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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 24, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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after the show show. have a great weekend. we'll see you back here on monday. news about your money, and the democratic leaders e. punting, delaying voting on the bush tax cuts until after the midterm elections, senate majority leader harry reid saying the party wants to permanently extend tax cuts for middle class americans but blames republicans for holding up the process, republicans say they want to extend all the current tax rates for all americans as they are now, either way, congress will not make a move before the elections, however they vote, whenever that occurs, that's one of our top stories this morning here. also outrage over ahmadinejad, shocking new comments from the republicannan president who level denied the holocaust, says he wants israel wiped off the map, this week he threatened a war with no limits if his nuclear facilities are just
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attacked. that's just the beginning. good morning, i'm bill hemmer, welcome to new york city. how you doing, martha? martha: g. bill, how you doing, everybody? i'm martha maccallum. we have a lot of news, mahmoud ahmadinejad, near ground zero when he suggested these comments, saying he believed -- said that most believed 9/11 was an inside job and that's not all. >> that some segments within the u.s. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining american economy and its grips on the middle east in order to save the zionist regime. martha: pretty incredible, huh? the u.s. delegation thought so, too, they stood up and stormed out of the room on that. the obama administration called the iranian leader's comments outrageous and offensive and around new york, listen to this:
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thousands of people out there, they have been protesting his presence in this city for days, they even blasted his hotel for even accommodating him. bill we are awaiting at the moment a news conference in new york where ahmadinejad will speak yet again. certainly this topic and more will come up. good morning here in new york. their company got your bailout dollars, now chrysler workers caught on video doing -- videotape doing more than just changing sparkplugs, chugging beer and smoking marijuana in the motor city. the exclusive investigation, carried out by a news team, wjbk television, has the evidence on videotape and these fellows were not shy. stuart varney, anchor of varney & company, airs every morning at 9:20 on fox business, the bailout money, the union workers, busted on tape, what's going to happen to these guys? >> they'd be suspended without pay if the union says we do not condone this
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type of behavior on the job. that may be a caveat that stops them from being fired. this is a black eye for the union, they were a union that's been bailed out last year, it's a black eye for chrysler, they, too, received government money to gussy them up before they were sold to the italian company fiat and they make the jeep cherokee, the plant is the jefferson north assembly plant t. makes the jeep cherokee, nine recalls of that vehicle since 2007, and these are workers smoking pot and drinking -- drinking on the job. now, president obama visited that very plant, just recently, july 30th, to be precise, and at that occasion, he said, and i'm quoting, i will bet on the american worker every time. i believe in you. so you've got a real negative here for the union, for chrysler, for the jeep cherokee, for bailouts in general, and so, too, for president obama. bill can't they get union protection, stu, isn't that the whole idea? >> yeah, and probably will.
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the union says we do not condone this behavior on the job. were -- were these workers on the job. that raises the question can they, will they be fired. they were acting illegally, you're not allowed to smoke pot, anywhere, but will they be fired, will the union protect them. it's an open question, because it is taxpayer money. here's the source of the outrage, bill. it is taxpayers' money which has subsidized the union, bailed out the union, and pays directly for their pension and health costs. bill refresh my memory, chrysler got how much money in the bailout? >> i don't know precisely. i'm sorry, bill. i should know this, but i don't know it off the top of my head. bill: it was billions, right? >> billions and billions of dollars, united automobile workers union got, i believe, $22 billion for their pension and health fund. bill: they were jacking up more than just jeeps on that day, weren't they, stu? >> any pay you want to put it. bill: what an afternoon it must have been there.
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stuart varney, check him out, fbn. thank you stuart. >> you're welcome. martha: we are working on a situation unfolding now in corral gable, florida, this is a hostage situation in gorral gables, authorities have surrounded a bank there after a man walked in and claimed to have a bomb. police are treating this situation very seriously. other reports we are getting, we're going to follow this. miami dade schools said that no schools are in lockdown at this time, they're not feeling that is necessary. i guess they feel like they have this situation surrounded and that they know where this man is. we're going to continue to watch this and see if there is, indeed -- you know, how many people are in there, how many might be in danger, but we can confirm that there is a hostage situation unfolding at this hour in corral gables, florida at a bank there and we'll update you as we get more information on that. in the meantime a horrific crime in seattle, washington. police there say a woman opened fire inside a house, killing three of her family
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members before she took her own life, another woman was injured as she fled the house, telling officers, quote, my mom has gone crazy. police say that the shooter is a grandmother who killed her son-in-law and two of her own granddaughter's. the injured daughter is expected to recover, but boy, imagine what she's going to have to deal with, her family has been massacred in this situation, if all of this unfolds as it appears. a motive for these shootings at this time is unknown. bill: all right, a 41-year-old mother has become the first woman to be executed in the u.s. in five years. teresa lewis, also the first woman to be executed in virginia, convicted of plotting the murder of her husband and stepson for insurance money. she died by way of lethal injection, speaking her final words to her daughter, saying i want kathy to know i love her and i'm very sorry, end quote. protestors outside the prison argued lewis was treated unfairly in that case. martha: right now, we are
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awaiting a major hearing on the voter intimidation case that involves the new black panther party. one of the key government players in this controversy is about to give his side of this story. steve centanni is live at the u.s. commission on civil rights in washington. steve, bring us up to date on where this case stands now and who we expect to hear from today. >> reporter: we expect to hear from two lawyers in the justice department, both of whom recommended going ahead with prosecution of this case. now, let me take you back to 2008, the election day, the presidential election, ale pooing place in philadelphia, where three new black panther party members were standing outside, wearing black paramilitary outfits, one of them wielding a night stick. they were confronted in video that's very famous now, somebody took them their cell phone and asked what they were doing there, they said they were not trying to intimidate anybody, but other people have their doubts, and in this case, went ahead to the justice department, where two members of the justice department said they would
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recommend going ahead to prosecute these three black panthers, but then the justice department apparently put the lid on that investigation, told them not to testify before the u.s. civil rights commission, which is holding the hearing here in the building behind me later on this morning, martha. martha: what else do we expect to happen there this morning, steve? >> reporter: well, we do expect the commission to convene at 9:30 and hear the testimony of christopher coates. i don't believe it started just yet. we have about a half hour or less but everybody getting ready for that hearing there christopher coates was head of the voting rights commission inside the justice department and recommended going ahead with the prosecution of the three black panthers under the voting rights act. well, the justice department transferred him to south carolina, hold him not to testify, but he's coming today against the wishes of the justice department to actually present his testimony in the case. now, i talked to the whistleblower in this case, he's j. christian adams, he also worked at the justice department in the voting
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rights division, under kr*eutser coates at the time, he also recommended going forward with this, he says that today, coates will corroborate the testimony that he, adams, gave last summer and that both are going to agree -- both are going to agree there was an unspoken policy within the justice department of not going after cases involving minorities like this one. the justice department itself has not commented on this, is not bringing a case, but the u.s. civil rights commission, trying to get to the bottom of all that at a hearing today, martha. martha: wow, that is quite a story. steve centanni, we'll thank you for your help today, thank you very much. bill: want to get to corral gables, florida near the campus of the university of miami, a bank has been robbed and apparently the person who is responsible for the robbery claims to have a hostage and left an explosive device in the area. they closed down the highway in that area, u.s. one, which is rather busy, especially now in the morning, at 9:00, during morning rush hour. we're working for more
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information on this, just across the street from the university of miami campus. and we're in touch with some local schools down there, too. more in a moment on "america's newsroom". it's just breaking right now. there was a new battle over religion in the classroom, what your child may learn about islam has many parents upset and demand ago rewrite in the book. we'll explain that martha. martha: quite a story. how about this story? as the u.n. meetings were going on in new york city all this week, a brutal stabbing happened, this man was found with his neck slashed in his hotel. a u.n. diplomat. that story is breaking news today and we're going to give you an update on it. bill: things are getting loud on the campaign trail, voters getting up close and personal to the candidates and in turn they are getting up close to the voters. say hello to democracy in 2010, right here. >> hey. hey listen. hey. hey listen, you know what, you want to yell, yell at me we're here, we're talking
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about the future of the state of california, the future of our country.
