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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  September 18, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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pinkerton and andrea tanteros, i'm jon scott, keep it here on fox news channel, we'll be back, next week with another edition next week with another edition of ""fox news watch."" captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> i'm tucker carlson, remember the last scene in raiders of the lost ark when it is stashed away for safekeeping in an enormous warehouse? there are none here but there's a lot of books, i standing in the middle of a 250,000 square foot textbook warehouse in the midwest and this is what $50 million in textbooks looks like, part of a $10 billion a year business, dominated by just three publishers. the mcgraw-hill company's, pearson education and houghton mifflin company and we requested interviews with all of them and none would speak to us. let's see if you can answer
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this. do you really know what is inside your children's textbooks? i'm talking about textbooks from kindergarten through college. make no mistake, there is a battle being fought for the minds of future generations of americans, who wins and who loses is up to you, tonight we expose the underbelly of the textbook industry. from the biggest elementary schools to the smaller one-room school houses, to virtual classrooms, it seems no matter who you ask when the topic is textbooks everyone has something to say. >> if you teach a kid shakespeare, teach them also maya angelou. >> it is a way to indoctrinate our children. >> toxic waste into the ocean. >> criticize the oppressor and anyone with white skin is there by the oppressor. >> textbooks try to teach them what to think. >> i was given the right to choose whether or not my child would read harry potter.
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>> not making us feel welcome. >> it would be the need for... >> ladies and gentlemen, molly and her book bag! illinois mom, karen says toting around textbooks is a real drag, for her daughters patsy and molly. >> molly was pulling her bag down the block, and the mom in me said, why are you dragging your backpack? and she looked at me with tears and said, you told me to bring every book home. >> let's weigh this. you want to? holy smokes, molly! weigh this. i'm impressed, can you flex for me? whoa! besides being a pain in the back as you will see, some textbooks are full of out right lies. completely missing basic facts or push agendas hidden or otherwise. fox news reporting crisscrossed the country to find out what
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experts and teachers and parents have to say about what is being taught and what is being read. >> now we're going to... we'll call her... >> and, there are two thanksgiving celebration, one in april and one in november. >> multi-culture community, like el paso, they might celebrate two thanksgivings but they are talking about the hispanic-mexican thanksgiving, held in april of 1598. >> roger roblin was in charge of the development of "we live together" ordered for texas and first published in 2002. and is still used today in second grade classrooms. it might be the standard in el paso but fox news discovered the 2003 edition in a small town in
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new jersey. >> if you thought a child would believe that there are two thanksgivings for the whole country, i think that is highly unlikely. the way the book is written. >> pages 46 through 49, it says this first thanksgiving was all about a lack of water for people walking up theel camino real pass in 1598. the pilgrims in the may flower are not mentioned until pages 136 through 139. >> they came to america for a better life. the pilgrims landed in plymouth. >> to make sure people have an equal opportunity in the country so textbooks reflect that. saying the -- a leader in that area. >> james banks is the lead author of "we live together" and says banks was a prominent community for 1993's reflecting diversity and multi-cultural guidelines for educational publishing professionals. >> you develop guidelines at that time for mcmillan and mcgraw-hill, early 1990s, it
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would depict all people, male k female, alle ethnicities in in being careful so no one is excluded, we're an inclusive nation. >> and, the attitudes and behaviors of children become more negative... >> professor banks declined fox news reporting's request for an interview. >> none of the things that have been done in the name of multiculturalism have been shown to have had any effect whatsoever in terms of achievement for black and latino children. >> one of the origins goes back to the civil rights movement. and, the question was, how to reduce what was seen as the
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alienation of black students, from what was perceived as a white curriculum. instead of being a movement to help make sure that black children learn to read and write and do arithmetic well it became a movement to foment anti-american or anti-western feelings and it became increasingly a regime of censorship. >> who are the language police. >> it is a kind of silent censorship regime that says you cannot say this and print that and it affects textbooks and educational testing. the textbook publishers have multi-cultural advisory committees where they inevitably have someone representing every possible interest group, and so you have people who are trained to find bias where no one else might see it and someone might
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find mice offensive. >> who is that being insensitive to. >> people frightened by mice, to show you how sill is it gets, there are images you cannot use and you cannot show women with big hair and i don't know who it offends or a picture of a woman cooking is considered a biased image, because women are not supposed to cook. >> could you show a woman operating a jackhammer or other machinery. >> it would be okay if they operate heavy machinery but, a gender, waiter, waitress are biased words and dictionaries entered the word waitron. >> does not compute... does not compute... >> sensitivity review. protecting the world... >> avoid these words. >> melon, cro-magnon, garbage man, letterman. sportsman, sports woman, man of war... >> yes.
