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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 21, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thankseverybody, for inviting us in your home. that's it for it's monday september 20th. it's time for mr. bill. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> what you can't do is saying we're going to control government spending. we're going to propose $4 trillion of additional tax cuts and that magically somehow things are going to work. >> bill: president obama goes on the offensive against the tea party movement. challenging it to be specific in complicated matters. brit hume and marc lamont hill will take a look at the president's strategy. the president and first lady go to church for only the fourth time for n. his 19 months office. does that matter? and why did he go? ♪ hallelujah. >> i dabbled into witchcraft. i hung around people who were doing these things. >> and should christine o'donnell be held accountable for some dope i can't things she
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said more than a decade ago? juan and mary katharine on that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama takes on the tea party. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. front page headline in the "new york times" today says, quote: obama advisers weigh ad assault against the g.o.p. focusing on tea party, unquote. does that mean the president is gearing up for a fight against the populace movement? one problem the white house told fox news that headline and indeed the entire story isn't true. the "times" says it's t. is true. bernie goldberg will take a look at the situation a bit later on. there is no question that the tea party has rattled president obama not only him, it's rattled the republican establishment as well. whenever millions of folks get
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upset, those in transient power get nervous and the folks are upset. today in a town hall meeting the president was challenged. >> i'm one of your middle class americans and, quite frankly, i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted of tending you, defending your administration, defending the man called change that i voted for. and deeply disappointed with where we are right now. >> bill: although that woman may not be a member, the tea party reflects her disenchancement and the tea party people don't have to define policy. all they have to do is vote against politicians who believe in big expensive government. tea party is a philosophical movement. these folks want small government, fewer taxes, and more individual freedom. while president obama and many democrats want big government, enormous entitlement spending and control over what happens in the marketplace. that's the choice this november. it's all about what kind of country we want. now, i like the tea party as i write in my new book "pinheads and patriots," just the fact these americans are investing
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their time trying to change things is a patriot i can act. that's what we all should be doing. following our conscious and trying to make the country a better place. the u.s.a. needs to be run in a responsible way not in an ideological way. more personal freedom, lower taxes, and more local control that's what the majority of americans now want, according to the polls. so the president is really up against it. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, some democrats do not see it my way. they think the tea party is actually helping them. >> you know, the republicans, i think, merged with the tea party and in many instances they are finding out it's the donner party because it's knocking off republicans left and right and giving us opportunities to win some very tough seats that six months ago we, frankly, thought we were probably not going to win. >> bill: by the party the donna party reference people in the old west who got stranded in a snow storm and ate each other. yum. joining us from washington fox
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news chief political analyst brit hume. let's take the assault on the tea party so the white house says oh no, no, no. that's not what we're going to do. and the "new york times" says yeah, that's what you told us. do you have any insight in this? >> whether they are going to have an ad campaign or not is beside the point. there are already attacks. you heard it out of the mouth of tim kaine the party chairman and you heard it out of joe biden's mouth he was referring to the republican tea party of extreme candidates and so forth. and you heard it really from president obama today when he was asked about the tea party's complaints and he challenged this citizen movement to be specific with a program of how they're going to get to, you know, lower taxes and lower spending. i think a lot of americans would think it was probably up to the people who were in the government to come up with a way to do what the people want. >> bill: that's what i say the tea party is under no mandate to define anything it's a philosophical movement. do you think the obama
