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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 23, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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[sirens] >> thanks for that update, matt. [ laughter ] >> bret: that wasn't real, of course. but it is hard to put the blackberries down. that's it from new york. i'll be back in washington monday. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. or. this is all about the american people. not just the tea parties. >> this is not just a threat to democrats, this is a threat to democracy. >> they just want to stop this radial pelosi, obama agenda. >> voters hate to be told by washington pundits how they are gonna vote. >> if you like the higher
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unemployment rate, if you like the bailouts vote for murray. >> murray will be meeting the senate majority conference. >> boxer is the most bitterly partisan senator in the united states senate today i know that because i've had the unpleasant task of having to serve with her. >> we are in the game. we are in the arena. we are in the fight. >> the president: they say you can't overcome politics in two weeks you got a chance to say yes we can. >> we've got a great slate of new republicans who are going to help us save our country. >> sean: with 11 days before election day president obama is attempting to quarterback a west coast offense for the democratic party. headlining fundraisers for boxer and reid. his presence on the left coast this close to election day speaks volumes. it appears the balance of
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power in congress could be decided in states like california, nevada and washington in california a new fox news poll shows fiorina is well within striking distance of boxer. the ultra wral incumbent leads the former hugh -- hewlett-packard ceo by only three points in that race in nevada, rasmussen report shows republican angle has opened up an even larger lead on harry reid, 50-47%. the senate race in washington state republican rossi continues to run in a virtual dead heat with incumbent murray. he trails her by a three point margin. here to help break down those numbers former speaker of the house dennis hastert and former maryland congressman al winn. i think it speaks volumes, mr. speaker, when the president has to go to california, washington state
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and harry reid's state to help, you know save, you know, well established, well entrenched incumbents, doesn't that speak volumes? >> i think that shows they are worried and should be worry. i think the real balance of power i can speak for the house, i think we are going to pick up seats probably five seats in pennsylvania up to four seats in new york. we are going to pick up probably five seats in florida. looks like we could pick up three seats in my home state of illinois. three seats in michigan. three seats in indiana. two seats in wisconsin. two seats in iowa. i think you are going to pick up speed in the house and senate. and you will see a sweep by the time you get to the west coast at least in the house this will be settled. >> sean: congressman we have the 7th quarter of barack obama's presidency. latest numbers show he has the lowest approval rating since he has been in office looking at the gallup poll is this now
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becoming a referendum on him and his agenda? >> not at all. as a matter of fact his numbers are good for in point in the presidency. he compares favorly with reagan and bush he exceeds them. 35,000 folks showed up in ohio to cheer on palm beach. . -- to cheer on president barack obama. >> sean: port man is up by double digits and kasich up by eight points. sarah palin's the vice president of the united states, -- >> we've got a lot of competitive house races. i want to say to night good friend the speaker. we are not conceding the house. i expect nancy pelosi will continue to be speaker. it is going to be tough, democrats are closing fast. democrats are doing well. there are lots of opinions, but i'm confident that nancy pelosi and the democrats
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most importantly, will be in the majority in the house. >> will you at least agree al the real power is in the house? >> i agree you on that. >> >> sean: nancy pelosi, it is interesting mr. speaker, if you look at numbers and the ad that are being run in this election cycle, no democrats running on health care, stimulus, cap and tax. if anything they are running away from pelosi and obama. what does that tell us? >> members of congress, like anybody else they want to make excuses for their leaders. they don't want to tell why their leaders are on tv in a negative way. it is self-preservation. that's the only way they have to go. >> sean: al, let me ask you this -- wait. hang on, relax. >> he's been in ohio on west coast, apparently a lot of people like to see him. >> sean: here's a simple
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question: if democrats are so proud of the health care they passed, so proud of the stimulus, if they are so proud of their social with barack obama and nancy pelosi why are they running away from them? why aren't they running on their ? >> apparently obama is very popular. people like the -- people like the fact that preexisting conditions were been. >> sean: i'll repeat it if you didn't hear it. i'll give you one more shot at it. if health care, stimulus and cap and tax are so popular, can you name me three democrats running on it? >> that's not the issue. you asked about whether obama was -- he's appearing in key states. he's doing very well. >> sean: that has nothing do with my question. >> sean: listen, al -- >> we've got a shot and there's a lot of races like that. >> sean: if democrats are so proud of health care and cap
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and tax and the stimulus why aren't they running ads supporting it? >> democrats are running individualized races. democrats are talking about health care because it is good to ban pre-- preexisting conditions. the it is good to save jobs at gm. >> sean: we debated that a long time ago. mr. speaker hillary's pollster points out a plurality of voters say obama's change has hurt america. another poll says majority of americans say the tea party can change washington. how do you interpret those two polls together? >> first of all, look at the poll about change. i've always said that obama promised change you can believe in, not change what you believe in. i think that has gotten to the core of where americans are. they don't want to change their system, our free enterprise system the ability
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for people to get ahead. the hope that year kids have a better future than you did. on the other side of the issue, that's a tossup. i can't get further on that. >> sean: you think nancy pelosi is the speaker in the next congress? >> no, i don't. as a matter of fact, i think even if the democrats win, which i don't think they will win, i don't think nancy pelosi will be speaker. >> sean: why do you that i is al? why does she poll so well? lowest approval ratings of any speaker in modern history. >> she is also one of the strongest speakers in modern history. >> sean: why are her poll numbers so low? why don't people like her? >> there are people who have differing opinions from nancy pelosi. they don't like the fact he is a strong leader that she stands up. she stood up on health care reform. >> sean: she stands up against the american people. they pass legislation the american people don't want. the american people don't like her.
