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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 22, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i don't know if o'reilly does. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> i have two children in private schools. the financial recession has taken enormous tool -- toll on my family. >> bill: president obama stunned by supporter confronting him about the economy. we will analyze how the president handled the situation with crowley and colmes. >> a lot of gullable folks in the united states actually believe what fox puts forward as facts when most of it is just complete distortions. >> bill: jimmy carter attacks fox news with a dishonest critique. we will hold mr. carter accountable. ♪ that ain't the way to have fun. >> bill: sarah palin's controversial daughter bristol shakes it up on national tv. ♪ that ain't the way to have fun. >> bill: is this a good thing? >> bill: caution, you are about
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to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama and the folks, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo simplicity and directness, every day american delma hart has defined president obama's current dilemma. financial officer for veterans organization and mother of two. she is not happy about where america is these days and put president obama on the spot yesterday during a town hall meeting. >> i'm one of your middle class americans. and, quite frankly, i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the man tell of change that i voted for and deeply disappointed with where we are right now. i have been told that i voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. i'm one of those people and i'm waiting, sir.
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i'm waiting. i don't feel it yet. i thought well it wouldn't be a great american i would feel it in some small measure. i have two children in private school and the financial recession has taken enormous toll on my family. >> bill: miss hart speaks for millions of americans simply fed up with politics. they are suffering and relief is not in sight. so the president is caught in a very difficult position. ms. hart likes mr. obama but she is being honest. her circumstance is not good. while the only thing the president could do is particular -- tick off a few accomplishments. >> when you say there are things that you would like to see happen or you are hoping to see happen that haven't happened yet. let me give you a couple examples. a million more students are going to be able to get loans and grants and scholarships to go to college. the credit card companies can't increase your interest rate without not phiing you and they can't increase your interest rate on previous balances. if your child heaven forbid had a preexisting condition, before
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i took office, you were out of luck in terms of being able to get health insurance for that child. now, insurance companies have to give you health insurance for that child and, by the way, that health insurance company can't drop you if you get sick. >> bill: the question is, is that enough to calm delma hart and other working americans? the president has accomplished some things, no doubt. but overall the country remains in dubious shape. but there is more to the country's disenchantment than the economy. bypassing obama care the president is forcing americans to buy health insurance. but he is also subsidizing tens of millions of people who can't afford the health insurance. those two things are not sitting well with many americans. they don't want to be forced to buy anything and they resent having their tax money given to other folks, especially when they themselves are struggling. also, the president comes across as a guy who doesn't quite i couldn't know stand why some folks are frustrated with him. there is a gap between the every day american and the harvard lawyer. so there are storm clouds
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hovering over the white house. and mr. obama to know it. he and his party are on the defensive. and the republicans are in no mood to work with the president on anything. that is not good news for the united states of america. political chaos is the last thing we need, but that is what we have. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. with us our barack and hard place duo monica crowley and alan colmes. monica, he has done some good things, correct. >> he has a list of very big accomplish manies. no one will take away the fact he got health care passed through. cap and trade passed through the house it stalled in the senate. but, yes, he has done some major things. the problem for this president is that upwards of 70% of the american people, which aren't just conservatives or republicans but include a lot of independents and, yes, some democrats, too. oppose those accomplishments. they oppose what he has done so far. >> bill: they don't think it's worth the price.
