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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 18, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> bret: we missed that thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. make it a great weekend. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. and now you know the news. see you monday. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> 11 points is a gap that we can certainly close. i'm very confident that we can win. >> big republican conference in washington this weekend. and all the talk is about karl rove vs. christine o'donnell. mr. rove will be here. >> over 22 states are considering laws that would condone racial profiling under the guise of immigration reform. today we need a united voice to demand solutions to our country's toughest problems. >> hollywood comes out in favor of compassion for illegal aliens. dana perino and leslie marshall on that. also tonight, dick morris on why president obama remains
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incredibly popular in europe and glenn beck has some issues with bill's new book pinheads and patriots. >> bill: you're way too complicated for me, okay? [ laughter ] >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the truth about higher taxes. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. because i am a simple man, i am going to cut through the jibberrish on taxes the best i can here we go. president obama wants to end the bush tax cuts, raising the federal income tax rate on americans earning above $200,000 a year. but the president says he is not going to ask americans earning less than 200,000 for more tax money. the question, is that true? mr. obama wants a new tax code after congress throws the bush
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deal out the window. it's not a lock the president gets that because some are debating. 31 democrats who want to keep the bush tax cuts in place. the senate also has questions on the issue there may very well be a stalemate. if congress does nothing, the bush tax cuts expire on january 1st 2011. that would mean tax rate increases across the board and things like the $1,000 deduction for each dependent child would disappear. so, once again, the president is caught between barack and a hard place. if congress does nothing, which could very well happen, everybody gets blasted, everybody. if the president gets his tax code in, then the wealthy will pay much more and most other people will break about even, unless you have a lot of interest income which will be taxed at a higher rate under obama's vision. those who want to keep the bush rate argue that no tax increases should be imposed while the
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economy is fragile because it takes tax dollars away from consumers whose spending is violates. one footnote here, the city of los angeles is reporting that it received $111 million in government stimulus money. but was able to create or save only 55 jobs. 55. that's an average of $2 million per job. if can you believe it. our tax dollars at work. that's why many voters are furious with the obama administration. billions of stimulus money spent and little to show for it. november election is all about money. right now most americans do not have confidence in the president or the democratic party. therefore, they are likely to vote for the republicans. it is as simple as that. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, let's bring in the most controversial guy in the world, fox news analyst karl rove joins us from austin, texas.
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you know, i'm glad you saved the factor for last. i'm glad you did that. because now you have perspective of a couple of days to look back on all the trouble you have caused. all the angst that you are responsible for. [chuckling] >> bill, have you got it all wrong. you have got it all wrong. >> bill: do you regret criticizing christine o'donnell in delaware? >> look, i wasn't criticizing. i was acting in my responsibility as a commentator and analyst for fox. bill, when you come on, you want me to straight with you. i was shooting straight. you take a look at angle, buck, rand paul, roy blunt, rob portman, mike toomey or pat tomby, excuse me, and marco rubio and something happened when they won their primaries and that is every one of them vaunted ahead of their competition. christine o'donnell won a stunning upset victory on tuesday night in a huge turnout,
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a big victory for people who believe we ought to do something about cutting the deficit and controlling the spending and repealing obama care. she, according to rasmussen, remains 11 points behind the democrat opponent. what my message is that, look, she has got a very uphill road to climb unless and until she opens up, you know, sort of clears the ear wax out of the ears of people in delaware who are not paying attention to her today because they have read the wilmington newspaper or listened to the radio and watched television in delaware and have concerns about all of the side issues. all of the rest of heats candidates jumped ahead of democrat opponents after they won their primaries except one, and i'm convinced it's because people have doubts about these issues. >> bill: i know you are a straight shooter. i thought your perspective on ms. o'donnell was interesting. but, look, you know, as well as i know, i mean, look at ms. o'donnell's resume, 41 years old, it's not a strong resume. it's not. all right? she has never even really had a job. it's not a strong resume.