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administration and the president himself understands that the left's fer racist -- ferocious attacks have helped the tea party. because they have been demonized as racist and stupid and using obscene terms to describe them that has all helped the movement. am i wrong? >> no. you are not wrong. i think this strategy of trying to belittle the tea party is very foolish. it was interesting, bill, over the weekend to hear former president clinton say that the democrats ought to listen to the tea party movement. now, he said some other things as well. but he remembers what happened to him 16 years ago. the country had begun to turn against the democrats and their president, bill clinton. and he went out and ran all over this country, bill, i will never forget it because i was covering it, against what he called the contract on america. that was the platform of the republican house candidates who h. come out on that fall it was a whole collection of different items. they were all popular. he tried to demonize what they
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were doing and, thereby, and it was a total failure. and the republicans ended up getting control of congress for the first time in 40 years. it seems he remembers that and was learned something from it i'm not sure that his fellow democrats have done the same. >> bill: okay. now, tim kaine almost agrees with karl rove. kaine, of course, being the head of the dnc that we just saw in the sense is that the theme is, look, if you nominate people for congress, the senate, even the governorship here in new york. palladino, who are, i don't like to use the word extreme but let's say that their views are explosive, controversial, those kinds of things, that you're helping the democratic party because the independents, the mainstream people will go, you know, i'm not so sure about that what say you? >> i think that's true. and certain individual races the delaware race christine o'donnell seems peculiar candidate is exhibit a in that
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let's remember, you look at the polling on the tea party and what they stand for and it's really quite popular it is especially popular among independents who are the true swing vote in america. there is a poll out today that says 48% of the people, of independents in this poll support or are a part of what the tea party -- or the tea party. something like, you know, less than 4 o% feel the other way. so, this is -- and in other polls it's a majority of support. so, if you take these people on or look at the effect they are having, they are by and large helping the republicans. in fact, the people in this poll overall were asked which direction they were leaning this fall in terms of their voting and 50 percent said they leaned republican. 25 percent said they leaned democratic. >> bill: one final question. does it smack of desperation for the president the united states to now challenge the tea party and say, look, you got a better idea? you can't be going around -- it almost smacks me as a little desperate that they just don't
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know what to do in the white house, in the democratic party don't know what to do so they are going to make one last battle of the budge movement to say look, they are all a bunch of nuts. don't listen to them. they are leading the country down a terrible lane. it looks to me like almost a desperate hail mary pass. >> at the moment they can't run on their record because they know the record is unpopular and the policies, at least to date have been remarkably, particularly on the economy, have been unsuccessful. what's at work here is an effort to make make the tea party candidates look as extreme as possible with the hopes of appealing back some of those independents and at the same time energizing democrats to come out and vote out of fear that whackos will be elected. >> bill: is it a desperate ploy in your opinion or is it sound? >> well, i'm not sure what they have left. my own view is it is very foolish. i think what the president should be saying and democrats should be saying is, look, the
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tea party people have something to say here. we're listening to them and we're going to try to find ways to meet which we all face. >> bill: you think they should co-opt the movement. >> i don't know if they can co-opt it but being hostile to it is not a winner. >> bill: thanks as always. we are asking you to vote in our bill o' poll. who is the most conservative politicians among these three? sarah palin, newt gingrich, or mitt romney. please select one. you can vote as i said on bill o' next on the run down, democrat marc lamont hill will reply to brit hume. later, bernie goldberg on whether the "new york times" misreported an important story on the obama administration coming up. if only there were a place where banks competed to save me a boatload of money on my mortgage -- that would be awesome! [sarcastically] sure. like that will happen. don't just think about it. spend 10 minutes at lendingtree
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>> bill: continuing now with our lead story president obama versus the tea party. with us dr. marc lamont hill teaches at columbia university in new york city. what did you think of the woman at the town hall meetings saying hey, i'm getting sick and tired of defending you. i'm not feeling the hope. >> do you mean the plant that was there. i think that was a plant. >> bill: you think that was a plant. >> i'm half-kidding. i don't know whether she was a plant or not. >> bill: no, she was not. that was a real lady. >> the president was very uncomfortable with the question. a sector of the american people who feel that wait a minute people feeling the pressure of the crumbling economy. >> bill: that's devastating to-to-him having one of his supporters stand up on a
