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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 1, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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here because we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> the president: they say there is an enthusiasm gap. >> there's an energy and passion in our party. >> the president: we cannot let that happen. >> americans feel they are being set-up, they are. >> the president: we cannot sit this out >> american people have gotten tired of being lectured to. >> i've seen the good, bad and the ugly. lately, there's been a lot of ugly. >> the president: we can let this country fall backwards, the stakes are too high. >> we are fighting to decide the future identity of our country. >> the liberal agenda has not worked. they said they would help create jobs, they did not. >> the president: we have to
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move this country forward. >> we are consigning our kids and kids to a lower living standard. >> the president: there better not be an enthusiasm gap people, not now! >> who would have guessed we would look back on the carter years as the good old days? >> sean: the democratic smear campaign is in full force. now it has grown legs in california. the latest victim republican gubernatorial candidate meg whitman. she will be here to respond to the allegations against her in just a moment. first let's look at the accusations. the smear campaign is being orchestrated by attorney gloria allred. >> i represent meg whitman's former housekeeper. an undocumented worker, was employed by miss whitman for nine years until she was fired by her in june 2009. yesterday in a news conference nikki alleged miss whitman
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knew that she and her husband, dr. harsh were ememploying an undocumented worker. >> i'm suing because i know there are a lot of megs out there. who are mistreating the nikkis who work so hard for them. >> sean: allred alleges a letter whitman received from the social security administration alerted her a housekeeper was using a bonus social security number. one problem, the letter sent by the social security administration did no such thing. it merely requested information about the housekeeper, including her social security number and stated using the letter as an excuse to lay-off the employee in question was a potential violation of state or federal law. there's one other thing that gloria forgot to mention, she is a partisan ally of
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whitman's democratic opponent jerry brown and has been for over three decades. today the brown campaign confirmed allred served as a volunteer on his campaign in 1974. she also donated $150 to brown's 2006 campaign for attorney general. in this 1994 video you can see allred and brown sitting next to each other on cnn-span on a panel they appeared to together in june of that year. i think that makes allred's motivation clear. -- joining me with response to this, meg whitman. welcome back. thanks for being here. >> happy to be here. >> sean: it gets complicated. i think this is important. you highered this woman in 2000. you used an -- you hired this woman in 2000. you use add employment agency
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correct? >> yes and we asked specifically for someone they knew was documented. >> sean: and they provided you with documentation. a social security number, right? >> we had a copy of a social security card. a copy of a drivers -- diverer's license and an i-9 form filled out that says the employee signed under the penalty of i assert that i am legal to work -- of perjury, a that i am legal to work this country. >> sean: now allred goes to this letter you and your husband received from the social security administration, correct? >> yes. neither of us remembered receiving this. but, then it showed up. you are right in your intro it said something about immigration status. it said we are looking into with-2. what it read like was a -- w-2.
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what it read like was a clerical form. we were worried nikki wasn't going to get credit for a tax refund if she was due. my husband scribbled on the bottom and said nikki please look into this. >> sean: it said it is not a basis for you to take any adverse action against the employee such any employer that uses the information in this letter the letter they sent you, it goes on to say, to justify taking adverse action against any employee may violate state or federal law and you may be subject to legal consequence. so, it is not like -- they were telling you the opposite of what is being alleged here seems to me. >> that is right. we had no reason to believe that nicky diaz was here illegally. we had all the documentation none of this had come up until june of 200 the when she
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called me and said i have to talk to you. she said i know you are running for governor i have to tell you that i am here illegally. my husband and i were stunned and saddened. we had to make one of the most difficult decisions that i've had to make in my life, which is to let nicky go. she become a part of our extended family. it is illegal to hire illegals in california, so we let her go. >> sean: you were paying her a handsome salary. >> $20 three an hour to work 15 hours a week. she had tremendous flexability. i was concerned, -- she was a working mother this had three boys. she asked to work four days a week. we paid her $15 for those days. if she had to go out, we let her do that. of course and continued to pay her. we had a great relationship with nicky. i think what has happened here this is smear tactics this is
