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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 28, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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republicans will have to do something they are not used to which is legislating something. >> we'll finally have oversight. >> sean: we are out of time. thanks for being with us. we give leann to toss it to greta. >> greta: tonight, rush limbaugh, sarah palin, newt gingrich. and an inside look at a tea party in a place would you never expect. first, rush limbaugh. rush, thank you for joining us. earlier today you said on your show that the upcoming elections boils down to this, it is either obama and the democrats or america. you can't have both. what do you mean by that? >> well, i think it is pretty clear. i think we are in the midst of a disaster, greta. i think the obama administration, the regime and it agenda is a disas for -- disaster for this country as
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founded. the private sector is where jobs are created for americans. there aren't any jobs being created and no policies in place to create jobs. the policies in place are depressing job creation. so, the question here for the election is. obama and the democrats or america? you can't have both. maybe i should say america as founded. this is -- i think it is crunch time. i don't think is being overstated. i don't think it is being exaggerated. >> greta: what do you think of the tea party and its effect on the mid terms? >> we'll, clearly the tea party is hag a profound effect on the midterm election. look at alaska and tell delaware. lisa murkowski says she is going to run as a write-in campaign. they did polling and she is taking votes from the democrat. the same in delaware, castle,
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smarting with maybe a write-in candidacy. they polled it and found castle would take votes from coons the democrat and not from christine o'donnell. i think what is happening, if you look at who the tea party nominees are and who the people that comprise the tea party. these are people who live lives. there's a nathan deal in georgia has a debt problem. it is not hurting his campaign. he can relate to the people in this country who make it work. the tea party people have not been groomed for political advancement from college on. the way has not been paved for them. these people have made it on their own, living their lives. that's who is servicing now. there was a piece in the american spectator a minute ago i thought was fabulous. it has been made into a small book called "the ruling
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class." we are dealing with the ruling class elites which is a minority running the country versus the country class that's the average, ordinary people who make it work. when i say elites. they are not better than anybody else, they just think think are. they think they are special, smarter, more sophisticated, but they are not. they are in the process of ruining the country. part of being an american is wanting to lead a legacy for your children and grandchildren better than ha what you found or had. people are genuinely thinking it is not going to be possible first time in american history in the modern era. it is not good and it has got to change. republicans are clamoring for people to get involved, run for office, now they are out there doing. it is not time to put them down, it is time to support them. i'm invigorated by it. >> >> greta: has the republican party ignored the members of
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the tea party over the last year or two? >> did you say they've ignored them? >> greta: yes. have the republicans ignored the tea party? >> i think, not all republicans have. but washington is the political class, members of both parties obviously comprise the political class. washington is a town that has its own prescriptions for success. it has its mechanisms in place how you advance there. both politically and socially. and the tea party people, i think there's a good way to illustrate, in a way that -- a fairly good analogy. i can remember in the early 90s, greta, when my show was just taking off. it would go to parties in the northeast, northeast republicans, i'm naive at this point i'm thinking all republicans are all conservative, i was dead wrong. these people whose names you would recognize, i don't want to mention them, come up to me
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after dinner and jab me in the chest and say what are you going to do about christians? the pro-lifers, we can't win anything breaux lifers dominating this party. you've got to shut 'em up we to get the social issues out of the republican party. turns out these guys were being badgered by their wives over the abortion issue and they were embarrassed to go to the conventions with the pro-lifers and people who they thought were the unsophisticated didn't understand how politics worked democrat friends making fun of them. a little bit what is happening now. the tea party is bunch of outsiders. look at sarah palin. you know her well. she being reacted to the way the other tea party are not because she is a walking joke but because they fear her. same with christine o'donnell. liberalism, i think is all a lie. liberals live their lives trying to cover-up the lie and make sure that it is not
