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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 10, 2010 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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thanks t >> though she didn't make the list. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott and we'll see y >> good morning everyone, it's october 10th. thanks for joining us, president obama hoping to ignite support for democrats today, but with millions of people out of work, will speeches do the trick before the mid term election? >> and democrats promise to fix the trillion dollar deficit, turns out that plan could include raising the retirement age and tapping into social security. details coming up. >> and students banned from wearing crosses or rosaries to their public schools, told to leave them at home. isn't it their constitutional right to wear religious symbols if they want to. >> we report you decide. "fox & friends" begins right
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now. >> it's "fox & friends." >> good morning everybody, thanks so much for joining us, and getting up we have so much politics to talk about today. lots of stuff happening today this sunday. >> and it's 10-10-10. a big day for people. >> a big wedding date. >> and accepted us your man chair photos, if you have them laying around your, man chair photos a nasty chair with duct tape on it. we have so much. >> could save your marriage. we start with the president headlining a rally in philadelphia this afternoon with high hopes of rallying democrats before next month's election. >> julie kirtz is live in washington with details, what do you expect? >> hi, this is the second of four big campaign rally, headlining president obama like the one in madison last month with 17,000 people. the idea try to ignite the democratic fire that got him
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elected. transfer it to dems in the crucial mid terms and help the party hold onto the house and senate of course. joining the president's day in philly will be vice-president joe biden, a rare joint appearance for them. expect to press for democrats in pennsylvania and the jabs, the weekend on education. >> in congress have their way, we have had a harder time meeting that goal. we've had a harder time offering our kids the best education possible because they'd have cut education by 20%. >> that was the president on saturday. so, 23 days out, obama and biden are eager to close the so-called enthusiasm gap which favors republican voters at this point. back to you. >> thank you, julie. the rest of the headlines. a lot of news happening, if all goes well joyful reunions could begin as early as
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thursday for the trapped chilen miners. gave confidence in the tunnel's stability. they'll be hoisted one at a time in capsules, slidely wider than a man's shoulders. attorneys general, launching an investigation into the use of flawed foreclosure paper work by banks and pressure on banks to widen their suspensions of foreclosures. many big banks like bank of america have begun suspending foreclosures for now. a passenger near jfk arpt was removed from a jet blue flight because of an argument with a flight attendant over a seat assignment. the flight was delayed three hours and 126 passengers had to go back through security before finally taking off for tampa. the passenger involved in the argument was not arrested. a soul legend passed away, solomon burke died at a plane at amsterdam's airport.
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his hit song "everybody needs somebody to love" was famously was used in the movie "blues brothers" ♪ >> it's a good one. the grammy winner was 70 years old. and a russian soyuz capsule carrying two cosmonauts and an astronaut to the docking station. the shuttle program is ending this february after 30 years of flight because of operating costs of about 3 billion dollars a year. those are your headlines. >> all right, let's get to rick reichmuth who has a check of our weather. good morning to you, sir. >> and i wish it was up in that capsule. how did you guys like
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yesterday. >> beautiful. >> brilliant. >> and one of the brilliant areas across the eastern seaboard and in fact, we have some freeze advisories out there, still, again, all the dark areas freeze warnings in effect. especially across the higher elevations and we have a very, very cold morning, below freezing in some cases and closer to coastal areas and into the 40's, maybe a little bit of frost in a few locations and still another spectacular day, clear skies, a couple spots we're seeing the rain and one is the row taegs you see there. and that's the same system that brought that severe weather crass arizona back on wednesday and it's slowly remandering across parts of the central plains and more moving into the pacific northwest and dry out monday and tuesday and that will be a nice little break for you. here is your temps for the day. another warm day, guys, 84 degrees in chicago, a little warm to me if you're running a marathon. >> that's what a lot of people said in the park yesterday,
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getting ready for the marathon stuff. sweating like crazy, not for me. >> 85 in texas for baseball, that's good weather. >> thank you, rick listen to the big story out of washington d.c., you know republicans for years have been hammered for trying to revise, update, modernize social security. john boehner hammered maybe we need to. democrats have been working on a secret plan to do just that, but keeping it quiet until after the mid terms. >> of course they are. [laughter] >> i mean, they don't have much choice. alice is on the president's benefit reduction team and this is not a plan yet, but suggests that the president makes some tough decision, doing debt reduction, including the things that
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clayton talked about, cutting social security benefits. this is a democrat, mind you, and the key there raising the retirement age from 66 to 70, which would save this country boat loads of money needless to say. >> a little bit more about alice, she is an economist, she was the first director of the congressional budget office, she's seen as being very no nonsense so she is talking about things that as these guys have said, are just political third rails, no politician will talk about it. you have heard economists say if you want to reduce the deficit you must tackle social security and medicare because otherwise you're trimming around the margins. >> right. and we talk about the entimement, story, not entitlements, the ear marks, a percentage or two of the budget. >> a percentage or two. >> congress says if you want to do this, social security, medicare, and defense spending and you cannot keep sticking your head in the sand from this. but this is jeff hencerling from texas on the plan i would
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just respectfully say that anyone who wants to attack alice, no plan is not a plan. you can't raise general revenues to fund it. >> it's interesting, she's not going to release her plans until after the mid terms. nobody wants-- you would alienate that huge demographic of people who rely on social security or medicare or about to retire. of a question though, raising from 56 to 70, why not 66 to 67. can we do it incremental? that's dramatic. why not incremental stuff. >> why? because they set the target here, giving the president room to compromise and pleas those lib raperalliberals, i'm to go where she wants to go, but i'll go 67. >> dave, you could be a campaign manager. >> the jerry brown campaign
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reeling from a controversy something they didn't need. many pointing to him. a 3-1 margin of victory he could pull off in california. this week of course, famously, if you haven't been tuned into this. he was making a phone call, someone left the phone on, and as this voice mail was recorded they thought they shut the phone off. someone in the background in the brown campaign was heard saying something very inappropriate about meg whitman, a sexist slur if you will, caught on voice mail and now we're learning much more about how that unfolded this morning. >> yeah, it's very offensive. i think that we can read you an excerpt of it. here is what was said. this is what jerry brown says on the tape. do we want to put an ad out that i've been warned if i crack down on pensions i will be-- that they'll go to whit map and that's where they'll go and whitman will give em. and another male, some described as a male voice, they don't know if it's brown,
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we'll be blank then. will cut them a deal, but i won't. she's a blank. and there's the sexist slur, well, i'm going to use that, it proves cut a secret deal-- >> who said that was it a low level staffer on the brown campaign? they never apologized for the statement and fired nobody and he didn't come out and address it and now we're learning why he may not have addressed it. sources are telling the voice who may have used the sexist slur may have been jerry brown's wife, telling us quote, the person who said that word is someone who can't be fired. again, quote, jerry's wife can't be fired. it sounded, and i heard the voice mail like a male leaning voice, but these are within the campaign saying-- >> maybe she's got a deep voice, a deep manly voice, but what's more ironic about this, the national organization of
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women now coming out and endorsing jerry brown and also meg whitman's camp responding to all of this saying meg whitman is a pro choice women ranked among the most accomplished in business, now running to become the first woman governor in california's history on the same day that it's reported that jerry brown's camp calls her a blank, the national organization of women endorses him. it's official now is a partisan organization. >> this is a word that has a hateful tinge to it. it takes a lot to use this word. jerry brown called it, we used a little bit of salty language. it's a sexist slur with a mean spirited undertone to it. and it's about women. you only use this about women. >> i'm asking you, is it different if it's a woman who used it? >> i'll tell you certainly different if it's a man. more sexist if a man used that
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word. >> yes, here is what i think is interesting. it's different if a woman used it which is convenient they say the one woman who might be on the campaign or in the room might have used. that's why i don't think it's necessarily been proven to be true. >> fascinating. you know, the october surprises keep unfolding and hem out there with a comfortable lead and this happens. and e-mail us what you think about all of this, >> democrats crying foul, that republicans are outspending them, leading into the mid term elections. >> like this have outspent democratic groups by 7-1. >> did the president forget about the 250 million dollars dems are supposed to get from unions and liberal groups. >> our political panel next. >> and when should you get a mammogram. it's hard to know and we have an expert on to debunk the
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myths. a car that drives itself. >> it's about time. >> it's not a science fiction story, in fact, it's really happening. we're going to explain coming up. you're looking at one of them right there. ♪ so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
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>> democrats recently playing the cash poor card. claiming that the g.o.p. is outspending them dramatically on mid term elections and the president himself had this to say on thursday. >> there was a recent report in recent weeks, comfort groups like this have outspent democratic groups by 7-1. >>, but what about the 250 million dollars democrats are getting from unions and labor groups? let's ask our political panel this morning, doug shone, a former pollster for president clinton, from business news and world report and angela mcglowan. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> rick, let me start with you, $250 million from unions and from labor groups, liberal groups, rather. how is the president out there using this strawman, that the big, bad, conservative outside
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groups are going to control this election. is that fair? >> probably not. i don't buy any of these figures. i think that both parties are going to end up with way more money we're hearing from either side mainly because of the third part from the citizen united thing and it's apparent that the third party ad we've seen an explosion in these things this year and this is raising the ante for both parties and i don't think we're ever going to get a good accounting from either party. >> it's clear that's the tone, what they want to tell the democrats, they've got to come out and beat the big conservative groups, is that accurate. >> it's not accurate. obama and dems are bamboozling voters. you've got to put your money out on the vote. >> trying to energy. >> energy the base. >> and it's surprising to find out the democrat have jut spent the republicans, in the
7:18 am
house races. did the supreme court ruling that changed the game mrelically. did it level the plagying field. >> i think it's tilted. >> towards whom. >> towards the republicans because the third party groups like americans for prosperity, don't know what they're spending, we don't know who is spending them, are putting in hundreds of thousands, if not millions into the races and they really don't count in numbers that the president was citing or you're citing and these are the impacts of the citizen's united groups in ways hard to fathom. >> are you suggesting what the president is saying is in the accurate on the stump. >> there's a lot more than the numbers for unions and party committees. >> angela is locked and loaded here. you have the a fchlt lchfaflcio money into the ewilkeses, i think it's kind of leveled the plague field, look at
7:19 am >> if the democrats had similar organizations and this year the energy and enthusiasm and most of all the money. >> regardless where the money is, it's a great year to run against rich contributors, whether it's wall street bankers or anyplace else, we've got more class warfare going on this year than a long team and that's-- >> that's what the democrats are using, by saying-- >> that's the message. the rich republicans are outspending us. >> angela, it's probably going to work. >> not sure. >> next with our panel. president obama has blamed the bush administration for many of his problems, who will he blame when he runs again in 2012. does he need republicans to take back congress to get reelected? and we told you about this yesterday, the idea that for marriages to work, men need to hang on to that man chair. we asked us to send you your man chair photos and did you ever. we'll show you our faefrts coming up. wake up, morris:
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>> does the president actually need to lose the house in order to get reelected in 2012. some say losing the house would be the best for the campaign strategy and others say he's a lock no matter what. doug shone, we've talked about this for months now. the theory goes, if the president loses the house then he can go a little towards the center, make everybody happy and get reelected. do you buy the theory he needs to lose dfrjts i think it h.