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they say look, the cost isn't worth what we're getting. and then there is the entitlement aspect to it what did you you think of delma -- i liked her. >> i thought it this was a great moment. i love her. unlike these tea party candidates, president obama is not afraid to put himself in the middle of a situation where he is confronted with challenging questions from real people. >> bill: wait. let me stop you there what do you mean he is not afraid? this was an nbc orchestrated event. obama was shocked that she did get. >> in she got in. he is not afraid to stand up and answer tough questions. >> bill: that's what you do in town hall meeting. >> like other candidates christine o'donnell run away. >> angle was here she she asked if this was the chair where colmes sat. >> he said hart is a plant. >> clearly, this was a diverse
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audience. >> bill: everybody was vetted who went in there by the secret service and nbc. there aren't any plants. >> you know what, bill? the point is that this was a friendly audience to this audience. this was made of people like miss hart who voted for him and incredibly disappointed with the state of the economy and the state -- >> bill: wait, stop. stop. colmes, just come back to earth for a second. do you think barack obama would sit there with a fox news town meeting? answer that question. do you think he would? based on what? >> he went on "the o'reilly factor." >> bill: yes, two years ago. every time i call him now i get that number is not in service. >> you want him to come on and bring welcome with a gone lady? >> bill: you are telling me that barack obama would do a town hall meeting sponsored by fox news? >> i'm not his press secretary. >> bill: you just said he would. >> o'reilly, if i may call you that he is not afraid of putting himself in tough situations. he is not afraid to answer
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questions. >> bill: you, monica and i will be the emcees and we have our people in here. >> i'm one of your people. i'm happy to do it. >> we're all missing the point much the point is mishart's criticism is very gentle criticism. >> bill: i disagree with you. >> you would have come at him every which way by tuesday. >> bill: crowley, you are crazy. that was not gentle. that was as cutting. >> she was honored to be in his presence and she went -- and it was very honest. >> bill: very respectful woman. if you think that was gentle. >> i think it was very gentle criticism of that president. >> bill: me and all the other pinheads combined. >> the tone was gentle the content was not. >> this is a woman who voted for him. >> bill: devastating. if you stipulate that okay it was a very tough line of questioning and very honest and i agree with that very sincere. you have to look at his response. his response was well, we have done everything but we are moving in the right direction. >> bill: that's all he said. >> he doesn't have anything
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else, bill. because his record is pathetic. >> bill: he cited three things he got done that he thought delma would respond to. >> let's not forget that he was elected. democrats were elected to change health care to. change wall street to. continue the stimulus that george w. bush started. they are doing the things that they said they would do. >> i wanted health care changed but i had the same plan that didn't cost much money. maybe you miss. that i don't think americans oppose the change. they oppose the bankruptcy that we're headed for. >> we know according to the cbo the costs are less than they would have within without the change. >> bill: oh, please. >> he identified a couple of specific things. he said look, millions of more college students will be able to go to college. we under the age that kids can be covered by their parents' health insurance to 26. >> bill: all of that costs an enormous amount of money. >> that is the point. that's why americans are so infuriated. this is costing american people so much money that we don't have. >> bill: wouldn't be so infuriated if the economy were better and they felt more secure.
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>> correct. and if the policies worked. it's the tandem of the fact these are anti-free market approaches that are not working. >> they are working. >> making the situation worse. >> bill: next week if you come in here. >> that's a threat. >> bill: i'm going to give you homework assignment. school is. in i want you to reef search the $111 million the city of los angeles received from you, me, and monica and all the other taxpayers and the 55 jobs that created. i want you to defend that. >> you can explain to me? >> bill: defend that next week. >> the recession by the way ended in july of 2009. >> bill: you have your assignment, colmes, next week on this program. 111 million in l.a. 52 jobs. >> i'm not gloating. >> bill: barack and hard place, everybody. next on the rundown, karl rove on tea party strategy. how should president obama deal with the insurgent movement? later, sarah palin's daughter bristol dancing on national tv. is that a goodñ÷
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>> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight, "new york times" la meaning the fact that some right wing organizations are attacking the obama administration by using tv and radio advertisements. particularly the uber liberal times doesn't mexico that the left routinely does the same thing. some of the reportage karl rove's name has surfaced. he will be with us in a moment.