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exposed. that's why clarence thomas was so opposed. democrat party loves to say they believe in civil rights. himming the downtrodden. helping blacks get ahead. clarence thomas gets nominated, all hell breaks lose and they set out to destroy him. he represents the threat. here's a guy when we was confirmed is now the most powerful in real terms black man in america. and he didn't get they're going through the democratic party civil rights group, affirmative action, represents a threat shows people you can succeed and become whatever you want, without going the route, the ruling class tells you must or the democrat party tells you must. same with palin. she has lived a full and rich real life. nothing was paved for her. hillary clinton, didn't even get a full partnership at a law firm until bill became
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governor. michelle obama got the no-show job at the chicago hospital after her husband was elected the illinois legislature. these women, did it on their own. their dads didn't pave the way. parents, sponsors didn't pave the way i think right now it is an interesting thing to see that the average ordinary real people who want to aspire to great things are being destroyed or trying to be destroyed, being impugned, laughed at and made fun of, because they do pose a great threat to the existing power structure in place in what i call the recalling class. >> greta: what do you think about the pledge to america? >> i think it is fine. i have to laugh. i look at obama talking, oh yeah it is a pledge to destroy america, whatever he says. he's the one doing that. i wasn't sticking a full
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fledged ledge lay agenda. i didn't have a lot of -- ledge lay agenda. i didn't have a lot of expectations. i remember pelosi in 2005, 2006 when they were running against republican majority in the house at that time was asked what are you going to do? nothing. we don't have a plan. our plan is to stop george w. bush. frankly, that's my plan to stop the democrats. stop the obama machine. republicans wanted to come up with a blueprint, if you will, that if they win they want to have a little bit of a mandate to do something. you can't say we won because we are not the democrats. we won because we are the os"3tu)sq what is the other guy gonna do? here's what our objectives are. some people say they didn't get specific enough legislatively. i didn't have a problem with it. i don't think there is anything major wrong with this. it is a starting point. look, some of these people
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involved in putting the pledge together, are not tea party republicans. the conservative movement per se, has not totally retaken the republican party. this is a starting point. we got years and years and years ahead of us this is just the first of many elections have that have to be big and victorious. if we are to stop the direction that the american left has taken the country in. >> greta: one last question which politician currently, do you admire most or impresses you the most? >> which politician do i currently admire the most? >> greta: yes. >> you know, you are asking me a question if i answer this, i'm going to make a lot of enemies. but, it is really hard to say. i really look at sarah palin however, and i look at everything they've thrown at her. i look at the attempts they've
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made to destroy her. a decent, good, patriotic woman who has not done anything to anyone. she has lived the life that the feminists told us women should doll. she has had it all many family woman. she started out in the pta and got involved in her kids' lives took it further to get involved in politics at a higher level. she has done it all. and she has not withered under the efforts to literally destroy her. you have to admire that. you have to admire people who don't quit and give up, especially doing it with a small on her face. she has defied them along the way. even republicans said when she quit the governorship, she is never gonna -- [ inaudible ] look at her. her daughter is on "dancing with the stars" cross over into the so-called mainstream. entertainment tonight in wasilla?
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that's the hollywood left! gotta just be rubbing the democrats this woman is supposed to be a standing joke. they can't make a joke out of her because she is a serious woman who loves being american, loves life. you have to admire how she stood up against this attack. there are a lot of people on the republican side i can say this about. i don't mean to leave them out by mentioning her. a lot of these tea party people. sharron angle they are going after her. what has she done? she is no more unqualified than joe biden. the walking gas machine. people on the left, essence of brilliance and sophistication. by god they are destroying the country. look, if mickey mouse were running, i would vote for mickey mouse over obama or anybody else on the democrat side, that simple. if they got a "d" next to their name, vote against them.
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>> greta: rush, that you. >> always a pleasure. >> greta: next, sarah palin, just wrote a skating article with the title, lies, damn lies. what is that about? and former speaker of the house newt gingrich is minutes away. plus inside story on a tea party fully a very unexpected place. -- stay right here.
