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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 9, 2010 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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definitely not wearing a dress. >> jonathan give me a number? >> i would say 9.2%. >> thanks to all of you many thans to steve. have a great weekend. after being trapped ground for more than two months a group of 33 chilean miners may soon see the light of day. breaking news in a live report from the scene of that mine coming up. >> foreclosure, news that the bank of america has halted all foreclosures and other lenders may follow what will the impact be on the already fragile housing market? >> tea party unite. a movement some claim lacks direction. we'll talk live to one of the party's biggest supporters, ran paul live. hello everyone i'm uma pemmaraju. live from the nation's capital, right now. this is a fox news alert.
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after 66 agonizing days, 33 miners in chile trapped underground can see a way out. a few hours ago the rescue team that has been working hard to free them managed to get an escape shaft drilled deep enough to reach those miners. steve harrigan on the scene at the san jose mine in chile with the latest. this is great news. >> reporter: the entire nation has been watching this rescue operation. the sound everyone was waiting for a siren rang out 8:00 this morning then the celebration started. families went to hug each other and mark flags commemorating those 33 miners down a half mile underground. it took dillers two months to breakthrough half a mile of rock. they did that this morning. the miners themselves underground using a camera and live feed were able to capture
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that drill bit breaking through a sense of celebration here. for those drillers their part of the job is done. we spoke to one person who played a part in the rescue operation. he said this was the post difficult operation, not only technically, but emotionally. >> we weren't drilling for gold, copper or silver. if we failed we didn't lose money, we lost people. all of us on the team were keen lay wear of that. -- were keenly aware of that. >> reporter: the good mood continues to linger. major challenge ahead getting those miners out through that escape hatch. it is going to take at last one hour to lower down and pull out each of the 33 miners. this rescue operation could go an entire two days in all the real test will be whether that is stable enough to pull them out with the capsule or will it be reinforced. we could see the first miners
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merge as early as tuesday if that rock needs to be reenforced it could be another week's bait. >> uma: good -- news. bank of america's decision to temporarily stop nationwide foreclosures could lead other mortgage len stories toll that move. caroline shively is live with more. -- >> reporter: if you are facing foreclosure this development could change your life. even if you are up-to-date on your mortgage listen up because the ripple effect will be hitting the wider economy bank of america shutdown foreclosures in all 50 states. one of five in half country: mainly in 23 states where foreclosures have to be approved by a judge. it doesn't mean these homes shouldn't have faced foreclosure but the paperwork might not have been in order. accused of using employees who
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never opened the file. some employees allegedly were signing thousands of documents a month. bank of america said would it take weeks to check their books. >> we haven't founder records. we are checking and making sure we get it right. as soon as we do we'll continue the process. >> reporter: in the short term give time to save money and stabilize housing prices nationwide since all these cheap homes wouldn't be flooding the market potential buyers choose to walk away from future sales thinking the past owner could sue later the bank messed up the paperwork. the housing market has pull the u.s. out of past seven investigations. this could delay recovery for another few years. the senate plans hearings on this next month, after the elections. >> uma: thank you. facebook's co-founder sean parker putting up $100,000 in a bid to support prop 19.
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the california ballot measure to legalize marijuana. the money will go towards a get out vote campaign targeting young voters. parker isn't the only supporter with facebook ties. another co-founder has donated $70,000. the tea party laying out it agenda this weekend. the virginia tea party patriots' convention taking place this hour in richmond is billed as the movement's largest convention. today speeches from virginia's attorney general and former senators allen and santorum. coming up with a platform they hope to introduce in the state house next term. later results of a new presidential straw poll will be announced. rand paul one of the men on that straw poll will join us
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live at the end of the show. you won't want to miss it. alan grayson making headlines for conventional remarks in a political fight against his republican opponent webster. in 2009 grayson said republicans want you to die quickly during an after hours speech on health care. now grayson is become in the spotlight with an ad targeting his opponent as taliban dan. the ad accused webster of being a religious fanatic imposing radical fundamentalism on the u.s. like the taliban in afghanistan. >> announcer: religious fanatics try to take away our freedoms in afghanistan, iran and here in florida. daniel webster wants to impose his radical fundamentalism on us. >> she should subnight me. >> webster tried to deny battered women medical care. he wants to force raped women
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to bear the child. >> submit to me. >> uma: now daniel webster is speaking out and joining us from orlando. thank you for joining us. what was your reaction when grayson went on the offensive against you like this? >> i was pretty sure i didn't say what he said i said. i was also very sure that he was playing it in a way that portrayed me in the light that is not fair. it was a lie. >> uma: we asked congressman -- >> my wife was insulted. she said if that is you then what am i? >> uma: i hear you. we asked congressman grayson to appear on our program today he declined. instead he released this statement: the ads stopped running more than a week ago we've created one that deals only with the facts of webster's horrible record on weapons issues all the statements have been verified by independent fact-checking organizes. mr. webster still calls ad
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misleading but refuses to explain how it is misleading or answer questions from the media about his record. if so, could you spell out what specifically is misleading about this ad, from your point of view? >> well, it is based on the principle that he started with. that is, it is sort of a taliban type approach. to me, he started with a lie. this is not the first time. he glide his first ad, his second ad, third now a fourth. how many times do you have to -- to tell a lie before you are a liar? >> uma: he has taken the ad down but he's not backing off on his attacks kpwpbs you. he was quoted saying you are somebody with -- somebody with an 18th century name and 13th century conception of how women should live in america. how do you react to that? >> he has missed the boat.
