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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 5, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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thanks for watching, i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for you. as of today, the election is just four weeks away. >> it is people that are frustrated. i'm just a reflection of that frustration. >> the president: we are in a fight are for the fit. >> this broke, out of work and worried about the future. it doesn't have to be this way. let people chase the american dream. >> big town, small town, east coast, west coast the american people are outraged with what washington is doing. >> how do you leave washington without having a budget? without addressing the question of tax cuts? make a decision. >> this is about choices. >> this election is about clear choices. >> elections are about choices. >> folks in the democratic base are -- understand what is at stake. >> this election is going to
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be a referendum on their -killing policies, cap and trade, health care, regulatory bill, failed stimulus. something other than than a bill. their policies have failed. >> sean: we are just 28 days from the midterm elections. new fox news polls released today show key races once thought to be >> ins for democrats are tilting -- thought to be shoo-ins for democrats are tilting to republicans:
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. >> sean: these new numbers aren't surprising. americans have been sending a clear message washington for months. joining me in studio, former adviser to george w. bush the architect, the one and only karl rove. >> thanks forgiving me a hall pass. >> sean: you are always welcome. free hall pass for life for you. first, i love hanging with you on election night. you have this system where you go through every district, every nuance bit of information. in the karl rove crystal ball, what do we see? >> these are extraordinary results, west virginia has
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turned into a surprisingly robust opportunity for the republicans. people like both of these candidates the democrat and the republican. they are seeing this as a referendum on obama. so, this could be the 9th or 10th seat for the republicans on election night. >> sean: who would have thought russ feingold down by double digits in wisconsin? >> ron johnson has caught the lightning in a in wisconsin. people have warmed to the idea of the iconoclast sick business partner and he's -- he's doing well. >> sean: the poll shows popularity and approval rating number for the sitting governor manchin. he's got 66% approval job performance, -- >> they are afraid anybody that guess to washington as a democrat is going to line-up with obama. obama's approval ratings in the 30s.
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they believe by a factor of 12% of the people think obama's policies have helped the economy in west virginia. 55% say they've hurt the economy in west virginia huge mar jen. >> sean: it is. is up to 6.5% in terms of a lead. dino rossi was on the program last night one point over the fourth ranking democrat in the senate, patty murray that's significant. as we look around the country we are seeing similar numbers. >> if you are a democrat and incumbent and you have been around a long time like murray and reid the people who are decided are highly unlikely to break for you. west virginia of the people undecided in that race, 2/3 of them want their vote to be a message to obama. how do you think they are going to vote for the guy who is going to be with obama or against obama? >> sean: in that sense are you
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viewing this race as a total and complete referendum on obama? >> i think that's the mindset of american voters. democrats have a strategic problem so they've got a tactical answer. the answer is, in many of these contests like nevada to try ander raid kate the opponent. dredge up -- dredge up anything that you can turn into a scandal and go at them hard on television and in the mailbox. it is going to hurt in some places in most places i think it is going to fall flat. >> sean: i was giving dick morris a hard time last night. you overly optimistic. he is suggesting that the republicans aim higher. that they should be shooting for 100 saots, because in this volatile -- seats, because in this tile political environment, anything can happen. you have been more cautious in your predictions. are you still cautious? >> i'm cautious, but i'm
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optimistic. i think the republicans are likely to take over the house. my range is 39-45. i could see it going to 55, tilting higher in the range the 39-45 range. it is gonna be a very difficult contest all the way to the end. the democrats are prepared. they are not going to be caught napping. they realize they don't have issues to run on. not a single democrat in a vulnerable seat is running an ad extolling the stimulus bill. the only democrats talking about the stimulus bill are the democrats who voted against it. there's a democrat who voted for the cap and trade bill is extolling its virtues. only two, steve israel, out there in new york and pomeroy in north dakota, only two are extolling the obama care. in north dakota pomeroy is saying i talked to the north dakota doctors and
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hospitals and tried to make it better i voted for it, because it made it better. >> sean: the new strategy seems to be i'm not one of those guys. i've been doing this meet the candidate series here and on radio. one of the things that is becoming clear across the country, there's a percept of these candidates in their district even though they voted for obamacare, stimulus, cap and tax there's a perception they are still moderate. >> i think it with the media. one of the reasons why these guys and gals are upside down, if you voted for the stimulus, if you voted for health care, if you voted for cap and trade, if you voted for the obama budget framework f you voted for in if, -- if you voted for nancy pelosi, you can escape it. even if you did, the answer is what the heck are you doing hanging with people who do like that kind of stuff? i want an active leader against it not an occasional supporter of it.