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i really wanted to do something that sort of had importance and thought it would be a great, great subject to tackal. >> what struck you. >> really the absurtidy of censorship and what goes on with the sensitivity review boards. >> did you get criticism at all. >> i got a little negative feedback from a couple professors. >> what did they say. >> they blatantly disagreed with the things i was stating. >> walk us through the film. >> we get into a quick scene of stereotyping about native americans, don't want to display them as savages with tomahawks and scalps in their hand and they flip it the other way and show them as a peace-loving, peace-pipe smoking... >> there you go, glad we could be of service mr. native american. >> are these review committees open to everyone. >> no. these are trained people, who have been trained to spot bias and sensitivity. or anything that might disrupt or frighten somebody. >> so it sounds like a small
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group of unelected individuals, who have a lot of control over what our children learn. how do you break that -- >> the sensitive reviewers work in secret. you have to be aware that these forces are operating, and, that these are forces that are dumbing down our kids. >> was christopher columbus a war criminal and are textbooks ghost written? the answer, just ahead. >> ♪ ♪ hey, teacher, leave those kids alone...♪ on every purchase. so we earned an la getaway twice as fast. we get double miles every time we use our card. [ histling ] no matter what we're buying. and since double miles add up quick... romans! get em! [ garth ] ...we can bring the whole gang. [ sheep bleats ] it's hard to beat dble miles. whoa -- 's on the list. but we're with him. [ male announcer ] get the venture card from capital one anearn double miles on every purchase, every day. go to [ indistinct suting ] what's in your wallet?
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>> moving so-called offensive language and images from text book, the police have done a number on american history. >> the books are quite critical of the u.s., of showing all of the terrible things that we have done. race i, slavery and the interment of japanese during world war ii, and they did not extend the same critical gaze to any other civilization. >> this is something that came up in one of my grandson's classes. the assignment was to decide whether columbus really did deserve a holiday. and, the children were given some rather biased selections to read. >> spanish commander gave orders at the leading citizens who numbered over 100, roped too, and tied to stakes, set in the ground and burnt alive. >> and all the children had decided that he didn't deserve a holiday. >> how do american children do in history. >> one area where they do absolutely worst is u.s.
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history. the majorities of our high school seniors score below basic, which is as low as you can go. >> in many cases, history is not just being whitewashed, it's not taught at all. here's a question for you. >> the war in vietnam was fought between blank and blank. 22% reply, the war in vietnam was fought between the north and south korea. >> the average course spends four minutes on vietnam. another reason why the textbooks don't seem to get into anything real. is that they are usually not written by the people whose names are on the covers. they are written by flunkies. and, i'm reading one of these books, pathways to the present and all of a sudden i say to myself, wait a minute?
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didn't i read this and sure enough, over in this other books, paragraph after paragraph, two books by two completely different authors, they are identical, textbooks are almost set up to fail by the way they are authored. >> good morning. >> this is columbia university professor alan brinkley, as the chief academic officer or provost he wrote the $60 textbook entitled "the unfinished nation" and his 2008 edition did not have the facts straight about the number of terror suspects charged in the attacks of september 11th, 2001. >> sir, you talk -- at the end you say one such suspect was ever charged with the crime. that is not correct, is it, sir? you have nothing to say? >> at least 129 suspects had been convicted of terror related charges in u.s. federal courts, when professor brinkley's book was published. we posted their names on fox
3:15 pm we asked him if he plans to correct the inaccuracies in the next edition. here's his e-mailed response to fox news. >> quote: the unfinished nation will appear in a new edition later this year and you can judge for yourself at that point how it treats the issues. that new edition is expected to cost $77.81. the question remains, how are these mistakes making their way into textbooks? >> they are selling them on the basis of how they look and in a way they look good, colored pictures all over them and box all over the place. >> reading programs are 50 to $80 million investments and certainly you want to get it the way the customer wants it. >> unfortunately, the customer is not the teacher. in 30 open territories states publishers sell textbooks to individual school districts. another 20 states have what is called textbook adoption. where the board of education chooses textbooks for the entire state.