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she about to be fired. you are saying that's a good quality? >> i'm saying i don't believe she is going to be fired. democrats will keep their majority in both houses. >> sean: any way, -- what's that? >> there are some audiences, but that's another story. i like you sean. >> sean: i like you too. i'm not known of peace, -- on that note of peace, harmony, love and kumbaya, good-bye. >> frank luntz is next in connecticut with one of his focus groups looking at the latest round of political ads
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>> sean: first a fellow democrat insist that he wouldn't back nancy pelosi for another term. rumors a pelosi aide denies. a new poll shows her favorable rating has dropped to 29%. madame speaker, i believe the american people and members of your own party have spoken. come 2011, you might need a new job.
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of >> sean: with less than two weeks before voters head to the polls a slew of political ads are hitting the airwaves. frank luntz is in connecticut to get their reaction on whether the ad blitz hurts or helps the candidate? >> it seems the closer we get to the election the more acrimonious it becomes. let's go to one of the great swing states in america which usually is more civil to each other, connecticut. are you guys upset about the negativity in politics? >> yes! >> can you talk to each other in a civil way? >> sure. >> what bothers you the most about what you are hearing how
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in the campaign? >> it seems like there's outright lies. >> deceit. >> how many of you think the candidates are lying? come on! couldn't it just be that they are telling the truth and you don't like what you hear? >> no. i think it is character assassination is the biggest product they have. >> i don't agree that at all. i think they are representing themselves in the ways that are true to what they are. >> they take pieces or partial truth and not telling the whole story so you don't get the balanced information. >> i think the attacks they use is so brutal it is like, what are you here to do? who are you representing? >> we'll show you one now one of the most negative campaigns now is happening in kentucky. jack conway has created and run probably the most vicious ad of the 2010 election cycle. we had them dial it, let's look to how they reacted.
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>> why was rand paul a member of a secret society that called the holy bible a hoax? banned from mocking christianity and christ. why did rand paul once tie a woman up, tell her to bow down before a false idol and say his god was aqua buddha? why does rand paul now want to end all federal faith-based initiatives and the he deck down -- the deduction for religious charities. why are there so many questions about rand paul? >> was that ad legitimate? >> absolutely not. he to go as far back as that to get something negative? >> a smear campaign on swhoupb is 40, 50-years-old going back to their college days with all the issues we have now, can't you debate the issues? >> do you agree that? >> yes! -- >> throw it up against the wall see if it sticks. he has a laundry list.