7:24 am
>> i think it would be if he loses the senate, too. attack politics, if the republicans don't control the congress, he has a less credible argument to make and his argument's more likely to fall on deaf ears. >> i disaagree, he can't go on the attack anymore, people want solutions and tired of blaming, he blames bush, blames the republicans in congress, but they've had both houses and the white house and he can't blame-- i think he has to move to the center like clinton and play that card. >> and move to the center, but so far there's no evidence he's going to do that. there is none. >> there's arnold schwarzenegger saying he thinks the president will get reelected in 2012, part of that he might not have a primary challenger and that's a huge factor. when we look at this, another theory goes like this, r i can, if the republicans take the house and perhaps the senate they go so far right they lose the center and lose hispanics and president gets them in 2012. what do you think of that? >> these are political calculations and the biggest factor in 2012 will be the
7:25 am
economy. unemployment over 10%, and if it's back to 9% by 2012, obama will be lucky. tell me the last time the president got reelected with unemployment at 9%? and it's going to be there, we don't know what's going to happen. and bottom line though, the republicans, we do know, move too far to the right, did in the mid 90's, that he's done now. started to is the theory. >> and that's what obama is hoping for, a republican opposition he can treat like a pinata. >> and the card is going to be hillary as the vp running mate, replaces biden. then i think that's going to be-- >> of' heard that float around and if you want some precedent. the way it's looked the last crucial mid terms, ronald reagan approval rating of 42%, he lost 28 seats. president clinton had approval rating of 46, he lost 53. where does the president go?
7:26 am
well approval rating of 45%, rick, how many seats does he lose? the republicans need 39 net to went the house, do the republicans take the house? do they have a shot at the senate? >> it seems likely they will take the house and he will have at least that as a foil, enough to gum up congress and create the gridlock that doug is saying will work in his favor. >> i worry about gridlock, we need conciliation. >> sometimes gridlock can be damaging. >> democrat, republicans-- it doesn't matter. >> and the high 50's republicans are going to gain the house and gain the senate, too, people are tired and they want change. >> you're sitting the bar awfully high. nancy pelosi telling the times that she will be majority leader with the democrats and he think we agree it's about jobs, the economy matters. doug shone, rick newman and angela mcglowan, thank you for
7:27 am
being here. a good debate. >> thank you. we have a story we've been following closely, a man believed to be killed by mexican drug pirates. authorities have named two suspects in this case and we have the developing details for you next. >> and a nation veiled in secrecy, north korea giving us a look firsthand inside their country. and the man who has been tapped to be the future leader. a live report from north korea coming up. it's destroyed by massive flooding, but this weekend the grand ole opry is back, better than ever. celebrating the 50th birthday when country artesses like my dear dolly parton, we're live at the historic site. >> change your hair. ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay
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>> welcome back everybody, we have developing details in this very troubling story of two americans, jet skiing on the border lake between texas and mexico. tiffany hartley, she is the wife and said that she and her husband were basically attacked by the mexican drug pirates, her husband was shot in the head and she tried desperately to pull him on board the jet ski, she couldn't and made a disstressful 911 call and people have questioned her
7:31 am
story just because it's so outrageous. well, we have to tell you that this morning, authorities have, do say that they have officially suspects, pedro saldiva and brother. >> part of a drug gack, they were sightseeing the same town, the drug pirates out on the water and last night geraldo rivera had a talk with tiffany hartley and she stands by with what happened because as aly pointed out there's a question how it unfolded. >> is there anything you would like to do to amend the story you've told so far? >> i stand on what i've told you, everything i've said is 110% true. there's nothing nothing else hiding from there. i have spoken the truth and i am holding, i mean, i can't tell anybody else what else happened because i am telling
7:32 am
everything i can. >> yeah, a lot of people were skeptical of her story, but i think we're coming around now that mexican officials are waking up to the reality, all right, it may have in fact been the drug cartel that was behind this. and i think people were suspicious of the mexican officials because we know they fear the drug cartels, who own that country, and including a lot of elected officials and police. >> and also tiffany said they weren't searching for his body and the body and jet ski were not found, why. >> the u.s. can't look for it in mexican tire tri. >> and from u.s. pressure why they made the arrests and had the two suspects this morning. >> in an unprecedented move, north korea is allowing western media into the country for what appears to be a coming out party for heir apparent. >> and joining us from kim
7:33 am
il-jong scare square from pyongyang. >> it's a coming out party for the next leader, the son of the current and alleging lead are kim jong-il. behind me you're seeing something like 60,000 dancers going through the coordinated paces, complete with fireworks and diagramas, and 75 yards to my right, father and son from the observation post. the country might be in dire straits and if you're watching the show it's sweetness and light. earlier we saw a huge military display ever seen in pyongyang, troops, tanks, missiles, rolling by and a sign on one tank, we will
7:34 am
defeat the u.s. military to underscore the new regime and the support for this regime and again, we're just about, incredible, never before happened. we're 75 yards away from kim jong-il and of course we were watching them closing, the young guy, the 20-something, fairly composed, smiling and waving and kim jong-il, i've got to say did not look good. the illness he had has aged him severelily. we watched him walk, he walked with a limp, holding a bannister, not very much longer. and the u.s. watching this, closely, too. and the suspect nuclear program, long range missiles, you name it, but my owner personal reactions, guys, that's what you game here to find out, i have not witnessed a past total i don't know regime up close, and i think our views comes to mind and
7:35 am
the parties tonight and tomorrow morning, these guys have got to get back to the country and the rest of the world has got to get back to watching this country. back to you. >> beautiful. and imagine we get this up close and personal from greg palkot live inside pyongyang, inprecedented. >> we do have more headlines for you, start with a fox news alert, an amber alert has been issued after a ten-year-old girl has been reported missing from a north carolina home. please look at the pictures and hopefully you can help. police say zara was sleeping in her bedroom, white. 5-1, 85 pounds and she has a prosthetic device below her left knee and is hearing impaired. anyone with information should contact your local authorities. new video into the fox news room from pakistan, earlier this morning, the country finally reopened, a key border crossing to n.a.t.o. supply
7:36 am
trucks and happening ten days after pakistan enacted a blockade. it was followed by at least seven violent attacks on convoy. and a grade school shooting that lft two young girls hurt is not cooperating with investigators. six counts of attempted murder and weapons violations and police believe he acted alone and the injuries to the girls are not life threatening and they are expected to make a full recovery. with mid terms around the corner, measured-- michigan gubernatorial candidates, virj bernero, mayor of lansing takes on rick snyder, and economics the big issue. and most recent test of a robot car was able to travel 140,000 miles without human intervention. where does a car go would the human intervention. >> well, it's on rails, that's the point of it.
7:37 am
the car, driven in san francisco, people spotted these for like two years and google was tight-lipped about it and in and around lake tahoe. there's always a human on board and a laser range finder to monitor traffic and don't get in accidents. and the other cars are interacting with each other, almost like talking to each other. >> finally i can sleep while driving. >> finally? that for years. >> now let's get it out to rick reichmuth. >> google is making cars. >> taking over the world. >> pretty soon they'll be making clothes, too. >> and anchors and weathermen. >> it's cool across the northeast, look at the areas that are purple, temps into the upper 20's. so very cool air there and a little bit of a front moved
7:38 am
through and didn't bring in the precipitation at all. conditions very, very dry, remaining. check out this picture though. this comes to us from michigan, somebody put this on my face book stage. beautiful fall colors going on across many areas, send me the pictures and i want to see your fall pictures and put it p in the facebook page. not only do we have fall and cold air this morning, all kinds of records broken yesterday from mississippi, vicksburg all the way up to madison, wisconsin. the temperatures might not seem that high, but when it's october 9th those temps are extremely high and a lot of temperatures being broken and more of that today across areas of the south and warm temperatures across the mississippi river valley and all kinds of sunshine up and down the eastern seaboard, not a cloud really in sight once again and across the west, more rainy into the pacific northwest and some thunderstorms could be a little bit severe across parts of oklahoma later on this afternoon. back to you inside. >> thanks, rick, nice day in nashville, that's where we're headed next because five months ago it was underwater, ravaged by floods and now the
7:39 am
grand ole opry is back to original glory in time to celebrate 85 years of country music history. >> we sent courtney friel to the star-studded birthdy bash and joins us from the stage in nashville, tell us everything. >> it's so cool to be here last night for the celebration and it's awesome to be standing on the stage of the grand ole opry. five months ago the place was flooded out and the water came up to here on me, 46 inches and one of the things that they wanted to say first, if you're familiar with the opry is this circle right here. this is part of the old stage from the ryman auditorium. when the water receded this is the first thing the workers tried to salvage and luckily the wood is pretty good quality. the rest of the stuff. the rest of the floor, the walls had to be gutted out and it's beautiful down here, the renovations and part, part of the reason it was so
7:40 am
sentimental for the 85th anniversary bash, because of the flooding. three headliners, taylor swift, dolly partton came out and sang jolene, ill always love you, wourking nine to five and everybody sang happy bert day and the balloons came down and the square dancers and whispering bill and the radio show was broadcasting and meet to be a part of it and coming up next hour my interview with trace at kips and the following hour, the interview with dolly partton and not your standard nt view. stay with "fox & friends" throughout the morning and i'll toss back to you guys in new york. >> it's never standard with dolly parton. >> you say dolly parton, i stick around. that's great. >> a story we brought you yesterday on "fox & friends," it was breaking news when it happened. the man chair, the ratty old
7:41 am
chairs or recliners, particularly like our own scotty sitting in the studio, they're in fact the key to saving marriages. >> i mean, clayton if that's not the picture of marital bliss, i don't know what is. >> oye (laughter) >> here is the thing, they say that marriages need this because men need their natural habitat, the naugahyde surrounded by ratty old duct tape on the legs and women the minute they get married, send it out to pasture, because it's an eyesore. >> it reminds us of the father from fraser. >> no, not more duct tape! >> yes, now repair a little split in the old throne here. you've got to attack these rips early or they look like hell. [laughter] >> you know, dad instead of repairing this old relic why don't we bring this down here. >> it's fancy, i need a
7:42 am
comfortable place to park my fanny. >> how about florida? >> i heard that. >> and read the story in the chicago tribune, google it. we ask for your picture of your man chairs, here is the one henry sent us. >> oh classic. >> henry's needs duct tape. >> he does. >> how great is it his man chair is covered in floral. >> i love this, this is good. john from worcester massachusetts covered it, so bad he has a patriots afghan thrown over top of it. >> what is this? >> this is sam's, which is just strewn with all sorts of debris, but it's a man chair all right. >> no question. here is alan's man chair. >> awesome. >> look at all, alan he has a video game controller built into the thing. >> and the essential man chair the beer, beer cans. >> and here is the thing that people said on the blog, which is you know, a man chair is
7:43 am
okay, but what you really need to save your marriage is man cave and the man's own room. >> we had that on my gadget show, we called it the man cave where we go and talk about video games and gadgets. here is an e-mail from stan. my wife gave me a choice, my chair or her, i sure do miss her when i'm not sitting in my chair. >> my wife said no recliner. >> of course she did, they're horrible, unsightly things that-- >> and benjamin wrote on twitter, i hope this is licensed. tell me there's a story backing up the study so i can convince my wife of it. >> great article in the tri b bruin. a 7th grader told he can't wear a cross to public school. now no students can. isn't that a constitutional right if they want. the lawyer is next. >> and banning texting on phones while driving. how about imposing a ban on
7:44 am
