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tv   Campaign 08 Fight to the Finish  FOX News  October 23, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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>> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on, tonight. >> if i see people who are in muslim garb garb and i see themselves foreminnesota i get worried. >> juan getting fired by npr saying he gets nervous flying with muslims. millions of people feel the same way. why did the "national public radio" outfit sack juan? we have a factor investigation
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and chronicle the outrage. >> the firing of juan was a total mistake. it sends the wrong message and npr get yourself together. >> also, the factor is calling for congress to immediately suspend all payments to npr. karl rove, megyn kelly and glenn beck will all weigh in on this atrocious action. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. npr has fired juan williams who worked there for more than 10 years. in february of 2009, npr warned juan not to advertise his association with them on this
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program. and now, npr has terminated juan's contract because he said this on the factor. >> i mean, look, bill, i'm not a bigot. you know the kind of books i have written about the civil rights movement in this country. but, when i get on a plane, i have got to tell you if i see people who are in muslim garb and i think, you know, they're identifying themselves first and foremost as muslims, i get worried. i get nervous. >> bill: npr president vivian schiller former "new york times" employee is too cowardly to come on this broadcast tonight to explain. but we did catch up with her today in atlanta. >> this action was not anti--fox. this action was pro journalistic standards and a news analyst cannot continue credibly to analyze the news if they are expressing opinions about divisive issues. it's that simple. and the same would go with anybody. we're not picking on juan. >> bill: ms. schiller is a pinhead. juan williams was not giving opinion about muslims on airplanes. he was simply stating what he
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felt. if he had said that his uneasiness should be embraced by others, that would have been a personal opinion, madam. in my opinion, ms. schiller should resign immediately because she is simply not smart enough to run a media company, even if it is npr. juan williams did nothing wrong. he was just being honest, something npr might strive to learn. juan wasn't fired because of that remark. weighs sacked because of his association with the fox news channel. a few days ago npr accepted $1.8 million from far left bomb thrower george soros that in itself a disgrace because npr also takes taxpayer money. now, the "national public radio" crew is in bed with the radical soros? talk about a lack of standards. talking points is calling for an immediate suspension of all public money going to npr. and we understand that senator jim demint will introduce legs to defund that enterprise. no taxpayer dollars should be going to an outfit that abuses
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freedom of speech. this is like the acorn deal. no more money to npr. even devoted liberals are outraged by what npr has done to juan williams. >> here on "the view," you know, we have our great opinions. but in all of our opinions, it seems, the firing of juan was a total mistake and sends the wrong message and npr get yourself together because we all got to work on this together. >> bill: npr has now deinvolved into totalitarian outfit functioning as an arm of the far left. there is no question about that. as a corporation, npr has a right to do what it wants, but it does not have the right to any of our tax dollars. it should compete in the private marketplace. i guarantee you if were in did do that it would go the way of air america and file for bankruptcy. there is no excuse for this in america. npr will rue the day. let's bring in the guy causing
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the trouble fox news analyst juan williams. i'm sorry about. this you i don't have any use for npr. you worked there for a long time. you say emotional about it believe me, you are better off getting out of there. you are better off. let's walk through. when you said that on the factor, i heard it and i was going to say well, i'm not scared of muslims on a plane but then i said, you know, it's not worth it. it's a small point. it's a small point. first of all, millions of americans feel the same way. that's beyond a reasonable doubt. how quickly did the fallout start in this was on monday night you said it? >> yeah. >> and on wednesday afternoon i get a call from ellen weis the vice president of news in charge of npr. she says what did you mean to say? and i said i said what i meant to say. >> so it took them 36 hours to get to you? >> not to get to me. they can get to me for any time. i worked for them. they know how to reach me.
