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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 17, 2010 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> jon: that is wrap for this week. thanks to our panelists. i'm jon scott. thanks for being with us and keep it right here on fox news channel. we'll see you next week. >> good morning everyone, it's sunday, october 17th. president obama gets heckled during a speech at a rally for democrats. >> in two weeks-- we're all right. in two weeks-- >> if his base is angry, what does it mean for the dems in the mid term election. >> and sarah palin inspired with her daughter on dancing with the stars as she talks to
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voters. >> and dance with someone else right now, but soon, soon we'll all be dancing. >> plus, the fiery words she has for president obama. >> and then 400,000 secret pentagon files on the iraq war could become public today. a live report on the potential damage from the whistleblower wikileaks. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> it's "fox & friends." >> good morning everybody, thanks for getting up early on joining us on this sunday again. so much politics to talk about on our show. >> yeah, our producers booked a heck of a show. newt gingrich will be here and the republican candidate for the governor of ohio john kasich. >> do you learn more about your spouse as the years go on or forget some things that they like or dislike? let us know, we'll have the results of a surprising study.
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>> a shocking new study. >> first, let's get right to the headlines and they could go public today and wikileaks may not way till tomorrow to release 400,000 secret military reports. and joining us with the developments is julia kirtz. what are we expecting, julie. >>? today or tomorrow when the pentagon expects the document dump from wikileaks and as you said this could be 400,000 pages related to the iraq war. spokesman for the defense department tells me they're not waiting for wikileaks to act this time. the 120 person task force set up after the wikileaks first big leak in july of the afghan war logs, they're going through the data base to determine how damaging a leak of this could be to the u.s. and officials believe the pending new document dump could contain information about significant acts, unit level action and tactful
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tactical material from the field in iraq. a letter released to fox news on saturday, defense secretary robert gates rights to carl levin, the chairman of the armed services committee. in an initial assessment by the pentagon concludes that the leak did not compromise any sources or methods, but did pose a potential risk to individuals. so the debate continues on the impact as the pentagon braces for another big leak of classified war information. >> we'll look for all of this, julie, thanks so much. disturbing news out of iraq this morning, hundreds of sunnis, allies of the u.s. have quit or been dismissed and many have rejoined al-qaeda, we're told. according to the new york times, many are well disciplined fighters with knowledge of americans in iraq.
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and the candidates for u.s. senate in kentucky will square off tonight. the fourth debate between rand paul and jack conway at university of louisville. paul continues to hold a double digit lead and the latest shows him with 49% of the vote to conway as 38%. more problems for congressman charlie raining many, the upper manhattan empowerment zone controlled cash, and the group's tax forms are incomplete and have not released their 2009 annual report. last spring they aperfected a grant to a troubled nonprofit, despite their own executives. and the grant is now held up. the obama administration is losing another member of the economic team, and top economist at the treasury department will leave next month to go back to princeton university and he's the lightest in a string of
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departures, including larry summers, peter orszag and christina romer. one of america's favorite tv moms have passed away. >> mom, can i have something to eat? >> i guess so. >> now, how did you rip that? >> watching the men dig a hole. >> barbara billingsly died, she had a rheumatoid disorder, and she was 94 years old. >> she set the bar so high for moms to come for generations and generations. >> that's exactly what it's like in my house. >> wink, wink. >> that's great. before we start and talk politics, who would have thought that california would have been a battle ground state. former governor sarah palin getting the crowd to its feet. no word with the house wives of orange county were there, but she was speaking to 2000 people and they were loving
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it, take a look. >> dance with someone else for right about now, but soon, soon, we'll all be dancing. we'll be celebrating because california will be put back on the right track, along with the rest of america. >> winning means that we secure our nation, we secure our free market. we secure our freedom and we restore american exceptionalism. >> the dancing reference, perhaps alluding to her daughter's stint on dancing with the stars. she talked about yogi berra, ain't over till it's over and resonating smaller government, lower taxes, popular theme even inle california. >> the crowd was 2000 people strong described as roaring. the big heavy weights from the democratic party and and ginning up their base right now. and sarah palin took the reference from dancing to jobs. >> a president today was
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getting pretty good at apologizing, but, see, he's apologizing to all the wrong people. so, mr. president, with all due respect, next time that urge to apologize weighs on over you, i have a suggestion who to apologize to. how about apologizing to the 15 million americans who are looking for work today. >> ouch. if you're wondering where the candidates were in california. meg whitman running for governor there, carly fee rina running in the senate against barbara boxer, in a separate rally and carly made reference of she's within one point of barbara boxer, one point in blue california. they were at separate campaign rallies trying to drum up support. >> they've not been seen on the same stage. a tale of two different moods in the parties. not only opposite coasts, but
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opposite moods. there's sarah palin in california and the president stumping for duval patrick who is running in massachusetts. and the president, ironically, heckled by the crowd. his own party. >> in a bill more than two weeks-- in a little more than two weeks, you've got a chance to do just that. in two weeks-- we're all right. . >> it did drum out the protesters. they were democrats, unhappy with his aids funding and current stance on the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. >> the message was you haven't kept your promise. a larger message that's reverberated in the left wing of the party frt not closing guantanamo bay, not removing troops from afghanistan and
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iraq, and-- >> and the gist of it was, you don't like how i handled it, you really don't like how the republicans would handle it. that was his retort and used what i think has become his favorite analogy will republicans, driving the economy into the ditch and let's not give them the keys and he did add a clever analogy, let's listen. >> this election is a choice and the stakes could not be higher because if they win this election, the chair of a republican campaign committee has already promised to pursue the exact same agenda as they did before they took office. that's what they said. i don't know if any of you have noticed, but if you want to go forward in your car, what do you do. you put it into d. you want to go backwards, you put it into r, don't let us go backwards now.
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>> and finally, you know, a lot of criticisms the democrats have been all over with the message, attacking the cal chamber of commerce. >> and john boehner and karl rove, that may have been the first salient thing that may stick for a while. maybe not if you look at the latest polls. take a look at the latest senate poll in illinois this morning, this is president's senate seat. this is the one that he gave up in order to become president. where do things stand now? this is i guess emblematic in the country of ours. and look at how tight the race is for the republican candidate. 44% to 43%. >> and it's a deeply blue state, suddenly up for grabs, neck and neck. and one thing in illinois, both candidates have been negative, about that keep the
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turnout down in november, we'll see. >> and one says it's further than nasty and people are throwing up their hands and both candidates have gotten in trouble for thing, and heard has been trouble for exaggerating his service in the gulf war and the other candidate the fed closed in on his family's bank and said it had mob ties. it's been an ugly race. >> you can imagine. let us know what you think about all the goings on in the political world., koep, the tea party also gets berated by the left wing media. the study proved they're not straight ahead. >> what makes men like rocky balboa mass lynn? his self-reliance and pride. >> how about his manhood. >> could be under attack and one writer says that it's been
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[ female announcer ] so your furniture is swiffer clean and your home is febreze fresh. swiffer gives cleaning a fresh new meaning. >> if you remember the movie cinderella, a story of a former fighter down on his luck and returning to the ring. the next guest says the role
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of the american man has always been to provide and protect his family and says the sense of entitlement by liberals is against the spirit that this country was founded on. good morning, steven. >> good morning. >> tell me, how is liberalism killing the masculine man. >> we're not talking guys downing beers or chasing skirts or the braune man. >> we're talking about the spirit of the man, yes, i can contain the world west going the distance. i can do this. >> and liberals say no, you can't, you're unable to, we step in and do it for you. that kills the spirit of self-reliance there by killing the man. >> peel are trying to visualize this. and here to make examples, for example, rock why i balboa, go ahead and read this, this is from your piece and you can explain what you're talking about. >> so, you want me to do the
7:16 am
voice and putting me on the spot. and you know, i'm still standing, all i want to do is go the distance, but only if the commission gives me a handicap. >> that's what rocky balboa would have said in today's era. >> people don't sit down, gee, i don't know if i can do this, you guys. >> and fun of him. and couldn't do neg. we're talking men who say listen, i'm a man, this is what i do. i'm going to conquer this, bravery is not being fearless, it's facing your fears and facing them head on. part of liberal says you can't, we want your vote, we're going to do it for you. >> here is what general george patton would say in today's society. >> accept the challenges so you can feel the exi go ration of victory so it's easier with subsidies is what he would say. >> so a lot of these masculine
7:17 am
males would have a far different message today. what are parents to do if they want to reverse the trend and keep the masculine male? >> i know we'll get a lot of hate male from feminists and i'm talking about the ideal. the man should streiff to be self-reliant and strive to provide for his family and living in it is the best you can do. you can't provide security for your time and say, it's okay, daddy is going to make everything okay. if you don't believe that daddy can make everything okay because you don't believe in daddy. that's the problem. so setting the example of providing for your family make sure your kids see you conquer those fears, uncle sam, i can i get a handout. >> don't be request i can to give them a handout. >> do time forrion.
7:18 am
we don't want to throw chum out. african-americans have the strongest families in america and when they essentially almost incentivized poverty, it became largely a fatherless household and it's sad and a tragedy and a spirit example of taking away the spirit of self-reliance, don't create, we're going to give. >> steve, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> it's one of the closest watched races in the country. sharron angle, harry reid, voters in nevada have a lot to say. >> politicians are-- term limits. >> aren't they all, aren't they all career politicians? isn't sharron angle a career politician? >> what else voters say, not what you would expect. more trouble for the developer of the mosque near ground zero. miss dimitra, when will you marry me?
