
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you've interviewed her at home this is not your normal everyday boring politician. she is her own person. her husband is his own person. they are different. and the result is, she has a huge following nationwide. that following reads her tweets and look at her facebook and look at the youtubes. and the news media picks it up. if sarah palin endorses christine o'donnell that's page one story in willing ming tongue, delaware -- in wilmington, delaware. >> greta: what if he shows up in delaware? >> it does not help with independents and moderate democrats, but it clearly mobilizes the base. the democrats have been a majority for all practical purposes since 1932. the way they stay the majority they are a huge coalition. different pieces of the democratic party bring different aspects of strengths. we are beginning to be a
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majority. that means you got a party where you have a huckabee, palin, romney and haley barbour and karl rove and you got to get them all occasionally gathered together long enough to win. >> greta: next, speaker beginning under fire for calling president obama's behavior kenyan and anti-colonial what does that mean? he defends his comments, next. >> another political stunner this time in alaska. lisa murkowski is expected to run as a write-in candidate. she was steam rolled in her primary by tea party candidate joe miller is >> what about the clinton stimulus? guessing what that means? ♪ proud to stand on our own, proud to be homegrown ♪
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. >> greta: newt gingrich is taking heat for something he said about president obama. we asked him about it. kenyan anti-colonial world view. what in the world does that mean? what mean? is there any sort of -- there's a lot of that sort of kenyan stuff people are critical saying he wasn't born in the united states we've got that whole -- he was born in hawaii, incidentally. >> first of all he was born in hawaii. this had nothing to do about
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anything except his mind. >> greta: what is that a kenyan anti-colonial -- >> everybody who is interested in this and everybody who has read some whacked out left wing attack on me about this should read a fine article in forbes magazine or a new book the roots of obama's rain. a 230 page -- rage. desuoz agree up in india, came to the united states has an understanding of third world attitudes and anti-colonial. . it is a fine book. he raises the question -- no one looking into who barack obama is. >> greta: what does that mean? >> he writes a book dreams from my father. who was his father? his father was from kenya.
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i cited kenya because it is a tack his father was from kenya. >> greta: it is hard to get too deep into that. it sounds a little like, i don't know, sophomorish to get into his mind. i'm concerned why he couldn't get jobs for people? >> i would argue because the model he has in his mind is fundamentally flawed, doesn't work. >> greta: is that a kenyan anti-colonial -- first of all slain that. >> desuoza's argument was -- somebody said you ought to read the article. i found it very insightful. i think you can say three things about barack obama's world view. part is a community radical organizer. part of him is sort of the classic european social list
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trance muted by colombia and harvard, big control, big bureaucracy stuff. they all have the same world view. part of him has picked up on this whether you want to say it is indonesian and kenyan or algeria. there is a anti-colonial model -- >> greta: what is that? what does that mean? >> the anti-colonial model grew up in the 20th century that say the european system is basically bad and the americans are the inheritor of this bad system. >> greta: i thought you said he's european? >> he's a mix of three. the only reason i raise it is, of all the presidents that i've watched and worked with this my lifetime, i find him the most complicated to try to understand. the most complicated to try to figure out why would you do that?
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why would you pick fews that puts you on the opposite side from 70% of the american people? why would you have a series of policies that you know are very unpopular? >> greta: i think okay this is what you did, has it worked? you look at the graph, we have jobs, we don't have jobs. if we don't have jobs, you picked the wrong idea so we to regroup. >> part of the reason for the tea party movement and surge of candidates, two things together the performance failure 9.6% unemployment is unacceptable. there's this deep sense many americans have as my younger daughter who writes a column. we were told we were voting for change you could believe in and found somebody who wanted to change what we believe. >> greta: i think the tea party movement sprung up because he said this is what we are doing with the stimulus
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bill you are get it whether you like it or not. a lot of people thought that was arrogant and you are not listening to me. then they go to the town hall meetings and find out are still not listening to me. first time republicans have a wake-up call when scott brown january 2010 is elected. i think many were offended they weren't listened to. >> they weren't listened to after scott brown and they ram through the health care bill. >> greta: now the republicans are catching hell. >> you can add a fourth piece to the description. chicago machine. perfect machine politician who says i don't think what you think i'm going to run over you any way. >> greta: i hope you come back. sounds i have to look at book sounds like it is a little over my head, nice to see. >> thank you. >> greta: next republican earthquake it is official lisa murkowski announced moments ago she is running as a write-in candidate. the man who defeated her tea
10:17 pm
party favorite backed by sarah palin goes on the record, next. >> plus, new economic stimulus we had no idea about, involves president clinton and jon stewart. stay tuned.