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martha: there's a new situation we're following for you in corra hrafplt gables, florida, where a man walked into a bank, he is suspected of having a bomb on hand, and we know there is at least one hostage that's been taken in this situation. it's 14:00 eastern time in florida and we are figuring out lounge this has been going on, how many might have been in that bank or whether the employees were just arriving for the morning. they responded to this report of a robbery at bank of america, it's 1500 south 60 highway, they said a man is holed up inside, possibly, and now we know, with one hostage, he claims to have an explosive device. u.s. one is closed, there's a man with a gun standing in the front of the building and there are guns drawn in a big way in this situation right now. all surrounding this bank,
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and they have not locked down the schools in the area. it appears the police believe they have this guy cornered, that he is still in the bank, but they are absolutely prepared for action in this case, at a bank of america in corral tkpwaeubls, florida. as this unfolds, we will monitor it, if anything happens, we'll take you there. bill: a lot of schools in the area, too. miami dade has not closed any doors but university of miami campus is across the street and you wonder in these situations whether or not police on the outside have contact with the guy on the inside. martha: let's hope so, or at least trying to establish it. bill: back to that story, live in miami. in the meantime, here's a shocker, huh? de russianal, that's the reaction from diplomats today after iran's president accused of government of plotting 9/11, his fiery speech to the u.n. triggering a walkout yesterday. >> some segments within the
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u.s. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining american economy and its grips on the middle east in order to save the zionist regime. bill: that was part of his comments. after that, the u.s. delegation got up, they walked out. that was after ahmadinejad delivered a speech earlier in the week and did not make any reference to september 11th but this time, it was too much for anyone to not take a stand. speaking of taking a stand, p.j. crowley, state department, he jumped on those comments by the iranian leader. roll this: >> i think it's outrageous. you know, a short distance from here, nine years ago, 3000 people were killed, in the attack perpetrated by 19 people, but an attack that was orchestrated by al-qaeda. we know exactly who did it, they've admitted it, the facts are not in dispute, so for the president of iran to come here and make the suggestion that somehow this was an american plot, it's simply outrageous.
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bill: p.j. crowley with fox news. peter brooks, heritage foundation, good morning. >> good morning. bill: the guy likes the headline, he came here and made one, didn't he? >> yeah, can you believe it? how offensive. it is outrageous. p.j. and i don't agree on everything but obviously we agree at this point, especially coming from the leader of the country that is the most active state sponsor of terrorism in the world today. 1983, the marine baracks in beirut, kobar towers *s powers, buenos airers in 1992 and '94. it's absolutely so offensive to have him come to the united states, blocks from ground zero and say something like that. >> the immediate reaction from friends of mine last night was why allow this to happen. we allow the land of jfk, our speech and the u.n. headquarters in new york, allow him to do that. here's what he said on the screen, some segments within the u.s. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining american economy and its grips on the middle east in order to save the zionist
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regime. man, if you're a family member today, that's got to hit new the gut. there are parts of the arab world, the persian world believes that, theyle the u.s. planted bombs because the planes could never bring them down. >> what's scarier, this leader in short order will have a nuclear weapon, iran will have a nuclear weapon and following that they'll have missiles that can reach the united states with that weapon, and this is what we're dealing with. we really need to be sober about iran. this administration, the obama administration, needs to be really sober about iran and what we're dealing with. this is a perspect example. -- this is a perfect example. bill: you the president said the door was open to iran. president obama found this to be outrageous and offensive, particularly given how close we are to ground zero. in light of that mosque decision, what do you think of that reaction? >> i think this administration keeps reaching out to iran, hoping that iran will take its hand, but -- or the
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president talked about leaving the door open and iran keeps closing it. when are they going to figure it out? i think it was albert einstein that said that one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result and this administration doesn't get it about iran. these are bad actors and we have to treat them. we have to oppose the rise of a regime like this in the middle east or it's really going to hurt us. this is very, very serious business. bill: peter brooks, thank you. we'll see what ahmadinejad says this morning. part of the reason, again, good it's a big headline, he's going to hold a press conference later today. in fact you'll see it in 90 minutes. we'll wait for more headlines and there will be man. peter brooks, thank you. >> thank you. martha: meantime, take a look at this. an incredible crash, watch this, that was caught on tape in florida. and then we're going to show what happened after that. the rest of this accident involves a crane and cruiser. bill: nationwide debate about islam and your
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textbooks. what's in the books that's got everybody so hot? a live report, only three minutes away.
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martha: very interesting story that we're following as far as education here, forget and we're looking now at what's in your children's textbooks. i urge you to open them up once in a while and take a look because it helps form their way really of looking at the world. here's what they're doing with the texas state board of education today, they're dealing with a resolution, they're warning publishers not to push world history textbooks that they cay give a glorified view of islam and are not necessarily accurate view of christianty the arguers are saying they're biased in favor of islam. let's bring in kris gutierrez, live in austin, he's been checking into this situation. what's going on here kris? >> reporter: good morning, martha. we should point out that
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supporters say this resolution would force textbook publishers to maintain balance regarding religion in your students' textbooks, to prevent an antichristian bias that some say exists in some textbooks today. for example, don mclaroy, conservative member of the texas state board of education says he reviewed a book that mentioned islam in the table of contents 27 times, while he found no mention of christianty. it's one example of why he supports this resolution. listen here. >> there's nothing too offensive about it. we just want to make sure, what my view is, judaism and christianty are presented with the proper role they have in world history and it's just gigantic. in the books, you have to search for it. >> reporter: now, the notion that a world history textbook would be proislamic and antichristian is just silly to some. critics are calling on the board to reject this resolution because they say it does nothing more than politicize education and exploit antimuslim bigotry.
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listen here: >> so the resolution, we know it affects publishers in a way they present their material, it's kind of like saying okay, watch out, there are arab guys funding these things. it's kind of ridiculous, it's trying to ask people to put together a spider's web that doesn't exist. >> reporter: now, if this resolution passes, changes would take effect in 2012, two years from now. martha: kris gur teez, thank you very much. bill: if you're just joining us, we have breaking news in miami and the university of miami has sent out an alert to its students updating them about what's happened nearby. what we can report is that a bank has been robbed, and apparently the robber of that bank is still inside, claims to be holding a hostage, also claims to have an explosive device. we're not going to show you the image right now because we don't want to allow perhaps the robber on the inside to figure out where the police are on the outside. so we'll be careful with that, but we'll get you back here in a moment. also there's anger boiling over on the trail
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and no one is off limits. crist christie of new jersey, taking on one heckler in this video here: >> you know what? and you know what? and you know what? let me tell you this, you know what, it's people who raise their voices and yell at people like you that are -- we're going to bring this country together, not divide it. bill: that's not the half of it. more from this event, and also what happened when hecklers go after president obama last night. martha: boy oh boy, we have more of that, folks. take a look at the rest of that video. plus a plane, flying out of control and bursting into flames. we'll tell you what happens. i promise, this will leave you stunned.
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bill: fox news alert now, we want to take you back down to miami near corral tkpwaeurls, florida across the street from the university of miami, police responding to a hostage situation inside of a bank, police say that a man walked in that bank in corral tkpwaeubls, said he had a bomb, apparently has a hos ang, that's the claim now, police treating this very seriously. we're working on more details, also out of wsvn, ralph rayburn is in the helicopter above that bank building and if we get a report from ralph, we'll bring up his microphone and tap into the latest information there. chris voss is on the phone. you there? >> yes.