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first, here is an example of an ad the "times" does not like. >> alan grayson and suzanne are putting nancy pelosi's liberal agenda ahead of florida seniors. >> they supported pelosi's health care bill. >> which cuts $500 billion from medicare. >> we thought she was looking out for us. >> she switched her vote at the last minute. >> and grayson did some nasty name calling when people disagreed with him. >> they betrayed the trust of florida's seniors and this november we'll remember. >> 50 plus association is responsible for the advertising. >> bill: 60 plus association. joining us from washington the aforementioned karl rove. now, you co-founded an organization called america's crossroads. and there is a million of these things. basically, you guys are in business to put your political point of view across on television and radio. the "new york times" despises that. but, well, what do you think they are up to here? >> no. they don't despise that they despise it only if it comes from
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conservatives of. look, here are liberal groups that don't report donors, unions, move on, center for american progress. league of conservation voters. aarp. national resources defense council action fund. people for the american way and naacp. you may remember the naacp spent $10 million in 2000 running an ad against george w. bush during the presidential campaign alleging that he had acted insufficiently harsh on some bigoted race murderers in texas. i never once saw the "new york times" utter a peep about this. >> bill: when you give money on-to-organizations on your little clap board. >> there that's a white board. that's not a clap board. clap board is what's on the side of a house in new england. this is a white board. white board, bill. >> bill: i'm sorry. that's a major point. you don't have to say the -- the organization doesn't say who gave the money did. your american crossroads group, if i give you money you are not going to tell them i gave you money, right?
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>> well, american crossroads is a 527, which does report its contributors on a monthly basis. it has affiliated group called crossroads g.p.s. which is a 501 c 4 and does not report -- >> bill: i got it you say that the playing field is even here that both sides take their shots and both sides. >> sure. >> bill: both sides use the system to hide their donors. >> but the "new york times" is only incensed when conservatives do it. when liberals do it -- in fact, remember, the "new york times" accepted contribution from a payment from for an ad placed in the "new york times" pages, remember the betrayous ad aimed at general petraeus? >> bill: sure that. >> came from an organization that does not have to report its contributions. they accept placement from unions all the time. what the heck are they systematically. >> bill: they take the money that they're complaining about. this may seem like a stupid question. but do they think that the reader is that stupid? they don't know that the other side, the left, does the exact
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same thing the "times" is condemning on the right? do they think the readers don't know. >> frankly with respect to bill kel larry and all the people at the "new york times" to inhabit that place and the editor. yeah i i do think they think the american people are stupid and playing to audience east side liberal. >> bill: i want you to put you in the house today. say you are a barack obama advisor and you see this titled wave of tea party stuff going on and it looks to me like the white house is confused on how to deal with the tea party. what would you tell them to do? >> i would tell them to stop attacking the tea party. it elevates the tea party and lower the president. you know, let's step back for just a minute. why did people vote for barack obama. in part, they voted for him because he said i don't want to be the president of red states or blue states. i want to be the president of the united states. and the hyperpartisan rhetoric that he has adopted, particularly in the last sings months but really added to since
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taking his hand off the bible and saying so help me god has been counter to that sort of hopeful and optimistic, you know, rhetoric during the campaign that i'm going to change the tone the american politics. these harsh attacks upon ordinary americans who happen to differ from him on issues especially deficit and debt. >> bill: he doesn't do it. now his web sites do. and hesitate under lings do. he himself doesn't come out and condemn the tea party. >> yes he does. take a look at his speeches. he attacks the candidates with the tea party and lowes his agents inside the white house to go explicitly attack. they he attacks them in his rhetoric. he said in his comments yesterday. he said it's up to the tea party people to spell out what they would actually cut. >> bill: that's not really an attack, that's not how the tea party people respond to it and, again, my point is, stop talking about them. you are the president of the united states. lay out a positive. the president doesn't need to take on every political test.
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leave that to tim kaine. get rendell to do it. the president needs to remember he is the president. not some political hack for the democratic national committee. >> bill: president bush ignored a lot of the attacks. i think the white house is terrified of this tea party. >> sure they are. >> bill: i think they are terrified. >> they should be. they shouldn't be elevating them like they're. she should be terrified of them. this is a movement that is highly decentralized and it's revved up and is going to bring a pass of new voters into the electorate this year. i bet four years ago we had 82 million people vote in races for the u.s. house. i wouldn't be surprised to see 90 million people to turn out and vote this year in races for the u.s. house. >> bill: mr. rove, as always. we appreciate it wield like to you vote in our bill o' poll. we are asking who is the most conservative politician among these three? sarah palin, newt gingrich, or mitt romney. please select one. we will give you the results on friday. jimmy carter trashes fox news in a dishonest way. coming right back with that
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>> impact segment tonight, a bunch of political things floating around we want to tell you about. beginning with a web site called that san extension of barack and both sides are obviously in business to promote the president and his party. but there may be a problem. over the weekend some protesters turned out to disrupt a republican gathering near chicago and they were spurred on by those web sites. conservative blogger andrew breitbart took on the protesters. >> are you here to stop the hate? >> yes. >> are you a hateful man. >> i'm certainly not. >> you are a hateful. >> i'm a peaceful man. >> what are you here for? >> i'm here to stop the hate that glenn beck is promulgating.