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words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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>> greta: this is a fox news alert. the wildest political season in memory just got wilder. lisa murkowski just announced she is running for reelection as a write-in candidate. >> before his tragic accident that took him from an alaska that he loved so much, he wrote a statement that said: she is a fighter who stands up for what is right. i trust her commitment to do what's best for alaska. so today, my friends, my campaign for alaska's future begins. [ cheering ] >> greta: senator murkowski was beaten in the republican primary by joe miller, backed by the tea party express and sarah palin. minutes ago governor palin tweeted primary voters spoke. listen to the people.
10:21 pm
respect their will. with a 40 point incumbent lead and 2.8 million dollars of war chest, voters chose joe instead. joe miller joins us by phone. good evening, sir. your reaction to the stunning news, political news tonight, sir? >> greta, it is stunning for a number of reasons. one, she would use the late senator stevens as endorsing her write-in candidacy. yet, he said this is a quote from him, i hope that we can avoid electing people who would destroy another republican in order to bring about personal success. this is a perfect example of what the late senator warned against. it is also another example of a politician who has gone back on her word. she said the friday before the primary election that she would support the will of the electorate, department crate -- demonstrated in the primary. obviously not a person of character otherwise she
10:22 pm
wouldn't be doing what she is doing, which is disrespecting the will of the alaskan voter. >> greta: you won august 24th, did she call you and what was that conversation like? have you had any conversation since then? >> she did call me, conceding. did not congratulate me. later left a nasty voice mail on my phone. that's the only contact that i've had with her. >> greta: what is a fairly nasty voice mail? >> i don't want to go into the personal detail it was inappropriate. it is a character issue it is an issue, i that i is reflected in the liberal approach. which is, if you got power you don't relinquish it, you keep it at all costs. i it is also -- in her case she has something by some calculations 1.8 million dollars. the people who gave her that money mostly out of state, 88% over the last year came from out of state sources.
10:23 pm
in addition to that, it was people who thought they were giving money to a republican. now like other liberals, she has somebody else's money and wants to spend it that is what is going on in this write-in campaign. >> greta: just to be fair to her. your characterization is that it was a fairly nasty voice mail. if i that correct. will you tell us the content so we can judge -- make we disagree with you? >> no, i think when somebody accuses somebody of integrity, and then they go back on their own word later. that's what that voice mail was about. we have characterized her record, in the primary we will continue to do that in the general election. we have been absolutely fourth right with the alaskan voters about the -- forthright with the alaskan voters, not having the vision to recognize that this country must go a different direction. this state, the state of alaska, if we don't have
10:24 pm
vision, we are going to be upside down worst than any other tate in the nation because we are so dependent on federal money. we've got to develop our resources. we can't do that in the business as usual right now going on in d.c.. she part of that problem. >> greta: you raised the issue the democratic senator campaign committee the opposing party has already issued a statement. they've described it as an example, the latest example of the republican party cannibalizing itself. we've seen what happened in utah and in florida surprises, delaware the other night surprises. is the republican party cannibalizing itself? >> i think the late ted stevens would suggest in alaska that is happening. another quote from that dinner, he said it is time to join hands not create battles between our ranks. i think we ought to stop the intraparty fighting going on in washington. she in many ways contradicting what she alleges is her
10:25 pm
position with respect to this race. in essence she is putting her own self-interests ahead of the state's interest. she can't relinquish power. this position is so important to her, she cannot see, beyond what she is doing to recognize the harm that it is doing for the state. >> greta: i know this has just broke, big news, how does it change your strategy? you have a democratic opponent scott mcadams now another from within your own party. how does this change your strategy, if at all? >> it doesn't change our strategy. we have two locals we are campaigning against instead of one. it is almost as if mcadams and murkowski are having their own primary. we already won ours. >> greta: has there been reaction in the state yet? i assume this is buzz all over alaska. have you heard what people are saying right away? >> at lost within the republican party and conservative voters, they are
10:26 pm
shocked that somebody would go back on their word this blatantly several days before the election committee to stan behind the victor and basically pulling this. it is a disrespectful moved with respect to not acknowledging what the voterser -- voter said in the primary that is what we are hearing. they are very, very concerned that this is something that will put alaska a step back when we had an opportunity to move the state forward. >> greta: have you heard from governor sarah palin? she uses e-mail, twitter, has she sent any message to you in any form? >> i'm 1700 e-mails behind, she may have. this has been a 24 hour day for me. it has been basically conference after conference. and then interview after interview. so she may have. i have not talked to her personally.