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bill: a former hostage negotiator, in circumstances like these, you want to make contact, establish communication, give this guy cell phone, maybe he already has one and try and figure out what his demands are. what would you do? >> well, the problem is incidents like this in a bank is it could be a bank robbery, it could also be a suicide by cop. it's not unusual, because a suicide by cop is a favorite among selected locations, among people who want to create their own lethal end, for whatever reason, because you know the police are going to come to a bank. it's one of those places where you deliberately provoke confrontation with the police and the bank seems to be the best place because they have alarms and the law enforcement is going to there be quickly. so the negotiators are going to be very careful when they start talking to him about making assumptions about what's happening. just because it's at a bank doesn't mean it's a bank robbery. bill: that's very interesting. there's one image i'm looking at that shows the
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s.w.a.t. team on the ground level outside that bank and we know the bomb squad is on the scene, too. standard practice? >> yeah, they're going to have to create two perimeters, an inner perimeter and outer perimeter and in this particular situation, again, since law enforcement already knows that banks are problematic for more reasons other than bank robberies, they're probably going to be careful about their profile. it's not a good idea to provoke someone who wants to create a fatal end. the threat of use of force only is effective with someone who wants to live. if someone wants to die, anyway, then the s.w.a.t. team is almost irrelevant. they're there to keep people away from the bank as much as they are there to keep the bank itself contained. bill: it's said to be a hostage situation. at what point do you believe him or think he's making things up, how do you figure that out? >> well, you start to talk tom right away. you know, you ask a couple of honest, legitimate questions. one of them that's a great one to start out with is you
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say simply what's this all about, then you give the person inside holding the hostages the opportunity to give you an indication, sometimes they tell you as much by what they don't say as what they do say. bill: good point there, too. an alert went out for the university of miami campus, all students, reading in part there's a dangerous hazard near the university catch us, avoid the area of the bank of america. this has become even more important in situations like these as you think back about the situation in virginia tech. how has that changed your job or the job of these police officers, of the s.w.a.t. team that are responding? >> well, i think everybody, it's just a reminder about making assumptions, when you first get to the scene of a situation. and looking for a different type of location -- different types of location that is speak loud ner a different way. if it's a hostage taking at a university, there's so many more elements that
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could be involved, so you just have to be very careful about the assumptions you making and not related to the assumptions. bill: kreurbgs you're a great guest, stay on the line, we'll get back to the story when we get a few more lines -- headlines, that's chris voss, former hostage investigator. there are certain images we're not sharing, if the man has a tv, we are being careful with this one. martha: keep an eye on that. in the meantime, it is hot, hot, hot out there on the campaign trail, forget and there is, you know, all kinds of video, cell phone video flying out around there that is telling the tale of what it's really like. we have three big confrontations that happened in just a couple of days. first, here's what happened when a heckler went after meg whitman while new jersey governor chris christie was campaigning with her: >> hey. hey listen. hey listen.
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hey listen, you know what, you want to yell, yell at me. don't give her a hard time. we're here talking about the future of the state of california, the future of our country. and you know what? and you know what? and you know what? let me tell you this. let me tell you this. you know what? it's people who raise their voices and yell and scream like you that a divideing this country. we're going to bring this country together, not divide it. martha: all right, he had her back in that situation! now let's take a look at what happened at one in nevada, folks literally started swinging at each other at an event for opponents harry reid and sharron angle. look at this: >> >> [inaudible comments]
9:36 am
>> martha: there is a lot of emotion out there right now, folks. let's go to new york city, this one deals with the president of the united states, when some gay rights activists went after him and his record on their issues at a fundraising event last night. look at this: >> [inaudible comments] >> look, you don't need to yell. apparently you're interested in funding aids. we've increased aids funding i don't know why -- >> [inaudible comments] >> we've increased hiv funding. martha: the president went on to say on that tape that if you are really concerned about the issue of supporting people with aids and preventing aids through funding, that you don't want to vote for republicans, he said, because he claimed
9:37 am
that, you know, you're going to send it back to the guys who won't do as much as we will. that's a bone of con tension considering the fact that president bush, you know, really was out in the forefront for funding aids and giving a lot of u.s. money for that. so that's sort of a separate issue, but that's what happened on the rest of that tape for the record. maria cardona is joining me, former communications director at the dny, mare credit katharine hamm is from the weekly standard, as well as fox news contributor. ladies, welcome. there's a lot of hot issues out there right now. what i want to focus on in some ways right now is the mood of the people out there. let's kind of go backwards here. president obama's moment last night, what does that reflect to you about how some of his more left wing constituents are feeling about the job that he's doing, maria? >> well, i think that it reflects, frankly, what a lot of voters are feeling, which is a lot of angst, frustration, the reason for
9:38 am
their angst and frustration will be different, clearly, depending on their ideology but i would actually say this is not really anything new. if you go back, and students of history understand this, elections are about passionate issues and passionate people making sure that their voices are heard. i think what's different is the 24/7 news cycle, facebook, twitter, you taourbgs where we all feel this up close and personal in a way that we never did before. martha: i think you're absolutely right about that and we all, of course, remember the situations of president bush, encountering with the war in iraq, he dealt with plenty of these kind of situation that is we see president obama dealing with now, so you know, he's certainly not isolated in that. mary katharine, talk to me a little about that, also what we're seeing going on in this reid-angle situation and while mary katharine is answering, let's look at the polls and see how tight that one is. >> hold on to your hats because i'm going to agree with maria entirely here. i think people are frustrated and this is general political confrontation.
9:39 am
obviously you don't want people coming to blows and that's a bit more extreme, but there's a tendency in the 24/7 news cycle to lose perspective on how much violence or confrontation is going on out there. last year when republicans were thinking the violence was going to end in the health care town halls, there were only 11 possible documented incidents of violence, so people are frustrated, they're going to get mad sometimes and if we can keep it under the level of violence at the g20 protests, we're doing fine. martha: you have a great point, we have an incredible political system and a smooth transition of power that's parallelled nowhere in the world, so that's something to be thankful for. i think it is interesting, though, to note that what you see reflected in the extreme cases, and we want to make it perfectly clear, these videos are extreme case, most of the things happen quite peacefully, but it doesn't change the fact that you have a lot of heated discussion that's civil going amongst family
9:40 am
and friends, and these are serious issues, and let's talk about what we saw in california, meg whitman versus jerry brown. me kwrarbgs it doesn't get much more delineated than those two and look at how tight they are and look at chris christie coming to her defense yesterday. maria, you want to take that on? >> no, absolutely. and again, i would say that it absolutely reflects the mood of the country, the mood of the electorate out there. they are frustrated, they are frustrated because the economy has not changed as much as we had all hoped, they're from usdrate dollars, depending upon what side you are on the political spectrum, a lot of liberals are upset with the pace of change, they don't think change has come fast enough. interestingly, independent voters are frustrated with the pace of change and i think what democrats need to continue to focus on is that we are the ones who are bringing that change and we want to work with republicans to bring that change, and especially to help exactly those kinds of voters who are feeling
9:41 am
frustrated. martha: quick thought on chris christie and this sort of elevated row he's taking, he's going around the country, supporting governors, supporting meg whitman. your thoughts on that. >> i think chris christie is a pugnacious guy, fun to watch, he takes people on who other politicians don't take on, folks like the teachers union, which it's very hard to pick a fight with them and come away a winner, but he's doing it for new jersey and showing that a fiscal conservative can govern in a liberal state and that's important and the message that republicans want to carry. martha: he's also shown that if he comes to campaign for you he'll take on the folks and has your back! he said don't you talk that way to her! so it was good stuff. thank you very much, ladies. great to see you as always. thank you, maria, mary katharine, see you soon. bill: christie makes the headline wherever he goes. martha: you really get the feeling that it's visceral, that he would do it without a microphone or with a microphone, it just so happens that people are picking it up everywhere he goes.