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>> 21 minutes after the hour, time for the news by the numbers. five. that's how many you can post on president george w. bush's facebook page and winning a chance to interview him in person. and the number of cannonized in the catholic church. travelli travelling. >> and a rar sheet of audrey help burns stamp fetched at a charity auction in berlin. two-thirds of the proceeds will go to charity. >> oh, and 16 days away, the
7:23 am
foreclosure crisis is weighing heavily on the minds of voters, especially in nevada one of the hardest hit places. >> that's where harry reid is taking on republican candidate sharron angle. the two debated the other night and they watched with a group of nevada voters. take a look. >> i'm here in the foreclosure capital of america, las vegas, nevada. it's not just the unemployment capital, more people lost their homes here than any other place in america. watch this, how many of you know someone personally who lost their homes in the last three years, raise your hands. >> almost everybody. it's been one of the key elements of this senate debate. who is speaking your word when it comes to addressing foreclosures, when it comes to addressing housing? who is speaking for you? >> sharron angle. we've heard this before from a harry reid, but the closure crisis gets worse and worse. >> sharron angle was chosen or
7:24 am
elected to be the least effective in carson city and she should share as much blame for our housing bubble in the crisis. >> reid with right he did take action in the beginning of the foreclosure process. >> i agree, harry reid i was one of people that lost my home. >> you lost your home. >> yes, i did, i didn't see sharron angle was angling or nothing to let me keep my home. >> i had a-- i had a loan with bank of america, okay? i had a loan, do it look like i'm still in that house today? reid make sure that i kept, if i wanted to keep my house with bank of america. they said, sharron angle had said one thing and she's not doing it. >> and we are going to stop for one second. we're going to stop for one moment. i'm going to attempt to get control of this group, i'm not
7:25 am
doing all that well because i want to show viewers at home the reaction. the red line represents republicans and greenline represents democrats and the senate candidate debated on this only hours ago, let's see how they aekted to harry reid's response to the foreclosure process. >> why didn't you and president obama focus on jobs and the foreclosure crisis first? knowing how that's suffered more than any other state. >> we did focus on foreclosure first, one of the first bills we passed in this congress was mortgage fraud we've moved into that quickly and taking advantage of folks who are in trouble with their homes and we've had indictments in nevada. >> harry reid about that work for you. >> no, harry reid tried to close the barn door after the horse escaped. >> they thought it would help, but it didn't work. >> what about neither politician is responsible,
7:26 am
what about-- >> exactly. >> the bottom line. >> how many of you would say that personal responsibility should be a major factor. at least we've got consensus on that. >> read the contract. >> hold on, there's within more quiz that i want to show you at home. sharron angle talking about the housing crisis in nevada. see how our group reacted to sharron angle. >> the housing bubble was caused a long time before this recent recession. and it has to do with things that we have refused to deal with in our senate. that senator harry reid refused to deal with. we have a problem with the federal reserve. we need a true audit and freddie mac and fannie mae have never been really truthfully dealt with. they've kept sweeping that away and away and away and in fact, in this last finance reform bill we could have department with freddie mac
7:27 am
and fannie mae, but they said, no, it was too big a problem to deal with. >> so sharron angle does she connect you any better. >> no, let me tell you why, because it's like trying to gunshot wound with a bandaid. it's not going to work, not going to work. >> all right. let's audit the federal reserve, why not, why shouldn't we know what's going on. >> audit the federal reserve and this encongress-- >> why did harry reid just do something in the last few months-- >> and now you understand why all of americans watching nevada, god help us. [laughter] >> back to you >> yeah, a good way to sum it up. and you can just feel the anger in the room. >> and meanwhile a study on the tea party and found out interesting things whether or not it's racist.
7:28 am
if the student can figure it out, why can't the media. >> a man yanked off a flight and told he's too disabled to fly? he's been flying for years, he's a motivational speaker. >> we know that love can make you blind. can love make you dumb? stick around. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. and celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain,
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you do? your medicare card. [ laughing ]
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but don't let me orone see it except your doctor or their staff. and don't tell anyone your card or social secury number over the phone. guard your card. [ woman 2 ] i hear unauthorized card use is a big source of fraud. the new healthcare law ls us crack down on crinals and win against fraud. making medicare stronger. and speaking of winning... [ man 2 ] not again! [ man ] learn more at >> welcome back to "fox & friends." well, from all the mainstream media coverage the last year or two from what you've heard from celebrities, from the naacp, you figure the tea party must be a racist movement. that's what it sounds like out there. a new study pokes a lot of holes in that theory. >> yeah, just to refresh your memory, if you don't recall some of the mainstream media chatter about this, take a look. >> they have no idea what the
7:32 am
boston tea party was about. they don't know the history. this is about hating a black man in the white house. this is racism straight up. >> and you see folks waving tea bags around. >> and overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated and misty toward president barack obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. >> tea baggers, they're not a movement, they're a cult. >> all right, so meanwhile, if you feel, that a young woman has taken that theory to task and went to the 9-12 rally last month and what she did, she went row by row, hour by hour, and took pictures of every single sign at this tea party rally that she could find and what her con cluings were, after 250 signs, were
7:33 am
that only 5% of those mentioned anything about the president's race or religion. >> and if it's out of step what they said on tea party, we continue to take issue with the tea party's bigotry and bigoted statement. time for them to step accept the responsibility that comes with influence and make clear there is no space for racism and anti-semitism and other forms of bigotry in their movement. less taxes, less spending across the board. >> and emily, who conducted this study will be on "fox & friends." >> and she notes that freedom works, not in relation to her study, but throw out anyone having a sign with a negative or racial images, they're very against the racial tension here. >> and one more angle, she says that she did find some ugly signs, it wasn't that
7:34 am
they were out ugliness. >> sure. >> did see some that were offensive. her point was the mainstream media focused innen 0 those signs so much they have given the impression to the general public that those predominate and they don't. >> we've spoken to tea party members, there are bad apples anyway. >> and she'll be on the show tomorrow. >> we've got headlines. >> more money troubles for the developer of the ground zero mosque. valley national bank is suing rauf and his company, looking for funds to repay the loans. they took out a $100,000 loan in 2008 and default add year later and the firm was evicted for not paying-- >> another wife the chicago man charged in the deadly mumbai attack also came forward to warn officials and david hedley's second wife told the embassy in islamabad
7:35 am
he was involved with a terrorist group and was plotting against india. his first wife had also warned the fbi about hedley, but the fbi says the information from the wives was generic and did not provide specifics. that 2008 attack left 200 people dead. a warning from the department of homeland security to law enforcement authorities in arizona. the department says the drug cartels gang in mexico are sending, quote, assassins into the state to find rival gang drug thieves. they're angry that the bandits are stealing loads of cocaine, marijuana and heroin before it can hit buyers in u.s. cities. and after spending more than two years in a tehran prison, he says he's innocent. the iranian american business man never formally charged or tried, accused of passing money to a group. he says he gave the money unknowingly and he's set to return to california later in the week. he was humiliated and forced
7:36 am
off a flight for being quote, too disabled. the motivational speaker with cerebral palsy says his civil rights were violated. after being removed from the flight he was wheeled back to the terminal. >> they told us i could fly on u.s. airways if i found a companion to fly with me to assist me because i was a danger to myself and other passengers on the plane if something went wrong. >> well, according to u.s. airways, all passengers have to be physically able to assist themselves in the event of an emergency. he says he's flown by himself hundreds of times and he's set to meet with u.s. airways to discuss the policy. >> and clayton is wearing the red tie and sporting the phillies tie in spite of the bad news in the game, ross, roy halladay, a guy who threw a no-hitter in the post season debut, taken deep twice by the giant number eight hitter.
7:37 am
cody ross had his number and lincecum pretty solid and gefs up a homer to jason worth and phillies made an age of it. but the epic game between halliday and lincecum didn't show up. >> why show this. >> it's a late one, clayton. you'll get over and and be all right. alcs. ranges looking to win the first ever home win. and 2-zip, that was deep. 5th inning the rangers keep it on and that would be all for phil hughes. seven runs over four innings. both of their game one and two starters struggled. 7-2 your final and tied at one, coming back to new york where cliff lee pitches. what a major shake-up, wisconsin, this is the opening kickoff against number one,
7:38 am
ohio state. the opening kickoff return, 97 yards, by david gillre and ohio state. got within three, but wisconsin had the answer every time. you've never seen the party like in madison, wisconsin. the whole stadium was moving. 31-18 are final. number one dethroned two consecutive weeks and brett favre set to meet with officials a scandal with a former jets employee. and xhegser tocommissioner saide official were sit done with the q.b., and allegedly sent messages and photos and college football folks, a lot of fun. texas beats nebraska so the whole bcs system thrown into a
7:39 am
chaotic scene, but fun. >> that's typical of college football. >> great, got to love it. >> let's check with rick reichmuth who is outside in the fall coolness. >> i like watching alisyn's face during those stories. >> no, no, i'm trying to focus. >> well done, alisyn. >> she was looking at jen sturgis' outfit. >> ordering one online. certainly, a cooler start for a lot of people once again, you're starting to feel definitely the hold of fall moving. 40's and down across areas of the south this morning so a cool one. and satellite radar picture really not showing much of anything, a really nice weekend. you know, october generally is a pretty calm month across most of the country. and that's what we're dealing with. and we should move forward on the maps here and see the eastern part of the country looking nothing, going on. no clouds, no rain at all. that's anywhere to the east of the mississippi river. you have to go out across the west before you see a little bit of action and you can see rain moving in across parts of
7:40 am
central california, nevada, montana. and all of this is going to be light. and what will happen this week, it's going settle in across the southern california, new mexico and maybe west texas and that's the rainy zone for the next number of days, and not all of that bad of news. take a look at the temps today. warm across parts of texas into arkansas and you warm up nicely and a little cooler than yesterday. across the northern tier and take a look at your temps for tomorrow. we are going to continue to see things cool down a little bit up across parts of the north and up to 54 tomorrow in denver and 61 in new york city. >> all right, guys. >> all right. thank you so much, rick. a new study out this morning, and i don't know if it's one of the no duh studies or not. >> a new study out this morning, have couples grow older you become more ignorant. couples 18 to 32 year old
7:41 am
range. what meals you like, favorite food and as they got older in the 60, 70-year-old range, i don'ten what mom likes to eat anymore, they can't figure it out anymore. >> this is from the university of-- indiana university professor and professor-- they studied 16 different couples, some young newlyweds as clayton said. some older, married forever and they found that marriage and love makes you forget about your partner, not see them, i guess, clearly and you can't even identify their likes anymore and preferences. no, no, and they're talking about 60 year olds not 80 year olds. >> and now you're already starting to lay the ground, would, getting old. >> what's going on. >> you've got kids and trying to keep track of their clothes and likes and dislikes. >> i didn't realize you had a deathly pet allergy. >> no, no, i would go further than the study does, i would say that marriage makes you
7:42 am
forget your own preferences, if my husband is any indication. >> and you know what my husband does at a dinner party, baby, do i like humus? he doesn't know what he likes, why? >> e-mail us and send us tweets. later in the show, do you buy the study? >> coming up though, a shocking crash caught on camera, how a paraglider collided with a hot air balloon and what happened afternoons. >> and 33 miners survived 69 days in underground, what could have become their tomb and their rescue not only proof that hope is still alive today, but so much more. and peter johnson, jr. with an inspirational message that you won't want to miss. [ bob ] i'd love to build bird houses for the rest of my life.