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if you look at my 28 year history in the florida legislature there is no proof for that. 30,000 votes during that time i introduced a lot of legislation. what he's saying is false, not true. >> uma: i understand your campaign has benefited because you are getting more campaign donations. it appears you have a lead in race now? >> yes. we've had a lot of people, we are excited about the fact that not only from the standpoint of money but we've had volunteers today we had 300 people go out and walk door-to-door for us all day long. i'm telling you, the response has been absolutely tremendous. >> uma: are you asking for an apology from your opponent? >> no, i'm not. it is the way he runs his campaign. what i'm saying is, i said originally, washington is broken, because of its policies, it is broken because of its procedure they use in congress. it is also broken by the way
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they campaign. we are not going to take that road. we are going to take the positive approach and say we have a message for the people a message that will help fix washington. because in the end, america's not broken, washington is. >> uma: mr. webster, thank you. we did ask congressman grayson to join us. he declined. but he is always welcome to appear on our program. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> uma: jerry brown is getting support from what some might consider an unlikely source given the firestorm consuming his campaign. the california chapter of the national organization for women is endorsing brown for governor citing his decades long support of women. the endorsement comes one day after someone in his campaign was caught on a voice mail message calling opponent meg whitman a whore because of her attempt to curry favor with a law enforcement union. the brown campaign has apologized. meg whitman is one of the big
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conservative female names california politics. she and carl lee fiorina have received support from sarah palin. now it appears they may -- may be shying away from her. julie customers has more on that and other campaign -- julie kurtz has more on that >> reporter: sarah palin the most famous republican woman and her endorse s has helped think lexi son. then there's california. palin is set to appear there later this month. neither meg whitman or carly fiorina will appear with palin. both say they have prior commitments. the polls in california might have something to do with it. a new california field poll found 53% of california voters say a palin endorsement would make them less inclined to vote for the candidate. 21% said they would be more inclined. in florida, candidates for
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governor held their first debate there was plenty of name calling. alex sink came out swinging calling republican rick scott a liar. accused the multi-millionaire of prying to buy the office. scott accusing sink of mismanaging the state's pension fund in washington state, vice president biden, revving up supporters for senator patty murray. biden promising democrats will defend the middle class against what he called selfish, wealthy interests. >> there's more money pouring in to all races across the country, because they are scared to death. they are scared to death. because of batteriy and -- because of patty and other senators like her and barack we have begun to rean the right of middle class, to have a middle class! >> reporter: it looks like rossi is enjoying a rebound although the race is close two polls show rossi taking the lead with weeks to go before
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the november 2nd elect. so a lot can happen. >> uma: lots going on right now. lots of mudslinging, good stuff. thank you. new information on the shooting death of a american tourist on a border lake. the mexican government says it has opened an investigation into david hartley's death. we are getting a look at new dashcam video from the did of that incident. david and tiffany hartley were pulled over for an expired recently station sticker on their trailer. they told the officer they were headed to falcon lake. they were let go after 10 minutes. hartley's body has not been found. >> an arizona mayor and his father are home after spending 10 days in jail. a judge reducing their bail friday. the pair were arrested last week as part of the five month long investigation and face a number of charges, including money laundering, fraud and bribery. >> a school shooting in
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california came to an abrupt end thanks to a quick-thinking construction worker. gunman carrying kagan of gasoline opened fire on students on a playground if carlsbad. a 6-year-old and 7-year-old were shot in the arm. they were still firing we the construction crew went after him and ran him down. >> he shot he took off towards his car parked on the sidewalk here. he to jump a fence. when i know kissed he was leaving the playground, i ran across the street to grab my truck. i had to drive over and i hit him with my truck. >> you ran over him? >> yes, sir. >> the suspect brandon o'rourke is under arrest. please say he's refusing to answer questions. >> the holidays are around the corner. unfortunately, the economy is down and unemployment up. if a seasonal job is on your
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holiday wish list we have information you want to hear. career builder joins us with their projections for the next three months. peter doocy is joining us live at comic con in new york city. >> reporter: it is christmas come early for comic book fans and anybody that likes pop culture of any kind. a live report here, after the break. le announcer ] this is steven, a busy man. his day starts with his arthritis pain. that's breakfast with two pills. the morning is over, it's time for two more pills. the day marches on, back to more pills. and when he's finally home... but hang on; just two aleve can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is steven, who chose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels.
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>> uma: welcome become. a rush soyuz craft is on its way to the space station and will dock tonight. the spacecraft lived off early friday morning from russia's launch site in kazakhstan. the striking red head made headlines before being deported in a spy swap story last summer. >> no relief in the job crisis. the labor department has just released its monthly jobs report. unemployment remains stuck at 9.6% for september. the nation shedding 95,000 jobs pooh financially strapped
12:20 pm
local governments laid off workers. republicans are pointing to the numbers as evidence of democrats' failed economic policies. the witt economic adviser says the economy -- the white house economic adviser says the economy continues to recover, slowly. >> when you come out of the deepest hole since 1929 you know it is going to be a rough road to get out you have to start at the bottom and work your way. >> that's what you got for your 787 billion dollars worth of spending. high unemployment, bigger government. and an economy struggling to create jobs. >> uma: this is the last jobs report that will come out before the midterm elections in november. many unemployed may head out to the malls in the hopes of getting a job for the upcoming holiday shopping season. is out with their projections for the job market. hello mike. i know that a lot of people
12:21 pm
are hurting with the new unemployment figures just out. it is clear that people are very troubled. is there any hope that some of these folks may find seasonal retail jobs opening up soon? >> we found one in five hiring managers that we spoke to, said they will be adding fulltime positions in the fourth quarter. a majority will be in the areas driving revenue for businesses. some will be seasonal. you are right people will go to retail. retail will hi. they will be able to take on -- retail will hire. they will be able to take on those positions. >> uma: what should people do? >> retailers are hiring earlier and earler. you need to look now. you need to go to sites like career builder and go to the mall and go store to store and find out who is highering to secure a position for yourself. >> uma: do retailers seem
12:22 pm
optimistic that holiday sales will be better than last year and may be table to hire people into the new year? >> well i think that they like other businesses are seeing the economy start to recover. as it recovers, they are going to bring people in to help out with seasonal sales fill those needs throughout holiday season. >> uma: how concerned are you particularly people have stopped looking? >> well, i think there is some positive toy. we continue to see lick sector and private sector jobs fluctuate. it is going to -- to take a while to build back out of recession. it is going to take time for everyone to get back to work. it is frustrating now for many people, but they have to keep looking. there are jobs out there. identify the skills you have and turn them into an industry that is hiring now >> uma: what are the companies that are hiring now?
12:23 pm
>> jobs are going to be in the industries that are going to drive ref sales positions, customer service -- it. you need to get out there. if you were in health care sales you can look in different industries. pharmaceutical you change that into other industries. you need to do work to figure out how you take your skills and put them into an industry that is hiring. >> uma: mike, great advice. okay, grab your captain america costume and jump in the bat-mobile many com-con the second largest pop culture convention in new york city. the superhero style may give the local economy a jolt. peter doocy joins us with more. must be quite a scene out there? >> reporter: it is quite a scene. we are at the new york comic con, short for comic book convention at the javitz center in manhattan on westside. they say this is the biggest
12:24 pm
pop culture convention of any kind on the east coast. they are expecting over 100,000 over the three days, yesterday, today and tomorrow. the preregistration for tickets was up over 50% over last year. tickets are not cheap, $65 for a weekend pass. they are sold out today. even though there is a recession in the real world in this fantasy land nobody seems to mine. you see people throughout the convention dressed up in interesting things. -- we ran into two incredible hulks. why den you see if you can tell the difference between the real one and the impostor. has anybody asked you to do anything other than just sign an autograph? >> the women want me to hug them, flex my muscles. some cry because they are so happy to see the hulk. >> reporter: hulk are you here
12:25 pm
for the com-con or shoeshine? >> for the com-con. i'm waiting for my grandmother to come back with my ticket. >> reporter: there's a lot of people dressed up in whatever their favorite character or video game character is. one guy we talked to said he loves coming here every year bus he can dress like an action hero and his boss doesn't send him home. >> uma: that's good news. lou rig know looks great, it is -- lou ferrigno looks great, it is good to see him. >> many have been using facebook and youtube to get their message out u in the final weeks they are turning to another form of technology. how they are using text messaging to give them a boost. diabetes testing? it's all the same. nothing changes.
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>> uma: trapped miners come one step lowser to being res skewed. caroline shively is standing by -- with some of the top stories. >> reporter: crews have just punched through to the cabin where the miners are located. cheers erupted as the news spread. the tunnel reaches 2,000 feet underground and just wide ;!uuz for an escape capsule. rescue is still days way engineers need check the shaft
12:30 pm
to see if it needs reinforcement. pakistani officials say they will rope a vital supply route used to ferry supplies to forces in afghanistan. the route -- route was shutdown 10 days ago. the delay has exposed stranded supply trucks. this morning 30 fuel tankers were torched. bank of america is halting foreclosures on homes in every state while it recrews procedures. -- while it reviews procedures. federal appeals court has struck down a rule in vermont that bans religious expression on license plate. those are some of your top stories right now. >> uma: hungary at risk for another wave of toxic sludge as cracking wall of a reservoir threatens to collapse. polluted water and mud
12:31 pm
spilling that three villages monday killing seven injuring hundreds. >> reporter: we are at one of the centers where the people are being taken. there was a big scare this morning when the prime minister said it was highly likely that the wall of this damaged reservoir would collapse. putting out yet another one of these huge floods of toxic waste. 800 people were evacuated this morning, just before 8 a.m.. we have seen buses going in late last night. others are standing by, more than 5,000 people in the nearby town. this could start all over again. if the wall collapses we would expect so see about half as -- something about half as bad as the initial break which was devastating. the good news is the people would be saved.