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>> bill: they didn't reach you for 36 hours. somebody put heat on them. >> no doubt about it. >> bill: if there was outrage you would have heard tuesday morning. >> i would have heard that night. i'm saying you are exactly right. i was in chicago on tuesday and people were coming up to me to say, and this was a muslim guy telling me about how his kids, you know, have fears about being identified as muslims, thank you for what you said on o'reilly last night. this is in o'hare airport. then that night i start to see my mailbox emails from a clearly orchestrated by muslim right group saying that i am a bigot. >> bill: cair? that's who did it. >> exactly. >> bill: so they got to npr and then these pinheads who probably never even watched this program didn't know what you said, they start to make this determination that people should know that juan was very sympathetic by the way to muslims during that interview. you didn't hammer them at all. >> no. this is the irony of the thing. they take something totally out of context like one word or one line and forget the fact that
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here i am engaging you, bill o'reilly, right? >> bill: right. >> we're having an honest discussion. this is what america should be. people having real debate and telling you. you pointed out rightly in the talking points memo. this is what i felt. >> bill: it wasn't an opinion. >> no. >> bill: this schiller you have met her. >> i have met her. >> bill: this woman is stone cold dumb. i say that with all due respect. williams, you are not allowed to give personal opinions as an npr analyst. you are not allowed to give personal opinions. we don't want personal opinions. you weren't giving an opinion. you were saying, look, if you had said after that and a i think all americans should feel the same way that i do that would have been an opinion. >> no. >> bill: this woman doesn't understand what a feeling is as opposed to an opinion. >> she must not have lived in america after 9/11. >> bill: it's further than that. then she goes on and gives a speech today. >> i know about that. >> bill: listen to this clip. roll it. >> juan feels the way he feels. that is not for me to judge --
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to pass judgment on. that is really his feelings that he expressed on fox news are really between him and his, you know, psychiatrist or his publicist or take you pick. but it is not compatible with a news analyst with the role avenues analyst on npr's air. >> bill: are you kidding me. >> so now i'm a psycho. >> bill: a psychiatrist? >> now i'm mentally unstable. i'm a journalist. >> bill: this is the woman running this operation. >> oh my god. i mean, come on. >> bill: it's unbelievable. >> that's insulting. now it becomes personal. >> bill: she apologized. she did. >> not to me. >> bill: okay. that's a good point. she apologized to, look, i'm not here to assassinate ms. schiller's character. she is a coward. she could have come on here. she didn't. someone else fired you an underling. >> why can't i come in and talk to you. i have been there 10 years. i have taken shows at that network to unprecedented
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heights. played key roles there. she said i wouldn't come in to talk to the assistant. i never got a word from ms. schiller. >> bill: juan hasn't raised. this about a year ago the society of black journalists chastised npr for not having any black journalists. you are the only one, williams. >> i'm the only black male on the air at npr. >> bill: now you are gone because you offered a sincere, honest opinion. and you didn't celebrate the opinion. you didn't say i'm happy i feel this way. >> no. and, in fact -- >> bill: i'm wondering now al sharpton and all these guys going to get involved here. they don't have any black men on the air at npr. >> i don't fit into their box, bill. >> bill: i know that. >> i don't fit in their box. i'm a predictable black liberal. let me tell you something else. you were exactly right when they said do you know what this comes down to they were looking to get rid of me because i appear on fox news. they don't want me talking to you. >> bill: here is backup.