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>> a colorado springs middle school taking its dress code to a new level. a 7th grader at the mann middle school told he could not wear his cross necklace. >> ed white from the american center of law and justice is representing that student. he's with us this morning. good morning to you, sir. this is a strange story, first reading it must be a private school they can make up the rules as they wish, this is a public school. isn't it his confusional right or freedom of expression to wear a cross to school? >> yes, it is a public school and he does have a first
7:48 am
amendment right to wear a cross to school. this started about ten days ago when there was an announcement over the loudspeaker at school that if you're wearing religious jewelry, either take it off or tuck it in because people are being offended. canen, our client, he wears a small cross to school because he's a christian and he immediately took his cross off and didn't wear it for a few days because he doesn't want to get into trouble at school. he's just there to learn and study not to cause any problems. the school then modified its position a little bit and said, you have to tuck in it cross if you're wearing a rosary because that's offending catholics if you wear it. regardless of that, they're still telling students they need to tuck the cross into the shirt or not wear it at all. that's unconstitutional on behalf of the school. >> the school in a statement, the actual district spokeswoman doesn't mention anything about it being offensive, but what she does say, stems short of was a precursor to the policy, was
7:49 am
that certain gang members had adopted crosses and rosaries as their gang symbols. so basically they're trying to cut down on violent behavior and intimidation, is that fair? >> that's the position they've taken. they've sent the statement home to the parents saying they cannot wear rosaries and the cross because it offends catholics and then changed the position they're only concerned about gang symbols, therefore you cannot wear a rosary and that also is an unconstitutional position. at the american center for law and justice we're represented a family in new york, whose student was suspended indefinitely because see was wearing the rosary for religious reasons. the judge entered an injunction and the school changed the policy. every time those policies come up for review before judges they're found to be unconstitutional because they're always vague, because they're saying if the school deems it a gang symbol, you can't wear it and it's always the rosary and again, always
7:50 am
the cross on the rosary that people ultimately find offensive and that is wrong. >> ed white, you're the attorney for the student. keep us posted. let us know what happens. >> i sure will, thank you for having me on your show. >> thank you. coming up on the show, there's a lot of confusing information out there about breast cancer. should you get mammograms at 40 or 50? is there something you can do to lower your risk entirely? we have an expert to debunk all the myths next. look at all this stuff for coffee. oh there's tons. french presses, espresso tampers, filters. it can get really complicated. not nearly as complicated as shipping it, though. i mean shipping is a hassle.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
>> statistics study new researching guidelines. women are bombarded with information about breast cancer and it can often be conflicting, confusing and it can inspire more fear in all of us, than understanding. so here to bust some of the biggest myths about breast cancer, is health writer dina
7:54 am
rossport, the are the acle your breasts are not a ticking time bomb is in glamour magazine and facing the breast cancer gene and making life's changing decisions. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> a great title of an article it says your breasts are not a ticking time bomb and frankly so many of us think they are. and we hear the statistics and think at some point we are going to get breast cancer. >> for high risk women they think they're ticking time bombs, for the average woman, the truth is they aren't. >> let's go through the myths and think it will help women this morning. >> number one, breast cancer is striking more women at a younger age. it seems like we hear more and more women in the 20's and 30's wrestling with this. >> yes, i think that young women, you know, people think that young women are diagnosed because there's so much more awareness these days, however that's not the case surprisingly. the rate of breast cancer among young women has remained the same for nearly 25 years
7:55 am
and the death rate is actually decreased. however, young women can be diagnosed with breast cancer, so, and when they do a tends to be more aggressive so it's important that women see their doctors if they notice any changes in their breasts. >> next myth. we're helpless, there's nothing a woman can do to lower her risks, we are sort of sitting ducks for breast cancer. >> that's not true. we've heard to eat well, to exercise, to limit alcohol, however, the number one thing that young women can do to protect herself is know her family's medical history on her mother's side and father's side. if she notices clusters of cancer, notices any male breast cancer, ovarian cancer, that can be a sign she's at risk and if she is, however, the truth is, even high risk women who have options which is my book is all about. >> and the next myth is scary for young women, but i know many people believe this, a breast cancer diagnosis means chemo of course and
7:56 am
infertility. . >> that again is not necessarily the case, in teams of chemo, some women catch cancer so early they don't know chemo. >> they can have a lumpectomy-- >> or radiation, depends on the diagnosis. and even women who do have chemo, the treatments have gotten so much better and we've made progress in that area so women can still be relatively normal lives, take care of their children and go to work and in terms of fertility, the-- >> i hear there are lots of advances, freeze eggs. the last myth i want to get to. mammograms are just for older women and we've heard so much conflicting information about what age. >> yes, there has been a lot of information, last year, advisors group came on and said women should start getting mammograms at 50 instead of 40, however, the national cancer institute and national cancer society still recommend welcome get
7:57 am
mammograms at 40. it's the truth is, it's the best screening tool we have and save lives. >> your book busts the myths as we say, no pun intended. thank you for coming on. >> thank you very much for having me. >> cop coming up what you may not know about president obama's new national security advisor, aduring the housing boom, is tom donlan the best choice for the job? we'll debate. and trying to get more access to private information on the internet. should the government be able to read your e-mail? we report, you decide.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> good morning everyone, it's october 10th. president obama hoping to rally support for democrats today. but with millions of people out of work, what will he need to say to get voters to the polls? >> and a surprise winner in a presidential straw poll. which top republican is now getting big support from the tea party for 2012? it will surprise you. >> and then the government banning talking and texting on phones while driving. but how about imposing a ban on hands-free phones, too, is that going too far? we report, you decide just ahead. "fox & friends" defense right now. >> hey, this is snookie from
8:01 am
jersey shore, thank you for watching "fox & friends." >> you can't hear the fist pump, but that's what is there. >> that's what snooki was doing off the air. that's dave briggs, al sen camerota and i'm clayton morris and coming up on the show we're talking women and moms speaking badly or poorly or harshly to daughters and speak more harshly to daughters than they do to young boys, do you buy this? >> yeah, we'll share with you the evidence. >> it will be a good one to ask about this. >> i know, embarrassed about it. >> and checking your tweets throughout the show as well. >> what's happening this afternoon, well, president obama will be travelling to pennsylvania, clayton's home state, as he hopes to reignite democratic enthusiasm at another rally. just 23 days before the mid term elections. >> hi, yeah, we're down to the final weeks and democrats, president's party needs to whip up enthusiasm for the crucial mid terms or risk
8:02 am
losing control of the house and senate. that's the bottom line. that's where president obama comes in today is the second of four big campaign rallies, headlining president obama, like the one in madison, last month. you see the crowd about 17,000 people showed up. the idea is to try to relight the fire that got president obama elected. transferred to dems on november 2nd. joining the president today in philly will be vice-president joe biden, a rare onto appearance by them. they have some work to do. a new poll out by "the washington post" and harvard university highlights the challenge and it finds tea party supporters and conservative voters, the most energized for the mid terms with just 22% of democrats saying they're evening interested in this election and get this, only 17% of liberal democrats saying they're interested. so, those are the folks the president will be talking to today in philly. back to you guys. >> thanks so much, julie. yeah, and it's interesting that he's going to philadelphia because needing
8:03 am
some support and this is a very targeted moment for president obama to be there in philadelphia. >> yeah, if there's a focus it's on enthusiasm right now. how energized are the parties? and while "the washington post," together with harvard university took a look and what they found was 43% of democrats are interested in the elections 23 days away. how about republicans, 57%, so it keeps going up. when you get the tea party folks, they are 74%, say they are very interested. and enthused for the upcoming mid term elections so that line keeps going up and democrats are on the very low end right now of energy. >> you want to see some enthusiasm. >> here was the tea party convention, this is day two of the tea party convention in virginia. just take a look at some of the enthusiasm there. >> ♪ >> eisenhower warned us, he says watch out. if you're not careful, the
8:04 am
industrial complex will eat our lunch and that's what they're doing today. you want to know why at the heart of things, the tea party is here and people are rising up across america, it's not because of the size of government, it's not because of big spending, those are symptoms of this basic problem and the basic problem is that we no longer respect and we no longer trust you in washington d.c. >> our founders did not throw off the british monarchy to reinstitute it on the north banks of the potomac. we're a unique people. we're not just an extension of europe or some other part of the world. we're cream of the crop of those civilizations, the people that had the vigor and vitality to come to america, came here for the freedom. thank you virginia. woo! love you! >> that's the tea party message the past two days in virginia. and the enthusiasm gap we talked so much about, people
8:05 am
credit the tea party with boosting the republican enthusiasm and you can see how energized they were there. who would they say really personifies the tea party best? well, they held this poll over the weekend, of who they like to see run for president. very interesting. >> yeah, to say the least. who would you think would be on top. at the top, would be sarah palin. not so fast, look who is above sarah palin, new jersey governor chris christie, the tough talking new jersey governor, not afraid to slash this, slash that, take on everyone. he was at the top of that straw poll. >> ron paul on the list, newt gingrich and jim demint rounding out the top five. it's interesting though, because unwith of the chief criticisms of president obama a few years ago was his experience level and chris christie has been a governor since january. that's it. so-- not only that. >> and they love what he's doing right now with the pensions, talking tough, talking honest. but experience was the chief criticism. >> well, i do have bad news
8:06 am
for them, also, he has sat right here, dave, where you're sitting and i interviewed him and i asked him twice and he unequivocally said no, i'm not going it run, i'm not ever going to run. no wiggle room. so they may want him to run for president in 2012, but he has said no thus far. >> let us know what you think. did you go to any of the tea party rallies? >> and if all goes well emotional reunions between the 33 trapped miners and their families could begin as early as wednesday. a video inspection of the rescue shaft gave workers confidence in the tunnel's stability and the miners will be hoisted to the surface one at a time in capsules, slidely wider than a man's shoulders. look how happy they were. >> and just when you thought voters did not have enough to be upset about. more than 58 million social security recipients will
8:07 am
endure another year without increase in monthly benefits. only the second year without an increase and automatic adjustments for inflation were adopted 35 years ago. mex man foreclosures reportedly identified two brothers they believe are the suspects if that period of time attack on an american couple. tiffany and david hartley were jet skiing and david was shot in the head. the brothers are members of the drug cartel near where the hartleys were sightseeing hours before the attack. attorneys general in up to 40 states, investigating the flawed paper work in foreclosures the and further escalates the banks to widen the suspension of foreclosures, many big banks like bank of america started suspending foreclosure.
8:08 am
>> chicago marathon, reaching an unseasonable 80 degrees, during the marathon three years ago, a 35-year-old measur measured-- michigan man died with a heart disorder. rick reichmuth. >> you should do the weather now. >> the humidity levels. >> low this year, high last year. >> perfect, temperatures. >> high. >> upper level lows-- >> good. yeah, a rough day for a run if you're in chicago. here across parts of the northeast, check this out. on the facebook page. in vermont. >> and can you believe someone put that on the facebook page. >> i don't know, they look like maples back there. >> can i borrow your car tomorrow, dave. >> i need a car. and in the northeast, a cold morning, 47 in new york, and 40 if are' waking up in caribou, maine.