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>> it was full of lies. >> greta: like what? >> that we would be bearing the cost. no, costs are going to increase! and obama said, oh, yeah, he knew it all along. and i wrote in my piece that only in this administration would they call a multi-trillion-dollar bill that's going to be hand to the american public something that's marginal. that's just one of them. the whole discussion about abortions, whether those would be funded by taxpayer dollars, come to find out, yeah, the abortion funding and some of the
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more detailed states that have to be mandated with obama care in pennsylvania and a coup of states, they will see taxpayer funding going to abortions. those 24 cases. it's one thing after another that we were promised under the speculation about what obama care contained, it's such a stark contrast to what the reality is within obama care. but more and more people are reading it. they are understanding what's in it. and they are saying, we don't like it. >> greta: in terms of abortion, the only provision that you are making reference to is where the mother's life is in danger or there is rape or incest. it is not -- for lack of a better word -- elective abortion. >> perhaps. we are finding out more and more as we dig bot details. but the point is that the american public were told, the white house and congressmen and -women that there would be no taxpayer funding of abortion.
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you dig into it and you see as it is applied to some particular states, there is funding for that. so it creates a space of distrust, of dishonesty in this bill. that's what people are so concerned about, what else is in there that we weren't told? >> greta: and my next question, take back 20, what does that mean? >> take back 20. there are 20 states in play right now, where areas where mccain and i carried them in the '08 elections. and in these areas, currently, the congress members voted for obama care. they need to be challenged. thankfully, these characters are being challenged by good candidate who is want to repeal and replace obama care. those 20 seats are really up for grabs. i am working hard to get these people noticed, to get their ideas listened to and to get their promise to repeal obama care and replace it with something that makes more sense, based on free market principles. i want the candidates to be given some attention and some
1:18 am
notice. that's what we are working on with the take back 20. caller: next, president obama versus former governor sarah palin in a comic book. now, what is going on with that? we will ask governor palin next. you think the president only has republicans and the tea party movement? think again, some democrats are sprinting as fast as they can away from president obam a. newt gingrich goes fot record about that story, minutes away. ♪ where'd you learn to do that so well. ♪ ♪ where'd you learn to do that so well. ♪ the new cadillac srx. the cadillac of crossovers. cadillac. the new standard of the world.
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>> greta: continuing with sarah palin. let me ask you about the republican party and the tea party movemen >> greta: does the republican
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party get it, what the members of the tea party movement want? >> oh, they're getting it now. some of those in the hierarchery, in the machine, some of them don't like it and they are fighting back from the tea party american ideas that are based on common sense. but they're hearing the message. and that's why i think some of them are shifting gears and deciding to go ahead and support the pledge that was recently revealed. and as for those endorsments, let me jump back to that subject really quickly. it's a double-edged sword. i know that it is and when i talk to candidates about receiving an endorsement, i tell them, you are going to be under a lot more scrutiny, your ideas, your character, your intentions if my name's attached. i am thankful for nose who are bold enough to say, give me the endorsement anyway and let me speak for myself and let my ideas stand on their own. and in a lot of cases, they let me back out and get out of the way, once they have gotten that
1:22 am
propulsion. >> greta: i am curious, the ones i have seen publicliy have been quite receptive. whether it's christine o'donnell, or any of the others. have some asked you want to endorse them? >> no, that's not the case. but the candidates themselves and the campaigns are good. it's the mainstream media that just piles on them, though. that's why i give them that warning, that heads up before i say yay to endorsing them to get ready for the onslaught of media scrutny and unfair treatment by the media. and in that way, greta, i give them an open door to -- to back out of the idea of me attaching my name to their campaign. caller: well, you mentioned -- >> greta: you mentioned the media, there was a reference to the saturday night live, christine o'donnell who was the subject of a segment or two on saturday night live got the sarah palin treatment. did you see the segment? or have you heard about it? what's your thought about the
1:23 am
sarah palin treatment on saturday night live! >> didn't see it. heard about it. and i thought, christine, welcome to my world. and really, it is not a bad world, christine, because you are going to be effective with your message. yeah, mainstream media's not going to like you, they are not going to like your message. those on the far left are going to try to clobber you and make things up and take them out of contest. but you will be effective in your message if you stay on point, if you are absolutely committed to what you believe is right for your constituents you are are going to be just fine. i heard about it and i thought: i have been there too. >> greta: a lot of people in politics would give their right arm to get the attention that sarah palin gets. it's almost a position -- there is a new archie magazine comic book coming out, it positions you with president obama, which, i mean, in this business, positioning is not a bad thing. it's not making less of either one of you.