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the media matters group, okay, which soros gave 1.2 in addition to the 1.8 million. we will get to that in a moment. they called mara liasson a fox news analyst to be fired today as well. you tell me this guy isn't pulling the strings over there at npr? 1.8? he gives them 1. and then a week later you are gone? come on. >> money talks. >> bill: you bet. >> he is a puppeteer. >> bill: wake up and smell the corruption. >> it's just so unbelievable because i have always thought of journalism in a way as a priest hood, you know, that you honor it. that you protect it. >> bill: these people are corrupt. >> these people don't have any sense of righteousness, what right is here. self-righteous. >> bill: i don't want you to say anything else. let me finish up here. number one, this is good for you. >> what? >> bill: this is good for you. you will get a big book contract to write about what you can and can't say in america. you are a good writer. you will be able to do that number two you will host the factor tomorrow night. more people will see you on here
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than in a year on npr. >> that's true. >> bill: number three, everybody likes you now. before it was i don't know whether i likes this juan williams. now everybody likes you, okay? everybody who counts. number four, congress is going to de-fund npr's public funding. you did it this saul good for you. >> i got it. >> bill: we got your back. >> you know what else i notice now? you are a stand up guy. >> bill: i got your back, williams. trust me on this. we're not letting you go. ms. schiller, i will tell you again, you are welcome to come on this program. but we are not letting this go, madam. we are not letting it go. juan will be anchor the broadcast tomorrow night. i will be on assignment. kicked another million to the vicious media matters organization. karl rove will analyze. laura ingraham on freedom of speech in the liberal precincts. does it exist anymore? right back. ♪
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>> bill: continuing now with lead story the far left punishing people they don't agree with george soros giving npr 1.8 million. now appears the godfather trying to political june. yesterday it announced that soros gave them a million bucks to counter fox news, counter being a code word for attack. please keep in mind that all last week liberals were screaming about donations being made to the u.s. chamber of
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commerce joining us now from dallas karl rove is in the middle of the financial business so, what do you say, mr. rove, about this? >> i'm furious. look, juan williams, you know, he and i don't see eye to eye on a lot of issues. but he is a man of enormous integrity. for the national progressive radio to fire deviating from the political correctness. public radio. shame on them. james toronto had buffalo piece said over the years liberal. never got fired by "national public radio" for that. but when he deviates from this politically correct attitude by offering an observation that probably most americans agree with. they cashier him in a stunningly insulting fashion. that woman in atlanta today shame on her.
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>> she has dishonored the position that she has held. for years we have national public radio. national progressive radio was left of center but it has gotten over the years increasingly further left by doing this demonstrated it is not willing to take honest liberal and keep them aboard and cut them loose at the first time of deviation from political correctness. our country eds to save money. why don't we save money by cutting off the federal subsidy what ought to be a private enterprise anyway and that is "national public radio." >> bill: you guys should have done it in the bush administration because this is the biggest con game in the world. >> we tried to cut back funding for the corporation for public broadcasting several times and, look, the problem is every little public radio station says oh well this is our source of news and information. well, we have demonstrated now to us with clarity that this is not about news and information. this is about political correctness, about an increasingly left wing tone. they can't even take an honest liberal like juan williams and tolerate him. they have to cast him out in a
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particularly, i think, vulgar and pitiful way. this man served them with distinction for 10 years. they cast him out over the telephone without even the courtesy of a phone call from the superior who made the decision. and then she turned around in atlanta and insulted him, calling him a whacko and a nut case and suggesting he said what he said on monday in order to garner publicity. oh, he ought to take this up with his therapist or publicist, whichever. how pitiful is that woman? shame on her. shame on her. >> bill: what about the link to soros? i'm making this -- if you give npr 1.8 million, as he did, ostensibly to hire reporters, number one they should have never taken the money at all. that would be like, you know, you think they would have taken 1.8 million from richard mel alan scaf, the conservative? >> what would have happened? yeah, not only taken the money, remember, he is giving a grant for a specific program. the program is a quote in
9:18 pm
enterprise journalism where they will hire 100 reporters, two per state capital in order to cover what is going on in the states and not simply to look at the here and now of what is going on in those state capitals but to look at the consequences of big issues over a long period of time. look, this was a grant that geoge soros' foundation sat down and negotiated with "national public radio." we ought to be able to understand with clarity what he -- what they agreed to in allowing him to define the nature of the program, staff the program, set its policies and monitor it. there is no foundation in america that just gives a grant like that to an enterprise program and simply fires it and forgot. he is intimately and his people are intimately involved in this. >> bill: absolutely. soros is buying up -- this is a big important point. soros, as radical left as they come. a billionaire whose holding company is based in a foreign country so he can dodge american taxes is buying up the media in the sense that a million to media matters solely to attack fox news.
