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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 8, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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we appreciate you guys who have been loyal over the years. remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. 26 days. >> it has b >> it's been a have a right to be upset. tough unhe likely to break for you. >> what this means is the left will become more desperate and adamant to destroy those who are running on a common sense conservative agenda. >> i'm the only candidate who can win in november and crash that tea party. >> that's what are looking for
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someone willing to stand up to this ideological right wing tea party evident. >> if you voted for the stimulus, for health care, for cap and tray, for nancy pelosi, you -- cap and trade, for nancy pelosi you can escape it. >> sean: there's a war of words. that brings us to our headline i paychecks or food stamps? newt gingrich summed it up saying this election comes down to whether you want more paychecks or more food stamps? in a letter to candidates he wrote, it is an unassailable fact in june more food stamps were distributed by ever before in american history
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. >> sean: it appears his letter has hit with a nerve with nancy pelosi. >> a few years ago when we wanted to put together a recovery package. we had a hearing. and we had from right to left most conservative economists and all the way across the spectrum. what they told us that day is that if you want to create jobs, the quickest way to do it is to provide more funding for food stamps. and have unemployment insurance for people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. i think there's some subliminal message sent about us and them. meaning people who need food stamps and the rest of the country that i think is an unfortunate course to go down. the biggest bang for the buck,
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when you do food stamps. >> sean: joining me host of the documentary with his wife, america at risk, the war with no name. available at at newt gingrich is with us. i thought -- i thought blumenthal gave a who are label answer about how to cleat jobs. nancy pelosi has taken it to a new level. if you want to create jobs the quickest way is to provide more funding for food stamps and have unemploymentens for those who have lost their jobs. it is the biggest bang for the buck when you do food stamps and unemployment insurance. is that how we create jobs now in america? >> i want to thank speaker pelosi for being so -- >> sean: you're starting in. >> no. look she has been honest, give her a break. as a san francisco liberal she had the courage to stand up
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and say, i believe in food stamps. i think food stamps are the right way to jobs. i think every american who watches this debate can ask themselves the congress newt gingrich was speaker of which cut taxes, balanced the bunt, reformed welfare, medicare, was that the right way to create jobs? during those four years we not only payoff 405 billion dollars in federal debt. but we created millions of jobs. 2/3 of the people on welfare either went to work or went to school. or, is the pelosi congress with its job-killing, which bay the way gallup reported today, will reach 10.1%, that's 1 out of every 10 americans out of work, being forced to go to food stpapl s, because of the reid -- food stamps because of the reid, obama, pelosi policy of killing jobs. >> sean: they do the polling
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and they say they don't think tomorrow's numbers is going to reflect what the real unemployment is because a lot came lost month of september. -- came later in the month of september. politically this is humorous. here's the problem there are 48 million americans dependent on the for food stamps. the more frightening number, barack obama for 20 months has increased the number of people dependent on the government. those people want a job, they want to pay their mortgage. that's where it gets deeply serious. >> the key question i was raising and suggesting the country ought to choose between the democratic party of food stamps and the ran party of paychecks, is to be -- honest about the policies. when you have a tax increase obamacare, cap and trade,
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giant spending, big bureaucracy, giant deficit policy, you kill jobs. i don't think most of the , i've not seen a poll on this, i don't think most americans trapped by the democratic party into needing food stamps would prefer a food stamp to a paycheck. i think most americans want the chance to have a job to have a better future. to get a paycheck. i think the republicans ought to reduce this campaign to a clear simple decisive choice. the pledge the house republicans launched is a terrific starting point for creating jobs. the policies, as you point out in your videotape here's nancy pelosi, publicly saying she believes the best way to create jobs is more food stamps. everybody in america who thinks that's a better approach than helping small business, encouraging investment, encouraging