1:24 am
it shows the two of you going at each other. so i mean, there is some value to the positioning you get. >> kind of bizarre, too, though. i don't have a title. i don't have an office. my office in my airplane hangar in wasilla. so it truly is a lesson, though, anda an example of anybody in america having an opportunity to make a difference. i can live that out. that's for sure. so that's a privilege. but, no. to be, i guess, characterized as someone who is up against the president of the united states of america from where i am in the positions that i am in, i think there are so many other people who have more of an ability to make a difference and really take on the president. and they are doing it. like michele bachman and others in congress who are working so hard and wouldn't wish some of the scrutiny and the media attention on some of my worst enemies. but i do wish that the mede media would understand what some people in positions of power and
1:25 am
authority can cast votes to make a difference in this country, that they would give them more attention and ideas to their solutions, like michele bachman. >> greta: want to give a wild guess on the midterms? how they are going to turn out? >> i can't guess on the numbers, of course. but i believe there is a great awakening across america. people on both sides of the aisle, and independent americans are just saying, enough is enough. and we are not going to put up with that status quo with just going down the path of incurring debt and growing government and taking away more people's opportunities and freedoms. enough is enough. we are going to go a different direction. caller: all right, i know you can take a lot of hits and a lot of pressure. but there is an awful lot of pressure on the palin pressure on dancing, isn't there? makes you a little nervous? >> i'm so nervous, i could throw up. yeah. bristol is, whole new ballgame for us, dancing tonight. showing a lot of courage, a lot
1:26 am
of grace. i am very, very proud of her and tickled to be there in the audience to watch her life. >> greta: did you ever think you would be watching your daughter on dancing with the stars? >> two and-a-half years ago, i never thought i would be a grandma. a has changed. >> greta: good luck to you and to bristol. thank you, governor. >> thank you so much. caller: next newt gingrich goes on the record and then the tea party is in the oddest place you can ever imagine. you will see that video right here, toe so stay tuned. ned. [ technician ] are you busy? management just sent over these new technical manuals.
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1:30 am
>> greta: i'm very well. i'm concerned about this whole business about taxes. whether they go up or down, whatever is going to happen, happens. but i don't want to be played. tell me, why can't we have a vote before midterms so those who could aren't a vote based on whatever the congress decides can do so? >> they could have a vote before the midterm. in fact, they shouldw0skv have a vote before they leave town. i think that every member should vote no on adjournment until a bill is signed into law. if you are a business trying to decide whether to add new employees, trying to help with the unemployment problem, right now you do not know what your taxes are going to be in january of next year. just three months away. so, you're in a situation where you can't decide to go out and hire anybody. in a sense, this indecision is actually i think, helping freeze the economy and maximize the unemployment
1:31 am
rate. it is a major mistake for the country. forget the democrats and republicans. it is a major mistake for the country to allow the congress to go home without finalizing and getting signed into law, a tax rate for next year. >> greta: well, i understand your point. the point -- the other point is the whole idea is that, look, americans can change their business or do their business or make personal decisions based on what they know, as you say. the whole idea it won't be voted on before election looks like we are being gamed. it may have happened when you were speaker of the house, i don't know. so be it. we are here and now. are we being gamed with election day? >> you are being gamed in a double way. it is very clear and i listened to democratic majority leader steny hoyer on chris wallace's fox news sunday. as hoyer explained why it was perfectly reasonable to come back after the election with defeated members and pass a
1:32 am
tax increase even though those members had just been defeated. i think a lame duck session for a party if they lose control the house. to come back and try to pass something having lost control íy! be an insult to every american who votes this fall and would undermine a sense of faith in our system. it is more than having a vote. they should pass a bill. the president should sign a bill, before the election. there's no reason that they have to rush off and go home. they ought to stay and get their job done and get in tax bill finalized. frankly, in the middle of this kind of recession, we should not raise taxes on anyone if we really care about jobs. >> greta: let me get to another issue in terms of this whole business about being -- a group of liberals, 46 liberal members of congress wrote a letter to the speaker. and the thing that -- if we have to raise taxes if that is
1:33 am
the solution, so be it if we don't, so be it. i don't care either way what i don't like is class warfare taking politics and apping it up. here's what the letter says extending the bush tax cuts will result in an 830 billion dollar give away for the nation's wealthiest of americans. to all the wealthy people out there who work hard, i don't see that as a give away to them if they have to pay moore to help our country out of a mess. i think that is designed to be nasty towards those people. it guess on. it says for the nation's wealthiest americans significantly increasing government debt as though that increases government debt, not spending and that is the rich people are causing the death and the interest in on which will be paid by our nation's middle class for years to come as though the rich won't be paying on the debt for years to come. whether we raise the taxes on the he rich, i don't know. but a letter like this is designed to divide us.
