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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 14, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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a bear. love the bear. batch billion has an -- alabama has an elephant and our bear will rip that elephant ear to ear. neil cavuto be afraid. it would be like me being in charge of the buffet. keep your eye on the ribeye. we will give you the beef. and welcome, everyone, this is "your world." and all of you looking for a serious opening to the show. i'm sorry. fannie mae and freddie mac are offering financial advice. i am serious. a new congressional oversight panel says the treasury department paid fannie mae and freddie mac nearly a quarter billion to run tarp. these are the same folks who helped dig the housing ditch for
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which tarp was supposed to dig us out of. and former governor huckabee. what we are doing is putting the inmates in charge of the asylum? >>reporter: we have to recognize the inmates are in the asylum but the guards also are as insane as anyone being placed there. this is one more reason i am so glad i was against tarp. i get lectured almost every week. >>neil: you were way ahead of a lot of people. >>guest: as recently as this week i was chided by another republican for not realizing how important it was that we did tarp and how it saved us. that is like the democrats saying we saved another million jobs. what we did, we teed up for the obama administration to continue this policy of bailing out businesses because we say they
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are too big to fail. the other side of too big to fail is all the people out there running businesses in america, they are too small to succeed. because you cannot have one without the other. >>neil: and you move into too many to ignore and a lot of publicity was drawn to you because you were a presidential candidate but yours truly was on top of this. >>guest: that is why you are the better candidate. i am delighted you are out there, have declared. >>neil: you have not done anything. someone has to do something. seriously, the reason why you are concerned about the tarp and i was concerned about tarp, the unbeened consequences and i think you have said astutely back then because this report covers the fall of 2008 when bush was president and continued on steroids after, that you just start scrambling for anyone to help and but are going to fannie mae and freddie mac to help put
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out the fire they set ... it is nuts. >>guest: do you want an arsonist to be your local fire department? do you want the heaviest, most obese people in charge of the health department? how many analogies can we draw. >>neil: i like that, i would love to be the czar. >>guest: doughnut czar. probably the canolli police. >>neil: you just cannot go there, it is dangerous and ricky, you do not go to lindsay lohan offering sobriety advice. it is too bizarre. it is crazy. fannie mae and freddie mac, they got a pass on this whole mess and now they are in charge of policing it? >>guest: also frustrating you saw the political contribution connection between those who were making the regulation
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decisions and those who were regulated and weapon -- when the hand holding is a hug, there does get to be a reason that taxpayers are exactly what they are. outraged. the election that we are seeing moving toward november 2nd, really, is a reaction of the american people, people would run small businesses, people who try to raise their families and teach their kids, son, you have to pay your bills. if you buy it, you have to pay for it. if you borrow, you have to make the payments. for every parent who told their kid that, this is a slap in the face line saying, go ahead, borrow all the machine you can get your hands on and if you cannot pay it, forget it. let someone else wroar -- worry about it, and then the economy collapses not because there was not enough government, because government was acting like
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idiots. this is a way to prove with $240 million spent giving it to freddie mac and fannie mae, and they were the ones who helped create the problem. what a mess. >>neil: thank you. >>guest: my pleasure. >>neil: you and get the most phenomenal guests. >>guest: we will get you on when you are ready to declare officially. >>neil: between you and beck. >>guest: thank you. >>neil: the genuine deal. anyway, less than three weeks to go, and to rising republican stars are hitting the road to pump up the candidates. and one is here, virginia governor joining us. governor, this whole election in
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one shape or form comes back to the bailouts governor huckabee was talking about and health care that a judge took up in florida saying this lawsuit, questioning its constitutionality, can move forward. is this the great undoing? >>guest: well, the broader, those are issues that are a symptom of the broader concern: government is too big. it is too intrusive at the federal law. it is spending teach money. there is no fiscal restraint. $13 trillion deficit growing at $13.5 trillion a year $42,000 for each family. this is not the way government should run. every business and family knows it because they are engaging in fiscal restraint so health care and tarp and bailouts are a symptom of that. we were the first state to sue the federal government over federal health care bill and we have a hearing on monday.