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>>ean: in is a basic choice election. we don't have clear distinction. when had it when reagan ran against carter, george w. bush and kerry choice election. you den have it that often where that clear, that distinct as it is in this environment. >> look it has been driven by the president. he has pursued a series of policies who is out there saying look at the wonderful things i've done? catch this, in ohio five -- 15 kilroy is saying she opposed the bailouts of the banks. she wasn't in congress when it happened. that's how desperate they are. >> sean: if i asked you any district in the 435 would you be able to know the candidates in every one of them? >> not every one of them. >> sean: that means barone has you. ? >> he's a god we worship him in certain circles.
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>> sean: people are saying this is 1994 all over again. his response was maybe 1894 all over again. >> absolutely. >> sean: architect karl rove. >> the scary thing i know what he means when he said 1894. >> sean: scary, i agree. frank luntz is live from los angeles. we have a focus group of california voters they will break down the races out west. how do you create a ? linda mcmahon posed that question to her democratic opponent last night. to say he struggled with his answer is an understatement. wait until you see the answer to that question, coming up next. [ male annouer ] the u.s. gornment may soon require brake override technogy on all new cs and trucks. at nissan, wehink this is a good idea. so we did it... ...six years ago.
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>> sean: it seems nancy pelosi has a war percept why people are talking about her. she said no one is talking about you, you have to wonder what you are doing. i view that as the highest complement. -- compliment. they want to take us down. people are talking about you, because you are helping to destroy the country not because they envy you. just friendly unsolicited advice. [ engine revs ]
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consider the charges, risks, expenses and investment objves beore purchasing aariable annuity. contact a financial professional for a prospectus containing this information. read it carefully. whoo hoo! >> sean: without a dut the key issue of the 2010 midterms jobs. it should be no surprise the big headline out -- take a look as the republican candidate linda mcmahon asks her opponent richard blumenthal this basic, simple question. >> tell me something, how do you create a ? >> a job is created and it can be in a variety of ways, by a variety of people. principally by people and businesses in response to demand for products and services and the main point about jobs in connecticut is,
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we can and we should create more of them by creative policy that's the kind of approach that i want to bring to washington. i know about how government can help preserve jobs. >> sean: what? i don't know how the audience was able to hold back from bursting into laughter. sadly his inchoe hearn ramling guess on for another minute. until mcmahon bails him out. >> government, government, government. government does not create jobs. it is very simple how you create jobs. an entrepreneur takes a risk. he or she believes that he creates a good or service that is sold for more than it costs to make it if an entrepreneur thinks he can do that, he creates a job. >> sean: all told it took blumenthal one minute and 21 seconds to answer that. mcmahon was able to explain clearly under 20 seconds how a is created.
