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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 6, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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take it yourself and change your life, change your country. one person at a time. from new york, thank you for watching. watching. good night, america. welcome to "red eye." it is like james and the giant peach, if by peach you mean bottle of lotion. let's go to tv's andy levy for our pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, casual greg. the man who tried to set off a car bomb in time square is sentenced to life in prison. our allstar panel will debate whether that is a long enough time. and in a new ad, delaware nominee kristine owe dom says she is not a -- kristine o'donnell says she is not a witch. we will check that claim. and why did firefighters sit around and watch a house burn to the ground? the answer is not to get to the other side. >> thank you, andy. >> you incharitable dog. >> you eel skin, you stock fish, andy. >> i apologize for nothing. >> why should you?
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may you die from a lengthy illness. she is back. it is angela mcgao -- mcgowan. she holds the world record for cuteness, beating out a miniature horse wearing tiny sneakers. yes, it was close. and welcome a first time guest. he is ripe reece. he is an actor, comedian and writer, three things. if hilarity was egg whites i would beat him until he was stiff. and he bottles his breath and sells it as bug repellent. and larry gatlin knows croonin like i know spoonin, usually with dead hobos. and our new york times correspondent, good to see you pinch. please die. >> spit it out there, greg. all the news fit to print in all the fopts that won't -- fonts that won't make you squint, and my favorite "jaws" character was captain squint.
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>> you are stupid. >> you are stupid. fiezel got his reprisal. i speak of the punk shahzad right here who tried to set off a car bomb last spring and tuesday sentenced to life in prison. this is what the bomb would have done if it had gone off. >> "i am the great -- ♪ i am the greatest star >> it would not have been that bad. it would have been this. that was actually a sim lieu -- a simulation of the bomb. the bearded boob got to talk to the court and expressed
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remorse. not really. he said this, quote, this is my whole life, and i will sacrifice it for allah. muslims don't abide by other laws because the laws are corrupt. we only believe in allah. he added the destruction of the u.s. is imminent before the judge interrupted him and said, quote, you became a naturalized citizen. when? then he said april of last year. the judge said, did you swear allegiance. he said i did, but i didn't mean it. the judge realized, so you gave a false oath. shahzad said yes. wow, he lied. this guy is a muslim terrorist and dishonest. anyway, we now go to the backers of the ground zero mosque who strongly reject his claim that america's end is coming. oh yeah, just kidding. how about a kitten video then? >> want some?
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no. >> yeah, there has been a trend of flat-faced cats, bill. >> but that one did know how to eat. >> angela, with the radical ideology and his belief in martyr dom, isn't prison really a piece of cake? it is not worse than its previous life. >> prison is a piece of cake, but if i were the war done, this is what i would do. i would have him sit there and have bombs explode all day long and have his skin singed. that's what i would do. >> that's interesting and compassionate, i might add. >> i love that about you. >> why should he live? >> i don't think he should. i think they ought to take him to my daddy, marine corporal gatlin and said, you want to
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put a bomb in time square? come on over here. i think -- i am starting a write in campaign for her. she get it for like attorney general, somewhere in the government. she get it. at least -- did she have the opportunity -- could she have given him the death penalty? >> i don't know. i have no idea. >> isn't it like giving him what he wants? he wants the 75 virgins. >> let him sit there and suffer the rest of his life. >> i don't believe it is suffering if you are already a miserable jackass. it is fun to be in prison. you get to have sex with men, and that's what he wants anyway. >> he had to say what he had to say. he had to be a tough guy. this guy is a putz. the bomb fizzled and there was nothing special and he didn't know what he was doing. of course he doesn't. the ones that did know what they were doing blew themselves up. it is a terrible recruiting policy. >> all the good ones are gone. >> bill, all the good ones are taken.
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>> no, we still got a lot of recruits, but they are bad. >> that's the irony of this. bill, the only reason he is alive is because he is a failure. why should failure and success be any different when it come to punishment? >> i agree. i agree with what you are saying as far as the trial is concerned. not to get all gatlin on you, but he can't light a stick of dynamite in a match factory. so he wanted to do word bombs at the trial. and his word bombs were pathetic. the worst thing he said was, yes, i did say the pledge of allegiance, but i did not mean it. that was the best he had, greg. >> yeah, i took an oath, but you got puuunked! >> alt bit at a time. the water torture, a thousand cuts. >> yeah, you do that to the audience. >> by god i can leave though. >> i'm with you.