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incentives for new jobs. if you think big government is a better approach than small business, you ought to street for nancy pelosi and the food stamp party. >> sean: what compounds and complicates the problem is -- you put this out in your letter, we are going see a massive tax increase. they were too cowardly to vote on extending the bush tax cuts before the election. a family of four that earns $50,000 a year is going to pave another $2400 in taxes. -- this is not insignificant for working families. especially those that have seen their home values depressed now for an extended period of time. colleging on to their health care. clinging on for -- clinging on for dear life and their retirement has diminished in all likelihood anybody who is watching can get a copy of that memorandum by going to
12:08 am when the democrats veted to adjourn, -- voted to adjourn, without settling the tax question they said to every business big and small you have no idea what the tax code will be in january. less than 90 days away. how do you plan a new factory, to hire people, any kind of expansion when the congress is so irresponsible they leave down with the entire tax code in limb we? in is a disaster if you are trying -- deepen the recession and increase the number of people who are unemployed. >> sean: is this the first time we've seen -- the ap had a story -- their headline was about working-class white americans are now flocking to the republican party. that seemed to me, i interpret
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that to be reagan democrats were coming home. which hasn't happened in recent years. is the bad economy, the debt and the economic policies of the president causing that to happen? >> it is like the election of 1994, we were able to attract nine million additional voters by bringing the reagan democrats become out and getting them to engine us. i think the ap story unstatements what is happening. asian-americans are moving, latino-americans are moving. even in the african-american community. the lady who took the president on at the museum was an african-american professional woman. in every community in america there are people who are fed up with the strategy that kills jobs gives them food stamps instead of a paycheck. there are people who are saying we can do better, we are americans let's get back to creating jobs. that's why i think they are going to of a surprising
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take over the house it is gonna be hand-to-hand combat. he complained about his own base we start sulking sitting back and not doing everything we can did to turn folks out. his poll numbers in blue states, california, hawaii, he's underwater in new york in terms of his approval rating, 45% approve, 48 disapprove. he's fighting for his old senate seat. he's going to make at last two appearances in chicago, giannoulias. what does that tell you about the president's attitude and his understanding of what is going on politically? >> let me draw a distinction. the president has every right to campaign. he ought try to moat slate his base. he ought to try to get them to turn out that's between that's what people do in elections. for the president to say, before the election, if the american people choose the republicans, especially if they choose them by a decisive
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margin, that there's gonna be hand-to-hand combat. if that's an accurate quote -- >> sean: accurate quote. >> that's a terrible attitude this is not just petty politics, not republicans versus democrats. the people of the united states are going cast their ballot on november south carolina. the people of the united states are going to choose the -- the make up of the legislative branch. president has some obligation to pay attention to the american people. doesn't mean he have dye dye -- he has to go along with everything, to give up what he believes. to suggest that even if the american people send a signal of decisive proportions that it is going to lead to hand-to-hand combat. that is not a reject of republicans. that would be a rejection of the american people. >> reporter: he seems to be governing against the will of the american people. this is a phenomenon we've discussed a lot, the arizona immigration law, the ground zero mosque, health care bill
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he had to bribe his way to successfully get passed. the "l.a. times", republican majority of congress would mean hand-to-hand combat on capitol hill for the next two years. president obama warned. that's their quote. >> here's the difference. he can argue that polls come and go, he won the election. as of election did, millions and millions of americans are gonna register their view in the way our comes s for. if they repute -- our constitution provides for. if they repudiate his policy, for him to say hand-to-hand combat guarantees he's a one permanent president. the american people aren't going to tolerate a kind of arrogance that says, i don't care how you vote, who you elect i'm going to fight them. he's not fighting the
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republicans he's fighting the people of the united states. >> sean: the last couple of nights we've had an expectations battle between dick morris who is advising republicans to shoot for 100 seats. and the architect karl rove more cautiously optimistic estimating between 39 and 45 seat pick-up. michael barone analysted -- analyzed numbers he's saying it could look leak -- look like 1894 when republicans took over 100 seats -- you're snaking your head. i'm giving you the questions of the experts. these are smart people. >> i was with michael barone yesterday. a great event for the candidates for governor in men machine. we tacked afterwards. michael is at 60 plus right now.
