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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  September 18, 2010 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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journal editorial report, thanks to my panel, i'm paul gigot and we sure hope to see you all here next week. . >> jon: on fox news watch. >> the people of delaware have spoken. >> jon: an election upset in the first state. delaware voters pick a tea party favorite to run for the u.s. senate. will the media use that win to incite discontent. panning his tan, and picking apart a high ranking republican. was this a journalistic effort for an interference run for the white house? the pope makes a historic visit to the u.k., greeting the people and meeting the queen. was the coverage just as cordial, and the ground zero mosque and controversial imam stay in the news.
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why are most in the media crying islam-phobia, a brouhaha in sports journalism when an azteca tv reporter goes all atwitter. on the panel. judy miller. conservative columnist, andrea ta this. taros, jim hen ken, jim pinkerton. i'm jon scott, news watch is on right now. >> a lot of people have already said that we can't win the general election. it is the same-- yes, we can. [laughter] >> yes, we can, yes, we can. >> it is those same so-called experts who said we have no chance of winning the primary. it will be hard work, but we can win and if those same
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people who fought against me work just as hard for me, we will win. >> jon: that's christine o'donnell the tea party-backed candidate who won the delaware primary to be that state's republican candidate for u.s. senate in november. her win brought headlines like these, the tea party's wins fuel a civil war won the g.o.p., that from usa today of course. there were a lot of headlines like that in other papers and the same kind of take in the, you know, usual liberal media on television, on cable and so forth. why? >> i think the mainstream media has been dying to write this story and put this headline and has presented them with the perfect opportunity. i really saw three story lines play out. that story line, pieces about christine o'donnell and pieces about really who the tea partiers are, a lot of them negative, calling them kooks or making them out to be crazy and what i thought was interesting though, for the first time, jon, we saw the
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media not example the civil war between-- or the fighting i sawed think between the moderate and conservative side. hold guard and new guard. and peggy noonen, the telling piece in the wall street journal where she explained this is not a wing of the g.o.p. the tea party, but more critique of it and she was able to go in depth within the fault lines of the party. >> jon: there's been a lot of ink and air time against christine o'donnell's-- >> she's the average american woman and deeply in dep and took a lot of time to pay off lop loans and finally got her college degree. resonates with voters. but you've got to say, spt really karl rove right? i mean, what are we talking about here? i think that the white house must be so happy with this outcome. i can't imagine anything better and that is the story line and i think you've seen it. >> jon: well, are the media
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ganging up on her, jim. >> i think they totally have. a week ago they didn't think she could win and a week ago, she could win and he is she's an idiot and destined to lose, but i think that things change quickly in the media environment. and an ace political columnist for politico said on friday, look, she could win this thing and then when i read that she was-- that she's interpreting lord of the rings as a feminist parable. i was reminded, gone on free republic. i'm reminded that like rand paul and a lot of others, and glenn beck, they're reading stuff and absorbing stuff other than the mainstream culture and i think that's why the mainstream culture never sees them coming. >> jon: elliss, an article in "the washington post" headlined republican leaders are now on notice. about the o'donnell win. call it a civil war, insurrection, the established leadership of the republican
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party has lost control, really? >> well, sort of, yeah, look who got beat in this race. it takes 30 seconds of reporting, any of us could do it and many of us have, to it figure out there's unrest in the republican party over there, what have we wrought? we like the passion and even some nutty stuff out of the tea party folks ap maybe all we've got, but boy, what kind of a cliff are these guys driving us over. >> they said the same thing about rand paul and hold on, he's 15 points ahead. >> i'm not saying she can't win. crazy stuff happens in politics. >> expert does show scott rasmussen had a book out, a year ago, "mad as hell" about this movement and the main
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streaking media as sarah palin calls us, you're underestimating this movement and she's been proven right. >> political operatives don't rule the country. evident on tuesday. what i'd love to see an in depth piece about why karl rove is behaving the way he is. >> maybe he wants to win the general election. >> but seems in the party people want principle and not just 51 seats in the state. >> go ahead, seek as many candidates like this as you want. a great move. >> the democrats might be in trouble if they get chris coons and-- >> you have clearly bad candidates in all parties. >> jon: you said something interesting, christine o'donnell is every woman. is that not what voters want? >> no. >> she clearly struck a chord with people. there's something about her situation, her struggle. three times she tries it, yet, she clearly resonates and why don't we recognize that, can
