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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 22, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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that's all our time. greta is standing by to take it away. >> they are trying to paint me as han extremist so people won't pay attention to my message. >> and o'donnell talks about tt the witchcraft controversy and more of sean's interview in a few minutes. but first, it's a simple but explosive question: are your taxes going up? we went to capitol hill and republican john thym went on the record about extending the bush tax cut. senator, nice to see you, sir. your vote, don't ask/don't tell went down? >> correct. this is a cloture vote, a motion
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to get the bill on the floor. we were able to get the number of votes necessary to prevent that. what they are trying to do with the defense authorization bill is load it up with a lot of unremented things, one is the dream act. another issue is don't ask/don't tell, all of which i think are designed to spike turnout for democrats on election day and don't have anything to do with the legislation that provides the funding that we need for our men and women in uniform. >> greta: you raise the fact that the don't ask/don't tell were close in the mid-term elections. and we have the problem and the original rein i came to talk to you was the extension of the bush tax cuts. we knew that all of these things were going to happen about now. how did the democrats -- not to make you argue for the democrat it's how would they explain that it's not political since it's being done right before the election. >> we need to do a defense authorization bill. but it is hard to say with a straight face that this isn't
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politically motivate when you had look at where we near terms of the election. and you look at how fraught with controversy. the bill has a lot of things that are national security related and is not open to amendment on national security-related issues. because senator reid made it impossible for republican who is want to offer defense-related amendments to offer those amendments. it is inside baseball here in washington. but the short of it is they wanted to debate about thigs they want would be good for them politically and are preventing a debate on the substance of the biggest national security bill we deal with every year. >> greta: one issue, don't ask/don't tell -- for it or against it? getting rid of it. >> i am -- i think we ought to let the military conduct the study. and that's really what was supposed to happen. the military was going to consult with all the commanders, the troops in the field and get their assessment of this before they moved forward.
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i think that's really important. i mean, this is a very significant change. and obviously, it affects morale, it affects cohesiveness and all the service chiefs today have weighed in against this process that they are trying to use here in the senate right now and in favor of allowing the study to be completed before they move forward with any kind of decision about that. >> it is not a question of whether it's good or bad but how do we arrive, the process is what people are fighting about. >> it's important that military families be consulted and the commanders in the field be consulted. i happen to have big concerns about that policy. but nonetheless, before anything is done, we ought to concern with the people who are the most impacted by it. >> greta: bush tax cuts. president obama wants to extend it for those who make less than $tw 50,000 and to exclude those who make more than $250,000 here. has anyone figured out what these numbers mean? >> well, i think in the real world, obviously, what the $250,000 for couples and
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$200,000 for individuals means is that there is a significant number of people that are going to be paying higher income tax rates, many of whom are small businesses. the democrat arguement is that only 3% pay at the top rate. what if you does representative 750,000 small businesses and 50%, we are told by the congressional budget office, of all maul business income is taxed at the top two tax rates. so a lot of small businesses will be faced with higher taxes at a time when you are asking small businesses to help get us out of this recession and create jobs. >> greta: i think this is a huge debate to ask more of different people, percentagewise, but what about raising it, instead of $2 50,000 to $2 million? would that make a difference in the debate? >> i suspect maybe at some point, that may be something that they will entertain doing. but i think right now, the -- what we understand the debate to be about is the $250,000 threshold.
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and again, that impacts an awful lot of small businesses who are the job creators and the economic engine of our society t. doesn't make sense to me to raise taxes on the very people that you are asking to go out there and invest and create jobs. that's essentially what we would be doing. >> it's interesting from the taxpayers that there isn't any debate or discussion or negotiation going on in washington. it's observely, take it or leave it, whether you are republican or democrat. there doesn't seem to be too much talk between the two sides. >> i think there is a big divide in the country right now about the size of government, about spending, about taxation. and what i think you see -- the reason you see so much intensity at the grassroots level is that people are frustrated. they don't think that washington is listening. they see the massive expansion in washington. and they don't want it financed with their taxes when they think that the government's growing too fast and spending too much. >> does that represent the tea party movement?