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dirty tricks in the worst tradition of democratic politics. >> sean: the timing is certainly suspect beyond anything else. we've pointed out this political alliance over the years between gloria and jerry brown. there are legal issues not against you, but against this woman you hired. she signed under the threat of perjury, this i-9 form. she lied on that document. >> and she had forged documents the social security card was fake. who knows how she got the driver's license. she is in serious trouble. what gloria allred has done in cahoots with the brown campaign they've sacrificed this latino, -- this latina who is a nice woman on the alter of jerry brown's political ambitions. no question this was a coordinated effort. >> sean: it does seem in that sense gloria allred has put
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her ability to stay in the united states in jeopardy. >> i think in enormous jeopardy. >> sean: what did you do with the information when you found out, besides firing her, what did you do with that information, anything? >> we didn't. we fulfilled our obligation as employer to let her go. we decided not to make an example of her. she had worked with us for many years. we made a decision that i thought was right to come lie with the law but decided not to make an cam of her. >> sean: this was how long ago that you let her go? >> of 2009. a little over a year ago. >> sean: again the timing five weeks before an election is interesting. >> here's the other thing that you should know. tomorrow i have a debate against jerry brown hosted by -- aimed at the latino audience in california. i think there was no accident to this timing. the brown campaign for two weeks has been flogging this story to the media.
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service employees until union was ready to go right after the conference. >> sean: are we a nation of law? the laws on the books apply in california. in your opinion o'opinion, i know this is if going to be a tough question, you think based on what we know she needs to be deported? >> that's a very tough question. but we are a nation of law. she has forged documents. basically, you know was illegal for nine years working for my family. i think it is a very tough situation. i'll leave it to the immigration and naturalization service. but i don't think it looks good for her. what breaks my heart is jerry brown and gloria allred. what is going to happen to nicky after november 2nd? whether i win or lose no one is going to care about thicky diaz. she is going to be deported. her three children were born here. her husband is here.
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as i've said before safe sacrificed her for jerry brown's political ambitions and gloria allred's pr stun. >> sean: i think is one of these issues that will boomerang. -- the fact that you had the documentation and showed due diligence is a credit to you going back to 2000. i don't think it is going to be the political campaign issue they thought. meg whitman we will be following this. thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much sean i appreciate it. >> sean: gop surging ahead in a key senate race. the gop candidate in that race will be here next along with senator mccain. first, how the white house chief of staff rahm rahmbo dead fish emanuel. how he bid farewell today. let's say they are giving him a taste of his own medicine.
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>> sean: it was a chicago-style good-bye for rahm emanuel. the chair of the council of economic advisers gave dead fish the most fitting gift we could think of, a dead fish. a great farewell gift for a typical chicago politician. rahmbo, as you fly into the windy city all we have to say is don't let the door hit you on the way out. good look getting legal residency.
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>> sean: as republicans set their sights on reclaiming the senate one of the must-win seats is in new hampshire where kelly ayotte is taking on paul hoads. she leads by double digits. it can't hurt she is backed by the national politician most beloved by votersc these new hb19$ireqy company you keep kelly. >> that's right sean. >> a loser. >> sean: first of all, the campaign is going well. new hampshire over the years has been a state that can go either way as a lot of north eastern states are. there's been this battle between the establishment republicans. we saw these races, rand paul,
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joe miller, christine o'donnell. more conservative3a4w party >> i'm a conservative, sean. i want to get our country back on track. less spending, lower taxes, smaller government. >> sean: senator mccain you are out there campaigning. i know this is one of your favorite states. >> that's my second favorite state. i love new hampshire. i love the independence of the people. i love kelly ayotte. she going to be an instant star when she gets to the united states senate. she -- by the way, i believe sarah palin endorsed you, right? >> governor palin did endorse me in the primary, sean. >> so i think kelly has some very strong conservative credentials as well. >> sean: kelly all around the country as we are interviewing a number of candidates around the country, interesting phenomenon.
