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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 8, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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right here. because we are definitely looking out for you. >> the president: i hope you are fired up in these last few weeks. >> the people of the united states are going to cast their ballot on november 2nd. >> the president: i need you to be fired up. there's an election in case you were curious. >> your government is out of control. >> the president: they say no you can. we said yes we can. >> american people aren't going to tolerate a kind of arrogance that says i don't care how you vote. >> the president: if i say the sky was blue they would say know. i said there were fish in the sea. no. >> for him to decide just to fight hand-to-hand combat, i think guarantees he's a one-term president. >> do we want to live in a
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country where the government is bigger than the people? >> i'm not running for office in western europe, i'm running here in america. >> you have to accept? did you have to take it? >> no! >> hell no you don't! >> sean: the lens jerry brown will go to become the california governor appears to know no . earlier his camp confirmed authenticity to which the aide to the former governor is using a sexist slur. the conversation between brown and his adviser was recorded when brown failed to hang up after calling a union official with the l.a. police protective league. brown reached out to that official to seek the union's endorsement. brown was over her floating the idea of running an ad accusing whitman of playing favorites to gape endorsements. he begins by saying do we want
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put an ad out i've been warned if i crackdown on pensions they will go to whitman. someone interrupts and says: what about satisfying she's a whore? he seemingly agrees. i'm going to use that. the out just comments were immediately condemned by the whitman campaign in a statement an aide says the use of the word is an insult to meg whitman and to the women of california. >> sean: we apologize to miss whitman and anyone who may have been offended:
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>> sean: joining me from california his voice mail on which broken left his controversial message. thanks for being with us. scott how are you? >> i'm doing well. >> sean: why didn't you walk us through. you get a call from brown. tell us how the conversation went? >> well, the conversation is as you alluded to in the beginning. he was actually still seeking trying to sway us for our endorsement. he for to hang up the phone. then it trailed on another five minutes of conversation that occurred in the background. >> sean: why did you decide to go public with this tape? obviously going to have a big impact on the race. >> well, we actually weren't ready to go public yet. we weren't sure we were going to or how we would utilize the tape.
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media contacted us. we were vetting it through our attorneys to be sure of all the legalities in using it with all the privacy and recording laws that we have here in california. when we the clear, go go ahead and the story was out we went and cooperated with the media in releasing the tape. >> sean: as brown is suggestings with there any special deal cut with whitman as it relates to exempting public service workers in terms of their pension reform plan that she is proposing? >> there's no special or secret deal that was cut with public . in fact, majority of my brothers and sisters are supporting jerry. this is how she feels. this is how she wants to aren't the state of california. >> sean: as i listen to the tape it seems to me, first of all, it sons like somebody else used the -- it sounds like somebody else used the word whore is that your
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understanding? >> yes. >> sean: he talks about putting an ad out, saying i'm going to use that. did you enter that he would use that remark? >> that's how i interpreted it. i'm not an audio tech, it soned like it was jerry brown who made the comments. >> sean: have you heard from the brown campaign since? >> no, i have not. >> sean: i want to follow the tape. you all of a sudden pick up your phone. you realize that he didn't hang up his phone. you've got this voice message. where do you go from there? what do you do with that next? >> i turned it over to our political action attorney, immediately. he held on to it and did the vetting process as far as the legalities of it. >> sean: from that point has been the reaction of this tape
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getting out and people saying why did you release that tape? >> just cooperating with the media. want to make sure that in that it is out that everybody has an opportunity to see that side of viciousness of jerry brown. >> sean: in that sense you think this reveals a lot about brown? you think this should be a big part of the campaign? >> i didn't know if it should be a big part of the campaign. that is going to be for the votest of california to decide. he i was shocked. i was appalled. the fact that an attorney general who is ed to represent all residents of california, which)$me 50% easily are female, for him to be making den gritting remarks like that is problem mat tech. -- denigrating remarks like that is problematic. >> sean: gloria allred said she condemned it but she didn't ask for jerry broken to step aside or really even --
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brown to step aside or really even ask for him to an vice. the national organization for whimsical cal chapter which endorses jerry brown put out the following statement: for california women, actions speak louder than are words. we know brown's record, whitman's record. the choice is clear. we strongly urge women to vet for jerry broken for governor. >> sean: if i as a conservative commentator -- used that phase and people saying i'm going to use that against any liberal politician, what did you think the reaction would be? >> you know, sir, again i think the tape speaks for itself. the comments speaks for itself. it is den gritting for all women. they need to -- it is denigrating for all women. they need to make that decision for themselves. meg whitman has earned her way into the professional world and deserves to be treated with such respect.
