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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 23, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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always ends horribly. that is on welcome to "red eye." it is like red dawn if by dawn you mean rash. let's go to tv's andy levy for a pre game report. so, andy, what's coming up on this here show? >> coming up on this here show, they tell bob woodward we can survive an attack. and why the japanese will never have paris. and we will discuss john gibson and bill shultz. >> thank you, andy. >> get you gone you beet, you acorn. >> why rebuke you him that loves you so? >> i apologize for nothing. >> go away. >> is he gone? yes. look he is here, imogen lloyd webber, owner of three names. she is the author of "the single girl survival guide." you cannot scream her name in
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a crowded theater. steven crouder. he knows comic timing like i know house boys wining. and my repulsive sidekick, bill shultz. he is considered a mule. and she is back, amy schumer. she is a comeed comedian and co-host of a different spin on fuze, the net work. you often find pelicans drenched in her. and our new york times correspondent, good to see you, pinch. >> it is a first for paris. just having fun, greg. i will leave the comedy to the comedians. you rogues. >> and now to the greg-alogue, it is a muffin of morality in a bakery of bottom feeders. here is something that raised the dander on my chapless
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goat. according to bob woodward, seen here, when warned by advisors of another terror threat on u.s. soil, our president said that our country could absorb the attack. this is what he said in an interview with the author, quote, we could absorb a terrorist attack. we will do everything we can to prevent it, even on 9/11, the biggest attack ever, we absorbed it, and we are stronger. hmm. i don't want to make a huge deal out of this. instead i will pretend to make a huge deal out of this. frankly i have concerns about a president who sees our country as a sheet of bounty that can sopa up mass casualties like a sloppy joe. the attack could result in thousands of dead folks which is why it is creepy using the word saab -- absorb twice. i think obama meant it as a compliment, that we are a strong country that can ham anything. but absorb? you can't say that crap. it is cold and clinical and makes mr. spok sound like smilely.
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and when bernard schaub asked if his wife was murdered or raped, would he favor the death penalty for the killer? due caucus -- dukakis says no. which is why no one also remembers anything from the debate. for me the word feels like that. in the air conditioned intau elect, words like absorb seem perfectly reasonable. as a response i am boycotting bounty and i suggest you do the same. if you disagree, you are a racist homophobic dyno fob. look it up. amy? >> that's it. >> just saying hi. great to see you. >> great to see you as well. poor choice of words on his part? >> you are right. he was saying, we'll move ahead no matter what. i am all about action. if the guy talks a big game. when he gets to the bedroom he is not bringing it. it is the quiet creepy guy.
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i would rather absorb that. >> very good. interesting way of putting it. crowder, doesn't this reveal how soul l he is. and should we impeach him in -- impeach him? >> yes, that's what we should all do. it is no surprise he would put politics ahead of national security. the bottom line, in my opinion president obama is a weak man. the first thing a weak man does is try not to seem weak. the same guy who promised he would close gitmo and hit the table saying, by god i stuck to my timetable tend to look authoritative. >> i like the banging the table. >> i don't think it looks appropriate, to be honest. fright eping. >> did you have something to say? >> no, i think you look like you are [bleep]. >> is that code for -- >> having a great time. >> imogen, this guy is supposed to be the greatest speaker ever. how come absorb?