9:19 pm
1.8 to npr to manipulate how they report to the american public. it's insidious. >> he is increasingly focused on state level initiatives either to gut drug laws. he is behind a lot of thegaliza. he is also trying to gut the electoral college. he has a whole series of initiatives which he is pursuing at the state level. what better threatening to do than to hire a bunch of liberal journalists under the umbrella of the "national public radio" in order to investigate these causes and follow them over the course of years to demonstrate how much better america would be if we simply followed soros' far left agenda. this is a sign of the decay within what used to be a great institution, "national public radio." >> bill: big scandal. this is a huge scandal. and, you know, we're going to follow this story very intensely. mr. rove, thanks very much. directly ahead laura ingraham on liberal speech in the liberal precincts. does it anymore. megyn kelly says juan williams may have a lawsuit against npr. those stories moments away.
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>> bill: and in the impact segment tonight, in the week in review from the ingraham angle, it's all about freedom of speech. joining us now from washington miss laura the author of the big best seller "the obama diaries," soon to be a stage presentation. we will tell you about that at the end of the segment. okay. you know, you heard this is absolutely anti-fox news play. juan was warned in february of '09 as we stated not to broadcast the fact that he was an npr analyst on this program. and now they found an opening to get him and they got him. >> the only reason that juan williams obviously was targeted is because he appears regularly on your show, on fox news, period. and this is beyond juan
9:24 pm
williams. i mean, bill, you saw it with your little, you know, event on "the view" last book. you know, i'm glad whoopi goldberg and joy behar are upset about juan's firing but they demonstrated last week an intolerance and unwillingness on the part of the left to really get into the arena of ideas. you know, they always say well, we're for all points of view, npr has a segment called, you know, show called all things considered. and it turns out there aren't all things considered. there is a few viewpoints that are considered and considered worthy of airing. the same deal happened on "the view" when they walked out. i think this ends up being an attempt to shut down debate in an honest conversation about complicated issues. and it's clearly meant to intimidate others from speaking out. especially, bill, i think minorities. and juan touched on this. if you are a woman or a latino or an african-american, you are supposed to tow a certain line in the media if you don't, they will target you. they will watch every word you
9:25 pm
say. and if it's media matters, they will tape everything you say. and they won't stop until they drive you off the air. that's the goal here. i think it's the goal that they have toward you and pretty much everyone on fox news. >> bill: okay, now, npr though is an interesting case because it does take public money, as we pointed out. and it does, you know, they say it leans left. it doesn't lean left it promotes left wing causes, does it not? >> of course it does. and just last week on october 14th, sean, a very liberal writer and terry grotes. >> bill: my pal. >> did a whole segment on npr -- stale air with terry groce as i call it a little back and forth about the tea party. the tea party was called whacko. glenn beck's opinion was called not much better than a pitcher full of warm spit. basically, everything the tea party did was extreme and the republican party filled with a bunch of extremist. she can give her opinion on a whole -- i would say the
9:26 pm
majority of persons that are kind of tired with politics as usual. and, yet, juan williams says something that's his personal view, you know, he kind of feels uncomfortable in these situations and that's somehow off limits? you can't do that? he crossed a line? when does terry groce cross a line? according to ms. schiller? apparently never. >> well, look, i think this is healthy in the sense that americans are now getting proof beyond a reasonable doubt that, number one, some portions of the media are corrupt. we have linked in npr to soros. we know what they are doing over there. >> absolutely. >> bill: our tax dollars are being abused in the process. number two, p.c. is on the run. it's on the run. i mean, i said this last night. everywhere i go, everywhere i go, people are giving me sandwiches and pizza, burgers. o'reilly, here. lasagna. >> what you said last night to juan, by the way, when he said
9:27 pm