12:32 pm
because it appears they will be getting them out. the devastation in terms of the homes, destroyed you would see more of that. we have seen a lot of that in the last couple days. you saw how bad this was. a big scare today with that word from the prime minister. finally, uma, the scenes here are sad, not a lot of people coming in a lot have relatives. when you see them with a couple bags each to sleep. a few hundred cots set up in the sportscenter. there are nicer scenes. i saw a 10-year-old girl walk in with a tray of cupcakes to help these people out a little. >> uma: tough and sad situation there, greg, thank you for that update. >> back in this country. text messaging is a way of life for many of americans over 4.3 billion each year. politicians are getting into the mix to reach out to voters
12:33 pm
before election day. casey see gal joins us live in los angeles -- casey stegall joins us live from los angeles. >> reporter: those numbers are give to your mind around. 290 million americans have mobile phones, about 94% of the total population. as we know, we are doing more than just talking on those phones in fact, texting, a whole different way to communicate. it is literally taking over. it is estimated we send five billion text messages everyday in this country according to the wireless association. no surprise that more and more politicians are now turning to smc for campaigning. california senate hopeful carly fiorina, california gubernatorial candidate meg whitman and senate majority leader harry reid among a growing list of politicians who are texting voters and collecting their mobile phone numbers to reach out.
12:34 pm
>> we are embarking on new technology. many campaigns haven't been brave and bold enough to step into this realm. we are comfortable. we've had excellent results. we've made thousands and thousands of calls through this technology. >> you may not read that e-mail because it ends up in your junk mail folder but are going to read a tess message. what is one screen you have available? tv, laptop or cell phone, the one you have with you all the time. >> reporter: another reason mobile numbers are so important for the campaigns to collect. a lot of people know fewer americans have land lines in their homes than ever before. often times a cell phone is the only way, other than e-mail, to reach a constituent. >> uma: interesting sign of the times. casey, thank you. unprecedented -- lawsuit from a massachusetts gubernatorial candidate making news. tim cahill says his former
12:35 pm
campaign workers were trying to sabotage his campaign from the inside. >> these people were hell bent on trying to destroy this campaign. >> reporter: from the campaign trail to a court of law, tim cahill is calling out staffers eclipse were trying to sabotage his run for governor. >> you can take information if you halfway through a project or campaign and use it for your opponent. >> reporter: in a lawsuit, cahill claims a number of former staffers including his former campaign manager and independent consulting firm were conspiring against the independent candidate bypassing along information through republican operatives in an effort to help republican candidate charlie baker win the election. >> they have e hail addresses, fun raising strategy. -- e-mail addresses, fundraising strategy. they though what our strategy is. >> reporter: cahill claims the information was obtained
12:36 pm
through e-mails using his campaign server. the biggest bombshell is that his former running mate, was allegedly lured to baker's campaign by cahill workers who are still on the payroll. cahill says what is most concerning the information that that his former staffers are allegedly using against him. >> this is about information that is important for us to win this race. >> uma: charlie baker's campaign released a statement which reads: we did not receive any written, internal information regarding the cahill campaign, peer. but call on the treasurer to come clean about improper activities in his campaign rather than trying to cover them up through a lawsuit. >> the latest average showing more bad news for cahill. independent only has 11.8% in recent polling. incumbent patrick leading with 40.5esque.
12:37 pm
>> today for the first time iran is acknowledging that iran has been the far guest espionage by the west in its nuclear facilities. the country's vice president is also saying increased security and worker privileges have put a stop to the spying. the u.s. and allies suspect tehran is trying to develop nuclear weapons. iran says it only wants to generate nuclear power. iran's foreign minister says the country is ready to hold talks with six major powers over its program he says the talks could happen late this month or early next month. >> defense secretary gates is saying the u.s. anticipate's kim jong il's youngest son will be named as his successor. his father has appeared frail since the suspected stroke in 2008. gates says there have been no formal indication that power will be transfered. >> coming up, another nfl
12:38 pm
scandal has brett favre in the hot seat. we'll tell how is accusing the vikings' quarterback of sending inappropriate text messages. >> texas congressman rand paul is joining us live to talk tea party politics. his advice for the movement is straight ahead. stay with us. ♪ for he's a jolly good fellow ♪ the meeting's tomorro in dals ♪ ♪ we need to finish tho projections ♪ ♪ then output the final presentations ♪ ♪ sally, i'm gonna need 40 copies, obviously collated ♪ wht's going on? when we're crunched for time, brad combines office celebrations with official business. it's about efficiency. [ courier ] we can help. wh you ship with fedex, you can work rht up until the lastinute. it gives you re time to get stuff done. that's a great idea. ♪ i need tspeak with you privately ♪ ♪ i found your resume on the printer ♪ everyone! ♪ i found your resume on the printer ♪ [ male announcer ] we understand.® you need a partner who gives you more time. fedex. [ gorilla ] nice move. but can your retirement income keep pace with changing interest ras? this variable annuity from axa equitable has an option
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>> uma: welcome back. here are some of the top stories we are following. national outpouring of joy in chile. trapped miners one step closer to freedom. workers breaking through the earth. each man will be lifted one by
12:42 pm
one. that may not happen for several days if it is determined the shaft needs to be reinforced with steel. >> kidnapped aid worker killed by her captors in afghanistan. that word from britain's foreign minister. he says it happened last night during an attempt by nato forces to to rescue the 36-year-old. she had been held hostage in the eastern part of that country since september 26th, kidnapped with three other afghan colleagues. >> a federal judge in louisiana has pushed back the start date of a trial that will divide blame among companies involved in the bp oil spill until february. the delay came because critical testing is likely -- isn't likely to be done until then. companies involved with the spill, including the rig owner and bp have been accused of trying delay other trials related to that spill. >> the nfl is dealing with another scandal involving a female reporter. the league is reviewing
12:43 pm
allegations that brett favre sent racy text messages and photos to sideline reporter in 2008. favre was a quarterback with the new york jets at the time. the jets were in the news for allegedly harrassing a reporter. >> with election day less than a month away some media reports point to signs that democratic prospects in november might not be as gloomy as some predict. are democrats mounting a defense that could hold off some republicans or is this spin? liz trotta is joining us with some of her thoughts. is the media suggesting democrats can win enough seats to keep control of congress? >> yes and no. this is the wishful thinking season this is where the democrats and their friends in the liberal media are helping them, telling them they can possibly turn this thing
12:44 pm
around. that is really propaganda, as in any war of course one side puts out misinformation. there are so many examples however, of writers, mainly giving advice to the democratic party. laying out steps. let me give you one example, which was jeff green field on monday night's cbs evening news their chief political correspondent he says after months of pessimism -- pessimism about their chances this fall: >> that is the way it is going. liberals in the media giving advice. it is all over the internet. you have people like come --
12:45 pm
like comedian michael moore telling them they can pull off the mother of all turn-arounds. actually, he says the mother of all upsets. he sets out five things that they can do. huffington post, saying they are four things they can do. one of which is, take a deep breath. this is part of the silly season this is part of where they are looking into this chasm, but calling it just a question of margin, something they can make up. >> uma: editorial or news advice? >> well, it is really both. when you come to the cbs evening news, would you expect as a key political correspondent instead of giving advice would be playing it down the middle. cbs news is not known for that any more. on the blogs of course you
12:46 pm
expect the kind of criticism going to get. particularly on left wing websites. all in all, what you've got is the misinformation. taking of a poll for example. "washington post" poll in which they saw there was a 6 -- six points were separating democrats and republicans in a generic congressional race. that was half of what it was earlier. they've taken that to mean as a sign of catching up. they've also pointed to the tea party, saying the tea party is working against the republicans. the "washington post" wrote a piece about that as well. saying christine o'donnell in delaware is such a silly candidate she helping the democrats. that may be true. there are still a lot of other factors at work. >> uma: wow, so much going on as we need the home stretch of this election season. liz, thank you.