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>> five minutes past the hour and time for quick headlines. get ready for red celery. a produce company is hoping that consumers will bite on the newest product. even though it's red it apparently tastes the same as green celery. a paraglider and a hot air balloon collide in the sky and this happened at an airport in arizona. three people on the balloon
7:46 am
suffered minor injuries, but the paraglider received head and spinal injuries. >> the world watched as 33 chilean miners were rescued after 69 days. peter johnson has a message. how often do you have hope in the past years and in these tough times, how often is our hope a reality. not often enough so we think. this week the world rallied around hope, the miners in chile. one family members said they weren't sure someone would come look for them. hope became resolve and resolve became success and in the boisterous moment of supreme joy, their hopes and ours, thanksgiving game early. in a time of controversy and man made and natural disaster,
7:47 am
it was as if an answering gel touched us on the shoulder and awakened us to the pleasure of revelling in the joy of other humans we will never meet and whose experience we will never understand. we realize as we do from time to time we can be refreshed and renewed by tears of happiness, it seemed to provoke the comforting realization that yes, someone would come look for us, too, in the dark recesses of the earth. like you, i was overjoyed, but then reality returned, the burdens of our daily life. i asked out loud here at fox, how as a nation do we dare to hope in the face of forecast, unemployment and family and friends in harm's way in times of war. and a wise news man at fox said to me, peter, times all it takes it looking a bit more closely at the world around us. like a 12-year-old boy in texas who this week came out of a coma he'd been in for five days, young jack pitman
7:48 am
hagland there he is, collapsed of a heart attack at home and his mother pounded life into his heart and air into his lungs and he spent five days in a coma, but this past tuesday jack woke up and gave his doctors a big thumbs up and returned his life to his mother. they're now calling him the comeback kid. in august, three-year-old alexandra couldn't rouse her father who collapsed in her home and alexandra who knew from her family that the fire station, 243 was a safe place to go for help. walked two blocks to the fire station on her own, and led the firefighters home, saving her unconscious father's life. these events prove to me, that very often, some of our worst fears spring our greatest hopes. for each of us our fears and our hopes are different, so it is rare that this week, all the cameras and all the eyes
7:49 am
of the world were focused on one hole in the ground, a virtual delivery room for our greatest expectations, where the earth looked like it was giving birth to hope hour after hour, miner after miner, it shows how we can focus our own lens a little more closely on the things around us. to listen a little more carefully because if we take the time to look and to listen, we can find hope in a 12-year-old texas boy, or a three-year-old california girl, who may live just around the corner. i'm peter johnson, jr., on a hopeful weekend in new york city, usa. >> thank you so much, peter, a wonderful message and by the way conversation to peter johnson, jr., named new york's super lawyer for 2010. i always knew he was a superman. coming up on the show, president obama's health care reform law facing a major challenge tomorrow.
7:50 am
one state taking on the retirement that everyor requirement that everyone be forced to buy insurance. one calls it unconstitutional. and sarah palin firing up the base. >> you fire pelosi, reid and band of merry followers as we get back on the right track. >> how will voters respond when they go to the polls? . >> we've got a flood. hits the road, the nose the angels start second guessing where they tread. ♪ cl 1-800-steemer
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
> >> president obama's health care reform law forcing everyone to buy insurance by 2014 or face fines. but many people say that's unconstitutional. and in virginia in fact they're taking the issue to federal court tomorrow. the attorney general of virginia argues that congress exceeded authority by imposing
7:54 am
an individual mandate and he join us this morning from d.c. good morning to you, mr. attorney general. >> good morning. >> tell us what you will argue when virginia takes its case to court tomorrow? >> there are two basic constitutional points. one is that the individual mandate you mentioned goes beyond the power of the government under the commercial clause. normally they try to regulate commercial under the commercial clause and here they're trying to order you and me to go buy something, in other words, to get in the stream of commerce and that's never ever happened before in the history of this country. when people talk about the case being unprecedented, that's what they mean is there's this command to every citizen has never been done before, and the second piece is they are also arguing, a fallback provision, that the penalty, if you don't dp by your approved health insurance is a tax under their taxing power. so, if it is either one of
7:55 am
those, then the federal government wins, but virginia's position is that the federal government doesn't have the power to order you and me to do this. nor, is the penalty a tax. >> and as you're well aware shall the president in initial arguments over this health care reform said this will not be a tax, they have certainly changed their tune. >> i'm curious what it means to you, what happened in florida this past week, because it's not just your state, but 19 other attorneys general are challenging the constitutionality of obama care, and here is what a federal district court judge had to say about it. he said regarding this individual mandate. this is not even a close call. the power that the individual mandate seeks to harness is simply without priority precedent. now shall the obama administration was asking that the lawsuit be thrown out. judge vincent said not so fast. what did that ruling mean to you and to the rest of the states at this point? >> well, first of all, it's very important that they continue forward. there are two cases with states in them, the one in
7:56 am
virginia that will be heard tomorrow and the one in florida where they got by round one earlier this week. and the other piece that judge vincent included was he didn't even consider the tax questions because he said they're moot. they don't matter because the penalty is not a tax and of course i just told you that's one of the two main arguments tomorrow and judge vince sent ruled on that. now, it doesn't govern the judge in our case, but it is a very important conclusion and it offers us a great deal of hope to keep with the theme of your last segment. for tomorrow. and the order that we expect to see some time in november. >> mr. attorney general, keep us up-to-date with how the case proceeds this week. thanks for joining us this morning. >> glad to. >> coming up on the show, leaving their party behind. democrats are abandoning house seats, they don't think they can win. is this a good strategy? well, newt gingrich, the former speaker live in our next hour with his take. then, women in financial
7:57 am
trouble, taking action, they say forming a financial support group put them on the right track. the money honeys, joining us live straight ahead. ♪ oh, i'll get them to eat veggies. "how?" you ask. i have a way. it's deliciously clever. and they'll be none the wiser. new prego veggie smart sauce gives them 50% of their daily recommended amount of veggies. [laughter] be smart. veggie smart. ♪ ♪ one, two, three, fo ♪ want you and everything at you ♪ ♪ it's obvious that i like you ♪ i'd go anywhere to be near you ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do... ♪ do, do, do, do
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>> good morning everyone, it's sunday, october 17th. when president obama and the
8:00 am
first lady campaigned in ohio today. they'll probably hope that this doesn't happen again. >> in two weeks, we're all right. right. >> that's the president being heckled at a rally for democrats in boston. is he failing to connect with his base at a time that obviously his party? >> and sarah palin firing up the base going after democrats. >> you fire pelosi, retire reid and whole band of merry followers and get back on the right track. >> will voters hear her message when they head to the poll. >> a woman gasping for breath denied an inhaler at a pharmacy. why she was 1.99 short of that. and we'll be right back with that dollar. "fox & friends" starts right
8:01 am
now. >> it's "fox & friends." >> good morning everybody, and that story about, outrageous what happened at the pharmacy. >> you're struggling for breath. i don't have the extra dollar we'll be back in a few minutes with the extra dollar and i have to run to the apartment. she's not breathing, we need the inhaler. >> you'll be stunned and as we mentioned the former speaker of the house newt gingrich will join us with the 2010 mid term happenings. seven minutes away. the headlines, wikileaks may reduce 400,000 secret military reports today. now, despite the disclosure of 70,000 secret military documents in july, robert gates says the website did not reveal key intelligence sources, but risks still remain today. his assessment, revealed a letter from robert gates to michigan senator carl levin after a pentagon review. there's disturbing news from iraq, government officials say key u.s. allies are apparently quitting and joining the
8:02 am
insurgency. no numbers, but many are said to be well disciplined fighters with extensive knowledge of the u.s. in iraq. and occurring after inconclusive results from parliamentary elections in march. welsh the wall street journal is reporting recent terror threats in europe may have a connection to 9/11. court documents show a terror suspect killed by a u.s. drone in pakistan was in full contact with 9/11 cl collaborators six days before the 9/11 attacks and the-- arizona senator john mccain not holding back when it comes to stumping for carly fiorina. here is what he had to say about her opponent in san diego. >> barbara boxer is most bitterly partisan, most anti-defense senator in the
8:03 am
united states senate today. i know that because i've had the unpleasant experience of having to serve with her. >> ouch! boxer's campaign manager responded saying no one is a more committed advocate for our veterans and barbara boxer believe the men and women in uniform deserve to your thanks, respect and support both on active duty as well as when they come home and anyone to question barbara boxer's support for our troops and our veterans is outrageous and false. thousands of catholics traveled to italy to witness a cannonization ceremony by pope benedict and wearing colored scarfs from their native country. >> let's check with rick for our forecast. >> it's a little chilly out there and felt like fall. yesterday was cold across the northeast. and in nashville, colder than
8:04 am
the northeast. cool air settled to the south. at least for the morning, 80's for a lot of areas to the south. a nice day and cool start to it though. here is the forecast for the day and you don't see much green here. a couple of spots will see a little bit of showers and those will be spotty and in the unroux anybody's day. the eastern half of the country is pure sunshine and we need rain in the central corridor and not going to get any at all. we'll get some showers and maybe heavier at times across central california and into nevada, a system that will pull in and kind of stall here and also to the north of it into the pacific northwest where you might typically start to see rain this time of year and you're dealing with sunshine. tempts are cooler across the north and south. and all of these oranges, like to see those if you want warm weather in october. >> thank you. and warm weather in the golden state of california, next to the spore where sarah palin was in orange county,
8:05 am
california. a conservative hot bed there, but it's now become a battle ground state and sarah palin taking the message of conservative values to the voters and getting all of these people riled up and on their feet. take a listen. >> the thing i loved best about ronald reagan. he didn't waste time pointing fingers and placing blame. no, he was rock solid and he was optimistic and unwavering in his acknowledgment of the strength and the goodness of the american people. he understood the power of the individual and that government is not the answer. you fire pelosi, retire reid and their whole band of merry followers and we get back on the right track. >> that was an rfc rally in orange county, 2000 very enthused supporters there listening and loving everything sarah palin had to say. she talked about yogi berra, ain't over till it's over.
8:06 am
don't go celebrating just yet and interesting that carly fiorina, meg whitman neither at the event both citing scheduling conflicts. but ms. palin says here is what you can change come november 2nd. what do you think we should do with the congress that shoves european style health care down our throat that takes over private industry? and the mom and pop small businesses in america and ultimately erodes the american entrepreneur spirit and work et next we try to teach our children, taxation is killing jobs and killing the american dream because they're forcing outsourcing of jobs and opportunities to other countries. it's their policies, and people also know there is nothing wrong with nerc that a good old fa-fashioned election can't fix. >> let's travel 3000 miles across the country to boston
8:07 am
where the president was yesterday and it was a different mood. obviously, the president is also trying to fire up his base, there in boston with the democratic audience that he was stumping for governor patrick, but what ended up happening was while most of the crowd was enthusiastic for the president, there was a small group of hecklers who were not happy with the president's policies. listen. >> in a little more than two weeks-- in a little more than two weeks, you've got a chance to do just that. [crowd chanting] >> you probably cant hear what they're saying, they were chanting the don't ask, don't tell policy. >> and didn't keep his problem. and the stark contrast, the president in boston, a blue city, one of the most liberal blue cities in the country,
8:08 am
and seeking to drum up support and sarah palin was typically in blue state california which is now a battle ground state and it looks like the president is still staying with the message he wanted to drive home the democrats and he may have finally grabbed one yesterday with what at the end. next hour, take a listen. >> this election is a choice and the stakes cannot be higher because if they win this election, a share of a republican committee already promised to pursue the exact same agenda as they did before they took office. that's what they said. i don't know if any of you have noticed, but if you want to go forward in your car, what do you do? you put it into d. you want to go backwards, you put it into r, don't let us go backwards now. >> that's a good one, a clever one, that drives it home. >> pun intended.
