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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 5, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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some welfare ripients caught spending millions in las vegas? "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to a huge tuesday for "fox & friends." you're not going to believe all the people we have on today. check out our huge guest list. we have the beckster, glenn beck coming up. we have marco rubio directly following and then -- >> donald trump, who exactly is doing some polling to see whether or not donald trump would be a good president. donald himself is going to join us. i have a feeling he's going to say he's not behind it. >> that's john edward. he's going to teach you with his brand new book how you can get in touch with your psychic self. laura ingraham, i predict she'll have a wonderful appearance and we're closing with -- >> "gray's anatomy on "ellen pompeo. she'll talk about the show and whether she'll be hooked up with
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her guy friend on that show. >> by the way, if bill hemmer and martha mccallum is watching right now, stay in bed. we need an extra hour. >> u.s. drone killed at least five german militants hiding out in northwest pakistan. the militants were in the area for terror training and may be connected to the recent threats against europe. they are down playing the recent travel alert now and there's no indication americans are targeted in the apparent terror plot. amtrak beefing up trail security. friday is called rail action day where uniformed officers will have a highly visible presence. officials say it was planned before the terror threat. now the rest of your headlines. it's sentencing day for faisal shahzad. you know him. he's the guy who botched the plan to blow up times square and kill innocent people. he's now facing life behind bars. shahzad, a u.s. citizen was born in pakistan and called himself a muslim soldier. when he was arrested, he bragged to police that he was planning a second bigger attack on new york.
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>> he targeted his victims one by one driving around florida in his red pickup truck shooting six people. one of them he shot dead. the gunman identified as 25-year-old clifford miller jr. he drove to specific locations in gainesville within a 13-mile radius and then turned the gun on himself. all of the victims were men. the motive being investigated now. miller's family says he had a history of mental illness. they couldn't find much to agree on last night in connecticut. fox news's bret baier moderating the debate between republican linda mcmahan and democrat richard blumenthal. they're vying for the u.s. senate seat in that state. she blasted a campaign ad by her opponent that claims she wants to lower minimum wage. >> that's a lie. you know that's a lie. i never said it and it's in your ad and boy, that's just wrong. so let's take that off the table. >> and blumenthal addressed a lie himself, the one where he claimed he fought in vietnam.
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>> i want to say that i am sorry. particularly to our veterans and most especially to the veterans of vietnam. >> the candidates did agree on one thing, stephen hayes should get the death penalty if he's convicted of murdering a mother and two daughters in that gruesome home invasion that happened three years ago in connecticut. another fox news alert for you now. moments ago, the nobel prize for physics awarded to andre grean and constantine. they cited him for "ground breaking experiments regarding the two dimensional material graphine." we all know about that one, don't we? which is a form of carbon. congratulations to them both. physics undoubtedly the most difficult class i took in my life. >> it's numbers and arrows pointing to other numbers and arrows. >> has anyone picked up any of this?
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a few years ago, we talked about lieutenant colonel tony schaefer. he's been on this couch. he has a new book. that's not the book that we're talking about. it's operation able danger which right now leads on on the lead story. catherine herridge doing follow-up of what we knew about muhammad atta following 9/11. >> some witnesses, apparently there was a redacted form of what people in the intelligence community knew regarding that man right there, muhammad atta in the able danger program and apparently the report had been redacted and all the names had been blacked out. got a clean copy and called a number of the witnesses. five in all. all of them said that we told investigators one thing and none of those things actually showed up in the 9/11 commission and in fact, the investigators from the department of defense were a little agitated and seemed
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aggressive. >> why wouldn't that show up in that report? well, these five witnesses claim that the defense department was worried about taking some of the blame for 9/11. here's what i don't understand. why wouldn't they put in the report these findings? because maybe that would look at least like they were kind of following the trail of muhammad atta instead of just having this whole situation happen, you know, at least it gives the american public the image that at least you were kind of on to him. i don't know which one is worst. >> were we on to him? did we have a picture of him? did we know that -- did we know him by name and the name at that point was muhammad al-sayed. if we did know, why didn't we stop him? that's the problem. >> did it look any worse in august bin laden determining to attack in u.s. that looks bad. there was so many mistakes and so many times we had a chance to get to bin laden. you can go back and back and back but for some reason, the defense department put their line in the sand and said these five people that brought up the fact that we were tracking a
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cell that included muhammad atta in it leading up to 9/11 was redacted not including, tony schaefer wouldn't stand for this. he said it was called operation able danger and we were tracking muhammad atta and when he was interviewed by somebody, he said tony, this is an important part of the story. make sure it's in the 9/11 report. it wasn't. there was no follow-up and colonel schaefer would not be corralled. now, i don't understand how this led to operation darkheart and the purchases of 9,500 books by the defense department that would have destroyed -- >> written by schaefer. >> his new book. >> they burned them! they're going to make him a bestseller and they're burning his books as if that's going to stop it. >> as if we're going to be out of ink and not going to make other books? >> sure. according to the assistant of the secretary of defense, he says the investigation showed prior to september 11, 2001, able team members didn't
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identify muhammad atta or other hijacker. while four witnesses claimed to see a chart containing muhammad atta or other cells involved in 9/11, investigations determined their recollections were not accurate. in other words they talked to a bunch of people and said i remember that exactly. according to the department of defense, they were wrong. >> what's going on? some people who agreed to speak to did so without giving their names. they fear repercussion. come on, what kind of repercussions could there -- i believe that they fear repercussions. why should they be put in the position where they would actually fear that? i mean, aren't we all on the same team here, i think. >> they could be worried about islamic terrorists and about people from the other side and some of them for all we know at least one is retired. but the others could still be working at the pentagon and that could be a prickly situation. >> rahm emanuel is full steam ahead on his efforts to become
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next mayor of chicago. there's a couple of problems. number 1, apparently you have to have been chicago resident for 18 months leading up to your candidacy and we know that rahm was technically a resident of washington, d.c. although he kept his home in chicago. that could be the first issue that he's facing. then he also faced some hecklers during the final campaign stop yesterday. do we have that videotape? >> these are some of the pictures. i think that particular picture, rahm stopped by a place where there was a two week sit-in by angry parents at a chicago school. apparently, the city of chicago talking about closing down a fieldhouse and they wanted the city to say, ok, they're going to close that but we're going to open up a library. those people there actually stood in front of his car and would not allow him to go. also, when he was over at a mexican restaurant on 79th street, he was heckled for the lack of jobs not only when he was in the barack obama
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administration, you know, where are the jobs? we're out of work over here. and then also when he was a congressman from chicago. hey, when you were in congress serving the people of illinois, you didn't help us get jobs either. >> he had a chance to go and many people thought he would go to a major area in chicago and have a washington, d.c. style rally. instead, he decided to go through the neighborhoods and meet the people and shake hands. at one point, it was relatively embarrassing and he hopped into his truck after shaking hands with people and washed his hands. a little embarrassing. >> that's not good. >> he also ran into supporters for former trade official guiterrez who is running against him and gary chico who also is running against him. they had their people there supporting him and yelling down at rahm so it's pretty much unscripted fight he was living yesterday. >> sure. the guy brian just mentioned is somebody who has been tagging rahm. hey, why doesn't he come clean about his relationship with blago? you know the whole deal with the
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senate seat, why doesn't rahm come clean about that? so, you know, great first day. >> so i said there were two prickly things, the number one about his residency and the second one that he apparently shot this glad to be home video, glad to be home in chicago. he was busy because he was working in d.c. up to that last minute. where did he tape that video? he actually taped it in washington, d.c. whoopsy daisy. so he wasn't really at home when he said here in chicago on the videotape. will that matter? i don't know. >> i will say this, he seems to have the personality to make a run in chicago. >> real retail politician. >> yeah. he doesn't mind mixing it up, i guess, in the shower in washington or in chicago. >> you mean in a towel? >> yeah, that whole nasa incident still rings hollow in my mind. i can't shake it. >> sure. the people of california have a program called cal works that helps the needy. if you're broke and need help
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feeding your family, they will send you out an aid card. it's like a charge card and there's a certain amount of money on it. it is noble great idea if you're hungry, you need clothes, shelter and stuff like that. well, they've been doing some tracking and they realized that $69 million of the money that was intended to buy people food has actually been spent in las vegas, about $11 million and hundreds of thousands of dollars for people going -- as you can see the third one there, close to $400,000, people going to hawaii. now, if you are broke, then you are homeless and you need food, what the heck are you doing in hawaii? >> this should not steam people. california is broke, everyone! california is broke and then they're giving out millions of dollars. this is for basic sustenance. these are for families if you're a single parent and you have two kids and you're earning less than $14,436, then you get this welfare, right?
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if you earn above $20,000, you don't get it anymore. so these are folks who, unfortunately, cannot afford trips to hawaii. unfortunately, cannot afford trips to las vegas. now, they weren't apparently gambling in the casinos because a lot of the a.t.m.'s in the casinos evidently refuse these cards, luckily. a lot of the a.t.m.'s across the street from the casinos, that's where a lot of these dollars were being taken out of it. >> this seems so correctable. couldn't there be any chip in these cards that could only be used in california. $15,000 withdrawn from cruise ships. what are you doing on a cruise ship if you're supposedly living below the poverty level and to me the next governor of california and the next mayor of any city could do a lot -- go a long way by just creating -- to gutting the corruption in this state and to balancing the books. >> there are no rules to keep welfare recipients from leaving the state. when you look at the numbers and millions are spent out of state and so much spent in vegas and
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on cruise ships and in hawaii, it seems like a lot, doesn't it? >> 13 minutes after the hour. next generation of terrorists may come out of europe for one frightening reason. unprecedented access to the united states and it's legal. expert on national security sits down with us in a matter of moments. >> it was tragedy enough. his son died fighting for our country. that dad had to endure proceed -- protesters at his son's funeral. [ male announcer ] when it comes to energy bills,
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the cadillac of crossovers. cadillac. the new standard of the world. >> as we just mentioned, the drone attack in pakistan reportedly killing five german militants believed to be behind the european terror plot and intelligence officers say they're not alone. reports show dozens of western europeans are using their passport to be radicalized and return home. who are these new terrorists and what does that mean for american safety? joining us is founder of and national security advisor for the christian action network. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> it's important to note over
6:17 am
your shoulder we have some of the countries involved in the latest terror threats over there and we've heard so many, they're targeting five different airports over in the e.u. and stuff like that. who are these people and they're people with something in common. that's a european union passport, right? >> right. that's what's really very dangerous, the thing that really struck out about this plot to me was the fact that reportedly at the center of it are eight german nationals and two british nationals. it shows that al-qaida and the taliban are being very successful at recruiting right here in our own backyards. they have people that are western in their appearance, who are comfortable with the culture and like you said, have european passports that makes travel a lot easier which is one of the major barriers to carrying out an attack. >> uh-huh. what i understand as well is while all of the suspects right now because they've got the e.u. passport could travel between all those countries pretty freely, let's step back a step. where did they get this in their head this is a good idea to attack their homeland?