12:47 pm
>> thank you. >> uma: a call for more consensus and direction from the tea party coming from one of the movement's biggest supporters. texas congressman rand paul. we going to talk with him, next. [ bottle ] mr. clean bath cleaner is banced like a zen master.
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>> uma: welcome back. west virginia senate candidate has a new ad out ing his
12:51 pm
democratic opponent to president obama. painting manchin as a would be rubber stamp to obama's policies such as health care and cap and trade. as racy is distancing himself from another ad that uses philadelphia actors to portrayn blue collar west virginiaians. the spot was released by republican senator committee. joe manchin will be joining us live tomorrow with his reaction to the ad and it all starts at noon eastern time tomorrow, right here on fox. >> sarah palin speaking to a sold-out crowd of 2500 this week. the former vice presidential candidate reportedly helped a private christian school in alabama raise one million dollars. some paid up to $40,000 for 20 tickets to take photographs with palin who used the opportunity to knock the role of big government. >> they -- today our administration looks to government as the be all end all.
12:52 pm
ronald reagan used to say, government is not the answer. too often government is the problem. the problems that government has created putting people in peril, are heartbreaking. >> uma: sarah palin in her element. a call for more consensus and direction is coming from one of the movement's biggest support of the ron paul saying the real test for the tea party will be how the tea party handles itself after the midterms are over. he's joining us now live from the big event. thank you for joining us. >> thank. >> uma: is your view the political rein of the establishment has ended? what do you believe needs to emerge from the tea party once the election is over? >> i think it is in the process of ending. something has to give, the status quo will not be maintained. the economy is collapsing. this can't continue. the deficits exploding,
12:53 pm
monetary system is in shambles. the tea party movement is great, they've sensed this for several years. they've spoken out, influenced the elections. they will not have all their candidates elected but they will have a lot. there's been a lot of influence. even those who stay in washington who weren't part of the tea party movement should feel the pressure. the question remains are they going to do better? are we as republicans going to do better? when we had the house and senate --. [ inaudible ] you can keep spending money like this, borrowing and and printing money in order to pay the bills. >> uma: a recent rasmussen poll showing tea party participation is up in the united states as the election draws closer. 29% of likely voters are saying they are tea party members or know people who are part of the movement. do you believe in order for
12:54 pm
this movement to sustain itself elected candidates will have to push hard fast to make good on the props of spending cuts and a small -- on the promises of spending cuts and a smaller government? >> that is they will. but nothing happens overnight. what happens is the messagebpç s loud and clear. government has to know they change their ways. it will not be like turning on a switch. we are challenging the status quo of keynesian economics. to replace that you have to change a whole there's re-- there's riff government. the government is not supposed to be policing the world and taking care of us from cradle to grave that is a major problem. in short order after the election you will find out whether they are going to move in that direction. nothing happens immediately. what i'm an frayed of is a cataclysmic event that -- that will make us change a financial crisis bigger and then it will be up for grabs
12:55 pm
who will have the greatest influence on what we replace our government with. >> uma: no doubt about that. do you believe spending cuts need include the military? if so, won't that be in direct conflict with the gop agenda for resisting cuts to the armed forces? >> yes, i think being indebted in the he military industrial complex i'm from the eisenhower era, where he and others warned about the military industrial complex. wasn't a strong national defense. if you waste money bombing places and rebuilding while our country is falling down and our borders aren't protected, it is not going to work. i think a growing number of not only republicans, but a growing number of independents and tea party people realize you can't say cut spending for food stamps but not the food stamps for the military industrial complex. that won't work that is going to be the test. >> uma: indeed. what do you think of the gop's
12:56 pm
pledge to america? does it go far enough, in your view? >> no, it is not harmful. other than the fact that some people might be deceived in thinking that's an answer. nothing major in there that i disagree with. it doesn't say, like ronald reagan, you know remember the old days when he ran he said get rid of the department of education, department of energy and i can name a few more. that's what it should be saying. you can't say cut spending and balance the budget. you have to be precise. if you are not you are not sincere about cutting. >> uma: given the number of people angry about the current state of the government, do you believe we are going to see a ground breaking shift that is fundamentally going to change the direct of our country, after the election? -- the direction of our country after the election? >> that remains to be seen, i'm hoping that is the case. you are not going see a fundamental change in budgeting. even if the republicans are in
12:57 pm
control of the house, that doesn't mean they control the government! we might have the senate, we den have the veto power even when we did, it didn't do much good. i would say thebb we have to be more precise. >> uma: quickly about your son's race in kentucky. do you think if he wins he can adapt to working with the political establishment in congress? >> i'm not too worried about that. i'm worried about whether he will work with the grass roots of america. his whole campaign was built on the tea party movement. his events numbered into well over 100 during the primary where he a challenge. his tea party events were many times bigger, much bigger than any republican event. the tea party independent movement was much greater and they turned out. those are the people i think are on the right track. not perfect, no group is
12:58 pm
perfect. at last they are emphasizing that government should be cutback, not expanded. the deficit should be reduced many the spending should be reduced. >> uma: i can tell you are one proud father. there's going to be a straw poll today at the convention. your name is going to be on that ballot. can we expect to see you stepping up for a -- 2012 presidential run? >> who knows that is way off yet. i haven't decided that. a lot of people ask me that. i haven't ruled it out. i'm far from -- a long way interest deciding that. >> uma: you know your name is on that straw poll if you win it, i'm sure you will be pleased. >> sure, everyone has an ego you know. even politicians have an ego. >> uma: ron paul, great to see you, thank you for joining us and we wish you all the best. >> thank. >> uma: before we go, today would have been john lennon's 70th birthday. his widow yoko ono is leading
12:59 pm
a tribute in iceland. beatle fans worldwide are planning celebrations including at central park in strawberry field. >> technology junkies will love this. apple lance to make a verse of iphone available for right soon by early next year. right now it is available only for at&t. adding verizon could boost sales which faced rising competition. america's news headquarters rolls on. rick and juliet are standing by right now. tune in tomorrow for fox news sunday. i'm uma pemmaraju thank you for watching the fox news channel. we report, you decide. we report, you decide. have a great day everybody!
1:00 pm
captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> this is a fox news alert. i'm rick folbaum. >> i'm juliet huddy. the government of iran confirming that spies have been smuggling nuclear secrets out of its facilities. the question, who are the spies and who are they working for. iran says that workers were passed money to pass secrets to the west, but tight security stopped the illegal flow of information and of course the u.s. and others fear the technology will be used for weapons and hope to stop through sanctions. iran says it's ready to sit down with six major nations within the next couple of months. >> another fox news alert.