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>> if you can't talk about what is happening, and you have to go back to somebody's religion. >> it is talking about his character, is it not? >> it talking more about the accuser's character than his character. >> interesting. >> i think it creates more of a desperation look for them, rather than an direction the issues. >> i just don't understand why they have to be so negative and they can't talk about the positives. >> let's do that. let's show the response. rand paul didn't take this sitting down. he decided this is such a significant attack he would respond. let's look at how our group reacted to rand paul's response. >> i'm rand paul and i approve this message. >> announcer: now jack conway is attacking rand paul's faith. rand paul keeps christ in his heart and in the life he shares with his wife and three boys. don't be fooled by conway's desperate attack, shameless, graceful, gutter politics at its worst. what kind of shameful
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politician would sink this low? to bear false witness against another man just to win an election? this one would, jack conway. >> let's find out, which ad do you -- would have a greater impact on you? who would say the first ad you say? who would say rand paul's  who would say neither? neither? why not? >> none are talking about the issues. none of them are addressing what is going on in my life. they are talking about what he did in college. irrelevant stuff to me >> you think it is irrelevant. >> in order to slander somebody so much what issues of your own are you trying to cover-up? >> i have to agree. a lot of the -- a lot of the issues were never discussed in any of the ads. >> just because he was in college doesn't moon he still doesn't hold those principles. that's the formative time of your life. if he spoke out at that time
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that's probably his true feeling. >> you agree? >> no. if you listen to rand paul, the guy's got character. he's a physician. he knows what he's doing and i'm convinced of that. >> we've all said and done stupid things in college that was a long time ago. . >> so what stupid thing did you do in college? >> i think the ran paul response is over-the-top. it legitimized the initial ad too much. he should have said the first ad was a joke and just got on. >> he really made a mistake by giving credibility to that accusation. he should have said is that all you have? that's pathetic. let me know what you want to debate the issues. >> he was defending his faith, who wouldn't. >> don't lend credence to a negative ad by coming out and saying -- >> it is like the christine o'donnell ad in
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delaware. the witchcraft, she was a kid. >> you would have told her not to use that that line? -- that line? stick to the issues. issues. >> anybody else? >> not what have you done recently, what are you going to do for me tomorrow? >> they a debate the other day rand said to him, stop with the garbage and get on with the facts. let's talk about what the people want to hear about. >> are you guys angry with the negativity? >> yes! >> you want them to talk about issues? >> yes! >> you want them$nnç8 to focus n jobs? >> yes! >> spending? >> yes! >> it is clear, they want issues, jobs, deficits, they want to focus on spending. i hope the candidates are listening because they are going to decide who wins the election. >> sean: polls indicating the race for the california senate
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seat is tightening. senator boxer has a lot to be worried about come election day. >> her republican opponent fiorina joins me, next. ;7ooo
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>> sean: the race for california senate seat is tightening as we close in on election day. in the latest state poll, boxer's republican opponent fee reason that is closing the gap. senator boxer slightly ahead 48-44. with less than two weeks until voters head to the polls it is still anyone's game. joining me the republican senate candidate herself carly fiorina. welcome back, thanks for being with us. >> great to be back thanks for having me.
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>> sean: obviously the president is spending a lot of time and resources. how many times have the president, vice president and michelle obama been out there campaigning for boxer? the president for the third time, michelle for the first time vice president the second time that is all you need that boxer is in serious trouble. in less than two weeks we can win. >> sean: one of the issues that has emerged is the issue of roe vs. wade. barbara box trying to attack you, calling you too conservative for this traditionally blue state. an extreme that you would become a key senate vote to overturn roe vs. wade. your reaction? >> look, as i've told you many times on your show, i am a conservative. and i'm a pro-life conservative. but this is very typical for barbara boxer. she always turn to abortion at the end of the campaign. particularly she doing it this
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year, because she cannot talk about her own record. she has 28 years of failure in washington d.c.. she can't talk about jobs. everyone in california knows the stimulus bill is a failure. our unemployment rate is 12.4%. she can't talk about cutting government spending all she has done is increase it. those are the issues voters care about. jobs, out of control government spending. what has boxer done for the last 28 years? barbara boxer is going to try anything to 'tis track -- distract attention from her record, jobs, out of control spending. the reason after spending 12 million dollars attacking me in race is virtually a tie is because none of that works. people are focused on the important issues of this race. i will not run from my beliefs, ever. i will stay focused on issues voters care about. >> sean: president -- nancy keating said if you win it would be like having