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>> that's a good example. but a lot of people, who i believe, particularly political independents who care about fiscal issues, that are really concerned about the direction that the country is headed and the direction that washington is headed, which is why i think you see so much intensity in the political process. >> >> greta: is your party going to heavily support christine o'donnell? >> i think everybody's rallied behind her. there was a spirited primary. you always trust the voters. the voters decided and we will get behind the nomny and do everything we can to help her get elected. >> interesting time. >> certainly are. >> greta: fascinating what is going on. >> yes, it is. >> greta: tell me, sir, what is
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this? >> this is the obama helt care legislation. >> greta: all of it? >> this is the start. this is the law. 200,000 pages and you have the regulations in the first phase through friday, 4,100 some of some pages coming out of the starting blocks. we are just beginning to see this 2300-page bill, which nobody read before it became law. it's doubled in effect in regulatory issues. >> all right. now if the republicans win the house, is it your plan to repeal this and the 4100 regulations or whatever it is? or are you going to chip away with it? what's the plan? >> the goal would be to repeal and replace. we know there needs to be meaningful health care reform. this is not that. the simple law of physics, have you to have a majority in the house, probably 60 in the senate and a president who would sign a repeal bill. n absent that, we
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have to draw a very clear spotlight of oversight and hold the administration accountable and have them explain what they meant in this huge legislation and bring them up to congress and have meaningful oversight. we haven't had meaningful oversight in the last couple of years and certainly in the duration of the obama administration. >> greta: by oversight, you mean hearings? >> i mean hearings. remember, speaker pelosi said, we need to pass this law to find out what's in it. it's time to find out what's in it and identify the things that are the most egreguous, taking away mon freseniors on medicare. coming out today, college kid who is have had access to afford ash health insurance are denied this because the way this is written, they can't afford to be in the business. >> i read somewhere about hiring of irs agents to begin this process of collecting on this mandate. and the first thing i thought of when i read it is, i remember deficit neutral is what the bill
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is supposed to be. if we are hiring people now the, that's not deficit nudispral we are going on adding -- it may not be a huge amount of money compared to the overall cost and the mandate doesn't kick in until 2014. so there are expenses that are creeping up on us. >> right. they fully understated the cost of the legislation. originally, it was argued by the administration and the leadership in congress that this bill pass it and we will bend down the cost care. we will make health insurance more affordable and available. now that it's law, we know that it's not the case t. adds to the deficit t. adds to costs. it creates an enormous burden on the next generation, and this one, frankly. one of the things we could do if republicans were in control in the purse strings is to deny funding to hires the irs agents. we can pass legislation that restricts government spending. >> what the bill is supposed to do is a mandate, it was supposed
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to fund it. the amount of money so it would be deficit nutra. that's being attacked. it's down with 20-odd states. have you virginia and missouri. also, the funding's being attacked. i don't know how the courts are going to rule. but the funding aspect is being questioned. >> i'm not a lawyer. >> greta: quit bragging! >> but it's a dangerous precedent to allow the united states congress to mandate on you on what product or service have you to buy with your money. it's assumed we can tax and you spend the money. but we have never crossed that line in the commerce clause. >> greta: that's the one thing it wasn't called, a tax in court, and the lawyers are calling it a tax for the government to get it within the taxing power of the government. but the flip side plays games with the words as well. >> here's the problem with the individual mandate. first of all, it's a new penalty and a new mandate, which i believe to be unconstitutional. second, the way this is constructed, you don't have to buy insurance, pay a penalty if you are caught.
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the penalty, $695. so what logical consumer will buy insurance until they get sick. >> greta: it makes more sense economically to game. >> it exactly, exactly. >> greta: congressman, thank you. >> good to be with you. >> greta: is the government getting in the way of the stimulus? what does that mean? that's next. did you hear about the tea party mystery? the million-dollar mystery? stay "today" tune head and the nation is focused on christine o'donnell and you will hear her in her own words. she talks about the infamous witchcraft controversy. you want to hear this. lord of the carry-on. sovereign of the security line. you never take an upgrade for granted. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay th mid-size price. i deserve this. [ male announcer ] you do, business pro. you do.