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i'm with you, death by a thousand cuts and then you pour salt on the wounds. >> or feed him really fatty food so over time his cholesterol rises and then over time he gets heart failure. >> the argument they are i can making if you kill him you make him a martyr, but that doesn't happen. they said the same about saddam hussein. it never happened. in this case, if you know you are going to die he will sit and read the quran all the time and consider himself a hero. >> will it make them meaner? give them a martyr, what the hell? >> i think when you do things like this you should suffer the rest of your life. i think killing him would be humane. >> i never understood the process of mir ter dom. i don't recall seeing one statue erected for a person who had taken their life. do they get honorable mention? what do they do? how are they treated as a martyr? >> they call them martys. they name the kid marty. >> i think when they play --
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do they have like a halve champions and at the end of the field -- >> it strengthens their cause. >> i just want to remind you how we have gone through this period of never wanting to believe the worst about people. remember our own mayor when this first happened what he thought it was. >> if i had to guess .25 cents, this would be exactly that, somebody who -- >> homegrown? >> homegrown or a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn't like the healthcare bill or something. it could be anything. >> he is forth $40 billion? how did he get that? >> if you listen to him and listen to janet napolitano, these guys don't exist. but when you talk to them they tell you calmly and clearly what they want to do. they want to kill you. they want allah and this is what they want to do. when you talk to bloomberg, it is like, no, no. >> greg, i am concerned and we need new leaders.
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for the mayor of new york to make that stupid comment? >> he has to say that. it is not for him, it is for me. i still have to ride a p cab. -- to ride a cab. >> i see, it is to make sure you don't get stabbed by a cabdriver. >> when was that done, the interview? gite day after. >> exactly. he can't be like, we are all gonna die! >> i want my leaders to panic. from bad guys to add thighs. kristine o'donnell released her first campaign ad on monday and it has a simple message. she is not a witch. nope. on the contrary, she is you. how did she become you? she cast a spell, of course. i'm kidding. released the ad. >> i am not a witch. i am nothing you have heard. i am you. none of us are perfect, but none of us can be happy with what we see all around us. politicians who think spending, trading favors and
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back room deals are the way to stay in office. i'll go to washington and do what you would do. i'm kristine o'donnell, and i approve this message. i'm you. >> she just disappears like that afterwards. yes, you heard correctly. she says all of those things you heard about her are not true, including the stuff she actually said about herself. she is a regular gal doing regular things. but it doesn't explain this video of her shot in 1993. >> her other form is absolutely adore arm. -- adorable. what do you make of the campaign? is it a bad sign when you have to start with "i am not a witch." >> she says she is just like us, but i wouldn't have made that commercial. no hello? she says, hi, guys, i am not sleeping with satan. i know you heard rumors, but i
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am not the bride of the devil. >> i have to tell you, i think, angela, and you ran for office, i think she missed a great opportunity to turn it into a joke. she start with "i am not a witch." she could have done something at the end like disappear or turn into a bunny. >> in politics 101, you don't address what the enemy says. number two, why are you wearing black and have a black background? that looks like a witch to me. however, i think your average joe schmo hillary late to that. this is like no election year ever. i think it is gonna help her, but why say "i am not a witch." >> only say it if you will make a joke out of it. larry, she says, "i am you" but that's not true because you are not an attractive woman living in delaware. >> i am not? when did i move? many years ago i had to do a mea-culpa. well, i had to say, i am a drunk. i had to quit drinking.
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they said why? i said i got tired of throwing up on people. >> bill is not there yet. >> well, that is very witchy. >> she could have said i am the good witch from "wicked" a $40 million production. look into the camera and look into the face and say, look, this is the deal. here is what i am, here is what i am about. if she had gone up there and given an over arching philosophy of democracy and they think she is a witch, i like what she did. then you will have other ads she can get into her policy decisions. >> i see what you are saying with the joke thing. i see it. but i think at this time with so many people suffering they want to see someone that says, i am just like you. send me to dc. >> i think that part works. i just want more self-depp pro location. she said "when i am you" she is actually referring to you. >> she is not me. she is beautiful and has wonderful hair. i am that on saturday, but the
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rest of the week, she is not me. she should have said "i am not a witch." it would have been the the first thing i believed. >> you make a good point. if i had to -- >> i did? >> if i had to get a commercial the first thing i would say is, "i don't kill house boys anymore." >> i would be like, cut, let's get rid of the "anymore." >> this is how fast entrepreneurs work. there is already a doll out. and i have to say, i like this. this was back when witches were sexy. now modern witches are all kind of middle aged divorce women with 13 cats and really bad tattoo. >> i'm looking at that and that is not really the sexy witch you have up there. it is just a heavy -- the sexy witch is what you see in -- on halloween in new york city.