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she beat a democrat in a general election? i think that karl rove is right. >> if the media didn't have the distraction of rove for deepers reasons not just 51 seats in the senate, this tea party movement is a repudiation not just of obama, but karl rove and the bush policies. i think if the media would stop focusing on that, if we didn't have the deep division and public trashing of her and she could if the g.o.p. was behind her and the earned attention and media she gets this is the rah is that would determine control in the senate, could-- >> i do, too. >> i don't really want to be the defender of karl rove here. and i'm sure many people for that role, but you do have to say that while that passion has been attractive to republicans, it's a dangerous thing. >> absolutely. >> i think we've seen the-- >> that kind of talk and-- >> what is so dangerous-- >> i want to touch on the piece ran in the new york times, profile of john boehner, house minority
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leader, talks about his tan and likes to smoke while he plays golf and critics say this is the new york times running interference for the white house on one of the political enemies. >> i don't think that the new york times likes john boehner and i don't think they want the republicans to win the house this november. >> it's a hunt. >> come on, this is magazine journalism today, this is the personality profile every single big person in our culture subjected to that. >> and fund raising-- >> and about barack obama and-- >> at least they don't smoke. boehner and obama smoke. >> jon: we'll take a break while elliss does the research. you've got to check out our new website, keep an eye on the media sections on the watch list and go behind the scenes and listen to some discussions we have here during the breaks, always very interesting. up next, when it comes to religion, do the media play favorites? >> the pope makes a historic trip to visit the queen.
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>> the debate over the proposed islamic center near ground zero in new york city continues this week. and claims of a growing islam phobia in measured-- america spread through the media and rauf labeled a slumlord. the court is looking into substandard living conditions in an apartment building he owns in that state and he spoke to the council on foreign relations this week, introduced as a man dedicated to building bridges between the muslim and non-muslim world. considering this ground zero controversy and the slumlord tab that's been applied to
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him, how is this all of this reported in the media? well, it was finally reported with the skepticism it deserves. yes, he is a man that spent most of us life reaching out to people of other faiths and his own record, what he said, what he's done, his appearance at danny pearl's memorial the wall street journal reporter. all of that admirable. come on, this is building bridges, a bridge too far and finally reported the head of the community board, number one, who approved the mosque, voted for it, said look, let's compromise here, can't we have an interfaith center? the ground swell against this has forced even advocates of the plan to step back and say, is this really what we need at that spot. >> jon: the media research center, jim, released a center, titled smearing america as islama phobia and
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networks, abc, cbs... calling mosque at ground zero as isl islamophobia pt. >> they take the imam's side on this battle and every journalist in the country is said, yes, we must, and the big question, judy said, there's no evidence they have the money. the right or wrong of the thing. they're about 100 million behind where they need to build this thing. >> jon: elliss, let me read you a quote from christian ann ahmanpower. she said nine years later the growing hostility toward muslim americans. not since 9/11 has the country seen search anti-muslim fervor and muslim-americans are
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feeling vulnerable. where is her proof? >> you can do a lot of interviews with muslim-americans and find quotes to back up an allegation like that. protesters stand out in front of baptist churches getting ready to reopen, maybe we'll have an argument this is a different situation. but the reality is, and i don't like to use the words like racist or phobic of any sort. . there's a lot of feeling of hostility towards muslims and in fact, a lot of people defend those feelings and i think that we do need to get a grip and hey, people have a right to practice the religion they want and we ought to be open to it, whether it's our religion or not. >> jon: the pope made the historic trip to great britain, are there parallels the way that catholic pope going to great britain was covered, versus the coverage of the imam wanting to build the mosque at ground zero? >> i think the coverage of the pope's trip was very mixed. i think you had a pretty accurate factual story in "the
