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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  November 22, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EST

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will be the last but if viewers still love him, they are developing another story for him. that is it for today. have a great week and a happy enhancing thanksgiving and we'll see you next fox news sunday. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. bomb bomb [applause] >> mike: thank you, audience. welcome to "huckabee" from the fox news studios in new york city. tonight the tea party energized voters all across america but will they be able to keep their message going on capitol hill?
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kentucky senator rand paul and congresswoman michelle bachman will be here about new wave of republicans. also, whoopi goldberg the host of the popular daytime talk show "the view" whoopi talks about bad manners and body scanners and whether she's ever regretted anything she's ever said on television. plus, remember the song that was playing during this scene from "butch cassidy and the sundance kid" guess what, b.j. thomas will join the little rockers to perform his hit "raindrops keep falling on my head." dramatic election results of couple of week ago were a demand from the american people that those entrusted with the position of service actually treated as a form of service not just some stepping stone for personal advancement. the americans who pay for government and taxes want to make sure they aren't played for chumps and they expect that
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those who administer the money that they use, use it with care. having been a part of the political process for many years, i'd like to propose that this new congress pass real reform, is that would prevent congress from becoming a privileged class. let me call upon congress to do the following. number one, elected official should not be able to seek any elected office while currently holding one except the one that he or she currently holds. if you're a member of the house you can't keep your paycheck in order to run for the senate. or governor seat or presidency. unless you resign from the position that you hold. now i know that neither you nor i could actively pursue a job with a different employer while we were receiving a paycheck from our current employer. that just makes sense. here's number two. stop allowing transfer of funds from one campaign account to another. currently let's say you raise $10 million for a senate campaign then decide i think i'll run for president.
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you just transfer the money that people gave to you run for senate you move it in to your president account. that's defrauding the donors. i say if you don't need it to run for the office you seek, give it back or give it to charity. i ran for president, you know what happened? most of my opponents were members of congress, they got their full paycheck, even though were never at their work station. but they were out campaign and they were campaigning on your dime. they got their health insurance paid, they were fully funded in their pension plans and, you know what, they never had to show up for work. can you do that? of course you can't, neither should they. here is the third thing. not only freeze congressional pay but take 5% cuts for every year the budget isn't balanced and no pensions, just the same social security that the rest of americans have. congress wants to win back the confidence of the people then create rules that you live by. it is a start and maybe one they should go and do now. [applause]
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that's my view and i welcome yours. feel free to contact me at click on the fox news feedback section e-mail your thoughts. kentucky's rand paul won hard fought an at times a bitter race for senator. now few in his own party are anticipating a newcomer who isn't going to be afraid to mix it up and make some waves. >> i think there are going to be some tensions within our party, i don't know the incoming senator rand paul, i respect him, admire him, he's already talked about withdrawals from cuts in defense. >> mike: joining us from the blue grass state is senator elect rand paul. good to have you with us. [applause]
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thank you very much. >> good to be with you. >> mike: it sounds to me as if you make some people nervous, some of the stalwarts of the senate i think that's good, healthy, frankly many of us in america are delighted that there's a little anticipation that guys like you might just shake it up a bit. >> it's funny they said they were going to co-opt us. looks like we're co-opting them. i haven't even been sworn in yet also we've got them ending the practice of earmarks. so i think we're going to have a great impact on what goes on in washington. >> mike: you had talked about defense cuts that there ought to be real honest look at the defense budget. by the way for the record i've said the same thing, rand, that there are not any intentions i don't think any ever us have to cut military spending that actually makes us safe or that protects soldiers or that empowers our veterans or protects them. but we're talking about waste, and ways in which the military spends money either administratively or on weapons that we don't have any plans at
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all to use. talk to me specifically, what would you like to look at in terms of the defense budget to find some realistic cuts. >> i always start with the saying that the primary function of the federal government is national defense, bar none. it's the primary reason we have a federal government. i don't think we should cut the pay to soldiers, i don't think we should cut veterans' benefits. but that being said, i'm a fiscal conservative with regards to all federal spending and if you're not willing to look for waste in the military budget as well as the domestic welfare budget as well as entitlements i don't think you're serious person with regarding balancing the budget. glenn beck in his new book "broke" talks about the fact that 40% of the overhead -- there's 40% overhead in defense spending we still have the same amount of overhead we had within we had $15 million -- 15 million man army now we have three million man army there. is ways that can be cut out of