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>> it leaves something to the imagination. you don't see all the cleavage. >> i want to go back to the label of entrepreneur. he bought a halloween barbie and reset it to kristine o'donnell. i don't know if that's entrepreneur ship. >> that's compared to what i do. i do dress up dolls in my bedroom. >> and they are made from real human skin. that's the difference between you and mattel. >> that will not go on air. this is the longest bleep in the history of the show. >> i have sold a number of those dolls to unknown children. >> yes, and they don't know they are voo-doo property. and now to the greg-alogue. all right, so mo tucker is a tea partier. if you don't know her, she was the drummer for the hipest band ever, the velvet underground. an inspiration to drug gees -- to drugies.
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[no audio] is a tea party the
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largest counter culture movement of the 60s?
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if you think about it, she was for free love. she wants to keep the money she saves on condos. >> larry, why is it only cool artists like larry gatlin and the hippies are the ones that step out of that. >> i just decided -- i am a cool cucumber. i never thought if it was a musician that was trying to be hip. what are your basic values? i had a trouble with the guy. if you are really in love and crazy about the lyrics in a drummer's solo album, this just in, there aren't any lyrics in a drummer's album. they play drums, doufus. >> i think she did a couple
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solo records where she sang. angela, what does it say about the tea party? >> it attracts all types of people. and i will just say this, every tea party supporter, i was even called a tea bager. i was called so many ugly, nasty, stupid names. >> ryan apologized for that. >> thank you, thank you so much. >> i was called a tea bager before the movement began. >> you don't know what people are going to take a picture of. >> it is not my fault. i am in love. i don't know what is on my forehead. so you are uh fending me -- offending me and my kind right now. >> i am so sorry. >> continue. >> he has a point there. you have been very quiet over the last year about this. you have been simmering about this. >> i have never called him that. i find that personally
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offensive. i will call them lots of things, but not tea bagers because that affects me personally. i will not set myself up for that back sh la. >> that's the only reason you have never called them that. >> the person that would do it is the first. >> let's end on that. >> i want to give uh high five -- give you a high five. so is it time to rethink our thoughts on cannibalism? angela explains her new cook book, but first, what's going on with these chicks? i'm totally hanging with them after the show. if by hanging you mean staring at their picture and masterbating.
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burning down the house.
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it is not just a hit single by the new wave band, the oak ridge boys, but an unpaid check. the tennessee resident never paid his annual $75 fire protection fee, and so when the barn went up, the fire department stayed home. indeed despite numerous 9-1-1 calls, they promised to pay whatever costs the fire chief would not fudge. he says the town mayor, quote, anybody that is not in the city, it is a service we offer and either they accept it or they don't. can the flaming family sue? let's go to extreme swinger guy for comment. what say you esg?
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>> that was some hard-hitting analysis. ryan, was the fire warden right? rules are rules, right? >> i don't know. it was $75. they watched it burn down. they were like, hey, that's your house. should have paid the $75. i think everyone in that town paid double that day. you know, i was watching another network and they were saying this is the hashness of capitalism, like this is what happens with health insurance. we don't help people. that's bs. >> that's total bunk. my six months in law school will not qualify to pass judgment on that. you know, this is awful. i feel for these people. i wonder what their county tax rate is they should be provided some basic services. the story went around in tennessee one time that the fire truck was late getting