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and it is because the reaction is, this is not what our founders intended our federal government to do. >>neil: governor, maybe you can help me understand what the florida federal judge did today that might or may not help you on monday. that parts of the lawsuit to void the health care overhaul can go to trial including the key issue, as to whether you can compel effectively order people, to buy health insurance. what do you think of that? >>guest: that is the only issue in the virginia case. we survived the government's motion to dismiss a couple months ago. monday is the trial on the merits in virginia. it is a health care-related suit but not about health care but about the 10th amendment and the extent of the commerce clause: can the federal government mandate a citizen or state to buy health insurance product and if not to be fined. i don't think, we don't think in virginia, that is permissible
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interpretation of the commerce clause. the federal judge in richmond will hear that case on monday. it will go i believe to the supreme court because it is about the matter of federalism and what is the nature of the relationship between state and federal. we think the limits stop well before that and as mr. jefferson said, government closest to the people, like the states, govern best. >>neil: there is also the midterm election and in a couple of weeks, boehner indicated he would like to start funding and choke it off but not necessarily repeal it. that would freeze it if place, but this could be just wording, but should the goal be if you are a republican you want to be clear whether you support this or not? destroy it? don't just freeze it, repeal it. >>guest: that is what is in
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the pledge, to repeal --. >>neil: no, it isn't, listening to mr. boehner, i will start it, maybe he recognized the odds trying to repeal something with an incumbent democratic president assuming you have control of the house and senate but it is an uphill battle so maybe he is weighing it but he has not said "repeal." >>guest: well, maybe i misunderstood the pledge which i thought was the objective but the congressman is right with a democratic president who championed that, the chances of repeal are slim because he can vote it and there will be a veto proof majority in both houses. >>neil: are you sure of that? i don't get the same vibe. the repealing thing with the pledge was right there on the top, but, the leaders back away, like they are backing away on
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the earmark thing, well, maybe freeze it for a year or two but not eliminate it. it is almost as if republicans are kind of ... losing their backbone on the very thing that presumably is going to get them in power. eghtsing i hope not because what we are trying to do in virginia, we are trying to govern like we campaigned on fiscal conservative principles. they work. we cut a $4.2 billion out of the budget and now we have --. >>neil: and my hat is off to you, and governor christi has been a guest i don't think they are drinking your kool-aid, and if there is effort to do what you are doing in your respective state. >>guest: my congressman is fully committed that we do not
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make the mistakes, backing down from tax cuts and spending reductions and i think you will see the new young guns make a difference. my biggest concern as governor from the federal health care bill, that it's a $1.7 billion unfunded mandate over 10 years, and it will be 30 percent of the total state budget just in medicaid after the mandates, so, me and other governors have the concerns about the extent of the federal overreach with yet another group of unfunded mandates when we have concerns about for structure and retirement systems. we cannot continue the level of spending and is an immoral burden. if republicans campaign and govern, they will be in the majority for a while. >>neil: you started the revolt with your stunning win in
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virginia and we will see what happens in a few weeks. always a pleasure. >>guest: thank you for your announcement about running for office, i was not aware. >>neil: neither was i. now, this. did you see this? incredible. incredible. joy and whoopi they just could not wait to get another look at the your world website, they left bill for me and maybe they voted on your world poll because of technical difficulties today so we ask again today: who was right on the shovel ready jobs, president obama? or, maybe, a future president?
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look at numbers. people who voted for the present white house occupant, and all note votes. please continue voting if you missed our segment on the shovel ready smack down you can watch the top video and vote that o'reilly bill, i liked it, if you really want to see what they were fighting about, it was partly me. okay, it was nothing to do with me but you have to tune in at 8:00 people, i am watching this thing, and i am floored, it is just ... amazing. watch it tonight. to the new $14 billion plan, democrats are taking a ribbing over.