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the military without cutting our readiness, without cutting our real estatability to defend the country. >> mike: you've talked about that you're willing to work with president obama, do you think that president obama will be willing to work with you and other members of the tea party about what he was very critical during the campaign. >> you know, it's yet to be determined. i've not met the president or talked to hill. i would like to have discussion to tell him that the tea party isn't against him personally, we're just against the ideas of expansive government, ideas of debt, the ideas that really federal government is the answer to everything. i still think we have collegial conversation and look, he's come out publicly in the last week said, you know what, earmarks are bad. he needs to convince the senate democrats and house democrats to also join the republicans and be opposed to the earmarking. >> mike: you've talked about divided government, i've often said myself that a divided government is not necessarily
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bad, kind of makes sure that everything keeps an eye on each other. we've seen the impact of a government that isn't divide, the house, senate and white house. tell me, what do you mean when you say divided government can be a good thing and then tell me why you think it can be a good thing as we face now what will be a very divided government in terms of democrat and republican. >> well, when i think of divided government, the first word that comes to my mind is debate, that means that both sides are debating back and forth trying to find compromise, trying to find what is best for the country. but you know somebody several years ago, i think the us remarks today newspaper looked at state governments like arkansas or kentucky and said, when it's all democrats versus when it's all republicans, versus when it's divided, they found that the most fiscally responsible and fiscally conservative was always divided government. because even all republicans sometimes get carried away. look, during the george w. bush years, we doubled the debt. now democrats are tripling the debt but we didn't do a very
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good job when it was all republicans. that's what most of the republicans are saying now. give us another chance we'll do better job this time but i think that's what the tea party is about is holding their feet to the fire, republican and democrat and making them really cut federal spending. >> mike: a year from now you will be ending your first full year as united states senator, one thing you want to be able to say, we got it done, what is it you hope to be able to celebrate a year from today. >> a balanced budget amendment. we have to have laws that say, you have to balance your budget. they haven't been doing it. both sides, republicans and democrats have proven themselves untrustworthy. we have to force them to balance the budget by law, people say, that's a pipe dream. but interestingly in '97 every republican in the senate and 11 democrats voted for it, we were one vote short of having two-thirds necessary. i think we can do it but i think they will only become good legislators if we force them to obey some rules.
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>> mike: i hope you're there because i can't think of anything that would better help this country. senator rand paul, thank you very much. i hope you have a great first year. at the united states governor from great state of kentucky. [applause] coming up she says people are losing their manners and minds. the outspoken and i would say oíó?çr?çñ÷óñññó[ñ@ f+ññ
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>> mike: she's oscar winning actress, award winning producer and lowed "the true" her new book is called "is it me? or is it nuts out there?" ladies and gentlemen, please welcome whoopi goldberg! [applause] hi, whoopi. great to have you here. i can't great to see you, mike. hello. >> mike: what did do you bring all the people from "the view" over here?
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>> this is my entire family in the audience right here. >> mike: i told them we went out looking for the most wonderful looking people on 6th avenue in new york this is what we came back with. >> not badly done. >> mike: they did well. >> mike: i want to tell you right now if you have any urge whatsoever to get up and walk off the set, i want to you feel free and i'll tell you why. you did so much for bill o'reilly, i could use the break. >> well, you know, i just -- comes from me there's a tipping point. it tipped. i just -- it's so hard, if you have muslim friends who have children, it's just really hard for them right now. they get picked on and beat up and especially if they're wearing traditional things. it just seemed like -- it was one more thing to make us all hurt each other. and i couldn't handle it. because i thought, muhammad ali
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is a muslim. kareem abdul jabar, who are you talking about? then i said a bad word. >> mike: you? a bad word? certainly not. >> on the air. that's when i knew i really had to get off stage. >> mike: i don't think we're going to have that kind of conversation today. you talk about a lot of some very personal things in your book. which i found interesting, one of which is, you kind of think that tsa is doing a good job, you may be the last person in america who is okay with that. >> yes, i do. i do think they're doing a good job. i think they get yelled at, streamed at, pushed, threatened, i mean that is a tough gig. that's a tough job. we as americans or english or whoever is flying we get to the airport, we know we're not supposed to have anything bigger than this with liquid in it. yet that's what we do. then you get up to the tsa person who is really just trying