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washington post" and i think leave it up to the new york times to lead with, the priest scandal right below the fold and really make that the highlight of the story. and i think that it wasn't unfairly-- i think the imam is a very different scenario. >> jon: jim. >> i think the big difference in the coverage is back in april the british foreign office wrote an a memo, saying, we are going take the pope to the abortion clinic and-- no reaction, no catholics were burning british flags anywhere and seem to be well-behaved about it. nobody got fired. if that happened about a muslim coming here, believe me would have been heads rolling through the state department or wherever it was written. >> jon: catholic-phobia is okay? >> exactly. it's treated differently. >> this is turned into a terrorism story, also, on friday because of the arrest of five street cleaners who were apparently planning to do more than throwing a tomato at the pope. >> but you talked about, judy,
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you're one of the only ones to really write about, i think, the damage that this imam has done to himself when he goes out in the media. i mean, he's really contradicted himself and i think actually fueled the isl islamo-phobia based on contradiction. >> one of these, i could say we catholics, on debate publicly about ourselves and much about the child sex abuse scandal, the catholics talking with each other, maybe a lesson the muslims could learn. >> and that's a boston globe and new york times story, jim, and therefore, i don't think it's extraordinary that the new york times would want to revisit that issue when it's covered. >>. >> jon: we're going to take another break, first, if you come across a story that shows media bias, e-mails us. news is in high demand these days, who do you trust to bring you the headlines? >> americans want and need more news where are they
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>> according to a thank you and-- new and we should point out unauthorized book, michelle obama thinks being the first lady is quote, hell. and claiming that carla bruni sarkozy said that. mrs. sarkozy asked her about her role and michelle obama
2:52 pm
reportedly said, it's hell, i can't stand it. and in washington denied the first lady ever said such a thing. you andrea, worked as a press person in washington for a political figure. do you expect, should we take that at face value? they deny it. >> typically when there's something salacious out there that might be true, candidates or elected officials pawn it off to their spokes people because they don't want any plausible deniability if it comes back and blows up. don't look back at any of my old quotes, but in this situation, the story has, i think, pretty colassel repercussions if it is true. i would point out, carla bruni is not personally denying it, you've got to ask if it's true, wtru not true why didn't michelle obama herself come out and deny it and it plays to the narrative that's already there, that is that the obamas are elitists
2:53 pm
who really just think that they're on a different plane than anybody else. maureen dowd wrote about in the new york times a couple weeks how mrs. obama leaves the white house during tough times, you know, we've editorialized about barack obama apologizing to the u.s. >> jon: let's ask a man of the people. elliss. >> it's a marvellous story, has everything it needs except facts. the two people who-- have now through their staff, the right way to do it you don't want to climb into the gutter with these people said it's absolutely 100% untrue and the office provided no evidence. >> it's an authorized biography. >> no, it's not. >> does this story have legs, so to speak? >> moving on. where people get their news these days, according to a new poll by the pew research center more than a third, 36% of americans say they get news from both digital and traditional sources television radio and print, just shy of the number who rely on
2:54 pm
traditional sources. only 9% through the internet and mobile technology without also using traditional sources. is this good news? >> i think it's faintly heartening in the sense it does appear that people are consuming more news than they used to in large part more platforms. they've got a pda. and watch it. more knowledge is good. >> jon: judy, it bears repeating that this show, the fox news audience is growing, some of our cable brethren not doing so well. why is that? >> well, perhaps because this network is skeptical on why some of our brethren. i question, i think that people are getting news bites i don't think they're reading in depth analysis and i don't think there are enough reporters to do the reporting, so still worried. >> jon: we have to take one more break. up in ex, a mexican tv reporter creates quite a stir in america.
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>> a mexico reporter, i knees sanz caused a stir in the new york jets locker room and show showed up to interview the team quarterback and the players gave her special attention, and, that attention became public, and, a firestorm of questions arose about what she was wearing and
2:59 pm
what a female -- whether a female reporter should be in the men's locker room and i asked about the outfit she was wearing that day. >> let's -- there's the outfit you wore to practice. >> yes. exactly. >> jeans and a blouse? >> could they get any tighter? >> it is my size. i love my -- i don't know, probably, you look at that, and say, okay. jeans fit perfectly, the waist is perfect, everything. i don't think is bad. >> but some female journalists like ann don't agree and she writes, do you have to dress provocatively with site ftight g jeans and wear a tight black dress as if going to the nightclub while covering the game? poor judgment, call me old-fashioned but pros, whether male or female who dress appropriately. >> i would say she was dressed for success. >> or actions. >> that will be a wrap on news watch this week. thato


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