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>> sean: your fellow union members that are supporting brown, has any said i'm changing my mind based on this tape? >> i haven't had contact with any of them, sir. >> sean: we appreciate you being with us, thank you. next ann coulter's reaction to the voice mail. >> president obama isn't mincing words about what will happen if republicans tack back congress come november. we'll the tape with what he has in mine. that and more coming up, straight ahead. there's nothing for 25. but they will let me give you the same seat for a big miles upcharge. how's that sound? for that many miles we'll be stuck ting a "staycation." [ imitates enge revving ] [ angie ] i'm through playing games. i switched to the venture card from capital one. vacation, here we come! [ male announcer ] don't pay miles upcharges. don't play games. get the flight youant with the venture card at whoo-hoo! now this is a vacation. what's in yourallet?
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>> sean: as we head into the final stretch before the midterm elections democrats are prepared for the worst. listen to what the an anyoned one said wednesday during a radio interview. >> the president: the republicans are fired up being mobilized. they see an opportunity to take back the house, maybe take back the senate if they are successful they've said they are going back to the same policies that were in place during the bush administration. that means that we are gonna have just hand-to-hand combat up here on capitol hill. >> sean: i guess the president is no longer standing up for change. joining me with reaction ann culture. i'm 99% sure that was marvin gaye in the become ground. when we interview you we'll pick your favorite musician and play in the background.
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hand-to-hand combat. americans are sick and tired of this, what happened? >> that's right during the campaign. it was hope, change, bringing people together. now it is the status quo, dispair and hand-to-hand combat. this is the way it always is with him. as david limbaugh points out in his book. this thug union community organizer language, putting the boot on the neck of bp. republicans bring a knife and we're gonna bring a again. democrats were upset with george bush for talking tough with saddam hussein and osama bin laden. this is how obama talks to the tea partiers to half of america, to the republican party. >> sean: the other phenomenon that we've discovered, joe biden is spoking to an audience, by the way you are the dullest audience i've spoken to. they seem to be hostile towards the american people,
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obviously the tea party. now they are attacking their base. maybe you weren't committed to this change. you guys are dull. we to get you fired up. seems like they are trying to attack fox news all week in the hopes of reigniting their base, but attack your base? >> also going for the young voters. which were a huge part of the vote for him when he won the presidency. >> sean: they're not responding. >> since none of them have jobs they might be a little disappointed in his presidency. the quote on the radio when he said they want to return to the failed policy of george bush. the unemployment rate america was about 5%. it is now over 10%. maybe we should return to those failed policies. that what we are returning to. we the tea party candidates now. there's going to be a new republican party in town. >> sean: what make of this audio tape of jerry brown?