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to keep us safe. and you scream at them treat them like garbage, i think it's wrong. >> mike: i'm with you on that whole heartedly especially people who go to the airport and then start thinking about the stuff they should have thought about before they ever left their stinkin' house, i'm with you on that. >> yes. >> mike: the new rules. the book came out before some of the new rules pretty aggressive stuff. i got to be honest with you i think some of this is beyond sort of a checking out the safety issue. reminds me of a police state when you have a government employee going in to your pants. >> we are in a bit of a police state. >> mike: are we happy with that? >> it doesn't matter, does it. people keep seeming to get on planes with bombs and bomb in their shoes, stuff in your butts they put stuff in dogs. we are in treacherous times. it's not comfortable, it's not the way that i would like to live. but if it's going to keep me
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from getting blown out of the sky, you can check anything you want and if you feel something you like and squeeze it, what am i going to do? [laughter] >> mike: you're not even a person who likes flying. >> i don't like to fly. >> mike: when did you go through this whole thing, was it somebody that happened that traumatized you? >> yeah. years ago, there was a company called psa they flew out of san diego. and a small cessna and man had a heart attack. and because the big plane didn't know where the cessna was going to go they collided over my neighborhood. and it was the first time that i realized anything like that could happen. now, what i do know because i've worked with the guys at virgin air, they do a great program in london. is that aviation has come so far since that time that those kinds of things are sort of rare to
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happen any more. but now we have people doing whacky stuff on airplanes and so, you know, it's tough. it's hard to know. i'm joking when i say, if you squeeze me. the tas said today that they are not going to -- they're going to deal with children differently. but we're all trying to figure out how to do it, it's not all going to be right. people say, i don't want them seeing me naked. well you know, probably they don't want to see you naked. you know? some of us look in the mirror and know the truth. but would you rather take that chance, i don't want to take that chance, man. i just -- i would hate for anybody to say, you know what, i don't want it, have it not done and have us miss it. >> mike: your book is great i.t. called "is it just me or is it nuts out there?"
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i'm going to talk more about the book including the cover which i find amazingly funny.
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[applause] >> mike: my guest is whoopi goalberg she's got brand new book out called "is it just me? or is it nuts out there "you seat cover on the screen. this is you sitting in let's just say a very what normally would be a quiet private moment. >> right. >> mike: have people come to you in moments in laugh for rewanting your autograph? >> that's what this is all about. >> mike: they followed you in to a restroom. >> or we walked in together someone decided they wanted an you a graph they will hand me a pen and piece of paper
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underneath. you kind of go, what are you doing? i just want your autograph. what are you doing in there? i'm going to the bathroom. that's what i'm doing in here. >> mike: you talk in the book about something that near and dear to my heart, it's about bloggers and the fact that people can be anonymous and cruel and vicious. you call them cowards. >> i call them cowards and assassins. because you don't know where the hit is coming from. on "the view" i'm sure on your show as well, if i say something, you know i said it. if you hear me say it, you know i said it. if i don't apologize the next day, you know i meant it. but a blogger can say endless stuff they don't have to fact check, they don't have to find out if they are even current in their information, they don't have to do any of that. then that is picked up and made in to some other story on
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another station and it becomes the truth. see, i think fact outweighs assumption. so if you have facts in your hands then you can talk, then you can have a conversation say, i hated what you did, blah, blah, blah. and i want to know who is saying it. so i can say, well, i think you're wrong here, you missed this. but you can't do that. people just -- they poop on you and walk away. >> mike: i think it's the equivalent of really word smith terrorism where people can anonymously hurt other people, they take no responsibility for it and yet the damage can sometimes be absolutely irreversible. >> yes. >> mike: you're on television five days a week. you deal with a lot of controversial topics, anything that you've said on television about somebody or issue that you wished you hadn't have said? >> not one thing. >> mike: not one thing? now nice that must be. >> well, you know what, i stand
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behind my beliefs. >> mike: you've never had that moment where it came out of your mouth saying, that won't go over real well. >> a lot of what i have said that. they were my opinion -- you know, the first day on "the view" very first day, i had watched something called "real sports" couple of days before. they had done a remarkable piece on the culture of dog fighting. because michael vick had just gone through all of this stuff. and because of the way that the piece of laid out, it made total sense to me. we have bull fightingfighting, cock fighting, this is a culture and a nature that exists all over the country. people would be shock if they knew how much of this goes on in our cities. i say, maybe this is how he saw