9:16 pm
stimulus is not coming up, democrats are not running on it. they are not running on cap and tax they are not running on the health care bill is that the same phenomenon in your state? >> absolutely, the congressman i'm against voted for the stimulus but he's not running on it. he's trying to call himself a fiscal conservative. after having voted for stimulus, bailouts, obamacare. trying to remake himself. but the facts don't support it. >> sean: will you vote to repeal obamacare? >> absolutely. >> sean: what do you think, senator mccain, of the battle between the establishment and tea party candidates? >> i think that tea party movement in my state and all over this country is not only legitimate, they are going to be a powerful force in american politics for a long time to come. they also want for us to
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eliminate earmarking. they also, i think want a balanced budget amendment in the constitution. they also want secure borders. i think they are a major factor. and they are everyday citizens who have never been involved before. kelly mentioned that all these things that her opponent voted for and the democrats voted for this congress will go down as the cowardly congress. we left town without÷@>çiz4 bud. without a single money bill, appropriations bill. and a failure to address the tax extensions. now, every businessperson i talk to in arizona, new hampshire around this country say we need certainty. we need to know what our financial situation is going to be next year. now they know nothing. the reason the democrats, done want their people to take tough votes. we have a comfortable lifestyle in the congress, aren't we sent there to take tough votes? >> sean: apparently not. kelly, as i talk to people,
9:18 pm
four hours a day and i read the e-mail here at fox. and i listen to people. the one message coming across is they want america to return to its first principles. they feel like government has gotten too big, too arrogant, too out of control. they want to go back to what they believe is who are of a constitutional government. if you are elected, and you are up in the polls, how do you convoy to people, through legislation, that you agree that message? >> well sean, first of all the constitution, the greatest document ever created, we need to make sure our laws adhere to that i firmly believe if that. that's going to be very important to me every time i review a piece of legislation. we've got to get our fiscal mouse in order. i totally get with senator mccain. i do not support earmarks. i won't seek them for our state. we need to make sure we have a
9:19 pm
balanced budget. those are the things that will get us back to basic principles and get country on track. >> sean: how do we get a balanced budget? >> we've got to cut spending. unlike what my democratic opponents wants to do. he wants to raise taxes. we should be cutting spending rather than burdening americans with higher taxes. >> sean: is the idea to go back to 2008 levels enough? are we going to have to deal with entitlements? >> we absolutely need entitlement reform in addition to cutting back the budget. >> sean: good to see you. you got to be very careful hanging out with that guy next to you. >> you come and see her, she is great. >> thanks sean. >> sean: this is an important race we'll follow it closely. >> coming up, new york gubernatorial candidate the outspoken, carl palladino is here.
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>> first robert gibbs tries to blame republicans for the democrats' decision to leave washington before acting on the tax cuts. in a heated exchange the white house press corp calls his bluff. karl rove and much more, straight ahead. [ engine revs ]
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>> sean: as the tea party continues to shake-up midterm election races all over the are now identifying with the conservative movement. a new fox news opinion dynamics poll reveals 70% of voters support the main issues that the tea party has raised. calling for lower taxes, less government spending and regulation that includes 75% of independents and nearly half of democrats. in new numbers several potential gop candidates are
9:24 pm
polling remarkably well in hypothetical head-to-head match-ups with the president. mitt romney is virtually tied with obama former arkansas governor huckabee trails by only three points. the president holds an eight point lead over jeb bush. these numbers are not surprising considering america's level of frustration with the democratic party. during yesterday's briefing white house propagandist press secretary gibbs attempted to defend the party's poor decision to little avail. >> the president has said the republicans are holding up the tax cuts hostage. as i understand the democrats haven't introduced a bill in the senate and the republicans have. wouldn't there have to be a bill that republicans are threatening to block or blocking before anything is held hostage? >> i don't though what bills are being introduced in the senate.