8:09 am
he's been searching as you said. first it was john boehner, that fell flat and let's go after the chamber of commerce, where the money has come from and none has registered so far, you look at a new poll and it's doubtful when that will take hold and we'll get to that one in a moment and that's regarding the president's senate seat and we want to mention another poll that said a full quarter of the people that voted for the president in 2008 are now either, they've now either gone over to the republicans or they're considering voting for republicans on november 2nd. >> that's remarkable. his entire coalition according to this poll could be this 2008, could be caving. >> and what dave was talking about in illinois, barack obama's old senate seat he gave it up of course to be the president of the united states, that's the largely liberal senate seat not a problem at all for democrats to hold on to. not so fast. the poll this morning, 44%, the republican candidate 43%. this is one of the races they
8:10 am
don't try to be nice when they first came out of the box. the first ads they ran against each other negative, negative, right from the start. >> but it is surprisingly close, but again, the voters say it got ugly and a pundit said, people are throwing up their hands because they hate both candidates and in fact, these are both candidates who have had trouble in the election, but again, the fact that-- barack obama's senate seat. >> remarkable. >> it's this close. >> it's similar to what happened in west virginia when byrd passed on and assumed the democrat would coast in. all of these have been assumed it would stay in democratic hands and that's not been the indicates thus far. >> and host of fox news sunday, chris wallace will weigh in on all of this and also a lot of the fund raising money and republicans crushing
8:11 am
democrats in fund raising, but does that equal election. >> she was rolling around on the floor gasping for breath, but the pharmacist would not give her an inhaler, short 1.99. where is the common sense? >> and these marines served two tours in iraq, one in afghanistan and their happy homecoming caught on camera. we'll show it to you coming up. activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm! wow! i can't believe it, i love it! mmm, this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia now you can join the fight against breast cancer every time you enjoy an activia. give hope with every cup of activia.
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8:14 am
>> well, now just two weeks until the mid term elections and republican challengers are out raising many of the democratic rivals. will the g.o.p. continue to ride its momentum all the way to victory in the polls? . chris wallace is the anchor of fox news sunday. good morning, chris. >> good morning, guys. >> not only an enthusiasm gap between republicans and democrats, there's also a fund raising gap in at least it looks like 40 democratic house races, there being outraised by their republican challengers? >> yeah, it's very interesting. there is because up till this point, the democrats, individually, their races have raised more money than the house than the republicans largely because they're the
8:15 am
incouple bent put it on the republicans and that's an increasing sense that republicans are more likely than not to take control of the house. very interesting and charlie cook, who runs the cook political report, maybe the best insider analysis, now has 97 competitive races in the house. think about it, there are only-- 97 competitive races and of those 90, currently held by democrats so that gives you a sense that it's all being fought on the democratic side of the field. the republicans are playing offense, the democrats are playing defense, for instance, the party committee, the democratic congressional campaign committee and the democratic national committee, they're starting to pull money out of some democratic districts, even where incumbents are running for reelection, think they can't win, limited resources and they want to build fire wauls for the candidates that have the best chance and the
8:16 am
republicans are putting more money into currently housed democrats districts. >> and democrats on defense, republicans on offense. >> and carly fiorina, a contentious campaign against barbara boxer and yesterday made the point on the campaign trail, i am now within one point of the polls with barbara boxer. is this one of the races you could see would be a major upset. >> i don't know if you can say a major upset. it's been between two or three points in the months, but barbara boxer spent three terms, 18 years in the senate has a lead in every poll, but one all year, a small lead, but a consistent lead, it's a tossup so i'm not sure it would be a huge upset. having said that the fact that carly fiorina has not moved to the center look a lot of people thought she would, after the primary, she's campaigning as a conservative
8:17 am
in a mru state of california. if she were to win you might say it's an upset. there haven't been a lot of republicans senators from california. >> and on the show today, what the strategy is with just 16 days, how do you reverse the tide from the republicans with such little time left? >> well, look, mid term elections are turnout elections and many fewer people vote than vote in the presidential election, so the key is always to get more of your base out to vote than the other guys get of their base. now, as you point out. there has been an enthusiasm gap almost 2-1 when you ask people how excited are you about voting, how closely are you following the election. it's been like about a 50% to 25% republican advantage, all year. and that's why you see the president and former president clinton and first lady, michelle obama out on the trail and they've given up on independents, kind of soured on the administration, trying
8:18 am
to rally the base and recapture some of the obama magic from 2008. get them out to vote because again, it's all about turnout. . >> it's all about turnout. watch your show, fox news sunday this morning, great guests, great lineup and always great to see you this morning, chris wallace. thanks. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you, chris. >> e-mails are apparently pouring in on the story, this is about the pharmacist who denied a woman who was having an asthma attack, an inhaler because she was short 1.99. she was rolling around on the floor, gasping for breath. keep are e-mails coming, we'll read them later. >> the money honeys live in the studio, incredible way they helped one another achieve financial success and how you can elevate your bottom line next.
8:19 am
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8:22 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends," some quick headlines for you, the obama administration is losing another member of the economic team, alan krueger, a top economist at the treasury department will leave next month to go back to princeton, university. eat your veggies, but be careful if they're frozen veggies, an and a company is alerting xh erz tocustomers to a voluntary recall. peas, peas and carrots, sweet pa peas and other frozen venliven veggies, may contain glass fragments. alisyn. >> we know about support groups for addiction to losing
8:23 am
weight. one woman in new york created their own version of weight watchers sort of, but this is for your wallet and they call themselves the money honeys. >> joining us are caroline cooper and both of the money honeys and they're financial inspiration. the founder of down to earth finances. ladies, welcome. >> thank you. >> you guys were a part of the financial support group of 20 women and that was two years ago, however, but you found it so empowering you guys continue to meet. what, suzanne, did this group allow you to do. >> it has reminded me how important it is to put myself first and to be the person that is responsible for my finances and to really live in a more prudent way. when it comes to finances. >> i mean, you go so far as to say you experienced a complete transformation as a result. how so?
8:24 am
>> just, i reached a certain anal where i wanted to make a major change in my life and the money component was part of that and subsequently have made changes in all kinds of other aspects of my life. but just taking control of, you know, i'm a free-lancer and my industry exploded before my eyes and i needed to figure out a plan for survival and i've done that and then some. >> good for you. caroline, you say that this financial support group helped you start your own business, how did they do that? >> made me much more confident about my finances and i think i really, really enjoyed-- i've learned i enjoyed understanding about money and so, once i figured out what my budget was, it just made me more confident to go ahead and start my own business with its own budget. >> and you say that this group is designed to quote, build money muscle. >> the idea is to learn about what's important to you with
8:25 am
your money and what you need to know, but do it with a group of mostly women and that you feel like you're not alone and actually, it just instills confidence because, you're building accountability. you're building support, you're finding budies, but you're also learning the horde core important topics such as budgeting or retirement planning, but you're not doing it alone and you're actually laughing about it. we laughed every time we met. we talked about what was important. leave on a positive note. >>, but again, the class was two years ago. so, why then, are you all still meeting? >> it was great kinship in this particular core group that went through two sessions and there was comaraderie and there's a bit of accountability in that every meeting we are sharing a goal that we have, but also, maybe a slip-up that they've had. a question that needs answering. . >> so, it really is, as we hear about the support groups for all sorts of other issues, as we've said from addiction onward. so, why, caroline, do you think this is particularly
8:26 am
important for women? >> well, i think that we are less-- i think this we're more likely to share our ups and downs with women, it's a much more comfortable environment for us, not to have the pressure of, you know, traditionally, men have been the ones who have taken care of the money and it just seems that women are much more open to sharing about that. >> so, finally, for people who are not in new york, around the country. what do you recommend for them who might need support like this? >> well, i think that find a group of friends or colleagues and that can be challenging, but finding a base and essentially three components, one is conversation, make sure you're sharing about what happened or didn't happen shall the second is learn a hard core personal financial topic, what is your budget this week, let's open our 401(k) statements and then, third is leave with a laugh, do a fun money exercise, write yourself a letter, where
8:27 am
you're going to be five years ago. >> and so people are laughing about their finances, that's a great reminder. thanks so much for coming in. >> all right. coming up, developing details in the case of that missing ten-year-old north carolina girl. there's new video that may hold more clues to her disappearance and more information about the abuse that she may have suffered from her family. then, president clinton campaigning for jerry brown, weren't these two bitter enemies once? >> you ought to be ashamed of yourself for jumping on my wife, you're not wore being on the same platform as my wife. >> i tell you what, mr. clinton. >> what's changed since 1992. and reports that democrats are abandoning house seats they don't think they can win or hold on to. so who is making the cut? newt gingrich is going to join us live to discuss that and so much more. ! " # $ / 0 i
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:31 am
>> welcome back, everybody, we want to begin this half hour with a fox news alert for you. because you're about to look at live pictures from the san jose mine in chile and right now, friends and family members of the 13, i'm sorry, 33 miners are gathering and are celebrating the success of wednesday's riveting rescue and we'll bring you those life as soon as we have them. meanwhile, we're learning another wife of that chicago man charged in the deadly mumbai attack, also came forward to warn officials. david hedley's second wife told officials in islamabad that he was involved with a group, the fbi says the information from the wives was generic and did not provide specifics and the 2008 attack left almost 200 people dead. jerry brown is getting a campaign boost from a former enemy. in 1992 he and bill clinton
8:32 am
duked it out for the democratic nomination. >> you ought to be ashamed of yourself for jumping on my wife, you're not worth being on the same platform as my wife. >> i tell you what, mr. clinton. >> and a lot changed because yesterday the former president buried the hatchet and rallied for jeraerry brown in los angeles. and he's an opponent against meg whitman in california's gubernatorial election. today is day two of the a three-day strike by hotel workers in the windy city and they walked out of protests what they call a chief recession contract while the hotel rebounds. the union represents about 6 had,workers and joined workers in san francisco and honolulu and the hotel is operating as former. operation welcome home surprises four young war heroes in naperville, illinois, complete with a carivan of motorcycles and police squads. the group served in iraq twice
8:33 am
and then in afghanistan and they were then ordered around town and honored at the vfw hall with certifies and flags signed by hundreds of supporters, no one more grateful and relieved than their mothers, their sons have been away for four years. >> can't get enough of that. how about college football. what a game in mad sin, wisconsin from the very start. this, the opening kickoff, 97 yards the other way, he gets it started and ohio state number one in the country does battle back, to make it 21-18 game at one point. it was 21-3. however, wisconsin had the answer every time, and this he were partying in madison as the number one goes down for the second straight week and 31-18 your final. to nascar, jamie mcmuhr gets the win at charlotte motor
8:34 am
speedway. and they battle it out. bush leading for 218 laps. and mcmurray takes the lead in the final lap and he had the clear path to take the checkered flag, however he's not in the chase at all. he's 17th when the chase began. jimmie johnson your point leader. a pre-stunt race went all wrong and turned into a fiery wreck. daredevil spanky spangler, his rv caught on fire and the good news, he's okay. that's amazing you look at that photo. >> spanky spangler? >> one of my favorite daredevils. >> and go to rick reichmuth. >> that picket right now, 15 feet in the air. >> don't question spanky spangler's fiery crash. >> don't question pictures on the internet. and the weather here is what
8:35 am
you're looking at. temps across the northern plains this morning, but nobody is dealing with any kind of major chill yet this fall, which is certainly welcome for a lot of people. take a look at the satellite radar picture. eastern hath of country looking calm. a typical october day and a quiet month weather-wise generally across the u.s. and the eastern seaboard in towards ohio. we're prowling the mississippi river valley, missouri river valley, everybody looking beautiful and across the west a little change in store. one system pulling in, see that rain across central california, in towards the san francisco area and nevada, nothing going to be too heavy. maybe this afternoon heavier in nevada and utah. not causing major problems. that will develop into a consistent yet spotty rain across kind of that southwestern tier of the country. and pacific northwest very nice and the temps for the day today. warm across parts of the south
8:36 am
and more to the readings, into the 80's, which is nice, and yellow, cooler air towards the far northern plains and for your day tomorrow. you're going to cool down across the high plains. >> 76 in denver, by tomorrow, you're dropping into the 50's. and a little bit cooler air moving in. >> all right, guys, back to you inside. >> all right, thank you so much, rick, 16 days now, left until elections begin, let's bring in now, former speaker of the house. best selling book, he and his wife are the authors of america at risk. and we've heard they've abandoned a number of seats they know they cannot win. you know what it's like to sit on the top of the tidal wave to crush the democrats hap. is history about to repeat itself. are you starting to see the signs of the same thing?