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the world, this is what he knew, this was the culture he grew up in. child, would you have thought i took a big old dump on the stage. people -- how dare you -- i said i'm not defending i'll just giving you an idea that there may be more to this story than just he's a monster. i don't think that's what this is about. so they really gave me a hard time on that. i got a little bit of flack for getting up and walking away from mr. o'reilly, that was all right, too. i've gotten flack for what i felt was fact as opposed to someone's speculation. >> mike: one thing, whoopi, that i have admired, it doesn't matter whether people agree with you or not you're going to be candid and honest. but there's something else, your range as actress is maybe one of the most underestimated, i want
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to go back to something that i saw you in early on when you did "the color purple" it may be one of the most amazing portrayals in film. i don't think a lot of people if they have not seen that movie in awhile they need to go back and see it. that had to have been a challenging role, no one really wanted you to be in that role, did they? >> well, i just heard recently recently -- i've heard so many stories about this. i don't think anybody was sure, because the name throws people, apparently. i think they were like, what is a whoopi goldberg? how does it fit here? and then i saw steven spielberg, did my shows for him he said, okay. i want you in, quincy wants you. you know, it was an extraordinary experience. really spoiled me for everything else. >> mike: you've done a lot of great stuff. one of the great things you've done is do this book "is it just
3:28 am
me? or is it nuts out there?" all the members of our studio audience will get a copy of your book he'll get to find out for yourself. whoopi, thank you for being here. >> i'll see you on "the view"? >> i will on "the view" on monday. i'm looking forward to it. >> excellent. >> mike: it's an honor to have you. you're incredible person. thank you for coming. >> you know what, mike huckabee it's an honor to be with you. >> mike: you're the best. thank you. whoopi goldberg. republicans revel power away from democrats in the house but will those new arrivals now struggle to gain ground with the old g.o.p. establishment?
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it, fox news channel. >> mike: candidates help row
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republican take control but will the new wave of republicans get respect from those who have been in washington well fora long time. is it going to be a case of the grand old party versus the grand new party. joining us now minnesota representative michelle bachmann. congresswoman thank you for joining me today let's talk about that issue. is there going to be a clash between a lot of the new blood that's coming in to the congress, specifically the republican party and some of the establishment the old guard? >> you know what we saw this week when all the new members came in, mike, was really refreshing. they're a wonderful crop of people that are coming in, about 84 i met with so far this week. they are the energy, the vibrancy and verve of this new congress. i didn't see clashes, what i saw was a lot of hugs and lot of welcoming reception. i think we're going to have a very fiscally responsible house g.o.p. conference going forward. >> mike: you know, i hope that's the case but i also know that a
3:34 am
lot of republicans sort of pride themselves on how much pork they brought home to their districts, there is some culture clash going on. there is concern that maybe america will end up not with a two-party system but with in essence parliamentary system where you have multiple parties, you have the left wing democrats, you have the conservative democrats, you have the traditional republicans then the tea party republicans. so it's like they have england or israel where you have to get a coalition of several of these different groups in an almost parliamentary fashion. any sense that might happen in the next congress? >> i'm not seeing that, mike, because remember the tea party isn't a political party. it's just a set of ideas. what i've seen happen with the establishment republicans currently in congress, they have adapted themselves to the tea party ideals which are really three of them. one is congress needs to act within the limits of the constitution. number two, we're all taxed
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enough already, don't raise anyone's taxes. and number three, don't spend more than what you take in. rand paul's balanced budget amendment, that's what the establishment is saying they want and i agree with what the bible says, which is, always believe the best about someone. so i'm believing the best about the establishment and i think the new people that are coming in really mean it and i think we're all going to hold each other's feet to the fire. i think it's really good, a very positive sign going in to the new year. >> mike: a lot of us anticipate there's going to be a different spirit and attitude, one that looks at budgets very carefully and cautiously. speaking of budgets, i want to talk about campaign budgets. you were wearing a target on your back, no doubt about it, one that the liberals targeted said let's get rid of michelle bachmann because you have been outstanding and really outspoken leader for not just the tea party but for conservatives. but you raised $11 million in your congressional campaign that's like a record, extraordinary amount of money for minnesota congressional
3:36 am
seat. you still have quite a bit of money on hand. what will you do with the remaining amount of campaign funds, i think it's like $5 million in the account, what do you do with that kind of money left over? >> we actually have $1.9 million left over. my opponent of the best funded opponent in the country for challenger we had lot thrown at us. we have $1.9 million left. we thank all of your listeners who were so generous to us, my average donation, mike, was $45. we tried to be very careful of those donations. we're going to keep them in anticipation of the next election that is coming up assume that i run for the house again. so we have that money there, we've got really good start, we're grateful. >> mike: i also want to talk to you about the fact that the tea party is going to be, i think looked at very, very cautiously. one thing is, are you willing to compromise. people have never been in the government don't understand you don't get everything you want. you don't get it all the time.
