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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 24, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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you can reach him at washington cap. next a program note, next week we'll be fox news election headquarters and among our guests sarah palin one of the key players for republicans and tea partiers this year. we'll see you next fox news sunday. >> one former president hitting the campaign trail and hard and he has just one mission, help his party win come november. and it's the first sunday since the nfl threatened its own players with big fines for nasty hits. more on the league's crackdown on the takedown, i'm julie banderas, and this is the fox report. the election countdown
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breaking into the single digits, with just nine days until november 2nd, the heads of both parties national committees expressing nothing, but optimism. >> i think you're going to see a wave, an unprecedented wave on election day that's going to surprise a lot of people. >> we're seeing strong trends at the presidential rallies and we still have work to do. >> plus, political fireworks in florida today. all three candidates in the race for that state's open senate seat sharing the same stage. and it's got a-- >> i've always had them-- >> and tonight breaking down the debate of one of the country's most closely watched races. >> and new vents in the wake of an art student who never returned from a walk. searchers making a disturbing discovery near where the college freshman was supposed to be. how that's now changing the course of the investigation.
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plus, the lines get longer, the service cuts mount. and the fees keep climbing. now, new evidence, american flyers are fed up, but will anything change with airline profits now showing signs of taking off? tonight, how the holiday season could play a role. today, the heads of each party's national committee is oozing confidence in the run up to the mid terms, both rnc chairman michael steele and dnc chairman, playing forecasters. each leader predicting two very different outcomes. as you know, democrats control both houses of congress right now, but that could change with november second's results. republicans threatening to shift the balance of power in washington. many political watchers thinking it's likely the g.o.p. can win control of the house by picking up at least 39 congressional seats, but in
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the senate, the odds look much tougher. the republicans need to win ten seats to take the majority. but both national party leaders saying the political winds are blowing their way. >> the voters are tired of the fact that the federal government has not listened to them over the past two years and moved in its own direction at its own rhythm and they want to pull back on that and i think you want to see a wave, an unprecedented wave on election day that's going to surprise a lot of people. >> almost all the polls have been moving for us and we have work to do and what the democrats tend to specialize in, the ground game. the more turnout the better we do and we're seeing strong trends at the presidential rallies and early voting. >> what are the reasons each man feels good about its party's chances. steve centanni explains. >> most people express confidence so in reality, democrats are likely to face losses and republicans may not take control of congress, too many races, still too tight
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right now. on friday, sarah palin paid a campaign visit to florida tried to keep the republican momentum going as the g.o.p. rides a wave of voter unrest. the party chairman says that momentum could mean g.o.p. control of the house, and possibly even this. >> i absolutely believe in the house, the balance of power was shifted and i'd like to say we were 38 seats and we'd like to get to 39 to gain control. i think we're more than that, say the house will go to the republicans, what about the senate? the senate is a little bit tougher, but i think we're going to be there. if this continues the way it's going. >> president obama has become the campaigner in chief and hit the campaign trail next week and heads out again next weekend and hoping to attract independents, too, and democrats say the latest polls show encouraging trends in their direction. >> four or five months ago the republicans thought they had a great chance taking both houses for a variety of reasons and the senate has gotten much more difficult for
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them and again, we're seeing the strong moves in polling for our senate candidates. >> as for the house, kane says that democrats will retain control and nancy pelosi will continue. >> steve centanni, thank you very much. it's a state that has given us political drama before. and who can forget that dispute and sunshine state giving us more, and each vying for an open senate seat. marco rubio got an endorsement from the miami herald today and ken trick meek and governor charlie crist running as an independent. and the three squaring off in a nationally teleadvised debate today practicely going at each other's throats and at one point nearly impossible for anybody to get in a word edge-wise, take a listen. >> i'm an old quarterback and i remember calling a play in the huddle and literally as you're walking up to the line of scrimage, you survey the facts and circumstances before
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you and see where the line backers are and realize there's going to be a blitz you've got a call an audible and change to adapt to the circumstances to do the best thing. >> he changes positions on the issues because he wants to win the elections and it's been documented the same times and that's so untrue and so unfair for you to interpret what is in my heart. >> can i finish the-- there's an article, i didn't write it, it's in the st. pete times and the day he switched parties he was across from a reporter. >> and we've got to stop off shore drilling both of these gentlemen stood for in the past. >> i don't. >> well, now you don't. governor, if you let, if you had a he allow me to give straight answers for positions i had for the last umpteen years, i think it's important to understand when a united states senator from florida hits the floor in washington d.c., they must have the will and the despair to stand up on behalf of the people and not
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the special interest. >> we will break down the debate a little later on fox report. well, right now, another debate is going on. this one for the georgia senate race, republican incumbents. and senator johnnie isaacson, has a strong lead in the polls right now. thurmon hoping to unseat him and become the first black man for the reconstruction period to serve georgia in the senate. and donovan, a professional pilot is exchange on the notion of putting government in the hands of the people. we're watching that debate very closely for you, log on to for any update. well, bill clinton, the man with the power on the campaign trail, hitting michigan today. he started in detroit, stumping for lansing mayor virj bernero who is running for governor and then he headlined a rally at university of michigan for congressman john dingell.