9:25 pm
we could have passed the middle class alone, provided much needed certainty to the economy and middle class families. >> why not do that? why not introduce the bill and force the republicans to -- >> they weren't willing to do that. i don't understand your question. >> all they have to do is say the republican caucus is not gonna support this and democrats will just say okay we are not going to try. >> you are making the existence of one piece of legislation the beginning or the end of this fight. i think that's a silly concept. >> it hasn't even been w)/y(q'. >> sean: joining me with reaction to this is former senior adviser to president george w. bush karl rove. i love that exchange. >> i did no. >> sean: what is the political impact of the white house and congress punting, leaving town on one of the most pivotal important issues of our time and not voting on what taxes
9:26 pm
are going to be come january? >> direct results and indirect results. direct result is it makes them look incompetent. they've had all year to extend this bill. they never sent up a bill. i thought i was a telling conversation with gibbs. gibbs said i don't understand what bills have been introduced. this is a signature proposal of the administration and it hasn't bothered to put night a piece of legislation that can be voted on. you know why? president obama wants to take the three trillion in tax cuts that he doesn't want to continue and offset them in his budget with tax increases. and he didn't have the courage to offer up for conversation by the american people in the closing weeks or in the year of an election, the three trillion in tax increases he would want to slap on to the american economy. >> sean: back to the fox poll. interesting tidbits. first of all 54% of voters
9:27 pm
said they would vote for someone else as of now rather than reelect barack obama. 39% would vote to reelect the president now. among democrats that number is down to 75. i think more significantly, the decline in the number of democrats who said they would definitely vote to reelect obama, 69% at the start of his term is now down to 41%. he's losing not only in-- not only independents, he's losing his base. >> he's losing from the right and left. this is a sign of anger about what is going on in america. a snapshot of what the election would look like if it wered to today. obviously there's a a lot of time between now and the 2012 election. the economic situation the tone the president has adopted or the fiscal situation in the country that any of these likely to get measureably better by the time we get to the 2012 election.
9:28 pm
>> sean: they are again lashing out at voters. between biden's comments they are whiners. kerry's comments suggesting they are ignorant. the president suggesting they are so lethargic. this seems to be unique on the american political scene. i don't think you would advise clients to do this. >> no this is one of the interesting things i didn't understand why they were attacking the tea party. as you started out saying, the tea party movement represents a broader tea party sentiment. the movement is an expression of all of the angst people have about deficits, spending, debt and obamacare. and it has been growing among critical voter groups, independents, college educated voters, seniors and latinos in particular. these four groups have drifted from obama as these concerns have green. for them to attack the tea party even if you are not a
9:29 pm
member of the tea party you have tea party sent mens, 7 out of every 10 americans do. >> sean: the democrats have been rolling out a series of tactics. the president, class warfare. this vote on extending the bush tax cuts. that was supposed to reinforce a political issue for them, that didn't work out. now we saw what happened this week with the alan grayson ad. we've been talking about meg whitman tonight and this attack on her. did you think the politics are personal destruction backfires and boomerangs on these guys? >> it does in the circumstances we find ourselves. the american people get most of these instances it is an attempt to cover-up for their shortcomings. if you can't talk about about -- about your record, we were told these would be well received by the american people many if that turns out not to be truant cupboard is
9:30 pm
bear -- not to be true and the cupboard is bare, you go back to the trash heap. we are going to more than we've seen in normal elects because they are so desperate in politics often times these personal attacks are the equivalent of a hail mary pass. >> sean: you are more cautiously optimistic than say dick morris suggesting republicans ought to think about putting 100 seats in play. 100% confident republicans take back the senate. you have been more reserved. but your numbers keep going up every week. where are you this week? >> i'm 39-47. and i'm still thinking we could get into the mid 50s if it breaks right. i think it is likely today that the base for the republicans will be enough votes to take over the house of representatives. i am cautious.
9:31 pm
i do think there are over 100 seats potentially in play if you take a look at what -- the seas that charlie cook said were in play that stu rothberg, two political prognosticators who map these and stud by the national journal and study commissioned by national radio, if you add up all the democrat seas they consider to be at risk there are 102. i think we have many in play this year. >> sean: in the senate? >> i used to be -- i'm back to eight to nine. i can see my way to saying republicans could take control with 10. i think that is a long shot. but i think a gain of eight or nine. i'm leaning more towards nine everyday. >> sean: looking forward towards our conversation election night because i'm always picking your brain. we'll see new a couple of weeks. thanks for being with us. >> coming up new york
9:32 pm
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sean and sal land -- alan grayson just don't know when to stop. in an e-mail he says -- i asks people to donate to his sarah palin mind your own business fun after sarah palin
9:34 pm
defended his opponent. grayson nasty name calling got you into this mess in the first place. some people will never learn.