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throw the bums out. throw the bums out. f2f;@
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>>neil: no inflation, no increase, no way, the growing list of democratic lawmakers checking off the social security claiming free payments for a second year and they want to land out extra $250 for all seniors at $14 billion. and a democratic congressman reports this. why, congressman? >>guest: because the cost of living price index would suggest that their costs have not went up and we believe with seniors in terms of a whole range of purchases that are not included in the basket of items that the cpi is based on we should do the $1250 but not -- $250 with
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corresponding cut. we are pledged when we bring the bill to the floor it will have an appropriate cut equal to the amount and we would hope everyone would join in and support it. >>neil: why? you guys all signed on to the formula we have long used, congressman, to look at cost of living increases, and i grant you, sometimes the realty is a little tough to bear when the number you all agree on does not produce the desired result but it is what it is. you know? >>guest: that would be the attitude of some colleagues and republicans have views like that but we think that for senior citizens --. >>neil: we have this cost of living adjusted formula in there based on the cpi and if someone wanted to change that, that is
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well and good but the reason i am concerned, sir, if we want to address entitlement spending and social security and we can't even suck up something like this, you know, benefits not going down but staying frozen ... how are we ever going to get our arms around this? >>guest: i am for dealing with the entitlements and have offered legislation to do that but the republicans are talking about it, congressman ryan and others talking about for future users of the entitlement, not for the seniors. >>neil: you are right. you are right. both sides have talked on this. when are we going to get tough? >>guest: in philadelphia we have noticed our electric bills will go up 10 percent. there are other costs going up that seniors have to deal with, this is the right thing to do. it does not add to the deficit and goes to the pockets of senior citizens and it will
4:20 pm
have, they will get into the economy quickly, and that is the right thing to do. >>neil: don't you find the timing, you are very popular in your district, and it is safe to say, i don't want to predict anything here, but you are popular. so you do not need any benefits or throw outs to your constituents but you cannot tell me some of the sponsors are looking at this as an election year ploy. >>guest: i don't believe any republicans pushing for the tax cut for the wealthy to be extended were doing that for their constituents, they believed it would help the economy. >>neil: what is behind the timing of this? >>guest: that is a $700 billion, and this is a $14 billion deal. >>neil: be careful, extending the tax cuts for a year is 30 billion deal. >>guest: this is half of that, and the point here, seniors need the help and we will provide it, the bill was not introduced
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yesterday but months ago. >>neil: all right. always a pleasure. republicans with a new plan to wipe out earmarks forever. wipe out earmarks forever. where did they get that from? [ male announcer ] opportunity is a powerful force. set it in motion... and it goes out into the world like fuel for the economy. one opportunity leading to another... and another. we all have a hand in it. because opportunity can start anywhere, and go everywhere. let's keep it moving. ♪ [ smack! ] [ smack! smack! smack! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums
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>>neil: i never get sick of looking at that spot. enough about me back to me. ban earmarks forever. house minority whip is calling on folks to do it. and fast. sound familiar? it should. it is straight from the your world website for weeks. viewers know i have been saying it, actually, for a year. my next guest is a true believer
4:25 pm
making it cool before even i made it cool and never taken one ear mark for his district, says he never will, and is the cheapest congressman in washington and i mean that with the greatest respect. if you go out with him you will pay. republican congressman joining me, good to see you, sir. here is what worries me: i understand where you are coming from, you have been consistent. i don't get that same feeling from all republicans. >>guest: that is right. that is my worry. if you look at 174 current republicans, my concern is the current body has 80 to 90 true fiscal conservatives and i see the election in november and we could add dozens upon dozens that will help. >>neil: take the house? >>guest: yes and fight back the out-of-control spending.
4:26 pm
>>neil: i know you sleep in a cot in your office and i know you do that, but i have seen over my career, power changes. it doesn't change. a lot of your colleagues are focusing on a bigger office, the new committee assignment, is the desk different? do i get new drapes. >>guest: those that are rewarded long term will be the ones that make the tough causes and say we have to change the way we do business. i didn't get elected to perpetuate the status quo. i took a lot of heat from my senior republican who said if i did not ask for ear makz i was not doing my job. senator bennett and senator hatch, specifically, and i said i didn't come here to perpetuate the status quo, sometimes you have to flush the toilet and start all over.