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>> they respond to commercial pressures that are coming not from the marketplace but from textbook adoption committees. particularly, in california and texas, and those are the places where the various pressure groups focus their attention. >> every group wants to impose its will on textbooks. >> trying to brain wash our propagandize children in hopes they'll grow up thinking about the things the way you want them to think about things and if you are a left wing group you want them to grow up thinking america is an oppressive capitalist plot to undo the working class, if you are a conservative group you wanted kids to grow up thinking that america is a perfect place, where everybody should enthusiastically wave the flag. >> publishers began reacting to all of these pressures. by sensoring whatever is
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submitted to them and it is so deeply ingrained, they don't have to be pressured any more. >> the point is to create a world that doesn't exist. and to sanitize and clean up the world as it does exist. >> the forces of political correctness are at it again. >> they were both boys and did everything together. >> find out why a town in california is insisting that every second grader learns about gay penguins. fox news reporting, continues. ♪ ♪ girls will be boys ♪ and boys will be girls ♪ it's a mixed up... system. system. trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm. this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia you know, if we had let fedex office pri our presentation, they could have shipped it too. saved ourselves the hassle. i'm not too sure about this. look at this. [ security agent ] right. you never kick off with sales figures. kicking off with sales figures!
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>> remember the food good old days, homer simpson taught parents about how to talk to kids about bullying. >> let me help you dry those tears. >> somewhere parents dumped the job on the schools, it looks like. just outside san francisco, alameda county it looks like kids will learn the four rs this year, reading, writing, arithmetic and reeducation and a group of gay couples is pushing lesson number nine an anti-bullying lesson plan to teach kids in kindergarten through 5th grade about lgbt, lesbian, gay, transsexual and transgender lifestyles. >> we have been e together 15 years and raised our children since birth and we needed to address the issues of harassment and needed to address the issues of visibility and the district answered the call.
3:22 pm
>> alameda unified school district is acting appropriately in response to anecdotal knowledge and data that anti-lgbt harassment does occur in our schools as it does in other schools across the state and country. >> remember, this is about kindergarten through 5th grade. after the meet being asked assistant superintendent schrott to provide the data she referenced on lgbt bullying and replied, quote: i referred you to the district's legal counsel, it is appropriate that she respond. we're still waiting for that response. what we do know is out of the 140,000 schools in the country, from kindergarten through college, the fbi documented 135 bias incidents based on sexual orientation in 2007. but none of these 135 incidents are specific to grades k-5 and fox news reporting did not find any data evidencing bias incidents based on sexual orientation at the elementary
3:23 pm
school level. in 2007 or and other year. >> lgbt are classified as the new bullies on the block. >> the school is not there to teach my child the social issues of life. that is my job. the problem is, there is' group of adults who are trying to superimpose their ideology or some children. instead of just preparing teachers how to handle bullying or how to handle offensive language. >> so why have lgbt groups move to the head of the class? fox news cameras were in alameda to capture over ten hours of heated public debate. on one side, angry parents. >> they said, eww... your mom is a lesbian, liz beayour mom is an and i said i didn't know what they meant and i felt sad and sat by myself. >> i'm 16, a sophomore at the
3:24 pm
community learning center and an avid fantasy role player and metal head and a homosexual. i have been harassed by other students in my classes, and even began to consider to just stop trying in school and give up on life. >> on the other side, more angry parents: >> my child has been the product of bullying, because she's black. she has never viewed a single video in the classroom, like eyes on the prize, the history of the buffalo soldiers, or african-american women writers from the 19th century however i'm not requiring alameda unified school district, who is already strapped for cash to incorporate these changes because i know how to successfully parent, educate and in still value and self-worth in my child. >> you are choosing a book and for three years in a row from the american library association and libraries are choices, was the most challenged book.