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>> for one thing i love that you a statement from gloria allred. i was looking forward to this champion of women's right. >> sean: the person who referred to her as a whore was wrong. it is offensive to have anyone use that term the individual who said it, should apologize. let's pickney female liberal democratic politician. if i called or referred to them as a whore, would allred put out a statement i should apologize? >> are you suggesting there is some sort of double standard? >> sean: i'm suggesting is a double standard. i doubt allred would be as forgiving -- >> no, it is shocking. it would be a front page story on "the new york times" if a republican candidate for governor -- forget you how about a republican candidate! we have a little more leeway, we are, you know part of the commentators this is a
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candidate for governor -- i want to get to the substance of this he wants to call her a whore for americans who don't know, california is completely bankrupt, mostly thanks to the policies of jerry brown when he was governor 30 years ago when he passed the law allowing states employees to unionize. promising the moon to government employees. now the state is bankrupt as prison guards retire at age 30 with $500,000 pensions. whitman says we can fun the pensions, they are bankrupt, which they are. the state will go into receivership if something didn't. and she says we want if give them four owens k's like in the private sector -- 401 -- four owens k like in the private sector from my
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reelection it was the prison guards and teachers running those pensions up through the roof. and most people think of government workers when democrats are defending huge government and tax hikes they are saying we have to lay-off cops. they don't talk about the community facilitator or neighborhood architect. >> sean: she is saying that public safety workers don't get the best salaries to begin with but have perhaps a decent pensions those pensions commitments made would be commitments kept. i hardly think that can be classified as calling somebody a whore. jerry brown sounds bitter and angry he didn't get the endorsement. >> he's saying what she is doing is whorish i don't think there is a wore in the english language for him. we are hearing about salaries in bell, california these other cities where they are
9:18 pm
paying themselves, $500 a year. -- $500,000 a year. he's the attorney general why he doing anything about it? >> sean: what about saying she is a whore? his next line is i'm gonna use that. here's what i want to know. beyond allred's comments which are interesting. national organization for women, his actions speak louder than words. they are still supporting him. they are not condemning him. we know brown's record, we know whitman's record the choice is clear we urge california women to vote for jerry brown. >> are you suggesting once again that the national organization for women does not have women's best interests at heart? are you suggesting they did -- they do nothing but promote abortion rights? >> sean: i cannot imagine any instance besides this one where a woman is call a whore and they say we are behind you
9:19 pm
100%. >> they would not care if sarah palin, i, christine o'donnell were call the "c" word, forget the "w" wore. i think most people know they are nothing more than abortion rights fun group. >> sean: democrats are desperate. they can run on their record. republicans are coming on. stays nobody thought were in -- states that nobody thought were in play are now play. >> the future of the nation is at stake. if republicans did not do well, this election, two years from now, and elect chris christie president -- >> sean: you are wrong he's not running for president number within. >> he has to for his country. >> sean: he's liberal on some
9:20 pm
issues. >> so was reagan. can >> sean: all right. i think he's doing a great . [ talking over each other ] >> sean: he's doing great. it will be interesting to see if he runs. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: coming up. while the unemployment rate sits at 9.6%, the scary fact is that in reality it may be higher. when we get become we'll tell you about that and who is making that claim. i'm breathing better. so now, i can join the fun and games withy grandchildren. great news! for people with copd, inuding chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both, advair helps significantly improve lung function. while nothing can reverse copd, advair is different from most other copd medications because it contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator,
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>> sean: more bad news for the obama administration. the final jobs report came out today.