4:27 pm
>>neil: that is a family show. >>guest: sorry. >>neil: is it your sense that banning all earmarks is common sense, now they are wiggling, well, we will ban them for a year. maybe two. they are in the getting rid of them. the health care thing, remember, first, they signed a contract, this was a contract and the idea was, we were really going to just rip this health care law to shreds and repeal it, and now, well, there is a difference, right? >>guest: the choice is to repeal it. >>neil: but they are not. egging we are committed to that. >>neil: you might be. but the pledge ... people are not. much. they say one thing and they do another. >>guest: then kick them out of office. >>neil: will the tea partiers
4:28 pm
hold republicans accountable? >>guest: they should. look, the number one thing you look for, i come great the business community, look for you just want people to do what they say they will do. that should be the test: did you do what you said you would do. if you make the pledge and say you will not ask for earmarks, do it and if you don't, kick them out. >>neil: i am not hearing it before the election don't you worry about after the election? >>guest: john boehner has been a great leader. >>neil: would you vote for hit? >>guest: absolutely. absolutely. >>neil: does he have the votes to be speaker? >>guest: of course, at this point. >>neil: you do not see rebel emmerges? >>guest: between him and cantor we have great leadership. they have shown great leadership. we get in power a large part it is their leadership. >>neil: i like them both. >>guest: right. >>neil: you could argue they
4:29 pm
were in the last go round. >>guest: now they are leadership position and we took, all the republicans, did take a pledge and we did not ask for earmarks. i am proud of that. john boehner has been there for 18 years --. >>neil: one year. one year. one year. >>guest: better than in the past. >>neil: you have to do something dramatic. it's echoing what you say, be bold, be clear, tell folks you you are doing exactly what you say. your colleagues are sitting on the side. >>guest: the majority bought off on the pledge, i was there when it was presented and part of the crew that presented it. >>neil: did you sign it? >>guest: not formally. >>neil: with beginning --
4:30 pm
newt, they signed it? >>guest: i will sign it. i will send you a signed one. >>neil: always a pleasure. >>guest: and i will send you a salad. >>neil: careful, this could be your last visit. this give was doing this stuff before a lot of folks were. ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. plus five dollars in coupons to get you started. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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>>neil: and we are doing the bell weather, stocks and companies, yesterday. apple going over $300 a share. another pricey technology, and an industry barometer, bell weather, google, the big search engine, almost taking on the world. and that company reporting employee away numbers earningification up 32 percent and the stock is rising $10 after hours and this is $540 stock and it is moved up 35 percent this year but during the meltdown, a couple of years ago, this thing was trading for as low as $230 a share.
4:35 pm
now, $540 a share. mortgage rates have never been lower, the national average for 30 year fixed below 4 percent to the lowest. ever. think of that. well matter planning to open dozens of small stores in big cities. unions are putting up a fight. and united food and commercial workers union says wal-mart doesn't play fair. pat, what is so bad about wal-mart? >>guest: as i have said before, and thank you for having me, as i said before we will continue to focus on problems they have had with workers, with their treatment of workers, problems with small businesses, the overall business practice. >>neil: okay, i am looking at toys 'r us, expanding as
4:36 pm
aggressively and opening thousands of the mini toys 'r us with the same type of union issues that you demean wal-mart for but you are not yelling at them. eggs wal-mart is the largest. and compares to wal-mart toys 'r us are a fly. >>neil: target and the others that do not offer benefits to the degree of wal-mart. >>guest: to us, wal-mart continues to be the most flagrant violator. wal-mart's benefits coming to new york city are below the area market for what we have and that is a reason we will fight. >>neil: do you care more for the millions of citizens who are getting $4 discount drugs? the millions of folk would have been employed as a result? >>guest: i have no wal-mart
4:37 pm
stock, my buddy imus railing the same. >>guest: it is not favoring one side or the other. wal-mart continues to do those things and do right by workers while providing $4 prescriptions, they are fighting the largest gender discrimination lawsuit in the country. >>neil: but they are a target because they are big. >>guest: they paid over $900 million in back ages to workers throughout the country. that is what makes someone a target. you have a target --. >>neil: they are not giving them terrible wages and they are providing those to people that need a price break. so what is more beneficial in the bigger scream? -- the bigger scheme? the average rage is north of the minimum, and they are getting
4:38 pm
benefits. and, they are assured jobs where they did not have them. >>guest: the minimum wage should not be for the largest employer, it is not where we should start. for the largest employer in the country. until that changes, they need to be a leader in this and they are not. they are more of a company that comes in and has a negative effect. >>neil: they unionize tomorrow, you would be off their case? >>guest: well, are you going to let me answer? look, we have said this before and i said it last time, costco is nonunion company, they pay fair wages and fair benefits. if we narrow this to unionization it is "dumbing down" the argument. and if they went union tomorrow, look, that is where, that is as i said hypothetical.