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however, and this is on important question because i got tons of mail that says, look, we will vote nor -- for john gotti if he upholds tea party values. we don't care if al capone running against chris couldn't who -- cunts who rubber stamps every spending bill that comes down the pike. how do you aoun those people who say look, it doesn't matter who is running against them. we have to get the bums out. >> the question is how many of those people live in delaware? again, i repeat. you take a look at angle in nevada. >> bill: i got it, i got it, i got it. >> they all moved ahead of their democrat opponents based on that message. why didn't she? my point to you is, bill, look, before you -- if you won't acknowledge a problem, you can't solve a problem. she has got a problem. if she is going to move ahead, if she is going to close that gap and move ahead with this
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powerful message that helped her win the republican primary but is running into resistance with people who didn't vote in the republican primary. independents are sitting there to watch. a lot of independents who said i'm not voting in the -- as soon as rand paul gets the nomination. it didn't happen in delaware there is a problem and unless you acknowledge the problem, you can't solve it. >> bill: what is the problem? what is the problem? >> she can't simply say when people say well, why didn't you pay your income taxes in 2005? she can't say it's puzzling. she has got to have -- look, people know that if she came forward and said, look, here is why i got behind omy mortgage. here is what happened. people would have sympathy on it you can't say it was a technical error by the bank. it doesn't cut it something is not happening. something is not working there for her. won this stunning victory and then 11 behind. >> bill: if you were advising her you would say you have got to come clean on all of this stuff. lay it out on your web site, whatever it may be, go on the
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factor. remember, she wouldn't come on here because she was afraid i was going to -- we have chris wallace coming up behind you. she is going to go on with you on sunday. that will be interesting. you would say look, have you got to clear the air about all this stuff. let me tell you, this, this is what i believe. i believe even if she doesn't do that, she could beat this guy kuntz by simply saying this guy is going to bankrupt the country. this guy is so far left even if you don't like me or trust me i'm not going to bankrupt the country, he is pound that home. >> yeah, look. that would be the strategy. if you don't want to sort of say look here i want to explain it to you and make you feel comfortable with me. that's the only strategy left. scott brown could not have won that deep blue state like massachusetts if he had these kind of questions looming over him and he won by five points. look, let's not kid ourselves. this is a state that barack obama carried by 26 points. and for somebody to win, it's not simply enough to say i'm not going to talk about these questions. look, these questions, i didn't come up with them. they are in the local newspaper on the local television and local radio for months. the people of delaware obviously
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have some resistance. that's why, unlike all the rest of these -- >> bill: you are backing her now. are you supporting her? >> i said tuesday night i'm for the republican in each and every instance. >> bill: have you got to tone it down, man. i thought, you know, i think. >> i'm on with you, o'reilly. i have got -- >> bill: that's what i said. ever since you come on this show have you been a trouble maker. >> i have got to keep a high level on your show just to get a word in edge wise, o'reilly. >> bill: sure. put a stop watch on it, all right? three to one your verbiage to mine. karl rove, everybody, there he is causing trouble all over the place. next on the run down chris wallace will be interviewing christine o'donnell on sunday. glenn beck has quibbles with my glenn beck has quibbles with my new book
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not. what i'm interested in knowing is what are your priorities in that interview rove is concerned about her background. a lot of mafl i get, as i said, they are not concerned. they don't care. they just want somebody to get kunz and the liberal people out thereof. what are your priorities. >> let me say first of all despite all the nay saying that christine o'donnell is a very good judge of character that she would choose to go on the big show "fox news sunday" and not "the o'reilly factor." [ laughter ] >> about to earn her a cap right there. in terms of questions, i mean, look, first of all, she is the new "it" girl the new star in the political firmament. i think people are going to want to hear about ho she is, what she stands for. >> bill: they don't want to hear it from the ideological frame. they want to hear it from a guy like you or guy like me who will put that aside and say look, here is the problem. how are you going to solve it? >> yeah, i agree. exactly. i mean, we'll get into some of