look, bill, there are good muslims and we have to be careful what we say, you came on him at that point and you said look, i'm sick of this political correctness. i'm going to say what i believe. i think people across the country when you said that, and on my radio show today i played that clip, people were cheering. you know, it's all well and good to try to reach across and talk to other folks and do you so on a daily basis. did you so on "the view" last week with all good intentions. i think we have to recognize that the totalitarian tactics of the left, which i saw all the way back at dartmouth college when i edited the dartmouth review. they were trying to shut down speech then. those same people who were in the ivy leagues in the 1980s are now in positions of power. they are trying to shut down debate today. the difference is, we have fox news and talk radio and bloggers and people are on to their game. and three cheers for what karl rove said. i think we have a national momentum to defund npr. that's what should happen. >> bill: i do believe that will happen. laura, thanks very much as always. for those of you in the
9:28 pm
minneapolis area, miss laura will be premiering her owe obama diaries show there live on october 30th. megyn kelly says juan williams may have a big lawsuit against npr. we will find out what that's all about. glenn beck is not happy about npr either or a radical muslim college professor who is saying incredible stuff. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪ for he's a jolly good fellow ♪ the meeting's tomorro in dals ♪ ♪ we need to finish tho projections ♪ ♪ then output the final presentations ♪ ♪ sally, i'm gonna need 40 copies, obviously collated ♪ wht's going on? when we're crunched for time, brad combines office celebrations with official business. it's about efficiency. [ courier ] we can help. wh you ship with fedex, you can work rht up until the lastinute. it gives you re time to get stuff done. that's a great idea. ♪ i need tspeak with you privately ♪ ♪ i found your resume on the printer ♪ everyone! ♪ i found your resume on the printer ♪ [ male announcer ] we understand.® you need a partner who gives you more time. fedex.
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>> bill: kelly file segment tonight, miss megyn an attorney has been looking into juan williams and the npr situation from a legal perspective. she joins us now. you are saying juan might have some legal recourse here. >> i think npr is potentially in a lot of trouble here. i haven't seen the actual contract between juan and npr. this is going to be governed by contract. people are wondering whether it's a first amendment issue no it's not npr even though it receives 2% public fund is considered a private corporation and they don't have first amendment problems. so the employees don't have first amendment protections. they do have contractual protections. juan has those here. agreement here, the statement from npr here is he was fired for two reasons, number one, because you are not allowed to offer personal public positions on controversial issues. and, number two, they don't allow to you gone shows that encourage punditry. well, he has been going on shows well, he has been going on shows that encourage punditry -- punditry for years now. >> bill: npr has pundits all day long. >> the last panel part that they
9:32 pm
know about is out. the question is whether juan offered a public opinion on a controversial issue. well the question is he talked about you with you at the top of the show whether it was a opinion. >> bill: it was an opinion. >> let's assume they can prove it was did. they wave that right, bill. i am your employee i'm your employer and i say no going on hannity, and night after night you go on hannity, and i sit back there and i don't do anything about it, but i don't do anything i just let you go on hannity and i say to my buddies can you believe o'reilly keeps going on hannity and then final you go on hannity for the umpteenth time and i say that's it i have had it and i fire you. i can't do that. i have waived the right. >> bill: by the fact that you didn't take action in the beginning. >> yes. by then coming out and saying he has offered opinions in the past. this isn't the first time he has done it has he done it before. >> bill: that statement was clearly not an opinion. >> argue that as well. even if they can prove it was an opinion, they have waived that right. he has a very good argument that
9:33 pm
they have waived it and this firing is about something else. >> bill: then the woman gets out in public and says well, he has to talk to his psychiatrist. >> kick man's while is he down. that doesn't enter into the situation legally but it just gives you. >> bill: the class level of her. >> exactly. i mean, when you have people on the left and the right coming out to juan williams defense. ed rendell, a democrat from pennsylvania, the governor came on my show today and specifically asked if he could make a commented in juan williams' defense. he thought it was so wrong. >> bill: okay. we are going to chronicle who sticks up for npr and we will let everybody know. now, going to another and this is just curiosity not nearly at the level of juan. >> you need a little laugh. >> bill: some guys goes to a gentleman's club in west palm beach, florida, all right? >> putting it nicely. >> bill: comes out of the club. >> the cheetah. >> bill: with $650,000. how did he get it. >> do you want to get a broken orbital bone, a broken nose and double vision after one surgery and needing another?