9:35 pm
>> sean: the race for new york governor is getting nasty and personal. wednesday night a "new york post" reporter confronted gubernatorial candidate carl paladino, claiming he made allegations against his opponent andrew cuomo. let's take a look. >> i want to know why you sent your goons after my daughter? >> i sent nobody. this is about your charge against cuomo, do you have the evidence or do you not? >> at the appropriate time -- >> he has three daughters, how can you say that -- >> i have a daughter too fred. you brought it out. >> stay away from me -- [ bleep ] .
9:36 pm
>> you someone after my daughter, one more time, -- you send another goon to my daughter's house and i'll take you out buddy. >> you are gonna take me out? >> how you gonna do that? >> watch. >> sean: joining me one of the men you just saw carl pal dean foe. welcome to the program, -- carl paladino. welcome to the program, thanks for being here. >> sean: first, the initial question that fred dicker asked and that was about andrew cuomo, you were raising questions about whether he an extramarital affair. you said this is not what you said that was actually a remark you made about people asking you questions about your personal life? can you explain it? >> sean, i'm just your regular guy. i lived the american dream. i'm a father.
9:37 pm
and when somebody comes and confronts me and puts a microphone in my face and starts demanding, he interrupted another conversation. and starts demanding answers and when i noticed it was fred dicker, i said what is this about? why do you go and stalk my daughter? how do you expect me to react to you? you are putting my daughter in danger by sending reporters to her home. how bad is that? yes, i got excited. and obviously, i was reacting to an attack by him. >> sean: let me say, a get with you. based on -- there were a number of incidents for people that don't know, at your home where your 10-year-old daughter, where photographers were camped outside your house and taking pictures of your 10-year-old daughter. you confronted them once, they went away and they came back. is that the story? >> yes, sir. >> sean: i that i is justifiable anger. >> we had an interim meeting
9:38 pm
with that reporter and explained to her and her for that my daughter was off-limits. she went back the next day while i was at the columbus day parade she went back to the house again. >> sean: cause, the "new york post" is saying it wasn't them that it might have been some other photographer. are you certain it was the "new york post"? >> it was the same girl, a girl named amber. >> sean: who works for the post? >> works for dicker. dicker is the senior political editor for the "new york post" this is his team. these are his people. for god's sakes mr. dicker he has moved from being a journalist to being an advocate and that is wrong. i'm totally fed up with the gutter stuff that andrew cuomo has thrown at us. when spitzer says he's a nasty, dirty man it is under statement. it is terrible the way he's reacted by sending every
9:39 pm
bird-dog, every stalking horse has out to pursue us in the last week and a half. he sent out the three stooges first, koch, d'amato and mccall. then he sends out bloomberg and patterson. and they all make their remarks. none have to do with the real issues facing the people of the state of new york. we've been talking issues since day one. andrew refuses to come out and talk about it. tell us how you stan on obamacare? explain to the people why -- why they should take on this burden, this expense, why they should give up their kids' college fun for obamacare? explain that to the people andrew. come out and explain why you are fit for office? explain to the people the farcus affair why he a pass why he was allowed to walk after stealing millions from the american public at hud. inspector general wanted to prosecute and andrew put his
9:40 pm
thumb on it. shortly after leaves his job at hud he takes a bribe of 1.2 million dollars. you tell me that's not an important thing for the people of the state of new york to come to an understanding on? it is enough of him saying that he can stay above the fray and send his bird-dogs out. >> sean: even "the new york times" of all places suggested that he needs to come out and take you seriously and deal with the issues and stop hidingfå you had the amsterdam news with an editorial in new york suggesting he has done nothing for the african-american community. and i agree with you, i live in new york. new york is broke. it is buffed. it is bankrupt. and things are getting worse. -- it is busted, it is bankrupt. and things are getting worse. as i watch this and the confrontation and the way the media has portrayed you. you got interesting ideas to me. you want to cut spending by 20%. you want to cut taxes by 10%.
