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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  October 16, 2010 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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don't you dare be cacophonous. all right, good week, thank you. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here >> good morning, everyone. it's saturday, october 16th. we have new information that the f.b.i. knew about plans for that deadly attack in mumbai three years before an american man helped to kill more than 200 people there and his wife apparently tipped them off. we have developing details about this ahead. >> and it's a crucial seat in the senate, florida's candidates turning up the heat and no one pulling any punches. hear the jabs coming up. >> and whistle blower wikileaks set to release more classified documents. this time it could be the biggest military leak yet. are they putting our troops in even more danger this morning?
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"fox & friends" begins right now. >> good morning! this is gavena. you're watching my favorite show "fox & friends", baby! >> oh, my gosh. >> good morning. good saturday morning. that is how we basically wake up here around "fox & friends" every saturday and sunday. that is our stylist who rolls r's with the best of them. >> she gives so much energy, so lovely and that's what wakes us up coming down the hallway in the morning. >> she does our hair. that's why it's relevant for you. we'll be talking politics so much this morning. hair plays a role in politics. there is a poll that can predict who will win based on their hair so we'll get to that shortly. >> first, we've got a number of issues this morning. one of which we're following for you with this fox news alert. we're learning this morning that the f.b.i. was warned years ago in advance of the mumbai terror attacks. you'll recall we were on the air here live. it was beginning to unfold.
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it unfolded over three days back in 2008 in november. and 173 people killed. 308 people wounded. and the f.b.i. was warned of an individual who had told his wife after a domestic dispute unfolded that, in fact, he was planning all of this. he was involved in this. >> this is an american businessman named david coleman headly and his wife went to authorities after they got in a fight and said i think my husband is militant and i think that he is involved with this group. i don't exactly know how to pronounce it but they, of course, were the ones behind the mumbai attacks. that was five years. that wain 2003, the attacks that killed 166 people happened in 2008. so the f.b.i. knew and in fact, the f.b.i. we are learning this morning was able to alert india authorities but not enough so that they could stop this. >> his wife said my husband has purchased night vision goggles. he has trained in pakistan.
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what exactly we did with it, those details are still emerging. this information was relayed but how well did they follow those leads? we know this man, this particular man was not arrested until 11 months after the mumbai attacks. bizarre timeline to say the least. >> you bring up a great point. this information was released to the authorities over there letting them know about the attacks possibly at the taj mahal hotel which is exactly what we're looking at but even more interesting was the four years between that warning and then what unfolded, he was going on reconnaissance missions, going over there, looking at targets, writing down detailed notes and communicating with different members of al-qaida and having all kinds of conversations at the height of the bush administration intelligence studying these people in washington. it was amazing he slipped through cracks. >> they say it was easy he slipped through the cracks because he was an american businessman. he was able to travel inconspicuously through business centers to the taj mahal hotel
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and scout locations, basically. >> more on this story as we're learning and we'll maybe hear more from what the f.b.i. learned and although they're keeping quiet about it this morning but we've got more headlines. >> we do. let me get those out for you right now. with less than three weeks to the midterms, president obama heading to boston this afternoon campaigning for his friend, duvall patrick. before leaving, the president delivered his radio address. he said he wants to strengthen the labor market by closing tax loopholes that encourage people to send jobs overseas. >> i want to give every business in america a tax break so they can write ov the cost of all new equipment they buy each other. that's going to make it easier for folks to expand and hire new people. i also want to make the research and experimentation tax credit permanent. >> republican congressman mike pence as a rebuttal says that's not enough. if congress fails to act, every american will see a tax increase in less than 100 days. 88 million taxpayers in the
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lowest brackets will face a minimum tax increase of $503. and small business owners will face higher taxes on income, capital gains and inheritance. using his cell phone, he captured the horror of the massacre of fort hood. but private first class lance avalas erased the video. his commanders ordered him to do that. he admitted while testifying -- he testified to that at a hearing for major nidal hasan. the video could have been a key piece of evidence in the case like most of the 29 witnesses, he pointed to hasan as the gunman that killed 13 people including a pregnant woman. supreme court justice samuel alet's owe will not be at this year's state of the union address. you'll remember what happened last year. >> last week, the supreme court reversed a century of law that i believe will open the floodgates for special interests including foreign corporations to spend without limit in our elections.
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>> alito says the speech has become too political and awkward for the justices who are expected to sit like proverbial potted plants. no comment from the other 18 justices yet. sarah palin -- thank you. sarah palin finishes up her three-day swing in california today with the republican national committee's victory 2010. the gathering in anaheim and the goal of the rally is to whip up supporters for the final push towards the midterms. >> family comes first. this is flipping fun. how come we can't be just satisfied with tranquility? >> i'd rather be doing this than in some dusty old political office. >> the reality show "sarah palin's alaska" was released. the eight-part series makes its debut november 14th on tlc. that ought to be interesting to watch her at home in alaska. those are the headlines. >> i want to see todd on the
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snow sled. snow machine, that's what it's called. yeah. let's check in with rick right now for a check of the forecast. >> flipping fun forecast, guys. here's the temperatures as you're waking up this morning. nobody dealing with any majorly cold air out there once again. october has been really pretty tranquil except for this kind of nor'easter that we had across areas of the northeast, the last couple of days and it's still there pulling out across areas of the canadian maritimes. snow falling across the higher elevations. few areas up to a foot of snow but that's in the higher elevations. we saw snow falling down to around 1,000 feet. cooler air behind it and windy day across areas of the northeast. the flights may be delayed, and it will cause back up delays across the country. across the west, things looking fine. a little bit of a system bringing rain into areas of idaho and down across parts of arizona again, another system will pull in and park itself there so remember, kind of that severe weather and all the rain we saw a couple of weeks ago, that we might be seeing a repeat again this week. a beautiful day in across the
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plains. kansas city, 84. 71 in chicago. a lot of nice conditions out there. they could use rain in the central part of the country. doesn't look like we'll be getting much again this week. tomorrow, you'll notice we'll cool down a few degrees but really nice across the south. >> thank you, rick and fairly cheated down in florida as well as that very intriguing senate matchup between rubio, crist and meek continues to heat up the debate on friday night as the democrat meek seeing if anybody was going to pick on him. he seemed like the guy that was left out. even though it's a three-way race, it appears to be between crist and rubio as far as the jabs go and the polls go as well. >> i thought marco rubio would have -- you know, he's very comfortedably in the lead. maybe he would sit back and sort of get in the talking points. no, he pulled his gloves off and they went at it. let's listen to what happened last night. >> i'm the only candidate here
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as an independent who say democrats have some good ideas and republicans have good ideas. >> this race is about the people watching at home and what kind of country our children are going to grow up. >> mr. rubio and mr. crist stand on the same platform. you heard mr. crist say our party. because he's used to be a part of the republican party. >> this notion, governor, that you switched to become an independent you were some sort of a centrist that was looking to the betterment of our country is a fairy tale only you believe. you're running as an independent not because you took a principle stand on issues. you're running as an independent because you took a poll. >> it's important to understand when you believe certain things in your heart and soul, you need to stand up for the people. >> if you believe in freedom as i do and that's the reason i left the republican party because it was becoming less and less free at least on the right wing part of it. >> people need leadership. we need to make sure we deal with the tough issues that are facing this state and we can do that without attacking -- own personal attack. >> marco rubio has essentially blind ambition and these are their words, not mine, speaker.
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that you've turned your back on your hispanic family and that they are -- they think that's inexcusable. as it relates to the dream act. as it relates to immigration reform. they're used to hard knock politics. but that's quite frankly, governor, offensive and outrageous. >> talk about me to turn my back on my hispanic family. >> for you to even bring that up in the debate like this -- you've already attacked the congress and now you're attacking me saying i turned my back on my family. >> it's what the paper said. >> let me tell you, you shouldn't repeat things like that. >> that was the headline. >> that was the out of bounds part for some people. and you heard kendrick meeks there, saying we shouldn't engage in personal attacks and crist went on to talk about marco rubio's family, his hispanic family and whether or not he's turned his back on them. it was interesting you heard there the catch phrase that the local papers say that all of them engage in. i'm the only candidate to do this. i'm the only candidate. i'm the only candidate. only thing they have in common is they say i'm the only candidate. >> meanwhile, the republicans are pulling out their ad buy
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down there with marco rubio. they're comfortable enough, they were going to make a $4 million ad buy down there, they said you know what? he doesn't need it. >> according to russmussen he has 50% of the votes down there. the most talked about story, the one that unfolded 2,000 feet below the surface of the chilean mine this past week. now we know 31 of the 33 miners who were trapped in that mine have been released from a hospital in chile. most of them released from the middle of the night under cover to try to avoid, as you know, media scrutiny because reporters from around the world are staked out there and it appeared we're not going to learn that much about what happened at least right now. >> these guys to me are fascinating. not only are these 33 miners just models in how to weather a crisis. i mean, how well and regimented they were underground during the crisis, apparently, they are also models in how to weather the p.r. storm.
7:12 am
they took some kind of pact they would be in it together and no one would individually speak to the press or book publisher because they want to get the spoils and the dividends and divide them equally. >> and they hired an accountant to handle all this for all 33 of them so any sort of television interviews or book deals, this one accountant would divvy up amongst them. they did get media training from down trapped in the cave. they got media training on how to react when they came out of the cave and also this morning, you know, people are jumping on board with t-shirts and paraphernalia. i think we have this t-shirt now that you can get. >> this is my favorite one at it's only available for the ladies. there's another one and we have a second t-shirt that's available out there. >> they have the chilean flag. >> there's coffee mugs, bumper stickers, all rolling out. >> coming up on the show, your
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tax dollars were spent to help bail out fannie mae and freddie mac. a new report shows the government paid them millions more to help run the tarp program. is that a conflict of interest? >> most people run from tornadoes but these guys hunt them! >> look, there's a funnel touching down. it's back behind us. everybody, go! get out of here. >> everybody's gotta go. >> is it a tornado for sure. >> that's too close. the stars of "storm chasers" will join us live. funny thing about vegetables... they fill you up without filling you out. yes! v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number? ♪ can you hear it? ♪ fuelin' the american spirit ♪ no matter when, no matter where ♪
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now you're gettin' it. [ female announcer ] sorry, mop, but swiffer wetjet has a dirt dissolving solution and super absorbent pads that trap and lock dirty water deep inside the gradient core while mops can just spread it around. swiffer cleans better, or your money back. ♪ she blinded me with science >> welcome back to "fox & friends." fannie and freddie couldn't manage themselves but that didn't stop them from trying to manage the bank bailout. a new report says the treasury department paid the mortgage giants nearly a quarter of a billion dollars to run the tarp program. that's after taxpayers paid billions to rescue them. >> so is this another example
7:17 am
of government mismanagement? charles brown is the president of cb-3 financial group and joins us this morning from chicago. good to see you, sir. >> good morning, how are you? >> we are fantastic! is this the mother of all conflicts of interest? >> absolutely. the $787 billion bailout of these banks basically was supposed to be administered by the treasury. now, in addition to $400 portion of the $787 that was given from the treasury to fannie and freddie, fannie and freddie asked for an additional $454 million for administrative costs. the problem is that they then took those funds and handed them to external subcontractors and vendors who have no accountability to the u.s. government. >> take a look at some of these numbers on the screen here and charles, get a response to another question here but this was money spent from the bailout. $148 billion. tarp money earned, $240 million. now, we're led to believe these
7:18 am
guys are in charge of other programs. these two companies were bailed out for mismanagement and now they're in charge of other programs and other companies. can we believe they're capable of managing anything? >> well, it's sort of like handing the keys to the chicken coop to two wolves. no, they're not capable of doing it. that's why the bailout happened in the first place. the freedom of information act in 1966 signed by lyndon johnson, been around for a long time requires that government agencies are responsibly for the taxpayers and must report their spending to congress which in turn gives it to the u.s. public but subcontractors and vendors are not held to the same standard. if you remember some years ago when the government was buying $50 hammers and $500 toilet seats, that's what happened then. that's what's happening now. >> let's not forget, one of this administration's promises throughout the campaign and into their inauguration and first year was transparency. was there any transparency with this tarp money and how it's handled and how it was doled
7:19 am
out? >> here's my concern with the lack of transparency is the money goes from congress to the treasury, from treasury to fannie mae. fannie mae then hires subcontractors and vendors and then those contractors and vendors can hire subcontractors and vendors on top of that. in fact, there's a case where 80% of the work handed to one company that received a contract was actually outsourced to another. so you got three lines of money. >> how will you follow that? >> i don't know. that's the part -- >> i'm already lost. >> i'm already lost. charles, thanks so much and as we leave you this morning, i'll leave you with this fact. fannie and freddie between them guarantee or own $5.4 trillion in mortgages. charles, thanks for joining us this morning on "fox & friends." >> thank you. enjoy it. >> unbelievable. >> coming up, one of the bailout's big supporters, congressman barney frank is taking heat from his g.o.p. challenger for the economic collapse. could this be the end of frank's political career. >> an escaped prisoner tries to literally drive through cars and
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>> 23 minutes after the hour. time for news by the numbers. first $57.5 million, that's how much country wide c.e.o. anglo mozzilo settled for with the f.c.c. by doing so, he avoids trial on fraud and insider trading charges. next, $168 billion. that's how much the united states spends on medical care tied to obesity each year. this according to a new study by the national bureau of economic research. and finally, $10. that's how much these disposable shoes cost. nightclubs in germany are now selling them in vending machines, mind you, to women
7:24 am
whose high heels are too painful. love it. >> he's a veteran politician facing the fight of his democratic life. congressman barney frank trading barbs with opponent shawn belat in a pair of feisty debates. >> i guess -- >> whether you disagree or we have to have two steps of human intelligence. again, please stop -- can i just ask what the rules are? can i ask what the rules are? stop interrupting. >> let's try to talk. >> i'm trying to talk. but i don't think interrupting is -- >> i want to stay on the point. >> that was illuminated. >> absolutely was. howie carr is the boston radio talk show host and joins us now to talk about this. whether barney frank's career is over. good morning to you. nice to see you. >> good morning, clayton.