9:34 pm
because that's how he got it. >> well, apparently suky, the 100-pound stripper packs quite a wallop. this gentleman, while he was watching suky do her routine, according to suzukiy, reached out and touched someone. and in her words smacked her bum, hard. and she whipped around with a big platform heel and bam. >> bill: she kicked him in the head. >> in the orbital socket. >> bill: how come he won? >> because then he sued and suky sort of said already i sort of said already i guess did i it he was claiming it was negligent. he denied that he grabbed the bottom. at the end of the day i think the strip club thought got a guy bad damages. >> bill: insurance picked it up. >> and hopefully insurance companies they are going to pay it in singles. >> bill: single dollars? i don't know what that means but i'm sure it's funny. [ laughter ] >> bill: don't ask, don't tell never ends. so now they are not telling again, right? >> yeah. the policy was struck down by a federal judge in california. >> bill: we discussed it.
9:35 pm
>> the government says please stay that ruling while we appeal you on the merits. no, it's struck down right now. they went up to the ninth circuit and said. >> bill: they the justice department. >> we are going to litigate this on the merits. could you please stay this striking down our whole policy before we get to you on the merits in the ninth circuit says absolutely we will stay. not a win for them on the merits. >> bill: so now the gays talking about all about what they do yesterday can't do it today? >> yes. exactly right. >> bill: yesterday they did it? >> nice to have that foreseeability, isn't it. >> the fault of the trial court judge who refused to say it. >> bill: there she is. i have an excuse, suoky kicked me in the head. when we come right back, glenn beck on the controversy. beck is next. >> thanks for staying with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] five colleges.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in at your beck and call segment tonight, listen to the g man on the radio today as he was discussing the ideological assault on juan williams. it is pretty predictable, is it not. >> come on, bill, this has not been done in this way. i mean, i have four people from the white house. the white house advisors that are boycotting with their organizations. we also now have the afl-cio. we have the tide's foundation.
9:39 pm
we have now. these are all new. we also have the george soros giving a million dollars to media matters to come and assault us, take us down. it's never ever been done before, bill. this isn't normal. >> bill: i have to say it's pretty well organized. pretty vicious. but npr now puts itself in the kill zone. we are doing a search today as we ware researching the story. whoopi goldberg is hammering npr. >> i wonder if she walked off the set when she heard this. >> she got upset. >> i have to tell you something, america has a clear choice. freedom of speech. or what. you have arianna huffington is also receiving money from the tide foundation for their investigative arm. it's been taken over from the left. >> bill: no doubt soros is buying up a lot of media no
9:40 pm
doubt about it? >> not media. journalists. you have and coming in intimidating isolate them. this is what david axelrod said. remember when the president did it he said don't treat them like normal people. >> bill: they tried to do this to me and you and it made us more popular. that's the good news. >> no. it's insanity. >> bill: american people know what's going on here. just like "the view." when the ladies on "the view" walked out. behar and goldberg, they actually thought that they were going to win. what happened? >> they lost. >> they lost. >> yeah. >> bill: for me it's not about winning or losing as much as it is taking the temperature of the country. pc is on the run. >> you have to understand people like free press and the people who are dictating and pushing a lot of these media things, these are -- the left of the left.
9:41 pm
they want the meltdown of the press. they want it. >> bill: no doubt about it so they can come in and rebuild it to their image. >> exactly right. >> bill: we have that crazy college professor in pennsylvania liberty college running around and caught your attention, beck. let's roll the tape. >> for the jews, i would say see what could happen to you if the muslims wake up and i say to the muslims, dear brothers and sisters, unite and rise up against this hydra headed monster which calls itself zionism. we must stand united to defeat, to destroy, to dismantle israel, if possible by peaceful means. >> this is amazing. this guy keeps his job. >> bill: he has tenure. >> juan williams. >> bill: gets fired. >> this guy keeps his job. that's how upside down this country is. >> bill: maybe if juan had a hat like that. >> no. i have no problem with tenure.