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the specific problems facing the country and how she intends to do it. now, if you are asking about her personal problems, the financial irregularities, of course, you are going to ask about it. this is somebody who is running to be a united states senator who is going to be dealing with billions of dollars of our money. how has she dealt with other own money and, you know, she is in good company with people like treasury secretary geithner and tom daschle in terms of having financial irregularities. if we are going to criticize them for what they during. we ask v. to ask her tough questions about what she has done. it will be a fair and balanced interview. >> bill: i have no doubt about it. i am going to use some of it monday when i come on. >> it may be the only opportunity you get to get christine o'donnell to come on your show. >> bill: i don't know. christine o'donnell after going through your mill might say having gone through that. let me ask you the same question
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i asked rove. i think a substantial amount of voters in the country don't care. they will say, look, i will vote for anybody except these people, being the big spending liberal class that many americans believe have just shattered the country the last 18 months. i get mail like that all the time. i don't care. i just want them out so whoever is against them, that's who i'm supporting. how much do you think, you know, what percentage would you put on that? >> well, i'm not going to put a percentage but i think you're exactly right that there is a widespread feeling about that. there was a very interesting interview in the "new york times" with some of the people who voted for her in delaware. and they were asked why and they said, look, she has had financial problems, so have i. she has had her house foreclosed on, so have i. that's not a disqualifying thing. in a funny way i think they relate more to her because of that her opponent chris coons,
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big tax increase. no listen. all day long. all day long. you like crat, right? you think is he a smart guy? >> whether i agree with him or not always, i always learn from him. >> bill: i think krauthammer is one of the smartest guys in d.c. again, you don't have to agree with what he says. he always brings to the table reason and measure in what he says. he says o'donnell, he said it last night on the factor, o'donnell has a 10% chance of winning in delaware. 10%. that's how krauthammer put it. >> i think that's vastly underestimating. look, we're in a strange year. it's going to be very exciting to cover on election night. i can't wait for it because there is just this wave or at least we have seen it so far in the primaries this wave of anger, frustration, alienation from the political class here in washington and i think that's going to sweep over a lot of people and i think there are going to be a lot of surprises. and the same way as we saw it in
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1908 with ronald reagan a lot of people that you didn't figure were going to be in the u.s. senate the next year i think we're going to see in the next u.s. senate and christine o'donnell might just be one of them. but i'm like you, i want to take her measure and get a sense of whether she seems to be up for the job. >> bill: we will be watching chris, thank you very much. a bunch of hollywood stars siding with the illegal alien notice arizona controversy. we will show what they are saying. dick morris on why president obama remains incredibly popular in europe. coming right back.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, some hold stars have banded together to make a public service announcement supporting the illegal ail yep notice arizona controversy. now to analyze fox news analyst
5:21 am
leslie marshall in los angeles and dana perino in d.c. lady, before we get to that ad, i just want a quick assessment. you heard rove and chris wallace. do you think, dana, christine o'donnell can win in delaware? >> sure, she can. i think it will be tough road. it's not going to be easy. and, as karl said, she is going to have to answer a lot of those questions. but could she win? sure. >> bill: would you campaign for her? i don't know whether you would do that or not. i know you are still a republican. would you feel comfortable going in there and campaigning for her? >> you know, i really have only done that for a couple of people that i knew very well and were friends and part of my home state in colorado. i haven't really done a lot of that unlike karl, who has met her, i haven't. one of the things that's interesting to me is that this week people sort of wondered okay, well, why isn't karl or other people just getting in line and supporting her? there is some merit to that but in some ways because she is a relatively unknown, she has to earn that support. i look forward to being
5:22 am
persuaded. >> bill: rove has a responsibility to fox news viewers to make his assessment and not a homer. he is a republican. it's not his responsibility to support every republican. >> he has raised something like $50 million for other republican senatorial candidates. >> bill: rove does what rove does. when he is on here. >> is he honest, right. >> bill: that's his responsibility. not to shrill, to be honest. leslie, does o'donnell have a chance to win in delaware. >> i'm shuttering with the fact i agree with karl rove on something. does she have a chance? anything is possible. i don't think she will win. i don't think she will win because although she presents a great platform for values and morals. that's not what the american people, tea party or otherwise, are concerned about. they are concerned about the economy and the economy and lies coming out of washington. unfortunately, she cannot and has not addressed those issues in her own background. >> bill: look, leslie, if it's all about the economy, have you got coons who is going to continue spending and o'donnell conservative line of lower
5:23 am