9:41 pm
you want to get the budget in balance. do you think all of this is a distraction in any way, in terms of your ability to get your message out? >> the people of the state of new york want to know about jobs. they want something -- they want a grounded government that they can talk to their children and their grandchildren and they can explain the future to them. they want to feel grounded. this government that we have in albany today is despicable. they have so maltreated the peep of the state of new york. over spending, 15 billion dollars in new taxes in the last two years. they couldn't find one state employee out of 298,000 --ñióññ 298,341 people couldn't find one to lay of. 137 billion dollar budget for 19 million people in the state of florida it is 76 billion dollars for 18.2 million people. >> sean: you are saying you only want to run for one term and take on all the special interest groups. back to my original question did you suggest that andrew
9:42 pm
cuomo an affair? you said you did not say that. >> i'm moving beyond all that. i am not going to get into the gutter any more. we are not talking about marriage. we are not talking about my family any more. i'm not dealing with it. that's enough i've had with it that nonsense we are going to talk about issues. we demanded on primary day that he come out and debate me in a series of debates. >> sean: carl paladino, appreciate you being with us. it is a six point race now in a very blue state like new york. thanks for being with us, appreciate your time. >> thank you sean. >> sean: time to check in with greta for a sneak peek. by the way, i have limbaugh on my great american panel. >> greta: i have a limbaugh on doing a comedy routine. can you top that?
9:43 pm
>> sean: let me guess toby keith tonight? >> greta: i have toby keith, gloria allred and rush limbaugh doing comedy. >> sean: and his brother is right here on the great american panel. you have to play gloria and mark levin. >> greta: we talk about chicago politics, i just watched that interview of yours. i think new york is -- you and chicago the two of you deserve each other. >> sean: listen we have now officially entered the silly season and beyond. greta, thanks. greta coming up in 18 minutes. when we come back our great, great american panel, next. hi.
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. >> sean: tonight on our great american panel, attorney author of crimes against
9:47 pm
liberty a number one "new york times" best seller, he launched the book on this program our friend david limbaugh is back. former adviser to son to be ex-leader harry reid penny lee. and former business executive now a political consultant, blogger dan riehl is here. mark levin takes on gloria allred over this issue involving meg whitman. >> is she an illegal alien? >> no. >> she is not an illegal alien? >> she is not an illegal alien. she not from another planet. she a human being and hardworking person. >> i know she is a human being cut out the bull crap it is lawyer to lawyer now. >> it is not lawyer to lawyer it is gloria -- >> gloria is she an illegal alien or not, you said no, right? >> no, she ha is not an
9:48 pm
illegal alien she is undocumented worker. my client is a housekeeper and some people don't respect a housekeeper. i happen to respect housekeepers. >> aren't you swell, now and my question. >> i'm answering your question. >> you put your client in legal jeopardy. i asked you about your client and the legal jeopardy your client is in now! >> sean: wow, checkmate levin. >> that was a tough interview he was firm and right on the issue. i have to say, the interview you just gave with meg did an important thing which is trying to stop the bleeding. >> sean: she stopped it. >> she is trying to stop it. i think it moved in the right direction which was good for her to do. she humanized it which she hadn't done before. >> sean: i think penny is right. secondly, all due diligence in this case. i did gloria did put her
9:49 pm
client in jeopardy. there's a series of laws now it appears this woman broke and she probably going to be deported. >> i have jerry brown out -- out there acting as a . she dispoliticianed, they are close in the polls and they come up with this bogus allegation against her. she did everything right. she got this notice. if she had done anything about it. she fired her as soon as she knew she was supposed to fire her. has anybody asked this, would someone who has been outspoken about illegal immigration had made an issue just when they are running for office? >> sean: she fired her last summer. >> i think mark did what you have to do with that. it was clear allred is trying to paint this picture to make you focus on this woman as though she is a victim.