7:25 am
>> you know, these two sound like the old men from the muppets, you know, where they're arguing back and forth but they argue so well, it's like someone has been writing a script for them. >> well, this is the way barney has always operated. you can ask bill o'reilly about that. he had him on last year in the same sort of debate ensued. since the economic meltdown with the subprime mortgage crisis, barney has been doing this more and more. there's the old saying in law school, if you have the facts, pound the facts. if you have the law, pound the law. if you don't have either, pound the table. >> you've gotten to the crux of the matter. the opponent there is trying to pin the housing crisis squarely on barney frank's support of fannie and freddie and that barney frank is saying no. actually, i fought against predatory lending and irresponsible practices. so which one do you think is resonating? i know you have your finger on the pulse. you talk to callers all day
7:26 am
long. which one is resonating with massachusetts voters? >> well, you know, barney still has a very democratic district that's heavily in his favor. i'd say he's the favorite. but this is the first tough race he's had probably since 1982 when he was redistricted in with a republican congresswoman. statistics came out yesterday for the september fundraising period. shawn beilat raised more money than any candidate for congress in massachusetts, incumbent or challenger, i mean, barney still has three times as much money as shawn but i think beilat is giving him a run for his money. you see it in the sweat and, you know, he keeps saying i had nothing to do with this. i had nothing to do with this. but, you know, in the era of the internet and you tube, we've got all these sound cuts from the early part of the decade where he's touting home ownership. now the other day he said i never pushed home ownership. i was for rental ownership. i was for rental properties --
7:27 am
rental housing. and then we have a cut saying we're going to push hard for home ownership. we believe in it and people are caught up -- i heard a cut -- a radio spot today driving over here, where shawn beilat is taking a populous tact saying barney could have bailed out us or bail out the banks and he decided to bail out the banks and you guys know about the maxine waters connection here with barney frank, right? >> absolutely. >> barney -- maxine waters, the congresswoman from south central l.a. who is now basing an ethics probe of her own, her husband was a director of minority-owned bank in boston and she realized that she had ethical problems that she pushed for a bailout for this bank. she went to barney and barney wrote the legislation to bail it out. this was a terribly managed bank. they were using the funds to buy themselves porsches and oceanfront mansions and now shawn is trying to tie it around
7:28 am
his neck. >> yeah. fascinating stuff. this debate was interesting and the debate didn't even end in the studio, it went out into the hallway and then out on to the street earlier this week. howie, we appreciate you joining us this morning. >> great to see you. >> thanks, alisyn. thanks, clayton. bye-bye. >> let's go to the green room and see what dave is cooking up. >> or relaxing. >> i am just relaxing bit computer. checking what's coming up. what do we have for you? whistle blower wikileaks set to release more classified documents. the biggest leak yet. are they putting our troops in even more danger? we'll have a live report next. and no, it's not an early halloween costume. this man caught trying to rob a museum but why does he look like a cross between chubaca and an ewok? we'll discuss. forget coach. fly cuddle class. one airline has an answer to cramped seats next to strangers, and uncomfortable long flights. i am on board! that story is straight ahead.
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>> all right. welcome back, everybody. just two days from now, we are expecting the single largest military leak in history. the web site wikileaks is preparing to make more than 400,000 classified u.s. army documents public. >> joining us now from washington, d.c., mr. james rosen with the details. good morning, james. >> good morning, dave, alisyn and clayton. word of that impending document dump on the wikileaks web site said to be related to the iraq war comes as we learn of a pentagon assessment about the first wikileaks posting like this relating to the afghan war back in july. you will recall that wikileaks founder julian assange strongly defended his decision to post his web site 77,000 secret u.s. reports relating to the war in afghanistan. he told "the new york times" back then that the documents show the general squalor of war
7:33 am
and the killing of innocence. now the associated press reports it has obtained an august 16th letter from defense secretary robert gates to senator carl levin, the michigan democrat who chairs the armed services committee in which gates concluded that no u.s. intelligence sources or practices were compromised by the wikileaks posting. at the time, however, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff was vivid in his summation of the damage done by the wikileaks posting. >> we always need to be mindful of the unknown potential for damage in any particular document that we handle. he can say whatever he likes about the greater good he thinks he and his source are doing but the truth is they might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier or that of an afghan family. >> now, despite this conclusion from secretary gates, u.s. policymakers and military officials still believe that wikileaks july action could have done and may still do
7:34 am
incalculable damage to our country's overall national security interests because it may have served to disswayed allies and informers from sharing valuable information with us. now, soon, another similar action from wikileaks on the iraq war. back to you guys in new york. >> geez. >> wow. thank you. we'll check back in with you later in the show. now to the rest of your headlines. north korea is now threatening a 1,000 fold military build-up. the tough talk comes as the united states rules out lifting sanctions. this is an effort to try to persuade kim jong-il into restarting talks on its nuclear weapons program and the father of a missing 10-year-old speaking out. adam baker saying he's not sure whether his wife is involved in their daughter zahra's disappearance. they reported the girl missing a week ago and police say they don't buy the couple's story. she is being held behind bars for writing a fake ransom note accused of trying to throw off
7:35 am
the investigation. check out this crazy video of a car chase in brazil. the suspect, an escaped convict ended up running into traffic trying to escape from police. he decides to back up into a motorcycle policeman. that's when they opened fire on him but the convict was not finished yet. back he goes ramming into two s. u.v.'s. the officers swarm and the end comes quickly. at least 30 people were hurt. wait until you see the other guy bail out of the car. that guy in the jeep runs for his life. he's in custody, i'm happy to report. >> what a night in baseball. baseball fans in the lone star state just waking up this morning. it was not a nightmare. yankees in probable comeback was for real. texas, fold em reads "the new york post." alcs, game one, early on. a three run homer off c.c.sabathia and they jump off to a 5-0 lead to the rangers.
7:36 am
in the eighth, r.b.i. singles by a-rod and marcus timms doom texas. the yankees rally all the way back for a 6-5 win. the rangers still have never won a home playoff game. they will try again today in fort worth. tonight, the nlcs begins on fox. giants and phillies and it's a classic. linsicomb and roy haliday in an epic showdown were that's one of the best post-season matchups i've ever seen. college football, cincinnati visiting louisville. you know, there's so many -- how do you -- >> louisville. >> check out this run by the cardinals. he looked like he was down, right? i mean, they had him wrapped up. they had him all stacked up and he breaks out of that huge pile-up. keeps his feet. 85 yards later, it's a touchdown. cincinnati would get the last laugh. however, but look at that effort. 35-27 bearcats win.
7:37 am
nfl news now, the vikings say it will be a game time decision whether bret favre will start this week. favre, despite painful tendinitis in his right elbow says he's ready to go. his record starting streak extends back to when george bush was president. george herbert walker bush that is. way back in 1992. vikings host the cowboys on sunday and by the way, an investigation by the league into favre's behavior toward a former female jets employee still ongoing. he's got plenty on his plate. does the 41-year-old grandfather. i like to remind him. >> all right. let's check in with rick now for a check of the forecast. >> hey, guys. pretty nice day for baseball. texas and philadelphia as well, both places looking pretty good. a little cooler in philly, though. look at the weather maps now and here's what you're wake up to across areas of the northeast. kind of nor'easter went through yesterday. bringing windy conditions but pulling in a little bit of cooler air across parts of the northeast making it feel like
7:38 am
fall. rest of the country shaping up like this. a little bit warmer in and across the plains. kind of warm trend and dry trend continues and i think we're going to continue to see the drought build across areas of the mississippi river valley as well which is not good news. move forward and take a look at the forecast for the day today. a little bit of leftover rain across areas of far northern new england, northern maine and such from this nor'easter but the rest of the eastern seaboard looking quite nice and warm across the plains. out across the west, a little bit more unsettled. still not that bad. scattered showers across idaho and montana and down across areas of the southwest, see a few showers as well. that will just be some showers peeking through some of the sun as well. not that bad of a day. temperatures for the day, shaping up like this. still warm in across parts of the plains getting to 84 in kansas city. upper 70's in st. louis. 71 in chicago. 86 in dallas. a little bit cooler out across parts of the southwest so 94. hitting 94 in phoenix and tomorrow, you'll cool down a little bit more. some cooler conditions moving in
7:39 am
across parts of the west as the system is going to stall out there. back to you inside. >> thanks. >> have you ever taken a long flight? you say gosh, i wish i could lay down. >> arm rests get in the way? >> you can't move at all. your prayers have finally been anlsed. listen to what air new zealand is doing now. they're offering cuddle class seating. when you buy the package, it's called the sleep couch setup. you get charged for 2 1/2 seats and you can lay down in a row of three and sleep the entire flight. >> finally. this is the answer to my prayers. sometimes you get lucky enough to get the whole row to yourself. good, i can finally lay down, no, the arm rests are in your way and they don't necessarily go up and the seat belts are poking at you when you try to lay down so this cuddle seat makes it more comfortable. they give you three seats at the
7:40 am
price of 2 1/2 seats but their one fear, they say, the executives is that it may lead amorous passengers to temptation. >> yeah, they say one warning -- keep your clothes on. that's what they're warning folks. but these are only the long flights from, say, new zealand to los angeles. i see a problem arising for. i'm a cuddler, i love the cuddling. i'd be all for this. some women might buy this thinking we're going to cuddle. guys get there thinking, wait, they might be like i'm reading my ipad. >> i want to read a book. i'm not cuddling. >> actually i'd be all for this. >> i have another idea. here's a brilliant move. maybe you're just starting a new relationship. maybe you're a few weeks in and you plan a long trip, for instance, you book the flight and you get to the plane and you look down and you got cuddle class seating and the guy is like i'm sorry. i thought -- >> i don't know what happened. >> we got to cuddle. >> right. i don't know how it got that way. >> e-mail us -- >> you got a window into how clayton operates. >> exactly.