10:27 pm
>> greta: thank i for joining us. hope you -- thank you for joining us. hope you join us next week because this story is not going away thank you. >> you know the names, huckabee, romney, santorum even o'donnell. why were they all in washington today? governor huckabee tells you next. while those guys were in washington guess where governor sarah palin was? did you hear what president clinton did? no hints. if you want to know you have to stay where you are. we'll tell you. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a symbol of confidence... ♪ ...honor... ♪ ...and trust... an unspoken bond that, while common among men... is exceedingly rare among companies.
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>> greta: some possible white house hopefuls and a few other people you know all descended upon washington today. governor huckabee spoke. he's here next. but first, watch this. >> we are the party of no. but not no. we are the party of know.
10:31 pm
we are the party of know. i'll tell you what we know. we know that you can't spend what you don't have. and you cannot borrow what you can't afford to pay back. we know that and congress doesn't. [ applause ] >> we know. yes we have serious enemies and growing threats around the world. unfortunately, we have an administration whose idea of a rogue state is arizona. remember the commentator's legs at msnbc were tingling. "time" magazine's cover declared that the republican elephant was an endangered species. the president felt so giddy he fit in 40 rounds of golf. mind you, the country feels they are better off when he's list to his caddie rather than his advisers. >> we are not trying to take back our country. we are our country. we've got politicians telling us that we need to spend more
10:32 pm
money to avoid national bankruptcy. or the best way to create a job is to endlessly extend unemployment benefits or pass thousand page laws they admit they haven't read that's the answer. americans want our leaders to defend our values, our culture our legacy of liberty and our way of life. not apologize. and tear her down. >> since the obama stimulus was passed, 127,000 government jobs have been created. more than 2.4 million private sector jobs have been lost. all total, there are nearly 15 million americans that are out of work. if they stood in a single unemployment line, it would stretch from washington, d.c. to california and back again. >> we have somehow, amazingly, survived barack obama's recovery summer. but i tell you what i'm looking forward to. it is not his recovery summer
10:33 pm
it's our recovery fall when we take back both the house and the senate on november 2nd. >> greta: that was governor huckabee speaking at the summit. he joins us live. before i get to your comments from today. i'm curious what you think about the news out of alaska, senator murkowski is now going to run as a write-in candidate. >> i think it is a disastrous move and she going to lose two elections instead of one. i like the murkowski family, they are fine people. she lost, joe miller won fair and square. that's why we have elections, primaries. it is frustrating when these politicians are clinging on to power with their fingernails dug deep into the chair's arm and won't leave. i'm just disappointed that we have people who won't concede elections and when they do concede they turn around and say well if i can't win it this way, whether they are charlie crist or lisa
10:34 pm
murkowski, i'll run as an independent. they ought to give every dime back to the donors who gave to them when they were republican. >> greta: -- will castle run in the election now that o'donnell has lost in delaware? >> if people want to run as an independent they should start there. if they run in the republican primary and get beat, accept the loss. >> greta: is your guess on that is he gonna run or not? >> i don't know him that well. i would like to believe he would walk away and be a good sport and say i lost and that's life. i've been in a lot of elections over the past 20 years. i've won most but i've lost a couple. it hurts, you don't want to lose. when you lose, you accept it, you call the guy that won, congratulate him and lick your wounds and suck it up and move on. you don't say if i can't win it in the way in which i
10:35 pm
originally played the game, i'm going to find another field and try some other tactic. again it dishonors the electoral process when that happens. >> greta: to your speech. today you said a lot of things. one of the things you said is that president obama is uncomfortable leading this nation. what did you mean by that? >> mort zuckerman made a comment june of this year he said he felt like that obama was uncomfortable leading the world. i said no, i think the problem is he's uncomfortable leading this nation. i specifically referenced what was going on in the gulf coast. when the bp disas per happened it happened that barack obama was -- disas ter happened it happened barack obama was nor annoyed than engaged. when he did get engaged it was what are we going to do to hold bp liable rather than act quickly to cleanup the spill, restore the coast. he took the wrong tact. he shutdown all offshore drilling even that which has been deemed safe which put
10:36 pm