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>> like what in one thing that he said that is hate snfl one thing that he said that is hateful? one? one not 100. one. one? >> i'm not going to fall into your trap. >> why? >> it's a trap. >> truth is a trap. >> your sign says beck is a coward. why is he a coward? >> because he. >> why is he a coward. >> he stands behind entourage. >> in his tv show just, now he, why is he a coward? your sign has a very clear statement. why -- what has beck lied about? i'm going to go sign by sign. what has he lied about? name one lie. >> probably everything. >> probably everything. good quote. >> bill: all right. the question is should the president's web site be involved with motivating protesters as karl rove said, you know, lower the discourse. you can make the call. while we're on the subject,
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president jimmy carter is a fox news hater. did you know that? speaking on cnn he said this about president obama and fnc. >> a lot of gullable folks in the united states actually believe what fox puts forward as facts when most of it is just complete distortions. and they have also attempted to twist around what is what his religious faith is and whether is he an american. i think that's a new version of cable news. i would attribute most of the negative attitude not to the facts but to the distorted facts that comes out of fox. there has been a deliberate effort, again, referring to fox, broadcasting, to inject the race issue into it. >> bill: i think larry fell asleep during that interview. i'm not sure. let's examine mr. carter's statements. we could find no fox news employee who has said president obama is a muslim. we can find no fox
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does. carter can simply not back up what he says. in fact, he is afraid to appear here on the factor because he would look foolish. his ridiculous statements are irresponsible and reflect poorly on him. another former president bill clinton was asked about the growing power of sarah palin. >> is she qualified to be president? >> let's -- the american people can elect whomever they want but she served, you know, not a full-time term as governor. she went out and did. this we don't even know if she is going to run as president. but i think she is clearly a public figure who is -- who speaks well and persuasively to the people who listen to her and she is somebody who be reckoned
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with. >> bill: mr. clinton is much shrewder than jimmy carter. he i didn't understand stands that bad mouthing political opponents puts him in a bad light. carter could learn something from mr. clinton. finally in the impact segment this evening, some new fox news polling data. in nevada republican share ron angle backed by the tea party continues to lead senator harry reid but just by a point. california democrat barbara boxer is ahead of her challenger carlie fiorina by again just one point. in pennsylvania republican pat toomey leads joe sestak for the senate by 8 percentage points. we have data on two gubernatorial races in california dead heat between jerry brown and meg whitman and ohio former fox news guy john kasich leads the incumbent ted strickland by 6 points. keeping an eye on all of those races the vote is just six weeks away. very interesting. those are the big ones along with the delaware thing we will get to in a moment. plenty more ahead as the factor
5:27 am
moves along this evening. what does a society do when a society allows a 2-year-old smoke pot. what kind of punishment should be imposed? is it legal on the case. charles krauthammer will talk about the mail he has received about his comments about christine o'donnell. that should be interesting. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: culture warrior segment tonight, provocative cover story in "newsweek" man up. traditional mail endangered species. time to rethink masculinity. i don't know about you, but i'm very frightened. here now the culture warriors fox news margaret hoover and gretchenarlson. all right, carlson, is it all over for hen? we don't need men anymore. you hear jennifer aniston. >> oh, well, i hope it's not over for men. come on, i love men. listen, "newsweek" has to get people to buy their magazine right now. they are doing the most provocative headlines that they can find.