taxes. let's leave that race open for now. it will be a fascinating deal. now, i want to run this spot by these hollywood stars supporting the illegal aliens and the controversy in arizona. go. >> from women sufferage to civil rights to ending wars, young people altered our country's course. they organized, marched, registered, and voted. united they initiated change. they left their legacy. over 22 states are considering laws that would condone racial profiling under the guise of immigration reform. er roding our rights, attacking our values. take history's lesson, today we need the united voice to demand solutions to our country at this' toughest problems, energy, jobs, education, immigration and national security. >> bill: all right. what did you think, dana? >> a couple of things. i applaud them for reaching out to young people and young hispanics. everybody should be doing that every faction including the g.o.p. i think that some of those big celebrities, you know, will get
5:24 am
some attention and some people will pay attention. i had a very interesting conversation this week prosecute w. a republican nominee for governor in border state. she would be the first hispanic woman to be governor of any of our states and what she told me is that what people really care about in her state, even though the registration is three to one democrat to republican are the issues. and so you hear at the end of that ad they start talking about all the issues. but those issues have nothing to do with the arizona bill. if you start talking about those issues, you can win. >> bill: this issue is going to get bigger in october because president obama is going to put the immigration reform on the table before the election to try to get that mobilized. this is a big issue. that ad, dana, is absolutely sympathetic to the illegal alien rather than the state of arizona, which is trying to control that problem. >> well, what i think is that if you get -- when you dig down a little bit deeper, people that are hispanics who have come here legally don't want illegal immigration. either they are worried about
5:25 am
civil rights fellow hispanics but they are not for illegals. >> bill: what do you think, leslie. >> i didn't hear them supporting illegal immigrants. >> bill: leslie, let me give you the line. the line was they want to pass laws that would institute racial profiling under the guise of immigration reform. come on, leslie, you didn't hear that? that's the big line. >> i heard that, but i don't consider that supporting illegals. i hear the hispanic community reaching out and saying, look, we feel victimized by these laws in arizona. >> bill: victimized in how? how are they victimized. >> fastest growing minority in the united states. because they feel -- >> bill: when it's been tabled until the judicial thing gets through. who is victimized by it? >> because the hispanic community, latino community feels especially in the state of arizona targeted by what they feel is legislation that would unlawfully and unjustly racially profile american citizens legally. >> bill: that's all theory anyway. this is an ad sympathetic to the
5:26 am
illegal alien because the law, leslie, is designed to curtail that. >> i don't agree that the arizona law curtails racial profiling. >> bill: no, not racial profiling. it curtails illegal immigration and makes it harder for them to move around. >> but the problem is how they target and who they target to get to that place. right thought we have laws on the book that need to be enforced. >> yeah. i do want to say, bill, you think that obama will bring it up in october? >> bill: yes, i do. >> i think if he does, it will be seen as such a cynical political employee it -- ploy it will hurt him more. >> bill: are you making that allegation? >> are you shocked? >> bill: i have lost control of the show. >> senator reid did it this week. >> bill: believe me when i tell you that will be introduced in october. it's not going to be voted on but it will be discussed. plenty more ahead as the factor
5:27 am
moves along this evening. dick morris in italy. why president obama remains so popular in europe. glenn beck has some issues with my new book "pinheads and patriots." whoa, the g-man will be here. we hop
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight. as you may know president obama's job approval rating is declining in the u.s.a. in europe it is a far different story there he remains a rock star. dick morris has been vacationing in italy. i talked to him last night from rome. okay, morris, you are in italy living large, as always. in that country, 84% of the people approve of barack obama's as owe poised to about 50%. we're not talking job approval just approval in general. but 50% of the u.s.a. approve of him. 84% in italy. why? what's the difference? >> well, there are two differences. first of all, you have got to remember that classically about 40% of italy voted communist. so you have a large, large
5:31 am
left-wing following in these countries. and there is long-term universal antipathy to the united states and a feeling that obama is somehow taming it, that somehow he is not the cowboy that they think bush was. but it's more important than that we have skin in the game. they have their own self-interest. these populations have very generous work rules, benefits, vacations, raises, pensions, france they are going crazy now to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. and there are riots in the streets. they want to preserve those benefits. and as long as the united states is a free willing capitalist, free market economy, they can't because the capital will leave europe and go to america. so when obama proposing social list style programs in the united states, they are happy because it means they can get away with them in their own country. >> bill: interesting analysis. very good, morris.