3:25 pm
>> it's about two gay penguins who raise a baby penguin and they live happily ever after and again, nothing in the book about bullying or harassment, all about two male penguins. and the kids with traditional values they're ones considered with bullies and no one there is to advocate for them. >> how did the school board vote on the curriculum change? >> spencer... >> opposed. >> yes. >> mcmann. >> opposed. >> yes. >> yes. [cheers and applause]. >> the lgbt side has it, 3-2. in a state that ranked third from the bottom in 2007 in fourth grade reading scores, alameda second grade students are required to read "tango makes three" and by third grade watch "that's a family". >> you're the best dad ever. >> they want to force this on children and parents and not even allow parents to o their
3:26 pm
children out proves there is an agenda and they want to force it down these young kids' throats. >> i spent three years as a volunteer at franklin elementary school an experienced in those three years dealing with 40 kindergartners, kindergartners, calling each other by a lot of different slurs. including the gay slurs, that they say is just an agenda. it's not just an agenda. it was a need to keep students safe... >> what did you do to stop it? did you enforce the current school policy. >> let me finish my statement. >> what did you do to stop the slurs. >> i dealt with that as a christian... >> i'm excited about going home and kiss my understanding boys and telling them that we have had a victory, tonight... >> the school board should be ashamed of itself, when not only does it vote to approve such a measure, but funds it in order to vote for it. >> this battle is not over yet. 11 states around this country now have bullying laws that
3:27 pm
include sexual orientation. that means this scene in alameda will be replayed, in schools across the country. >> coming up, terrorists in our own backyard. learn how one school's valedictorian majored in terror and plotted to assassinate the president of the united states. you want some fiber one honeclusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? you gave him fiber. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. [ male announcer ] fiber one.
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>> back in illinois, along with
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their daughter's 37 pound backpack to worry about, karen healy says islam is taking over in her children's schools. >> i looked through the children's textbooks and started noticing how they slanted towards the certain religions. >> when your children went to public school, was it your impression that muslim students were treated differently from students of other religions. >> there were certain privileges given to the muslim students, when it came to their fasting before ramadan they were taken into different rooms during lunch time, that was one reason why i chose to put my daughter molly back into a parochial school. >> did you raise it with the school. >> i did. >> and they say... >> they said it was teaching tolerance and i was being intolerant. >> out of 307 million americans, 1.8 million identify themselves as muslim-americans. that is less than 1% of the population.
3:31 pm
and yet for the past two decades muslims have had considerable influence over textbook content. >> the teachers know nothing about islam. >> the book fails to mention that the terrorists of 9/11 were muslim radicals. in almost all textbooks terrorism is not identified as islamic. >> what do they call them. >> terrorists. period. makes it hard to understand what their motives were. in a cowardly way, of being deferential to the council on islaming in education. which houghton mifflin use as a consultant. the editors removed jihad and sharia from their high school books. >>... counseling on islamic education and a few years ago
3:32 pm
changed the name to institute for religion and civic values. >> since 1990, this man has been active in textbook publishing to improve how muslims are portrayed. he works with publishers including houghton mifflin and mcgraw-hill. >>... i'm assuming that you don't know how the fecs textbooks are published but, let me walk you through, very quickly. >> on his web site, monsieury claims he graduated with a degree in chemical engineering from the university of southern california. not true, according to our reporting and usc. after we brought it to monsieury's attention, the web site was quickly changed by the ircb's executive director, who has a master's degree in islamic studies from ucla and got a film credit work with will smith, as the islamic technical advisor on the movie "ali." after turning down our numerous
3:33 pm