1:01 pm
pakistan says it will open a key border crossing. in order to reopen the check point, it's affected immediately, however, some technical and coordination issues have to be resolved first. the u.s. embassy in islamabad is calling this a positive development, saying that supplies could start flowing as soon as monday and pakistan closed the crossing nine days ago, the same day an n.a.t.o. air strike killed two pakistani soldiers along the border and the u.s. apologized for that strike. the delay exposed stranded supply trucks to militant attacks. >> and another fox news alert after a grueling two month wait. chile's 33 trapped miners may see the light of day soon. cheers erupted as the news spread hours ago and rescue teams managed to drill an escape hatch. steve harrigan is standing live at the mine with the latest. what's going on down there? >> juliet, some real
1:02 pm
excitement here, some exuberance, some joy, hugging each other and convoys, as far as honking, not just at the mine, but throughout chile, they've been watching and waiting for this day. as far as the miners go, there's still a lot to overcome, but they've succeeded in drilling through half a mile of solid rock, they had three different drills, three different plans, plan b is the one that worked at eight o'clock this morning, the sound the families were waiting for, the siren rang out and the escape hatch reached the miners, all 33 half a mile underground. we talked to one of the u.s. miners involved in the operation and he said it was the most stressful thing he's ever been a part of. >> when you're up in the ground and travelling up there and looking at the samples. hard to tell. we tell guys, get it and show it to us, okay. so what was nice when he gotted video, it was perfect. it looked just like a gun barrel, it just was perform. >> reporter: of course the
1:03 pm
miners down below were taking that video. they were guiding their rescuers being the eyes and ears half a mile underneath the surface. what's next, whether or not this rock is stable enough to permit the rescue to go ahead as planned or whether it will have to be reinforced. if it is strong enough to hold the capsule, to pull up 33 miners over a two day period we could see the first miners emerge after two months underground as early as tuesday. juliet. back to you. >> it's good news, hopefully it works out. two months underground, can't imagine that, thanks, steve. >> rick: well, a big development in the housing crisis as the nation's biggest bank announces a total freeze on foreclosure sales, the mortgage mess is dragging down the economy and could end up hurting all home owners, even your pension. caroline shively reporting live from washington. hi, caroline. walk us through this. why do they have to stop the foreclosures?
1:04 pm
>> paper work, basically, rick, it doesn't mean the homes shouldn't face foreclosure, but the paper work might not have been in order. the companies including bank of america are accused of using robbo signers, bank employees who sign paper work, yes, i've reviewed it and never opened the foreclosure file. some are accused of signing thousands of documents a month in this manner. besides bank of america there were four other big institutions stopping foreclosures gmac. and jp morgan chase, pnc and in 23 states, foreclosures have to be approved by a judge, rick. >> rick: if somebody is in foreclosure it could be huge news for them. how about everybody else. >> all of us will be affected good and bad. the short-term it could stabilize housing prices nationwide since the cheap homes won't be flooding the market in foreclosure sales. potential buyers might choose to walk away from future foreclosure sales look the
1:05 pm
past owner might sue me later if the owner messed up the paper work. the housing market pulled out of the past seven recessions and this could delay for another few years, take a listen to the head of bank of america and his take on it. >> the broader issues, you hear about the overhang in the housing market of the so-called shadow inventory and you know, there's a number of homes which are going through this process, but that's, that's the issue in terms of impact. >> reporter: and that's going to be huge. how long will this last? the bank of america ahead says just a few weeks, will all the foreclosure homes be flooding back on the market at the same time. big questions, not a lot of answers and the senate hearings next month after the election. >> caroline shively live from washington, thanks. >> you bet. >> brand new video of david and tiffany hartley, before david was allegedly murdered on falcon lake near texas, it
1:06 pm
dash cam video shows them pulling over before tiffany claims that mexican pirates shot at them on the lake. and david on the tape. listen. >> david hartley would have been ticketed, but police saw two trucks drive by and they had apparently marijuana in the back and pursued the trucks and let the hartleys go. >> crazy and incan he harnt, that's how witnesses are describing the gunman who opened fire on a group of school children in california, a gunman carrying a can of gasoline, a propane tank and rounds of ammo shot into a cloud of students at an elementary school in carlsbad. two children were grazed by bullets and injuries are
1:07 pm
minor, thankfully. take a listen to parents and children to describe what happened. >> this guy came garying an orange box and black gun and shooting. >> and i saw the suspect walking across the school shooting at the children. >> popping. >> like balls popping, balloons popping. and a grl got shot and blood splashed on the back of my shirt and i was looking forward and running for my life. >> and i noticed the blood on him and i thought he good injured, but he did not. >> it's just been terrible to sit and wonder what's going on with your child, not being able to get access to him and being held away from them, not knowing what's going on at the school. not being able to help and you feel helpless, it's the worst feeling you can have. >> a terrifying experience for everybody, especially the kids and the suspect tackled by a group of construction workers, and he's now in custody.
1:08 pm
. >> president obama says putting republicans in control of congress would put america's future at risk. in his weekly radio and internet address today, the president said the g.o.p. would cut education spending, threatening the nation's ability to compete and our economic future. listen. >> nothing would be more detrimental to our prospects for success than cutting back on education. it would con seen america in second place in our fiercely competitive global economy, but china and india aren't playing for second. south korea and germany, they aren't playing for seconds, they're playing for first, and so should the united states of america. >> as they do, the republicans pounded back, saying the president and his party broke the promise to the nation on jobs to the economy and health care. >> white house promised that massive federal spending would keep the unemployment rate below 8%. instead, what taxpayers got was 800 billion dollars in new
1:09 pm
debt and nearly 10% unemployment. 48 states have lost jobs. friday's job figures confirm that far too many americans are still looking for work. >> senator also took the president to task for allowing congress to adjourn without a vote on whether to continue the tax cuts. meanwhile, the democrats gaining little ground in some mid term races and some are calling it a glimmer of hope for the party, but is the surge big enough to have an impact on election day, just over three weeks away now. we're joined by bob mckuhn, a congressman from ohio a senior fellow at united in and martin frost is with us as well. a former democrat congressman from texas and gentleman, good to see you both. congressman frost, let me start with you, because i read the booking notes that you sent to us, and i know that you say this is game on, but how has the democrats actually gotten back into the game? >> well, first of all as you get closer to election day,
1:10 pm
generally the races shrink, they get closer, what's happening is the republicans in the house of representatives have a pretty high hill to climb. they've got to pick up 40 seats, we're going to take three or four from them. they are a regional party and tell' pick up seats in the south, in the midwest, they're not doing well in the northeast, they're not doing well in the west coast and that's because of the tea party element is scarring a lot of moderate voters. look, you've got tea party people who question the minimum wage and the guy up in alaska and question social security, and the woman in nevada, questioned the civil rights act in '65 and the candidate in kentucky voters are looking more closely and democrats are motivated. this is going to be a close race, i'm not saying the republican can't take the house, but this is not a slam-dunk for them and i hope remain overconfident. >> you think you know how the democrats have gotten into the game, because the left leaning media wants to see the democrats went, right?