5:32 am
i'm not saying that facetiously. what is it? a cultural thing italy is not anti-american. 80% of the germans like barack obama. you feel it is all entitlement-based? >> yeah. it started in 1981 when meturun took power in france. socialist. all the led to groin thatcher under reagan. then they recognized what linen said was true you can't have socialism in one country because the capital all leaves. they made the european common market into the european union to have uniform work rules and tax structures and stuff like that. so that it wouldn't flow to britain if they kept these entitlements, but it still went to the united states. and obama is bringing the united states into line. >> bill: into the zone of entitlements that the europeans wouldn't lose as much capital. you know, morris, i have to say, that is excellent. all right, now, coming back here, we have a lively debate
5:33 am
inside the republican party. people like karl rove, charles krauthammer, believe that, look, some of these tea party candidates are just weak. they are just not strong. they don't have the background. they have some problems, whatever. and they are going to lose in the general election. that's their opinion. and you say? >> i think they're wrong. i like charles and karl. they are the two commentators i respect the most, actually. but they are wrong on this one. the american public is no longer thinking in terms of left to right. that's a division that comes from aabortion and guns and gays and those kind of issues if someone is further to the right than you are you get scweechish. but when the issue is spending and taxes and free market vs. socialism. the issue is not left to right because everybody agrees on the issue. the issue is are you sincere? and you have these democrats saying oh i'm against big spending, i'm against big government. i'm for cutting out the waste. i want to hold down your taxes. and the question is who can you
5:34 am
trust? and when somebody like share ron angle or christine o'donnell comes along and overturns the republican establishment they're all dumping on her. the tea party people and the average voter is thinking well, if they don't like her, there must be something good about her. because i distrust these two parties. >> bill: look, we had misangle on here last night. and she acquitted herself, i thought, quite well. she didn't come across as a crackpot. she answered the questions and if you like her, you like her if you don't you don't. she is competitive neck and neck with reid. you think she is going to beat reid in nevada. >> she is going to beat him. he is under 50. >> bill: you think that angle can win. i have to say, i never met her before, she did fine here and this is not an easy forum and i rocked her with a couple of tough questions with a videotape as you said earlier. ms. o'donnell is a different situation. ms. o'donnell has never had a job and she has had problems all through the and now she is of an
5:35 am
appealing woman and she is a patriot for running for office. and she ran against biden last time around and i'm not diminishing her in any way. independents are going to decide that delaware situation. and to look at her resume it's not a strong resume. >> i have got to tell you this, bill. if she were running for governor or mayor or president, those objections would carry a lot of water. but the main function of a united states senator is to vote. and these guys vote with their party leadership, democrat or republican 8% of the time. and o'donnell is going to vote against stimulus spending. >> bill: that's absolutely true. you are making a prediction that she is going to beat this coons in delaware? >> i can't be absolutely certain now. she just got the nomination. but i think she has a very good chance. i will tell you something that -- the weakness that cost castle to lose that primary might have cost him to lose the
5:36 am
general election, too. he hasn't had a serious fight in over a decade and they run one against him and he folds like a house of cards. >> bill: all right. >> i think there is a very significant chance he could have lost. >> bill: dick morris everybody, living large in italy. thanks for coming on in. we have a brand new bill o' poll question for you. you may remember last week who was the most liberal politician between barney frank nancy pelosi and howard dean. the speaker won by a landslide. we want to know shot most conservative politician in your opinion? sarahsarah palin, newt gingrichr mitt romney. please select one. you can vote on bill o' in a moment, glenn beck on the power of the tea party. and my new book pinheads and patriots. beck is next. activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty.
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>> bill: thank you for staying with us. the beck micer has been watching the political landscape in america. he has been reading my book pinheads and patriots where you stand in the age of obama. i spoke with beck last night. here is beck and you are not a real political guy. but you did cover the election this week a little bit, right? >> yes. i think the tea party needs to understand that they have arrived. my favorite headline of maybe the last two years is establishment freaked. >> bill: freaked out. they freaked out. >> absolutely. because they have been dismissing and belittling these people it doesn't matter what anybody says, they're changing things. >> bill: there is no doubt. here is what beck said on his program. >> the establishment g.o.p. and they are just the beginning, really, it's not just the g.o.p. the democrats are freaking as well. the media is freaking out. they have got to figure out a way to stop the tea party goers because you're winning and they have all the power or so they
5:41 am
thought. the steant g.o.p. being the elitist that they have become underestimated their power over the tea parties. here is great news. so do the democrats. >> bill: i'm not freaking out. i like the tea parties. i think they are patriots. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> bill: i don't think karl rove is this establishment guy who is looking down on the tea parties. i think is he a realistic guy who wants to win and get the senate back in republican hands. >> there has to be principles and values. winning for what? more spending for another prescription drug d program and more bailouts. >> take control of the senate and take a position. >> for what? >> bill: prevailing position on the republican side is return to conservative values. >> you know what i don't like is when people say this person can't win so we shouldn't help them at all. they can't win.