interview requests, we showed up at a public teaching workshop that he was conducting in irvine, california. >> we were able to provide at least the -- based on our expertises on the state centers and, the guides, to teach about world religions, we were able to make the changes in the textbook. >> can i ask a quick question, fox news producer. >> no, you can't. >> i wanted to ask you a follow-up on what you were talking about. >> i, i don't deal with media. and, so i wouldn't want to go on the record. i am not equipped to answer. >> he sees it as a struggle for the hearts and minds of impressionable elementary school students. >> it is not a level playing field at all in american public schools among the three religion, muslim beliefs are taught as historical fact, and
3:34 pm
christianity and judaism are qualified properly, when they talk about christianity, jesus is believed to be the messiah. the tone of skepticism on moses' claims to have received the ten commandments, he could have made the whole thing up. but, the koran is the revelation, received from god by mohammed. >> nestled in beautiful fairfax county, virginia are two campuses of the islamic saudi academy. one in alexandria teaches 2nd through 12th grade and the other fairfax teaching pre--k through 1st grade and funded by the kingdom of saudi arabia for nearly 25 years, the school has provided pre-k to 12 instruction to more than a thousand students per year and they say they promote, quote, respect and mutual understanding between muslims and nonmuslims and arabs and americans, while keeping within the muslim faith. meet 1999 islamic saudi
3:35 pm
academiville dick torrian turned al qaeda member, three months ago he was sentenced to life in prison for trying to assassinate president george w. bush. >> it -- it might not be as violent but it will be the new form, face of al qaeda, in london or in madrid or washington, d.c. >> ali al-ahmed is a shia muslim and saudi national, who is concerned the isa promotes radical islam. >> they consider anybody who is not a muslim or lives under muslim rule, consider the person would be unperfected, meaning the person's death or killing is not considered a sin or murder. >> in 2006 ahmed wrote this report which concluded that, quoted, the saudi public school
3:36 pm
religious curriculum continues to propagate an ideology of hate for the unbeliever. >> if you teach somebody from the age of 6 to the age of 18, you will have them for the rest of your life and that's it. you don't have to spend a penny. and, that is part of the grand saudi plan. >> shortly after the report was issued, the united states commission on international religious freedom, an official government body urged the state department to demand isa's textbooks be scrutinized for materials that, quote, promote violence, discrimination or intolerance based upon religion or belief. the saudi government agreed that within two years it would, quote, revise and update textbooks, to remove remaining references that disparage muslims or nonmuslims. or that promote hatred toward other religions or religious groups. >> they have two american professors with knowledge of arabic and textbooks and they
3:37 pm
removed the obvious, you know, "kill the jews", "hate the christians", they are our enemy, stuff. >> the letter obtained by fox news reporting confirms then brown university visiting fellow dr. eleanor demato and the university of north carolina charlotte professor gregory stairit reviewed the '08-'09 textbooks and assured the isa's director general, quote: these 12 books do not contain inflammatory material nor do they encourage students to exhibit intolerance for violence against others. we translated portions of the same textbooks with an arab linguist and discovered otherwise, the aforementioned infidel nations ought to be tortured, quote, allah, may he be exalted, vowed to prepare a flaming fire that will roast those who disbelieved and burn their skin until they lose senses and feelings. this passage covers marriage: when one parts is unable to give
3:38 pm
consents such as a person with mental illness, a boy and the under age girl, a father or the guardian is permitted to give them into marriage. >> they have not changed the message of the textbooks. they have expunged parts of the curriculum to avoid reporting by fox news and other leading news organizations. >> we still wanted to talk to the professors. >> i'm from fox news. i'd like to ask you to talk on camera. >> this is just... unconscionable. i'm going to call the police. >> the doctor, sat down with an interview and disagreed with our translation. >> the texts themselves are not causal agents. let me rephrase that for a fox cable audience. so the texts themselves don't make people do anything.