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it is so clinical. >> it has all gone wrong. i am no authority on the english language talking about bounty, but toilet paper. i don't think america is going down the toilet, but i think he needs to work on his semantics. they need to be whipped into shape. >> great idea. just getting whipped is okay in my book. bill, this brings up the point of the book. why do they do these books? why do they allow bob woodward in the white house? it never helps anybody. >> if you look at how woodward got his first name, it didn't go well for the president. >> yeah, he did watergate. let's get him in. >> exactly. that's great. for the record, i am for cold and clinical. this is why i own foreseps. it talks about an intelligence
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report that states kazi is bi-polar and takes immediate cigs to -- medication to balance that. i don't want the leader to be lyndsay lohan. >> and the drugs in that country. >> absolutely. >> he doesn't need prescription drugs. how do you pronounce his name? >> karzai. >> used to be the governor of new jersey. >> don't you research these things before you talk them? >> it is cortisone. >> well, i don't know. the thing that bugs me, it is not a big deal, but he said it twice. >> that's the weird thing about it. >> even more importantly when we are refering to [bleep] which i thought was unappropriate. >> he didn't say that. >> don't knock it until you tried it. a shocking new study shows that college academics are donating tons of cash to candidates for the upcoming mid-term elections. and you never guess which party they are overwhelmingly
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giving to. i know, the wigs. i was surprised to. i kid. that wasn't funny. they are donating to democrats by the crap load. just what you might suspect if you were the type of person who suspects things. 86% of donations from the university of california wents to dems and 77% for harvard. meanwhile, princeton employees, losers gave 100 grand in democrats while donating zilch to republicans. a few southern schools like the universities of alabama and georgia did give more to republicans, but like a silver night for bill, they were by far the exception. as always we go live to baby pour could you pine with the hiccup -- porcupine with the pick ups -- hiccups. >> oh man. >> well said, baby pour could you pine with the hiccups eating a banana, well said
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indeed. >> i didn't hear it. >> i had to listen closely. imogen, why do you think this is? are professors more enlightened and smarter than everyone else? >> most intelligent people in america are voting democrat. i am on msnbc and i feel like i am on the wrong station. we are fair and balanced. i am impressed. >> are you right. only idiots are republicans and only smart people are democrats, steven, is that what we said? >> pretty much. and it should be noted in no way do these massive contributions affect the ability to teach objectively. what is that class? oh yeah republicans started the slave trade, five, six, seven -- and i got that in college all the time. >> it is an awesome trick. >> it is an awesome system. you put kids through public school where they are indoctrined by liberal teachers and then they have to pay four more years into a system. you are double dipping. >> i am trying to find a group
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of people who are just as ideologically pure. the only thing i can think of are professional athletes are almost always republican and comedians are almost always drug-uh likted floozies. >> i can speak to that. i got my favorite diseases in college, so i want to thank my professors. i can't believe the amounts that are being thrown around. i steel my razors from the gym. it is hard to hear it is being donated. >> it is not bally's that's for sure. bill, you donated 87% of your salary to your dealer, juan pablo. how does it affect this story? >> it doesn't because it is just five bucks. >> his birthday is coming up. >> can you call him for me? i am a little scared of him these days. you are missing the big picture here. professors aren't liberal to indock trough nate their kids. they are liberal so they can
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screw the ce of eds. i want to correct you on one thing, not all professional athletes are republican. all white professional athletes are republican. and charles barkley. >> and michael jordan. >> he is a secret democrat. you are seeing this a lot now in sports. once people start -- once they start making money and learning about taxes, it doesn't matter. skin color doesn't matter. i want to say on -- academia is a place where there are no real world consequences. you can believe whatever you want. as long as you have tenure can say whatever you want. even if you are wrong it doesn't matter because you are getting a paycheck. >> and these students have not worked in the real world. you just say a bunch of stuff and it is like, yeah, you are right! >> it is all jealousy. our own doctor professor has gotten laid more times than we will in four life times.
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it is a fact. from schollars to slaterns. the country that gave us hello kitty will not accept paris hilton in return. our rising sun pals hate cocaine convictions as much as they love sushi and booted out paris as a result. the air headed paris cancelled her asian tour for her fragrances after falling victim to the immigration laws. let's go live to nothing in particular. >> i look forward to coming back to japan in the future. i love every -- everyone and can't wait to see my fans when i get back. >> i'm really tired. >> so happy. she is a national treasure that sadly is no longer an international treasure. thank god there are still dogs who wear hiking boots.
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>> make him come to you. >> you can catch part two of that on "the o'reilly factor" and part three -- >> that dog wasn't even hiking. >> it is on "hannity." >> he says the question is too tough. >> absolutely. >> an american panel would not be kind. >> they will tear him apart. amy, shouldn't we as americans stand up for a citizen denied entry for something as mean yell as cocaine? >> yes. i just am reminded to cancel
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my spring break 2011. i wonder where they stand on child lifting. >> i respect japan. what we need here is shame. they shame people. >> yes, i want to move to vaw pan immediately. my fiancee loves cocaine quite a lot. >> honey. >> wouldn't it be great if you could throw out the immigration program and she wouldn't be allowed back into the country like amy winehouse. >> she would gu fly around in her private jet. >> no woman would allow her. >> are on she reverses orbit and goes back in time like superman. >> what do you make? >> far be it from me to defend sarah palin, but when did japan hold themselves out to be the beacon of moral fight. >> did you just say sarah palin? >> did i? >> yes. >> i don't know what is going on. but japan, we don't want this
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girl. she will taint our moral fiber. we are going back to tenticle porns and vending machine pan tee machines. >> isn't it your fault for selling paris the eight ball? >> yes, and she didn't pay me back yet. you can judge a country by their porn, and japan is a weird country with weird laws, world rules. poor paris, she should be able to go there and make a buck like any other struggling coke head. and this whole thing is a ruse. it is a ruse to distract us from the real story. the real story is -- todd, can we go to the pictures? paris hilton, albeit subtle, has had a breast job. the fact she was arrested makes us slowly not realize she has gone from an "a" to a slightly bigger c ." >> she is wearing the same glasses. >> well, she is cheap. >> she doesn't like spending money. >> before we get through a break, you must see something
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that will change your life forever. the greatest turtle ever. roll it.