thousands and thousands of people out of work on top of the people who are already out of work and on top of all the tourism that was devastated mostly for no good purpose only a small piece of the gulf coast that had those highly visible oil pictures with the birds that we saw over and over and over again. >> greta: now your show. you are starting a new series or new approach, looking at voters starting tomorrow night. what are you doing? >> one of the things we want to do is ask people if you are not going to vote, tell us why? we know there's a vast number of americans. voter intensity is up higher than it has been. more republicans voted than democrats in this primary season for the first time since 1930. there's still people who are saying i'm not going to vote. wasn't to know why? we are asking people to e-mail us at when they do they are going to examine some of those reasons and talk about it on the show
10:37 pm
this weekend. >> greta: do you like early voting? >> i do. i think it is a healthy way to encourage more people to vet. the only downside is some may vote two weeks out and find out what a bum their guy is. it is still better than forcing people to try to show up on election day. with our work schedules and travel schedules being what they are and the lifestyle that we live these days i think it is a very good thing. >> greta: 10 seconds left. are you gonna run or not? i don't have much time to grill you on it. >> get's -- let's get through 21st. that's the one that matters most. >> greta: next time i'll reserve more time so i can grill you on it. governor thank you. tomorrow night 8 p.m. the new series on voting, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: our next guest has a warning, mock the tea party at your own risk who is doing the warning? she next. >> you heard about the obama stimulus. what about the clinton
10:38 pm
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10:42 pm
people in a suspected terror plot. five were street cleaners taken into custody at central london garbage depot. >> the violent storm system that ripped through new york city yesterday did include two tornadoes. that's the finding from the national weather service there. was a fears microburst with speeds up to 125 miles per hour. the storm knocking down 1,000 trees and damaged dozens of buildings. one person was killed by a falling tree. now back to on the record. for all your headlines log on to you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. >> greta: stop mocking the tea party. that's the title of a new article by democrat kirsten powers. what does she mean? let's ask. before we get to that, since you are from alaska originally fairbanks what do you think about the news with senator
10:43 pm
murkowski? >> i think it is interesting. i think the people were shocked when she lost her primary. a lot of people are sort of coming out in support of her. she probably can get a lot of democratic votes. because the democrat who is running isn't well-known and people aren't rallying around that person. i think it could disrupt the race a little. >> greta: do you think she has done polling or anything else to see what her chances are going in or is she just rolling the dice? >> she may have done polling. you have been to alaska quite a bit [ talking over each other ] >> she has a good feel for the state. she knows the state and the murkowski name is strong there. she is well liked. if the people who ousted her were in the primary and people who vote in primaries are not people who vote in general election would be a different electorate. she has a good feel for that. >> greta: she used the same of senator ted stephens. everyone seizes upon that name. >> right the think about ted
10:44 pm
stevens, if you are from alaska, republican or democrat, he was alaska, essentially. i think people identify with stevens, regardless of their political party because he delivered so much for the state. >> greta: now to your article. don't mock the tea party, why? >> this is not me saying i love the tea party. it is more saying they are not a joke. and they've been treated like a joke. the fact of the matter is, they are a serious movement. they have the potential to be -- they are very serious now and they have the potential to be more serious. i compare them to the goldwater movement. these are people who are very dissatisfied and very organized. i just read a book, a great job describing the tea party and helps you understand how much the press misrepresents them. i think you know that from being out talking to people. they are not this sort of yokels that they've been portrayed in the media.
10:45 pm
>> greta: the media has been so stupid on this a lot of these organizations can't afford to send their people and i'm grateful to fox because they send us all overall the time many we've had a little bit of a different vision of this from the beginning. if the media would go out and talk to these people, i think they would have been much more temperate in their remarks. >> i doubt that if you look at the polling, they are more highly educated, higher incomes. it doesn't fit with the way they've been described. again, i don't agree with them. i don't agree with their world but i think they need to be treated seriously. right now i think they are hurting the republican party establishment more. but i think that doesn't mean they can't be good for the republican party in the long term. if you are an a republican what is wrong withholding people to what they say they are going to do? >> greta: i think they the republicans a little on the ropes in the primaries.