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this evening, the former president heads to minnesota for a vikings tailgate party with terrell clark, fighting to unseat republican michelle bachman in the most expensive house race of this mid term season. he's the only american on the cias capture or kill list, talking radical cleric al-awlaki. and take a look at the video posted on the radical islamic website, praises, accused fort hood shooter and the christmas day underwear bomber, umar farouk abdulmutallab and goes on to call for her muslims to follow their example and he's believed to be hiding in yemen. in other developments in yemen, a crackdown on al-qaeda. launching a manhunt for the lawless country side, the region where al-awlaki is thought to be hiding. according to military
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officials, they're helping in the search. and the growing terror threat inside yem nen. the country's foreign minister saying there are some 400 active al-qaeda fighters on yemeni soil. in revent months they're stepping up attacks in the south and the capital. as you may remember, yemen was the site of the homicide attack on the u.s.s. cole in the year 2000 and al-qaeda claiming the lives of 17 american sailors. now, to afghanistan and the report out that the president hamid karzai's chief of staff is on tehran's payroll. according to the new york times, an anonymous source in kabul he says he saw the aide accept a huge bag of cash on a recent trip to iran. there, karzai met with iranian president ahmadnejad, the money is apparently said to be part of a stream of bribes meant to advance iranians interests. both karzai and his aide are denying the allegations.
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>> the family of missing college student antoinette fearing the worst as police identify a body in the park near her campus. the northern illinois university freshman disappeared after she said she was taking a walk in prairie park. they found items near her,
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near the body. and hurricane strength toward belize as residents prepare for a direct hit. the storm is expected to roar ashore with 85 mile per hour winds, but the main concern is the heavy rain. richard already whipped honduras, much of the country is at its highest alert for flooding and mudslides and is expected to lose strength offer the gulf of mexico and will likely not hit the u.s. coast. airlines are taking off. financially, anyway, a number of them just posting large profits. for the first time since the onset of the recession and sounds like good news. despite numerous complaints to the department of transportation and passengers apparently seething as airlines keep packing on fees. how is that so? casey stegall is live at lax to explain and the airline industry has a lot of explaining to do. >> yeah, they do, julie. remember the good old days
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when flying used to actually be a treat? you did not have to pay to check your baggage. steams booze was free and you even got a hot meal. well, as we all know, those days are long gone and analysts say don't expect them to return anytime soon. we all know the airline industry started hemorrhaging money after the events of september 11th, and then when fuel prices hit an all-time high a few years later. major carriers were forced to start charging extra fees just to record a profit. though in turn, well, passenger satisfaction is way dun. in fact, the number of complaints the u.s. department of transportation up about 35%. frankly, i think the profits all came from charging of nickel and time fees to $2 for the beer on the plane and $25 to bring a bag on the plane and check in. >> i really don't think that it's a good idea to have the baggage fees.
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i figure when the fuel prices go up, that's when they started the baggage fees and if the fuel come down, most airlines should have dropped the baggage fees, wishful thinking there. they're making earls and this past week, the three major domestic carriers strong earnings the first time they've been out of the red since 2007. and travel experts say those statistics about unhappy passengers could actually be deceptive. >> listen. >> one of the things which led to an increase in complaints is the department of transportation to their credit has now put together a very good online system for filing a complaint. so, it makes it easier than the old days when you had a write a letter or call the 800 number. >> and hard to believe, thanksgiving and christmas right around the corner, so, the big question, what i am fact will this have on folks' holiday travel plan? experts say buy your tickets
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now because even with these profits on average, ticket sales for the holiday season are going to be about 18% higher this year as opposed to last. julie. >> julie: unfair, i say. peter doocy-- peter doocy-- casey stegall, i apologize, thank you very much. a big drug bust, we have an update on the drug labs inside a dormitory and after a week of hits on the gridiron, the nfl is cracking down and it's meant to keep players safe. you might be surprised what some are saying today. we have a live report next. etfs? exchange traded funds? don't give me just ten or twenty to choose from. come on. td ameritrade introduces commission-free etfs with a difference-- more choice. over a hundred etfs.... ...chosen by the unbiased experts at morningstar associates.