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>> i would not go to bed in that house if i knew that that turtle was there. >> that's what you are like at a party when someone gets near your martini. >> he wouldn't share with anybody. >> slow and steady gets the cat food. >> that's amazing. that is a frightening turtle. i want to see more of the turtle. >> call him tau naishs-t. >> you will see part two on "o'reilly." but he won't do" hannity." >> how does one sneak three 8 balls in a suitcase through
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j.f.k.? imogen lloyd webber teaches us how after the break. is abstinence the greatest thing since sliced bread? sliced bread is code for not having sex.
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well, it is a story as sordid as sordid. a church pastor has been accused by two young men from his church of forcing them into private cough -- cough vaw nents involving gay sex. the pastor claims he is innocent. for the sake of this greg-alogue, what if he isn't? that makes him a creep from creep evil. people love this story because they love you to point out the
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huh poke craw see. he is against gay marriage, but likes the gay sex. but it is so predictable, boring and easy. i would rather argue it is okay to hate something and then like it. i hate porn. it is vial. but when i travel i dabble. don't get me wrong. i dispies. it for three to seven minutes a month i love it. same with drugs. i find addicts to be pathetic burdens on their families and society as a whole. catch me at a bar at 3:00 a.m., and there is a chance it is not the wine causing me to massage the shoulders of a gar american man. and -- garbage man. and then there is enrique. i dismyself all of him, but in my head this is all i want to hear. >> ♪ baby i like it ♪ baby i like it >> that's why a man who condemns homo sexuality while
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being gay makes sense. that's not to say i agree. if there is a god he huff gays because he made -- he must love gays because he made so many. if you disagree you are a cyclophobe. crowder, aren't humans by nature major screw ups? >> i lovey gleys -- enriquey gleys yis. it is usually because they are hard to cut out. he is human. and people should not look to christians or pastors. for example, christianity. >> imogen, did i make sense? >> people who protest too much, you know if they are busy saying, being gay is wrong. you know they are about to come out or be forced out of the closet. every time. larry craig, and the list is
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endless. >> yes, a list of five people. it is not endless. >> the list is endless, well -- >> google it. >> i will have 15 names on my blog. that is just u.s. politicians. happens all the time. >> the entire uk? >> yes, and as you know i am gay. >> i thought we were just experimenting. >> yeah, well. >> with that jacket, bill, maybe so. are you sad none of the religious figures in your life hit on you? >> yeah, actually that is offensive. i was the only one in catholic school. i will make a quick visual point. can we get the picture of the pastor back on there? is it just me or is he a fat theo huck stable with a drug habit. >> i love theo. >> eddie, come out of the closet. eddie lawn and an amazing gay
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name. don't waste eddie lawn. >> i thought his last name was long. >> do you ever indulge in things you condemn? >> yeah, but he brought his fantasies to action. i like porn, but i don't want it to actually happen. i like to watch a girl with a lot of guys, but it is hard enough to tell one dude you are too tired. imagine trying to explain to six guys, hey, can be feels bloated, rain check. group cuddle? >> happens to me all the time. what is it like to strangle a possum with your bear hand? amy schumer explains the only way she gets off. and has office sex gone the way of the t-rex? t-rex is extinct, right?
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it helped form a bond stronger than something really strong. i speak not of poli-department but of -- poli-dent, but abstinence. he said abstinence is kind of awesome. crowder muses on why abstinence is a punch line despite offering benefits to being friends without benefits.