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there, like the house was burned down. and the old man was on a stump and he said "i want to thank you sob's for saving my life." >> angela, maybe they didn't pay the fee because they didn't like the stuff they had. >> maybe they didn't pay for the fee because of the economy today. but we have gone down to the bottom of the decency barrel when you can't help out a fellow human being. >> the thing is if you weren't a fireman you would help out. that's an individual's responsibility. it is not about collectivism. it is about being a good person. >> yes. and you have volunteer firemen, but we pay for them. we just passed a bill in congress to help save their jobs, and they are not doing their jobs. >> it is like cops though. cops have to do -- if a homeless guy who doesn't pay taxes is being beaten up, a cop is going to jump in. the same way if you don't pay for stuff for your home. bill, you must be eccstatic because you often -- because you don't have a home. >> yes, and i am often beat
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up. thank you, cops. why pick on me? first of all, it is $75. my bill is $80. and i don't even have it. the common decency, they had neighbors coming in to help with the garden hoses, but it wasn't enough. common decency dictates that. but then i'm i can loo,-- i'm like, let nature take it course. >> how lucky are the firemen that no one died. then this would be a story that would be huge if somebody had croaked in there. >> it would be huge, but i think the family has a right to sue. the hearts of the world have become hardened. when you don't stop to help people. >> the thing is, it wouldn't be a story if everybody -- if we were like, oh, yeah, cool. it does show that people -- the thing is, they use it like an idea that this is how evil capitalists work. if you don't pay for it you
3:27 am
suffer. people chip in. >> this is a scene out of gangs of new york. the firemen show up and they are fighting who is putting out the fire and no one puts out the fire. >> exactly. >> that's why it is one of my most favorite romantic films. >> i love it. >> this happened in new york i would believe it. but in tennessee, the southern area, we are still good southern folks down there. >> you can put the fire out with hospitality. >> that's right. would you like some more? >> unless it is a barbecue. >> we're cookin today. >> quickly. >> the furniture truck caught on fire, the moving van, and total strangers walked up and jumped into the back of the moving van and went and pulled their possessions out. >> and then ran off. >> then pulled out and said thanks. >> you are going to hell. >> we are already in hell.
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do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox news .com. call 212-462-5050. still to come, our half time report with andy levy, a lonely, lonely man. >> it is spawn erred by face sharing. it is where two ma'am will mas share face at the same time as to gain more knowledge about the other. thanks, face sharing.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. how are the quads feeling? >> the left is fine, but the whole leg is not good. >> a shame. thought that massage would have helped. >> it is probably at 56%. >> really? that's up from 47. >> yeah. it was 47 last week, i believe. >> great, great, great news for all of us. and people are concerned about your quads. >> absolutely. >> time square bomber get life. they asked if you thought shahzad should live. but he didn't kill anyone. the life sentence was mandatory. >> the life sentence is mandatory in the state of new york? >> the federal. >> the federal. >> i don't care. take him to texas. we'll kill his ass. >> once you succeed.
3:33 am
. >> if at first you don't succeed, try and try again. >> we are the only state with articles joining the union that says we can succeed. >> yeah, yeah. if you are a suicide bomber and you are still alive, you suck at your job. >> thanks, appreciate that. >> look at me. >> andy demands eye contact. >> it hurts his feelings. >> angela, you said we have to keep in mind the acts -- actually, no, you didn't say that. >> get it right, baby, get it right. >> you didn't say that at all. >> larry, you said you were insulted in worse places than this. you really haven't. >> fair enough. by the way, i am losing track of those who don't speak islam. it is a long list. kristine o'donnell is not a witch. she is you.
3:34 am
if she is not a witch, how can she be all of us? >> i was just saying that. it was a spell. a sexy, sexy spell. >> she bathes in virgin's blood. >> like you don't. >> well, these crow's feet are not going away on themselves. >> i didn't realize we covered that. >> you are not covering it right now. >> and i think all ads should start with the saying "i am not a witch." "i am not a witch" and" i approve this message." >> what about warlocks? >> you can substitute that. >> you referred to her as senator kristine o'donnell. not yet. >> she has gotten the bag. >> it is a witch thing.