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>> is bureaucratic red tape getting in the way of the stimulus bill? good evening, joe. how are we doing with the stimulus? >> it depends. there are three parts to it. two part, most of the money has been spent. those are tax breaks and basically payments for things like medicaid and that sort of thing. the part that people see, though, is the part that has gone off really slowly, the $230 billion for infrastructure projects -- roads, weatherization and that sort of thing. only a third of that has been spent. and we are now more than a year and-a-half into it. >> greta: i don't know what to read into that. i remember everyone was saying it was shovel ready and we
1:15 am
thought it would be right out the door with lots of jobs. and if two-thirds of the project has been done and we haven't spent the money that was meant for infrastructure and we have an unemployment level of 9.6%, i am not sure we should spend anymore so i should be moaning that bureoc leas is in the way or cheering? >> that's a political question. the story -- we had a story by one of our reporters who has been trying to dissect all of these numbers. i think the problem is that people were told at beginning by the white house, if we do this unemployment will stay at around 8%. >> christine rohmer? >> yes. politically, that has come back to haunt the white house. >> greta: but it didn't help that larry summers said in december that the recession was over and everyone was in the middle of america without a job saying, maybe you got a job, larry, but i don't. and larry may not have a job in
1:16 am
december. there's a lot of that. >> macro economists look at the world one way, and most people are micro-economists. they look at what is going on in their family and their communities. in the stimulus, that's part of the issue as l. we did a poll at the journal that showed 30% of the people think the stimulus is a great idea. 30% think it's a terrible idea and 40% still don't know because they can't figure out from looking around in their own universe what has it done? and they read that -- that these projects have rolled out much more slowly than the words "shovel ready" might have you believe. that's what we are looking at. >> greta: i realize unemployment is a leg indicator. but if you drive up and down the main street, so many towns townd so many shops have been shut down, signs for lease t. doesn't look like everything is buzzing and humming and things are going well, no matter what the
1:17 am
president and the economists are saying. i think what america is feeling is vastly different. >> i think you are right. there are lots of indicators of consumer confidence or lack of it. look at politics, it suggests a lot of dissatisfaction. whether or not the stimulus by itself could have cured any of that, if it had been done differently, i don't know. but this is very -- this is a very big problem. and if the stimulus had rolled out faster, maybe some people would think differently. but it took awhile. >> and that remains and still isn't spent. maybe things will turn around. i'm an optimist. joe, thank you. >> sure. >> love your paper. >> coming up, is iran's president now threatening the united states? ambassador john bolton goes on the record. and talking about the controversy around christine o'donnell, including the
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>> tonight iran's president is here, right here on american soil. guess what? he is threatening us. he was speaking to journalists today in new york and he said, if iran's nuclear facilities are
1:21 am
attacked, the u.s. will face a war that knows no boundaries. later, he blamed cap tolitallism for the world's problems. john bolten is live. good evening, ambassador. >> i think he does not feel under pressure from economic sanctions. and he sees the likelihood of the united states or israel using force against this is nuclear weapons program to be very much reduced. i think he's calm and confident and blustering. but proceeding with his charm offensive this week in new york. >> greta: is this -- i mean, i know that i have heard you before say that you expect that iran will get nuclear weapons. and it seems certain that the
1:22 am
sanctions -- at least they don't seem to be effective. he is rather bold. if there is going to be a nuclear iran, how does that change the dynamics in the world and in the region? >> i think it change its hugely. i think the obama administration believes that a nuclear iran can be contained and deterred. i don't think that's right. i think their calculus is very different from the soviet union during the cold war. but even if i were wrong on that, it doesn't require using the nuclear weapon to have a tremendous effect. and one immediate effect, it seems to me is that other countries, in response, will get their own nuclear weapon it's saudi arabia, egypt, turkey, possibly others. so that in a relatively short period of time, as these things go -- five to 10 years, you could have half a dozen countries in the middle-east with nuclear weapons. and that is inherently dangerous and unstable. >> greta: all right. israeli defense minister, ehud barack was here last night. he's here in the united states