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national town hall meeting and say i'm disappointed it's not happening. >> i don't know whether she was a core supporter. >> bill: she says she was. >> that goes back to my plant point. >> bill: you can't make those accusations against solid, solid, you don't have it no plant. >> this is suspicion. >> bill: go ahead. >> nevertheless, i the president has dealt with this issue people frustrated with the economy. the question is what do we do about it. the president's response was perfectly appropriate. do you want benefits? do you want a smaller government. >> bill: according to the polls the americans do want a smaller government. >> they also want health care social security and -- >> bill: we will see how much americans want to want it more americans want to repeal obama care than keep it according to the polls. do you still talk to president obama. >> i have not spoken to the president. i think he lost my number. >> bill: he probably thinks your -- no. anyway, if he does happen to call this evening, would you say take the tea party on? or would you say, like human did, you know, -- like hume did
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you might want to be nicer to. >> they i don't think it's a proposition. on the one hand you can't continue to dismiss them. some dismissed them as a small group of loons. >> bill: i don't know if they dismissed them they tried to marginalize them by calling them racist. >> i think those things still true. >> bill: you have to provide evidence. >> i can give you plenty of evidence. >> bill: i challenge you on that. i want to see all the evidence that you can compile that shows the tea party is racist. >> after i show that will you concede the point? >> bill: if i see what the evidence is. >> if you find it compelling. >> bill: if i find it compelling i will call it compelling. >> and persuaded. >> bill: i have to see the evidence. you continue to do this so bring it in. you bring it in and give it to our people so we can vet it and he wool put it on. >> all right. >> bill: so president obama chose today to say to the tea party "i want specifics from you." >> yes. that's what he has to do. you don't dismiss them. you take them on. you don't have to be combative
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or marginalize them or mock them. what you can do is say, look, you all want a smaller government you have but haven't given answer. veteran benefits. >> bill: as i said in my brilliant talking points memo that you should use in your classroom in columbia. they are under no obligation to do that it's a fisk call movement. philosophy quite clear. smaller government personal freedom. >> time to tear down. what your talking points ignores is the fact that a frisk call movement can't have contradictions. there is a contradiction when 61% says they like medicare and medicaid. >> bill: in some form. >> no. no but the point is there is a contradiction between wanting a smaller government but wanting tax cuts dropped or increasing tax cuts, lowering the deficit by less spending and still wanting all these benefits. you can't have all of it. >> bill: it depends on what kind of benefits they want. see, that is still to be defined because the tea party isn't a monolithic movement. you get two people who want this
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and get four people. >> 61% want these bloated benefits and they don't want to cut anything. >> bill: i have to see the way the question was worded. let's just get back to president obama. brit hume says he doesn't have anything to run on right now so he has got two choices. attack, attack, marginalize these are kooks. or, saying, you know what? maybe they are right. i will incorporate some of their stuff or i will at least think about it what would you do. >> i think the approach he took today is perfect. he said look we all want smaller government. we are all skeptical of government. >> bill: you think barack obama wants smaller government? >> no, no. i'm saying the point he made is rhetorical we all want a smaller government where appropriate. the question is where are appropriate spots. we want specifics. >> bill: i would like to know one appropriate spot that barack obama wants smaller government. >> i'm not making the case that he wants a smaller government. >> bill: i don't think he wants one. >> i'm not saying it either. if you want a smaller government show us where. >> bill: i think they can do
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that. >> that's what it comes to. pointing out the contradictions. when you do study of tea party benefits. they want benefits and cut spending but they still want stuff. you can't have it both ways. >> bill: just depends on what stuff they want. you would say that that you are happy with the president's presentation today. >> yes. he needs to continue to push in this direction and offer his own solutions because he can't say what do you guys have? at some point he is the president and commander and chief. >> bill: he doesn't have much to run on in the next six weeks. >> there is going to be major losses in washington because of that there are major victories that the obama administration has. they haven't done a good job of pushing it. >> bill: marc lamont hill. we will see him next week with all that information about the racism. directly ahead, christine o'donnell. is she a witch? >> i dabbled into witchcraft. i hung around people who were doing these things. >> bill: juan and mary katharine will analyze the latest personal attacks on ms. o'donnell. did she bring them on herself? next.