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it is not pretty. according to the report, 95,000 more jobs were lost last month. employment is holding steady at 9.6%. john boehner give his take on all of this. >> it looks like the reports we've seen every month since president obama signed the stimulus spending bill into law. unemployment is high. millions of americans out of work. private sector job creation remains flat. that's what you for your 787 billion dollars worth of spending. >> sean: a recent gallup analysis pains a more dire picture. saying the real unemployment -- employment rate is over 10%. the federal reserve thinks it has found a solution. the "wall street journal" is reporting the fed is mulling over the idea to artificially increase inflation to help jumpstart the struggling economy. saying the rational is getting inflation up temporarily would
9:25 pm
push real rates, knoll rates, minus inflation down encouraging consumers and businesses to save less and/or more. joining me with reaction is dagen mcdowell and nicole pedestrian lee december. >> i heard -- and nicole petallides. >> nancy pelosi came out today and said the following. this report shows our private sector continues to lead our economic recovery. these are the democrats. this is the white house that has done everything to vilify business. everything to make it difficult to do business. everything to make the government bigger. and everything to give the government greater they are falling back on the private sector. >> sean: sort of what pelosi was saying about food stamps
9:26 pm
yesterday. food stamps and unemployment is going to jumpstart the economy. where does this mentality come from? rooted in is the answer to all our problems j. they have the wrong methods. government spending, economic growth is slowing. unemployment employment is really at testify seen%. over 14 million -- 17%. over 14 million americans would like to have jobs. >> sean: as it relates how the democrats make a final push, blame the republicans, they run the house, senate and white house. does that fly? >> no. they've had almost two years. >> sean: four in congress. >> people are not going to buy that any longer. because they only need to any about the nearly 900 billion dollar stimulus package. where did that money go with
9:27 pm
unemployment still close to 10%? 9.6%. that's not gonna fly. what is astonishing ly stupid, the president digging in -- economically stupid, the president digging in his heels still going to raise taxes -- >> sean: what happened to all that stimulus money? what happen to the money the shovel-ready jobs that they promised were going to be out there? here we are two years later. >> construction jobs are falling. manufacturing jobs are falling. they are trying to artificially pump this economy. in the meantime the dollar is weaker and the stock market going up. stock market is not going up on fundamentals. it is going up artificially. >> sean: is the stock market going up because people suspect republicans are going to win in november? >> without a dut that is flying around. -- doubt a doubt that is flying around. you start to get economic
9:28 pm
reports, i used to be able to go one, two, three, 45 with hard reports. >> sean: gallup came out yesterday with their unemployment numbers. in mid september 9.6%. unemployment towards the end of the month went up dramatically. they pointed out yesterday unlikely it is going to be picked up by the government report relaced today. likely the 9.6% is closer to 10, right? >> correct. done forget, the white house advisers said unemployment would peak at 9%, without the stimulus. -- without the stimulus. we weren't supposed to crack 8% with that giant stimulus package. add in the tends of billions more that they've thrown at the -- at the states those where the job losses are now. >> sean: what about the dollar versus the yen. you your days at the stock exchange, wall street, dollar
9:29 pm
at a low geld at a high. talk about artificially manipulating the economy. is wall street reacting positively? >> the way to do it is to given sent activities to companies. -- give incentives to companies. they don't know what their taxes are going to be. if you own a company are you hiring new employees in this type of economy? you don't. you don't do it. >> sean: we have food stamps and unemployment, nancy pelosi says that's the answer. >> you mentioned the federal reserve at the start of this. the reason the fed might be moving deeper into any kind of stimulus is because the administration doesn't have anything left. they are out of ideas. they are not going to have the political ability -- >> sean: the lodge term danger that china already owes so much of your debt. interest rate on treasuries
9:30 pm
are low, china is likely to say the risk is too great chances of default may exist in the near future? >> they have to do something. i don't think china will turn on us, because they have a vested interest -- >> i agree with dagen, i don't think china will be jumping ship any time soon. >> sean: coming up, 16 years ago republicans took back control of the house in a wave election that made its mark on history. why some experts are saying this year's midterms might make the shake-up of '94 look modest. that and more coming up. it's deliciously clever. and they'll be none the wiser. new prego veggie smart sauce gives them 50% of their daily recommended amount of veggies. [laughter] be smart. veggie smart. you should get some custom fit orthotics. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. it recommends the custom fit orthotic that's best for your feet. and footcare scientists are behind it.