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it could conceivably -- castleman great columnist in the midwest thinks it will break 100. 101 is the 1932 number for democrat pick-ups. the 1894 number, extraordinary like 176 seats. there's no possibility, none that you are going to see anything like the 1894 numbers. i confess that's the historian in me getting down to old fashioned facts. but, i did think the numbers are likely -- gaylord i think rivals barone as one of great students of house races, joe believes we are at 55+. michael thinks we are at 60+. i think this tide is just continuing to build. i think the 10.1% unpolitical number by gallup is going to be devastating. food stamps versus paychecks powerful. i'm going to predict probably
12:19 am
over 60 seat pick up. the est since 1932. >> sean: if you were to -- analyze this from the democrat side they can run on their record a point we've made often. seems like their strategy now is attack. we'll go through of the ads in a minute. also pretend they are not democrats and they didn't vote for all the bills that the american people didn't want. >> i think they have an enormous problem. individual blue dog democrats, you know, aren't in a position where they can attempt to survive by low mitly saying they voted against nancy pelosi and obamacare and cap and trade. but for the vast majority of democrats who voted for all that stuff, they have an enormous problem back home. i don't think they've got a good message. if i were turn i would focus on turning out my base and hope i could scrape lieu and
12:20 am
hold a deep greet. i don't think they have any mess -- deep breath. i don't think they have any message -- >> sean: you send axelrod on letterman and just bash fox news and follow the talking points of the president. what did you think the strategy is behind that? >> frustration. imagine you are a good solid liberal, the network you most loved of deranged left wing idiocy only gets 1/5 viewers of fox. imagine in the morning you wake up and find your son is now watching fox. and you fan your cousin is watching fox. as a -- god liberal it braves you crazy. you say to yourself i have to say something because i can't take it any more. >> sean: i'm stunned by it half the time. when i heard axelrod last night, i go again. >> relax and enjoy it. >> sean: i miss the president attacking me.
12:21 am
he must have finance a memo he did it 12 times and stopped. somebody at the white house they to keep watching. mr. speaker, thanks. coming up some of the powerful, bizarre and downright dirty political campaign ads of the season. we check in with governor miss dimitra, when will you marry me? - be my wife. - miss dimitra, marry me. - marry me. - marry me. - marry me. - be my wife, please. ( bells toing ) ( all cheering ) ha ha ha! announr: introducing the kohler karbon faucet.
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>> sean: you don't need to look at a calendar to know we are inching closer to the 2010 midterms. all you have to do is turn on your tv. ats have gotten louder, more check and in some cases more vicious. tonight we analyze the impact some ads could have on election day. joining me to do that former
12:25 am
governor of the great state of arkansas, governor mike huckabee. to see you. >> great to see you. -- >> sean: welcome to the imus studio. >> not bad. >> sean: mish smell bachmann's opponent saying she hasn't done bleep >> no one does more for the special interest in washington than congresswoman bachmann. shed stood up for bp when no one else would. she has a 100% voting record when it comes to supporting wall street. she even stood with the big insurance companies and voted against reform. michelle bachmann not doing [ bleep ] for the people of the 6th district but more than her share for the special interests in washington. >> sean: i don't that i kind of ad helps. >> this is the genius of some political ad consultant who thought it would be cute. the way michelle become man ought to respond is to say why
12:26 am
don't you define what bleep is? tell us what you mean? if you think these things are bleep you've got a problem. that's how i would respond. >> sean: that would be god. >> that's free advice for michelle bachmann. >> sean: i always think you should spoken to attacks. which by the way is the opposite of how i live my life, i let everybody attack me. >> as a candidate you can let them go bus people think they are true. the problem is when a candidate didn't have enough money to spoken. dick morris thought me in the early 90s the punch is not nearly as effective as the counter punch. you never want to draw first blood. you want your opponent to come after you, draw your blood then you have a free shot to go after him. counter punching is far more effective than punching. >> sean: a harry reid web ad talking about sharron angle's
12:27 am
crazy juice. >> announcer: you've heard about sharron angle's extreme juice in washington. >> i got juice. >> i have juice with deminute. >> announcer: now it can be yourses! introducing sharron angle's crazy juice! made with real demint. it will rev you up, you know it is made from socialism. so, so, so, so extreme! coming soon in new lemonade. >> i feel totally nuts. >> sean: i would say humor would normally work. following your advice earlier, how about this as the perfect response. talk about crazy juice, harry reid, the war is lost, the surge has failed. his attack against tea party people.