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>> bill: factor follow-up segment tonight, 41-year-old christine o'donnell still the talk of the town in washington after winning the republican senatorial nomination in delaware. predictably the left is trying to hurt her by dredging up dopey things she has said in the past. >> i dabbled into witchcraft. i never joined a -- >> wait a minute. you were a witch. >> i didn't join a covenant. i dabbled into witchcraft. i hung around people who were doing these things. >> having fun. >> i'm not making this stuff up. i know what they told me they do. >> bill: joining us now to analyze mary katharine ham and juan williams in washington. juan, i think the more that that kind of stupid stuff surfaces and it was the maher program. the more they do this to
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ms. o'donnell the stronger she is going to get. almost like the tea party stuff. what do you think. >> i don't think that's right, bill. i think even among republicans. even among her base, people who are inclined to support her because she represents change, people would say, you know, it's not just one thing. there is a pattern here. it's not just witchcraft. let's talk about the mortgage payments she didn't make. the irs lean. let's talk her claiming that she had some degree from princeton and graduated from fairly dickerson and didn't. there is too much that it fits into this larger package. as brit hume said, she is a peculiar candidate as karl rove has said she is a nutty candidate. >> bill: if you were produce the maher clip. is that fair. >> sure. it's politics. they will throw everything at her. they will throw the kitchen sink. they don't like her. as you said maher is march left. it's an opportunity to skew her and opportunity then by extension to say that the tea
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party, and all of those people who supported her really are people who are extremists. it plays into the democrats' hands. it energizes the democrat base. it's harmful. it's harmful for republicans. >> bill: do you see it the same way mary katharine? >> look. i think there is an upside and downside. actually, i think in this particular instance with the witchcraft thing which has become the central message of the democrats and liberals against her which i think is a huge mistake for them. if i didn't know better i would think bill maher was trying to get her elected. the nins were a questionable time. some people voted for bill clinton. i thought reality bite was great movie. some people make mistakes. it's a silly thing she said 11 years ago. i wouldn't hold it against her. >> bill: you don't discount the samantha factor because bewitch was a very popular program in the united states. >> it's a problem. >> bill: i'm saying, look, if she was hanging with samantha and all of those people. >> and darren, right, exactly. here is the thing, it's a
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problem for any candidate who has something on tape saying something weird. even if it's long time ago. >> bill: not in san francisco but in most other parts of the country. >> it's supporting the entire narrative which is a mistake for them. >> bill: calm down. chris wallace, who is supposed to interview ms. o'donnell and she bagged him. she said, you know, we promoted it on friday on this program. we're looking forward to the interview and she basically didn't show up. here is what wallace said. go. >> this is not the program we were planning to bring you. christine o'donnell, the surprise winner of the republican senate primary in delaware agreed to come here live in washington today to take our questions. however, late friday night, her campaign cancelled saying o'donnell was exhausted and had to return to delaware. saturday morning o'donnell called me and said this. i got triple booked. i had been invited to go to church and then a picnic. i have to keep my priorities to
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delaware voters. >> bill: darren told her not to do it, too. i think i have milked that enough. all right. now, mary katharine, i think it would have been smarter for ms. o'donnell to show up with chris wallace and i think she cancelled the cbs program as well, correct? >> look, yeah, i'm sure she has a lot of fans in the fox audience that would have been nice. she would have faced tough questions. and she could have gone after coons for being a tax hiker there would have been opportunity as well. i don't think it's strategically wrong the problem is that she committed and then didn't go. >> bill: i liked the fact that she actually called wallace. that was good. you can have a picnic in delaware with all due respect any time you want. and an invitation on two national programs on sunday when all the media is looking forward to it everybody would pick it up, you know. it just seems to me, i don't know, juan, i'm trying to be fair to christine o'donnell. she has been on this program a number of times. we have some kind of crazy stuff
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that she said. we're not going to play it yet. i don't think it's relevant yet. we still like ms. o'donnell to come on the factor. i'm not in the business to injure her. i would like to see if she is the better candidate because this guy coons is so left, juan, would you vote for this guy coons? you are a left guy, a democrat guy. would you vote for him. >> yeah, i think i would. >> bill: you would? even though he is going to take your house and spend all the money after he sells it? >> is he not going to spend my house. >> bill: juan, if she says she is a witch, this guy says is he a marxist. who are you going to vote for? i would rather have the witch than the marxist. >> he has a track record. he has run a government. he has run the biggest county in delaware. >> bill: is he a big tax guy. >> before he got in. it doesn't matter. before he got. in but anyway, he is not the point. everybody is talking about christine o'donnell. and right now. >> bill: you would vote for him over o'donnell, right? >> what did you say? >> bill: you would vote for him over o'donnell this big tax and spend guy. >> look, i'm going to tell you
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something, bill. you know people, based on what they have done in the past. there is so much spin in politics you never know what comes out of a politician's mouth. you look at the track record. her track record would cause me to have real questions. if i'm a values voter. >> bill: what about his track record? >> i would say, you know. >> bill: do you want more of the same? >> it's not more of the same. he raised taxes to try to balance the budget. i think that's responsible for a politician. if i'm in the republican. >> he raised property taxes 25%. i think she can make that an issue going forward. >> bill: who would you vote for, mary katharine? who would you vote for the witch or the marxist? [ laughter ] >> i think pete sessions. can i crib from pete sessions .6 unemployment 13 trillion in debt or a girl who said she was involved in witchcraft 11 years ago? i would go with the republicans. >> there is more to the picture, mary katharine. if you are a republican. >> she is making the argument. >> oh my gosh we're giving away the senate. we're allowing the democrats to get back in the game. this is hurtful.