1:23 am
and it is reported that he is trying to secure additional weapons from the united states, including those -- those cluster-buster bomb, bunkir bombs. is that because they truly intend to use that? or is that symbolic gesture to try to deter iran? what do you think? >> i think israel today has the capability to destroy what we know about iran's nuclear weapons program. obviously fthey had more sophisticated weapons and weapons delivery systems, it would be easier for them to do t. i think israel is preparing for the contingency of actually striking iran's nuclear weapons program. but at the same time, they are under enormous pressure from the obama administration not to do so. and i think that pressure is having its effect. but the consequence -- let's be clear -- if israel does not strike since i see no way that the obama administration will strike, iran will get nuclear weapons, sooner rather than later. >> let's come back to the united
1:24 am
states or north america area, with mexico. there is news today that two members of -- official members of the honduran consulate were arrested. there was a conflict and they were allowed to escape, thought to be by drug gangs, drug cartels and honduras is up in arms. is this escalating it? >> absolutely. this shows that the impact of the drug trafficking coming out of south america, through central america, into mexico that, the instability, the breakdown in social order, that we have seen increasing in mexo in recent years is affecting central america as well. so it's not just a mexican problem. it is one that is really growing around the hemisphere. i think this is another piece of evidence in that regard. >> honduras said they may consider closing their consulates in mexico. i don't know if there is a gesture because they are so
1:25 am
enraged that two members of their official delegation were kidnapped, even briefly. but that seems to be upping the ante. we see so much violence, politicians, mayors, journalists and a country may move out thereof. >> diplomats care about their own being protected. but you will remember, of course, that the united states has withdrawn family members accompanying diplomats from some of our consular posts. it has warned about not traveling to assignment over the land border between the united states and mexico. it's given travel advisories to our own citizens going down there for vacation and it is like. so i think this is a spreading of the -- of the awareness of the problem that exists as well as the growth of the problem itself. and it's another piece of evidence the government in mexico does not have things under control. >> it seems to be getting just bleaker. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> next, a tea party group has a secret admirer. and the person is a millionaire.
1:26 am
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>> ichard etchberger, part of a radar team and had no combat training, fought off the enemy on an attack on his secret installation. >> the enemy lobbed down grenade after grenade, hour after hour. thinking his men would grab the grenades and throw them back or kick them into the vol valley below. but they kept coming. richard edgeberger lived the
1:30 am
airman's creed, to never leave an airman behind, to never falter, never fail. >> he was killed helping to evacuate his men by helicopter. for decades, the mission was kept secret from even his children and the world because the united states is not supposed to have troops in laos. today, president obama gave the honor to his son. here's the mip million-dollar question, what anonymous donor likes the tea party enough to write a million-dollar check. >> >> reporter: the tea party movement got a boost when a group called the tea party patriots announced they have received a $1 million donation from an anonymous donor who supports the pins peles of small government and fiscal responsibility. and the group took the responsibility today to respond to comments by president obama regarding the tea party. so, what does this mean? this particular group that received the million-dollar
1:31 am
donation is a nonprofit organization. therefore, they cannot give directly to candidates like christine o'donnell. rather, this money will go to over 2800 grassroots organizations across the country, which they hope will impact voter turnout on november 2. we caught up with the founders, jenny beth martin and mark mechler. >> we are taking this money to be used by local groups on the ground. it is not for the overall structure. it is being given to local groups on the ground so they can be most effective at getting out our core values of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets. >> some other tea party groups have targeted races and put money into say, o'donnell's race. that's not what you are trying to do? >> no. we know that we have over 2800 groups across the country on the ground. they are effective in their communities. a lot of them, these groups are funded from the pockets of the individuals who participate.