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bill: he was in california for that event but he's going across the country and all the governors in america are looking at this guy and seeing whether he can be successful against his battle against government pensions. martha: he and lady gaga are wrestling for the top spot! bill: who wins that one? i think we know! martha: i think we know! bill: he got a big following doing political parody and stephen colbert is going to washington to testify on the hot button issue of what? immigration. and a lot of folks are asking why. martha: and his beautiful wife. and a terrifying plane crash that ended awfully. it's not then of the story, folks. we're going to show you what happened after that.
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martha: an air show went terribly wrong. watch what happened to this little plane as it spiraled out of control, it crashed and burst into flames, very
9:46 am
scary for everyone on the ground and of course the pilot but he survived. he was rushed to the hospital. apparently it was flying too low, clipped its wing. it was a scary situation from that fiery crash. bill: let's hear it for a miracle, right? do not adjust your television. stephen colbert is testifying this hour on capitol hill, appearing before a house subcommittee on the hot button issue of immigration, that move not sitting well with many, especially after reports that colbert would testify in character, the character he uses on his nightly show. judge andrew napolitano has issues with this, host of fox's "freedom watch". how you doing. colbert got involved in this because he did a deal where he went to upstate new york and worked in a field and -- >> right. i commend for that and all the legitimate things he does to promote his show. let me also say that i am a friend of his and i have been on the show with him.
9:47 am
my issue is not with him, it's with the congress. congress should take its work seriously, to have somebody testify under oath in character is not serious. it doesn't respect congress' work and doesn't respect the oath and it makes you think doesn't the congress have anything more important to do. bill: there are a lot of issues out there, point taken. i don't really care what colbert does, but what is laughlin thinking? she's the chairwoman of this subcommittee. >> she is probably looking for publicity for the committee and for the issue and so she has engaged one of the hottest cable talents in the business to come there and speak and perform in character, but remember, these taking an oath. this is a solemn oath. bill: why does it matter if he's in character taking an oath? >> if he's taking an oath to tell the truth, then he can't pretend to be someone else and say things other than the truth. does roger clemens, who was
9:48 am
indicted for not telling the truth about the contents of his urine and now colbert is going to not tell the truth about his opinion on matters of politics. bill: judge, it's underway on a friday morning. by the way, speaking of this, what does this cost? >> fox business did the calculations with the help of our wonderful friends in the brain room, our great researchers here, $125,000 an hour for that committee to sit in that room, and if stephen testifies for an hour, $125,000 taxpayer dollars. gone. bill: he probably thinks that's cheap publicity for him. there's colbert in the previous shot. republicans did this eight years ago with sesame street and elmo. is there a comparison? the issue was about ka*gs and it was about children. >> the issue is this. congress thinks it can waste the taxpayers' money on anything it wants. congress will be serious when it wants and frivolous when it wants, and congress will waste everybody's time
9:49 am
and everybody's money on anything it wants to waste them on. they'll go after clemens because they didn't like his answer but they'll people under oath pretend to be cartoon characters, and what is colbert pretending to be? o'reilly! bill: i feel like i'll on "freedom watch" right now. check out the judge's show, weekends, saturday, sunday, 10:00 -- >> 10:00 saturday morning, 8:00 saturday evening, 7:00 and 11:00, sunday evening. we go toe to toe on whether the tea party is a religious or political movement this weekend. bill: check it out this weekend. >> thank you. martha: if there's not a time on that for you, if you're too busy to watch one of those, you have too much going on! he's on all the time. thank you very much, judge, great to have you as always. in the meantime, we go back to this situation in florida, where a bomb squad is on the scene of a possible hostage situation in coral tkpwaeubls, florida, a bank of america, police say a man is in there, he claims to have a
9:50 am
bomb and a hostage. we're going to get you late breaking update on this unfolding situation, right after this. cents
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
bill: we have incredible pictures this morning out of tampa, florida. the footage that you'll see now from inside of the bus involved in a pileup. watch this now, it shows an out of control crane hitting, and then crushing a police cruiser. the bus is sitting at a red light, it gets slammed into as well and the deputy suffered multiple injuries. i don't quite see the crane, unless it's back of the truck to the left. seven other people injured. here's the view inside the bus. wow. investigators looking into what caused that accident in tampa. martha: back to america's election headquarters as we check in an open
9:54 am
congressional seat in west virginia that's belonged to democrats for a generation, it's now considered to be seriously up for grabs this time around. democratic state senator michael oliverio and state gop chair david mckinley are in a a -- are in a fight for this seat, folks. carl cam rop is live in morgantown, west virginia. carl, this district, as we said, been democratic for a long type. what seems to be the difference going on there on the ground today? >> reporter: you're right, martha. there's lots of differences. this is very, very unstable soil politically. earlier this year. allan mullohan, 28 year veteran of the house was unseated in the primary, becoming the first incumbent to get booted this 2010 election cycle. he had held the seat for 28 years, before that his dad held it for a preceding 20 years, that's been the mollahan seat for a century and he was beaten by michael
9:55 am
oliverio -- oliverio and essentially ran against mullohan saying he had ethics problems and needed to go. now there's a tight race between oliverio and david mckinley and he's the former state party chairman and he was also a state rep and about as bloody as you can get. this is, again, sort of ground zero of the beginning of the antiincumbent wave, where the first one was knocked off. there's been a total of seven incumbents overall knocked out. the question is can the democrats keep their seat in democratic hands when the democratic nominee is very, very conservative, some would say out of step with the party in washington and the president, and the republican is arguing that while he's just too liberal, he would go up to washington with a d after his name and vote with nancy pelosi. >> very interesting, considering the fact that labels, republican and democrat, seem to be meaningless out there and the democrats are -- and this democrat is more on the conservative side. carl, great to see you,
9:56 am
thank you very much, giving us the update from west virginia. bill: watch that race and tell us what happens. back to miami, coral tkpwaeubls, florida, across from the university of miami campus. we're getting word from the local affiliate that the bomb squad on scene as put a robot toward the front door of that bank, a hostage taker, said to be inside, says he has an explosive device. we're going to be back on that story in a matter of moments. also this hour we're awaiting the iranian president to speak yet again in new york today. he says 9/11 was an inside job, made the comments yesterday on the floor of the u.n. in new york city. what will he say this time? we're live at the u.n. for that. martha: and look at this! a knockdown dragout between two teenage tkpweurs, and clearly organized, everybody is standing around in a circle, their cars are parked there. what is going on out there with this stuff and why did one of their mothers end up in jail?
9:57 am
when we come right back. [music playing] when you take away all the canned chicken broth that adds msg, one stands alone. the secret is swanson 100% natural chicken broth.