9:42 pm
but i do have a problem -- >> bill: i do. >> i think speech in an academic setting, not the way we are using it now. but speech in an academic setting is posh. -- important. princeton has a one of the worst guys in the world peter singer. is he their chair of ethics. this guy says you can abort a baby up until two years after birth. >> bill: after its born. if you don't like it? >> what princeton does is they have robbie george teach the class and say that's insane. you have both of them standing side by side debating it. that is what a university should do. >> bill: so sediki though, not to diminish the craziness of the man, he is just parroting jews are bad. >> he is calling for violence here. where is the tide organization making sure is he not calling for violence. >> juan is not calling for violence. nobody on fox is calling for violence.
9:43 pm
>> bill: i don't like this guy. you are not calling for nothing to happen to him. he is a fringe guy. not like same al ari. the professor, i took him out. same is actually raising money for killers. >> look. this should just wake america up to where we are. >> bill: they are awake. >> not everybody is, bill. >> bill: not everybody is ever going to be awake. you have another book out. it's unbelievable. you must be typing 24 hours a day. the book is broke, the plan to rescue our trust, truth and treasury. >> there is a three part it's i should know it i'm illiterate. it's in three sections. the first section is history. woodrow wilson. >> bill: love him. >> the second is like if you
9:44 pm
read common sense, which he didn't, if you read common sense, it's like not thomas -- >> bill: your common sense. >> how many copies. how many copies did i sell 2 million copies. what did thomas payne do. whatever. get over thomas payne. this is common sense times ten. this will really show you how bad it is. then the last part is the revolution in thought that has to happen to repair. >> bill: sounds like a book for pinheads. you have to be really intellectual. are there any stock tips in there. >> no. and there are pictures for you. we might have a monkey smoking or doing something funny. >> bill: when does this book come out. >> it comes out tuesday. >> available anywhere now. >> okay. i'm going to try to get through it, beck. >> i get a lot of mail about our joint appearance at mohican sun in connecticut a week from saturday a day before halloween. are you going to be in costume. >> i'm going in costume. >> who are you going to be. >> i'm not telling you. it's going to be a surprise. >> bill: i'm going as you. >> i'm going as the scariest guy
9:45 pm
i know i'm going as you that means i have to put on 40 pounds in a week. >> whoa. >> bill: mohican sun. >> veal. tip the waitresses. good night, everybody. >> bill: how could you not show up. buy beck's book broke. certainly is not. >> come see him in a fat suit at the mohican sun. >> bill: beck and i are will be in new orleans december 3rd. dallas two shows check tout on bold great american news quiz. right back with it. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older
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9:48 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the great american news quiz and here they are in person the quiz kids fox news anchor martha maccallum playing for rosy jackson. "fox & friends" guy steve doocy representing herb hanger. if you would like to win prizes
9:49 pm
go to bill o' and sign up. martha, you won last time. it was a tie breaker. >> you threw it. >> thank you for pointing that out. >> bill: steve doocy walked off the set. we hope calm prevails. we wouldn't want to offend the ladies of "the view." speaking of which ladies of "the view" this week were not happy with me as you know saying muslims killed us on 9/11. particularly whoopi goldberg and joy behar who said. this i know he was invited here. i understand that but sometimes, you know, it's enough for me and i'm not the greatest person in the world. i don't walk on water. but i had enough. and as soon as i said the "b" word, i knew to get up and leave because i knew what was coming next. was i was going to cuss him out. >> bill: all right. now, for what movie did whoopi goldberg win an academy award? >> bill: the answer is c, you are check the.
9:50 pm
>> bill: the answer is c, you are check the. ghost. did she cuss out anybody in that? i don't think so. >> must have left the room first. >> bill: question number two this week republican senatorial candidate joe miller up in alaska was talking about i illegal immigration in the campaign stop, what he said raised some eyebrows. >> >> bill: go east germany. in what year did the berlin wall fall? and the answer is b, correct. and the answer is b, correct. i was in berlin. i was right there. i was covering it live. >> with a hammer. >> bill: '89. >> you were there when the east germans walked out. >> bill: 27 years old at the time. they are hot again. this week tom bosley of happy days died after a battle with lung cancer. he was 83.