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clean all around the house with the . clean magic eraser extra power. 6666 >> sean: president obama is slated to appear next thursday at a taunt hall meeting hosted by mtv. it looks like the audience may not be representative in an ad mtv asks that all applicants provide a recent photo and short description of your political views. next thursday when you hear those wild cheers, you will know. hannity continues in 90 short seconds. 4n
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9:34 pm
>> sean: in 25 days republicans are poisedded to send to washington what some are calling a political tsunami. several pundits are comparing 2010 to the 1994 midterm elections where republicans united behind newt gingrich and his contract with america. that ended a 40 year democratic rein in the house and walked away with a net gain of 52 seats. historians say it was driven by the -- my next guess says this may look like 1894 plagued by a depend depression. and the disappointing leadership of democratic president cleveland. america handed republicans the largest midterm election
9:35 pm
victory in u.s. history. the gop ginned 130 seats that year that is back when -- gained 130 seats that year. if history repeats itself president obama's ly low approval numbers can mean only one thing, democrats need to brace themselves for a november doomsday. perhaps it is the party's own fault for so severely misreading their mandate in '06 and ' 8. michael barone, welcome back. glad you are with us. -- >> good to be with you. >> sean: give us a history lesson and explain some of the big change elections and what were the circumstances surrounding them? >> the -- we've seen big change coming along every 15, 20, 25 years. you can see certain changes since the beginning of polling. come in when we've had big
9:36 pm
government policies that the public is opposed. 1946 after world war ii democrats controlled the congress for 16 years, presidency for 14 years. they still had wage and price controls on. wartime rationing. big powers to labor unions was the number one strike here in american history. the republican slow again was had enough. they won the biggest majority they've had between 1928 and this very day. and passed a lot of consequential legislation, some over truman's veto that shaped the future. that's one of them. you cited 1994, i've been talking about 1894, i was prompted by the release of the gallup organization this week of the first -- for the first time this cycle of their likely voter calculations. previously, they had been talking about registered voters large bed of registered voters. now they are trying -- trying
9:37 pm
to narrow it down to likely voters on the basis of answers they've had to some of their questions. what they've showed on this generic ballot questions is when you have registered voters it is a three point republican margin. when you go to their high turn out likely vitter simulation, you get 13 -- voter stimulation you get 13 points. low turn out likely voter screen, you have an 18 point republican -- we've never seen more than four points for republicans to be leading in this againer in rick question since grand larceny asked the first time in 1942 -- since gallup asked the first time in 1942. >> sean: you have dick morris, i think he's getting people excited. he's right in terms of strategy you should always go for as many seats as may be open as possible. i think it is difficult to fun 100 races as he's suggesting,
9:38 pm
not impossible. karl rove is more cautiously optimistic. there is only one poll that matters, election day. can we count on these polls to mean as much as some think? >> every indicia we have had suggest that republican inclined voters are highly enthusiastic. democrat voters, not the case. you are right to say polling can't entirely simulate turn out. we have actual election results this is the first off year election cycle in which more people votedded in republican primaries than in democratic primaries since 1930 the finding put out for the center of the study of the american electorate. you have a pivotal states like michigan and missouri which do not have party registration voters are free to choose either primary candidate. and where you had equivalent
9:39 pm
races on both sides. you had nearly twice as many people voting in the republican primary in michigan and missouri as in the democratic primary that has never happened in missouri it hasn't happened since the 1920s in michigan. yes, the outcome is unclear. i think it is clear that republicans are likely to win a majority in the house. it is not guaranteed. they've a possibility of winning a majority in the senate that is going to require them to pick up 10 seas. which is a tall order. -- 10 seats. which is a tall order. some of these numbers suggest a bigger change and switch since the last election is going on than we've seen since gallup put his first random sample poll in 1935. >> sean: it comes down to peace and prosperity. >> right now we've got a continuation of wars and policies that i think have demoralized some of the democratic left. and also prosperity.