12:28 am
that would be a perfect counter. >> always turn their ad back on to them. if you are going to be accused of being crazy. list the things that your opponent has been for, obamacare, estimate laws, -- stimulus, and stay that is smart, i'd rather be crazy. there's a lot of ways to attack that. i think humor ads are terrific sometimes you can say with humor that you would never get away with said angry and mean if you are the recipient turn it around. do it quickly. >> sean: within 48 hours? >> absolutely. >> welcome to south florida mr. president. leave that close door fundraiser and drive-by our shuttered businesses of foreclosed homes. i'll go anywhere you wish. i'll debate you and him
12:29 am
together if that's what it takes. if you den listen now the voters will speak loudly in november. i'm allen west and a prove this message. >> sean: i think that is a great ad. >> part of it is because he's an articulate person on camera. he sounds convincing. it was a very effective ad bus he sid mr. obama, you came here, you drove past the foreclosed homes, you ignored what we care about and you came down here and took money out of a few pockets. i thought it was a powerful ad. >> sean: a , you have to be as good before the camera as colonel west is. -- the sharron angle ad, i think is probably the template that i think every candidate can use democrats. here's her ad against harry reid. >> i'm sharron angle and i
12:30 am
approve this message. want to know how out of touch harry reid is? sending 787 billion on a stimulus that failed is a start. tax breaks and social security benefits, reid voted to use taxpayer dollars to pay for having -- for viagra for convicted sex offenders. what else do you need to know about harry reid. >> sean: holding people accountable for their votes is very effective. >> it is. in fairness to harry reid. you find this rare. when you say he voted to give viagra -- >> sean: it is in the bill. >> that's the point. some of these bills have all these provisions. he may be unaware that was in the bill. >> sean: he should read the bill. >> i understand. it is great politics. but it is one of those instances where he sounds like
12:31 am
he said yes a bill that is going to viagra. >> sean: if it is in the bill and he didn't read it isn't that fair game? >> it doesn't always work. the spot has to be believable. if you say he spent 787 billions, that's believable because you know he did it. this ad, you have to make sure veters believe that he really did that. that's the tough part. >> sean: all right. governor huckabee. coming up what the liberal media tried to sell as objective news. and the forbes list of the most powerful women is out. most powerful women is out. you will never guess who didléd8
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>> sean: welcome to media mash where we expose the most outrageous examples of the mainstream's bias. back with us this week the president of media research center brent bozell. welcome back. >> how are you? >> sean: the smear of the tea party. an obsession with the mainstream media. >> in an exclusive interview with abc news joe miller talked about rolling back the power of the federal government further than republicans have talked about
12:36 am
for more than 70 years. miller's message is ultra conservative. >> ultra conservative. >> lust in your heart is committing adultery. >> make her a decided undoing in this blue leaning state. >> somewhat one would say, some might say bizarre statements sort of fringe quality might turn people off. >> sean: fringe in their media elite circles. fringe in washington and new york but if the across the country. the only people that are fringe are them. >> let's understand what is going on here. if you are a democrat running for reelection and you wanted to run on the record of the democrats, are you gonna run on an an yen did that call for the nationalization of banks, socialization of health care, massive new tax increases, out of control deficit spending? if you want to look at an extreme agenda it is the democrats. they have only one option to say you may not like us, but
12:37 am
those republicans they even worse. that's what these attacks on the tea parties are about. if they want to do that, fine that's politics. what is reprehensible is that the liberal media are carrying their water for them. >> sean: the so-called objective news man, journalist, this is matt lauer throwing one softball after another to the dnc chairman tim kaine. >> how can you practice that gutter politics for a long period of time and all of a sudden say that's not me any more? >> there are some republicans who don't like you state chairman of the conservative party said if you won the primary it would be a dark peer for the republican party. >> people want to know if the -- person they put in albany has proper judgment. do you have that proper judgment? >> let's understand what the context of this is. pal dean know blew up at a reporter because paladino believes his reporters had
12:38 am
been stalking his 10-year-old daughter. let me ask you, if it was the media stalking your 10-year-old daughter, how would you react? >> absolutely, no question. >> i would go postal on a reporter. matt lauer, rather than lecturing paladino, maybe there ought to be a discussionzw on how the media should behave in covering candidates. >> there's the double standard especially when he sucks up to tim kaine. you have abc touting the diversity of the liberal rally. carrying pro socialist, crazy speeches like harry belafonte and some others this is how it was covered on abc. >> in a campaign that seems dominated by the tea party liberals put on their own strong showing of force. several noted the diversity at the rally. their insinuation the tea party movement has attracted only a narrow slice of americans. >> sean: it was a weak show of force.