4:39 pm
would have to it is down and talk with wal-mart which in new york city we have encouraged but they will not come to the table sow are presenting a hypothetical and we will continue to oppose wal-mart based on the fact that wages and benefits and things they do in communes undermine the community. the rest is hypothetical. that is a fact. >>neil: wish i had more time. always great to have you. >>guest: always happy to come back. >>neil: now this. you are covered in gold! >>neil: gold prices have never been higher, an ounce sets you back more than $1,370 and now the golden opportunity to give you the results of the poll question because of technical difficulties yesterday because tens of millions yesterday, maybe, lots and lots of dozens
4:40 pm
asking this question: who got it right on the shovel ready job, president obama or the guy many of you want to see be president, neil cavuto. the babes would find the food police beats and they are fit, so why are they saying the latest nanny state push is total "bull."
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[ female announcer ] swiffer sweepervac's electrostatic dry cloths attract so much fine dirt on hard floors you may never go back to your old vacuum. [ funny voice ] hey, vacuum, wanna attract more fine dirt? then try the static balloon! [ squeaking ] now who's attractive? [ female announcer ] sorry, vacuum. swiffer sweepervac has both a powerful vacuum and electrostatic dry cloths, to trap and lock fine dirt, dust, and hair better than a leading upright vacuum, or your money back. ♪ she blinded me with science
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>> even the nutrition twins are in the loving this, the administration porking out $2 billion for scientists to study tricks to get kids to eat healthy. stuff like hide the chocolate milk and rename vegetables. why the twins say the cash is better spent elsewhere.
4:44 pm
you are not a fan of this. >>guest: we love that there is so much attention on the obesity epidemic and trying to get kids healthy but put the money into having registered nurses and teach parents how to educate kids teaching them about healthy foods. good nutrition starts at home. >>neil: as i understand the plan you would move the kids on the line with the plate, me, i have two plates, and the kid at the cash register sees the salad, 12, are you going to make that decision? >>guest: right now they say, there is $2 million and they are giving it to scientists to do research to figure out why kids are choosing the foods they choose. >>neil: because they taste good. and they are kids. >>guest: why do we need research to tell us this? >>neil: because it is washington. >>guest: it is silly.
4:45 pm
i would rather have money spent elsewhere. why do we need --. >>neil: like where? >>guest: personally into schools to implement the change. research is out there, we know that the research shows that if they put sandwich bars in the schools, kids are likely to chos them. we know, already from the research --. >>neil: what kind of sandwich bar? >>guest: like a subway sandwich. kids like it better than if they are like a sandwich put together for them. >>neil: but should the government assume that role? >>guest: absolutely. why not? we have a huge issue on our from our research --. >>neil: this is so crazy what they are doing, we will call them ring ding and they are a radish.