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. >> a follow-up now to a story we brought you last night on
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the fox report of that suspected dorm drug lab busted at washington d.c.'s georgetown university. three men are facing charges. about 400 students were forced out of the freshman dorm because of a strange odor and hazmat team was called in. police at first thought they busted a meth lab and now say they believe two students and a guest were making the hallucinogenic known as dmt. charles smith, charles peron charged with manufacturing a controlled substance. new questions surrounding the death of a u.s. national team swimmer in united arab emirates. discovering the body after he failed to finish a long distance swim race yesterday. now, his competitors say the water temperatures were apparently dangerously high, organizers of the over section mile open water world cup event say he died from
7:22 pm
overeerrings and claims the water was 84 degrees and not a significant factor in his death and the winner of the race insists temperatures must have been above 86 degrees and said other swimmers had problems because the water was too hot. well, the nfl getting aggressive when it comes to player safety. the league now cracking down and handing out big fines for violent helmet to helmet hits and followed a techly brutal week of injuries, forcing several deplayers to stay on the sidelines today. and peter doocy is here and football, boy, what a dangerous sport. >> really, julie. last sunday's nfl games included a high number of head and neck injuries so on wednesday the league forced all 32 teams to watch a four minute video that used game film to demonstrate what kind of hits and tackles are legal and which ones will lead to big fines and suspensions. a league spokesman confirmed
7:23 pm
all coaches in addition to the video. the players that had unnecessary roughness bouts in 2008 to provide an opportunity to coach those players to abide by nfl rules, but even after the fuss about helmet to helmet hits, it has happened again today. look here, bengals red wing back cedric ben sn takes the hand off and breaks through with fancy foot work and nails fal condition safety number 28 in the red jersey on the screen and no penalty on the play, after that crushing helmet to helmet hit the fal conditions player did not return to the gridiron and that's hard to watch as a fan, but appears many nfl players would wliek to keep living dangerously. and channing crowder sate, a quote, golf me a helmet, i'm going to use it. and another received a $75 fine after two cleveland browns went out with helmet to helmet hit and made the crackdown made him want to retire and he skipped practice for a day, but started this
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afternoon and on a day he played by the hi.
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7:29 pm
cleric, al-awlaki. the two minute long message shows al-awlaki slivering a message in arabic and accuses hassan and the christmas day bomber. and hurricane richard bearing down on belize. the storm strengthening into a category one and forecast to top with winds topping out at 90 miles per hour. storm serges areted to raise the sea level raising flood worries and dnc chairman tim cane and michael steele out with bold election predictions and a different forecast for the mid term elections and kane sounding optimistic moving in the democrat's favor and steele says an unprecedented g.o.p. voters sweeping republicans into power. as we told you earlier, nothing, but drama coming out of the state that's known for turning out political theater
7:30 pm
before. we're talking about florida of course, the three candidates vying for an open senate seat squaring off in a nationally teleadvised debate. when they weren't fighting with each other they tackled big issues facing our nation, such as the economy, immigration and iraq. >> the world is better off because saddam hussein is no longer in charge in iraq and i think we have to remind you ourselves of that, the world is a better and safer place because saddam hussein is no longer in charge of of the country. >> i think we would have been better off if we would have looked at diplomatic solutions and wouldn't have been lied to. a number of american lives could have been saved and could have been a different world if we gave diplomacy an opportunity. >> i think the world is a safer place because of the action we took in iraq and it's right of the administration to do what we're doing right now in afghanistan and one of the best things and best parts of that policy is the appointment of general david petraeus to lead our troops on the grounds in in conflict and number one
7:31 pm
to have safety and security for the people in our countries. >> throughout the debate. no matter the issue, the three men couldn't seem to stay away from attacking each other and julie kirtz wraps it up from washington. the fireworks in the three-way senate debate. charlie crist pushed marco rubio to disclose his financial records regarding a g.o.p. credit card and rubio pushed back calling him a heckler. >> people want to focus on the issues because this country has a 13 1/2 trillion dollar debt. >> he doesn't believe in trance paernssy and i created the office of open government in the first time-- >> i've never had a heckler in the debate, i've always had them in the audience. >> the way it is. >> welcome to the nfl. >> and meeks in the middle did get a word in during the live debate mostly taking on crist.