8:09 am
and the coldest rng esest mornr and a lot of records broken as far as the high temperatures and you see that today. on the satellite nothing going on from the central gulf to maine and if repeat if you liked yesterday you'll like today across areas of the east and this is one little trouble spot. that rotation is either across parts of nebraska and that's going to slowly drift to the south and we'll see severe weather across oklahoma and parts of texas and one more day in the pacific northwest, rain returns for you on thursday. >> thanks, rick. >> i've been trying to get my papers in offered. >> we're relying on clayton's expertise. >> i want to hide them. the e-mails trying it hide them from the government. if you can, if you can you're looking out for this. the question we're asking you, should be the government be allowed to read your e-mails at a moment's notice if they need to it? it reminds us almost going back to that classic nerd
8:10 am
movie, the sandra bullock firm, "the net." . >> did you say classic? >> i am nobody, i am nothing, they knew everything about me. they knew what i ate, the movies i watched. they knew where i was from, they knew what cigarettes i used to smoke and everything they did they must have watched on the internet, i don't know, watched my credit cards. our whole lives are on the computer and they knew, they knew. >> and right now, it's kind of difficult for the united states government, the fbi specifically, to get access to e-mail accounts. they have to go through court orders and contact google and hot mail and yahoo! where you have your account and takes at that while, a progress to unfold it, and now the fbi wants all of these companies to create sort of a back door so they can quickly access this information. >> any of your e-mail accounts quickly, very fast, if they need to. >> all right, here is what the fbi would say in their defense, that chatter and terrorist threats are at hurricane highs and they don't, they want to have all the tools in their arsenal so
8:11 am
they can investigate a possible planned attack that's happening. so, i mean, they would say, investigators need all of this, as we know, terrorists do use the internet to plan things, however, privacy experts do not like this at all. >> and i think-- go ahead read my e-mails if it's in the name of national security. if it's the name of keeping me and my family and all of you safe. go ahead, read my e-mails about innocuous details of our day. >> and i asked judge andrew napolitano about this. >> he doesn't like it. >> he doesn't like it at all. he says that the legislation they're trying to push through, unconstitutional, forces companies like blackberry, twitter, google and others to force to open up things and privacy things if they don't want to. >> might help catch a future faisal shahzad, and these are things you have to weigh. >>, but the judge would say i've heard him a million times, this is the slippery slope, you're willing to have them read your e-mail and open your mail, can they come over
8:12 am
to your house and plant bugs in your house without a judge's order. >> it's a slippery slope and lose what it is to be you know, american in the united states of america, our freedom and we lose that. let us know what you think. a great debate. >> and on twitter as well. and a top democrat claims her party is up in the polls. really? then why do a lot of scenes show the exact opposite? are some dems stretching the truth to make it look good going into the mid term elections? we'll talk with bret baier about that next. >> and people open their hearts and wallet to help the wounded vietnam vet. turns out he may not be a vet and that's not all, why he's being called a big fake. that's coming up. but nowlose weight -- can. live -- can. stand here and not suck in a thing -- i can, a you can, too. [ female announcer ] join for free right now. weht watchers. because it works.
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8:15 am
>> you know what that means, we're talking mid terms. florida democrat debar wasserman schultz with some hopeful words for democrats in the upcoming elections. >> some home enthusiasm gap significantly narrowing, race by race, democrats that were counted out a month ago are now actually up in the polls. >> but a new study from the new york times this week, estimating that republicans have a 72% chance of taking over the house. so, is this optimism misplaced? we're joined this morning by bret baier and guest anchoring today's edition of fox news sunday.
8:16 am
>> good morning, bret. >> let's ask you about that. you're speaking with debby wa wasserman schultz, democrats are on the march, but the new york times saying not so fast. >> not just the new york times, the nonpartisan handicapping organization is looking at all of these races across the country. and just friday they moved 12inp to lean republican and republican from tossup down in new orleans. he's the sole hope, really, of, or one of the only hopes of democrats to pick off a republican incumbent. but, political reporters are well respected and moving the other way and we're going to ask debby wasserman schultz about the enthusiasm gap and her depiction of it as we're just 23 days from a big mid term election.
8:17 am
>> and bret, it's not just congressman debby wasserman schultz who is feeling bullish, house speaker nancy pelosi, is sure she will maintain her position, so are they reading different numbers or just optimistic talk? >> part of it, alisyn, is optimistic spin, trying to fire up the base, trying to get folks out to the polls because the key thing is the ground game for both parties to be able to get your folks out to vote, and with the thought of republicans and the enthusiasm on the republican side, really, going to be a wave. the question is whether it will be a ripple or a tsunami and democrats are trying to, trying to stoke their partisan base to see if they can get them out. >> according to harvard, the enthusiasm gap right now is 57% for republicans, 43% for democrats and the tea party off the charts. i want to ask you, you also have eric cantor on today's show.
8:18 am
is he and other republicans playing up this republican pledge to america that john boehner unveiled a couple of weeks ago? it seems that we heard a lot about it initially, haven't heard much about it since, are, is he encouraging republicans to use this as they run in these mid term elections? >> that's a great question and one i'll put to congressman cantor i think you're right. the pledge hasn't been talked about that much around the country and it's interesting, there was a lot of fanfare back on september 23rd when it was rolled out. i have a question for you, was it clayton who said that sandra bullock's movie "the net" was a classic. what other classics do you have, clayton? >> bret, what other high p profile o'reilly guest was in that movie. >> i don't know. >> my other classics, the ghost busters, princess bride, "star wars."
8:19 am
i would have to say "the net" is one of the early geek classic nerd movies. >> and i think you've gotten your answer, bret. >> a whole new show, bret, siskel and ebert. >> it wasn't a good movie, but it was classic. >> nice to see you this morning and check your listings for fox news sunday and check it on hulu if you don't have a dvr handy. >> and plugging in a whole new way. >> "the net". >> we'll be watching, bret, thanks so much. >> coming up president obama's new advisor was a fannie mae executive during the housing boom. the white house seems to be keeping silent about it. is tom donlan the best choice to help with security. >> and uncle sam has banned texting and talking while driving and now they want to ban hands-free, too. is the federal government going too far? we'll debate it. ♪
8:20 am
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>> 23 minutes past the hour, a quick of quick headlines, dozens injured after the bus they're riding in, veers off the road and crashes. and one person remains in critical condition and the chicago transit authority is investigating. a passenger in new york's jfk airport is removed from a flight after an argument with a flight attendant over a seat assignment. it was delayed before taking off to tampa. >> did he grab a shoe-- >> an attendant not a passenger. >> let's turn our attention to what keeps unfolding out in california. the jerry brown campaign. a lot of people said it seems as if jerry brown has gone into hiding the past few days, this of course in the wake of the voice mail recording that was caught after the jerry brown camp after he thought he hung up the phone and put down
8:24 am
the phone and a recording. there actually were salacious sexist remarks said and left on the phone by someone in the room by the brown campaign. we're learning though this morning about who that person may be that said the salacious things about meg whitman. >> let's read to you what went down on the conversation they thought it was not being recorded. do we want to put an ad out. that i have been warned if i crack down on pension that i will be-- that they'll go to whitman and that's where they'll go because they know what whitman will give em. it goes on to say, it will be expletive then back to brown. we'll cut them a deal, but i won't and here is the key, some voice in the background, we thought it sounded a bit male, called meg whitman a very salacious, sexist term and you can probably figure out what it is there if you don't already know and then brown says, well, i'm going to
8:25 am
use that, it proves cut a secret deal to protect the tensions. now, mr. brown has not come out and taken this on head on and his people touted his record working with people in the past, but he has not directly apologized for this. >> no, he hasn't apologized. >> why? >> what he did say, look, this is a private conversation among campaign aides, and salty language. that goes beyond salty language, and that's a sexist slur, they said something about how you feel about women, if you use this term. now, what's very interesting today is that now, the national organization for women, has come out and endorsed jerry brown. so they are overlooking this is okay to say even if you're in private, that this is a term that you'd call your opponent now isn't apparently bothered by that. >> and meg whitman camp is not
8:26 am
happy. meg is pro choice woman ranked among the most accomplished in business now running to be the first woman california governor in campaign history and called her a blank, the national organization for women now endorses him. now, n-o-w-is a partisan organization, and who that voice is and why the jerry brown camp is so quiet on it we may now know. it may be, the source of the brown campaign says the voice of jerry brown's wife. this is a quote from a source close to mr. brown. the person who said that word is someone who can't be fired, jerry's wife can't be fired. alisyn, i asked you earlier, does it change the debate if a woman said this sexist remark about another woman? you said yes, it does and therefore, we take the mex leap, might this be intentional that they're floating that it could be his
8:27 am
wife? >> i think it's all a little too convenient. it's too convenient the one woman they could pin this on is his wife. so she can't be fired and coming from a woman, yes, amongst the club, you can perhaps say it with a little bit less i don't know, insulting manner, but-- a lot of people, lots of people thought it was a male voice. people who heard the tape thought it was a male voice so now it seems very convenient that they've figured out let's actually say that it's jerry brown's wife. we don't know, we don't know, we may never know. >> yeah. >> but, still, i think that the irony is the now endorsement. meg whitman is a woman. a strong woman, a role model for women, but now would endorse her opponent after this sexist slur came out. >> let us know what you think about this, it's election season if you couldn't tell. coming up on the show, north korea is opening up and giving us a firsthand look inside
8:28 am
their country. what does the unprecedented move mean. >> you heard me correctly. >> from north korea, we are live next. >> this is fascinating stuff. are some debt collectors going too far, one called a consumer's parents to get her to pay. now, she's suing right back. does she have a case? >> and devastating floods wreck the grand ole opry. now it's back and celebrating its birthday with trace atkins and we're live at the site talking with trace. ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do is the only furniture lish with febreze freshness. it helps eliminate odors while you clean and condition. you may never go back to your old furniture polish.