7:41 am
e-mail us your cuddle class thoughts. you can find us on twitter as well. >> on board! >> accusing the chamber of commerce using foreign money for republican election ads. where's his evidence? michelle malkin says the white house does not have any evidence. the white house is just trying to intimidate donors and she'll be with us. >> and tornadoes make most people run and hide but not these guys. the stars of "storm chasers" are here live and they brought their storm chasing vehicle. >> no way! >> the dominator. >> the dominator! >> they are here live. [ announcer ] how do you plus up breakfast?
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7:45 am
welcome back to ""fox & friends" this morning. it sounds like we have tornadoes here on the plaza this morning. you're watching footage from the discovery channel show "storm chasers." it debuts on wednesday at 10:00 p.m. it's their fourth season and i've got the members of team tv joining me this morning and a new book written by reed called "into the storm." nice to see you guys. >> good to be here. >> it's a light gust out here. is this scary weather for you here in new york? >> nice jet up there, clouds are flying. >> they're out of the south, we'd be worried. >> this new book is out "into the storm" and reed, was it interesting when you wrote this book to look back at your life and realize, you talk about being an eagle scout. you were a little kid running outside with a video camera trying to catch storms in your backyard. were your parents worried at that age? >> they were definitely worried but really got worried when we built the tornado tank and started driving into tornadoes. she trusts the vehicle design.
7:46 am
>> let's take a look at actually something from the show to give viewers a sense of what you guys do, the craziness. take a look. >> we've got a mile wide tornado, approximately 10 miles to our west moving directly at us right now. this is a life threatening situation for the people in this area. see it? this could be an f-5 right here. >> was this an f-5. were you scared looking at thatening? >> i think it was right in the four. but, you know, it's moving at 70 miles an hour so you could see it off in the distance and the next thing you know, it's right on you. it's definitely a scary moment out there. >> unbelievable. you guys all came together. you actually drive this thing. what are we looking at here? the dominator? the car that you built. >> this is the dominator, meant to go inside the tornado and keep us safe. >> you drive this thing, come on over here and bring the camera over here so you're in the car, you guys are all piled in here, how do you find a tornado? >> we got -- usually we have our laptop in here, we have access to the internet. you can look at radar, satellite
7:47 am
and all the information you need in order to get out and storm chase. actually kevin is in there, he's the guy that built the dominator. >> you guys got this -- what is this, a bulletproof armor on this thing? what is this? >> yeah, it's basically bulletproof so if a 2 x 4 comes at us at 250 miles an hour, it will hit it and shatter and bounce off and keep us safe. >> you've been obsessed with this since you were a kid, reed, and you called up chris at one point and wanted to join him on your crazy journey. how did this unfold? how did you come together and decide you were going to do this as a career? >> chris and i went to high school together, worked at a golf course growing up and joe and i have been storm chasing together for 10 years. chris came down to decide a tour company, tornado tours. tlc came to us and we decided to storm chase. >> what's the best one? >> we saw one on may 22nd this past year in south dakota. it was 1/2 mile wide.
7:48 am
we got 50 yards from it. it was an absolute beautiful tornado. >> i've seen some blood on your forehead for different things. have you been injured doing this? >> we were inside a tornado in southern nebraska last year and i couldn't lift up the bulletproof gas and i rolled up the regular glass and it blew it my face. we never like to draw blood during "storm chasers" of course. >> what's the scariest moment? >> june 17th of last year and my ear lobe was dangling there and got severed and we always have a medic with us. he put it back together and it's fine. >> unbelievable. the show is "storm chasers" you're heading into your fourth season. check it out wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. so exciting to watch the show. the book is called "into the storm" interesting read about how somebody could be this nuts, quite frankly. nice to meet you guys. congratulations on the show. i'll take the dominator for a little spin in a little bit. coming up on the show, we've got much more on "fox & friends."
7:49 am
we have officials in one -- military ballots are missing their deadline for military officials. they won't be able to vote? how can this be happening in the united states of america? much more on that. congressional candidate bobby schilling joins us. [ female announcer ] swiffer dust & shine with febreze freshness is scientifically designed to clean and help eliminate odors. you may never go back to your old furniture polish. ♪ she blinded me withcice
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>> all right. here are a few quick headlines. b.m.x. rider and mtv hosts t.j.lavin in a medically induced coma following this crash during the hard rock hotel in las vegas. at the hotel. friends say this was his last ride before announcing his retirement. no, this is not the swamp thing. it's a man dressed in a moss camouflage caught allegedly
7:53 am
trying to steal gold nuggets from a rock museum in oregon. cops found the man after a dog sniffed him out in the woods and bit him. >> while the federal government is cracking down on illinois, the department of justice is asking the state to report on its progress sending out ballots to troops overseas and reports so far is not good. at least one county with a large military population has admitted to missing the deadline. bobby schilling is the republican candidate for congress in the 17th district of illinois and we also invited on his opponent, congressman phil hair but his office declined. thank you for joining us. >> hey, thanks for having me. >> let's talk about this -- what happened in st. claire county, the county clerk there admits that about 1300 overseas military ballots missed the september 18th deadline. they weren't sent out until
7:54 am
october 4th. how did this happen? >> you know, this has been going on for far too long. our boys and girls are over there fighting to defend our freedoms here and, you know, this is a problem across the land but i mean, here in illinois, i think what we need to do is people need to be held accountable for these actions and, you know, every election it seems like we go through this and our boys and girls are already defending us and fighting for our freedoms. this is just completely wrong. >> the st. claire county clerk says that the reason they didn't send them out on time is because they were waiting for a decision as to whether or not the constitution party candidate was going to be included on the ballot. so they didn't want to send out all these ballots if they were erroneous and they were missing a candidate. that sounds valid. isn't it? >> yeah, that sounds valid. but, you know, i mean, why wasn't the constitutional candidate on there sooner to where, i mean, this stuff needs to be addressed and it needs to, you know, we need to have congressmen and women working hard to make sure our men and women that are fighting for our
7:55 am
country aren't disenfranchised. this is ridiculous that people fighting for freedom cannot vote for vote on time. >> you're running for congress. do you think this oversight, this lack of sending out military ballots overseas will affect the outcome of your race and others. >> you know, i don't really think it will affect mine. it could affect some other races. i mean, the military folks tend to lean more to the conservative end. and it could -- i know there's a real close race, it could affect a race definitely. >> as we mentioned, the department of justice is now investigating illinois and all of the counties and what went wrong here. what do you think the d.o.j. should do to the counties that miss that september 18th deadline? >> you know, i think they need to research and see whose fault it is and, you know, once they can figure that problem out, that person needs to be terminated. i mean, it's one of those things where we have to lead by
7:56 am
example, you know, if you're not getting things done in a proper fashion especially when it comes to our voting rights, people need to lose their job if they're found at fault. >> bobby schilling, republican candidate for congress in illinois 17th district. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up, president obama trying to fire up democrats this weekend but could he hurt the candidates that he's trying to support? former press secretary dana perino has an insider's perspective on that. then -- n.o.w., the national organization of women, says the w word. that expletive used to describe meg whitman is spot on. really? what does a woman have to do to get the support of an organization that supports to support women? michelle malkin is here live with that. miss dimitra, when will you marry me? - be my wife. - miss dimitra, marry me. - marry me. - marry me. - marry me. - be my wife, please.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> why wasn't the attack prevented? >> and it's a crucial seat in the senate. florida's candidates turning up the heat and making party choice a major issue. >> you heard mr. crist saying, you know, our party because he's used to being a part of the
8:00 am
republican party. >> you're running as an independent because you took the poll. >> the reason i left the republican party is it was becoming less and less free. >> more of those fighting words coming up. >> is that a freudian slip? then whistle blower wikileaks set to release even more classified documents, expected to be bigger than the last leak. will our troops be in even more danger? "fox & friends" begins right now on this saturday. >> hi, i'm joe biden. you're watching "fox & friends" and i'll tell you what, you'll enjoy it. >> there you go. thank you, mr. vice president. >> you know, president obama yesterday saying down there in wilmington that, in fact, joe biden was the single best decision he ever made as president. >> can you believe that? >> picking him as vice president. >> above health care. we'll talk to karl rove and ask him about that specific point. we've got karl rove coming up on the show. governor mike huckabee and michelle malkin will be here. >> right. 17 days away, we are talking a lot of politics this morning. but we want to start with your
8:01 am
headlines including this fox news alert. wife of a chicago man charged in the mumbai terror attacks told federal agents three years earlier that her husband was an active militant in an al-qaida linked terrorist group. "the washington post" is reporting that david cold man headly's wife had told agents her husband had bragged for working as a paid informant while he trained with terrorists in pakistan. revelations came after his wife found her husband had another family in pakistan. all but two of the 33 chilean miners are out of the hospital and now at home. of the two recovering, one has dental problems and the other is suffering from vertigo. officials have canceled a mass supposed to take place at the san jose mine tomorrow. some of the miners are showing signs of disorientation and struggling to become reaquainted with life above ground.
8:02 am
the government is launching an investigation into the sale of three bonds by the troubled city of . eight current and former city officials currently face criminal charges there. they're accused of using millions of dollars in public funds to inflate their own salaries. joe who volunteered to cut steel at ground zero immediately after the september 11th attacks has passed away after battling lung disease. because he was a volunteer, he was forced to fight for years to get aid after 9/11 charities closed. when he finally did get workers comp years later, he and his wife were broke and his lungs deteriorated. he worked 28 straight days at ground zero in 2001. he was a hero. he was just 43 years old. >> the thing, he wanted to go down there and cut steel. he said it was the right thing to do. >> it was the right thing to do. >> and then not be able to get aid, hopefully his death will
8:03 am
not be in vain for 9/11 workers who are suffering the same will be able to get something from this. >> certainly was a hero. let's get to rick with a check of the fall conditions out there. rick? >> hey, guys, yeah. cool conditions across a lot of the northeast. still warm in across parts of the plains. 56 in kansas city as you're waking up so some warm air out there. all kinds of frost advisories, though, in across of the ohio valley of not the case in towards the northeast even though the colder air has moved in here and take a look at some pictures. this was kind of a nor'easter. technically the nor'easter but not really until it formed out across the gulf of maine. take a look at pictures across areas of vermont. they got 12 inches of snow in some spots and if you are a snow fan or a ski fan, you like seeing these pictures. first snow always exciting. but if you're not so much of a winter fan like ali, these pictures can be a little bit scary. >> brr! >> there you go. if you have pictures of some of the storm or what fall looks like, not looking too much like fall there, send it to me on twitter.