6:18 am
they're radicalized where? >> well, through different methods. it's the internet, a lot of it has to do with a lack of assimilation but one of the things that's happening is the radicals on the forces are using their own freedoms against us. they know that we have freedom of speech so you have radical preachers that can preach jihad even on state benefits and know nothing is happen to them and the prison system is very key to this. >> and the libraries as well. we have a graphic that shows you some of the recent terror plots tied to europe and then you got september 30th, report coming between germans behind possible al-qaida attacks in europe. terror plot by female bomber on paris transportation system and back in april of 2009, 12 people arrested in britain and possible plot was foiled. november 2007, police arrest 20 people from italy based terror cells suspected of planning terror attacks in afghanistan. there was a fact out there that the c.i.a. is working actively in great britain to stop stuff from coming over here, right? >> right, when president obama
6:19 am
came into office, one of the first things he was told by the c.i.a. was that the number one threat facing the united states were radicalized muslims in the united kingdoms especially of the pakistani immigrant community. in fact, an estimated 40% of the c.i.a.'s operations to stop threats against our homeland are targeted at the u.k. >> no kidding. so stop it over there before it comes over here. >> exactly. that's a look at europe if you want to see the future of the united states. >> interesting stuff. all right, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you. >> good job. 19 minutes after the top of the hour. straight ahead on this tuesday, he lost his son at war and then a dad had to endure protesters at his son's funeral. should this be allowed? supreme court is taking up the issue and we're talking to that father coming up next and then dodging the death penalty. an update on the legal case of major nidal hasan, the suspect accused of murdering 13 people at fort hood. as we get closer to the midterm elections we want to keep your eyes on political bumper stickers. if you see any clever or fair
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and balanced, send us a picture at friends at or "fox & friends" on twitter and we'll share it with all of you. we'll be right back. you want some fiber one honeclusters? yeah.
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>> quick check of the headlines now. three nato troops are dead this morning. victims of bomb blasts over in southern afghanistan. we still don't know the nationality of those soldiers. several others were also killed in overnight explosions including four afghan police officers. a connecticut jury heads back into deliberations today in the trial of a brutal home invasion that left a mother and her two children dead. steven hayes faces 17 counts including murder, arson and sexual assault. if convicted, the jury will decide if hayes lives or dies.
6:24 am
gretch? >> thank you, brian. it was an act so stunning that it turned the stomachs of americans across the nation. picketers at the funeral of fallen hero lance corporal matthew snyder. they shouted and cursed epitaphs at the marine as he was being laid to rest. his father, albert snyder sued the westboro baptist church for emotional distress winning over $5 million until a federal court judge overturned that verdict citing the first amendment. the case goes to the supreme court where it will be heard tomorrow. joining me from harrisburg, pennsylvania, is his father and his attorney. you will be in the supreme court tomorrow and listen to your attorney, mr. summers give your side of the case. what do you want to hear? >> i want the judges to hear that this case is not about free speech. it's about targeted harassment.
6:25 am
and it shouldn't continue to be taken like free speech. >> because you had to face the pain of not only losing your son to war but then at his own funeral, listening and hearing these protesters. >> yeah, basically, gretchen, seven of them showed up at matt's funeral and positioned themselves 30 feet from the main vehicle entrance of the church and they held signs, some of them reading "god hates you, you're in hell. sempri fei fags" is went to the extent of depicting a sign of two men having anal intercourse. >> you would argue this is beyond the first amendment right. how will you do that? >> this case is just personalized targeted harassment. and it's even further complicated because the snyder
6:26 am
family had no connection whatsoever to whatever concerns that the phelps family. the phelps hijacked someone else's private event and the private event in this case happened to be matthew snyder's funeral and the full purpose to do that was to command an audience because realistically no one is going to listen to the phelps unless they steal someone else's private moment. >> uh-huh. we know that this -- this church which is really is not a church that they're a wackadoodle group but people who want to protect the first amendment rights, mr. summers will say this is a slippery slope. if you take away this amendment right for these folks, then what will be next? >> we're not taking away. we don't want to take away anyone's first amendment rights. they have the right to do this at a public park, in front of the supreme court tomorrow. that front of congress but they don't need to personalize their attacks. in this case, they literally attacked the snyder family by
6:27 am
name. they had a picture of matthew snyder on their flier that they sent out. they said all kinds of nasty things that we probably can't even say on the air concerning the snyder family so the harassment was before, during and after the funeral and their commentary, if that's what you want to call it, does nothing to further the public discourse at someone else's private funeral. >> uh-huh. mr. snyder, i know that you're doing this in honor of your son. there have been other military families that have gone through the exact same thing that you had to endure, not only the death but then this ridiculouslessness at the funeral. what do you want to get out of this for your son? >> i want them to stop doing this to our military men and women. i've gotten 10,000 to 20,000 e-mails many of them from soldiers and marines in afghanistan telling me that they're not upping their enlistment because they're not going to put their family through what we've gone through.
6:28 am
i've had soldiers tell me that they haven't made a decision yet because we're not going to fight for 16 hours and get an eight hour break and have to worry about their families. >> all right. mr. snyder and mr. summers, we will continue to follow the case. thanks for sharing your thoughts with us this morning. >> thank you, gretchen. >> coming up on our show, republican meg whitman and jerry browne pulling out of a planned debate. does gloria allred's accusations of whitman hiring an illegal immigrant having anything to do with that? what happened last night as they tried to protect a christian flag from being ripped from its high post. but first, let's say happy birthday to kate winslet. she's only 35 today. [ female announcer ] during endless shrimp at red lobster, you cahave something decadent with something grilled.
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>> president obama announced that his new chief of staff would be his long time aid a man named peter rouse. obama said one of the most popular phrases around the white house, let pete fix it. second most popular phrase around the white house, tell biden i'm not here. >> if only that weren't true. >> all right. let's start now with a fox news alert to kick off this half-hour, we're working to find out whether a deadly u.s. drone attack, militants against them in pakistan actually killed the suspects in the european terror plot. steve centanni is live for us in washington with more on that. good morning. >> good morning, yes. according to pakistani officials, u.s. drone strikes has killed eight militants including five germans in the lawless tribal region along the pakistan, afghani border. this is where western intelligence has traced an alleged plot to attack an array of targets in europe. this attack took place 20 kilometers east of the main town
6:33 am
of the north tribal distract of pakistan. it is a reputed hideout for militants linked to the taliban and al-qaida and this is the operational epicenter of the latest plot reportedly uncovered by european and u.s. intelligence agencies. the attack came hours after japan and sweden joined washington and london in urging people to be cautious when they travel overseas because of a possible al-qaida attack. it also comes, as you know, as these drone attacks along the border have intensified in recent weeks. the u.s. travel warning was issued on sunday. it didn't name any particular european country but fox has learned from western intelligence sources that famous tourist locations in france and germany are possible targets. the white house says this is no cause to change your travel plans. >> many of those are witnessed on the web site with the alert. this is not a warning, travel warning telling people not to
6:34 am
go. this is simply to raise awareness and alertness of those that are there, report suspicious activity, be very aware of your surroundings. that stuff is listed on the web site and i think those are many precautions that are good to bear in mind as you continue traveling in europe. >> of course, this warning is for europe but here at home, amtrak has beefed up its security for a planned exercise, they say is not related to that european threat. back to you guys. >> all right. st steve centanni, thank you very much. >> there are 70 german who's have trained in paramilitary training in pakistan much that's a big roster. >> sure, that drone attack was exactly when overnight? >> i think it was last night. >> yeah, amazing. >> all right. meanwhile, we have some other headlines for you on this tuesday morning. accused fort hood shooter, major nidal hasan is being advised by his attorney to take a mental exam, exams to determine if he's
6:35 am
fit to stand trial was scheduled to happen after an upcoming key hearing. it's been moved up and hasan says the rushed results could be unfairly used against him. hasan stands accused of murdering 13 people. one of them pregnant. >> brian? >> prosecutors say they probably don't have enough evidence to file hate crime charges against two rutgers university students implicated in a classmate's suicide. prosecutors are reviewing the death of tyler clementi and originally considered charging the two with a second-degree bias crime. the two already face charges for invasion of privacy. he is accused of filming clementi of having sex and broadcasting the tape on the internet prompting his suicide. >> federal reserve chair ben bernanke is apologizing for the sorry state of the u.s. economy. >> but it will get stronger. and america will continue to be a terrific place to live and work. >> bernanke talking to rhode island college students at a
6:36 am
town hall meeting. the fed chair also warning the huge u.s. budget deficit threatens to seriously endanger the country's economic future and he's urging congress to consider tighter budgeting rules. steve? >> meanwhile, gretch, a new flag battle brewing this time in north carolina. people in the town of king are urging the city council to put a christian flag back up at a veterans memorial. the city took it down because it didn't have the money to fight a looming lawsuit by the aclu. >> how many more god given privileges are we going to have taken away from us not only in this city but in this country before we stand up and say enough is enough? >> well, there's going to be another meeting on the flag next week where the council will present other options for the flag. >> all right. mr. kilmeade, what's going on in monday night football? >> you might have dozed off last night. dolphins hogusting the patriots.
6:37 am
brandon tate would say i'm only three yards deep in the end zone, might as well take it back all the way. a long drive. watch that speed. later, patrick with the int and he returned it for a touchdown. he would also block a punt and field goal on the night. the pats find six different ways to score. new nfl record. new england moves to 3-1. 41-14 was the final. they're tied in first for the jets. moore football now, michael vick says he'll be out for two weeks after an m.r.i. reveals damage to his rib cartilage after this hit, two hits against the redskins. they travel to san francisco about facing vick's former team the atlanta falcons. kevin colb will become the starter. that rib cage will hurt whether it's taped or not. the miracle almost happened. tiger woods five birdies and this eagle to help rally the americans. it came down to northern
6:38 am
ireland's graham mcdowell and hunter mahan and mcdowell would deliver. this putt would go in and they win it for europe. the huge celebration is on in wales and did take place. the ryder cup may be remembered best for this. tiger woods hitting a photographer's lens with his errant shot. this is one of the times when the photographer was not to blame but look, that's an actual ball covering his waist. and watch the guy in the back? he's dressed like groucho marx, we don't know why, i didn't know have any idea why. the only thing fake is his mustache that looks like black electrical tape. coming up on "kilmeade & friends" bret baier and elizabeth manning gave birth to two star quarterbacks. we'll talk about that. and gretchen carlson is not looking for bin laden but hopes we get him. >> i'll take the reward if i could get him. >> yes, that's millions upon millions. >> indeed. all right, let's take a look at
6:39 am
what's going on outside your house right now weatherwise. if you live in the northeast and through portions of ohio, tennessee, you got a little bit of rain to start today. tennessee is going to wind up with a little rain. right now it's raining in kentucky. meanwhile, we have chilly temperatures approaching the 30's in portions of the valley. what you want to know is what it will be like at the beginning of the day. same for atlanta. 70's and 80's across much of texas, northern plains as well and 60's up in new england and 80's down in florida. now, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to rumble on the radio! >> yes, it is. both california gubernatorial candidates canceling a radio debate scheduled for today. this is the latest rasmussen poll shows democratic nominee
6:40 am
jerry browne getting a slight lead over the g.o.p. candidate meg whitman. one point and now it looks to be five. a lead that some political analysts lead to the revelation that whitman's former housekeeper is an illegal immigrant that will be represented by gloria allred but whitman's campaign claims browne is engaging in a smear campaign. a radio rumble is here to give us the nation's pulse. we're joined from los angeles by the co-host of "left, right and center" and the author of "the great american stickup" plus from dallas, jeff bolten, host of the weekday morning drive, klif 570. a fine station. let's go to you, robert. tell us how this is resonating with the hispanic community because this is a hispanic housekeeper that gave the governor, gubernatorial nominee a social security number and a valid driver's license. thought they were valid. turns out not to be. why is meg whitman taking the hit? >> well, because people want to use immigration as an excuse for not dealing with the big
6:41 am
problems we have which have to do with housing foreclosures, unemployment, those problems were hatched on wall street and washington. they have nothing to do with immigration which is a persistent problem but nothing new and it's being used on both sides as a distraction. it's a convenient hot button issue. but really has nothing to do with the economic meltdown and both of these candidates really seem to be avoiding responsibility. jerry browne wants to blame it on bush and meg whitman, i guess, wants to blame it on liberals and it's a marriage of the clinton white house and the reagan revolution that gave radical deregulation. >> i agree with you, it shouldn't matter and all those issues should matter. right now, we're knee deep in this controversy about who is to blame. is gloria allred using her past affiliation with jerry browne years ago to try to help him in this very tight race. she was asked that question by megyn kelly. what was behind her taking this client and the allegation and
6:42 am
now the charges that this housekeeper is now suing to get back lost wages. here is her conversation with megyn kelly yesterday. >> the allegation is that it's a political smear. that it's a political connection. and so if you would just say that this person is not associated in any way with the jerry browne campaign, you could help put that to rest. >> i've been practicing law for 35 years. i never, ever say who refers cases to us. whether it's an attorney or anyone else. in this case, i'll say it was an attorney. but that's all i'm going to say. >> oh, really? ok. your reaction, jeff, where this is going. >> well, gloria is at best -- she's not even an ambulance chaser, brian. she is -- she goes around looking for train wrecks, this woman. so is she up to dirty work? absolutely, she almost always is. and in the case of meg and jerry in this debate, nothing says i'm guilty in politics more than
6:43 am
retreat. i'm really surprised that meg went backwards on this and in fact, i think this is the reason you saw the big poll swing. people are going she's guilty. you have to play harder than this. >> you cannot win that spot without winning over the hispanic community and she was handed a social security number and was handed a valid i.d. why do you think, robert, she's paying a price for this? this is such a relevant and familiar topic to everyone in los angeles and in the surrounding areas. >> why are you shocked at this hypocrisy around immigration? we wouldn't have california, texas, arizona without undocumented workers. everybody knows that. everybody benefits from this exploitation. no one really wants to fix it except the undocumented workers themselves so everybody plays politics with it. whether they're republicans or democrats. you can't live in republican orange county and not recognize that undocumented workers are running the whole bloody place. what are you talking about? >> jeff, thanks so much. robert, thanks for the rumble.