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sarah palin representing california. is that an attempt to demonize you or a compliment by comparing to you sarah palin? >> i guess it depends who you listen to. i'm complimented. but look, here's the thing, barbara boxer, imagine being in washington, d.c. for 28 years and having nothing to talk about in terms of your accomplishments on behalf of the people of california. she has nothing to say. people can help us out by going to we can win this race it is ours to lose now. think about what an incredible symbol and signal it would be to washington, d.c. if we were to unseat one of the most bitterly partisan liberal career politicians in washington, d.c.. >> sean: you are fighting back. last saturday you spoke to some combat vets. you shade this is not a senator that is a friend of
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american -- america's heroes. it is something we must hold her accountable for on november 2nd. what did you mean by that? >> john mccain was out with me to talk with the veterans. what he said was having served along sidebar bra boxer for many years, she was prepared to wave the white flag of surrender. she would never vote in support of our troops in iraq and afghanistan, that's a fact. she was the most bitterly partisan and unpleasant, those are his words, senator he had ever served with. what i'm reminding voters, this is a senator who for example not only dressed down that brigadier general for daring to call her ma'am instead of senator. she only one of 14 senators who refused to condemn the disgraceful ad that described david petraeus one of the finest generals our country has produced as
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general betray us this is a senator who not a friend of our fighting men and women and has not been a friend of the people of california. >> sean: for the all the years she has been in washington. you called attention to the fact that she is proud of her title. for all the years she spent in washington what are her chief areas of accomplishment she citing? >> exactly. she doesn't have think. let me tell you sean, the main thing she has done is named things. she has named a lot of post offices. courthouses, i'm not kidding here. when it came time to help turn the water back on for the poor people in the central valley an issue you have highlighted in your program she stood in the waive getting that water turned back on. it -- in the way of getting that water turned back on. it is still off. i would get it turned back on. she has voted for trillions in higher taxes, trillions in additional government spending
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loads of new regulation. she is for cap and trade which would cost this nation millions. she is for those things but she hasn't accomplished anything on behalf of the people. >> sean: she is the incumbent and below 50. it is a four point race you are dealing with a very blue state. what are your closing arguments in the final days of this campaign, that you think can turn this race around and take a blue state with a liberal senator like barbara boxer and turn it red? >> well, there is a poll out this week that shows us up three. there is a poll out that shows us in a tie. this race is close. within the margin of error. and the closing argument will be what it has been all year long, jobs. we must grow them into the private sector. out of control government spending. we must hold people in washington, d.c. accountable. barbara boxer has been there
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28 years and she has done nothing to help the people of california. we can use all the help we can get and we can beat her. >> sean: thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: next our weekly round up of how the liberal media is selling you its biased views. media mash, next.
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>> sean: election headlines
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this week the is reporting the democrat running for the seat vacated by sestak, admits helping tea party candidate get on the ballot. in the hopes he would steal some conservative votes from his republican opponent. according to the most recent midterm election numbers guess who is still down in the polls? looks like the joke is on youz#a
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>> sean: welcome to media mash where we expose the most outrageous example of the mainstream media's liberal bias. here to go through this week's material is president of the media research center brent bozell. welcome back. >> how are you? >> all right. we got drill thrill up my leg and bed chris matthew us -- if 33 were trapped in a mine they
5:36 am
would have killed each other. >> message coming out is every man for himself basically. no more taxes, no more government, no more everything no more safety net, no more health care everybody get out there, make your buck, save it, scre work the kpwft move on. these people if they were down that mine they wouldn't have gotten out. they would have been killing each other after two days. >> sean: where do you begin? it is -- it is such a distortion what is your reaction? >> first, chris matthews just proves he knows nothing about the tea party movement. the tea party movement believes in two things, self-responsibility and individual freedom. individual responsibility, individual freedom. if you want to ascribe political definitions to the miners who were trapped there, for 17 days, they to take care of themselves. they to be responsible for themselves. if you want to play that game,
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they are the ultimate tea partiers who were down there. it goes to show how irrelevant that network is that they have to take great stories and try to turn them around to attack the tea party. that's desperation too. >> sean: good point. i see leslie stahl was talking the heroic dr. obama save the economy. save the world. he gets no credit, so sad. >> it reminded me of a doctor who has this horrible burn victim come into the hospital and saves the guy's life, this is our economy. saves the guy's life but the guy wakes up and he has scars all over his face that's all he sees that's all anybody sees. the living but he looks awful. what is the doctor supposed to say? that's what he's fighting. he's fighting an economy that just won't give him anything. >> sean: he saved us. you just don't know it yet.