5:31 am
all right? but the summary of this article is actually kind of interesting. one of the points that they make is that women have evolved in the last couple of decades and the role of women in society has changed but for the most part the role of the man has not. i think that's profound. >> bill: role of a man though, let's be honest here, carlson, is to watch football, drink a few beers, go to work, make some money, and stay out of the way at home. that's the role of the man. i mean, cave men. >> i like the first couple things for myself. by the way, here is their summary. they say that if men actually embraced parental leads, took advantage of paternity. if they. >> bill: if we were all swedish we would be great. >> i know. they point to sweden. it would help women in society because women would get off that mommy track thing so that eventually it would make it more equal. >> bill: i guess, hoover, i'm not -- you know, gatherers and the nurturer. >> are you uncomfortable with
5:32 am
the changing role of genders in our society. >> bill: yes, yes. i am. >> women in the workplace. >> bill: to be honest i am uncomfortable with it. >> that's why he hires you and me. >> guys and gals. simple man -- i don't want to really be confused like that. >> bill: i have a massive headache. i'm supposed to move to sweden and takes six months off if i have a kid. i guess that's what they want me to do. >> that's the extreme. >> this article is for men who are comfortable with their masculinity who don't think it is a threat that women are suddenly. >> bill: what do you think i'm one of the village people here? is that how are talking to? come on. >> i think that you are a macho guy, bill, clearly. >> bill: clearly, of course. >> however, i do think that there is in our changing society. >> bill: changing? do i have to change, hoover? >> no. >> bill: do i have to? >> you know what, bill? you can stay in your dark corner. >> bill: leave me alone. >> bill, let me ask you this. did you change any diapers?
5:33 am
>> bill: yes, of course i did. >> so then you manned up. >> bill: i don't consider that a man-up thing. if the kid is pooping and the -- it's getting a little arrowatic, i'm changing it. >> this is a scary stat, margaret. i want to make sure because eventually you will probably have kids, too. for the families where the mother and the father both work, okay? the woman still does, according to this article, the load of the domestic responsibilities and spends 400% more time with the children. >> bill: i agree in equal distribution of all of that, okay? i don't want any women to be overworked. i want them all to be happy. but just leave me alone, ladies. please just leave me alone. i have got to go on to the number one. we have a high school student, right? >> yeah. >> bill: suspended because she has a stud in her nose. she says you can't suspend me because i belong to a church of the, what? body modification. >> church of body modification. no, this is not a joke.
5:34 am
>> bill: not a joke? >> she actually is saying this sin fringing on her first amendment rights. >> bill: church of body modification. >> if you go to the web site for the church of body modification. what they determined body modification includes is hooking, do you know what hooking is? it actually has some very visual, i would caution people who are at home hanging by hooks from, you know, letting the gravity pull their bodies down. very graphic and disturbed stuff going on here. >> bill: where is this church. >> the church there looks to be from the web site that there is a location in california. a location in new york and a location in north carolina it doesn't look like there is a very broad congregation. >> bill: one of these churches, carlson? >> it's not international. >> bill: this teed me off. we called the irs is this a legitimate church? yes or no. wouldn't tell us. i don't like that. i'm paying the salaries of the irs. >> exactly. nobody can find out whether they are, in fact, a religion. >> bill: a church or what? >> this is a point. this is what schools across the
5:35 am
country are dealing with now. instead of just taking the nose ring out and going to school and concentrating on education. now this family will probably end up suing the school and our taxpayer dollars will end up paying for that instead of the teachers concentrating on education. this is the junk they have to face now. it drives me crazy. sorry. >> bill: i think it's a ruiz, too. would you say it's a reuse? >> people have pretty serious issues that they are working through and under the guise of religion they are trying to get out. >> bill: tattoo on the forehead of swastika is that okay because they are in the church of body modification? bull. >> and freedom of speech. >> bill: you irs people should have cooperated with us today. that is not right. we are paying your salaries. we want to know whether they get a tax exempt or not, this church. if it doesn't, it's not a legitimate church. ladies, thanks very much. margaret hoover is our featured interviewer for premium members this week. if you sign up for premium membership you get the entire archives of interviews. carlson is there as well.