3:39 pm
the texts themselves are simply items to be discussed. >> can you tell me what this says here. >> no, i could but there is no point to it senate this spring in saudi arabia, king abdullah started making changes and the biggest break with tradition named a woman as deputy minister for education. the shakeup will likely tone down fundamentalism in the curriculum. >> back in fairfax, the county held hearings to evaluate a zone variance to expand the campus size. >> next, the captain, and, when... a breeding ground tor terrorism, and before i take the... my job was to make thursday the academy was safe and conducive to the learning environment. >> the majority of hijackers from 9/11 were saudi nationals. they seem to think it is funny. >> excuse me. excuse me please address the commission. >> i'm going to ask people who are opposed to the saudi academy
3:40 pm
expansion to please stand. >> we believe there is a madrassa. >> a private school funded privately. >> right, by the saudi government but it's not taking u.s. tax dollars. so why is it our business what they do. >> we believe they are teaching seditious. >> the children in these schools, they are victims, their parents want them to have an education, and they are -- they are subject to very tough teachings. it makes them grow up in this country and feel they are aliens. they have to hate their neighbors. >> and, the motion passes, 6-4. >> i find it shocking that 6 of them would vote for it. frankly. i'm not sure they a looking out after us. >> the battle of evolution rages on in a classic grudge match, texas style. ♪
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[ male announcer ] we all need people who will be there for us in life. people who say, "we're with you, no matter what."
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3:44 pm
poncho villa. and the range wars. >> we're the largest consumer of textbooks with the single statewide adoption. so, for many publishers, whatever texas wants the rest of the country gets. ♪ >> in the beginning, in particular, our efforts were to monitor, expose and counter the efforts of the radical right in texas. >> there's a famous couple in texas, mel and norman gabeler, and there was more copy on marilyn monroe in the textbook than there was on george washington. >> they passed away but passed the organization onto a man, neil frey who runs educational research analystes. >> we do not object to this but we object to political correctness. >> we object to the use of group
3:45 pm
grievance to segregate and divide and alienate. >> people call up and say my child's textbook says something outrageous, can you do something about it. >> not usually, because if you make a mistake you are dead, especially with christian conservatives. >> what about the occult and supernatural in textbooks. >> people should be able to challenge categories like that and textbooks in the past stressed suicide and death and dying. >> the organization has been around 48 people and a couple of people work here and you seem to have an outside influence, why is that. >> the more you get influenced, a publisher's sales the more they listen to you. various publishers told us over the years, i don't care if i'm not on top of your list but i don't want to be on the bottom. >> i disagree with the experts, somebody has to stand up this experts. >> evolution deniers and opponents on the board have thumbed their nose at science. >> in texas, the battle lines are drawn, over how to teach charles darwin's theory of
3:46 pm
evolution. reigniting a debate that raged since the famous scopes monkey trial of 1925. >> the old texas rules required the books to discuss scientific strengths and weakness of scientific theory. the new rule says basically the same thing. >> the chairman mcelroy began introducing a flurry of convoluted and confusing amendments that would undermine the central tenets of the theory of evolution, many of those amendments got adopted. >> other side are the ones that want to inject their ideology, and to teach evolution, they want to sell it, and, you need to present all the facts and all sides and are we doing that with evolution, no. >> i want to read you a quote from kathy miller of the texas freedom network and she says, quote he was the ring leader in every sense in the fight to push phony weakness into our biology curriculum. >> science education has become a culture war because it has
3:47 pm
implications beyond science. where do we come from and phony weakness? you know, she's clearly wrong. >> you believe the earth is less than 10,000 years old an dinosaurs and men walked the earth together and i sometimes call that yabadadadoo science. >> mcelroy lost his post as chairman of the texas state board of education and some called it a witch hunt. >> i got all of my republican support, all 19 senators and needed two democrats and they couldn't support knee. >> you think he was punished for his private views. >> yes. he was. >> did you know college students spend an average of $900 a year on textbooks alone? up next you'll meet two entrepreneurs who say they have a much better idea. it is the promise that compels us to make the journey from wonder to discovery. the science of chemistry, our guide.