8:37 am
>> well, my partner in designing the '94 campaign believes that john boehner will be speaker before the votes are counted east of mississippi, and to the mississippi river, the republicans gained more than a net of 40 seats, this'll another 19 to 20 and he thinks the gain between 59 and 66 or 67, for the republicans in the house. historically if that happens they'll almost pick up the senate and a series of senate races that they'll win by 10, 15, 20,000 votes, because what happens when you have a tidal wave, the other team doesn't show up to vote. no matter how hard your commercials or campaign people stay home and it's a historic phenomenon and clearly that's what's happening. and acrossed a hundred seats and the e-mail has listed as in doubt of which over 90 are democrats and charley cook is like 99 seats which 90 of
8:38 am
democrats. so, you see the-- every week more democrats look like they're in trouble in the house. in the senate you have an awful lot of close races across the country. >> let's talk about the american jobs corps, you are featured on that. tell us what the solutions are out there, where are the jobs? >> well, people go to american and they'll see an entire plan based on what i did when i was speaker. when i was speaker, we controlled spending, cut taxes for four years, an as a result we reduced the number of people on food stamps, reformed welfare, two out of three people on welfare went to work or school and it was a pro growth, pro jobs, conscience strategy. if you look at the economic freedom act, five very specific tax cuts, if you look at the american energy plan, congress introduced and that
8:39 am
we have at american and bringing 500 billion dollars a year back home, instead of sending it to saudi arabia, or venezuela or iran and invested in west virginia, in kentucky in missouri in southern illinois, in places where jobs could be created in america, instead of creating those jobs overseas. >> now, mr. speaker, one of the efforts by the democrats was to paint republicans as extremists, whether it was marco rubio, sharron angle, christine o'donnell to say that the republicans are represented by the extremes and i think the debate told a different tail, but so does the new poll, that said that people actually think that democrats are more represented by their extremists than are the republicans. so, is that message falling flat, and again the extremist republicans, who you should be afraid of and that's how they're represented. >> well, the challenges when i wrote to save america, the submarine title stopping obama's secular socialist
8:40 am
machine and the washington establishment, that seems like strong language, but most americans when they watched obama care, they watched cap and trade and giant taxes increases and lifted his radical appointees and most americans started out and that's pretty accurate and the result has been what you've seen. and he was a community organizer, he ought to be proud of the tea parties, they're all community organizers, they happen to be conservative community organizers, but they're out there organizers, the communities this week and in a lot of places they're going to beat a lot of democrats because he aroused them by being too radical and too much power in washington and trying in a destructive way that killed jobs. >> mr. speaker, earlier in the show when i tweeted out to the viewers, everyone wants to know, 2012 and ask you about-- >> of course. >> and it's been reported of course that you said you're seriously looking at it. and this morning, i answer to some of your critics at that say, look, speaker newt gingrich raised a boatload of money, so much so that you've
8:41 am
been out, able to fund raise a lot of your possible republican counterparts that would run in 2012. from a 527 group, you've been able to raise a lot of corporate donations and a lot of republicans say, you've got smaller donations and answer the critics or pundits talking about it. >> look, i don't think it's comparable or fair to any of the fine people who might run next year. we have a great group of potential candidates from mitt romney to sarah palin to mike huckabee to mitch daniel, haley barber, john thune, a terrific group of candidates out there and i'm confident the republican party will nominate somebody who is articulate and effective. and decide by march whether or not we'll run. we're looking at it seriously. we run four small businesses and we're trying to get them organizationed if we did decide to run they'd go on and be successful without it. this is a huge, huge challenge and i would say when we try to do at american solutions,
8:42 am
pretty successfully reach out to the country with a million, 400,000, and 290,000 donors and endorse over 5800 candidates. we're currently helping candidates all over america. aen i think that's our job. >> and you raised 4 million dollars in a quarter, far outdistanced even that of mitt romney. >> let's talk about this youtube video that's been created by a st. louis tea party leader and it's called newt versus nancy. let's take a look at it. >> people are being driven to food stamps because the democratic policies are killing their jobs. >> if you want to create jobs, the quickest way to do it is to provide more funding for food stamps. >> okay, so that's pretty much lays out the contrast in philosophy between you and nancy pelosi, are you happy about the youtube video. >> i was surprised when a tea party leader on his own put
8:43 am
together my speech at western mississippi university at st. joseph and nancy pelosi's answer. i think most americans would rather have a paycheck and a republican party dedicated to paychecks and the democrats proven after they kill the jobs, they'll redistribute wealth by giving you food stamps and americans may need food stamps because the americans would prefer a paycheck and i think the party to beat a party badly. in every neighborhood in america, with every consistency group in america, kids ought to have a better future and have a chance to earn a paycheck. >> well, americans can check you out on the americans solutions job tour, you're going to be one of the key folks showing up there and also check out your brand new book. thank you so much, mr. speaker for joining us on "fox & friends." >> thank you, mr. speaker. she was on the floor gasping for breath and a pharmacist would not give her an asthma
8:44 am
inhaler, get this, because she was short a buck 99. where is the common sense here. >> and the attorney general leading the fight for home owners, he's filed the first lawsuit in the forecast fiasco, and the ohio attorney general, mr. join us live next. playing ) ♪ can't help it, can't help it ♪ ♪ can't help it, no no no... ♪ come on. ♪ can't help it, can't help it, no no no ♪ ♪ you drive me crazy ♪ and i just can't stop myself, uh! ♪ ♪ can't help it, can't help it, can't help it. ♪
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8:47 am
largest lenders after it was revealed that thousands of foreclosure affidavits were signed off on without even verifying the information. ohio's richard corps dre was the first state attorney general to file a complaint over the alleged scandal and joins us this morning on "fox & friends," nice to see you again, sir. >> good to be with you. >> explain to me, if i'm in ohio and my home is about to be foreclosed upon, they learn that you, mr. attorney general, have filed a lawsuit against gmac. what does it mean for me. am i still going to lose my home? >> it's going to depend. if this is one of the financial firms that committed mass fraud in filings with courts, i think that will affect your foreclosure, it should not go forward. if it's one of many other financial firms that did things properly and complied with all the legal requirements, it won't affect things at all. >> it won't affect things at all in the process, however, let's look at dayton, ohio for instance, staggered by the number. 52% increase in homes foreclosed on or in the process of bank possession as
8:48 am
opposed to last year and it's staggering to me, if there's a family who perhaps lost their home and hear about what of' been doing in columbus and making the move against the bank, what does it mean for someone who's already lost their home? can they get it back? >> it's not been resold, possibly. if it's been resold to a third innocent party, then i think it's not appropriate that it be unwound. the issue here, you have financial institutions who continue to think they play by a different set of rules by the rest of us. they can file fraudulent evidence with courts to divest people of their property and it's not consistent with the basic due process of law in this country. >> but they think they play by a different set of rules, don't they play by a different set of rules? after all, we bailed them out, the taxpayers bailed out these big banks. these folks sitting at home, losing their homes, wait a minute, they're not going to balance me out. >> they've been playing by a
8:49 am
different set of rules and filed false affidavits, show they have a business model based on fraud and trying to hold them accountable, they have to take this seriously and not slump this off as sloppy paper work, this is a bigger problem than that and they need to step up to the plate and address it. >> and you said something, i want to clarify, i've heard from a number of financial experts in the hallways in fox, this could be the tip of the iceberg and we are about to see a massive disaster coming down the pipe. anything you want to share with us, do you know something that's coming soon? >> we're just at the beginning of our 50-state investigation. i think it's notable that every single attorney general on both sides of the aisle without regard to partisanship show we take this seriously. we do not think the courts can be defrauded in any case let alone a number of cases and the big financial firms are going to have to shape up and take this seriously and address it, it is potentially a large problem, but we don't know as we start our investigation where all it's going to go.
8:50 am
>> keep picking up the rocks you're bound to find something else. the attorney general from ohio, we appreciate you joining us this morning, good luck with all this. >> my pleasure. >> coming up on the show, developing details in the case of a missing ten-year-old north carolina girl. new video may hold clues about her situation and shocking details about her home life. judge jeanine pirro is here to talk about it. ♪ i like the way you sing ♪ and when you dance with me ♪ you always make me smile [ male announcer ] we believe you're at your best when you can relax and be yoursf. and at thousands of newly refreshed holiday inn hotels, you always can. holiday inn. stay you. and now stay rewarded with a sweet dilemma. up to five free nights at any of our properties or double points.