12:39 am
let's not argue numbers, it wind even close. go ahead. >> sean, we've watched this happen all year long. where the media will wade into a tea party event, looking for that one brain deadline done larouche follower who will say come whacko thing. let me read what harry belafonte say, perhaps the greatest threat of all is the undermining of our constitution and systematic attack against the rights of the citizens of this nation. blah, blah, at the van guard of this insidious attack is the tea party this ban of misguided citizens is moving close to achieving villainous ends. they could have showed that footage. in case their cameras are broke it is on every website in america yet they won't put it on their al news. >> sean: i'm getting a kick out of christiane amanpour,
12:40 am
town hall discussion, should americans fear islam? watch how this unfolds. >> as you know, a series of politicians have used the islamic center. have used islamic phobia and scare tactics -- >> that's a loaded question. >> my question is, we can say any number -- did you take any responsibility at all for for instance, what happened in -- >> absolutely not. i have never encouraged violence. i condemn have a lens. >> you don't think the rhetoric lays the ground work for others? >> he -- >> sean: he can even spoken to this. why doesn't she examine feisal abdul-rauf and his radical statements? >> they've been lecturing americans about how we shouldn't be tarring the entire islamic nation because of the acts of the extremists
12:41 am
had who attacked us. then what in the world is she doing tarring all of christianity and attacking him personally because of some knucklehead who vandalize a mosque? double standard. >> sean: thanks for being with us. time to check in with growth . what is the big news tonight. -- with greta. what is the big news tonight. hang on, go ahead. >> greta: did you get that bed bug? >> sean: are you suggesting there's bed bugs in the studio again? >> greta: i asked to stay in -- to stay here all week. it is sort of sean. >> sean: in truth, they are not here. great is coming up. >> greta: i asked to stay in d.c. this week. >> sean: the show going to be great, that's all i know. >> greta: it is. >> sean: our great, great,
12:42 am
great american panel, next. ♪ ♪ [ bottle ] mr. clean bath cleaner is banced like a zen master.
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and leave breze freshness boss: and now i'll turn it over gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties. boss: uh...what about this? gecko: what's this one do? gecko: um...maybe that one. ♪ dance music boss: ok, let's keep rolling. we're on motorcycle insurance. vo: take fifteen minutes to see how much you can save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance. >> sean: he was a former pollster for president carter, adviser to mcgovern's presidential campaign pat caddell. he served the commonwealth of virginia for over 20 years as governor in both bodies of
12:46 am
congress george allen is with us. senior writer s.e. cupp is here. associated press article, government investigator says 89,000 stimulus payments of $250 each went to people either dead or in prison. dead or in prison! >> do i need to commit a crime, how can i get that? did i need to croak? >> i've been campaigning around virginia, all these democrats who voted for it, chuck smith and griffith and murray, they are all gonna be on this. they are saying you think is the right spending of hardworking taxpayers' money it is outrageous, disgrace. it is insulting. >> sean: it is. think about this, with the numbers that came out this week of record number of people needing food stamps
12:47 am
assistance. 90,000 dead people we are giving money, people in prison are getting money. where is the accountability, pat? >> this is the second time we had a report like this some months ago, last year. apparently it keeps going on. what i'm amazed by, i have to say, it is outrage just. they had -- i can't remember 100 some billion they can account for in the stimulus. they don't know where the money has again. this has been a disaster in people's -- has gone this has been a disaster in people's eyes. i don't know what -- know why the republicans have run this. republicans are so brain dead politically. >> thank you for the good advice. >> i think you are going to see this on the campaign trail this is something folks can
12:48 am
understand. >> sean: it says it all. >> like when you did the specials you could take three a day. sean two straight hours. >> they don't remind people. >> on top of it all this is all debt. >> sean: barney frank this is the third name two weeks he mentions me by name. seems to be obsessed with me not sure what this is about. he was on fox and friends this morning. >> my opponent, i'm quoting him. he said he couldn't win unless he got a lot of support from out of state. i think a fairly good job, he just bested that he raised $400,000 from out of state. sean hannity has had him on the show several times that's not normal for a first time congressional candidate. i understand that. >> i'm from the great state of massachusetts. i'm going to personally hold
12:49 am
massachusetts accountable for continuing to election this guy. he is brain dead, end competent. i think he's a little crazy. clearly obsessedded with you. get his priorities straight. the people of massachusetts keep giving this guy -- [ unintelligible ] i don't know what they are thinking. >> sean: he's complaining, wait a minute you look at the polls in new york the president is upside down. california is in trouble, hawaii is in trouble. massachusetts we know he's in trouble. is that an indicator what is going to happen in 26 days? >> it may be. the president was in maryland today. >> the fact that he's going to maryland to help out the governor bob ehrlich is running there, and the fact that he's going to some of these places does show their folks in trouble. i think the energy is all on the conservative side. the republicans and inches, i'm going to be speaking at a tea party convention in
12:50 am
richmond saturday they are talking about thousands of people being there. people are concerned about the direction of our country. they are not going to sit back. >> sean: pat you have been watching getting beaten up by your fell low democrats how bad is this going to be? >> it is not going to be pretty. >> sean: saving our country -- >> i told you the other day i said on radio, i said this is going to wake up november 3rd, cold shower but arctic temperatures. >> sean: are they going call you and say caddell you were right? >> oh no. i to say something about barney. he's out there. this man did fann ie and freddie. he didn't do anything to reform it. -- >> sean: he admitted i was wrong then makes a pivot. >> they are desperate. they have nothing to run on. they can run on their record.