6:44 am
good job, guys. back to the couch. >> thank you very much. good job. >> thanks, brian. we're looking into the british crystal ball now. the country is dismantling the welfare system there. should we do the same thing here? stu varney with his crystal ball joins us next. and the judge. >> yeah and then no toy for you! we have brand new details in the fight to keep toys out of happy meals. uh-oh.
6:45 am
6:46 am
6:47 am
>> all right. first the quote of the day here. who said this? i make sure i only write bad songs about the ones who deserve it. e-mail us at friends at with the right answer. you can win some fox goodies. is it a moment of sanity in europe? great britain announces it will cut welfare payments in a radical move to save over $135 billion. >> stuart varney joins us right now. what are they doing? >> the turning point for the european welfare state, they are actually beginning to dismantle it especially the british. >> that's good, right? >> it's precisely what they're doing. in britain, since the end of world war ii, every parent has been paid $32 per week cash for the first child and $20 per week cash for all other children. it's called the family allowance or the child benefit. everybody gets it. rich, middle class, poor. everybody gets it. it's a mainstay of the british welfare state system. ok? now, they're going to take it
6:48 am
away. if you earn more than $70,000 a year, you don't get the child benefits. it's dismantling the european state, big deal. >> why did they have it in the first place? >> they made it universal. everybody gets to avoid any kind of stigma that's welfare for the poor. it's a universal benefit and that's the mainstay of the entire british system. >> sure, they were running out of dough and they have to cut back now. as they do away with it, they're becoming more austeire and we're going the other way. >> you never thought i would live to see the day when the europeans retreat from this cradle to grave welfare and america goes precisely in the opposite direction. going to war is the european model. you're right, steve, that's exactly what is happening. we are beginning to look more like them. more and more government, more and more spending, more and more -- if you call it welfare, that's probably a misnomer but more and more government
6:49 am
services extends to more and more people in america just as europe is going the other way. >> do you find it ironic that this president is still in office? do you find that this president is in office and pushing some of those policies at the same time that europe is dismantling? >> of course it's ironic. i never thought i would live to see the day when the two sides -- when the two sides, if you'd like, switched sides and went in the opposite direction. that's exactly what's happening now. >> all right. we're glad that you lived to see this day. and people can see you on the fox business network at 9:20. >> thank you very much. >> too bad you left britain and left that dough behind. you got a bunch of kids. you would have been loaded. >> yeah. >> speaking of children, kids getting their education through hip-hop. one lesson telling kids that our founding fathers were all dead, white men. glenn beck, not happy about that. he'll join us coming up next. >> you know how rahm emanuel filmed a video saying he was glad to be home in chicago right here. oops. he filmed it in d.c. that won't get him into legal
6:50 am
trouble but judge napolitano says something else might. stick around for that. receiving the bronze star, that was definitely one of my oudest moments. i graduated from west point, then i did a tour of duty in iraq. when ias transitioning from active duty, i went to a military officer hiring conference. it was kind of like speed dating. there were 12 companies that i was pre-matched with, but walmart turned out to be the best for me. sam walton was in the military, and he understood the importance of developing your people. it's an honor to be in a posion of leadership at walmart. i'm captain tracey lloyd, and i wo at walmart.
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6:53 am
>> got to check the headlines n now. the miners trapped in chile may be free by next sunday. that's a lot sooner than expected. they've been underground for 60 days. san francisco's happy meal ban has passed for a vote. the mayor is thinking about vetoing the bill. >> that's a lot to chew on. >> yeah. >> former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel announced his campaign for mayor of chicago in an ad in which he talks about being home but it was actually shot in d.c. >> hi, i'm rahm emanuel. my father came to chicago as an immigrant from israel.
6:54 am
i was born here. and my wife aim wmy and i raiser three children here. i spent six years in congress representing chicago and president obama asked me to choose as his chief of staff. it was a great honor to work for him. i'm glad to be home. >> that's not smart but not illegal. something else may be. joining us with legal analysis is fox news senior judicial analyst judge napolitano. judge, now, he's in a bit of a jam and that is the fact that if you're gonna run for something, you got to have been a resident for 18 months and he hasn't been there for a long time. >> he used the same word four times in that opening. the word is home. he must think that people in chicago are silly. we know that as he was saying it, he was in d.c. they taped it there. his legal problem is he does not have a home to go to in washington, d.c. -- in chicago, the statutes of the state of illinois are very clear, if you want to run for office anywhere in illinois you have to live in
6:55 am
the municipality in which you're going to run for the year preceding the election. has he done that? no. does he own a house there, he leased it. six days before mayor daly announced he wasn't going to seek re-election, rahm signed a lease for the house. if a judge is a two bit political hack when was once -- >> in chicago, are you kidding? >> they will get in the ballot. >> come on, chicago is synonymous with corruption. this isn't going to hold up his bid, is it? >> it depends. normally this law is interpreted in a loose way. you have the house, you weren't there all the time. you have clothes there and went back from fritime to time. >> do you actually believe this could end his bid before it even starts? >> yes, if the court does the right thing and interprets the law as it was written bit
6:56 am
legislature and as it was intended by the legislature, you wouldn't see his name on the ballot. if the court does a political favor for mr. emanuel and his backers, his name will be on the ballot and he'll buy a new house. >> call me naive, i thought he would check this out before he researched it. he has been thinking about this for three weeks. >> he probably is of the view that the court will give us a very liberal interpretation. >> lenient. >> another l word. >> and he's a liberal. we'll be standing by watching. >> yeah, we will. we will. >> we'll be watching your show on the fox business network saturdays and sundays, check it out. it's "freedom watch." >> barney frank blaming his unpopularity on a "powerful coalition of right wing organizations." could it be that just voters are tired of this alleged shady politics? glenn beck weighs in at the top of the hour. >> protecting teachers who put their salaries before their students. you'll meet a working teacher who says if that's your priority, you should be fired! >> now it's time for the answer of the quote of the day, who said it?
6:57 am
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7:00 am
we're live with the latest intel. >> embattled congressman charlie rangel lashes out against glenn beck and the tea party. >> in mind of what america is all about. it's not tea bagers and those who normally get the television. america is a loving country. >> i can hear him in my head. glenn beck here to respond. >> he's right over there. >> how do you know? >> i see him with my own two eyes. meanwhile, education through hip-hop is known as flow-cabulary. is calling our founding fathers old white guys in a rap song really teaching our kids anything respectful? you be the judge. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> this is florence henderson and i am on my favorite morning show, "fox & friends"! >> thank you very much, flo and her dancing show. she was on again last night, st "dancing with the stars." >> did she make it? or is tonight the elimination?
7:01 am
>> tonight, somebody gets the boot. guess who is coming up on the show today. we have a jam packed show and we have glenn beck just around the corner. then we have marco rubio who is trying to win a seat in florida. then we have donald trump, john edward, the clairvoyant, and ellen pompeo from "gray's anatomy." big show coming up. fox news alert. we're working to find whether a deadly u.s. drone strike against militants in pakistan actually killed suspects now in the european terror plot. steve centanni live for us in washington with more details. good morning, steve. >> good morning, gretchen. german officials not identifying the five german nationals killed in the u.s. drone attack along the pakistan-afghani border on monday. four of them are of turkish descent according to the television. this attack is taking place 12 miles east of the main town of the north tribal district of pakistan. u.s. officials believe the cell of german and british citizens
7:02 am
with freedom of movement in and out of europe are behind the latest terror plot against europe. u.s. drone attacks, as you know, have intensified along that border region in recent weeks. a u.s. travel warning was issued on sunday because of this european plot. it didn't name any particular european countries but fox news has learned from western intelligence sources that famous tourist locations in france and germany are possible targets. the white house says all this is no cause to change travel plans. >> many of them are listed on the web site with the alert. this is not a warning, travel warning telling people not to go. this is simply to raise awareness and alertness of those that are there. report suspicious activity. be very aware of your surroundings. that stuff is listed on the web site and i think those are many precautions that are good to bear in mind as you continue
7:03 am
traveling in europe. >> good advice at any time and while the warning is for europe, security has been beefed up and trains here at home. amtrak will be increasing security beginning friday for a planned exercise they say is not related to that european threat according to a homeland security official. there's no indication of a u.s. target listed as part of this latest terror plot. >> steve centanni live for us in d.c. thank you. he targeted his victims one by one driving around florida in the red pickup truck shooting six people. one of the victims died. he's identified as clifford miller jr. he drove to specific locations in gainesville and then turned the gun on himself. all the victims were men. the motive behind all this is being investigated. miller's family says he did have a history of mental illness. a heated face-off in connecticut last night. fox news's bret baier moderating the debate between republican senate candidate linda mcmahon
7:04 am
and democrat richard blumenthal. she clammed blumenthal's campaign ad claiming she wants to lower minimum wage. >> that's a lie. i never said it. it's in the ad. that's wrong. let's take it off the table. >> blumenthal apologizing for his own lie when he claims to have served in vietnam. >> i want to say that i am sorry particularly to our veterans and most especially to the veterans of vietnam. >> the candidates did agree on one thing. steven hayes should get the death penalty if he's convicted of murdering a mom and two daughters in a gruesome home invasion in connecticut three years ago. >> president obama holding a summit on two year community colleges at the white house today. he wants the united states to be first in the world in earning college degrees. officials say these colleges are facing serious challenges including high dropout rates and overcrowding.