7:32 pm
trying to win over voters since leaving the g.o.p. >> the reason why the governor's argument doesn't penetrate voters he's been all over the world, first as a republican and then as an independent. went down and nominated himself to sit here at this table at this very point and now he wants to pick up democratic ideas ande vs wade a doesn't have an opportunity to say at that when he is pro-life. >> the polls show a senate race that looks like it's rubio's to lose at this point. he's up 12 points in the real mreks average and rubio won the endorsement of the miami herald and the paper published stuff stories about rubio and praises the 39-year-old republican's leadership skills, calling the former state house speaker someone who can quote, grow into a consensus speaker in the senate. julie. >> julie kirtz, thank you. >> pirates seizing two ships in less than 24 hours off the coast of kenya. the german army says a freight ship was taken this morning
7:33 pm
east of the kenyan city of mombassa. and captured in the same area, 17 crew members are on board. it isn't known how many people are on the ship. that was the latest target. they're currently holding 19 vessels. fears an outbreak will turn into an epidemic in haiti and brand new created-- >> haiti a cholera outbreak killing more than 250 people. doctors diagnosing thousands more with the disease. and the outbreak is mainly contained to rural areas. but health officials fear the disease would soon spread, through the capital of port-au-prince where many remain homeless sense january's earthquake. france, gas stations around pair rest are running dry. nationwide streaks are blockading the country's 12
7:34 pm
oil refineries. demonstrators are protesting friday's vote by france's parliament to raise the retirement age to 62. polls show president sarkozy's popularity hitting new lows since the strike started. china, the storm that killed dozens of people in the philippines and taiwan is now forcing more than 300,000 people from their homes in the pro vens. typhoon weakens to a tropical depression as it hit china and no deaths are reported, but the storm did serious damage to the region's fishing industry. greece, out with the old and in with the new. in athens, crews imploding a building in the center of the city. they're making way for a new pedestrian plaza in hopes of revitalizing a rundown area of the capital. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. a new life for the widow of the american killed by mexican pirates. we're going to tell you what's
7:35 pm
next for tiffany hartley and she's speaking out about her decision leaving her husband's body behind. it's still unfound as the bullets flew. and nevada one of the worst hit straits by the foreclosure crisis. it's also home to one of the most closely watched mid term races. what sort of impact is it having on this race and others around the country? find out next. [ male announcer ] it simple physics...
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>> candidates are preparing for the final days of campaigning and no end in sight for america's foreclosure crisis and one of the hardest hit states is within of the closely watched mid term races. william la jeunesse has the story. >> people across michigan are fed up, anxious and angry and so am i. >> what's a business story,
7:39 pm
the foreclosure crisis is now fight and injury for the fight for congress. >> this was the moment that aocean began to swell and our planet began to heal. >> republican challenger sharron angle released this ad against senator harry reid on the very day president obama arrived in las vegas to help the democratic majority leader to save his seat. >> i'm going through a foreclosure, neither has said anything about fixing it or what they want to do with it. >> we are the epicenter of the economic hurricane. and just like with katrina, all the damage comes in and happens and then people want it fixed right away. you can't fix it right away. >> 73% of las vegas home owners are underwater and two-thirds are in some phase of foreclosure. those falling hurt everyone making a fine line for
7:40 pm
candidates. >> this is this sort of double edged sword in the sense that, yeah, i understand the problem and want to take electoral advantage of it, but don't ask me how to solve it. >> may i help you. >> voters seeking mortgage assistance wanted more than just answers. >> they're looking for somebody to blame. some people say that it's the cause of inaction of some leaders. >> some people are blaming washington d.c., some people are blaming everybody else. sometimes, but themselves. >> this is a tough issue for politicians, if they tell foreclosure victims, tough luck, you're on your own, they appear callus, however, if they advocate government support and a freeze on foreclosures, they risk alienating 90% of the home owners who pay mortgage on time. voters will weigh in on the foreclosure crisis november 2nd. in las vegas, william la jeunesse, fox news. >> the currency war averted. for now, u.s. treasury
7:41 pm