1:11 pm
>> well, i agree with martin, he's absolutely correct, the democrats control the senate by larger margins than the republicans had in the history of our country and they've never controlled the house by the mar kins that the democrats have in over a hundred years so they control congress, lock, stock and barrel in all of washington and as a result, the national debt that was at a 30 year average of 30% under barack obama, when he took office, is now at 62%. more than double. 20% higher than argentina which means the dollar is in collapse, 17 year low yesterday. passing bills that are 2 and 3,000 pages which when people are asked wh is in them they simply give them the back of their hand and say, well, you'll have to see after we pass it. unemployment, 2 1/2 times what it was when they took office, so, naturally the only way they can succeed is to do just as we've heard and you've got to say that the candidate in california is a whore, the candidate in nevada is stupid, the california in delaware is a witch or candidates in--
1:12 pm
>> say about herself. >> they say all of those things and as a consequence, the people are going to vote on the issues and not the smears. >> i thought you were going to bash the media a little bit, but let me go to congressman frost and ask about the media. i think as people sort of pay attention to the way that some of these races are covered and you both have been alluding to a couple of them, it seems like the media is sort of tripping over themselves to try to dig up negative stories when it comes to sharron angle in nevada or christine o'donnell in delaware. you just don't see that coverage when it comes to democrats, do you, congressman frost? >> well, i don't think that's correct. first of all, christine o'donnell was the one who brought up the issue of witchcraft, the democrats didn't bring that up. once she talked about it and put it in the first ad and said i'm not a witch. this is not a creation of the media. all the media is doing is covering what this particular candidate was saying. >> she was a teenager. >> quite contrary, i think the
1:13 pm
media during august and september was giving the republicans a pass and kept writing oh, this election is over, the republicans are going to win. i think the republicans got an enormous break out of the media and now, things are just beginning to even out a little bit. >> rick: you know, congressman mccue, if we take a look at some of the indicators, obviously, take a look at the jobs number, a look at the gdp, you name it, it seems like the conditions are so ripe for the republicans to just crush the democrats this november and yet, for whatever reason they're not able to seal the deal or at least it's looking that way. how come? >> well, it's going to be better than anything in our lifetime. there's two kinds of people, people that pull the wagon and people that ride in the wagon and what they're going to do promise everything in the world, more cash for clunkers, screw ball ideas, they'll spends and spend and spend and the media is going to try to get the focus off everything, 73% of all the new jobs created by small businesses.
1:14 pm
microsoft buys businesses they don't create jobs and yet, when they had a jobs summit at the white house, not one single chair, they had unions, they had the media, they had-- not one single chair was referred to small business. why? because these folks have never gotten a paycheck from the private sector, they haven't a clue how to turn this economy around and unless the republicans stop them immediately we're going over the cliff, very, very rapidly. >> congressman, let's just remember that the country was about to go into a depression, thanks to the polls of the republicans and the bush administration. >> hold on. and let's not bring president bush in this. >> congressman frost when you go have a cup of coffee or beer with some of your former democratic colleagues up on the hill, do any of them whisper to you secretly that they actually wouldn't mind a speaker boehner, wouldn't mind having the republicans take control of the house to have them to run against in 2012? >> no, know the-- not at all. because if the republicans take control of the house and i don't think they will, they'll use the subpoena power
1:15 pm
the way the republicans did against clinton and they'll be dragging people in, they'll be looking around corners, conduct a witch hunt. i don't think you want the republicans in control. i don't know any democrats who want them in control because you've already got the fella who would be-- from california who would be chairman. government reform committee saying he would do exactly what the republicans did during the clinton administration when they took over and subpoena everybody in sight and just try and look for all the dirt they can. and democrats don't want that. >> rick: congressman mccuen, a couple of seconds. >> you notice how they can never say a thing about what they would do, because they're in control, own everything and drive the country into the ditch. all they can do, a bogeyman, if they restore the economy, they couldn't do that, could this. >> thanks for coming in on a saturday. nice to talk with you. >> that was good, very interesting, feisty. >> rick: great guests. >> and that was good.
1:16 pm
all right, the battle to secure our borders is facing a major hurdle. why border patrol agents are keeping off the land they're trying to protect. guess who is trying to keep them off the land. you're not going to believe it. take a look at the video. a fire sweeps through a video with cars and passengers. dramatic video from the high seas next. so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
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>> welcome back and check out the video, it's a huge car ferry on fire in the baltic sea. an explosion on the upper deck apparently triggered the fire with 250 passengers on board and firefighting ships sprayed on the ferry to keep it from spilling apart and 170 tons of fuel in the sea and everyone on board has been rescued thank goodness and three people were seriously injured though. the ferry was headed from germany to lithuanian and the
1:20 pm
blast appears to have been a technical mishap. >> here is a look at other stories we're following this saturday. iran revealing the first time the country has been a target of espionage. the islamic regime saying some personnel were promised cash to pass secrets to the west. north korea celebrating 65 years of communist rule with the country's largest parade ever. the event also debuting kim jong-il's youngest son who will be named his successor. and the tea party is laying out its agenda at the virginia tea party patriots convention. and the delegates are coming up with something they plan to introduce in the state house next term. >> americans send over 4 billion text messages every day and i think i've got the
1:21 pm
market cornered on them. i'm probably three of those four billion and politicians are trying to tap into the texting world to reach voters and some candidates are creative at getting your cell phone number. casey stegall live in the los angeles news room, casey, good to see you as always. why have text messages become an ideal way to campaign? >> juliet, as you said you're a big texter and pretty much everyone is now days, it lets you reach the masses and pretty much guaranteed that that message is going to be viewed almost instantly as opposed to e-mail that sort of goes out into a nebulous that can get caught by a spam filter and fewer americans have land lines in their homes than ever before and often teams, the cell phone is the only way to reach folks. almost everyone has one, about 290 million americans to be exact. that's about 94% of the total population. so, politicians are now jumping on the wireless band wagon to reach not only
1:22 pm
voters, but campaign volunteers as well. >> we needed a way to be able to reach younger volunteers, as you can see the folks behind me there, high school students, college students, people who wanted another medium to be able to get involved in the campaign and this allows the state like california to engage volunteers in every part of the county. >> all right. so the proof is in the pudding just as you've said. about 5 billion text messages are sent every single day in this country. a number that is only expected to grow, as it gets more prevalent in our communication society, juliet. >> juliet: i have a feeling a lot of people will be annoyed by that. how many candidates, do you know, are using this technology. >> surprisingly, only a handful. out of the 500 or so campaigns that are going on in this current election cycle, less than a dozen or so are actually using this type of technology. why? well, it's still a relatively new concept, but some pretty notable candidates are among those doing it. like california senate hopeful carly fiorina.
1:23 pm
and harry reid, estimated that 50% of mobile phones people carry will be smart phones, iphones, blackberries, droids. by the time the next big presidential election rolls around in 2012, the number of politicians jumping on this wireless band wagon so to speak will rise dramatically, juliet. >> juliet: thanks for the report, i've got to get back to text. >> rick: how come you don't text me. >> juliet: it's not appropriate, you have a wife. >> rick: and texting and-- (laughter) >> i didn't mean that. forget it. move on. >> rick: a border battle when we come back and one brand of the u.s. brand against another. why rules are tripping up the border patrol and illegal aliens are about to go through the areas.
1:24 pm
and on the space shuttle "discovery," move over cp 30 we'll show you the robot about to make history.