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it leads to approximately jeer row std's and there are studysthat show successful marriages. it is the unbeatable bond of trust that is the real prize. there is no more worrying about your significant other cheating on you because partners can be supremely confident in their self-control. >> that is interesting. >> that is not acceptable. >> that will put me off sex forever. >> here is a question, when do you stop? when do you stop with the abstinence? how do you know it is time? >> once you have a ring on your finger. the only way to know if you are married. th calm is not at all pushing faith on anybody. if you want to argue for abstinence, stop arguing, be abstinent and get sick and die. i can tell you women are in
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hearsaying, aren't you confident and no, it is like a club that wouldn't let me into the club. >> it is like a canadian club. >> amy, thoughts? >> yes, but i sleep with a guy on the first date. usually if a guy holds my hand i will end up [bleep]. >> pen, pen. >> i don't think women should use sex as a bargaining chip, and a lot do. if i want to sleep with someone i do it. i am a ma nothing muss -- manogomous person. >> you don't think it should be used as a bargaining tool. the point of the column is abstinence is the one tabu issue regarding sex. be a stand up comic. but once you talk about abstinence everyone all of a
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sudden, we have to talk about it. who is this kid talking about abstinence? >> you don't know who you will be sexually yet so to talk about it with authority or arrogance. >> you don't know who you will be. you will be into weird things in a decade. >> i have no doubt. >> there should be no confidence. you sit by the dirty comedian thing. i go fishing a couple times a year, but i don't introduce myself as a fisherman. >> it is personal. someone will get up on stage and talk about anything dirty they want. the second people talk about abstinence, they say, oh, don't talk about this. statistically, it is the healthiest thing to do. it is conducive by a 25-person spread. >> there is no contract the person will not cheat on you. she could fall in love with somebody else. >> there is a con tract
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actually. that is marriage. >> that more than 60% of people break. >> that's not true. there is a new u.s. census. more than 70% of first time marriages last. >> but then the guy goes off and sleeps with a young boy. good, you stayed married, but then there is infidelity. >> once you bring out the statistics that guys are rampantly sleeping with young boys. >> i am not a boy. i know i have characteristics as such. >> yes, you are right. it is way safer to not have sex, yeah, but if you have sex with one person, maybe they have had sex with one person. >> i have had sex with a baker's two dozen, and i'm fine. >> mike baker? he is happily married. >> all i'm saying is -- >> you are abstinent, but not by choice. >> we have been practicing abstinence, but you brought accents to show.
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>> i thought it would lighten the mood and maybe get you naked. but it brought lots of vomiting. i would like to say i am not abstinent by choice, teardrop, i thought it was a great column and he made good points. there is a point to be made about the fact that really the only tabu left is this. there is really nothing left that will get your shock factor up. >> true. and your mom always said, imogen, your mom said, if you want respect, don't put out. >> exactly. >> it is something that is handed down. until you have kids, you are -- you might find yourself saying that. >> i do put it in my book. it has gone around the world. i talk about abstinence. i am not saying act like someone on" jersey shore "if you want someone with a long-standing relationship. >> that's the thing, lack of abstinence is directly linked to really good abs. that is a problem. >> yes. i have a beer gut. >> my last three relationships
3:34 am
which each lasted two to five years we slept with each other almost immediately. and it is because i knew that i wanted to be with them. >> except at the five-year, ma. >> at least i figured it out and didn't get married and spend my life with somebody i hate. >> physically that's wrong. if you want to disregard -- >> what's wrong? >> statistically, 87% of people who wait until they are married are happier and 50% are not. they are not christian-funded studies. >> how do you study people's happiness? >> you say, are you happy? >> are they smiling? >> you say are you emotionally satisfied in your marriage? yes, no. 25% spread both spouses who are a virgin, yes. are you sexually satisfied. yes. >> why would people be honest about their emotions? >> every source -- these are things that have been used by the kenzie institute. >> who cares what they said. a lot of people say they have happy marriages, even in therapy when they are miserable.
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>> so the 25-point spread doesn't matter because the people lying are the people who are abstinent? >> i just don't know happily married people. i don't. >> let's get back to my plight. statistically 100% of these women are not calling me back. nobody is reading my calls, if you catch my drift. >> maybe you should have done the call on abstinence. >> thank you. >> i'm sorry that that got so heated. >> that was good tv! >> i read the blog and it did come across to me like you ended it by saying no judgments, but it definitely felt very judgmental. >> of course, and the column was written about the reaction from people like you. >> people like me who are almost 10 years older than you and know what it is like to live life and have all these morals with no life experience. i'm sorry somebody that works the christian comedy circuit. >> the christian comedy circuit?