8:04 am
facebook page. a little bit left of this storm, kind a brisk fall-like day and out across the west, things looking fairly calm right now. we'll see thunderstorms and showers across idaho and down s across the four corners of southern california, system will park here. here's the temperatures across the plains. big drought from areas of illinois, indiana to the central gulf. they have not had much rain at all this summer and with the high temperatures we've seen all summer and continuing here, we'll be dealing with some problems there as well. unfortunately, that will probably become a bigger story as we move through time here. there you go, guys. >> all right. >> the gloves have come off. >> were they ever on? >> i don't know if they were ever on but florida is an absolute hotbed right now of political activity. charlie crist, the independent who left the republican party to run as an independent and running against marco rubio and
8:05 am
you have kendrick meek down there who are sticking it out. they had their debate yesterday and boy, did the gloves come off once again. take a listen. >> i'm the only candidate here as an independent who say democrats have good ideas and republicans have some good ideas. >> this race is about the people watching at home and quite frankly what kind of country our children is going to grow up in. >> mr. rubio and mr. crist stand on the same platform. you heard mr. crist saying our party. he's used to being a part of the republican party. >> this notion you switched to become an independent because you're a centrist looking out for the betterment of our country is quite frankly a fairy tale that only you believe. you're running as an independent not because you took a principle stand, you're running as an independent because you took a poll. >> it's important to understand when you believe things in your heart and soul, you need to stand up for the people. >> if you believe in freedom like i do, that's the reason i left the republican party because it was becoming less and less free on the right wing part
8:06 am
of it. >> people need leadership. we need to make sure we deal with the tough issues that are facing this state and we can do that without attacking, personal attack. marco rubio has essentially blind ambition. and these are their words, not mine, mr. speaker, that you've turned your back on your hispanic family and that they are -- they think that's inexcusable. as it relates to the dream act. as it relates to immigration reform. >> used ha hard knock politics. that's quit frankly offensesive and outrageous to say i turned my back on my hispanic family. you've attacked the congressman's mom in the ad and you're attacking me saying i turned my back on my family. you shouldn't repeat things like that. >> referring to his family metaphorically saying the hispanic family. >> that's a cowardly approach in a debate saying this is what i have to say. kendrick meek say he's not dropping out. some say the only prayer charlie
8:07 am
crist has is if kendrick meek drops out. he defined himself last night by saying he's the only guy that wants a tax increase for the wealthy. if that's how you define your campaign at this point, you are floundering. >> they have a debate about social security and whether that's off the table. or whether in terms of the interest of financial health, it's on the table. so here's -- listen to a portion of that. >> the last thing we need to do is anything that right wing extremist marco rubio has talked about that he wants to put on the table. if you elect me to the u.s. senate, the only thing on my table is protecting and preserving social security as we know it today. >> you know for a fact and i have said this repeatedly but my mom is a social security beneficiary. i would never propose raising the retirement age on her or any current beneficiaries. and i have never said i want to put a cap on that. that's existing law. you are misleading voters about my position on social security because you have no solution. you know my mom is a beneficiary of social security. you've met her and you know why i know why it's shameful, you
8:08 am
can't even look at me when i tell you that. >> well, we should let you see the latest polls there. marco rubio is leading with 44%. charlie crist there is 30%. kendrick meek to your appointmepoint, dave, lagging behind. no indication of whether that debate moved the needle. >> it seems what the democrat and independent wanted to see is they want rubio and want angle to come out and appear extreme and they're not. that's what we've seen christine o'donnell in delaware, they're not as extreme as they're trying to paint them. >> they're not making the mistakes is what their opponents are hoping. let's turn our attention up to massachusetts to the fourth congressional district up there because barney frank in the fight of his political life right now against challenger shawn beilat got fired up in a debate and one of the most heated moments came when they were having discussion abouts social security as well and shawn beilat saying in the debate that he was in favor of partially privatizing portion of social security and allowing people to put some in a retirement account and barney
8:09 am
frank challenged him fighting back and forth. oddly enough, they remained tafrth tarp targeted on the issues and not going to the personal attacks. >> the tea party has distinguished itself by punishing mainstream conservative republicans by not wanting to cooperate. they've said to republicans don't have bipartisan cooperation. >> the crux of the congressman's argument seems to be if you disagee with me on the bill, you must be a fringe lunatic. that's just not the case. i'd say it's a useful and helpful thing in a democracy to have citizen activists much tea party are a group that are getting out there talking about issues they care about. i'd encourage more of that. >> they talk more about the housing crisis and beilat is saying barney frank, you were at the helm during the mortgage crisis. you supported fannie and freddie. you have to take some responsibility and frank countered with, actually, i was interested in not housing for everybody even people who couldn't afford it. i was interested in getting more
8:10 am
rental properties, he said, which is how he pointed out a new angle that barney frank is seeing if that resonates with voters. we had howie carr on, radio talk show host in boston. let's listen to what he said earlier. >> this is the first tough race he's probably had since probably 1982 when he was redistricted in with the republican congresswoman. statistics came out yesterday for the september fundraising period, shawn beilat raised more money than any candidate for congress in massachusetts. incumbent or challenger. i mean, barney still has three times as much money as shawn. but i think -- i think beilat is giving him a run for his money and you're seeing the sweat. and, you know, he's -- he keeps saying, i had nothing to do with this. i had nothing to do with this. but as the old saying in law school if you have the facts, pound the facts. if you have the law, pound the law. if you don't have either, pound the table. barney has been doing a lot of table pounding in this campaign. >> so what's happening in boston today? well, the president is there.
8:11 am
not stumping for barney frank but there on behalf of his good friend duvall patrick trying as another term for governor. is he having the same effect as he travels out there and campaigns for democrats as he did in 2008. well, dana perino was on "the factor" last night weighing in on just that. >> when he was the candidate and on the campaign trail, and you look at those speeches and you listen to them and you can understand why he won by such a substantial margin and then you compare that to some of his speeches today and it's almost like what happened to that other guy? he had a great mandate to do things on everybody's mind. jobs. what did they first get? a stimulus project that now even he admits he based on shovel ready projects that don't exist. part of it is that we are still a center right nation and possibly even moving more -- a little bit slowly to the right. it's what people hear him saying and they think -- he -- well, i might disagree with his policies
8:12 am
but i want to be able to think he has my best interest in mind. that's what people don't see. what they hear is a lot of conned sengs. >> instead of trying to go to these fringe areas where they thought they might be able to hold on to some of these seats, go -- >> battleground states. >> the bluest of the blue right now. wilmington, baltimore, boston. it seems like the white house is shifting here. >> it's interesting, dana perino there touched on what, i think, the heart of an article coming out tomorrow in "the new york times" magazine about whether or not the president is more disconnected in the oval office than he was on the campaign trail. you know, he's the campaigner-in-chief and they're putting him back on the campaign trail that he did so well, obviously in 2008 and even people in the white house wonder in some way what happened to that person now that he's in the oval office. his style seems different. >> yeah. much more on that as we mentioned earlier, karl rove and
8:13 am
mike huckabee weighing in all this coming up on the show. president obama accusing the chamber of commerce of using foreign funds to pay for election ads. michelle malkin is next with what the white house is trying to intimidate donors and chill free speech. >> then learning to write in cursesive was a huge part of our school experience, of course. but in the age of ipads and texting, is writing in script even necessary? some schools say no. i blame clayton morris for all this. >> i can't even write anymore. vegetables have important vitamins and minerals that can really help protect you. and v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings. powerful, right? v8. what's your number?
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♪ with tasty grilled flavor and goodness to savor ♪ ♪ friskies grillers blend. ♪ feed the senses.
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8:16 am
>> president obama and even vice president biden challenging the chamber of commerce to reveal the names behind all of their financial contributions. they're saying some of the money comes from foreign donors. >> is this a threat to democracy or a political scare tactic? joining us now is fox news contributor syndicated columnist and author of the culture of corruption, michelle malkin. a woman with many, many titles this morning. nice to see you on the show. >> good to see you. thank you. >> so, you know, the criticism right now from critics is the white house doesn't appear to have a scintilla of evidence to go after and charge the republicans with accepting money from foreign donors in this
8:17 am
capacity through the chamber of commerce. where's the evidence? no one has been able to produce anything yet, have they? >> no. they haven't and of course, what's remarkable about the criticism is it's not just coming from the usual corners on the right or among conservatives but in fact, it's liberals like bob schieffer at cbs and "the new york times" that have completely dismissed the attack and i think what's important to focus on is that this is not just about the chamber of commerce. and i think it's a mistake to turn them into the sole martyr. there's been a political witch hunt against conservative and republican donors that's been carried out by white house operatives and white house sympathizers for at least the last two years. and in my latest column, i recorded and reminded people that in fact, some of these progressives have been very brazen about specifically trying to target and intimidate g.o.p.
8:18 am
donors to dry up their coffers and to make sure that the playing field remains tilted and planted in favor of the democrats from the left. >> and michelle, it's debatable whether this even resonates with the voters and whether this is something they care about in their gut. the other issue here is -- is the president trying to intimidate some of the voters and trying to keep them on the sidelines if, in fact, that's their goal. have they had any success in keeping those donors on the sidelines? whether it be the chamber or american crossroads or crossroads g.p.s.? >> right, well, if you listen to some of these groups that have been targeted, in fact, there's been a backlash. and it's made americans all the more sympathetic to these groups that have been in the crossfire. and i just want to go back because i want to remind people of -- of how brazen some of these tactics have been. during the 2008 campaign for president, for example, there was a move by a former
8:19 am operative and he announced that he was going to send 10,000 letters to top g.o.p. donors warning them against giving to conservative candidates and causes and he was very open and explicit about his goal and the goal was intimidation, the goal was to suppress g.o.p. donations. and it's not just these fringe groups. in fact, the team obama lawyers themselves for the 2008 presidential campaign went after a single donor for funding an ad that criticized obama's relationship with bill ayers. it's very chilling and i think what it teaches us, guys, is when they exploit disclosure, they don't really mean disclosure at all. they are for disarmament of their political enemies. >> let's move to california to the meg whitman, jerry brown race for governor and n.o.w.,
8:20 am
the national organization for women, has come out and endorsed jerry brown. but they're in a pickle because they have to figure out what their position is on the fact that someone on jerry brown's campaign used this sexist slur to describe meg whitman. and frankly n.o.w. has been all over the map with their position on this. >> yeah, and i don't think anyone should be surprised at all by their duplicity and insincerity. what this exposes is they're not for women's rights at all. they're for liberal women's rights at the expense of the dignity and grace of conservative women. and look, i've experienced this for as long as i've been a conservative woman in public life, and the w word which they used with regard to meg whitman is really something that we've come to expect five times a day. it's a good day when we're not called that more than five times a day because of our political views. >> yeah. michelle malkin, thanks so much
8:21 am
for joining us on this saturday. we really appreciate you coming in. >> thanks, michelle. >> you bet. thanks, guys. >> coming up on the show, we dream of retirement, spending our days relaxing on the beach somewhere. our medical a team says retirement can be harmful to your health. what you need to know when we come back. say it ain't so.