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next week is bernie goldberg. it's frightening. is it legal on a vicious murder on a murder in north carolina. the guy accused is a convicted sex offender on probation. then viewers react to charles krauthammer. hammering christine o'donnell moments away. investors are demanding more for their money. good. this time, i'm watching fees like a hawk. i hate hidden fees. why should i have to pay for something that i shouldn't have to pay for? td ameritrade's pricing is clear and it's straightforward... it's spelled out upfront.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment tonight, what do you do with a mother who allows her 2-year-old smoke pot? what kind of punishment do you give her? also a brutal murder in north carolina, 34-year-old michael neal harvey convicted sex offender on probation charged with the murder of 23-year-old israeli hamilton the daughter of a north carolina police chief. hamilton was last seen on wednesday and her body was found saturday in a storage bin in charlotte. after a five-day manhunt the suspect was arrested in nig niagara falls new york.
5:40 am
wiehl, look, this guy should never have been on the street. >> this is a horrible case. >> bill: the judges in north carolina, he was in and out of the system. he is a drug addict. >> right. >> bill: he has a rape beef against him. he has to register being a sex offender. no matter how many times he comes into the north carolina state system, they don't put him in jail. >> can we back up? >> bill: is there any excuse? >> can we back up just for a minute? he was convicted of rape in new york. >> bill: yes. >> he served four years. then he moved to north carolina. >> bill: and his record moved with him. >> of course it did. >> bill: right. >> you have to register as a sex offender. >> bill: and he didn't. >> which he did not. now, under north carolina law, bill, he could have gotten 20 years in the penitentiary. >> just for that. >> just for that. but it didn't end there, okay? >> bill: wait. so the judge didn't enforce the law, let him out. >> let him out probation. >> bill: because he didn't register. then he comes back in the system beef after beef after beef. >> larceny charges. burglary charges.
5:41 am
>> bill: keep letting him out. is there any excuse mort judge letting him out. >> no absolutely not. >> bill: coulddo you concur. >> he went to state prison and served four years, he should have been held not given bail just with that offense alone and been kept behind bars. >> bill: correct me if i am wrong. >> don't let him out. >> bill: they don't want to deal with it north carolina is supposed to be a tough place. they don't want to deal with these guys so they just keep kicking them out on the street until they kill somebody. >> there is a worst fact here to put into this, in march of this year, just a few months ago, he was arrested on two charges drug possession of cocaine and gun charges. he is awaiting trial on those, bill and he is still let out. >> bill: how did he get out on bail? all they have to do is make $300,000 bail and is he not getting out. >> out on $32,000 bail. >> bill: 32,000. that's 3200 to put up. >> exactly. they only put 10% up. >> ultimately it's up to the
5:42 am
judge. the judge could disagree with the district attorney's office. >> bill: now this 23-year-old is dead. >> right. >> bill: israeli hamilton. daughter of valerie hamilton. daughter of a police chief. judge, you know how are, you let him out. her blood is on you. all right. this is a terrible story as well. 2-year-old. 2-year-old gets photographed by her mother smoking pot. roll the tape. ♪ >> don't blow on it wait. come here. >> bill: this is beyond sickening. >> right. she took this video. sent it to her friend. >> bill: who is she. >> jessica gamble. 21 years old. from ohio. the mom gives it to her 2-year-old and gives her instructions how to properly smoke the marijuana. >> bill: what should happen to
5:43 am
this 21-year-old mother. >> go to prison. lose custody of her child. >> bill: she could go to 11 years on these charges. would you give her the max. >> i would give her somewhere between 8 and 10. i'm not certain, bill, to to be honest that she will actually receive that if i was a prosecutor i would say let's take this to trial. let a jury decide. i would not plea bargain this case for insufficient amount of time. >> the jury won't decide on the sentence. >> the judge will. >> the judge will decide. the judge should mete out a harsh punishment here. >> bill: send a message. >> the only caveat to that she is the mother. i would give her. >> bill: she is the mother. >> not anymore. the state will never give the kid back. >> some tunnel there if she can be rehabbed. >> bill: the state of ohio will never give the kid back and they shouldn't. >> when you watch that. >> she'll have more kids when she gets out. make a bet on that. >> this is not the first time this 2-year-old has been doing it. >> bill: i know. >> smoked a lot of pot this kid. >> bill: makes you sick. >> now it's going to be addicted.