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unemployment, you know, it must be low 8%, i haven't seen the numbers yet. all these jobs must have been created. unemployment probably would have been 39% by now except that barack obama got elected brent. >> barack obama, victim. she says he saved the economy the reality is something different. he said it was all about jobs and about doing something about that awful bush record. since george bush left office he's lost four million jobs. the unemployment has gone from 7.7 to 9.6. he's added three trillion dollars to the national more debt than ronald reagan and every other president back to george washington combined. he hasn't saved the economy. the reality is he's ruined it. >> sean: she is matching matthews in terms of exuberance and excitement over
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the anointed one. i'll watch with great and tell 60 minutes. interesting thing happened on cbs so-called independent panel of voters. unanimously condemning the tea party. we'll show that you and then give you cbs' polls which contradicts their so-called independent voter panel. >> there was unanimous agreement in this group the tea party isn't their cup of tea. >> i see it more of another voice from the fringe. >> they make statements that are terrorizing. >> making a lot of noise doesn't mean you have the right answers. >> it shouldn't be the tea party it should be the inflammatory party. >> sean: all five independent people condemn the tea party. perhaps katie couric should look at her own poll at cbs which shows that in fact, independent voters opinion of the tea party movement, 23% favorable.
5:40 am
18% not. and 20% undecided. that was such a wide sample of five people that you know obviously they really got every independent find. >> cbs has a track record of this kind of stuff. you remember when the pope had brought 500,000 young people to denver and it was the biggest grouping of young people since woodstock? cbs went with a camera and found four who were protection the pope and they made it on the sunday morning news. it is the same thing here. their own poll is showing that it is favorable. yet they find five people who say the opposite. that gets on the news. she wonders why she is in last place? that's the kind of reporting katie. >> sean: let's stay there. they have a so-called political analyst, jamal simmons. see if this sounds like fair, balanced and objective cbs reporting. >> you look around the country not just christine o'donnell
5:41 am
but sharron angle in nevada, in ohio, dressed as a nazi for the weekend. these democrat -- these candidates are making democrats look good in comparison. >> sean: i didn't see anyone rebutting those comments. >> there wasn't a conservative, there wasn't a republican on there, only democrats. they put him on. she did say he's a democrat. no he's not. first of all that's not political analysis, that's spin. political analysis would tell you the truth. that's not truth that is nothing but political spin. this guy is a political operative of the democratic party. what she doesn't tell he worked for bill clinton. i worked for al gore. he worked for barack obama in 2008 this guy is a party hack spinning for cbs news on national television. they call it news. >> sean: it is amazing. i identify myself as a conservative, registered conservative. seems some in the media are shocked that i haven't donated money to barney frank.
5:42 am
>> you don't flak, you don't spin things. your analysis, your commentary may come from the right and his may come as a democrat. it is one thing to do that. it is another to just spin this to try to score points. you ought not to do that and call yourself an analyst. there's no analysis there. >> sean: brent bozell appreciate it. our great, great american panel straight ahead. ♪
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>> sean: tonight our great american panel democratic strategist he has worked with new york senator my friend chuck schumer. she is political day for column for human events jedediah bela is back and he's best known for playing johnny sack on the sopranos. actor vince curatola.
5:47 am
i don't even know your real name. >> i don't either any more. >> sean: probably as an actor you don't want to hear that >> better to be cast this way rather than never cast at all. it is okay. >> sean: i could play a liberal one day. nobody would believe. >> we this controversy, juan williams here's what said. >> i'm not a bigot you know the kind of books i've written about. when i get on a plane if i see people in muslim garb and i think they are identifying themselves first and foremost ausmus lips, i get worried. i get nervous. >> sean: npr of all places with everything that nina totenberg has said should he had been fired for that? >> absolutely not. it is ridiculous. aren't we in a free country? >> sean: i'm extraordinarily happy because juan is a dear
5:48 am
personal friend, i admire and respect him a lot. we often disagree on politics. but i'm happy the fox news channel has reuped his contract according to reports and he's getting paid more money, good for him. at least this is one place where free speech exists. >> what was outrageous if you watched the whole segment he was speaking out against intolerance. obviously they didn't watch it. this is a soros funded, taxpayer funded also. >> sean: a million dollars to media matters, 1.8 million to npr. there's it is they got a fox person in trouble. >> they don't like that he's on air talking to you and engaged in -- >> i don't get it. it is thin skinned on the part of pr. i'm an npr supporter. i don't bit into the soros 1.8 million dollar influence. he made a statement. some might not like what he
5:49 am
said. it wasn't out of the world. honestly if i would have said i get a little afraid when juan williams walks into a train it would have been a different for. -- -- been a different story. [ talking over each other ] soon there's a serious side. these groups that funded by -- radical left wingers. they are monitoring now. you got some weirdo in their underwear -- >> let's be fair there are people monitoring left wing shows as well. >> sean: but it is not as well funded and well orchestrated. they want one word, one phrase out of context so they can get us fired. >> there's gotcha everywhere. >> jerry brown's campaign can call meg whitman a whore?>> rid. >> when it is on their side it is okay. always okay on their side.