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joining me with reaction from washington fox news contributor, dana perino. here in studio the host of varney & company of the fox business network. we are borrowing i'm muss's studio tonight. i -- i'm muss -- it was breathtaking. the answer was so bad he had no clue how to answer that question. >> we are going to find out how wrong mr. blumenthal is come friday morning when he get the unemployment report. which is going to show the rate in all probability going up. 9.7, 9.8. we spent a trillion dollars and 18 months later we've got an unemployment rate that is going up. mr. blumenthal was wrong in his inchoe hearn way. and linda mcmahon was right. >> sean: dana, your reaction? >> later on he said i want to be an entrepreneur by going to
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washington and being in the senate. that is her point. which is government is not the place where we want to create jobs. you want to find people that have the courage and the confidence and the risk, the level of risk that you need in order to go out and a limb and start a new business that's what her point was. i think where some people had written her off, she is closer to winning this election than ever. i think this debate helped. i think it was time she called him out on his fabrications about serving in vietnam. >> sean: a lot of these people running for these jobs, they have never ran a business. i ran a business. i know what it is like to make payroll, social security taxes to worry where the next work is coming from. goods and services you provide for people that need and desire them. it is call capitalism. >> in that debate, in many ways it framed the two sides of the argument in this fourth
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coming election. government -- in this forthcoming election. government can it create jobs? private enterprise the mcmahon position. we've got ample evidence the government has not succeeded to grow the economy. in the last 12 months we have added 1.6 trillion dollars to our national debt, trying to show that the government works. >> sean: from a political point of view dana, i think this ad that linda mcmahon released prior to this debate pointing out the blumenthal lion vietnam was one of the best i've seen this election cycle. your reaction to that? >> i think it was smart. i was kind of surprised that nobody had done it yet. maybe she was waiting for the right time. voters in connecticut, ought to know, what this is all about. i thought back to -- not exactly a parallel. remember when john mccain said
9:18 pm
jeremiah wright was off-limits? this was part of president obama's life. >> sean: he was off-limits. >> right. now with pwhrpl that. i think the people ought to know -- now with blom that. i think people ought to know that he -- i think it was the right thing to do. >> sean: it was such a blatant lie. when i came back from vietnam. he never served. he said it repeatedly. which i think guess to the heart of somebody's character. and character matters. if you are going to lie to the voters in connecticut about what -- about that what else are you going lie about? >> how many members of the obama cabinet have met a payroll. >> sean: you know? >> none. there is no business experience in that cabinet. >> sean: what is
9:19 pm
frustrate this is your area of expertise, not mine. i go back the paradigm and the model could not be any more clear, reagan 70 to 28%. 20 within million new jobs created, revenues to the government doubled. you see what happened under obama, keynesian economics, stimulus after stimulus, no jobs created. they leave down they don't vote on what our taxes are going to be in -- they leave town, they don't vote on what our taxes are going to be in january. >> he chose keynesian economics, government spending, that's what he chose that was his method of getting the economy going. it was precisely the wrong policy. and flew in the face of history. kennedy, reagan, second george bush, all lowered tax rates, increased revenue to the treasury and grew the economy that's what it is all about. >> from a political standpoint did you see today, not a new
9:20 pm
position for him but president obama reminding people that he is open to the discussion of lowering the corporate tax rate. i think if he were really open to that we would have seen some policy. he throws it out there today as chum. it is not going to work. >> where is the president's heart? where does his heart lie? does his heart lie really in cutting taxes and growing private enterprise? >> it doesn't, but his head thinks about november 2nd, and thinks that might have helped. >> sean: i think his heart lies in his radical keynesian model. am i allowed to answer a question you posed to me? >> please do, it is your show. >> sean: i'm kidding. good to see you. frank luntz joins us live from los angeles. we have a live focus group. we get their reaction to the housekeeper allegations made against meg whitmanhat and much more. straight ahead.