5:44 am
>> bill: wife charged with giving her husband, wiehl, a loaded gun and the husband is drunk and saying he wants to give himself? is that right? >> they are having a fight. been married two years. they have a lot of fights. some abuse going on in florida and miami. some abuse going on from him hurting her emotionally, physically. she says to him do you want your gun? so she goes -- he says yes. she goes and gets the gun in a zippered pouch. it's his gun. registered to him. she kind of throws it on the sofa in the zippered pouch and she is charged with manslaughter when he later shoots himself. how could she have known when she gave him that gun it was loaded. >> what are you talking about. >> bill: is he culpable when the guy is drunk and says he wants to kill himself? >> yes. rule kidding me? when you know someone is depressed and suicidal and she admitted he was drinking and depressed and she she was frustrated because was irritating her with blood pressure medication. >> bill: she does bare responsibility? you say no. >> look at florida law for
5:45 am
manslaughter. going out and negligently killing somebody with intent, basically. there is no intent here. >> bill: how do you know. >> there is precedent for this. >> 86 case and not a good case. >> bill: she got the gun. well, it's going to be adjudicated, correct? >> it will be adjudicated. >> bill: we will follow it? >> they waited a year and a half to file these charges. that tells you something. they didn't think it was such a great case. >> bill: thank you very much as always. right back with charles krauthammer. viewers angry with him about not being more enthusias sick about christine o'donnell. katie perry and sesame street. those reports after these messages. if only there were a place where banks competed to save me a boatload of money on my mortgage -- that would be awesome! [sarcastically] sure. like that will happen. don't just think about it. spend 10 minutes at lendingtree d save up to $272 a month.
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>> bill: back ever the book segment tonight as we have been reporting despite a massive amount of publicity, christine o'donnell continues to poll far behind her democratic rival for the senate in delaware. according to fox news data,
5:49 am
chris coons now stands at a 4%. ms. o'donnell at 39% with 5% just 5% undecided. if that poll holds, charles krauthammer's prediction ms. o'donnell will likely lose the election will come true. he joins us now from washington. so, what kind of mail are you getting on this, charles? >> i would say it's decidedly negative, bill. >> bill: define that. >> i'm sitting in my office and my assistant comes in and says you look tired. i said yeah, i'm a little bit tired. he says are you tired? i have been reading your mail. i'm exhausted. i can't read anymore. and it's been pretty heavy. but, you know, look, i got a complaint to lodge here. in the tease you said charles for hammering christine o'donnell. unless i have got an evil twin out there who has been imitating me and impersonating me. i challenge you to find a single thing i said that is a personal attack on christine o'donnell. >> bill: you have to understand one thing. i don't care about the accuracy of the teases.