1:32 am
our goal is to relieve a little bit of that burden and give them the capital to leverage their efforts to train people on the core principles and get people tout vote on the core principles. we are looking for, come november, not a republican victory. we are looking for a victory of the citizens of america, for going back to the core values we talked about. if these folks don't vote according to the core value, we will be back in the next psychele and looking for a new crop of folks that will vote those values. >> a bit of a surprise, congressman from oklahoma kthe tea party candidates, if they become congressmen and senators, can they affect the way washington work snitches the real battle is playing out across the country for the hearts and minds of the american people. the principles that the tea partied supports, those principles have been winning the battle. so we need to make sure that it's reflected in actual government policy as well as into thinking of the american people. >> and how would you advise the
1:33 am
washington establishment to handle them, should they come to washington? >> i think a key is to spend a lot of time listening. president obama, for example says, i want to know what the tea party ideas are. he hasn't been listen figure he doesn't already know. but to have the invitation for thousands of people around the country who consider themselves part of the movement to tell president obama, look, these are the things we have been trying to tell you, this is what you need to do, in your agenda in washington, d.c. he's opened the door. i think there is going to be a lot of messages sent directly to him. the question is: will he listen? >> the tea party movement is picking up cash. but are they picking up voters? in a fox poll, delaware candidate, christine o'donnell trails her opponent chris coons by 15. and sharon angle is in a statistical tie with harry reid.
1:34 am
rick santorum is live -- before anyone makes a big thing about this million-dollar gift, should we talk about what the republicans republicans and democrats get from private group it's tens of millions of dollars. that's chump change. >> i'm surprised that we are paying that much attention. the million-dollar contributions going to the left and the right all the time to influence the election. and the poor tea party people who are as grassroots as you can come and making monoconcessions at the tea party, they get a million-dollar donation and this is a travesty of american pol politics. i hope they get more million- dollar contributions. >> have you looked at the numbers. she was down 15 itch that's an important -- she was down 15. >> that's important. she is down 15. she is hurting among republicans, picking up 71, 72% of the republican vote, compared
1:35 am
to coons in the mid 80s. so she is lack lagging among republicans because a lot of folks don't think she's qualified -- >> greta: okay, now wait. what does it mean to be qualified? i would like to tell but the stuff we know about the people on capitol hill. tido want to go through -- odd conversations with prostitutes, picking up guys in bathrooms. you know... do you want me to go through the scandals. what does it mean to be qualified? >> same thing happened to sharon angle. both candidates were not supposed to win. when they did win because they were tea party candidate, the national media rained down. they don't know what they are dorks they are not qualified. and sharon angle took a hit. she went down. she has had several months to be able to build back up. why? because she went out and answered the questions and done the interviews and convinced people, you know what, they don't even ask her that question. and now she's ahead or at least
1:36 am
in a competitive race. sharon angle had months, christine o'donnell has weeks and so sean's interview was vitally important. she will have to go out in debates and interviews and convince people she's qualified -- >> greta: can we go back to the qualifyd? i'm serious. what is the qualification? not the requirement, but what does it mean to be qualified? >> the qualifications in the constitution, have you to be 30 years of age -- >> greta: i got that. you got that. everybody in the studio has that. >> but the point is, you are qualified whether or not the people think you have what it takes to do this job. >> greta: what is that? >> i think it's up to the people. >> greta: what is it? i am not being sarcastic with you. but what does it mean to be dwafled -- to be qualified? >> she has to to have the capability, mentally and explain
1:37 am
her position. any candidate has to be competent and show that they are connect to the community, that they understand what the people want -- >> greta: that's not a huge threshold. >> it's not. but if you look at what they have done to christine in this short period of time, they said, no, she's -- she's -- as she called herself a wacko. she's out there on the extreme. but she's not. we will find that out. >> greta: it's one thing to say you don't agree with the candidate or say they won't advance what you want, but it's another thing to say they are unqualified that. sleighs me. -- slays me. >> they are trying to discredit her and say she shouldn't be in the halls, making these decisions. she's the only person that can turn that around. if she is given the opportunity, she will be -- >> greta: she may. >> i think she will. tonight's interview from, everything i have heard --
1:38 am
>> greta: we will make you stick around and watch it. >> i will watch the replay. >> greta: next, the political ad wars are downright bloody. so what's when candidates try to play nice? you might be stunned. ar insuran? was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps... save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really host: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea.