3:37 am
what will be the learning curve for many of the new members of congress who have never served in any form of government in recognizing that you have to sometimes go for a 12-yard run rather than 80 yard touchdown pass every time you hit the ball. >> well, you're exactly right. you've been governor, you know how it works. you are right, you don't get absolutely everything. i have been married 32 years, we have five kids, we raised 23 foster kids, that was a great learning ground for me to learn about compromise before i came to washington. the one thing you don't compromise is an your principles and on your fundamental values. you never compromise those. but you can horse trade like you said in that if you want to have some bill that lasts for three years, maybe your competition wants it to go for five years. you can usually compromise somewhere in between. as long as you don't compromise your fundamental principles and values you can go ahead compromise on the technicalities. >> mike: i think that's what i
3:38 am
hope a lot of people will understand and you'll be there to help them understand that part of it very well. congresswoman michelle bachmann thank you very much. it's calls a pleasure to visit wooliness for leadership that you've shown in fiscal and budgetary responsibility. [applause] great to have you here. >> thank thanks, mike. >> mike: well, can't wait until christmas? when we come back we're going to get an early start to the holiday season with all the gift of giving. later, b.j. thomas joins us right here on our show.
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. [ applause ] >> mike: welcome back. it is that time of year we are starting to think about christmas. i'm one that can't wait christmas. a new book i just wrote is called "can't waitchristmas." a story of how my sister and i used to unwrap all the presents while under the tree while our parents were gone we would play with the stiff and wrap it back up and act innocent. we made a children's book out of this. it is a lot of fun. your kids or grandkids will love it. it is written so that even our crew can understand it. it is very simple. i'd like to make sure -- first of all we are going to give everybody in the audience a copy of the brand new children's book can't wait
3:43 am
'til christmas. they are also going to get copies of my book called "a simple christmas." i'll be telling you about a book tour in a little while. here's what i want to do. to help celebrate the release of the new book and the upcoming holiday season, we have picked three sisters in our audience. they are going to get early christmas presents. this is a surprise to them. they have no idea i'm about to call them out. i want emily, grace and danielle callahan to join me on stage. girls come on up here. [ applause ] >> mike: emily, here, grace and danielle here. you guys had no idea were you about to be on tv, did you? >> no. >> mike: do you like to get christmas presents early? do you ever unwrap yours? >> no. that's good you are going to
3:44 am
love this book. i'm going to tell you how you can do that. do you ever shake the presents to figure out what you're gonna get? >> sometimes. >> mike: how old are you dear? >> ten. >> and you have never shaken the presents under the tree? >> sometimes. >> mike: here's highway the gameworks. you see there's three doors. i'm gonna let you pick a door. whatever is behind that door is a christmas gift that we are going to it -- going to let you have today. sound good? >> okay. >> mike: emily look over there and pick doors one, two or three. tell me which door would you like to pick? >> three. >> mike: you want to pick number three. are you sure? okay. open up door number three. there's something, door number three, looks wrapped.
3:45 am
let's bring it out. we got charice one of our interns who is going to bring out gift behind door number three. looks like a mixer. no, it is not really. okay emily, open it up. you want me to help you? >> yeah. >> mike: i'm just kidding. i can wait 'til christmas. oh wow, how about that! that almost looks like my black lab named jet. big dog, as big as you. do you like him? >> yeah. >> mike: he's yours how about that. grace you get to pick a door number one, number two? >> number two. >> mike: door number two. let's see what is behind door number two for grace. it looks a lot like door number win. let's see it. another gift. here we go.
3:46 am
turned green on us when it came out. magic of television, how about that. okay, grace go ahead and open it up and let's see what you have here. oh! you guys into dogs? what a beautiful dog. now they are both sitting there together. both of you are going to keep these. danielle, your at oldest, your at last. you only have one door to pick. you can either pick an empty door or one that has something behind it. what would you pick? >> number one. >> mike: that was a good choice. let's see what is behind door number one for danielle. what do we have? uh-oh, a dog. there is that dog, here he comes. by the way, we had your mom and dad hid back there.