5:50 am
i want people to watch the program. if it were the story then i would portray it accurately. >> you see, bill, they end up watching you and writing me. so i'm on the receiving end of this. >> bill: look, let me defend myself, when i say charles krauthammer hammering, a clever play on words that a a-year-old could come up with, you said that she has a 10% chance of winning the election. >> yeah. that's not a hammer. >> bill: that's kind of hammering her a little. >> that is not a hammer. that's called analysis, bill. >> bill: that's called tough love. >> no, that's called objective analysis. >> bill: now, when people write you and, i get a lot of letters, the same kind of thing. if you tell people something, if you analyze something and they don't like to hear, they take it personally a lot of these people. they really get angry with you, rather than say well, it's charles' opinion and, hey, i disagree but i like the dialogue and i like the back and forth. a lot of people get upset. what is that? >> well, they're upset because they think that i'm a harvard
5:51 am
elitist who, despite a year and a half of defending the tea party in writing and on television, woke up in the morning and decided i was going to betray them, stab them in the back and throw them their true colors. >> bill: why would you do that you are a conservative guy straight down the line. why would you betray anybody? >> well, look, here is what happened. i think the movement has been extremely pressien and important and extremely energetic to alerting the country the perils of the obama agenda and now finding themselves within reach of stopping it by getting control of the congress, which is the only way you are going to stop it made a tactical error in throwing away a sure seat in delaware. look, if you want to control the senate, the republicans have to draw an inside straight. and without delaware, it becomes almost impossible. if this were an isolated race,
5:52 am
if you had a small minority republicans who are large majority republicans and it wasn't the crucial state that might swing control of the senate, this wouldn't have been an issue. i would have said if you want to go with a long shot, sure. there is not much at stake. >> bill: when you and karl rove explained your rationale. you explained it, it makes sense to at least to me. okay. you can disagree with it, the viewers can disagree with it, but why do they get so upset? >> well, some people think that i have attacked her personally. and i have, thus, given ammunition to the democrats in running against her. in fact, the attacks came from the castle campaign. they are in the papers. they are from outsiders. the fact is i was trying to argue for rationality in what is a very emotional issue. and the emotional issue, to me is, here are people who have been so important in stopping
5:53 am
the obama agenda. here is a chance to do it and because of, i think, an irrational calculation, are going to put all that at risk. >> bill: all right, charles. we appreciate you being a stand-up guy. thanks for coming on. pinheads and patriots on deck. katie perry, sesame street and her outfit. bristol palin cutting a little rug on national tv. is that a good thing? p and p moments
5:54 am
. >> bill: pinheads and patriots
5:55 am
in a moment. first, as you can imagine i'm getting a ton of mail on my new book. most positive so far. the book is not just about the president and you. we analyze other presidents like lincoln, jackson, reagan, roosevelt, weigh in on marilyn monroe, john and robert kennedy and mel gibson. i think you will i joy it. it is a lot of fun please check it out. now to the mail. donald: first charles krauthammer wasn't keen on christine o'donnell but he somes to be softening which is good because nobody likes a sauerkraut hammer. james: i hope sarah palin will apologize to karl rove when mrs. o'donnell wins the election. phil: mr. bill, some don't understand many of us sick of the federal government i would support miss o'donnell if she rode to the capital on a
5:56 am
broom. janine: while you and juan williams were talking about the witchcraft deal i logged on to her website and sent her money. ellen: you are dead wrong about the octomom. it is not my responsibility to take care of her kids. she needs to take responsibility. i don't want to pay her anything. let the doctor who impregnated her pay. with 14 children at risk, i understand they are not your responsibility and she is as irresponsible as they come. the state of california can't let those kids suffer. john: bill, my wife and i bought tickets to see you and beck in dallas. we will be sitting just to the left of the stage. i'll wave to you john. tickets in connecticut, new orleans and dallas are going fast. check it out on boldfresh it is going to be a lot of fun. finally 19-year-old bristol
5:57 am
palin daughter of the governor, showed up on "dancing with the stars" dressed as her mother. ♪ ♪ this is the craziest party you have seen ♪ don't turn off the lies ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: all right, i thought bristol did just fine. i am a big three dog night fan only two dogs are left one ran away. is miss palin a patriot for the exercise? you decide. on the pinhead front, pop singer katy perry showed up on sesame street. ♪ ♪ you're up and down your hot and you're cold ♪ ♪ ♪
5:58 am
>> bill: i think kermit almost had a heart attack. some had a problem the outfit. is miss perry a pinhead? again you can make the call. that is it for us tonight. check out the factor website different from we would like to you spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name a town if you wish to opine. when writing to us please do not be a snollygoster. again, thank you for watching tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops right here. because we are definitely because we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
5:59 am
>> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, september 22, 2010. thanks for sharing your time. a bombshell book about obama's afghanistan strategy, a look at the closed door meeting and ainfighting between the president and the top military advisors. why he won't listen to his general and his nuclear fear. >> meanwhile, the national fight over the ground zero mosque has not been resolved yet. hundreds of people are already using it for daily prayer services. why it poses an immediate danger some say. that straight ahead. brian? >> all right, steve. tea party poster child christine o'donnell says she wants to make it all about the issues but the opponent has a different plan. >> watch how this campaign unfol unfolds. they started their ads this


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