9:40 pm
we've seen in the emergence of this literally hundreds of thousands, even millions into political activity symbolized but not limited to the tea party movement, something extraordinary, the inrush of lots of people into political activity. they are talking about major issues, the size and scope of government, legitimate political issue if there ever was one. >> sean: if i asked you in 1960, how many house seats were won buy democrats and could you answer that question, couldn't you? >> i would have a good idea. democrats were up there about the vicinity they are at now, 250, 260. >> sean: barone, we love you, but that is scary. your knowledge of history is second to none. we look forward to seeing you on election night. >> absolutely sean. >> sean: time to check in with growth -- with greta for a
9:41 pm
sneak peek. >> greta: we went to delaware and stalked christine o'donnell. she graciously did an interview with us. plus, ambassador bolton. disturbing news out of afghanistan and pakistan. and what in the world is going on in california with the meg whitman jerry brown dispute? national organization for women get into it, they are sort of dopey about it. that and much more. >> sean: we'll be watching. by the way, deirdre imus is here. when we get back we'll ask about all these bed bugs. >> greta: i'm not coming to new york until you clean that up. >> sean: not my problem. our great, great american panel, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> sean: tonight on our panel. president and executive deck are for of the new york civil rights coalition mike meyers. editor of national review online, rich lowry. she founder and president of the deirdre imus environmental center for pediatric oncology also the wife of don imus, famed radio host whose studio
9:46 pm
this is, right? >> yes he sits right there. >> sean: there might be bugs in here. >> he said that. >> sean: he said that. we started using the studio -- >> my fiance is not going to touch me the whole weekend. >> sean: what were you planning on rich? what was the touching thing supposed to be about? >> i did not moon it that way. >> sean: okay. i didn't know you mary. your husband is here, i leave him a hannity football and this is what unfolds on the imus program on the fox business network. >> last night hannity used the studio here. and he left his cooties. hannity cooties and his baby football that he autographed to me i guess he has tiny hands, right bernie? >> i don't think that's the case? >> why does he have a baby football? >> he throws it around to people and he doesn't want to
9:47 pm
hurt anybody. he throws to women and guys. >> how about having a manly football? >> it is symbolic to keep the energy going into the studio. i wouldn't read too much into -- size does not matter here. >> sean: look at that, not even close. here's the answer, is that we have broken many lights in the studio. we nearly broke the big tv cameras. >> i asked you about the football. why you didn't have an nfl-sized football. >> sean: we have a number of them and we have guests sign it. >> occasionally he hits guests so he needs to use a nerf for liability reasons if for nothing else. >> sean: do you have a problem with the size of the football mr. meyers? >> i have no problem with that -- no comment.
9:48 pm
>> sean: democrats recruited a fake tea party candidate to run for congress. in the adler case you heard about this. they recruit a fake candidate so they can split the ticket and sneak into office. >> it is obviously a rancid, dirty trick and shows two things. one, they are desperate, two, they think people are stupid. >> well, look when you look at the mainstream candidates, many are fake. i mean the obama -- >> sean: what mean? >> obama -- the abominable snowman. he gave us a snow job. fake campaign, fake rhetoric. >> sean: you said all -- >> i say most and many, the mainstream. john mccain who switched on immigration. can can i fish? i said many, most of the -- can i finish?
9:49 pm
i said i did not say many, i said most. i'm not surprised. ross perot was fake. most of these people in the mainstream parties are fake. >> fake politicians. >> sean: people are angry and find out these dirty tricks are being played. >> but it is played on both sides that is the point you are making too. >> sean: i agree. >> don't you think it is kind of funny, come on. that's pretty clever. and it is legal. >> when it's in the newspaper it stops being cleaver. >> apparently, it is legal. you have to question that. >> sean: we have record unemployment in the country. the final unemployment number comes out. we find out the ap reports 89,000 stimulus payments went to dead people and prisoners. $918,000 to study bar fights.
9:50 pm
they discover they happen in darker, dirtier babs frequented by heavy drinking people. if i'm on the unemployment roll and i read that would i have a right to be angry or should i laugh? >> no, it has happened in other administrations too where federal money has been wasted. the whole thing with the where thing. 900,000 going into a study. my husband could have told them, he has been there, done that, he used to drink. to have to do a study absurd. >> this was the keystone of their economic policy. they thought like health care would get more popular over time. also people know it hasn't worked on its own terms. it hasn't helped businesses to hire, banks to len. >> i'm of the school where -- you know the low life go to dim litted bars.