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martha: we're covering a breaking news story, this morning. that is coming to us out of coral gables, florida. there is a hostage situation, going on at the bank of america. you can see it in sthothe shot, police are surrounding the building. a man walked in claiming to have a bomb and police are treating it seriously and we're working on all of the elements as it comes into play and we understand there is is a robot this is outside of the building aren't trying to get in there to see whether or not there is a bomb and phil keating is joining us live in miami. phil, what do you know. >> reporter: the latest we have been watching from the helicopter thanks to our affiliate, wsvn, the rebot is three feet tall on four wheels remotely going up to the back door of the bank branch and coral gables is south of miami, across the street, u.s. 1 from the university of miami, at the university, all students have been e-mailed, at this point,
10:01 am
warned, to avoid this area. and, the west side of the university of miami, says the same and at this moment, operations are normal on campus, all classes are still in servings right now, and, back on the scene of the bank, according to coral gables police, one, possibly more than one bank robber somehow gained access into the bank, this morning, right around 8:00 a.m., and, this particular branch opened at 8:00 a.m. on the outside for the drive-through and however the interior, the main lobby of the bank does not open to the public until 9:00 a.m., so, if in fact there is one or more hostages in there, those would likely be bank of america employees. thee the coral gables police department's bomb squad is on the scene, trying to confirm exactly the validity of, a, the hostage situation, and, b, whether there truly is any sort of explosive there, and that is the latest we have, right now, martha. martha: well, trying to figure out the identity of the man and how he might have gained entry into the building and who else
10:02 am
might be involved, phil keating. bill: with us is the university of miami student, can you hear me? >> caller: yes. bill: where are you and what can you see from where you are on the sidewalk? >> caller: i'm currently on the corner of us-1, and right now, traffic is unbelievable, they have actually closed off us-1 northbound and southbound, trying to keep as many cars -- people are not allowed to cross the street and get closer to the bank of america, and, they are really -- it is a mess out here. bill: you have been a students there how many years now in miami. >> caller: this is my fourth year. bill: your fourth year and you have not seen something like this, clearly, before, but did you get the alert the school sent out, about 60 minutes ago. >> caller: yes, i received a phone call and if you go into your phone, they leave a voice mail and also have a text messaging system. emergency-type thing, all
10:03 am
students on their cell phones and they are aware of the situation so they don't go near the area and stay in safe areas. bill: sounds like a good system, when did that go into place? do you remember. >> caller: during the time i was here, probably between my sophomore and junior year and it has been maybe a year-and-a-half to two years, or so. bill: maybe after the awful tragedy of virginia tech, too. so many schools around the country responded that way. from where you are, can you see police? >> caller: yes, i can. bill: can you see the bomb squad. >> caller: yes, i can. for now, from where i am sitting here, i can. ... [inaudible] not allowed to enter, going southbound, on us-1. bill: let's hope they get the situation taken care of, thank you very much. in her fourth year. >> caller: thank you. bill:... at the universities of miami, across the street from the bank -- where the bank is located. reaching out to everybody he can to try and get the situation resolved peacefully and, hostage
10:04 am
negotiators as well, we'll find out what that is, breaking, now. martha: as soon as it comes in, in the meantime, back to politics. a lame duck congress could be deciding on whether or not to extend the bush tax cuts, and to whom. senate democrats decided after saying they were very close to getting the vote onto the floor, they said, you know what? we'll do it after the election, in mid november. worried a tax hike in any way, shape or form, could cost some of them their seats in congress and that is how we start a brand new our of "america's newsroom," busy, busy friday morning here, we have a lot going on, martha maccallum. bill: bill hemmer. the news in the newsroom, on a friday, busy, leading democrats meeting behind closed doors and weighing the extension of the tax breaks for every american versus an extension that would only apply to the middle class. martha: in the end you know what they decided to do? nothing, for now.
10:05 am
b bret baier joins me now, a scarlett o'hara defense, they'll look at it tomorrow. >> reporter: the interesting story is what might have passed had they had an up-or-down vote. you have these 31 moderate democrats who sent a letter to the house democratic leadership saying they should extend all of the bush era tax cuts, and you had five senators at least and it was a growing number, senators bayh, lieberman, con d conrad, nelson and i'm forgetting one more, democrats in the senate, who said they should extend all of the bush era tax cuts. so, you have a scenario where they could have passed to extend them all and the democratic leadership did not want that, and now, it is a hot issue and democrats are blaming republicans and republicans saying, look, the tax hike will go into effect december 31 and democrats have been dealt with
10:06 am
it. martha: that what is we have to keep in mind, we are dealing with something, these will expire, right? come december 31 and starting january 1, a lot of people are going to be paying a lot more than they have paid in ten years, right? >> reporter: yes. i mean, it is set to expire on january 1st, the new -- if it's not extended, as we know the obama administration wants the 250,000 or less, extended, the tax cuts there and, the debate is whether to extends them all and economists, depending on who you talk to, say this, in a tough economic time, turmoil, is not the time to raise taxes on anybody. so, a temporary extension of one to two years looks like it really did have a chance to pass congress, and, now that they are not dealing with it, expects this to be talked about in a lot of campaigns, all around the country. martha: i mean, it raises so many question and the first one that comes to my mind is, you know, how do you deny doing your
10:07 am
job? that is what they are there for, they are supposed to be voting on things, deciding tax policy, when you put that second, to, you know, whether or not you think it will impact your elections, next time around, i don't think that will sit well with the american people who are already not happy with congress. >> not only that but when you look at the leadership, the democrats controlling the white house and the senate and controlling the house, they have the full menu here, they could push something through. the problem is, there are so many moderate democrats who wanted to extend them all and it didn't fit with the scenario. and, that is where it comes a real issue. now, here's what is going to be interesting. it is in the lame duck session, they deal with this massive issue of that tax cut and you will have, likely, many democrats who have lost their seats. voting on something that affects all of america. and that is another issue, about the lame duck session, and, how much and what will they take up. martha: i mean, what do you think is likely to happen in
10:08 am
that scenario? how will that change, you know, people's strength or weakness, how they vote on this? >> i mean, it is interesting. you can go through a number of scenarios, that, if someone loses their seat, they are less likely to take the chance, or they are more likely to take the chance. to decide with the obama administration. you could play it both ways, but, whatever happens, you are going to have some people, whether republicans or democrats, who are no longer members of congress, as of january 20th. who will be voting on something in a lame duck session of congress, that will be in place after they leave. martha: it brings up so many questions. you know, about how the terms are and running all the time and always having that be subjected to the will of the people in your state and what they want and it is an interesting situation, and we'll see how everybody responds, bret, always good to talk to you. see you tonight, thank you very much. bret baier. all right, go to "america's newsroom" home page, we wants to know what you think about this. take our poll.
10:09 am
is it wise for congress to delay its decision on tax cuts? or you could say that, or yes, it with it signal all the tax cuts will stay in place, and americans can't wait for relief, now, 82 -- can we show this and -- we can't, you can see on our web site. bill: yes you can! martha: in "america's newsroom," 82% in favor of the "no" side of the question and people will not be happy with that. it will not sit well, they are not willing to do their jobs, they worry about what will there be for them. bill: analysts say now, it looks like if you pass it -- pass it off until after november, and not make a decision it looks like this tax cuts will stay in place, it will be an easier decision to make. that is what wall street is saying. there is the beautiful web site. martha: liking that, too. bill: the aforementioned web site. martha: we knew it was out there, somewhere. dow is up 177, by the way. bill: breaking news on wall street. stocks are flying, also, this now, a pinnacle for the
10:10 am
blood-soaked drug car south of the border. reports say the mayor of a town, outside of mon monterrey, mexico is gunned down by cartel aassassins, murdered along with another municipal worker and cartels are battling for smuggling routes, and gunmen killed at least two other area mayors the past two months and the candidates are coming under fire, as was the case yet again, here, at 10 minutes past the hour, back to miami and the situation has not been resolved, apparently a gunman going inside of a bank, demanding that -- or suggesting, any way, that he has an explosive device and is holding a person hostage, the police have the place surrounded and we are trying to figure out whether they'll bring it to an end, peacefully, back to the breaking news, in "america's newsroom," also, martha? martha: boys will be boys and these girls are the kind of girls, they will be, too, a knock down, drag out, cat fight and why one of the mothers of these girls got arrested.