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8:31 am
>> welcome back, everybody. alisyn camerota here with dave briggs and clayton morris. let's get right to the headlines. because we have new video into the news room this morning from hungary. engineers have not detected any new cracks in a red sludge reservoir at the risk of crack. the old cracks repaired, it's too soon to lower the state of alert. protective walls are built around the reservoir to held back any further spills. and police are investigating whether drug spiked drinks were behind the overdose of 12 young people mostly females at house party in rosalyn, washington. a man found with one of the females, and taken into custody and released in of it was determined the female was
8:32 am
hess girlfriends on over 18 years old. the authorities are describing it as a possible sex assault. for years people opened up their wallets to robert mcmahon. thought he was a wounded vietnam vet. >> one arm and one man. take a look at this, he's spotted walking and counting cash with two hands and seems he never served in vietnam. >> that's cold. >> according to veteran officials they could never find any records. >> had his arm hidden in his shirt. >> a hiker freed from an iranian prison, speaking out about her two friends still behind bars. >> i'm not free. i can't go on with my life. my life will not resume until shane and josh are with me. >> sarah showered you remember was freed from a tehran jail
8:33 am
for medical reasons and she says she and her friends were hiking when they accidentally crossed into iran and accused of spying and she says she hasn't heard updates from her friends. thousands of people are celebrating john lennon worldwide and gathered at central park at the strawberry fields to celebrate, here is a picture of the festivities. in the u.k. his son julian and first wife cynthia unveiled a new statue in liverpool, lennon's hometown and it's meant as a symbol of peace and lenn lennon's widow yoko oko and band member ringo performed in iceland. >> would it be nice to be known for world peace or-- >> work on that. >> everyone knows him for that. >> that's nice. >> that would be nice. now let's talk sports, the yanks not known for peace, but for winning championships and another year, another yanks sweep of the twins in october. you've heard this before. new york with 6-1 win to
8:34 am
advance to the alcs, and swisher go deep, hughes, seven innings of shutout ball and minnesota lost 12 straight post season games, nine straight post season games to the yanks. in texas, former president george w. bush witnessed the rays staying alive against his rangers. and crawford and pena homered in the 9th. rays win 6-3 and trail the series 2-1 and game four today, head to head with football. speaking of, some college football, what a win, number one alabama knocked off by south carolina, the gamecocks pull off a stunner in columbia. led the gamecocks to a win over alabama. quarterback mcelroy first loss since 8th grade. >> wow. >> ohio state likely number
8:35 am
one, oregon likely number two, and ainsley earhart celebrating that south carolina win, may be the funiest play in football any level this season, check out the on sides kick in the first quarter in baylor, one prem it doesn't go the ten yards needed and the red raiders don't realize it's still a live ball and bail lore took it back for a touchdown. one of the shortest kickoff returns in football history. texas tech still wins 45-38 and happy birthday to brett favre, 41 today the grandpa immersed in a massive scandal as he plays against the new york jets tomorrow night. >> i'm sure he appreciates your bert day greetings. >> good for you bret. >> and go to rick from outside. >> it's chilly and here from buffa buffalo. >> oh, this isn't cold. we're from buffalo, this is
8:36 am
nothing. >> you're a patriot not a pinhead. >> yes. >> bill o'reilly will like that. and take a look at the weather, cooler across parts of tennessee this morning, but take a look at the pictures we just sent in to me from boca raton, florida. i've been wanting fall pictures, but this is spectacular and wants me to forget about fall and go to the beach, don't you think instead of buffalo. >> and more warm temperatures, tell you what, we've been breaking records all week long. in vicksburg, mid 80's extending all the way to illinois and iowa and wisconsin and another warm day today, it's just slightly farther off towards the east, but chicago to the mid 80's, and we're going to be talking about a very warm run for the marathon. it's going to be a rough day out there. and 51 in caribou, you want sunshine the eastern half of the country a spectacular day, sunny skies up and down the seaboard and across areas of the gulf as well. a nice beach day, still, going
8:37 am
on across areas of the south and do you want some thunderstorms in across parts of kansas, oklahoma and around the rid river valley and severe weather later on, maybe hail and wind damage and rain, one more day, across the pacific northwest and you'll dry out a little bit for your day tomorrow and are' waking up right now, 60 degrees in seattle. all right, guys, back to you inside. >> okay, the grand ole opry marked its 85th birthday last night with a star-studded celebration. and a glamorous return from the floods that ravaged it. >> great to see. courtney friel back stage with country music's biggest stars, she joins us live from the grand ole opry in nashville. sounds like quite a party. >> it was, it was a lot of fun, good morning everyone, nice to see you, it was just a few hours ago last night that trace atkins was performing 0en this day and the crowd went wild and the same place he was inducted into the grand ole opry as a member in 2003. he came out with the cake and
8:38 am
sang april 85th beirthday to the op prry. as an opry member, what does it mean for you to be here for the 85th birthday bash. >> well, you know, i still have to pinch myself when somebody calls me an opry member, it's still hard for me to believe. it's a thrill, it's an honor. this is a institutin institutio have a great reverence for and respect for and honored to be a part of it. >> did you witness any of the flooding and what do you think of the renovation? >> it's beautiful, it's beautiful. i mean, what they've done, i mean, they've captured so much of the history and many more pictures on the wall than there used to be and so many more photographs and captured the history of the opry through the years and love what they've done and the dressing rooms have things now and it's great. >> i loved you on celebrity
8:39 am
apprentice. i've got to ask you about donald trump's potential run for president? >> well, he hasn't discussed that with me. i only heard that that was a rumor and that's probably one that he started. i don't know if he's serious about it, i kind of doubt it. >> final question, i'm seven months pregnant, i'm wondering how by badunk is holding up. >> i'll be hot mama? >> should i have not said that? >> i don't know. there is no correct answer to the question that she just asked me, people. [laughter] >> well, thanks so much for talking to us. >> it's beautiful. ♪ >> he is the authority on the honky tonk badonk adonk, being
8:40 am
preggers and all. >> and dolly parton is next. >> and you'll have to ask her about body parts. >> and thank you, courtney, appreciate it, over to clayton to see if he can recover from that. >> no, i can't. >> i learned a new word this morning. thanks, court. >> many states ban holding and talking on your cell phones and texting in the cars of course, now the department of transportation wants to get rid of all phones in the car, including hands-free. >> we've taken this on as one of our top signature safety issues at the department of transportation because we think we'll save a lot of lives and save a lot of injuries if we get people to put their blackberries and cell phones in the glove compartment while driving. we hope that congress will pass a national law the way they did with drunk driving and seat belt enforcement. >> not everyone agrees, here for both sides, focus driven,
8:41 am
everin, and chip merlin, nice to see you on the show. >> thanks for having me. >> and critics saying the government here is overreaching, going too far. you heard the transportation secretary there saying that, banning all cell phones in cars, is this a good idea? >> your thoughts. >> yes, i think it is, just like drunk driving. this is an impairment within your brain and if we want to protect those on the roads, which it is our duty, then we need to ban all cell phone use by drivers of vehicles. >> what about personal responsibility, jennifer? >> well, personal responsibility, i think, can only go so far with this. this is a really compelling and addictive activity and just like drunk driving we needed laws in order to protect people just like seat belt i mean, this is something that we're addicted to the technologies now and in order to protect the others on the road. >> right. >> we need to have a law for this. >> and jennifer said, impairment, we need the
8:42 am
government to step in and doo this because it's an addiction, what are your thoughts? >> well, this is just another big government ploy to keep a lot of business people from going out and doing business. the truth is, the statistics show that in those states that ban cell phone use there's been no impact whatsoever with respect to the crashing, fatalities, whatsoever. >> but chip-- >> it's j us not there. >> when we see the bans and most of the bans have been withholding the phone up to your head, right and they have the hands-free laws they thought would reduce the crashes. we know a lot of scientists saying that this does not work, even hands-free, chip, it's still a distraction. >> oh, there are plenty of distractions that we have. if you're a parent and you have children crying or fighting in the back seat. that's a distraction. if you spill food or drink on you while you're driving, that's a distraction, a radio is too loud. those are all distractions, but the truth is, this particular distraction does not have any impact with respect to our driving in terms of fatalities or
8:43 am
crashes, those are what the studies have shown. jennifer, do you buy that? >> no, i don't. my mother is gone because of a cell phone conversation, thousands of other families have lost loved ones due to cell phone conversations. this is, the studies that he's citing that those bans don't work, that is because there's been no enforcement of those laws in those states. i've worked with the highway patrol offices in many of the states and they say they do not enforce them and we know with laws there is no enforcement, there is no compliance. we enforce the laws, we have strict laws, this is something where we're protecting the other people on the road not js ourselves. >> chip, your-- >> and i speak to families every day that lost loved ones. >> lost loved ones and that we need to enforce the laws, chip. your final thoughts? >> there's no problem with respect to banning texting and things like that, but this is a very productive device. the most business people and people out there nongovernmental workers need so we can get our business done. >> an interesting debate.
8:44 am
people doing two hour commutes and getting work done on the roads as the suburbs increase. this debate will continue and we'll see if this legislation goes through. jennifer smith and chip merlin, we appreciate you joining us. coming up on the show, democrats promise to fix the trillion dollar deficit. turns out that plan could include raising the retirement age and tapping into social security. you heard me right. democrats plan. details at the top of the hour. guess who was at a top executive-- guess who was a top executive at fannie mae during the big housing boom? president obama's new national security advisor. is he really the best choice for the job? we'll have a closer look at tom donlan's resume' next.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> time for your news by the numbers. first, 85,000, that's the number of mercedes benz vehicles recalled this month. and steering systems in the 2010, 2011 e and c-class models may fail causing the driver to lose control. $200 the price that at&t customers will have to pay if they're dying to upgrade early to the next grade cell phone. the previous costs $75. the change does not apply to the iphone. finally 1,810 pounds, that's how much the world's largest pumpkin weighs. the giant gourd was submitted over the weekend at the stillwater harvest in wisconsin.
8:48 am
now for a man who knows those. >> that gourd let itself. go. national security advisors james jones is now and former from fannie mae, tom donlan is taking his place. is he the right man for the job? you can see the chicago marathoners behind her, thanks for joining us carol, nice to see you. >> you're welcome, it was quite a trip. >> you made it in. thanks for being here. as people start to uncover more about tom donlan, in the friday rose garden ceremony where president obama was introducing him, he went down his resume', but he failed to mention heading up fannie mae during the housing boom. many people saying wait a second he could have been responsible for, at the head of this major housing bust.
8:49 am
why shouldn't we be talking about this? your thoughts? >> well, he wasn't, he wasn't the head of fannie mae, but he was a senior vice-president and what he did essentially was, he lobbied for less strict control, he is very much a political player as opposed to a national security player and interestingly, when the handicapping was going on, for who was going to replace rahm emanuel as chief of staff, the most highly political job, tom donlan was at the top of that police. >> what's interesting about the whole process, the fact he's now at the helm of the national security team, he had managed to avoid senate confirmation and many people, critics arguing if he in fact had to go through senate confirmation, all of this fannie mae stuff would have been laid out on the table and likely he would not have been
8:50 am
confirmed. >> yes, because the national security advisor job is a white house job, aen what got it into my mind, because i had covered the clinton administration and written a book about it, and i thought to myself, boy, tom donilon and president obama are very lucky that this job does not require senate confirmation, it doesn't mean that he's not qualified. he's one of these guys who works 20 hour days, whose life is his job, who knows a lot about national security. he's quite qualified, but he looks at things from a political perspective, so. >> yeah. >> on the subject of afghanistan he says we can't engage in a-- >> interesting stuff and we'll see if the public will sink their teeth on this or involved in other issues. >> we appreciate you joining us and braving the marathon. you can check out her writing
8:51 am
at "the hill." . and using aggressive tax particular and calling one consumer's parents to get her to pay up. now she's suing. does she have a case? judge jeanine pirro is up live next. there she is in a man chair.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
. >> perhaps you've heard the phone calls. he decided to sue them. and joining us this morning is judge jeanine pirro. host of the judge jeanine pirro show. >> good morning. >> this is something that thousands have been dealing with. this person had a debt collector call his or her mom, and he's suing now for invasion of privacy and seeking damages.