9:50 pm
they are creating a movie picture. the only way to get through is bull rush it in some cases and that's what mark did. >> reporter: this is the politics of personal destruction. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: penny, explain is there any democrat running on health care, stimulus, or cap and tax that you know? >> absolutely. >> sean: who? >> harry reid and he's gonna win. >> [ talking over each other ] >> isn't it a little ironic they are acting like she victimized and like meg whitman did something wrong. which is it? if meg whitman exposed her and
9:51 pm
fired her you would think the democrats would be applauding that. >> sean: this is the same arizona immigration law is about. are the laws meaningful or not? in california it is not except when they can use it for the politics of personal destruction which is penny's party. [ talking over each other ] >> what is the complaint they fired her when she is illegal? is that damage? >> sean: we'll continue with our panel, next. ú7@oúoroenroroú5
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> sean: we continue with our great, great panel. i've been calling rahm emanuel,
9:55 pm
rahm rahmbo dead fish. dead fish leaves today what did he get? a dead fish. when i first started nick nailing him that, i was excoriated. like you can't say barack hussein obama until your inauguration. >> there's nothing unique there. >> sean: did you ever see anything wrong saying barack hussein obama? >> no. >> sean: how come everybody who did it during the election was excoriated. >> he said it was his name. >> sean: bill cunningham said it at a rally. >> sarah palin said it a week or so ago. >> sean: once he said barack hussein obama it was okay. >> they were linking him up to being a muslim because of his middle name saying he was a muslim when he is a christian some of it was damage control within the campaign.
9:56 pm
>> sean: a christian in the jeremiah right wright's school of black liberation theology. i'm saying yes, but he went to reverend wright's church, black theology, rooted in markist. >> if he says he's a born again christian then i'm going to take him at his word. >> sean: what do you think david of carl paladino? i love his confrontational style. he's refreshingly honest. he's got a great plan economically for new york which would save new york or new york is going to be bankrupt. the newspapers are calling him crazy carl. they are camp out in front of his house, he has a 10-year-old daughter, i don't blame him. >> i think it is outrageous what the press did taking those pictures inside about his daughter.
9:57 pm
what is more outrageous for them to get on their high horse and say you invited public scrutiny and talking about your daughter. as if that means they can get inside her private life that's outrageous. liberals would never make that case if the shoe why were on the other foot. >> there's a double standard between our current political class and these any citizen legislatures that are coming out. we know what john mccain has said and done on the floor of the senate. we know about temper tantrums from bill clinton to whomever and a lot gets said and done behind the scenes. they want to use it against these new people coming up who are more or less citizen legislators. i think they are doing it just to keep them down. >> i think there's a real case for anger management. this guy has a real temper and you are seeing it time and time again. [ talking over each other ]
9:58 pm
>> sean: come on! >> [ talking over each other ] >> he's not talking about hitting people. >> he's saying it overand over again. >> he wants a system that is broke and robbing -- [ talking over each other ] >> i think at the end of the day they want somebody who will be able to control their temper in situations to be able to lead. >> if someone spied on your 10-year-old daughter wouldn't you want to say something to them? absolutely. i wouldn't say i'm going to take you out. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: remember when mike dukakis was asked if your wife was raped -- if your 10-year-old daughter is being photographed, i -- you know what i would use a few words i can't use on the air here. >> they are arguing with him
9:59 pm
about their right to do it. of course he's going to get outraged. gentleman he has -- this is a repeated -- [ talking over each other ] >> this isn't about his character. we are always getting distracted from the main issues in the campaigns. they cannot run on issues. and there are serious issues in california by the way. >> sean: i want to go back to the immigration issue with meg whitman. shouldn't this woman be deported? >> we have to find out if she committed a felony. sean and an assuming she was -- >> sean: assuming she was dishonest on the i-9 form, filling out the application, getting a social security card and driver's license and being in the country for such a long period, should she be deported if that is the case? >> that is difficult to technically, she should be. we need to seal the border. >> sean: i agree with that too, yes or no?