10:11 am
bill: the mom? martha: yeah! bill: oh! same folks who brought us "an inconvenient truth" now tackling the teachers union of america. >> either the kids are getting stupider every year or something is wrong in the education system. >> your children and future generations are on the bridges of the titanic and everybody is going to drown. bill: it is called, waiting for superman, and, the director of this gripping documentary is live with us, today. in a moment. ring ring. progresso.
10:12 am
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10:14 am
bill: break, news, phil keating is watching the story out of miami, what is the news with the police surrounding the bank down
10:15 am
there. >> reporter: police remain surrounded around the bank including the coral gables, florida, bomb squad at the back door and they're trying to communicate with one or more bank robbers inside and news helicopters that have been hovering above, showing live video feeds of the action, now ordered and moved back, away from that bank, and, the wsvn chopper is now ten miles away and thanks to the super-zoom camera you can still see the bank and coral gables police are in nor the long haul but, negotiators are on scene and they believe, possibly more than one bank robber is in there and the robber they have contact and been in communication with, does claim to have one or more than one hostage. bill? bill: thank you for that, stay on it. the first time we heard there might be more than one person inside. phil keating, thanks, live in miami on this breaking news. martha: this has been a focus for us this week, a story we brought you a couple of times and today away have the producer of "waiting for superman" a documentary that takes a
10:16 am
poignant and serious look at what is going on in america's school systems. it has a focus on five children, and their story, and also the impact of the teachers unions on all of this, as the kids hope and strive to get a good education. >>... for these kids, their only chance at getting into a great school depends on whether their number is picked in a lottery. >> 18... 10... 12... 2... >> the last number... martha: unfortunately, only 2% of the kids who want to go to these kinds of schools, charter schools, actually can get into them, the sheer numbers game as you see in the lottery, leslie is the producer of the documentary and joins me next.
10:17 am
congratulations, you got great reviews on the movie this morning. >> thank you so much. martha: it looks well done and i'm anxious to see it and hoping to see it over the course of the weekend. but it is just even the trail, as i have been saying this week is so moving, do you feel like, i talked to tucker carlson who does a lot of work on education, and he says it's a seminal moment in the discussion about how our schools are in the country, what is the biggest impact the movie will have. >> one of the biggest impacts it could have is to get us to reframe the way we look at and appreciate teachers as a profession. i think a lot of the top countries like finland and singapore and a lot of these other top performing countries value teaching culturally and, it is a very prestigious position. and, we kind of miss that here in america and i think we really need to start with that. and there is a consensus on one thing and that is great teachers are the most important. martha: i'm grateful for the good teachers i saw, at my kids' school and the problem is, there
10:18 am
are bad teachers out there and you document that in the movie and who are protected by teachers unions, largely. and, you know, does it bring attention to that, in a way that will create change? where people say, i am a great teacher and we value teachers and teachers don't need the protection of the organization and, in fact, it is harming them and not helping them. >> it is interesting, great teachers want to work with other great teachers but i'm in a union and have been a long time and to question practices like tenure and question whether or not we reward teachers for great performance, i think to ask these important questions is to not be against unions. unions have been around for a long time and i think they are a key part of reform. but, i think we need ask these important questions instead of arguing over them and starting to take some positive steps, and we are starting to see that, starting to see that, in d.c. and other places. martha: we are and starting to see it in new jersey as well. you know, i thought it was interesting, sort of a subset of kids and how do they choose these children because there are many things that are at play in
10:19 am
education and how did you pick these five kids. >> we thought it would be hard to find families across the u.s. that were doing every, single thing possible to get into a good school and people say they don't care and try hard enough and if you work hard enough you are supposed to get what you wanted. martha: isn't that true. >> we went to these info sessions and, there were hundreds of thousands of families and it was not hard to find them at all and that is sod, cheso sad. it is heartbreaking to watch the looks on these kids' faces when they find out whether or not they'll get into the school and it is the one shot they have in many cases to change their lives, thank you for being here and thanks for talking to us about it. good luck. >> thanks, thanks for having me. bill: 19 minutes past the hour, new details on a horrendous crime, this is one of the last pictures of a mother who did everything possible to try and save her family and now we know what the accused murderers had
10:20 am
in mind before they showed up at her home that morning. it will stun you. martha: and no end in sight here, flooding forcing a lot of people from their homes, and, for some, everything was lost. >> i want to cry. i'm just sick. you know, everything is in the backyard, floated away. i don't know if our deck is gone yet. >> yeah, it is. >> is it? it floated away, too? >> yes. but a whole panel in creating an anti-aging breakthrough. introducing olay professional pro-x wrinkle protocol. as effective as the leading prescription wrinkle brand. challenge pro-x yourself, we guarantee the results.
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10:23 am
martha: we have so many things to tell you about and all stacked up here for you and i want to start first with the situation in coral gables, florida, now, where there is a person who went in, supposedly to rob the bank of america, there, and saying that he has a bomb and a hostage, there is a robot that has been, you know, heading toward the front door, to gather more information about what is going on inside the building and try and figure out if there is indeed an explosive
10:24 am
on the scene. lots of police presence. route 1 is stopped, both directions, near the bank and, the schools are watching the situation closely as well, we'll continue to update you on all the developments in that story. out of coral gables. bill: in the meantime, graphic and disturbing details emerging from the home invasion trial in new haven, connecticut, and, steven hayes is charged with murdering a woman and her two daughter, the father survived, hayes texasing his accomplice before hit hoping to, saying, quote, i'm chomping at the bit to get started. laura ingle is live outside the courthouse in new haven. jurors heard more about this and what else. >> reporter: cell phone pictures as well, good morning, bill, and, you know, there seemed to be a big sense of enthusiasm between the two suspects in the hours before the horrific
10:25 am
assault and murders back in 2007. a state crime lab technician took the stand yesterday, went through the text messages, that were discovered on stephen hayes and another man's cell phone for the jurors, after hayes allegedly sent the message, quote "i'm chomping at the bit to get started" text an hey, come place allegedly texted back, i'm putting the kid to bed. hold your horse, josh's daughter was five years old at the time of the crimes and hayes allegedly texted back, dude, the horses want to get loose, lol which stands for laugh out loud and jurors were told -- and not shown, cell phone pictures from the cell phone of graphic photos he allegedly took of himself during the home invasion and of the young victims, who were shown tied up to their beds with ropes. bill: autopsy pictures will be part of the evidence. today, shown yesterday, were they, laura? >> reporter: that's right, you know, the family had to leave
10:26 am
the courtroom and you can understand why. we have seen some of the photos that we are able to show you, of the burned out bedroom, remember, these suspects are accused of not only assaulting the women, and killing them, tying them up to their beds, and pouring gasoline all over them, and around them and lighting the house on fire. so we did hear from the medical examiner yesterday, with graphic and clinical detail how the victims died and the mother, jennifer, was strangled and sexually assaulted, according to the medical examiner, and died from her injuries, before the men poured the gas over the victims, purportedly and set them on fire and the medical examiner said the mother was burned beyond recognition and still had ligatures on her ankles and wrists when the body was brought in for a taeps and the 17 -- autopsy and the 17-year-old, freed herself but died of smoke inhalation and exposed to fire, testified the chief medical examiner before she died and the 11-year-old was
10:27 am
sexually assaulted and died of smoke inhalation as she was tied up to her bed by those ropes. bill: difficult to listen to, laura ingle. good luck with that trial. heavy, heavy stuff. laura ingle live in new haven, connecticut. martha. martha: all right, that is a horrific story, we have a lot of news we're covering now and one of the stories we spoke about earlier today, was an appearance scheduled for this morning by steven colbert on capitol hill. and now there is a lot going on with this, forecaslks, here's v of him coming in earlier and shaking hands and he was supposed to speak about immigration having done as his character on the colbert report an episode where he went up and worked as a migrant worker in the fields ten hours to sort of comment on the jobs that americans don't seemingly want to take. listen to this: >> no, i'm not asking you not to talk, i'm asking you to leave the committee room completely and submit your statement instead.