10:46 pm
because these people are so motivated and mad they are going to vote come the midterm. they may have to hold their nose and vote for some republican they might not had supported in the primary. i suspect they are going to vote more republican than democrat. >> definitely. i think they are almost equally angry with both parties but ideologicalally they identify more with the republican party that's why they are -- they are more interested in making sure republicans stick to what they say they going to do, which is not spend so much money. >> greta: the democrats were so tone-deaf and kept getting yelled at, at those town hall meetings. now you've got primaries where the republicans, apparently they didn't get how mad these people were. now they are getting whacked a little bit. >> i think very few people got it. i would count myself as somebody early on who thought a bunch of angry people yelling at a meeting here and
10:47 pm
there. when you look at it, it wasn't -- a lot of people were calling it astroturf. when it was a real grass roots uprising. >> greta: people who are worried about social security, worried about their jobs. we didn't collect a bunch of weirdoes and said scream at a member of congress, the nation didn't do that. just a bunch of people who were worried. >> they are worried. one of the critiques i would have is they are overwhelmingly older so of course they are on medicare often, social security and telling us we need to get rid of the government meanwhile they are living off of government programs. >> greta: there's that awkward part of it. >> there's a little hypocrisy there. you have to step back from what your judgment is and say this is a serious movement. we were talking earlier about the way christine o'donnell is being treated now. it is this -- first of all, if she is such a joke why is
10:48 pm
keith olbermann doing his entire show about her? >> greta: thank you. next the best of the rest. governor sarah palin speaking in the great state of -- which state? that part is the important part, stay tuned. ♪
10:49 pm
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest. handful of white house hopefuls came to the values voters summit in washington. former governor sarah palin made a different stop. a republican dinner in where else, iowa. governor palin has a message for republicans before the midterms. >> we have some great common sense conservatives who are putting it all on the line these candidates and their supporters. fighting for what is right. a lot of them just fought some tough primary battles. that's good contested primaries are good. it is good for the system. it is great for voters. democracy at work. competition is good. healthy competition breeds success. and it makes us all work harder and this rebuilds character. but the time for primary debate is over. the time for unity now is the time upon us. the time for choosing is near.
10:53 pm
in just 46 days republicans will put their ideas and their experience on the line. they will let the voters decide. it is time to unite. if the goal really is to take away the gavel from pelosi and reid, and to stop the obama agenda, and make government respect the will of the people and the wisdom of the people, then it is time to unite. and congratulations to the primary voters and to the primary victors. now, unsuccessful gop campaigns and dissuaded political pundits, remember, attitudes are contagious. make sure yours are worth catching. >> greta: normally if you had goats walking around your roof something strange would be going on. but it is an everyday thing for a in wisconsin. they've had goats grazing on its grass-covered roof forever
10:54 pm
decorated -- decades. the restaurant trademarked the idea and sued another restaurant for using it. the owner of the copycat restaurant calls the lawsuit ridiculous. but says he can't afford to go to court. >> finally this is definitely an odd couple. the world's smallest dog and the world's largest dog just met for the first time in central park. the names are giant george and boo-boo. george from arizona 250 pounds, 43 inches tall. boo-boo from kentucky only four inches tall. the guinness book of world records averaged the meeting. there you have the best of the rest. >> still we know chelsea clinton's wedding was expensive. this, we didn't know this one. we'll let president clinton slain. -- explain himself. hi.
10:55 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash those studio lights. it's time. last call. chelsea clinton's wedding was the hottest ticket in town. need evidence? >> she -- congratulations on the wedding of your daughter. what a lovely event it seemed to be. i sent i couldn't make it rsvp. i wasn't invited actually. how did it feel? was it emotional? was it difficult to... >> waits very emotional. it was one of those passages
10:59 pm
in life that makes you feel like you know your child is finally really grown. >> right. >> and i was not and wanted to do this wedding just the way she wanted it it. it's my contribution to the economic stimulus. it was, i was... >> okay. i was sort of surprised when the unemployment rate didn't drop after the wedding. >> giving him credit for a cents of humor that. is your last call z do not miss on the record monday night. president clinton is going to go on the record about the clinton global initiative and the latest news in the world of politics. president bill clinton, monday night, 10:00 p.m. eastern. thanks for being with us tonight. go to wire then click the like