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>> this is the longest debate we have had. >> the irony is they make a very sexy team. >> i like steven. i think he is smart -- you are smart and young. you are great. >> but you are wrong on all those counts. >> this is all a ploy to pick you up. >> i am flirting. this is me flirting. is it working? >> she sat on me during the commercial break. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. red eye at fox news .com. can't wait to watch this at home. to leave a voicemail, call 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by putting your foot in your mouth. the phrase used to describe saying something inappropriate or embarassing. thanks, putting your foot in your mouth.
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welcome back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. interesting news about your nephew, sean. >> i think it will turn out for the best. >> i hope so. she a great guy. >> before i get started, amy, steven, do you want to talk about abstinence? >> i have a couple things to say. >> cane get my panda suit? >> mr. and mrs. >> we never do it. >> a few years from now they will look back, remember when we were on red eye together? >> >> guys, guys, i was joking. >> sorry. >> greg-alogue, president obama saying we could absorb a terrorist attack. why boycott bounty? >> i don't know. i hate that big lumber jack. >> do you? why because he inspires certain feelings in you? >> maybe.
3:41 am
>> it is impossible to have fore arms that huge or beautiful. >> i think you are thinking of brawny. >> oh, damn you brawny. your fore arms confused me into thinking you were bounty. bounty is the quicker picker upper. >> sounds like you are doing a quick pick up on brawny. >> i don't think it was a great word to use. for all we know woodward could have said, do you think america could absorb another terrorist attack? >> yeah, either way. it didn't bother me. >> i am not that creeped out about it either. >> sometimes it is absorbed a lot. >> good point. >> john dickerson talked to an administration official and said what the president is getting at is the need to pry your ties, quote, objectively the president said you will want to stop every attack. what did the president put at the top of the danger list? a nuclear weapon or a weapon
3:42 am
of mass destruction. as bad as 9/11 was, they were not crippled. so that's what he was trying to say. nobody cares. go ahead with your feaux outrage. you shifted it to afghanistan and i think that was the important stuff. here is the part i find most disturbing. quote, they found a way out of the war in afghanistan pressing his budget for a military plan. frustrated with his commanders. obama crafted his own exit strategy. >> i am not wild about a guy with zero military experience crafting his own military strategy. >> i thought you said craping and i giggled in my head. you are basically putting politics ahead of national
3:43 am
security. i don't think we need to pull out of there, but i will agree with the people who know what they are talking about. >> it was an award he said he felt strongly about. but i don't think it is wrong to think their internal struggles over this. it should be. he was the one that was trying to get out. they are saying this stuff is being leaked so he doesn't, quote, lose the democratic party. >> i don't think it is unreasonable or rare for a president to factor political aspects into making a decision about war. you kind of have to, don't you? >> that's what mccain said he would rather win a war than lose an election. >> and he did. >> exactly. >> afghanistan makes heroin. >> thank you, bill. >> thank, bill. >> or seeds for bagels. >> bill, it is not armid-karzi
3:44 am
or cora zone. it is hamid karzai. >> well, it is easy when you have a piece of paper with the spelling on there. >> i think it is cortisone. >> imogen, most people are not saying most people are voting democrat unless you think clemming professors are the most intelligent people in america. >> i don't know where i got that. the words harvard, yale, princeton. i don't know what i am talking about. yet again it was a great show with the eyes shut. >> you are the every time. >> you constantly give that baby his bottle. >> amy, you got your favorite diseases in college, and then you thanked your professors. were they the ones who gave them to you? >> yeah. >> sometimes they were ta's. but they said they were professors. >> they always do. >> right. >> bill, you said professors are liberal so they can have sex with co-eds.
3:45 am
that's right, republicans nef have sex scandal. >> in colleges? name me one republican professor. >> i can't name one republican professor. >> the list goes on and on. >> japan won't let paris hilton come into the country. you refer to japan as the greatest country on the eastern rim. i'm assuming you meant paw -- paw -- pacific rim? >> an eastern rim is something you pay extra for. >> that's my point. >> steven apologize, please. >> please say i'm sorry, andy. >> it is not just me. >> it is just you, andy. >> no, no, no. there is niche, and then what you like. >> greg, you showed the video of the turtle or more accurately tortoise and said part 2 is on "o'reilly."