1:34 am
>> first of all, think about the arrogance of politics -- politicians saying letting you keep your own money that you earn is a give away. sense when is it the government's money that if we keep our own money, this is not asking the government to give us a check this is asking the government to get its hand out of our wallets. the sheer arrogance believing that every penny you earn is the 's money and if they let you have anything, the government is give an -- giving away what you have earned is wrong. second, when i was in the house, we kept all spending down to 2.9% a year total increase, including entitlements for four straight years, lowest rate since coolidge that's why we could balance the budget. we balanced the bunt while cutting taxes if you want to get to a balanced budget, if you are worried about the deficit, quit spending. don't think you are going to catch up with tax increases. frankly, these politicians will raise the spending to stay ahead of whatever amount of tax money you give them.
1:35 am
>> greta: i don't think we are going to solve a problem by lying and insulting. i think a letter like this to insult people and insult the rich is not a way to make them feel generous and want to help us out of a fix. it is the methodology. whether taxes go up or down, frankly, i don't care so much. but i would like not to divide our nation in the process. all right, -- go ahead sir. >> go ahead. somebody should take that letter and send major dough forces to those 46 members and say here's what that member really thinks of you. growth that might be done, who knows. the republican pledge how does it compare to the contract with america? we just it last week, is that the republicans sort of gaming the electorate saying here we got something for you now? >> no. i think is good timing. what they are saying is, going in the time they leased it,
1:36 am
six weeks of campaigning left. they are saying this is the direction we'll go in, this is what we believe in. less spending in washington. we believe in lower taxes. we want to focus on job creation. we have specific government reforms in mind. i think their proposal to require all juror -- all major new regulations to go back to the congress is a revolutionary change from is an interesting, powerful idea. i think is a useful, significant step in the right direction. i think mccarthy from california did a good job orchestrating it. i think it is a very solid step in the right direction. particularly, if you draw a contrast with what reid and pelosi have been doing. the difference teen the liberal democrats in the house and senate and where the republican pledge would take us is 180°. >> greta: why did they put in a ban on -- why didn't they
1:37 am
put in a ban on earmarks? great way to spend the money while the rest of us stand by and watch. >> i wish they had. i think they did put a lot of good things in there. it is not perfect but it is a solid document in the right direction. any conservative can compare it favorably to the boil leslie-reid record and you will see how different washington would be if there was a republican majority in the house and senate. >> greta: speaker gingrich if you will stand by. are some democrats running from president obama like he has the playing? did vice president biden just go rogue big time? he might get taken to the wood shed for this one. stay right here. ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. plus five dollars in coupons to get you started. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on.