3:47 am
[ applause [ [ hey girl. what do you think girls? the only deal is, you gotta share this beautiful dog. steve, lisa good to have you here. the girls have been wanting a dog is that right? >> oh yes, they've been lobbying us hard. >> the last couple of weeks before christmas they have been saying how much they wanted a dog. >> mike: this is a gift that can wait 'til christmas. >> that's right. mike phaoeubgt dog already has a name what is the name? >> rascal. >> mike: do you like rascal? >> yeah. >> mike: isn't she a beautiful dog. it would have been a shame to keep her wrapped up all this time. the reason i kept unwrapping
3:48 am
gifts when i was a kid, i might have had a dog. thanks to the callahan family and the north shore animal league for heing the callahans adopt rascal. north shore is the worm's largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization. they want you to know the greatest gift is to help save an animal. if you want to find a shelter pet near you go to animal i'm going to be on "the view" monday launching a book tour the day after thanksgiving. i would love for to you come see me on the screen we'll list cities and dates where i'm going to be this week. most on west coast. later in florida. for a complete list of the stops on the book tour where i will sign your book for your child or your grand child to get a copy of "can't wait 'til christmas." go to,
3:49 am or your favorite local bookstore. i'm sure you are going to enjoy it almost as much as getting your own puppy for christmas. >> coming up one of my favorites of all time, the velvet voice, b.j. thomas joins the little rockers for his number one hit, "raindrops keep falling on my head." stay with us. wi the capital one venture card we get double miles on everyurchase. so we earned a holiday trip to the big apple twice as fast! dinner! [ garth ] we get double miles every time we use our card. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the who gang! it's hard to beat double miles! i want a maze, a ord, a... oww! [ male announcer ] get the venture card from capital one and earn double miles on every purchase, every day. go to i wonder what it coulbe?! what's in your wallet?
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[ applause ] >> mike: he became a recording star in the late 60s with "hooked on a feeling" then toped the charts with songs like raindrops keep falling on my head. please we come one of my favorites b.j. thomas. great to have you here b.j..
3:53 am
>> thank you mike. >> mike: what a pleasure. you had such a long string of hits in the 60s and 70s. your voice always one that people recognized, they knew when they heard it. what is the biggest thrill you have had in this career that spans now about four decades? >> today ranks up there pretty high. >> mike: oh come on. not that it shouldn't of course, but -- >> it is hard to pick within. regarding in -- recording in memphis with the american studio group and recording with bacharach and david that butch cassidy thing was cool. >> mike: did you have any idea it was going to be that big? >> when you record you hope it is going to be a big record. this had everything going for it, paul new man, burt and hall. the song got terrible reviews. it was very slow getting
3:54 am
started. when butch cassidy came out over the christmas holidays it took off. >> mike: it is not only a great song. i've downloaded dozens of about thomas songs on my ipad. you can get it at b.j. from there you can link to itunes. lots of music this is one of the big ones. "raindrops keep falling on my head." here's b.j. thomas. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ rain dolls keep falling on my head and just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed ♪ nothing seems to fit ♪ those raindrops are falling on my head they keep falling ♪ so i just did me talking to the sun ♪ i said i didn't like the way he got things done ♪
3:55 am
sleeping on the job ♪ those raindrops are falling on my head they keep falling ♪ but there's one thing i know ♪ the blues they seem to meet me, won't defeat me ♪ it won't be long 'til happiness steps up to greet me ♪ ♪ rain drops keep falling on my head ♪ but that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red crying is not for me cause i'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining because i'm free ♪ nothing's worrying me ♪
3:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ it won't be long 'til happiness steps up to greet me ♪ rain drops keep falling on my head ♪ but that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red ♪ crying's not for me ♪ cause i'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining ♪ because i'm free ♪ nothing's worrying me ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> mike: catch b.j. thomas at new york city friday november 26th. get his music at b.j.
3:57 am
some of the most beautiful mu sncc all of pop music. b.j., we love you. thank you. what a thrill we get to play with you. hope you guys have a great, wonderful thanksgiving weekend. until next week from new york this is mike huckabee from the fox news studios. may the raindrops fall gently on your red. ♪
3:58 am
3:59 am