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>> bill: i have got to go. mary katharine, juan, thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. first family went to church on sunday only 40 time they have done. so we will find out if it means anything. did sarah palin insult karl rove during a speech in iowa. we will play it so you can
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. the president and first lady have not been frequent church goers since moving to washington saying when they do go to the service it disrupts the process for everyone. yesterday they did go to saint john's episcopal church across the street from the white house. this is the fourth time they have attended services since the president took office. the question does it mean anything for the nation? joining us now from philadelphia, dr. larry chap, theology professor at the desales university. and from washington sally quinn who writes about religion on the "the washington post" internet site. ms. quinn, we begin with you. did it have any meaning at all. >> i think it definitely does have some meaning. i think it means that we're still a country of prejudice and
5:32 am
bigotry because i think that obama went to church for one reason and that is that 18% of the people in this country believe he is muslim and most of those people think that being a muslim is not a good thing. and i think it. >> bill: you really believe that this church-going experience was directly because some americans believe the president is a muslim? it was a cause and effect situation? >> absolutely. >> bill: do you believe that doctor? do you believe that? >> no, i don't. i mean, i don't agree with those who think that president obama is a muslim. nevertheless, president obama was a church goer before he became president of the united states. why is this so -- >> bill: what church was that by the sphwha. >> it was reverend wright's church. >> bill: oh, reverend wright. >> the point i would like to make it's not so interesting that he went to church because he was a church goer before and maybe is he doing it because of political reasons what's interesting is the choice of church.
5:33 am
he used to belong to a relatively interesting church and love it or hate it it was a church that really stood for something rather substantive. we might disagree with it. >> bill: what do you think it stand for. what did that wright church stand for. >> obviously beyond the sort of race baiting, class warfare sorts of things, reverend wright is a practitioner, the kind of respectable theology. black liberation theology. best practitioners offer trench critique of some of the iniquities of american society. i would like to know you know, to what extent does president obama agree with that theology. >> bill: i would, too. he is never going to address it but the episcopal church he went to is a mainstream church. it's. >> exactly. in that sense the interesting thing to me is that, you know, presidents have to be electable and americans don't want a president who is either far right wing religiously or far left wing so we channelize our president's religion. >> bill: that's an interesting point. ms. quinn throughout history
5:34 am
ronald reagan wasn't a big church goer. i guess the bushes went once in a while. do you think it matters? do you think it matters if a president is spiritual in public? >> i think that this is -- even though we are not supposedly a christian country, this is essentially a christian country. these are -- we have more christians in this country than any other religion. and i think if you are a politician you have to understand that. that people want to see their president go to churn. i think this is sad commentary. >> bill: what about reagan? reagan said i'm not going. >> he went sometimes and look at obama. he hasn't gonna much. >> bill: that's what i mean. i don't know if the american public holds that -- if you don't go to a church holds it against you. >> i don't think they do. i think you need occasional symbols like yes, he does pray. he goes to camp david. he does services there but i
5:35 am
think he is at a situation right now, really uncomfortable situation where he has to prove that he is a christian, not a muslim, without making it look like there is something bad about being a muslim. >> bill: being to church four times in public even if your excuse is and i don't mean to use that excuse in a pejorative way when you go it disrupts the service you can work it out. if you only go four times in 19 months obviously people are going to say what's going on here? >> it's pretty obvious what's happened here. >> bill: ms. quinn, let the doctor go ahead. >> i'm sorry. >> i have no problem whatsoever with the idea that there might be some political motivation behind. this i mean, after all, he is a political figure. i also want to give the man the benefit of the doubt. he was a religious man before being president of the united states and church goer. maybe he went to church because -- >> bill: that's the christian thing to do, doctor. giving him the benefit of the doubt is the christian thing to do. ms. quinn, i will give you the last word. >> okay. he is a christian.