7:05 am
it was far from a bedtime story but put young travis barrett to sleep in the middle of the house of representatives. barrett's grandfather, the texas gue congressman was delivering a speech. apparently he wasn't interested or didn't get his nap. he loves his grandpa. that was just not, you know, wasn't exciting. >> seats are comfortable. that's the problem. >> he's heard grandpa talk before. you've heard glenn beck talk before. he's joining us live. >> how are you? >> doing ok. barney frank who for the first time in a lot of years he has a challenger up there in -- >> 10 points, not really a challenge. >> in that district is not uncommon. listen to what barney frank said in a fundraising e-mail i sent out. my opponent, a virtual unknown in massachusetts has suddenly been promoted by a heavy coalition of right wing forces and they are mounting a coordinated attack against me in order to put fear into the heart of anyone who dares stand up to
7:06 am
them. that's according to bailout barney. >> yeah. is there a question here? it's barney frank. why are we listening to barney? let me tell you something, there's a well coordinated coalition of people that will take these guys out of every seat that they're in if they can. it's called the american people. why would we care about what barney frank said? barney frank is also the guy for years said don't worry about it. fann fannie and freddie is ok. let me show you this from "the wall street journal." i've been saying for a while now, we're headed towards 19 -- the 1930's. >> there's a red line. >> that's what we are and the orange graph is the 1930's. that's 1937 at the peak there at the end. when it heads back down, this is after a court case in, i believe, in the depression against f.d.r. >> that's the dow jones industrial average. >> yes. we are headed for a giant -- i've been saying on the show,
7:07 am
the leaves are changing. we're headed for trouble. this is the trouble we're headed for and barney frank and all the people in congress and in the white house, they have helped do it. got rid of bush. then obama came in and sped the ship up and nobody in congress has changed. >> here it is, glenn. if you talk about an attack ad, you know, you have blumenthal saying i was in vietnam, fought in a war. i forgot, i wasn't in a war. that was pretty egregious. how about barney frank saying i'm fine. we're saying over and over again, that should undo any politics. >> which is worse? which is worse? and blumenthal, i have to tell you something, connecticut, if you elect blumenthal, you get what you deserve and i live in connecticut. this guy was on my show. he doesn't care about the constitution. i asked him when he was going after the salaries, remember, for what was the aig executives, where do you get that in the state constitution? where can you possibly do it? he couldn't answer the question. he's the attorney general. that's his only job. >> you talk about things on your show and then you took that
7:08 am
to washington, d.c. a month ago and you had your rally there. now, there was another rally there, one nation working together. how did it compare with the beck rally? >> you know, i'm not going to talk about the crowd size and the pictures say everything you need to know about that. >> yeah, i saw one of the a.p. photos and it said, ok, there are people there. >> you're on the right and -- >> you don't see the green except for the trees. >> yeah. >> but look, here's the thing, i cannot believe i live in a country that can have 40 communists or i mean, 300 communists, socialists, radical, revolutionary groups endorsed by the president and endorsing the president and the democratic party meet on the mall, you want to talk about hate? last night, i showed on my television show a communist or a socialist saying look, violence against the capital -- capitalists class is absolutely warranted.
7:09 am
excuse me, what are you talking about? the people in 828 were good, decent americans who love their country, are tired of the problems in our country, we were tired at george w. bush. they're coming together. they're talking about god. they're pulling themselves together and pulling themselves up. the other won a revolution in the country. period. that's all there is. >> here's charlie rangel who is much defamed of late, relatively disgraced as he gives up his ways and means committee chairmanship and more, weighing in on his ethics charges. he weighed in on glenn beck and the tea party. listen. >> what america is all about. that it's not beck and tea bagers and those who normally are on the television, america is a loving country and diversified country. >> ok. >> not to respond. why do we respond to these people? the guy -- the guy writes the tax code and then can't figure
7:10 am
out the tax code himself. part of the corruption. not even worth a response. >> you say it's up to the voters. >> it absolutely is. >> you're talking about connecticut and massachusetts, and new york. >> voters are the ones. the people are the ones. i have to tell you, if your neighbors don't get it, ask them -- what will it take for you to get it? >> right, how impactful this midterm will be. these next 25 days. >> it may just speed it up again. if you look at what venezuela is doing, he lost in a dramatic fashion -- in a dramatic fashion and what does he say? he's pushing the revolution faster. we are headed for trouble. we have to pull together and be the americans that we know we are. >> this bothered you yesterday. >> i'm going to show the cover of glenn beck's ipad. on it, it features a number of our founding fathers, as you can see there with the notations "faith, hope and charity." now, there's a new -- new
7:11 am
literacy program called flocabulary and what it does is describes these guys, describes them as old white guys. our founding fathers. >> right. first time we heard was with the progressive movement in the 1920's and now it's this flocabulary thing where you rap history. if this is the way we're going to beat the chinese, we're doomed. >> in school. >> let's explain what it is. a hip-hop curriculum so it's music based and so what they do is they use raps and rhymes and it helps students learn and memorize everything about history. all right. one of the lines says "white men getting richer than enron. they stepping on indians, women's and blacks. era, a good feeling doesn't come with the facts." >> they're talking here about andrew jackson and this part goes on about andrew jackson and there are several points. first of all, it's accurate. when you look at andrew jackson, what he did to the indians is an abomination. it's where our country really
7:12 am
started to go off the rails. beyond that, you've got -- are you telling me, you know, margaret bogensburger, your third grade teacher is going to be rapping this stuff and it's going to be good. does it come with the rap? i don't even know. and 3, rap, singing, this is the way we have to teach our children? >> they're saying this is to reach the toughest children to reach. in certain neighborhoods that this will speak to them. i'm just saying what they're saying. >> you have to be kidding me. we are doomed. when they go to any job. i don't care what it is, the president of a corporation, are they going to rap to the board members? i mean, you at some point you have to assimilate into the society. >> glenn, you remember "happy days. "did not understand the anatomy of the body so he put it to music and that's when life was simple and it worked for potsie. >> pheumanic device.
7:13 am
>> when we're all standing together at arnold's drive-in i'll let you know. >> this did work in the chicago school district where they incorporated rap into teaching and it worked. >> great. if it works, great. i can't believe that we're, you know, resting our country's future on hey, let's rap history. but -- >> let's see if they can continue to do it after this year. speaking of rap, that's it. glenn beck, we'll be watching today on the fox news channel. >> will there be a charge? >> there will be a charge. >> promising to reverse the democrats agenda, proving to be a game changer for republican candidates for congress. next, we'll talk to marco rubio's florida's nominee for the senate. >> would you vote for donald trump for senate? a poll saying he's considering it. let's get chinese.
7:14 am
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>> welcome back, everyone. the recession continues to cripple florida and as foreclosures there increase, so does republican marco rubio's lead. the latest poll there has rubio 20 points ahead of democrat kendrick meek and 11 points ahead of independent now charlie crist. but can he hold them off?
7:17 am
and according to him, save florida? joining me now to discuss the heated florida senate race is florida g.o.p. nominee marco rubio. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, gretch. >> all right. what sort of comparison or alignment do you give to the fact that the economy keeps worsening in florida and your numbers continue to go up? >> well, here's the bottom line. in florida we have a pretty straight forward choice. if people like the direction in our country and they think the folks in charge in washington, d.c. are doing a good job, i'm probably not for them. i'm not their candidate. if they want somebody to go to washington and offer a clear alternative, i'm the only one running that will do that. my two opponents either support the agenda up here or have proven they're willing to go along with if it's politically opportunistic for them to do it it and the direction that washington is taking our country is abysmal. we cannot afford to look anything like the last 18 months. >> florida was one of two states to see the unemployment rise in august, it's now 11.7%.
7:18 am
so what's different about you in creating jobs than crist and meeks? >> well, unlike my opponents i realize that politicians don't create jobs. jobs are created by everyday people from all walks of life who start a business or expand an existing business. and the job of government is to make it easier for them to start businesses or expand existing businesses, not harder. everything that's come out of washington, d.c. over the last 18 months has made it harder for the job creators to start businesses or expand existing businesses. both of my opponents, for example, supported the stimulus package that has been an abysmal failure. the only thing it's stimulated is the national debt. >> you'll be going off on your road to reclaim america. i have news for you, you're going on a bus. you'll make 11 stops throughout the state of florida and then you're going to be stopping tomorrow night for a debate with kristin meeks, right? >> that's right. in orlando, it will be televised statewide tomorrow. >> what do you hope to accomplish on this bus tour? >> you know, ultimately to continue to take our message and make sure the excitement that's
7:19 am
out there, not only behind our message but behind the election that message translates into votes. it doesn't matter how strongly people feel that washington is taking us in the wrong direction, if they don't vote on election day or during the early voting period or from home absentee, it doesn't make a difference. we have got to turn this excitement about the election and our chance to make a difference. we've got to turn that into activism by voting and by volunteering. >> all right, marco rubio, thanks so much for being our guest today. we wanted to mention to our viewers we invited charlie crist, the independent. he declined to join us much kendrick meeks will be on "fox & friends" on thursday. stay tuned for that. a working teacher who says if that's your priority, if it's money, then you shouldn't be teaching. why he says the wrong motivation is killing our kids' education. and welfare checks blown on vacation? and not just any vacation, check out these kinds of vacations. hawaiian retreats on the taxpayers dime? we'll explain.
7:20 am
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7:23 am
>> glad you're up. time for news by the numbers. first $712.5 million, the combined amount that new york mayor mike bloomberg is urging 9/11 victims and first responders to accept to settle lawsuits with the city. next $69 million. that's how much california welfare money was spent in out of state places like las vegas casinos, hawaiian resorts and cruise ships from miami. nice. and finally 85 years old. that's the age of this blushing connecticut bride that got married for the first time. ruth fran says she's never met a man she wanted to settle down with until now. steve. >> congratulations. >> meanwhile, the controversial documentary "waiting for superman" about america's schools has everybody talking about the nation's public
7:24 am
schools system and what's the matter with it and why it's failing our students. are teachers to blame or the unions that protect them? our next guest says both. danny is a special ed teacher and author of "how to survive and perhaps thrive on a teacher's salary" and he joins us live. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you for having me on. >> when you first started out, you were a kindergarten teacher and a member of the union, why? >> the protections that they offered, unfortunately in today's times we're in a lawsuit type of society and i felt like especially a male teaching younger students that, you know, i did need that protection just in case, you know, there was a false accusation, you know, laid on me. >> exactly. and so now you're working with special needs kids and there are always a couple of other adults in the room. so you no longer belong to a union and it's wanot mandated tt you do.
7:25 am
you don't know if unions are such a good idea when it comes to the school setup. i know you haven't seen "waiting for superman" but explain why unions are not such a good thing for you in your estimation. >> well, you know, they were created and they do fight for our salaries and for our benefits and i think that's a good thing but then when you hear some of these horror stories of the union protecting teachers that are not making wise decisions and that are doing some bad things, i think it puts a negative spin on our entire teaching profession and then it does, in my estimation, it kind of gives the union part, you know, partially a black eye because they're not, you know, when you protect the bad teacher, you're not doing what's right for the children and most teachers get into the profession because they have a passion for it and get into it to do what's right for the children. when we hear people being protected that aren't doing the things that are right for our students, that isn't -- that's not right. >> right. and i know -- i think you told one of our producers in your school that, you know, the unions protected this bad teacher who just -- the kids would come in and hey, let's watch a movie.
7:26 am
let's watch the television. i don't feel like teaching today. >> right. that was -- you know, i remember, i was a fairly new teacher at that point and i remember thinking, you know what? i could go back to my classroom and teach the most dynamic lessons and my kids could, you know, grow five grade levels that year and this teacher that watched videos every single afternoon still made more money than i did. not that we get into it for the money. that isn't right. >> speaking of money, one of the reasons why state budgets are so racked right now is because of the high costs of pensions and stuff like that. i know a deal is a deal. but going forward, should teacher tenure, perhaps, be eliminated? >> you know, teacher tenure was created because you could have an administrator that didn't necessarily like a teacher and they could get rid of them so, you know, the premise it was and why it was created was good. but now, it's, you know, instead of earning tenure, it's almost a guarantee. if you work in some school districts for two years, you're automatically guaranteed tenure. you don't have to earn it anymore and i think that's where, you know, we have to, i think, take a look at it to
7:27 am
where it should not necessarily be an automatic. if you're a good teacher, i think, you know, you might be able to deserve it. it might take a few more years than two years to get it. when it's a given and automatic, i think it needs to be relooked at. >> you would know. you're in the trenches every day. danny teaching down there in georgia. he has a book out it's called "how to involve on a teacher's salary." thank you very much for joining me today. >> thanks for having me on again, steve. >> you bet. what do you think? do you think he made some good arguments about tenure and the unions? e-mail us right now at dodging the death penalty. update on the legal case of major nidal hasan, accused of murdering 13 people at fort hood. is president obama getting cozy with wall street? our next guest has uncovered something very interesting you'll want to see. donald trump joins us to tell us if there's any truth to the rumors of a trump ticket in 2012 for president. hi.