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8:53 am
>> new video just released may provide more in the disappearance of ten-year-old zahar babing ker as we're learn more about the abuse she may have suffered at home. >> and joining us judge pirro, what an upsetting story, the little girl is missing and turns out a lot of people knew
8:54 am
she was being abused by her stepmother. >> you know, this case isn't just upsetting. people are boiling mad. when i look at north carolina law, it mandates that everyone report cases of suspected child abuse. everyone is a mandated reporter, but there's no teeth in the law if you don't report, there's no sanction, no remedy. the facts are clear, neighbors, teachers, family, reported to dss, who were charged basic child protection services agency and they're hiding behind the law, we can't talk about this, it's private. well, i don't blame you for not talking about it because at the end of the day, you've got dss who apparently unfounded cases of a young girl who's a leg amputee, who's got cancer, cancer survivor who is hearing impaired. her mother says-- her step mothers say my hands hurt so much from hitting her. she's got bruises. she doesn't want to go home. the neighbors know what's going on, everyone knows the mother has a quick temper and short fuse and this girl is now missing and most without a
8:55 am
doubt, dead. >> and if that doesn't get you boiling mad the next story certainly will. this is about a woman who is at an mcdonald's, her name is katherine o'connor at an mcdonald's walking home with her boyfriend. she has an asthma attack so she does what she ought to do, go to cvs. doesn't have an inhaler, wants a refill and only thing she doesn't have $1.99. she has $20, she was $2 short and they didn't give it to her despite this woman wheezing. >> there's no sanction, that she's got legally. unlike, social services and the zahar girl, their job depends on protecting children and they should be fired. put that one away. this pharmacist had no obligation to do anything for the woman and called emt. we're regular customers, we come here all the time. here is my wallet, my cell phone, they dig in their pockets. there's no humanity, no sense of civility.
8:56 am
>> forget common decency. let me read what you cvs says, the well-being of our customers is our highest priority and looking into the matter. why aren't they legal ramifications, aren't they tasked with protecting customers? >> unlike doctors, hippocratic oath, protecting at all costs. pharmacists do not. no obligation on their part. they're in a business, but here the thing is, this guy, as far as i'm concerned, should be brought up on charges within his own profession, before his own board. there was a prescription to protect her, there was a refill, this is nothing more than short changing a human being because she dependent have the change of a dollar or whatever. at the end of the day people should look at the pharmacy and say i'm not so sure i want to go there anymore and this pharmacist i'm not sure should be a guy behind the counter henning people. >> clearly, we should mention, katherine o'connor is okay. she did just fine, thankfully. >> because they called the emt. >> the paramedics.
8:57 am
>> right, right. >> judge janine, thanks for coming in, great to see you. >> coming up the national organization for women endorsing jerry brown, even though he or someone on his staff called meg whitman a degrading word. is the organization turning on women. >> do they support women? what does it take to get their endorsement if you're a woman? we have a special panel here to weigh in, including the woman who was the president of now for ten years. . >> then a grad student at a liberal college, studied the tea party and found out it's not racist. if the student can figure that out, why can't the mainstream media? insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is rto remu that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey.
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celebrex. for a body in motion. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. des moinesing . >> alisyn: good morning, sunday, october 17th, sarah palin, inspired by her daughter's stints on "dancing with the stars"? as she tries to energize voters. >> dance to someone else now, but soon we'll all be dancing... >> alisyn: the fiery words she has for president obama. >> dave: the president making his 11th trip to ohio, today, for governor ted strickland, but his opponent is not concerned about that at all, john casic, joins us live, to explain. >> clayton: a grad student at a liberal college studying the tea party and found out it's not racist, as it has been alleged. if a student can figure that out why can't the mainstream media.
9:01 am
"fox & friends" begins, right now. >> this is into dtony danza and are watching "fox & friends." >> dave: a new reality show, he's a teacher, going back to school, teaching young kids. >> alisyn: fascinating. >> clayton: that is where we get our reality show news, from dave briggs. >> dave: you want your "dancing with the stars" update. >> clayton: and alisyn camerota, where i get my lady gaga news. >> alisyn: and i have real news: 400,000 classified military documents will no the be secret anymore, wikileaks plans to release them. >> reporter: the impending document dump could contain a database of classified iraq war papers and a defense department spokesperson described it to me as reports on significant acts, unit-level action on the ground, and, tactical material from the
9:02 am
field and defense has set up a task force of 100 or so people, ready to review the leaked documents, once they are out, and that teams was established after the july leak by wikileaks of the afghan war logs. now, the new material is reported to be nearly 400,000 pages of classified us army documents. on the war in iraq, which would make this the single largest military leak in u.s. history. and, in july, wikileaks founder, julian assange posted 70,000 pages on the war in afghanistan and critics say he should be stopped. >> for these documents to be released, is a huge national security breach, julian assange and everybody associated with wikileaks should be declared enemies of the the state and we should take appropriate government action to deal with the enemy of the state. >> reporter: by the way, alisyn the wikileaks web site has been shut down, all weekend, julian assange has not responded to my e-mails for response to this.
9:03 am
thank you. >> alisyn: thanks for that update, julie kirtz. meanwhile there is disturbing news out of iraq this morning, hundreds of sunnis, allies to the u.s., have apparently quit or been dismissed and many of them were told to -- we're told have rejoined al qaeda. according to the "new york times" they are well deceiscipld knowledge and part of the reason is inconclusive results from the parliamentary elections in march and the candidates for u.s. senate in kentucky will face off tonight, the fourth debate between rand paul and democrat jack conway will be held at the university of louisville. and paul continues to hold a double-digit lead that in latest ras musin poll shows him with 49% of the vote to conway's 39%, the obama administration is losing another member of its economic team, alan kruger, a top economist at the treasury department. he'll leave next month to go back to princeton university, he was a top advisor to treasury secretary tim geithner,' lightest in a string of
9:04 am
departures including larry summers and christina romer and, one of america's favorite tv moms passed away. >> mom, can i have something to eat. >> i guess so. how did you rip that. >> watching men dig a hole. >> alisyn: barbara billingsly, who played on "leave to it beaver", she had a rheumatoid disorder and she was 94 years old, a long, good life. >> dave: what a wonderful ac treshgs a tress, and, over to rick reichmuth, why do the leaves change later out east, than out west. >> rick: colorado, you are talk about, you are at 9,000 feet al vacation and out least the coastal areas, change later and the water keeps the temperatures warmer. >> alisyn: now you are making things up, but the first one -- >> dave: now you are showing
9:05 am
off. >> rick: in new york and trying to find colors, go to the park, everything is green and 30 miles inland, and it looks good, this is sent to me from the finger lakes, ithaca. >> clayton: for the first time, a few weeks ago and it is gorgeous. >> rick: i wanted to make fun of it and i saw it and it is absolutely gorgeous, it is the tropics, summer across areas of the tropics and development east of nicaragua, not done with hurricane season, yet and across the u.s., absolutely beautiful, october weather we have a lot of sunshine, anywhere across the easte seaboard and, around the an ron dax and, parts -- and colder air behind it and another system is pulling in across the west and willed bring rain and scattered showers, across parts of central california and nevada and utah, but to the north of that, the pacific northwest where you
9:06 am
generally get rainy conditions, this time of year, you will be dealing with lots of sunshine, good for you. your temps for today: plenty of warmth here, look out across the west, though, the temps will begin to tumble a little bit an denver a big drop off tomorrow and phoenix cooling off for this week, phoenix only 88. >> clayton: that's my phoenix update, thanks. >> rick: thanks. >> clayton: i never thought i would say, california is a battleground state an sarah palin showing why exactly that is the case, taking the message of republican and conservative voters right to the heart of conservative orange county, california, energizing the base yesterday. and getting people standing on their feet. take a listen: >>... leave the dance to someone else, right about now, but soon we'll all be dancing, we'll be celebrating because california will be put back on the right track, along with the rest of america. winning means we secure our nation, we secure our free markets, we secure our freedoms and restore american exceptionalism. xhauz.
9:07 am
>> alisyn: part of a three-day swing she's doing through california, and there were 2,000 supporters there, this is a -- the republican national committee rally where she spoke and, again, they just described it as a roaring crowd. they were completely excited. let's listen to what she -- mentioned president obama, what she called his apology tour. let's listen in. >> we have a president today who is getting good at apologizing but he's apologizing to all the wrong people. so, mr. president, with all due respect, next time that urge to apologize weighs on over you, i have some suggestions for who to apologize to. how about apologizing to the 15 million americans who are looking for work today? >> dave: a far different tone and far different message on the opposite coast, the president was in boston on saturday, and
9:08 am
trying to help out his friend duvall patrick getting reelected as governor of massachusetts and as you might imagine he's not exactly agreeing with what sarah palin has to say, but what really strikes you, is that the president was going heckled at the event, by his own party. listen to what happened: >> president barack obama: in a little more than two weeks... in a little more than two weeks, you have a chance to do just that. in two weeks... >> dave: what we are hearing is democrats unhappy with the president's lack of aids funding and his stance on the military don't ask, don't tell policy. he did push on, of course, the majority of those were enthusiastic about what he had to say. >> alisyn: they want more aids funding, but the president also trotted out one of what has become his favorite analogies, and that is the republicans have driven the financial car into
9:09 am
the ditch, and do you want to give them the keys back, but he added something that may catch on. listen: >> president barack obama: this election is a choice. and the stakes could not be higher. because, if they win this election, the chair of a republican campaign committee already promised to pursue the exact same agenda as they did before they took office. that is what they said. i don't know if you noticed but if you want to go forward in your car, what do you want? you put it into "d", you want to go backwards, you put it into "r". don't let us go backwards. >> clayton: paying attention to liberal pundits, saying mr. president stop showing up in battleground states and in many cases they are lost and he is paying attention and went to liberal boston.
9:10 am
>> dave: and goes to california next week. >> clayton: these are traditionally liberal areas and they need with help, associated pres press-knowledge networks poll said, 2008 supporters left, in droves and have defected, not going independent but going to the g.o.p. >> alisyn: 25%, is that what -- >> dave: a full quarter of the people who voted for him in '08 are leaving or have and 50% of people who voted for the president say they are not enthusiastic about voting on november 2nd. so, things have certainly changed since he was elected. >> alisyn: listen to there. a brand new study, that reveals which nationality here in our country lives the longest. the answer for you, and the reason why, is fascinating. >> clayton: the president making his 11th trip to ohio, today. to stump for governor ted strickland and what does his opponent think of all of that? he could care less. john casic is here next to tell us, he could care less.
9:11 am
>> alisyn: and more. >> clayton: and more. 5. but they will let me give you the same seat for a big miles upcharge. how's that sound? for that many miles we'll be stuck ting a "staycation." [ imitates enge revving ] [ angie ] i'm through playing games. i switched to the venture card from capital one. vacation, here we come! [ male announcer ] don't pay miles upcharges. don't play games. get the flight youant with the venture card at whoo-hoo! now this is a vacation. what's in yourallet? my professor at berkeley asked me if i wanted to change the world. i said "sure." "well, let's grow some algae." and that's what started it. exxonmobil and synthetic genomi have built a new facility to identify the most productive strains of algae. algae a amazing little critters. they secrete oil, which we could turn into biofuels. they also absorb co2. we're hoping to supplement the fuels that we use in our vehicles, and to do this at a large enough scale to someday help meet the wor's energy demands.