8:55 am
is there a case there? >> absolutely. what we have now is the fair debt collectors practices act and congress passed a law because people are being harassed on a regular basis and with the economy the way it is now, you have certain rights. if someone is harassing you, the thing to do is to send them a cease and desist letter thes they cannot cal you before eight in the morning or after nine at night. they can't call your relatives, friends, if they humiliate you, curse at you abuse you, you have a right to state in federal court you get a thousand dollars every time they do this. but the first thing do a cease and desist letter. >> and maybe with the money. >> pay the underlying debt. >> my sister was a debt collector for her job and said this guy is completely justified. the only party we can discuss debt with is spouse after confirmation of marriage and certainly not the parents. >> you can't call anyone else to embarrass them. there are cases where they called the neighbor, brothers,
8:56 am
grandparents. you cannot do that. the fact that you owe money doesn't mean you should be the victim of abuse. there was a florida case, the guy ultimately died of a heart attack he begged them not to call him. >> janine, a story of warning, it sounds as they mexican authorities have now named two suspects in that mysterious death of the american jet skier skier. and it seems like the mexican authorities are getting on board. >> which, alisyn, is incredible. if you recall the da came out initially and said i don't know that a crime happened, there was no body. no jet ski. now there are two parties from the cartel who are suspects and clearly, based upon the corroborative evidence, his blood on the wife's vest, a witness sees her taking off on the jet ski, it's a problem
8:57 am
and the amazing problem. and the mexican government says the americans a-- and even they're afraid to go on this lake. it's a sad, sad situation. >> thanks for being here. coming up on the show the new health care law goes into effect soon. guess who is exempt from it, the teachers union. why don't they have to follow the rules like everyone else. >> a nation veiled in secrecy, north korea giving a firsthand look inside the country and a look at the man tapped to be their future leader. we have a live report from north korea at the top of the north korea at the top of the hour. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand. light & fit. irresistible taste.
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fewer calories. i love light & fit.
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>> alisyn: good morning, it is october 10th. democrats hoping to get a big boost from president obama, today, but with the unemployment rate, just below 10%, can he say anything to get voters on their side? >> dave: democrats plan to fix the trillion deficit, many have a lot of folks steaming mad, the plan could include raising the retirement age and tapping into social security. >> clayton: a study says moms are middle eastern to their daughters than their sons, like joan crawford, in mommy dear. >> i told you, month wire hangers, ever! >> clayton: is this true, are moms more critical of their daughters? "fox & friends" begins, right now.
9:01 am
>> i'm donny osmond and you are watching "fox & friends." >> alisyn: hey, donny! love that sound bite. do you think that is true. >> alisyn: it rings a bell. >> clayton: thanks for waking up with us, send your e-mails an tweets, we'll be talking about that, are moms harsher to their daughters, coming up. >> dave: i see alisyn. >> alisyn: i'm in an uncomfortable position, i think it is true. and let's talk politics, okay? there is a new plan that has been revealed, comes from president obama's pick for his presidential deficit commission, alice riviland, is planning though she will not talk about it until after midterms, we are told by politico to finally tackle social security, and medicare and possibly even rates the retirement age, because -- raise the retirement age, because she believes that is how you really reduce the deficit.
9:02 am
>> clayton: is she a democrat. >> julie: >> dave: and a well respected one, you thought the liberals were mad about losing the public option thing, wait until she unvei unveils, it will be strongly recommended to the president, we don't know where he'll go with this and, again, the plan to reduce the deficit involves those things and could be one or the other or both. but, raising the retirement age, four years, is dramatic and, as alisyn and i talked about earlier it might be a target to put on the wall, so the president can reduce that, maybe to 67, 68. to try to please some of those who would be furious about the prospect. >> clayton: it is interesting and ironic, republicans have talked about it, the third rail of politics an george w. bush learned it after winning re-election, he was hammered and couldn't get through you the reform and jim hensarling said this about the mysterious plan, i would respectfully say to anyone who wants to attack alice
9:03 am
rivlin or anyone who is talk about this, no plan is not a plan, you cannot raid general revenues to fund it. >> alisyn: i think he's referring to people going around the margins and edges and doing, you know, tackling things like earmarks, or federal waste, all valid things, obviously, to tackle and should be, however, to -- if you really want to talk about billions of dollars, worth of deficit reduction, you must talk about social security and even raising the retirement age. but, again, i don't understand and perhaps an economist can explain, why couldn't it be raised to 70, the life expectancy is above that, raise to it 67, so -- or 68, so it is is not a huge shock to the system, haven't we learned. >> dave: which is most likely. >> alisyn: that would be more palatable, we learned with health care reform people like incremental change more than
9:04 am
wholesale. >> dave: that is something that would come down dramatically once it was unveiled after the midterms and we are 23 days away from those midterms around where does the enthusiasm lie, with a couple of weeks left? it is clear, it favors the republicans, and even more so, the tea party, 43% of democrats, a recent study found, are energized about the upcoming midterm elections and 57%, quite a bit higher, republicans are interested and look at the tea party, 74%. of those people are very interested, enthused about these upcoming elections and that is key, right now, democrats are not where they usually are for midterms, republicans and tea party off the charts. >> clayton: and down in virginia, of course, they have the tea party convention, two days worth of speakers and music, and standing ovations, for a lot of the tea party speakers and this is a little bit of a montage put together of the highlights, over the past two days. take a look. ♪ ♪ i'm gonna need it fast...
9:05 am
>> eisenhower warned, he said watch out, if you aren't careful the military industrial complex will eat our lunch and that is what they are doing today. [cheers and applause]. >> you want to know why at the heart of things the tea party is here? people rising up across america, it's not because the size of government, not because of big spending, those are symptoms of this basic problem. and the basic problem is, that we no longer respect and no longer trust you. in washington, d.c. our founders did not throw out the british monarchy to reinstitute it on the north banks of the potomac. >> we're a unique people, we are not an extension of europe or some other part of the world. we are the cream of the crop of those civilizations, the people that had the vigor and vitality to come to america came for the freedom. >> thank you, virginia, love
9:06 am
you. >> i few highlights and barbs were thrown at barack obama and equally at george w. bush but there is a lot of love for potential tea party candidates and they conducted a straw poll, who is the new blood in the republican party, number one, you think, sarah palin or newt gingri gingrich, crist christie came out on top. >> alisyn: no nonsense crist christie and the tea partiers who voted for him, they may be disappointed, he said unequivocally, no, i will not consider a presidential run, i'm focus on new jersey, no, no, no, and you hear them say it a lot but he seemed pretty unequivocal and clear. >> dave: if there is one thing about him, he's not a liar and will tell you what you don't want to hear but he speaks the truth and we can take him at his word and he has been in office ten months, as a governor before that and attorney, he recognizes he needs a little more time. >> alisyn: here's your
9:07 am
headlines, let's tell you what else is happening, the san jose mine in chile, friends and family, anxiously await for the miners, who could be evacuated wednesday, they'll be hoisted to the surface, one by one, a little bit wider than a man's shoulder, attorney generals in up to 40 states set to launch an investigation into the use of fraud foreclosure paperwork by banks and the joint investigation further escalates pressure on banks to widen suspensions of foreclosures and, banks like bank of america have begun suspendi ining foreclosur. michigan's gubernatorial candidates go head-to-head tonight, virgin bernero takes on rick snyder in the only televised debate, the economy and jobs are expected to be the big issues. a legends passes woody, solomon burke died on a plane at
9:08 am
amsterdam amsterdam's airport, and, his song, "somebody to love" was used in "the blues brothers" film. >> ♪ ♪ everybody needs somebody... >> alisyn: the grammy winner was 70 years old. and a russian soyuz capsule carrying two cosmonaut cosmonaud the space station, a fair of shuttle missions to complete construction of the station and the program ends february after 30 years of flights, because of operating costs, and about $30 billion a year and i'm chuckling because, dave is dancing, to the blues brothers. >> clayton: how can you not. >> dave: it's the blues brothers, baby, rick reichmuth is laughing because he thought the soyuz capsule was greg g
9:09 am
gutfeld. >> rick: he was dancing during alisyn's. >> dave: i wasn't on camera. >> rick: we should have a constant feed, their constantly dancing, at least ins the and we have talked about the active tropical storm season and it has been, hasn't seemed like it because none of the storms impacted the u.s., typically we have had nine storms by this time and we have had 15, 8 hurricanes and typically, five and, five have been major hurricanes and it has been active though we haven't felt it here which is great news. otto falling off the satellite image right there, no problems and this is next system potentially will become paula, later on today or tomorrow. right now, they are giving it a 60% chance of getting a name or becoming at least a tropical depression. and it will move in toward the nicaragua area and honduras and bring a lot of rain and closer to us, you are waking up to a cool morning, will not be as cold tonight, areas of the northeast, the cold this morning that you have seen this year and today, a similar day to what we saw yesterday, spectacular
9:10 am
across the eastern seaboard from florida up the eastern seaboard towards chicago today a warm day for the marathon, unfortunately, but, you want any precipitation, a little bit of thunderstorms going on across the central plains and oklahoma and texas and into the pacific northwest, one more rainy day, and you will clear out, for your monday, tuesday, wednesday, which will be a nice break, here's your high temperatures, cooler towards the west, and towards the east, 93 in memphis, or october 10, 10/10/10. and it will soon be 10:10 on 10/10/10. >> alisyn: thank you. >> clayton: an unprecedented move, north korea allows western media into the country to cover what appears to be the coming-out party for kim jong-il's heir-apparent. >> alisyn: we are joined in pyongyang, what an unprecedented event. what is it like there? >> reporter: indeed, guys. in fact, even in pyongyang, north korea there has to be a
9:11 am
morning after, and the morning after is right behind me. an empty kim-il-son square, it was filled with 50,000 ing or a celebrate, the new leader, the son of the currents leader, kim jong-il and as you note for the foreign media it was unprecedented access and the country does not have... the folks wanted to get the message out and that message out was, was despite expertsing a the country is in dire economic traits, it is a strategic risk to the rest of the world, everything is good. now, earlier today, we watched an unprecedented military parade as well, the biggest display of military ever seen here in pyongyang. we saw troops, saw tanks, saw missiles rolling by, again underscoring two things, the military is supreme and the military is underscoring,
9:12 am
underpinning everything going on here, the currents and future regime and guys, we were really about 75 yards away from the two figures we have been talking about, the two kims with the help of telephoto lenses, the younger kim seems to be composed but i got an idea he'd rather do his purported pastime, watching nba basketball and the older kim, illness affected him, he was walking with a limp and grabbed the banister as he walked and the u.s. watching it closely, past and current behavior, north korea, erratic to say the least and the future, uncertain as well and also uncertain, the people of now, we were watching the dancers, going through their grueling paces, for about an hour, hour-and-a-half, here, in the square, and tomorrow morning, a return, many of them, to their grueling lives. back to you from pyongyang,
9:13 am
north korea. >> clayton: you don't hear that often, and president obama is slammed for using the word "unprecedented" when it isn't, and that, truly is unprecedented. >> one of the president's biggest backers is exempt from the health care law, the teachers unions, did they get a sweetheart deal for supporting the president? that is next. >> alisyn: and she lit up movie screens and became a legend and now marilynmonroe's private writings, private notes, reveal her tortured inner struggle. we have an inside look for you. coming up. >> a married man... air-conditioning, champagne... plus five dollars in coupons to get you started. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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9:16 am
>> this week officials revealed that the united federation of teachers, one of the biggest teachers unions in the country, one of the president's key political backers a beneficiary of perhaps a sweetheart deal to exempt certain outfits from complying with the health care rules for one year. >> alisyn: for more we are joined by charles hurt, a columnist for "the new york post." what does the waiver allow the united federation of teachers to do or not to do? >> basically, what it releases them from one of the earliest mandates, of the -- president obama's health care plan, and, basically drops the mandate that they increase the amount of coverage they provide to some of
9:17 am
their lowest price -- lowest paid workers, and part-time workers. i mean, it is a jaw-dropping admission by the administration, that you know, that this idea that you can just mandate companies and in this case, a labor union, raise the premiums they pay on their employees, that that is just not going to, you know, solve it. there are far more complicated problems than just, you know, just mcdonald's and the uft not paying enough money in coverage of their employees. >> dave: they get a year to essentially figure this out, the implication being that this is kind of return for this enormous teachers union support, how else can the white house explain this? >> oh, i would love to hear them genuinely explain it and genuinely address that very question about the enormous support the uft and teachers unions gave president obama and democrats in congress.