7:28 am
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>> we got a great program to tell you about right now. here's what it is. look at your screen. it's called the fox news college challenge. juniors and seniors majoring in journalism or communications, hey, you can win $10,000 in a scholarship and a $10,000 grant for your school. all you need to do is sign up at that web site right there, challenge and you'll put together a two to three minute video on a story and you could be eligible to win $10,000 scholarship. listen, money is tight out there. if you're a parent out there, encourage your juniors and seniors to enter this. it's a fabulous opportunity. >> sure. besides if they're in j school, they do stories every day.
7:32 am
go on line and figure out what to you have do. who knows, you might wind up on the curvy couch towards the end of the year. >> all right, 28 minutes before the top of the hour. >> fox news alert right now, amber alert just issued in connecticut. police say two children have been kidnapped. 6-year-old leonard smith jr. and 10-year-old ivalese smith both were taken from their home this morning. the suspect, the children's mother, carmen montenyez might be driving a dodge caravan minivan with connecticut plains 390-xyo. anyone with information is urged to contact local police right away. >> day two of jury deliberations now for that connecticut trial of a brutal home invasion that left a mother and her two children dead. steven hayes faces 17 counts including murder, arson and sexual assault. if convicted, the jury will also decide if hayes gets the death penalty for the 2007 murder of jennifer hawk-petit and her daughters haley and mikalea. >> talking terror.
7:33 am
accused fort hood shooter major nidal hasan being advised by his attorney to refuse a mental exam. it's to determine if he's mentally fit to stand trial. it was scheduled to happen after an upcoming hearing but has now been moved up. hasan's attorney said results would be rushed and could be unfairly used against him. he is accused of murdering 13 people, one of them pregnant. >> earlier this morning, the nobel prize for physics awarded to two men. the royal swedish academy of scientists cited them for groundbreaking experiments using two dimensional material graphine, a form of carbon used for producing apparent touch screens, light panels and even solar cells. congratulations to them for thinking of stuff the three of us could never dream about. >> i placed second again. >> you're good about talking about sports. what happened with monday night
7:34 am
football last night? >> i'll tell you what, you had a division rivalry that had an interesting chapter last night and a records was set. dolphins hosting the pats. second half, pats were down by one. not for long. brandon tate was deep in the end zone and thought he saw a seam. i believe he was right. he would score and put the pats up by six. later, patrick chung with the interception on chad henning who had been playing better of late. this one would go back for a touchdown. i know what you're saying, this same guy would block a field goal on the night. the pats would find six different ways to score. that's an nfl record. new england moves to 3-1 on the year. bill belicheck showed a little emotion and then checked himself and blinked. the u.s. nearly pulls off a miracle at the ryder cup. tiger woods stunning, five birdies and an eagle right here to help rally the american squad who i was pulling for. it all came down to northern ireland's graham mcdowell. and there it would be. he'd beat hunter mahan and this putt sets off a huge celebration
7:35 am
in wales. the u.s. has not won in europe in ryder cup play since 1993. boy, they got close. baseball now where the mets owner is doing damage control after firing two, he say they failed. the losses he suffered after investing with the ponzi scheme bernie madoff will be something that will haunt him the rest of his life. the betrayal is something i'll never forget. when i lost $700 million, i had a few restless nights as well. wilpon will not tell us how much he lost but some say that $700 million is right on the money. which by the way they stopped spending after he went to jail. steve? >> you don't do weather, i understand, you're in the weather. >> i am in the weather. through the northeast, it seems like somebody has turned on the fall switch. it feels like fall. i know this for sure. i turned on the heat last night and i turned off the sprinklers. it's fall! meanwhile, take a look at what's going on in the weather and look, we've got some rain moving
7:36 am
through portions of the northeast. very gray day here in new york city. but it's not raining right now. there could be some a little later on. also, widely scattered showers as you can see out in portions of new mexico and arizona and california as well. real quick scan of the current temperatures show you that as you head out the door, school or work it's going to be 41 degrees in rahm emanuel's chicago, illinois. meanwhile, 47 in memphis, tennessee, and currently 62 in tampa. >> and brian kilmeade, that's the fox travelcast for today. >> hey, thank you very much. thank you very much, steve. gretch? >> well, today, the times square bomber faisal shahzad is expected to be sentenced to life behind bars for the botched bombing. joining me now with the latest is john huddy from fox new york affiliate wnyw. good morning to you, john. >> good morning, gretchen. yeah, faisal shahzad has
7:37 am
remained defiant throughout this whole case. when he's expected to address the court before his sentencing. much as he did back in june when he pled guilty to all 10 counts against him stemming from that attempted bombing may 1st in busy times square. now, during the court hearing in june, he told the courtroom that he was "a proud muslim soldier" who intended to kill as many americans as possible in retribution for civilian casualtys in iraq and afghanistan and that if he wasn't caught first, he intended to strike again. now, he is facing life in prison and he'll likely be sent to one of two super max prisons either in colorado or indiana. sentencing is scheduled to start that's the latest from here. back to you in the studio. >> all right, john huddy live for us in new york city. thanks very much. now, let's head over to brian. >> let's talk about a love affair. is the president in a love
7:38 am
affair with wall street? in his new book "bought and paid for, the unholy alliance between barack obama and wall street" charlie says president obama's outrage is fake and his calls to reign in too big to fail banks are just an act. he said the president is giving the wall street c.e.o. what they want so they will support the big government agenda at the expense of small businesses and ordinary americans like you. fox business network senior correspondent and author charlie gasparino is here to tell us more. i'm stunned by the revelation. i thought it was the opposite. what you know that we didn't? >> if you look at who is making money now in corporate america, look at how much money goldman-sachs made last year, $12 billion. >> they paid back tarp. that was a blink for them, by the way. look at them this year. a lot of people say this could be a down year for wall street. they are on track for making $7 billion. i asked why are these businesses so profitable while main street
7:39 am
small businesses around popular? when we have 10% unemployment on main street. when i found out if you look at obama nomics, these incentives were skewed. they were skewed towards the wall street firms. what did main street get? the lousy stimulus package that never worked. >> you found out what took place when he was senator barack obama. tell us about that. >> i tried to find ground zero of why wall street had this initial love affair with barack obama and how it changed. as all love stories go, it changes over time. i found this meeting in 2007 where there was a wall street executive who called people like larry fink, one of the top guys at goldman-sachs, right down the list, put them in a room and said listen, you should listen to this guy. wall street was siding up with hillary clinton at the time. he blew them away as a moderate or somebody they can work with. what's interesting about this book is here's a common misperception or i don't know,
7:40 am
stereotype that these wall street guys are free market capitalists. not true. if anything, they're krony capitalists and if you look at the head of the wall street firms, they're more progressive than ever before. progressive in a social sense. a lot of these guys, jamie diamond, i believe he's one of the most popular, prominent c.e.o.'s on wall street at j.p. morgan chase actually supports barack obama's domestic agenda. >> what i don't understand is we saw the president say i didn't become president of the united states and run for the white house to bail out fat cats on wall street. is that an act? >> it's rhetoric. it's complete rhetoric. his policies, listen, they were bail out policies to get the firms back on their feet. bush did them. by the way, this book is equally critical of the bush administration. crony capitalism has been going on for a long time. if you look at the policies, they stayed in place for two years. it helped wall street not just survive a couple of months after the bailouts but thrive. >> you know what i love about this book, it doesn't give opinion, it tells the facts. this is the way it is.
7:41 am
it's the story as it happens. >> it's a narrative story. it's not a textbook. it's a narrative. >> thanks so much. congratulations on "bought and paid for." appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up straight ahead, i'll toss to gretchen carlson with tremendous flare. >> ok. i'll take it. thanks very much, brian. new rumors of a trump on the 2012 presidential ticket. we're going to ask the donald live what exactly are his political plans? >> yeah, so look for a world exclusive coming up and then he's been connecting people with lost loved ones for decades. john edwards will join us live to explain how everyday people can get in touch with their inner psychic. as we roll on for this tuesday.
7:42 am
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over the phone. guard your card. [ woman 2 ] i hear unauthorized card use is a big source of fraud. the new healthcare law ls us crack down on crinals and win against fraud. making medicare stronger. and speaking of winning... [ man 2 ] not again! [ man ] learn more at >> donald trump is no stranger to being in the public eye. but sitting in the oval office instead of at board room, that could be a very different kind of job for mr. trump. >> what are you talking about, steve? well, the poll was conducted in new hampshire recently. here's one of the questions that they asked the people. what they thought about donald trump running for president in 2012. so will he actually make a run? real estate mogul and business guru donald trump joins us by phone. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> all right. so are you going to make the run? >> well, you know, for the first time in my life, i'm
quote quote
7:45 am
actually thinking about it. over the years, i've had many, many people talking to me and asking me and speaking to me and writing, but i see what's going on with this country and it's never been worse. what's happening is a disgrace. when you look at what's happening with opec, setting the price of oil and ripping the lifeblood out of the country. when you look at what's going on with china, with what they're doing, i mean, china is just ripping this country like nobody has ever ripped us before. and we don't have our talented people. we don't use our great business people to negotiate. we use some diplomat and, you know, i do a lot of business with china. and i'm not knocking them. i mean, if you can get away with something, you do it but i do business and the chinese come over and they tell me they can't believe what they're getting away with. you try doing business in china, it's impossible. yet they come over here and make everything. we don't make anything anymore. we make it in china and other countries. >> yeah. >> we really have problems. >> you have a problem with free trade in particular, right? >> well, you know what? i like free trade. i love the concept of free trade but not unfair trade and that's
7:46 am
unfair trade. what they do with us is unfair trade. you can't do business in china. you can't go there and open up even a store in china. and yet, they come here and they take over the place only because we're -- it's sort of an interesting thing. i was talking also the other day about what -- you remember what happened with kuwait where iraq took over kuwait. we went in, lost lives, spent billions of dollars and handed it back to them. and now they don't want to invest in the united states because they don't like our country as an investment. it's really terrible what's happening. >> sure. >> so let me get this straight, donald trump, you are considering running for president of the united states. >> for the first time, i'm thinking about it. >> i understand you're thinking about it. do you have any idea what kind of a pay cut you'd take? >> it's a big pay cut. that's true. it's a big pay cut. >> yeah, but look, i love this country. we have a great country. but it's not really great like it used to be. let's face it. we're no longer respected the
7:47 am
way we used to be respected and if we keep going like this within 10 to 12 years, china is going to overtake us easily. >> we know there would be so many more issues for china if you decide to run for president. what party would you align yourself with? back in 2000 when you were sort of talking about running it was the reform party. what party? >> the reform party asked me to run. i did not do that. i didn't want to do that. on i'm a republican so if i did anything, i'd do it as a republican. >> are you totally being serious right now? >> i'm totally being serious. i can't stand what's happening to the country. first time i am being serious about it. i've been asked for years to do it. i had no interest. this is the first time i'm at least considering it. that doesn't say i'm going to do it, gretchen but i'm seriously considering it. >> what happened is they only ask 30 questions to those -- some new hampshire constituents, as you know, that's the first primary. are you encouraged by the
7:48 am
results? >> i hear the results are amazing. i don't know what they were. i didn't take this poll. i didn't pay for this poll but i hear the results are amazing. i found out about this yesterday morning when i got a call from a "time" magazine reporter that found out about a poll and i didn't know about it. but, you know, somebody heard me speaking on a show, perhaps yours where i've spoken about this very openly, and they said, you know, they like what i'm saying. >> sure. >> what i'm saying is almost -- hard to believe people don't pick it up. it's almost common sense. >> this is one way, donald, to not pay as high of taxes in new york. you have threatened about leaving new york so if you're like the president, you'd be in washington, d.c. >> it's very hard for me to psychologically leave new york. plenty of other people will leave new york if they don't do something. we have a governor that's not doing a good job and not getting taxes down. people will leave. >> can't get out soon enough. donald, the problem with politics, it's not like business. it's not cut and dry. you have to have finesse and you
7:49 am
have to be able to squeeze hands and kiss babies. are you willing to do that? >> well, i think my whole life has sort of been about finesse when you get down to it. what running a country is is to a certain extent we have to bring principle back and we have to also bring common sense back. we have no common sense. we have no common sense. and we're losing this country. mark my words, if we keep going this way, we're losing this country. it will no longer be great. it's not respected to anywhere near what it used to be. it will no longer be great. >> sure. it sure sounds like you're running for something. donald trump joining us on the phone where you heard it here first, folks. thank you, donald. >> thank you very much. >> all right. terrific. >> he has been connecting people with their lost loved ones for decades. you know who he is. john edward is here to explain how everyday people can get in touch with their inner psychic. >> then on this day in 1991 "good vibrations" by marky mark otherwise known as mark wahlberg who according to steve has great abs. >> good producer.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> all right, you've seen him on tv helping connect people with their lost loved ones and now, real life psychic medium john edward is here to share how you can develop your own sixth sense or intuition. it's all in his brand new book "infinite quest." joining us right now the guy you're looking at john edward. you believe everyone is a psychic. welcome back, by the way, you're looking trim and you're ready for this tour. what do you mean everyone is a psychic? >> i think everybody has an intuition and what i'm trying to get them to do is develop that intuition. not to do readings but to be able to make informed and empowered decisions. to listen to that gut instinct as your decision making. you have that moment where you're going what do i do sf tell me what to do. now you can kind of like work through that on your own. >> sure. >> if you have that moment where
7:54 am
you just thought of somebody and then they call. >> right. >> i say take it to the next level. when you have that moment when you think of that person, call them first and say that's the greatest. it's a great something to do. and they'll always -- they will always have the reaction of oh my god, i was just going to e-mail you -- >> you go i'm john edward. >> so let's go through a couple of the tips on how people can develop their intuition or psychic ability, whatever it is. you say first of all, let go of your ego. >> right. you have to be able to let go of, ok, look to what i'm getting. what am i getting? how do i learn the symbolism i get it in? i worked with cynthia richardson a dream expert, she's amazing. one of the things we talked about is frames of references. four people sitting on this couch can have the same dream but it will mean different things because it's our symbolism. you have to let go of your oweg and say what does it mean to me?