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>> alisyn: ohio is one of the most crucial states in the country right now, major national implications, and, today president obama, vice president joe biden and first lady michelle obama will be campaigning there. why? because no president has won the white house without first ohio. so, the race for the governor's seat between the incumbent, democrat ted strickland and republican congressman john casic is crucial. joining me now is congressman john casic and we reached out to governor strickland's office and he declined to joining us this morning. good morning, congressman. >> hi, how are you. >> alisyn: i'm doing well. so, what an intense race, you are in the midst of. as we said, president obama will be there, for his 11th trip today, and, of course, that is because ohio -- and your race in particular -- is seen as a bellwether for the
9:15 am
2012 presidential race. so, do you feel as though you are running against governor ted strickland or is this a referendum on president obama? >> well, i think it is a referendum on obama, but i'm running against the twins, which is both obama and ted strickland. both of them are big taxes, big government, lots of regulations, obama care, and, you know, and the traditional battle that they bring, on class warfare which tries to separate people and it is -- that is not very good, but, you know, ultimately, though, alisyn, i'm not really running against either of them. they are kind of pounding me i'm running to get ohio fixed, because we have lost 400,000 jobs and we have been sliding, and i feel that if, you know, i can win, which i think i cam going to, i'll be in a position to be able to fix the state and i'll have plenty to say about who is going to be the president in 2012. and, look, there has been more money and effort spent against
9:16 am
me than any candidate in america because ohio is ground zero. it just is that simple. >> alisyn: speaking of class warfare, governor strickland has a new ad out, that paints you as basically a callous wall street type, former lehman brothers executive who doesn't care about the little guy. let's look at that ad and we'll get your response. >> congressman john casic outsourced our jobs and made millions in bonuses on wall street. now, he wants to use our tax dollars, to bring his corporate friends to ohio, to be in charge of jobs. >> we won't have pay restrictions, they deserve a bonus, we'll give them a bonus. we will not require them to disclose the bonus. >> wall street ceos being paid secret bonuses? we cannot trust john casic. >> alisyn: bonuses are a bad word. what is your response to -- >> first of all, my father was a mailman and my mother and father
9:17 am
taught me you work hard you can get ahead and secondly, i did work at lehman brothers, i was one of 700 managing directors, in a 30,000-person office, and i worked in columbus, ohio. look, they have been smearing me since may 1 and their entire campaign is attacks, lies, distortions, and, innuendos, that is what it has been and if you lose 400,000 jobs and young people leave the state and your entrepreneurs leave the state you attack and try to change the successful and it has not been successful, because we are focused on not letting them change the subject and the reason i left the private sector go back into politics is because ohio has been good me and the example we set, for ohio, tax cuts for small businesses and people and bringing common sense to regulation, this is an example that can inspire the rest of the country and i was the chairman of the budget committee in washington, and we
9:18 am
went from deep deficits to big sur pluses, when i was the chief architect of the budget plan and we used that to fix ohio. >> alisyn: i want to get more specific and dig in deeper. 400,000 jobs lost. so what specifically would you do about jobs? >> it is back to the old reagan formula which served the country well. we are viewed that's 44th best place to do business, and that is really pathetic. in 41 states -- and 41 states performed better than us during the recession and we'd like to make it more comfortable for business to come to ohio because they can make a profit, and, by the way, the ohio chamber of commerce endorsed my candidacy for governor, the first time they've done that in 117 years. and, the small business community endorse meade as well. we're at a crossroads out here and we don't want to lose the heartbeat of america and that is why people are stepping up and doing unprecedented things to
9:19 am
say we need go back to the old farm la of government as a last resort and more money in people's pockets. >> alisyn: and i want to get your response from a rally your opponent held this weekend in chilicoffee, there, and it was a rally among gun en news -- enthusiasts, wants to be sure, john needs know surgeon ohio is not safe for him. how do you interpret that message. >> i don't pay much attention to that but the people around me have to pay attention and i'm comfortable with the people that look after me. but, let me say one thing about guns, i am a very strong second amendment advocate. this is another case where my record has been distorted. i am a -- personally a gun owner, my wife and i have a gun in our home. so, that is what is most important, and in terms of all of these other things, it is a very tense atmosphere, driven by
9:20 am
my opponent, but i don't pay much attention to that but the people around me, that is their job. >> alisyn: congressman john kasich, thanks for joining us with your plan for ohio. >> thank you very much. >> alisyn: coming up a study reveals which nationality lives the longest. is it yours? and wait until you hear the reason why they live so long. it may not be what you think and the national organization for women says calling meg whitman a degrading word is spot on? what? what do women have to do to get the group's support. we've assembled a special panel including the former president of n.o.w. and v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings. powerful, right? v8. what's your number?
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>> clayton: welcome back, quick headlines now for you, president george w. bush giving one lucky person the opportunity of a
9:24 am
lifetime. you can win a chance to interview the president, in person, just post five questions you want him to answer, on his facebook page, i've already entered, he said, sorry. new video, into the fox news room from the vatican city, tens of thousands of people watch as the pope proclaims 6 saints including the first from canada, and australia. there's a quick look at your headlines. >> dave: what this is secret to a long i-275? a brand new study reveals it could be your nationality that determines how long you live, it shows in fact that hispanics, born in 2006, are expected to live longer than any other ethnicity and the two factors that determine this, their close-knit families and strong religious devotion. >> alisyn: joining us is religion contributor father jonathan morris, and i'm sure it is not a surprise to you, but, it may be surprising to some, their longevity is two years
9:25 am
longer than whites and they have dinner meals together and have a religious underpinning. >> and they came up with several elements, and is for doctors to determine, not for us religious people to determine but they pulled out at the end of the study, one of the most common elements of these long-living hispanics in the u.s., is the close family ties. >> dave: it wasn't an assumption, it was a finding. >> it was a finding. >> dave: want to be clear. >> when we think from a purely, common-sense point of view, you say, if have you have strong family ties -- there is a bug flying around. >> clayton: our family will get it for you. >> greater reason for hope. and hope makes you want to live longer and, hope actually allows you to live longer. study after study shows that and people in the hospital who have reason for living, who have purpose, wants to live longer and get better, more quickly. >> clayton: and also the study, research scientist, the doctor said if you lose the family
9:26 am
connectedness you tend to have more health problems and there is' strict correlation between the family expectedness and faith and having health problems. >> think of the elderly, for example, very often we are -- because of, whatever, selfish reasons and sometimes it is necessary or sometimes, selfish reasons, we take the elderly and put them away. >> clayton: a nursing home -- >> somebody in that situation that has been "put away", so to speak, will they be healthy or not healthy? it is obvious that when you are loved and you experience that love you will do better physical as well. as well as emotionally. >> clayton: the hispanic families end up seeing the family elders, being the elder of the family and you look up to them for advice and they are not at the nursing home, they are living in the family. >> it is very interesting, normally we think longevity has been correlated with process operator. right? a and, prosperity, and if you have money you will be able to eat
9:27 am
well and have the best doctors and live longer and this case, the hispanics in the u.s. are not that group, most prosperous. >> clayton: in fact the most unhappy spot in the united states is the upper east side in new york city, most money in america, upper east side, also the unhappiest. that is not where i live, i'm happy! >> dave: interesting stuff, coming up on the show, a grad student at a liberal college studying the tea party and found out it is not racist. and if the students can figure that out, why can't the mainstream media. >> alisyn: a man yanked off the flight told he's too disabled to fly and he's a motivational speaker who has been flying for years. >> clayton: and ladies is finding the right pair of jeans a nightmare? we are pabout to change that. jeans you will love, next.
9:28 am
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9:31 am
>> clayton: welcome back, thanks for waking up with us, if you have been paying attention to the mainstream media and a lot of the commentary coming from the left over the past year, you probably think or maybe not, but probably think, wow, man, the tea party must be racist, if you listen to the commentary and if you need a refresher course in what we have heard in the mainstream media, here it is. >> they have no idea what the boston tea party was about and don't know the history and this is about hating a black man in the white house, this is racism, straight up. >> president barack obama: you see folks waving tea bags around. >> overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward president barack obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. >> tea baggers are not a movement, they are a cult. >> clayton: noto fast, this morning.