5:42 am
they said that about mark rubio. what is he 15 points ahead? it's for the people to decide who can win. >> bill: it is for the people to decide but i think charles krauthammer yesterday, rove earlier today on this program, they are concerned that candidates like ms. o'donnell, all right? paladino in new york are so out there that the independents will simply say i will stay at home. >> let's not talk about o'donnell. let's talk about the challenger, the democratic challenger he is a loon. is he a marxist. he admitted it. bill intoil i can't even make fun of you for calling him that. >> you are telling me she is unelectable but a marxist is? delaware is a tiny state. >> bill: might be people from romania there who vote. >> the people of romania would never vote for a marxist. >> bill: they already know. i said that in the talking points memo. here are your choices a woman who distinguished herself in any way or a guy who is so far out
5:43 am
there. >> you know why they are in this problem? they are in this problem because the republicans refuse to look at small government options they can find scawstled people but they don't believe in small government. >> bill: i don't know. i don't follow the parties that bore me. maybe that's true. they could have gotten somebody else. they thought they had a winner ca castle who was a liberal republican. >> who voted for tarp. i mean he voted for everything. you got it. >> bill: all right. now, i gave beck an assignment this week. >> yes. >> bill: since school is open, he had to look at pinheads and patriots. your place in the age of obama. you come up with some critiques, did you not. >> yes, did i. don't even get me started on just the sorrows is a pinhead thing. >> bill: i agree with that what do you want moo to call him uber pinhead? pinhead of the year. >> pinhead and patriot, if you are going to do one with george soros maybe angels and demons.
5:44 am
>> bill: you and i are simpatico. i went on your radio program. we actually agree that sorrows is a big threat. >> all right. here is one. led my fox news commentator and radio talk show host glenn beck. >> bill: who is that? >> oh, that's you. >> i didn't know if i was a pinhead or a patriot. the so-called tea party movement blasted into the national conscious shz. i'm not leading it. >> bill: no. you are not leading it as far as you signed up but in the hearts and minds you are one of the leaders along with sarah palin. >> i don't think so. >> bill: i was in oklahoma. i saw it i saw the tea party and how they reacted to you. all right? i saw it with my own minds. i saw it. i was there in tulsa when you were there. >> i had a blackout. >> bill: yeah, did you have a blackout. >> you mean in san antonio in texas. >> no, no. in oklahoma. you have gone some places you don't know where you are. those people love you. by example, not by signing up.
5:45 am
by example you and sarah palin have stimulated the tea party. >> here is the thick, i -- thing i think people have to stop looking for leaders of the tea party. >> bill: i know that happened. >> this is an important distinction. if i said to you who is the leader of the united states of america? >> bill: barack obama. >> wrong. by definition, it should be "we the people." >> bill: all right. now, by definition. i'm a simple man. >> america, how am i wrong on this one? >> bill: you are way too complicated for me. you live in this world. >> that's what that is, it's a collection of people. >> bill: you, for better or for worse and i think it's for better because i like the tea party, have stimulated them and so has sarah palin to go out and to say what they believe in and to try to get those things enacted. be proud of it, beck. that's one of the few things you can be proud of. be proud of it. [ laughter ] >> i don't know why he is so hostile. i read his book. i read it.
5:46 am
>> bill: live it, learn it, love it. >> thank you, sir. >> bill: dumbest things of the week on deck starring joe biden vs. peta and jon stewart vs. stephen colbert. dumb, you bet? dead ahead.
5:47 am
5:48 am
5:49 am
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, dumbest things of the week. greg gutfeld and arthel. controversy involving peta and vice president biden. >> and we are serving you real american food. we even got a hot dog cart. [boos] >> i will take a dog. hey, hot dog guy.