5:36 am
[ laughter ] and he did the christian thing to do. >> bill: yeah. >> but don't tell me somebody in the white house didn't say you have got to go to church. >> bill: all right. >> a christian church. >> bill: you know, okay. very good discussion. >> and it was the right thing to do. >> bill: okay. never wrong thing to go to church, you know. never wrong. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on the "new york times" and the white house at odds over a story over the tea party. jimmy carter said he did a great job in office. who knew? we'll tell you what the former president is saying moments away.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. two hot topics conservative purity. bernard goldberg the purveyor of bernard joins us now. okay. let's throw that headline up
5:40 am
there page 1 story. obama administration wants to assault the tea party and tie them n this extremist way and then the obama administration tells fox news the story is b.s. your take on it? >> my take is that the story is probably true technically maybe it's not the obama administration that's going to assault, you know, the republicans with this tea party label. but it's some groups connected to the white house. a wink and a nod. >> bill: why would the white house then go and try to make the "new york times" look like a bunch of charlotte-chart tans which they did they said it is a bogus story. the obama administration likes the "new york times." >> maybe they don't like the word they are going to insult the tea party people. it's a strategy, bill. this is the part that interests me the most. there is a strategy linking the whole republican party with the tea party people.
5:41 am
that's not a strategy that's going to work in 2010. >> bill: no, it isn't. here is the dynamic of the story. you have the white house, all right? both you and i believe somebody inside the white house leaked this to an unnamed source. somebody who is unnamed leaked to to the "new york times." okay, the "new york times" is stupid for continuing to do this kind of stuff. >> you mean unnamed sources. >> yes. particularly on page 1. it's stupid to do that. the white house didn't like the way it came out. the white house says we didn't do it. they made it up. why would they want one of their most media allies as the "new york times." >> what's the risk the "new york times" is going to turn on the obama administration? >> bill: ignore them. not stick up for them anymore. >> when the going gets tough they circle the wagons for their people. some other year this might work but this year it's just crazy. because if the polls are it radio, the american people think
5:42 am
it's the obama administration and the reid, pelosi congress that are extremists. really. >> bill: interesting point. it's not the tea party people. >> no. no. no. that are out of the mainstream movement. in some other year maybe the voters would reject some of the more colorful tea party candidate. but if i'm living in nevada this year, i vote for scooby doo before i vote for rather hi. >> bill: it's not going to work. probably cooler heads at the white house know that. >> maybe that's why. maybe that's why. >> not good using the word assault in that headline not good. on the same token. we have a lot of people very angry people like karl rove and charles krauthammer because they are not in lock step. >> right. >> bill: with every tea party candidate. >> right. i think they are asking for trouble. >> bill: who is they? >> well, it's a civil war.
5:43 am
and if you don't like the term civil war, it's having pretty close to it between the purists, jim demint, a conservative from south carolina in the political world. rush limbaugh, sean hannity in the media world. they are the purists on one side. ideologically pure. they just want conservatives, end of discussion. on the other side you have charles krauthammer, karl rove, including me who are more realistic. and we say, look, the kind of conservative that could win in alabama is going to have a tough time winning in maine. >> bill: okay, but, but, but, it's a different year as you just pointed out. >> that's right. that's the -- bill it's a different time. the radio commentators and they readily identify themselves by the way and i write in pinheads and patriots i don't have any beef with them. i don't have any beef with conservative or liberal radio commentators as long as they tell you where they are coming from. they say goldberg, you are wrong this year. >> i know. i know. >> bill: this is our chance to get the conservative line in.