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1:41 am
earhardt. american's military leader in afghanistan says the taliban is trying to reconcile with the afghan government, general petraeus saying top taliban leaders have reached out to the highest levels of the government in the midst of the most important battle in the afghan war so far. operation dragon strike involvedos 8,000 u.s. troops, targeting kandahar, the heart of taliban territory. the obama administration pushing for new regulations to make it easier to tap into personal internet and email, officials say they need time -- or they need to improve the ability to eavesdrop on conversations involving terrorism and public safety issues. critics worry it will make people more vulnerable to identity theft. now back to greta. thanks for watching. >> greta: many democrats running full speed way from the president this election season. with friends like that the
1:42 am
president does not need enemies. newt gingrich is back with us. sir, seems like a lot of democrats are running ads without saying they are democrats. saying they didn't vote for health care. essentially running from the president and the democratic policies. is this unusual or not? >> well, i think it is unusual in a normal year. but this isn't a normal year. i think failure of the obama economic policies, the unpopularity of the giant health bill, the disagreement over the 787 billion dollars in stimulus withdrawal added to the deficit, what you have is a country which is in most parts of the country, increasingly unhappy. if you were a democrat trying to get reelected and you took a poll in your district and found 2-1 the people in your district wanted to repeal the obama health plan, probably if you voted yes, you wouldn't put your vote in the
1:43 am
advertising. a lot of this is normal. what has begun to be more interesting is the fact that congressman taylor the democrat from mississippi, is now saying he would like to vote for a skeleton the democrat from missouri to be speaker. house. it will be interesting to see if there's a rebel kwrofpb that starts -- rebellion that starts to brew. in georgia a democrat has been hinting that maybe he wouldn't vote for speaker pelosi next year if there was another alternative. i think you are seeing a number of places where democrats are starting to try to find an excuse way to hide without being held accountable for either harry reid or nancy pelosi or president obama. >> greta: there's a list includes chet edwards of texas, ohio congressman and others who will not commit. what is interesting, i was surprised to read that. speaker pelosi whether you are for her or against her in policy she was able to herd
1:44 am
those cats like nobody else to get that health care. i lot of people don't like health care but she seemed to accomplish the impossible to get everybody onboard to vote for it within the congress. >> i think if you measure sheer power, as the ability to drive something through against the will of the american people, then you have to give president obama and speaker pelosi and majority leader reid very high marks. because they rammed through things, 878 billion dollar spending bill, that nobody had read. -- 787 billion dollar spending bill that nobody read. these are remarkable achievements, they may be negative. they may lead them to lose the election decisively this fall. it is not because they are weak many they may be wrong but not weak. the challenge for them is, the american people are going fine, i got it, if that's what you want to do, i'm going to defeat you and then you won't be able to do it. their willingness to run over
1:45 am
the american people has led to the size of the tidal wave that is bidding. i think you will see votes on the adjournment as key votes going into the election. because i think the public is going to react badly if this congress goes home without passing a tax bill or doing anything responsible phone the economy. i don't think they will be able to sell voting to go home without having done their job at the a time of 9.6% unemployment. >> greta: it is hard to understand how the democrats isn't see it coming. they all got yelled at in the summer of '09 on health care. then the republicans were sitting there licking their chops, looking at democrats getting that. then alaska, colorado, nevada, delaware and utah, republicans are getting their rude awakenings in these primaries. it is not like the republicans are listening to the american people either.
1:46 am
>> that's right. what the american people are saying to both parties is, we want smaller government, lower taxes. we are tired of arrogant politicians and arrogant bureaucrats for that matter arrogant judges. i think the fact in the republican primaries you've had one of the greatest upsurges of reform candidates in american history. christine o'donnell in delaware, which may have been the biggest surprise. joe miller in alaska, you were just talking to governor palin. you look at the race in nevada where angle came out of nowhere and suddenly sharron angle is a real competitor. you look at what has happened with rand paul in kentucky. these are remarkable results. i think there are seven races where the grass roots insurgent defeated the establishment. that should shake the leaders of both parties to realize there's a deep public anger and public unhappiness with the way politics have been going on. i think it carries up to the
1:47 am