7:55 am
>> meditation and prayer. >> yesterday i was on the show and said meditation and prayer and when they closed caption it, it said medication and prayer was the way to go. deaf people on medication now trying to be psychic but the reality is this. meditation helps you to calm your physical -- physical body to allow your mind to open up. and then prayer is to stand in the column of life. >> psychic self-defense. what do you mean? >> psychic self-defense basically is protect yourself from the energy of the world that you live in. we're always bombarded by things, advertisement, other people's judges and issues, all the things come to you. you want to be able to defend yourself and not be affected by other people's thoughts and pay attention to your. >> we're not. you're in touch of them. >> everybody -- you're constantly bombarded. >> unexpressed thoughts. >> unexpressed thoughts and energy and attitudes from other people. have you walked through an airport? walk through an airport and just watch how you're bombarded by other people's energies, issues and attitudes.
7:56 am
>> i have to ask you about the new movie coming out called "here after" with matt damon produced by clint eastwood. what do you think of the idea that somebody is going to be playing your idea in life? >> i think it's great. a lot of times when this work is depicted it's depicted in a really negative way and i'm hoping, i know nothing about the movie and i have no connection to the movie but i'm excited to see it as a fan. i'm hoping that he takes it to the level of reality and intensity and emotional understanding that people could really get to understand what this work is about and it's not about the medium but the process of connection and love and the fact that we can still remain connected and the responsibilities that go with it. >> that's a movie that's coming to your multiplex shortly. the book is at your bookstores everywhere. thank you very much. >> always a pleasure. >> all right. straight ahead, one network moving to promote islam after a guest says sharia law will take over the world. really? laura ingraham will weigh in on that straight ahead. >> and he says voters don't need to like the democrats to vote for them in november.
7:57 am
isn't that the reason people vote for candidates, though, if they like them? pennsylvania governor ed rendell is going to join us live to explain his comments. ♪ ♪ yes! ♪ look, they fit! oh my gosh, are those the jeans from last year? how'd you do it? eating right...whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who eat more whole grain tend to have healthier body weights. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories. more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios.
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. tuesday, october 5, 2010. thank you for sharing your time with us today. new information on that terror
8:00 am
threat in europe. the reported similarities to september 11. we will have a live report straight ahead. >> steve: he said chicago is his kind of town to paraphrase sinatra, but apparently it doesn't feel the same way about rahm emanuel. his campaign off to a bit of a rocky start yesterday. we've got pictures. >> brian: one network promoting a special on islam after a guest says sharia law will take over the world, laura ingraham here to weigh in. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ you know i can be found sitting all alone ♪ ♪ if >> steve: live from new york city on this kind of rainy and dreary tuesday, things are cheering up. >> brian: on the outside though. >> steve: exactly right. take a look at the big board. the menu of guests. laura ingraham screen left. she's live in the studio and just a moment ago, she took a picture of us with her blackberry. i have a feeling you're going to twit pic us. >> gretchen: she's going to be here in a minute.
8:01 am
then we'll have pennsylvania governor ed rendell and karl rove. >> brian: he's a big twitterer. >> gretchen: and peter johnson, jr. and ellen popmeio will be wrapping up our show. the u.s. is down playing the terror threat in europe as new details emerge in the investigation into possible terror plots, including erie similarities to the environment before september 11. this comes as u.s. drone strikes target possible terror plotters in pakistan. steve has more. what is this connection now with september 11? >> only that some intelligence officials say that the atmosphere and kind of chatter we're hearing are similar to what happened prior to 9-11, but that doesn't indicate anything is imminent. five germans, four of them of tushish descent, were killed in a u.s. air strike, according to pakinstani officials. the germans have not been identified. this attack, the three other
8:02 am
militants were also killed in that attack and it took place 12 miles east of the main town of the north of the tribal district of pakistan. u.s. officials german and british militants are behind this latest threat to europe. fox learned sunday when the state department issued a travel alert, homeland security and the f.b.i. also put out what they call an intelligence bulletin. it points to the madrid train bombing in 2004, london subway bombings in 2005, and the gloss gloss -- gas good-bye attacks as the type we could see. meantime, an al-qaeda operative is of growing interest in this investigation. he's important because of links to an american named david heedly who did surveillance of the hotel and train station in india. the white house is advising people to be alert, but not to
8:03 am
change their travel plans for europe. >> this is not a warning, travel warning telling people not to go. this is simply to raise awareness and alertness of those that are there. report suspicious activity, be very aware of your surroundings. >> as always, that's how americans ought to operate overseas. there is no word on any threat to the u.s. homeland, but u.s. citizens traveling overseas could be in danger. that's why this travel alert issued over the weekend. back to you guys. >> gretchen: steve, thanks very much for that update. amtrak is down playing what it's calling now rail action day, saying it had nothing to do with the terror plots overseas. amtrak says rail action day was always planned for this friday before the threats were revealed to the public. the railroad will beef up security at stations all across the country. faisal shahzad, the man who botched his own plot to blow up times square, learns his fate this morning.
8:04 am
a judge will sentence him at 10:00 a.m. eastern time in lower manhattan and he is expected to address the court at that time. he is facing life in prison for his bungled plan. he's expected to be sent to a maximum security prison in either colorado or indiana. he targeted his victims one by one. he was driving around florida in his red pick up truck shooting six people. he killed one of those victims. the gunman is 24-year-old clifford miller, junior. police say he drove to specific locations in gainesville, florida, then turned the gun on himself. all of the victims were men, but police are still investigating what the motive may have been. miller's family does say that he had a history of mental illness. today federal safety officials unveiling new tougher crash test standards for 2011 model year vehicles. it includes changes to the five star safety rating system. it will make it tougher for new cars and trucks to earn top scores. only two of the first 34 vehicles tested under the new
8:05 am
program, the 2011 bmw 5 series and the 201100 die sonata received five stars. and those are your headlines. >> steve: let's bring in laura ingraham who joins us live on the curvy couch. good morning to you. >> how are you? why do you hide your coffee under the couch. >> steve: it's not just under the couch. >> he's putting his -- could we get a close-up? what is going on? i can't get coffee in here. now i see where it all is. the secrets behind the scenes. >> gretchen: if you only knew. >> brian: that could be the sequel to another best selling book for laura ingraham. >> steve: my best friends diaries. yesterday rahm emanuel kicked off his tour. he did mostly all of the talking. he was heckled in a mexican restaurant. where the hell are the jobs? and then at a school where the parents were demanding that they build the city of chicago a
8:06 am
library. the people actually stopped his car. >> i mean, it's kind of what's happening with obama, when he goes and does his big events, thralls someone in the crowd. so it doesn't surprise me. hes that gutierrez and mr. chico challenging him in this race. the ghost of white house past is following him to chicago. i think barak obama himself would get heckled in chicago today. >> brian: the thing is most people know rahm is a tough guy. a lot of people thought he's going to go there, have a big event and a big obama-like thing and give a speech. instead, he wants to meet the people. he was -- >> testy voters. >> brian: after shaking hands with everyone, there was a picture of him in the car using hand sanitizer. >> again, you don't want to get too close to people. >> gretchen: president bush did the same thing. come on.
8:07 am
>> steve: you got to be careful. >> gretchen: by the way, the reason rahm didn't do that speech is he did it in washington when they passed the torch to pete rouse. now he also shot a video when he was still in dc talking about here at home, speaking about chicago. do you have a problem with that or is that just 'cause he's so busy that he had to shoot it somewhere and it was -- >> it's accurate, here at home, washington, d.c i thought it was fine. i love how he does it at axelrod's old firm, so everybody gets a piece of this pie. spread the wealth around. it's another little thing that chico and gutierrez can point to. i think he'll get passed out quickly. it doesn't look good. >> steve: they had a big debate last night in the great state of connecticut. >> my home state. thank you very much. hi, dad. >> steve: the two people who were hoping more than just your dad is watching. the two people who want to be u.s. senator from the great state up there got together and
8:08 am
debated. however, they both have new attack ads on each other. we'll play a snippet and get reaction. watch this. 'cause right now blumenthal is just a little ahead. >> we have learned something very important since the days that i served in vietnam. >> again and again. he lied about vietnam. >> it took millions in bonuses. no wonder she opposes wall street reform. mcmahon spent thousands on lobs to get millions of tax breaks for herself. linda mcmahon, a bad ceo or senator. >> i low when they do the slow mo video so they're all moving slowly. >> gretchen: do these ads matter? >> i don't know. i think they're to raise the blumenthal issue again, she had to do it because i think it does stick with people. i think people have kind of forgotten that. last night, she made him once again apologize for saying he served in the vietnam war and he
8:09 am
said look, it's not an excuse, but i take responsibility. i don't know. the whole thing looks weird. i think it will tighten up. i know people are saying he'll pull away in the coming weeks. i don't see it. i know connecticut is liberal. but i think connecticut is suffering, too, in this economy. >> gretchen: connecticut has the number one state for independent voters. >> fascinating. >> gretchen: this is fascinating for this race because if you look at independents, they have been going to linda mcmahon. >> exactly. they're very, very concerned about the establishment mentality that he represents 'cause of his name recognition. >> brian: possibly the best exchange was about jobs. jobs overseas. how many jobs have you created and he said, i create jobs through creative policy. >> he created jobs through creative prosecution, too, as attorney general. so i think he uses the attorney general position as a way to push policy. most of us don't think attorney generals should be pushing policy. does he it to i think advance the political agenda.