secretary timothy geitner with a top finance official. beijing facing mounting pressure to put worldwide trade on a level playing field. joining me robert gray of the fox business network. g-20, what it means for individuals, investors and most of us i guess aren't economic experts leak all of you over at fbn. >> basically what it means geithner and the u.s. and other developed nations want china to make the yuan revalued, stronger against the dollar. why? because right now it makes chinese eports can cheap and they've got a trade advantage there and when the u.s. is at a trade advantage, costs more to buy our goods and wanting to revalue the playing field, if you will. there is some concern by china that the u.s. is the dollar getting weaker and not the only ones, germany, the biggest holder of our debt and buy the debt in u.s. dollars and hold 868 billion dollars worth and could lose the
7:42 pm
principal. when it's translated back to the yuan, the two no doubt are butting heads. >> housing and corporate earnings are going to be dominating the news this coming week and unemployment numbers as a result of this. which ones are focusing on? >> this is the busiest week, a deluge. 35% of the s&p 500 reporting this week and we've got household names, microsoft, we've got what's going on in tech spending, prokt and gamble and consumer exxon-mobile and merck for the pharmaceuticals, those are big names we'll be focusing on. as far as the economy goes, you mentioned new home sales, exits existing home sales and expected to rise on historically low levels and case shiller and gdp later in the week and of course, that's the value of all goods and services and expected to creep up, but not enough to help the unemployment rate. >> still, going up is better than nothing. and housing numbers because they have been at an all time low and the foreclosure mess obviously, making a larger
7:43 pm
problem. so seeing the numbers go up is a good thing. >> it is a good thing and that's what you want to focus on and better versus a year ago, the thing is, will they be better than the past couple of months and depends whether you're glass half full or empty and they say, obviously, we've got to hit bottom and maybe we have and we've been hearing for a couple of years now, and nonetheless we'll keep a close eye on that and the corporate earnings by and large are blowing away estimates and helping the stock market rally we've seen three weeks straight up for the dow, 7 out of 8, all of this is coming together and of course back to the currency thing, a weaker dollar, folks coming in from overseas and makes it inexpensive for them to could many in and buy. they have a half price sale when they come here to the united states. >> and they help the retailers and when you have the foreigners coming in. >> what do you have coming in on fbn? >> the war on business and we're looking at the overregular leagues, so many businesses are facing right now as they try and keep things going there and we'll be live with a home builder and these a theme.
7:44 pm
new home construction sites outside of washington d.c. looking whether or not the 8,000 first time home buyers tax credit was effective or not and some red tape they're cutting through and live at a california cement factory, been around forever. they have to get 67 permits to open one new facility and all of this government red tape and they've seen them cut the work force by 80% in the past four years and profits are down by 75% and china and mexico due to the overregulation and we'll take a closer look and bring you live on site. >> julie: robert gray of the fox business network, thanks for coming in on the fox report. and you can find a whole lot more about far trade with china and the situation with the global economy and as well as all of your business news at fox and a wife leaves a texas home without him. and virginia, as we go across america. colorado. tiffany hartley moving back
7:45 pm
home to live with her parents without her husband, david. she says, he was shot and killed by mexican pirates while the two were jet skiing on a border lake in mexico last month. >> i had to leave him. i had to make that choice of leaving him and saving my own life. and that was the hardest decision ever because i didn't want to leave him. >> julie: david's body has not been found. texas, items marking major moments in the george w. bush presidency, now on display at southern methodist university and saddam hussein's handgun when he was captured and the bull horn used to address those at ground zero and the exhibit is free and open to the public. a preview of what's to come when the library opens in 2013. florida seng are celine dion giving birth to twins.
7:46 pm
fraternal boys came a month early at west palm beach, wearing over 5 pounds. deon and her husband have a young son. and zombie, the massive game of tag. the way it works, you get tagged, you become a zombie. >> this is a fun get together before halloween and everyone gets to go crazy in a nice safe way. and the game started small and exploded because of facebook, attracting more than a thousand people. and that's a fox watch across america. a wild shootout of all places a beauty salon. wannabe robber burst in demanding cash, last they think they're expecting a customer getting her hair done and packing heat. guns are pulled and you've got to hear what happened next, plus, you're not supposed to do it, but next we're going to show you a way to text while driving and the best part of
7:47 pm
it, it's legal. i don't know if that's so great, but we'll tell you about it next. everything is better with swanson broth in it, an essential ingredient in any kitchen. swanson 100% natural chicken broth.