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>> sean: the midterm elections only 28 way, many are focused on california where two heated races are up for grabs. a new poll has the governor's race at a tie with whitman leading democrat brown 38-37%. the race for the senate also close with boxer up 7 on republican candidate fiorina. 42-35%. what do the people of california think about the political future of their state come november? joining me live from los angeles, with a special focus group of california veters is the president and the pollster of the word doctors group we have frank luntz. mr. luntz, california tonight, what is going on out there? >> it is wonderful what is going on. it is one of those states that
9:25 pm
you get the feeling that what happens in california sometimes goes across the country. it starts here first. before we are going listen to the california veters, let's start with some of their reactions to the hottest issue in the governor's debate now. that is, meg whitman having an illegal immigrant as one of her staff members. let's listen to what our people had to say about that debate. >> after november ebb 2nd, no one is going be watching out for nicky diaz.3?@ jerry, you should be ashamed. you and your surrogates put her on deportation at risk, you put her out there. you should be ashamed for sacrificing nicky diaz on the alter of your political ambitions. >> now, it didn't do well among democrats. did it obviously score well among republicans. now we've got jerry brown's response this is one of the
9:26 pm
most dramatic moments of the debate. sure enough our group reacted strongly as well. >> let's be sympathetic and let's empathize with the millions of people in the shadows and you want to keep them in the shadows. now you are trying to evade responsibility, don't run for governor if you can stand up and say i made a mistake, i'm sorry let's go on from here. you have blamed her, blame me, blame the left, blame the unions, but you don't take accountability. you can't be a leader unless you are willing to stand on your own two feet and say yeah, i made a mistake and i'm going from here. >> those dials are dramatic. sorry the responses from our california voters. by a hands how many of you leaned towards whitman but thought brown had the better response, raise your hands. five, tell me why? >> i'm not a brown supporter. meg lost on this one. she came out willy-nilly making excuses.
9:27 pm
brown nailed her on every one. you need to stand up if you did this and take a strong stance she didn't. >> brown had a good point. at no point in that debate did meg whitman say i've made a mistake, i've moved on. instead she was damaging responsibility. >> i think the whitman, maid situation is a perfect example of the mindset of the republican party now. i'm going to let this woman -- she was like a family member. she worked for me for nine years until i didn't need her any more, until i heat, then i'm going to let her go because i don't need her. that's what republicans are trying to do with illegals today. they didn't get here on accident. who is guarding the borders? >> sean, go ahead. >> sean: this is really important. there's a lot of facts in this case i'm not sure if everybody in the audience is aware of.
9:28 pm
she hired an employment agency. she insisted the person she hire is legal. the person had a legal driver's license which means she lied in that application form to get the license. she had a social security card. she signed an i-9 form, also lied about it. she was paid $23 an hour. it seems meg whitman did all due diligence that any reasonable person would do to come lie with the law. when she found out she broke the law she fired her and she did it reluctantly and she didn't turn her in. d$y the law when she hired her and fired her. >> i agree meg did her due diligence. what turned me off was that then she started whining and accusing other people if she had stood by her -- >> she is not a politician. jerry brown is a slick package. she an executive.
9:29 pm
she is coming in to do a . she may not be the most popular she has a -- job, you don't bush whack. >> if someone is part of my family for nine years i'm going to know whether they are legal or not. when you point one finger, you have three pointing back at yourself. >> gloria allred risks this woman's immigration. >> what about when meg -- meg whitman in the primary made immigration her issue. she said i want people to -- that makes it an issue. when it comes out, it comes out. >> sean, go ahead. >> sean: i think this is really crucial. first of all, she was fired in 19 -- what was -- i'm sorry 2009. she was highered in 2000. she worked for her, for nine years this was over a year ago when she was let go. here it is five weeks before a
9:30 pm
critical election. emotional issue. by bringing in public this woman who has three children now risks deportation for a whole slew of laws she very well may have viled here. why are not angry she is used in this campaign for political purposes? >> sue, answer. >> i think this whole thing is ridiculous. she is the one who should be ed. >> this is -- who should be deported. >> this is -- she was truthful, pragmatic and did all she could to protect herself and interests -- >> what about when she went to pay her housekeeper's taxes and that big thing was shown on tv and she was told no, those numbers aren't real. you don't have a real registered person. she kept on her after that. >> sean: that's not what it said. >> biggest problem is the
9:31 pm
other side is setting up the situation where they are saying to all republicans, don't ever hire a hispanic because you are in danger of getting exposed and smeared later on. >> i gotta stop here. sean whether or not they know all the details behind it that is less relevant than the percept they have. from this group here on this exchange, jerry brown performed better than whitman. whitman's campaign better be more effective if they want to win these people over. >> sean: i agree. i think percept and reality are two very different things in this. i think a lot of facts need to come out more. we'll have more with frank luntz and our california focus group, after the break. first walter mondale is calling on president obama to get rid of the one thing that he never leaves home without. we'll tell you what that is in 90 short seconds as hannity continues. hi, andy griffith here.