3:35 am
>> witches do not decapitate cats. >> delaware witches do. you are speaking of massachusetts witches, sir. >> bill, i am told this is the first time since elizabeth procter ran for salem town council that a political had not started with "i am a witch." >> what about the witch's union, andy? are there witches' unions? >> they are called covens. >> greg, a mellow-phobe is someone with a fear of music. >> yes, i wrote that. >> and the story was less interesting when i realized mo tucker was not a simpsons character. never was a big velvet underground fan. >> one album. >> it is like music i should like, but i don't. >> bands influenced by velvet underground are 10 times better. >> absolutely. >> weird. >> influence etd --
3:36 am
influenced? >> ubastank was amazing. >> and lady gaga. >> firefighters won't put out fire because homeowner didn't pay. you say "burning down the house" was an oak ridge boys song. i think you were thinking of the song" all the golden california." >> thank you for the mention. >> were you in the oak ridge boys? >> no, but i wrote all the songs and have the big house that i pay insurance so they should come put out the fire. >> angela, you blame it on the firefighters and the family has the right to sue. here is the deal, the city of south fulton has a fire department. it is paid for by their taxpayers. a few years ago after a fire in a rural area and there was no fire department out there, the city of south fulton said for a $75 fee we will cover you in case this happens again. in other words, they said, you are not paying taxes for us,
3:37 am
but if you want to pay $75 we will cover you. >> yep. >> this homeowner chose not to pay the $75. he gambled and he lost. >> maybe he could not have uh ready toed to have -- >> he doesn't mention that. what they say is "i thought they would come and put it out even if you didn't pay the $75". why would he think that? >> that is normal. >> why would anyone pay for it if they would just come out and do it anyway? it is like insurance. you don't sit there in las vegas and they offer you insurance in blackjack and you don't take it and then you lose and you say, well now i want it. >> i am from rural mississippi. we had a fire and the firemen came way out in the country to help us. they are good people. >> and that's great. i'm sure these firefighters are good people. but it is not their responsibility. their job is to protect the taxpayers who pay their salary. >> so why be a firefighter? you have volunteer firefighters. >> in the city of south fulton, they are protecting
3:38 am
the people of south fulton. >> you have volunteer firefighters. >> they are not volunteers. they get paid by the city taxpayers. >> do the job. >> you do the job when you get paid for it. >> i think it is sad -- >> they are not volunteers. >> if somebody's house is burning down and you put it out and then you drive out there -- andy. >> angela, does somebody have the right to your work if they don't pay you? >> when it deals with saving people's lives and their homes -- when it deals with saving people's lives -- andy, they drove out there to the country where the man's barn was burning down and they stood out there and watched it burn. >> because they were not allowed to do anything. the guy chose not to pay. >> under the city ordinance. under the south fulton ordinance they were not allowed to put it out. >> they would have been fired. >> they they would have been in violation. >> what if they were abstinent? sorry, that was another debate. andy, how about this, wouldn't
3:39 am
the neighbors want them to put out the fire before it spreads to their houses? >> it did spread. >> it did spread to a neighbor's house they paid the money and they would put it out. >> you don't want it to spread. >> i agree. i agree. >> what if they did pay the $75 and then it just spread all around and burned down the whole south fulton. burned it down, just burned it down. >> i just -- i don't understand any of you on this. he had a chance to pay. he said no, i don't want to pay. they sent him a thing in the mail and called him. both times he said no, i am not going to pay. and now he is pissed? >> just burn down the whole city then. burn it down. >> he should have paid his $75. >> andy, andy -- >> just let it burn, burn, baby burn. >> lick your valium. don't take one, just lick it. don't take the whole thing. >> it is all good up here.
3:40 am
>> you know, what sandy, i still love you. >> i still love you too, i just think you are a bit of a rhino. >> republican in name only? >> i think are you a little switchy. >> i don't think so. >> andy, what happens if it was your house and your little kit teens were in there? >> did i pay the $75? >> no. >> what if you couldn't afford to. >> what if you spent your $75 -- >> they said by the way if there were people in danger, they would have done it. >> how did they know? >> they knew there weren't. >> they didn't pay the $75. what about capitalism? why should somebody do my job if i didn't get paid. >> i don't think they had to, but they would have. >> then it would have been okay to not let people burn, but it is all right to let the house burn down. >> i am not saying it is all right. i am saying the guy should have paid his money. i am told we have to go. >> andy, you want to start the show by saying "i am not a witch." we need to find out which is her -- geraldo and which is
3:41 am
o'reilly. >> we need to take a break. sorry, andy. is justin bieber the new elvis? first, could "sesame street" get sexier? it can. glad i asked. that is gross.
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it is an island as blonde as it is dumb. i spoke of oh-la-la, an island run by brunette babes, seen here. the lithuanian firm who knew they existed offers flights to the staff by blondes including blonde pilots. like they will ever find it. i kid, i kid. they won't pass takeoff. let's discuss this in our new lightning round also known as "stories we sort of like, but not enough to include earlier in the show, but still wanted to talk about, so we are just
3:45 am
really quickly going to do them now." larry, blonde island, isn't thishairist? >> it is the stigma blondes have and i have two words, meg and kelly. >> monica crowellly. >> ainsley earhart. >> and of course -- >> who? >> i wept blank. -- i went blank. >> is this a vacation spot for people who like strip clubs. >> i thought you were going to say who like hookers. >> close enough. >> what you spend all that money and say, i am just going to watch. no, no, no. it was worth the million bucks to get here. >> blonde island, we have seen how this movie ends. rick sanchez knows how it
3:46 am
ends. it is a three way with three hot women. new topic. a new survey found 20% of women say they would sleep with a male cast member of "the jersey shore." further, 40% would be em beared to introduce them to their parent as their boyfriend. angela, is this a sign of the coming apocalypse or something awesome? >> it is the apocalypse when you want to sleep with, what is it, "the situation"? can i just say wash your hands? >> bill, your butt is also called "the situation." >> it is, it is. the doctors call it that. here comes the situation. give him some penicillin and away we go. this seems about right. you go to a bar and you would say about 20% of the girls with the tube tops -- >> one out of five. one out of five. ryan, too high or too low? >> the survey said 20% would sleep with them and the other 8% were liars. -- the other 80% were liars.