9:18 am
but, the really terrifying thing here, is when you -- think of all of the less politically savvy companies out there, all of the companies that don't have these sort of, you know... this quid pro quo that goes on between the obama administration and, you know, the teachers union, they don't even know what boys to hit them and when it does hit them come of the it will be a -- i mean, next year, in january, when it does hit these companies, you will -- i think you will see a lot of people who wind up without health care coverage. and, it is going to be a real disaster. >> dave: small businesses, what about the little guy. >> alisyn: charles hurt, "new york post" columnist, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> dave: the most segregated places in america, are they our own churches, the result of surprising research, father jonathan morris on deck, in the man-chair! our on-deck circle, he's next. >> alisyn: he is playing.
9:19 am
a new study says moms are meaner to their daughters than to their sons, like joan crawford in "emerging market dearest." >> i told you... no wire hangers! ever! >> alisyn: is this true? are moms more critical of their daughters? lots more to come. >> dave: there is!
9:20 am
9:21 am
9:22 am
>> dave: 22 minutes after, time for a few quick headlines, the vatican said pope benedict xvi received a letter from mahmoud ahmadinejad and in it he thanks the pope for his stance against a florida pastor, who threatened to burn the koran. no word on if the pope plans to respond to this is letter. and, check out the new video, an empty 650-foot ferry is still on fire, in the baltic sea, after
9:23 am
an explosion on the upper deck, engulfed the vessel and forced the evacuation of 250 people aboard, 28 of them suffered injuries. guys? >> clayton: thank you. >> alisyn: 9 out of 10 congregations in the u.s. are segregated. meaning a single racial group accounts for more than 80% of the membership and it makes churches the most segregated places in america. >> clayton: why are they so divided. let's bring in fox news contributor father john morris. nice to see you this morning. we know there are predominantly black and white churches in the country, is it a problem and is it true, people join churches or congregations that are synonymous with their culture? >> that is a great point, it is tape call move and bad reporting in this case to take something that could be fine, or even good, and paint it as bad. for example, walking to a science classroom, guess what?
9:24 am
they are all scientists, you know, or even from an ethnic or culture point of view, when immigrants came over to the u.s., for example in the catholic church, they had polish andy italian churches. as long as in those churches they are not saying, hey, whites can't enter, blacks cannot enter, italians can't enter, it is fine people come together and adversity is a wonderful thing but it's not an absolute value. just because a group is homogeneous doesn't mean that is a bad or racist group. >> alisyn: can we chalk it up to neighborhoods, the fact you go to your neighborhood church. >> that is part of it. and i think we have to be very careful not to just get ourselves into a group that looks like us and not be open to other but the reporting in this case is saying, going to church is the most segregationalist element of our lives, today. as if that is a bad thing. i think that is -- really kind of low. >> clayton: there's a poll out about how americans see god.
9:25 am
>> it is fascinating. >> clayton: this is how americans see god according to the poll. authoritative, 28 thousands, benevolent, 22%, critical god and distant god, bringing up the rear, is that overly -- >> very simplistic and they put it out, done by somebody else, and, here's an example. authoritative god, whose god is that, the examples, it was sarah palin and glenn beck's god, god was going to judge us, as a country if we don't do something, and you know who the benevolent god was, president obama's god, help your brother. i think, it is a skewed way of saying, either god isvolent or distant or critical and god is more than one thing and, as we can look in the scriptures, god is love and sometimes, love means also punishing, also holding accountable for... i think again, bad reporting, religion is easy to report on badly.
9:26 am
>> alisyn: isn't it worrisome if you believe a shred of the survey, only one of those is really positive or love as you would say, the benevolent god and the others are god seeming critical. >> you know what? the study grouped people's opinions of god into these four categories and the problem was, the categories that this study chose, because you can have a god of love, who also punishes. right? a just god. in other words, if i decide i'm going to live my life, however i want, and, do terrible things to all sorts of people, well, god can't say, hey, you are okay. great, wonderful, do whatever you want and, that is night god of the bible. >> clayton: isn't this a reflect, maybe of 2010? we're moving perhaps away from doctrine specifically and more about' personalized relationship with god? doesn't fit into any of these molds. >> that is what the study was going towards, saying, this is bad, because people see god as
9:27 am
distant or critical or benevolent or authoritative but, you know what? i think we can see that god is bigger than any label we give him. >> clayton: we are humans and love to put labels on everything. >> and i think it was just -- an example of bad reporting. >> alisyn: jonathan morris, thanks for coming in and giving us the perspective. >> clayton: we're sorry we had to kick you out of the recliner and dave is clamoring to get back in. >> he's in there now. >> dave: i'm soon headed back to the man chair, guys, first, let's tell you what is coming up on the show. president obama hoping to get support for democrats, at a big rally, today, in pennsylvania. with millions of americans out of work, what will he need to say to get the votes? and devastating floods wrecked the grand ole opry and this weekend it is back and celebrating the 85th birthday with country artists like dolly
9:28 am
parton, find out why she wants critics to leave miley cyrus alone. >> ♪ ♪ nine to five ♪ it's a big game... fiber one chewy bar. how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. [ male nouncer ] fiber one chewy bars.
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9:30 am
>> dave: moms, you thousands of moms out there, time to be honest. are you more strict with your daughters than you are your sons? we have seen this perhaps in the camarata home and we have seen it in several examples in
9:31 am
television. >> clayton: i believe this, i absolutely believe this. if you -- television is a reflection of society, then this is accurate. look at this: >> what are wire hangers doing in the closet when i told you no wire hangers? ever! >> this is the sats, okay? not some stupid science quiz. >> hey, if it is stupid why did you put mine on the fridge? >> we feel sorry for you. >> she wasn't studying, she was video chatting... >> shut up! you are a tattle tale! >> whoa, whoa, whoa, what is the hot topic on the view today, ladies. >> dad, can you please tell mom i can take a two hour break and go to a party. >> no, ma'am, i'm not stepping into that one, we're not playing good cop-mom. >> clayton: the funniest show on television. >> alisyn: an illustration of what these dheis british survey 2,000 women about their opinions
9:32 am
towards their sons and their daughters and this is, by the way, via the internet and people could be more honest than they can be face-to-face and they found and i must say, this does ring true in my house and never noticed it until the study came out, 88% of mothers admit they are more critical of their daughters. than of their sons and use different adjectives, to describe them, the boys they think are funny, playful, loving... their daughters, how do they describe them. >> clayton: look, they describe their daughters as stroppy, british, argumentative and serious. and they get into fights with them all the time and 55% of moms said they found it easier to bond with their sons. >> dave: i find that, it really comes down to who's oldest and who's youngest. the examples i have seen the parents are tougher on the burst foreign child. i mean, that is -- >> clayton: that was my experience. >> dave: and mine, much easier on me, yeah. i have seen -- >> alisyn: that makes fee feel
9:33 am
better, my first born are twin girls and our little boy, i would describe him as funnier, more playful and more loving and cuter and i thought it was girls are harder than boys. >> clayton: they are. >> alisyn: there you have it. >> clayton: let me ask you -- >> alisyn: we're blaming the kids, note parents. >> clayton: let me ask you, hopefully your kids are not watching, which kids do you love more? go ahead, answer. >> alisyn: look, all i'm saying is little boys are easier. i think. and that is why i'm possibly nicer to my little sons. >> clayton: my sisters got away with murder. high sister what's the second born and my mom -- there was a lot of fire between them growing up, arguing back and forth. but, you know, i had the earlier curfew, i'm sure, like you, first borns and she was out like an hour-and-a-half later and i was like, wait. >> dave: i was the youngest. >> clayton: you were the youngest. >> dave: i stayed out all night! >> dave: we need another study for dave. >> dave: e-mail us,
9:34 am, girls are more complicated. >> alisyn: i think so, too. your headlines, let's tell you what is happening, 23 days until the midterm elections and today, president obama is leaving washington, to try to get democrats revved up in pennsylvania, with a rally there, this afternoon, julie kirtz is live in washington with details, what can we expect? >> reporter: if you look at the president's schedule, it will look -- and feel a lot like the closing weeks of the '08 presidential campaign. today, he's in philadelphia, with vice president biden, second of four big campaign rallies, headlining president obama, and like the one in madison, last month, where more than 17,000 people showed up and the idea now is to try and reignite the democratic fire, that got president obama elected to the white house, and, helped his party -- and help his party at this point hold onto the house and the senate. along with philly today the president's pre-midterm travel schedule takes him to all four corners of the country, florida, california, washington state,
9:35 am
massachusetts, and ohio and nevada and oregon. in pennsylvania, today, a democratic senate nominee, joe sestak has been trailing in the polls and, high voter turnout in philadelphia, where the president will be today, is crucial. back to you guys. a lot of traveling. >> dave: that is lucky, the phillies play at night and eagles play at night and if they conflict conflicted, he'd be in big trouble at the rally. >> alisyn: more headlines, and we want to tell you about the "fox news alert," an amber alert is issued after a ten-year-old girl was reported missing from her north carolina home. police say zara clare baker was last seen sleeping in her bedroom in the town of hickory, 2:30 a.m., yesterday morning. she's described as white, 5'1", 85 pounds and has a prosthetic device below her left knee and is hearing impaired, anyone with information should call 911 for local authorities. right now, nato supply trucks finally going through a key pakistan border crossing.