8:10 am
that's also what she's going to bring up in the coming weeks. >> steve: abc had a special on islam and -- >> i watched it inasmuch did you? >> it was great. >> steve: we want to hear about the panelist who said that sharia law will take over the world apparently unchallenged. >> he's there. i think he was booked, this imam, to make daisy kahn look moderate. you got this guy, we won't stop, and he represents kind of terrorists r us mentality. his former terror group is a branded terrorist organization in britain. he's on the panel and then he says to daisy kahn, and by the way, you should be covering up! >> gretchen: i got to see it. >> we do believe as muslims the east and the west would one day be governed by the sharia. we believe the flag of islam will fly over the white house. the day of judgment won't come
8:11 am
until a group take the house. >> gretchen: from being in egypt repeatedly and well educated guide, he said the same thing to us. >> exactly. >> gretchen: it's not just this guy. >> he said, there is no such thing as a moderate muslim. that's a conversation that's ongoing. people like robert spencer were on the panel and others. i think it was without a doubt biased toward the idea that there is islamist phobia running rampant and this anti-muslim attitude. it was a fascination discussion and to have him there and looking at her saying, you should be covering up, i don't think that was a fabricated moment. i thought that was a real moment in television. two thumbs up in the fact they had the discussion. >> steve: she was there because her husband is pushing the mosque. a lot of people in new york are going, the mosque thing. it's just a campaign issue. it's going to go away after november. >> i don't think so. the emotions are raw. i know there are some 9-11 families that have been trotting out who say this has to be built. this would be an insult to what happened on 9-11 if this mosque
8:12 am
isn't built. but the overwhelming majority of the families are against it. i don't think this issue is going away and i know they'll try to make it into an interfaith center. until women and men can pray together in the same room and express their islamic faith, i think there are feminists maybe raising questions. >> brian: the guy with the money may want to move it. >> it all comes down to money. >> gretchen: laura is the author of the best seller "the obama diaries." find out more about her book on our web site. we found out the sequel will be the fox and friends book. thanks. sure to be the democrat slogan for november, you don't have to like us, just vote for us. >> tepid vote counts the same as a wildly enthusiastic vote. >> gretchen: pennsylvania governor ed rendell will be here to explain those comments. >> steve: then welfare checks blown on vacations in vegas and
8:13 am
hawaii perhaps. how do you feel about that?
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. pennsylvania governor ed rendell doing everything he can to rally his base for the upcoming midterm elections and he says that includes supporting the democrats no matter what. >> our job in the next four
8:16 am
weeks is to tell our base, our liberal friends, this is a choice and the other choice is starkly bad for america and for the things you believe in and remember, there is an old political adage, all we've got to do is get them to the polls because a tepid vote counts the same as a wildly enthusiastic vote. >> steve: that's right. so you don't have to like us, just vote for us. ed rendell joins us live. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning steve and gretchen, how are you? >> steve: great. yesterday we were scratching our heads about what you said. look, they don't have to like us, just please, get out the vote. let's get that machine going. >> well, not so much a machine, but to the progressive base of the democratic party, there has been a lot of complaining about we haven't done this, we haven't done that. the president hasn't achieved this. he didn't take this stand. and you can complain. that's the god given american right. but in the end, elections are about comparisons. and i've asked our base to do is
8:17 am
look at the values that you hold and then how do you think those values will be better done? keeping the democrats in power in the house and the senate or turning it over to the republicans and some of the things the republican party has been saying in this campaign? so elections are always choices. i can't remember when i voted for a candidate who i thought was perfect. i don't think that's ever occurred. so there are choices and i think our base should sort of get over the complaining, continue to complain 'cause that's your right, but vote. >> gretchen: then you should talk to the people in your own party 'cause a lot of them aren't even admitting their democrats in their political ads. >> i agree and i think that's a mistake. i think that's a mistake. >> gretchen: let me ask you this because another quote that you had is, democrats, we have a complex message, the tea party message is pretty easy and simple. we just don't have it in our make-up, in our dna to mislead the public. so you're accusing the tea party of misleading the public. but a lot of people believe that
8:18 am
the president of the united states has misled the public. >> well, again, i don't know the specifics of that, but let me talk to my general statement. look, it's as simple and direct passage to say, don't raise tax, don't spend money. that's a simple and direct message. but it's a message that cannot keep america strong and competitive. let me give you one example. our infrastructure, our roads, bridges, highways, our dams, if we don't spend money maintaining them, not only are we going to create more minnesota bridge collapses, more new orleans levee collapses, but we're not going to be competitive economically 'cause goods movement is crucial to economic competitiveness. so we've got to be honest with people and tell them yes, there are some things, regardless of what you believe, there are some things you've got to invest in to keep the country strong. >> steve: sure, but governor, your argument is that the people don't want the republicans because the democrats have been controlling congress unfortunately for your party right now, a lot of people don't like the fact that what the
8:19 am
democrats have done in power and how it's affected them. where are the jobs? >> let me say this, guys, and i would say this regardless of who is in power, it's not -- the democrats aren't in power because as long as you have the -- >> steve: they've not the white house. >> listen to me, steve. as long as you have the filibuster rule in the senate where 40 senators, a distinct majority can stop any legislation, that's bad for the country and that's what's happened here. and what i submit is, after this election, i think the make-up will be much more republican leaning. i don't know how far, but much more. let's all get together and decide that we should end that rule in the senate where 40 senators can stop the will of the majority. i thinks who ever in power, that should be ended. >> gretchen: that's an interesting proposition. governor rendell, you speak it ke it is and we appreciate you when you come on our show. thank you very much the. >> thanks. >> steve: straight ahead, insult to injury, a father mourning his son who died fighting for this country forced to endure
8:20 am
protesters at the funeral. why are protesters allowed at churches? supreme court taking up that issue. we'll hear from the father straight ahead. >> gretchen: then republicans are ready to capture another majority. the most governors in our nation. what does that mean for politics on the national scene? we're going to ask that guy. he's back! karl rove, right after the break. come on in.
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8:23 am
>> brian: 28 days until judgment day when america decides whether the status quo in washington is working for them or is it time for real change? as we get closer the republican lead is shrinking in some
8:24 am
places. here to explain why is this guy, fox news contributor karl rove. welcome back to the couch. >> how are you? >> brian: i'm italian. first off, why do you think the gap is closing? >> in some races it is because of the dynamics of the race. one candidate has a effective tag and the other is not responding well. there was amazing news last night from the gallup poll. they stopped measuring on the basis of all voters and change to do likely voters and the margin went -- the republicans lead in a low turnout scenario by -- no, that's now dated. those are the old numbers that show that. >> steve: that was yesterday. >> in a high turnout scenario, the republicans lead 53-40. in a low turnout, they lead 56-38. 13 point lead in a high turnout
8:25 am
scenario is twice the margin the republicans had at the end of the 1994 election. this is the first time that the poll has measured using likely voters this year. if you take a look, there have been six polls since the middle of september that measure the generic value using all voters. republicans have a three tenths lead. there have been three polls that measure by likely voters. the republicans led by all six and lead by an average of eight points. >> gretchen: that would then prove the theory that republicans have this enthusiasm much more than the democrats? >> absolutely. in fact, i know ed rendell says tepid vote. but a lot of times they don't came out. pugh said 83% of republicans say they will definitely vote. 69% of democrats say they will definitely vote. that 14 point gap is twice as big as in 1994 and more importantly, independents now are at the highest level since pugh began measuring intensity in vote and those independents look like republicans and go for
8:26 am
the republicans by a 13 point margin on the generic ballot. >> brian: there is some experts that say this thing is in stone in september. are you one of those people who believe this thing will tilt or one way or another in the next 28 days? >> i think strategically it is stuck where it is. that doesn't mean that tactically some individual races don't turn out differently because they're able to make a sustained negative attack that resonates with voters. no, this is it. we've got poor economic growth, bad job numbers, the president's approval rating is stuck at 45. the generic ballot is tilted among republicans. i don't see anything that is likely to change. >> gretchen: how do you explain what's happening in ohio? look what the poll said for governor there in august. you had kasich up, the republican, 52 to 40 and now he's dropped. >> they've duplicated it there. there is a new poll that shows essentially 43-42. look, polls are not scientifically precise.
8:27 am
we endow them with a false scientific precision. one thing we can do, since we have so many polls, is average them together. if you look at the recent polls in ohio, the clear politic average, it's a 48 kasich, 43 strickland. if you average all the polls together for a recent period of time. you don't catch last hip movement, but yes, the ohio governor race is tight. you have an incumbent with a lot of money that's got a very strong anti-republican message and we'll see how it ends up. i think kasich is well positioned to win that. >> steve: let's talk a little about the president's approval rating. i understand disapproval is up and compare him to presidents heading into the midterm. for instance, let's take a look at this right here, reagan rating was 42%. then lost 28 seats. clinton was 46. they lost 53. obama is at 45. if you had to make a projection, how many seats would they lose? >> somewhere in between 28 and 53.
8:28 am
>> gretchen: wow. >> we don't know, but my guess is that somewhere between 39 and 45 that the democrats lose. but they could lose as many as 55. we've got a broader range of seats in play this time, which works to the advantage of the republicans. but the democrats are not going to be caught napping which works to their advantage. look, the president's job approval is lower than it was at the end of last year. every president has had that. i see nothing that he can do in the next few weeks to turn that around and as a result, he's going to be a drag on the ticket. >> brian: besides that, you really don't know what you're talking about. thank you for joining us. the inside story as it breaks. >> i'm still trying to process that. >> gretchen: thank you. you heard one story behind this 911 call, but there may be another one. >> hello? >> okay. are you sure that your husband got shot? >> yes. in his head. >> gretchen: that woman, the wife of an american man shot in the head while jet skiing in mexico. she will join us here next.
8:29 am
>> brian: right near texas. of the feds announcing a new investigation into one bank accused of mistakenly foreclosing on families and putting them on the street. we'll go live and find out more about that. >> steve: then tax dollars that were supposed to help the less fortunate for food and shelter. apparently being used in vegas and hawaii vacations and cruise ships. there is more on "fox & friends from new york city!