3:46 am
i am told the tortoise is not doing anymore national media. >> the tortoise goes places where he will be treated well. >> i heard the tortoise said it won't affect the national election so it doesn't matter. >> greg -- greg-alogue, eddie long has been sued by two men, well make it three because someone filed another lawsuit on wednesday. >> i haven't filed it yet. >> then make it four. >> you said eddie long is an excellent gay name. >> i am not saying he claimed he is innocent. he wrote a book called "gladiator, the strength of a moment." >> signed, sealed, delivered. and here is a line from his 1997 book, i don't want dalila, i need you. quote, men can look attractive when they are dirty. we see sweaty, dirty, hard-working men all the time. and we say, i want a macho
3:47 am
guy. >> what is wrong with what he is saying? he is stating the facts >>- q. i there is nothing wrong with that. >> that's my point. i am not saying he is gay. >> he's saying he is gay. >> steven, the one thing i didn't understand in your piece, in all seriousness, you talked about the data saying sexual exclusive tee seems conducive to a sexual marriage. what does that have to do with abstinence? >> i didn't want to be misquoted, but it was people who only had one sexual partner. it didn't necessarily mean they waited until marriage, but their spouse, their wife or husband was the only person they had sex with. >> okay. but that's not the same as abstinence? >> well, the editor said you couldn't write abstinence. it says, have you only had one sex partner? >> so it has nothing to do with abstinence. >> it has something to do with abstinence. they just didn't ask it that way. >> you are waiting for your life partner, but not marriage? >> that's how it was asked. >> yeah, one life partner.
3:48 am
and they were abstaining to spend the rest of their life with. >> that was a poor, boring version. >> andy has the baby blues. >> i'm done. >> all right, you certainly are, my friend. we are taking another break. when we return you know what it is? i don't know. mail time. go away and come back.
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somebody is going to receive a brand-new hip replacement, the left hip. is that you? stand right here, please. do you have pain right now? you need a surgery. the power of god will surge through your body. stretch forward your hand. she was supposed to have a surgery. i have faith in god, come, holy spirit. right now she will be healed by the power of god and receive a brand new hip. do it, jesus! a brand-new hip, back, back, back -- bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. >> how is the hip? >> it is great. >> it is good? >> jump up and down.
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>> remember she needed the hip surgery? ♪ i got my hands up ♪ they're playing my song >> the music makes it. who knew that shouting bam would cure degenerative hip disease. all of those people who had surgery must really feel stupid. the best use of the miley cyrus music ever, ever. mail time. address is red eye at fox news .com. laura leads things off as she always does. i was wondering when you killed bill with one of the techniques that dr. bond describes with getting away with murder. can he be charged with aiding and abetting? great question. the great thing is we discussed these techniques before millions of watchful eyes which mean any number of
3:54 am
people could kill bill. i am appalled no one has done it yet. right? >> please don't do it. >> come on, watch me suffer on air, repeatedly. >> mark writes,. >> i bet you can see your feet in your driver's license photo. >> you are assuming i have a driver's license or even feet. sadly my driver's license expired and i have yet to renew it. now i have to take the written and driving exam again. until then it is me and my big wheel. it is the same classic big wheel and designed for a princess in a fairy kingdom which is me and not you, mark. think about that. roger from north carolina, give me se-cupp's address and phone number. i will be in new york in a few weeks. well, i suggest you show up at her house. 315 fairfield, court. don't worry about calling her. she doesn't own a gun.
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but if she brandishes one, rest assured it is purely ornamental. it is not loaded. finally max writes, i find it deplorable you seriously tell the viewers that president obama is a secret muslim. and you are part of the problem and you should feel remorse for convincing naive viewers to believe mr. obama is a secret muslim. >> muslim, muslim. >> congratulations to be the dumbest person ever to watch "red eye." i ask you stopwatching the show and switch to something else in case it is contagious like a "designing women" rerun. i hesitate to explain the line was meant to mock birthers. why waste my time? everybody knows he is a kenyan warlord with ties to the klan. tomorrow, we will do part one of that and then "hannity." >> the turtle will preempt that possibly friday. >> the turtle is no longer doing our show.
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>> we will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy. go to
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back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> amy, what's going on with the new show? >> it is called "a sprint spin" on the fuse network thursday at 7:00. and i will be at the chicago improve this weekend. >> imogen did you get a package? >> no, i missed it because i was at breakfast with yoko ono. >> wow. >> it was mind blowing. so cool. i squealed. >> steven, quickly, what did you get up to last weekend? >> i broke my hand and had to quit, but the shift work down at the docks is what my hand needed and i won the world title. >> back to you, greg. >> his weekends are better than mine. thank you, andy, imogen, bill shultz, terrible jacket.


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