9:36 am
earlier this morning, pakistani officials opened the passage to afghanistan which they closed 11 days ago in retaliation for a nato chopper attack that mistakenly killed pakistani troops and a suspected u.s. missile strike killed at least 8 people in northwestern pakistan, near the afghan border. mexican officials have reportedly identified two brothers they believe are suspects in the pirate attack on an american couple, tiffany and david hartley were jet skiing ner the border and were ambushed and david was reportedly shot in the head and some suggested tiffany may have been involved in his shooting but she stood by her story last night on geraldo. >> and they say you would like -- anything you wants to do to amend the story you have told so far? >> i stand on what i told you, everything i said is 110% true. there is nothing else hiding from there. i have spoken the truth and i am holding -- i mean, i can't tell anybody else what else happened,
9:37 am
because, i am telling everything i can. >> alisyn: alleged members of the drug cartel, were sighted near the scene hours before the attack. and, a 7th grader, was told he cannot wear his cross necklace at his public school and his lawyer joined us earlier to discuss why his client is in trouble. >> this started about ten days ago, and there was an announcement over the loud speaker at school, that if you are wearing religious jewelry, either take it off or tuck it in, because people are being offended and it is a public school and he has a first amendment right to wear a cross, to school. >> alisyn: the aclu challenged the ban on rosaries in a letter to the school district. now, what could be the world's most expensive barbie? it is going on the block at christie's auction house in new york, the custom designed doll, with a sparkly necklace and made with a 1 carat pink diamond
9:38 am
surrounded by two more diamonds, the estimated price, 300 to 500,000 -- he's bidding on it, $500,000, clayton, all proceeds will benefit, the good part, the breast cancer research foundation. okay, if you want to buy your daughter it, we now approve. >> dave: it is breast cancer awareness month, i have the pink shirt and tie, trying to show support. >> clayton: but do you have a pink barbie. >> dave: i have dozens at home! rick reichmuth, outside, on a beautiful day in new york city. >> rick: i haven't sure why you were opening your jacket when you said that, dave... >> alisyn: pink. >> dave: it's pink! >> clayton: he had a barbie hidden. >> rick: dave you have a fan out here. >> hi, dave, i'm a former buff, always a buff. >> rick: once a buff, always a buff. >> had a tough night. >> from california, getses up
9:39 am
3:00 and watches it, i say, get your dvr, set and sleep in! tonight will not be as cold, it will be 5 to 6 degrees warmer, good news! and sun will warm things up a little bit and look at this picture, comes to us from vermont, and, henry sent this in on my facebook page, absolutely stunning fall colors going on across much of the northeast now and the cold nights we have had it will continue to be a little bit cold and we'll see the fall colors expanding rapidly but not cold at all in across the central part of the country, all kinds of records broken yesterday. from areas down to mississippi and the gulf, all the way up towards wisconsin, seeing records and we'll see more today from chicago, maybe in towards indianapolis as well. plenty of sunshine, across the eastern seaboard, again, kind of a repeat to what you saw yesterday which was absolutely spectacular, out across the west, one more rainy day and across the pacific northwest, and we'll dry things out a little bit for the start of the work week in seattle, and, portland. all right, guys, back to you inside.
9:40 am
>> alisyn: thanks, rick. she's one of hollywood's most iconic legends and now newly revealed writings and personal notes from marilyn monroe show her powerful struggle as a tortured artist, an inside look and analysis, coming up. >> dave: the grand ole opry was devastated by massive flooding a few months back and now it is back and better before and it marks the 85th birthday with country music superstar dolly parton, find out her advice for miley cyrus, next. ♪ don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer [ male announcer ] taste pops with pringles cracker stix. ♪ so delicious... your mouth will be strangely attracted to them.
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9:43 am
>> grand ole opry marked the 85th birthday last night with the star-studded celebration. a sentimental return from the floods that ravaged it, just five months ago. >> clayton: dolly parton closed out the event and courtney freely was there with her and joins us live from the new stage of the grand ole opry house, good morning. >> good morning, you guys, if i was standing here five months ago, the whole stage would have been flooded, up to here. and it rose 46 inches above the stage and the whole auditorium was gutted and renovated and, fortunately, an important piece of the stage, if you are familiar with the opry you know that this is the old stage from the ryman auditorium, and,
9:44 am
luckily the wood was in such great condition they were able to salvage it any the rest of the floorboards and everything else had to be gutted out and new seats and everything, it is beautiful down here. but, everybody was here, to see dolly parton, of course, they crowded the stage and she's a true performer and great to watch her perform and i had a chance to talk with her in the dressing room, back stage, take a look. >> take balus back to the day y found out you would be a member of the grand ole opry. >> i listened to it since i was a kid back home in the smokey mountains and, always felt, someday i wanted to be on the grand ole opry just to sing and when i became a member, it was just one of the biggest thrills of my life, very sacred and very special, very spiritual to me. >> have you witnessed the flooding that happened in the spring. >> i hiv lear, i live in nashville, and we came to see all of the horrible stuff, that happened and it is great to be back in here and, actually, done wonderful things, and revamped
9:45 am
it and have a lot of things -- more wonderful than it was before and it was great then. so, good things always come out of events like this. >> does dolly parton ever have... >> he lost the rest of the interview! that is horrible! >> dave: act it out for us! >> she sang, my baby boy a lullaby! and i was asking her if she was has a bum -- if she has a bum day, hanging out in sweatpants and, she does her own makeup, she's the makeup artist for herself and we have video of her singing 9 to 5 and, jole in the
9:46 am
meantime, and the crowd absolutely loved her and we'll post the 6-minute interview on and, she'll be shooting a movie in january with queen latifah, and she's writing pieces for that. that will be fun, maybe i can get a back stage -- >> clayton: you might be busy by that time with the newborn! courtney freely. >> oh, yeah, that's right! >> clayton: oh, yeah, that's right. nice see you down there at the grand ole opry, great job and i'm saying to dave here, while we listened to the dolly piece there, you know, i have been to the building, it is beautiful and, nashville one of my favorite cities, glad to see it is being revitalized. >> do you know people are now calling nashville nash-vegas, by the way? the new hip term. >> dave: i like it. >> and las vegas of the east coast, nash-vegas. >> dave: courtney freely live in nash-vegas and alisyn camerota
9:47 am
does a mean doylly parton impression, maybe we can do it "after the show" show. >> clayton: marilyn monroe is one of hollywood's fauxmost fam faces and now, an inside look with a top psychiatrist is next, a look at her own writings. you don't want to miss this. isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm! wow! i can't believe it, i love it! mmm, this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia now you can join the fight against breast cancer every time you enjoy an activia. give hope with every cup of activia. ♪ i like your messy hair ♪ i like the clothes you wear ♪ i like the way you sing ♪ and when you dance with me
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9:50 am
>> ♪ ♪ i kiss on the hand ♪ may be quite continental ♪ but diamonds are a girl's best friend...♪ >> alisyn: she's incredible. marilyn monroe's hollywood's most iconic sex symbol and oozed glamour and vulnerability, and her apparent suicide in 1962 launched countless conspiracy theories and exposed her troubled life. now, a new book is revealing recently discovered private notes, letters and poems by her
9:51 am
to disclose the inner demons she was battling, dr. keith ablow joins me to take a closer look at the mind of marilyn monroe. good morning, dr. ablow. >> good morning. >> alisyn: let's get to some of these poems. and, notes and these i should say were found in the closet of lee strassberg, who was famously her acting coach and they were discovered and let's read them and you can analyze them for us. here's the first one. she says: working, doing my tasks, i have set for myself, on the stage, i will not be punished for it or be chipped, or be threatened, or not be loved, or sent to hell to burn with bad people feeling i am also bad. what do you make of that? >> look, that was written in response to some extent, the memories of her great aunt ida who was apparently not a nice person and some of those negative comments are about the interactions she had with the great aunt and what you see is a woman of real in sight and she
9:52 am
understands that she uses acting as a defense, as an escape that on stage, she's safe. where in life, she was unsafe, even as a child. >> alisyn: here's another within i want to read for you and for the viewers, and this is more bleak and came, i think at the end of her marriage to arthur miller as it was crumbling and she says, help, help, help. i feel like coming closer. when all i want is to die. >> look, you know, we have the portrait merging here. you might have lawsuit of her as just pretty, or just sexy or just a ditz. no, very deep. she actually speaks psychologically very clearly. after she's gone back to l.a. to film "some like it hot" her marriage crumbled to arthur miller, she says, poetically, i want to die and yet life this, demons of mine are coming closer. that ills the razor's edge on which a lot of people dance and my truth is coming closer and
9:53 am
makes me want to escape. >> alisyn: now we're so much more psychologically sophisticated, at least we like to think so, in 1962, in today's terms, how would you diagnose marilyn? >> i'd say that she is certainly -- sounds as though she may have been suffering with a depression and i didn't evaluate her, of course. i was born in 1961, so that would be tough... but the bottom line is, look, i wonder about her depression and would say, i would hesitate to give her a label and would want to see her as a person and what she is describing is her attempt to distance herself from her suffering, as a young person and young woman, thinking i'm unloveable when the truth is, yes, you are loveable and these were people who were limited around you. and, ultimately, faith could have saved her. if she could have known intrinsically, she was a valuable, worthwhile person, in the face of god, that she would have been able, perhaps, to overcome this. >> alisyn: and, doctor, if these
9:54 am
writing had come to lighted, sooner, while she was alive, do you think they would have made a difference? >> i think to the stents that she may or may not have shared this with a very good psychiatrist, and, of course she was in psychoanalysis and i hope it was a talented person. every bit, every scrap of truth someone can bring to a counselor can make the difference. i have had patients tell me one thing, that one person told them 15 years before, made the difference between them taking their lives and not taking their lives. and that is how powerful we are, in the lives of one another, but we need the data to act on. >> alisyn: if only, she's a compelling figure and, of course the new book about her inner psyche is fascinating. thanks for coming in and sharing your in sight. >> thank you. >> alisyn: coming up, a shocking number of american babies have an on-line profile before they are even born.
9:55 am
even some have one before they turn two years old. is it a good idea? we'll talk about it. [ male announcer ] one look can turn the everyday into romantic.
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9:57 am
>> clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends," at the end of the hour, let's chat about this story, which is, that -- a new study shows 92% of kids in the u.s., under two years old now have an on-line presence. what does that mean. >> alisyn: what does it mean. >> clayton: their parents may have started a twitter account and may have a facebook account -- >> alisyn: wait, whoa, whoa, whoa... did you start a twitter
9:58 am
account for your son? >> clayton: what? >> alisyn: oh, my gosh... how -- >> clayton: it want -- i wasn't the one responsible for it, however, some people are doing this, in a study, because, it is like theirs and they have it and they can take it over years later if they want to. >> alisyn: you write things your newborn is saying. >> clayton: for private purposes, like the family... >> dave: you tweet in his... >> clayton: right, yes. i tweet in his language, too, a lot of gobbledygook. >> alisyn: gosh, you are one of the 92%, i thought maybe it is a picture on snapfish but you have an ac cule accounted. >> clayton: mostly e-mail and parents buying -- not buying, grabbing a gmail account in their son or daughter's name so they have it. >> dave: never occurred to me to do that. >> clayton: you grab and parents buy the web site addresses of their children. >> alisyn: rickreichmuthjunior. and, i try to keep my kids away
9:59 am
from all of the technology. and you are getting him right in there. >> clayton: not crazy, like some of these people are. you don't agree with that. >> dave: you are not as crazy... agree with which part of that? >> alisyn: all right, do we have a wrap-up about the man-chair we have to return? it is leaving the studio. this is a dark day for you guys... our audience responded, the pictures that you all sent in, of your own personal man chairs took the cake. that was... >> clayton: look at it. it is moving because it is ses... >> alisyn: it is saying good-bye. [laughter]. >> rick: the moving picture, in the days of bed bugs is disturbing. >> clayton: keep sending in your man chairs and we'll poet them on our facebook wall, there is dave, tomorrow, hershel walker. >> alisyn: there is


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