10:28 am
>> having posed the question, we could listen to mr. lundgren and mr. colbert can ponder what you said. i think many are eager to hear his comments. >> that's fair enough. >> i'm here at the invitation of the chairwoman and if she wants me to remove myself from the hearing room i am happy to do so, i'm only here at her invitation. martha: okay. so we'll see what happens with this, so far we understand that steven colbert is still in the room, there and the hearing room and that was zoe lock krfgren, invited him and, they say, why would he talk of a serious issue of immigration and there is back and forth whether he'll go into character and as they comment it will end up on their show and clearly, that is part, if not all of the motivation for his being there today, to say, gee, if he can testify in front of congress, on these matters, in
10:29 am
character, as steven colbert, it will be something about a mockery about the entire congressional hearing process. bill: a stand down, between colbert and congress and we'll see how it work out. martha: she's trying to get him to stay and finish -- >> and he's getting great pr out of this! great publicity. are millions of seniors ready for sticker shock, health care provisions are in place. will you be affected? we'll explain that with our fox medical a team in a minute. martha: backyard brawling caught on tape, two teenagers throwing down in front of a cheering crowd and one of the spectators was not a high school students. wait until you hear who is being investigated for this. pwpwpspwpa
10:30 am
10:31 am
10:32 am
10:33 am
martha: you already know this, i'll tell you again, fox news is america's election headquarters, right and we have 39 days to go until election day and we're focused on what is important nout there. so instead of asking political analyst and consultants and potentially candidates we like to turn to the voters to define the issues and today we head to the nation's largest fishing port in new bedford, massachusetts to talk to farmers and we talked to farmers outside of chicago, and rodeo drive, folks in beverly hills, california, taking the pulse of the people, william lajeunesse in our west coast newsroom with what people had to say, hey,
10:34 am
william. >> reporter: we didn't want consultants from the left or the right or voices that represent liberal or conservative, we wanted to get out outside the beltway, new york and d.c., secondly, polls tell you what, but not why voters feel e the way they do and we asked the same question of a cross-section of america. >> this is a change that everyone was looking for, it's not a good change. >> maybe too much change. change is in the wrong direction. >> reporter: from new england... to the midwest. >> there are definitely some needs for some changes. >> we need to cut spending, of course, cut taxes. >> reporter: to the streets of beverly hills. >> i'm wondering why takes itting so long for the economy to kick back. >> we are still in the direction direction. >> reporter: america speaks, what exactly is washington doing that is bugging you. >> no matter what the people say they seem to do the opposite. >> more concerned about our country. >> the republican and democrats cannot even get along and expect
10:35 am
us to get along. >> reporter: voters hate the blame game. >> it's all about intolerance and then, shifting the blame. >> the politician get in there with their own little agenda. >> we as the people are being punished, when they don't work together. >> reporter: how do americans grade the president. >> i would love to say a b plus but it is more a d. >> an a. >> a would say a d. >> i thought he was going to do a better job. >> give him an "a" for effort, he came in with the right mindset and was trying, to do the right stuff, i don't think he got there, anywhere close. >> reporter: if you had one question for the president... >> why did you want to become president, if you cannot handle it? >> how much longer until things turn around. >> my first thing that came to my head, i would ask, is he happy? you know, because he's got quite a load on his shoulders. >> reporter: next week we ask about the bush tax cuts, and the death tax and what americans can
10:36 am
consider to -- consider to be a fair tax rate, income tax rate, martha, 10, 20, 30%, it is fair to say they are not on the same page in washington. martha: william, thank you so much and all of the hot political developments heading into november's midterms are interesting, pretty much wherever you are, you can check in on the polls and everything going on and download the new america's election headquarters iphone app, cool and on our web site at and picket up at a store on your way -- pick it up at a store on your way home. bill: it is 3 seconds, that easy and martha, there is a new study that says millions of seniors in america will bear the brunt of paying for the health care overly haul and some of the seniors are the ones who can least afford it. dr. marc siegel is a member of the medical a-team, all choked up, doc, how are you. >> i guess i got the guy in case i need to make the call. medicare advantage is used by millions of americans and 1 in 4
10:37 am
seniors. >> and we are really in trouble with medicare, because in 2012, $140 billion is going to be cut out of the program. now, the seniors who use medicare advantage, this is interesting, medicare itself, people don't know this, only pays for 80% of the medicare part b and you are scrambling around trying to get the rest of the 20% to pay your doctor or some of your services in the hospital, a lot of people can't afford the secondary of an aarp or a blue cross and they have to go to an hmo-style situation, where and insurance -- insurance gives them an overlying insurance which covers everything and pays 100% and pays your prescription drugs and your doctors' bills and interestingly enough, another survey shows that medicare advantage patients are 33% more likely to go to the doctor, but, 10% less likely to be admitted to the hospital. bill: that tells me they are practicing preventive medicine, right? catching it beforehand. >> exactly. that is what the president is saying he wants to happen draes acro
10:38 am
-- across the board and i have always said we cannot afford the price tag of the easy-to-use insurance but i'm seeing a robin hood situation developing where the seniors, who have that kind of insurance, already, are going to have to use it -- lose it, as it gets rated by the federal government. bill: what the study concludes is millions of americans could be paying thousands and thousands of dollars more in a couple of years and you point out it has not gone into effect yet but this is the trends they are seeing. >> absolutely, the bill will cut $500 million from medicare and $140 billion comes from this. now, bill, patients already are having trouble with this, because, the 80% i talked about, reimbursement to me, on the medicare dollar is only about 75% of what i get from private insurance. i'm already struggling as a private physician to take medicare, and, you know what? up to 30% of new patients, under the survey last year cannot find a physician to take medicare, we're dropping out of it, already. bill: you as a doctor, incentives to take on more of
10:39 am
these patients is dropping. >> it's not happening and i have hanging over my head the 30%, 28% medicare cut that keeps looming, temporary reprieve, like cost cuts, the physicians are nervous about this and dropping out of medicare and dropping out of medicaid at a time when the federal government is expanding. >> i want to make this one point, the experts are telling you now, telling seniors, who are affected by this, start shopping around now? and get ahead of the game. >> here's what you have to do, first you have to find a doctor and i hate to be corny but a doctor who is so committed to you that he will not drop you, and roll through life, the rollercoaster and, finding a physician who is committed to you and figure out what you will do for your secondary, medicare advantage is not available. i say catastrophic, if something that you can have in an emergency. that is where we heading with the health care system, a bleak future but you have to find a doctor who believes in you. bill: you made sense of the it. thank you, doctor, marc siegel, part of our medical a-team, watch the trend. >> thanks, bill. bill: martha? martha: there is some interesting stuff playing out, on capitol hill today, we're
10:40 am
watching the back and forth with steven colbert and in many ways it makes you shake your head and wonder what is going on in congress, folks. >> thank you very much. thanks to all of the witnesses... martha: we will get some of that sound so we can tell you what is playing out there. it is quite astonnishing and a lot of questions about why he'd be called as a witness in an immigration hearing, that is congresswoman lofgren. bill: the satirist, this is caught on tape and it's not your every day fight. two teenage girls and one of the mothers now facing charges. and we ask, what was the mother doing there? martha: and lindsay lohan, back in court today, folks. >> i'm not taking this as a joke. my life... it is my career and, what i worked for my entire life, and, you know, i have learned from my experiences and take responsibility for my
10:41 am
actions. and, i was trying to do the best i can. martha: she said she knew it wasn't a joke, that was on july 6th, why is she headed back to jail now? ♪ [ ma announcer ] throughout our lives, we encounter new opportunities. at the hartford we can help you pursue them with confidence. ♪ by helping you prepare for your financial fut.. and protecting your homend family. so go forward, with confidence. and with the hartford ehind you... achieve what's ahead of you. ♪
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>> good morning, i'm jon scott, when jenna lee joins me, breaking news on iran, the leader of the country holds a news conference minutes from now, will he try to defend his outrageous comments about 9/11, plus... jenna talks with freed american sarah shourd. also today an in-depth look at the tea party and a major new threat, the most malicious cyber worm ever released, we're getting to it, cyber warfare on happening now. bill: jon, thank you, see you in 15 minute, as he was mentioning we're learning from the white house that the president, president obama, will comment on the comments of the iranian president, made yesterday, about
10:45 am
an inside job on 9/11. made on the floor of the u.n. yesterday, the u.s. delegation got up and walked out, and there has been indignation since, and we don't know what time it will happen but we'll get it to you as soon as we do. in the meantime, as john mentioned there, 15 minutes away, mahmoud ahmadinejad speaks again, in new york city. he held a press conference at the top of the hour and this will be a focus and we'll have it for you then when it happens here on fox. martha: you shake your head and wonder, cheering crowds, look at all the team, egging on two teenage girls in florida. to punch harder. and one of those voices belongs to the girl's mother.