12:51 am
they can't tell us any good things they've done. so they have to go after sean or bring in stephen colbert. >> sean: george allen we'll let you throw us out. miss dimitra, when will you marry me? - be my wife. - miss dimitra, marry me. - marry me. - marry me. - marry me. - be my wife, please. ( bells toing ) ( all cheering ) ha ha ha! announr: introducing the kohler karbon faucet. we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned an la getaway twice as fast. we get double miles every time we use our card. [ histling ] no matter what we're buying. and since double miles add up quick... romans! get em! [ garth ] ...we can bring the whole gang. [ sheep bleats ] it's hard to beat dble miles.
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12:54 am
>> sean: one thing the democrats are now so desperate strategists are studying the california marijuana legalization ive to see if a similar measure could energy youth voters. they are going to use the marijuana vote to get young people out? >> they are out of options. this is what democrats do. they are all special interests. they don't realize we are a nation who has only one interest right now, jobs. they are trying to divide into are you a woman, young,
12:55 am
minority? how can we appeal? we all have the same interests right now get us job, fix the economy. >> se is right. care about the debt, the jobs, the future of our children to achieve the american dream and these things -- and these kinds of things. >> sean: if the employment numbers tomorrow are flat or go up. gallup today it was at 10.1%. final numbers we get before election day, what does it mean for the election? >> it looks good for republicans. james carville said it is the economy stupid. people see -- it is not just those numbers. they see the trajectory of our country declining. that's why you see people riled and stirred up. they want to see this country turned around. the elections this year and in 2012 are going to determine -- >> sean: presidential seal fell when anointed one was
12:56 am
speaking the other day, how symbolic was that? you lived through the carter malaise. >> i live through the rabbit attack. >> sean: oh yeah. >> that was really bad. all i could think of was, i thought he was finance any in how he handled it. when that fell off, you talk about bad karma. this never would have happened in 2008. never would have happened, i've never seen it happen, i'm going oh my god. >> sean: in fairness, he handled it well. but it seemed so symbol lick. >> it was the symbolism. this is when everything starts -- working against you. -- on the plan they put forward they didn't go all the way on the earmarks things which they should have done.
12:57 am
it is symbolic. >> sean: symbolic not [ talking over each other ] >> it is about an intent not to go back to the sort of things -- >> sean: one thing i can't take is democrats getting into every aspect of my life. in san tran they are banning toys in mcdonalds -- in san francisco, they are banning toys in mcdonald's. i love mcdidn't s, i like to go there and i like to put extra salt and ketchup on it. if i take my kids for a happy meal. i know i'm not giving them broccoli and brussel sprouts. most people get it. now they want to been the toys. they want to require 50% whole wheat. require fruits and vegetables. limit the salt content. new york, if you get food stamps you can't buy a sugary drink. >> i have a theory about this. gavin newsome mayor of san francisco, he's too good
12:58 am
looking for his own good. if he were more unattractive he would have to think really hard about what he was doing. the fact is, men are intimidateed tobacco [ talking over each other ] >> when that hairline stars to recede san francisco is going to be a much better place to live. >> i like whole wheat bread. >> sean: i like white bread. >> and guess what, in a from market free people make these decisions for themselves. you don't need a nanny government. i like burger king, subway, mcdidn't s has great french -- mcdonalds, has great french fries. >> sean: i like wendies, i love steak. a state that has made
12:59 am
smoking a cigarette almost a capital crime wants to pass marijuana. >> sean: great point. >> we have this thing in san francisco, i'm a billion, but a liberal libertarian in that makes some sense. >> sean: get out of our lives. >> this notion of poking the eye. the people have had it. it is unbelievable. >> look, san francisco and the federal government are telling us what kind of energy to use. they want us to have high electricity costs. they want to tell us what fuel to use. what food to eat. how much money we ought to earn. even the type of health care we get. >> beyond the economy that issue of what they are doing with the government. >> instead of promoting personal responsibility, dependency on the government. >> -- ea