9:51 pm
>> i can't get this thing open. >> you must have loosened it for me. [ laughter ] >> hi mr. c. hi mrs. c. >> were you expecting pots is i? >> no. >> good boy. >> your father promised me to pick me up from school. the school wouldn't start. he carried me on his back. >> i was in better shape then. >> bill: who lived in the apartment over the cunningham's >> bill: the answer is d, the fonz. >> aaaay. >> bill: two questions to go here is question number four. christine o'donnell has not picked up much traction so far in her delaware senate campaign. but her witch comments continue to remain fodder for parody on shows such as "saturday night live" and the internet. what 80's icon recently spoofed ms. o'donnell?
9:52 pm
>> bill: roll the tape. >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you've heard. i'm you. except with bigger [bleep] though i come pretty damn close, none of us are perfect. >> bill: that was a bigger brain was what she was. >> that's what she was talking about. >> bill: you were right. >> yeah. >> bill: it is now a tie with one to go. boy do i have a tie breaker this evening. here we go question number five regis philbim has been in show business for a long time and he had a storied career or something like that because of moments like this. >> dave letterman going around the corner to say hello to dave. >> regis is going to introduce me to dave letterman. >> look, regis. >> where is dave? >> going to find dave letterman. he is not here? >> nobody here?
9:53 pm
>> dave! >> dave! >> bill: no truth to the rumor they were both arrested. now, regis got his first break as the sidekick to whom? the answer is b, joey bishop. the answer is b, joey bishop. here is the tie breaker, doocy. >> yeah. >> bill: what's the name of the pitcher who beat the yankees in game 1? >> steve, what is the name of him? >> bill: okay, maccallum. what's the name? >> i don't know. >> bill: let me give you a hint, maccallum. maccallum. grant vs. >> lee. >> bill: she wins. >> yes! i love it when i win like this. >> bill: i don't care. >> yankees won game one. that's why you threw me. >> of course it was lee. the pitcher. don't you remember? >> bill: everybody wins the prizes.
9:54 pm
pinheads and patriots on deck. katie couric in the zone right back with p and p. >> bret: there is no grapevine [ male announcer ] to equip the lexus es with standard features more like the mercedes c300, u'd have to take out the six-disc cd changer and leather-trimmed seats. with the bmw 328i, you'd also lose the power moonroof and 17-inch alloy wheels. and some oths in its class -- forget wood detailing or sound-dampening windshields, to name a couple. but why would you want to do that?
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9:57 pm
get the orders in early. terrific deal there sign up for annual premium membership on bill o' we will send mp-3 to troops overseas in your name. you will definitely be the patriot. bill you would have to be from outerspace to believe that gala. say hello to everybody in rosewell. >> bill: that's not cold, jim, that's frigid.
9:58 pm
>> bill: i will be there november 9th as part of the seize the day event, steve. hope to see you. >> bill: as quickly as we can, john, >> bill: you know, i didn't meet them, mark. i had a great time in your country. love to go back. >> bill: it's a literary device, scott, high school english classes used to cover that i suspect no longer. >> bill: i appreciate that cory. >> he is the pinhead >> bill: whoa!
9:59 pm
excellent, signed copy of p and p coming your way, ray. nice job. finally tonight, pinheads and patriots tv edition. the magazine gq featuring lay out from the stars of tv show gleevment pictures have caused angst among americans worrying about young people seeing their idols in various displays. so, here is what cbs news anchor katie couric said about it. >> these very adult photos of young women who perform in a family show seem so un-glee like. the program is alreadiy in the right ways. these photos in my humble opinion don't fit the glee gestalt. i know there are bigger problems in the world right now but still as mr. shuster might say to the club "i'm really disappointed." >> bill: is ms. couric's opinion patriot i can or pinheaded? you can vote on bill o' last night we asked to you evaluate stephen colbert mocking me on "the


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