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♪ >> college students are getting... college textbook sales tor expected to rise 3.5% to more than $5 billion and tack on $2.7 billion in used book and you're looking at serious money. >> students have to pay the price the publisher charges, whatever product the publisher tries sell, the textbook, a cd and workbook packaged into it for $250, the students have to buy it. >> one of the reasons we started the campaign is students were frustrated they couldn't find used books. that every few years publishers would come out with a new id digs and old books would be valueless and a tactic publishers use to keep students paying top dollar and buying new books. >> instead of paying top dollar at campus bookstores, students
3:52 pm
are taking their business on-line. there is, the netflix of textbook rentals, offers to plant a tree with each transaction and the partner, the american forest global relief program is involved with president clinton's global initiative and the treasurer of american forests, caroline gable, is director of an animal rights organization. the shared earth foundation. >> the good news about textbooks is that i think they are gradually going to go the way of the dinosaurs. electronic alternatives are going to slowly and gradually take over. >> textbooks are a download away, thanks to the rapidly growing digital market, in 2009, e-textbook sales are estimated to reach nearly $120 million. up 10% from a year ago. >> the way publishers are moving into the digital age is with consortium called course-smart and students purchase a pass code to use the book on-line or use the book as a downloadable
3:53 pm
file. >> in 2007 college textbook publisher joined forces to launch coursesmart. which offers subscriptions to more than 7,000 textbooks on-line. college kids on the go can download the textbooks to the laptops, ipods, i-phones. >> we ran a study on this and found that those books are not priced to be fair to students. >> the make textbooks affordable campaign compared used textbooks to e-textbooks and here's what they found. on average, students pay $109 for a used textbook. students can sell the book back for approximately $73. the total cost of the used textbook is $36. on average, students pay $73 for an e-textbook. e-textbooks, however have an expiration date. after which they literally disappear. that means no money back. >> what is involve is called open textbooks... >> customize here. literally it is easy for you to
3:54 pm
change the book. >> tell me about flat world knowledge. >> you publish books the way we used to traditionally but then what we do is, we turn around and openly license that and say to the fact cut and doctors, you can change it to better fit your course. >> we're transferring all the contents, basically ownership rights to you. >> we take the version they modify and we make that openly freely available to students on-line and our business model is to make money is the soft covers, $29 and books on handheld readers and books on your iphone and the point is to make the student consumer safe nice are you worried someone will tamper with the textbooks. >> it adds value, historically faculty have taught what they want to teach and have to teach around the book. and we say fine make the book more like what you teach. >> like a wiki textbook. >> you choose to share it back into our catalogue and you may make it better for other people, also.
3:55 pm
>> wiki textbooks, and who is supposed to monitor the new system? and keep professors honest? we asked college students to weigh in. >> i think it's wrong. i mean, if there is no need to change the book, why would they. >> i like it. one good thing about it. >> i don't like that. i want the exact information i was supposed to be getting not what they feel they should put. >> nothing against technology but are kids in the twitter generation victims of information overload? how can they tell the difference between fact and fiction? >> the textbook publishers are keeping pace with the technology and filled with ink on paper and there is supposed to be one tool in the teacher's toolbox how to get kids to do better. >> publishers will keep using biased guidelines as long as they make the multimillion-dollar investment in a textbook series and want it to be offensive to nobody, the adoption process is a problem and textbook publishers hide behind it. >> you have a wonderful point in
3:56 pm
your book, you said i want members of the biased and sensitivity committees to wore their decisions will not remain secret. i want them to be afraid of looking ridiculous. why is this cloaked in secrecy. >> what they are doing is ridiculous. the irony is that it doesn't satisfy one group, it satisfies all groups. surely doesn't improve test scores but makes history more boring. >> fox news reporting continues. copd makes it hard for meo breathe.
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>> as george orwell spent his life point understanding out, if you can control the language people use you can control what they think and controlling what your children think and believe is precisely what those who censor textbooks are striving to do. the goal is not education, it is social change using your kids and it's a lot easier to force political propaganda on children than it is to win political debates with adults. we all know the importance of teache teachers, i married one in fact and we applaud their efforts, don't kid yourself, textbooks are having an effect. my wife and i have four school age children and we do our best to guide them but like most kids they spend at least as much time in the classroom as home and most of the school day the ideas children hear and values they absorb come from textbooks and the 1.5 million kids who are homeschooled are affected. if you haven't already take a close look at their textbooks.


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