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. the federal reserve not expecting the nation's economy to improve significantly any time soon. that prognosis convincing the central bank to keep short-term
1:42 am
interest rates where they are for now. the fed forecasts a modest recovery, noticing improvements in unemployment are actually show slowing down. eight current and former bell california city officials are scheduled to bean arraigned on wednesday for illegally paying themselves huge salaries. the excity manager robert rizzo made nearly $800,000 a year, almost twice president obama's salary. the former city manager, vice mayor and city council members are accused of taking more than $5 million. we return to "on the record." for the latest headlines, go to >> greta: frank, it's nice to see you and the dazzling ads and
1:43 am
how mean we can be to each other. >> this time, vitwo for you in your home state of wisconsin. in this case, they are actually pleasant. the two candidates looking to the camera, making the pitch to why voters should vote for them. first the incumbent russ feingold. we testedab ad airing the most in wisconsin. the red line republicans republicans and the green line represents democrats. the higher the lines go, the more favorable the reaction. let's take a look. >> on fair trade agreement, letting wall street run wild. from day one, i voted against them because you warned me that cost family jobs. sadly, that's what happened. but we have to move forward. that's why together with wisconsin business leader, i passed parts of my initiative to put people back to work. poots why i proposed cutting taxes for all businesses who are committed to hiring more workers. i'm russ feingold and i support this message because we need to
1:44 am
move forward. >> what's happening right now is that all of these canned daylights are speaking to camera, they are sounding pro business, you can't tell who is the republican -- >> he doesn't say. but everyone knows russ finegeld in wisconsin. >> but he could be a moderate republican. so we wanted to test what the republicans had to say. so we looked at ron johnson's ads and both among republicans and democrats, the candidate does well. let's tick a look. >> it i'm ron johnson. yes, i approved this message. listen, i spent the last 30 years building a manufacturing business. russ feingold spent the last 30 years as a politician. i createdded jobs and russ feingold thinks government creatings jobs. i believe washington is crushing us in debt. russ feingold voted for it. the election offers a clear choice. we can bring america back. >> it's very rare that have you two candidate, both running
1:45 am
basically positive ads -- >> greta: that was mean. not mean, but he says that russ feingold's's 30-year politician. that's a code word. i mean, that's code. he says that he thinks government creates jobs, that's code. they voted for this. that's code. but it you look at russ feingold, he says we need to move forward. duh. what are you going to do? i thought both ads were dull and ineffective. >> and they are among the best tested in the election cycle. >> greta: best tested or most effective? >> they're effective. have you one of the closest senate races in the country. >> greta: they both saiding in. >> but it's what voters want to hear. >> greta: we need to move forward. and if you are living under a rock if you don't know that russ feingold has been there 30 years. i thought, you were kidding. >> you want more information. you want more of the give and
1:46 am
take. it's something that voters are asking for. but they don't want the slash and burn. you know the voters hate that. >> greta: i think they say it because i think they sit and watch them. but i cannot believe, for russ feingold -- to say that we need to move forward. is that really effective? and ron johnson, criticizing him and say he's a 30-year politician. really? >> except that it reminds people of what they don't like about washington. the feeling is, unless you make a change, this is why the republicans are doing so well in so many places, unless you make a change, it will seem like you are slipping backward. i argue that the ads says -- remember, wisconsin voters, like you -- they are nicer. >> greta: thank you. >> they are gentler. >> greta: okay. >> and they don't interrupt. -- >> greta: oops, i interrupted you too. >> but you would never run those ads in new york state. in new york city, you would turn
1:47 am
them off in five seconds. they work in wisconsin. they would work in minnesota. >> greta: i think yes. but i can't jump into the minds of the voters across the country. but i want to know, what you are going to do? i don't want to know that we need to move forward and that the opponent is a career politician. i thought they were both bad. >> but the first step is to know that you understand, they know you care, they know you give a darn. >> greta: i didn't get that. good thing i am not voting in wisconsin. >> the next ads i bring you will be more of your style. >> greta: no, no. i don't like the ones that are critical. i don't like it when someone is falsely accused wooch we had a democratic candidate who was falsely accused by his republican opponent about an election conversion and she was clearly not a conversion, he was involved in in it for a long time. i like to get substance. what are you going to do? >> i don't disagree with that.