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that new healthcare law
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sure sounds good for all of us on medicare. starting next year, we'll get free check-ups, cancer screenings, lower prescription costs. and better ways to protect us and medicare from fraud, so it will stay strong for our kids and grandkids. now, that's music to my ears. ♪ >> sean: last week it was dukakis this week it is walter mondale. >> and he uses these idiot boards, to read speeches in television. i think he loses the connection that he needs emotionally with american voters. >> sean: idiot boards? now we blame the teleprompter? frank luntz is next.
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>> sean: we continue with frank luntz and our live focus group in california. i think this is too important an issue to leave without some closure. specifically, here it is five weeks before this campaign. this woman that worked for meg whitman she now is at risk for serious arrest and deportation. she may have broken many laws and filed many false forms,
9:36 pm
et cetera. on top of being in the country illegally. why would anybody risk the possible deportation, when she has three kids in this country? i don't understand why there is not more outrage with the focus group on that. >> i want to start on that question sean with a gentleman whose father came here illegally who has been through this roses. surely you can see the challenge economically with the situation right now and how it is now playing into politics. you can't be happy with how immigration has played? >> not at all. i look at the situation and maybe in the 90s, immigration was -- we knew we had big loopholes in our borders. it was worthy enough of a joke like border hopper, things of that. it wasn't valid enough for us to take action to go ahead and khrg those holes. >> isn't it the responsibility of -- clog those holes. >> isn't it the responsibility
9:37 pm
of the employee herself to do the right thing, the honest thing and to declare your citizenship or none citizenship? >> i think it is a responsibility. i don't think we should feel sorry for her when she was illegal. >> so then why are people blaming meg whitman in this situation? >> i don't think they are necessarily blaming her i think it is allred making outrageous points. this woman came to her it wasn't meg. this come came when meg was running and brought up this issue trying to use that to her advantage. i absolutely blame this woman. >> the timing was so important. here we are four weeks before the election and this news has cop out. it seems to me that -- i'm disappointed with this news has come out now. >> who do you blame? >> i blame jerry brown. >> how many of you blame
9:38 pm
gloria allred for turning this into politics, raise your hands. more than half. >> do we have proof brown was behind this? everybody keeps pointing their fingers at brown. it could have been allred. >> he was putting a real life at jeopardy. [ inaudible ] >> how hypocritical whitman is being. >> she has contributed money to his campaign and she did this for political purposes only. >> immigration is one of the biggest topics on the ballot if it came out four weeks or four months ago it had to come out. the maid put herself in jeopardy by fraudulently filling out paperwork. >> she did wait until the last second to come out. she did put herself at risk for political reasons. that's why people don't feel bad for her. >> i'm going to do what i have
9:39 pm
to do to take care of my family, if i have falsify documents, i'm going to do what i have to do. that might be the case. >> entitlement state, if i have to break the law, i'm going to steal, i'm going -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean, i know you a question. you understand how powerful this issue is. how divisive, emotional it is. how people who were talking to each other civilly moments ago -- >> sean: i it. which would make this so sinister this can turn an election. if meg whitman makes sure she has the proper documentation, signs the affidavit, has a license, social security number. somebody in your audience said i'm going to do what it takes to deal with my family. look at the impact illegal immigration has had on our educational system, criminal justice system, our health care system. the people of california are footing the bill and i'm
9:40 pm
trying to understand why we -- are we saying we are not a nation of laws or we are a nation of laws? >> i happen to be an educator so i understand the impact it has made. >> wait a minute you are an educator? >> i'm a teacher. >> you just said on national television that i would break the law. >> i said i'm going to do what i have to do to survive. i don't blame that woman to do what she has to survive. >> break the law? >> you do what you have to do to take care. >> your family and your brother is on the line -- [ talking over each other ] >> this is why california is different than the rest of the country. >> what do you mean by that? >> people here say, i'll do whatever i want to do. it doesn't matter what the law is. i'm gonna come here illegally, get a illegally and people in other parts of the state in the heartland follow the law. >> sean you have started a hornet's nest.