4:46 pm
come on. >>guest: i agree. part of me wants to giggle and part of me so so livid, we are going to pay scientists so kids will be more likely to buy something different. >>neil: you would get all the fattening stuff off? >>guest: absolutely, put it in the back corner in unappetizing bowl. >>neil: i with find it. >>guest: you would not. i would put dirt on top. >>neil: but you are being food police of another type? >>guest: it is still there. but the truth is with the research they are showing, and we know when healthy food is in front of us we eat it, when unhealthy food is in front of our face it is harder than ever. this is not rocket science. >>neil: do you get to the point that every part of our life is taken over, policing what you eat, setting up the
4:47 pm
menu of what you can eat because we are too dumb, parents are too dumb, government take care of us. >>guest: that is not what we are saying. >>neil: yes, it is. i heard what you say. you said before --. >>guest: no, no, no. >>neil: you are lying. you are lying. you are saying "yes." >>guest: research shows if kids are given the healthy choices but they are given the choices like --. >>neil: you want to hide the unhealthy stuff. >>guest: not hide right now it is front and center. they can choose it. >>neil: can they put it in the corner where i know where it is and no one else does. >>guest: i would love that. >>neil: there is right there is an obesity epidemic going on here. do you think that this is going too far?
4:48 pm
someone in new york wants to outlaw salt in the restaurants and another is policing down to the smallest bodega the calorie count on muffins that are handed out. is this too far? >>guest: cutting all thought from restaurants, coming from someone, we wrote "secret to skinny," salt makes you fat, so that is too much. there should be limitations. but, also, people should be edge indicated and if we put this money to a registered dietitian --. >>neil: what do you eat? >>guest: whole beans, and greens, and fish. >>neil: high friend eats all this stuff and he is miserable and sour. >>guest: he is not flavoring his food right much food we eat gives us energy. i am not deprived. i have my treat each day.
4:49 pm
>>neil: really? your treat is a radish. >>guest: thank you for having us. us. >>neil: stay tuned.? you can see everything ok? st stay off the freewaysall right? i don't want you going out onhose yet. and leave your phone in ur purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thas dad. >> and call me--t not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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>>neil: in the running to be my running mate, we had message nj governor christie, and imus and of course, richard simmons. and the world waited were the world wondered. and last night, the world found out who will be joining
4:53 pm
president cavuto. the woman they call "wicked." my wicked smut joins for the next vice president of the united states, ladies and gentleman, give it up for the woman whether is a breath away from the most powerful office in the land and who i am hiring extra food tasteers to make sure she does not step over my dead carcass, i introduce you to my running mate. egging i am so flattered. nottered. flattered. flattered. flattered. >>neil: madam vice president. >>guest: i will a -- i am
4:54 pm
stunned. >>neil: and less than 24 hours since announcing my running mate, now in a fox news exclusive, my running mate is here and only here. this is weird because i host her. it is not a huge leap, but, still, now to vice president. >>guest: i am delighted and honored and grateful. i did not sleep last night. >>neil: well, if you don't get fox business, demand it. she is bitter and angry and acting childish. >>guest: she was a formidable choice. >>neil: she thought she had it in the bag and tweeting all of her friends and she is british, by the way, but what do you make of that? >>guest: i am not on twitter. i avoid that. >>neil: you did not come out
4:55 pm
and campaign? >>guest: i did not think i was on the radar but i was up. i could not sleep. i was so excited. still in shock. and i thought of a number of campaign mottos, such as "why not us." and i thought of some pieces of --. >>neil: i had one "we can't do worse." >>guest: our people will fax each other. >>neil: no, no, no, it will be my people. >>guest: only a heart beat away. so the legislation, and i have a line up there, one of the pieces i want to do is make them eat their own cooking. and over to wall street journal, too. >>neil: are you surprised that richard simmons is so bitter? >>guest: i am because he is extraordinarily cheerful and lane but he would have been, again, another formidable
4:56 pm
choice. >>neil: i made the right choice because it would be jumping jacks at cabinet meeting. your big california pain -- campaign agenda who be what? >>guest: i would campaign with no commercial breaks nonstop to annoy the heck out of media matters, and my first thing to do --. >>neil: they think this is legitimate? >>guest: and they should be scared. the legislation i endorse is, r&d credits for teleprompter scrambling because they have been added to the phonyness in congress, and i would be for, i would outlaw them, because it adds to people being --. >>neil: not so fast. we need to do a lot of talking. i agree outlawing the prompter
4:57 pm
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