9:32 am
>> dave: ucla grad student, in fact took a direct look at this, is the tea party racist, after all and she went to the -- there she is, there, went to the 9/12 taxpayer march on washington and studied each and every sign the many thousands of people brought to washington and examined them all, what she found out is, all these ac gagsz of racism are not accurate, does not hold up, the signs she found had to do with limited government and had to do with lower taxes, not what the n.a.a.c.p. would like folks to believe. >> alisyn: her strategy was interesting, she went row by row and hour by hour and took pictures of every sign and of the 250 photographs, she had at the end, all of these, she found, most of them were about less government, but, there were 5%, she described, as, referring, somehow to president obama's race or religion and she says, there were some ugly signs there, it wasn't -- the rally
9:33 am
was devoid of any ugly signs, however her point is, if you listen to the mainstream media, they get disproportionate promise men's, just nenc prominence, out of 250 signs kreshgs. >> clayton: and, janeanne garofalo, who has been invited and never gone, have any of these people come, they are outraged about high taxes, government spending and where are these people when they make the accusations, they are not coming to see us. >> dave: and it's not the mainstream media, the n.a.a.c.p. highlighted what they say is an issue in the tea party and they said this, if you remember the quote from the head of the group. . we take issue with the tea party's continued tolerance for bigotry and bigoted statements and the time has come for them to accept the responsibility that comes with influence and make clear there is no space for racism, and anti-semitism, and other forms of bigotry in their
9:34 am
movement. well, again, there has been no evidence of such racism, and, the founder of freedom works was at that 9/12 rally, throwing out anyone who had a sign that did point to any of those anti-semitic messages, it was throwing them out and taking their signs away. >> alisyn: the ucla grad student who did it, will be on our show tomorrow to share her findings with us, live. meanwhile, here are your headlines, let's tell you what is happening in the news, you are looking live at chile where a celebration ceremony for the 33 rescued miners is underway at the san jose mine, and several of the miners have arrived at the site for the first time, since their incredible rescue. and there are disturbing revelations in the dis appearance of zahra baker. social services was informed of possible abuse she suffered from her family, but, dss allegedly did nothing about it. and investigators get another
9:35 am
clue in her disappearance and she was last seen with her stepmother a month ago, at a store, he has been officially missing for at least a week. more money troubles, for the developinger of the ground zero mosque, valley national bank is issuing sharif al-gammal, asking for $90,000 for an unrepaid loan, they took out a $100,000 loan in '08 and defaulted a year later and his firm was evicted for not paying back rent. arizona is reportedly being threatened by drug cartel assassins, according to a homeland security memo, the killers are being sent there to hit rival gang thieves. and the cartels are angry, because they are stealing loads of cocaine, marijuana and heroin, before it can hit u.s. suppliers. he was forced off of a u.s. airways flight for being, quote, too disabled, johnnie title is a motivational speaker and has
9:36 am
cerebral palsy and he was wheeled onto the flight and then back to the terminal. >> he told me that i could fly on u.s. airways if i found a companion to fly with me to assist me because i was a danger to myself and other passengers fleen. if something went wrong. -- on the plane, if something went wrong. >> alisyn: u.s. airways says, passengers have to be able to fly by themselves, if there is an emergency, and he said he has flown with them many times, he is set to meet with the airlines. >> clayton: rick reichmuth has delicious pumpkins. >> rick: what do you like to do another pull? a lot of -- i know alisyn doesn't like when -- carving pumpkins and corn mazes. >> clayton: apple picking. i went apple picking. >> rick: did you make apple pie? i bet not. hey, send me your pictures of
9:37 am
what you like to do in the fal and we'll share them on the big screen, from jean in pennsylvania, looking nice. i'm renting a car tomorrow and going out, looking for leaves and apples and pumpkins and here's your situation, colder air across the northern plains and, october, generally, a pretty calm month, across most of the country. as far as the averages go, generally, pretty calm, unless you get a hurricane or something and we had the nor'easter and not bad, the eastern seaboard spectacular and we have a front across the northern plains, bringing rain across montana and north dakota, right now, and will slowly sag and bring colder air in across the area over the next few days and not a lot of moisture, and any rain will be across parts of the southwest and we'll look at the future radar over the next two days and you can see you it continues to spin here, across southern california, into arizona, around the four corners and higher elevations, seeing snow, so, good news for the see areas, starting to get snow in the highest elevation and good news, you need the rain here and we
9:38 am
are heading into fire season in southern california, and you can get moisture out of this, great news to help with that. as far as your temperatures go, for the day, looks like this. a nice day across the high plains, 61, rapid city, 76 in denver and tomorrow, though, we're going to drop the temps a little bit, getting into the 50s and that colder air will filter in, phoenix has been breaking records and you will be cooling down a little bit, and, will still be solidly into the 80s across the south. alisyn, i think we are concerning it to you, outside. >> alisyn: yeah, you are, because we have a lot to show you with jeans. when you try on a pair of jeans the options are endless and skinny, low rise, bootleg, why is it impossible to find a pair that fits? luckily for you, our denim expert is here, the senior vice president of global women's marching. hello, i'm glad you will teach us how to get the perfect fit. what we want to do is we want to
9:39 am
show people regular women, not fancy models, regular women and so what their fit problems were, carissa, let's show her before you fit her with the perfect jeans and her issue was that her jeans are too tight in the waist, but fit in the hips and the thighs, is that right. >> yes. she has a slight curve, she has less curves proportionately and what she has to do, is go up in size, you know, to fit her at the waist and ends unwith a lot of fabric on the sides of her thighs and inside. >> alisyn: no good. what did you do for her. join us on the red carpet, if you would. okay. >> she is wearing the skinny leg. and the jeans are designed to fit her curve at the top and be skinny on her thighs and niece. >> alisyn: pull your sweater up a little bit so i can see the
9:40 am
fit on the waist. okay, looking very, very nice. next, mickey from -- we'll show a picture of her before, has a boyish figure and jeans were too tight in the waist and fit in the hips and thighs and created the, if we can see the picture now... they created the dreaded muffin top. we all can't stand, and -- >> look at thou tall the fabrice front. >> alisyn: come out and you look fantastic. what did you do. >> she's the most proportionate of all women's body types, right? and jeans have to fit her tight around the waist but slimming again on the hips an thighs and these jeans are doing that. >> what are these. >> those are the -- she's wearing a skinny jean, i think she's a size 28, skinny jeans,
9:41 am
demi-curve. >> alisyn: you recommend that for women with that problem, with the fabric bunching. >> lift your sweater a little bit you will see no muffin top. you a little bit more. and it holds her nicely at the waist and at the same time keeping a slim look on the thighs and the leg. >> alisyn: muffin top, be gone! and caroline is next. she has an hour glass figure, let's look at her in the picture before hand. what is the problem here. >> caroline has the most curves to her size, and usually buying jeans that fit around the hips, she has gaping at the back and the minute she sits down you see the -- >> alisyn: plumber, not good. >> not good and she wants to avoid that and has to go down in size, and goes down in size, and it will not fit her hips, because -- >> alisyn: this fit looks fantastic on her. spin around for us, it really
9:42 am
looks fantastic. what did you do for her. >> jeans are designed to fit women that have a curvy silhouette, regardless of size, she's size 25 and, we have things for curvy women, curve has nothing to do with size and, she's wearing a curvy jean, fits her perfectly around the hips and sides and lift up your sweater and you see no gaping in the front and turn around the back, and no gaping in the back. >> alisyn: looks fantastic. obviously, your point is levis has the whole gamut of things and other jeans do as well, and, thanks for coming. >> no problem. >> alisyn: appreciate it. thanks, ladies, you look great. let's go inside, to clayton and dave. >> dave: we're taking notes. >> clayton: thank you. coming up on the show, you think we're modeling your kitchen costs a lot right now, new regulations courtesy of the white house, about to fire the
9:43 am
costs up a bit -- a lot, iefrn a -- even and the that is the tip of the iceberg. >> julie: the national organization for women, they say is okay to call meg whitman a degrading word. what do women have to do to get the group's support? a special panel here to weigh in, including a former president of n.o.w.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> clayton: welcome back. you think of remodeling this weekend, the department of energy announcing new standards for 26 household projects they say will save consumers at least $250 billion, by the year 2030. but, is the governments going too far by telling us what products we can and cannot buy. >> dave: with is adjunct fellow with the enterprise newt, ben lee, good morning, sir, you you say essentially every room in your house will cost more money
9:47 am
because of the new regulationses. let's start with the hot water heater. which sentence going to make people happy when they hear how much it could cost them, tell us. >> well, starting with the basement, hot water heaters, furnaces, boilers, all may go up in price, because of new energy efficiency regulations and, energy efficiency is nice but the problem is, the up front costs of the appliances is more than you will earn back in the former of energy savings. >> clayton: next up is is an ultra-efficient washer and dryer and people want to save water and not use as much soap, here it is. $900 for more, that is staggering. >> the last time a regulation came out in '07, "consumer reports" criticized them and they say they don't work as well and for best results you have to spend $900 or more and now we'll have a tougher standard and who knows what it will give us. >> dave: and you want to point out these are not necessarily
9:48 am
liberal projects and one of the biggest regulations coming your way comes courtesy of the bush administration in regard to light bulbs. tell us about that and how it could affect people. >> well, thomas edison's incandescent light bulb may go the way of 8 track tapes, due to regulations, starting in 2012, they'll be phased out in favor of compact fluorescent bulbs which some consumers like and some don't and that is the problem with one size fits all regulations, some people like more efficient appliances or light bulbs but the one size fits all logic forces the choice on everyone, whether it makes sense or not and with the clothes washer standard, maybe one costs more up front and saves every time you use it might make sense for a family that does a lot of laundry but a bachelor slob like me, and, do it once a week that is different. >> clayton: and is a problem for refrigerators, for bachelor
9:49 am
slobs, ben lieberman, thanks for joining us. >> dave: coming up the organization is supposed to promote women's rights. but, then, why has n.o.w. -- is n.o.w. okay with meg whitman being called a derogatory word? a panel of women is here next including a former president of the national organization of women.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> alisyn: by now you've heard the controversy, someonen jerry brown's campaign called meg whitman a sexist slur and the national organization of women, coming out in support of brown, even after that statement, each -- in some way supporting the statement itself, what does it
9:53 am
take to get the support of n.o.w. if you are a woman? on our panel, this morning, is drew green, former president of women's media center. heather higgins, chairman of independent women's forum and patricia ireland, former n.o.w. president, from 1991, to 2001, thanks so much for being here. patricia, i want to start with you, you know n.o.w. better than anyone. you obviously were at the head of your organization for ten years and n.o.w., is supposed to be about empowering women. but, they seem to be strictly about democrats, even that means, endorsing a man over a woman. >> well n.o.w. has taken a very clear stand against the comment that came out of jerry brown's campaign. and so i think your intro was a little unfair. n.o.w. has supported women in both campaigns, both republican and democrat, depending on who is better on our issues. but, in this case, where we see
9:54 am
this kind of very demeaning, belittling comment, usually sexualized comments, in this case it was, we find that it is used against women in both parties, whether it is this campaign -- >> alisyn: but, patricia. >> or beck saying mary landrieu was a prostitute. >> alisyn: let me get back to your mission statement, you said you supported both parties, however, according to, none over the 80 endorsements for congress now are republicans. >> it is true the republican party moved away from us sometime in the 1980s as they were preparing to elect ronald reagan and now stands for women, independent, democrat, republican to improve women's lives and we'll elect the candidates who are going to do that. its note case we're an arm of the democratic party. we hold both our friends and our foes accountable, we come out, against jerry brown's campaign staff member who said this.
9:55 am
>> alisyn: hover i must say and i want toing in -- however, i must say, heather you are shaking your head, the california chapter of n.o.w. basically said, the woman who runs it basically said the term is applicable to meg whitman. >> the national organization, you also that he have national organization amending their statements which originally called for whoever said that to be fired, to now that the word is, it well might be jerry brown's wife, from here forward, whoever the staffer is, should be fired and the real problem is, is that n.o.w. is a perfectly legitimate organization, but it doesn't speak for all women, even though the media only says liberal in the name, when they mention it, 2% of the time as opposed to conservative for concerned women of america, 40% of the time. the reality is, is they support extremely liberal policies, and so they will pick and rush an endorsement out for jerry brown over meg whitman who is one of
9:56 am
the most accomplished women and she's pro-choice. >> alisyn: let me bring in the whitman campaign response, to the endorsement of jerry brown. meg whitman is a pro-choice woman, who was ranked among the world's most accomplished women in business and now is running to become the first woman governor in california's history, and on that same day, it is reported jerry brown called her a -- blank -- n.o.w. endorses him, it is official, n.o.w. is a partisan organization. >> the reality is, n.o.w. is a progressive organization and support progressive policies in the name of social justice, and, equality. and, i think that we should, you know, applaud them for their accomplishments. since 1966. >> alisyn: sure, they support progressives but not necessarily women them. n.o.w. mission statement, says since our founding in 1966, the goal has been to take action to bring about equality for all women. this would be the first female governor of california.
9:57 am
why not support meg whitman. >> there are policy issues that the n.o.w. organization has with her. her direction she wants to take the state in, her support of corporate entities, over, i think, probably mainstream america. >> the union wants to support meg whitman and that is getting buried in the controversy over language. >> the real story is we need a whole new way of organizing. n.o.w. has done great work but we still need new organizations -- >> obviously the debate will continue even on the blog, for "fox & friends" in two minutes. o helps people save in even more ways... ...with good driver discounts, multi-car discounts, defensive driver discounts... woman: you! oh, don't act like you don't recognize me! toledo, '03? gecko: no, it's...i... woman: it's too late stanley. gecko: actually, miss, my name's not stanley. woman: oh...oh, i am so sorry! from behind you look just like him. i'm just.... gecko: well...i'd hate to be stanley.
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