9:41 pm
i gotta get out of this building alive. >> sean: i think you will make it. >> i hope so. it is great when you listen to the voters they tell you what is really going on. >> sean: fascinate debate thank -- fascinating debate, thank everybody. time to check in with greta. i just a note from imus he said i better keep it clean, the studio. >> greta: we'll have to call the health department if you stay too long. >> sean: you are not talking about bed bugs, are you? >> greta: i didn't say that. >> sean: you implied it. >> greta: i did not say that any way, you said, i did not say that you said that sean, i did not. we are poll -- rolling on this it is the "wall street journal", not us. moving along. if you think it is sizzling
9:42 pm
where frank luntz is you should see what is going on in arizona. wait until you see who sells after arizona. sizzling up in alaska, senator murkowski's lawyers sending a letter to the media. there's so much going on across this country. >> sean: hang on, go ahead. sorry. [ laughing ] >> sean: greta in 18 minutes. our great, great american panel is next.
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. >> sean: tonight on our american panel, national campaign manager for howard dean currently media consultant for jerry brown's soon to be failed campaign joe trip here. former nfl player founder of the chairman of, fran tarkenton is here. former "saturday night live" cast member author of the new book i'm not high but i've got a lot of crazy stories about life as a goat boy, dad and spiritual warrior, comedian jim breuer. you are working against dead fish but for jerry brown? >> yes. >> sean: you support illegal immigration, don't support the rule of law.
9:47 pm
tell me where meg whitman went wrong? >> not talking about this early on. she didn't take any responsible. >> sean: stop! i fired this woman and the woman risks deportation. >> during the primary, tough as nails on illegal immigration -- >> sean: she would be brought up on charges! >> no. >> sean: yes, yes! she is about to be deported and she has three kids. >> she campaigned through the prime party tough as nails on illegal immigration. at no point did she say, i had a problem once with somebody -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: she would be arrested, you that? >> the woman says treated her like a piece of trash, that's the woman. the "l.a. times" today said she was a hypocrite, not me. >> sean: the san francisco chronicle exonerated her. >> sleazey politics, meg whitman is good for america. here's an entrepreneur, a person that built a
9:48 pm
magnificent business. she has funded most of her campaign. she is not beholding to any special interest groups. isn't that a nice thing in washington? [ talking over each other ] >> sean: she hired a service for hire, the woman has a legal driver's lens, she lied. she has a legal social security card, she lied. she lied for nine years, as soon as she admitted she had to get fired. what did meg whitman do wrong? >> she should have hired a family member in need. she doesn't have a niece, an and, an uncle in need? -- an aunt, an uncle in need? >> i'll work for her for $23 an hour. >> i'm sure there's a kid -- >> sean: do you do joe pesci? >> he's retired. you can get him on your gps
9:49 pm
right now it is $10 a month but he gets mad if you get lost. turn around! left turn in jersey, this is ridiculous! why am i even into this car? >> great stuff. >> sean: rahmbo dead fish. you are campaigning for his opponent@(? >> the sheriff of cook county is thinking about making -- i'll be with him. >> sean: does dead fish -- >> he hasn't had a very good day. >> sean: he got heck ed. >> my favorite was he was at -- home, good to be back. >> sean: great to be home. how do you make a video fran, great to be home in chicago and he makes the video in d.c.? >> i played the bears in chicago. it is a contact sport,
9:50 pm
chicago. politics a contact sport. they are not for an ing or appointing anybody to be the -- for anointing or appointing anybody to be the mayor of the city of chicago. we'll see more of that reaction. >> what happened to the old guy, he was great? the last mayor. >> sean: daley? >> yes. get him back. that guy was great. someone asked him a question he goes shut up dummy, i'm not answering that. that's the kind of i go i want as mayor. >> sean: joe pesci is going to take us -- >> where do you want to go?