5:50 am
whenever it is them, -- i'll tell you something, you got to get back into this country like arlington national cemetery all those headstones so we can say what we say. what government is this now in washington? i don't understand it? >> they wanted him to spew the far left talking points. juan is an independent minded person, they didn't like that. >> sean: why are we the taxpayers footing the bill for npr? you like npr you are one of the few people i know. >> i think there's a place for shows about breaking bread. >> sean: okay wait a minute. why should my hard earned tax money go to the show you want for breaking bread? [ talking over each other ] >> tax dollars go to places we don't want them to go all the time. i didn't want to build a bridge in alaska that's the way it works. >> sean: why should i pay for propaganda radio?
5:51 am
>> less than 2% is funded by -- >> sean: then they don't need it. >> maybe george soros might want to pony up a little more. >> shouldn't get a dime. >> there are a lot of things -- >> sean: not a penny. >> nothing, zero. >> we live in a republic not a democracy. sometimes your money is going places you don't want it to go. >> sean:
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel many a lot of hard hitting campaign ads this election season. here we are 11 days out. here are just a few of the highlights. >> announcer: five things you did serve to know. he's taken campaign cash from a group with terror ties and
5:56 am
from moody now a convicted terrorist. >> announcer: webster tried deny battered women medical care. he wants to force raped women to bear the child. >> subnight me. >> taliban dan webster. >> announcer: hello my pretty i will save you from the evil republicans. >> but first pay $18,000 a month for my downtown office. >> why did rand paul once tie a woman up tell her to bow down before a false eye tell and tell her to say his god was aqua buddha. >> sean: i don't which is worst the aqua buddha one or taliban dan. he took out the words don't use that quote in the bible. then he caught part out >> i have to go with the aqua. >> aqua buddha. >> nancy pelosi was intriguing to me this is a dirty game politics. there's a lot on the table.
5:57 am
>> sean: you worked for chuck schumer hard hitting politician, don't like him -- >> this is nothing new since jefferson called adams a hermaphrodite, these are tame when you think about it the american public buys this up. >> sean: what would you do if somebody called schumer your buddy that? >> i'd be upset and we would run 75,000 ads against that person. the reason why some politicians win and some lose is because they are not afraid to fight back. >> sean: do these ads work? >> absolutely do. >> i think if they are outright lies they don't work. one candidate is going to say that's not true. >> sean: i think the taliban dan ad is not going to work because saw the entire -- >> rand paul should be 15 points ahead, he's four points ahead. >> sean: in fairness, paul up by eight.
5:58 am
>> aqua buddha is old. >> sean: it just came out >> but this aqua buddha story has been around for a while. >> sean: do you believe rand paul tied up a woman? >> we all do crazy things when we were in college. >> sean: did you believe he was 30 when he did it? >> i'm sure there are things i was president of the student body and played football. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: were you probably hanging out in what was the name of that strip joint? that one. nancy pelosi, even the "washington post" concludes she is losing her grip on power. >> she lost her grip a long time ago. she should be home with tea, crumb pets in san francisco where she belong -- s. he ask her a question, you know she zones out. it is like clicking they tell
5:59 am
know a this. >> she is done. you have a ton of democrats campaigning against her, obama the health care agenda. she behind that far left agenda. she out! >> sean: you are our resident lib. you are here on chuck schumer's behalf. he's not going to let you come on any more. why aren't any democrats -- they passed landmark legislation, health care, stimulus, cap and tax -- >> if i was on those campaigns they would. democrats in congress passed landmark legislation they saved this country from the -- falling into an economic abyss. health care is a big problem in this country. i don't think it is a perfect bill but -- >> sean: outside of new york if you were running in ohio, missouri, ken, you would be running on passing obamacare which 70% of the american people want repealed? >> they let republicans and


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