1:48 am
but what they want is the does he baits. there is only so much you can say in a 30-second ad. but you it tell voters in a debate. they have agreed on free. feingold wanted six. i don't know how many johnson wanted. but he agreed on three. that's what the voters are looking for. they are watching the ads and the debates. we know they are more engaged. we see what is happening in the primaries. this thrkz cycle is off-year election cycle, we will have turnouts in the low 40s, which is unprecedented for an off-year cycle. so ads like this, it gets the conversation going. >> indeed tdoes get the conversation going. i look forward to the next set of ads and i look forward to the debates. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next, christine o'donnell fights back. she talks to sean hannity about
1:49 am
the witchcraft comment.
1:50 am
1:51 am
1:52 am
>> here's the best of the rest. christine o'donnell fights back. the nation's buzzing about senate republican candidate. minutes ago, she spoke to sean hannitiy, who asked her about a tweet from sarah palin that told her to focus on delaware voters.
1:53 am
>> she's absolutely right. governor palin is right. that's a great piece of advice. that's exactly what we are doing. hisome business in new york today, so thank you for having me on, but our focus joys on delaware. we have a pact scheduled tomorrow and attending a ladies luncheon. i fell behind in my mortgage, hia pro bono client. i worked 18 hours a day. it was a disabled woman, who the courts ruled to remove her feeding tube. it was a life-or-death case. her father came to me and said, i can't pay you, but will you help me save her life? you can't say no to that. i worked several months for free and i fell behind on my mortgage and i got the opportunity to run in 2008. i had a decision -- take on a client and get caught up on my bills. but instead, because i thought it was very important that someone oppose joe biden and what he wanted to do in the u.s. senate, i sold my house to make
1:54 am
all of my bills right. i paid off all of my debt. got caught up -- >> all right -- >> made it through a difficult time. >> bill hahr. friend of yours. >> yeah, unfortunately. >> he comes up with this tape -- what was it 1999? you made an appearance. >> yes. >> talking about a boyfriend whenner a teenager? >> right, right. right. >> okay. saying that you had dabbled into witchcraft -- explain for people who may be -- what was that about? >> teenager rebellion. some people dagdabble in drugs. that's how i rebelled. who didn't do questionable thicks in high school? and who doesn't regret the 80s to some extent? i certainly do. i most certainly regret bringing it up to bill hahr. >> -- bill mahr. >> and governor sarah palin's daughter, bristol, doing the cha-cha. what does governor sarah palin
1:55 am
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>> time for last call. we have been waiting for weeks to see bristol palin on "dancing with the stars." governor sarah palin tweeted a picture and a message, over the moon excited for bristol, cheering her on with a dancing in the stars party in the living room. here it is. bristol, hitting the dance floor.
1:59 am
[music playing] >> so, what do you think? the ladies at "the view" broke down brist on will hey move? >> it's very cute. sheadz cute. but look at what the judges had to say. the scores that they gave her. >> 6. >> 6. >> 6. >> 6, 6, 6. devil worshipping! >> we think she did a good job. that's your last call. thanks for being with us. we will see you again tomorrow. good nightro