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1:26 pm
1:27 pm
>> coming up on the bottom of the hour, here are your top headlines and the celebration in chile. an escape shaft finally reached the cavern where the 33 miners have been trapped more than two months. 2000 feet underground and they're not out yet and they're getting close and pakistan says it's going to reopen a road into afghanistan so that n.a.t.o. and the u.s. can move supplies through there again. pakistan closed that border crossing after an n.a.t.o. air streak killed two pakistani soldiers. >> they're running head into laws that protect the
1:28 pm
environment. border patrol agents say they're getting buried under represent tape by federal and environmental rules that limit access to the land they're trying to guard. it's not a new battle, it's going on decades now and heating up now that i am great lakes is a hot topic. the chief of the u.s. border control, national sturt, great to have you here. so, i'm reading some of the notes and i mean, there's been access limited because of the endangered chubb fish. i mean, i understand preserving the environment and all of that kind of stuff, but we're also trying to keep folks safe. what are the ways that you've been held up? >> well, thank you for inviting me, juliet. it's a pleasure to be here. and you're absolutely right. this has been a problem for decades and i do want to point out it's a sort of bad news, good news, bad news story. i have personally tracked this during my career since i was involved in environmental
1:29 pm
liaison as we call it in the border patrol and as i rose in the ranks, deputy chief of the border patrol and undersaw drafting of the memorandum of understanding and working together more collaboratively and together. that's the good news story. but what we have in a sense is a bit of legislative schizophrenia, one might say, in the eyes of the american people, where we have federal agencies whose legislative missions actually clash. >> juliet: yeah. >> so, it is true, bad news is there are delays. good news is the leaders in the various agencies, such as department of interior and the border parole are working together collaborative to overcome many of the legislated missions. >> juliet: i was reading the notes here, but can you give me specific instances and shook your head and went, i can't believe this is happening, and our border
1:30 pm
agents can't get on the land because of x? >> i think you mentioned the chubb fish and people smile and say, what? as i began to learn more about the shard missions of protecting stewarded land while protecting the border going back into the '90s, i remember sitting and listening about the endangered species in arizona such as the prong horn antelope, the lesser long nosed bat. the flat tailed horned lizard and saying, we're talking about securing america's border and armed drug traffickers, dangerous, unscrupulous human traffickers, and here we're worried about a flat tailed horned lizard. it is important to the american people or it would have not been legislated, to protect the beautiful pristine land trampled by the smugglers in arizona quite frankly. >> juliet: i was going to say it not only wastes valuable
1:31 pm
time, eight month delays to move, you know, get approval to move something, but you know, it has to be affecting the overall fight to stem the flow of these illegals, isn't it? >> yes, thankfully with the homeland security act, the secretary of homeland security can actually overrule or at least expedite some of the environmental policy requirements in order for, say, infrastructure such as fence. and that occurred under secretary chertoff. i think it's incumbent on today's leaders. secretary napolitano with the department of homeland security and the secretary of department of interior to, to basically tell their leadership in the field that they must collaborate, they must get together and overcome
1:32 pm
the challenges to expedite homeland security, which in the long run, securing the border, will secure the pristine public lands. >> the obama administration has sent 1200 troops to the border, they've added 600 million for technology and more border agents and set a record for the number of illegals and a lot of labor unions representing agents have been quite critical of the administration's moves. do you feel that the obama administration is doing enough? >> i of course follow at that very closely, too, even post retirement from the national deputy chief of the border patrol and i spend pretty much every waking moment speaking on this and studying it. the great concern amongst ear airens and the people of the united states of america is to retain the momentum that was started with the previous administration and hopefully have it carried through. it takes resources. what i'm hearing from the
1:33 pm
american people and the arizonians and various law enforcement leaders throughout, it's not enough and it's not quit enough. and they're afraid that the momentum gained early on, doubling of manpower, the border patrol, tactical infrastructure, fence, lighting, roads, and more smart borders technology is slowing down and losing its momentum so that's the great concern amongst the american people. >> and it's a very scary thought for so many reasons not the least of which is the fact that really seems like mexico is going through a major-- i mean, the violence down there just keeps on getting worse. thank you so much for joining us, we really appreciate it, it's interesting. >> a pleasure juliet. >> juliet: you bet. >> rick: an urgent evacuation underway in hungary, hundreds of villagers flee their homes as they fear the beicracking wal of a reservoir could send another thick toxic wave. greg is standing by in
1:34 pm
hungary, good to see you. what's the latest. >> reporter: rick, another scare that this could all be here we go again. the prime minister using very strong words today, the hundred minister, saying they can get out quickly from another neighboring town if in fact the wall does not hold. if it collapses what are we looking at? basically half of the amount of red, toxic sludge that came out on monday into the towns, basically destroying three villages. so, that would actually bring it overall in quantity to give you an idea of the size to more than the oil spilled in the gulf in that disaster there. the damage we're seen the last couple of days has been huge. you know, just in terms of the homes destroyed, and also, the fields of course, if more comes out, it's even going to be worse in the waterways as well.
1:35 pm
one the major concerns and finally, rick, just in terms of getting things back together, we do have people being housed here in the sports center here, but a lot more coming in to get groceries and goods and they've set that up for them and could be a whole lot more people doing that. one of the most famous hungarians worldwide, george soros, promised a million dollars for recovery here and more than that for the people here to get their lives together. >> reporter: i've got to ask you quickly, greg for people following the story, what is the origin, where is the sludge from? >> well, it's a byproduct, a waste product from aluminum production and why is it dangerous? basically because it had as heavy metals in it and essentially leak a real high concentrate bleach or ammonias into your fields and into your homes. >> rick: greg burke streaming live for us in hungary, thanks. >> juliet: right now the shuttle discovery is on the launch pad for its final flight with something brand
1:36 pm
new for nascar. engineers are slowing awatt the first ever humanoid robot to go into outer space, there he is, or she is, it is and no, the robots on "star wars" do not count. named robbonaught 2. it's developed by general motors to work along humans, scary. the dexterous robot not only looks like a human, but is designed to work like one with human-like hands, r-2 as he's called will use the same tools as crew members and discovery is set to blast off with r-2 on the final voyage and along with r-2, loaded with parts for the national space station. >> rick: a little creepy, but kind of cool. >> juliet: and they can do the work we can do, get rid of them. what's next? >> and more costumes, robot
1:37 pm
costumes if you like because new york's comic con, the second largest in the country and peter doocy from the javits center in mid time. >> the jacob jar vits center in manhattan is the center of the universe for everybody who likes comic books or movies. the largest pop culture conference, second largest after san diego. they think there might be 100,000 people here this weekend. many of them dressed like my new friends behind me. i'm here with the show manager, lance, why do people come here? >> because they know cool people like you are going to be hereof course, but it's like a tribe, man, a great big prescribe of people that are passionate and crazy about all things pop culture whether it's dressing up like wonder woman or like a new film coming out or the walking dead series on amc. they're psyched and want to celebrate it. >> what is there to do here? >> what isn't there to do?
1:38 pm
from seeing panels, the exclusive footage, meeting creators, meeting casts from different films. and then just walking around and taking it in sights, man, quite lot to look at. >> last question, why are you dressed? >> i am, dressed as a respecttable responsible adult. >> you had me fooled. and then we are going to talk to, this is psychosis, you're holding a human head in your hand. what is that for? >> it's someone that lied to me when i tried to find out where dedeis, the woman i'm looking for, so i can aadvantage the death of her mother. >> reporter: okay, anybody else, what are you doing here. >> coming with my friends. and they're excited about doing this and figured i'd show up one of the guardians. and you were with thor is minute ago where did egg. >> he had to run off, there was an imagine. yeah, this country needed to be defended. >> all right, thor just ran off and here at the javits center and we're feeling okay.