3:47 am
it is tv and money and power. >> tv makes you 100% more attractive. >> i got married before i got on tv. what a mistake that was. just kidding. >> 50% of the men surveyed said they would sleep with the guys on "jersey shore." >> you love "jersey shore." >> i think it is the cultural black hole of the universe. i am passing ument >>- i haven't seen it. i have seen trailers of it on other channels where they bleep every other word. what is it about these people? >> i have to defend it. this is the american dream. these are people going out and having a good time and suddenly they are rich. this is every opportunity is availed to them. people mistake celebrities for being really, really talented. most aren't. this is case in point. >> he is a millionaire. >> have i to say -- i have to say, i like that. >> it doesn't make me want to sleep with him. >> but greg, the concept of it
3:48 am
being a reality show implies that they don't know the camera is there. this is not a reality show. they are acting like everybody else. >> how many guys would sleep with snookie? >> owl of them. but it is not because she is famous. it is because we don't care. she is famous? really? >> it almost sucks to find out she is famous. finally, companies come up with tasteful "sesame street" costumes for women. by tasteful i mean slutty. these are based on kids stuff. >> i would not wear them and i wouldn't want my nieces to wear them either. >> if i had to choose that between the sexy nurse and they had a gay chef. i would choose "sesame street." >> bill, you own all of these. >> i i will tell you, i am not proud of the fact they are making 14-year-old girls look
3:49 am
sexy. but they are looking cookie monster look sexy and big bird look sexy. i dreamt of this my whole life and now it is a reality. >> you know, it is not the guys making the women wear them. it is the women saying we want this and someone supplying that demand. >> capitalism is a free market. >> they say sex sells, but not for 14-year-olds. >> wait until they are 16. >> they look like kermit. >> am i going to hell? maybe i am. >> or miss piggy. >> stick around, more cruddy crud, crud is cruding your way.
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[singing in foreign language]
3:54 am
>> now, that is how you edit a wedding video. it is also how you make me cry, and then later in the evening, kill. you know what, we will close things out, aren't we? >> i guess. >> yeah, let's close things out with a wrap up from tv's andy levy. and to see recent shows go to fox news --
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oh, time to go back to andy levy. >> and furthermore, greg -- >> larry, do you have a new
3:58 am
compilation album out? >> i do. >> that sounded a little like the other word. the nice folks at reader's digest, a big catalog and it is wonderful. they took 60 of our songs, most of which have been out of print for uh while, and you -- for awhile, and it is some of the best songs ever. thanks for the plug. >> does it come with a page of jokes? >> i'm sorry. >> does it come with a page of jokes? >> yeah. >> it increases your workout. >> ryan, are you going to be back soon? >> yeah, i am there a couple times a week. >> excellent. >> all right. >> don't give any specific date. >> i am there almost ef night. >> good. >> where is dangerfield? >> 61st and 1st. >> there it is. >> angela, you guys, you republicans going to have enough momentum to win 30 plus
3:59 am
gubernatorial seats in november? >> not only will we win the gubernatorial seats, but we will win congress and the senate. the republicans are taking over. even though you think i am a rhino, we are taking over. >> i kind of think you are a secret muslim from kenya. >> okay, i have to think about that one. >> he will set fire to your house. >> no, i will just write a pamphlet. >> i have several, so you have to find them all. >> you think i don't know where they all are? >> i'm sure you do. >> bill, any hoda update? >> my internet campaign to date hoda who hosts the 15th hour of "the today show"? >> no, that's not what i mean. >> she is single and i want to fix that. i changed it from bill should date hoda to hoda should be on "red eye." i will make her feel awkward fates -- face-to-face, rather than be on twitter. >> thanks,


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