5:50 am
hot dog guy. hey. >> hey man to you, it's mr. vice president hot dog guy. >> mr. biden, i'm sorry, i didn't expect the vice president to read hot dogs. >> read your constitution, man, i have two constitutional duties. >> i thought it was breaking ties in the senate. >> no. the other one is giving hot dogs to returning warriors. >> bill: after biden did that bit, peta, the people for the ethical treatment for animals got angry about what? >> because he said there is bad things in hot dogs and there is not enough nutrition in the hot dogs for the troops to stay lean and mean. what does peta have to do with the nutritional value? >> bill: they don't want them to eat hot dogs. >> eat vegan hot dogs because it's all about the animals. >> bill: am i lean and mean. >> you are lean mean machine. >> bill: i eat hot dogs. >> you are very lean. not mean. gutfeld we don't care about. that whole peta thing i'm lean and mean and arthel is mean so
5:51 am
stuff it. >> we love hot dogs. >> bill: gutfeld you have select add muslim prayer controversy in massachusetts. roll the tape. a. >> on may 25th, 2010, students from the wellesley massachusetts public middle school were taken on a field trip to the muslim american society's boston mosque. during their visit, students were asked to participate in the muslim midday prayer. several wellesley public school boys took part. >> bill: wow, wells slay big high tone suburb of boston. a lot of rich people there explain this to me? >> what kind of school goes to a mosque tore a field flip don't you go to a petting zoo or aquarium? >> bill: i don't mind them going to the mosque. >> but they participated in it? >> bill: get down on the floor and say some prayers that's whoa. >> the parents didn't know they were participating.
5:52 am
>> bill: was this a high school that went? >> no a middle school. they were lectured about the history of islam saying that they were advance womens rights. they could vote when they were in the seventh century. the kids went nuts. >> bill: kids were indoctrinated in this. they sent a letter of apology. >> sent a letter of apology. created uproar. they did go to a synagogue and gospel choir. here they participated. >> bill: go to saint patrick's cathedral the aclu would all commit suicide. my dumbest thing of the week is our pals jon stewart and steve colbert. go. >> tonight i announce the rally to restore sanity. [cheers] >> it is happening, people. it is happening. it is happening. a real gathering. we will gather.
5:53 am
we will gather on the national mall in washington, d.c., a million moderate march. >> so tonight, ladies and gentlemen, to fight jon stewart's creeping reasonableness to restore truthiness, i am announcing my rally on october 30th, 2010, i am calling for the nation to join me on the washington mall for the march to keep fear alive. >> bill: no accident that is on the eve of halloween and if you want to go down to d.c. and see those guys, you will have the best halloween ever. correct? >> correct. >> bill: am i correct, gutfeld? >> i have got plans. >> bill: first time i have ever seen you in a tie. are you going to a funeral. >> my wife tied it for me. i'm kind of excited. >> bill: she did your hair as well. >> she did. >> bill: adorable. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight. starring jimmy carter going after the late ted kennedy. you are not going to believe it activia's great new taste?
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. jimmy carter hammers the late ted kennedy. here's margaret hoover! my special interview with the great granddaughter of president herbert hoover and fox news analyst up for pm viewing exclusively. we hope you consider signing up for the premium program. you are going to like it. it is a fun interview. that you for supporting pinheads and patriots where you stand in the age of obama. if you buy the book we send
5:57 am
you a tote bag free. now the mail. simon: what makes you a judge over the voters? do you not have the right to call people pinheads if they voted for charles rangel. roll tape. the question becomes are the people who vetted for mr. rangel, pinheads,? you make the call. you owe mae apology. mart . why did you bash christine o'donnell? did no such thing. just presented the facts as i always do. abby: bill, you left something out of your analysis not only did christine o'donnell have financial problems, she lied about them. we cannot confirm that so it is not fair to say. todd: mr. o', while some other fox news programs show the face of cartoonists threatened by al-qaeda, the fact did not. you are not a pinhead am i hope not. michelle: bill, curious, if i disagree
5:58 am
with president obama 90% of the time will i be a pinhead after reading your book? to be who reads pinheads and patriots can be a pinhead. toby: i'm impressed that you know what a doobie is. of course it is one of those brothers, right dude! >> i'm enjoying my copy of pinheads and patriots especially the chapter where you honor vietnam vets. they were and are patriots. i thank you for pointing that out. finally, pinheads and patriots, like him or not, former president carter speaks his mind on "60 minutes" this coming sunday and lashes the late ted kennedy. >> we would have had comprehensive health care now, had it not been for ted kennedy's deliberately blocking the legislation i proposed in 1978 or '79. >> you blame teddy for the failure?
5:59 am
>> exactly. it was his fault. ted kennedy killed the bill. >> just to spite you? that's the implication? >> he did not want to see me have a major success in that realm of american life. >> bill: wow is mr. carter a patriot for saying that? you make the call. on the pinhead front. get ready for the obama musical. ♪ yes we can ♪ yes we can ♪ ♪ oh yes we can ♪ ♪ >> bill: the musical is now playing in germany. they want to bring it here. however, that may be a pinheaded move. please check out the fox news factor website which is different


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