8:22 am
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whooping cough has sickened more than 5,000 infants this year alone. nine have died. the c.d.c. says that adults can help prevent infection in infants but not enough adults are getting the shots. dr. kumar is here with more on this. hi, doctor. nice to see you. haven't we all as adults been vaccinated for whooping cough? >> you have to get a booster and you're supposed to get the
8:25 am
booster for whooping cough 10 years after your tetanus shot. problem is adults are not getting it. in fact, in 2008, they found only 5 1/2% of adults got their booster which is a whooping cough booster and, in fact, they had over 13,000 cases that year of whooping cough. it's really critical for adults that are taking care of infants to get their booster shots because if the kids don't start getting vaccinated until 2 and don't complete the vaccination series until they're about 4 or 6 years old. >> i'm so glad you're hear to remind people. when you go to your doctor for the regular checkup, they never mention a whooping cough booster. >> exactly. you can take it with your tetanus booster which you're supposed to take your tetanus booster every 10 years as well. so you can take the two of them together in one shot. >> all right, good to know. let's talk about this university of michigan study that talks about retirement, what everyone is longing for. but it actually diminishes your brain power. how so? >> so if you thought you were going to 65, go get a house down in the -- down in mexico and lie
8:26 am
on the beach all day and drink tequila, don't do it because you're going to lose your memory. instead, what you want to do is you actually -- what they're finding in these studies is the longer you work the more brain power you have essentially. the more memory that you have. when they looked at england, england had a higher score with the memory loss because they worked for them in their 60's compared to people in germany ask australia and the u.s. scored first because we work longest so the bottom line is the longer you work, the more your mind gets stimulated which means your memory will be better. your thinking power and reasoning powers will be better as well. >> working keeps you sharp, i have to remember that. meanwhile, let's talk about the very interesting study to look at 15 stanford university students who describe themselves as "wildly recklessly in love" what did this study find out, i guess, about their tolerance for pain or how they experienced pain. >> right, what they found out is it actually decreases or
8:27 am
distracts them from the pain. this is not the i love you kind of love. this is head over heels, crazy in love kind of love. when they showed a picture of these students -- a picture of this person that they were wildly in love with, it actually distracted them from the pain. and that's -- and part of the reason for that is that it stimulates the dopamine receptors in our brain similar to opiates. are we going to start exchanging percosat for pictures of our romantic loved ones in the hospital? no. it tells us the perception of pain is very complex and perception has to do with how much pain we're experiencing. >> interesting. thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> all right, it's supposed to be the biggest leak of secret documents ever. what we can expect from the whistle blower web site wikileaks now. then bernie madoff's palm beach mansion finally sold. that's, i guess, the good news. well, the victims of his ponzi scheme are really ticked off about this. and some democrats putting major distance between
8:28 am
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8:31 am
swiffer's built smarter to clean better. ♪ she blinded me wi science >> welcome back, everybody. let's get right to your headlines and show you what's happening today. in two days, we expect the single largest military leak in history. whistle blower web site wikileaks making nearly 400,000 pages of classified u.s. army documents public. in preparation, a 120 person task force has started reviewing what the site's founder could reveal. in july, you'll remember that wikileaks disclosed 77,000 pages of secret u.s. war reports. the candidates for pennsylvania
8:32 am
governor will debate on their home turf tonight in pittsburgh. the republican and democrat are scheduled to square off on issues that include natural gas drilling, taxes and balancing the state budget. the latest rasmussen poll found corbett with 54%. this is the second of three planned debates and the last one is set for monday night in philly. a new book says a member of bill clinton's cabinet once owe proposed letting saddam hussein kill an american airman as an excuse to go to war. this is the shocking revelation and its part of a new memoir by general hugh shelton, a former chairman of the joint chiefs from 1997 to 2001. the plan proposed in the late 1990's was for the u.s. military plane to fly low over baghdad to entice the iraqis to shoot it down. that plan, of course, never came to fruition.
8:33 am
bernie madoff's palm beach, florida, pad is officially off the market. >> oh! >> yes, you didn't get your bid in time. the five bedroom, seven bath mansion sold for $5.65 million. a third less than its original asking price. it's the last of madoff's three homes sold to pay restitution to the victims of his ponzi scheme. all right. in coral gables, florida, there are plenty of rules to live by and now a new no-no is in the works. gasoline powered leaf blowers. they're noisy. as you can hear. they kick up dust and dirt. they put out carbon emissions that are bad for the earth. the commissioner says he's getting an earful from residents who with calls and e-mails running against the blower ban. some people are so upset about this, they want him recalled from office. >> you think they're that loud? i mean, are they really that loud that you can't talk in your
8:34 am
neighborhood. if of a hearing aid and you live in coral gables, i'm just saying. >> yeah. seriously i don't think it's that annoying to have that in the background constantly. i mean, i can carry on a family kvrg o conversation out in the backyard like this. >> what? what? you're right, not annoying at all. >> good display there. let's talk a little sports in seven of their first ever playoff win, the texas rangers did essentially everything right. the yankees everything wrong. outcome if you went to bed early, a bit of a surprise. alcs game one, early on, all texas. josh hamilton, three run homer off of c.c. sabathia who lasted just four innings. rangers were up 5-0. seemed over so i went to bed. bad idea. in the eighth, r.b.i. single by a-rod, and the big one from marcus timms. that dooms texas. yankees rally from five down to win 6-5.
8:35 am
rangers again never won a home playoff game. the big one tonight. the nlcs begins on fox. giants and phillies. an epic showdown, i think one of the best post-season pitching matchups we've ever seen. 7:30 your coverage starts. nfl where the vikings say it will be a game time decision whether bret favre will start this week. favre, despite painful tendinitis in his right elbow says he's ready to go. his record starting streak extends back to when george bush was president. george herbert walker bush, that is. back in 1992. vikings host the cowboys sunday and an investigation by the league into favre's behavior against that former female employee for the jets, still ongoing. to college football now. what a run, watch this. cincinnati visiting louisville. running back is down. right? he was down once, he was down twice. somehow gets out of it all. and still takes care of that defensive back.
8:36 am
85 yard, amazing touchdown run. but cincinnati gets the last laugh. bearcats win 35-27. >> all right. let's go outside to rick to see how the weather is around the country. >> hey, clayton. if you're -- right on cue. no, it was a jackhammer. >> yeah, you never know in new york city what you're going to hear. >> if it would have been the jackhammers in florida. >> i wish. >> take a look at the pictures as you're wake up. cooler temperatures across parts of the great lakes and the northern rockies. central plains, the heat continues. temperatures again around 15 to 20 degrees above your averages. take a look at this picture sent to me by jean on facebook. this area in pennsylvania. you know that area, clayton? there you go. looking very, very nice. lot of people enjoying that. few of those leaves blown down because of the nor'easter or kind of mini nor'easter that we saw across the northeast the last around 48 hours. tail end of that still bringing some rain across parts of
8:37 am
northern new england into maine today and it's going to be breezy still behind it. we have some wind advisories in effect. middle atlantic looking very sunny and we've got warm in across parts of the plains and completely dry. head out across parts of the west. few scattered showers around parts of idaho and into montana. nothing that will cause any major problems and then a few scattered showers across areas of the four corners into nevada, southern california as well. those are going to be light at this point. but getting heavier throughout the week. in across the far northwest, lots of sunshine and the temperatures for today shaping up like this. we'll see those warm temperatures continuing in across texas. if you're going to a game today in arlington, texas, how's that? 86 degrees. not looking too bad. all right, guys, send it back to you inside. >> thank you, rick. that will be hot. let's talk about class in school that i think we all took growing up in elementary school and it seemed like forever we took this class. cursive writing. it was part of our curriculum. that's what we knew. we always studied writing how to
8:38 am
make those perfect t's, crossing all the s's and making them swirl back and everything else. dave's handwriting is exactly on par with that. >> all cursive. >> but now schools are dropping cursive in droves because people aren't using it and there's no way to really accurately test for it and they want to devote their time to other tests and other studies. >> it makes sense. look, with so many people who are texting, you send e-mails all time, we write on our computers all the time. cursive it may go the way of the do-do bird. i think you look upset. i'm sorry, you feel nostalgic with cursive. >> with the little curly q's. he's got a cute -- >> i'm hanging on for dear life. my kids, they're learning cursive. why? >> why is it so important? >> you know, i just feel like it's a lost art. it's something important. sign checks although we don't write checks -- school administrators at western springs elementary school have said that they found that it actually teaches cognitive skills. that by actually paying
8:39 am
attention to the hands when they practice this, it helps with their reasoning and helps with their logic but other people are dropping it. they say up there, they are holding on to it. >> like me. let us know what you think about cursive. would you hang out to it? and let us know what you think about your boss this morning. because it's national boss day and one of those things you can't stand about your boss. i had a hard time getting tweets on this. i think the boss follows them and on facebook, they're facebook friends. >> very wise. >> let's look back at some not so good or wonderful bosses. you decide which one this is from the famous movie "office space." >> hello, peter. >> what's happening? >> i'm going to need you to go ahead and come in tomorrow. so if you could be here around 9:00, that would be great. ok? >> oh, oh and i almost forgot. i'm also going to need you to go
8:40 am
ahead and come in on sunday, too. ok? >> what horrible bosses would ever make people work on saturdays and sundays. but they -- the chicago tribune has done a great piece on what makes a good boss. these are things that universally people say they really admire and appreciate in a boss such as he or she listens well. they see the problem before it turns into a crisis. they answer your e-mails. not as fast as you answer yours but they always answer your e-mails. >> actually horsefly on twitter writes let's see how many people are stupid enough to post what they loathe about their boss on twitter and facebook. i threw that out earlier this morning but debbie walright says my boss is my dad so i'm always reachable 24/7. i can't hide from him! >> oh, man. >> let us know what you think. friends at >> in honor of national bosses day, what did you guys get? >> we got him a fantastic show
8:41 am
of -- >> granola. >> let us know. a lot of people talk about micromanagement is the thing they don't like. coming up, the midterm elections in less than three weeks. but some americans already getting in their early votes. is early voting giving democrats an advantage over republicans? that's next. >> chilean miners could be really rich men after their harrowing 10-week ordeal underground. big payoff could be coming their way pretty soon. if they all stick together. we'll have the details. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
8:42 am
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celebrex. for a body in motion. >> a dose of watermelon a day could help keep high blood pressure at bay. scientists say the fruit contains compounds that widen blood vessels and may cut risks of heart attack and strokes. and a new study says a test actually helps students learn. the act of retrieving information improves memory so researchers recommend taking practice tests while studying and finally doctors say mouth to mouth resuscitation is not always necessary when giving c.p.r. performing chest compressions by themselves could increase a heart attack patient's chance of survival by 20%. for more info on those stories, you can go to and click on for your health. let's go to dave.
8:45 am
>> from a surge in early votes to a delay in military ballots, there's already a few bumps along the road to midterm elections so how can voters be sure their voices will be heard? john is a conservative columnist with the wall"the wall street j and a fox news contributor. he joins us live this morning. good morning to you, sir. >> thank you. >> let's talk about this early voting. first off, democrats pouring in the early votes especially in the state of ohio. we have a couple of examples that you can take a look at. john, does this give democrats a big advantage when it comes to the midterm elections or does it just spread out the voting a little bit? >> well, the same thing happened in 2008. democrats did vote early. look, when we had only one election day and i wish we could almost go back to that. you could put all of the focal energy that you had in the campaign on one day. now it's spread out but for the party that has an enthusiasm gap, democrats aren't as excited about this election. it gives democratic
8:46 am
congressional candidates about 20 extra days to go out and convince their voters, look, you may not want to vote today but how about tomorrow? so it gives the party that has the enthusiasm gap more of a chance to close that gap. >> you see the example there, montgomery county, ohio, also in cuyhuga county, ohio, we're seeing an enormous discrepancy. nearly 600,000 ballots have been requested. is there any reason you any this opens the door to corruption and to fraud as far as the early voting goes? >> no, although we have to very carefully monitor the registration list to make sure that they're accurate. but the real problems in people voting material are in absentee voting. that's not where we go to a government office which is what's being done here but where you get your ballot in the mail. there's all kinds of potential for fraud because it's out of the view of election officials and anything can happen to the ballot. >> meanwhile, there is a problem regarding our troops overseas and them not having a voice in
8:47 am
these midterms. so many will be left on the sideline and it has nothing to do with their part. it cams down to the states and the counties getting in ballots. what's the problem? what is happening here in regard to not getting ballots in time to our troops? >> well, it's sad because the competence of some of these election boards in states like illinois and new york are such that you could walk through their deepest confidence and not get your ankles wet. illinois apparently lied to the justice department and said we have sent out all the military ballots ahead of the 45 day deadline to guarantee they get there and back. apparently they didn't. it might be up to 35 counties that haven't sent out the military ballots in time. new york, new york city and various other places were supposed to get the ballots out by october 1st. in some cases, they haven't been sent out. now, the justice department supposedly is going to be suing or forcing the states to get the ballots out early but may be already too late. i think the justice department has been very slow to catch up with this problem.