1:39 pm
thanks, guys. >> peter doocy live for us on the west side. well, you're well protected so you're okay. peter, thank you very much. >> juliet: we should have had that over there, would be fun. >> rick: let's go. >> juliet: a couple of drinks where you go to that kind of thing. just kidding! it has a powerful engine and technology nasa would envy and first hard top. >> he takes the e-550 for a test drive. watch this. >> this is a mercedes e-550 convertible and has everything you can expect in a german luxury car, a big powerful v-8 engine and radar cruise control and slow you down. and a system that knows if you're falling asleep behind the wheel and tries to wake you up if you do which isn't a problem with the convertible except this one also has this. it's called air cap and uses the spoiler to redirect air over the cabin and behind the rear deflector to make more a more comfortable environment
1:40 pm
with the top down. and here you can feel that the currents moved up a couple of inches which would be particularly advantageous to the taller drivers, but the back seat passengers get the shaft in the convertible and wonder how they'll fare. >> here we go. 40, 50, 60. >> all right. do it again with the air cap on. 40, 50, 60. and he's looking a little better. and he seems to leak it. seeing how that wasn't definitive. we'll step it up a notch. and here we go, air cap on, and the ball cap on. 30, 40, 50, 60. now for the decider. ball cap on, air cap off much here we go. 30, 40, 50, 60, well, i'd say
1:41 pm
there's definitely a noticeable difference there. so while air cap won't take all of the wind out of your hair it seems to help a little and helps to keep some of the bugs out of your face. in new york, gary gastelu, fox news. >> rick: was that weird al yanukovych in the back seat? is that what it was. >> juliet: i don't know. i'm going to keep my mouth shut about that one and my producers told me to. if you'd like to learn more about the mercedes e 550 go to fox car that's such a cool car. >> rick: that's cool. unemployment is high, the deficit is skyrocketing and yet, so is the dow. have you been watching the dow, juliet. >> juliet: every day. >> rick: seems like wall street and main street not on exactly the same page. what is going on? we'll look next. and in richmond, virginia, here is a live picture of the event. we're keeping an eye on it for you and we'll have more on that when we come right back.
1:42 pm
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[ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. >> well, checking on wall street, the dow, back at 11,000 much the first move back into this territory since early may and investors are wondering is this rally for real? stocks are up dramatically over the past two years, at the same time, we'll look at the graph. at the same time the economy has hit the skids according to a lot of economists, unemployment is through the roof. the dollar is sinking and our national debt is at an all-time high and alan greenspan, remember him, he calls the deficit scary saying we're playing a dangerous game. why aren't main street and wall street on the same page and is this a case of wishful thinking? michael seymour is president of uni private wealth strategies, michael, good to see you. what's the deal. why so many up arrows on wall street when there are bad
1:46 pm
indicators all around us? >> well, i think you know, there is a reality. the market is at 11,000, that's real. the question, where does it go from here? i think you are really, really seeing a difference of opinion, not only between wall street and main street, but from the stock market and the bond market. main street, people are scared. they remember how much moan they lost in 2008 or 2000 and 2002. and the main difference with the main street, people are investing their own money, their life savings. wall street, for the most part, they are investing other people's money or opm as they call it. >> rick: they're still investing it though. so, what do investors see? what are they seeing that so many other people can't or don't see? >> well, i think what a lot of people are talking about, what i am looking at in particular is the volume that's driving this market higher. you know, rell i feel it
1:47 pm
speaking the volumes on a daily basis are far, far below their historic norms. whenever you have a lower volume, very low volume, what that tends to do is magnify a market move in whatever direction that volume happens to be going and this is what you keep hearing on the reported by fox news, is about things like the day traders or the computer traders, the high volume, high frequency traders. that's what's in there moving the market right now and ng i don't there's a lot of real investors like main street that's in there moving the market and i think the investor has lost a lot of confidence and is still on the sidelines because of that. >> rick: yeah, i wonder, when does good news on wall street start to mean good news for main street. when do these up arrows translate into jobs, for example? >> well, i think that's a great question, rick. you know, i mentioned the bond market earlier and you know, interest rates, about the bond
1:48 pm
market in other words, is telling you right now, when you have the lowest interest rates in some cases ever, for instance, last week, the two year treasury hit the lowest interest rate ever. the bond market is telling you that the economy is not out of danger, that there is a very real chance that things will not get better or take a long time to get better. i think you need to see to me, it's still about jobs, it's not just about stock prices, corporate earnings, et cetera. when you've got to get jobs, the housing crisis is still very real. these are things that are most real to main street is their job and their home. >> rick: michael, i was born in philadelphia and see the beautiful sky line behind you, go phillies. >> amen. >> rick: enjoy the playoffs. thank you very much. >> thank you, rick. >> juliet: two great phillies games, last that we-- >> sorry to my friends, bill hemmer and all of my other
1:49 pm
cincinnati reds fans, friends. >> juliet: congratulations, they're doing well. millions of americans take it to lose weight, but now a lot of patients are told to stop taking this popular weight loss drug immediately. coming up which is being polled and why. activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm! wow! i can't believe it, i love it! mmm, this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia now you can join the fight against breast cancer every time you enjoy an activia. give hope with every cup of activia.
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>> welcome back, a shake-up in the fight against obesity. the popular weight loss drug meridian. pulled, and told to stop taking the drug immediately. a member of our fox news medical a team and newly
1:53 pm
appointed vice chair of urology department at mount sinai. >> thank you for having me. >> juliet: great job. isn't the first time with a weight loss drug, fen-phen in the '90s and had heart issues. what is meridia. >> it's been around for ten years now. >> juliet: why not? >> a decade. what they did, recent publication, new england journal of medicine looked at 10,000 people who take this medication and what they found was that compared to placebo, a higher risk of heart disease, stroke and even death. so, obviously, the risks outweigh the benefit. the weight loss wasn't bad, marginal. 5% of body mass index and the f.d.a. finally decided to pull the medication. >> juliet: the people are obviously overweight so that's why they're taking the medication. are there other issues that
1:54 pm
they're having. >> they have other risk factors, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity. obesity in this country is a major problem and sometimes it's very difficult to lose this weight by just exercise and diet. for those patients, the medications have been recommended which obviously has to be under the supervision of doctors, but f.d.a. really has to put stronger policy regulation on these medications, due to the side effects that they have on the heart and you know, now it's finally done. >> juliet: you've mentioned obesity being a problem. in 2009. let's take a look at this. one out of four people in the united states are considered obese and the numbers seem to be going up every year, between 2007 and 2009, 2.4 million more adults were reported obese so without meridia, is there another option? there's one more option on the market, that seems crazy. >> that's xenical. let's talk about meridia for one more minute, meridia increases seratonin. when we have food, seratonin
1:55 pm
sends a signal to the brain saying don't eat anymore. these are the nerves that communicate with the brain and you can see how this transmits through the nerves and can send the seratonin, meridia has seratonin and norepinephrine, causes the heart rate to go up and increases metabolic rate, as a result a lot of the people had increased heart rate and palpitations. and zentoll reduces absorption of fat. if you have the fatty medication, xenical would prevent that into the g.i. system. >> aren't there things in the market olestra essentially does the same thing. >> that's what it is. the side effects are not cardiac and mostly diarrhea or nausea or mostly g.i. symptoms and oebbviously more preferable at this point. >> juliet: people who had been taking meridia need to stop
1:56 pm
taking that right away. >> the recommendation f.d.a., you need to stop those as of now and speak to your health care and doctors and make sure that you're not taking anymore of the medications especially if you have any kind of heart palpitations and problems and you have to dispose any of the unused medications immediately and report any kind of side effects to the f.d.a. program that's available. >> juliet: a lot of communication with your doctor. >> 100% definitely. >> juliet: how lucky would they be if they had you as a doctor. >> thank you so much, juliet. >> juliet: we were supposed to talk about chest hair this week. >> i think this is probably-- we're working on that. >> juliet: and decided to call that out. [laughter] >> she loves at that topic. >> rick: she does, we'll have to. thank you, doctor. a lot of on the topic, and who should be getting what screening at what age, who you
1:57 pm
often. and dr. tsmadi is going to follow up and maybe talk with chest hair. >> juliet: that doesn't seem like it's going to. that's it for us, i'm juliet huddy. >> rick: i'm rick folbaum. and coming up the journal editorial report. have had a good weekend. everybody. >> juliet: go tigers. [ j. weissman ] it was 1975.
1:58 pm
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