8:30 am
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8:32 am
>> the white house issued an alert for american tourists in europe over fears of a terrorist attack. but joke is on you, we can't afford a vacation in europe. >> brian: we said to tourists, go ahead, we're not the target. this week, three big banks
8:33 am
admitted they made a terrible mistakes overwhelmed by foreclosure documents, some paperwork got signed, even though it was never checked. today news of the first federal investigation into one of those banks, wendell goler joins us now from the white house. >> the special inspector general for the tarp program told "fox business" network he is looking into the possibility that thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of mortgage foreclosures were improperly approved. as point out, the charges involve several companies, but his investigation is focused on one, ally financial, the mortgage arm of general motors, which received close to $14 billion in tarp money that it hasn't paid back yet. the company halted evictions in 23 states last month based on evidence that mortgage processors signed off on thousands of foreclosures every week for months without
8:34 am
verifying the information in the paperwork. to give you an idea of the scale of the problem, one bank worker said that she signed off on about 8,000 foreclosures a month, which works out to about 45 an hour for an eight hour day. experts say there is no possible way she could have adequately checked all that paperwork. ally and citigroup have been sued by a group of kentucky homeowners. jpmorgan chase and bank of america are also implicated in this scandal. they have also suspended mortgage foreclosures, but they are not subject to the federal investigation because they have paid back their tarp money. meanwhile, one law maker, minnesota senator al franken, wants to know why the obama administration's housing affordability modification program, which was supposed to keep people in their homes, didn't limit the foreclosures. the program cost $50 billion and it reported just a couple of months ago that its redefault
8:35 am
rate was three times what they originally said it was. brian? >> brian: thank you very much. we'll continue to follow that. 26 minutes before the top of the hour now. more news. >> gretchen: the rest of your headlines. accused fort hood shooter major nidal malik hasan is being advised by his attorney to refuse to undergo a mental exam. it will determine if he's mentally fit to stand trial. it was scheduled to happen after an upcoming hearing, but now it's being moved up. his attorney says the rush results could be unfairly used against him. he's accused of murdering 13 people, one of them was pregnant. >> steve: day two of jury deliberations for the connecticut trial of a brutal home invasion that left a mom and her two kids dead. steven hayes faces 17 counts, including murder, arson and sexual assault. that's him. if convicted, the jury will also decide if hayes gets the death penalty for the 2007 murder of jennifer hawk petit and her daughters, haley and michaela. >> brian: are protests like
8:36 am
these protected by the first amendment? that argument goes before the supreme court tomorrow. earlier we we were joined by albert snyder, who served the westborough baptist church for protesting outside his son's military funeral. but the verdict was overturned. he joined us earlier. >> this case is not about free speech. it's about targeted harassment and it shouldn't continue to be taken like free speech. >> brian: the case isn't about free speech. it's about targeted harassment and it shouldn't -- bit way, that was basically what he just said. i apologize. lance pom matthew snyder was killed sadly in 2006 in iraq. >> gretchen: federal reserve chair ben bernanke is now apologizing for the sorry state of the u.s. economy. >> sorry that the economy is not stronger right now, but it will get stronger and america will continue to be a terrific place to live and work.
8:37 am
>> gretchen: bernanke talking to rhode island college students at a town hall meeting. he also warned the huge budget deficit thettens to seriously endanger the country's economic computer. he's urging congress to consider tighter budgeting rules. brian? >> brian: history made last night on monday night football. dolphins, pats down 7-6. 103-yard run back there. that's very impresssive. but the pats uses person teams to make a difference. later on, a turnover. chung with the int. there is tom brady making his wife happy, wherever she is. he would make this interception and also block a field goal. the pats when it was all said and done, would find six different ways to score. that is an nfl record. new england moves to 3-1 on the year. that's what's happening in the world of sports. but not what's happening in california. unbelievable the waste of money. >> steve: no kidding.
8:38 am
we detailed how california is out of money and on the verge of bankruptcy. so keep that in mind. so they've been looking at all the money they're spending on welfare right now. and the money is supposed to go to people who are broke and who need food or shelter or clothes and they can't explain it, but they give them a charge card with money on it. how come $11 million was charged in las vegas? how come over a million dollars in florida? how come close to $400,000 for hawaiian visits and cruises down in miami? how come welfare recipients spent dough in places that looked like where you would go on vacation? >> gretchen: we all know welfare is supposed to be used for basic stuff. that's what it is. so if you're a single parent and you earn less than $14,000 and you have two kids, then you qualify and it's for food and drink, et cetera.
8:39 am
not necessarily for going to vegas and hawaii. so now people are wondering, especially in the state of california, that's desperately in need of cash, why this money is being wasted in these locations. one would hope it wouldn't be too tough to figure out. there has to be a system to put in place where people can only draw this money maybe in california or they get special dispensation if they'll be traveling somewhere else. i don't know. >> brian: something they could figure out, but they have not taken the time to do so and they'll ask the federal government sooner or later for a bailout. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. reports that a major insurance company is profiting from fallen soldiers at the expense of taxpayers. now some families of these troops are taking that issue to court. should the insurance companies be taken out of the equation to make it impossible for them to profit from soldiers who die in action? >> gretchen: peter johnson, jr. is here to weigh in on that. >> this is quite incredible. the federal government is paid $1.7 billion in death benefits
8:40 am
for the 5633 soldiers that have been killed in iraq and afghanistan. even though there is a program with prudential by which they're supposed to provide insurance, life insurance paid by our soldiers, 6 million of them, but the federal government actually pays the dollars of $400,000 death benefit to the families. so what happens and has been happening is instead of people getting the check, they've been getting what's been called a retained asset account. a checkbook and prudential says listen, you don't have the whole amount here. whatever you need, write checks out. a lot of families have said, listen, that's not what we want. and also its focus is why is prudential receiving, say, 4% on investment dollars on that and paying out just half a percent to the families? so they're making eight times what they're paying out and so a
8:41 am
lot of people, a lot of observers, including this one, is saying, secretary of the department of veterans affairs, why don't we just write checks to these families since the federal government is paying this money anyway? >> steve: it looks like a sweetheart deal. somebody dreamed up for prudential because a death benefit should go directly to the family instead of prudential who is going to hang on to it. >> critics called it a sweetheart deal. several law professors across this country and there have been lawsuits. some of them have been dismissed because courts said, well, this is really what you're getting anyway when you invest somewhere else. but that's not the issue. the issue it that if a person dies in the service of his or her country, their family should have the capacity to have those dollars right away. >> brian: much has been said about the alliance accounts, being some elaborate scheme to make money from the deaths of fallen soldiers. we have lost money under the
8:42 am
sgli contract over the last ten years. >> this is a no bid contract that goes back to the 1960s. it needs to be reevaluated. it also needs to be reevaluated, they're holding almost $900 million in a so-called reserve fund and at least one actuary at the v.a. says they're holding about $200 million more than they should. that's resulted in the decrease in what service people are paying for life insurance benefits, but clearly those who have lost deserve better. >> gretchen: peter johnson, jr., thank you for bringing that to our attention. >> brian: straight ahead. >> gretchen: her husband, an american man, shot in the head while jet skiing on a lake in the texas-mexico border. so what happened? the wife joins us live next. >> steve: then you know her as meredith grey. but the drama not getting all that's getting ellen pompoe's attention. stick around.
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>> gretchen: this is a tough story to talk about because it's unthinkable. the details are horrific. a husband and wife were jet skiing on vacation when out of the blue, the wife says mexican gangs started shooting at them. it's believed the husband, david hartley, was shot in the back of the head. his body, though, not yet found. this all happening on a lake that straddles texas and mexico
8:46 am
and joining me now is david's wife, tiffany hartley, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: none of us can imagine what you have been going through for the last week since this horrible situation happened to you and your husband. if you can take us back to last week, you had decided to go on this jet skiing trip and you knew that potentially it could be dangerous. right? >> we did. we hadn't heard anything happening lately. we had heard back in the spring that they had pirates, you know, robbing people. but we had never heard of them in the last few months. so we had no idea that it was going to happen that day obviously. >> gretchen: so you wanted to go on this sightseeing trip in this lake that straddles texas and mexico. was it true that you wanted to take photographs of the catholic church that was half sub merged
8:47 am
in the water and that you had said to each other, we know that there may be some risk, but our motto in life is no fear? >> yeah, that's true. we went there to take pictures. my husband loves history and loves -- doesn't matter what, if it's u.s. or mexico, he just loves the history. so we had discussed that we were going to go take some pictures and then go back to the main part of the lake. >> gretchen: so you're out there and suddenly you see a group of men on jet skis or in a boat and what happened? >> we had seen three boats. we were heading back out towards the u.s. side and the three boats started to approach us and that's when we decided we just needed to get going and go as fast as we could to the u.s. side and then that's when they started chasing us. >> gretchen: so they shot your husband in the back of the head.
8:48 am
you then -- >> as far as i know. >> gretchen: but you say you tried to get his body up on your jet ski. you could not and then you had to leave the scene because they were shooting at you? >> yeah. i had swung my jet ski around to go get him 'cause he was in the water and i tried pulling him up, but before that, a boat had approached me with a gun and pointed the gun at me. then they left and that's when i tried pulling him up on my ski. >> gretchen: you were unable to do that and his body has still not been recovered. we want to mention that to our viewers. let me ask you this, the mexican authorities are claiming now that maybe this incident didn't even happen. how would you respond to them? >> i can't imagine that. because i loved him so much. he was my rock.
8:49 am
he was everything to me. i loved him and there is no way i would do anything like that. i can understand since they say they can't find the body, but they're not looking. they're not looking for him. that's what's frustrating because we can't go over there and look for him. we need them to do it. we need them to allow the u.s. to go over. >> gretchen: so what you're saying is that they will not allow u.s. authorities to go and search for the body of your husband either? >> yeah, that's what we understand. so we need the mexican government, we need the president, we need all of them to just let us come and recover my husband's body so we can give him a proper burial. >> gretchen: that's what you're asking today is for the president of mexico to allow american authorities to come across into their border and
8:50 am
help you? >> yes. and, of course, we're asking the president obama, we're asking hillary clinton, we're asking all the governors and senators, whoever they need to call to make this happen, we need to make it happen. we just want his body back. that's all we want. >> gretchen: i understand. and we can't imagine the pain you're going through as this happened to your husband. but we appreciate you joining us today and sharing your story. thank you. >> i want you guys to know that he really loved your show. he watched it every day. >> gretchen: thank you so much for letting us know that. our hearts and prayers are with you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: we'll be right back with more "fox & friends" right after this.
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>> we have brand-new fox
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polling. battle ground states like ohio and missri and the fight for harry reid's seat in nevada. you will see the numbers first here. brit hume, juan williams will analyze. i am not a witch. i'm a good witch of the east, christine o'donnell's new ad is out. you'll see that. our fox medical a teamsays your health care is changing already. marc siegel explains. join martha and me in six short minutes, top of the hour. >> steve: she's the star of the hit hospital drama, gray's anatomy ," but there is a lot more about her that you may not know that makes her famous. she joins us on the curvy couch right now. good morning to you. >> that was a very scandalous intro. >> gretchen: tell us the secret. >> no secret. not on fox. no. >> gretchen: the one big secret is that you're a new mom. >> yes. >> gretchen: is that a secret? >> no, i don't know. probably everybody knows. but yeah. >> gretchen: she just turned one? >> she did. >> gretchen: how has that changed your whole being a
8:55 am
working mom as opposed to being just a married woman? >> i think i'm a lot crankier. i want to go home. >> steve: you're cranky at work kissing mcdream cree? >> we've been together for a long time. been seven seasons. the novelty wears off. >> brian: what is the moment where you say, i'm in the residual world? what season is that? >> wow, the syndication and residuals i think are two separate things. >> brian: really? because i grew up in the industry, i should know better. >> i don't really know because the profit reports still says the show doesn't make a profit. >> steve: nobody is watching. >> gretchen: you're at least with the show for two more seasons. we know that. >> yes. >> gretchen: one of the things you're really involved with is a program called every little bottom. it has to do with the fact that you are a mom of a little girl who has a little bottom. >> yes. every little bottom is a very important campaign.
8:56 am
hugy's stepped up and they figure the out that there is a real need for diapers in this country, struggling families have is a need for diapers. >> steve: one in three families can't afford them. >> one in three families are struggling to diaper their children. and i think that the issue of food and feeding your family and food banks is a sort of very well organized machine and diapers get left out. nobody thinks about the diaper need issue. and huggies did research and realized how big the problem is in this country. one in three is pretty staggering considering how blessed we are in this country. >> gretchen: you're going to kick it off at 12:00 p.m. today at union square and march of dimes and united way are helping with this. when we come back, we're going to find out how ellen was discovered. that when we remain -- return.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> gretchen: she's just starting to share the secret. how was ellen discovered? it has to do with a bar in meat. >> yeah. there were lots of people who could maybe make the claim that that's how i got discovered. but one of the places is i was bar tending in soho and i met an agent, which is remarkable because i was really, really mean. so the fact that anybody actually wanted to do anything to do with me. >> steve: how often do people use that line in new york? hey, i'm a casting agent? >> exactly. it was a girl and i thought she was trying to pick me


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