8:48 am
>> yeah, here's the department of justice response. "the department is working with all states including illinois to investigate and remedy any problems that will prevent our men and women serving overseas from having the opportunity to vote. where does it go from here? case closed, some of these troops won't get to vote in november? >> this happens every election. i think it is shameful that under two political parties, bush and obama, we haven't seen to solve this problem. look, d.h.l. and federal express have offered in the past, we'll give free service for military ballots being sent back and forth. apparently, we haven't been able to work that agreement because of problems with the postal unions. let's solve the problem. >> let's do it. that's a very important problem in this country. thank you for being here this morning. coming up, many democrats putting major distance between themselves and president obama. some are even touting republican principles. ahead of these elections. governor huckabee knows something about running for office. he is here next.
8:49 am
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8:52 am
>> just 17 days until the election and it seems that many democratic candidates are adopting a new strategy of distancing themselves from their own party. listen. >> i'll take on washington and this administration to get the federal government off of our backs and out of our pockets. i'll cut federal spending and i'll repeal the bad parts of obama care. i'll take dead aim at the cap and trade bill. because it's bad for west virginia. >> that's one of the best ads of the season. and i love the little fiddle music in the background. that's west virginia governor joe manchin one example of this type of ad.
8:53 am
governor mike huckabee is here to talk all about it this morning. governor, nice to see you this morning. >> good to see you. >> that ad just speaks to what democrats are having to do right now. walt minnick in idaho is crushing his republican opponent there in the third most republican district in the country. joe manchin having to run away from obama. >> the democrats have to run from their party and not with their party this time because their party has made so many colossal errors of showing contempt for the voters, contempt for the people that ought to be their bosses. as a result, you have people like joe manchin who is a good guy. i've hunted with him in wyoming in the one shot antelope hunt. >> is he that good with a gun? >> he's a genuine hunter. this is not fake. some people rent a gun for the campaign. joe is a great guy. problem is he's in the wrong party this year and a lot of people are wanting to send a message all the way to nancy pelosi and barack obama and harry reid and do it through local races. only way to get the undivided
8:54 am
attention of the democratic party is to flush all of them out including some guys that probably are pretty decent but, you know, that's the best way and the only way we'll get the attention of the party. we don't care what you think. we don't care what you think fortunately we'll do it anyway. >> a couple of very interesting nuggets in "the new york times" this week. one is coming out tomorrow that talks about you as a presidential candidate but we'll get there in a minute. we'll talk about the tea party. "the new york times" calls them small but influential and the question is that after midterms, will the tea party move from being a movement to a political party? >> for their sake, i hope so. if they do, they will become one of a -- they will become the small competitor in a really tightened field. it will be like saying, i think i don't like the airlines and the way i've been treated, i'm going to start my own. oh, really? you think you have the capacity in the capital to do all the things that are necessary, the tugs, the conveyor belts, the ticket gates and all the things. what you ought to do is say i'm
8:55 am
going to start an advocacy group and force all the airlines to be party. when the tea party does that, they're effective. day they become a party, they're a nonentity and we will empower the democrats, the party they like least. >> that's part of the "new york times" story that comes down tomorrow, it mentions you as a presidential candidate and the white house staffers believe they'll be running against you but they say the most important thing that the president does not have a primary challenger and that they think the staffers inside the white house think the tea party will take the republicans so far right that he'll cruise to nomination. now, if you wanted to declare 2012, that would be great or react to their theory. >> it's flattering to be named in something like that. i'll tell you the mistake of the white house staff and thinking the tea party is taking the republicans too far right. no, the tea party is making the republicans act responsibly on spending and debt. that's not radical. it's radical to spend money you don't have and borrow money you
8:56 am
can't afford to pay back. that's radical. it's not radical to say we want the government to operate like we have to in our households and like small businesses have to operate. >> governor, hold on one second. hold on one hot second! >> oh, my, here we go. hold on. >> this is what the article says. i quote "if they had to guess today, some in the white house say that obama will find himself running against mike huckabee, the former arkansas governor. "are you considering running in 2012? >> you know, i haven't ruled anything out but it's not something that i'm honestly focused on and i know that sounds like the typical expected political answer but it's the truth. we've got to get through the midterm elections. i think they're the most important and i think when the republicans take the house and senate as i think they will, it makes it harder for a republican to win in two years. >> certainly. >> not easier. this idea that obama is a one term president will be ridiculous. two years ago, obama was soaring. a lot can happen in politics in a very short period of time. never forget, he'll have a billion dollars, he will have no primary opponent. and the republicans will have a
8:57 am
20 man demolition derby going into it. we remember what happened with bill clinton in 1994 and in 1996. tonight on the show, you are interviewing incredible hulk himself, edward norton. >> he's in a new movie with robert de niro. we have march low thomas. >> and john kacich as well. >> as you know, if you've been watching our show, we've been covering the topic of vaccines a lot on "fox & friends." this morning, a closer look at this, can you sue a pharmaceutical if a vaccine harms your child? >> then president obama announcing his best decision ever, health care maybe? no, it was picking joe biden. karl rove on that topic. i love h and science develop new ideas. we've used hydrogen in our plants for decades. the old hydrogen units were veryarge.
8:58 am
recently, we've been able to reduce that. then our scientists said "what if we could make it small enough to produce and use hydrogen right on board a car, as part of a hydrogen system." this could significantly reduce emissions and increase fuel economy by as much as 80%.
8:59 am
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[ female announcer ] new tide original with acti-lift technology helps remove many dry stains as if they were fresh. hey! you found it. yeah, it must have been hiding in my closet. [ female announcer ] new tide original with acti-lift. style is an option. clean is not. get acti-lift in these tide detergents. >> good morning everybody, it's saturday, october 16th, we're ready for you, because it's a huge weekend for politics. a crucial seat in the senate, florida and the candidates are turning up the heat. look at this. . >> you heard mr. cris say our party,s' used to be a part of the republican party. the reason he left the republican party because it's less and less free. >> more of those fighting words. >> oops. >> fox news alert now, reports the fbi knew about plans for
9:01 am
the deadly attack in mumbai three years before more than 200 people were killed. was a serious tip ignored. >> and whistleblower wikileaks expected to release dulocuments about iraq. is it bigger than the last one. >> you're watching "fox & friends." >> welcome in to "fox & friends" this saturday morning. thank you so much for waking up with us, we just had governor mike huckabee here and we had malcolm, and karl rove going to weigh in on the debates, marco rubio in florida and bar na frank. >> the wife of a chicago man charged in a mumbai terror attacks told federal agents three years before the attacks that her husband was an active militant in an al-qaeda-linked
9:02 am
terror group. "the washington post" reported that david kowallman hedley's wife bragged about working as an informant for the dea while he trained terrorists in pakistan and his wife found out he had another family in pakistan. >> massive demonstrations going off in france, president sarkozy's plan to raise the retirement age. there's a huge retest underway in paris and strike fuel supplies, cutting flights and rail services and sarkozy wants to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. meanwhile, pay attention to this story, please, the father of a missing ten-year-old girl is speaking out. adam baker says he's not sure if his wife alyssa is involved in saecht a hchl zahra's disapp
9:03 am
alicia baker a held behind bars for writing a fake ransom note accused of throwing to throw off the investigation. 31 of the chilean miners are recovering at home and two are still in the hospital. one suffers from vertigo. and a blast in the mine, some men are struggling to become reacclimated with life above ground. so far they have haven't said anything about the ordeal, a rumor that they have have pact to stay mum to tell their story together. and wikileaks, 400 classified documents, the biggest military leak in history. and fox's james rosen joins us now from washington with more.
9:04 am
do we know what the documents are? >> well, we know, alisyn, and federal officials put more than a hundred people to work to determine how much damage might be caused 400 documents related to the iraq war. wikileaks told them in july when he posted documents that he has six months backlog of material he is preparing to leak and now american policy makers and military officers are brace for the next round of the self-styled whistleblower. defense secretaries robert gates, carl levin chair of the armed services committee to say that the an initial assessment concluded that that round of afghanistan war releases by wikileaks had not compromised any intelligence sources or practices. now, we're hearing from
9:05 am
another certified whistleblower, colleen rowley, remember her? she was a special agent and legal counsel of minneapolis division and came forward to 9/11 to detail how she and hers connected the dots between the so-called 20th hijacker, moussaoui arrested shortly before 9/11 and the al-qaeda plotters behind the attack and they were stymied by the superiors in washington the fbi officers even when they pleaded at the time they were quote, trying to keep someone from taking a plane and crashing it into the world trade center, they were that explicit at the time. now rowley is asking in an l.a. times op-ed a provocative question, had wikileaks expected would that website have prevented 9/11. wikileaks might have provided a pressure valve for those worried about what might happen and superiors seeming indifference, now back to the group i like to call cad,
9:06 am
clayton, alisyn and dave. >> cad clayton. >> i like that, thanks, james. >> all right. >> let's check in with jim doing the weather today. >> hey, what's up, guys? >> look how cool it is, 43 waking up this morning in nashville and chilly air down the southeast and the morning is going to warm up nicely during the afternoon hours and we still have some breeze or some frost advisories across the south and another cool night across parts of the appalachians and chilled. here you go, this is the nor'easter that moved across the northeast mostly yesterday, but a little bit of snow here and take a look in killington, vermont, if you're a skier, you love it like this. dave, i know you are, i am as well, this is looking really, really nice unless you're alisyn and you are shivering already. >> i don't buy that for a second, ski sometimes. >> i don't buy that for a second. too cold for you to be skiing.
9:07 am
the kind of morning to wake up, a lot of areas, four to six inches and highest reported 12 inches and the rest of the country looking kind of high and dry all weekend long and a little bit of rain in idaho, and parts of the southwest. and here we go into the caribbean, we're fot completely done with tropical storm season yet or hurricane season. probably the next formation area and so, we ten to watch that, if you're looking for your high temperatures for today. there you go. all those, with 86, guys. >> i'll show you, i am a skier my favorite run is colorado apple strudel. >> your favorite rock. >> run. >> and thank you, rick. >> and 17 days away from the mid terms, let's bring in karl rove, from texas and join us, analyze what happened last night in florida in tampa at this three-way debate. good morning, carl. >> good morning.