state level. where you now see for example the republican head -- ahead by a big margin in michigan, wisconsin, illinois for governor. kasich ahead in ohio. there's a real nationwide movement towards fundamental change. >> greta: talk about state races there's also the is senate race in california which is so interesting. senator boxer has moved ahead by a few points of fiorina. today we learned that the san francisco chronicle has declined to endorse anybody. that's a real shot at boxer that the newspaper in san francisco won't endorse here. i think they said -- i'm paraphrasing didn't have a distinguished 18 year career. basically what did she do for us? that is stufpbing. >> boxer and reid are two people who i think are going to be hurt badly if they go home without having passed a tax bill. they have to explain with the kind of unemployment nevada
1:48 am
right now highest unemployment rate in the country 14 1/2%. california combined almost 20%. to go home to those economies and explain running for reelection was more important than passing a tax bill to get the economy prove moving again that becomes a heff -- moving again that becomes a chevy burden for boxer and murray all of these western democratic incumbents are going to have a big challenge explaining why they didn't stay in washington and get the job done for the economy. >> greta: of course harry reid's constituents may say why did you give nelson all that money on health care, we didn't get anything. i still think reid is going to win. >> you and i have a little bette o'bet on that one. we'll see election fight. >> greta: -- mr. speaker, that you. >> take care. >> greta: here is what is coming up on the o'reilly
1:49 am
factor. >> bill: new poll out, i your humble correspondent many involved. brit hume, bernie goldberg, coming up on the factor. >> greta: o'reilly at 11. we are live until the top of the hour. next, the best of the rest. what is the odds -- oddest place would you expect to see a tea party? we have that video, next. >> remember captain sully? we have another dazzling landing caught on tape. you will see it, next. >> plus, uh-oh, did you hear what vice president biden just said about his own party? democrats might like like this one. stay tuned. -- might not like this one, stay tuned. recently, sharp made a major leap forward
1:50 am
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest this is not your average hollywood bash. a tea party partied yesterday in beverly hills, california. yes, that beverly hills. hollywood legend pat boon and some of his neighbors organized the rally, a dozen conservative speakers addressed the crowd. check it out.> we tired of the arguments. this is not about democrats or republicans this is about a failure of our political system. >> i used to be a registered democrat i voted for bill clinton the first term. after 9/11, i became a republican. in all due respect president obama and his administration is taking our country in a direction that a lot of us are very unhappy with. >> we have let this country be taken away from us by an
1:54 am
administration who has a socialist, they call it progressive now they realize socialist is not a good word. >> i'm fed up with what is going on in washington this is a grass roots operation, nothing rested to the parties. we want to make our voice heard. we feel we haven't had our voices heard in this congress with this president. >> we want our voices her. they work for us. we don't work for them. >> greta: he was our captain sully. that's how one passenger describes captain conroy, a pilot who saved a plane load of delta passengers from disaster. the hero pilot was forced to do an emergency landing because the right wheel jammed in the up position. captain conroy prepared for the worst. >> completely obvious we are declaring an emergency. >> greta: the plane's wing skidded against the ground causing sparks to fly into the night's sky. luckily the captain and his
1:55 am
crew kept their cool and the plane skidded to a halt. none of the 64 onboard was injured. >> vice president biden has a message for his democratic base, stop whining! ouch! this might not win the vice president popularity points. he said he wanted to remind our base constituency to stop whining and get out there and look at the alternatives. this president has done an incredible job, he kept his promises. will that get the democratic base fired up for november? we will find out, soon enough. >> you knew this would end up in the best of the ref. the second annual international pumpkin boat championship just happened in germany. the idea is straight for. people making boats out of real pumpkins and raced more 650 feet cross a lake. the pumpkin boat race is the only one of its kind in europe. this year's winner says the secret was to become a pumpkin. good strategy.
1:56 am
there you have the best of the rest. >> still ahead, does north korean dictator kim jong il watch "saturday night live"? he might not be happy tonight. stay tuned. [ woman ] do you think expensive specialty brands always have the best anti-aging skin-care products? experts from america's top beauty magazines have rated an array olay products best. and women just like you agree. [ male announcer ] in a study presented by "better homes and gardens," 50,000 consumers voted, and olay definity color recapture was chosen "best new product." plus, in a recent study, ol regenerist micro-sculpting cream hydrated better than 22 expensive luxury creams costing up to $500. no wonder 80% of women said olay provided a luxurious experience. [ male announcer ] and for one-on-one advice, gives you personal recommendations
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash those studio lights. it's time. last call. saturday night live is back for a new season. we're wondering if kim jong-il is watching. >> north korea's losing party will hold it's biggest meeting in decades to choose new leadership to replace the aling kim jong-il. leading candidate so far? kimjong not-ill. >> lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. make sure you check out our