5:44 am
>> i hope they're right and i hope i'm wrong. but instead of going with jim demint's philosophy of i would rather have 30 conservatives in the senate than 60 wishy washy moderates, good luck, because the democrats will shove it right down your throat if you only have 30. but i'm with bull buckley on this. i want the most viable conservative candidate to win. and viable means electable. i'm just being realistic. >> bill: if christine o'donnell wins in delaware, i mean that is going to send a signal that ideological purity as you put it is back. that the people have had enough of business as usual. they don't care if she has ever had a job. >> that's the point. this is the year it could happen. >> bill: it could happen. >> because people have lost their jobs or worried about losing their jobs. have lost their homes are worried about -- that makes this year totally different. >> bill: all right. now, bernie goldberg is carrying. this is he carrying this book
5:45 am
around. "i am maxy dog." you want to explain this, bernie? because people are going what's wrong with bernie. >> no. my wife wrote this book. >> bill: there it is. your wife wrote the book. >> it's for young kids. >> bill: "i am moxxy dog." >> go to or my web site. look at that she did a great job. the illustrations are by donna underwood. >> bill: i will give you that free plug, goldberg because you help me out a lot. i appreciate it. >> bill: big line up tonight. lohan and hilton drug situations. jimmy carter said he did a good job. did sarah palin take another did sarah palin take another swipe [ male announcer ] you can't un-smoke a cigarette. and you can't go back and un-do the times you tried quitting... ♪ ...then started again. but every smoker was a non-smoker once.
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and you could be again. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and make this time, your time.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, reality check where we span the globe for situations that need clarifying. check one, former president jimmy carter says his single term in the 1970's was successful. i say in my book "pinheads and patriots." it was not. be that as it may mr. carter continues to face questions like this. >> with everything that president obama is going through, almost the worst insult that people say is that, my god, he could be worse than jimmy carter. >> i can't control what people say about comparing me with obama. but i hope that obama will have as successful a term as i had in dealing with our nation's domestic and international affairs. and if he does, i will be very proud of him as i have happen to be proud of myself about having had a successful administration when i was in office. >> bill: now to be fair, president carter is basing his assessment on the amount of legislation he got passed. check 2, speaking in iowa last
5:50 am
friday, sarah palin said. this. >> if i were in hierarchy of leadership in the g.o.p., to rally the troops, you know what i would say? i would say okay, folks, we have 46 days to go. i would say demint, you're awesome we need you down south. mitt, go west. g.w. we need to you race funds. crystal, cross hammer go east. karl go -- here, you can come to iowa. >> bill: karl rove will respond on the factor tomorrow. even though president obama -- colin powell has supported obama. >> he has lost some support he had in the campaign. it's not just me picking on the president. it's polling. he has to do more with respect to reducing the deficit and also being careful about putting more and more programs, more and more rocks into that knapsack because the american people looking for singular focus on the economy
5:51 am
and unemployment. >> bill: check four, former president clinton also being questioned about mr. obama. >> let me ask you about health care. back in august of 2009, you spoke in front of that net roots convention. this is what you said about health care reform. let's watch. >> i'm telling you i don't care how low they drive support for this with misinformation, the minute the president signs the health care reform bill, approval will go up because americans are inherently optimistic. >> the white house said the same thing, mr. president, but it hasn't happened yet. >> well, i was wrong about that for two reasons. first of all, the benefits of the bill are spread out over three or four years. it takes a long time to implement it. and, secondly, there was -- there has been an enormous and highly effective attack on it. >> bill: nice questioning by david gregory on that one. check 5, two young celebrities continue having drug problems.