9:08 am
>> all right. so let's talk about this very interesting race. there's charlie crist running against marco rubio and kendrick meeks. people say it got heated, but they always say that. give us your thought. >> last thing we need to do is any of the i think so this that right wing marco rubio wants to put on the table. if you elect me the only thing is protecting and preserving social security as we know it today. >> you know for a fact and i've said repeatedly mom is a social security beneficiary i would never propose raising the retirement age on her or anybody and never said i want to put a cap on cola. governor, you're misleading people about my positions on social security. you have no solution. you know why, you can't look at me when i tell you these. >> all right. i tell you what, seems pretty clear, doesn't it, krarl, a lot of the democrats in this case, trying to paint the
9:09 am
republican as extremist, like what's happening in nevada, delaware, now florida, are they succeeding? >> no, they aren't and here they're not succeeding for an unusual reason. we had three candidates so you have rubio moving from the right to the center. you've got the two shall the independent and the democrat fighting for ceptiessentially t center an and left. rubio can expand the universe and meeks and cris got off on the same people. and he got the best line, about charlie chris, and this shows a change nor marco rubio and solidified meeks and talk that democrats were going to try to get him out of the race. what he's doing, chewing up charlie chris from the left and a ceiling how far that will take him and cris is
9:10 am
being pushed from the right and center and this is going to be rubio in a walk, bites time it's over. >> so much so the republicans pulled a 4 million dollar ad buy they have so much confidence. karl, your take up in bo of the in the 4th congressional district and barney frank and the fight of his political life. let's listen their dae by the the merits of the tea party. >> the tea party distinguished itself punishing mainstream republicans who want to cooperate and what the tea party has done, said to republican, you don't have my cooperation. >> the crux of argument seems to be if you disagree with me on the bill you must be a fringe lunatic, that's not the case. the tea party are a group that are getting out there. they're talking about issues they care about. i would encourage more of that.
9:11 am
>> karl, it seems like where there's personal attacks, it seems like in boston they're focusing on the issues. does it help or hurt barney frank. >> it hurts him. you can see in the unbelievable interviews, the republicans are going after him for support of fannie and freddie and this week, barney frank for years and years and years, the ardent defenders of fannie and freddie and one time under secretary of treasure and bush administration reining them in and reform them. he said you're making this up and fundamentally, financially strong and they have collapsed in the biggest financial disaster our country has faced and frank is saying in he is essential, i was wrong we should have regulated them. it's not my fault regulated. i was against regulating them and it's somebody else's fault that it got through and this is a sub tan tiff debate between one of the ardent liberals in the house and
9:12 am
articulate young conservative who in a democratic district is giving barney frank a run for his money. >> and some have it to frank and the anti-incumbent fever is not present in barney frank's district. >> the republican is going to do much better than anybody does against frank, even if he doesn't win. here is the point, it's healthy for our democracy to have elections the outcome is so much in doubt and with candidates focused on the issue that people hear a good discussion about meaty questions and public policy and members are held accountable for their past actions, votes and statements. >> karl, we'd like you to stick around. how could we convince you, make you breakfast. >> we glued him to the seat. >> one thing ask alisyn ask me anything she wants me to do, i'll do. on the other hand, you two guys, come on. >> karl, would you mind sticking around, pretty
9:13 am
please. >> for you, for you, absolutely. >> president obama. >> oh! >> and weigh in on that, no, it's not health care, i want karl's decision on this, he says it was picking vice-president joe biden and we'll get his take on that. >> what? >> karl, hang on. >> what? >> the best piece of video we've seen in quite a while. the unbelievable car chase and shootout coming up. knows how to make things that are good for you. new v8 v-fusion + tea. one combined serving of vegetables and fruit with the goodness of green tea and powerful antioxidants. refreshingly good. ♪♪ a flavor paradises aof delicious fishes ♪♪ ♪ friskies seafood sensations. ♪ feed the senses.
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9:16 am
>> so what does president obama consider his single best decision in the last two years? was it the stimulus? was it overhauling health care, was it financial regulation? no, listen. >> i've had to make a lot of decisions over the last 24 months, both before i would ha have-- i was president and since. the single best decision that i have made was selecting joe biden as my running mate. joe has been an extraordinary vice-president. >> we are back now with former senior advisor to president bush and fox news contributor, karl rove, who almost fell off of his chair when he heard that. karl, he passed this massive health care reform bill to face the public opposition and
9:17 am
800 million dollars stimulus bill and may i remind you the teleprompter was there when he said that. he didn't fly off the cuff, he believes that, he wrote it, what do you think. >> i think that's the rhetorical overkill that gives me the willies. please. he chose joe biden during a moment sitting out there in hawaii, the rush invaded georgia and worried about having somebody on the ticket having torn policy experience and reached out and got the only guy he could, the foreign relations charm in the senate who has been wrong on every major foreign policy issue since he came to the senate in 1972. it's one thing he's an extraordinary vice-president and we work closely together. to say it's the best decision, against the currency he might be replacing him in 2012 with hillary clinton and let's let joe know that's not true calling him the best decision i ever made. the gaffe-meister?
9:18 am
please. >> he's saying that millarkey. i don't know whether the president would believe that or not. and in the new york times, everyone in washington read it it comes out tomorrow and president obama is revealing, he admits to mistake and shovel-ready projects for the stimulus, never shovel read and never going to work in the fuhrs pla first place. why in the world would president obama give this interview right now? >> i don't know, but you know, and it's a very good piece and it's illuminating. he doesn't admit to many mistakes. one of the principal mistakes there weren't shovel-ready projects. only 3.3% of the 800 stimulus bill, roads, highways and extension of runways and is he only waking up now that the bill put that much in the quote shovel-ready projects. he said this is mostly a communications problem. whatever the mistakes and problems are are not my fault.
9:19 am
for example on the stimulus, i should have let the republican insist on the tax cuts that i put in the bill so they could own it. well, there aren't tax cuts in the bill. in his billion what he calls are tax cuts are transfer payments, welfare from the government, to people who don't pay taxes from people to talks. and talks to me as i'm a dog. and people recognize that he likes campaigning more than he does governing, he likes getting out on the campaign trail and taking it to his political opponents like he did in 2008 campaigns. that's not what we elect the president to do. he's not the politician chief. he's got duties in that regard to his party, but he's principally supposed to be focusingen 0 running the country and doesn't done the things for the americans who are going to turn out and punish his party. >> and bill clinton on the
9:20 am
campaign trail in arkansas and while there he called you a genius, although i'm not sure he meant it as a compliment. >> oh, he didn't, did not mean it as a compliment. in unwith week, president obama attacked me and bill clinton attacked me, obama said i was a threat to democracy, clinton said i was a genius, these two should get together and get their talking points. what am i a genius or-- >> he knows tle' anger out there. no, mr. clinton, i understand that the american people are irritated what the democrats have done and take it out at the polls and let me tell you he went in and campaigned against a former aide of mine, tim griffin running for congress in arkansas, i will bet the former united states $100 to his favorite charity that tim griffin is going to win that race going away with a strong, despite president clinton campaigning against him, he's going to win in spite of the fact that he's my former aide. >> karl, will be performing at
9:21 am
caroline's comedy shop doing the clinton impression. >> the most qualified for president, and the-- >> karl, thank you so much, and we will allow you to leave the studio now, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, thank you, karl, we've all been over the top of the back seats on "fox & friends," a closer look at this when we come back.
9:22 am
i think someone at my friend's school has this thing called autism. my friend's brother's son has autism.
9:23 am
my neighbor's son has autism. my son has autism. announcer: autism is getting closer to home. today, 1 in 110 children is diagnosed with autism-- that's a 600% increase in the last 20 years. learn the signs at
9:24 am
>> all right. as you may in, we have been on top of the topic of the scene on "fox & friends" and now the supreme court is weighing in on whether families can sue if they think a vaccine has seriously harmed their child. we're joined by the graduate legal skills program at the nyu school of law and she represents families of the vaccine injured and also with us is business attorney.
9:25 am
mary, great to have you here, because you went down to the supreme court this week when they heard this landmark case whether or not pharmaceutical companies will be allude to be sued if a child is injured by a vaccine and you also filed an amicus brief and behalf of the family whose child was injured after a vaccine. so tell us what's happening at the-- why this is so significant this week at the supreme court. >> well, i think this is an issue about child safety. it's whether it's under this 1986 law, which is in question. what comes first, is it safety of vaccines for children who have to take the mandatory products or is it about protecting corporate, corporations, and corporate products and the position on behalf of the organizations i put in for was that children safety obviously comes first. >> seth, why shouldn't pharmaceutical companies shouldn't be held responsible if a child is injured as a result of their vaccine. >> they're held responsible
9:26 am
for a variety of different actions and legal claims. the only claim that is here, called a sdeend effect claim. in the late '80s, congress to protect children and the free flow of vaccines without getting hampered from national state tort lawsuits created a comprehensive federal scheme run by medical experts to make sure there's uninterrupted flow of supply and vaccines and it's all about children safety, that's obviously critical. as a result of that federal scheme. over 2500 families received recovery since 1989 in the amount of over 1.9 billion dollars. so we all agree it's about the safety of children and the free flow of vaccines, but the question is, before the supreme court, is there a federal preemption of this broad federal scheme to prevent all of these particular kinds of claims on design defects to flow through the state court system and i believe the court will rule they should not do that. >> yet, it's more complicated than seth is saying, because a lot of the families say in order to get compensation they can't say their child has
9:27 am
developed autism from a vaccine. so tell us what, how this case moves the needle. >> well, alisyn, this is not a case about autism, this is a case about hanna who got a vaccine when she was six months out. a diphtheria pertussis vaccine and got a seizure condition and i agree, the issue here is only whether you can sue for design defect in a state or a federal court. i want to point out that the vaccine industry got some incredible benefits out of this 1986 law. all claims are channeled into this special administrative program, the vaccine manufacturers are not themselves defendants. the money that paid out damages out of this program that seth mentioned is actually taxpayer funded money and there's a very short statute of limitations, if the claims go to state courts there are limits on damages and in order to preserve children's safety, the
9:28 am
congress left open this door. so that there could be claims for design defects. >> i bring up autism, of course, and i want to address this to you. because there are so many families, 5,000, waiting in this court to see if this supreme court case will somehow affect their plan. do you think this has a ripple effect beyond just the test vaccine as you mentioned for diphtheria and to all the autism cases? >> it probably will. it will end up determining whether these families will be able to file lawsuits directly against the companies in state court or go through the federal program. the issue isn't whether families can sue, the question is whether they can do it. in this tribunal it's imperfect and inelegant one family received 1.9 million in one case and the american academy of pediatrics and also filed an amicus brief and supported the program to keep
9:29 am
the free flow of vaccines for children. i agree it's an emotional issue and i think there's also a venue where congress said if this is where people should file these specific types of claims. >> well, seth and mary, i know you're watching this very closely to see what the supreme court decides on this, as are so many families. thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> all right, coming up, president obama picking thomas donil eechlt in and was he the right man for the job? john bolten weighs in on that. and reality tv a try, a sneak peek at her new show next and police telling people to stand back. one of the most dramatic police chases you'll ever see. playing )
9:30 am
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9:33 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends." it's time for your shot of the morning. look at this amazing video. >> oh, my. >> at this moment people in west virginia, that's right, celebrating the 31st anniversary of the gouge river day festivity. the largest extreme sport in the world happening since 1980. hundreds of base jumpers made the sleep above the river and 8 seconds, don't worry they have parachutes. this is incredible. have you ever been to the new river gorge. >> no. >> you have. >> living in west virginia one the most beautiful suspensions in the world and to see them jump off. >> in the fog. >> foggy right now. it's incredible to drive over there. >> would you do that. >> of course not. >> not in the fog, however.