9:51 pm
i want to live to stay out of them. [ talking over each other ] >> some of the federal money is going to good. >> sean: let's see what you . your -- what you . you're a lefty! [ commentator ] lindsey vonn! she stays tough! earlier, she had an all-over achy cold... what's her advantage? it's speedy alka-seltzer! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus rushes relief for all-over achy colds. the official cold medicine of the u.s. ski team. alka-seltzer plus. i got an egg [pop] i got gum a kazoo a candy necklace i got one of these [pop] a stamp helium fabric softener ear plugs [pop] lipstick
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two pills a day is what it takes to stay alive if you're hiv positive. those pills cost about forty cents a day.
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9:54 pm
>> sean: you say i have no clue what it means to go green. my son comes home from school the other day he has a book. it says go green on the book. it usually means and predicated on this anti-capitalist agenda we are raping and pillaging the planet for profit. >> that is wrong. that's the abuse of the word green. and they call green like companies have cashed in by
9:55 pm
saying their product is green when it is not. green means choosing the least level of tox sissy in everything we do -- toxicity in everything we do in life. >> sean: are we going to have the government regulate whether we can buy sugary dings, put salt on our foods, go to mcdonald's? >> it is fine, it is a free country. what environmentalism has become it used to be about clean air, clean rivers. now it is this huge utopian project to battle global warming and in are order to do it, to institute huge new layer of regulation on the entire economy. [ talking over each other ] >> it has become a no tax policy in new york city, bloomberg wants to regulate
9:56 pm
the sugar intake. how in terms of solar and stuff? they want to tax people. make it harder and more expensive for you to imbibe beverages and sodas and to do all the unclean things like smoke cigarettes. >> this is what i advocate, it is alder rifed from the state of our children's health now. we have with epidemics with autism, cancer, obesity, arthritis with children, all prevalent in our country, all triggered by the environment. >> if you den want kids to drink so -- if you don't want kids to drink soda, and you shouldn't, my mom didn't have soda in the house. >> if you are going to school and there's no healthy choices that is an obstacle.
9:57 pm
>> sean: you think my diet is horrible. >> you admit it. you think you have a healthy diet? >> sean: not exactly. >> how much organic or whole foods do you eat? sean zero. >> you are a walking statistic for a -- [ talking over each other ] >> because you choose to live in an unhealthy way. you are obligated to take care of yourself because you have a family. >> sean: i work-out on a regular basis. i don't eat that much in spite of what you might think. i got an e-mail from your husband calling me any. if i want mcdonald's i don't want the government regulating. >> that's really myopic. the big picture of the mcdonalds just using mcdonald's as an example for all fast food. in parts of harlem, you can't get access to fresh foods. so there's no choice. you say you have a choice.
9:58 pm
where is the choice for all these poor neighborhoods? there is no choice. >> the take away you should stay away from the imus's tonight they said you have a small football, you are a walking stack with a -- walking statistic with a bad diet. >> there can't be question that people need healthy foods and they should be given education and the opportunity. at the same time you have to understand that there are people like sean hannity, who want to poison himself and you have a right to do that. and government is not going to stop you in doing that, sean. >> one day you are going to be healthy is when you come -- >> sean: when i come to you. i'll bring my own food and saltshaker. meg whitman called a whore by somebody in brown's campaign what if a conservative had said that? what if don imus said that about a democratic female
9:59 pm
candidate? >> fired. >> what worried me is unlying policy issue, i didn't know whether it is true or not the brown people are alleging whitman was willing to cut a deal with these public sector unions. i can't a candidate who is not seeking the endorsement of these unions. >> sean: i that. but the fact that national organization for women and gloria allred come out and still support jerry brown. >> they are going to do it any way they have a agenda. that is not support meg whitman. how come -- [ talking over each other ] >> the problem here is not just the name-calling. it is outrageous phony politics on allred's part. how come she hasn't been deported yet? how come?l >> sean: great question. she break a lot of laws. obviously forged d