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>> texting while driving, it's dangerous and in many areas illegal. highly illegal, but now one company is releasing an app that allows drivers to stay in touch while keeping their eyes on the road. molly line reports. >> reporter: 30 states have outlawed texting while driving and massachusetts first time offenders $100. repeat offenders, up to $500. and incoming mail is the sound of temptation and many reach for the phone despite the danger involved or the threat
7:51 pm
to their wallet. and boston based, an app for android phones called start talking. >> when you want a send a text message you no longer have to touch or look at the phone you have to start talking, which is great you can turn the display off and put the phone in the save place in your can and communicate using text messages the way you used to. kept our hands on the wheel and took it for a spin. operator text andrew. >> text message for andrew. >> headed to the office. >> i heard you say headed to the office. >> send message. >> there are a number of apps on the market that will read incomings text and allow users to text while talking, but may not offer the same hands-free. >> you have received a text message from andrew. say listen to hear it. >> listen. >> your message from andrew is thanks for your voice text. >> still safety arguments say
7:52 pm
no none of the mument i am it available options are safe behind the wheel. >> the bottom line we don't have an indication they're safe. the driver is still distracked and again the bottom line is hang up and drive. >> according to the national highway safety administration, distracted driving caused more than 5,000 deaths in 2009 accounting for 16% of all road fatalities. molly line, fox news. >> julie: or pick up the phone and call them. an idea. gunshots fly in a beauty salon when cops say an armed man burst inside and dropped to rob him. what stopped him? an off duty police officer who happened to be getting her hair done. do not mess with a woman getting her hair done. the officer exchanging fire with the would-be robber at this salon in brooklyn. police say he walked in, he demanded cash and ferris generals identified herself as an officer and ordered him to drop his gun. instead he shot at her and missed and she shoot back and he ran and police releasing
7:53 pm
this picket of winston cox, the man identified as a suspect and they are still looking for him. party leaders hitting the airwaves, a fair and balanced looked at their messages, nine days until election day. a fox report top story, plus, pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere. all of them all lit up. the jack-o-lantern record they're trying to break. ♪ [ ale announcer ] let's throw on those satury clothes. it's doing season. when we grab a little spare time...and get after it. we're lowering the cost of weekend projects. making things happen... less with our wallets... and more with our own two hands. moreaving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get this american standard 4" symphony faucet
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>> a great wall of pumpkins coming short of setting a record. residents in highland, illinois tried lighting 32,000 jack lanterns and hoping to went a spot in the guinness world records.
7:57 pm
they came up short only 26,000 lit at one time not enough apparently to take the top spot from boston which lit 30,000 back in 2006. great try though. well, if it's sunday, it got to be football. the nfl's only winless team going down to the wire today in the world series showdown is set. the braves and the rangers who have got the weapons to win? let's find out. peter from fox is here. the nfl, buffalo bills and carolina panthers, the final seconds how did they fare. playing the baltimore ravens in wallet more. ralph wilson, 92 years old. looking to get a win and 14 points not once, but twice in the game and ended up losing in overtime to the ravens and this one is a hard one for the bills and they actually were driving for the game winning score when they had a fumble and a personal misconduct penalty and the ravens came away and won this within for the carolina panthers, they
7:58 pm
got the first win and beat the 49ers in a great within at home in carolina and they improve to 1-6 and both the teams are the loan remaining winless teams in the nfl and now it's just the buffalo bills, if you're a bill fan it's been a long win this year and the last couple of years, the longest drought for the playoffs. haven't about there since 1999. >> i couldn't tear my husband away from the television. the san francisco giants taking on the texas rangers so i hear. tell us about game one's pitcher matchups. >> a great story, the rangers and the giants are playing here. and there have been 56 years since the san francisco giants played in the world series or won a world series and the rangers never won a world series three years ago, both the teams are last pleas and that's tim lincecum you see and cliff lee. lincecum long hair. and cliff lee 3-0 this year, unhittable and both are going up on fox, game one wednesday, 7:30 start.
7:59 pm
>> julie: peter, thank you very much. >> thank you, julie. >> julie: a final check on the top headlines for you, dnc chairman tim cane and bob steele. and kane says it moving in democrat's favorite and steele says he sees what is called an unprecedented g.o.p. voters sweeping republicans into power and hurricane richard expected to slam into belize in a few hours and gaining strength with winds topping out at 90 miles per hour. there are serious flood concerns, storm surges are expected to raise to sea level by as much as five feet. >> and on this day in 1901, a historic plunge. a 63-year-old school teacher named annie edson taylor, becomes the first person ever to plunge down niagara falls in a barrel. why, you ask? she was apparently broke and she was hoping the stunt make might her famous.


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