9:34 am
>> all right. folks, it's national boss day in case you weren't aware and kind of fitting that it comes on a weekend. isn't it? now it gives you a chance to step away and reflect on your boss, what he/she does right, what he/she does wrong and kind of like michael scott from the office. >> i declare bankruptcy! hey, i just wanted you to know that you can't just say the word bankruptcy and expect anything to happen. >> i didn't say it, i declared it. >> still (laughter) >> and so we asked you though, what does-- what drives you nuts about your boss or what do you like? a lot of people couldn't weigh in because their facebook friends with their boss and follow them on twitter. >> not much privacy and scott
9:35 am
on cape cod says i'm the boss, should i be worried? i don't know, scott, maybe. >> nolan doleson, i've got a great boss and very interested and concerned, and he can to make work easier, is your nose brown, nolan? >> another one from twitter, my boss is easy going, compassionate, tough when she needs to be, but also fair. >> and fair bosses. >> that's clear. >> mmmm mm' mm' good 1200, the errors are overlooked, excused while others are chided. >> that's what the article says is bad. your boss should have respect for you and be more of a role model not just looking over their own issues. >> one thing they keep writing about, micromanagement. the biggest complaint about bosses and one of the leading causes of bosses being poor performers is micromanagement and also to your point, in the article and a lot of people saying this on twitter is-- >> good listening. >> good listening, exactly. >> and mary schmick in the
9:36 am
chicago tribune and read it especially if you're a boss. >> happy boss day for the good bosses. >> we'll be giving out chocolates after the show. >> now to your headlines. >> in three hours from now, president obama heads to boston with less than three weeks till the mid terms and campaign for his friend, patrick the. and he wants to strengthen the labor market by closing tax loopholes. >> i want to give every business in america, a tax break so they can write off the cost of all new equipment they buy next year, they are going to make it easier for folks to expand and hire new people and i also want to make the research and experimenttation tax credit permanent. >> republican congressman mike penn says it's not enough if congress fails to act, every american will see a tax increase in less than 100 days and 88 million taxpayers in the lowest bracket will face an inminimum tax increase of 500 dollars and higher taxes
9:37 am
on income, gapt gains and inheritance. >> and a gathering in anaheim. palin hopes to whip up supporters for the final push to the mid terms. while she was travelling we got a sneak peek at a new reality show, sarah palin alaska. >> family comes first and it's got to be that way. no boys go upstairs. and this is flipping fun. this eight part series debuts on november 14th on t.l.c. all right. meanwhile, supreme court justice samuel alito will not be at this address. you may remember last. >> last week the supreme court reversed a century of law that i believe would open the flood gates of special interest, including foreign corporations, to spend "without limits"-- >> and that's where you see samuel alito say, i think, not
9:38 am
true. and alito says the speech has become too political and for the justices to sit like a proverbial potted plant, end quote. no comment from the other eight justices yet. check out the dramatic chase in brazil. the suspect, an escaped convict ended up running into traffic and trying to escape from police and he decides to back up right into motorcycle cops they opened fire on him, but the convict was not finished yet. back he goes ramming into two suv's and the officers swarm and the end comes quickly at this point. at least three people were hurt during this, the driver is now in custody. those are your headlines. >> let's check with rick reichmuth who is outside for a look at the windy, gusty, cold weather. >> it is, but i'm getting schooled on naples, naples on the gulf. >> naples on the gulf. >> why on the gulf? >> because that's where it is (laughter) >> there you go. that's how it works. all right, let's take a look at the weather picket right
9:39 am
now. we've got very cool temperatures across the areas of the northeast and in fact some of these folks from the south say it's freezing up here in the northeast. not that bad yet, trust me. very nice conditions across the central plains and nice picture from "sleepy hollow," i think it's sleep y hollow, new york, and dave briggs is here, and dave briggs, going specifically. send me pictures on twitter. nice conditions for fall and a lot of people checking the colors in and around the northeast, take a look at the forecast for the day today. 0 nor'easter to pull through the area and brought in cooler, windier conditions across the northeast and rain and high elevation snow across northern new england. past that, the board looking absolutely and gorgeous down across the gulf and lots of sunshine and not across the west. a few showers across the far northern rockies and we'll see scattered showers this week and across the areas of the four corners once again and dave, over to you.
9:40 am
>> thanks, buddy, good news for you this morning. sprinkler season has come to an end. so your water bill climbs down, but mark cartozza from home depot says you can save more on the water bill and not just sprinklers, did it yourself. >> water is such an important resource, it's not unlimited and there are communities across the country starting to struggle with their water supplies and we have droughts it seems like every year and the point is we as a nation, waist so much water and don't realize it, we waste about a trillion gallons a year because of faulty fixtures, leaky faucets and toilets and what we're talking about are things anybody can do and it doesn't require a huge change in your life style. when you think about this kind of thing, i can take a couple less showers a week, it's not that. >> i can't wash the dishes this months. >> exactly. fix things in your house. >> how does a new faucet help me save water? >> with most older faucets, they use the flow of the water, the faucets three to seven gallons per minute and the law require the newer
9:41 am
faucets don't 2.2 gallons a minute. a huge step savings. and you can look at a water sense logo and the epa tested fixtures to make sure they're water efficient and also don't have to change the performance to get to that efficiency. so look for the water law goe and put that in and save water. the actual process of changing the faucet is not that complicated. if you all can look under here, if you've never looked under, there's a basically a supply line that connects the water source to the faucet and you make out the supply line, easy to do and loosen the nut and hold the faucets on and they may have been stuck, take that off, take off the faucet. all there is to it, replace it and reverse the steps. >> it's also simple to install a new shower head, but people fear the low flow hair, from seinfeld. >> a lot of the technology has
9:42 am
come so far, they do the same work with less water. see, and you don't notice the difference. >> same pressure. >> you don't notice the difference, and save on water. basically a shower head used to use-- what a waste, 3 billion gallons of from showers. 2 1/2 gallons per minute and newer once, one and a half and every minute saving a gallon. make sure if it's stuck, trying to work with it, don't work with it too much without holding the supply line. >> you could lose it and then you have to fix it. >> and we're talking about the toilets, you can change-- >> the old flushing system. >> older use about three and a half gallons every time you flush the toilets. newer ones are about two and a half, but you can even go further than that with high efficiency toilets and save more, if you don't want to change to a new toilet, you can install a dual flush mechanism and easy to do. they cost about $17 and gives you the option of a lighter
9:43 am
flush, if you don't need the water. let's say you throw a tissue in the toilet, you don't need all of that water to flush it out. you can save 15,000 gallons every year. >> save money, help the environment and that low flow hair, the high pressure shower head. >> that's right. >> and the dave briggs volume, he puts a lot of product in there and extra aeration. >> he defies gravity. >> and president obama's new national security advisor considered a policy guy. he was even considered anti-war at one.. is he really the right guy for the job? former u.n. ambassador john bolten is next with us. >> and never seems to add up to savings, can we put the human calculator for the show today. he will do the crazy math. >> will he help me balance my checkbook? . ♪ . [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style.
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>> welcome back here to "fox & friends."
9:47 am
the president's new national security advisor, advisor thomas don ilon was once anti-war. and the troop deadline was next summer. even though most military don't think a deadline is a good idea. and joining us ambassador john boulten, nice to see you. >> glad to be here. >> let's get thoo this some op-eds representing the choice, and saying this is a disaster for foreign policy, a guy once anti-war behind our policy in afghanistan. do you buy that? >> well, certainly, that was the view of secretary of defense, robert gates, if you believe bob woodward's latest book on obama administration decision making, i think ultimately. any staff is a reflection of the decision maker who picks it. so, nobody knows tom donilon's
9:48 am
views on afghanistan better than president obama and if in fact they remain committed to a substantial american withdrawal, beginning in the summer of 2011 as the president said, then, donilon may be the man he wants to carry out the president's own policy. >> so it seems as if, if i'm hearing you correctly, maybe this is the best possible choice for president obama, put a guy in there who's anti-war, and who lays the groundwork for keeping this withdrawal on pace. >> well, exactly. and it con notes the national security advisor i think who is going to be very much a staff person, unlike his predecessor, general jones, substantial achievement. commandant of the marine corps, supreme allied commander in europe. somebody who can deal with the state department and pentagon as an equal. this is much more i think, a shadow of the president. >> reading the tea leaves, mr. ambassador, do we see the taliban starting to come to the table and a move to bring in the karzai government and
9:49 am
the taliban sitting down for a possible peace agreement. is that the gunnibeginning of t ground work we're seeing for a withdrawal and president obama can wipe his hands clean of it, you know what, we can't do anything more, we've brought the two together, we've got to step back and bring our stoops troops out there? >> absolutely, i don't think this is the right time to negotiating, i don't think we are negotiating or the karzai government is negotiating from a signal of strength. i think it will strengthsen their negotiating position to see what they can get out of it. i think the predicate is absolutely to try to find some further basis to justify that u.s. and n.a.t.o. troop withdrawal. so i view this as a very bad signal. >> it seems kind of obvious now that you put it in those words. mr. ambassador. always great to see you here on "fox & friends," thanks so much. >> always glad to be here. >> coming up on the show, this guy says cutting the government debt not as hard as lawmakers think. human calculator cutting the
9:50 am
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>> we have a couple of quick headline for you that neck and neck senate race is the highlight. as early voting gets underway in nevada. voters can cast their ballots in they're going to, for a two week period prior to november 2nd. and lawmakers says it allows for more accurate and official ballot counts. uses a false identity for a navy charity, for veterans. prosecutors say a man and co-conspire tore scammed ohio
9:54 am
residents out of at least 1.9 million dollars. let's go over to dave. >> thank you, aly. can we cut spending? the folks on capitol hill don't seem to have an answer for that, we do. the citizens against government waste is one of the top taxpayer watch dogs and gave us a list of one of the wasteful programs and we brought in scott, also known as the human calculator and he's going to add up the savings. a few cuts of the literally hundreds of cuts you could make to our budget and save some major cash. good morning to you, sir. >> nice to see you, dave. >> let's go through the cuts and show us how much we could save in about two minutes. >> all right, eliminate market access, this is about taking jobs overseas or not and we're spending about 3 million a year and escalating as the years go by and that's 3 million right there. >> small fries. >> and nasa's mission to mars, 1.5 billion dollars. all right. >> now there have been cuts already made to nasa, some say we can't cut further because the russians are taking us
9:55 am
into space. >> and mars, we can feed some people in america for a year. and farmers subsidizing concern, 4 billion dollars. does that sound right. 4 billion dollars. >> just from memory, that of course is about subsidizing ethanol. >> yes, and then the peanut subsidy, 140 million. >> you're good. >> and the next one is sugar subsidy, i can't believe how much we're eating of this stuff 1.2 the price to control sugar, substydyes for amtrak, 202 million and 40 some lines and only a few are profitable. >> and they haven't been a profitable model even though we need amtrak. >> i didn't know about this, federal employees don't pay for parking so if they pay parking 140 million and so if you take these numbers and these are just some of the smaller ones, really, just a very few choices of things we could do, add these up and end
9:56 am
up with 7, 7.185 billion dollars. and just for one year. >> and you did that in your head. >> that's what i do. and this is one year so every four years for a presidency 28.74 billion dollars, just from these small cuts at least. >> as we know, the budget deficits projected at 1.2 trillion so that's barely anything, but the citizens of government waste gives a long list of cuts and this is just one small portion of the things they say we could cut to save money. >> we've got to do everything we can until we get the national debt back to zero. >> you want to get folks involved in the national math challenge. >> we're looking for the best math students on the planet in americament and we had a guinness world record for the largest math contest and it's free and easy. >> what's the website. >> american math
9:57 am
it's free, fun, safe, easy and almost got a million students registered in over 5,000 schools. >> we'll link that to "fox & friends".com. and in the after the show show he's going to tell us what day we were born on. impressive. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. ♪ . ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. plus five dollars in coupons to get you started. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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