10:46 am
39-year-old april newcomb, arrested on child abuse charges after being seen and heard encouraging her daughter to not stop swinging. arthur rydell is here, a criminal defense attorney and fox news contributor, and joey jackson, a fox news contributor. i look at the situation and i think, are you kidding me? are you kid meeting? we live in a world where these girls get together to duke it out and everybody gathers around in a big circle and mom is cheering one of them on? >> well, you know, i don't know what to say, martha. only because they then arrest the mother. and, against my own self-interest, as a criminal defense attorney arguing people shun shouldn't be arrested, but arresting her? she should go to jail for this? no guns, knives, bats, two girls are swinging it out, and it is bad and she should have broken it up, absolutely, but is the
10:47 am
purpose of the criminal justice system. >> absolutely. >> i don't think it is, you want to say family services will get involved and go to the house and investigate? martha: i hear what you are saying. i think child abuse is, you know, an -- an interesting way to go at this situation, clearly. but, you know what? joey, according to the reports, what the mom saids washing wel , sh, -- said was, well, i couldn't have stopped them and i decided to get in there and root for my girl. >> it is sickening, it shouldn't happen and we need zero-tolerance when it comes to any fighting, much less the youth of tomorrow. are you kidding me? the mother absolutely should be prosecuted and any other adult who was there. encouraging, aiding and abetting, they needed to go down, we should not allow that. martha: now -- here's my question for you. -- >> america of the 1950s and 1960s, when two guys had an altercation with the teens, i'll might on the train and -- irish
10:48 am
andy italian guy and my father, went to my graduation with a black eye. >> that was years ago, arthur. >> and jimmie o'connell didn't make to it graduation. that is the way things were. >> we don't operate like that anymore. martha: i know what you are saying and maybe it is sexist that i think it is really reprehensible and not appropriate for the girls to do it and the mom to cheer them on, that is just me but on the other hand a child abuse charge, what is this basis? if you could argue that successfully how would it be done. >> she should be prosecuted. martha: that she is -- >> it is clear and -- the prosecutor is saying it is so clear and apparent to any reasonable person her daughter could be hurt and no action to stop it and is putting her daughter at risk of serious physical injury and is abusing her child, 100%. >> and that is the argument. you cannot live in a society where you actually encourage this. what if somebody really got hurt and i know you said there are no guns or knives and there don't
10:49 am
need to be, they have nails and everything else and could rip each other's eyes out and the fact a mother would say, go get her! >> and go back to the point, martha raised the top in, if these were boys, would you say the same thing. >> yes. >> really. >> the fathers were there, we wouldn't be doing this. martha: i think you are right. i'm not sure it's a law enforcement issue but we need to, a peel to the nature of civilization and say, what on earth are we doing higher, folks. >> and the school, it happened off school grounds, we can't do anything... martha: thank you so much. good to have you guys here as always. bill: big shout out to artie's dad, today, too! martha: we love him! bill: she spent more than a year a prisoner in iran and today tells her story on "happening now" live at the top of the hour and also, breaking news in miami, police have a bank surrounded. who is inside and what are their demands? back live, in southern florida
10:50 am
in a moment, here, on fox. appraiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint condition. appraiser: and i would say if this were to go to auction today, appraiser: conservatively it would be worth 2 in the bush. woman: really? appraiser: it's just beautiful, thank you so much for bringing it in. woman: unbelievable anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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bill: if you are waking up and joining us, we're watching the story out of south there, all morning long, we have -- south florida, all morning long, the bank of america building has been surrounded and held up by police, and the coral gables police department across the street from the university of miami made contact with someone inside the bank, they say and not to be an employee, and they believe there is only one person inside, and, there is a device of some nature they have to check out, why the bomb squad is on the scene and the s.w.a.t. team has been out there, too and students across the street, at school have been given a warning, alert to be aware and stay away and watching the story, and, phil keating, live
10:54 am
with us and hopefully we'll have a conclusion, we don't know what kind of contacts they've had and that is the key in all of this, breaking news in florida. happening right now. here. on "america's newsroom." martha: back to the comedy and reality, that is congress, folks. i mean, when you think about the approval numbers for congress, right now, you have to wonder how they feel, especially congresswoman lofgren, and there is steven colbert, being his brilliant, comedic self now is gathering a lot of fantastic material for his show tonight, i guarantee you that. let's play a piece to get a gist of what is going on in our nation's com ae's capitol. >> i'm steven colbert and i'm an american citizen. it is an honor and a privilege to be here today. congresswoman lofgren asked me to share my vast experience spending one day as a migrant farm worker, and i'm happy to use my celebrity to draw attention to the important complicated issue, i certainly
10:55 am
hope that my star power can bump the hearing all the way up to c-span-1. martha: there you have it, folks. he went on to say this is america, i don't want to -- a tomato picked by a mexican and, i want it picked by an american and sliced by guatemalans, and this is great material for him and his show and you have to wonder, what congress is thinking, sitting there looking at the situation and we have been had! bill: one member of congress asked him to get up and leave the room and colbert said if the chairwoman asks me to, i'll do it and apparently she didn't. martha: she said i want to hear what you have to say. bill: there's the statement. you wonder about the economy today and about tax breaks and about elections. and you have a subcommittee on the house side doing that. martha: and you wonder why congress's approval ratings are where they are. more confidence in people's ability to spends their time well, right? bill: also, in a moment here, mourning the loss of a legendary voice. after the break. does any mother ever feel like their kids are adults?
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bill: we mentioned this a bit earlier, so*uts of the texas-mexico border, the mayor and city worker had been gunned down by dr-related violence, it happened to dr. gon volumeez, 150 miles from the texas town of laredo. breaking news a bit earlier. we want to make sure you knew just a bit more about that in mexico. martha: and singer eddie fisher has passed away, on wednesday, after complications of hip surgery, he had a beautiful, beautiful voice. things like thinking of you, any time, and count your blessings, that was overshadowed sometimes by his tumultuous marriage to liz taylor and connie stevens. bill: god bless him and the life he lived, huh? hey, it's friday! martha: i'll be back here on monday. bill: have a good weekend, sweetheart. ahmadinejad will talk in a matter of moments, too. we'll see what comes o


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