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9:54 pm
>> sean: we 10 with our great, great person panel. christine o'donnell has her first campaign ad it has gotten a lot of attention. i'm not a witch. >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you've heard. i'm you. none of us are perfect. but none of us can be happy with what we see all around us. politicians who think spending, trading favors and backroom deals are the ways to stay in office. i'll go to washington and do what you'd do. i'm christine o'donnell and i approve this message. >> sean: what? >> she made a tragic mistake. fear factor works in america. i would have said, i am a witch! laughing ] gentleman go me see what happens. >> sean: how many years were you on "saturday night live?"
9:55 pm
>> three years. >> i hosted. >> sean: if you are being made fun of why not do what she just did and say i'm a real person, i've made mistakes. by the way everything in washington is broken and i'm going to run on in. >> and i'm not beholding to any special interest groups. the unions don't support me, big business don't support me i'm a regular citizen i want to cut budget, cut the deficits and reduce taxes. >> i thought that was a good ad she should have done it right out of the box. i think it is way late after she let this -- after however is handling her let it spiral out. >> are you crazy, would you let that out? who talks like that? i am not a witch. i am just like you. >> if you play that backwards, i guarantee you hear -- i am
9:56 pm
the true -- you will never find the truth about me. >> sean: this is an interesting question. you are in this business. hang on. you make a character of somebody. they are being mocked and ridiculed and made fun of. she is not supposed to address it. >> not like that! >> sean: how would you do it? >> she has to have children. >> sean: she doesn't have children. >> then she needs a friend. someone to say cut! let's did -- let's do this again. >> i liked her ad. i'm not a witch. i'm like you a normal person -- >> sean: you go directly to people. you deal with the issue people are making fun of and talking about. >> i would have done better to practice witchcraft or dabble in witchcraft when i was in high school than to be corrupt
9:57 pm
in washington today. if i could blink my eyes, i would wipe them all out. i think it was late. >> sean: do you have any serious side? >> i'm very serious. >> sean: do you care about the direction of the country right now? >> i care about the politics -- to me politics is a little like professional wresling. it is like, are you for this side, because here comes the masked marauder or are you for this side who wears the 2 x 4. i'm the small guy whose got three kids, a world war ii father, i'm stuck in the middle. so i'm worried about -- >> sean: want lower taxes? >> we are way overtaxed. >> sean: think they are over spending in washington and it is out of control? in 20 months barack obama's
9:58 pm
president fran more debt from washington to reagan including his eight years combined. we've taken a sledgehammer to our kids piggy banks. this election is that simple. it is either you want big government. you want government dependence or you believe in free markets? >> but i and voting for the witch. >> i don't blame you. >> the problem is, it is the economy it is not the kind of job -- that's where this is right now. that's why democrats in trouble. it is just -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: obama's economic policy -- >> obama doesn't stand the private sector -- >> sean: explain this, blumenthal was asked a simple question, how did you create jobs? he couldn't answer. >> no, this guy, this administration, democrats don't understand the private sector that's where the jobs are built.
9:59 pm
[ talking over each other ] >> sean: how would you answer that question? >> you create jobs by stimulating the private sector and the small business entrepreneur, because 25% of all new jobs the last two years this is fact have been developed by start-up businesses. >> we had bush tax cuts, it still happened. we all all bush's economic policies. it still happened. this didn't start with obama. >> sean: excuse me, as bad as things got under republicans, -- >> it was really bad. they got fired for it. >> sean: and obama tripled as bad as that was. he tripled the bush deficit in one year and doubled down on it year two and three trillion -- [ talking over each other ] >> a lot of economists say we avoided a depression. >> sean: who? >> obama and the democrats are going to pay a price for that this november as the republicans did. >> sean: five seconds.