5:52 am
paris hilton pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine in los angeles today. we was sentenced to a year's probation. $2,000 fine and 200 hours of community service. ms. hilton says she is finally ready to, quote, grow up. and troubled actress lindsay lohan admits she did fail a drug test which could mean more jail time for her. the judge has issued an arrest warrant for her and she has been ordered to appear in court on friday. check 6. 90-year-old journalist helen thomas will be honor with the lifetime achievement award with the council on islamic reels. she was forced to retire after saying. this any comments on israel? >> tell them to get the hell out of palestine. remember, these people are occupied. and it's their land. not german. it's not poland's. >> where should they go? what should they do. >> they can go home. >> where is home? >> poland, germany. >> they should go back to poland and germany? >> and america and everywhere else.
5:53 am
>> bill: miss thomas will receive the cair award on october 9th. that is reality check. pinheads and patriots moments away. bad news for the octomom. right back with p and p.
5:54 am
investors are demanding more for their money. good. this time, i'm watching fees like a hawk. i hate hidden fees. why should i have to pay for something that i shouldn't have to pay for? td ameritrade's pricing is clear and it's straightforward... it's spelled out upfront. no hidden fees... no bait and switch. no gotchas. and there's one flat rate for online equity trades... for big accounts... or small ones. that's the way it ought to be. time for fresh thinking. time for td ameritrade. >> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. the octomom may go on welfare. first thank you to the conservative book club it has selected my book as a main
5:55 am
selection. we appreciate that. big thanks to all of you who are supporting the book. great start. if you buy a copy on we will send you a tote bag free. now to the mail. bob: bill, when you point out that christine o'donnell is running for the senate on ideology the name al franken comes to mind. as well it should, terrible situation for the country. bill: as i recall president obama never held a job in the private sector.é so miss o'donnell is not alone. the president did work as an attorney at a law firm. but his lack of free market experience has hurt him, has it not? eric: miss o'donnell should appear on the factor. if will help herself. gerald: karl rove is right the country needs experienced candidates. amateur hour is over. lori:
5:56 am
rove needs to support christine. the people of delaware made their decision. michael: my wife awe accused you bill of calling president obama a pinhead on the cover of your new book. i defended you. i appreciate that the cover is a high noon situation, nothing else. karen: pinheads and patriots is yet another thought provoking o'reilly book. i stayed up until 2:30 a.m. to finish it. i appreciate that karen, thank you very much. vicki: the o'reilly whose name is bill, in ratings is top of the hill. he information us each night of the left and right. and watching him gives me a thrill. whoa vicki! signed copy of pinheads and patriots on the way, thank you. finally pinheads and patriots tv edition. they don't come more democratic man the mayor of san francisco newsome even he
5:57 am
now sees the folly of the stimulus program. >> it is not wrong to criticize parts of that stimulus as disproportioning saving jobs in the public sector and not stimulating the private sector. not something i'm proud to say, not something i want to say, but it is true and must say it. >> bill:4!á for being up front he's a patriot. on the pinhead front as we predicted the octomom is broke and 14 children are in jeopardy. radio online spoke to her. >> what is your financial situation? >> we are destitute right now. we are not doing well. >> when will you be going on welfare? >> i'm going to do everything i cannot to. i my mind there will be another wait a minute >> how long can you last on the funds that you have now? >> i don't know. i don't know. i've borrowed a little, so maybe a week.
5:58 am
>> bill: we continue to call for the state of california to monitor that situation closely. the children do not deserve that chaos. she is of course a pinhead. check out the fox news factor website if you come in late you can go to the website and get the talking points memo. we would like you to spout off from anywhere in the world about the factor name a town if you wish to opine. when writing to the factor do not be picayune. a newspaper of a newspaper in new orleans also something you do not want to be. okay for the newspaper, not you. thank you for watching tonight. i am bill o'reilly, please remember the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
5:59 am
>> good morning, everyone. tuesday, september 21, 2010. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time today. president obama under attack this time by members of the middle class who voted for him. >> i voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. i'm one of those people and i'm waiting, sir. i'm waiting. >> will the president even give his staunchest supporters a straight answer? >> meanwhile, with so much talk that it's tough about the economy, is president obama ditching some key members of his financial team? will tim geitner and larry summers walk the plank? details straight ahead. >> might be getting a call, steve. and a democrat taking his support for the health care law


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